The Source of the Ana B’Koach

The Ana B’koach, is the 42-Letter Name of G-d that bridges heaven and Earth, carrying our prayers upward and drawing down the spiritual dew that transforms our reality in seemingly miraculous ways. In fact, according the Arizal, no prayer can be elevated with it, which is one reason why it is so crucial to our existence and spiritual well-being.

To clarify my last article about us being the kings of our kingdoms, the Creator would always be above the King, at least 1000 infinite levels above and beyond. That was the whole point of the article.  Kingdom, Malchut is the lowest of the levels, which is why we can create an illusionist world within it. The very elements we build our world with (physicality) are filled with negative husks (klippot) that suck on the remnants of the original destroyed world of the 8 kings/kingdoms of Tohu.  It is the lack of Light that inspires us to create and it is the little light we do get that we use to create with.  The secrets shared below help us to tap into that light and to draw nearer to it.

The Ana B’koach, is the 42-Letter Name of G-d that bridges Heaven and Earth, carrying our prayers upward and drawing down the spiritual dew that transforms our reality in seemingly miraculous ways. In fact, according the Arizal, no prayer can be elevated with it, which is one reason why it is so crucial to our existence and spiritual well-being.

The 42 Letters of the Name are divided into 14 triplets, which are independently found 506 times throughout the Torah, and by no coincidence 506 is also the value of the first line (6 letters) of the 7-stanza ladder that defines the structure of the Name.  The 42-Letter Name is really a 7 x 6 matrix, just like the dimensions of the Gate of 42 that stands guard right outside the Holy of Holies in the Future Holy Temple, as provided by Rabbi Chaim Luzatto of blessed memory.

506 is also notably the numerical value of Ahavat Chinam (Unconditional love) and is the complete numerical value of Moshiach Ben David (the Messiah). But 506 is also something else.

When we expand the letter Yud (Y), the first letter of the ineffable Name of G-d, YHVH, we get over 3 iterations:




And these 13 letters total exactly 506.

Similarly, when we follow the Arizal’s instructions to dissect the YHVH into its component parts, we get a Yud and as each Hei becomes 3 Vavs, the rest of the Name becomes: 7 Vav, each of numerical value 6, just like the 7 x 6 matrix of the Ana B’koach and also the structure of the Magen David (shield of David).

As you can see, the 42-Letter Name is drawn out of the Letter Yud of the YHVH, the highest point imaginable, but this is more than just knowledge; it is also a powerful meditation that brings us closer to G-d, for it is through the Gate of 42 that the shefa (life-force) flows into our world from the Holy of Holies.

The Deepest Secret of Kabbalah Explained

A while back I wrote an article titled The Deepest Secret of Kabbalah. In it, I revealed that whatever we truly desire in life we can have and we are only limited to the extend that we don’t truly desire it. And that is as true today in this highly complicated world as it was thousands of years ago. The understanding here is that those that have special things in their lives have it because they truly desired it–even if it came to them relatively easily–and those that don’t, it’s because they only gave lip-service to those things.  Being jealous about something or even obsessed with it, is not true desire for that object, it’s just a desire to complain about it.

Here’s how it works. All students of Kabbalah know that there are 10 (or 11 including the reservoir called Da’at) sefirot which comprise the dimensional structure of the universe and each of these have 10 sub-sefirot.  They also know that these are hierarchical from Keter (crown) at the top to Malchut (kingdom) at the bottom.  But why Kingdom at the bottom?

Here is another powerful secret, we are all architects of our own world; we are the kings of our Kingdom.  To the extend that you grasp this in your heart, you will be able to not only understand life, but take control over it, and thus achieve your true desires.

It’s commonly believed in Kabbalah that we are at the bottom of the tree-of-life (Malchut of Malchut), vessels receiving only reflected filtered Light from above. And that’s not wrong.  Neverthless, the Arizal also said we are at the top of Malchut, head of the Kingdom.  There’s no discrepancy here as there are many levels of Malchut.  There is the all-important Malchut of Yesod at the crucial juncture between Zeir Anpin and Malchut (Heaven and Earth) and then lower down on the hierarchy there are the 10 sub-levels of Malchut within the greater sphere of Malchut.

