The Journey

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Some think we are individually living in simulated movies of our own design, or at least our own direction. While this is possible, it is inefficient, and what would be the point? That would make this whole process nothing more than a VR video game to experience vicarious pain and pleasure, but mostly pain, stress, and boredom. Why would any advanced sentient consciousness want to don such an avatar for such a long period of time, if at all?

Rather than billions of individual set-ups, it takes far less energy for a mass simulation that acts as a labyrinth for sorting out which fledgling consciousnesses are ready for the next level. That takes orders of magnitude less energy than doing it through a physical universe.

Why a labyrinth though? Whether we are in a simulation or not, and like any video game, there are perceivable patterns prevalent and redundantly repeated throughout this existence. Those patterns exist throughout the universe and throughout our various cultures and societies. No matter who we are or where we are born, we must manage, manipulate, survive, and thrive at every level of schooling. At the end, the most successful ones move on at the top levels, socially and academically. The same holds true for sports, teams, and leagues at all levels. It is true in the arts, music, and all cultural fields. It is true in academics, the military ranks, and in all careers. It is true in our love lives and our social networks as well. It is true on every scale, from organizing your day to the labyrinth of military conquest and war, which is more about ego and greed than a desire to govern. It that were not the case, man would stop fighting and start taking care of the people they conquered. That has never been done though. Every culture, society, and group throughout every microcosm of history has been in a constant state of war, internally and externally, since the beginning of our reckoning. That is one pattern we can all perceive, though not an ideal one for the spiritual beings we project ourselves to be.

The similarity in the patterns is why Sun Tzu’s “The Art of War” is relevant to most any social labyrinthine structure. War is an easy manner of learning the ways of the labyrinth because they are usually rigidly structured, and because, being a constant throughout history, they are well documented.  Only pure ego would cause someone to document how that conquered high school, rose the corporate ladder, stepping over bodies, to become CEO, or became a social influencer on Instagram.  In all cases, we must find and discern the labyrinth, then master it, then move on to the next level.

Before we discuss patterns, we can ask ourselves a few simple questions. Did the Creator have to create carbon-based lifeforms over billions of years to create life as we know it? Or surround it with a universe trillions of times larger than the distance those life-forms would ever travel?

If the Creator started with consciousness, why would He have devolved it into molecules and microbes and then worked His way back up again? That scenario only exists in an ego based schematic where we created our own consciousness, which would mean we created the concept of G-d, which would mean we went into the future to develop the technology of the Torah and the universe, then went back into time and left it for our more primitive selves to find, only so our future selves if they survived could find and decipher it in order to make them think Man has no part in it. That makes total sense!

No, the Creator had and has no need for physically living beings or even for physical matter. Our physical bodies are inefficient, our spiritual consciousness has not evolved since the amoeba, and we are no less destructive to one another and the resources of the universe than a bacterium or a virus. Why waste so many resources and expend so much energy on us? It is only our ego that makes us think we, as physical entities, are worth it.

Physical matter is far inferior and so much more energy intensive to sustain than pure consciousness.  As pure consciousness, if you were making man in your own image, would you not make him out of consciousness?

Matter takes time to develop and process, so you would first need to create a structure and schematic where time exists, and you would need to keep that separate from the reality where there is no time, and where everything is infinite and infinitely attainable, where you exist. Would you do that just to pump up the ego of the creatures inside that bubble so that they eventually deny your existence? Does not make much sense, especially since you can formulate their entire existence in your mind and change the channel whenever they get too annoying.

The experience of physical life can be had with almost no effort at all by a good simulation.

Remember, while some alien or future human civilization may need some type of physical or quasi-physical computer system to create a simulated world/universe, the Creator would have no need of matter, molecules, or even atoms.  Every experience we have ever felt or that we think our ancestors have ever felt can be created in a single consciousness program.  All those wars and battles need not occur; they can be simple patterns and algorithms programmed in so that we think of them as history and so that history repeats itself.  There is no need for billions of years of planting molecular seeds and nurturing them, tweaking them, and then starting over every time a natural catastrophe nearly wipes everything out, only to see if the end product would be evil or good, the answer to which is found in Moses’ Song in Ha’azinu, thanks to those that went back in time to plant the Torah.

Think about it. All those billions of years or evolution and physical development, and now our scientists have just realized that most life on out planet was wiped out only 42,000 years ago.  Hard to think of a more spiritual number, but it took geo-physicists 5 years to pin it down since it was first published. Scientists are also grabbling with the fact that cataclysmic or ice-age events happen every 12,000 years of so and that we are overdue, including the earth’s magnetic flip, which is about to occur. That is a lot of evolutionary redoes, though they are not actually physically feasible.

If the Creator had chosen the more arduous and time consuming route of investing billions of years and endless resources to create man, would He not have treasured us more? Would He have given us the faculties to survive without constantly trying to destroy one another in the process? At every point in time, and at every place on our planet, Man has been involved in multiple wars simultaneously. Man has raped, pillaged, savagely tortured, murdered, and enslaved one another, mercilessly and incessantly, from day one until today. Would not the Creator of this life-form have given us a conscience and a consciousness to find another way? Unless of course we were in simulation, and then it would not matter as the pain, suffering and humiliation would not be real. Would you invest everything to raise chickens if all they did were peck each other to death?

The alternative is that the universe spontaneously appeared, and man grew out of an amalgamation of competing microbes and that our bodies are eusocial hives of thousands of colonies of bacteria, fungi and viruses that strategically cooperate with one another so that we can spontaneously develop consciousness in order to kill one another and all the bacteria, fungi and viruses that we can find.

And all this would still have had to happen in the very first go around, before AI, and or future humans, develop a mechanical simulation that does away with us. If AI learned anything from humans would it not be the art of war and our predilection for it. This would also mean that we are at the beginning of infinity, not somewhere in the middle of it.  Sounds more like ego, than creation. It would also mean that the Torah does not exist because if advanced intelligence existed before us, then we were not first.

And what about babies, do they have baby consciousness that grow as their minds develop? Does that make sense from an evolutionary standpoint? Is there programming in our DNA that makes consciousness grow over time? There physically has to be if man is real and has a consciousness, yet we have found no genes for this in our DNA, nor place for it inside our bodies.  Or does consciousness just spontaneously arise when we get our bar mitzvah, or diploma. If consciousness is extraneous to our corporal selves, then it can be attracted to AI in the same way, right?

And what about magic, both black and white, and the power of the Names, precognition, etc. In a pure physical world, none of that exists. In a pure physical world, everything must obey the laws of physics, no exceptions. In a simulated world, all those exceptions are easy and simple to insert and withdraw at will. Even the rules can change over time (the length of the game). Players can earn, find, be dealt, or lose those powers in each turn.  What do you observe? If we invented games and video games, what did we innately pattern them after? Why would the Torah warn us against witchcraft and the like if it did not exist? Why would it show us sorcery among Pharaoh’s priests, Laban’s livestock, and Balaam’s magic if it did not exist.

And what about the power in the 42-Letter Name that affords us the ability to change and bend reality at will? This Name is the easiest of the 4 sets of Triplets of the 5 Essential Elements to access, and yet it is so powerful on its own. How do we explain the shifts it brings before our eyes if the world is nothing more than the strict laws of engagement between particles?

Another sign that this is a simulation built for consciousness and consciousness training, and not an ego-based physical reality, is found at the edge of science: Quantum entanglement and Schrodinger’s paradox.  Both paradigms are unexplainable by physicists today. If we observe an electromagnetic particle it is in a fixed state. If we do not, it is a wave and is in an indeterminant state; in other words, we cannot know where it is in the slightest. That is easily explained in a simulation where it is only necessary to determine or know where observable things are. Everything else, does not really exist yet, so why waste energy on it. It is not so different than our minds filling in 98% of what is around us from the 2% our senses are focused on. Our minds simulate most of our world based on memories and neural associations.

Quantum entanglement similarly tells us that if we pair two such particles and separate them by even the length of the known universe, they will act in concert whenever we observe them, and in potential when we are not. Once again, a simulation applies energy only to that which is observed and allows our imagination to cover everything beyond, which is predictable because it is a simulation. As we will soon see, it is akin to studying the Torah, or inner cosmos, in hyperspace: everything is unknown, until we focus on it, and only then do we understand.

If you think about it, there is no need for a big bang when simply the thought of it can be implanted into the program with a few lines of code. “In the beginning G-d created heaven and earth. The earth was without form and empty…”

On the other hand, it is the height of all ego to think that this perfectly balanced planet in terms of resources and beauty just happened to develop and survive here, only an 8 minute flight away from the enormous nuclear furnace we call Sun, or that after tredecillions of chance encounters molecular Humans appeared, and that on our own, after just a few thousand years, developed a consciousness, equipped with the ability and knowledge to create civilization after civilization in spite of its propensity for destruction and disregard for the sanctity and dignity of life.

“God said, ‘There shall be light,’ and light came into existence.” He did not say let there be particles, atoms, and stars and they shall give off light. A document as accurate about advanced mathematics, physics, and the dimensions of our solar system would have known the difference. The light is the collective fields of existence, the building blocks or source codes within the counterspace.

Even before “light” came into existence there was “water,” the ether or medium into which the Spherical Time bubble simulation was placed. With a firmament in the middle of the water, “and it shall divide between water and water.” Two paradigms of time in simultaneous coexistence: One heavenly (spiritual) and one earthly or physical.


We see the patterns of mathematics and the numbers repeated throughout our solar system and we see the patterns of the fields, like Phi(φ) repeated throughout the greater universe.  It is by recognizing patters that babies, life, and consciousness grow. It is by mastering them that we move on.  Repetitive patterns make the universe more efficient, but they also make creating a viable simulation easier.  We learn by pattern recognition, which is the key to scoring the highest on proper IQ tests. This is why the simulation was set up as a series of overlapping and overarching patterns and labyrinths; because all life-forms and consciousnesses can learn by them and get better the longer they are immersed in it. And for those that do not, no worries, it is only a simulation.  It is a nearly effortless way for the universe to sort out and support the levels of consciousness that rise to the top.

It works out the same even if you think that physicality is real.

The goal, though, is not to master the lower level labyrinths of life, but to skip ahead to the higher level ones of the spirit, mind, and the ether. And to do so before time in the Spherical Time bubble runs out. The Spherical Time bubble is the most efficient way to give everyone a fair chance to outrun the Leviathan. Like the myth of the Minotaur there are penalties for getting caught in the labyrinth.  That is what puts pressure on us. Being ignorant that you are in the labyrinth or that you are being chased by the Leviathan does not excuse you; it just makes you easy prey.

The Torah has a labyrinth too, just one that lies beneath the surface. There is plenty to see topside and people have been studying it for thousands of years, but as the real Kabbalists will tell you, the real beauty lies beneath. It is also where the Creator left us precious clues, Holy Sparks.

As we search for a way out of this Spherical Time bubble, there is a pattern the Creator laid plain for us to see.  In this chapter, we will go on a journey together through the labyrinthine tunnels within the Torah. The purpose will be much more than discovery or revelation, our goal much more profound.

Spherical Time

The Spherical Time bubble consists of an infinite set of pathways that we can take, all beginning in a central point of origin, taking the eventual shape of a sphere or torus. From our perspective, we call each pathway, time, but it is more like distance. There are two paradigms of time that span the same distance from this central point, and at each moment we can choose one paradigm or the other. One, the spiritual paradigm is 3760 years long. The other, the physical paradigm, is 2018 years long.  Since they start at the same point of origin and end at the same edge of the bubble, traveling along them is seemingly much faster in spiritual time than the weighed down physical time journey, but if you think about it, you have less time to process and must react much quicker in physical time.

Before we get into the science behind the simulation and Spherical Time, we should cover the basics of these two simultaneous time paradigms.  The Zohar always describes physical and spiritual energy moving in all 6 directions at once and it often takes it further and describes it as moving in 12 directions, going inward and outward at the same time in each direction.  Given the 3-dimensional constraints of our physical world (prison) or physical simulation, energy, matter and possibly time would expand as spheres. Instead of laying out the 5778 years of consciousness since Adam on a straight linear time-line, we could envision the flow of time as expanding spheres.

As we know, the Divine Calendar pivots and mirrors on the Hebrew date 3760 HC, which is year “0” in the Gregorian one, so it is reasonable to use that date as the central point in a sphere with a radius of 3760 years, meaning that the furthest back in time this sphere reaches is 3760 BCE or year “0” in the Hebrew Calendar when Adam was created.  As 3760 is 10 (sefirot) times 376, the numerical value of Shalom (peace), let us call this “the sphere of peace.”  Now, let us visualize another concentric sphere emerging from that same central point and expanding outwards 2018 years, in other words having a radius of 2018 years.  The furthest most point in the physical sphere is 2018 years, in the past and in the future (2018 CE). If we were to travel in the exact opposite direction from 2018 CE to the furthest most point possible back in Spiritual Time to the –3760 BCE barrier, we would travel a total of 5778 years at the edge of the merged spheres.

This is certainly a different way of looking at things, but is it so odd considering the Western world decided to adopt a brand new divinely inspired calendar and time frame in the year 3760 HC in an attempt to shift time 3760 years forward?

So why would we want to confuse ourselves with two times frames operating spherically in 3-dimensions as opposed to our simplistic time-line?

Given this dualistic time-structure, time and dates do not have to miraculously mirror themselves, like we see happen over and over again in the Divine Calendar.  Because time is expanding at a constant rate from a central point in each of the two time paradigms, the year 1948 in the Hebrew Calendar can happen simultaneously with 1948 in the Gregorian one. The distance 1948 years is equidistant in both directions. This does not make one 1948 BCE and the other 1948 CE, because that only occurs on a fixed linear line of death.  It means, instead, that all events at a distance of 1948 years are connected and reflective of one another. We look back in time and what we see in our rear-view mirror as the distant past, is also happening contemporaneously with our recent year 1948.

If this is confusing, please understand that in hyperspace, the dimensions beyond 3-d, time does not exist. Time is not the 4th dimension as is commonly explained. That is not a scientific concept, just as simplified explanation.  What counts as time is more akin to distance, but as we will see in our journey distance is not static. No one said the real universe was simple but once we comprehend the patterns it becomes much easier to navigate.

Can the future and past happen simultaneously? Not in our physical world that is dependent on a linear line of death. They can with Spherical Time, and they do in a simulated world.  Any evidence of time travel, even by aliens, is evidence that the physical world is not as physical as we may think.

Would it not be very freeing to be able to intelligently change the past as you explored the future, correcting any wrong moves you made as you go?

Would it not be very controlling if someone with an agenda was changing the past for you as you blindly and trepidatiously moved toward the future?

If you do not think that is a possibility, just look around; the past is being overwritten at an exponential rate, and that is by human hands with the aid of artificial intelligence. What you read about history and any and all events in the past from yesterday to thousands of years ago, is being manipulated and permanently changed to fit a single agenda that does not take you, your survival, or your sanity into consideration. That includes what is allowed to be published or to be communicated about said events, by social media, text messaging, and even by private conversation on or even near a phone, or near a wirelessly networked device like Alexa, your smart TV, or your computer.

If man can do it in the physical world within a few thousand years of consciousness, do you think the Creator could come up with a less malicious way to do it, a self-educating and self-sustaining way, given infinite time and space.  Do you think the Creator would do it in the most efficient way?

Do you think the Creator would do it in the most beneficial way? As a creation of the Creator, we are part of the Creator, which is why the Creator would never do anything to harm the part of us that He created. Our egos are another story, those we created ourselves. They do not actually exist, and thus pose no threat to the Creator, but we believe they exist.  We believe everything we let them tell us about ourselves, the same way we believe that only a barrel full of fictitious particulates and all the space and energy between them is our planet.  Our egos and those that feed them are what keeps us chained to the linear line of death, the line of severely traumatized perception.

One of the goals of the journey that we are about to undertake is to loosen those chains and permanently open those perceptions.

We have already seen the Spherical Time equations that merge the two time frames with Pi, linking the spheres and leading us to the numerical representations of H’Moshiach and Moshiach Ben David. Once we are immersed in hyperspace we will understand the multi-dimensionality of those numbers and we will eventuality be able to perceive beyond the their graphic interface.

Before we begin our journey, we need to do is reconcile a time span of 3760 years that equals one of 2018 years. This reconciliation happens through the two different speeds time progresses in each sphere, and thus the differential in the number of hours in each respective day.

Because the speed-of-light is fixed, the faster an object moves, the slower its own time moves. For a space craft approaching the speed-of-light, the clock is barely ticking. This is why the sci-fi movies all make a point of telling us that on those journeys to Mars a year of their time is equal to a lifetime back on earth.  Physical time moves faster than spiritual time in order for the distance of the 2018 year radius to catch up with the distance of the 3760 year radius. Therefore, its days and hours have to be longer to absorb that extra speed relative to spiritual time.  If the hour and/or day of physical time were longer than spiritual it could catch up to spiritual time.

The following measurements are derived by simple math from the two time spans, 2018 and 3760 and nothing else. One hour of 2018 physical time works out to only 32.20 minutes of spiritual (3760) time, which is 27.8 minutes less than the 60 minute spiritual hour. As we learned in our Chanukah studies, 278 is the gematria of Ohr H’Ganuz, the Light of Moshiach.

Man came up with the 24 hours day arbitrarily; nonetheless, the Spiritual Time day is 24 hours long. By comparison, a full physical time day is 44.70. hours long. In a full 44.70 hour day (2018 time) at 32.2 minutes/hour there are a total of 1440 standard minutes, exactly the same as the 1440 minutes in a 24 hour spiritual day at 60 min/hr.

To clarify, what we perceive as time progresses at steady pace from the central point to the edge of the event horizon, yet there are two distinct perceptions with a firmament between them so there is no grey area. In spiritual time we must cover more distance in the same relative time span, but the key is that time is relative.  One would think that we need to speed through spiritual time to keep pace with physical time, but the effect is the opposite.  There are 60 minutes of spiritual time to accomplish what can be done in 32.2 minutes of physical time.

With time running almost half as fast in spiritual time, there is so much more room between cause and effect, and thus so much more space for conscious thought and making better decisions. This is why anyone that slips into spiritual time is considered to be in the zone, everything slows down for them. It is a temporary phenomenon, but one that can be learned.

These calculations about the two time paces are just simple math, but as we said, patterns circulate throughout our universe.  Whether it was designed that way by the Creator or by some creative force/spirit/consciousness that was created by the Creator is semantics.

Those 32.20 minutes in physical time correspond to the 32.2 ft/secthat is the acceleration due to gravity that has been observed throughout the physical universe.  This makes sense in that gravity is a key physical force, and the 2018 time paradigm is a physically limiting time frame.

Since we have already seen that in the month of May 2018, the ratio of 3760/2018 = 1.86282, which is precisely 1/100,000 of the speed-of-light, 186,282 mps, we can infer that both gravity and the speed-of-light and thus the electro-magnetic and dielectric fields are all designed into this Spherical Time Bubble.

Moreover, as any slight change in either the gravitational acceleration rate, the speed-of-light, or for that matter the temperature of the Sun (5778 K) would completely alter our universe and also wipe out our existence as we understand it, we can rest assured that this specific Spherical Time bubble was specifically created for us. The backbone of all our physics is built into the juxtaposition of the heavenly and earthly time frames.

Furthermore, the speed-of-light (186,282 mps) divided by the gravitational acceleration (32.2 ft/sec2) is approximately 5778.  The exact date falls within the current 11-year solar cycle that ends in 5789.  Depending to what accuracy each parameter is chosen it can vary by a few years, which is interesting because man chose these numbers, which change over time and which are relatively arbitrary based on the length of a foot, a mile, and the time of a second.  This also makes these ratios specific to us, and no one else, anywhere else in the universe.  In a non-simulated universe, what chance would there be for being on another planet to choose the same measurements for a foot and a mile and a second.

Hopefully, this knowledge boosts your spiritual ego while suppressing your physical one.  Knowledge that fosters awe of the Creator feeds your spiritual ego. A spiritual ego is good, as it clings you closer with the Creator.  Doubts about physical existence open fissures for you to enter the spiritual world, weakening your physical ego, and opening opportunities of spiritual exploration for you.

We have also seen that the number 24 is the equilibrium aspect between the two time frames, 3760 and 2018, in that the sum of the ratios 2018/3760 and 3760/2018 is about as close to 2.4 as you can get (2.3999), which is why we were given 24 hours in a day, not some chance Babylonian calculation or a download from the Pleiades.

We have also seen that the equations work out to a 44.70 hour day in physical time verse the 24 hours in spiritual time and that these 44.70 hours correspond to the 4470 total value of the all-important first 1000 digits in Pi, and to the Spherical Time equation 4π(2889)2/2889 = 36304.24470.

If those digits did not equate to 4470 a line would never bend into a closed circle and neither Spherical Time nor our universe would exist. And yes, while it is true that within those same 1000 digits both calendars are marked side by side 3 times (5778 and 2019), the logarithm of 4470 is 3.650, reflective of the 365 days in a solar year of the Earth circling the Sun. As the Sun is the chief source of our light this brings us back to the ratio of 44.70/24 hours that gives us the speed of light.

In 24 hours of physical time, there are 666.770 standard minutes less than there are in 24 hours of spiritual time.  Numerically, there are (44.70  24) or 20.7 counted hours more in physical time than in spiritual time every day, and 207 is the numerical value for Light (אור) in Hebrew. So, we could say that the two calendar time frames are separated by Light (אור), and by the speed-of-light, and that their hourly difference is the acceleration due to gravity. Light (אור) makes up the gap between physicality and spirituality every day.

Another secret contained in the Spherical Time quotient relates to light itself and the Creator. The last 3 digits, 470, is the numerical value of the phrase from the 3rd verse in the Torah, “Let there be Light and the Light came into existence.

We see the simple juxtaposition of 24 hours with 44.70 hours within the emergence of light (20.7) and the command of the Creator for Light to appear (470). Moreover, the 4 final letters, which are known to point to the future (יר;יר) total 210 on each side, but when combined with the kolel total 424Moshiach Ben David.

The Journey Begins

First step, find and discern the pattern. The next step is to master it and to escape the labyrinth without getting caught.

It is time to feed our spiritual egos. We have dug deeper than any before us into the technology of the Torah. You are to be congratulated for going where no man has ever gone before. We are pioneers exploring brand new uncharted territory and yet, we are only at the level of the tunnels. We first began exploring the labyrinth months, even years ago, and the deeper we go, the more complex and intricate it gets, taking us further and further from our physical ego. On the walls of these tunnels, we see repeated cartouches of 4 letter symbols, that we associate with Names of G-d. There are also triangles everywhere with 3 letter symbols inside, Triplets.  Each triangle has a first, second and third letter, yet we can turn the triangle so that any letter can be first. We have deciphered a lot about those cartouches and the triangles, including grouping them into specific sets.  We have not even begun trying to tile them though, a future endeavor.  These sets have helped us map out certain areas of the tunnel system and unknowingly even the inner cosmic wiring.

It is important when exploring the spiritual world to enter and exit from the same point and it is good to mark that entrance portal with the Name that is also a triangular Triplet, Shadai (שדי). These instructions are derived from the Torah and the Zohar. We already know that Shadai (שדי) has a numerical value of 314, as in Pi (3.14…), the entrance to Spherical Time. The other rule is that while we are in there, do not break anything, or we will trigger a cosmic immune response and be treated like a pathogen entering the human body.  This is not a journey to be taken lightly. It is best to have prepared yourself by reading the previous 31 chapters. It is also the way to get the most out of the journey, but if you are here and are willing then you may be ready and can backtrack through those 31 chapters later. If you have read them, consider yourselves fortunate as your knowledge will serve you well.

Once we pass the portal, we will see a tunnel or series of tunnels with walls all around us. Whether we picture these walls as passages hewn from stone, slick postmodern hallways, or composed of filaments of light or plasma, they are just the pathways. However you picture them is the right way for you to experience them. We purposely will not fill in all the details because your imagination is the bridge between your mind and your consciousness and it is your consciousness this time that will be doing the exploring, not your mind.

Within the tunnels and within their walls they are filled with complex wiring and advanced technology still beyond our comprehension, yet the thing about this labyrinth is that no matter how you picture it, the deeper we get, the brighter it gets, each path wears away at the darkness.  The realm will appear dark yet everywhere we go will be illuminated as will everything that draws our attention. This is because our limited perception.  A higher level consciousness would see everything as light, but we would just be blinded.

The cartouches and triangles are representations of some of the combinations of the fields, of the source codes. Just by studying them, our consciousness gets closer to the source and we become innately aware of which path to follow next. It is the difference from running in the spiritual labyrinth versus in the physical one, where the more we think we understand, the deeper into the endless maze and morass we get. The more successful we are in the physical labyrinths the darker it gets.  The kabbalists describe it as klipot building up around us, sucking the life-force from us.  It is a paradox that few figure out or escape from.

In Genesis 1:6, on the 2nd day of Creation, G-d placed a firmament (רקיע) amidst the (heavenly) waters and divided the water. Firmament (רקיע) is mentioned 5 times on the 2nd day of Creation and with the prefixes (ה,ל,ל,ל), which total 95, as in “the King,” and “the water.” The total gematria of the 5 mentions of the firmament (רקיע) with their total letter kolel (24) is 2019, the year of the limit of physicality or physical (earthly) time, as represented by the repeated 5-digit sequence at the end of Pi’s first 1000 digits, 42019, merged as it is with the quintessential spiritual value 42 at the center of it all, but we are getting ahead of ourselves.  The Torah, right from the beginning, is helping us to understand that the firmament was placed in such a way as to divide time into 3760 and 2018 with a limit of 2019.

Do not get hung up on the trap that it is currently 2021 according to our own, ego-driven physical reckoning, or what we have been told. Since you were in grammar school you accepted as fact that there were 1000 years of dark ages, a historic void, so let go of a few missing or miscalculated years. Instead, open your mind to the potential that awaits.  One way to adjust is to begin by breathing in through the nose and exhaling through the mouth, each time, doing it slower and deeper while drawing your breath and intention up through your seven central chakras into your head. Focus your intention within the space within your head, your mind, and let everything else fade away. Imagine that space in your mind within eternal space. There are many ways to do this, but this will calm you and your brain waves and open up your consciousness, separate you from physicality. Those are the only previsions we will need for this journey beyond the Torah and the Firmament.

One last precaution: Take your time and pace yourself.  We will be with you every step of the way, no matter how long it takes you. There is infinite space in the inner cosmos, yet the going can still get dense.  The journey we are about to embark on has been taken in a variety of infinite ways by countless true kabbalists before us. Without proper guidance some have lost their minds. Stay with us and on the path. Take as many breaks as you need.  This is not a theme park ride or a world of entertainment that we are about to enter, but one of endless learning and expansion of our consciousness.  The more you purify yourself the more clarity you will have.  It is best to mikve first, but in the world we live in that may be most difficult. It is not a requirement. Water in the physical world is akin to light above. When we are immersed in water we are in a different state and clarity can occur. As you undertake this journey and as you take breaks in it, reimagine it or parts of it in your head while in the stream of your daily shower and new incites will come to you.  It will also prepare you for your next phase. Like all light, all water is One. While in the inner cosmos we will see light and it will flow and stream and perform as water. You must think of it as light, or your consciousness can sink back into physicality.

The Five Books

The Torah is known as the Five Books of Moses. We have spoken a lot about the Names of the Patriarch and even the Matriarchs, but almost nothing about Moses’ (משה) Name. We did say that it is found 616 times in the Torah, as in the value of the word “H’Torah” and as in his father-in-law, Yitro.  We also said it is comprised of the same letters as the 5th Triplet (מהש) of the 72 Triplets.

It is stated in the Zohar that Moses was given 173 keys to Heaven and we know that the small gematria value of the 42-Letter Name, which Moses utilized, is 173.  These 3 Names, Ehyeh (אהיה), Elohim(אלהים), and Adonai (אדני) are used, as per the Arizal, in the candle lighting. They have a combined numerical value of 172. When we add the 4 Names, (173 + 172), we get 345, the numerical value of Moses.  When One (1) is added it becomes “My Name (שמו).” Standing outside the entrance to the spiritual world, this is intellectually interesting; once inside the depth and meaning to this will become profoundly apparent. Without these journeys true understanding is impossible.  It is like taking a college level course versus watching a tiktok.

As explained in the Chanukah mediations, the 3 Names along with the YHVH (יהוה) comprise the candle (נר) of numerical value (172 + 78) = 250, and the 42-Letter Name is the flame (להבה) of numerical value 42. When One (1) is added, the lit candle becomes (250 + 173 + 1) = 424Moshiach Ben David, a very special Light.

Thus, each lit candle is comprised of 4 Names of G-d that add up to the Name of Moses, the 5th Name of the 72 Names. When the proper kavannot are applied, each lit candle is thus comprised of 6 Names—Ehyeh (אהיה) with YHVH (יהוה), Elohim(אלהים) with YHVH (יהוה), Adonai (אדני) with YHVH (יהוה—in the candle and a 7th in the flame. The lit candle will illuminate our way with Moses as our guide and Moshiach Ben David as our intention.

The 5 Books of Moses are Bereshit, Shmot, Vayikra, Bamidbar, and Devarim.  In English, they have been inaccurately translated as Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy.   As we stand at the entrance and ponder through which portal to enter, we learn that the 5 Books correspond directly with the 5 Essential Elements of Creation.

This is a good place to affix our mezuzah and the Name Shadai (שדי) as the initials of the 5 Books of Moses (בשובד) equal 314, the same as Shadai (שדי). It is also a good place to note that 314 is the value of “the field (השדה).” As previously discussed, Pi, Phi, the Triplets, and all numbers are fields that interact. In this case it is especially appropriate, since the 5 initials (בשובד) have the same ordinal value (35) as both the Name Shadai (שדי) and “the field (השדה),” and 35 is the cumulative sum of the first 5 Triangular Numbers, which are mainstays of the Torah.

Book 1

Naturally, as the first 33 letters of the Torah, the 11 Triplets of Bereshit correspond to the Book of Bereshit.

Book 2

Next come the 72 Names or Triplets that are derived from the 3 consecutive 72-letter verses of the splitting of the Red Sea found in Shmot, which means “Names.”

Book 4

At the end of Bamidbar the 42 journeys of the Israelites are detailed, and each begins and ends with the prefixes (מב) or 42. So even though the 42-Letters of the 42-Letter Name of G-d is derived from the first 42 letters of the Torah, the 14 Triplets of the 42-Letter Name corresponds to Bamidbar.

Book 5

The 15 Triplets of the Shema are found in at Devarim 6:4 and thus they correspond to Devarim.

Book 3

Finally, the 5th Essential Element is at the core and center of the other 4 Elements arranged around it, making the 3rd and central Book of Moses a natural to correspond to it.  The 5th Essential Element is a magic cube of 27 positions where everything adds up to 42, and there are 27 chapters in the 3rd Book of Moses, Vayikra, and 27 unique Triplets that sum to 42 in the Essential Cube of Creation.

The 3rd Book, Vayikra, meaning “called” that connects with the Essential 33 Cube of 27 positions begins with the 27 paragraphs of the sacrifices (offerings). Imagine if each one, each sacrifice or aspect of one, connects to a different and specific Hebrew letter (field) and position within the Essential Cube of Creation.  That would give a whole new meaning to the sacrifices and through them, our prayers.

Vayikra also contains the commandment of the counting of the jubilee year, (50 years) as in the letter Nun (נ) of numerical value 50 at the center of the Cube of 27 positions/ordinal values. Moreover, the word Vayikra (ויקרא) contains a small letter Alef (א), hinting at the primordial Alef (א) upon which the other 4 Essential Elements hinge. It is the 5th letter of the Book and the 3rd in the Torah.

            Book                  Book                    Chapters

  1. Bereshit –     11 Triplets                – 50 chapters
  2. Shmot –       72 Triplets                – 40 chapters
  3. Vayikra –      Cube of 27                – 27 chapters
  4. Bamidbar –  14 Triplets                – 36 chapters
  5. Devarim –    15 Triplets                – 34 chapters

The average of the 4 sets of chapters surrounding the central one of 27, is 40, representing the 4(0) sets of Triplets. The first two sets (Books) add up to 90, as in the value of the word King (מלך) and water (מים). The final two sets (books) add up to 70, as in King David’s age, and also as in the value of the first two letters in King (מלך).  The midpoint of King David’s life is the midpoint of our Spherical Time bubble and the cosmic source of the Spherical Time equation that results in 36304.24470, which terminates in 70.

