The Divine Calendar

The Divine Calendar

The Divine Calendar

After 11 years of study and research… Ezra (Jeff) Meiliken finally reveals the secret code of the Divine Calendar. The road map from Creation to the Final Redemption…
“This awe-inspiring and powerful book has been proven to change people’s outlook on the Bible. It is no longer Holy stories of the Holy Book.It is a proof and testimony to its plan and guidance from the day of creation to the day of redemption.”

How powerful is the book?

So powerful it will capture you with the facts from the first page.

Ezra is a mathematician that was drawn to spirituality at a young age but only about 15 years ago did he fall in love with the Bible when he discovered its beautiful and unique underlying codes. It was way beyond ELS and he realized that no human or super computer could have created it.

He studied the writings of the greatest sages, the Zohar, the Sefer Yetzirah, and Kabbalah on the deepest levels, and many more codes were revealed. Some of them he shared in the book he published three years ago, The Genesis Prayer, since then, he’s gotten deeper yet in his studies and has now revealed to us, The Divine Calendar.

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90 thoughts on “The Divine Calendar”

  1. It’s not clear. There are many different days supposedly associated with the arrival of Moshiach. All we know is that the arrival (manifestation) is supposed to occur between 5777.78 and 5778.28 and that by 2019 we will be in another time frame entirely.

  2. After reading Joseph’s pyramid and The divine calandar it would seem 2018 would be correct by all reason of mathematics except Jesus was born on Rosh Hashana Sept. 11th 3 BCE, obviously the providence of G-d is on both Hebrew and Gregorian calendars but a simple -3 for Jesus’s birthday and you have 2015 (5775 HC) and remember the hieght of the pyramid as stated is 5775. Furthermore for the sake of the elect those days will be shortened or no one would survive. The sages must know the messiah comes on the feast of which no man knows the day or the hour at midnight Jerusalem time with the sound of the shofar (midnight is from Jewish wedding tradition)

  3. It seems, that the birthday of Jesus was “constructed” over 3 years, following the idea of -1 + -1 = 0
    0 CE: the Soul (Sun = Circle = Ruach) was created on 5.4.0 Fullmoon (Greg.Cal = GC) and born in the same circle on 6.1.0, means AYN: 61 = 0
    -1 CE: the Mind (New-Moon was born = Crescent = Neshama) on 28.8.-1 GC = 1.1.3760 HC = 1.1.5492 AM Alexandrinian Era (Coptic)
    +1 CE: the Body was created on 25.3.1 AD, Fullmoon, born 25.12.1 AD (Cross = Nephesch)
    The Sign for this is the Monas-Glyph, made by Dr. John Dee for the Habsburg King Maximilian. It comes from the Merkurglyph, added Aries on the bottom of the cross.

    Therefore: 5775 = 25 (Birthday) x 231(Gates) , but that ist a mirror for -1 (2 BCE)
    So, we have 2 Years from -1 to +1 CE + 5775 = 5777.
    It means the night 13.9. to 14.9. Rosh ha Shana from 5775 to 5776. That brings us to 5778.

    We must obviously change from downstairs 123 = 47 x 123 = 5781 HC – 3760 = 2021 CE
    to uspstairs 321 = 18 x 321 = 5778.

    Look: 3760 to 0 = 80 x 47

    If you look at the Calender, you will find the following:
    The year 0 CE in GC ist equal to the year 220 CE.
    220 CE the GC an JC are identical. (From 1.3.200 up to 28.2.300: GC = JC)
    Created 1 CE on 25.3. GC = 25.3.221 CE, there is no difference. It leads us then to 2021 CE.
    This means for me, that the way downstairs (125 Steps + 1 for the changingpoint) to 2021 overlaps with the way upstairs from 2018 CE.
    -5500 + 2000 = 7500 construction-years => 60 x 125
    But 2021 CE equals in a computistic sense 1 CE, but the birth of his Mind (Neshama) on 1.1.3760 HC was -1 (2 BCE) an this is analogue to 2019 CE!

    Those 220 years difference we can find in Anno Mundi Countings too, like 3760 + 220 = 3980 for example.
    Or some have calculated, that Exodus was not -1311 (1312 BC), but + 220 years in 1091 (1092 BC)

    We must look at the spring fullmoon, all biblical-dates ware converted hundreds of years ago into the julian calender:

    Fullmoon on 5.4. means: Year 0 for any epoch, 14. or 15. Nisan (-1313)
    Fullmonn on 25.3. means: Year 1 for any epoch, 14. or 15. Nisan (-1312)
    Fullmoon on 13.4. means: Year 2 = Year 0, because of 2 years difference, (-1311 Exodus)

    -1313: Fullmoon 5.4. = 0 Exodus
    -1312: Fullmoon 25.3. = 1 Exodus
    -1311: Fullmoon 12./13.4 = 2 Exodus = 0 Exodus, Starting Point

    The Christians laid the conception of Jesus as Sungod on 5.4.0 in GC, but on 5.4.220 JC=GC and the conception of his body as Man (AISH) on 25.3.1 GC = 25.3.221 GC=JC.

