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Part III of IV
This week’s portion was parsha Toldot, about the birth and conflict of Jacob and Esau, anabkoach160-ksbeginning with G-d’s Covenant with Isaac in Padan Aram and ending with 40-year-old Jacob in Padan Aram, looking for a wife.  Padan Aram, the home of Laban, was a place of great darkness and out of such places come the greatest light. The more spiritual light there is, the more klippot (negative husks) surround and feed off it, making it a dark place, so the Torah is telling us that there must be important holy sparks for us to recover within this portion.  As Rav Brandwein of blessed memory explained to me many years ago, Pad (PD), of numerical value 84, represents the final redemption (geula) in that it stands for the union of the upper and lower 42-Letter Names of G-d; and moreover, that it’s the deep understanding of this Name that will bring about said final redemption.
Toldot (TVLDT) begins and ends with the letter Tav (T), which signifies “the end,” but it’s tree10its value of 840 that is most telling, as 840 equals 10 times 84, PD, redemption. Furthermore, the word that proceeds Toldot in the Torah, the portion’s first word, V’eleh (VELH) of numerical value 42 gives us the final clue that there is an important message hidden within the portion regarding the end of days. The number 10 always represents the 10 sefirot (dimensions) in Kabbalah, so Toldot signifies the ultimate redemption through all 10 sefirot.  Nevertheless, 840 (Toldot) is also 20 x 42 and 20 (AShRYM) has the spelled out value of 620, that of Keter, the highest and ultimate level (sefira).
This is why 20 years passed from when Isaac married at age 40, the value of the inner letters of Toldot (TVLDT) and gave birth to twins, represented by the outer twin Tavs (TVLDT). There is not a single letter in the Torah that doesn’t have a purpose, many purposes, which is G-d’s way of showing us that every one of us has a purpose and should be appreciated as a valuable part of the whole, respected and loved as we would like to be respected and loved ourselves for what we bring to the table, to the whole.
The word Toldot (TVLDT) can be broken down into DLT and TV, the spelling of the 2 letters Dalet and Tav of DT, which spells the word Dat, meaning religions, faith, just as the 2 twins became the forefathers of the two (2) brethren religions Judaism and Christianity.
genesis prayer coverAnd finally, the complete (standard plus ordinal) value of Toldot (TVLDT) is 840 + 66 or 906, the same as the final line of the 42-Letter Name matrix (ShKVZYT), the line associated with the sefira Malchut (Kingdom), King David, and the  ultimate manifestation of Moshiach in our world.
These are all clues, not manifestations or kavannot to be meditated on, though any connection to the 42-Letter Name creates an elevation for us and as the Arizal told his student, Rabbi Chaim Vittal, “no prayer can be elevated without it.” It’s that important.
There are many important messages in this portion and much going on, but our focus–continued from our latest series of articles related to this and the next 4 years–is on one significant message that drops us a clue as to where the Moshiach consciousness will spring forth in our time. And we will begin by pointing out that the sages must have been on the same page when they chose which Haftorah portion to assign to Toldot this year, which on special occasions, like this year on Erev Rosh Chodesh, is Samuel 20:18-42. Pretty fitting, no? 2018 (5778 HC) and 42.  Samuel (ShMV EL) can be translated into “G-d has heard,” and also “Name of G-d,” such as the 42-Letter Name of G-d.
In this Haftorah portion there is a seemingly meaningless exercise of Jonathon’s plan to Arrow-Flying-Through-Airprotect his friend, the future King David, from Saul by alerting him whether he should flee or whether the coast was clear for him to come home by shooting an arrow either to the side of David or beyond him.  It was meaningless because he shot the arrow beyond David, which should have indicated to him to flee, yet the two hugged good-bye. If he was going to meet him anyway, why not just advise him in person and dispense with the archery game?
So the exercise must have been about something else. The word for arrow (ChZ) represents the 2 central letters in the tree-of-life (AZ ChYYM) and has the numerical value of 98, the same as the word for to “cleanse,” which is also why there are 98 so-called curses delineated in the Torah. The archery exercise showed us that in the future there lies a cleansing, which will give way to the Tree-of-life reality. Had the arrows fallen beside David, then King David and the Patriarchs’ work would have been enough to bring about the proper Moshiach (messiah) consciousness.  It wasn’t.
arrows hitting targetDo you think G-d would actually miss His target?
To better grasp the interpretation above we must understand that it’s known that the 70 years of King David’s life marked the halfway point (2889 HC) from Adam to Moshiach in 5778, and that the tree-of-life (AZ ChYYM) can be broken down to A (70), ZCh (98) and YYM (620), which is the numerical value of Keter, the highest possible level. Moreover, it’s also known that every tzaddik who has tried to bring the final redemption and/or the Moshiach revelation before his time has met with an untimely death/misfortune.  Even Moses was forbidden to do so. The arrows didn’t tell David to flee in as much as they divinely fell to advise him of his place in the plan.
In the initial paragraph of Toldot we learn that Isaac was 40 years old and from this the Zohar extrapolates that there will be 40 years between the Moshiach ,the rebuilding of the Temple and the return of the exiles and final redemption/Resurrection of the dead.  But then the rest of the paragraph delineates pairs of twos (2): nations, governments, twins: All a connection to Mem (40) and Bet (2), as in the Shem MB (the 42-Letter Name). A secret here is that the Shem MB can be used to collapse time and 40 years can become 2, just as it was with the Israelites 42 journeys through the desert, which we’ll elaborate on in another article.
The article has become too lengthy once again, so as for the hidden message where the Torah drops out of its narrative and into future (end-times) time frame within this portion, we’ll have to save that for the next article: “To This Day…”
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