Part X: If G-d is One, What is Zero?

We have seen how the mathematics embedded in the Torah and the Hebrew Alef-bet before it are thoroughly integrated with the fundamental mathematics and guiding physical constants in our universe and how they repeated point to One(1). Moreover, the verbiage layered on top of all those mathematical truisms and algorithms specifically points to “G-d is One.”

Let us be clear.  It is entirely possible and indeed probable that our universe is nothing more than a simulation. Indeed, it is impossible that any of this, especially given the supersymmetry in the design of our solar system,  happened randomly.  Yes, if there was no Creator, and the universe exploded spontaneously from nothing eventually dump luck would create planets and life. The thing is, it would not be life as we know it, our solar system would not have evolved to match our observed parameters, and neither the Hebrew alphabet or the Torah could have existed.

That leaves two options, G-d (The Creator) exists, or our observable universe is a simulation designed by a highly advanced civilization and/or Artificial Intelligence (AI). If the latter is true, then assuredly that simulation would exist wholly within yet another simulation, and then nested again and again until we come to the original source of it all, which would still be the Creator.  Why would this simulation theory even be a likely possibility?

Given the exponential development of our technology and especially AI in just the last 30 years; and given that the cells in our bodies are conglomerates of integrated networks of eusocial communities; and given that both micro-organisms and the DNA/Protein system within our bodies and cells operate as self-organizing high precision machines; and given that we as a civilization have allowed ourselves to be organized into easily controlled and manipulated social networks that mimic our internal neural ones; and given that in less than fifty years we have become wholly dependent and inseparable from technology and have thus rendered ourselves easy prey to mass illusions; and given that the dimensions and parameters of our solar system are almost comically symmetric; and finally, setting aside what we already know about the mathematical constants that form the scaffolding to the hyper construct of our universe; and moreover what we know about the Torah, it is inevitable that a world such as ours would be developed as a simulation in Man’s near history. It is not if, it is when.

And if Man could do, imagine what a truly intelligence culture or force could do.

Either way, a simulation or a world directly Created by G-d, the clues, hints, and rules are the same.  The question is only whether we awaken within it or stay embedded as part of the matrix.

Now, all simulations have parameters and rules and are created with codes, and all coders like to drop clues about their origin, their Creator.

ometimes those clues are inadvertent and are something we can figure out by isolating specific patterns and nuances in those codes. So where would we look for such codes, clues, rules, and parameters? Five places are obvious. The first would be a complex ancient text that was written with a precision, perfection, and abundant knowledge of the universe far beyond mortal comprehension. This would obviously be the Torah with all its associated Names of G-d and numerical allusions.

The second place would be in an ancient alphabet based on mathematics far beyond the comprehension of those that discovered it. Obvious choice: Hebrew.

The third place would be in the mathematics and numbers that underlay all our physicality, and the coolest place to hide them would be in the constants. Think about it, Man has already calculated PI to trillions of decimal places, yet it only takes a precision of 39 digits to precisely calculate and describe the circumference of the entire known universe to within less than the width of a single hydrogen atom. And by the way, those 39 digits (3.14159265358420) end in 420. The first 13 end in 358.

Nevertheless, the fourth place to search for such clues and hints and patterns would be in the measurements and proportions of the physical “naturally” made structures in our universe, both on the atomic scale and the astronomical one, like our solar system.

The fifth place would be within the physics and mathematical formulas that model our universe and that Man has uncovered so far due to careful observation, hard work, often genius, sometimes luck, and admittedly or not, divine inspiration.

We have already highlighted many of the hints, clues, patterns, rules and parameters built into the system code that our universe is based on. They all tend to indicate the same thing, “G-d is One. “

They tend to focus our attention on a distinct set of Names of G-d and in the Torah they explicitly tell us what those Names are, how to connect to them, and often what the rules of the game are and what happens if you lose or do not play by the rules.  Going with the premise that this is a simulation within a simulation there still must be an original Creator, and all the hints seem to be telling us His Names, and that He is One with His Names.

Perhaps it is an unwritten or even written rule of those simulations that all must eventually center on the Creator. Certainly, anyone creating such a simulation knows at least as much as we do and would know better than to place their ego above that of the ultimate Creator.  They would certainly understand humility and appreciation for in order to create a vast universe you must first understand your place in it.

So given that coding restriction, if G-d is One(1), what is Zero (0)?

One(1) is self-referential. Everything that is multiplied by One(1) remains intact; it stays itself. The same with anything divided by One (1). The same with anything raised to the power of One(1), and One(1) raised to any number is still One(1) .  Zero (0) has the opposite effect and nullifies everything. If you noticed, the Hebrew Alef-bet does not include a Zero (0). It starts with 1 then goes to 10, etc. The “0” in the number 10 is a placeholder, not “null set.” This discussion will continue in Part XI.

The higher Name of G-d, found 7 times in the Torah, begins with Alef (1), Ehyeh (אהיה). The most well know Name of G-d, the Tetragrammaton (יהוה) begins with Yud (10) and is found 1820 times in the Torah. The full spelled out 3 aspects of the Name Ehyeh (אהיה) have a total gematria of 455 and 4 x 455 = 1820.  Both Names, Ehyeh (אהיה) and the Tetragrammaton (יהוה) also have 4 letters each, and there are 4 distinct levels (expansions) of the Tetragrammaton (יהוה). The kabbalists have always known this. It is a very important point and deep concept integrated into all their prayers and rituals, like the 4 cups of wine, the 4 questions, the 4 sons, etc at Passover and 4 species at Sukkot.

The Torah equations have taught us over and over again that summing the integers not only concentrates the representative aggregate energy waves but also provides clues as to how to decode our universe.  And given the significance of the number 4 we see that the sum of the integers through the number four (4) is (1 + 2+ 3 + 4) = 10, relating the all-important Names of the Creator to the 10 sefirot (dimensions) and the base 10 counting system at the core of our mathematics.  We can now understand why the alef-bet, an exponential system, was designed in base 10, along with the massive multi-dimensional network called the Torah that was built on the 22 building blocks of that alphabet.

Every time we jump from one level to the next, in other words multiple by the number 10 like 1 to 10 to 100 to 1000, we are multiplying by the Name of G-d.  There is a concept in Kabbalah called squaring the Names, where we build the Name one letter at a time and it becomes more powerful for us.

This expansion of the 4 letter Name of G-d to the 10 Letter “squared” version of it takes it value from 26 to 72.  A similar expansion happens when we spell out that same Name of G-d:

Once again, we go from 4 to 10 and expand the strength and value of the Name (יהוה) from 26 to 72.

This was the true seed of the 72 Triplet Name matrix.

In going from 26 to 72 we added a value of 46. As we just learned, the initials of the Shema’s 8 Triplets’ initials total 46, as does the kabbalistically interchangeable Me’ah (מאה), Amah (אמה) and Ha’em(האם), or 100, cubit and the mother (Binah) respectively.  Considering we expanded the Tetragrammaton (יהוה) two times we can say, and also understand why, expanding from 26 to 72 represents two steps up dimensionally, Moreover, as 100 Me’ah (מאה) equals 102, we can also see and understand that spiritually, in other words in hyperspace Ha’em(האם), (Binah), that distance is equivalent to One cubit Amah (אמה). This is very important concept and should not be glossed over. We are being shown how to bridge the dimensions and how to operate in both simultaneously.

This expansion of the Name (יהוה) is also the seed of the 42 Letter Name:

The Name expanded from the original 4 Letter Name (יהוה) to 10 and then to 28 Letters, totaling 42 Letters, showing us the progression from the Source Name of G-d (יהוה) through the 10 sefirot (dimensions) to the 28 letters of the Torah’s first verse—through the first 42 Letters associated with the 42-Letter Name.

The 28 letters of the Torah’s first verse represent the sum of the integers from 1 to 7, analogous to the 7 higher Names Ehyeh in the Torah and the 7 words of that same first verse. It is also a 7 times expansion of the 4 Letter Name in that 7 x 4 = 28.

Then as Genesis continued with the first day 4! = (1 x 2 x 3 x 4) = 24 hours, One(1) day for 7 days. Four factorial (4!) represents the total number of permutations possible with any 4 objects, including letters.

Where else do we find 7 and 4 juxtaposed? In the gematria of the 4th of the 7 rows of the 42-letter Name matrix, which is 704. And in the two enlarged letters from the Shema’s first verse, Ayin(ע) and Dalet(ד) of numerical values 70 and 4 respectively. Together they spell AD (עד) or witness, and (4 x 74) or 4 witnesses equals 296, the 7th word in the Torah, H’Ertz, the Earth.

And taking a step back, we recall that the first 10 letters of the Torah have a total ordinal value of 100, and we see that:

The closest concept to zero comes right away in the Torah, in the second verse, right after the first 33 letter sequence that we have discussed repeatedly. It is also officially at the very end of 42 letters with the word “void,” as “The earth was without form and void.” The word for void, “Bohu” has the numerical value 13, just like Echad, One, a hint that the void is of the same origin as the One. The phrase Tohu V’Bohu “without form and void” can be broken down with strict gematria to 411 and 13, which equals 424, Moshiach Ben David. The Hebrew word for “was” that precedes it, Haitah, has a numerical value of 420, or 424 with the kolel for the 4 letters.

There is a Hebrew word for zero, but it was not used in the Torah as “zero.” It came about after the concept of “0” as an empty set was starting to take hold in cultures around the world.  That word is Efes (אפס) with an ordinal value of 33 and its standard gematria value is 141, reminiscent of Pi (3.141…). The relevance of this will be apparent in short order and even more so as we dig into Pi later in this paper. Meanwhile, the word Efes (אפס) is derived from the Kabbalistic dual concept of nothingness and endless, and the Light that permeates both.

In Abraham’s Sefer Yetzirah (The Book of Formation) in chapter 1:7 he writes:





Years ago, Rav Brandwein, may his memory be for a blessing, began his studies with me with “Yesh me-Ayin” (“Something from Nothing”). Clearly Nothing is not nothing. It is not that deep abyss of emptiness and nullification we call Zero, though there is an aspect of that in it.

Nothingness, Ayin (אַיִן‎) in Hebrew is part and parcel of the profound Kabbalistic expression Ein Sof (אין סוף) meaning “no end”, “without an end”, and especially the “endless” from which stems our modern concept of infinity.  You can clearly see how Efes (אפס) was derived from the first, last, and middle letters of Ein Sof (אין סוף) in a very similar way to how the 72 Triplets were formed from the three consecutive verses of 72 letters. Since the Sefer Yetzirah’s time, volumes have been written on this subject, so we are not going further with it here other than to point out the kabbalistic concept of Light. The Light of the Creator permeates every aspect of the universe, both the endless and the nothingness are encapsulated in the Ein Sof (אין סוף), whose gematria is 207, the exact same as that of Ohr (אור), Light.

The connection between zero (0) and 4 is also embedded in the number 33 in two related ways.  As we said, four factorial (4!) represents the total number of permutations possible with any 4 objects, including letters or numbers, and the minimum amount of letters or numbers for a superpermutation of any four of them is 33. A superpermutation exists when we combine all the objects into a single string with overlapping like elements (i.e.  1234, 2341, and 4123 can combine to 412341). Partly because of the nature of superpermutations and mostly because the universe was designed this way, 33 = 4! + 3! + 2! + 1!

So, let us take these hints and look at Pi. We know that there is profound encoding within its first 1000 digits and that strange anomalies, which can be interpreted as messages or clues for us can be found at least 242,424 digits deep into Pi, yet we also know that we need go no deeper than 39 digits to measure the entire circumference of the known universe with mind boggling accuracy. The Torah guides us to three cycles of counting, that of 7, as in a week of 7 days; a 12-month year, marked by specific lunar events, and a 50-year Jubilee period.  We are specifically told to count the 50-year Jubilee periods and thus we find that there is only a single “0” within the first 50 digits in Pi.  The actual distribution within Pi of “0” or of any single digit for that matter should be 1 out of every 10 digits and over the first 200 million digits that is exactly what we find, so 1 out of the first 50 is a localized anomaly.


You may say that this is arbitrary but let us examine what specific crumbs have been dropped for us. First, the “0” is found precisely within the two-digit string “50”. Second the next “0” is Pi is found at digit #51 and is immediately preceded by the two-digit string “51”. Hence, if you can suspend your disbelief for a moment and assume that this specific placement of “0” was of intentional design what clue can it be leading us to? The most obvious one is its placement at digit 33, which is .666 of the way through those 50 digits.

This brings us to today, 66.6 jubilee 50-year periods from when the Torah was given to Moses at Mt Sinai in the year 2448 HC. In other words, 3330 years ago. Again, remember we were specifically told by G-d to begin counting jubilee years, 50-year periods from that date.

The other extremely significant clue to come from that same location of “0” at digit 33 relates to the year “0” in the Western/Gregorian Calendar, the year 3760 in the Hebrew one. Examining this from a factual and non-religious point of view and as elucidated in The Divine Calendar , the year Zero (0)/ 3760 is the pivot point between the two Calendars where key events on both sides are reflected in the opposite calendar, such as Abraham being born in 1948 HC and Israel becoming a nation in 1948 CE. When the pivot date of the Gregorian calendar was originally conceived by Dionysius Exigguus in about 525 CE as the Anno Domini (Year of the Lord), it was intended to have begun counting from year Zero backwards and forwards upon the birth of Jesus Christ who lived for 33 years. The year Zero (0) was declared year 1 and the year Zero(0) was intentionally skipped, which is why 2019 is really 2018. There is much evidence that Dionysius may have gotten that date wrong by 3 or 4 years and from his own notes it seems he adjusted his calculations to make them work out better for the Easter calendar; nonetheless, divine providence led to the pinning of that date (0) with the year 3760 HC and it will always be connected to 33, just as we found in PiKeep in mind that this pivot point was also the wedding of the lunar and the solar years and calendars that have little to do with each other, unless of course we look deeper into the symmetries of their dimensions and orbits.

Proth Primes: Adam, Eve, and G-d

Let us go back to the concept that 10 in the mind of the Creator is the sum of the numbers 1 to 4, or that He wants that to be in our minds in order to crack further clues and codes.

We recall that the first 10 letters of the Torah have a total ordinal value of 100, and we recall that:

We further recall that the value for Israel is 541, the 100th prime number. Those same 10 first letters of the Torah have a combined standard gematria value of 1117 so their complete gematria value is 1117 + 100 = 1217 and 1217 is a prime number. It is the 199th prime number. The prime number 1217 is also a special prime, a Proth Prime, which is a small subset of prime numbers. Proth primes must satisfy the equation:

In the case of the first 10 letters:

So, let us note that in this Proth Prime equation, k = 19, the resultant Proth prime is the 199th prime and the sum of the small gematria of these 10 first letters of the Torah (2+2+1+3+1+4+2+2+1+1) is 19 once again, as are the sum of the digits in the Proth Prime equation, 1+9+2+6+1 = 19. And 1217 is the 19th Proth Prime.  We do not know if there are any other Proth primes who fulfill this same phenomenon yet we do know that this one is unique in that it was built into the Torah’s first 10 letters where we could not miss it, where it could be indelibly connected to Creation and Israel.

