25th Century Technology

SecretsFHTWe are jumping ahead today, far ahead into the future.  We are about to reveal what the Rav always called “25th century technology” and he was right.  In future articles we will back track and fill in about the primordial Aleph, about the location and structure of the double walls, about where to find the entrance to them, and about how to follow them directly to Moshiach (the Messiah). We will discuss the “Abraham and Sarah equation,” where to find the shadow of the Aleph on the Earth, and how the Aleph both formed the Magen David and how it shapes the Altar of the Future Holy Temple.  Today though, we will learn 25th century technology.  We will learn about the energy emanating from the Aleph and how to tap into it at will.  We will learn how our physical minds and bodies were designed to help us rise above the limitations of physicality, about how to prepare ourseFuture Holy Temple.

Scientists tell us that they can now confirm that that 95% of the known universe consists of dark energy and dark matter.  This implies that the energy we do know about is only

5% of what is really out there, unless of course, we find out yet again that there is even more out there than we presently find.  After all, it was not that long ago that the prevailing wisdom limited dark energy3our universe to the flat earth and the 3000 or so visible lights orbiting it.  That referenced 95% is labeled dark, not because it is evil or scary; it is labeled dark because physicists have no idea what it is.  As for being dark, we will use the 2000-year-old Zohar (The Book of Splendor) to shed some light on it.  That mysterious energy has been known and utilized by the kabbalists for thousands of years.  Furthermore, far from being dark and scary, it is quite beautiful and illuminating.  It encompasses much of what we have been sensing all our lives, yet just could not put our fingers on.

What we see as visible light is a color spectrum spread around the center of what scientists call the elector-magnetic energy scale, which stretches from the very high frequencies of gamma rays and X-Rays to the very low frequencies of radar, TV, and radio.  Electromag What they do not know is that the elector-magnetic energy scale is only a portion of a much larger energy spectrum known to kabbalists as the Light.  That spectrum also includes gravity, the strong and weak nuclear forces and yet another heretofore unknown type of energy— except to the kabbalists.

For simplicity sake we will call this mysterious universal force Synchronic Energy.  In a limited sense, it is sometimes referred to as synergy.  Synchronic dark energy6Energy emanates from the same source as all other energies in the universe.  Yet because it operates at a higher dimensionality, it is the force that ties and binds them all together.  Since all energy emanates through the Aleph, one simplistic 3-D way to visualize the schematic is as a cable plugged into a wall socket, whereby the Aleph is the socket, the various energies are the internal wires within the cable and Synchonic Energy would be the sheath that wraps and tightly binds all the wires together so they fit into the plug.  Kabbalistically, the bundled wires are the threads of Zeir Anpin and the sheath is Binah.

We have all heard that we only use 10% of our brains.  What you have not heard is what the other 90% does; after all, it is not like G-d, or nature to be wasteful.  There is a special place within that other 90% that tunes into this energetic frequency range and processes it for us.  It is just like the special place that lights up on brain imaging scans when people channel.  Yes, there is a frequency range for that as well.  It is also just like the place in our brains that can pick up Geo-magnetism that directs carrier pigeons, migrating birds, and Monarch butterflies, who find their way from Canada to a pinpoint in Mexico after 3 generations have come and gone.


gravity1So what is Synchronic Energy?  It can pictured the same way gravity can, as a grid drawn on a soft rubber tarp whereby every object on the grid sinks into the rubber and draws down the grid toward it, thus attracting the other objects on the grid.  The heavier the object, the bigger the depression it makes and the more objects it attracts.  The Synchronic Energy equivalent can be seen in our lives as the coincidences that seem to string together, as the events that appear to fatefully converge onto a single significant moment, as the traffic lights that all line up for you one day and other day appear dead set against you, as meeting the right person in the right time and place.  We can all wonder at what the incalculable odds against that are?  It is why the number 42 appears in a majority of the NY Times articles I read, and why someone else sees the numbers 1:11 or 11:11 so freakily often whenever they glance at a clock, and why a friend of mine keeps seeing a trail of shiny pennies on the ground.  The Rav has said that these are all signs by G-d that He is gravity3in the business and that you are on your spiritual path.  He knew, though, that there was more to it.

This is the energy that kabbalists have tapped into for generations.  Watch this short clip of a mid-1980’s 5:30 AM class the Rav was giving and you will see how he momentarily pauses to tap into this energy. Watch how he seemingly pulls out of thin air the notion that when Donald Trump built Trump Tower in 1983 his goal (consciously or unconsciously) was to become President of the United States and when challenged he reiterated that it was the Presidency that was his goal, not the money.  That was 30 years (!) before it blatantly manifests in our time.  Amazing as this is, it is only a small part of the power inherent in this energy.

rav videoRav Berg Trump Prediction Video

tree10This is the energy responsible for the split-beam effect and quantum entanglement that has so stumped modern physicists.  It took physicists over 5700 years to realize what Abraham and his forefathers knew, that there are 10 dimensions to our universe.  Now it is time for us all to grasp the concept that the upper three dimensions exist outside the bottom seven and that their higher dimensionality translates to their operating at faster than the speed of light without the burdens of our physical limitations.  The key is that imprint on our physicality in a very significant way.  Synchronic Energy is the mechanism by which they do that. Overlaying on our 4-dimensional world, they bridge it and connect all the dots.

It is by this energy that kabbalists can reach into the future or across the globe—or universe if need be—that changes the course of events instantly.  Psychics like Edgar Cayce and Nostradamus have tapped into it as well.  Nikola Tesla, Leonardo Da Vinci and Jules Verne too.  From where do you think Einstein drew down E=MC2; it was not just a dream, and he knew it—said as much himself.  Why did an apple fall from a tree and Newton discovered a formula for gravity?  Why do so many inventions come about because of a period of meditation, e.g. as with Nicola Tesla, or due to a seeming accidental event?  Why does great changes in the course or history and scientific advancement happen in brief spurts across the spectrum of time?

We know G-d is omniscient, omnipotent and omnipresent, but He does not, contrary to what many people think, micro-manage the universe.  That would be grossly inefficient.  It is that belief that God micro-manages the universe that eventually leads many people to question their beliefs, asking questions like, “Why do bad things happen to good people.”  Once we understand how in His infinite wisdom G-d designed the universe to operate on its own, with very simple interactive principles, we will finally grasp that the universe is not working against us; it is working with us.  By limiting ourselves to 5% of the universe and 10% of our brains, we are in essence hiding in the bottom of our closets, too scared to even peek out the door, let alone the window, let alone walk outside into the light and play.

chaoticThe system was set up for soulmates to easily find each other amongst the 6 billion plus souls out there, and to splendidly reunite and grow together, yet most of us just keep making all the wrong choices, over and over again.  The system was designed not for us to ask, “Why me?” but to understand why things are happened and ask “Why not me?”  Once mastered, we can easily understand the whys behind everything; we will comprehend that we have the power within us to change, to change anything, or everything.

The system was designed to work for us with very little effort on our parts.  It was designed to work with us, with our bodies in mind.  In the same way that G-d set everything in motion and let the primordial forces interact on their own, we find that so too the system was designed for us not to micro-manage it.  It was designed for us to go with the flow, not re-engineer it.  The earlier generations were much more spiritual and in tune with the universe, and they did it long before we had computers and calculators.  So how complicated could it really be? Our brains, hearts, and bodies were specifically designed from the DNA up to seamlessly integrate with and understand the energy of the universe—that is the system of which we are an integral part.  Yes, it took an infinite wisdom to create such a system, but once set in motion, it does not necessitate any tinkering—that is the elegant beauty of it.

How and why does this energy work?  All energy exists as an enormous sea stretching the length and breadth of the universe and it is never lost or gained.  When we encounter any such chaotic motion1energy, no matter how long or short its wavelength or how fast or slow its frequency, we process it.  It is like when we stand in an ocean of air and breathe in air, our bodies process it and eventually exhale it.  The same with treading in an ocean of water, we drink it in, process it, and transpire and pee it out.  We do the same with all other types of energy we encounter as well.  On the other hand, we were not built to properly process all types of energy, especially those whose doses we received in abnormally high amounts due to our own technological advances and inventions.

Processing these technologically induced energy frequencies can have unwanted and unforeseen consequences like the production of free radicals in our bodies that can lead to cancer.  This also explains the correlation between the advent of autism and other developmental brain disorders and the invention of the television and its expanding usage, followed by computers and smart phones.  There is the atmospheric energy that is out there radiating from the universe.  Then there is the ambient energy such as is broadcast as TV, radio, and cell service, and then there is the energy that we consciously choose to watch and listen to, to consciously or unconsciously download through our eyes and ears into our brains.  This energy does not get stored there; it gets processed, through multiple layers of trillions of neurons and neural matrices.  Sometimes the unintended consequences and byproducts of these processes effect our developing minds, especially so in utero stages.

chaostheory_54Whether we know it or not, we create effects in that ocean of energy.  Every time we tap into any energy we leave a mark in the universe.  A blip or dent is the smooth flow of that energy, creating ripples as when we throw a stone in standing water, or when we dip a stick into a flowing stream.  At first that interruptive influence is also smooth and predicable, but as any physicist or mathematician will tell you, it soon becomes chaotic and uncontrollable.  The further away from the source the less noticeable the effects, but like dominoes, once set in motion only an intervening force can alter it.