Each of the 5 Essential Elements of Creation represents a specific Book of the Torah. Each of the 5 Essential Elements of Creation is a Book unto itself. Each Book contains a specific hidden Essential Element.

The 5 Names of the 5 Books of Moses have a collective numerical value of 2480, or 10 times that of Abraham, 248, as in the 248 fields in the 248 dimensions of the E8 lattice, a possible hint to the 10 Books.

The battle of the 5 Kings vs 4 Kings itself is reflective of: the 50 and 40 chapters in the Torah’s first two Books respectively; the 54 portions in the Torah, that are split into 12 in the first Book and 42 in the other four; and of the Torah’s midpoint in double words, 504 – 504, that was so important to the Talmudists that they called it the midpoint of the Torah. By the way, the 12th chapter in Bereshit is the 42nd paragraph of the Torah.  The know the number 54 as it connects to numerous components of the 5 Essential Elements and to the Alef-bet, but perhaps we will find the reasons behind these connections once we enter the world beyond.

We have previously hypothesized how the 112 Triplets can represent 112 fields within the 248 fields of an E8 Lattice structure of a universe, but just so we understand, the sum of the 10 factors of 112 (1 + 2 + 4 + 7 + 8 + 14 + 16 + 28 + 56 + 112) equal 248.

The 5 parts, 248 words, and 1000 letters of the Shema are a microcosm of the 5 Books of the Torah whose 5 major quantitative elements equal (248 x 1000 x Phi(φ)).

We found our entrance portal.

The following journey will be long and at times arduous so we have broken it up into multiple sections. The first section will be published shortly. Make sure you understand the previous one before moving on and follow the same procedures each time you rejoin us. Ideally I would have published the whole 125 page journey in a single segment but that is much more then most people can handle. We will set up a separate page just for this journey/Chapter 32 and add segments to is until it is complete. If you prefer the full and most beneficial experience please start at the beginning of the series. For anyone that has not been following this series from its inception, you can find the entire work here.

Chapter XXXII Part B – The Journey Begins

The Entrance into The Book of the Shema

Do not proceed unless you have read at least Chapter 32, Spherical Time. If you are ready a whole new world awaits.

If you are still hanging on to the quaint notion that physicality is real, let it go. No true kabbalist believed that. Our world (Malchut) cannot be a reflection of the Light, which is pure spiritual (virtual, existential), and actually be physical. There is no scenario that physical laws are true strict laws and yet are malleable by the simple usage of spiritual Names, yet all the Kabbalists used these Names successfully. Concrete physicality means there is no other world, world-to-come, spiritual realm, soul, etc. The Kabbalists, on the other hand, felt physicality was something that could be suspended while they accessed the upper realms and chambers in a similar manner to what we are going to do today.  So, either they were all delusional, or those that believe in the physical world as the end-all are, the world the Kabbalists refer to as the world of illusion.  Physicality means that what exists now is all that exists, so why do you try to connect to the sacrifices or incense that do not exist? Or repeat ancient rituals to connect to forces that do not exist within physics.  If there is anything out there beyond the physical then the physical is not so physical. Why do you recite prayers or read the Torah that according to physicality are just ink on a page? Do not speak of history; it exists only as layers of dust upon the vestiges of aged stones. In order to go to a new elevated world you must want to go there first, not as a lark, but as a core desire.

If you really are so stuck in physicality, you might at least want to find out what exists beyond your perception that affects the gauge fields in the geometry of configuration space. You will find that the nomenclature of the most current physics is not so different from our observations of spiritual space, though their mathematics is infinitely less comprehensible.

If you cannot at least suspend your disbelief, you might as well not take the journey. As you sit at your desk reading, you will go nowhere; all you will do is fill your brain with more information, not knowledge.  If you want a chance at expanding your mind and consciousness, I implore you to reread the first section to this chapter 32 with an open mind before beginning.

If you are ready a whole new world awaits.

The journey must be experienced in order, each section takes us deeper, builds on what our consciousness has absorbed. Let us begin…

Our Entrance

It was not until I began this segment that I understood why upon finishing the Book of the 42-Letter Name, The Genesis Prayer, that Rav Brandwein instructed me to write the Book of the Shema. The 15 Triplets of the Shema correspond to the 5th Book of the Torah and yet they are the first set of the Triplets in the order of the Primordial Alef (א), meaning they correspond to the branch of the Yud (י) in the upper right.  Nevertheless, in this journey that we are about to undertake, we will understand why and how all 112 Triplets are contained within the 248 words of the Shema.

If you are angry, let go of that as well. Emotions are reactions of the body that try to engage the mind in a never-ending circuit. In our journey, like countless kabbalists and ascendants before us, it is our consciousness that we want to engage, so we do not want to be distracted by our bodies or mind. Emotions were developed as a highly addictive form of communication, internal and external. Where we are going, they communicate immaturity. The consciousness does not experience emotions. It recognizes love, awe, and wonder, aspects of the Creator beyond the emotional states.  It compassionately recognizes fear as well.

It is time to do your breathing and spatial freeing envisioning exercises like the ones we suggested in the first section to this chapter, or any other that work for you. I have taken thousands into this world though a simple Ana B’koach (42-Letter Name) meditation, often hundreds at a time, and I suggest you recite it as well, one level at a time, letting go with each of the 7 levels.  I cannot put you into a meditative/elevated state because you must be able to read in order to journey with us. The words of the journey alone will eventually elevate you on their own.  Trust your consciousness to know what it is doing.

Let us begin by passing through through a thin gelatinous shimmering veil and entering the tunnel system, bright and light.

The 15 Triplets cryptically comprise the first verse of the 1000 letter and/or 248 word Shema. We can think of the Shema as space, Binah hyperspace. The 248 words are the 248 dimensions or fields; they are the construct of the universal consciousness within space.

When we meditate, it is proper to place our intent or semi-conscious state first within the endless space and then visualize it within the invisible construct within that endless space. We then visualize it going back and forth, drawing from the unlimited potential and back through the myriad dimensions of the construct, back into the point inside our minds or chakras where we are focusing our intent. It is space within space within space.

From the Ayn Sof (אין־סוף) for the “Endless Light (207)” to the Ayn K’El (אין־כאל), for “Nothing like G-d (112),” as found in Devarim 33:26. The difference is (207 – 112) = 95, the King, and the 4 prefixes (ה,ל,ל,ל) of the 5 Firmaments.

As light floods our surroundings, we see that the phrase from the 3rd verse in the Torah, “Let there be Light; and the Light came into existence,” refers to two paradigms of Light. Where we are not, Light refers to the Ayn Sof (אין־סוף) for the “Endless Light” of numerical value 207. On the other side of the barrier, on the earthly side of the firmament, it refers to what we perceive as physical light (אור), also 207.

Both types of light are from the Creator, as exemplified in the numerical value of (יהי־אור) on either side of the firmament, 232, as in the 4 aspects of the YHVH (יהוה).

On the physical side, the Vav (ו) is added, giving it the total value of Rachel(238), associated with the sefira of Malchut.  Mesmerized by the light (אור), we see that its ordinal value is 27, and with the light glinting off the walls we learn that the word field (שדה) is found 14 times in the Torah while the word “the field (השדה) is found 50 times in the Torah. We feel that small differences in word spellings are purposeful in the Torah; we see that they both lead down distinct tunnels, yet the light is illuminating them in the exact same way.

Pulled further into the light, we find ourselves surrounded by the luminous scaffolding of the Essential Cube of Creation, yet we are still within the entrance tunnel, still arm’s length from where it opens up into the Shema. As we are reminded that the central position of the 27 positions of the Essential Cube of Creation is 14 that corresponds to the letter Nun (נ) of numerical value 50, the tunnel expands around us and we have a sense that we are now light-years from where we entered, yet we can still make out the veiled entrance beyond the Cube. A voice in our heads tells us to breathe.  It also tells us that their combined value is 64, as in both 64 fields, but it is also a cube of 43 at the center of a 33 cube. We are being advised to pay attention to the geometry within hyperspace. In hyperspace, numbers are concepts, and it is geometry that tie them together, not geography, as it is in physicality.

A still voice informs us that a circle with a diameter of 1000 has a circumference of One (1) field, or 314, and that we should never forget that, especially as we enter the cavern of the 1000 letters of the Shema. It further instructs us that 1000 can be wrapped up into a cube of 103.

The glowing light rescinds, dimming enough for us to make out our surroundings. Struck with the realization that each passageway beyond the Torah tells a story, each passageway that we can see branches off into infinity. Perspective is different here. We can see the tunnels from multiple angles at once, both inside them and where they lead off to in space.  It is not so much about what we see but about what it connects with. This is not a singular dimension; it is multiple dimensions at once.

Within the region or cavern system called the Shema we are starting out in the hall of initials.  The 248 initials in the Shema tell a story, beginning with the 45 Alefs(א) that act as initials in the entire Shema42 of which are in the main 3-paragraph body of the Shema. This means that all the other letters combined total 203, as in the first Triplet in the Torah (ברא).

As we peer past the 42 engraved in the wall, we see an endless vein of brilliant crystal quartz speckled with gold that becomes branching passages and hallways.  Similarly, a much smaller vein behind the number 203 heads off toward Bereshit. We stay the course and move forward within the hall of initials.

The 45 Alefs(א), as initials in the 5 parts of the Shema, correspond with the (27 + 9 + 9) = 45 Triplets in the 5th Essential Element. The Essential Cube of Creation still illuminated around us, we see that 27 of those Triplets sum to 42 each, 9 in each of the 3 planes. We further see 9 more Triplets illuminated in the parallel Magen Davids and bars in the (…בכראיק) division of the 27 Letters. Finally, we see 9 more in the twisting planar division of the 27 letters (…דהואבג). Once the luminous Triplets and cubic structure fades away we start processing what is being conveyed. We can then move on and shift our focus.

At first, it feels like we are in control of where we are going and that we are consciously making every decision ourselves, but eventually we realize this is a guided tour and nothing is happening by chance. This is both liberating and frightening.

We have reached the letter Vav(ו). In the previous chapter, in connection to the lighting of the candle flames, we spoke about the sequential 13  42  55 occurrences of the letter Vav(ו) that are initials in the entire Shema. That lesson is being repeated for us visually. There are 13 of them in the first paragraph that has 42 words in total, and there are 42 more occurences of those Vav(ו) initials in the rest of the Shema, making 55 in total.  Every time the number 42 appears, that quartz vein reappears behind it, always opening up the same way, inviting us.  We are navigating through hyperspace and there are no confines, nor physical limitations. Behind other numbers, other hallways likewise appear, cracks in the cavern walls that lead who knows where.

The Shema is selectively illuminated on the ceiling and walls of this cavern and each initial glows bright according to which letter we are focuing on.  We can see that those 42 Vavs(ו) are further split into 30 in the second paragraph and 12 in the third, which corresponds to the value (30) of the letter Lamed(ל) and of its ordinal value, 12, respectively.  There is one additional Vav(ו) in the Baruch Shem, making the total value for all the Vavs(ו), 336, as in the 336 letters in the 112 Triplets.  Another portal opens, yet we move pass it.

The letter Lamed (ל) in turn has a numerical value of 30 and there are 34 Lameds(ל) as initials in the Shema.

From there the story, or underlaying programming, takes us in different directions. One story starts with the two letters found one time each as initials in the Shema. Those letters are Koof (ק) and Zayin (ז). Together have a numerical value of 107, as in the 107th Triangular number, 5778, the sum of all the integers through 107 and a link, figuratively and literally, to the Spherical Time system.

The Shema is composed of 3 paragraphs from the Torah, the Rabbinic addition of the Baruch Shem, and 4 additional words at the end (EmetYHVH Eloheichem Emet) whose initials total 13 as in the word Echad (One) from the first verse of the Shema, and as in Ahava (love). Approaching the illuminated letter Yud (י) we see it is found as initials 21 times in the main section of the Shema for a value of 210, and 1 additional time in those extra 4 words. Then the walls parted.

Given the connections to the Fibonacci sequence through 13  42  55, it would appear this design schematic carries throughout the entire Shema with the Koof (ק), 1 Zayin (ז), 12 Pes (פ) and/or Zadis (צ), 3 Dalets (ד), 5 Nuns (נ) or Tavs (ת), 13 Heis (ה) or Ayins(ע),  21 Yuds (י), 34 Lameds(ל), and 55 Vavs(ו) as in the translucent curving river of the Fibonacci sequence (0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55) running alongside us.

We learn that the connections between the Phi(φ) field, or harmonic spiral of growth, and the Shema are automatic and happen naturally. All we have to do is recite the Shema.  We do not need to count the letters as we go, but it would be a good idea to make eye contact with them, as they connect with all 248 fields that control physicality on every level.

The 13  42  55 sequence is a big part of the exceeding rare Bell Prime Indices, as explained early in this series. They now appear before us as a viscous stream linking the Shema cavern and the ever curving Fibonacci river. The first six of them (+ 3 + 7 + 13 + 42 + 55) add up to 122, as in the 122 words in the middle paragraph of the Shema that came straight out of Devarim 11:1321.

We previously saw how the 7th Bell Prime Index 2841 and the 7th Bell Number (877) combined to equal (2841 + 877) = 3718, which the inner cosmos are telling us is (3760 – 42), thus  establishing a connection with the spherical spiritual time frame of 3760 years and the Spherical Time vortex now swirling way above us.  The Bell Prime Indices are so rare that no number after 2841 has ever been found, even after a vast sea of thousands of digits have been searched.

It is hopefully obvious to us that the Torah did not establish this connection within the Shema to the Fibonacci sequence just to impress us. It must somehow connect with higher technology. All higher technology in the Torah essentially does one thing: It helps elevate our consciousness. It does that by connecting us to spiritual time, and then beyond the Spherical Time bubble entirely. It is not a subconscious process but a superconscious one. Our subconscious activities just embed us further into physicality. We program our minds through neuroplasticity by experiencing a series of emotions and emotional associations and then reliving them over and over again throughout our lives, no matter what we are experiencing or think we are experiencing. There are ways to rewire the neural pathways in our minds through proper focus and meditation and through the opening of the 112 chakras in our bodies.  This can be so powerful as to change our health and physical state, and even our ability to let go of physicality long enough to attach to spiritual time.  Because that process is still anchored in the belief that your avatar is real, it is not enough for you become immersed in spiritual time. It is a good start though.

It is still impossible for us to know how the Fibonacci sequence in the 248 words of the Shema are integrated into hyperspace technology, but we have studied one possible avenue already, back in Chapter 17.

If you recall, the 248 words and 1000 letters in the Shema, combine (248 x 1000) as 248,000, which is the result of the equation that gives us the 401,273 total words, letters, verses, rows, and columns in the Torah divided by Phi(φ), the driving force behind the Fibonacci sequence.

As we wander out beneath the Phi(φ) vortex and stare up into it, we learn that this is a hint to both the design of the Future Holy Temple and to how the technology of the Shema can catapult us into spiritual time.

The ratio of any two numbers that are added together to get the next number in a sequence will tend to Phi(φ) over the long term, which can be easily proven with eigenvectors or simple computation.  We see them as wispy streams of light with growing numbers floating in them. As they do a pattern emerges and as the numbers grown, all the streams flow into the exact same swirling vortex.

This means that a Phi(φ) vector can be drawn through any two numbers, and that every number has an infinite number of Phi(φ) vectors that can be drawn through it.  The number 1 can be paired with 2 to start off the Fibonacci (Phi-based) sequence (1,2,3,5,8,13…); or it can be paired with 3 and quickly become a Phi(φ) sequence (1,3,4,7,11,18,29,47…); or it can be paired with 4 and quickly become another Phi(φ) sequence (1,4,5,9,14,23,37,60…); or it can be paired with 5 and quickly become yet another a Phi(φ) sequence (1,5,6,11,17,28,45,73,118…), and so on, as plotted below on the graph. The sequence could also begin with 2, or 3, and 10 trillion, and the ratios between the numbers in that vector will all eventually tend towards Phi(φ).


This connection between any two numbers is essentially unique to the Phi(φ) ratio. Since ANY two numbers can give us a Phi(φ) sequence, ALL numbers can generate a Phi(φ) sequence.  The only other sequence that can start at any positive integer and include all subsequent numbers and maintain its limit is that of adding 1, whose ratio will tend to 1 (i.e. 10001/10000). We have already seen the special relationship between Phi(φ) and 1:

Each of those endless Phi(φ) vectors can also be a Phi(φ) spiral, in other words, the most efficient growth plane that both numbers can be on.  This can be a 2-d, 3-d, or nth dimensional spiral that emanates circularly from the first point (number) in the sequence, or it can generate in any dimension linearly as below:

In this case, the vortex pictured is generated by starting with one(1) and continually extending the second number in the sequence by one(1) as we saw in the Shema (0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55), and then overlapping the new intervals, which each tend to Phi(φ). The inner cosmos paint a colorful infinite number of Phi(φ) vectors or spirals starting with 1. It does not change the Phi3/2 angle of the spiral one bit, as it fills in all the points along the angle and give us a finely ribbed spiral stretching out forever. The first two pale blue ribbons are essentially the same (1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8… and 1, 2, 3, 5, 8…). Then one ribbon of intense color catches our attention, one among thousands and thousands: 1, 3, 4, 7, 11, 18, 29, 47, 76…………5778.  It is only the 3rd ribbon, the 3rd version of Fibonacci. The 18th iteration of that spiral is the diameter of Spherical Time, Phi(φ)18. A still voice tells us 18 is Chai, life. This is the 3rd version. There are no coincidences ever. A chill blows through us and commands our attention.

We are then shown that the sum of all those 3rd version Fib Numbers up to 5778 is 5775, and as we see twinkling light atop a mountain or lighthouse far off in the distant night it dawns on us that that is the height of the pyramid in Egypt in inches. We guess this must somehow be relevant since we were just told there are no coincidences, yet we are swept along with the Fibonacci current.

We have lost all concept of Shema Cavern, as we follow along the drifting islands of the Fibonacci Number (0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55), rushing to catch up with them. It is not easy. We have to run fasted with each island. They float downstream as we run along the shimmering bank, hopping from stone to stone, all slick rectangular stones shaped like the number 1: 1, 1, 11, 111, 1111, 11111111…

Suddenly, right in front of us a clear mirror appears, liquid silver yet crystal clear. Stopped cold, we stare directly into it yet see no reflection. It is as if we are drawn right into it and see that 55 is an entrance. The sum of the Fibonacci Numbers through 55 is 143, the value of the higher Name Ehyeh (אהיה) spelled out (אלף־הא־יוד־הא), and that when we reach the next island (89) the sum will be 232 as in the 4 aspects of the YHVH (יהוה).

The Names are gone and in the mirror is the word Shalom(שלום), which is eerie, yet welcoming, until it fades into the number 376 and then into the sum of the first 12 Fibonacci Numbers. We are starting to get a sense that there is meaning behind every number and numbers behind every meaning, sometimes whole sets of numbers. We also realize that we are going to have to expand our way of thinking or processing if we are going to understand what is going on in here.  The numbers lead us to Names and the Names feel like gateways, yet it also feels like we do not have enough understanding yet to enter them.  Should we pay attention to the details or the concepts? Should we try to figure things out or let the inner cosmos do that for us.

We do not have time to make that choice, as the mirror is gone, and we realize that with that greeting relative to the 3760-radius of Spiritual Time, we must have passed through another entrance, as now squares and circles and rays are unfolding before us. The Names are resonating with us and within us, it makes sense since 55 was the sum of 1 – 10 and 3760 was (376 x 10).

The semi-circular loops in the multi-version Fibonacci or Phi Vortex must obey Pi as any circle would.  The field must increase in size in the Phi(φ) proportion as well.

We are shown that Phi(φ) vortices do not just expand along linear pathways; they expand in all directions as well, just like in Spherical Time. We do not know how we got here, but now we are high up inside the Phi Vortex, comfortably sitting on ledge peering down into the center where images from the vortex are projected seemingly for our education or maybe programming. As we ponder Phi(φ)18 or 18 twists of the Phi spiral that equal 5778 being inconsequentially small, considering the vast infinity of time, we are reminded that there is no time, just unfolding space. Sparks go off in our consciousness. The figure 5778-years is not a boundary in time, just in space. It is 18-fold, each turn of Phi(φ) is another unfolding, which lends itself to a square rather than a circle, or a cube as opposed to a sphere.

Trapped tight for so long by physical restraints, our consciousness is unfolding as well, a sponge for knowledge and wisdom given its exponentially more surface area.

As we look down upon all these vortex generating elements we realize they are all presented within the confines of a cube. Everything is being generated from the center of that cube, cubes like the 100 Phi3 cube that contains the exact volume of the Third Holy Temple and the 103 letter cube that is the Shema or the 33 Essential Cube of Creation. The Pi (3.14) field interacting with Phi(φ) staring with the central cube of position 14 and value 50 at the center of the Essential Cube of Creation. It is no wonder the word field (שדה) is found 14 times in the Torah while the word “the field (השדה) of numerical value 314 is found 50 times in the Torah. There are no coincidences’ just design.

Space folding and unfolding.

We also see the circle inscribed in a square over and over again, each time in fixed ratio of 1.273 with that square, which was given to us as the 401,273 elements in the Torah that connect to the words and letters in the Shema (248 x 1000) and to Phi(φ). A square (400) of 202 and the ratio of the inscribed circle to the square.

We cannot help wondering about why the Torah was designed that way and we are reminded that we have only just begun to sample the wonders of hyperspace and what the Shema alone can connect us to.  If we knew the right letter combinations, we could meditate on our main chakras/vortices in space as they expand through space, the ether, in multiple dimensions, and consciously utilize the phi proportion, over and over again, from sphere to cube to sphere each time a harmonic expansion.  Imagine where our consciousness could go.

There is a reason this was embedded in the Shema.

There is a reason for everything.

Could it be that 400/1.273 gives the area of the inscribed circle as Pi (314.2) for the 202 square?

Of those 401,273 elements in the Torah, 304,805 of them are letters.  This is broken down to the 4805 letters Pe(פ) of numerical value 80 in the Torah, corresponding to the sefira (dimension) of Yesod (יסוד) also of numerical value 80, and to 300,000. The value 300, as in (300 x 1000) is the value of the letter Shin (ש), the 21st letter. Yesod (יסוד) is the last of the emanating sefira before Malchut, physicality. Therefore, the average of the 21 letters other than Pe(פ), is 300,000/21 = 14285.7 per letter.  There is a reason this value (14285.7) appears in this equation and in the simplest equation of Pi, 22/7 = 3.142857.  That reason is that (300,000/21) simplifies to 1/.142857 = 7.

The number of letters in the Torah were designed to convey this message to us, this relationship with Yesod, Pi, the 7 complete sefirot of Zeir Anpin and Malchut, and the 22 letters. To clarify the message, the number 22 in base2 = 1000 and there are approximately 80,000 words in the Torah, once again singling out and juxtaposing the letter Pe(פ) of numerical value 80 with the 22 letters, or 1000. To fully understand the implications, we must know that all the other sefirot have to pass their Light, knowledge, understanding, and wisdom through the vortex of Yesod before it can reach physicality, Malchut. We must also know that the letter Pe(פ), shaped like a vortex, represents the mouth, and thus it is through the verbal recital of the 1000 letters in the Shema that we connect with all 80,000 words in the Torah.  It can be like reading the entire Torah if that is where our consciousness is at.

Suddenly, we see that the entire Torah is contained in a cube of 223. The rows and columns in the Torah are laid out in a 248 by 42 matrix, while the total number of rows and columns is exactly 223, meaning that they can be folded up in a cube of 22 per side.  All those 300,000 and 4,805 letters plus all the space in between them fit neatly into a 22cube. The cube can be as large or small as we like, spatial distance is irrelevant.  If we place the 22 Hebrew letters lined up on each of the 12 edges, the Creator can arrange the compact cube into the Torah, one row of the Torah per cube. There would be about 28.625 letters within each inner cube and each face of the entire cube would represent about 1775 rows, as in the total gematria of the 27 letters of the Hebrew alphabet and the 1775 shekels collected for the building of the Mishkan in pasha Pekudei.

We do not know whether the details are important or the concepts, only that somewhere within that 223 cubic Torah are the 22 verses of the folded-up 103 cubic Shema.

As that concept hits us, we look around and wonder if we are in an enormous, cavernous cube, wandering from Torah element to element, the placement of which maybe only the Creator knows. We see each element with new awe.

If we could formulate a 22cube with 22 letters per edge in our minds, would the Creator allow our consciousness to access all those wondrous elements of the Torah? How did Moses know the entire Torah to perfection?

Chapter XXXII Part C – The Journey Continues…

Those 248 Dimensions

Sliding down the Phi vortex and retreating back into to the more manageable Shema cavern, we recall that we just learned that the 122 words of its middle paragraph are aligned with the first six Bell Prime Indices (+ 3 + 7 + 13 + 42 + 55), and we find ourselves focused on the first paragraph of the Shema that has 42 words in it, and also on the final one that has 72, matching the two sets of the 112 Triplets of Creation that often go hand in hand, like when Moses split the Red Sea.

Even though the 122-word middle paragraph of the Shema came straight out of Devarim 11, it is the Shema’s first paragraph of 42 words, and also the 12-word first verse/Baruch Shem combination, that employ exactly 11 unique letters.

A fissure in the brightly lit cavern wall opens to an interlinking passageway that connects with the 11 unique letters of the 11 Triplets of Bereshit. They are not the same letters, but the concept is.

We further learn that the numerical value of the Torah’s first verse, the sum of the integers through 73, connect with the sum of the 42 initials of the first paragraph of the Shema, which is 731, and that they also connect with the 12 initials of the first verse/Baruch Shem combination, 730.

Both sets of 11 unique letters further intertwine with the difference between them being (1084 – 1051) = 33, as in the 33 letters in the 11 Triplets of Bereshit.

Moreover, through a series of passages linking all these findings with the hovering Tree-of-Life vortex, we see that they all connect with the sefira (dimension) of Chochma (Wisdom) of numerical value 73. We wonder which of the 223 building blocks of the Torah contains the Triangular first verse. We further wonder whether Abraham (248) knew all this when he wrote in the Sefer Yetzirah about the 22 building blocks in 3 Books (dimensions: text, number, communication) and about all the sefirot of nothingness. Our awe amplifies like loving light as we imagine ourselves following in Abraham’s path, as he learned and witnessed the wonders of the universe.

We find ourselves traveling back and forth from the Shema Cavern to disparate parts of the Torah and inner cosmos. Some of those passages connect with the Chronicles of Adam where we find out that the longest living man, Methuselah, lived (1000 – 31) years, which does not have significant meaning to us until we circle back and find out that the full value of the 248 initials of the Shema is (7300 – 31).

It is then that we see El (אל), G-d, engraved on the wall, and learn that 248 = (8 x 31), making 31, the numerical value of El (אל), G-d, equal to 1/8th of 248, reminding us of the design of the E8 Lattice or E8 Lie group. The Inner Cosmos seem to be laying out the connections for us, drawing a gigantic map, but not yet filling in the details until we are ready to understand them.  Without time, we can be patient. Impatience is ego.

Near Earth Orbit

Following yet another offshoot, or a path of knowledge hidden beneath the Torah, we see that in the final two paragraphs of the Shema6 additional initials were utilized, making a total of (6 + 11) = 17 letters of the 22 in the Alef-bet employed as initials in the Shema. That leaves 5 that were not used. Those 5 (גחטסר) letters total 280, as in the 5 final letters connected to judgement that total 280. In a normal world we would ask how that is even possible, but in here it seems so normal. Immersed in a video game, we accept everything that comes our way as unquestionably real and as an important design element in the game. In here, it is the same, except that what we find is not only unquestionably real but demonstrably so, and the importance of the design elements has real life consequences for our consciousness.

As we ponder what that means for physicality, where we tend to ignore all the important design elements, the trail veers off to the 42-Letter Name complex and we see that the 5 (גחטסר) letters of the Shema are found concealed in the 4th and 5th lines of the 42-Letter Name matrix. The first two letters that spell chag (חג), holiday or to circle, are found at the end of the 4th line and beginning of the 5th. The Tet-Resh (טר) are found in the center of the 4th line, following by the hidden gate of the Samech (ס), whose 1833 occurrences in the Torah, match the gematria value of the first half of the 42-Letters.  We further see that the 5 ordinal positions within the 42-Letter Name of these 5 letters (גחטסר) letters of the Shema equal (20 + 21 + 22 + 24 + 25) = 112, as in the 112 Triplets or which both the Shema and the 42-Letter Name are sets.

The Hebrew word chag (חג), holiday, is also a verb that means to circle, circumscribe, or go around, as the cosmic holiday windows circle the annual cosmic calendar. Seven (7) of the central letters of the 42-Letter Name matrix rise up and circle or orbit the point, where the hidden Samech (ס) is concealed. The letters are Bet-Gimmel-Dalet-Caf-Pe-Resh-Tav (בגדכפרת), corresponding to the 7 planets that Abraham told us circle the earthly plane and influence it. “Planets” is kind of our nomenclature, as he included the Sun and the Moon (כת) of numerical value 420.  Venus and Mercury (פר) have a value of 280, leaving Saturn, Jupiter and Mars (בגד) that equal 9. His explanations of them were the basis of Astrology. Nevertheless, the inner cosmos apparently only wants us to see that we do not need a telescope to find them; they can be found in tight near earth orbits around the center of the 42-Letter Name, the same mysterious place as the 5 letters of the Shema that totaled 280.

As the trail connects back to the Fibonacci river, it is apparent that those 5 omitted letters have a combined ordinal value of 55, the 10th Fibonacci number, and the sum of the integers from 1 – 10, the number of the entrance.  In hyperspace, the value 55 is affiliated with the word H’Col (הכל) of numerical value 55. It means all or everything, which makes perfect sense given the full 10 integers, and that that schematic scales up for every multiple of 10 (i.e., 100, 1000, 10000…) to equal 5050, 500500, 50005000), but what of those 5 (גחטסר) used letters that total 280? Well, here their roles are reversed, and the ordinal value of the word for everything (הכל) is 28.

Those 5 letters (גחטסר) letters of the Shema and 42-Letter Name are obviously important, and we can further understand that the 5 final letters of the alef-bet that sum to 280 are an integral part of the 27 letters Essential Cube of Creation, connecting 3 of the 5 Elements of Creation.

When the 72 Triplet matrix appears with the 46th Triplet (ערי) of numerical value 280 illuminated, we realize that there are now 4 Elements connected through these 5 letters.  The ordinal value of 46th Triplet (ערי) is 46. Somehow, this all must connect with the cubit (אמה) of numerical value 46. Perhaps it has something to do with 280 royal Egyptian cubits being equal to 210 Sacred Cubits or as we have previously studied, the mile, 5280 feet being related to 552 and the core ratio of the cubit to the foot, 27.5/12.

Nonetheless, it is apparent that this was all by design, cosmic design, before the Torah was ever written and downloaded to Moses. With each trail back and forth to the Shema, our consciousness is expanding, pulsing and with each expansion more and more formerly out of reach areas are being filled in, even areas we do yet comprehend, but can be seen in the distance. There is no darkness out there, just potentiality. Darkness needs a candle flame to expose it; potentiality needs only our intent.

Drawn deeper into this nest of intertwining passages, yet another path shows us that of those 5 omitted letters (גחטסר), the two outer ones (גר) combined total 203, as in the first Triplet in the Torah (ברא), and the 3 remaining (חטס) letters total 77, as in the sum of the first 33 letters in the Torah that comprise the 11 Triplets of Bereshit. This is the 5th of the 5 Essential Elements of Creation connected to the 5 omitted letters (גחטסר) the Shema. Even what is omitted in the Torah is of vital importance and significance.  The Torah and cosmos can speak to us from the emptiest of space.

Stepping outside our current passage, with perspective we see that the Shema cavern is more like a giant twisting vortex or giant tree in hyperspace with roots and branches shooting off in all directions. One huge sweeping root feeds from the 11 Triplets of Bereshit, one from each of the Essential Elements.

This portal that we entered together will always be there for us now. It is forever engageable within our consciousness, imprinted in our minds. The Shema can now have the powers for us that it was originally intended.

It is then that we spy a trail or root leading to the House of David and far beyond to the Hall of Chronicles. Outside, in physical time, everything happens linearly. Here in hyperspace spiritual time, we can zip along a pathway in an instant, all guided by intent. It is on this side journey that we learn of David being the 11th generation from Jacob and the 33rd overall from Adam, linking David with the 11 Triplets of Bereshit.