We posit that this equation and how it ties into the Torah is more than just a clue, and more than just additional proof that the Torah was Created with superior knowledge and abilities far beyond our comprehension. We further posit that the design of this Proth equation was intentional, in order to connect us to specific energy and to G-d’s Name (יהוה) in a most complete and profound way.

We can view this equation as (19 x 26 + 1) or (19 + 26 + 1) or (19 + 26 x 1).  Either way, we are staring at the Adam and Eve equation.  But first, for anyone that doubts 26 can be viewed as 26, please note that when we subtract the two prime numbers that are derived from these 10 first letters from each other, (1217 – 541), we get 262.  That is correct, the Tetragrammaton (יהוה) squared.  Moreover, when we utilize the equation (19 + 26 + 1) = 46, we get the numerical value of the Hebrew word Me’ah (מאה), meaning 100, as in the ordinal value of those 10 first letters, as in the 100th Prime, 541, Israel and as in 102. By the way, the ordinal value of Me’ah (מאה) is 19.

Nevertheless, while we know that 26 is the value of the Tetragrammaton (יהוה), which is deeply embedded into this equation, the other component that this equation hinges upon, 19, is the numerical value of Eve (חַוָּה). Adam, on the other hand has the numerical value of 45, or (19 + 26), which we could say comes from the equation (19 + 26 x 1).

The concept, though, is much deeper than this. There are 4 different aspects of the Tetragrammaton (יהוה) and so far in this paper we have been dealing only with the highest of those 4 levels.



According to the kabbalists, the level and aspect of the Tetragrammaton (יהוה) that applies to the Man, metaphysically speaking, is (יוד־הא־ואו־הא), not coincidentally, of numerical value 45.  In an even deeper concept, the kabbalists explain that the Names consists of a front (יהוה), kabbalistically a male aspect, which is also the original Name, and a back (וד־א־או־א), kabbalistically a female aspect, which is the spelling out of the Name, or 26 and 19 respectively.  Kabbalah is the science and philosophy of energy and everything else about it spins off from that. In that energy study a pervading concept is the duality of male and female energy, sharing and receiving energy, one and the same yet very distinct, with the female type energy acting as an energetic vessel of sorts for the male energy.

Thus, Adam and Eve were separated from the same source (One) and are two conjoined aspects of the Name of G-d, and this concept was built into the first 10 letters of the Torah.  Reinforcing these conclusions is that Adam and Eve, or numerically (45 + 19) = 64, which is the 26 of the equation above.

And if that were not enough to pack into 10 specific letters, the ratio of the Adam/Eve split is 19/45 or 42.22%, in other words 42.22% and 57.78%, Eve to Adam.

Remind you of anything?


The splitting of the alef-bet was a nearly identical split. And just to put this in perspective 5778 is now, 66.6 jubilee years from the receipt of the Torah at Mt. Sinai.

Furthermore, just as 19/45 = 42.22%, so too does 19/26 = 73.077% giving us the two integer sums of the Torah’s first 7 and 8 words respectively: (1 – 73 and 1 – 77).

If you think this too is coincidental, keep in mind that the sum total of the sofit Hebrew alphabet is 4995 and that works out to 45 x Alef (אלף) since 4995 = (45 x 111).

By the way, we mentioned earlier that the first repetitive two-digit string within Pi is the number 26, as in the value of the Tetragrammaton(יהוה), found at digits #7 and 22. The last two-digit string within those telling first 1000 digits of Pi is 19. Front and back, 26 and 19.

Thus, from a simple equation built into the Torah’s first 10 letters, we get precise referencing to the 42-Letter Name; the Tetragrammaton (יהוה); the singular split in the 22 letters of the Alef-bet; the 58 elements of the Torah; Adam and Eve; Israel; the entire first verse; and the 33 first letters, all with complex algorithms that unwind from each of these disparate and yet interconnected elements.

Can this even be possible?

In the Beginning

The splitting of the Holy Name of G-d is in the same exact proportion as Adam and Eve. Is that a direct hint of how we are to interpret that part of the Genesis narrative.  Does the narrative make more sense with this understanding?

He created them male and female. Some people read the Bible, the Torah, and think there are two narrators because some things are said twice, like creating man and woman, and with a single timeline that cannot happen.  It is all in the depth of understanding. As we have seen every letter has a special purpose in the Torah and nothing is extraneous. In the first chapter of Genesis the Creator was creating an aspect or image (יוד־הא־ואו־הא) of his Name (יהוה) and infusing it was transferable male (front) and female energy (back) so as to be useful in our plane of existence. In the next chapter He would split their physical manifestations and endow them with the corresponding consciousness.

So, what came first, the splitting of the Alef-bet to Create the Torah? Or the she splitting of the Name of G-d to that same proportion to create a duality of energy to give a framework to the two halves of the Alef-bet? Or the proportions themselves, 42% and 58%, or more precisely 42.22% and 57.78%?

Is the narrative becoming as clear as day? Is this the primordial proportion that existed before the alphabet, the Torah, life and even the spiritual universe: “The Heaven and the Earth.”  What is the shift from this primordial proportion to the Phi proportion?:

That is right. We are back to four (4), the essence of G-d’s name that gave rise to 10.

Then to 26 and on to 1; it is all about the Tetragrammaton (יהוה).   

Phi, G-d’s Name, and One (1) integrated in a single equation. “He and His Name are One.”

We can now better understand what we said earlier that without Phi chaos would truly reign in our universe. The clue that the Torah and the universe are telling us is that the Phi proportion, and thus order, is tied to G-d’s Name.  Moreover, we are being shown that the way to access, dial into this schematic, is through the 42-Letter Name.  The next step in the evolution of our thought process is to realize that these equations were not meant to impress us but to guide us.

Let us stop right here because if all the Creator wanted to do was impress us, He could just blow our minds away with a few simple facts about the Great Pyramid, which we refer to as Joseph’s Pyramid. Did you ever notice that in neither Abraham’s trip to Egypt, nor Isaac’s, nor Jacob’s was the Pyramid ever mentioned?

Time Out for a Brief Trip to Egypt

Like the Torah narrative hints, every once in a while, there is a reason to go to Egypt. This is somewhat of an aside, though as will be seen later it does play integrally into the dynamics of the Torah, thus we are not going to go into much explanation in this section, brief excursion.  The Great Pyramid (Joseph’s Pyramid) is a 4-sided pyramid designed around three measuring methods, the inch, the foot and the Mir cubit (27.5 inches) and the relationship between these measures. There are 4 bases of slightly differing measures and a height of 481.25 feet. Every other measure is derivative of these 5 basic dimensions.

We must keep in mind that all the while these four bases, with their amazing decimal place precision, add up to a perimeter of exactly 552 or (27.5 * 2)2, which also means the perimeter is exactly 36,300 inches, the gematria (363) of H’Moshiach(המשיח) x 100.

Noting that the musical note E = 330 vibrations/second and the South Base of the pyramid is exactly 330 cubits, we are presented with more dramatic equations for visible light on opposite sides of the spectrum:

We saw earlier that the number for the pyramid’s base, 330, is the value for the 9th triplet in the 42-Letter Name Matrix (יכש).  We did not mention it at the time, but 330 is also yet another integrated component connected to the small gematria of the Torah’s first word, Bereshit.  Besides the number 2, the first prime number formed by sequentially adding the small gematria digits in Bereshit (בראשית), represented as (221314), is 2213, which is the 330th Prime Number.

Digging a little deeper into the structure of the Torah, we find that the word value 756, as in the base of the pyramid, is found 42 times in the Torah. It is one of 4 values found 42 times (756, 547, 703 and 486) and of these four, we have already seen that 547 is the sum of the core prime Genesis Numbers, and that 702 is the numerical value of Shabbat.

The word value for 481, the height of the pyramid in feet, is found 107 times in the Torah, as in the sum of the integers from 1 – 107 being 5778, or 5775 + 3, that same height of the pyramid but in inches. Moreover, 481 is not only equal to (13 x 37), two of our most important core primes and Torah numbers, but 481 is the sum of two of the first 7 words of the Torah, the 3rd and 5th, Elohim and H’Shamayim, the words for G-d and Heaven, apropos for the lofty height of the pyramid.

What a clever way of concealing and preserving the measure of the ancient cubit, 27.5 inches, which we will soon need.  No, it is not about impressing us; it is about preparing us. Given that we are most probably in a virtual or real-life simulation game, would not it be prudent to learn the rules? Would it not be probable as well that there is a time limit on the game? That would indeed be one important rule to be aware of. Woven into all these clues, would it not be probable to find the rules as well? Even if we cannot accept our bodies as Avatars comprised of symbiotic eusocial communities of carbon chained lifeforms and mechanisms, we do realize by now that our consciousness exists beyond these physical shells. Would not it behoove us to learn about the world and playfield that our consciousness exists in, and of the rules that apply to that space? However limited or expansive role we want for ourselves in the greater universe, you know there is more out there, or you would not be reading this.

Why the Pyramid? As a back-up to the Torah? Really? If you knew the future, you would have no need for a back-up plan, would you? Perhaps it is an addendum. As if the Creator needed more room to work with? Or perhaps it is designed to show us how much information can be packed into a simple 3-d geometric shape. Truthfully, for the most part we have been examining the Torah in 2-dimensional space. Yes, we have been highlighting multi-dimensional symmetries, but we have not yet been taking our Torah given numbers and creating even 3-dimensional shapes out of them.  When we did do some work with cubes and the Torah’s first verse very impressive symmetries unfolded.  Perhaps, the Pyramid’s existence is to encourage us to do more, look deeper by pushing out into 3 or more dimensions.

Perhaps the pyramid is a clue. Perhaps the pyramid is the geometric shape that we are supposed to use.  What if we apply it to the 4 Essential Elements of the universe? Afterall, viewed from above the 4-sided pyramid looks like a giant Alef(א), and the 4 Essential Elements of the universe are associated with the 4 points, or corners, of the primordial Alef(א).

If we were to add the 4 Essential Elements to get an average to use as a base or edge or height measurement of a virtual pyramid, we would see that the average of the 112 Triplets comprised of the 42-Letter Name, the 8 first words of the Torah, Shema/Upper 42-Letter Name, and 72 Triplets is (3701 + 3003 + 1118 + 9143) = 16965/4 = 4241.25.

Yet another clue is found in the height of the Great Pyramid, which 5775” or (5778 – 3)” with 3, as we have explained in a previous article and we explain again later being specifically derivative of the recurrent progression of the cubit’s 27.5 inches. If we were to add 3 to the sum of the 4 Essential Elements, the average (16968/4) would be exactly 4242. So why again would we arbitrarily add 3? As discussed earlier the 112 Triplets are also purposely equal to the 3 essential spiritual forces of the universe as represented by the 3 Names of G-d: Names Ehyeh (אהיה), the Tetragrammaton (יהוה) and Adonai (אדני).

Oddly enough, if 4242” were to be the given height of a virtual pyramid shape using the same 210/330 proportion, meaning that our virtual pyramid was built to the same angular dimensions and slopes as Joseph’s Pyramid, then the average base would be 6666”, which works out to 242.4 cubits. Of course, 4242 + 2424 = 6666 yet again and this is oddly familiar to finding the digit string …42424242… occurring at digit #242424 within the mathematical constant Pi (3.14….).

Back to Joseph’s Pyramid, where we see that the capstone measures 244.8” high with a base of 385”. First of all, 244.8 inches can easily be seen as analogous to the year 2448 in the Hebrew Calendar when the Torah was received and of the Israelites exodus from Egypt—an odd coincidence considering the capstone was attached to the Pyramid at that time and thus hidden. It was only removed 2000 years later, thus exposing its revelatory dimensions to us, or more precisely to the intrepid explorers who climbed up those 48 stories to take the measurements.  In a similar way, no one 3330 years ago knew that the Solar rotation (sidereal) period is about 24.48 days at the Sun’s equator. That fact alone coupled with the Sun’s surface temperature of 5778 degrees Kelvin should be enough to give us pause and make us ask what the…?

Though what is really relevant to our discussion is that the ratio of the height of the capstone to the height of the entire pyramid and also the ratio of the base of the capstone to the average base of the pyramid is 4.2424242…% while the ratio of the capstone’s base to the entire pyramid’s height is 6.6666%.

So, we see the same numbers are woven into our virtual pyramid built on the 4 essential elements, and into both the Great Pyramid and also its 7-tier capstone. This includes its height in feet, 353.5’/Pi being equal to 112.52… and its height in feet 353.5’ x Pi equaling 1110.55.  If we compare the 3 pyramids we see that their heights are 244.8” to 4242” inches to 5775” and their bases line up as 385” to 6666” to 9075“, making their proportionate ratios 244.8/4242 = 5.7709% and 385/6666 = 5.7755775% and 244.8/5775 = 3385/9075 = 4.24242% and 4242/5775 = 6666/9075 = 73.45%.

What is the point?

The point is at the apex of the pyramid(s), all 3 of whom have an apex angle of 76 degrees, matching the ordinal value of the Torah’s first word, which metaphorically is its apex too. All three also have face to face edge angles of 112 degrees.  Just in case we were to think that after everything we have seen we might still be reading too much into these angles, we should note that the angle of the pyramid’s grand gallery slope is 26 degrees, like the Tetragrammaton(יהוה), and the angle of the  descending passage off the 55’ high entrance passage is 26.18 degrees, matching Phi2.

The point is not the pyramid numbers but what the pyramids themselves are pointing to. They are focused on a unified singularity, and they serve as clues as to how to get there. They are taking 4 purposely different bases (forces) and combining them into One.

One obvious unifying force (entity) for the 4 essential elements is the 4 Letter Tetragrammaton(יהוה). There are numerous kabbalistic meditations that utilize the 12 permutations of this Name of G-d.  This is not the venue to explain them; it is our goal to derive and explain and unseal the technology beneath these Names and meditations in order to get ever closer to the source. Utilizing the type of small gematria that counts the Yud(י) as “0” the sum of the 12 permutation is 53328 and one of the attributes of this number is that 53328/8 = 6666, as in the base of our virtual unified pyramid. And as a unifying factor in the 4 Essential Elements it is telling that the average of the 12 permutations or 53328/12 = 4444.