What the kabbalists would add is that our responsibility for that chaos and its subsequent repercussions never vanishes; it is tied to us forever.  Another way to visualize it is in the shadows we cast when we walk outside and are bombarded with the stream of photons that we typically call light, or sunlight.  As we walk, that shadow walks with us until we blend into the shade, but from the universe’s perspective it never actually disappears; we have left our permanent shadowy imprint on the universe.  Whether it is our imprints, or the trailing chaotic ebbs, flows, and swirling eddies of our energetic interruptions, our marks on the universe do not go unnoticed.  They are recorded in the fabric of the universe. They interact with everyone and everything else from one end of the universe to another, from one end of eternity to another.

Synchronic Energy, being of a higher dimensionality connects all those swirling puddles together.  All those infinite energetic marks and interruptions are being instantly recorded on a faster than rippleslight scale, meaning the moment it occurs, its effects, however distant in our personal future (4-D time-line), are simultaneously recorded and processed. The net effect of this is that like or similar actions and patterns are connected no matter how distant. Things that would not otherwise—in a more simplistic model—be rationally connected, are and are synced together in spirit, comradery, coincidence, and understanding.  Kabbalists sometimes refer to this as similarity of form.

This fully explains what the Kabbalists describe as cause and effect and also what others have coined as the Law of Attraction.  Our actions, words and thoughts effect everyone and everything, not just ourselves.  Everything that is happening in our world is an effect of those actions, words and thoughts, not the cause.  If you see it, even on TV, you played a part somehow. How do we take control of ourselves and harness that energy for good, especially as our world seems to turn uglier every day?

gravity connectedThe same is true of our speech and thoughts.  Whenever we speak or even think, we create electro-magnetic neural pathways within the neural matrices of our brains and these in turn imprint on the dimensional layer of Binah (Synchronic Energy).  It is no different from if you uploaded your thoughts to the Internet—they would be out there in the universe forever, accessible to anyone anywhere.  Now who would be searching on line using key words to find those thoughts?  Dismissing only for the moment anyone or any force with nefarious intentions, the answer is anyone of a like mind, similar beliefs and interests.  That is the Law of Attraction applied to our thoughts.  That is the “mob effect.”  That is also why once we have an idea, if we do not act on it someone else might, even if we kept that idea to ourselves.  In the spiritual world, it is as if we published the idea on YouTube and never patented in.

What we put out there, we attract.  G-d does not have to micromanage our universe.  We inadvertently show the universe what we really want and it ties us to those desires by matching us with like-minded energy, whether it is the people we encounter, the events we stumble upon, our mazal (fortune) or lack of, or the trouble we get into.  How do we cleanse, purify, and polarize our projections to attract what really is best for us and our spiritual growth?

How can we use Synchronic Energy to bend reality?  To make the green lights line up for us?  To make traffic disappear on a crowded highway?  To get the right job at the right time?  To meet the tower of babelright person, friend, partner, soulmate, who can help us grow and prosper?  To get the answers to our questions? To acquire the right knowledge to make the right choices? To remove all the evil and hatred running rampant over our planet, polluting the entire universe?  Do we think this is not creating its own repercussions as we speak?  What was the message of the Flood, of The Tower of Babel?  Fortunately, the blueprint for Synchronic Energy was encoded into the Torah; we were not set adrift in the universe without a lifeboat or guidebook.  We just forgot it was there all along and how to read it.

Antennas of the Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter Array (ALMA), on the Chajnantor Plateau in the Chilean Andes. The Large and Small Magellanic Clouds, two companion galaxies to our own Milky Way galaxy, can be seen as bright smudges in the night sky, in the centre of the photograph.

The giant eusocial community of cells collectively known as our bodies is made of up trillions of DNA strands, and once activated they act in concert as a single phase-array antennae to harness and align with all these energy waves and frequencies.  Moreover, when we bind ourselves with other like-minded individuals, such as happens in a minyan, in joint prayer, in common cause, in love, etc. the phase-array antennae grows exponentially larger.  These are the type of antennae that astronomers use to monitor the on-goings of the far reaches of the universe and the events that happened billions of years back in time.  Imagine what we can do with them when we actually know what we are doing!

The Keys

In order to proactively tap into and harness this Synchronic Energy, we need to prepare certain regions of our brains which were designed specifically for this purpose, but have been dormant since early childhood.  They need to be unlocked.  The way to do this is by using the keys given to us at the dawn of creation, those that were built into the Torah (Bible) from its very first letter, even before.  These are the Names of G-d that the Torah was built around and designed upon.  This is why the Torah has remained unchanged and unaltered these thousands of years, so that it would flawlessly integrate with this energy.  It is a living document that resonates with pulsing energy within innumerable points of contact for us to latch onto and download from.  Every time we connect to it properly that flawless energy flows through us as well.  Even so, in order for us to consciously access this energy and take control of our lives we have to directly insert the keys into our brains.

rav kaduriWhat the Kabbalists have always known was how to insert these Names into their minds.  For example, sometimes, when a tzaddik would hand someone a parchment with a Name written upon it, or when one asked them a question, they would hold his hand, looked into his eyes and say very little.  Much of which may not have made sense, but they were inserting those keys into the mind of the one who sought direction.  Today we have the ability to insert them ourselves.

tabernacle columnsThe model for how it all works is placed in the center of the Torah, in the design of the Tabernacle/Mishkan; it is analogous to our brains and minds.  That is why the Torah spends so many chapters describing its construction and that of all its various components and placement within it.  That is why we are commanded to read and reread about it year after year, thousands of years after it no longer physically exists. Never mind the 100 or so commandments dedicated to the offerings and sacrifices that we are to do in it, even though that is clearly impossible.

Yes, we make the offerings through specific prayers we do daily and throughout the year, but there is definitely a missing component.  When we prayed with the Rav, he would insist we announce for each prayer what dimension of the sefirot we were at within which of the 4 levels (worlds).  Rav Berg knew each offering and each prayer had to be processed in a certain way and had to be guided into the right slot in order to be accepted.  The announcements were crucial for the Names we were reading and the technology embedded in the specific prayers to be inserted in their appropriate slots and thus activate the right gates and portals for us.

Inserting the Keys

The various Names of G-d all form Matrices or arrays, some like the 42-Letter Name are 7 lines or 6 columns, or the 72 Names (Triplets) that forms a matrix tablet of 8 by 9, and some like the Tetragrammaton (יהוה) form 4 by 1 matrix, which expands under various schematics and spelling outs.  In those wonderful times praying alongside the Rav, he had a large tablet with many different Names on it and we all had smaller versions clipped onto our prayer books. He would consciously make additional connection to particular Names at a particular time.  That is what we are to do today.

We must consciously look at the various Names of G-d matrices and the letters that constitute them and consciously visualize them entering our brains/minds as a whole entity, a key card if you pyramidwill, slipping into a slot.  Certain Names, such as the 42-Letter Name matrix and the 72-Name Matrix should be clicked into place by silently reciting the Baruch Shem (Baruch Shem Kavod L’Olam Vaed). This will lock them down.  The same is true for the Shema matrix. Yes, that famous 4-paragraph prayer too is a 3-D matrix.  Its 1000 letters form a 10 by 10 by 10 cube (103), divided into regions of 42, 72, 50 and 72 words and the technology therein warrants an entire book unto itself, which I admit Rav Brandwein of blessed memory asked me to publish many years ago and I have yet to fulfill.  10 levels of 10 x 10 arrays, representing the 10 dimensions of the Tree-of-life, divided in the 4 worlds and the 4 major energy levels of Chochma, Binah, Zeir Anpin and Malchut, represented by the 4 letters of the Tetragrammaton(יהוה), each connected to other matrices (42 and 72 etc). Nevertheless, we need only recite and/or read it; our brains are designed to organize the words and letters into the proper matrix for us.

When we pray we are reading the letters and reciting the words, processing them through various neural networks in our brains.  Why not process them though the right ones? By injecting consciousness and intention we can direct them to the launching pads rather than the storage hangars.

As you insert the Names into your head, you can picture the Names embossed or engraved on a sapphire key card if that helps (though not necessary).  Each Name or Name matrix gets inserted into a different slot in a different place in your brain/mind.  It does not matter where in your brain you choose to insert them—that will be sorted out for you automatically.  What is important is that you visualize it.  We only do this visually because almost all the Names, with the notable exception of the lower Shem Mem-Bet (the 42-Letter Ana B’koach) should never be recited out-loud and because as we all know, the eyes are the windows to our souls and minds.  The system is designed this way, to properly interact with our human mechanisms.  To the Names, our eyes are like bar-code scanners.

shabbos candles 4The thought and inspiration that we are to have in our minds and hearts when insert the Names is that of love.  As it says in Jeremiah 23:29, “The flame of the candle we are commanded to light with love.”  That goes for the Shabbat, Holy Days, Chanukah and Yahrtzeit candles as well.  If the Names are the coded chip embedded in the key card, the card itself has to be made of love—the purer, more unconditional the better.

There is a brain in our heads and another smaller one in our hearts.  In order for the full process to completely engage, we must connect the upper worlds (these higher energy dimensions) to the brains in our heads through the insertion of the Names and then draw down that energy into our hearts.  Rav Abulafia of blessed memory, tells us that the Baruch Shem (Baruch Shem Kavod L’Olam Vaed) is the most powerful Name unto itself.  When we get to the word Kavod we should have in mind that it is the same numerical value of the Hebrew word for heart (Lev), and we are drawing down the energy of from the upper worlds (Binah) into our bodies (Zeir Anpin) and anchoring them in our hearts (Malchut) thus igniting Da’at/knowledge and instilling love into our actions and processes.  This ignites the fire.

