Let there be Light

Genesis 1:3 VYomer Elohim Yhi Or v’yhi Or “G-d said, ‘There shall be light and there was light.'” The numerical value of this verse breaks down to 903, 232 v’ (6), “and” 232.  This appears to allude to two lights, one above and one below, connected by the 6 sefirot (dimensions) of zeir anpin, always represented by the letter vav (V) of numerical value 6, which is why the word light was mentioned in the phrase twice. There is the light of our existence and the light reserved for the time of Mashiach.  Moreover, the first 12 letters of this phrase add up to 358, the value for Mashiach.

903 is the sum of all the integers from 1 – 42, a perfect allusion the 42-Letter Name of G-d.
232 is the sum of the four aspects of the Tetragrammaton (YHVY) spelled out in all four levels (chochma, Binah, Zeir Anpin, and Malchut).

and the full verse adds up to 903 + 232 + 6 + 232 = 1373, with 137 being the value of kabbalah, meaning to receive and 73 to Chochma, connected to the Torah’s first verse, which has the value of the sum of the integers from 1 – 73, but there’s much more on all that in The Genesis Prayer so I won’t go into it here.

In the next phrase in the verse, it says “G-d saw the light and it was good” H’Or ki TovKi tov, spelled CY TtVB is written in 5 letters that sequentially go from the back of the alef-bet to the front which in kabbalistic technology used in all the prayers indicates returning light (Or Chazer)

Mashiach Lives, Peace, Israel

The numerical value for the messiah Lives (Mashiach Chai ) is 358 + 18 = 376, which is that of Shalom, peace.

And the atbash value of Mashiach Chai adds up to the Light (H’or), 212. and also to Zohar, the Book of Splendor.

Which the atbash of Shalom adds up to 112, which is commonly known to kabbalists as Yabok, the river Jacob defeated the dark angel when Israel was born and the union of the Tetragrammaton (YHVH) with Elohim), 26+86. Also Ehyeh (EHYH, 21), Adonai, (ADNY, 65) and YHVH, 26).

By the way, while the atbash of the Tetragramamton (YHVH) is MZGZ, 300, the same as the letter shin, as in the shin of Mashiach Shalom, Moshe, the Name (H’Shem) Israel, the atbash of Ehyeh (EHYH) is TZMZ of value 620, keter, the crown and highest sefira (dimension).

Shin is one of the 3 Mother letters (
Alef, Mem, Shin) as per Abraham’s Sefer Yetzirah, the Book of Formation. And while Alef is above it all as Atzilut as we know for the Arizal, Mem is also necessarily present in Mashiach, Moshe, HaShem, and Shalom, while the sum of the 3 Mothers (E,M,SH) adds up to 341, there ordinal value is 35, and thus the important sum of there value and ordinal value is 376, the same as Shalom, peace and Mashiach Chai.

As for Israel, the atbash of it, (MB,G,TC) numerically breaks to (42, 3, 420) which in small gematria would be 42342, and if the kolel is added to (MB,GTC) we get 42, 424 or the 42-letter Name of G-d, known as the MemBet and 424, the value of Mashiach Ben David,
who we know from Chazal that the Shem Mem-bet, the 42-letter Name is supposed to help bring.  Moreover, since the two 42′s in the atbash of Israel seem to pivot on the central letter resh in the name, if we use the Abgad gematria values of adding 1 to each ordinal letter place, and leave the central resh (R) alone, Israel (YShREL) beomes CTR, BM or or Keter Mem-Bet. The albam gematria of the El in Israel is also Mem-Bet, while the minus 1 gematria of El is (TC) 420 and when we pair the TC with the unchanged central R, we get CTR, keter once again. And Aikbcar gematria reveals that the name Israel converts up to KGBYSh and when we add 5 as the kolel for the 5 letters we get 420, once again, or 42 x 10 sefirot (dimensions).

And speaking of the 10 dimensions, the first letter of each adds up to 546, which is the normal value of Israel (541) plus the kolel (5) for the 5 letters, or 546.

Now, we should note that the name Israel of value 541, can be broken down into 341 and 200, the value  of that central resh again and 341 is the value of the 3 Mothers, Sh, Mem, Alef: 341, but more about them in a separate article we’re writing on the ordering and patterning of the letters and the cosmos that resulted in Abraham’s revelations in the Sefer Yetzirah.

And just one more secret is that the minus 1 gematria of Israel is TtRKTC and while the tet, resh koof are all found in the second line of the 42-letter Name (also know as the Ana B’koach), the total value of TtRKTC is 729, the same as the total value of that same 2nd line, which is used to combat negativity and is integral to the Shofar blowings, and which is also 9 x 9 x 9, but much more about that  has already been written in The Genesis Prayer.

Let us use the Shem Mem-bet and this knowledge to bring about peace for Israel and the world and the arrival of Mashiach.

The power to control water and destiny

We recite this verse to begin havdalah at the end of every Shabbat: Genesis 6:8 V’Nach Mazeh Chen Bayeni Adonai

As G-d was making his decree on the Earth, he stated the above verse “But Noach found favor in G-d’s eyes,” which saved humanity, so as you can imagine there are innumerable secrets here. One of the largest is the power of the righteous to control water.  I won’t explain how for that is reserved for those that understand, but will reveal some of the technology built into the verse.