Just a note about the Future Holy Temple whose blueprints are integrated with the schematics of the Torah, the Names of G-d, and the 4 Essential Elements, if we sum up the 12 Yuds(י), 24 Heis(ה) and 12 Vavs(ו) they equal 312, the measure of the width of the 312 cubit Outer Courtyard that surrounds the Temple buildings.  And concerning those 48 letters in the 12 Tetragrammaton(יהוה) permutations, 53328/48 = 1111 as in the capstone’s base times Pi. Also, the Future Holy Temple’s 32 x 32 cubit Alter matches the 32 x 32 foot base of the capstone.

Those 48 letters correspond to the Chiel (חיל) of numerical value 48, the 10-cubit high wall that surrounds the Outer Courtyard, as explained by Rabbi Moshe Chaim Luzzatto of blessed memory.

The more our knowledge base is expanding the more the information is converging.

Time for Prime

We previously presented the following equations and information prior to this series, but the time is right to review them.  If we take all prime numbers (2, 3, 5, 7, 11, 13, 17, 19, 23… as a string of digits (.235711131719….) then we divide One (1), as in “G-d is One,” by that numeric string we get the Primal Equation 1/.23571113… = 4.24248100) or 424 and 4248, 100 etc.

Maybe G-d wanted to send us messages where no one could mess them up, where there could be no fake news.  The Creator put 4242 front and center for a reason. He also related them the number One(1) for a reason as well. Prime is prime and in our universe, they cannot be changed, morphed, or reduced in any way. So given that, it is beyond significant that through the number One(1), the only possible prime not considered, they give us straight up: 42 as in the 42-Letter Names, both actually through 4242; the 4 Essential Elements of the universe through 4242;  the value of Moshiach Ben David (424), whose initials are also 4-2-4; the sum of the 22 Hebrew letter-names through 4248; the rows and columns of the Torah through 42 and 248; and Israel through the 100th prime number and the sum of the digits in the 22-Letter split.  Some may add that because 111 is the value of Alef(א) 23571113171923 conceals the year 5779 between the repeated 23’s and that the sum of the digits (2+3+1+1+1+3+1) = 13 has meaning too, yet that would be purely speculative.

What is not speculative is that when we begin the series of primes with the number 1, which one could is say is a kin to adding the Creator (One) to the equation, we get a series of very telling results by simply summing up consecutive primes in order.

Like the 7 lines in the 42-Letter Name of G-d, the sum of the first 7 consecutive primes (1,2,3,5,7,11,13) is 42. This series ends with the number 13; meanwhile, the 6 consecutive primes (13,17,19,23,29,31) that begin with 13 and end with 31 sum up to 132 and their digits sum to 42.  The digits in the next 6 consecutive primes (37,41,43,47,53,59) total 55. This latest 134255 sequence within the first 18 consecutive primes is not proof of anything yet is does draw our attention to the number 132.

When we examined the number of Yuds(י), Heis(ה) and Vavs(ו) in the Torah they totaled 90,100 or the sum of the integers from 1 – 424, the numerical value of Moshiach Ben David. When we examine their recurrence numbers in the 112 Triplets of the 4 Essential Elements, they total 132, as in the sequence of Primes above.  In the 72 Triplets there are 32 Heis(ה), none in the 14 Triplets of the 42-Letter Name, and 10 in the 26 Triplets of the Shema and 8 first words for a total of 42.  That is 42 Heis(ה), of Mem-Bet Hei (מבה), as in the 55th (מבה) Name of the 72 Triplets. Those 42 Heis(ה) total 210, matching the height of the Pyramid and the 210 years of the first of the 4 exiles, the Egyptian one.

Let us run through that again because there are multiple clues here for us. There is no letter Hei(ה) in the 42-Letter Name yet there are 42 Heis(ה) in Total and while (112 – 42) = 70, the 42nd of the 72 Triplets in (מיכ) of numerical value 70.  So, while 42 and 55 are once again interconnected so are the 32 Pathways of the 10 sefirot (dimensions) and the Tetragrammaton(יהוה) of the Tree-of-Life schematic.

Given that there are 32 Heis(ה) in the 72 Triplets it is further reinforcement of our findings that there are also 32 Yuds(י) in the 72 Triplets. In the rest of the 112 Triplets there are 21 Yuds(י) or once again a value of 210. Finally, there are 20 Vavs(ו) in 72 Triplets for a value of 120. Therefore, with the 210 and 210 equaling 420 for the 32 Yuds(י) and Heis(ה) and the 120 for the 20 Vavs(ו) in 72 Triplets, their total value is 540 as is the sum of the Pyramid’s 330 base and 210 height.  Adding One(1) for the Creator gives us 541, Israel, built into both the Pyramid and the 72 Triplets. One last note, there are 37 Vavs(ו) in 112 Triplets and there was a total of 84 Yuds(י), Heis(ה) and Vavs(ו) in the 72 Triplets.  As Rav Brandwein of blessed memory pointed out to me, 84 represents Pad (פד), redemption through the fusing of the upper and lower 42-Letter Names. We will be getting deeper into the 72 Triplets in forthcoming article, yet finding connections within each of the 4 disparate essential elements that connect to each other and to the Tetragrammaton(יהוה) is important as we begin the process of reverse engineering and reintegration.

Nevertheless, everything in the Torah ties together. The 4  Essential Forces divided  into the  two axis of the Primordial Alef(א): the first axis is comprised of the 15 Triplets from the Shema (Upper-42-Letter Name) and the 11 Triplets of the Torah’s first 8 words, totaling 26 and connecting  to the Tetragrammaton(יהוה); the second axis is comprised of the 72 Triplets and the 14 Triplets of the 42-Letter Name, totaling 86, connecting to Elohim (אלהים), found 32 times in Genesis 1, the six days of Creation.  Please note that in the 15 + 11 = 26 Triplet equation a clue is found in that 15 = (יה) and 11 = (וה) of (יהוה), giving us a semblance of ordering.

Of the 112 Triplets, 72 are in the 72 Names and 40 are comprised of the other 3 Essential Forces. The 40th portion of the 54 Torah portions is Balak.  As we detailed in an article from several years ago, Balak is one of 3 portions oddly named after individuals not considered “good” by any stretch of the imagination (Balak, Korach, and Yitro), whose initials form Yabok (יבק) and total 112.  The name Balak (בלק) has a numerical value of 132 as in the 132 Yuds(י), Heis(ה) and Vavs(ו) in the 4 Essential Elements (112 Triplets). The Torah also always provides clues for us, which is why the portion of Balak ends with the word Alef(אלף): the point of the spear of Pinchas that ended the portion and the plague of 24,000; the point of the revolving flaming sword;  the point of the sword of Moses; and as the Zohar in portion Balak points out, its Peleh (Wonders,פלא) backwards.

While the level of detail that we are covering the components of the 4 Essential Elements of the Universe can be overwhelming it is imperative that we use ever clue given to us and connect all the dots to get the complete picture.  Trust me, if we were not meant to find them, we would not.  They are all pathways of interconnection in forces that we are trying to re-unify so the more we can find the easier will be our ultimate task.  And yes, they are a constant reminder and reinforcement of that only an overarching advanced intelligence could have created them.

Continuing where we left off and adding two more primes to (1,2,3,5,7,11,13), we see that the sum of the first set of 9 consecutive primes (1,2,3,5,7,11,13,17,19) is 78 or (3 x 26) and the sum of the second set of 9 consecutive primes (23,29,31,37,41,43,47,53,59) is 363, the value of H’Moshiach.

Thus, the sum of the first 18 consecutive primes(1,2,3,5,7,11,13,17,19,23,29,31,37,41,43,47,53, 59) is 441, “Emet (אמת), truth.” This is like the sum of the stacked 20 cubes hidden in the core of the Great Pyramid, whose sum (13 +23 + 33…203) equals 44,100.

Once those 20 cubes were stacked they equaled 210 units (cubits) in height, which is the exact height of that pyramid, both in cubits and in its 210 levels. This would correspond to the sum of the 8 consecutive primes (13,17,19,23,29,31,37,41), which is 210. Then the very next 6 consecutive primes (43,47,53,59,61,67) adds up to 330, the base measurement of that pyramid in cubits.  Is this also coincidence? Our civilization’s knowledge of primes was supposed to have begun 2300 years ago with Euclid; now we are pushing it back another 1200 years at least to whoever designed the Great Pyramid.

Emet (אמת), is the seal of truth, an appellation for the Torah, so how fitting that the 15 consecutive primes that include both the height and base of Great Pyramid (13,17,19,23,29,31,37,41,43,47,53,59,61,67,71) equals 611, the numerical value of “Torah.” And that the first and last of them (13 + 71) = 84 = 2 x 42.

Finally (for now) the cumulative sum of the first 18 consecutive primes (1,2,3,5,7,11,13,17,19,23,29,31,37,41,43,47,53, 59) is (1,3,6,11,18,20,24,32,42,58,62,72,77,84,95,103 and 117) and when we add 117 to 441 and 18 we get 576 or 242.  There is no way to tell right now whether there is meaning in this or not, yet for sum divine reason the tzaddikim determined that a Mikve had to have a minimum of 40 Seah of water, each equivalent to 144 eggs in volume, or 576 in total to be valid. That minimum volume is thus equal to (4!)2. A Mikve must also be at least 3 cubic cubits (1 W x 1 L  x 3 D).

In the next article of the series we will conquer a few new concepts as we round out areas of the hyper-dimensional Torah matrix and its integration with the universe.

Part IX Food for Thought

More on the 7 vs 7 Triplets vs 7 Words

There are obviously infinitely more connections to be found between the 42-Letter Name and the Torah’s first verse, but we want to extend one more from where we left off in the previous article (Part VIII). In further analysis, besides the 3701 – 2701 = 1000 or Alef(א) relationship between the intertwined 42-Letter Name and the first verse of the Torah, we have also been given two balancing equations between the 7 words of the first verse and the two 7 Triplet halves of the 42-Letter Name, as illustrated below:

        The left side of the 42-Letter Name versus the right side. Or the 7 left-hand side Triplets compared with the 7 right-hand ones. How do they interrelate with each other and with and with the specific combinations of the 7 words of the Torah’s first verse?

Right off the bat, we see that the sum of the left-hand side, 2498, is exactly equal to the 1st, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th words combined. That is all but the 2nd word (ברא) of numerical value 203. This 2nd word (ברא) of numerical value 203, though, is clearly reflected on the 7 Triplets of right-hand side of the Name, which total 1203. The difference being exactly 1000, as in the 1000-unit difference between the Torah’s first verse and the 42-Letter Name. Thus, a proportion of (1 + 6) = 7 words is established, as in the 6 bundled dimensions (sefirot) of Zeir Anpin and 1 reflective illusory dimension called Malchut built into the Tree-of-Life design of the universe.

Both the derived proportion and its link to the design of the 10 sefirot are analogous to the 6 and 1 days of Creation from Chapters 1 and the first 3 verses of chapter 2 of the Torah. This itself is analogous to the 42-Letter Name derived from the 1st verse of the Torah of 28 letters and the 3 words of the 2nd verse of 14 additional letters. Fitting since we are discussing the number 1203: 1st, 2nd, and 3 (verse/words).

Meanwhile, the right-hand side of the 42-Letter Name for its part totals 1203, which also works out to exactly the combination of the 4th, 5th, and 6th words of the Torah (1203).

This split left-hand side versus the right-hand side of the 42-Letter Name, or 2498 versus 1203, also yields yet another comparative combination when the elevating number 1000 is subtracted. Since the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 7th words of the Torah equal 1498 or (2498 – 1000) we see the interplay of the number 1000, representing Binah, on both sides of the 42-Letter Name and how it integrates with the Torah’s first verse.

Without the addition of the number 1000, the ratio between the 7 Triplets of the left-hand side and the 7 triplets of the right-hand side would be 1498 vs 203 or (7 x 203) + 77. As we will see later, this design feature of the 7-row matrix called the 42-Letter Name of G-d and number 7 has a distinct purpose, especially as concerns the word “to create.” Meanwhile, the comparison is between the left side and the right side or 2498 vs 1203 and 2498 represents the sum of the 3rd highest value combination of the 7 words and 1203 represents the 74th highest combination. Together (3 + 74) equal the 77 value in the 1498/203 = ((7 x 203) + 77) equation above.

Expanding this train of thought 103 is 1000, reflective of Binah, and 3 x 10 = 30, the numerical value of the Hebrew letter Lamed (ל), also reflective of Binah, and the 3 spelled out letters of the letter Lamed (למד) = 74. Moreover, the two well-known enlarged letters that connect to Binah and delineate and define the first verse of the Shema are Ayin (ע) and Dalet (ד) of numerical value 74. More about how the 1000-letter Shema and 42-Letter Name integrated later.

The left-hand side of the 42-Letter Name represent as a proportion, .92% of the Torah’s first verse, which also means that 6 of the 7 words represent 92% of the Torah’s first verse, possible reflective of the 92 natural elements of the physicality, which we will get into later. Obviously, it is not 92 exactly as illustrated above; it is 92.48426% or .9248426 of the total. Let us set aside for a moment that the proportionate split between the left-hand side of the 42-Letter Name versus its right-hand side in terms of the value of the Torah’s first verse (.9248426) yields the number 924 that we saw when the alef-bet was split into the Phi(ϕ)  proportion. The resultant number .9248426 also includes in sequence the key Torah numbers 248, 42, as in the Torah’s 248 columns and 42 rows, and the Tetragrammaton (26).  This would be a nice comparative suggestion that both the Torah and the 42-Letter Name should be viewed as matrices or arrays divided into columns and rows and that they both somehow relate to the Tetragrammaton (26) but that is pure conjecture.

We can also compare the two sides (columns) of the 42-Letter Name with its whole value (3701).  When we sum both resultant proportions of the two comparisons, we get an oddly even result. The sum of the percentage splits between the two sides in comparison with both the Torah’s first verse (2701) and with the value of the entire 42-Letter Name (3701) is a round ratio of 1.600 vs .400.  In other words, (.9248426 + .6749527) = 1.600 and (.0751573 + .3250472) = .400.

This resultant proportion (1.600/.400) works out to exactly an 80/20 or 4/5 and 1/5 split. It also works out to exactly four(4). Is there a mathematical quirk that makes it work out this way? No. Once again, no.

This was part of the same purposeful design that deftly integrated Pi and Phi into both portals. And through the use of the value 1000 or 103, the primordial Alef(א) was brought into it in yet another way.
That the final result was a complete integration between the Torah’s first verse and the 42-Letter Name was the number 4 was more than purposeful design. It was even more than a clue of how we can reach Oneness, the Source.

Some have suggested that the ordinal value of the two central letters (רצ) of the 42-Letter Name, 18 and 20 should be added to their respective sides (1.600 and .400) to give us 1.618 or Phi(ϕ) and .420.


And others have suggested the lone Alef(א) of the 42-Letter Name should be added to complete the 6 Alefs(א) of the Torah’s first verse to make a total of 7. They are probably right, but that is obviously speculation. What is hard undeniable fact are the integrated connections, equations, and resultant proportions delineated above.