Each Name activates a separate region of our brains and minds, opening us up to receive the appropriate energy frequencies on a timely basis, and to comprehend what is truly happening in our72 names lives and world.  With practice we are able to tune in at will and bend reality in a positive way as needed.  Like anything else, it is like a muscle that needs to be trained and exercised.  When enough Names are inserted properly and activated, we will see our mind as a giant roofless room open to the sky—to the universe—and be able to receive and open files at will.  The two most important Names to insert are the 42-Letter Name and the 72-Name Matrices.

Like any locked building we might frequent, we must constantly reinsert the keycards every time we enter or move throughout the locked corridors to different rooms or areas—in this case, each room has its own card.  It does not take a prolonged meditation, just a quick but mindful, reverent swipe with the consciousness of love and purpose.  It is of utmost importance to be NOT perfunctory about the utter holiness we encounter with these “holy” Names.  We are commanded to “be holy for I am holy” (Leviticus 11:45).  By “purpose,” we mean focus, not a selfish agenda of what we want to receive.  The idea is to be open to what the Almighty wants for us.  The desire to be in harmony with His plan for us is a prerequisite key for success with this process.

For surely I know the plans I have for you, says the L-rd, plans for your welfare and not for harm, to give you a future with hope.  (Jeremiah 29:11)

We can be sure that what He wants for us is for our correction, character growth, true happiness and empowerment to do good.  Unconditional love, no more, no less. Once tapped into the energy stream, we want to swim with the flow He has created for us, and not search for eddies.  We need to let the flow of these forces that govern space, time and motion in the universe do the work for us.  Unconditional love is actually the energy source (Chochma) that guides, empowers and pervades Synchronic Energy (Binah).

Because Synchronic Energy (Binah) encompasses everything it is an all knowing force and thus everything we do and think down below in our world so to speak simultaneously activates a reaction above in Binah that then guides all that follows back in our world (in our reality).  Our intention becomes the seed planted in the universe which then controls the growth process. Therefore, the more perfect and the stronger our intention, the better and more impactful our outcome.

There are even regions in our brains that we can activate to empower our bodies to heal themselves, utilizing certain combinations of Names, in particular specific ones of the 72 Name matrix.  Think of the diseased cells in a sick or malfunctioning body as unruly school children—all they need is a skilled teacher to take charge of them and they will cut out the nonsense and start learning again.  All these cells need is for our brains to take charge and tell them to get in line (alignment).  In order to do that our brains need to be activated to the higher consciousness.  This is one important way how the tsaddikim performed their miracles of healing.

altar-of-incenseOnce the 42-Letter Name matrix is installed and engaged in our brain, it occupies the space and purpose that the Altar (Mizbeach) occupied in the Tabernacle (Mishkan).  It was upon the Altar that the offerings and sacrifices were received and burned, linking Heaven and Earth, G-d and Man through the column of smoke that rose straight up like an arrow.  As we have written previously, the 42-Letter Name matrix is encoded on every level to act as the Incense, creating a beam of smoke that shoots straight up to Heaven (the upper sefirot).

The following explanation is a little more complex and is only to emphasize the relevance and importance the Alter/42-Letter Name relationship as the central component in this transformational thermometer1technology.  First off, we need to note that numbers are symbols or specific tags representing unique energies. There is a reason water freezes at precisely 32 degrees and not 33 or 32.5 degrees. There is a reason humans adopted a base 10 system of mathematics thousands of years ago even though modern scientists only discovered the 10 dimensions three decades ago.  While we can see and feel the difference between water and ice, from our simple perspective we cannot yet grasp the differences in the energies at each numerical value; nevertheless, we can add, multiple, divide and rearrange numbers, which the kabbalists including Abraham the Patriarch did in his book, the Sefer Yetzirah, equating them with specific values for the Hebrew letters.

rav ashlagThe Altar (Mizbeach/מזבח) in standard gematria has a numerical value or energetic equivalent to the number 57 and alphabetically permutes to (זח) and (מב) or numerically 42 and 78, thus alter tabernacleconsidering the concept of Synchronic Energy it is not coincidental that the Altar itself, at the core of the Tabernacle and our minds is tuned to 42 and 5778, the year prophesied by Rav Ashlag and tzaddikim for the advent of Moshiach consciousness and the geulah (the final redemption), which Rav Brandwein stated will come about through the understanding of the 42-Letter Name.  Most of us have sensed for a long time that there is no such thing as a mere coincidence, and the kabbalists have insisted on that for millennia, we can now understand why. Another such very relevant coincidence is found in the integral relationship between the Incense (קטרת) and the Altar (Mizbeach/מזבח) and the 42-Letter Name. In standard gematria ketoret, the Incense (קטרת), has the numerical/energetic equivalent of the Upper 42-Letter Name, and in the common gematria cipher atbash, whereby the Hebrew alphabet is reversed it becomes the 57 as the Altar anabkoach160-ks(Mizbeach/מזבח) plus the Aleph, connecting it to the primordial Aleph discussed. Moreover when we add both the Altar (Mizbeach/מזבח) and the Incense (קטרת) in atbash plus their kolel for their 8 letters we get the value 506, which is not only the numerical value of the Hebrew word for “Unconditional Love” and the complete numerical value of “Moshiach Ben David” but also the value of the 42-Letter Name Matrix’ first line and the number of times the 14 triplets of the 42-Letter Name are found in the Torah.  It is also the sum of the squares from 1 to 11, (112+102+92+82+72+62+52+32+22+12), which is not only a pyramidal matrix with a 1 x 1 square at the top and 11 x 11 square at the bottom, but it also cannot be coincidental given that the Incense is comprised of 11 spices.  Furthermore, the 5th of those 14 triplets (נגד) is found within the atbash transformation of ketoret, the Incense (קטרת).

tabernacle nightAs the Zohar explains, the dimension of Binah is the heart and Chochma is the brain, and the column of smoke is the Central Column of the Tree of Life.  When the brain is activated, the heart becomes engaged and with the column in place, Da’at (knowledge) flows through it.  This is the secret of the heart that understands knowledge (Da’at).  The words of the Torah is the fire that burns the incense and sets the smoke in motion. The prayers of the daily offerings kindle that fire, and “The fire shall ever be burning upon the Altar; it shall never go out.” (Vayikra 6:6). The more we recite and insert the Ana B’koach (42-Letter Name), the more we stoke the fires of elevation.

The Arizal told us 400 year ago that no prayer can be elevated with the 42-Letter Name, and the 2000-year-old Zohar explains the process that occurs when we recite the various offerings and sacrifices, drawing them though our eyes and senses into our minds and onto the Altar of the 42-Letter Name Matrix.

How this works on a deeper Kabbalistic note is that the upper world, the dimension to which Synchronic Energy exists, called Binah, is represented by the Name of G-d, Ehyeh (אהיה); and our brains/minds are operating at the level of Zeir Anpin, represented by the unpronounceable Name of G-d (יהו), while the final hei (ה) of that Name represents the worldly realm of Malchut, occupied by our heart.  When we make our offerings and place them upon the Altar of 42, we are uniting Binah with Zeir Anpin, (יהו) with Ehyeh (אהיה), each of which have the numerical value of 21, thus united together is 42.  At this point, the system is activated and once we inject the consciousness of love into out offering (prayers), the central column of the Tree-of-Life is complete from Heart (ה) to Brain (יהו) to Heaven (אהיה) and Zeir Anpin unites with Malchut to form the complete Tetragrammaton (יהוה), which then expands to fully embrace the central column Zeir Anpin (יוד‐הא‐ואו‐הא). And then very much like the Chanukah candles which we light with love to bring about the light of Moshiach, the dimension of Binah (אהיה) binds with Zeir Anpin (יוד‐הא‐ואו‐הא) and our bodies, minds and soul become in tune with the Synchronic Energy of the universe.  In so doing, the Zohar explains, we are cleansing the 3 levels of our souls (Nefesh, Ruach and Neshemah) and purifying our hearts.

Why this 25th century Knowledge now?

Most of us have sensed that something is crazy wrong in the world.  Even if you have not been following our blog these many years, nor have been privy to the prophecies and convergences about the upcoming geulah (final redemption), you must feel the palpable chaos that is swirling around the world.  The maelstrom of evil, perversity and moral insanity flooding into the world is touching all.  It is only a prelude to the torment that is soon to follow.  Now, more than at any time in history, it is imperative we download the Names associated with the unconditional love app that we have been writing about in our last few articles.  There is a place in our brains, lying dormant, that is just waiting for us to insert the keycards, download the app and activate the most powerful force in the universe, the only one that can overcome the burgeoning chaos.

flood1What is going on in America is the polarization by evil, of the right and the left. It is the polarization of good and evil, on the right and on the left.  In less than six months’ time, the brewing hatred and dissatisfaction in the Middle East converged on ISIS, which became an attractive force of serious evil from all over the world.  In less than six months’ time, an equal and opposite reaction occurred in the US and the seething hatred and dissatisfaction here has given way to competing waves of violence and calls for anarchy.  The calm before the storm is gone; we are now within the growing storm. Witness the 20-30 inches of rain and snow in Manhattan that has fallen in a single day, multiple times this year.  Unusual, often horrific unexpected events are intensifying everywhere; the energy is thickening.  Waves of fear riding on the sinister tides are rising around the world.