First of all, please note that the word chen in the middle of the verse is Noach spelled backwards and as such it’s value sofit is 708, that of the upper 42-letters of the Name of G-d, while Noach or chen without the sofit is 58, which is 100 (keter) less  42.

Note further that the full value of the 5 words of the verse is 421 or 10 x 42 plus 1.

Moreover, the 5 final letters of the verse add up to 724 and if we add the kolel of 5 we get 729, which is not only 9 x 9 x 9, but the value of the entire second line (KRAShTtN) of the Shem Mem-bet, the 42-letter Name of G-d used by the righteous to aid in performing miracles.  The 5 first letters of the words in the verse add up to 66, thus the final and first letters together, plus the kolel for the 10 letters and for the 5 words is 66 + 724 + 10 + 5 = 805, which is the value of “The Rainbow,” which was G-d’s first covenant with the Earth, immediately after the Food.

It’s also not a coincidence that there are 17 letters in this verse, connecting to Tov (good). Of that the 4th word and the 2nd word begin with Bet and Mem as in Mem-Bet (42).  Nor is it a coincidence that there are 4 yuds (of value 10 each) in the final 2 words of the verse, which connects to healing and to the 4 yuds of the 42-letter Name (Ana B’koach).

The final letters of the first 3 words is the same letters as 3 of the sequential central letters (EChN) of the verse, which has the value 709, that of the 7 planets and doubles (BGDCPRT) that controls destiny.

Please note that this verse connects to powerful angels. And that the chapter and verse 6:8 does connect with 68, the value of Cha’im, life, and to the life giving waters that can sustain or destroy us. And this is why there are 3 letter nuns (50 x 3) and 1 alef (1) for a total value of the 4 letters of 151, that of Mikve, in the verse. Or that the rest of the letters add up to 270, that of RA, evil, which the ultimate mikve, flood waters cleansed away.

So this Havdalah, pause a second as you begin, think about the Shem Mem-bet and the favor that Noach found in G-d eyes and ask that all of us find it as well.  You can control our destiny.

Tohu V’Bohu and the Messiah, H’Mashiach

Genesis 1:2 Tohu v’Bohu: “The world was empty and without form.” We know from Chazal that this refers to the 10 sefirot (dimensions) before the interconnectedness of the sefirot (in other words, order). Tohu represents the 10 sefirot (vessels) that were shattered, fell, and then scattered throughout our world, the world of Tikun, and these became the holy sparks that we must all help to gather in from the 70 nations of the world to bring Mashiach. Bohu represents the present 3-column schematic of the interconnected dimensions.

The 3 words that express this in the Torah, come after the 8th word (V’H’ERZ,”and the Earth”) in the Torah, and they represent the final transformed letters of the all-important 42-Letter Name of G-d connected to Creation and the Messiah.

The first of these three, H’YTH, has the value 420 as in 42 x 10 or the 42 Letters in the 10 dimensions (sefirot). And if we add the kolel (4) for the 4 letters of the word, we have 424, the value for Mashiach Ben David.  This is significant because the sum total of the sofit values of the 33 letters (8 words) preceding this 9th word, totals 5778, the year prophesied for the arrival of H‘Mashiach as is explained below.

From the middle of the 9th word, Ha’itah (HYTH) to the middle of the 10th word, Tohu (THV), we get the numerical value of 820, which is the value of the all-important (all encompassing) Torah verse for “Love they neighbor as thyself”

Then the six letters including the 3 of  Tohu (THV) and the first 3 of Bohu (VBHV) add up to 424, the value for Mashiach Ben David again.

While the full phrase Tohu v’Bohu has the numerical value of 430 as in the 430 years of exile between the Covenant of Abraham and the Exodus (also the reception of the Torah) as explained in depth in The Divine Calendar.

Moreover, the 5 letters between the final He of Ha’itah through Tohu to the Vav of V’Bohu add up to 422 as in the numerical value of the Hebrew word for 70, which as explained in The Divine Calendar connect to the fall of both Holy Temples in the years –422 BCE and 70 CE respectively and much more, including the 70 years of King David.

And by extention the 6 letters between the final He of Ha’itah through Tohu to the Bet of V’Bohu add up to 424 as in the numerical value of Mashiach Ben David yet again.

On interest to note is that the sum of the sofit values for the 33 letters through the 8th word of the Torah is 5743 and when we add 33 to it for the 33 letters and either the kolel of 1 or 2, we get either 5777 or 5778 respectively, the date prophesied for the arrival of Mashiach. Now, as discussed at length in The Genesis Prayer and as explained in Nothing is Random in the Universe, while the entire Torah is encoded and every letter is specifically set these first fer words and verses hold tremendous and deep power and meaning.  And while the sum of all the letter values in the first verse (7 words) add up to 2701, which just happened to be the sum of all the positive integers through 73, the value of Chochma (wisdom, the 2nd highest sefira), the total value of all 8 words is 3003, whihc happens to be the sum of the positive integers through 77, the value of the word Mazal (fortune/destiny/luck).

To see yet another glimpse of how these words/letters are structured to connect us with the underlying patters/order we see that the sum of the first letters of the first 8 words, representing the 28 letters before it is 28 and the sum of the first letters of the first 9 words, representing the 33 letters before it is 33.