Moreover, just In case we were to think that that connection of 924 to the 924 in the Phi(ϕ) splitting of the alef-bet was a coincidence, let us consider that we are talking about the 14 Triplets and that the first verse of 28 letters is even divisible into two sets of 14 and 14 letters. When we add the 14 letters on the left-hand side of the Torah’s first verse to the 7 triplets of the left-hand side of the 42-Letter Name, and do the same with the right-hand side, their sums would give us 4007 and 2395 respectively. Forget what the numbers 4 and 7 may represent, 4007 as a percent of the 42-Letter Name and First Verse combined is (4007/(2701+3701) = .625… matching perfectly the 625 of original alef-bet split and the square root of the 390,625 core elements of the Torah.

And any discussion of the 7 Triplets vs 7 Triplets vs 7 first words would be incomplete without mentioning that the 42 letters and 28 letters together make 70 in total.

Oddly, the two numbers of the 4 numbers associated with the phi(ϕ) split and the original split of the alef-bet not represented in these equations of the 14 Triplets and 14 first-verse letters are 870 and 571, which summed together give us a palindromic 1441 for an average of 720.5. You get the point. The 720 of the 72 Triplets was once again woven into the equation, in yet another eloquent and simplistic manner, bringing together the 4th of the 4 Essential forces or portals of the Torah (1st Verse, 42-Letter Name, Shema, and 72 Triplets).

If you want to read 1441 as a hint in how to recombine 571 and 870 into 5778 and 10, we are not going to dissuade you, but that too is just speculation and should not take away from the hard facts of what is being taught us from across millennia, from across time and space.

One quick additional note is that 1203 of the right side of the 42-Letter Name was the sum of the 4th, 5th and 6th words, and (4+5+6) = 15, or in Hebrew Yud-Hei(יה), and 2498 was the sum of the 1st, 3rd 4th, 5th , 6th and 7th words and (1+3+4+5+6+7) = 26, or the Tetragrammaton (יהוה). Yes another independent form of integration beyond the scope of derivative mathematics.  And those 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 7th words of the Torah that equaled 1498, give us a sum of (1+2+3+7) = 13, while 1498 is the 55th highest combination of the 7 words, as in our (13 – 42 – 55) combination and all that to which it connected.

Regarding those special 7 words or 28 Letters of Creation and their 7 combinations, if we add their digits in their individual sums (i.e. 2+4+9+8 for 2498) together with the digits in the words which were not utilized in that particular combination (i.e. 2+0+3 for 203), they will always sum to 28. The two exceptions are for the complete set of 7 which totals 2701 or 27 + 1 = 28, and any set of missing words that totals 28 or higher in which case small gematria is applied and the totals as summed again (i.e. 2+8 = 10 and 1+0 = 1).  Another phenomenon of those combinations is that any of  the 23 combination that is wholly divisible by 37 has the property that the sum of its digits (i.e. 2+7+0+1) is equivalent to the sum of the digits in the quotient of that number divided by 37 (i.e. 2701/37 = 73 and 7+3 = 2+7+0+1 = 10).  These properties no doubt play an undisclosed role in this process of discovery that will reveal itself in due time.

We do know that the 23 combinations are comprised of 84 words and (23 + 84) = 107 and like the sum of 1 – 73 that equals 2701, the sum of the integers from 1- 107 = 5778.

Nevertheless, why are all these integrations significant? It is not just redundancy—we have seen enough of that already—it is the essential natural of the relationship between the splitting of the alef-bet, the splitting of the 42-Letter Name, the 72 Triplet Name. the Shema, and the Torah’s first verse.

The Four (4) Essential Elements

The 42-Letter Name, the 72 Triplet Name, the Shema’s first verse, and the Torah’s first verse. Four (4) essential elements split and combined.

Perhaps it is no coincidence that the Zohar in portion Vaera and elsewhere describes 4 basic creative elements: fire (aish), air (ruach), water (mayim), and dust (afar). These are the same four philosophical elements of ancient Greece, Egypt, and India.  The Sefer Yetzirah, describing the basic elements in the universe before creation describes only three: air (אויר), water(מים) and fire (אש), whose initials (אמא) sum to 42. The difference between the two set of elements would be that the Zohar’s version includes the process of physicality represented by the Torah’s first verse.

Since the six(6) days of Creation in the Torah have exactly 434 words, the gematria of Dalet(דלת), the 4th letter of the alef-bet, of numerical value 4, perhaps, this too is a reference to the 4 elements, or 4 essences of Creation.

While we tend to think of an element as more scientific, and usually in terms of the fixed elements of the periodic table, actual atomic elements of matter, the original writings thought of them in more esoteric terms.
If we want to think in terms of the physical naturally occurring 92 elements of the periodic table, we can imagine them as next generation extensions of these 4 essences.  Not only does the first and last letters (בצ) of the Torah’s first verse equal (2 + 90) = 92, but the sum of the words (units) in the 4 essences or portals, also equals (7+7+6+72) = 92. Moreover, as Peter points out, there are 92 Hebrew root words in the 7 days of Creation. At first, of the 92 elements on the periodic table (1 is hydrogen and 92 is uranium, the natural limit) 90 elements were known to occur naturally and 2 were synthesized by man before they were actually found in nature. Funny how that worked out: (בצ) or (90 and 2). The isotope mass of Uranium is 238.05078… so similar to 104/42 or 238.095, as if the natural limit to the physical elements is related to the 42-Letter Name of G-d.
We already know that the sum of the 3 Core Torah elements (words, verses, and letters) equals 58 and that the Torah is also partitioned into 670 paragraphs, 187 chapters, and 54 portions, so it may is it coincidental that (400,000 – (58 + 670 +187 + 54)) = 922, in other words that the 6 key elements of the Torah = (400,000 – 922) = (4 x 105 – 922)?

Is there meaning in 92/4 being equal 23, as in the 23 multiples of 37 amongst the combinations of the 7 words of Bereshit?

Instead of viewing our 4 key Torah elements as matrices, what if they were interdimensional hyper-mechanisms, for lack of a better word? Four (4) vehicles connected to the 4 letters of the Tetragrammaton (יהוה) and 4 wings of the Alef (א).  These are not vehicles in the sense that we normally think of vehicles that are to be driven, but as elements of exchange and creation, driving forces that breath vitality and even existence into our universe. In a very real sense, they are part and parcel of the Creator and Creative force Himself. This is why they carry the appellations “Names of G-d.” Granted, what we see of them may only be their dashboards, or even some 2-d slice or shadow of them as they cross our plane of existence, in the way Moses saw from a crevice, though a narrow slit, a scan (or slice) of the impression that was left after the essence of G-d passed by.

Even with our limited ability to grasp them, we can still engage them, even harness them. If this were not meant to be the case, they would not be here for us to find. Yes, it has taken us thousands of years to evolve to the point where we are ready to decipher and understand them, and to see them for the glory of what they truly are.  The equations of connectivity are no longer proofs for us; they are schematics of how we are to reassemble them.
Where do we go from here? Let us back off for a breather before plunging deeper.

We Sold You Short on 390,625

We may have sold you short on the significance of the number 390,625. We have seen how absolutely precise and remarkable it is that the Creator of the Torah made all the elements work out precisely to 58.  We have also seen several very important aspects about that, yet there was even more significance to choosing that number.  First though, please take a look at how other contemporaneous ancient cultures viewed that number and try to fathom how they would have worked out any of the mathematics we have discussed so far, or are about to.

Given their counting systems, would they have ever been able to calculate that 625 was the square root of 390,625 and even if they figured out somehow that 10/2 + 10/8 = 6.25, would it have had any relevance to them, to the first 28 letters, etc. Counting back then, when used at all, was for strictly necessary and rudimentary accounting/transactional purposes, not for contemplating how they can incorporate the fundamental mathematical and physical constants of the universe into their stone carvings. Man would eventually get around to ponder these issues, first in calculating land partitioning for their agricultural needs and property rights issues, and then architecturally, and then more academically in trying to understand basic shapes and the relationship between their sides and then their angles. This would take thousands of years.  The true explosion of mathematical knowledge has happened in the last few hundred years and then again with the advent of the calculating devices and the computer.

So, let us go back in time 3760 years ago when Abraham was writing about gematria and combinatorics, etc. and attributing his knowledge to G-d, and 3330 years ago when Moses received and understood the Torah with all its hidden mathematical algorithms and also attributed it to G-d.  After seeing how the square root of 390,625 is 625, and how the 4th root is 25, and how its 8th root is remarkably the prime number 5, we can now discuss how its 16th root continues the pattern and is the square root of 5, or 5, making it integral to Phi(ϕ).

What we were remiss in mentioning earlier was that the cube root of 390,625 is 73.100443, self-referencing to the Torah’s first verse once again and remarkably similar to the number 9 divided by the 42-Letter Name, or 9/123049… = 73.141593. The resultant difference of .041150 is off by only .0562%

We were also remiss in not pointing out that the 5th root of 390,625 is 13.132639022019…. Yes, that would be the same 1.313 exponent that the Hebrew Alef-Bet is designed around; and yes, that would be the year 1313 BCE that the Israelites received the Torah, The 5 Books of Moses (390,625), on Mt. Sinai (130); and yes, that 1313 would be followed with the digits 26, the numerical value of the Tetragrammaton(יהוה).  Are there any lingering doubts that any of this is coincidence?

A Blessed Gift

Why do we even say blessings? Chazal advises we should recite 100 of them every day. There is the philosophical debate over whether the Creator of the universe needs our repeated thanks or needs our appreciation for what He created. This is not the forum for that debate. Nor for the myriad explanations over the millennia for why we should recite blessings.  After we explain a bit about what is in a blessing, you can decide for yourself from a different perspective if it might benefit you to recite them.

Most of the blessings we recite begin the same way: Baruch Atah Adonai or Baruch Atah Adonai Elohenu Melech Ha’oam (ברוך אתה יהוה, אלהינו מלך העולם). Do not pronounce it out-loud unless you are doing an actual blessing over something. That said, there is tremendous technology embedded in each and every blessing. We are at the point now where we can see the revealed numbers in the technology no longer as representative figures, but as gateways to the primal elements themselves. This makes the blessing an alchemic formula for how to properly harness them.

We have mentioned before that the word baruch meaning blessed, has a gematria sofit of 708. This is the numerical value of the 42 Letters of the Upper 42-Letter Name of G-d through which the Arizal explains all prayers and blessings must be processed. It is their entry portal into Binah (hyperspace).

The two next words Atah Adonai (אתה יהוה) have the gematria of (406 + 26) = 432, which is  the frequency of Binah in our world, as we have previously explained, including its spreading forth through the two cubes (216 + 216) of the Tree-of-Life.  So, let us concentrate on the second set of 3 words.

The kabbalists consider the letter Lamed (ל) an extension of the dimension of Binah because it is the only letter to extend above the upper plane.  As it happens there are 3 Lameds (ל) in these 3 words, one in each word:

(אלוהינו מלך העולם), spaced out symmetrically.

The letter Lamed (ל) is also an extension of the dimension Binah because it has a complete numerical value of 42. Its standard value is 30, like the name Yehuda found 42 times in the Torah. Therefore, the product of the 3 Lameds (ל) is (30 x 30 x 30) = 303 = 27 x 1000 = 33 x 103.  Their cubic nature within the blessing is very important and so is their connection to the 27 Letters of the alef-bet and 1000-unit relationship of the 72 Triplets, the first verse, the 42-Letter Name and the Shema, the 4 portals to Binah(hyperspace).

The letter Lamed (ל) is special for another reason. If you recall the letter values are representative of an energy spectrum based on an exponential scale. On that scale the letter Lamed (ל) = 1.31312 = 26.2528…  If we flip the exponential power with the variable ordinal value of the alef-bet the letter Lamed (ל)’s spectral value becomes 121.313 = 26.1195…. This entire second spectral scale ranges from 1 to 57.889 from Alef(א) to Tav (ת), and the only letter that has a very similar value in both scales is the letter Lamed (ל). And while 26 is telling on its own as the value of the Tetragrammaton (יהוה), the average between the two is (26.2528 + 26.1195)/2 = 26.18618625 or Phi(ϕ)2, 2.618; Phi(ϕ), 618; and 625, as the square root of 390,625, the total of the 3 basic Torah elements.

So now that we have separated out the 3 Lameds (ל), we see that the remaining letters complete the equations.  Elohenu(אלהינו) without the Lamed (ל) has the numerical value 72, while Melech H’olam (מלך העולם) without the Lameds (ל) has the numerical value 181, which as we have seen is the 42nd prime.  Moreover, there are 42 digits in the first 23 primes and those first 42 digits sum to 181, while the sum of the digits through 181 (the 42nd prime) is 378 which is the value of (Echad Usho Echad) from He and His Name are One.  Also, there are 181 digits in 111!

Therefore, without the 3 Lameds (ל) the 3 words (אלוהינו מלך העולם) have the gematria (72 +181) = 253, as in the sum of the integers from 1 –22, as in the 22 letters of the alef-bet.

Regarding both 181 and 253, interestingly enough they are both Star numbers. As we mentioned earlier in these articles, Star numbers are fairly rare—there are only 12 of them less than a value of 1000—and besides forming a perfect Magen David they include 541, for Israel; 13 for Echad (One); and both 37 and 73 from the Torah’s first verse.  Obviously, this is by design and has a purpose beyond symbolism. If we add the two Blessing components or alternatively the two consecutive Star Numbers, we get 434, the numerical value of the letter Dalet(ד), or 4, which as we just explained is representative of the 4 Essential Forces of the universe.

Then examining the 6 letters in those last two words Melech H’olam (מלך העולם), we see that the two final letters (ךם) have a value of 1100, and the two letters (מע) have a value of 110, and last two letters (וה) have a value of 11.  Collectively, the 6 letters in those last two words have a value of 1221 or 11 x 111, or 11 alefs(א).

The total gematria of the blessing is 1003 or (903 plus 100), as in the suggested 100 blessings. Thus the recital of the blessings can connect us to 903, as in the sum of the integers from 1 – 42, meaning the full power of the 42-Letter Name, and as in Vayomer Elohim, the 10 Utterances of Creation.  Meanwhile the full sofit value of the blessing, 3451, connects with 3450 plus One. The value 3450 is 10 x 345 (Moses/Hashem) and is representative of the 3450 Ets and V’ets in the Torah, the two Hands of G-d.

What we have learned is that each blessing contains an underlying equation that connects us to the Upper 42-Letter Name of G-d, the frequency of Binah, 11 alefs(א), the 72 Triplets, the 42-Letter Name and both the 22 and 27 letters of the alef-bet.

Could it be that we are the ones receiving the blessings when we recite them?