It will only get worse as the world moves toward the inevitable conclusion of this age.  It will only get more imperative that we use the 25th century technology to move us beyond our current limitations; our current 21st century technology without enlightenment will only dig us in deeper.

Given the ability to tap into this 25th century technology, we cannot change the past, but we can change the future, and thus the present.  Seeing that time, space, and motion occur at once and can be folded up and accessed simultaneous in our minds, all we have to do is choose the future we want, and the Synchronic (Binah) Energy will line everything up between now and then.  The trick is one has to believe it first.

Oh yes, a caveat and a warning… this 25th Century technology is NOT “magic.”  The kabbalists that have used it for so many generations were pure of heart.  We are not, not do we have to be, but our intentions do.  As whenever we mediate on the Names of G-d we must be utterly reverent.  As islands within the evil that is swirling all around us, we must treat this “process” as if we’ve prepared ourselves to stand before and pray to G-d within the Holy Temple. Trying to use the system for personal gain, power and vanity will backfire with disastrous results.  We can get an idea of it from the Indiana Jones movie, “Raiders of the Lost Ark.”

Who may ascend into the mount of the L-rd?
And who may stand in His holy place?
He who has clean hands and a pure heart,
Who has not lifted up his soul to falsehood
And has not sworn deceitfully. (Psalm 24-3-4)

“The secret of Hashem is with them that fear Him; and He will reveal to them His covenant” (Tehilim 25:14) The Zohar explains that it is “To the fearful, who fear sin.”

Start believing, start using the 25th Century technology and let us choose the future of love and redemption with Moshiach guiding us ever higher…

The Light on the Other Side of the Wall

shabbos candles 1Why do we really light Shabbos Candles? There are many correct answers, but there is a far deeper one…..

At the end of the Book of Genesis we read about Jacob summoning his sons to attend his death bed, and telling them what “will happen to them” and “what they are to do” at a particular future time, “at-the-end-of-days,” — instructions meant for us, and only to be fully understood in our times:

וַיִּקְרָא יַעֲקֹב אֶל-בָּנָיו וַיֹּאמֶר הֵאָסְפוּ וְאַגִּידָה לָכֶם אֵת אֲשֶׁר-יִקְרָא אֶתְכֶם בְּאַחֲרִית הַיָּמִים:

And Jacob called for his sons, and said: ‘Come together, and I will tell you what will happen in the end of days. Assemble yourselves and listen, you sons of Jacob; and listen to your father Israel.’   (Genesis 49:1-2)

Jacob gives his sons his final two commands which they are to execute at the-end-of-days. The commands are: “Hikavtzu!” הִקָּבְצוּ “ASSEMBLE yourselves together!” and “V’shimu” וְשִׁמְעוּ “And LISTEN” to your father Israel.” The first command has the same gematria as the first 3 letters in the Torah (ברא) and the second one has the same gematria as the Hebrew word “seventy (70)” especially significant as the Zohar describes the final period as the 70 years from when Israel became a nation, Israel also being the final word in the Torah. Together, both commands representing the first and the last of the Torah and G-d’s Calendar , total 203 + 422 = 625, the numeric or energetic value of HaKeter (הכתר), the highest sefira (dimension) of the light-force and also the exact square root of the sum total of all the words, verses and letters in the Torah.

In Chapter 50, verse 3 we learn that Israel was embalmed for 40 days and that Egypt mourned Jacob for 70 days for a total of 110 days. Then in the final verse of Genesis (50:26), Joseph dies at the age of 110 years. Just prior to that, at the end of Genesis, in paragraph 89 of the Torah, verse 49:22, nearing death, Jacob is explaining what will “happen to them at the-end-of-days,and by extension as the sages have explained, to us, his descendants.

Then he extends his descriptive prophetic blessings as the identifying signs to each of his sons individually, in order that by them they will be able to recognize themselves at the-end-of-days. The first of Joseph’s several blessings is:

“Joseph is a fruitful son, a fruitful vine by the fountain, with branches running over the עלי–שור wall …” (Genesis 49:22)

It is the end of days. It is time to “assemble ourselves together” and to “LISTEN to our father Israel.” Though the physical sons of Joseph are hidden till the regathering at the-end-of-days, as the Rav said, our souls know who they (we) are, and we spiritually are the descendants of Joseph who are scaling the wall, the wall that separates Heaven and Earth. We explain below exactly what and where that wall is, but first we need to point out that the numerical value of the last two words in the Jacob’s blessing to his beloved son and to us, Alai (עלי) is 110 and Shur (שור) is 506, which together equal to 616, the numerical value of HaTorah (התורה), the Torah.

Since this is prophecy regarding the end-of-days, our days, the period of 70 days of mourning is quite significant in that the letter Ayin of numerical value 70 when broken down into its dccover3dcomponent letters form the letters Vav (ו) and Nun sofit (ן). These two component letters together with their kolel have the numerical value of 708. When spelled out together (ויו and נון), they equal 778, alternatively the original Ayn (ע) and its component letters also equal 778. The three numbers (708, 70, and 778), all energy portals directly connected with the Hebrew letter Ayin respectively represent the Hebrew calendar years 5708, when Israel was restored as a modern nation, the 70 year period proscribed by the Zohar for the birth pangs of Moshiach and the death throes of Satan, and finally the year 5778, the year Rav Ashlag of blessed memory advised for the geula (final redemption) to begin.

As we have been discussing for some time now, the value of 110 is that of Nes/נס (miracle), 506 is that of both Moshiach Ben David (the Messiah) and unconditional love/ chesed/חםד, and also of the first line of the lower 42-Letter Name of G-d (שקוצית). These connections are of extreme importance to us, because as Rav Brandwein of blessed memory pointed out, it is “the understanding and function of the 42-Letter Name that will bring us the Geula (Final Redemption).” Further, as we pointed out this past October, the only letters not transformed when the 42-Letter Name became the first 42 letters of the Torah were Shin, Vav and Resh (שור) likewise of numerical value 506.

tree10We are the descendants of Joseph who can scale the wall (שור). We are the ones destined to use the ancient and modern knowledge for the sake of humanity and Heaven. Many scientists now realize what the Kabbalists learned thousands of years ago, that there is a 10-dimensional structure to our greater universe, and that our universally accepted mathematics is base10 (based on the consecutive powers of 10) for a reason. The way the Tree-of-Life works is that each of the 10 sefirot (dimensions) are subdivided into 10 more sefirot, so that 10 becomes 100 and in turn 1000. These 10 major sefirot on each major level are not stacked one on top of each other, but are 2-dimensionally defined hypercube stacke cubesand divided into 3 columns of similar energies. Viewing the 3 columns in 3-dimensions they appear as 2 stacked cubes seen on an angle. Either way, they have 22 pathways between them, corresponding to the 22 Hebrew Letters, or building blocks as Abraham, the Patriarch described them in the Sefer Yetzirah.

Those 3 isolated letters shared in the same position in the Torah and the 42-Letter Name are Resh (ר ), Shin (ש) and Vav (ו),  the 8th 18th , and 40th letters of the Torah respectively. Their locations given a hint to their design and importance as (40 – 18) = 22 and (18 – 8) = 10, representing the 10 sefirot and the 22 pathways between them as described above. Moreover, their locations within the Torah matrix sum (8+18+40) to 66, which represents the 66 iterations of a 10% reduction or 1/10th each that is 32 pathsrequired to geometrically reduce the full and complete 1000 sefirot from 1000 to 1. It takes 22 iterations of 10% reductions each to reduce 1000 to 100, and another 22 to reduce 100 to 10 and yet another 22 to reduce 10 to 1. Altogether, these 66 iterations are the 3 full cycles of the 22 Hebrew letters, each of the power of 10, as in 103 or 10 x 10 x 10 = 1000 sefirot.

The kabbalists were given this structure of the universe thousands of years ago, independent of any base 10 mathematics. This just happens to coincide perfectly with the recent discoveries by our physicists. Moreover, the 3 isolated letters that further coincide so beautifully were selected neither by the kabbalists nor by the scientists but by the integral design and programming of the Almighty. It might be redundant to call all this a “coincidence,” even if sarcastically; nonetheless, if we are to scale the wall we have to use these truths as handholds. They are notches carved in the wall for our benefit. The challenge is before us. We do not have to leap yet, but if we want to peek over the wall, we have to climb up first.

66 (3 sets of 22) Iterations Draw the Light from 1000 to 1, From Keter to Malchut









The kabbalists tell us that the 66 iterations of (שור) that covered the complete 1000 Lights of the Tree-of-Life, connect us to the first letter of the Hebrew alphabet, the primordial Hebrew Letter Aleph (אלף). This is because the Hebrew number eleph (אלף), meaning 1000, is spelled identically. This is the Aleph (אלף), which like the 42-Letter Name of G-d, preceded Creation. Therefore when we add the Aleph (אלף), which is also Eleph (אלף), to the numerical value of the Torah’s very first verse (2701), we get 2701 + 1000 = 3701, which is the exact value of the entire Lower 42-Letter Name.