The Tanahk contains endless stories about kings. As does the Bahir, the main Kabbalistic text prior to the Zohar. And there are endless stories about Kings amongst the educational stories of the sages and tzaddikim? Why?

Is it because there is a large audience of interested Kings out there? Or because a peasant needs to know how a King acted or should act? Or is it because we all have the power to be Kings if we’d only wake up to it, and the sages understood that?

Of course that power doesn’t derive from us, the same way the kings in your world don’t have any special powers of their own–they are just people, no different from the rest of us. The power, for those that understand, comes through Arich Anpin, the partzuf of Keter, in other words a higher aspect of G-d’s divine will. The divine will to create is a life-force that we eventually tap into and use to shape our own individual kingdoms.

You may be asking yourself if you’re the architect of your own kingdom (world), how come everyone else sees the world more or less as you do and not their own way? The answer is that they exist in your world only for you. It’s like the holodeck on Startrek; they don’t really exist, but because you created them they are very very real to you.  And unless you obtain an extremely high level of spiritual enlightenment, you had better continue treating them as real because the consequences are grave. If it makes you feel better there are myriad other souls going through similar experience as you and because they are tapping into the same divine will, their worlds are similar in structure and all the worlds have the same divine intricately encoded guidebook, The Torah.

Nevertheless, Kabbalah teaches us that because we created our world we can learn from everything/everyone in it.  It’s a beautifully large window into our psyche and our tikkunim (karmic corrections).  Every time you see or hear about something terrible happening in the world, remember you wrote that news report and need to ask yourself why? What were you trying to tell yourself about yourself? And when things go wrong in our worlds, as they do so often, we can react to them and blow up, or we can realize that we requested (designed) them and enjoy the process of fixing them.  Think of your kingdom as an amusement park for your soul.

Unfortunately, our bodies and minds are just the clothes of our souls and like our jackets and jeans they pay the price when we decide to play in the mud. While we continue acting like a jacket, unconscious, and just going along for the ride, we’ll have no control over what happens in our world, but if we learn to align ourselves with our souls we can experience the amusements and thrills of our world as they do.

The real question, though, is if we are the architects of our own kingdoms, why do so many of us choose to be peasants in those kingdoms and not the king?

You designed and built the kingdom and then decided to be peasant in it with control over only a tiny piece of it instead of all of it.  Why? I’m sure your soul is having fun, but are you? What’s missing? Your desire to be king.

President Obama was no one special, with no real work, political, leadership, or business experience, yet he had the true desire to be a king, and thus became one–your king, in your kingdom.  So far you have achieved exactly what you desired–you must have because you are the architect.

When two top football players go up together to catch a ball hurling toward them, who comes down with it? Not the best athlete, but the one with the most desire. The same can be said for teams. It’s not the one with the best or most expensive players, it’s the team with the most desire that wins the game.

The beauty of it all is that you can redesign your kingdom at any time.  The Ana B’koach (42-letter Name of G-d) can help, but if you want to be king, prince, princess, or a star in your kingdom you have to truly desire it in your heart.   You’ve got to really want it.

Lots more secrets to follow soon…

It’s Not Your Imagination; Things Are Heating Up!

Preheat oven to 5778K. Mix all the ingredients for 6 days, let it set, then bake in the speed-of-light convection oven at 173 petawatts for 5778 years until it reaches at temperature of 57.78 degrees. Remove Earth from oven and voila!

We found G-d’s recipe book.

Yes, it’s getting hotter globally. Hottest first  6 months on record and July seems even hotter, but this isn’t the weather channel. We explained last year that the 100-year average surface temperature on earth was headed towards 57.78 degrees and this year that steady rise has shifted into high gear.

When in 5-6 years the average temperature hits 57.78 degrees Fahrenheit, it’ll be numerically exactly 1.00% of the Sun’s surface temperature as measured in Kelvins, 5778 K.

