A Direct Progression from the Beginning to the End.

It all started with the 42 Letter Name of G-d. And it’s all supposed to end (shift) in 5778 genesis prayer coverHC.

The 42 Letters are officially and primordially represented by and  guided by the energy of the Hebrew letters Mem-Bet (MB) of numerical value 42. The ordinal value, or placement value within the Hebrew alphabet, of these two letters is 13 for Mem and 2 for Bet, which are the 13th and the 2nd letters of the Hebrew alphabet and together are 15.  Thus the complete value of the Mem-Bet (MB) is 42 plus 15, or 57.

The number 42 is always represent by Mem-Bet (MB) because that is the simplest way to write 42 in Hebrew and it is how they count in Hebrew and always has been. Likewise,  57 is represented by the two letters Nun-Zayin (NTz), which individually have values of 50 and 7 respectively, and ordinal values of 14 and 7 respectively. When we sum their values and their ordinal values together, we get a complete value of 57 + 21 = 78.The Divine Calendar

Thus we go from 42 in the beginning to 57-78 in the end. Proportionately 42 is to 57 as 57 is to 78, all about 73% of one another.  While 73 is the numerical value of the word chochma in Hebrew, meaning both Wisdom and the 2nd highest sefira (dimension) to G-d, we know that the first verse of the Torah, the one from which the 42-Letter Name of G-d is derived, has a total numerical value equivalent to the sum of all the integers through 73.  This is Wisdom.  It is Light, and 42 x 57 x 78 is very close to the speed of Light,

There are many reason the year 5778 (2018 CE) was chosen as the date for the final redemption and Moshiach (the messiah) and we’ve written about many of them. The one given above isn’t much of a reason, as it is just another example of an increasingly more obvious divine plan that incorporates the secrets of the Torah, the Hebrew alphabet, and our base-10 math system. The Wisdom glows wherever we shine our flashlights, all we need to do is switch them on.

Illuminating the digits in  42, 57, and 78 we get 4+2+5+7+7+8 = 33 and 42 +57 +78 + pyramid33 = 210, as in the 210 years the Israelites where in exile in Egypt, and as in the height of the Great Pyramid in Giza in both number of levels (210) and mir cubits (210). That Pyramid, which is also call Joseph’s Pyramid is just about 5778 inches high.

And if you are fond of the divine beauty in design, please note that the proportion of 33 to 42 or 33/42 is .7857142, and unscrambling the 3 double-digit numbers we began this discussion with, we get 1, 42, 57, and 78.  G-d is One.

L’ag b’omer is the 33rd day of the Omer, let’s all connect that day to Rabbi Shimon, the author of the Zohar and to the energy of Moshiach consciousness.

All the Holy Sparks and Why it’s Taking So Long to Bring Moshiach.

ari-8mMost students of Kabbalah know that there are 288 Holy sparks, that we are supposed to recover from the physical (malchut) world of the klippot (negativity). These are the remnants of the shattered vessels of first universal structure, the world of Tohu. But what only a very few understand is that according to the Arizal, there are 288 Holy sparks per sefirot (dimension), which makes 288 times 10 (vessels) or 2880.

And when we add 9 for the kolel of the depth from Keter, we get 2889, which in years is the midpoint in the life King David, 2889 HC. Now, this would be meaningless except for two very important points, considering that the tzaddikim have pegged the year 5778 (2018 CE) for the arrival of Moshiach (messiah) consciousness and the final redemption (geula).

1.  When we count the jubilee years from Adam to the midpoint in David’s life, there are exactly 57.78 jubilee years. So regardless of Rav Ashlag’s computation based on 666 (2/3) or the 66.6 jubilee years from the reception of the Torah in 2448 HC until 5778, we have a simple connection to 5778 though the counting of the jubilee years.  And the connection ties back to Moshiach through the sages acronym of Adam, which is spelled with the initials of Adam-David-Moshiach.

2. Secondly, the midpoint in King David’s life is also the exact midpoint in the 5778 years from Adam to Moshiach in 5778.  Mathematically speaking this is necessarily so given jubilee years are 50 years long; nevertheless it was never given, except divinely that there would be precisely 57.78 jubilee years to that point.  It could just as easily have been 40 or 70 or any number of years.  It was entirely left up to fate, not math.

Moreover, the 57.78 jubilee years tie into the year the First Temple was destroyed in 3338 dccover3dHC in that 57.78 is the square root of 3338, but much more on that can be found in The Divine Calendar.

So back to the 2880 Holy sparks we are to rescue from the captivity of the klippot. It would appear as if we were given a time frame of 2 years per Holy spark, using the kolel as above that would take us to 5778 instead of 5760. And according to some of the tzaddikim the year 5760 including hints form Rav Abraham Azulai of blessed memory, that was the year that the 18 years period of Oy and Ashrai began, the final process.

Keep in mind the year the First Temple was destroyed was exactly 57.78% of the way from Adam to Moshiach in 5778 HC (2018 CE), and we obviously didn’t do enough to recuperate all the sparks to that point.  Will we do enough in the next 5 years? There are only 5 years left until 5778 (2018 CE).

If you want to know where you can find them, the Zohar, the Baal Shem Tov and many of the tzaddikim have answered that.  Since the klippot feed off these Holy sparks, all we have to so is look around and see where the klippot are congregating. Where evil gathers, there is hidden goodness to be uncovered, buried treasure if you will.  Find the good, the positive in bad situation and the sparks will be liberated.

When One and One Really Equals Two.

G-d is one. His Name is one. So what happens when we add two of the most powerful YHVHNames of G-d.  The Ones that join Zeir Anpin with Binah and alternatively, the left (judgement) and right (mercy) sides of the junction of that crucial union.