Once again, it is not about the numbers.  Making connections to the numbers as you recite the blessings will not make a bit of difference.  Focusing on the four points of the Alef (א) and picturing the upper and lower 42-Letter Names, the 72 Triplets, first verse of the Torah with the alef-bet lined up in the center will engage all 4 Creation essences and draw both inspiration and empowering energy to you.  There are no buttons to push or batteries to install; we are engaging our predisposed consciousness to connect with points in hyperspace that are already there. The hyperspace is not in some far-off galaxy; it is all around us.

Understanding 10

If we sum all the integers from 1 to 10, we get our special number 55.  If we take each of those numbers as a fraction of 10, in other words divide 10 by each of those 10 integers and sum them, we get (10/1 + 10/2 + 10/3…10/10) = 29.28…, which all things considered might be a reference to the year (2928 HC) when the First Holy Temple was constructed.

Then when we raise each of those fractions of 10 to the power of the original integer, (10/x)x we get some more interesting results. For instance, the highest result of the 10 came from the number 4, which gives us 10/4 = 2.5 and thus (10/4)4 = 39.0625. Yes, this simple equation based on the number 4 and 10 gave us the sum or the words, letters, and verses in the Torah.

Another interesting number is generated by the number 3, as 10/3 = 3.333… and (10/3)3 = 37.037037…. Not only is 37 one of our 5 core primes integrated into the Torah’s first verse, but it is reminiscent of the 3701 value of the 42-Letter Name and 1/2701, its inverse counterpart.  Moreover, the sum of 37.01 + .02701 = 37.03701

When we limit the calculation to 3.3333 the result is 37.0269 and 1/27.01 is .03702332 with the difference between them being (.03702592703 – .03702332) = .000000260234.

As discussed multiple times now the 42-Letter Name is comprised of 14 Triplets and the 3rd Triplet (קרע) has the numerical value of 370, which means that the 3rd Triplet = (10/3)3 and fits in nicely with this scale of 10.

What are we getting at here? Euler’s Number, also known as Napier’s Constant: 2.718281828459045…

While the divisions of 10 and their exponent results peak at 39.0625 for integers, the actual peak is when the number e = 2.718281828459045 is plugged in. 10/e = 3.678794 and (10/e)e = 39.59863. This is not by chance. Euler’s Number e, first developed in 1618, is a natural limit found throughout and integral to our base 10 mathematics. Indeed, the natural logarithm of a number x is defined as the base e logarithm of x: ln x = logx.

Euler’s Number e is the unique number whose natural logarithm is equal to One(1). It is this tie to the number One(1) that makes Euler’s Number significant in our connections to the Torah’s design, yet it is its limiting or bounding factor that makes it so important in mathematics and to our physical universe.  To be sure Euler’s Number will come up again in our discussions.

The 14 Triplets: Archetype Forces

Previously, we summed the 7 Triplets on the right side and the 7 Triplets on the left side and compared them to the 7 first words of the Torah. Now we will examine them row by row, comparing them left to right. These are the values of the 14 Triplets of the 42-Letter Name as they appear in the matrix, along with the results of subtracting the right-hand side from the left-hand side, row by row:

500 –     6  = 494

359 – 370 =    11

330 –    57 = 273

493 – 211 =  282

129 – 110 =    19

187 –   43 =  144

500 – 406 =   94


If we take a closer look at the first two rows:

500 – 6     = 494

359 –  370 =   11


We find that the two differences from the 1st and 2nd rows (494 + 11) when added together equal the numerical value of the first matriarch, Sarah, 505.

If we take a closer look at the last two rows:

187 – 43 = 144

500 – 406 = 94


We find that the differences from the 6th and 7th rows (144 + 94) taken together equal the numerical value of the last of the 4 matriarchs, Rachel, 238.

If we take a closer look at the 5th row:

129 – 110 = 19

We find that the difference in the 5th row between the two Triplets equals the numerical value of Eve, 19, and the row begins with the same letter Chet (ח) as Eve (חוה):   חקבטנע  The row also begins and ends with the initials of the Tree-of-Life (עח).

The central two letters (רצ) of the central 4th row equal the numerical value of Miriam, 290. This is also 248 + 42, as in the 248 columns and 42 rows of the Torah Matrix. The value 248 is the gematria of the permuted Hebrew words for “mercy” and “womb.” The 42-Letter Name is considered masculine energy, yet as we can see it is tempered and balanced with mayim nukva, feminine waters in kabbalah parlance.  This is also why meditating on the Resh-Tzadi (רצ) in the center of the 42-Letter Name can help couples to get pregnant. A couple asked me for help a while back when they were having trouble getting pregnant and I advised them of this meditation and for the wife to use it during her mikve meditations. About 9 months later, she gave birth to a boy on Shabbat Pesach. I believe with the right spiritual intentions it could help someone meet their soulmate as well. Remember it is all about energy, and knowing what circuits to connect to is not hocus-pocus.

Following the same pattern as above, subtracting the right-hand side Triplet from the left-hand side Triplet of specific rows, yields yet another defining paradigm .

359 – 370 = 11

330 – 57 = 273

129 – 110 = 19

187 – 43 = 144

500 – 406 = 94


When we add the differences between the Triplets in the 2nd, 3rd, 5th, 6th and 7th rows we get 541, Israel, just as we got when we summed the pairs of the 11 Alef-bet splits.

Considering those 2nd, 3rd, 5th, 6th and 7th rows that yield Israel, simple math shows us that 2 x 3 x 5 x 6 x 7 = 30 x 42, and we have already discussed 30 as the value of the hyperspace dimension of Binah through the letter Lamed (ל) and that the 42-Letter name connects us to that dimension, and that 30 is the value of the name Yehuda, Leah’s son, and that the name Yehuda is found 42 times in the Torah. We should also mention that the Name Yehuda (יהודה) contains the Tetragrammaton (יהוה). What makes this discussion germane is that of those 5 rows the differences in the 2nd and 5th ones add up to 30.

359 – 370 = 11

129 – 110 = 19


500 –              6    


Then when we add the value of the first Triplet (6) we get 36, the numerical value of Leah, the mother of Yehuda.  The differences of the 2nd and 5th rows plus the first Triplet equals 36.

Applying the same exact formula to the 4th and 5th rows provides us with the value of the final matriarch.

493 – 211 = 282

129 – 110 =   19

   500 –               6    


The differences of 4th and 5th rows plus the first Triplet equals 307, the numerical value of Rebecca.

Before we get into why these feminine archetypes are built into the 42-Letter Name, we should point out that their 6 Initials (ח,ל,מ,ר,ר,ש) total (300+200+200+40+30+8) or 778. A reference to 5778 in the 6th millenium?

The Earth, the Sun, and the Moon

There is one more significant result derived from this simple formula and it pertains to the 3rd row:

330 – 57 =   273

While, the 6th Triplet (יכש) equals 330 or (6 x 55) and has an ordinal value of 42, the 9th Triplet (חקב) has a value of exactly 1/3 that and equals (13 + 42 + 55). What brings this all together is that the difference between the Triplets in the 3rd row, 273, is the numerical value of (13 x 42 x 55)/(13 + 42 + 55). We have seen the significance of the special sequence 13, 42, 55 and also how it pertains specifically to the Shema so this is yet another deep integration between two of the 4 Essential Elements of the universe.

Furthermore, the value 273 is also the gematria of the word “gematria,” and more significantly the value of Absolute Zero, -273˚ C, the point where everything freezes, and 273˚K (0˚ C) is the point where water freezes.

The significance of building the value 273 into the 42-Letter Name is greater than you can imagine and is aligned with the Creator’s goals in building it into the framework and structure of our universe and in particular our solar system. While the surface temperature of the Sun is 5778˚K, the core temperature of the Sun is 27.3 million degrees Fahrenheit, and sunspots (places of relative coolness) revolve around the Sun in exactly 27.3 days, the same 27.3 days that our Moon orbits the Earth.  Meanwhile, the ratio of the Moon’s diameter over the Earth’s diameter is .273. Diameter is not just a distance. It means the Moon’s overall size and spherical volume is 27.3% of the Earth’s, even as it revolves around that Earth at the same exact 27.3-day pace that the sunspots are revolving around the Sun’s surface.

Furthermore, the amount of time the Moon takes to complete one turn on its axis with respect to the stars (a sidereal day) is also 27.3 days. On a darker note, our Moon’s period of rotation matches its time of revolution around the Earth, and since it takes the Moon the same amount of time to turn on its axis as it takes it to go completely around the Earth, we always side the exact same side of the moon. This is why we never see the dark side.

Also, 273 days marks the ¾ point in the Earth’s 365-day journey around the Sun every year.

In a more basic geometric sense, the area of a square is 27.3% larger than the area of a circle inscribed or drawn inside it. This is significant because it means the number and proportion 27.3 plays a major role as a ratio when we go from the basic 2-d square and 3-dimensional cube to the circles and spheres we find all around us.

Time out.

To many, this may be our most controversial revelations yet. There is a specific deliberate design to our solar system that follows a blueprint and not natural laws of physics. For much more about the actual and beautiful symmetry in the schematics of our solar system, including how the Earth orbits the Sun at 66,600 mph and how the Sun, Moon, and Earth are all created to the same proportionate dimensions, including their angle of inclination and their distances apart, see our article on Time.

Whether we can yet fathom this or not, the facts are real and whoever designed the Torah and the 4 Essential Elements of the Universe not only knew them but incorporated those dimensional facts and blueprints into them.  We can only imagine that these integrated design elements are there to help us harness and escape the system.

On a simpler note, the balance between the Sun and Moon is also a balance or interplay between kabbalistically masculine (Sun) energy and female (Moon) energy, or two symbiotic forces.  By the way, the small gematria of the Hebrew word for “the Sun (החמה)” is 5845, as in the 5845 verses in the Torah, and its standard gematria is 58. While the small gematria of “The Moon(הלבנה)” is 53255 making (The Moon/The Sun) = 53255/5845 = 9.111, and the standard gematria of the “The Moon” is 92, as in the 92 physical elements. Kabbalistically, this makes sense as the Moon, being associated with female type energy is hence associated with physicality and manifestation in the physical world.  It also makes sense because the isotope mass of Uranium, the 92nd and last of the natural elements, is 238.0and while that number is equivalent to 104/42, the number 238 is the numerical value of the energy archetype of Rachel, the difference built-into the 42-Letter Name’s final two levels, the 6th and 7th, the levels of physicality and manifestation.

The different energetic levels between the Sun and the Moon is reflected in their ordinal values. The Sun’s (חמה) ordinal value is 26, reflecting its relationship with the masculine energetic dynamic of the Tetragrammaton (יהוה) associated with the full 7 levels of the 42-Letter Name. The Moon’s (לבנה) ordinal value is 33, for a difference of (33-26) = 7 between them, reflecting the 7 levels that the energy is stepped down before it can be harnessed on our physical plane. It is akin to electricity necessarily being stepped down from when it leaves the generator at the power plant to us charging our delicate phones at home.  If we were to plug them in directly, they would simply explode and the energy would be useless to us.  The 42-Letter Name is not some massive devise through which all the energy that enters our physical universe is processed, but it is designed to be reflective of that process and tapped into it so that when properly used it can help us to correctly harness that immense energy and possibilities.

The male/female energetic symbiotic relationship is reflected in the full row versus Triplet differentials that we find in the 42-Letter Name. In kabbalistic terms it is front verse back.  A simpler understanding of this is found in the Adam/Eve archetypical relationship. The Torah tells us Eve(חוה) of numerical value 19 came from Adam(אדם)’s side. Adam has a numerical value 45.  Subtracting Eve (19) from Adam (45) we get 45 -19 = 26, the masculine Tetragrammaton (יהוה). Furthermore, the difference between (26 – 19) is 7 once again.  Perhaps this is why the archetype Eve was built into the 42-Letter Name Matrix.

The Torah tells us in the portion Chaye Sarah, or “This is the life of Sarah,” that she lived 127 years, one hundred, twenty, and seven (7). We discussed this previously and saw how 127 was the number of unique value combinations that could be made with 7 elements and the same holds true with the 7 rows of the 14 Triplet differences.  So, this innocuous statement may be a code to us, considering elsewhere the Torah tells us man ‘s age is 120, and this mysterious sequence of the Matriarch names begins with Sarah for the first two rows.  There are many possibly telling combinations amongst those 127 as you might expect, none of which sum to the names of the Patriarchs. Therefore, it is pretty clear, that this type of subtractive processing was designed to channel the feminine energies (Mayim nukva). Moreover, the differences in the 3rd and 4th rows total 555 and Chaye Sarah is the 5th portion in the Torah and found at paragraph 55.  Another possible clue is that 555/127 = 4.3701, bringing the total value of the 42-Letter Name into the equation as one of the 4 Essential Elements.

330 – 57 =   273

493 – 211 = 282


According to Kabbalistic principles the mayim nukva or feminine waters gets triggered or awakened from a provocation above and once it starts flowing upward it is met with a powerful acceptance above and a powerful response of downward flowing masculine energy. This has little to do with male or female and more to do with two opposite but similar attractive forces. It is similar to the way lightning really works. In the clouds above, positive charges build up in the top of cloud and negative ones in the bottom, causing positive charges to pile up at high points in the earth below.  The cloud sends out a thin invisible stepped leader of negative charges, causing and inspiring the earth to send out a string (flow) of positive charged energy to meet it. When they meet the negative charges then flow in force and lightening happens, heating the air to 54,000 degrees.

The two charges or energy types are complementary and symbiotic, and any model of our universe or Torah schematics must take them into account.

The Patriarchal/Matriarchal names are indicative of specific portals or energy processing centers/filters that have corresponding pairings. The 42-Letter Name orders this process for us. The way the process lines up is that Sarah would draw/receive the energy from the higher hyperspace dimension (Binah) and channel it to Rivka, who “shared her tent.” It would then split and spread out to Leah and after several steps it would reach Rachel, the ultimate attractive force and a reflection of Sarah. The mayim nukva would then rise up and be energized and centered through Eve and Miriam.  At the center (רצ) of the 42-Letter Name is what can be called the Well of Miriam, where the ascending and descending masculine and feminine waters meet. It is for this reason that the Patriarchs and Matriarchs are always encountering each other at the Well, including Moses and Tzippora.

The rising waters/energy would then attract and meet up with strong empowering energy from Binah.  What this means for us is that we receive an inspiration from above in seed level form, then process it through different stages and levels in our world, including sharing it and taking actionable steps to manifest it. At this point the positive energy we are generating attracts a powerful helping boost from above.