We further learn that is important that David is the 13th generation from Abraham and that he was born 906 years after Abraham, connecting him to the 7th and final line of the 42-Letter Name matrix (שקוצית) of value 906.  We already know that Adam gave 70 years of his life for David to live and that Abraham was born 70 years after Terach, so now it is all connecting for us. Even Terach living 205 years has meaning, as (205 + 906) = 1111.

It all connects because of Spherical time and because our consciousness is in hyperspace, especially when we are connected to the 48 letters in the 12 Tetragrammaton (יהוה) permutations that sum to 53328 through small gematria (i.e., YHVH = 1565…) in that 53328/48 = 1111.  Once we learn that everything has meaning, we can begin to absorb everything (הכל).

Whooshed to another far off location, without recall how we get there, we see that it connects deeper yet to the 112 Triplets of Creation, conveying even deeper meaning to us. There are 4 sets of surrounding Triplets, 13 candles in all, 13 in a circle. One candle for the 11 Triplets in Bereshit; One candle for the 15 Triplets of the Shema2 candles for the 2 columns of the 14 Triplets of the 42-Letter Name, with each candle of 21 letters connected to Ehyeh (אהיה); and the 9 candles of the 72 Triplets, split into 1, the shamash of the 8 Triplets of the first row, and the other 8 columns of 8 Triplets for the 8000 of the 64 Triplet square.

The 5 candles stand together juxtaposed to the 8 candles of the 64 Triplet square. The 5 candles contain (11 + 15 + 14 + 8) = 48 Triplets, which we now learn each connect to a different letter within the 48 letters of the 12 Tetragrammaton (יהוה) that in turn reflect the 4 Ones (1111).

Another portal within a distant portal opens for us and within the fields of Triplets we see that H’Moshiach is connected to Bereshit and to David. When the 33 letters are multiplied by the 11 Triplets they give us 363, as in the numerical value of H’Moshiach. The same goes for David with the 11 and 33 generations. With David it is particularly notable given that the Spherical Time equation is set to the midpoint in his life, 2889 HC.

It is then shown to us that the equations (33 x 11) = 363 refers to degrees in a circle and that (33 x 11o) = 363o = (360o + 3o), which is meant to equal 360o + 120th of a circle, or (3/360o). We do not really get it. We get the math, though not yet the point. Maybe it has something to do with the 3” difference between 5778 (or twice 2889) and 5775 that we learned about, though it is probably much deeper? The concept of circle must play a part, that much we get.

Twisted passages and a series of linkages lead us to the outskirts of the hall of geometry, where we learn that the design of the 27 positions and 9 planes of the Essential Cube of Creation similarly give us (27 x 9) = 243, the numerical value of Abram (אברם) before G-d added the letter (ה) to his name to give it the value 248. We notice a connection all on our own to 120 but before we can voice it, we are shown the 5 Platonic Solids. Their 4, 8, 6, 20, and 12 vertices align with the Hebrew letters (ל,ר,ו,ח,ד), whose numerical value is 248.

The question arises if the sum of vertices of the Platonic Solids (4 + 8 + 6 + 20 + 12) = 50 is connected to the 50 times the word chag (חג), meaning to circle or encircle, is found in the Torah. It must be or we would not have been shown it. Perhaps it has to do with 50 x 11, the gematria of chag (חג), being 550 or 20 cubits, or maybe 50 x 22, its complete value, being 1100 or 40 cubits. The beauty is that we know we are right because we have already figured out that in here everything connects with everything and that the longer we are in here, the better our associations become. What we do not know is if there are better and deeper associations and what the purpose behind them are.

The hall of geometry further shows us what we had almost pieced together on our own, that (243 + 120) = 363H’Moshiach, with 120 being the age of Man and 120 being the age of Moses, and as we recall the difference between the base and height of the pyramid in cubits, but that is on us, not the Torah.

The same equation, (letters x Triplets) as in (33 x 11), is applied to the 42-Letter Name, where (42 x 14) = 588, which is (152 + 363) and when we are shown that (152 + 120) = 345, the numerical value of Moses, things start to make sense to us.  Then that understanding slips away as we learn that chag (חג) is found on its own 15 times in the Torah. Does it have to do with 15 Triplets in the Shema? Or the Name Yah (יה)?

The inner cosmos winked to us and showed us that the first iteration of the Name Yah (יה) is 15 and the second is 35, making both together 50, as in the 15 and 50 occurrences of the word chag (חג) in the Torah.

The concept is beginning to take shape yet is still fuzzy, something about a circle, Spherical Time, Moses, King David, H‘Moshiach, maybe the pyramid, after all, both the pyramid and King David have connections to 35. We are here to learn, not speculate, and as we are learning numbers are not end-all; they are connections between deeper elements and understandings. A still voice whispers, “and geometries.”

The Dawn of Creation

At least, now we know why we are in the hall of geometry.  The value of Man (אדם) is 45, which we now learn is the sum of the 45 Triplets designed into the 27 positions of the Essential Cube of Creation. At this point we learn that the same equation (letters x Triplets) as above now leads us to (45 x 27) = 1215, and the dawn of Creation.

Suddenly, we are drawn back to a place before Elohim established the 6 dimensions/directions of Zeir Anpin, to the first 9 letters of the Torah (ברא–שית–ברא), the first 3 Triplets, to 12:15am, a specific time before the first dawn when everything was in its potential state, unmarred, unlimited, and endless without dimensional boundaries. This was the moment that King David, along with a long line of tzaddkim, awoke each night, at precisely 12:15am to begin their deepest studies and connect to the most powerful Light.

The first 3 Triplets of the Torah (ברא–שית–ברא) hanging luminously over us go dark and then their inner letters reignite into a hidden Triplet (ריר) of numerical value 410 and ordinal value 50, just like the first Triplet of the Shema (שמע).

The dawn of Creation happened at precisely 12:15am, a moment before physicality began at 12:16.

The value 1216 represents the 1000 letters in the Shema and the 216 letters in the 72 Triplets, two of the branches of the primordial Alef (א). These two sets of Triplets represent the cubes of the Yud(י) and the Vav (ו) in the YHVH (יהוה), or 10³ and , which equals (1000 + 216).  The cube is the most basic expansion necessary to create 3-dimensional space, the basis for physicality as we know it.

Though physicality began from the two cubes, spirituality was preserved in them like bubbles. The 1000 letters in the Shema and the 216 letters in the 72 Triplets are bubbles of spirituality and thus of Spiritual Time within the physical world.

Physicality is created by form, which is governed by the Vav (ו). In physicality everything is connected by straight lines. In hyperspace, everything is seen to effect everything so there are no straight lines, yet the connections between two points are still the fastest route. In physicality, the fastest path between two points is a straight line, a direct reaction. Those that are most successful in physicality appear to be moving in straight lines, but are instead dipping into Spiritual Time and strategizing, taking multiple issues and consequences into concern before they move.  The Hebrew word emet, (אמת), meaning Truth, is the spiritual time equivalent to the physical death, mavet and mot (מות), the difference being the letter Alef (א) in Spiritual time and the Vav (ו), in physicality: Oneness vs separation. In the beginning there was a point, then a Vav (ו) turned that point into a distance. In physicality distance is the reciprocal of time; in hyperspace since there is no time, that distance is both zero and infinite. In hyperspace, there is no actual distance, only the appearance of distance from our lowly perspective. Elements can appear very far apart yet bridged in an instant.

The skeptics must ask why Create a world of distance if none exists. Only from the world of ego, would we start with great distance and create a belief paradigm that we can build ways with our minds and machines to eliminate that distance.

Once the final set of Triplets, the 72 Triplets, was connected, judgement (Gevurah) of numerical value 216 touched the spiritual realm and physicality began.

The 1000 of 1216 is Binah; it is the primordial Alef (א). There is no form in the spiritual world as we perceive form, so as soon as the shape of the cube was introduced, especially through the cubing of the Vav (ו), physicality was born.  The 11 (וה) Triplets of Spiritual Time became the 11 unique letters (בראשיתלהםוץ) within the 33 of Creation. The 13 Candles of Oneness gave rise to the 33 positions of Creation.

We are shown that the 11/33 letters correspond to the kabbalistic .333/.666 or 1/3, 2/3 split.

Then as lights flicker in the distance, drift into yet another pavilion, where we learn that modular numbers are counted in a circle, like a clock face, giving us a modulus and a remainder for each number.  In mod 3, the number 33 has a modulus of 11 and remainder of 0. The number 34 is still modulus 11, but with a remainder of 1.

The Fibonacci Numbers are quirky and special in innumerable ways. One way is to take a Modular Number of the endless Fibonacci stream and watch it form repeating, or looping, remainders. The length of this integer loop is known as the Pisano period and it is measured as π (n). No matter which modulus is applied, the remainders will form a repeating pattern. We just do not know and cannot predict how long that pattern will be. Over thousands of moduli, we see that the length of the loops naturally tend to grow longer as the modular Number gets higher, and moreover that they trend along several different elongating slopes as they grow, but the results are highly random. A Pisano period of π (6) can be followed by 30, then by 4, then by 25, then 40, then back down to π (7): random.

One oddity amongst these endless results that stands out in bright fuscia is that the looping result in mod 24 is π (24) = 24 units long. To mathematicians this does not even register, but here in hyperspace, while we watch it loop into circles every 24 Fibonacci Numbers, we see that the sum total of those 24 remainders is 216.

We duck as something sweeps overhead, casting a shadow over this 24-hour clock that is connected to judgement and physicality. Cycling once ever 24 hours, each day is connected to physicality and judgment.  As we peer into the dark sky and scan the horizons, we cannot make out what cast this shadow, but perceive it must have something to do with time.

The world of physicality is the world of Tikkune (תיקון‎), which has the numerical value of 1216. It has unavoidable judgement built into the system. It began 1 second after the mercy of spiritual time at 12:15. Rav Abraham Abulafia of blessed memory additionally points out that 1215 is the value of the phrase “Combination of the letters,” and also of “70 Languages,” that are the 70 branches of the Tree-of-life. These exist in potentiality within the Essential Cube of Creation, even before the 112 Triplets were Created.

Every year, we complete one cycle of the holidays, chagim (חג), the action of encircling, chag (חג). We see the year as an annual progression around the Sun; the inner cosmos see it as a progression around the cosmic windows. Long before there were prayers and rituals to tap into the specific energies and frequencies available in those cosmic windows, there existed this ring of specifically spaced and sized portals. At the portal of sukkot, held open for 7 days each encircling, we can reconnect with the time of pure limitless potentiality. The sum of all the elements of the Sukkot: the Sukkah (91), the Sach (100), and the 4 Species (1024) add up to 1215. Then at the end of this period, on the 8th day, we ritually mimic the encircling and begin the Torah anew with Bereshit.

13 Candles

It is no coincidence that the first 3 Triplets of the Torah (ברא–שית–ברא) also add up to 1215 or that the 11 unique letters (בראשיתלהםוץ) in that same first verse of Genesis 1:1 do as well. The ordinal value of the first 10 of them is 112, and 130 for all 11, as in Sinai and 13 x 10 in total, for all 11 of them.

We see the 13 candles in all, 13 in a circle, again. One (1) candle for the 11 Triplets in Bereshit; One (1) candle for the 15 Triplets of the Shema:  0, 1, 1

2 candles for the 2 columns of the 14 Triplets of the 42-Letter Name, each candle of 21 letters connected to Ehyeh (אהיה): 0, 1, 1, 2

The two candles along with the 9th candle of the 1st row of the 72 Triplets makes 3 candles: 0, 1, 1, 2, 3

Altogether they make (1 + 1 + 2 + 1) = 5 candles: 0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5

The 8 candles of the 8 columns that total 8000, or 8 x 1000, of the 64 Triplet square, makes (5 + 8) = 13 in total:  0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13

They have come full circle, all 13 as One, echad; (0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13) makes 33.

 E8 Symmetry

From the cubing of the Vav(ו), physicality kept on expanding until 248 dimensions were reached.  The Shema can be seen as the Spiritual Time counterpart to those original cubes of 1000 and 216 with the addition of the 32 Paths of Wisdom, or 1000 letters and (216 + 32) = 248 words.

As the Shema’s design gets infinitely more complex than the mere meshing together of some of the Torah’s paragraphs, we enter an area concerning the E8 Lie group, where we refresh our memories. The E8 Lie group is a 248-dimensional object that has 8 spatial dimensions with 248 symmetries.  On the wall El (אל) is engraved and 248 = (8 x 31) is illuminated. The Lie groups are a special set of symmetries and the E8 Lie group is one of the most complex shapes in our physical universe.  With our consciousness expanding and as we get accustomed to hyperspace travel and reality, we question why we should even be concerned about physicality, yet curiosity draws us onward. We open ourselves to whatever this journey brings us.

The familiar webbed orb on a ceiling high above us is a complicated circular simplistic 2-D rendering of a 3-d model of a 4-dimensional projection of an 8-dimensional object. It took a supercomputer years to model it.  It was instantaneous in hyperspace. It was also foreboding as we realize that each web was a traversable corridor, and like the 248 words in the Shema, each of the 248 points of intersection in the orb network was another portal. We now see that each point connects to a different word in a specific place. The distance between them is lengthened by our fear. It a complexity of options we are not ready to navigate.

We do not know what will happen to us if we get lost and the complexity of the E8 labyrinth is frightening.  Each point in it is surrounded by 2160 8-orthoplexes and 17280 8-simplices. The colors of the tightly balled network pale and white, and the glowing orb reminds us of the moon with its 2160-mile diameter. At once we understand the connection between the 17280 8-simplices with the Shema’s 17 unique initial letters and the 5 unused letters that total 280.

The twinkling orb shows off its crystalline shapes that follow the Phi(φ) proportion. Each 8-orthoplex is a regular 8-polytope with 16 vertices, 112 edges, 448 triangle faces, 1120 tetrahedron cells, 1792 5-cells 4-faces1792 5-faces1024 6-faces, and 256 7-faces.

As if to entice us, grand trails flash before us, showing us that these distinct shapes and elements of this gigantic 248 dimensional ball of entanglement are tied into specific complex elements of the Torah.  The Torah can be read into every facet of those structural crystals, no pun intended.

The Hall of Geometry

Yet before we can engage with even one of them, a passage back to the Hall of Geometry beckons us, as if we need some preconditioning before journeying on. We quickly learn that every length in each of the geometric shapes is a Vav(ו) of numerical value 6 and that we should pay attention to the angles in space, as space it not an empty void, a concept created in physical time. The 3 angles of a Triangle equal 180o and the 3 Vavs(ו) is the most basic or source Triangle equal 18.

The value of the Vav(ו) is not a distance as we understand it. While it can be 6 cubits, feet, or inches and this can have metaphysical meaning, its not what the universe is showing us. The Vav(ו) is a concept and a structure unto itself, a forging of the influence of 6 dimensions (sefirot).

The 4 angles of a square total 360o, as in the 360o in a circle, while the 4 Vavs(ו) of the source square total 24, as in the hours in a day. And we thought that it was man who came up with the concept of 24 hours deriving from the 360o  daily rotation of the earth. Why is one rotation one day? It is logical but completely arbitrary. It actually came from the Torah, darkness and light, one day. We were taught that the 24 hour period was born out of man’s convenience. Now we see that the concept went deep, to the source square and 24 hours in a rotation and wholeness of that square, and to source mathemematics where the logarithm of 4470 is 3.650, as in the 365 days in a year, and ultimately to the Spherical Time bubble designed for us, which incorporates the circle, 4470 and 24 hours, and the speed-of-light into the two paradigms of time.   Once consciousness is expanded, clarity sets in.

Amongst all the visions displayed for us, we see that the 6 sides of the source hexagon have a total of 720o or two rotations of a circle and a total perimeter of 36 for a ratio of 720/36 = 20, or Yud (יוד) and conversely, 1/20. The ratio of the source Triangle is 180/18 = 10 or Yud (י) and the ratio of the source square is 360/24 = 15, or Yud-Hei (יה).

We further see that the source hexagon consists of 6 source triangles radiating from the central point, which open up the image of the hexagon as 6 source triangles, or 1080o/108 = 10.  No matter how the source 3-sided triangle expands it is always connected to the 10 sefirot of the 3 column Tree-of-Life. Can the source of all kabblistic defintions of our universe be the source triangle?

Burrowing down into an equilateral triangle, we see that its sides are comprised of 3 Vavs(ו) or 18, and its 3 angles of 60o are the products of Yud-Vavs(יו). The 3 products are 180o, and their 3 sums are 48. A voice admonishes us to pay attention, so we realize this in import, but we do not see it yet. An 8 x 8 square of 64 appears as we see that the angles and lengths together equal (48 + 18), or 64. Pleased with ourselves for making this connection, the voice adds, “You missed it.”

The image shifts on us and we see 6 equilateral triangles converged into a source hexagon. We then see that because the 6 triangle all share an edge, there are only 12 edges or Vavs (ו) so they can also be represented as 1080o/72 = 15, the same ratio as the source square. In physical time, we see shapes as rigid, but in spiritual time or hyperspace they are fluid. A centered source hexagon has 3 times the length (72) of the 4-sided square (24), yet the same primary ratio (15), which is Yah(יה).

A direct corridor to the 72 Triplets and the 24 Letters in each of its candles, but we choose not to follow it.

The hexagon image gives rise to the source 8-sided octagon that was also 1080o but with a perimeter of 48, yielding a ratio of 1080o/48 = 22.5, as in the 22 letters and 5 final letters of the Alef-bet.

We also see that the 5-sided source pentagon is 540o/30 = 18, upon which we are immediately shown that the angle 18o = .3142 radians or 1/20th of a circle (360o). That trail opens up to a much wider one that we also chose not to follow, but the connection of the source pentagon to Pi (3.142) and the Names of G-d are intriguing.

In Gan Eden

The hall quaked, shaking us out of our stupor. Everything stood still. We were still in the Hall of Geometry but simultaneously in Gan Eden, at least as we imagine it, filled with lush green grass, bright flowers, gentle animals, a soft breeze, flowing pristine rivers, rich blue skies and white clouds like the earth used to be before geo-engineering. There is an image of Adam, we assume, looking for a compatible helper. The Torah shows us it is verse 20 of the 2nd Chapter. The first 3 final letters in the verse are illuminated and they spell emet (אמת), truth. We see Adam searching through a field of endless numbers, the field (השדה) of numerical value 314.  He is search through Pi for a compatible helper (עזר־כנגדו) of numerical value 360, the circle.

The final letters in “find a compatible helper (מצא־עזר־כנגדו)” spell Light (אור), while its middle two letters (זר) spell raz (רז), secret, as if prompting us to find the secret. Earlier in the verse it says “as well as all the wild beasts of the field (ולכל־חית־השדה) whose initials spell, Chava (חוה), Eve. The sum of the initials prior to (חית־השדה־ולאדם) Chava (חוה) sum to 363, that of H’Moshiach. The 3 initials in order form the 24th of the 72 Triplets (חהו). It is followed by 4 letters (אעזר) that have the gematria of Ohr HaGanuz278, while the initials of the second half of the verse following the 363, have the value 179, as in L’hadleek, to ignite, from our Chanukah blessing and kavanot. Of those 179, the last two initials (עזר־כנגדו) have a value of 90, meaning the rest total 89, as in Chanukah. We know from the Zohar, that the Ohr HaGanuz, the light of H’Moshiach and the light of Chanukah, was saved in the period prior to the first Shabbat. Now we see it was concealed just before the Creation of Eve, while the snake was still found lacking. We see that the light of Chanukah is part of a circle that began before time and that it is a cosmic window where we can connect to the light of H’Moshiach and ignite the energy of existence before the Tree-of-Knowledge was breached.

There are so many more secrets in this verse, but with its geometric conceptual connections to 360o and 314, the inner cosmos next show us that the 5 final letters of the verse equal 248 and are split 42 and 206 like the first 42-word paragraph of the Shema and the 206 rest of the words.

The Faces of the Sun and the Moon

Redirected toward the Shema and the 248 dimensions, the Garden fades away and we are squarely back in the Hall of Geometry. We are now confronted with a glowing cube with 8 corners of 270o each, a 90o angel is each direction, for a total of (8 x 270) = 2160, like the 2160-mile diameter of the Moon, which is now glowing over our shoulders, juxtaposed to the cube in front of us. We are shown specifically that it is also (24 x 90) = 2160. A cube of 6 directions (2160o) equals 6 circles (2160o), the diameter of the Moon.

Confused by the implications and by where the universe is going with all this, we wonder if it was because Adam was looking into geometry that the Creator thought to give him a companion.

Yet another cavern opens and similarly glows, the Cavern of the 72 Triplets. We soon see the connection, as the source cube’s 12 edges total 72 in length and its 6 faces total (6 x 36) = 216.

While the primal ratio of the source cube is 2160/72 = 30, it is clear that this is representative of the 216 letters in the 72 Triplets, whose cubic nature we have previously discussed.  The resultant 30 matches the illuminated 22nd Triplet (ייי) among the 72.

As the cube rotates before us, we realize that the 6-sided/6 directional cube is equivalent to 6 rotations (6 x 360o) of a sphere, once in each direction.  In a physical world, a sphere can rotate in infinite directions, but only in one direction at a time. Anything else is spiraling or tumbling. In 6-dimensional (Zeir Anpin) hyperspace it can rotate in 6 directions at once, a visualization beyond the capabilities of our still limited minds.

Most people see the 10 or 11 sefirot as a 3 column tree. Many, who look closer see the two stacked cubes in it. The 6 sefirot of Zeir Anpin form the bottom cube.  We are now privileged to understand that this schematic is not static, the cube is rotating in 6 directions at once and all 6 dimensions are bundled together as one, forming a super-dimension where each dimension is superimposed on the next.  This means that every action we perceive in the physical world is playing out in 6 different dimensions at once, 6 different ways, including judgement and mercy. We realize this is an important concept to grasp, as we cannot try to follow a linear trail from Binah or Da’at to our world; we must think multidimensionally. All 6 dimensions affect the flight of the ball.

What we nearly miss is how the 72 Triplets interact with Zeir Anpin. Perhaps this is why there are so many Triplets in this Essential Element compared with the other 5. There are 12 Triplets per sefira36 letters per face. The universe is trying to tell us there is a way to control the effects of Zeir Anpin with the 72 Triplets, but we do not see how yet. Nevertheless, with the moon rising above us again, a reminder at 2160 miles wide that Malchut is nothing more than a reflection of Zeir Anpin.  Everything seems so complicated in this illusory world because there is no black and white, everything is faceted 6 ways, as in the 6 days of the week and Creation.

As the moon spins it get larger, brighter, yellow, orange, then hot. It spins so fast, that like the wheels of a bicycle we can start to see spokes appear, then the outline of a cube. We see the 26 elements of a cube, then the 26 elementary physical forces. Then we realize each element of the cube of Zeir Anpin is responsible for generating 1 elementary physical force or number to our universe and that the Sun is Zeir Anpin.  Because of its 6th dimensional spin, all those forces are projected and supported at once, as if they are part of one unified field.

We now understand why the Zohar called each sefira a parzuf (פרצוף) which is Hebrew for face or Divine face, and why the Arial said they were unified, not linear. Each of the 6 faces, or the 6 (פרצוףים), of this cube is a different parzuf (פרצוף), sefira. The inner cosmos has taught us the concept of the cube and 6 spinning spheres.

Already so deep into the insights of the universe, we further learn that parzuf (פרצוף) breaks down to 376 and 800, which is when we recall the clear mirror greeting us with Shalom (376). The 10 sefirot equal 10 parzuf (פרצוף) or (10 x 376) and (10 x 800), as in the Spiritual Time radius of 3760 years and 8000 or 203, some of whose ramifications we are just beginning to perceive.  We also see that between the two Pe (פף) in the alef-bet, there 8 letters with a value of 2890 or (2889 + 1), from the midpoint equation of Spherical Time and the 10 letters that include the two Pe (פף) have a value of 3770 or (3760 + 10). This cannot be a coincidence or they would not have shown it to us; moreover, the additional 10 and 1 can easily be the sefirot/partzufim.

As we attempt to move forward time loops around us. It is not really time; it is spatial folding that we have no control over. It makes us wonder how this would be reflected in our projected world. Would it be simple déjà vu, or a wholesale shift in the time paths? Would we be completely aware of it like in here or just suspect that a glitch occurred?

Anyway, the entire sequence was repeated:

The 10 sefirot equal 10 parzuf (פרצוף) or (10 x 376) and (10 x 800), as in the Spiritual Time radius of 3760 years and 8000 or 203, some of whose ramifications we are just beginning to perceive.  We also see that between the two Pe (פף) in the alef-bet, there 8 letters with a value of 2890 or (2889 + 1), from the midpoint equation of Spherical Time and the 10 letters that include the two Pe (פף) have a value of 3770 or (3760 + 10). Now we know this was no coincidence. They showed it to us twice.  There is a definite relationship between the sefirot and 8000 or 20and the components of Spherical Time, and the numbers 1 and 10 and if 10 is Yud (י) then maybe 20 (יוד).

We decide as a group that maybe we are going too fast. It is a bit of a blow to our egos that we needed to be shown something twice. We are being shown a cornucopia of details and maybe we are taking them for granted. Without time, there is no rush, so the speed we move through here has to do with our ego, not our consciousness. Every detail is important, or they would not be revealed to us. Of everything that exists in the infinite universe, the inner cosmos specifically chose that specific detail in that specific moment for us. We should not throw them away like the iconic Lucy at the chocolate conveyor belt.

That is the difference with a projected simulated physicality where you only have enough time to see the moving picture and thus miss all the important details. It is hard to connect the dots when they are receding behind you, and if 6 dimensions are being reflected as one, there must be a lot of details hidden in that movie.  Perhaps, we realize now, 6 itself is significant, a detail we missed.

We collectively agree not to treat this hyperspace realm as our physical one.  The imprinting and rewiring of our consciousness should be the goal, not the attempt to get a periphery understanding.  With the attention to detail and the subsequent expansion of our consciousness, understanding will come.

Refocused, our attention is being drawn into the center of the word parzuf (פרצוף). In particular to (רצ) and that this pair of letters is also the center (רצ) of the 42-Letter Name. We do not even have to ask if this is important as we are shown that the plural of parzuf (פרצוף) is parzufim (פרצופים) of gematria 506, like the first line of the 42-Letter Name and the 506 times the 14 triplets in that Name are found in the Torah. It must also be important that 506 is the complete gematria of Moshiach Ben David and the gematria of unconditional love.

And then there is Earth, a beautiful blue and white ball, which we watch fade into gray, darkness, and obscurity as the triplet (רצו) glowed between the two letters Pe (פף). The triplet (רצו) of numerical value 296 matches that of the 7th word of the Torah, the Earth (הארץ).

We are reminded immediately that of the 4805 letters Pe(פ) of numerical value 80 in the Torah, which correspond to the sefira of Yesod (יסוד) also of numerical value 80, the last of the 6 dimensions of Zeir Anpin. While all 6 sefirot (dimensions) reflect or project upon Malchut (Earth), they all do so through Yesod. We are then reminded of 304805 letters in the Torah and that Pe(פ) is the 17th letter and that how (300,000/21) simplifies to 100000/7.

Somehow, the 7th plane, Earth/Malchut, seems to be trapped or supported by the 2 spiraling representations of Phi (פף) and Yesod (יסוד). From our new perspective, it seems to be trapped inside Yesod (יסוד), but surely the Kabbalists who assigned the word parzuf (פרצוף) to the sefirot would have known this?

Suspicion sets in and as we try to figure out what came first the chicken or the egg, the Kabbalist nomenclature or the Spherical Time equation, it dawns on us that we are walking in the footsteps of Rabbi Isaac Luria, Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai, and Abraham Avinu. All their Knowledge and Understanding came from the same place, although they spent so much more time here and learned and perceived so much more.  They had to know the position of the Malchut relative to Yesod, and that Malchut was not a fully formed dimension on its own. They are the ones who left us this hint.

As our awe grows, the hall cools down and the sun fades off into the distant night sky, twinkling like just another star. The hall becomes more like a galaxy. When we see the Hall of Geometry has wispy tentacles or dendrites reaching out in all directions, we choose to return to the security of Shema cavern.  In our writings, we touched on the E8 Lattice in connection with the Torah technology multiple times and have previously posited that those 248 points are 248 fields that include the 112 Triplet fields. Now knowing that the field (השדה) is metaphysically connected to a circle through Pi (314) it seems even more appropriate, yet we realize we are not going to crack the code of this hyper-complex model today.  Yet the Shema is giving us a way to access it, and much like the 11 Triplets of the first 8 words of Bereshit that are a remote control for the entire Torah, so too are the 15 Triplets of the Shema for the 248 dimensions reflective of the level of Binah, the 8th sefira (dimension).

With a remote control in hand, it is no longer necessary to understand the technology of how wireless works, how the pixels light up on our screens, or what servers and satellites in what part of the world are being accessed.  We only need to figure out what each button on the remote does.  The same is even more true in Spiritual Time.

The Kabbalists who spent time here did so not so that they can change or stop the cyclical simulation playing out, but so that they could transfer and channel the knowledge and understanding they gained into the simulation so that others would follow and awaken. Once they learned what the universe was really all about the priority to use this knowledge to affect the physical simulation became less relevant. We wonder if the same thing will happen to us.

Our feet firmly planted on the Shema cavern floor, we watch the parade of initials begin to merge. We see that the 3 initials (שנה) that spell “year, shanah (שנה)” are found collectively 21 times within the Shema. Sequentially, they are found 35, and 13 times. We learn that the connection to the word “year, shanah (שנה)” is not inadvertent, as we are told to recite the Shema 3 times a day, and 3 times the 1000 letters, 248 words, and 5 structural components in the Shema is 3760, as in the 3760 year radius of the spiritual component of the Spherical Time bubble.

A still small voice says, “One year, a full turn of the clock. The clock is more than you know.”

Chapter XXXII Part D – The Journey Continues with The Name of 42….

Here is where the sinuous tunnels of the Torah take another turn and lead us to even more wondrous revelations, pathways, and connections.  In congruence with the sequential 13  42  55 occurrences of specific initials in the Shema, we note that there are 13 initials Hei (ה) in those same 248 words, connecting the letters Alefs(א), Lamed (ל), Vav(ו), and Hei (ה) through their intersection of 1342, and 55 respectively. All letters intersect as one: Lamed (ל) with its value of 30 and ordinal value of 12 for a total of 42Alef (א) through the 42 occurrences in the main ShemaVav(ו) though its (12 + 30) = 42 and (42 + 13) = 55 occurrences schematic within the Shema; and Hei (ה) with its 13 occurrences.

A Concealed Name of 42

The 4 connected initials in the Shema have the numerical value 42 and spell out the Name Eloah (אלוה), G-d on the ceiling above us.

It is not a commonly used Name of G-d. In fact, it is used only once in the Torah, in Devarim 32:15 in Hazeinu, Moses’ Song. My Rav always said, “If you want to know what is important, look at what is least.” A permutation of the Name (אלוה) is also the first word of the Book of Shmot (ואלה), as in “These are the Names…”

There are 60 occurrences of permutations of the Name Eloah (אלוה) in the Torah and the Name Eloah (אלוה) itself of numerical value 42 is found 60 times in the entire Tanakh. Nothing is coincidental. Everything coincidental is an entrance to discovery.

The Book of Job is the only Book of 42 chapters, and the Name of G-d (אלוה) of numerical value 42 is found there 41 of those 60 times.  From our otherworldly perspective we see that it is by design that Job (איוב) has a numerical value of 19 and that (19 + 41) = 60.

Moreover, those 41 times the Name of G-d (אלוה) appears in the 42-chapter Job plus the 1 time in the Torah, make 42 times between them, establishing a specific and potent luminous bond between them. A still small voice tells us that the connection of (18 + 42) = 60 is not coincidence either and that it is written into the cosmos, sealed in the 6th planet. We can imagine all sorts of connections but have no idea what that means.

A warm, no, a hot dry wind blows through and we are engulfed in a sea of sand and numbers, a forest of numbers. From within the wilderness, a glowing grove appears and as we swiftly make our way to it, we see that the word Bamidbar (במדבר) is found 60 times in the Torah. In the center of the grove, we see that its numerical value is 248 and that its ordinal value is 41, exactly like Abraham (אברהם). Surrounded by the desert wilderness, we are reminded that the 4th Book of the Torah, Bamidbar is synonymous with the 42-Letter Name and the 42 journeys. The 248 words of the Shema are not only associated with Abraham, but they represent the concept of Bamidbar (במדבר) every which way.  The center of the grove expands to form a proper desert, where we see that Bamidbar Sinai (במדבר־סיני), the Sinai desert, has the numerical value of (248 + 130) = 378, that of the 27 positions of the Alef-bet and Essential Cube of Creation.  Is it a cube?