Binah, whose energy is traced through the left side of the Tree-of-Life is connected to the EHYHenergy of G-d Name, Ehyeh (EHYH), while Zeir Anpin’s energy is traced through the right side of the Tree-of-Life and is connected to the energy of the ineffable Name of G-d (YHVH), the Tetragrammaton.

When we spell out a Name we’re increasing it’s strength. It’s called filling out and we’re getting a fuller presentation of the energy represented within.  In the case of the YHVH, there are 4 different ways of spelling it, all associated with a different level or sefirot: Av with Chochma; Sag with Binah; Mah with Zeir Anpin; and Ban with Malchut. It’s through these 4 Names that much of the understanding of Kabbalah has been revealed and most of the energy that enters our universe is transmitted.

Av: YVD HY VYV HY = 72

Sag: YVD HY VEV HY = 63

Mah: YVD HE VEV HE = 45

Ban: YVD HH VV HH = 52

All 4 levels have a total gematria value of 232

The are 4 corresponding levels of Ehyeh.

chochma: ELP HY YVD HY = 161

Binah: ELP HY YVD HY = 161

Zeir Anpin: ELP HE YVD HE = 143

Malchut: ELP HH YVD HH = 151

All 4 of these levels have a total gematria value of 616, which is the same as the numerical value of H’Torah (the Torah.), our greatest channel.

We know from the Divine Calendar that 8 is a key Biblical number and that nearly all the significant events in Biblical history occurred in years ending in 8 so it’s especially interesting that when we sum up all 8 filled-out Names of G-d, we get 232 + 616 = 848 or 2 x 424, with 424 being the numerical value of Moshiach Ben David (the Messiah).

232 + 616 = 848 = 2 x 424

In this case One and One really does equal Two.

M0reover, 616/8 =77, the numerical value of mazal (divine fortune or sustenance). And 848/8 equals 106 plus 1 for the kolel gives us 107, as in the sum of all the integers from 1 – 107 = 5778, the year prophesied by Rav Ashlag and the tzaddikim for Moshiach and the geula (final redemption).

This is just the simple math. What’s important is the energy and process beneath it, the unification of the two powerful Names to help bring us Moshiach.  To understand Kabbalah, you must look deeper.  The equations above haven’t changed in thousands of years; what’s changed is the timing: 5778 (2018 CE) is less than 5 years away.


The British Played a Critical Role.

Most readers of our articles are aware of the reflected or mirrored nature of the Hebrew and Western The Divine Calendarcalendars and the simple Divine Calendar that exists from Adam until the arrival of Moshiach (the Messiah) in 5778 (2018 CE).  And while Abraham was born in 1948 HC and Israel became a nation in 1948 CE, and 70 years later G-d made the Covenant of Halves with Abraham in 2018 HC and it is in 2018 CE (5778 HC) that it has been prophesied by the tzaddikim to be fulfilled, there is the role of the British that we never discussed.  Compared to the Greeks, Romans, Arabs and Ottomans, the time frame that Great Britain ruled over the Holy Land was miniscule, only 30 years, the time period not coincidentally between the end of the 2 World Wars.

The British Mandate for Palestine began when the British defeated Ottoman Turkish forces in 1917, which was made official on October 30th, 1918 and ended 30 years later at midnight on May 14th, 1948, when Israel became a nation, which means the British wrestled control of the Holy Lands out of Ottoman hands exactly 100 years before the date given for the fulfillment of G-d’s Covenant with the Jews in 2018 CE.

One Hundred (100) in kabbalah is universally known as a state of Keter (crown) and tree10represents the full strength of the 10 sefirot (dimensions). The 10 sefirot that comprise the Tree-of-life are always broken down into the 3 conjoined upper ones and 7 bundled lower ones, or 30 + 70 = 100.

This relatively tiny 30-year period encompassed the both World Wars, and the invention of Television, computers, jet engines, and nuclear weapons. It was a time of separation, but it gave way to a changed world, to our current 70-year period,  a world of rapid-fire technology, interconnection and interaction.  This final 100 years should give way to the final redemption (the geula).  The time-line always appears to be created by circumstance, until we step back and examine the big picture. At which point, it appears we had no free will after all; history was designed before it happened.

Like the gold that became the golden calf that had to have been placed in Aaron’s hands, if englandonly briefly, so too the Holy Land had to be placed in the hands of the British. A specific shift in energy was needed to buffer the future from the long length of the past, a tilling of the soil, irrigation, and germination period if you will to change the desert to an oasis.  This was on a spiritual level, obviously, because it was never the British intention and the period was marked with much of the worse destruction and senseless slaughter Man has ever known.

And yet, out of Nachor born in 1848 HC, and Terach born in 1878 HC came Abraham in 1948 HC, which is a similar period of 100 years split into two increments of 30 and 70 years, the darkness giving way to the Light.  The 18th, 19th, and 20th in line of Adam translating and transitioning to the 18th, 19th, and 20th centuries today.

WashDC05_63_b8_smallAnd when the British handed off this tiny bit of Holy Land in a sea of hostile Arab lands to the Israelites, who was the only nation to stand beside Israel during the final 70 years?

America, the country who will celebrate its 115th Congress in 5778 (2018 CE), just as the the world celebrates the 115th jubilee year from Adam to Moshiach in 5778.

As the final few years of the 70 whittle down, we can only wonder how fast things will continue to accelerate and what all this interconnection will have brought us. The seeds are already sown.  We must ask ourselves: What is growing? What is growing within us?

Shabbat Shalom