500 – 6     = 494

359 – 370 =    11

129 – 110 =     19

500 – 406 =    94


Would any discussion of any of the 4 Essences of Creation be complete without the Creator working Phi into the equation? The differences in the 1st, 2nd, 5th, and 7th rows total 618 or 1/Phi(ϕ). Since the 14 Triplet differences incorporated the energetic archetypes of the 6 Matriarchs—Sarah, Leah, Rivka, Eve, Miriam, and Rachel—we can take them as a whole unit.  What we find is that the sum of their gematria values (505, 36, 307, 19, 290, and 238) = 1395 plus the sum of their ordinal values (46, 18, 46, 19, 56 and 40) = 1620 incorporating 1000 + 620 (Keter and the 620 letters of the 10 Commandments) less 2 for the kolel of the equation gives us a complete value of the 6 Matriarchs of 1618, as in Phi (1.618).

Reuniting the 4 Forces of Creation

Obviously, the universe did not start off with 4 Essences of Creation. In the beginning there was only One. Reintegrating them is an end goal and a means to prop open the portal. To do this we will need to employ several of the methodologies that our analysis of the Torah has taught us; in other words, we need to use the clues or breadcrumbs dropped for us.

The First 8 Words of the Torah.

The 72 Triplets.

The First Verse of the Shema.

The 42-Letter Name.

They are found at Bereshit 1:1; Shemot 14:19; Devarim 6:4; and allegedly at Bereshit 1:1.  We say allegedly, though we will prove that it is, because the 42 letters are permutations of the first 42 letters and with the exception of a specific 3 of them, they are incarnations of the Torah’s letters and not the actual same letters themselves. One of the clues that we have been exploring is that these verses are divided into meaningful Triplets: 11 in Bereshit; 72 in the 72 Names; and 14 in the 42-Letter Name. We also learned that the first verse in the Shema is a combination of the Triplet Shema (שמע) of numerical value 410 and of the Upper 42-Letter Name of value 708, translating to “Listen to G-d on High”, or “Holy G-d”, either way totaling 15 Triplets.

The 4 essential forces of Creation are composed of a total of 112 Triplets, representing the three (3) essential spiritual forces of the Universe as defined in the Sefer Yetzirah: Ehyeh (אהיה) of numerical value 21; the Tetragrammaton (יהוה) of numerical value 26; and Adonai (אדני) of numerical value 65.

Another clue we have learned is to use the initials of words to help guide us to their source. Thus, when we sum the initials of the 72 Triplets and the 14 Triplets of the 72 Names and the 42-Letter Name respectively we get 2672 and 1170 for a total of 3842. The numbers themselves are telling 2672, 1170 and 38-42, but that is not the point. Neither is it that 72 + 14 = 86, the numerical value of Elohim (אלהים). Their combined value of 3842 is the exact value of the first 42 Letters of the Torah that permute to/from the 42-Letters in the 42-Letter Name.

Let that sink in for a moment. The 72 Names and the 42-Letter Name are integrally connected at their source, and so is Bereshit. What does Bereshit mean? “In the Beginning.”

It also means that the 72-Letter verse Shemot 4:19 וַיִּסַּע מַלְאַךְ הָאֱלֹהִים, הַהֹלֵךְ לִפְנֵי מַחֲנֵה יִשְׂרָאֵל, וַיֵּלֶךְ, מֵאַחֲרֵיהֶם; וַיִּסַּע עַמּוּד הֶעָנָן, מִפְּנֵיהֶם, וַיַּעֲמֹד, מֵאַחֲרֵיהֶם.  And the angel of God, who went before the camp of Israel, removed and went behind them; and the pillar of cloud removed from before them, and stood behind them,” and the 14 initials of the 14 Triplets in the 42-Letter Name together equal 3842, which in turn equals the first 42 Letters in the Torah. Therein lies another clue for another day.

Meanwhile, the sum of the initials of the 11 Triplets of Bereshit and the 15 Triplets from the Shema total 1273, as in the 401273 total core elements of the Torah.  Therfore, the 26 initials of these 26 Triplets equal 1273.

All together the 112 initials of the 112 Triplets total 3842 + 1273 or 5115. Another lesson we have been taught is to examine proportions or the relationship between key numbers, and as such we find that 3842/1273 = 3.018 or very close to 1273/3842 = 1/3. So too is 26/86 or the 26 initials/86 initials, in other words the Tetragrammaton (יהוה)/Elohim (אלהים). In terms of the 4 Forces of Creation it can also be read as the (Shema and Bereshit)/(42-Letter Name and 72 Names). And proportionally (the Shema and the first 8 words of Bereshit) are 1/3 of the One source for the (42-Letter Name and the 72 Names). Lots of clues to interpret here. All in due time.

The unification of the 3 essential Names Ehyeh (אהיה), the Tetragrammaton (יהוה) and Adonai (אדני); and also of the Tetragrammaton (יהוה)/Elohim (אלהים) that equal 112 has long been known to the kabbalists. They often refer to this unification as Yabok of numerical value 112, the river where Jacob defeated the dark angel. Again, the Torah is making clear the analogy of the river and flowing energy with these essential forces.

Meanwhile, the sofit gematria value of those 112 initials since the 10th Triplet of Bereshit begins with tzadi sofit(ץ) is 5925.

One clue to our next step in this integration process is found in the words of the Shema’s first verse that we set aside in lieu of the Upper 42-Letter name.  Starting with the Yud(י) in Israel and ending with the Dalet (ד) in Echad, the 8 Triplets’ initials total 46, as in the kabbalistically interchangeable Me’ah (מאה), Amah (אמה) and Ha’em(האם), or 100, cubit and the mother (Binah) respectively. In a previous article we discussed the derivation of the cubit (27.5”) from the total value of the 4 aspects of the Tetragrammaton (יהוה) or (232 + 39 + 4) = 275. If we were to add the numerical value of those 4 aspects of the Tetragrammaton (275) to the value of the initials of the 112 Triplets of the 4 Essences of Creation(5925), we would get (5925 + 275) = 6200, or Keter (620) x 10.

As proof that this connection to the cubit is truly part of this equation, involving the unification of the 4 essential forces of the universe, we need to take note that the cube root of the cubit, or 3√27.5 = 3.018 = 3842/1273.

Moreover, the sum of (112 + 275) = 387, the numerical value of the 3rd row of the 42-Letter Name.

While this is a key part of the ultimate unification process, we must also take into account that according to the Ramchal, the height of the 3rd and Future Holy Temple is 100 cubits high, specifically corresponding to Keter, and that the unified essential Light force emanates from the Holy of Holies through the gate of 42, then the 100 cubit by 100 cubit inner courtyard, and then to the 4 directions through the 4 gates of Binah in the 4 walls of that courtyard.

More about the Temple design later. Nevertheless, is it so surprising that the necessary tools we would need to build the Future Holy Temple would be integrated into the most important elements of the Torah, into the Names of G-d themselves?

We could be asking why the Creator of the Torah gave us more than one Name of G-d.  Why not simplify matters for us with a single Name? Would that really be simplifying things though?

By giving us 4 different elements to work with, 112 different Triplets, we are receiving so much more data with which to help us reengineer the circuitry. Imagine how much more complex our task would be if we would only have a single 4-Letter Name to work with. It might take us another 1000 years, all the way to 3018 to unravel the code. It might take us far longer than that.

Each Triplet is a gateway. Each gateway is an entry point of understanding.  Each gateway has a unique purpose and energy. The beauty is that all the gateways are linked in specific arrays. Some of those arrays were given to us in the form of specific Names of G-d. And some of those Names when we got close to them transmitted the knowledge to us where to find even more arrays and the links to them. As we stayed close, eventually the larger networking became more and more apparent. This is by design. This is what is known as G-d’s Mercy. This is a specific and necessary process.

This process has been known to the true kabbalists (not the astrology reading, jewelry selling, mind manipulating charlatans) for millennia.  They defined each of the Names of G-d as a different aspect of G-d. They advised that the only way to get close to the Source was though the understanding of the specific Names and the only way to get close to a Name was through humility. You must make yourself small.

When you approach a gateway, stay there, humble yourself, the gateway will grow and so will your understanding. Where people have gotten off track and lost is by taking the kernel of understanding they first receive (and most people who approach do) and running with it, expanding their ego to create grandiose schematics and philosophies. Sometimes these illusions and delusions attract thousands and even millions of adherents. Sometimes they just drive the practitioner mad.  Either way they are flawed in that by making themselves too large to fit through the gate they separated themselves from the source, and thus from truth.  In recent decades entire organizations were concocted to take advantage of the system and pretend that it was they who were the disseminators of the truth, guardians of the gates, and that they had to be paid to give you what the system offered freely as they addicted you to their illusions.

Still, as a teacher once pointed out to me, they served a purpose. Like a flower or plant attracting organisms to approach and carry off its seeds, so too do these gateways. It is all those disparate kernels of truth now floating out there that cause people to awaken.  As they say in Spanish: Nadie sabe para quien trabaja (No one knows for whom they work). If enough of those awakened souls can survive the technological illusory onslaught and humble themselves, we will all be able to enter the gateways and work together from the inside to unravel the next levels of codes leading to the Source.

According to the true Kabbalists, your easiest and suggested entry gate is the 42-Letter Name. Also, the longer you linger there, the greater will be your understanding, the wider the gate will open, and the greater access you will have to all other gates.  Always return to your entry gate. Always reenter from the same gate. The other advice of the true kabbalists is appreciation.  That goes hand in hand with humility.  Be in awe of what you find in the works of the Creator.

Shabbat Shalom


Part VIII: Phi (ϕ) and Pi and the 42-Letter Name

A Few Gifts from Shavuot:

The 10 Utterances

I realized this Shavuot, during the all-night Torah study, that not even people very well versed in the teachings of the Torah have a clue as to the power at their fingertips. I was with Chabad and their intentions are terrific, warm and pure, and their knowledge is deep, strong and wonderful, yet… It is not wondrous. The Torah is not just a document with G-d’s words written on it; it is a projection of and by extension a part of the Creator Himself. It is a way (an interface) for us to communicate with Him, a way (a blueprint) that He could use in Genesis 1:26 in the 8th Utterance, to create man “with our[His] image and likeness.

We must no longer view the Torah as something external to us. It is, and has never been, a physical article with spiritual writings and spiritual insights. It is purely spiritual (other dimensional) and like our consciousness we can become one with it.  At this point in time, we must, necessarily become one with it.  This is a lot easily than it would appear and we have been, and are being, given tools to help us accomplish that.  It all starts with desire. Once the focal point of our desire shifted from the Tree-of-Life at the center of the spiritual plane to the Tree-of-Knowledge at the fringe we shifted to physicality and nearly all our desires became selfish as opposed to selfless. We must shift back.

We passed the point of no return and each passing day it becomes more difficult for people to even see physicality for what it is. Yet, the same tool(s) we were given on day one are still there for us to harness, and the Creator is expanding our insights into them exponentially.
It is true there are multiple fronts of awakening going on around the planet and the truth about our past and reality is being filled in and exposed at an astounding rate, which is due to the event horizon, which we explain at the end of this series when we tackle the physics of time and reality. If you spend any time online researching, exploring, you can see for yourself that privileged information about people, events, history from the past near and far is suddenly appearing out of nowhere and filling in blanks from places you looked at a few years ago, last year, or only yesterday. This is not because of better algorithms; it is in spite of them, in spite of them constantly being tweaked with bias and an intention to delude, defraud, and obscure reality. The walls of illusion are crumbling despite man’s best efforts to prop them up. That is the nature of the event horizon. That is its similarity with the event horizon that surrounds a black hole where everything still exists yet gets disjointed and broken apart and reality folds back itself.

People, including prominent and eminent scientists, are waking up to visions of multiple universes, multiple realities, multiple dimensions, simulation theories, visions of consciousness as separate from our bodies, and beautiful visions of spiritual space where unity and oneness reigns, and that is a great thing.  You must awaken too.  Just ask yourself two questions as you do.  Is whatever modality of awakening (and thank G-d there are now many) that is being offered to me being charged for, and are they giving me new specific knowledge from that spiritual space to help me get there. If you are being charged for it, then they are based on physicality and want to bring you down with them. If they are giving you old knowledge that you could have read in a book on your own, then they are just charlatans. If they are just presenting pretty pictures and broad concepts, be grateful for what you got out of it, and keep looking because their connection to the spiritual is limited. They must be connected in order to download NEW knowledge; if they are not connected how can they help you to connect, which should be your goal. Every day, new wondrous insights will spontaneously appear in our world. I encourage you to keep soaking them up and weeding out the rest, and if you find something great, some new knowledge that can help us, please share it in the comments. We all grow together.  We will all connect together.

That said, we just celebrated Shavuot and the reception of the Torah at mount Sinai. Three of the many important connections we make on Shavuot are to read the first chapter of the Torah, the acts of Creation; to read the 10 Commandments, and to do a mikve. They are all interrelated in multiple ways. The connection we are going to discuss today is through the 10 Utterances. We know from the Zohar, Chazal, and the Arizal that both the 10 Commandments and the 10 acts of Creation are called the 10 Utterances and both involve recombination of the Hebrew letters.>We are not going to get that complicated here; you can read elsewhere how they relate to one another.  We are going to make some deeper connections for ourselves to the 9 plus 1 acts of Creation in order to better understand the internal dynamics of the Torah and its source codes.  There are 10 Utterances in total, but 9 of them begin with “G-d said, Vayomer Elohim” and the 10th with “G-d said to them, Vayomer Lahem Elohim.”  The numerical value sofit of the 10 letters in Vayomer Elohim (ויאמר אלהים) is 903, as in the sum of all the integers from 1 –42.

These are the nine verses: 1:3, corresponding to the 1st day of Creation; 1:6 corresponding to the 2nd day; 1:9 and 1:11 corresponding to the 3rd day; 1:14 corresponding to the 4th day; 1:20 corresponding to the 5th day; and 1:24, 1:26, and 1:29 corresponding to the 6th day.

The sum of (1,2,3,3,4,5,6,6,6) days is 36, of the verses is 142 and chapters, 9, totaling 187, as in the 187 chapters in the entire Torah.

While the sum of the 9 chapters and 142 verses is 151, the value of the spelled-out higher Name Ehyeh (אהיה) and of the word, mikve.

Each one of the Utterances begins with “Vayomer Elohim,” connected to the number 42 as we just explained, followed by a command to the elements or to the hyperspace. Three of those commands were passive as in “there shall be” followed by a noun. If we sum those 9 commands they sum to (232 + 405 + 122 + 705 + 666 + 606 + 497 + 425 + 60) = 3718, which if you recall was the same result as when we paired up the 7th Bell Prime Index 2841 with the 7th Bell Number (877), and got (2841 + 877) = 3718. What is remarkable about both these connections is that 3718 + 42 = 3760 (0 CE). Both take into account the missing tool, one that was obviously there the Torah was created and when the thought of a mathematical universe was generated.