Nevertheless, what this tells us is that this knowledge and the utilization of it are meant for OUR generation. It calls to us and tells us that we are the ones chosen to serve to extend the branches of vav shin resh“growing Israel” over the wall (שור), the boundary between Heaven and Earth, haShamayim V’et haARetz (השמים–ואת–הארץ), in that the product of the locations of the Resh (ר), Shin (ש ) and Vav (ו) yields 8 x 18 x 40 = 5760 and the Hebrew year 5760 is 2000 CE.

There are 79 occurrences of the word Eleph (אלף), meaning 1000 in the Torah, reminiscent of the 79,976 words in the Torah so we can view the Aleph (אלף) as an overview, or surround cloud to the Torah, filled in by as the Rabbi Isaac Luria of blessed memory explains, “the explicit Name of G-d (Hashem Hameforah/השם–המפורש) of numerical value 976. HaShem Hameforash (השם–המפורש) is the inner-dimension or G-d’s presence revelation in our world. While noting it begins with the letters of Moshe (משה) and ends with Resh (ר), Shin (ש) and Vav (ו), the Arizal explains that it is numerically equivalent (976) to inner letters of the names of the Patriarchs that personify the 3 columns of the Tree-of-Life (Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and Israel) stripped of their initials and final letters. He further delineates how this inner essence 976 is equivalent to and derived from the spelled out fronts and backs of the 4 aspects of the Tetragrammaton (יהוה). Thus the Aleph (אלף) with the Tetragrammaton (יהוה) forms the inner and surrounding Light of the Torah as designed and delineated by its 79,976 words.

alef 2Before the Torah, before the Bet (ב) of Bereshit, there was and still is the primordial letter Aleph (א), the first letter in the Hebrew alphabet. It does not bulkhead the Torah or begin it. It exists apart from it yet runs through every letter in it. The Aleph (א) breaks down into its component letters, an upper Yud (י) and Vav (ו) pair and a lower Yud (י) and Vav (ו) pair, or (י\\י).alef two vavs

The Vavs (ו), as explained by the Arizal are the firmament that separates the upper and lower waters as represented by the two Yuds (י) and the expansion that ushers from them. And further to ncarraraout allusion to the Vavs (ו) as a wall, he says this place where the Upper and Lower waters meet is the place of “pure marble stone,” the place of truth, which is what Rabbi Akiva explained to his fellow Kabbalists as they entered that famous upper world journey. “When you come to the place of pure marble stone…”

2 tabletsThe Torah begins with the letter Beit “ in Beresheit (In the beginning) G-d created the heavens and the earth” and He created it with 10 utterances. These were issued again in the Ten Commandments, known to the Kabbalists as the “Ten Utterances.” In the same way, just as the Alef (א) precedes the Torah, the first letter in the Ten Commandments is also an Alef (א).

The letter Aleph (אלף) has a full sofit value of 831 + 80 or 911, which is the numerical value of the word Resheit (ראשית) meaning “beginning” as in the first word of the Torah (ב–ראשית). It pertains to us today, for 9/11 was also the very “beginning” of the period of Gog and Magog, just about when Rav Abraham Azulai of blessed memory predicted it would occur, “about the year 2000 CE (5760 HC).”

It is from between the extended central Vavs (ו––ו) that the Torah matrix sprung forth and filled our universe. We tend to think of the Torah as a document, but it is multi-dimensional and torah scrollpermeates every aspect and essence in our universe. Its multidimensional properties testify of its Divine Author. We actually have the ability to see the Torah and perceive its energetic letters in everything around us. Learning to do so and connecting to the primordial Aleph (א) will help awaken that power within us NOW. Because of our sins and our spiritual immaturity, it was blocked many generations ago. NOW by the Almighty’s boundless love (chesed / חםד), merciful permission is granted once again as we are so close to the gates of the Final Redemption. This is part of what was “to happen” to the sons of Israel at the-end-of-days. That time has arrived, and our perception is being awakened.

Together the 4 component letters represent the 4 phases of the Tzimtzum that occurred before Creation and their collective numerical value is 32, as in the 32 Paths of Wisdom that comprise the Tree-of-Life. When each pair is spelled out (יוד–ויו) it totals 42 with a value of 26 — that of the Tetragrammaton — stretched out (וד–וי) between each pair’s initial Yud (י) and final Vav (ו), and the value of 10 — the 10 sefirot of the Tree-of-Life and the 10 utterances that G-d used to create our universe —concentrically stretched out (ד–ו) between each subsequent pair’s bookend Yud (י) and Vav (ו).



(יוד–ויו) \ (יוד–ויו)

((יוד–ויו) and (וד–וי) and (ד–ו) (ד–ו)) \ ((יוד–ויו) and (וד–וי) and (ד–ו) (ד–ו))

32 : 42: 26: 10 and 42: 26: 10

32 + 42 + 26 + 10 = 110

The letter Aleph (אלף) spelled out without the actual Aleph itself (לף), in kabbalistic terms, “the back of the spelled-out letter,” not only has the numerical value 110, but according to Abraham, the anabkoach160-ksPatriarch, these two letters represent and control the first   (1st) or Aleph of the Hebrew months, Tishrei (Libra). Moreover, these two letters (לפ) are found in the center of the 6th line of the 42-Letter Matrix (יג–לפ–זק), the line that corresponds to Joseph and his energy reservoir, the very same Joseph who lived 110 years.

As mentioned above, the primordial Aleph (א) is comprised of the Upper and Lower 42-Letter Names that created our universe. The Upper 42-Letter Name is our source of life which gives us energy and always remains above. The lower 42-Letter Name became the first 42 Letters of the Torah, including the 3 unchanging letters of the wall (שור) and then through its 506 triplet replications, the 42 Letter matrix became the 42 rows of the Torah and then the entire Torah matrix.

Initially, the Upper and Lower 42 Letter Names were in perfect alignment and they were again briefly in alignment when the 10 Commandments were given in 2448. The next opportunity for that alignment occurs in 5778. Rav Brandwein explained that when that alignment occurs the two 42-Letter Names become 84, spelling Pad (פד), REDEMPTION. This harmony above and below is what was instrumental in the creation of the world and what will be necessary for the creation of the-world-to-come for us.











cosmic windowThe numerical value of the letter Aleph (א) is 111, and after counting the 6 days of the Creation period as 6 years, which correspond to the 6 Alephs present in the 7 words of the Torah’s first verse, there were exactly 22 spans of 111 (Aleph) years from Creation to the Hebrew calendar date 2448, when the 10 Commandments were given. Then there are exactly 30 more spans of 111 (Aleph) years from 2448 to the Hebrew calendar date 5778 for a total of 52 spans. Like the solar year which begins with the energy of Aleph (אלפ) on Rosh Hashannah and ends 52 weeks later, the Moshiach countdown of 5778 years begins with the energy of Aleph (אלפ) and ends 52 cycles later at the level of Malchut. Given that the surface temperature of the Sun is 5778 o K, it is no surprising the cycles are intertwined. The Kabbalists associate Malchut with the number 52 because it is the value of the Tetragrammaton spelled out in the frequency of Malchut (יוד–הה–וו–הה). Malchut intrinsically has no light (life-force) of its own and relies wholly on the channels of the upper world for its existence and sustenance. We can envision it as a screen for the light to project upon.

These Aleph cycles are far from random splits in the countdown. Like the mathematical constant Phi which splits everything, including the Torah into harmonic resonating proportions, the ratios PiBook6given by these splits are divinely designed to channel the energy of the 42-Letter Names through our journey, much like the Israelites’ 42 journeys through the wilderness. The relationship between the number of cycles in the two time frames and that of the full period, 22/52 and 30/52, yield ratios respectively about as close as you can get to 42.4 and 57.7 whereby 424 is the numerical value of Moshiach Ben David, and 577 is evocative of the year 5778. The ratio of the two periods to each other, 22/30 = 0.73, which being the numerical value of the level of Chochma is at the opposite end of the spectrum from Malchut, and represents the Torah’s first verse whose value is equivalent to the sum of the integers through 73 and also represents the highest level of the Tetragrammaton (יוד–הי–ויו–הי).

All 3 ratios together equal 173, which is the small gematria value of the lower 42-Letter Name that shaped and guides our world.

The wall, Shur (שור) is the physical embodiment of the two Vavs (וו) in the center of the Aleph (א) that breaks down to (יווי). This is of utmost importance to us, for we are the ones who can scale the wall. When G-d gave the 3 isolated letters in Shur (שור) the 8th, 18th and 40th placements in His Torah, it was planned that they would total 66 and that the letter Vav (ו) would have the numerical value 6 so that 66 would be written as (וו), yet another redundant allusion to the wall being found at the center of the Aleph (א).

By searching out heaven and the heavenly knowledge that can take us there, we are the descendants branching out from our world. We can reach out over the wall and draw down the wisdom and the light. From the top of the wall we can call out to attract the lost, and can also reach down to help others climb up. The wall was put there and hidden for a reason and so were the clues for us to find it and scale it.

There are 50 Gates to reach Binah and the sum of the 4 aspects of the Tetragrammaton is 232. The product of the sum of the individual ordinal values of the 3 isolated letters in Shur (שור) times their individual placement values is 50,232. Nothing happens without G-d’s permission. Nothing happens without His Name on it.