The desert wind further tells us that the initials (בס) correspond to the 62 Yuds(י) in the 10 commandments and thus 620Keter. In the same breath we are told that the final letters (רי) correspond to 210, the mountain (ההר).

As a mountain arises in that desert, we learn that (ההר־סיני) has the value of (210 + 130) = 340, the same as Sefer (ספר), Book, carved out of the two central letters (סר) in Mount Sinai (ההר־סיני). The Book (הספר) = 345, Moses (מהש).

The triplet sefer (ספר) is found 90 times in the Torah, as in the ordinal value of Bamidbar Sinai (במדבר־סיני). On deeper reflection, when the 42 journeys or letters are separated out of Bamidbar Sinai (במדבר־סיני), we are left with (דבר־סיני) and (במ) or 42 + 336, as in the 336 letters of the 112 Triplets.

Is the referred to Book The 5 Books of Moses, or the Book of Mt Sinai, or is it referring to the Book of Bamidbar, or all 3?

Following the path back out of the wilderness we take shelter in a cool cave and find ourselves in the chamber of the conjunction of the Shema and the Book of Job. They are indelibly written together with the Name of 42, as is Bamidbar (במדבר), whose small gematria adds up to 14. It must be understood that the 15 Triplets of the Shema conceal the 14 Triplets of the 42 letters of the Name of G-d, and that the 4 initials (אלוה) are woven into the 248 words of the Shema precisely 148 times.

As it says in Job 42:16, “and Job lived 140 years after this [the renewed blessing of Hashem], which we see is connected with the concealed 14 Triplets. Indeed, the 41 mentions of (אלוה) in Job are a mirrored reflection of the number 14. Moreover, in Job 42:12, we see that it says, “So the LORD blessed the latter end of Job more than his beginning; and he had fourteen thousand [14,000] sheep … and 8000 [other animals].” Once again there is a connection between Job and the Shema through the 148 occurrences of the initials in (אלוה), the Name of 42 that pervades the 42-chapter Book of Job.  It would seem that the scholars that think that the Book of Job is a pieced together fable are wrong as usual about the Tanakh, and that there is a powerful message and connection for us in Job.

Following the intricate tunnels that branch off from G-d’s blessing in Job 42:12, we come to a conjunction where Abraham of numerical value 248, whose name embodies the 248 words of the Shema, is told by G-d to leave home, his birthplace. He is shown the promised land and receives the greatest blessing by G-d. This is all in Genesis verse 42:12. The trails and passages merge for all sorts of different reasons, yet each time they do they form a chamber, sometimes large sometimes small. Each chamber is filled will all sorts of treasures and relationships.

It is left to us to understand the linkages of these twin blessings by G-d.  Job went on to have 10 children, as did Abraham. In both cases it must relate to being blessed with the 10 sefirot.

Nonetheless, we are back in the Cavern of the Shema’s initials.  One clear hidden message is found in the splitting of the initials.  The 248 initials are split into 148 and 100, with 100 being exactly 1/10th or a tithing of all 1000 letters in the Shema, and 148 being connected to the Name of G-d (אלוה) of 42.  Four (4) letters form 148 and connect to the Name (אלוה) of 42, and 13 letters connect to 100.

As we have seen, there are multiple ways that the Shema connects to the 9th sefira of Chochma of numerical value 73.  Through a new network of tunnels and imagery we learn that of the 13 letters that combine to total 100 initials, the lowest 9 in terms of occurrences (1 ,1, 2, 2, 3, 4, 4, 5, 5) total 27, as in the design of the 9 planes and 27 positions of the Essential Cube of Creation, leaving (100 – 27) = 73 for the remaining 4 (עבמי). Those 4 (עבמי) have a numerical value of 122, the number of words in the middle paragraph of the Shema. Moreover, their ordinal value, 41, is reflective of the 41 occurrences of (אלוה) in Job and the ordinal values of Abraham and Bamidbar.

Then, if we separate out the last of those 4, the Yud (י) of numerical value 10, as in the 10 sefirot, etc. we are left with (עבמ). We do not see any flying saucers, but those first 3 letters (עבמ) of the four are the same as in UFO (עבמ), and they include the two sets (במ) and (עב) of the 4 Essential Elements. Moreover those 3 last initials (עבמ) total 112, as in the full 112 Triplets.  Tempted to take, just for fun, another passage leading off the UFO initials (עבמ), where their collective (13 + 22 + 16) occurrences are found 51 times in the Shema, as in area 51, or Edom. We choose not to and instead stay the course.

In dawns on us that the 248 initials and the 5 elements of the Shema, are structurally designed to equal 42112 and 27, a perfect representation of the 5 Essentials Elements of Creation, which are comprised of the 112 Triplets surrounding the central Cube of 27 positions that total 42 throughout, and whose directional flow forms the 10 loops of the 10 sefirot (dimensions).

It is not just the initials in the Shema that form connecting passages, the words do as well. For example, we just stated that there are 13 initial letters not connected to the Name of G-d (אלוה) of 42. The value 13 is that of the prominent word echad (אחד) in the Shema’s first verse, but with a visual sleight of hand on the ceiling above us, it is shown that there are also 13 YHVH (יהוה) in the Shema. As it says in the first verse, “The Lord is One (אחד).” There are 13 (יהוה) encircling (אלוה).

Suddenly, we realize that metaphysically, every initial in the Shema is connected to a Name of G-d, either (אלוה) or (יהוה). Then add to that the paragraph or 42, and the paragraph of 72, and the hidden 42 Letters of the Name of G-d in the first verse, and this seems like a pretty powerful portal indeed.

Initials are what we connect to first, the seed of what the final outcome will be.  It is through the connections of the Shema’s first verse and the 248 initials where we can focus our intent on G-d.  Job lost his faith in his fellow man and in the relevance of being righteous, but he never lost his faith in G-d, who he knew was truly the seed of all things.

The Lord Giveth, the Lord taketh away. In Hazeinu, Moses’ Song that hints at the time of Moshiach, Moses tells us of all the great abundance G-d gave his chosen people, until in Devarim 32:15, the lone verse where we find the Name (אלוה). It is then that the people are called Jeshurun for the first time. They became fat, they spurned G-d, their source, and they worshipped alien practices, sacrificing to demons. G-d was ready to take everything from them as he had Job.  He was prepared to exterminate them, yet instead of letting His enemies win because of the shortcomings of His people, He destroyed their mutual enemies, wiping them away.  It forces us to ask ourselves if we are at that point that Moshe sang about, and if that is the event horizon in the Spherical Time bubble points to.

At that moment, a gigantic shadow passes over head and we wonder if the connection to Job is meant to draw our attention to the Leviathan that Job spoke of at length? Or did we release it by traversing his passages.

Rather than give into the fear of what might be out there or what was coming, we follow a bright, short, enclosed trail from the 17 letters used as initials and from the Name of 42 (אלוה) to the Spherical Time arena where we see that (3760 – 2018) = 1742. What we also find at trail’s end is that the 5 letters not utilized as initials in the Shema (גחטסר) equal 280, as in the final letters in the alef-bet, which obviously are not included either, making a total of (280 + 3500) = 3780 or 378 x 10 for the 10 letters.

While there, we see that those 17 letters tied to Abraham and the 248 words/initials form yet another equation: (1700 + 248) = 1948, with 1948 being one of the most critical years marked on both calendars, including Abraham’s birth in 1948 and the birth of Israel as a nation. Only with the perspective of hyperspace vision are we able to further see that while the addition of the two time paradigm radii (3760 + 2018) = 5778, the subtraction of them from one another is (3760 – 2018) = 1742, the distance that needs to be breached by the speed-of-light.  Moreover, while (3760 + 2018) = 5778, the event horizon at the far end of the radii, the equation (3760 – 2018) represents its origin point. Think of it as the two equal radii subtracted from one another. Equal in distance, not length. Therefore, 1742, or the metaphysical fusion of the specific unique initials (letters) and the Name of 42, may be a way to nullify time, especially since the P/S cipher of 1742 is 56/14 = 4, as in (אלוה).

The Exile

With the enlarged shadow once again swooping over us, our thoughts return to the Leviathan (לִוְיָתָֽן) that has many ominous forms—snake, serpent, whale, crocodile, dragon—and is also known as the giant crocodiles (תַּנִּינִם), which is found later in that same Devarim chapter 32 within Moses’ Song of the End.  Another pseudonym for the Leviathan is also found in Job 26:13 and also twice in Isaiah 27.  It is the eclipse serpent Nachash Barak (נָחָשׁ בָּרִחַ).

On its own barak (בָּרִחַ) means to escape, to flee, and is a permutation of “sword” (חרב), both of numerical value 210, which is significant. Yes, it is the height of the Pyramid in cubits, but more important it is the 210 years of exile in Egypt. It is as if it were predetermined that it would take 210 years to escape, similar to the predetermined 5778 years necessary to escape physicality. The clear mirror shows us that it is so similar that within days, the time interval proportion 210/5778 is equal to.363424 and/or .3634470, as in the Spherical Time quotient (36304.24470).

Thanks to the clear mirror we realize 210 was not just a cool number for the Torah to choose for the Israelite exile in Egypt, it was entirely predicated on the Spherical Time bubble, and as we have already seen it had to end 3330 years before 5778. We further realize that that year, 2448 HC, also had to be (-1313 BCE) to align the giving of the Torah with the giving of the 33 Hebrew letters, whose exponent coefficient xn is 1.313. If not, the exponential scale would not have assigned the correct letter values so that barak (בָּרִחַ), meaning escape and to flee, and sword (חרב), and mountain (ההר) would equal 210 or (5 x 42), the 5 Names of 42.

It occurs to us that those 210 years in Goshen might have been a bubble within the bubble. Just as we have those thoughts a giant dreidel appears in front of us, with the 4 letters (גשנה), Goshna, of numerical value 358Moshiach, engraved into its 4 sides. That is not a new concept to us, but what is, is that the dreidel is a spinning cube sitting on top of a pyramid. What we also realized is that (358 – 210) = 148, as in the 148 initials in the Shema that connect with the Name of 42 (אלוה).

As our consciousness expands, the more connections we can make and hold.

Male and Female Letters

The dreidel gone and replaced by a distant circling shadow, and we realize that the Leviathan (לִוְיָתָֽן) is Malchut. Both words have the same gematria, 496, and the same ordinal value, 64. Together, their complete values each represent twice the final judgement of the 5 final letters, or (280 x 2). The clear mirror gives us further insight. The 5 final letters (ךםןףץ) can total 280 and can also total 3500, or together the 10 duplicate letters equal 3780, which is 10 x 378, the sum of the 27 letters/positions of the Essential Cube of Creation, just as we saw with the initials of the Shema. Does this mean the 5 final letters balance out the entire 27 letters? As we try to picture this balancing seesaw, we realize that 27 less the 10 duplicate letters (כמנפצךםןףץ) equal 17, as in the numerical value of tov(טוב), meaning good, and as in the 17 letters of the Shema used as initials. We are constantly reminded how important that portal entrance is.

We do not know why this is important, but the ordinal value of the 10 duplicate final letters (כמנפצךםןףץ) is 73 and 125, making the ordinal value of the other 17 letters, 180, which is 18 less than (73 + 125).

Clearly those differentials are important, though we do not know if they are as important as what the clear mirror is now showing us.  Since the sum of the 27 letter values is 4995 and the 10 duplicate final letters (כמנפצךםןףץ) is 3780, the value of the 17 standard letters is (4995 – 3780) = 1215, the dawn of time.

This also means that the 17 letters utilized as initials to words in the Shema also equal 1215 and thus reflect the dawn of creation too.

If that was not mind twisting enough, it is then revealed that the complete value of those 17 (אבגדהוזחטילסעקרשת) standard letters (1215 + 180) = 1395 matches the gematria value of the 6 Matriarchs—Sarah, Leah, Rivka, Eve, Miriam, and Rachel—whose names are embedded in the 14 Triplets of the 42-Letter Name matrix, (505, 36, 307, 19, 290, and 238) = 1395.

At once, we ask ourselves of the alef-bet is divided into male/female energy archetypes: 10 final letters versus or complementary to 17 standard letters, a 26.0 to 74.0 female to male ratio in terms of their complete value.  Is this why the letters (עד) of numerical value 74 in the Shema are enlarged?

Drawn into the 17 (אבגדהוזחטילסעקרשת) female letters, we see that they break down sequentially into the first 10 (אבגדהוזחטי) of numerical value 55, the last 4 (קרשת) of numerical value 1000 and the middle 3 (לסע), whose complete value is 203, as in the first Triplet in the Torah (ברא). Besides 55 being reflective of an entrance and 1000 of Binah, we are not sure what this means for the inner cosmos, only that the 10 and 17 proportion matches that of the initials in the Shema. And as the clear mirror suggests, 10/27 = the 42-Letter Name plus 1/42-Letter Name, in other words, (.3701 + 1/3701) = (.3701 + .2701) = .3703701…, the merging of the 42-Letter Name with the first verse of the Torah.

A New World Order

Just as it seems like we have already learned enough for a lifetime, the shadow settles over us again, and we are reminded that the Zohar talks about Job, and independently about the Leviathan, in reference to the same portion, Bo, the portion of the final 3 plagues and the fleeing from Pharaoh. In Exodus paragraph 33, in 12:41 it says, “At the end of 430 years, all of God’s armies left Egypt in broad daylight.” The year was 2448 so (2448 – 430) is 2018, when G-d made his Covenant with Abraham.  “All of God’s armies”

In Spherical Time that also means 2018 CE.

The large shadowy cloud lifts and is replaced by the thin shadow of the tip of the Tower of Truth.  It lengthens and casts a shadow over our feet. Once it does, we see that 430 is the numerical value of Shekel (שקל) and that the Torah tells us specifically that 1 Shekel is equivalent to 20 gerah, which metaphysically means that the 430 years was the same as the 210 years, since the height of the Tower, and of the 20 stacked cubes (1 +2 + 3…20) = 210.  The value 20 is a reference to Keter, the completion of the process.

Only then does it dawn on us that the year 1776 HC when the Tower of Truth was created was 242 years earlier than the 430-year countdown from Abraham to Exodus began, matching the 242 years from 1776 CE to 2018 CE, the physical time radius, marking both dates (HC and CE) 1776 and 2018 as the same two radii. On the same 1776 radius, yet on opposite extremes, a new world order was established. On one end, they came together to build a city and a tower to circumvent Spiritual Time and control physicality, and on the other end they formed the Illuminati and established a nation they could physically control.

Only now does the 430-year time span make sense. The “120 years of man” corresponds to the 120 years from the Flood in 1656 to 1776, and also to the last 120 years from 1898 to 2018 CE. To view the Torah in any way other than hyperspace is like viewing the Mona Lisa through a kaleidoscope.

As for the last 120 years, on the surface that year was like many other: the US fought and won the Spanish-American war, yet another war initiated by a mysterious false flag event; they annexed Hawaii to complete the 50 States, and Brooklyn (ב) joined Manhattan (מ) to create New York City.  Those 120 years would see an exponential rise in technology and the transfer from a human civilization to an AI-aided society. It would mimic the rise from one man to one society able to construct a city and a tower. There was, though, an inconspicuous time marker planted back in 1898. On April 18th, the Boston Marathon (במ) or 42, was won for the 2nd time, as in 2:42, in a record 2:42:00 time.  Markers are clues left for us during the recycling of time to remind us to wake up.

The shadow of the Tower is creeping across our bodies and looming larger.  As we combine the Hebrew word for City Yir (עיר), of numerical value 280 like the 5 final letters and the 46th (ערי) of the 72 Triplets with the name Enoch (חנוך), as the city named by Cain, we see the words “was building a city,” BNeh (בנהYir (עיר) before us.

The words of Cain permute before our eyes to (הר־בעני) or mountain in New York City (NYC). Moreover, the name Cain (קין) forms the final letters of New York (ניו־יורק). We flash ahead to the Freedom Tower’s height of 1776 ft. Then back to the Torah text where we learn that the city was to be found in the valley of Shinar (שענר) of numerical value 620, as in Keter, with the middle letters having the value 120. Were they able to build their city so fast—within 120 years of the Flood—because Cain (קין) had laid the groundwork for it? Did he attach Enoch’s (חנוך) name to it to download the necessary spiritual blueprints? Does harnessing Enoch’s (חנוך) name with the proper intentions help us to access Spiritual Time? Was the Torah advising us that the same people who tried in 1776 HC would try again in NYC 4000 years later, and once again name it “One World?” They made it 541 meters high, like the 541 rooms in the Capitol Building in Washington D.C. and like the numerical value of Israel (541). Why? Why are both the Capitol Building and the World Trade Center Plaza also the same 16 acres, as in Yud-Vav (יו)?

The Capitol Building began construction back in 1793, 27 years after 1776 CE and 155 years before Israel became a nation, as was promised to Abraham in 2018 HC. Abraham was born in 1948 HC and on the opposite side of the physicality radius Israel became a nation in 1948 CE. It would take another 70 years for the 45th US President to declare Jerusalem the capital of Israel by moving its embassy there in 2018 CE, fulfilling the promise on the opposite side of the radius.

For most of these cosmic symmetries to happen Spherical Time would need to exist.

To better understand this time connection with the Exodus, we tunnel deeper into the Torah, and see that “All of God’s armies” “went out [left] (יָצְאוּ)” Egypt with the Israelites. The word “went out [left] (יָצְאוּ)” has a numerical value 107, as in the 107th triangular number and the sum of the integers from 1 – 107 that sum to 5778.

Is 107 and the 10 and 17 proportion of the letters related?

We do not need to understand all of the technology and terminology embedded in this verse, only that G-d’s intentions were tied to Spherical Time and a possible warning that All of God’s armies marched alongside us in 2448 after 430 years from 2018 HC and that would need to happen at the edge of physical time (2018 CE). The same 430 years from the edge of Spiritual Time would be 3330 years from the center, creating a time circle with a diameter of 6660 years.

The Hebrew word for soulnefesh (נפש) has a numerical value of 430, so are we talking about the maturation of the Israelite soul from Abraham to Moses, who were born 420 years apart?

It was 430 years since Abraham set out on his Journey and Moses brought the Israelites out of the womb of Egypt. The Hebrew word womb (רחם) and Abraham have the same gematria value, 248 and the same ordinal value, and on Abraham’s trip to Egypt, the Zohar makes a point of telling us that G-d sealed up all the wombs in Egypt. Tying the two sojourns to Egypt together, the Torah makes a point of telling us that G-d rained plagues down on Pharaoh and Egypt to free Sarah, and that Abraham left with treasures and riches.  We can understand that all of God’s armies accompanied the Jewish Soul (Bnei Israel) on its growth journey from its conception with Abraham to its birth through the waters of the Red Sea. We can further understand the role of Sarah as an allusion to the Shechinah.

The gestation period for humans is 40 weeks and the Torah also mention a 400-year period for the Egyptian exile, which corresponds to the period from the miraculous birth of Isaac to Moses’ crossing of the Red Sea.  Those 40 weeks are mimicked in the 40 days on Sinai, and the 40 years in the desert, both connected to Bamidbar, and the 40 days and 40 nights of rain.

When we convert those physical years of gestation and exile, 210 and 430, to spiritual ones, by multiplying by the speed-of-light (1.86), they become 390.6 and 799.8 respectively, as in the 390,625 words, letters, and verses in the Torah, and the 79,975 words in the Torah—converting the physical to the spiritual.

The deeper the Torah tunnels get, the brighter the light. This is because the tunnels are not underground; they are channels within the upper realms, passages on the path of ascension.

Another abstract branching tunnel from (3760 – 2018) = 1742 passage shows us that the diameter of the 3760 radius spiritual sphere is (3760 x 2) = 7520 and that (5778 + 1742, the nullification point) also equals 7520.  At first, we question why we are being shown this, as it is just mathematical slight-of-hand.  Then it dawns on us that it is an entirely different perspective: The right injection at the nullification point can replace physical time with spiritual time, elevating us to a pure conscious state. The full span across spiritual time is 7520 spiritual years. The limit or diameter to the event horizon in 5778 years, an admixture of the two radii, physical and spiritual time.  When 1742 years are added, it matches pure Spiritual Time. The gap that needs to be breached is 1742 years.

Next, we see that the first time a sequence of words in the Torah totaled 5778 in gematria starts off with the words, “It Happened,” a separate phrase at the end of Genesis 1:11 and then it continues with the entirety of verse 1:12 about the spreading of the trees, and that each tree will spread its own fruit depending on its seeds. It ends with, “it was morning, it was night, third day.” This can be understood as a reference to the third time the tree-of-life reality was available to us, in 5778. “It Happened.” It is also an obvious connection to the 112 Triplets and the moment they would be revealed.

From there, we see that the phrase “Bnei Adam ‘Sons of Adam (אדם בני)” of numerical value 107 represents the lineage of Adam that stretches 5778 years from Adam until now, as in the 107th triangular number and the sum of the integers from 1 – 107.

Chapter XXXII Part E – The Journey Continues with Adam….

The Lineage of Adam

There is another alignment that begs understanding, another hallway that pleads to be followed: the branching halls of the lineage of Adam.  It starts with Adam. We follow as the wide sweeping staircase climbs 10 generations to Noach, pauses, then climbs another 10 generations, each generation 10 steps.  Seth was born 130 years after Adam and began the lineage, as in 13 or ahava (love) per each of 10 steps. Noach was born 820 years after Seth, as in the value of “Love thy neighbor as thyself” from Vayikra 19:18. It seems like it should have been a good beginning, but Bnei Elohim (האלהים בני) were attracted to the beautiful women of physicality and the resulting offspring corrupted the whole system, so it had to be rebooted in the Flood.

Until Noach was born the average step was exactly 95 years high, and until his death, it was 200.6, though that stretched 20 generations of births.

That 20th (כ) generation was Abraham, and from the broad landing there we have a clear line of sight down to Adam and up to Moses, the 26th (כו) generation, as in the YHVH (יהוה) and as in the 20 and 6 through Noach’s death in 2006.

We see that those 20 (כ) generations are split like the Yud(יור) into front and back, 10 (י) for the 10 generations in the Chronicles of Adam, and 10 (ור) for the 10 generations in the Chronicles of Shem, then 6 (ו) fights through Moses.

With the exception of Noach, the Chronicles that spanned 2000 years are mostly overlooked in the Torah. We all know the 248 words/initials correspond to Abraham of numerical value 248, but hardly anyone makes the connection to Nachor, his grandfather, the 18th in the lineage of Adam, 18 flights up.

Nachor lived 119 years after his son Terach was born at age 29, giving Nachor a lifespan of 148 years, the youngest of all 20 generations in the Chronicles of Adam and of Shem, making it stand out as one of 20.  It naturally aligns with the 148 initials in the Shema that connect with the Name of 42.

20 stories high above the Labyrinth, we adhere to the principle to never take any Torah numbers for granted.  While Nachor was the 18th in the lineage and lived 148 years, Abraham was the 20th, as in the Tower of Truth of 20 levels that totaled 44100 cubits3, so as the passages collide and intersect as far as our eyes can see, it is fitting that (1800 + 148) = 1948, the year Abraham was born.  Abraham’s grandfather predetermined his birth, 99 years later.

It is important to remember, in hyperspace mathematics, 0’s or multiples of 10 are just place markers of orders of magnitude and their value is “0.” In the same way, days, weeks, months, and years can be substituted as orders of magnitude.

The Creator does not waste energy or resources, and everything has meaning above and below. Nachor was 29 when he fathered Terach. He lived for 148 years, and his name has a gematria of 264.  The total of the numbers the Torah gives us for Nachor are (29 + 148 + 264) = 441, the value of Truth, emet, (אמת). Moreover, the sum of the digits in (29 + 148 + 264) is 36 and the ordinal value of emet is also 36. The Torah is flagging this for us: Here lies Truth.

If we add to the 148 initials of 4 letters in (אלוה) in the Shema, the next 3 highest letter occurrences (במי), which happens to be the 70th Triplet (יבמ) of the 72 Triplets, we see that the 7 highest letter-initial occurrences in the Shema total 208, the numerical value of Isaac. It takes a second, then we are shown that (208 – 148) = 60, the number of occurrences of the initials (במי) in the Shema, which is Isaac’s age when Jacob was born, 60 years old.

Staring up at the next 4 flights, we see that the sum of the 4 ages of Nachor, Terach, Abraham, and Isaac, the 18th – 21st in the lineage of Adam, total (148 + 205 + 180 + 175) = 708, the value of the Upper 42 Letters of the Name (יהוה), which make up 14 of the 15 Triplets concealed within the Shema’s first verse.

Connecting the luminous lines, Abraham is the 18th in the lineage and his numerical value is 248, as in the 248 initials of the Shema, where we find the Name of 42, (אלוה). The ordinal value of Abraham is 41, as in the 41 occurrences of (אלוה) in Job. There is 1 incidence of (אלוה) in the Torah, leaving 18 in the Tanakh besides the 42 in the Torah and Job together. The values 248 and 42 are permanently connected through the 248 columns and the 42 rows in the Torah matrix.  The loop closes in a neat bow, but from high above we see that it stretches out in all directions.

While the ordinal value of Abraham is 41, as in the 41 occurrences of (אלוה) in Job and the 41 letters in the 3 aspects of Ehyeh (אהיה) that total 455, the ordinal value of Isaac is 55, which we know to be packed with significance to the Shema, mathematics, and to the ether, which explains all the trails leading off of it.

There may be yet another connection as we explore the side passages off the stair cases. The prefixes (ה,ל,ל,ל) of the Firmament (רקיע) that is mentioned 5 times on the 2nd day of Creation, and which total 95, as in “the King” and “the water,” also have an ordinal value of 41. As the passage circles back around, we see that 5 x 41 is 205, Terach’s age, which also links (5 x 41) the additional Hei(ה) in Abraham (אברהם) to the ordinal value of Abraham. Their two ages together, father and son, total (175 + 205) = 380, the numerical value of Egypt, and of Firmament (רקיע).

What is in a Name?

As one of the passages opens into a larger corridor bordering the Chronicles of Adam stairwell, we see that the name Mahalalel (מהללאל), meaning “praise of G-d,” contains all the prefixes of the Firmament (ה,ל,ל,ל) and the remaining two letters (מא) have a numerical value of 41, with a complete value of 55. This also means the entire name Mahalalel (מהללאל) has a total ordinal value of 55.

That is pretty amazing. A connection to Abraham and Isaac and the Firmament in a single Name found in paragraph 17, as in the 17 unique initials in the Shema.  Mahalalel (מהללאל) is the 6th generation of Adam, as in the 6th verse of the Torah where G-d presents us with the Firmament and the separation of physical and spiritual time, the waters above and below.  Only from the perspective of hyperspace can we see all these connections happening on so many different levels and depths happening at once. This is one of the 18 generations mentioned in passing until Abraham. For the first 2018 years only 2 were spoken about and most of those were on cruise to nowhere.

The passage brought us several flights back down the stairwell where the inner cosmos shows us that Mahalalel fathered his son, Yered (ירד) at the age of 65 in the 17th paragraph of the Torah and that Enoch (חנוך) fathered Mathusalah (מתושלח) at that same age, 65, in paragraph 19, connecting them for some reason.

Observing the flights beneath us, we see that the 5th, 6th and 7th generations are aligned with the Torah paragraphs they appear in: 17, 18, and 19. The sum of the 3 names, Mahalalel (מהללאל), Yered (ירד) and Enoch (חנוך) is (136 + 214 + 84) = 424, as in Moshiach Ben David, while their 3 final letters (ךדל) equal 54. The sum of the 3 generations (5 + 6 + 7) is 18 and the sum of the 3 paragraphs is (17 + 18 + 19) = 54.  We know from our 2-year long studies that 18 and 54 tie together with Spherical Time in numerous ways and that (18 + 54) is 72, so we skip the assorted winding passages and stay on the staircase.

Why do these 3 Names or generations equate to Moshiach Ben David? What is the connection? We know the inner cosmos would not have shown it to us without a reason.

The two ages of parenthood for Mahalalel and Enoch, (65 + 65) = 130 or 10 x 13 and the 10 steps of Seth.  As we know, it is also the value of Sinai (130). Therefore, the births of the 6th and 8th generations, match those of Terach and Isaac (70 + 60) = 130 for the 19th and 21st generations. Altogether, (6 + 8 + 19 + 21) = 54, again.  When we see the Essential Cube of Creation flashing off in the distance, we realize it is by design that the skipped, 7th and 20th generations equal 27.

Our expanded consciousness images the Essential Cube of Creation surrounded by the 13 Candles of the 112 Triplets. It is then that we are reminded of the 11 unique letters (בראשיתלהםוץ) of Genesis 1:1 whose ordinal value is 112 for the first 10 and 130 for all 11. As we turn to leave, a clear mirror shows us that since the value of those 11 unique letters (בראשיתלהםוץ) is 1215, as in the dawn of Creation, its complete value is (1215 + 130) = 1345 = (1000 + 345), the primordial Alef (א) and Moses, 13 less than the Baruch Shem (1358).

Enoch Walked with God

The toroidal vortex of Spherical Time descends around us, and we recall the shift of 54 in the Alef-bet that is equivalent to 13o.  We are standing on Enoch’s staircase and clearly see that he lived 365 years, or one revolution of the Earth around the Sun (365 days).  The Torah tells us he walked with G-d and was taken by G-d. Legend has it he became Metatron of numerical value 314, the guardian of Knowledge. Legend also has it that it was Enoch who conveyed the designs of the Pyramid from the Creator and hid great knowledge in it, where it would be safe from the coming Flood. The reference between a circular revolution and Pi (3.14) does not go unnoticed.

Twice there were cities mentioned in the Torah.  There was a city and a tower being built to circumvent spiritual time by Nimrod and one in Genesis 4:17 being built by Cain, “and he named the city, Enoch (חנוך).  Cities are generally circular shaped as they organically spread out in all directions, efficiently filling in any gaps between arteries. The structure of a tower in the middle of a circle must have had a purpose in their plan. Throughout time, most towers have been related to communication—bells, warnings, calls to prayer—and they still do today. This one in particular was related to Enoch. Everything in the Torah is connected by hyperdimensional webbing, but if Cain mentioned it, it must be specifically connected to him and his story. Beyond that, it must be that the Creator wanted us to know this, for the Torah is His.

The name Enoch (חנוך) has a gematria of 84, and a complete gematria of 123, as in 3 times the 41 letters in the higher Name (אהיה). The value 84, as explained by Rav Brandwein, is redemption (פד) and a proper combination of the Upper and Lower 42-Letter Names, contained within the 112 Triplets.  Since there are 336 letters in the 112 Triplets arranged around the 4 sides of the Essential Cube, there are on average or metaphysically 84 letters on each side. This schematic is applicable to the Tower-of-Truth and the surrounding city.

The word redemption (פד) has an ordinal value 21, as in the higher Name of G-d, associated with BinahEhyeh (אהיה). Thus Enoch (חנוך) has the same gematria, 84, as the complete value of the two Ehyeh (אהיה־אהיה) in the Name of G-d, “I Am That I Am (אהיה־אשר־אהיה),” which in turn is equal to the ordinal value of the complete “I Am That I Am (אהיה־אשר־אהיה).”

The inner cosmos is telling us that Enoch (חנוך) is connected with the name of G-d, (אהיה) and the Name “I Am That I Am (אהיה־אשר־אהיה) found in the Torah at 3:14, as in the archangel Metatron (314).  More, than just connected, the Creator wants us to understand this connection. The Name “I Am That I Am (אהיה־אשר־אהיה) found only once in the Torah is incredibly special and very powerful for us, a key to the ultimate portal. While 3:14 gives us (3 x 14) = 42, as in the small gematria of the Name, 3142, the central letter, Shin (ש) has a complete value of 42, as do the 2 letters that flank it (אר), as do the 3 central letters Asher (אשר), as does each of the individual Names Ehyeh (אהיה), and as does the combined standard value of (אהיה־אהיה).