On the other hand, when we add these nine Utterances without the 3 “There shall be(יהי)” and just leave the nouns–Light, firmament, and lights—the total including the 187 delineated above is 3830, as in the year the final exile began with the destruction of the Second Holy Temple, in 70 CE.

The 232 value of “There shall be Light” is easily recognizable as the sum of the 4 aspects of the Tetragrammaton, and is very fitting.  Also, the 5th one, “There shall be [heavenly] lights,” as 666 is notable, but the 6th one or 606 is differentThe sum of all 9 of those Vayomer Elohim or 9 x 903 is 8127 and we find 8127 at the 606th digit in Pi, and the sum of all the digits in Pi counting backward from 1000 through the 8127 string is 1775. The significance of this is that 1775 is the sum of the 27 letters of the Hebrew alphabet, whose square root is 42.130… or 42 at Sinai (130).

The theme of 42 in Creation keeps getting stronger, and yet the sum of the finale letters in those 9Vayomer Elohim” is 7200, as in the 720.0 sum of the square roots of the 72 Triplets, which is interesting since the 8th  Utterance, 425 is the same as the 8th triplet of the 72 Triplets.

You may be asking yourself, what about the 10th Utterance? When we sum the (1st, 2nd, 3rd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 6th, 6th, and 6th) days we get 42 once again. And when the verse at 1:28 is added we get 42 total days, 180 chapters-verses for a new total of 222.

The initials of the 9 Vayomer Elohim and 10th Vayomer Lahem Elohim is (63+37) = 100, as in the ordinal value of the first 10 letters of the Torah.

The number 222 is certainly evocative of 2 x 111 or 2 alefs (אלפ). According to chazal, the word for alefs is as alafim (אלפים) and alpayim (אלפים), meaning thousands, and 2000, as in the verse Notzer Chesed l’Alafim from the 13 Attributes. Therefore, it is significant to note that these 10 Utterances, which according to Rabbi Shneur Zalman of Liadi, “the Alter Rebbe,” are supposed to be the seeds of physicality and spread by means of the letter combinations that comprise 231 Gates of Wisdom have this characteristic in common with the entire Torah. In explanation, the sum of all the letter pairings backwards and forwards of the 231 combinations as specifically found in the Torah total 222,004 or (2000 x 111) + 4. That this is off by 4 from a perfect 222,000 is similar to the way the 10 Utterances (Commandments to us) are found at letter 107,007 and thus off by 7 letters from what would seem like perfection. There are messages in the perfection and messages in the very slight differences of 4 and 7. Of the 231 possible combinations, 10 were not used in both directions and 8 of them were not used at all, for a total void value of 2023.

Moreover, when we add the 10th command to be fruitful (286) the total of the 10 Utterances is 4004, which is exactly 1775 less than 5779.  It is looking a lot like a timetable was built into the Creation narrative.

The next gift will segue into the main part of this section where we will gain new insight and understanding into our most important tool, the 42-Letter Name. To quote Rav Brandwein, the Admor of Strettin, of blessed memory, “It is through the understanding of the 42-Letter Name that the Geulah [final redemption] will occur.” We will cover a third gift from Shavuot at a later date. That gift involves the elasticity of time, even in our world.  Actually, outside our world time does not exist as we know it at all.  In it, even though it may appear rigid, time can be sped up or slowed depending on our focal point.  That is for another day.

A Stairway to Heaven

As we have seen, one tool of the Torah is the 72 Triplets. The 42-Letter Name is comprised of 14 Triplets, and Pi breaks down into at least the first 10 Triplets, which, as we saw, were doubly connected to 1775, the sum of the 27 Hebrew letters.  As it turns out, the specific grouping of the first 8 words or 33 letters of the Torah are also partitionable into 11 Triplets.  If we alternate them, exactly as we did with the 22 letters of the Alef-bet which we split into 2 columns of 11 elements each, we would get two columns of triplets, one with 6 elements and one with 5 elements.

Why would we do this? You will see in the next section, but as we have repeated seen, every time we split or crack open a Torah egg, tremendous light is revealed.  Meanwhile, those two columns simply add up to 1044 and 1959, whose digits (1+0+4+4+1+9+5+9) sum to 33, but there is one more important step.

710  –   203
 36   –  203
705  –    51
407  –    90
101   –  206
1959  - 1044

If we then zigzag our way through the two columns, as in a staircase:

And reorder them to add up the appropriate landings, which we have done below by reordering them into new columns, we get new encrypted information about the 33 letters of Creation.

We get 903 for the right-hand, or initiating zigzag, or stairwell, and 2100 for the corresponding left-hand, or resultant zigzag or stairwell. This is the same 903 equivalent to Vayomer Elohim (ויאמר אלהים) in each of the 10 Utterances that created our physicality and reality. What is critical here, as we are about to see, is that this secret staircase hidden in the command module of Creation gives us 903, the sum of all the integers from 1 – 42 and 2100 which is both 100 times the value of G-d’s higher Name Ehyeh (אהיה) and 50 times 42. Both the Name Ehyeh (אהיה) and number 50, through the 50 Gates, are associated with the hyperspace dimension called Binah.

Notably, the split between 903 and 2100 as  proportions out of 3003 is nearly precisely 30.0% and 70.0%.

As we just saw, 903 is the gematria of Vayomer Elohim (ויאמר אלהים), the announcement “G-d said,” that initiated each of the 10 Utterances, with specific distinction to 9 of them.  That the initials of Vayomer Elohim      (ויאמר אלהים) are Vav (ו) and Alef (א) are very interesting, considering the connections between them and the Shema and the numbers 42 and 13.

There are 13 words—the gematria of echad (אחד), One—in the first 42-word paragraph of the Shema which have the initial letter Vav (ו). Then there are 42 more of them in the rest of the Shema. There are also exactly 42 words in the Shema that have the initial letter Alef (א). Initials. If we can become One with the Torah, internalize it to our consciousness, we can not only recite the Shema, but be it.

The letter Vav (ו) when spelled-out is vav-alef-vav (ואו). It has a numerical value of 13 and it encapsulates the Alef (א). If we examine the letter Alef (א) closely we notice that it is endless, an endless infinite fractal cycle going inward, expanding and cycling inward again. Each time it expands, the letter Alef (א) reappears between the two inner, component Vavs (ו) that comprise it, never ending. What gets shed off are two endless streams of Yuds (י) from their orbit around the center, like the two jets shooting out of the accretion disk surrounding a black hole.

If you recall, the 10 Utterances summed to 4004, which I am sure brings a smile to computer geeks, as 4004 was Intel’s first commercially available microprocessor and jumpstarted our technological revolution. Nevertheless, 4004 is eerily similar to 3003, the sum of the 33 first letters, exactly one grand alef (א) more. The average of those 33 letters is exactly 3003/33 = 91.

Every student of kabbalah can tell you that 91 is the technological reason we say Amen (אמן) after hearing a blessing. Amen (אמן) not only has the numerical value 91, but it is also the sum of the Tetragrammaton (יהוה , 26) and its pronounceable counterpart Adonai (אדני, 65) of which there are exactly 91 in the Torah: (26 + 65) = 91. This is called a unification and we now can understand that each of the 33 letters contain this powerful unification used to seal, elevate, and transport our blessings

The other part of this technology, as delineated by the Arizal, is the 42-Letter Name. Not to be lost here is that 91 is (7 x 13), the numerical value of Echad, One, and (7 x 33) is equivalent to the 231 Gates of Wisdom.  Moreover, throughout the Torah the 90,100 Yuds (י), Heis (ה), and Vavs (ו) combine to form exactly 1820 or 20 x 91 revealed Tetragrammaton (יהוה), as explained in greater detail earlier.  Kabbalistically, 7 represents the 7 unified 6 bundled sefirot (dimensions) of Zeir Anpin, associated with the Tetragrammaton (יהוה), coupled with the 1 dimension (Malchut/Kingdom) where the causality of time reigns. This dimension is associated with Adonai (אדני). This 61 pairing is also alluded to in the initials of Vayomer Elohim(ויאמר אלהים): Vav (ו) and Alef (א), 6 and 1, indicating that G-d did not just say and physicality appeared in our world; there was a process that involved the 6 and 1 rows of the 42-Letter Name matrix and their associated dimensions.

Let us back up one second.  Since we have already established that the focus of the Torah is in returning us or reconnecting us to the One, let us not gloss over that fact that 91 = (7 x 13), the value of Echad, One.  You see, 91 is also the sum of the digits from 1 -13. Moreover, the sum of the sum of all the numbers through 13 is 455, which is the sum of the 3 aspects of higher Name Ehyeh (אהיה), associated with Binah. The dimension of Binah is what we would call hyperspace, a dimension beyond what we would understand as causality, and thus without time.

As we can see, all the 1820 Tetragrammaton (יהוה) and all the 90,100 Yuds (י), Heis (ה), and Vavs (ו) clearly feed into and stem from the first 33 letters of the Torah, so let us not forget that 90,100 equals the sum of the integers from 1 – 424, the numerical value of Moshiach Ben David.  Every one of those 33 letters are engines for unification between worlds, planes, and dimensions and to Oneness.

The Original Kundalini

Even now, skeptics will be saying to themselves, OK 903 is connected to 42 and 42 is a special number, but they do not see anything connecting it to the 42-Letters or linking the 42-Letters with the first 28 or 33 letters of the Torah. Keep reading. We have just seen how the hidden staircase that zigzags or snakes its way in a simple wave-like pattern through Creation connects to 42. We have also seen earlier how the 42-Letter Name generates Pi through a super simple equation to an astonishing degree of accuracy. Now, we will show you how Phi (ϕ) is integrated into it in a similar and most beautiful way as well. One of my colleagues, Peter, was the one who discovered this. The Hebrew language is unique in that all words of three letters or more have 3 root letters, which through permutations form up to 6 different base words. As we have seen the 33 first letters in the Torah, the 216 letters of the Name of 72, and the first 30 digits in Pi are formed by or are partitionable into mathematically significant Triplets.  The 42-Letter Name matrix is no different and is comprised of 14 triplets.  Whether these (72 + 11 + 10 + 14) or 107 Triplets are the only ones to be considered because 107 has meaning is not yet known, since the more gates we approach the more open for us, as is the nature of this magnificent marvel called the Torah.

Until now, most people who recite this 42-Letter Name as a daily prayer or meditation did not know why it was split into Triplets.  The answer is found once again through splitting the 42 Letters in two, just like the 22 letters of the alef-bet, and exactly as we did with 33 first letters, and similarly with the 72 Triplets when we took their square roots and thus splitting them in half as well.  The process starts with the 42 letters being split into two columns of 7 Triplets, in each, which in this case the tzaddikim did for us thousands of years ago, alternating odd-even just like the alef-bet and the first 33 letters. Once again, we are climbing a stairwell through the Name, using the triplets as landings. By connecting 7 of the 14 Triplets in a perfect alternating zigzag fashion and summing up their gematria, we get: Phi (ϕ).

Starting with the first Triplet (אבג) of gematria 6, we then cross over to the second column and dropping down a flight (a row), until we end up on the 7th landing (row) with (שקו) of gematria 406.  The gematria of all 7 Triplets, representing exactly half the 42 Letters is (6 + 359 + 57 + 493 + 110 + 187 + 406) = 1618, as in Phi (ϕ), 1.6180

Then two of the Triplets of the opposite stairwell, the one of the first row (יתץ) and the one of the 7th row (צית) equal (500 + 500) or 1000, and 1000 + 1618 = 2618 or Phi (ϕ)2.

The Remaining Triplets of the left-handed stairwell from the 3rd and 4th rows (יכש) and (בטר) add up to (330 + 211) = 541, the gematria value of Israel.  These are the 6th and 7th Triplets. Notable because (6 x 7) = 42 and (6 + 7) = 13 and (13 + 42) = 55, just as we recently saw with the exceptional sequence in the Bell Prime indices and the occurrences of the letter Vav(ו) in the Shema, and this time they equate to Israel. The remaining 3 Triplets (קרע), (טנע), and (יגל) sum to (370 + 129 + 43) = 542, or Israel plus 1, and are a reference to the 5 (מב) found in the 72 Triplets that we will get into later in this series.

The entire split of the left-handed or non-Phi (ϕ) stairwell totals 2083, which Peter also correctly advised is the 314th Prime, looping us back to Pi.  In a similar way the Torah merged Pi and Phi directly through the equation 401273/ Phi (ϕ) = 248000 because 2480 is the sum of the names of the 5 individual Books of the Torah and their initials (בשובד) add up to 314.

We have seen connections between the number 42 and 3760 or 0 CE in the Hebrew Calendar. We have seen that date connected between 42 and the exceedingly rare Bell Prime Index with the Bell Prime Numbers. We have seen that date 3760 connected with the unified gematria of the 42-Letter Name, the first verse of the Shema, and with the first verse of the Torah. These 3 special portals had exactly 42 unique letters between them (19, 12, and 11). And we just saw 3760 yet again with the 9 Utterances directly connected to 903, the sum of the integers from 1 – 42.

Now, once again, we see 3760 by connecting the right-handed stairwell of the 33 Letters that totaled 903 to the righthanded Phi (ϕ) stairwell of the 42-Letter Name. The right-hand stairwell divided by the total of the 25 Triplets or (903 + 1618)/(3003 + 3701) = .376044.


As for the Left-hand stairwell that connects to Ehyeh (אהיה) and Pi/Shadai (שדי), the continuous 13 landings sum to 4183 or .623956 of the total, which is off from .625 or 5/8 by .001044, which just happens to match up with the sum of the original split of the 33 letters into two columns that added up to 1044 and 1959 respectively.

And the difference between those two grand stairwells (4183 -2521) is 1662 or 2 times the gematria sofit of Alef(אלף), so once again 2000 is built into the Genesis equation, possibly alluding to (3760 + 2000) which equals 5760, which is equivalent to the year 2000 CE and whose logarithm is 3.76042248. Need we say more.

What if we told you that 903 times the square root of 5, the core of Phi (ϕ), equals 2019.17.

Unbelievable! The Creator built in a backdoor for us with an ascending stairwell leading straight to the main gate. Or is it a ladder into the cockpit of the command module?

Yet another connection of the 42-Letter Name to the Torah’s incredible first verse is that the entire right side of the 42-Letter Name matrix is numerically equivalent to the 4th, 5th, and 6th words in that verse combined. The word for “the Heavens and the two words that flank it, Et and V’et sum to (401 + 395 + 407) = 1203, the exact same as the 7 triplets on the right-hand side of the 42-Letter Name.  Notice how that 1203 total is comprised of the 2nd word of Torah (203) that was so integral to the Bell Numbers and 1000, which we know to be a numeric appellation of the letter Alef(א) associated with the Binah hyperspace.