It’ll also be the year 5778 (2018 CE) in the Hebrew calendar, the year prophesied for the coming of the Moshiach (Messiah). None of this is new to readers of this blog, but I did want to add a little more insight toward the bigger picture unfolding around us.

As the tzaddikm were well aware and as is written in the Zohar, Moses was given 173 keys, which really referred to the 42-Letter Name of G-d whose gematria value summed up to 173.  The 42-Letter Name is more powerful than any of us will probably know and I’ve personally have witnessed glimpses of that power and how it bends the so-called natural forces (laws) of our universe, which we call miracles, but we’ve written about that and will do so again elsewhere.  Nevertheless, 173 relates back to the sun, whose surface temperature is 5778 K in that the total energy that the Earth receives from the Sun is 173 Petawatts (a petawatt is a quadrillion [or million billion] watts). Imagine that!

That’s a lot of symmetry, considering that according to the sages, it’s the understanding of the 42-letter Name that will help bring in the Moshiach. But there’s more and there always will be more as we can no more comprehend the scope of G-d’s designs than we can His greatness.  If we take that solar power reaching Earth and divide it by the speed of light (299,792,458 m/s) we get 577065885, which is not exactly indicative of 5778 or even 5777.78. Nevertheless, if in the equation we take the square root of 3 (1.7320508…) instead of the ridiculously rounded off and large 173,000,000,000,000 watts, we get:

 the total energy of the sun on earth = (√3  x 1015)/(speed of light)= 5777.5 x 103

 That the square root of 3 would relate to the 42-Letter Name or this solar equation that brings together the Earth and Sun in some sort of harmonic relationship is not so surprising. After all, the square root of 5 is at the root of the Torah’s design as well as that of everything natural in the universe though the constant Phi (1.618033…), and that the number 5778 is precisely Phi18

No, somehow it all makes sense.  Since the dawn of Biblical creation, the earth will have circled the Sun 5778 times (or Phi18 times), equivalent to the surface temperature of that Sun (5778K), lets say 1 degree for each encircling, and during that period, at the speed of light, the Sun sheds 173 Petawatts of energy on the Earth, warming it’s surface (with our help most recently) to 57.78 degrees F, or .o1 degree for each encircling.  And when we divide that 173 Petawatts of energy by the speed of light which is the speed that energy would have traveled to get to the Earth we see that they are related by a factor of 5777.5

Light, Energy, Heat, Sun, Earth, Time; they are all related, intertwined. And they are all winding down, or winding up to a moment just 5-6 years from now when it will all be clear to us.

While the puzzle is being unfolded around us, the answers as taught by the tzaddikim are not to be found in this world, but in the spiritual one as what is played out here is nothing more than a reflection of a shadow there.  The two artifacts we were given to peer into that world are the Torah and the 42-Letter Name of G-d, which is why it’s at the center of the life-giving transference of the Sun’s power to our planet. And this is why it’s apropos that we reveal it at the time of year we read about the 42 journeys the Israelites made in crossing from Egypt to the Promised Land.

The equations above are more than just numbers; they also represent a formula, or a recipe if you will: Preheat oven to 5778K. Mix all the ingredients for 6 days, let it set, then bake in the speed-of-light convection oven at 173 petawatts for 5778 years until it reaches at temperature of 57.78 degrees.  Remove Earth from oven and voila!

The question is what do we get?

Passover is More Than You Think; Pesach is More Than You Can Imagine.

The Shabbat prior to Pesach (Passover) is called Shabbat HaGadol (the Great Shabbath). The word HaGadol occurs 26 times in the Torah, the same numerical value of the Tetragrammaon (YHVH) and 18 of those times the word HaGadol  (HGDL) is written with the cholam (vowel) instead of the Vav, giving it a numerical value of 42, the same as the 42-Letter Name of G-d. The number 18 is the well-known numerical value of Chai (life) and not coincidentally the square root of 18 is 4.2426, with 424 being the value of Moshiach Ben David. And all this is only to provide us with clues.

The real significance of this is that Shabbat HaGadol acts as a gateway to Pesach, much as the Gate of 42 is the final gate before entering the Holy of Holies in the Holy Temples, including the Future Holy Temple. This gateway to Pesach is more than a metaphor.