(20 + 8) * (21 + 18) * (6 + 40) = 50,232

zohar setAccording the Zohar in Vayigash 102, the word “in Rama” (ברמה) means “on high” as well “the supernal world” and “the world to come.” It is also the word for our Patriarch Abraham (אברהם) without the Aleph (א). Abraham’s existence drew from the Primordial Aleph (א) and drew from the world On High, which is why he was the beacon of light that connected us to the One (Aleph) G-d, and shone forth in all 4 directions. He was not grounded (restrained) in any way. That would come later with his son Isaac. Yes, we are talking about Abraham the man, but more importantly, about the Right Column, the very energy source for our universe. Abraham with his unrestrained giving personified this Source. He was to be a blessing to all he came in contact with, and his progeny was to follow suit.
In Hebrew usage the property of a Vav is that of vav hachibur, “the Vav of connection.” Kabbalists know it also as the connector between Spirit and matter (Heaven and Earth). At the end of days, it will also serve as connector to the energies from On High with which we can scale and bridge the walls of separation for all of Israel to return. The Zohar Vayigash 105 explains that at the end-of-days G-d will add back the Vav (ו) to reveal the wall (שור) and all the lost of Israel will return. “All lost in the land of Ashur (אשור),” which is the wall (שור) connected to the primordial Aleph (א).

And it shall come to pass in that day, that a great shofar shall be blown; and they shall come that were lost in the land of Assyria, and they that were dispersed in the land of Egypt; and they shall worship the L-RD in the holy mountain at Jerusalem. — Isaiah 27:14

  Harnessing the Aleph (א)

If the primordial Aleph (א) is the key to branching over the wall to the world to come and reuniting the Israelites with energy and enlightenment, and to receiving Moshiach, how do we connect to it?

shabbos candles 4We may not have consciously realized it, but actually, we have inadvertently been practicing this 52 weeks a year for thousands of years. Now at “the end of days” it is time to ignite this weekly connection with the proper Kavanot (intentions) and meditations that will reach over the wall and connect to the 1000 lights. Once enough of us do it, the trail will have been blazed, lined with luminaires for all “the lost” of Israel to return.

The Zohar tells us the 2 candles stand for the 2 letter Vavs (ו). The Yud (י) on top of the Vav (ו) is the lit flame on the candle, dancing separately, yet in concert. When we light the 2 Shabbat candles Friday evenings we are igniting the 2 Yuds (י) above the 2 Vavs (ו). The upper Yud (י) and Vav (ו) pair is the right candle connecting to Abraham and the lower Yud (י) and Vav (ו) pair is the left candle, connecting to the energy of Sarah, the Matriarch. We will get into their relationship and what it means to us today in the near future, but we need note though that it is based on love (א–הבה).

Making the Connections

The first step in the process is always to let go of any thoughts that you are in control and of any agendas and to ask G-d for divine guidance and his helping hand in the connections. The best way shabbos candles 6to do that is the way the Kabbalists have always done it—by doing the Ana B’koach, the simple recitation of the 42-Letter Name..

Besides the blessing and whatever meditations we and our loved ones are doing upon lighting the Shabbat candles, we need to connect the lighting of the candles to the components of the primordial Aleph (א).

The upper Yud (י) and then the upper Vav (ו) for the right candle draw the light from the world On High to Abraham (א–ברמה), our channel, as we make ourselves channels for that Right Column energy.

See the light descend from the Upper 42-Letter Name and be one with the Right Candle. Do not pronounce this Name.





We then join the right candle, column, letters, and associated Name of 42 with the left candle (flame and stick), with the Aleph’s (א) lower Yud (י) and lower Vav (ו), drawing the light to Sarah (שרה) and into the Lower 42-Letter Name which you can picture and even recite to yourself or out loud.








shabbos candles 3By visually uniting the two candles, while releasing unconditional love into the world, we join together with Abraham and Sarah, and the two Yud (י) – Vav (ו) pairs back into the Aleph (א), which we then reunite with the 3 isolated letters of the Torah and Asshur (א–שור) to bring all of Israel back to the land of Israel.

It is very important to consciously release unconditional love into the world. We must concentrate on the love we have for our closest loved ones and consciously envision it spreading outward to encase the world. If not us, who? If not now, when?

With that love blazing in our hearts, we should then meditate on the light shining from and through the Upper and then the Lower 42-Letter Names and then back upward again (returning light), along with our heartfelt desires to draw that light into our personal world and the greater world beyond us. This way we make ourselves beacons to guide all those waiting to be gathered and awakened. At this point we are already over the wall, no longer followers or wanderers. It is our turn to be as our forefathers and lead the tribes.shabbos candles 2

Please note, we do not try to pronounce the Upper Name (any upper Name), but we should recite the Lower 42-Letter Name (Ana B’koach) out loud, even if it is in the transliterated version. As we do, we not only want to picture the light spreading through our world but through time, extending from each Erev (evening) Shabbat until the end-of-days to bring Moshiach consciousness into the world and Moshiach in His moment.











Our souls are the descendants of Joseph. We are the ones who are scaling the wall, the wall of separation between us, between ignorance and the prophesied knowledge, between exile and redemption. A wall cannot be scaled passively, and no one can climb it for another. We can assist each other, but we must personally and actively make these meditations. The Ana B’koach (42-Letter Name) was given as our 7-rung ladder, but we still have to climb it individually.

The Alef (א) is the difference between exile (גולה) and the redemption (גאולה).By adding the Alef (א) to Geulah (exile) we get Geula (גאולה), the redemption, which is spelled (ג–אולה) and since the letter Gimmel (ג) is 3 and (אולה) has a value of 42, the format of the word for the final redemption is 3:42. This is indeed our 3rd and final chance for redemption, after the Creation and the giving of the 10 Commandments at Mt. Sinai.

genesis prayer coverWhat is this like? The first words of the 2nd Book of the Torah, Shemot, which has been translated oddly as Exodus, or exile, is V’eleh Shemot (ואלה–שמות), actually meaning “These are the Names.” The first word, V’eleh (ואלה) is the same as (אולה) in the word Geula (גאולה) and as such has the numerical value 42, thus the concealed meaning of the initial words of the 2nd Book, V’eleh Shemot (ואלה–שמות) is 42 Names or the two 42 Letter Names.

We can see the foreshadowing in these words, not only of the Exodus (Exile) and the subsequent 42 journeys the Israelites would undertake, but also the 2nd Geula that would come about within those journeys. We have shown above that this is at 42% of the way to the final Geula that will come about through our understanding of the 42-Letter Names.

The words V’eleh Shemot (ואלה–שמות) are actually repeated again in Shemot 6:16, with the value 616 being that of “HaTorah.” In this second case the words “these are the names” refers to the names of Levites including that of Moses and Aaron and because it repeats several of the names, the total number of names mentioned is 42. Also mentioned in this name list are three (3) time spans, 137 and 133 and 137 years respectively, which total 407, as in the Word V’et, the 6th word in the Torah that linked Heaven and Earth and whose square root is 20.17424 or 424 (Moshiach Ben David) in 2017 (5777-8).

We can utilize everything we learn to strengthen our resolve, to climb over the marble wall, to harness the Alef (א), fulfil the prophecy, and bring ourselves into Moshiach consciousness and ncarrara2Moshiach into the world. One of the oldest kabbalistic sayings is “When the student is ready, the teacher will come.” Join us as we branch over the wall and cross over the firmament. Help us to inject the Aleph (א) into the exile. The time of perfect alignment is almost upon on. Jacob is calling out to our souls, to the descendants of Joseph, pleading with us to do our part.

“Therefore, behold, I will proceed to do a marvelous work among this people, even a marvelous work and a wonder: for the wisdom of their wise men shall perish, and the understanding of their prudent men shall be hid.” (Isaiah29:14)

The wall is a boundary that can only hold us back if we let it. If we listen not with our ears but with our hearts, think not with our minds but with our spirit, we will hear their voices, hearken to their wisdom and unite ourselves with each other and with Joseph, Jacob, Abraham and Sarah, we will branch over the wall to be “one” with the One, the Aleph (א).

Count Like G-d

This time next year, Moshiach will be lighting the Chanukah candles beside us…

babasaliI was thinking about what Rabbi Abuhatzeira, the grandson of the prominent Moroccan miracle working kabbalist, Rabbi Israel Abuhatzeira, the Baba Sali, said about the Hebrew phrase (ביאת–המשיח) “The arrival of the Messiah” being encoded with the date for Moshiach’s arrival. The gematria of this phrase, as he was well aware, is 778, as in the Hebrew year 5778 or 2018 CE, which, as Daniel—a most excellent collaborator of ours—points out, is the value (2018) of the 13 spelled out letters in the word Chanukah (חית–נון–ויו–כף–הי). After all our discussions about the Torah and the cosmic system being a giant web of algorithms all designed to help us connect to unconditional love and to Moshiach at the right moment, it should escape no one that 13 is the numerical value of Ahava (אהבה) love. What we might have missed is that the initials of the phrase (ביאת–המשיח) “The arrival of the Messiah” are the last two letters in the word Ahava (אה–בה) love.

We may also have missed that the word Chanukah (חית–נון–ויו–כף–הי) can be broken down into 3 sequential components (חי–תנון–ויוכףהי), or Chai, life (חי) and (תנון) of numerical value 506, the same as that of “unconditional love” and as the complete gematria value as “Moshiach Ben David,” and finally the third component (ויוכףהי), which has the numerical value of 137, that of Kabbalah, meaning to receive. Put another way, Chanukah is “To receive the life of Moshiach Ben David.” What activates that? Love, Unconditional Love. When? 2018 CE, 5778 HC.