    Gregorian Calender equals Julian Calender on 1.3.200 CE. Therefore the Roman Catholic Church date -1511. This was possibly a mistake: They thought 1511 years up to 0 or from -1311 up to 200 CE = 0.

    The new ERA 1492 CE = 7000 AM (1492 + 5508 Byzantine Era) was 3760 + 1492 = 5252 HC up to 5253 HC (= 5 – 25.3 – Springfullmoon) or 2 x 2626 (YHVH-YHVH, for example).
    From -1313 (Exodus 0) up to 5252 = 6565 (Adonai-Adonai, for example)

    Aish = 311 (312 BC)= Era of contracts/Seleukos/Babylon
    We omit 1000 years from -1311 (1312 BC) Exodus, like the Geonim told us. (Sherira Gaon, for example)

  4. I havent had the chance to look through this book, but im sure its almost as good as my calender which is a true BLUEPRINT when turned the right way round, however the time of teth & he = 2012 coptic & ethiopian time, 2019 western time, what a great time that will be for all living things,the return of the divine light. I Iook forward to my free book. shalom

  5. The commonly accepted date amongst orthodox Torah scholars and kabbalists is 3338 HC and 3760 HC (0 CE) – 3338 = 422 BCE. BTW, 3338 = 5778 * .5778 or conversely 3338/5778 = .5778; and also 57.78 squared = 3338 and conversely the square root of 3338 = 57.78

  6. Hi,
    There is another interpretation of the narrative in The Divinde Calendar. One that is not so exclusively Judaeocentric!
    David Bohm’s concept of the Implicit Order, the Holomovement and all that, describes all time as encoded in each moment of linear time. The 2012 theories span the same time-frame as the Calendar. Two different perspectives. The commonality, the one i intuit from my persepective is of an event unfolding with increasing force toward something indescribable. For everyone.

  7. While 2012 is in the general vicinity, it is not specified by either the given calculations, or the mathematics constants, only 5778 (2017-2018) and 2019. Nevertheless, in 2012 Neptune enter Pisces, where it remains for 13/14 years, meaning 2018 is the midpoint of the Spiritually imperative period in which Neptune traverses Pisces (whatever that means.) And yes, we are moving every more rapidly toward a convergence regardless of the historic or religious context.

  8. the concept of numbers is off. why i see it this way is the divine calander you are using is wrong. first we must understand to read the holy book like the bible torah tanakh we must first know that we live in a seven day week code. its is 7 days make a week 28days make a month 12months make a year. now if you multiply 12 by 28 a number of 336 will show up. now add 29 to 336 you get 365 so its only 29 more days to understand the reality of the what happen in the creation story. everyone use the hebrew or A to Z alphabeth to find out the secrets of the universe but you will not get your answer to the truth order or snake order we call it. mathematics is the universal language to the angels. we must know their number colours and their names. each one represent a diffrent day of the week today is friday which is gabriel his color is red his number is 76. this is kabbala which means seven light. or knowledge of the angels beyond the boundries of the animal light angel. one must know how to remove him self from darkness to light.

  9. I wish to bring to your notice that on reading your book, “The Divine Calender”
    in chapter 16 on page 69 there is a mistake in the calculation,
    5778-3338 is not = 3330 years, but it should be = 2440 years.

    Besides this one point I found your book very interesting and could not stop reading it till I had finished it. Hope to also read soon “There’s Nothing Random About the Universe”.

    Thanking you,
    M. Judah.

  10. An obvious mistake. Thanks for bringing it to our attention. It should have read 5778 – 2448 = 3330 years (2448 being the year the Torah was received at Sinai and of the exodus from Egypt. Thanks again and please enjoy “Nothing is Random…”

  11. thank you so much for this divine calendar.
    may God bless you and give you more as you have freely given.

  12. Amazing Book,,, I am little low in Math but trying to understand!!! I wish I have all the Wisdom to understand everything,,, Toda Aba,,,,, Light & Blessings.

  13. I am wondering you give the year 1948 as the year that Israel received Statehood.
    God’s Prophet Daniel wrote:

    Daniel 9:25
    King James Version (KJV)
    25 Know therefore and understand, that from the going forth of the commandment to restore and to build Jerusalem unto the Messiah the Prince shall be seven weeks, and threescore and two weeks: the street shall be built again, and the wall, even in troublous times.

    THE COMMANDMENT HAPPENED ON NOVEMBER 29, 1947. The treaty was signed in 1948, so why is not the date of 1947 used??? That was when the commandment came forth.

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