According to the sages  the first and last verses of the Torah link together seamlessly to form a complete cycle, or circle, which is why they are read together contiguous every year around the holiday of Sukkot. This analogy of an annual cycle is strengthen by the design which splits the 19 words into the 7 words of the first verse and the 12 of the last.  We realign our 12-month lunar cycles with our solar ones in cycles of 7 and 19, and this keeps the calendar progressing at an even pace and guides which portions of the Torah are read in which week in any given year.

One Shabbat not long ago I challenged my 8-year-old daughter to figure out which letters of the Hebrew alphabet were not included in the Torah’s first verse. She promptly figured out all 11 of them, and then added, “Why don’t we check the last verse too.” Since I consider EVERYONE to be my teacher, especially my children, we did. Lo and behold, there were 20 letters utilized and only 2 that weren’t:  Pe and Samech.

Samech and Pe spelled Saf (SP), as in end, threshold, but not a word we find in the Torah per se.  Nevertheless, there are 12 days of preparation, when we read a special portion of the Torah daily, leading to the 7 days of Pesach, which is spelled Pe, Samech, and Chet spell Pesach (PSCh).

The end of the Chet(Ch), which according to the sages gets circumcised at Pesach and become a He(H); hence chametz (ChMZ) is transformed into matzah (MZH).

So joining the Chet to the Pe and Samech, left 19 letters and begged the question: Why were these three letters isolated? Why was Pesach considered outside the realm of the annual cycle?

It is because the 7 days of Pesach are actually another dimension entirely, and once we climb the 15 steps of the seder to enter it, we are beyond the earthly realm. This is why there is another seder at the end of Pesach, to ease our descent back down.  This is also why all the cleaning for Pesach is essential. It’s a cleansing, or purification, process that prepares us to align ourselves with the energy of this higher dimension.

Pesach is a gift, the diamond set in the ring opposite the cyclical closure of the Torah’s first and last verses around Sukkot 6 months earlier.

The exodus from Egypt brought the Israelites to another dimension as well, a higher state, a place of Keter as indicated by the 620 letters in the 10 Commandments.  They too left all there chametz (personal garbage/klippot/negativity behind) and went through a final cleansing as they passed through the Sea of Reeds.

Getting rid of all the chametz in our lives is about disconnecting from the physicality; it’s a preparation for the time of Moshiach (the Messiah), which B”H will be upon us very soon. For nearly 3330 years, ever since the exodus and the reception of the Torah at Sinai, we’ve been rehearsing every Spring for the arrival of Moshiach consciousness. Except, most of us have treated it as Biblical reenactment, or even as a family gathering. It was nice, but we missed the point.

This time around, once we cross over, we should find (feel) joy in everything.  Each letter and word of the Passover Haggadah should ignite us with happiness. And every moment in this paradisaical dimension should feel, well, like Heaven. To the extent that it doesn’t reveals how much more cleansing we need to do in order to see through the darkened veils.

When we take away these 7 days of the year from the annual cycle of 365, we’re left with 358 days and 358 is the numerical value of Moshiach.  Likewise, the 210 years of exile in Egypt plus Pesach (PSCh of numerical value 148) equals 358.

So let’s all scrub and clean and cleanse the physicality out of our lives, so that we can climb easily into this higher dimension called Pesach, experience the otherworldly pleasures within, and after 7 days we can return from this vacation refreshed and rejuvenated. Or better yet, return without descending, bringing the Moshiach consciousness back with us, like a cloak of dew upon the spring grasses, helping to prepare our world for what is to come. Pesach is as much a community event as it is a personal one and it’s our responsibility to bring back and spread that consciousness for the sake of our brethren.

On Sukkot we make a space for that world within our own and connect to Keter. On Pesach (PE SMC ChYT) whose letters when spelled out with the kolel have the same numerical value as Keter, 620, we leave our world and ascend to that lofty dimension.

This year, as we circle the stellar ring, let’s grab that brilliant diamond and bring it home.

 Chag Pesach Sameach

May this be an amazing Pesach for us all,