 Why life? Why was the cosmic system designed so that the word for life, Chai, (חי) had to have the value of 18? Take out your calculator and take the square root of 18. What do you get? 4.2426…The number 424 is the value of Moshiach Ben David. 26 is the value of the Name of G-d, the Tetragrammaton (יהוה). That is the reason for the existence of life as we know it. That is why the holiday that will bring us Moshiach is spelled out Chanukah (חית–נון–ויו–כף–הי), both beginning with life, Chai, (חי) and encapsulating it in that its first and last letters spell life, Chai, (חי).

Why do the 5 letters of the 8-day holiday of Chanukah (חנוכה) end in the letter values 5 and 8? It is to connect further to all the innumerable algorithms of the Torah whose number of words, torah columnsletters, and verses sum to exactly 58.

In our last article, we discussed the sacrifices we read about during Chanukah. We saw how they integrally connect with the Divine Calendar and how specifically the dates prophesy the arrival of Moshiach in 5778. In many of our recent articles, we also discussed the Torah’s concept of counting so that the energy builds rather than gets lost. This way the entire process becomes an equation which can connects us to a significant energy source or portal. It can connect us to all the Yud-s (י), Heih-s (ה) and Vav-s (ו), which add up to 90,100, which amazingly is equivalent to the sum of all the integers from 1 to 424, connecting each and every one of us to the consciousness of Moshiach Ben David. As it happens 424 is also the sum of the complete value with the kolel for the 7 letters of the phrase Chanukah candle, Ner Chanukah (נר–חנוכה).

To refresh our memory, each of the 12 tribes made the same donation of 11 items: 1 silver plate weighing 130 shekels (שקל); 1 Silver bowl weighing 70 shekels; 1 Gold bowl weighting 10 shekels; 1 Young bull; 1 Ram; 1 male lamb (1 year old); 1 male goat; 2 oxen; 5 rams; 5 male goats; 5 male lambs (1 year old).

Applying the Torah’s counting method to the sacrifices that we read each day on Chanukah, we find that the sum of the integers from 1 – 130 plus the sum of the integers from 1-70 plus the sum of the integers from 1- 10 plus 1+1+1+1 plus the sum of the integers from 1-2 plus the sum of the integers from 1-5 plus the sum of the integers from 1-5, and finally plus the sum of the integers from 1-5 equals 11107, or 11000 and 107. Why is this significant? Once again the sacrifices of the 11 items are pointing the way to our salvation in the year 5778 in that the sum of the integers from 1 – 107 is 5778.

tree of life 11 EngOne might think this was coincidental in the same way that the number of letters in the Torah up to the 10 Commandments is 107007 in the 70th chapter of the Torah at Mt. Sinai of numerical value 130, thus mimicking the weights (130, 70 and 10). The 11000 in 11107 may be even more significant for us. After all, G-d can tell us a thousand different ways when the cosmic gates to Moshiach consciousness will appear. However, if He does not tell us how to open them, what good will it do? Yet we know that G-d does not tease us, nor are His tools meant to do so.

To start with, this number 11000 must mean something to us and to Chanukah because 44 candles lit over the 8 days times the numerical value of candle (ner, נר), which is 250, gives us 44 x 250 = 11000. Moreover, the weights of the sacrificed (donated) metals were 200 shekels of silver and the 10 shekels of gold, which because the sum of the integers from 1 – 10 is 55, these weights can be expressed as 200 X 55 = 11000.

If that were not enough to get our attention, the portion of Miketz (מקץ), meaning “from the end,” that fell during Chanukah and of which the Arizal explained pointed to Moshiach in our specific penteractgeneration, has a complete gematria value (1040, plus an ordinal value of 59) of 1089 and while 89 is the gematria value of Chanukah (חנוכה), 1089 is also (1100 – 11). So it is very fitting that the oil (shemen, שמן) of which the Chanukah 8-day story is predicated upon, also has a complete gematria value (1040 plus an ordinal value of 59) of 1089 and likewise (1100 – 11). When two words have the same gematria value, we considered it as a similarity of form and thus they share a common bond or cosmic gate. There are exactly 210 word value gates in the Torah matrix.  It is far less common that two words would also share the same ordinal value, meaning that the placement of the letters within the alphabet, while different, when added up are equivalent. These rare word pairs share a very tight spiritual bond, a similarity of form and space.

Given that the repetition of 11,000, 1100, 110 and 11, they must be telling us something. Perhaps it has something to do with the 11 unique letters in the Torah’s first verse, whose total value is the sum of the integers from 1 to 73. These 11 unique letters also have the value of 1089 or (1100 – 11) when the prime kolel is included. Those same 11 unique letters have a sofit (final letter) value of 2454 which is 6 more than 2448, the year of the first cosmic Moshiach Gate, the time of the 10 Commandments. This makes sense as the first verse occurred 6 days (years) before Adam and thus the start of the calendar and the countdown to 5778.   Even adding 666 to Moshiach Ben David (424), as in the 66.6 jubilee years from 2448 to 5778, gives us (424 + 666) = 1090 – 1 = 1089.

Of those 11 unique letters and the first 42 letters of the Torah that transformed from the 42-Letter Name of G-d, three specific ones never changed form (שרו). Their numerical value is 506, that of genesis prayer cover“unconditional love” and the complete form of Moshiach Ben David.

In “G-d Never Abandoned His People” we described the integral way that the 42-Letter Name of G-d acts as the Mishkan and the way the 11-incense is repeatedly woven into it, including its first line whose sum, 506, equals the sum of the squares of the integers from 1 to 11.

12 + 22 + 32 + 42 + 52 + 62 +72 + 82 + 92 + 102 + 112 = 506

Then in the sixth line of the 42-letter Name of G-d we find the value 110 (לפ) and 107 (זק) side by side. Okay, so we know that, as Rav Brandwein of blessed memory explained, it is the understanding of the 42-letter Name that will bring about the Geula (Final Redemption). We know that the 42-letter Name came from the Torah’s first verse and that it is connected to Moshiach and Chanukah. We also know that we need to use it and study it if we want to open the Gate of Moshiach. This is a given…G-dly given.

We surmise that there must be more of a message in all this, and there is. The value 110 is that of nes (נס), miracle, and the way things are going in the world today it will surely take a miracle, and surely more than one. 11000 is 100 x 110, or 100 miracles. We are supposed to recite 100 blessings every day, but what about connecting to 100 miracles every day? The Rav always said it is not surviving an accident that is a miracle; it is getting home safely without incident. That is the miracle. Think about it, every day we get in our multi-ton cars and barrel down uneven and often wet roads and highways in excess of 60+ mph balanced precariously on only 50 square inches of worn rubber while the radio is blaring and the kids are fighting, the phone is ringing, and all around us are dozens of other speeding drivers in exactly the same predicament, or worse, maybe texting, maybe arguing with someone. Is it not a miracle? Is it not a multitude of miracles that gets us home or to work or school safely every day? Once we start seeing the miracles all around us, we will start drawing more into our lives. The kabbalists call it “similarity of form.” Once we start drawing greater miracles into our lives and world, we will be making an opening for the ultimate miracle, “the Gate of Moshiach”… and “Moshiach consciousness.” Just as the Baba Sali did, when he took over as the Rabbinate and the spiritual leader of their yeshiva at the age of 18 upon the passing of his father, the Tzaddik Rabbi Massoud, in 5668, 110 years before 5778.

solar fareCount those miracles daily. G-d counted from 1-107 and got 5778 and made the surface temperature of the Sun 5778o Kelvin. Then He.counted the integers from 1 to 70 and got 2485 so He made the surface temperature of the Earth 248.5o Kelvin.

G-d designed this universe for us and He designed its every detail with great purpose and intent. His intention was always for us to discover and then open “the Gate of Moshiach.” We can start doing so by noticing and appreciating what He created for us, the miracles in nature and in everything around us and in each other. When we can truly see these with understanding, then we will become them… in similarity of form.

cosmic windowAs He did himself with our light-giving Sun and the planet we live on, G-d gave us 5778 years to count and a final countdown of 70 from installing Israel as a nation. He gave us His Torah and made the third word in it Elohim (אלהים) equivalent to the word “nature.” We can overcome our own nature or chose His. Do we want to be in similarity of form with heathens, or with the Heavens? G-d willing, B’H, we will all see the miracles that surround and sustain each and every one of us, each and every day. Every day, connect to the Chanukah candles, light them in your mind and don’t just say the 100 blessings but count your blessings, look around and count the chnaukah lightsmiracles.

“When I behold Thy heavens, the work of Thy fingers, the moon and the stars, which Thou hast established; What is man, that Thou art mindful of him? and the son of man, that Thou thinkest of him? Yet Thou hast made him but little lower than the angels, and hast crowned him with glory and honour. Thou hast made him to have dominion over the works of Thy hands; Thou hast put all things under his feet: Sheep and oxen, all of them, yea, and the beasts of the field; The fowl of the air, and the fish of the sea; whatsoever passeth through the paths of the seas. O LORD, our Lord, how glorious is Thy name in all the earth!” — Psalm 8:3-9

Hello from the Other Side

chnaukah lightsWhenever the tzaddikim, the sages and the prophets told us to count something or to read a Torah portion at a specific time, it was for a divinely given, very good reason. It was not an extra-credit assignment. The counting and reading were either to awaken our souls or if they have already awoken, to give us necessary instructions, i.e. a set of programming codes, if you will. Adele should be playing in the background right now. Hello from the other side… I must have called you a thousand times… are you going to pick up this time? Your soul needs to hear what the Light has been trying to tell you for a long time. G-d has been trying to reach you for 107 generations.