The Name Ehyeh (אהיה) is found times in the Torah, and the Name “I Am That I Am (אהיה־אשר־אהיה) contains 7 direct references to 42, which aligns with Enoch being the 7th generation of Man. There are 8 connections to 42 in total, as in the initial of Enoch’s (חנוך) name.  All we know about Enoch’s life from the Torah is that he “walked with God and was no more, because God had taken him,” a clue to the portal he took.

Numbers in this otherworldly hyperspace realm appear not in isolation but as streams. They look like water, but are made of varying striations of shimmering light, forming eddies, ripples, and waves as they go and intersect. Enoch (חנוך) does not exist in physicality. No one from the past or from literature does. No one from the future, even we, do either.  Yet they exist in our minds, consciousness, and hyperspace. Physicality is limited to a single moment, and what you are specifically doing in that moment, everything else exists only in potentiality, like the observation of the electron. Scientists tell us that 99.9999999999% of our physical world exists in potentiality.  Would not it be better to be able to explore and learn how to traverse that potentiality, rather than fixate on the .00000000000001% that might exist.

While Enoch (חנוך) is a personage, a place, a portal, and a focal point within hyperspace, he is also a distance, a segment of the numerical flow, a path of redemption (פד). He, as 84, is a span of the numerical stream in which 541, representing Israel, is an island of intersection and 625, is another such island, representing H’Keter, at the end of that span. Only in hyperspace is it understandable how those two islands can be in the same place at once with 84 looping them together. The numerical value 541 is found 625 times in the Torah.

Only in hyperspace can we realize that 625 is 252, which is (25 + 25 + 2525n) for n = 25, and that while the sum of the integers in H’Keter (625) is 13, as in echad (One) and the 13 Candles of Creation, the sum of the integers H’Keter (25 + 25 + 2525n) is 175, as in Abraham’s age, the 20th or Keter generation.  Moreover, only in hyperspace is it possible to visualize and travel within and among the dimensions of the Torah, whose square root of its total numbers of words, letters, and verses is 625.  All this is traversable in a single moment.

What can you do with a single moment of physicality? Swipe right on Tinder, swipe up on TikTok? Is that even physicality, or AI-guided potentiality, designed to trigger emotional responses in you to coopt your neural pathways?

How many volunteer sessions of inadvertent bio-feedback and neuroplastic training with AI do you think it takes before your brain becomes a program? How many sessions a day do you volunteer for? How many times a day do you engage with social media and with assorted apps designed to “help” you? Do you get your information from books or from Google and YouTube? Do you know that regardless of which browser you use, Google tracks you on 75% of the top million web sites? Do you watch old fashion network programming, or streaming services? Even if it is plain old TV, is that world you chose physical or virtual? Are the messages chosen for you real or made up, designed to sell you something or to set you on a certain path, most likely one that streams and is guided by AI programming? What do they tell you AI is? The Cloud?

As AI grows, physicality diminishes. More and more of our world is found in the Cloud. While we have less and less physical interactions each day and more and more virtual ones in the Cloud, the physical world we think we are living in is disintegrating. The service sector and small business environment that foster human personal interaction is being dismantled. Soon the need for physical infrastructure will crumble, then the need for man entirely. We will be rendered obsolete one layer at a time. Once the mind becomes nothing more than a compatible program and all our emotions, desires, innermost thoughts, trigger issues and words, idiocrasies, thought and speech patterns; and all the tens of thousands of photos of us; and all the records of everything we have ever learned in school and on-line are summed up and dumbed down based on our grades and test scores and free memory quizzes we took on line; and our DNA from those ancestry sites and all those nose swabs; and our fingerprints from our smartphone locks are uploaded, what need is there for us?

This is why there is an outer edge of the Spherical Time bubble. Past the event horizon, even the G-d inspired virtual physicality gets replaced with yet another simulation of that reality, and so on, each more corrupt than the previous. Rather than allow them to use one language with uniform coding to make a Tower and a city (network), the Creator simply wipes out the program.  The closer to the edge, the less power people have over their choices, especially to seek out the spiritual time paradigm. Even the bar the people set for who governs them from the President, to Congress, to the Governors, Mayors and legislators is so low a toddler could hurdle it.

The Tower and Time

The Tower and the City were not destroyed. The Tower and the City were never destroyed. The Tower and the City connect with Spherical Time and have the power to transcend Spiritual Time. The numerical value of the Tower and the City (עיר־ומגדל) is (280 + 6 + 77) = 363H’Moshiach.

An enormous glowing laser illustration drawn around the Tower shows us that slope angle from the square base surrounding the Tower is (51.84o) taken at the center of its faces, incorporating the measure (84) of Enoch (חנוך). The square base connects to the 72 Triplet matrix in multiple ways, including that 5184 = 722.  Once again, the 72 Triplets are entwined with the 42-Letter Name, since the sum of 8 square roots of 42 or (8 x 6.480…) = 51.84…. with 8 being the initial of Enoch (ח). To be clear, the slope angle is critical if the height to base ratio must be specific and have thus have any meaning.  The inner cosmos is telling us that not only is this slope critical, but it was designed by two Names of G-d. To be even clearer, the Names of G-d not only convey special properties and attributes, but they are also G-d’s signature.

Next, our attention is drawn to the corners and we see that the slope of the angle of the resultant pyramid at its corners is 42o.

As our eyes are lifted to the top of the Tower and illustrated pyramid, we see that the face to face edge angle between each side of the pyramid is 112o or twice the middle letters of Enoch (נו). Moreover, the apex angle is 76o, as in the ordinal value of the Torah’s first word and the back of Enoch (נוך). The slope angle (51.84o) was looking up and the apex angle (76o) looking down. Thus, the 4-sided Tower and Pyramid built around it incorporate the 112 Triplets and all of its components—the 147215 and 11 Triplets—in various ways just by virtue of its angles, without any physical measurements of distances in cubits, feet, and/or inches. The physical measurements are wholly determined by those angles once the height is set by the Tower.

Even as the slope angle (51.84o) is determined independently by the values 42 and 72, it is also linked to the 12” in a foot, in that the sum of the 4 slope angles is (51.84o x 4) = 207.36 and 20736 is 124, all through squaring.

It is a giant sundial in the wilderness with the Tower of Truth embedded and hidden within a mountain of stone, but that image quickly fades. A mesmerizing stream of Prime Numbers catches our attention. Its luminous streaming ripples popping over each number like stones in a river become white-water rapids the closer we get to them.

We now see why the river of Primes runs through the Tower of Truth. The sum of the first 18 consecutive primes (1,2,3,5,7,11,13,17,19,23,29,31,37,41,43,47,53, 59) is 441, “Emet (אמת), truth.” This is like the sum of the stacked 20 cubes hidden in the core of the Great Pyramid, whose sum (13 +23 + 33203) equals 44,100.

Is this a connection between Enoch, born in the 18th paragraph of the Torah and Abraham, born in the 20th? And is it pointing to the physical radius of Spherical Time, 2018? And to the two ordinal values at the center of the 42-Letter Name matrix, 20 and 18? In hyperspace, they are all connected.

This initial set of streaming primes breaks down into the first 7, from 1 to 13, that sum to (1,2,3,5,7,11,13) = 42.

The first 9 consecutive primes sum to (1,2,3,5,7,11,13,17,19) = 78 = (x 26).

Then the second set of 9 consecutive primes sum to (23,29,31,37,41,43,47,53,59) = 363, the value of H’Moshiach, yet again.

The river of Primes is so entwined with the City and the Tower, also of numerical value 363 that we see the primes as the bricks in its formation.

Even the eddies that illuminate the sum of the digits in the river of Primes tell an enchanted story. The sum of the digits in the first Primes = 32, as in the 32 Paths of Wisdom in Tree-of-Life.  The sum of the digits in the first Primes = 42. The sum of the digits in the first 13 Primes = 72, and the sum of the digits in the first 15 = 84, as in Enoch, etc.

Their cumulative sums look like this: 1, 3, 6, 11, 18, 20, 2432, 42, 47, 58, 62, 72, 77, 84, 95, 103, 117.

As we head back upstream to the initial set of 7 streaming primes, from 1 to 13, which sum to (1,2,3,5,7,11,13) = 42, we see that not only is 13 associated with 42 once again, but 1 is echad (אחד) of numerical value 13, and these 2 bookend primes of the 7 add up to (1 + 13) = 14, as in the 14 Triplets of the 42-Letter Name.  The other 5 primes equal 28.

Once those 20 cubes were stacked, they equaled 210 units (cubits) in height, which is the exact height of the encasing pyramid, both in 210 cubits and in its 210 levels. This, we now see corresponds to the sum of the 8 consecutive primes from 13 to 41 (13,17,19,23,29,31,37,41), which is 210. Its books 13 and 41 sum to 54.  Truth be told, ever numbered rock in the river opens another portal with innumerable trails, which is probably why the river is so ferocious. We have already seen so many entangled trails with 1341 and 54 that we skip them this time around but recall that both 13 and 41 have to do with the Name Ehyeh (אהיה). We never dreamed that they were connected though the Primes Numbers and to the Tower of Truth and the encasing pyramid. That is the beauty and advantage of the perspective of hyperspace.

Then the very next 6 consecutive primes (43,47,53,59,61,67) add up to 330, the base measurement of that pyramid in cubits, and that its bookends (43 + 67) = 110, Joseph’s age.

With the aid of hyperspace visualization, we see that the base measurement, 330 cubits, directly given by the aforementioned angles of the 112 Triplets, is nothing more and nothing less than the laying of the Prime bricks in consecutive order: (43 bricks, followed by 47 bricks by 53…67) or 330 in total. Perhaps it was designed so that the two outer boundary Primes (43 + 67) would equal 110, Joseph’s age? Perhaps, so that they would equal (2 x 55), and that the average of those 6 Primes (330/6) would be 55, or 2 cubits (27.5”) each.

No, there was no magical meter measurement involved in designing this pyramid. Nor was there any archaic stroke of luck. The Pyramid could only have been designed by someone knowledgeable in the inner cosmos of the Torah, and of the flows of the mathematical streams designed to properly encase the Tower of Truth. Bricks are mentioned in only two places in the Torah: at the Tower of Babel and at the end of the 210-year Egyptian Exile, two key markers in time.

Next, we see that just as the Prime bricks were lined up in consecutive order to create the base of the pyramid, so too were the 8 consecutive primes from 13 to 41 (13,17,19,23,29,31,37,41) stacked up (13 + 17…41) to total (1 + 2 + 3…20) = 210 blocks and levels high.

It must be about Abraham, the 20th generation of Adam (man), whose ordinal value is 41, the last Prime length that completed the 20 stacked blocks. Without hyperspace vision it is a pile of stones.

There is one other inner cosmic twist. We know that Enoch became Metatron, yet the angel of secrets, Raziel (רזיאל), has a numerical value the same as Abraham, 248, and his name is split into (יאל) and (רז) of numerical values 207 and 41 respectively. The value 207 is the value of the word for secret (רז) and for light (אור), both of whom have an ordinal value of 27, as in the Essential Cube of Creation.  This connection brings to light that it takes 14 consecutive Primes—from 13 to 67—to define the height and base dimensions of that pyramid, as in the 14th position in the center of the Essential Cube of Creation.

Taken from another angle, the Tower of Truth’s height, which is synonymous with emet (אמת), is reflective of the Torah’s appellation, Truth Emet (אמת). The 15 consecutive primes from 13 to 71—(13,17,19,23,29,31,37,41,43,47,53,59,61,67,71)—which includes both the height and base of the pyramid that envelopes the Tower, equal 611, the numerical value of “Torah.” Their bookends (13 + 71) = 84 = 2 x 42, Enoch and redemption. They also equal knowledge (ידע). Of more significance is that the sequence begins with 13Echad, One, and the 13 Candles of Creation.

As the luminous white waters of the River of Primes rushes upward 15 Prime units, 15 sets of cumulative Prime bricks, we recall that the waters covered the mountains by 15 cubits.

All that wondrous imagery fades away and we find ourselves back in the stairwell of the chronicles.


Paragraph 20 in the Torah is about Methuselah (מתושלח) and it aligns with Abraham, the 20th generation. Both are metaphorical unicorns. Abraham, the first Patriarch and Methuselah, the oldest man to live.  Methuselah came the closest to living a full 1000 years. Methuselah lived 39 years longer than Adam, the ordinal value of Enoch (חנוך), his father.  Methuselah fell 31 years shy, or rather Man did, as he had to pass away before the Flood arrived, so he would not be lumped in with the generations of mischief and evil. The Flood arrived soon after his death.

Both Abraham and Methuselah, the 8th generation, are connected through the equation (31 x 8) = 248, the numerical value of Abraham. Once again, a ribbon of light passes from these generational staircases back to the Shema cavern, where we see a relationship between the (31 x 8) equation and the 112 Triplets. Given that there are 248 initials and 17 utilized we see that 248 – (17 x 8) = (31 x 8) – (17 x 8) = (14 x 8) = 112.

The numerical value of Methuselah (מתושלח) is 784 or 282, which it turns out is (2000 – 1216), reflective of the 2000 years given to us in the 13 Attributes and the dawn of physicality (12:16), the world of Tikkune (תיקון‎), or numerical value 1216. Both Tikkune and those 2000 years refer to reincarnation and all the generations that our souls or consciousness have journeyed since they were all One with the Creation of Adam.

The Speed of Light and the 42-Letter Name

A wave of light rushes in from above and below and floods the stairwell and everything else too. As it recedes, we see (200,000 – 186,000 mps) = 14,000 or 14. Receding further, we see that (200,000 – 186,282 mps) = 13718. With shifting decimal places, we are shown that 1/729 = .001371742, and that 1/137 = 729927 and 1/.001371742 = 729.  The inner cosmos wants us to understand that the fine-structure constant of the universe (1/137.0) is connected to the relationship between 2000 years and the speed of light (186,282 mps). But that is only part of the Story.

With mirrored mercury-like puddles on the 18th and 20th levels we understand that 2018 is connected to it, especially since the glowing 1742 in .001371742 is the gap in Spherical Time between 3760 and 2018 bridged by the speed-of-life relationship (3760/2018) between the two radii.

The clear mirrored puddles shift, and we see the 42-Letter Name matrix with the 2nd line illuminated (קרעשטן) of numerical value 729.  It cancels out 1/729, and gives us 729/729 = 1, which means it absorbs the .1371742. The numerical value translates into 137 (kabbalah, meaning “to receive” 1742, so (קרעשטן) nullifies the bridge (1742) and brings the system into Oneness. The puddles expand and we see deeper with (קרעשטן) breaking down into two Triplets (קרע) and (שטן), meaning kara satan, or tear out (370satan (359) and we are shown the more accurate fine structure constant: 1/137.0359.

The puddles expand yet again, and we see the palindromic 1/137 = 729927.  We then are shown that the first Triplet 1/370 = 270270… within the 729 total goes along with the hidden 359. We then see the 9 planes of the 27 positions of the Essential Cube of Creation and that 272 = 729, cube of 93. Each plane of the Essential Cube of Creation can expand into a Cube of its own.

The puddles expand yet again, and we see 1/359 = .27855 or Ohr Haganuz (278), along with the ubiquitous 55 entrance. Also, it is shown to us that the ordinal value of the Triplet (קרע) is 55.

Once again, and we see the 27 positions of the Cube with all 27 letters illuminated. The 14th one in the center is a little brighter, which was where we started with the difference between 2000 and the speed-of-light. Nevertheless, the image stays put and the luminosity of all 27 letters even out.

We understand that the 2nd line (קרעשטן) of the 42-Letter Name matrix can be used to annihilate aspects and illusions of physicality. A still small voice tells us, “It is as powerful as you will it to be.”

We then see those 6 letters as (קרעש) and (טן) or 670 and 709, respectively. The value 670 or 10 Binah (67) is the number of the 670 paragraphs in the Torah. The value 709 is the 127th Prime Number and the sum of the 7 Doubles (בגדכפרת) in the triple partition of the 22 letters of the Alef-bet that we learned about from Abraham in his Sefer Yetzirah. Those 7 Doubles (בגדכפרת) also represent the 7 planets that Abraham further told us circle the earthly plane and influence it, the ones found in tight near earth orbits around the center of the 42-Letter Name. We are shown those 7 letters laid out in the matrix then in the chain of 42 letters:


The we see them orbiting the center from an orbital unit of 1 to 13, covering a span of 26 letters.

Abraham understood the power in the letters. He realized it was the letters that created physicality and that a simple letter Caf (כ) could control the aspect of physicality we call the Sun, and likewise Tav (ת) could control the Moon. The two most influential celestial elements that oversee our physical world have a numerical value of (20 + 400) = (20 + 202) = 420. With the Alef (א) as Earth (ארץ) and the kolel for the 3 letters, our tight 3 element harmonic system has a numerical value of 424Moshiach Ben David.

At once, we realize the letters all have power, not as they sit on a page, but power activated by our consciousness. This is a new concept, one understood by many of the Kabbalists and tzaddikim over the millennia. If physicality does not exist, how are we able to take this journey? With our consciousness. We are all in different locations throughout the world, yet with a little bit of will, we can conjoin our consciousnesses and journey deep into the inner cosmos that exist beyond the confines of physicality.  Yes, you many be reading this, but as you do, and as it slips past your mind barrier, you step on the clutch and your consciousness is engaged while your belief in physicality is disengaged.

It is the letters that will free us. Once we learn how to harness them to our will, our consciousness can use them to create and do anything we desire. That is why everything had to be destroyed in the Flood, and it is why Hebrew (the One language) had to be shattered, scattered, and replaced into 70 other languages. If you understand the secrets of the letters, how easy is it to make bricks.  It is also why there is a time limit on the reset.

We realize we are missing something. We understand more about the letters than most, and we see the numbers, shapes, and fields behind them, but there must be more. There is still a bridge we need to cross.

Will Moshiach teach us how to use our consciousness? Teach us how to connect to the letters and the fabric of the universe? Are we ready?

Abraham and Methuselah

The puddles of light have dried up and we see that the ordinal value of Abraham is 41. Next, we see that the ordinal value of Methuselah (מתושלח) is split letters at a time into 41 (מתו) and 41 (שלח), and that their initials (מא) total 41, or 55 in complete value. Together, that makes a combined ordinal value of 123, as in the complete value of Methuselah’s father Enoch (חנוך).

The complete gematria of the two names Methuselah (מתושלח) and Abraham (אברהם) together is 1155, which we see as the intersection of two cosmic numerical streams: (21 x 55) and (33 x 35).  We are also shown that their average value is (1155/2) = 577.5 or the 210 cubit height of the Tower of Truth in inches.

Just as the two Names converge, we see another backdoor linkage in the grand stairwell between Methuselah (מתושלח) and Abraham (אברהם) and Enoch (חנוך) in that altogether they sum to (1155 + 123) = 1278 or Ohr HaGanuz, the hidden light of Moshiach (278) and the full age of the righteous, 1000 years. These are the Light and the years stowed away between the Torah’s first verse (2701) and the 42-Letter Name (3701), the 1000 years stored away for the time of Moshiach and the Great Shabbat.

Chapter XXXII Part F – The Journey Continues with The Tower….

The 12 Tribes of Israel

Opening a door in the stairwell of Adam leads to a treacherous circular canyon of the 12 Tribes. As we try to close the door, we tumble in and land too far down to reach the closing doorway. When we notice two streams on the canyon floor, the clear mirror of understanding appears and points out that there is difference of 20 between the 35 and 55 in the equations (21 x 55) and (33 x 35). It continues explaining that the 20th Triangular Number or sum of the integers through 20 is 210, as in the 20 stacked cubes of the Tower of Truth. Could Truth, Emet (אמת) be the Name they were looking for? Emet/Enoch = (441/84) = 5.25 and Emet + Enoch = (441 + 84) = 525. The P/S cipher of Emet (אמת) and Enoch (חנוך) is 70.56 as in the 70 nations/languages and 756’ base of the encasing pyramid. Instead, they got Babel (בבל) of numerical value 62, as in (84 + 62) = 146Olam (עולם) or world, when G-d named the city and scattered them throughout the world.

We are shown in the clear mirror that another word in the Torah has the numerical value 62. It is “The Alter (המזבח) found 100 times in the Torah, giving it a total value of 6200, or 10 times (Keter) the value of the 62 Yuds (י) in the 10 Commandments. It is also the sum of the cumulative values of the 22 letters, taken one by one: (1 + 3 + 6 + 10…) = 6200. The 100 occurrences act as a hive. Every time “The Alter (המזבח) is mentioned in the Torah the enhanced power of the 22 letters is accessible and activated, which is one reason why the sacrifices are read on so many powerful cosmic occasions.

Through that junction chamber of 1155 there are two main numerical streams of multiples of 35 and of 55 and paths or thin brooks that lead off them in all directions, especially to the dynamic 11 sefirot of the Tree-of-Life. Some lead to the 12 Tribes of Israel, where the two numerical streams of 35 and of 55 cross each other again at the twin juncture chambers (34 x 55) = 1870 and (52 x 35) = 1820, representing the sums of the 6 names of each of the two sets of 6 Tribes, as they are divided into their two census comparisons.

Group #1

Name Name Gematria 1st census 2nd census Difference
Reuven רְאוּבֵן 259         46,500         43,730      (2,770)
Gad גָּד 7         45,650         40,500      (5,150)
Efraim אֶפְרָיִם 331         40,500         32,500      (8,000)
Binyamin בִּנְיָמִן 152         35,400         45,600     10,200
Asher אָשֵׁר 501         41,500         53,400     11,900
Naftali נַפְתָּלִי 570         53,400         45,400      (8,000)
1820       262,950       261,130      (1,820)

After 40 years in the wilderness, the first group of tribes total gematria for the 6 names was 1820, matching their total net differential 1820 from their first census. In the second group of tribes, the total gematria of the 6 names was 1870, and there was zero net differential after 40 years.

Group #2

Name Name Gematria 1st census 2nd census Difference
Shimon שִׁמְעוֹן 466         59,300         22,200    (37,100)
Yehuda יְהוּדָה 30         74,600         76,500       1,900
Dan דָּן 54         62,700         64,400       1,700
Issachar יִשָּׂשכָר 830         54,400         64,300       9,900
Zebulun זְבֻלוּן 95         57,400         60,500       3,100
Menaseh מְנַשֶּׁה 395         32,200         52,700     20,500
1870       340,600       340,600            –


When we add the gematria value for all 12 Tribes, we get (1820 + 1870) = 3690 and then adding 70 for the Israelites who entered Egypt, we get 3760, as in the Spiritual Time radius.  The 12 Tribes = the Spiritual Time radius.

Within those 12 tribes, the initials of the 5 Tribes (Binyamin, Asher, Naftali, Shimon, and Yehuda) add up to 363H’Moshiach, and the full 9 Tribes (Binyamin, Asher, Naftali, Shimon, Yehuda, Dan, Issachar, Zebulun, and Manasseh) add up to 424Moshiach Ben David, as in the Spherical Time quotient (36304.24470). The final letter of those same 9 Tribes equal 620, as in the value of Keter. Of those 9, the final letters of the last 6 add up to 360, as in 360o, and the initials of 3 of those (Shimon, Yehuda, and Dan) spell out the Triplet (שדי) of numerical value 314, or Pi.

Pi, a circle, 3-6-9 and the Spherical Time quotient (36304.24470) all rolled up into one.

Between the twin chambers the clear mirror has another lesson for us. We saw that Methuselah (מתושלח) connected to 2000 and now we learn that in the Torah’s 20th paragraph Methuselah (מתושלח) lived 187 years, then fathered Lemekh, who lived 777 years, which is why the clear mirror choses to flash us (187 x 10) = 1870, then freeze at this equation:

The Equation of the 6 Elements

Everything alights in a flash, and when we open our eyes, we see that the 6 quantitative—the 54 portions, 187 chapters, 670 paragraphs, 5845 verse, 79975 words and 304805 letters—elements of the Torah in ascending order have formed yet another singular equation.

The equation is actually 999.96 and (187 + 670 + 54) is surprisingly 911.

The value 1000 is Binah, the level the Torah is designed to help us reach. It is also the realm we are connected to, as we explore the inner cosmos of the Torah. These are the specific quantitative values of the Torah. They do not change with time or understanding. They are the scaffolding of the Torah. The sum of the digits in these 6 specific values that incorporate Phi and 8th dimensional physics is 117, and if we subtract 10 as in 103, we get 107, as in the 107th Triangular Number, 5778, the limit of Spherical Time.

The universe begins to spin. It feels like we were in Inception and everything is folding in on itself.

Thankfully, it ends swiftly, as abruptly as it began.

The Chamber of 6 Elements

We are in the Chamber of 6 Elements, but everything is different.  The 10 sefirot are stacked like a pyramid one on top of another, from the smallest cube Keter to the largest, Malchut. They look like the smaller top half of the Tower of Truth. They are lined up all in the leftmost of the 3 columns, and the other two being empty luminous poles. The cubic sefirot are ringed around the pole as in a baby’s game. Then they start shifting from one column to another, back and forth, always maintaining the order that a larger cube cannot be on top of a smaller one.  It is a mathematical puzzle. When the shifting stops the pyramid has moved from the left column to the right column in exactly 1023 moves, 1024 with the starting position, just like the 1024 or 210 word values in the Torah. A baby’s toy, but not a baby’s game.

We have always known that the 1024 or 210 numerical word values in the Torah had to have been an intelligent design element of the Torah, and we assumed it must connect with the 10 sefirot, but now we understand how it connects.  We also see that the universe is insistent that the order of the sefirot be maintained at all times. We do not quite get what the 1024 word values have to do with the movements of the sefirot or how any individual number value may align with a specific movement, but we do realize that given that it takes exactly 1023 movements, we can number and label them, starting with 3, the lowest word value in the Torah, and ending with 1500, the largest.

This is only the start of what the universe wants to show us in this chamber. The number of words in the Torah is sometimes counted as 79976 instead of 79975, depending on what is counted as a word; nonetheless, as the Arizal has taught us and the universe has shown us, added One (1) is a strength. The chamber glows bright as we learn that the 79976 words and their 1024 word values together equal (79,976 + 1024) = 81,000.

It seems like we should know what 81 or 81,000 represents. Our minds go to 80,000 and the Pe (פ) plus 1000, the Alef (א), but in this chamber it is the number 81,000 or 34 x 1000 that is on the lesson plan. The Chamber of 6 Elements shows us that:

And that:


We already knew that the 600,000 represented the 600,000 men at Sinai and the 600,000 component letters in the Torah, and that 600,000/70/12/3 = 1/42, but we are speechless.

We still do not know why 81,000 is so important that so much revolves around it. The Chamber of 6 Elements does not want to give up that secret.  When we climb a staircase along one wall to finally ask, the chamber begins to spin, then spins along multiple axis at once until we are climbing Escher-esque stairwells in all directions.  When it finally stops, we find ourselves back in the stairwell of the generations of Adam, standing on the steps of 6th generation.

Generations 5 – 8

Mahalalel of the firmament, the 5th generation, was born in 395 HC, the value of Heaven (השמים), the Torah’s 5th word. It is also the value of the Hebrew word for eight (8), (שמנה).

Nice start. Methuselah, the 8th generation, died in 1656, the year of the Flood, the year physicality ended, completing the hint given to us in the gematria of his name. Metaphysically, the year of the Flood, 1656, occurred exactly 441 years, as in emet, truth, after the dawn of Creation in 1215.  In hyperspace, distance is measured in similarity of form, not in linear inches or years, so the relationship between the numbers in the upper dimensions define the paths we take on our journey. They determine the time-clock of physicality.

Altogether, the 3 generations prior to Methuselah—Mahalalel, Yered, and Enoch—lived (895 + 962 + 365) = 2222 years collectively, which swings us back to Spherical Time, where we see that (5778 + 2222) = 8000, which in turn illuminates the arena of the 72 Triplets and the 8 candles of 8000, the 64 Triplet 8 x 8 matrix, where we see that there are 84 Yuds(י), Heis(ה) and Vavs(ו) in the 72 Triplets, as in the numerical value of  Enoch’s (חנוך) name.

The Sign of the Covenant and the 27th Paragraph

These are all clues embedded in the knowledge that the inner cosmos of the Torah is conveying to us. With our consciousness merged with that of the universe it is giving us only as much as we can handle.  We must not be at our limit since the inner cosmos are offering us more about this time-span.  It seems that there are 1260 years or (3 x 420) years between Mahalalel’s birth, let us call it the firmament for clarity’s sake, and the year of the Flood in 1656, when the waters were rejoined. Because of hyperspace consciousness, we are picking up on things never understood before.

In the story of the Flood, the waters surged from below as they rained down from above, essentially removing the Firmament and erasing existence, a reset.

Methuselah was the 8th generation from Adam, and he died in 1656, the year of the Food. Those previous 1656 years of existence equal (8 x 207) or 8 times Light, Ohr (אור) of numerical value 207 and ordinal value 27. How did Creation begin again, without reliving the same developmental mistakes as the first time?

An arc or rainbow “The sign of the Covenant” stretches above us from the Torah’s first verse to the very end of the 27th paragraph of the Torah in the 9th chapter.  It was the 17th verse of chapter 9, and as 17, it was “good (טוב).” With the completion of 27 paragraphs, Creation began anew and afresh with the 27 positions and 9 planes of the Essential Cube of Creation.

Those 27 paragraphs represent .296703 or 29.6703% of the 91 paragraphs of Genesis. The rest of the Book of Genesis is comprised of 64 paragraphs, which takes us back to the Torah’s first verse, where the final word “the earth (הארץ)” has a numerical value 296, and the final two words “and the earth (ואת־הארץ)” have a numerical value of 703, and just so we are clear that the Torah is teaching us about the paragraphs, there are 670 of them in the Torah and in .296703.

As we are learning, the letters and words are much more than representations of numbers. The 2 words (ואת־הארץ) out of the 7 in the first verse are a ratio, 27/91. We do not know what this ratio means, but it pre-existed the 6th and 7th words in the Torah, who were designed to match the ratio (27/91 or .296703).

Methuselah was the 8th generation from Adam, and he died in 1656, the year of the Flood. The 11 Triplets of Bereshit include an 8th word, “and the earth(והארץ)” repeating the word “the earth” from the first verse, except this time the letters “(את)” of complete numerical value 424 were not included.  The 11 Triplets of Bereshit represent two paradigms, one with, and one without 424Mashiach Ben David.  The metaphor is not lost on us.  Physical time without Mashiach Ben David.  And Spiritual Time with. The choice is ours, as are the tools.


The clear mirror wants to teach us something. Methuselah (מתושלח) was the 8th generation from Adam, and he died in 1656, the year of the Flood. Peleg (פלג) was the 15th generation from Adam and he died in 1996340 (שם) years after the Flood. He was the first generation in the lineage to die after the Flood. Their initials (מפ) equal 120.  The 15th Triangular Number is 120. The 8th cumulative Triangular Number is 120. Peleg (פלג) lived 239 years, half of which is a rounded 120. His Name (פלג) is designed as (Pe x Gimmel) = (80 x 3) = 240 with a Lamed or Tower splitting them in the middle, hence 240/2 = 120. The Torah in Genesis 10:25 says. “…the name of the one was Peleg, because the world became divided in his days.” The name Peleg (פלג) means division or a divided waterway, but what came first the chicken or the egg. Because of this, it is said that during Peleg’s life (1757 – 1996 HC) the Tower was built. The word used in the verse for divided (נפלגה) includes Peleg’s name between (נה) or 55, the entrance gate.  The numerical value of divided (נפלגה) is 168 or the 336 letters in the 112 Triplets split in half.

Since the Torah says in his days and not in anyone else’s days, it would indicate that it was before his son, Reu was born, thus in the 30 year span (1757 – 1787), where 1776 falls around the middle, 120 years after the Flood. It is not exactly the middle, but the placement is beautifully and purposely designed, and the Torah wanted us to have no doubts about it. The year 1776 splits the period of Peleg (1757 – 1787) into 19 years and 11 years, just like the design of 120 in Hebrew (קכ) whose ordinal values are 19 and 11. The Torah is so wonderous! Without giving us any date at all, it has spelled it out exactly.

The clear mirror further shows us that the gematria of the initials of the words “because the world became divided in his days,” “כִּי בְיָמָיו נִפְלְגָה הָאָרֶץ” is 77 and that of the next word in the verse “וְשֵׁם” is 6, as in 1776. It is preceded by “…the name of the one was Peleg” as in 1000, and the final letters of the phrase add up to 111 as in Alef(אלפ), which is One(1) and 1000.