What makes this all the more significant is that the 7 triplets of the left-hand side of the 42-Letter Name are numerically equivalent to the remaining 4 words of the Torah’s first verse plus 1000 or Alef(א) once again.  The 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 7th words of the first verse (913, 203, 86, and 296) = 1498 and the 7 triplets of the left-hand side of the 42-Letter Name equal 2498 or 1498 plus 1000.

From the splitting of the Alef-bet to the splitting of the 42-Letter Name and the splitting of the 72 Triplets Name, Phi (ϕ) was revealed in conjunction with 1000 and the number 54.  Moreover, the splitting of the 42-Letter Name into equal parts in a most simple, elegant, and symmetrical way, split the name into Phi (ϕ) and Pi. Remember, those 14 Triplets are found in the Torah exactly 506 times, which is not only the gematria of the first row (first two triplets: (אבג יתצ) of the 42-Letter Name matrix, but it is also the complete numerical value of Moshiach Ben David and the sum of all the squares from 12 to 112.

We could say that the 42-Letter Name or 14 Triplets is the fusion of Phi and Pi.  We can also tell you that the sum of the 14 square roots of the 14 Triplets is 210.0262873… This is not only evocative of 210.0 years of exile in Egypt, etc, but 2628 is the sum of the Torah reoccurrences of the Torah’s 4th (את) and 2nd (ברא) words.  And while the 73 is obviously another reference to Torah’s first verse, whose total value equals the sum of the integers from 1 – 73, the number 2628 is the sum of the integers from 1 to 72. Moreover, the Torah’s 5th word (השמים), Heaven, reoccurs 73 times in the Torah and 2628 + 73 = 2701.

Just to complete a little more of the picture: between them, the Torah’s 1st word (בראשית) and 7th (הארץ) reoccur 365 times in the Torah, while the 4th (את) and 6th (ואת) reoccur 3450 times or (10 x 345), the gematria of Moses (משה).

Just as we know that the 506 Torah occurrences of the 14 Triplets are purposefully weaved throughout the Torah so too are the recurrences of the 7 words of the Torah’s first verse from which the 14 Triplets originate, adding yet another layer of purpose, intrigue and design into the Names, Torah, and mathematical constants, and dropping even more clues for us to unravel it all.

Did you notice how the next 3 digits in Phi after 1618 were 033? Coincidence or clue?

Yet another discover that Peter made was that the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th consecutive lines in the 42-Letter Name add up to 1820.  All 18 letters add up to 1820, which as we just discussed and will do so again, is the exact number of times the Tetragrammaton (יהוה) appears in the Torah.

Let us recapitulate. The first row (506) of the matrix connects to Moshiach Ben David. The next 3 rows (93, 387, and 704) equal 1820 and connect to all the Tetragrammaton (יהוה). Leaving us with the last 3 rows (239, 230, and 906) that equal 1375, which represents exactly 50 cubits, the height of the gates of the Future Holy Temple. Exactly 50, as in the 50 Gates of Binah, the Gates of UNDERSTANDING.

Through this Gate and up the winding double helix staircase we must climb. Remember what Rav Brandwein said, “It is through the understanding of the 42-Letter Name that we will bring about the Geulah (final redemption).”
It takes 3.5 revolutions to line up the Triplets in the 42-Letter Name into a Phi/Pi column split, just like the 3.5 years in 42 Months. Just something to ponder.

Special thanks to Peter for his invaluable help on this section. Shabbat Shalom


Part VII The Shift

We have pretty well established that neither the Hebrew Alphabet, nor the 54-unit shift from it to Phi(ϕ) was arbitrary in the slightest. In order to better understand the nature and relationship of this 54-unit shift, let us visualize these shifting proportions of numbers, not as a line or rectangle but as the circumference and area of a circle.

We should note that a couple of the amazing properties of Phi(ϕ) are that:

By splitting things into the phi proportion, we are splitting it into a proportion of Phi(ϕ) and 1/ Phi(ϕ). One (1) in this case is the whole value of the alphabet, 1495.

Since there are 360֯ in every circle, we can see that:

The Odd Ordinal Letter Proportion represents:


The Even Ordinal Letter Proportion represents:


The 1/Phi(ϕ) Letter Proportion represents:


The Phi(ϕ) Letter Proportion represents:


This angle 137.50֯ is the Phi(ϕ) angle and is the reason for nature’s efficiency in terms of growth.  If a flower, tree, seashell, galaxy or anything branches outward, one turn of either 137.50֯  or 222.50֯ at a time, as it spirals outward from a central point, it will achieve the most efficient use of time and space possible, thus exerting the least amount of energy necessary for the maximum growth and preservation and propagation of life.

Pi is an amazing irrational number of course, but if we were to turn the screws of the spiral according the Pi proportion by using 1/3.14159… instead of 1.618033, as an engine of growth, the result would be 22 spokes of a wheel, analogous to the 22 Letters of the alef-bet, but not the hyper-efficiency as shown in the accompanying picture of the Sunflower.

The Shift between the Odd/Even Ordinal Letter Proportion and the Phi(ϕ) Proportion represents:


All the above charts are simple arithmetic and logical as to why they work out that way. What is not logical is why the greater Phi(ϕ) angle, 222.50֯ less the smaller odd/even angle, 150.50֯, is equal to 72֯ , which was the proportion of the smaller odd/even split to the larger one: (625/870 = 72). There is no mathematical reason that this should happen, especially around such an important number for the Torah.

The shift of 54 units, or 13֯ caused a 72֯ relationship to appear.

Conversely, the lesser Phi(ϕ) angle 137.50֯ plus the odd angle 150.50֯ equals 288֯, which is (360֯ less 72֯).  With the entire Torah based on the number 5, as we have already seen, and with Phi(ϕ) mathematically based on  is it more than curious that 72 is 1/5 of 360, one-fifth of the circle. In Kabbalah 288 is representative of the 288 primordial Holy Sparks that Man was charged with recuperating in order to bring about the final redemption.

Then when we use instead the two larger angles, the larger Even angle and the Greater Phi(ϕ) angle 222.50֯ we get(209.50֯   + 222.50֯ ) = 432֯ = (360֯  + 72֯) and the frequency 432 Hz, derivable from the Torah’s first verse  is a topic for a whole other paper.

This last relationship of 6/5 times 360 degrees is interesting because a circle is dependent on Pi (3.14159…) for its formation utilizing the formula:

This is not causational and may just be coincidental, though it may also be a simple way of showing us that the odd/even ordinal splitting of the alphabet also takes into account the relationship between Phi and Pi.

We only discussed a shift of 54 units, which was equal to a shift of 13 degrees; nevertheless, the sine of an angle of 54֯ is also connected to Phi.


What is also not clear at all is why 137.5/924 = 13%. Why does the resultant angle  divided by the value of the larger section (924) also equal 13? If you are wondering what the relationship is between 137.50֯ and 924 units, so are we because one does not exist.

As for the separate relationship between 137.5 and 5 cubits, we will get into that in a later section.

This may be a good point to remind ourselves that the numbers associated with the alef-bet and carved in stone for millennia are more complicated than that. Like the location of the electrons encircling the nuclei of the atom, they are the probabilities within the energetic bandwidth along the exponential curve given by 1.313, and like the 4th word of the Torah, they are anchored by 1 and 400.

There is no reason other than divine intent. What all these angle relationships are telling us is that placing the odd/even ordinal split into a circular form and comparing it with Phi(ϕ) is not only valid, but was part of the initial intent.  It is also telling us that all along we have been lead to the number 13.

Do you believe in coincidences? That 1st chapter in Bamidbar that split the Torah into the Phi proportion in terms of each of its main elements (words, letters and verses), the one with 54 verses, delineated 13 Tribes.


So why is the 54-shift being equivalent to 13֯ significant? Because the number 13, as a gematria value has always been universally recognized as the numerical value of Ahava (אהבה), meaning love and Echad (אחד), meaning One.

In Zechariah 14:7 we learn that there will come a day when the darkness will be no more, the night and evening will be no more and there will only be light; this is called “One” day (יוֹם-אֶחָד) , in which all will be restored as before anything was split, before the light was split. It is a reset and a redo because the last time around at the end of Day one (יוֹם-אֶחָד) there was already division of Light and darkness (Bereshit 1:4-5).  This One day, or day of perpetual unity, shall be known as the Lord’s Day. Hashem’s Day.

In Zechariah 14:9 we have one of the more famous refrains for the Kabbalists, one weaved into our prayer books. “On that day shall He and His Name be One/He and His Name are One.

We posit that this is the “One” that the 13֯ shift is hinting at.  This profound 7-word 26-letter verse that connects to the same pure Oneness concept of the 6-word first verse of the Shema and the Torah’s 7-word first verse, has very interesting properties. First of all, the 7 final letters add up to 625, or the square root of the Torah’s main elements, and the final letters of the last 6 words sum to 25, evocative of the Odd Ordinal Number splitting of the alef-bet.

The rest of the letters in the verse equal 444, the gematria of the important Torah phrase “from generation to generation (לדר־ודר).” The number 444 is also approximately equal to One(1) continually divided by the Bell Prime Indices.

Next, the 3 central words (הַהוּא, יִהְיֶה יְהוָה) add up to 73, as in the Torah’s first verse.  Also, at 618, the value of the verse’s first word is evocative of phi (.6180). Moreover, there are 26 letters in the verse, reflecting the Tetragrammaton (יהוה), the central word in the verse. Meanwhile, the 10 letters in Echad Ushmo Echad (אחד־ושמו־אחד) add up to 378, the sum of the numbers from 127 as in 33 and the 27 Letters of the complete Hebrew Alef-bet, whose total gematria is 4995 or (5000 -5) or 5(1000-1). This is evocative of the 1000 unit concept of the 72 Triplets, the 1000 letters of the Shema, and the 1000-unit different between the first verse and the 42-Letter Name, coupled with the concept of One(1), and the Unit of 5 at the core of Phi and the Torah. And that is just the beginning.

Speaking of Shema prayer, this “One” is the same “One” in its first verse.   Devarim 6:4 “Hear, O Israel, the Lord our G-d the Lord is One.

The Lord is One is a huge concept that includes a wholeness before anything was split, any division. You can just look around us today and see the anger, hatred, havoc and strife that division sews.  All the technology embedded in the Torah is designed to focus us on reuniting, on unity with the Creation and the Creator, with the Light before the darkness. Oneness. If you are not a conscious part of the matrix (virtual or real, simulation or physical) you just a prisoner of it. In order to get there, to the state of Oneness, there is a shift we must make.  First, we must awaken.  The Torah is providing us with all the clues how to make that shift, how to dial into that frequency of Oneness, how to awaken.

Oneness is One with the Creator or Creative forces of the greater universe. It is not singing kumbaya because you received a mass twitter feed or shouting “we are one” at a rally or staged event. That is manipulation. Oneness awakens within. This is why there was 3 days of fasting before the unity of the Jews in the Megillat Ester. They needed to separate from physicality. It is the same principle on the Day of atONEment.

If you recall, we stated early on, before we split the alef-bet in two, that the Hebrew alphabet was designed according to an exponential scale based on a factor of 1.313, which is the inverse of the logarithmic scale, so how apropos is it that the logarithm of 13 is 1.11, mimicking the numerical value (111) of the first letters of the alphabet Alef(אלף).

Phi(ϕ) is a very special mathematical constant and like Pi, if it did not exist, neither would we. Our physicality could not exist without the scaffolding that maintains it anymore than a building can exist without the metal or wood framing that gives it its basic shape. Before we reveal Phi’s absolute relationship with the number 1, we want to remind you about the alphabet and Phi(ϕ) splits with regards to 1.

Adding the digits in the odd/even ordinal split:

6 + 2 + 5 + 8 + 7 + 0 = 28  2 + 8 = 1 (One)

Adding the digits in the Phi(ϕ) split:

5 + 7 + 1 + 9 + 2 + 4 = 28  2 + 8 = 1 (One)

Adding the digits of the total value of the alef-bet plus the shift of 54:

The number 13 reduces to 1 (One) in yet another way. It is part of the set of “happy” numbers, whose digits when squared then added and the process continually repeated, eventual reduce to 1. Other happy numbers are 7, 10, 28, 70

Part of the beauty and efficiency of Phi (ϕ) is its source: 1 (One). Phi (ϕ) can be generated by utilizing 1 single number, the number 1 (One). It is true that any number can be generated by adding 1, for example 5 is (1 + 1 + 1 + 1 +1) but that is cheating a bit and Phi (ϕ) is an irrational number (1.618033887…) so adding 1+1 does not work; it only works with whole numbers. That said, the continual fraction expansion of Phi (ϕ), in other words, Phi (ϕ) as an infinite fraction is:



We can appropriately regard Phi (ϕ) as derivative of 1 (One).  And the 13-degree shift in the odd/even ordinal alef-bet split toward the Phi () split as a shift towards 1 (One).

The Shift is a Shift Towards One

Every irrational number can easily be written as an infinite fraction. Of them all, Phi (ϕ) is the most difficult and is unique in that it has exactly 1 numeral. Every irrational number serves a specific purpose in the universe. Every number serves a purpose in the Torah; every number can be a heavenly portal if approached from the right paths. It appears as if Phi ) has a direct route.

As strange as it is, the Phi (ϕ) split number 924 is found at the center of the 13th line of Pascal’s triangle.

There are numerous Torah numbers embedded in the palindromic Pascal’s pyramid, but the beauty in it lies in its simplicity, and that so many mathematical series and functions can be generated from it so easily: the Fibonacci number series that is directly proportionate to Phi (ϕ); the sequence of 2n by adding up the numbers in the rows; the sequence of 11n by using the small gematria of each row’s number; and so many other sequences.

The Pilots

The Name Moshe (משה) breaks down in terms of its ordinal value into Mem(מ), 13, and Shin-Hei(שה), 26, or Adonai Echad (אחד  יהוה). The assignation, Moshiach (משיח) breaks down in terms of its ordinal value into Mem(מ), 13, and Shin-Yud-Chet(שיח), 39, or Echad Adonai Echad  (אחד  יהוה  אחד).

Is there any doubt behind the guiding principles of the launch codes?

So how do we get a ticket to this hyperspace freedom adventure ride? The cost of the ticket is different for all of us and is wholly dependent on our individual attachment to physicality. The price of the ticket is free, but the height bar is set at “Awoken.” That’s why we refer to the tzaddikim as giants. If you cannot let go, you cannot board—it is as simple as that.

And in case we think that the shift will be made for us from above rather than of our own volition and as a result of our own actions, we need only look to the hint provided in the Torah’s first verse once again. The ordinal value of the final word, “the earth (הארצ)” is 26 + 18 = 44. The good news is the that the message also reads “G-d Lives (יח יהוה)” and Phi (ϕ)2 as 2.618. Which leads us to our next section where we examine possible launch codes and sequences, metaphorically and metaphysically, and explore one of the tools given to us to foster that awakening.