In these 8 days, we have been told to count the days from 1 to 8, lighting the candles in sequence and read each day about the sacrifices delineated in Numbers 7:1-89. We have been told to light 1 candle the first day, two the second, three the third and so on for 8 days. In the first 4 days as we light the candles, we count 1 + 2 + 3 + 4 and that equals 10, establishing and reorganizing the 10 sefirot for us so that the light can flow freely and unencumbered through every aspect of our lives.

In the remaining 4 days we light 5 plus, 6 plus 7, plus 8 for a total of 26 candles, connecting our now aligned souls to the 4 letters of the Tetragrammaton (יהוה) of numerical value 26. When we add all 8 days we get 10 plus 26 for a total of 36, connecting us to the 36 (לו) tzaddikim who will be there for us igniting the Chanukah lights for us throughout the year supporting us, if we are conscious of it as we are lighting the candles, especially the Shamash, the helper, servant candle.

Before we explain about the sacrifices we read each of the 8 days, we should point out that when we complete the counting of the sefirot (dimensions) 1 through 10, the last two numbers, 9 and 10 add up to 19 so that the final 6 numbers total 26 plus 19 or 45. We are explaining this here so that as your soul awakens you can grasp the substance behind the words of the Torah. Man or Adam (אדם) of numerical value 45 was created on the 6th day of Creation. According to the Arizal, Adam (45) or Man represents the 6 bundles of the Tetragrammaton’s energy states at the level of Zeir Anpin (הא‐ואו‐הא יוד), whose numerical value is 45.

The story of Creation then tells us that Eve (חוה) of numerical value 19 was created from Adam’s Side. So how fitting is it that of the last 6 numbers (5+6+7+8+9+10) which total 45 (Adam), we can extract the final two which equate to 19 (Eve). When we examine the Tetragrammaton of Zeir Anpin (הא‐ואו‐הא יוד), closer we see that it is comprised of the initial letters of the Tetragrammaton (יהוה) of numerical value 26 and the spelled out letters from the side of the Name (וד–א–או–א) of numerical value 19, hence Adam and Eve. Hence, from the counting of the numbers 1-10 we have first the 10 sefirot of the Tree of Life under the Tetragrammaton (יהוה), and Adam and Eve connected to the Tetragrammaton of Zeir Anpin (הא‐ואו‐הא יוד) in that order. It is because Adam and Eve severed their relationship with the Tree of Life that fear set in and we went into this deep lethargic slumber from which G-d has been trying to wake us ever since.


Rallying around the Light


chanikiya kotelAs for the sacrifices we read about during the cosmic window of Chanukah from Numbers 7:1-89, it is no coincidence that 89 is the numerical value of Chanukah (חנוכה). They are very repetitive and list the quantities the 12 tribes were to bring for the sacrifices, much like a recipe.

Within the description of the sacrifices are found phrases with the gematria value of both the Hebrew year 5778 and the year 2019 CE, the two consecutive years (4-digit strings) found against astronomical odds three times each (!) within the first 1000 digits of Pi. What is notable is that the total gematria value 5778 is found in 16 phrases within those 89 verses and incredibly, the value 2019 is found another 37 times within those same verses.

In addition, there are also 6 different phrases throughout the sacrifices that have a numerical value of 5777, representing the year 2017 CE, which itself is found in a phrase wholly within the final verse 7:89.  Of the 5845 verses in the Torah, there are only 13 incidences where the value of a phrase that occurs wholly within a single verse has the value of 5777 and one of those is verse Numbers 7:87 of the sacrifices. It is significant because it is culmination of the gathering of ALL the twelve tribes to support the Mishkan. This verse is the summary verse for all the sacrifices: “…12 young bulls, 12 rams and 12 male lambs a year old, together with their grain offering. 12 male goats….”

This is significant because the Geula (Final Redemption) was prophesied by the tzaddikim to most probably occur in the period 5777.78 to 5778.28 (2017 to 2018 CE), with the year 2019 delineating a paradigm shift in time and space from the prior 5778 year period.

Each of the 12 tribes made the same donation: 1 Silver plate weighing 130 shekels (שקל); 1 Silver bowl weighing 70 shekels; 1 Gold bowl weighting 10 shekels; 1 Young bull; 1 Ram; 1 male lamb (1 year old); 1 male goat; 2 oxen; 5 rams; 5 male goats; 5 male lambs (1 year old).

It is an odd group of items, but with everything in the Torah, there are hidden reasons that relates to the narrative and ones that provide us with clues to the final days and to what we need to do in preparation. If we sum up the items each tribe brought we get (130+70+10+1+1+1+1+2+5+5+5) = 231, as in the 231 Gates of Wisdom. This we know from Abraham’s Sefer Yetzirah that these are the number of pairs of letters that can be made from the 22 letters of the Alef-bet, the 22 building blocks of the universe as he called them. Moreover, just as we have seen that the 90,100 Yud-s (י), Heih-s (ה) and Vav-s (ו) in the Torah are equivalent to all the integers from 1 to 424, the numerical value of Moshiach Ben David, the sum of the sacrifices, 231, is equivalent to the sum of the integers from 1 to 22.

To what was Moses and G-d getting the 12 tribes to connect willingly? To the 22 letters of the Aleph-bet, which energy-wise represent the 22 primordial building blocks of the universe. And just as they did then, we need to do so today, even more so.

Then if we examine the weight of the precious metals, we see that the 130 shekels of silver for the plate helped atone for the sins of Adam during the 130 years that he was separated from Eve. This corresponds to Jacob’s age when he entered Egypt to begin the exile in Egypt, which as the Arizal points out, helped mitigate that self-same sin of Adam. As for the 70 shekels of the silver bowl, they correspond to the 70 family members who entered Egypt with Jacob, and of course if we add together the weight of the silver and gold we get (130+70+10) = 210, the number of years the Israelites were exiled in Egypt.

What balanced the 200 shekels of silver? The 10 shekels of gold, which represented the 10 Commandments and the 10 sefirot of the Tree-of-Life. The ratio was 20 to 1, connecting us to the highest dimension, Keter, as explained in recent articles, and to the 70th chapter in the Torah, which is the 20th chapter in Exodus, where the 10 Commandments were given at Mt. Sinai whose numerical value is 210 for the Mountain (ההר) and 130 for Sinai (סיני). This is a recipe for us to learn and utilize as the end of the 70 final years draw to a close. The tribes were being reconnected with the Tree-of-Life and G-d’s 10 Commandments. This is what we desperately need to do today.

How do we know the 210 shekels of the precious metal weights really represented the exile? Because the value of the word shekel (שקל) is 430, which corresponds to the 430 years of the full first exile from the Covenant of Abraham, which began in 2018 HC and ended with the crossing of the Reed Sea and the reception of the Torah at Sinai in 2448 HC.

Now, a deeper secret within this weight is that “210 shekels (שקל) are equivalent to a numerical value of 210 x 430 = 90,300. While this is eerily similar to the 90,100 Yud-s (י), Heih-s (ה) and Vav-s (ו) in the Torah, it is also 903 x 100, with 903 being the sum of all the integers from 1 to 42 and since there is a spiritual tenet that nothing is ever lost, 903 is the full inclusive value of 42, encompassing all the energy of the integers that came before it. Just as important as the 42-Letter Name was to Moses and the Israelites it is even more important to us today, as the tzaddikim have posited that it is through the understanding of the 42-Letter Name that the Geula (Final Redemption) will occur.

Yet another secret to the sacrifices is that each tribe brought 24 items, connecting to the 24 adornments of the Shechinah (the 24 Books of the Tanahk) and of the High Priest, yet another hint that the 12 tribes are to rally around the Torah, Tanakh and the Moshiach. Most significantly, all together they brought together 288 items, representing the 288 Holy Sparks whose gathering elevation has been our mission since the moment of creation. The last phrase within the sacrifices that totaled precisely 5778 was fittingly the final verse of the sacrifices, with the 22-word phrase “…the Menorah, just as The Lord Commanded Moses. This is how the menorah was made: It was made from hammered gold… had shown.” How are we to interpret this?

22 words = 22 Letters

Light of the Menorah = light of the Chanukiyah

10 shekels of hammered gold = 10 Sefirot of Tree of Life and 10 Commandments

chanukiya7With the final year 5778 only 2 years away, we had better connect to the 22 letters and the Tree-of-Life and to the light of our Chanukiyahs. We need to do this just as G-d has commanded, to unite all the 12 Tribes. The beginning of this unification of ALL Israel is a prime sign in itself of the prophesied “acharei hayamim” / “the latter days.”

“And He will set up an ensign for the nations, and will assemble the dispersed of Israel, and gather together the scattered of Judah from the four corners of the earth.” — Isaiah 11:12

Chanukah is our annual reminder that the Divine Calendar is counting down. It is our annual opportunity to gather our forces together as one soul and elevate those 288 Holy fallen sparks, to ignite the Light in our world. That time has arrived.

“And I will make an everlasting covenant with them, that I will not turn away from them, to do them good; and I will put My fear in their hearts, that they shall not depart from Me. Yea, I will rejoice over them to do them good, and I will plant them in this land in truth with My whole heart and with My whole soul.”                                                                                                                   — Jeremiah 32:40-41