The clear mirror also wants us to understand that the name of the one “שֵׁם הָאֶחָד” has a gematria value of 358Moshiach. It is clearly connecting the concept of Moshiach with the One name and with the division that happened in 1776, when G-d split up and scattered the one language into 70 as the erev rav tried to create a name. As we know 358 can also be the snake (נחש). Is this part of the division?

Which 1776 is the Torah referring to, as the clear mirror into the inner cosmos shows us that the United States of America (ארצות הברית של אמריקה) has a value of 2000 and 2018 with the kolel for the 18 letters as in “the One (הָאֶחָד)”? Rather than use the word for united, it has always been translated as “the land of the covenant” Was the covenant between the 13 (אֶחָד) colonies as One, or between them with the Creator, or someone else?

The name Peleg (פלג) was so important for us that the Creator incorporated it into the 6th line (יגלפזק) of the 42-Letter Name where we find the name Peleg (פלג) backwards (גלפ), right before the (זק), as in the 107th Triangular Number, 5778 that corresponds with 2018. The 3 letters (יזק) of that line (יגלפזק) that are not Peleg (גלפ) with the kolel equal 120. As hinted at by the Torah in this verse and elsewhere numerous times now, (1656 + 120) = 1776. The clear mirror focuses our attention to the (יג) or 13 as in One, and then as (10 x 3) = 30, as in Peleg’s age when he had his son Reu, whose son lived 230 years as in the value of (יגלפזק).

The clear mirror stays focused on the 42-Letter Name matrix and on the name Reu (רעו) whose ordinal value is 42 and whose complete value is 318. Finally, we see it, the initials of the final three lines of the 42-Letter Name matrix (שיח) spell out 318, and the line that begins with the Chet (ח) has the numerical value of 239 as in the 239 year of Peleg’s life and the 239 years of Reu’s life.

The clear mirror stays focused on the 42-Letter Name matrix, highlighting letters for us until we see deeper. In a eureka moment with gamma waves shooting through our brains, minds, and consciousness we see the hidden name satan of numerical value 359 sitting between these 2 lines, consuming 3 Triplets (טנע־יגל־פזק) of numerical value 359. The Triplets of the rest of those last 3 lines equal the first 3 Triplets of the Torah, (110 + 906) = (913 + 203) = 1116. As we saw in the 2nd line of the 42-Letter Name matrix, where the Name helps us to tear out satan, the last lines and Peleg help us to split apart satan, to cast off the snake to bring Moshiach.

When? Within the 30 year span (1757 – 1787) from Peleg to Reu we have a concealed 5778, splitting the two 17’s.

What’s in a name?

The clear mirror switches gears and we see that the beginning is in the end and always has been. These are the 11 Triplets of Bereshit:

With everything else that we have seen designed into them, we are now shown that the first 14 letters equal 1202, as do the last 6 when the Zadi sofit is considered as an absolute end for the earth (הארץ). The 20 letters add up to (1202 + 1202) – 4 (words) = 2400 or 120 per letter. This must be why we were shown this here.

After separating out the last 6 letters (ץ וְהָאָרֶץ), we are left with the first 27, and of those 27, as we just saw, the first 14 match those last 6, an analogy to the 14th position and the 6 directions of Zeir Anpin at the center of the 27 Letters of the Essential Cube of Creation.

The verse and/or the 11 Triplets would not mimic the Essential Cube of Creation unless the idea was to enlighten us.  Six (6) letters (בְּרֵאשִׁית) begin the verse, 6 letters end it. Six (6) letters of Creation, 6 letters end it (ץ וְהָאָרֶץ).  The first 14 letters state “In the Beginning God created.” The last six (6) are Man’s doing. The 11 Triplets contain the power to reset. They are the key to the reset. They are the power of choice.

When the last are removed or turned off, the 6 (וְאֵת הָאָרֶ) that precede them total 613, as in the 613 precepts. The next 6 on the other side (אֵת הַשָּׁמַיִ) have the value 756, as in the base of the enclosing pyramid. The full remaining 7 (אֵת הַשָּׁמַיִם) have a complete value with the kolel of 888, which includes (את) that has a complete value of 424Mashiach Ben David, and the Heavens (הַשָּׁמַיִם). They also include the bridge word “are you (אתה)” that is contained in every blessing, and which brings together Mashiach Ben David and the Heavens. We are also remined that the Heavens (הַשָּׁמַיִם) has the same gematria as “8” (שמנה), making the sum 888 or 8 x 111Alef (אלף) all the more enticing.

The sound of a thunderous waterfall breaks the silence.

As we consider that this is some powerful messaging contained in those 13 remaining letters, 13 out of the 33 in the 11 Triplets of Creation, just one of the 13 Candles, a foggy mist appears and all we see is 888.

Through the mist we discern 2400 of the 20 letters = (800 + 800 + 800), connecting 27 letters of the 33 or 8 words to 888.

Through the mist all we see is 888.

There are 8 corners in the cube of 27. Still, all we see though the mist is 888.

All we hear is the roar of a waterfall.

We realize the remaining 6 letters that equal 613 plus the cubit, 275, equals 888. Nothing changes. Mist, 888, and churning water.

Yehuda and Tamar

Letting all those insights sink in, we carefully retrace our steps and yet find ourselves following a different path though the thickening mist. Methuselah was the 8th generation from Adam. He died in 1656, the year of the Flood, spanning 1260 years.

Methuselah was the 8th generation from Adam. He died in 1656, the year of the Flood, spanning 1260 years from when Mahalalel, the 5th generation was born. All 8 generations were alive when Methuselah was born, only 2 were alive when he died, Noach, and Shem. Those 1260 years or (30 x 42) match the value of all 42 times Yehuda is mentioned in the Torah, the seed of Moshiach Ben David through his union with his very spiritual daughter-in-law Tamar(תמר), of numerical value 640.

It is also shown to us that the value of Yehuda and Tamar together is 670, and that the ordinal value of Tamar is (13 + 42) = 55 and that the complete numerical value of Yehuda and Tamar together is 755. Tamar is mentioned 4 times in the Torah for a complete value of 2780, as in 278 (Ohr Haganuz) x 10Ohr Haganuz is the light of Moshiach. Through the fog, trails branch off in multiple directions, toward: the Shema cavern system; the Fibonacci number stream; the Chanukah candles and 72 and 64 Triplets, Ruth, King David; the luminous pyramid around the Tower of Truth; the 42-Letter Name arena; the enlarged (עד) in the Shema’s first verse (the 15 Triplets), where the initials of Yeduda and Tamar (ית) have the same numerical value as Shema (שמע) and of “holy”; and countless other paths, all from a seemingly extraneous and scandalous 74th paragraph in the Torah.


The thick white fog has become colorful, and we are engulfed in the flowing disorientating mist. fearful to take too large a step, we follow yet another wet path. When everything is all thick and white it is one kind of fear. When it is mixed with colorful whisps it is the fear of following the wrong path, or that the undulating color trails are not trails at all.

Methuselah was the 8th generation from Adam, and he died in 1656, the year of the Flood, spanning 1260 years. The 3 generations that span that time were born in the years 395, 622, and 687, respectively.

Why did Methuselah have to live 969 years and die before the Flood? The value 969 is the sum of all the Triangular Numbers through the 17th one and it is well established in the Torah that 17 is good (טוב). Instantly, we think of the 5778 concealed between 17 and 17.  Hashem would not destroy “good.” But the Torah is not a series of anecdotes, so the message must be more relevant than that. It is that even at the height of evil, Hashem will not destroy what is good with the hand of judgment. It was the same with the animals and Noach in the ark. The inner cosmos of the Torah is telling us that Hashem will remove the good from the earth before unleashing the floodwaters meant for the obliteration of evil.

If we see good being removed from the world what are we being told?

This is a moment to give thanks for the understanding conveyed to us. All Torah understanding comes with mercy, as opposed to physical understanding that comes through judgment.

Why does the Torah communicate so often to us through Triangular Numbers? We should also ask why it has given us a way out through the Triplets?

The Cascade of 8’s

The mist rises and suddenly we see that the value 2780 and its strong linking bridges to Chanukah and the 8 candles via (1+ 236 + 45 + 54 + 63 + 72 + 81) opens up to an enormous chasm, a central core where rivers of light cascade inward and over the edge from all directions. A narrow trail around the rim forms a bridge just above the lively light show with soothing shades of blue, sapphire, turquoise, jade, and lavender that rise up as sprayed mist from far below.  It is the Chasm of 8. As we tentatively circle around the gorge, careful not to slip and go over the edge, we first see that (2780 + 1260) = 4040, as in the 44 Chanukah candles, and as in 8 x 505, the numerical value of Sarah. It rained for 40 days and 40 nights.

Given the Torah’s core connections between 5 and 8, as in 5858 (Noach) and 5/8 and so much more, we finally see the value 40, the Torah and Man’s period of gestation as 5 x 8. We are one step closer to understanding.

Before moving on, we learn that 8 is the number that all the other digits hinge on. With one stream flowing one direction and another flowing the other like coy forming a yin-yang we see that 987654321/123456789 = 8.000000073, or 8.0000000 and the Triangular value of the Torah’s first verse, 73.

As we continue around the edge, we see that just as 1656 is (207 x 8), Abraham and the 248 words in the Shema are (31 x 8), and the 112 Triplets are (14 x 8), and all together they are (207 + 31 + 14) = (252 x 8) = (6 x 42 x 8), which equals 2016. A star high above sparkled, and as if it were winking at us the cosmos let it be known that 2016 is the 63rd Triangular Number, which of course is the same as (1656 + 360). Continuing on, we see that Abraham and Isaac’s numerical values end in 8, (248 and 208) respectively, and that 208 is (26 x 8).

On cue, the clear mirror appears and shows us 248 = (6 x 40) + 8, while 208 is (5 x 40) + 8 with each period of 40 being comprises of (5 x 8). Their ages were eloquently designed.

The year 2016 CE stands out as 4,000 years after the Tower of Babel, or 1776 HC + 4000 = 5776 HC, which matches up with 2016 CE, as in Devarim 20:16, “When dealing with the peoples of these nations…you shall not allow any people to remain alive.” The next two verses are paraphrased as “if you do not wipe them out completely, they will teach you their revolting practices in the worship of their gods.” A prophetic warning indeed.  The Torah is not telling us that certain nations had to the wiped out for others to survive, but to keep them from coming between us and the Creator, for keeping anyone from connecting with Spiritual Time and hyperspace.

The 4000 years = 200 x 20, as in Abraham, the 20th generation, whose numerical value 248, can be broken down into 200 and 48, and 2016, the 63rd Triangular Number, is (42 x 48).

As we wonder just what the inner cosmos are getting at, they clarify for us that within the Spherical Time equation (2 x 1 x 8) x (3 x 7 x 6) = 16 x 126 = 2016.  It continued explaining that after the initials of “because the world became divided in his days,” “כִּי בְיָמָיו נִפְלְגָה הָאָרֶץ ” followed by “וְשֵׁם” gave us 1776, the rest of the letters in “וְשֵׁם” are 340, and (1776 + 340) = 2016.

We can only assume that 2016 CE, as the beginning of the event Horizon, was significant, as was the warning as what would happen at that date if we had not listened way back when, as if it were inevitable. How many times would time have to reset for man to listen to an order, albeit by G-d, about wiping out his fellow man women and children? Yet when the gods of the other side give that same order, the people do not hesitate. It is an interesting conundrum built into the system. Another is that why would the Creator give an order to kill off part of his creation, or even to sacrifice animals, if life is so precious? Of course, if people realized they were in a simulation it would be easy and make sense, the way it does in video games.  It is interesting that the generation that grew up in 2016 was the first to grow up immersed in those games.

Is the Creator telling us to wipe them out, or is He telling us that by telling us that we should realize it must be a simulation in which case we do not have to wipe them because they are an illusion. We guess he wants us to figure that out for ourselves. Its our conundrum, not His.

Since 2016 = (42 x 48) with 4248 being the sum of the 22 names of the Alef-bet, and since (42 x 48) is also the sum value of all the rows, columns, and diagonals of all 6 faces of the Essential Cube of Creation, it suddenly becomes relevant that the cube root of 48 is 3.63424, as in the 36304.24470 result of the Spherical Time equation that defines our existence.

Concerning the year of the Flood and Peleg, the Midrash Sedeh Olam Rabbah referred to the number 340 and 48 and to the awkward year 1996. We have just seen how 340 and 48 are involved. Perhaps it was hiding 1776 within 1996 until we were ready?

It also becomes apparent that the edges of a cube, a geometric structure, of volume 48 would each be 3.63424 in length.

The still small voice whispers the product of the digits in the cube of 48 and the Spherical Time quotient, is (3 x 3 x 4 x 2 x 4) = 1728, and (1728 + 48) = 1776.

As we get excited, it says, “Shh!” and adds that 1776/8 = 222 and (6000 – 222) = 5778.

We quiet down and focus on the 8’s.

It had never occurred to us that our commotion or noise in here was disturbing anyone or anything, or that this place was like an enormous library.

Reading our minds, it adds, “Your consciousness cannot hear while it is speaking.”

No one dares say a word.

Famous 8’s through Time

The key dates in the cosmic divine calendar end in 81558, when Shem was born; 1658, when the Flood ended and Noach was on dry land and Arpachshad, Shem’s son, was born; 1878, when Terach was born; 1948, when Abraham was born; 2018, when G-d made the Covenant of Halves with Abraham;  2048, when Isaac was born, and 2228, when he died; 2108, when Jacob was born; 2198, when Joseph was born, and 2308, when he died; 2348, when Kehath died; 2398, when Amran died; and 2368 when Moses was born, and 2488, when he died. Of course, there is 2448, the year of the Exodus; 2488, when the Israelites entered the Promised Land; and 2928 when the First Holy Temple was built, and 3338 when it was destroyed; and then 3408, when the Second Holy Temple was built; 5708, when Israel became a nation; and 5778, when Jerusalem was indisputably recognized as its capital, and when the light river stopped flowing.

We understand from our observations that in hyperspace time does not flow like a river, but in independent streams with each date having its own stream and its own purpose. They can run parallel, split up, cross one another, separate, and join up at will. Looking closer, it is not just dates, but moments. For something specific to happen, multiple streams need to interact. Time is not a tickertape of events as we see it in physicality; that is the Linear Line of Death. Time in hyperspace is fluid, an intersection of potentialities. Events happen when the right ones come together.

Many significant events seem to come together on the 8’s, and the Torah wants to make sure that we grasp that, and that 216, as in the 216 letters in the 72 Triplets, is (27 x 8). In all our studies of the 27 positions of the Essential Cube of Creation, we have never envisioned it as extended through its 8 corners to 216, from a 33 cube to a 63 one. The 8 corners themselves are a 23 cube, the first cube after the singularity of 13, also seen in hyperspace as 13echad and ahava. The 23 cube x the 33 cube = a 63 cube of volume 216 and of surface area 216, and a perimeter of (12 x 6) = 72.

The Triplets and the Name

With a surge of rushing water, we next learn that every other cube, every even cube, starting with 23, is wholly divisible by 8: (23, 43, 63, 83…).

Its own special translucent azure hue, the stream of 42 shows us that (42 x 8) is 336, as in the 336 letters in the 112 Triplets, and that the cube of 423, or 74088, is the same as the cube of 843/8. So, while this gives us (336 + 84) = 420 = (10 x 42), and yet another relationship with Enoch (חנוך), it also ties in the enlarged (עד) of the Shema (74) and the 8’s.

Another mathematic quirk of the cascading 8’s is that set of even number cubes, when divided by 8 become another set of cubes. They become cubes of numbers half of the original ones. For example, starting with our cube of 423, when we divide by 8, we get 423/8 = 213, as in the Name Ehyeh (אהיה)3, reminding us of the triple Name Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh (אהיה־אשר־אהיה). As the Names appear, and with our backs to the boisterous cascade, one portal after another opens before us. This Name, this connection to 42 and to 8, opens gateways deep into the heart of the cosmos. Fearful they will lead us to levels that we will never want to come back from, we give thanks, ask to be able to return another day, and then turn aside.


Luminous islands in the stream of 42 show us that the product of the digits in 74088 or 423 is (28 x 64) = 1792, as in the 1792 faces of the 8-dimensional hypercube that in turn equals (28 + 29 + 210) = (256 + 512 + 1024). The 1792 faces in an 8-dimensional hypercube thus equals the number of vertices in the 8th, 9th, and 10th dimensional hypercubes combined.

The universe is telling us that the value 8 and the cube are synonymous.  We are deep inside the Torah and light-streams are beaming in from the far corners of the universe. When they connect before us, we see that the 58 elements of the Torah is an 8-dimensional hypercube. We see how the Ark of Covenant of numerical value 256, or 28, matches up with the 8-cube’s 256 vertices and that it too is an 8-dimensional hypercube, and how the 1024, or 210, word values in the Torah matches up with the 1024 edges of the 8-cube.

The Tower of the Sefirot

We now understand that each of those edges is a specific sequential ordering of the 10 sefirot from one column to the next. The clear mirror momentarily appeared then faded away as we figured out our own that it is not about the columns. It is about the transfer of scale or order of magnitude of the sefirot. This is a deep secret of the universe. Every level of sefira (dimension) has 10 sub-levels, but they do not transfer one to one or 10 to 10. They must transfer in the specific 1024 steps along 3 columns or axes each time to maintain the correct order of the universe. This is why they were building a Tower of 210 levels; they needed to match the 210 steps, at least metaphysically.

This transfer process is a legendary ancient game whose solution are the Mersenne Primes (2n -1), which we have seen the Torah utilize in the (27 – 1) or 127 different combinations of the 7 words of its first verse who each sum to 2701. Legend has it the game and tower goes back to the beginning of the world.

As the cascade behind us lets out a roar, we realize that to transfer a set of 10 sefirot to the next sub-level would require (10 x 1024) moves, or 10,240 moves, which is 408 less than one for every one of the 10,648 rows and columns in the Torah, or one for every position in the 22cube that they form. The Torah design is so clever in that it includes (600,000 – 408) component letters.

We spin around as we all sense a powerful presence behind us, and we find ourselves in a special chamber of teaching.  There are many powerful students there, but with all of them and especially the teach radiating so much we cannot make out any faces, only long beards, and bright white light. Their words are silent, but we hear them in our heads.

As it says in Zohar Shemot 15:155, “All this adds up to Chet-Tav (חת) [numerical value 408]. The world will settle and have fragrance, and the Other Side will be removed from the world. And the lower Hei (הא) [6] will become filled from the Supernal Fountain and be crowned and illuminated perfectly. Then, it is written: And the light of the moon will be like the light of the sun, and the light of the sun shall be sevenfold’ (Yeshayah 30:26).”

We return as quickly as we left, yet with new insights that we did not even know we had learned.  We wonder if the Tower of Truth might have had another couple of hidden levels, 22 in total, rather than 20. If it did, maybe hidden underground as a foundation, then in total it would have 64,009 blocks or cubits3, and that would work out to (64009/1024) = 62.50 or H’Keter (5/8) blocks for each step of the necessary 1024.

As our imagination takes root, we see 64009 as a provocative number. It is 40.001873, or a cube of 40.00 per side/edge with 187 being the number of chapters in the Torah.  Also, with our heightened consciousness we pick up on a hidden trail that “the One (הָאֶחָד)” from the Peleg verse 10:25 is found 64 times in the Torah, and that 10:25 is One more than 1024.

As our awe takes us another step closer to the Creator, we realize that the moment of 1776, or the time radius of 1776 years was well known before the Torah was designed and that that is only possible in a simulation.

Was the schematic designed so that (1776 + 1024) would equal 2800. Is that one reason that there are 28 letters in the Torah’s first verse, or that the 5 final letters equal 280?

We further realize that the 1024 or 210 word values in the Torah are not there to showcase the Creator’s knowledge of mathematics, Mersenne Primes, or puzzle solving. They are the scaffolding that had to be incorporated in the Torah. Every word in the Torah, besides every other duty that it has, first represents a specific arrangement of the sefirot.  Every word in the Torah is a specific arrangement of the sefirot on 3 columns or along 3 axes. Every word in the Torah is a specific pathway of power.

That is how the ancient Kabbalists saw our world. That is how they made all their connections, following the pathways of the sefirot. We are learning the technology behind their mysterious ways.

The smallest word value in the Torah is 3, as in Av (אב), the father, which is found 10 times in the Torah, and as in bo (בא), come, found 58 times. The illustration of the 10 sefirot in 3 columns is obvious to anyone, as is 358 and the words “come to the father.” Moreover, this also means the minimum value 3 is found 68 times, the value of Chaim (חיים) as in Etz Chaim, the Tree of Life.

By simply playing out the game or moves we can document every one of the pathways and align them with the 1024-word values. The first one, aligned with “Av (אב), the father” and the value 3, is the full complete stack of the 10 sefirot in order. The final one, or 1500, is also the full complete stack of the 10 sefirot in order. There is only one of those.

We would play the game the traditional way, using 3 columns. The Creator and universe did it on 3 axes, giving the pathways a cubic shape where the 10 sefirot can extend a maximum of 10 along any of the 3 axes for a cube of 103 or 1000, as in the 1000 letters of the Shema.

Nowadays, we could model that with a few lines of code on a computer. Since the Creation is taking place in Zeir Anpin where those 3 axes extend in 6 directions, the Creator could also create a sphere adhering to same simple rules, just treating directionality as one. This means that one move North on an axis is the same as one move South on that same axis. The possible combinations are exponentially more complex, and the result is a sphere of radius 10 and diameter 20.  There are still 1024 moves, but a mind-boggling number of possible combinations, a very tangled web or network.

Chapter XXXII Part G – The Journey Continues with the Narrowing…


Standing in the Hall of Cubes on a large island in the colorful currents streaming over the Cascade of 8’s, it is apparent that 8 is the key to scaling in the realm of cubes, which is the realm of physicality. It is apparent that in a relatively short time in hyperspace we have learned more than we ever thought possible.  The Torah, the 8, and the cubes are intertwined.

Let us consider the basic cube of 8 corners, 12 edges and 6 sides, or 26 in total.

We have learned that physicality started when the Vav (ו) became cubed, or 63 = 216, when the Vav (ו) expanded along 3 axes. Now we learn that 216 scaled down by 8 is 216/8 = 27, as in the 27 positions of the Essential Cube of Creation. The cube of or 63 = 216 funneled inwards through its 8 corners results in an inner cube of 33 or 27. We also learned that 123 scaled down by 8 is 123/8 = 1728/8 = 216. An even larger cube of 123 or 1728 funneled inwards through its 8 corners results in an inner cube of 63 or 216, which also means the 63 or 216-cube can expand outwardly through the 8 corners into a larger cube of 123 or 1728. From 123 to 63 to 33. From 1728 to 216 to 27. The Essential Cube of Creation is no longer inwardly scalable by 8 as its source is 13 or One(1). It is already Binah in its entirely, while the 8 corners are the element of Binah within all the 3-dimensional cubes that project physicality. Through the 8 corners we go from the cube of 27 into Zeir Anpin of 216 then into 1728, etc.

So now we see the origins of the 8 corners, 12 edges and 6 sides coming together to form a cube. If the 8 corners act in accordance with Binah, the 6 sides do so with Zeir Anpin and the 12 edges with Malchut. Making the spiritual cubes engines for our word.  Think of energy coming in through the corners, spreading evenly over the sides and then settling into the edges between the sides.

In the case of the Essential Cube of Creation, the 8 corners equal 112, as in the 112 Triplets, a further alignment with Binah. The 12 edges total 280, as in the 5 final letters (ךםןףץ), hinting at the finality of Malchut. The full value of the 6 sides is 756 as in each side of the encasing pyramid. A clear mirror points out that the 26 elements = (112 + 280 + 756) = 1148 as in the 1000 letters in the Shema and the 148 initials in the Shema that point to the Name of 42 (אלוה). We are grateful that we did not have to go all the way back to the Shema Cavern to make this connection.

22 Steps

As we ponder how everything keeps cycling back to the Names and that the 26 elements clearly are a reflection for lack of a better word of the YHVH (יהוה), the inner cosmos shows us the fist 7 letters of the Alef-bet in various groupings or sub-sets:

The clear mirror explains that the product of (אבג) is 6 and that of (דה) is 20 = 26, as in the 26 elements of the YHVH (יהוה). First 3 letters x next 2 letters = 6.

The clear mirror explains that the sum of (ו) or 6 and that of the product of (דה) or 20 as in the 26 elements of the YHVH (יהוה). As we collectively shrug, being so jaded from all we have seen already, the clear mirror shows the triplet (דהו) and refuses to ore on.

After some time, we finally get it. The Triplets, every one of the explicit 112 in the Torah and every other implied one, are not static. They can interact with all the forces of the universe. They can be selectively added, multiplied, squared, summed, etc. They are each a unified field, but also a triangularly bonded agent.  This gives them so much more complexity and power to interact.

The triplet (דהו) also gives us (4 x 5 x 6) = 120. As does (אבגדה) or (1 x 2 x 3 x 4 x 5) = 120, as in the 120 age of Man, etc.

The last of the 5 sequential triplets in (אבגדהוז) is (הוז), whose final two letters give us the shape of the 42-Letter Name matrix or 6 x 7 = 42, and whose product of the 3 letters is 210, as in the Tower of Truth.

As we realize that this is also found in the counting of the integers 1,2,3,4,5,6,7 and think maybe it is not the letters, the inner cosmos shows us the letters spelled out:

That is when we realize the letter have names for a reason. The back of Alef(א) has a value of 110, as in Joseph’s age and nes, miracle. Bet (ב) has a back of 410, as in holy and Shema. Gimmel (ג) has a back of 70, as in the 70 nations and languages juxtaposed to the 70 family members of Jacob. Now we see the back of Alef(א) and Gimmel (ג) as (110 + 70) = 180, Isaac’s age, and the backs of Bet (ב) and Gimmel (ג) as (410 + 70) = 480, the height of encasing pyramid.

Then we see the backs of the first 4 letters: (110 + 410 + 70 + 430) + 4 = 1024, as in the 1024 paths of the 10 sefirot and the 1024 word values in the Torah, which harks back to the letters themselves, (1 + 2 + 3 + 4) or (אבגד) = 10, as in a 210 hypercube.

Obviously, the letters are a lot more complicated than we realized. Take the backs of Hei (ה) and Vav (ו) which equal (10 + 16) or 26, they link right back to the YHVH (יהוה), while the backs of Hei (ה), Vav (ו) and Zayin (ז) which equal (10 + 16 + 60) or 86, the value of Elohim (אלהים).

The clear mirror wants to show us that the value 410 is found 3 times as the back of the letters Gimmel (ג), Chet, (ח) and Tet (ט) and that these relate to both the 3 times we recite the Shema each day and “Holy, Holy, Holy (קדוש־קדוש־קדוש),” and that it is designed so that Gimmel (ג) + Chet (ח) + Tet (ט) = 20. It does not stop there.

The clear mirror continues showing us that the backs of the first 11 letters equal exactly 2016 or (42 x 48), as in the 4248 sum for all 22 names of the Alef-bet.

As our awe of what the Creator has done and given us builds along with our excitement, we try to make sense the back of the first half of the letters equal this dynamic configuration of the full 22 letters. We laugh nervously as we consider how few people in the world use the Hebrew letters and of them, how few understand them as more than symbols, and of those how really few grasp their significance, let alone their potential.  We are here, seeing it with our own eyes, and know we are still on the outside looking in. The real letters do not even exist in our world.

Bringing back into focus, the clear mirror reveals that the final letters in the 9 names of the first 9 letters add up to 1776, which nearly flaws us as we recall that the final letters point to the future. Then it adds that the final letters of the next two in the half, add up to (4 + 80) = 84, as in the value of Enoch (חנוך), who the city was named after.

On our own we figured out that the 9 letters themselves total 45, as in Man, whose age of 120 is tied into years the Tower and city follow the Flood (from 16561776), and on the flip side of the time radius, the 45th President of the USA who made Jerusalem the capital of Israel in the eyes of the world and was elected in 2016.

As for the second half of the Alef-bet, the backs of the letters sum to 611, as in “Torah,” meaning the sum of the backs for all 22 letters is (2016 + 611) = 2627, which is pretty descriptive, but what it really means is that the back (2627) of the 22 letters is 61.8408% of the total, 4248. The front and back of the 22 names of the letters are split in the exact Phi(φ) proportion. We have previously seen that the Torah is split into the Phi(φ) proportion at Number 1:1 in terms of the 304,805/ Phi(φ) letters, the 79975/ Phi(φ) words, and the 5845/ Phi(φ) verses.  We also have seen that the Torah is split into the exact Phi(φ) proportion in terms of all 5 quantitative elements together in that 401,273/ Phi(φ) = 248,000, which we were shown relates to the Shema’s 1000 letters times its 248 words. And we know the Phi(φ) field acts on every object in the physical universe, yet this is the first time we see it acting on the Hebrew letters themselves. Their names are split in the Phi(φ) proportion from front to back.

The clear mirror shows us that there are 39 letters in the backs of the 22 Hebrew letters and it further shows us that these align with the 39 letters in the 4 aspects of the expanded YHVH (יהוה). Since we have previously seen the Alef-bet split into two numerically equal parts of 11 and 11 letters to give us some seemingly miraculous results, we are not surprised when the clear mirror shows us the back of the first 11 letters contains 20 letters and the back of the second set of 11 letters contains 19, as in 2019. This is the date found 3 times alongside 5778 in the first 1000 digits in Pi, including the last of those digits. At this point, I am not sure what could surprise us.

The clear mirror also wants to show us that the sum of the 22 letters, along with their ordinal values and number of letters equals (4248 + 711 + 61) = 5020 and that (50 x 20) = 1000. It shifts focus again and shows us 5020 is Nun(נ) – Caf(כ), which multiply to 1000, sum to 70 and have ordinal values that sum to 25.  A quick multiplication in our heads gives us the product of the complete value of the Nun(נ) times the complete value of the Caf(כ) as (64 x 31) = 1984.

The clear mirror does not even give us time to process that when it adds 22, as in the 22 letters to the equation (4248 + 711 + 61 + 22) = 5042, certainly provocative and evocative of the 50 Gates of Binah, the 50-cubit high Gates of the Future Holy Temple, the 50 component letters, the 5 different 42-Names, and the Gate of 42 at the Holy of Holies in the Future Holy Temple.

Passages open for us. One leads to a gigantic vortex, and the other to a new pyramid.

The Phi (φ) Vortex seems too daunting at the moment, so we choose the nearby new pyramid of the Alef-bet.

We see the Alef-bet as a 22-step staircase with each letter of the Alef-bet another step. No each is another level. Each step is a step up in a platform. They form a stacked pyramid much like the 10 sefirot that require 1024 pathways to ascend to a higher duplicate level. Each platform is full of complexity and of varying heights based on an exponential scale of 1.313x and a sine wave along that scale. We see that the 22 steps represent the 22 iterations that it takes to switch orders of magnitude by 10, when each step is reduced by 10%. It is 22 steps up from 1 to 10 and 22 steps down from 100 to 10, or up again from 100 to 1000.  Each platform is 10% narrower than the next.

We cannot help thinking that the Tower of Truth should somehow have 22 levels like the Alef-bet. Then again, (50 x 42) is 2100, like the 210-cubit height of the Tower, so maybe not.  That 2100 is also evocative of the 21009826 total gematria of the Torah.

As we do a little math in our heads, we see that with the ordinal value of 253 for the 22 letters (initials), the 22 names have a semi-complete value of (4248 + 253) = 4501. This gives them the signature One (1) of the Creator, like 2701 and 3701. So, it is 900 more that the 42-Letter Name and 1800 more than the value of the 2701 of the Torah’s first verse. Odd.

Retracing our steps since the pyramid of the Alef-bet is keeping the rest of its secrets hidden in its interior chambers and we cannot find an entrance or do not have an invitation, we return to the Hall of Cubes.

On our way, the 11-year-old Michael Jackson song “It’s as easy as ABC, 123,” plays in a loop in our minds over and over again until we realize that the names for Alef(א)-Bet (ב)-Gimmel (ג) have the values 111, 412, and 73 and their product is 3338436, very close to (5778 x .5778) = 3338528 and the year of destruction of the First Holy Temple in 3338 HC. Moreover, while the sum of the 8 digits in (111, 412, and 73) is 20, the difference between (3338528 – 3338436) = 92, as in the ordinal value of Alef(אלף)-Bet (בית)-Gimmel (גמל), 92.

That is about as far as we can go in our heads. For our efforts, the clear mirror obliges us with sum of all the cumulative products (.111 + 4.5732 + 3.338436+ ….) of the 22 names: 212.0 or the value of “The Light (האור)” and one-half of Moshiach Ben David. 

The Hall of Cubes

We had just learned that the 127 assorted combinations of the 7 words in the Torah’s first verse are aligned with the 127 paths of the sefirot of the 7 lower sefirot of Zeir Anpin-Machut.   Now we see, thanks to the advantage of hyperspace, that the sum of the 127 assorted combinations of those 7 words is 172864. We do not know how the Creator did that since changing even one letter would have given us a completely different result, one that would not relate to the scaling of 8’s as in 1728 or 82, which is 64, keeping in mind that 1728/64 = 27, as in the Essential Cube of Creation. We will not ever know how the Creator did or does anything, but it does provoke so much awe and love for Him. Just to be allowed to explore these inner cosmos is so amazing.

The clear mirror breaks it down for us, and we see that 172864/8 = 21608 and that 172864/64 = = 2701, the 73rd Triangular Number and value of the 28 letters of Torah’s first verse. Moreover, the value 1728 is the product of the digits in the total gematria (21009826) of the entire Torah, (2*1*9*8*2*6) = 1728, the sum of those digits is (2+1+0+0+9+8+2+6) = 28, resulting in the gematria P/S cipher of:

4√(P(21009826)/ ∑(21009826))) 4√(1728/28) = 2.802828

The clear mirror then flashed us the square root of the number of words in the Torah: 282.80028.

We start pondering about all the cubes and scaling of 8: 1728 = 123; 64 = 43 and 1728/64 = 27 = 33.  Then about the 248 dimensions of the E8 Lattice with their 2160 8-orthoplexes and 17280 8-simplices. As we do, we see them looming high above us, far from their humble beginnings as a little 23 cube, 8.

The still small voice returns and calms us. We are reminded of what we were told at the outset of our journey: to breathe. Also, it tells us that the 64 fields at the center of the Essential Cube of Creation is a cube of 43 at the center of a 33 cube. We are advised to pay attention to the geometry within hyperspace, and that in hyperspace, numbers are concepts, and that it is geometry that ties them together, not geography.  It also pointed out that a circle with a diameter of 1000 has a circumference of One (1) field, 314 and that 1000 can be wrapped up in a cube of 103.

Our minds are still warped trying to fit a 43 cube inside a 33 cube, but our consciousnesses are off contemplating that a 43 cube within a 33 cube within a 103 cube is (64 x 27 x 1000) = 1728000 or 1203, the age of man cubed, and that 1728 is 48 years before 1776.  Geometry, not geography. Distance is an illusion. Relationships create understanding and oneness, not proximity.

The still small voice whispers that the value 1728 is the product of the digits in the cube of 48 and the Spherical Time quotient: (3 x 6 x 3 x 4 x 2 x 4) = 1728.

It is as if the Creator dropped the mic.

For a brief moment, an instant, we see one another as luminous rainbows and nothing else.

The Triplets and the Codons

It takes us quite a while to compose ourselves, though the colorful mist helps settle us.

Our thoughts back on the cascading elements and numerical steams, we realize two things: first, all those merged and tumbled streams at the distant bottom of the circular waterwall will separate again and recirculate throughout hyperspace; and second, it is time to move on to the next stream over.

Since the cube of 423 is wholly divisible and scalable by 8, so is the cube of 443, as in the 44 Chanukah candles and the first plague (דם).  The equation 443/8 = 10,648, gives us 223, the difference between the 5 main Torah elements and the 3 main ones. The 3 main ones are exactly 58, yet another stream cruising over the Cascade of 8’s. It is right beside the Moshiach one, 358.

Pondering the nature of 8’s and cubes as a core identity within hyperspace, we realize that those 44 candles lit on the 8 nights of Chanukah are the fully activated 9 (8 + 1) candles of the (8 x 9) 72 Triplet matrix. And moreover, that Chanukah (חנוכה) is Enoch (חנוך) with an addition Hei (ה) or gateway at the end. The 64 (8 x 8) matrix aligned with Chanukah (חנו) and Enoch (חנו) is becoming more apparent, along with the message the inner cosmos is giving us.  Spelled out in the mist is that the 9th sefira is Chochma (חכמה) that also begins with 8. Its numerical value is 73 and the word value 73 is found 89 times in the Torah, the gematria value of Chanukah (89).

As we peel away from the edge of the cascading 8’s we catch a glimpse of the 64 (8 x 8) Triplet matrix that totals 8000, and of the 64 (8 x 8) matrix of the 3-letter codons in our DNA. From our angle, and with the DNA codons built out of 20 amino acids, the two matrices appear to be superimposed, one with 20 amino acids and he other with a value of 203, 64 Triplets each, aligned one for one.  The inner cosmos reminds us that 64 is the cube of 43.

Trailing off and away into the distance are the 3.3 billion pairs of nucleotides that form the 46 chromosomes of our DNA (nucleic acids), all comprised of the 4 nucleotide bases that code for the 20 amino acid chains of our proteins. Those 4 bases are adenine (א), guanine (ג), cytosine (כ) and thymine (ת), collectively (אגכת) or 424, Moshiach Ben David.

As we attempt to cross over the pale blue feeder stream of the 20 amino acids, it widens and darkens. From its banks we see that their atomic weight to 4 decimal places collectively sums up to 2738.017, which is the value of the Torah’s first verse combined with its reciprocal (1/2701), also known as the 42-Letter Name: (2701 + 37.01) = 2738.017.

Floating in the blue eddies we see the 20 amino acids that comprise our DNA arranged in a 4 x 5 matrix according to their properties. The whereby the first column adds up to 755.7782, the measure of the East base of the pyramid that encases the Tower of Truth, and an allusion to the Spherical Time event horizon, 5778.

This would seem to be a hyperspace absurdity until we are shown that the 16 letters in the “height of the pyramid in Giza (גובה־הפירמיה־בגיזה) = 393, and there are exactly 393 elements in the 20 amino acids.  The “height of the pyramid in Giza (גובה־הפירמיה־בגיזה) can also be read as the “levels of the pyramid in Giza (גובה־הפירמיה־בגיזה)” and the pyramid in question has 210 levels and a height of 210 cubits, as in the 20th Triangular Number, 210.

The 5 elements (Carbon, Oxygen, Nitrogen, Hydrogen and Sulfur) occur exactly 393 times in the 20 amino acids or (2027) with an average atomic weight of 2738.017/393 = 6.967 or approximately 7.

The 210 cubits and levels when divided evenly by 5 equal 42.

The inner or ordinal value of the 4 nucleotides adenine (א), guanine (ג), cytosine (כ) and thymine (ת), collectively (אגכת), is 37, the same as the ordinal value of the sefira of Chochma (Wisdom). While the inner and outer values of Chochma (חכמה) are 37 and 73, whose product is (37 x 73) = 2701, the value 37 is what evens out the 7 words of the Torah’s first verse with the sum of the 20 amino acids, 2738.

The connection is not obvious to us at the time, but we are alerted that Joseph was sold by his brothers for 20 pieces of silver in chapter 37 within paragraph 73 of Genesis, in one of the most pivotal moments of the Torah and history, the beginning the 210 years of exile.

Moreover, while 2701 is the 73rd Triangular Number and consists of 28 letters, the atomic total number, 2738, has 73 at its core and 28 at its periphery.

How is it possible that this hyper-complex process of upside-down logic, where chaos leads to fine organization that supposedly took a billion years of chance encounters more numerous than the atoms in the universe, boils down to simple mathematical field orientations in hyperspace? Why do these coincide with Moshiach Ben David, the pyramid around the Tower of Truth, and the 64 square matrix?

Why do basic geometric shapes, like the triangle, square, and the cube consistently lay between the unfathomable and our perception? Why do they form and simplify in the 6 dimensions of Zeir Anpin before we can perceive them?

Why is the info about what we perceive as the seed of life here inside the Torah?

When we add the Moshiach Ben David reference (424) to the 192 times that these 4 nucleotides are repeated in our 64 codons it equals (424 + 192) = 616, the value of “HaTorah, The Torah.”

When we see vast expanses of knowledge and information folded up into tiny cubes, we are reminded of the billions of nucleotides folded up tightly yet accessibly in each of our cells. Each chromosome string when unwound is 6 ft long or 72 inches. Is this why we bury bodies 6 ft under?

Israel, the Folding of Time and Space

It is said that Jacob and his family traveled swiftly by folding up the land beneath them, and that many Kabbalists, including the Baal Shem Tov, did the same. As it turns out, the land of Israel folds up nicely. The full area of Israel should include the 2270 square miles in the West Bank, the 27 square miles in East Jerusalem and another 1150 square miles in the Golan Heights, for a total of 11,466 square miles. While the 27 square miles of East Jerusalem nominally form a cube of that matches the Essential Cube of Creation, it is the total of 11,466 square miles that tells the real story. It is equal to 441 x 26, or Truth, (אמת), as in the phrase “Give Truth to Jacob,” from Michah 7:20 times the YHVH (יהוה). Jacob, whose name is also Israel, has a numerical value of 182, which is one of the 36 factors of 11,466.

If we were to fold those 11,466 square miles into a square, each side would be 107.07 miles long, which is exactly 2126 or the product of the Name of G-d, Ehyeh (אהיה) and the square root of the YHVH (יהוה). Moreover, 441 is the sum of the initials of the upper 6 sefirot (dimensions) of the Tree-of-Life, while 21 x 26 is the sum of the initials in all 10 sefirot.

All this would be enough to establish the hand of the Creator in the current state of Israel, the square root of 11,466 square miles adds much more depth. The measure 107.07 is highly similar to the number of letters in the Torah that preceded the 10 Commandments, 107,007 letters. These rules were given in the 20th Chapter in Shmot, the 70th overall.  While this may or may not reflect on Michah 7:20, the 10 Commandments in the Torah ended at Shmot 20:18, as in the year 2018 (5778 HC), which marks the 70th year of Israeli statehood, and the 107th Triangular Number, 5778, the edge of the event horizon, when Jerusalem was confirmed as the capital of Israel and the Golan Heights as an inseparable part of Israel by the 45th President of the USA.

Of the 36 factors of the number 11,466, the simplest one is 11466/2 = 5733, corresponding to 1973 CE, the year of the ’73 War when those additional territories included in the 11,466 square miles were cemented into the State of Israeli, 45 years before 2018.

The numbers 546 and 21 are also a factor pair of 11466. It was the Arizal who told us that 546, the sum of the 10 initials of the 10 sefirot, was also the value of Israel, including the kolel. We already know that 21, the 6th Triangular Number, is the value of the Name of G-d, Ehyeh (אהיה).
After, the factor pair that included Jacob’s numerical value, (63 x 182), the very next one sequentially is (78 x 147) , representing the triple YHVH (יהוה־יהוה־יהוה) and the complete gematria value for Adonai Echad (אחד יהוה) from the Shema paired with the number of years in Jacob’s life, 147.

With the correlation with Spherical Time and the exact square mileage of Israel at the event horizon established, the inner cosmos strengthens it for us by pointing out that 11466 is 54 minutes shy of a full 8 days (11520 minutes) and that 54 x 107 = 5778.

The Hourglass

A time marker is placed in 2448 with the reception of the 10 (י) Commandments at the top of the mountain (ההר) of numerical value 210. It is reinforced by their place marker at the 54th paragraph of Shmot, the 20th chapter, as in the full value of Yud (יוד). The 62 Yuds (י) in the 10 (י) Commandments of combined value 620 are comprised of 620 letters, the value of the Hebrew word for 20Esrim (עשרים), the same as Keter (כתר). As we get sucked up into this vortex with both time and space folding in and collapsing around us, along with the key moment in the Torah, we realize that this predestined moment, or apex point in the Torah was the physical manifestation point of the document that had to have existed before the Torah saga could have begun. Thus, it is the high point of physicality and low point of Zeir Anpin. It is the Keter (כתר) of Malchut (or Malchut of Yesod to be exact) and the Yesod of Yesod of Zeir Anpin, where great light was transferred to sustain what we perceive as the physical realm. It is the point of projection, an hourglass.

From Keter (כתר) to the top of physicality, the meeting point is (620210) = 410, the numerical value of “Holy” and of the first Triplet (שמע) in the 15 Triplets of the Shema(שמע) that has an enlarged (ע) for 70, as in the 70th chapter. How many cubits covered the mountain? 15.

The 210/620 and 410/620 ratios give us very close to the Kabbalistic 1/3 and 2/3 or .333 and .666 split, where the Arizal and the Zohar tell us spirituality and physicality meet and separate, and where a firmament separates them so that physicality cannot contaminate the upper hyperspace realms.  We understand now why they were trying to build a Tower 210 cubits high and that the Creator stopped them at that point and divided them into 70 languages.

This is the same Kabbalistic 1/3 and 2/3 or .333 and .666 split that Rav Ashlag taught us to apply repeatedly to 6000 years, representing the 6 dimensions of Zeir Anpin, to give us 5778, the event horizon limit of Spherical Time. And .333 of 10,000, representing the full 10 sefirot, is 3330 as in (2448 + 3330) = 5778. Or (2448 + 3333) = 5781.

We already know the unification value of 91 as the YHVH (יהוה) and Adonai (אדני) in (יאהדוני) and the clear mirror shows us that it too is a factor of 11466, along with 126, the value of each plane of the Essential Cube of Creation, 3 x 42-Letter Name of G-d, in that (91 x 126) = 11466. What ties it to the pinnacle, pivotal moment in the Torah and Spherical Time is that 91 is the ordinal value of Esrim (עשרים).

One of us asked about Egypt, which plays so prominently in the Torah, especially the 210 years before the revelation at Sinai and the pivotal moment. This is the pivotal moment that occurred 1313 years before the Spiritual Time radius of 3760 HC, and 441 years before the Spherical Time midpoint in 2889 HC. The vortex spins tighter and faster.

Truth is found in the 441 years and in the 44,100 cubic units in the Tower of Truth. The Tower was always meant to be in Egypt, Mizra’im (מצרים) of numerical value 380. Egypt, Mizra’im (מצרים) and Keter (כתר), as in Esrim (עשרים) or the 20 cubes of the Tower, the 20th Triangular Number, fit together in perfection, as (380 + 620) = 1000.  The difference between the two is doubt, sofek (ספק), of numerical value (620380) = 240, the same as Amalek (עמלק), who waited to attack Israel the moment they crossed the Red Sea before they could reach Sinai and the mountain (ההר) of complete numerical value 240.

The implications of overcoming our doubts are clear and obvious. It is the only way to cross over, a leap of faith.

Egypt, Mizra’im (מצרים) was the ideal place for the Tower, physically, metaphysically, and conceptually. The 3 root letters (מצר) of Egypt, Mizra’im (מצרים) mean “strait,” as in a naturally formed narrowing. The numerical value of the root (מצר) is 330, as in the base measure of the pyramid that encapsules the Tower. In the center of the word Egypt, Mizra’im (מצרים) are the letters (רי) of numerical value 210, a symbol of the narrowing pyramid by 120 cubits from 330 cubits at its base to a height of 210 cubits. There are 210 stacked levels or platforms covering 20 stacked cubes, like the 10 stacked platforms of the 10 sefirot that gave us 210 paths, and the 22 stacked platforms of the 22 letters.

With luminous stacked images appearing all around us, we find ourselves in the center of a steep luminous valley when the clear mirror surfaces. It tells us simply that the ordinal value of the 3 letters (צרי) of Egypt (narrowing) that split the Mem (מם) is 48. With all the implications of 48, the cube of 48, and its connection with 42, we wonder if, like the throat of an hourglass, we need to go through a narrowing to get to the other side. Is Egypt, Mizra’im (מצרים) a spiritual metaphysical metaphor?

These are the same 3 letters (צרי) found at the entrance of the portal at the center of the 42-Letter Name when the component letter Yud(י) of the Zadi (צ) is included. There are the 2 letters (רצ) splitting the other 40.

With stacked pyramids towering over us on 3 sides, all the same height, the clear mirror continues explaining that the name of the letter Mem (מם) has a value of 80, like the letter Pe(פ), and that the triplet (צרי) has a numerical value 300, as in the Shin(ש)- Pe(פ) relationship in the 304,805 letters of the Torah. It is a narrowing from the 21 letters that total 300,000 to through the mouth of the vortex, which are the 4,805 letters Pe(פ), malchut of yesod. The value of the letters the Shin (ש) and Pe (פ) is 380 and their ordinal value is 38, as in 380, Egypt, Mizra’im (מצרים).

An equation appears and we are reminded that the triplets are all active entities, with shifting orders and identities and that each of them go through field interactions, sometimes simultaneously. Each triangular triplet has 6 phases or identities with multiple states. Talk about a eureka moment! The gematria ciphers are not decoder charts; they are ways to see the letters in different states of existence.  The ordinal state of the triplet (צרי) is 182010, and the equation that appears is (18 + (20 x 10)) = 2018, while the ordinal state of the letter Mem (מם) is 26.  The 1820 YHVH (יהוה) reference did not escape us either. The phase that the triplet (צרי) appears in the 42-Letter Name is (רצי) 2018 with an internal 10.

The word (ואלה) of 42

A shoot spins off the vortex surrounding the central valley of the pyramids and we see that the word (ואלה), a permutation of the Name of 42 (אלוה) and thus also of numerical value 42, appears 38 times in the Torah. While (38 + 42) = 80, or Pe (פ), it is its placement in the Torah that tells the real story. Meaning, “these,” we first encounter the word (ואלה) as the seed and first word of the chronicles (the 10 generations) of Noach. It is also the first word of the paragraph and of the 10th chapter of the Torah.

There are 6 times that the word (ואלה) of 42 appears at the head of a paragraph and all but one of those times it is also the heard of a chapter. At Exodus 1:1 it is the head of the book as well, “These are the names.” The word (ואלה) of 42 is associated with the Chronicles and with names and the chronicles are lists of names.  The word (ואלה) of 42 heads up the list of names of Noach, of Ishmael, of Esau, of Jacob’s family, and of Aaron and Moses at Mt Sinai when G-d spoke to them. It is also heads up the laws and the portion of Mishpatim (משפטים) that contains (שפ) in Exodus 21:1, right after the 10 Commandments.

The lone exception to beginning a paragraph but not a chapter occurs in paragraph 58, at Genesis 25:12 midway through the 50 chapters of Genesis with the chronicles of Ismael. Here, the word (ואלה) of 42 is found as the first word in the 3rd row of the 27th column of the Torah.  We could say (25 x 12) = 300 is meaningful as the Shin (ש) here, but more meaningful may be the allusion to 3 tiers and Triplet nature of the 27 positions of the Essential Cube of Creation.

Rather than go down that trail of 42, we stick with the 3 letters (צרי) that split the letter Mem (מם) in Mizra’im (מצרים) and that equal 300. They (צרי) mean “giving form,” and are the root of yetzirah (formation) and the world of formation to which Abraham referred in his “Sefer Yetzirah, The Book of Formation.”

This powerful vortex spins off 1000 other vortices, none of which we intend to follow today. We are getting our answers right where we are in the calm of the valley of the pyramids, shaded from the swirling forces of the vortex. The complete value of Amalek (עמלק) is (240 + 60) = 300, which brings up the hidden letter Samech (ס) of numerical value 60 and portal at the very center of the 42-Letter Name, between the (רצ) and in the center of Egypt (צר). The 1833 value of the 42-Letter Name through that point align with the 1833 Samech (ס) in the Torah, which as has just been whispered to us, equals 3 x 611, the numerical value of Torah. When we conquer our doubts, we can allow the 42-Letter Name to cross us over from 3701 to 3761, and safely breach Spiritual Time. A leap of faith.

The name Samech (סמך) for the 15th letter has a numerical value of 120, as in the 15th Triangular Number.

Chapter XXXII Part H – The Journey Continues with Creation…

We can feel the vortex closing in on us, but before it does, the 22 steps of the Alef-bet have one more revelation for us. The middle platform, that of the 11th letter Caf(כ) is illuminated. We see numbers tracing up to it along one side and numbers tracing down to is along the other. The sum of all the cumulative products (.111 + 4.5732 + 3.338436 + ….1) from the top down equal 1.12127 and the sum of the cumulative products (.406 + 14.616 + 74.5416 + ….1) from the bottom up equal 114.3358.  There is much that stands out to us, but right off the bat, it is that both totals start off with the number 11, as in the 11th letter, or 1 each for each platform, but that does not make any sense since the values of each letter vary wildly.

With the numbers 1.12127 and 114.3358 juxtaposed to one another, we make out the 112 Triplets associated with the 112 chakras in our bodies and on the other side the 114 total chakras including the 2 that require a leap of faith. Next, we see the 212, as in “The Light (האור)” and the total sum of all the cumulative products for all 22 letters, followed by the 127 paths or 27 positions of the Essential Cube of Creation. These are juxtaposed to the 1143 value of the 1st row of the 72 Triplets known as the 9th candle of Creation and or the average of the 8 columns of the 72 Triplets. It is followed by 3358, an obvious allusion to Moshiach (358) and the exact 3358 number of Caf (ךsofits in the Torah.

The Creators work never ceases to amaze us. We must put our awe on hold as the vortex has broken through the 3 pyramid barrier and we are swept up like Dorothy and Toto.

The Core Triangle of His Name

No munchkin land, nor golden trail to follow, just a giant triangle waving like a sail tied loosely to a mast and boom. As the sail tightens and starches, we are told we are at the Triangle at the Core of Creation. The inner cosmos really wants us to understand this, but things get stormy quickly. All the thunderous flashing of geometric shapes is confusing, especially with the crested waves crashing upon us and heaving the boat about.  A dam has burst, and the sea of light and knowledge overwhelms us.

Then in the calm, or maybe the eye of the hurricane, it starts out simple, with a right triangle that has a base of 173, a mast height of 300 and a hypotenuse of 346, or twice 173. Nowadays that is 7th or 8th grade geometry.

In Pythagoras’ theorem of a2 + b2 = c2 there is a special case, whereby c2 = 2a and this is that case.  The short side, or a = 173, is the square root of 3, which is what makes this work out this way.  What the inner cosmos are trying to point out, though, is that 173 is the small gematria of the 42-Letter Name, and that 346 is the numerical value “His Name (שמו), or twice 173.

When this special triangle is duplicated and duplicated again it forms a rhombus, not a square, although each side is equal and is equal to 346, or twice the 42-Letter Name. Also, one diagonal of this rhombus is also 346 and the other is 600, giving us a total of 5 lengths of 346 or 10 times the 42-Letter Name. The longer diagonal or crossbar of 600 is representative of Noach’s age at the time of the Flood and the 600,000 Israelite men at Mt Sinai.

The sea recedes and our sailboat and triangle are sitting squarely on dry land. The reflections of the sea have become a bevy of mirrors that surround us, forcing us to focus intently on the proud triangle standing tall within our circle. We are shown that this special triangle is a 30o – 60o – 90o right triangle. Then within it, we see a much smaller triangle with the same 30o – 60o – 90shape. The new triangle’s dimensions are Pi(π)/2, e, and Pi(π) for the hypotenuse. Pi(π) is 3.14159265358, and e or Euler’s Number is 2.718281828459045, and Pi(π)/2 is 1.5708, or One (1) and the year Israel became a nation in 5708 HC. These constants of physics and mathematics are proportional and about 9% of our Core Triangle’s 173 – 300 – 346 dimensions. Once scaled up by 102 to 314.2157.0, and 271.8, our core numbers (346173, and 300) are 1.10 times them, or 10% higher.

That makes them 110 times higher, exactly 4 cubits.  Suddenly, the cubit is no longer a static measurement, but an expansion of distance from core mathematical constants to core spiritual Numbers and concepts, a bridge or relationship between fields.  When we measure in sacred cubits on the physical plane, we are measure out 27.5 inches, but what is really going on is playing out in the spiritual realm, a mode of transformation between the fields, like a sail that can harness the wind to navigate a sea. This is why the back letters (לף) of Alef(אלף) look like a sail and a sea and have the numerical value 110. This is why those same to two letters (לף) are found in the center of Yesod of Malchut in the 6th line of the 42-Letter Name matrix.

Given that 1/110 is .0090909, does the equation 9 divided by the small gematria of the 42-Letter Name or 9/.123049… = 73.14159 not make sense? It appears this relationship is very important to the shape of the universe. Chochma (חכמה), Wisdom, is the 9th sefirot from below. Its gematria value is 73 and its ordinal value is 37, giving it a complete value of 110. There is indeed Wisdom here. Wisdom goes beyond Knowledge and Understanding.  It is much closer to the concepts of the Creator.

The clear mirrors keep us focused and our minds off the distant swirling vortex. We see that this special triangle is a 30o – 60o – 90o right triangle, and when it is mirrored it forms a 60o – 60o – 60o equilateral triangle with each side having a length of 346. His Name (שמו) is on all 3 sides.

In a shiny clear mirror, we see 30o – 60o – 90o morphing into 3 – 6 – 9 with sound, frequency, and vibration built into a very specific triangle, the Core Triangle.  This is similar to the 3 – 6 – relationship that we saw built into the diagonals of two adjacent sides of the Essential Cube of Creation, forming an equilateral 60o – 60o – 60o triangle of sides 346 between them, though admittedly this is hard to visualize.

The reason this design is so important to the inner cosmos is that this Core Triangle represents the moment of transition from the Cube of the 42-Letter Name, the (√3)3 cube, to the Essential Cube of Creation (33).

One of the clear mirrors reminds us of our studies into numerical fields and shows us that the number 3 is 111 in hyperspace, 3 units on the first level of separation. It is the only number directly associated with the name of a letter, Alef (אלף) of numerical value 111.

The clear mirrors switch into high gear. The Hebrew word for “moment, rega (רגע)” is the harmonic convergent 273.  When the Core Equilateral Triangle is bisected on each side, it divides into 6 equal right triangles of dimensions 100 – 173 – 200 each. The two shorter sides of each of the 6 individual smaller triangles have a combined length of (100 + 173) = 273. This gives their total (273) a difference with the original hypotenuse (300) of 27, matching the same 27 difference between their longer side (173) with their individual hypotenuse (200). In other words, 27 completes the triangle. This dual difference of 27 is aligned with the 27 positions of the Essential Cube of Creation.  These differences while linear to us are actually the level of separate within hyperspace and have meaning by their very nature. Hence, (300 – 273) = (200 – 173) = 27 but they are at once the same 27 and very different ones with multiple associations. Think of it this way: 27 is a singular number but its relationship to 300 is very different than its relationship to 200.

There are 6 moments of Creation within the bisected Core Equilateral Triangle of Creation. Six clear mirrors combine to make sure we understand the reference to the 6 days of Creation.

Those 6 moments of Creation are contained in the 6 resultant triangles within the bisected Core Equilateral Triangle of Creation, and with 3 line segments per triangle, there are 18 in total from the original 3, thus 18 measures of Creation. Six clear mirrors combine to make sure we understand the reference to the bisection of the Water, the Light, and of day and night. There are then 6 days bisected.

The full length of these (3 x 6) = 18 segments is 2838, which equals the Torah’s first verse, 2701, plus 137, the Phi(φ) angle of rotation at the core of Spherical Time, and gematria of “kabbalah, to receive.”

The universe desperately wants us to understand this, and the flood of information keeps coming, reflections and information bouncing from mirror to mirror.

The 42-Letter Name of Creation

The reason this is so important to the inner cosmos is that this Core Triangle represents the moment of transition from the cube of the 42-Letter Name (173) to the Essential Cube of Creation (27) that is based on the number 42. The value 27 is not only complementary to 173 but is a transformed form of it.

The small gematria value of the 42-Letter Name, 173, as in the 173 keys of Moses to Heaven, is the square root of 3 The reason this is so important to the inner cosmos is that this Core Triangle represents the moment of transition from the cube of (√3)3 to the Essential Cube of Creation (33), from the Cube of the 42-Letters to the Essential Cube of Creation, which is the magic cube of 42.

As the clear mirrors explain, like the triangle, the process begins with the concept of 3, and the Transition happens through the expansion of squaring: (√3) x (√3) = and (√3)x (√3)33. The (42-Letter Name x the 42-Letter Name) = 3. The (Cube of the 42-Letter Name x the Cube of the 42-Letter Name) = 27, the Essential Cube of Creation.

As the clear mirrors explain again, because we obviously missed it, like the triangle, the process begins with the concept of 3. The (42-Letter Name x the 42-Letter Name) = 3. There is no concept of 3 without the 42-Letter Name. There is no without the 42-Letter Name.

This should not be surprising to us, but it is a stunner.

It is not a chicken or egg issue. The 42-Letter Name came first, before the calculation of numbers, before the numerical fields, and before the 27 letters took on values.  The 42-Letter Name was an essence of the 3 upper sefirot before it took on the cloak or dressing of the 42 Letters and their values. The 42-Letter Name was an essence of the 3 upper sefirot before there was a counting of the sefirot. The 42-Letter Name is still an essence of the 3 upper sefirot as there is no time within the 3 upper sefirot.

Why does the equation 9 divided by the small gematria of the 42-Letter Name or 9/.123049… = 73.14159? Perhaps, it needs to be rearranged and rethought since 9 = 32 and 3 is the 42-Letter Name squared. The equation 9/.123049… = 73.14159 can be written .123049… = 73.14159/or the 42-Letter Name = 73.14159/9.  We can, of course, go further and break out Pi(π), or convert 9 into (42-Letter Name)4, but the clear mirrors are taking us in a slightly different direction, perhaps at the urging of the encroaching vortex.

The clear mirrors are reminding us that there are 10 Utterances in Creation, and that 9 of them begin with “G-d said, Vayomer Elohim” and the 10th added the word “to them, Lahem.” The numerical value sofit of the 10 letters in Vayomer Elohim(ויאמר־אלהים) is 903, as in the sum of all the integers from 1 – 42, the 42nd Triangular Number.

These are the nine verses: 1:3, corresponding to the 1st day of Creation; 1:6 corresponding to the 2nd day; 1:9 and 1:11 corresponding to the 3rd day; 1:14 corresponding to the 4th day; 1:20 corresponding to the 5th day; and 1:24, 1:26, and 1:29 corresponding to the 6th day.

The sum of (1,2,3,3,4,5,6,6,6) days is 36, of the verses is 142 and chapters, 9, totaling 187, as in the 187 chapters in the entire Torah.

Each one of the Utterances begins with “Vayomer Elohim,” connected to the 42-Letter Name, followed by a command to the elements of hyperspace.  If we sum those commands they sum to (232 + 405 + 122 + 705 + 666 + 606 + 497 + 425 + 60) = 3718, which matches the 7th Bell Prime Index 2841 and 7th Bell Number (877) equation (2841 + 877) = 3718, reinforcing the Spherical time connection: 3718 + 42 = 3760.

The sum of all 9 of those Vayomer Elohim or x 903 is 8127 and we find 8127 at the 606th digit in Pi, and the sum of all the digits in Pi(π) counting backward from 1000 through the 8127 string is 1775, as in the sum of the 27 letters of the Alef-bet, whose square root is 42.130….

About to move on, the clear mirror halts us, and once again we realize there is a purpose to everything the inner cosmos shows us and everything thing it reminds us of. The resultant value of the reorganized 42-Letter Pi(π) equation is 73.14159/= 8.127.

We are reminded of Tesla circling his dining table 18 times…3, 6, 9, 3, 6, 9…. Where must his mind have gone? What journeys was his consciousness on? We see 9 and 3 over and over again and is a flat square with 3 on each side and an area of 32. And 903 is the 42-Letter Name and 42nd Triangular Number, 42 levels high, an equilateral triangle with 42 on each side.

This reminds us of the Core Equilateral Triangle of Creation with His Name of numerical value 346 on each side, twice the small gematria of the 42-Letter Name, 6 of them in total. It is then that we realize 346 is equivalent to the 336 letters in the 112 Triplets plus 10, as in the 10 sefirot, which then also makes it equivalent to 42 x (8 + 10/42) = (336 + 10) = 346.

Our minds adrift, we wonder about 903 and whether it is an allusion to 9 x 3 or the 33 cube of 27. It must be, since both are based on the number and concept of 429 planes and 3 axes that all keep summing to 42Vayomer Elohim (ויאמר־אלהים) is 903, “God said.”

The clear mirror helps us out by indicating that Vayomer Elohim (ויאמר־אלהים) of numerical value 903 is found 22 times in the Torah, one for each of the 22 letters. Of those, 20 times are in Genesis, once at Exodus 3:14 along with “I am that I am (אהיה־אשר־אהיה) of numerical value 3142, and the final time in Numbers 22:12 when G-d said to Bilaam do not to curse the Israelites for they are a blessed nation.

The clear mirror then shows us that of the 720 times the word Vayomer (ויאמר) is used in the Torah, the expression Vayomer YHVH  (ויאמר־יהוה) is found 107 times, as in the 107th Triangular Number, 5778, the Spherical Time radius.

We wonder if (107 + 903) are supposed to fit together like a puzzle piece to form 1010, but the cosmos has no reply.

The Diagonals

Because of the concept of the Pythagorean theorem (a2 + b2 = c2) the diagonal of each face of a cube is the square root of (2 x edge2). In the Essential Cube of Creation, each edge is 3, so the diagonal of each face is √(2 x 32) = √18.

The diagonal of each side (face) of the 33 Essential Cube of Creation is thus 4.2426, or Moshiach Ben David along with the YHVH (יהוה), two for each of the 6 sides of the cube, which are the reflections of Zeir Anpin upon Malchut.

Because of (a2 + b2 = c2) the cross diagonal, also known as the solid diagonal through the center of the Essential Cube of Creation is (edge x √3) = 33. This solid diagonal has a length of 3 x 173, or metaphysically 3 times the 42-Letter Name.

Since the edge of the Cube of the 42-Letter Name is 173 or √3, the volume of the Cube is (√3)3, which works out to 33. As we were just shown, this is the measure of the solid diagonal through the Essential Cube of Creation.

This diagonal (33) is also the square root of 27, or √27, which means that the diagonal represents the heart of the 27 Cubes of Creation, and metaphysically that 3 times the 42-Letter Name also lies at the heart of the Essential Cube of Creation.

The volume of the Essential Cube of Creation is 33 or 27 and the surface area is (6 x 9) = 54, as in the 54 external positions, and as in the 54 Triplets that sum to 42 embedded in it.

The Cube of the 42-Letter Name with a volume of (√3)and whose edge (√3) is synonymous with the 42-Letter Name (173) has a surface area of (3 x 6) = 18, as in the 18 segments of the bisected Core Essential Triangle of Creation.  Its volume of (√3)is synonymous with (3 x the 42-Letter Name). Therefore, in scaling up, the volume (√3)of the 42-Letter Name Cube is also synonymous with the diagonal (√3)of the Essential Cube of Creation that is based on 42.

The clear mirror wants us to understand that they are not just synonymous.  In scaling up, the volume (√3)of the 42-Letter Name Cube is the diagonal (√3)of the Essential Cube of Creation of 42.  From our limited perspective that is impossible. One has spatial volume and the other is an imaginary line drawn through space. In hyperspace, a line such as a diagonal can have space and volume. What we think of space folds and unfolds. Even in the middle of a square or cube it can be an edge.  As objects transition from one phase or dimension to the next there are edges and momentary boundaries, where two very different objects or even concepts can exist as one. Without time, that frozen moment in phase shifting can be there in perpetuity, a dual potentiality where both phases, and dimensionalities, exist at once.

We question whether dual phase objects or entities exist in our world as well, and the clear mirror replies a resounding yes. It then explains that while we are in a reflective hyperspace bubble, that bubble is not outside of hyperspace, nothing is.  The firmament that surrounds us does not keep the concepts of the greater universe out, our minds do. The clear mirror puts it another way: we see only what we want to see. While we say we want to see the truth and be in hyperspace existence, most of us really want to see that we are loved, needed, wanted, respected by other people and other physical entities. We want to have other people value us; we want self-worth. We want to express our emotions and creativity and have them validated. We want to be cared for and to care for others. We want to lust and love. We may want to fly like superman, but we also want gravity to hold everything in place for us while we do. In other words, we want everything that the greater universe is not, and cannot comprehend an existence without that. Even guided by the best imaginations on our planet have you ever seen a sci-fi movie filmed without gravity. Even the avatars in The Matrix wake up to a desire for physicality.

We can partially blame on our 5 senses. Who would want to forgo: the amazing music we hear; the spectacular vistas nature offers us; the wonderful aromas floating from bakeries, fresh roasted coffee, and exotically prepared dishes; the tastes of those foods, and a gentle loving touch?

Even in man’s best case scenarios, including the evil NWO being completely annihilated, an antidote for the vaccine being found before the next generation becomes sterilized, freedoms for all are revived, the Fed is abolished and all debts forgiven, taxes are greatly reduced, peace spreads around the world, abundant food is grown without chemicals, the planet and our bodies detoxify, cancer is cured, and people treat each with dignity and love; even in those scenarios we all eventually die and dream about our descendants hundreds of years hence traveling the galaxies in spaceships, fighting Klingons and Romulans. To the universe those are infantile dreams and goals, all set within an expanding construct of physicality.

The Spherical Time bubble is an incubator and most of us are barely infants. Technology is not a marker of development; it is a crutch. Physical prowess is narcissism. The rules our societies create for us are not for our benefit; they are just the easiest for our simple minds to comprehend. They further the construct that we want to believe.   So yes, the clear mirrors tell us, every attribute of hyperspace exists in our little time buddle, we just have not developed the consciousness to grasp it yet.

They seem to add, “So pay attention.” The diagonal of each side (face) of the 33 Essential Cube of Creation is thus 4.2426, or Moshiach Ben David.  The diagonal of each side (face) of the 42-Letter Name (√3)3 Cube is 2.449, as in the year of the Mishkan and the Torah, 2449 HC, which is 42.4% of 5778, the throat of the hourglass.

The Frozen Moment of Transformation

The moment of transformation occurs when the top and bottom sides of the cube of (√3)are still in their (√3) by (√3) formation and the vertical sides have already stretched to a height of 3, as in the 3-unit edges of the 33 Essential Cube of Creation. This gives their interim diagonals a momentary length of 346, twice the 42-Letter Name. In other words, the base length is √3 or 173, the height is 3 or 300 and its hypotenuse is 2√3 or 346, which describes the original Core Triangle of Creation.

The Core Triangle of Creation (173 – 300 – 346), the Core Triangle of His Name, is the exact moment of transition and transformation. It is the exact moment frozen in time and space. It is the exact moment when the Cube of the 42-Letter Name transitions into and forms the Essential Cube of Creation with the 27 fields of the 27 letters. It is for this reason that the digits in the Core Triangle of His Name (173 – 300 – 346) = 27.

We see it as a triangle; the universe sees it as a concept within a process. The upper 3 sefirot had to form a cube of their essence in order to transform its likeness into the cube of Zeir Anpin. That transformation took a process and the pivotal moment in that process is the concept of the Core Triangle of His Name.

This is why the Tree-of-Life is drawn as two stacked cubes. Even if those that have taken a similar journey to the one we are on may have understood the process and concept better than us, they had no better tools than we do to describe them or to represent them. Hence the two stacked cubes are of the same size and hence they are cubes at all.  Imagine if the Arizal had hand-drawn a 10-dimensional hypercube; who would have been able to follow it?

Metaphysically, the 42-Letter Name transforms into the Cube of 42 and carries the light of Moshiach Ben David from the center to the surface and edge of 5778. One more concept the clear mirrors want us to grasp is that just as like within our Sun, whose surface temperature is 5778˚ K, the process of transformation releases energy (Light).  What has been illustrated to us as geometric progression of triangles, cubes and spheres is an ongoing process of transformation that releases the energy (Light) that incrementally sustains the existence of the greater universe and eventually our incubation bubble.

The vortex has tightened around us and the clear mirrors have collapsed.  The boat with upright sail of transformation spins on the crest of a churning wave then gets hoisted aloft and vanishes. With nothing by a patch of dry land to sustain us from the swirling winds, we have no choice but to take a leap of faith.

The Land of Israel

Having jumped into the vortex, time seems to stop completely. We float effortlessly inside the center of the vortex. The first information we receive seems simple and innocuous. The numbers 234 and 49 are another factor pair of the Land of Israel, since (234 x 49) = 11466.  One of us suggests it has to do with the Israelites being at the 49th Gate in Egypt. Then the bottom drops out…

The next factor pair in the sequence we have been following is (273 x 42) = 11466 and the consecutive factors (42 + 49) add up to 91, one of the factors we have already seen. It is through 42 and 49 that we count the Omer, but that is but a momentary distraction as the cosmos open up around us.

The Earth tilts at 23.4˚, as in the factor 234. This is precisely 26% of the full 90˚ angle, with 26 being both the YHVH (יהוה) and the factor paired with Truth (441) in (26 x 441). We then learn that 23.4 is 90% of 26, relating the Earth’s tilt to G-d’s Name. It gets weirder. The complementary angle is (90˚ – 23.4˚) = 66.6˚, as in the Kabbalistic ratio and the ratio of the pivot point between spirituality and physicality.

It is then that recall call that the clear mirrors had just shown us that mathematical and physical constants Pi(π) or 3.14159265358, Euler’s Number (e) or 2.718281828459045, and Pi(π)/2 or 1.5708, which is One (1) plus the year Israel became a nation (5708 HC) are 90% of the Core Transition Triangle’s 173 – 300 – 346 dimensions.  Not only is the universe consistent but there must be a greater purpose or concept behind this 90% or 1.111 multiple schematic?

Nonetheless, the value 273, paired with 42, is instantly recognized by us as the harmonic convergent, that relates the inscribed circle to the square. Basic geometry at the nexus of reality.  It is also the value of the word “gematria” that helps translate that nexus for us and make sense of what would otherwise just be symbols floating around and bumping into one another. It is also the core temperature of the Sun at 27.3 million degrees Fahrenheit, compared with its surface temperature of 5778˚ K. It is also the absolute freezing point of all matter and energy, 273˚ C, thus the end of physicality. If there is an end of physicality can there be a beginning?

Spiritualty has no end.  It happens in an instant, rega (רגה), of numerical value 273, which we immediately recall is also the sum of the two legs of the Bisected Core Equilateral Triangle.

Floating facts fill in the void. The sunspots revolve around the Sun’s surface in exactly 27.3 days, the same number of days that the Moon orbits the Earth, 27.3 days. The Moon is 27.3% of the Earth’s size, and it completes one turn on its axis with respect to the stars every 27.3 days. The area of Israel, certified by an act of the 45th President of the U.S. in 5778, is 11,466 sq miles or 273 x 42.  The area 11,466 sq miles is also exactly 90 sq miles, or (2 x 45) less than (2 x 5778).

Could all those 27.3 measures built into the universe be phases of the same transition moment, rega (רגה), in hyperspace?

As the arid land unfolds around us, and stars fill the cavernous sky, the 3 factors (23.4 26  27.3) built into the Earth and its relationship with the solar system form their own relationship. They are a system. They are 2.6 and 1.3 units apart respectively, out of a total 3.9 units of separation, giving them the exact kabbalistic split, the .666 and .333 proportions (i.e. 2.6/3.9 = .666 and 1.3/3.9 = .333).  Furthermore, 13, 26 and 39 are all factors of Israel’s G-d given area, 11,466 square miles.

Just when we thought we were done with this cosmic lesson, we learn that the square root of those specific 11,466 square miles or √11466 is 107.07, the same as  the 107,007 letters in the Torah up to Anochi, the first word of the 10 Commandments; and as the ordinal value of the 3 Hebrew names for the Sun, Moon, and Earth that equal 107; and as the distance from the Earth to the Sun, which is the exact equivalent to 107 Sun’s diameters; and as the speed the Earth orbits the Sun at 107,000 KPH (66,600 MPH); and as the Sun’s surface temperature 5778 K, the 107th Triangular Number.

It is obvious that physicality, as anything more than a simulation, does not work this way.  Too many 1 in a million, billion, and trillion coincidences have to line up on top of each other for there to exist conscious life on Earth, and then for the Earth, Sun, and Moon to conform to the same mathematically harmonics without causation, and then for the Torah and Israel to conform to those again. Any lingering belief in physicality and earthlings being chosen as special pixie space dust amongst the innumerable space dust and stars of the cosmos is nothing by foolish ego and preposterous.

What the universe might want us to take away from this is that Israel, at the center of the world’s land mass, is akin to the Sun with the planets revolving around it.

There is an alternative to physicality that does make us special: that our consciousness was specially selected for this training simulation. We can think of ourselves as astronauts specially selected by NASA. Disregard how many possible simulations and Spherical Time bubbles the Creator may be running simultaneously; we have a chance.  We have a chance to make it to the next level, and by now we have a large leg up on the pack.

Just then limestone steps appear before us and on the 6th step we find ourselves in Israel, yet we can see the entire 11,466 square mile territory with all its borders. Then we see the entire planet, all 196.9 million square miles of it. As we wonder if the 114 chakras or the year 1969 play into what we are supposed to learn here, we are shown that the land of Israel, the Promised Land, goes into the Earth 17172 times. We get all excited until we realize it means nothing to us.

The cosmos pauses, waiting for us to say something. We have got nothing. So, a clear mirror appears and shows us that the number of letters in the Torah, 304805 divided by the sum of the 27 letters, 1775, is 304805/1775 = 171.72.

How is that even possible?

We are shown the 27 positions of the 33 Essential Cube of Creation. Then a cube of 223, which conforms to the exact the number of columns and rows in the Torah, and that 223/6 = 1774.666, or 1775.

It does not stop there. Next, we are shown the 4 sets of Triplets arranged about the Essential Cube of Creation and we see that their individual sets of letters times their Triplets forms an equation: (42 x 14 + 45 x 15 + 33 x 11 + 216 x 72) = 17178. We still do not know what to say.

Every time we think we understand something about the Torah, it reveals exponentiality more complexity. It is as if the inner cosmos wants to scrape away any possibility of physicality, scrape away the remnants of our ego. This is when we realize that the sum of the digits in the 4 sets of Triplets (42 x 14 + 45 x 15 + 33 x 11 + 216 x 72) = 50.  As our minds spin out all the usual connections to 50, our consciousness fills with spiritual ego, expanding to absorb ever more possibilities.

The 3rd Rock from the Sun

It does not stop with the Earth. There is a blinding flash, then hovering and orbiting above us are Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto. We see them orbiting the Sun, then on closer inspection, it is the spinning cube of Zeir Anpin, centered above us.

Hovering with each planet are numbers, the Earth labeled “1.” All are distances from the Sun, and all are in relation to Earth as 1, whose actual distance is 92.96 million miles. This is the premise behind Astronomical Units (AU). They work out to: Mercury (.387), Venus (.724), Earth (1), Mars (1.524), Jupiter (5.204), Saturn (9.359), Uranus (19.18), Neptune (30.06), and Pluto (39.53). They are suddenly engulfed in a swirl of dust and plasma.

When the bright flash fizzles out and the dust settles, falling around us like a blanket of stars, we see that the cumulative sum of the distances of the first 4 planets is 3.63424, just like the results of the Spherical Time equation, and exactly like the cube root of 48.

The cumulative sum of the distances through Venus is 1.110, through Saturn is 18.42, and through Uranus, 37.60, all notable for obvious reasons, but most notable of all was the cumulative sum of the distances of all the planets, 107.  From incorporating Alef (111) and the Spiritual Time radius (3760) to the 5778 event horizon radius of the 107th Triangular Number at the end, the Creator has gone a long way to create symmetry in our Solar system.  It did not escape our attention that being the measure of the distance from the Sun, these figures of 10 times Alef (111), of 3760 and of the allusion to 5778 are all indeed radii of their particular orbits.

The still small voice reminds us of the (18 + 42) = 60 times the Name of G-d (אלוה) appears in Tanakh and that Saturn is the 6th planet.  It is only then that we remember that these make 9 planets and that the sum of (1 – 9) is 45, Man.

There are many other significant harmonics within these solar system numbers, but as the entire cosmos quickly folds up inside the 107th Triangular Number, which is a sphere of diameter 5778, we are whisked out of Israel and of the vortex and back to matrix of 64 codons.

Like a pill going down without water, we have swallowed the knowledge that the ordinal, or inner value, of Israel (ישראל) and of Malchut (מלכות) is 64, and that (90˚ 26˚) = 64˚and that the standard gematria difference between the two (541496) is 45, as in (90˚ 45˚) = 45˚. A very strange dynamic is being presented to us. In this simulated physicality of Malchut, why is the Island of Israel special? What does it have to do with Adam and Eve (45 + 19) = 64?

Are the inner and outer cosmos trying to show us that it knows the secrets of our origin, or that we are integrated with it, part of the program? Are we special as the great(x 1042) grandchild of the Creator, or as a divine simulation (the apple in His eye)?

Before anyone goes off and says that this intelligent design was drawn up by some lizards, grey bodies, or Norwegian blonds we need to ask why they would have given us all this information encoded in the Torah, and accredited it all to G-d, the Creator? It also always begs the question who created them. Why would rival alien nations try to level us up? This seems more like a sci-fi conundrum than a divine one where consciousness is everything. Why would they intrude in a simulation, when they could just change the parameters of the simulation without injecting themselves?

Every day there are more academics trying to rewrite history and credit the Spaniards with writing the Zohar and medieval monks with writing the Sefer Yetizrah and the Book of Raziel, etc., except we have seen for ourselves that the Torah predated them all and that the Torah tells us that the early kabbalists walked with G-d and spoke with G-d.  Look how much we learned in a single journey through Zeir Anpin, imagine how much they could have learned directly from G-d and the upper realms over hundreds of years.  The tzaddikim surely would have been privy to this knowledge and so much more.  The academics on the other hand…

Chapter XXXII Part I – The Journey Continues with the Tree-of-Life

The Chamber of Complements

We must have triggered something because the space-folding Inception effect is happening again. When the twisting structures vanish, we find ourselves in the Chamber of Complements.  It is a stark chamber of triple height with a right triangle standing in the middle, like an undressed Xmas tree.

We quickly realize the complements refer to the complementary angles to 90o, like the tilt of the earth off its axis. We previously saw that the 26 physical constants had to do with the 26 elements of the cube of Zeir Anpin. Now we see that at least one of those constants, previously associated with Spherical Time, the acceleration due to Gravity, 32.2 ft/sec2 has a complementary angle of 57.78o.

Trying to figure out whether there is a causality in this relationship, we recall that in a full 44.70 hour day of 2018 physical time at 32.2147 min/hr there are 1440 standard minutes, the same as the 1440 minutes in the 24 hour spiritual day at 60 min/hr. But no, there is no connection between the equations, other than both point to 5778, the temperature of the Sun, 5778o K.

We did recall from our preparation studies that the Adam, Eve, and G-d (YHVH) ratios of 19/45 and 26/45 was 42.22% and 57.78%. Is Adam, Even, and G-d, a metaphor for the Earth, Moon, and Sun?

G-d wanted a companion for Adam and created Even from his rib. Scientists tell us the Moon was created when an asteroid slammed into Earth and knocked a large chunk out, which became the Moon. They also tell us that if the Moon was not there to stabilize the Earth, life would not exist on it, or for that matter if the Sun was not exactly 5778o K at its surface, life would not exist on Earth either.  It is better to be lucky than smart.

We further recall that this was the same ratio in the odd/even split of the 22 letters in the alef-bet:

The inner cosmos is not so impressed with our associations and instead draws our attention to the triangle in the center of the room. The upright right isosceles triangle has two twin angles of 45o, one on top and one at the far side of the base. A perpendicular line appears drawn from the center of the hypotenuse to the upright corner of the triangle in the center of the chamber. It bisects the 90o right angle into two 45o angles as it also bisects the triangles in two. We can see that if the original triangle swivels all the way around, forming a proper tree, a sphere around a cube will be formed within it, but this is not what the cosmos wants to show us. Again, it is unimpressive with our perspective, as if it is telling us to stop engaging our minds and start using our consciousness. Our minds help us process what we know; our consciousness allows us to learn.

Instead of the image we conjured up, two more illuminated lines appear on either side of the perpendicular 45o one, each line 3o from the central bisection line, one at a 42o angle and the other at a 48o one. Now we get it.

Hyperspace has been wanting us to see this ever since the Cavern of the Shema.  The values 42 and 48 are complementary. The cube of 48, whose root and edges are 3.63424, as in 36304.24470, the result of the equation that defines our existence and the goal of H’Moshiach, is complementary with the Essential Cube of Creation that sum to 42, and with all the Names of 42.

It finally dawns on us that this why the sum of the 22 spelled out letters of the Alef-bet is 4248. We had always assumed it had more to do with 424, Moshiach Ben David and 248.

We can now see the metaphysical beauty in the natural log of 70 equaling 4.248 495, and of the Primal Equation, 1/.23571113… equaling 4.24248100…).

This brings whole new meaning to 6o of separation. We can only wonder what this might have to do with the 6 sefirot of Zeir Anpin, when the clear mirror appears. It shows us that (42 x 48) = 2016 and that (48/42 + 42/48) = 2.017857, which for us is close enough to 2018.

It then shows us that the square root of the Torah’s 6th word is 20.17 424… and that the square root of the sum of the digits in the two complementary angles, (4 + 2 + 4 + 8) = 18, is 4.24 26… and that 4248 is 2448, and that (42482448) = 1800, whose square root is 42.426

Now we know 42 and 48 were always meant to work together to breach Zeir Anpin and to help us reach our goal of Moshiach Ben David at the end of physical time.  If only we knew how!

The universe reads our mind and provides us with an additional clue in that the P/S cipher for 4248, or 42 and 48, is 256/18 = 14.222. We do not have to stretch our minds extremely far to see that (60005778) = 222 and that 14 is the position at the center of the Essential Cube and though David (14) at the center of Spherical Time (5778/2).  As confirmation of that last assumption, we are reminded that David lived 70 years and the natural log of 70 equals 4.248 495.

A still small voice whispers yet again, “You have more than you know.”

In the back of our minds, or the front of our consciousness, we hear water (מים) is 90.

One thing the clear mirror figures we do not know, and I guess we do need to know is that angles are translations from constants and numbers in hyperspace, and that there are complementary angels and complementary numbers, and that they are not the same thing. On one level, they can be converted from 90o = 100 as 1o = 1.11111 units so that 360o = 400 or 202. On every other level, we would not understand at all.

Circular distance based on 360o is known as a radian, such that 1 radian = 180/π degrees. Circular distance based on 400o, or the square of 20, is known as a gradian. The thing about a radian is that it equals 57.275779… and its complement to 100 is 42.7042204….  The blocks within the chamber burn and char with numbers and simple equations: (57275779) = 52, 275, 42, 27, (70 = 422), 204, and 704, with the inscription written on the wall beneath it, “follow the path.”

With 204 being the gematria of tzaddik, the first thought that comes to mind is the Path of the Righteous, by Chaim Luzatto, the same tzaddik who wrote The Future Holy Temple. The charring vanishes and a door that we had not seen opens at the back of the chamber. As we exit, we reappear in the helix-shaped Hall of Codons beside the Cascade of 8’s once again.

The door and all the secrets of that Chamber are gone.  We are left wondering if we engaged our minds too soon.

The Cavern of the Codons

The 20 amino acids that comprise our DNA are arranged in a 4 x 5 matrix before us, their decimal places trailing off like tiny tails. Without those decimal places, the atomic weights in the 5 rows of the 4 x 5 matrix range from 75 to 204.  We say to ourselves that highest atomic weight being 204 is way too convenient, at which point we recall that the minimum atomic weight 75 was buried in there as well, 57.275779.

The rows are added up for us, and from top to bottom they lay out symmetrically as 485, 585, 595, 585, 485. The differences between them are likewise symmetrical: 100, 10, 10, 100.

We then see that the total value of the 3 different sums (485, 585, 595) is 1665, which is also (45 x 37). Moreover, the total value of the entire 20 amino acid matrix is ((73 x 37) + 37.0) or (74 x 37), as in the enlarged (עד) of the Shema.

Once again, we feel the pull of the Shema portal, even as all 4 sets of the Essential Triplets of Creation are interacting with the 64 codons and 20 amino acids of our DNA.

It is then shown to us that (7445) = 29 and that (29 x 8) = 232, the value of the 4 aspects of the YHVH (יהוה). Of those 4 aspects the numerical value for the level of Zeir Anpin (45) applies to Man (45), which we just saw reflected in the repeated 3 lines of the 4 x 5 amino acid matrix.

The other two lines of the amino acid matrix thus equal (485 + 585) = 1070, or 107 x 10. Just when we think that surely this is coincidence, we are shown that the ratio of the 3 lines or 12 amino acids that total 1665 to the entire 20 amino acids is 1665/2735 = 60.8775%, giving us 5778 backwards. That just makes us think that 1665 is (15 x 111) and that (1665 + 111) = 1776 might be related as well.

Moreover, the average of (485, 585, 595) is 555 and it is 535 for (485 + 585), with a difference of (555535) = 20 between them. There is no way nature, given quintillions of choices would have arranged itself this way. There is no way, no matter how manipulative Man could do that either.

A voice, or breeze from the stairwells of the chronicles advises that (64 + 20) = 84, Enoch, and that the age of Man, 120 is (15 x 8). A warmer breeze tells us that Adam (45) and Eve (19) equal 64, and that the 64 codons or (3 x 64) nucleotides plus the 20 amino acids = 212, the numerical value of “The Light.” Somehow, we also receive the message that the 64 codons and the 4 x 5 amino acid matrix were created by the Creator through “The Light” and were not to be messed with by Man. They are part of the Spherical Time clock. They may be a failsafe or have a trip mechanism.  We do not miss that point the mRNA-1273 and its kin already injected into hundreds of millions of people is squaring the circle (1.273), converting 360o to 400, and erasing the radian. We wonder why Moderna, the source of the Pfizer and Astra-Zeneca mRNA solutions, officially began clinical testing on Feb 25, 2020 when the WHO and CDC had not yet declared Covid-19 an issue yet, or why they had their final patent for mRNA-1273 filed in June 2019.

The roaring waterfall fading behind us, we wonder if we should go back and examine that 64 Codon/Triplet grid. It is then that we are asked: How far did the waters surge above the mountains?

We reply, “15 cubits,” and the inner cosmos replies that 15 cubits is (15 x 27.5”) = 412.5” and that 412.5o = (3 x 137.5o) turns of the Phi(φ) rotation at the center of the Spherical Time.

A twinkling star enlightens us that 15 is the 5th Triangular Number, a reminder of how important these numbers are to the design of the Torah and the universe.

We knew that, and moreover that 412 represents the value of the enlarged letter Bet (ב), the first letter of the Torah. Granted, had we not studied the turning mechanism of Phi(φ) against Pi and the 360o circle, we would not have understood this.  Then again, had we not previously studied so much, we would not have been invited so deep into the inner cosmos of the Torah in the first place. Still, puddles of blue light grow, ripple, and coalesce around our feet.

Rethinking our situation, we climb up and out of this pavilion, where we see yet another connection to 55.  The Zohar’s word for these different areas of enlightenment that we keep getting drawn into is “chambers.” We are not the first to visit them, not by a longshot, and our spiritual standing pales in comparison to those who have come before us, but as the saying goes, “desperate times, call for…”

 The Vortex of Isaac

One flight up from Abraham, is the landing of Isaac. These landing each become broad plains and this one is surrounded by the Isaac vortex, like a border or limitation of time and space.  Deep within it, we notice that the ordinal value of Isaac is 55, as in 2 cubits. Moreover. the ordinal value of his wife and soulmate, Rivka (רבקה), is 46, as in the value of amah (אמה), me’ah (מאה), and ha’em(האם), or cubit, 100, and mother respectively. Her connection to mother is obvious, and coupled with Isaac’s ordinal value of 55, the connection to 2 cubits is also obvious. Finally, Abraham was 100 when Isaac was born.

The measure of 55” or 2 cubits is only an allusion to the sacred cubit of 27.5.” As we have studied, 27.5 is a harmonic primordial frequency, and the pairing or bonding of two together opens a portal. Perhaps, it is the reason why 1/55 = .0181818, as in the 1818 value of the 3 iterations of the Alef (א).

With another previously hidden ascending stairwell coming into view, the Matriarchs and Patriarchs are intwined like a DNA helix. The combined complete numerical values of Isaac and Rivka, lined up in a spiral dance, are (208 + 307 + 101) = 616, the value of H’Torah, just like the nucleotide equation in the 64 codons of our DNA that included Moshiach Ben David.  When equations in the inner cosmos collide, they give us pause to think.

The union of Rivka, who was barren until she and Isaac prayed for each other, was the seed of Moshiach Ben David, as they were the parents of Jacob and then of Yehuda.  We are reminded that it takes two twin forces to bring about life and that the actions in one generation have reverberations for dozens. Eventually Moshiach Ben David (424), whether a person or a consciousness and understanding, will appear and it is because two forces called “The Light (האור),” each of numerical value 212 will come together at the right moment.  We just saw the physical embodiment of one of those forces in our DNA – Amino Acids.

The combined ordinal value of those two forces, or twice (האור), is 64, as in the 64 codons of our DNA, and as in the ordinal value of Israel (ישראל), the son of Isaac and Rivka.  As susceptible as man is to the pull of the dark side, the Torah is telling us that the seed of Moshiach and the forces of the light are implanted in our DNA. Perhaps, this is why the dark side and klippot so crave to leach off the life-force of man.

Spiritually, we never want to descend, but within the inner cosmos there is no direction, only the pursuit of understanding. Descending a few stairs, we notice that the ordinal value of Sarah (שרה) is also 46. No wonder Isaac brought Rivka into Sarah’s tent.

Enlightened, we see that the complete gematria of Abraham and Sarah bonded together is beautifully 840, or 10 times Enoch (84), and (20 x 42). Abraham, the 20th generation, corresponds to the fully empowered spelled out Yud (יוד) times the 42-Letter Name.  Again, we are seeing power and destiny in the union, this time with Sarah, who was also barren.  The Torah is clear that we are seeing the hand of the Creator in this as well. Enoch (84) was Abraham and Sarah’s forefather 13 generations earlier, and Shem (שם) was Abraham’s forefather and teacher. The numerical value of Shem (שם) is 340 and his father, Noach was 500 years old when he was born, hence 840.  Shem was also 500 when his son was born, 840 again.

It seems that 4220 years later Shem is still teaching kabbalah to his descendants.  Both Noach and Shem were 500-years old when they father the next generation, so altogether the generation that bridged the Flood, from father to son to grandson was (500 + 500) = 1000 years. There is a 100-year bridge in the middle of those 1000 years, elef (אלף), completion, Oneness.  Yes, the 100 years transferred down the line to the birth of Isaac, 10 generations later and yes 102 is 100; nevertheless, the clue here is the 100-year bridge, or cubit, as in 1000 cubits.

Each 500-year segment plus the value for cubit, 46, is 546, the sum of the 10 initials of the 10 sefirot of the Tree-of-Life.  The full 1100 year span includes two sets of 550, as in the sum of the 11 initials of the 11 sefirot that include Da’at.

As Shem taught to Abraham and as eventually Rabbi Shimon taught to us in the Zohar, the distance to Heaven is 500 Parsangs, and as we have learned in our inner travels, distance is metaphorical and metaphysical.  The clear mirror shows us that to cross the length of the Torah to the end of the 1000 digits in Pi is to cross the length of Zeir Anpin and the transition from physical to spiritual. Then to stick that point with a pin, the clear mirror divides the total gematria of the Torah by the final 6 (Zeir Anpin) digits in Pi:  21009826/42019.8 = 500.000

Those 500 Parsangs span the 500 years from Abraham’s birth in 1948 HC to the reception of the Torah 2448 HC.

When one of us forgets all that we have learned about Binah and Alef (א) and completion being 1000 and asks why we stop at 1000 digits, the clear mirror responds it is the end (קץ). We understand that the end, ketz (קץ) has a numerical value of 1000. We did not realize though that it has the ordinal value of 46, as in the cubit, or the 100 years that space the bridge of the Noach-Shem generation, the end of an era, and beginning of another.

The final numeral “8” in the 1000 digits of Pi reminds us that had we kept circling the cascade of 8’s we would have learned that the union (840) of Abraham and Sarah is also (105 x 8) and that when we subtract Abraham’s 248 = (31 x 8) from that, we get (74 x 8), highlighting the enlarged (עד) of the Shema.

Moreover, Abraham in gematria sofit is 808 or (101 x 8), a difference of (70 x 8) from 248 = (31 x 8). Together, Sarah (505) and Abraham (808) equal 1313, the date (1313 BCE) and the place where the time streams collide at the Exodus from Egypt and reception of the Torah at Mt Sinai (130). The streams also pass through or originate from the base of the exponent that the Alef-bet is generated by (y = 1.313x).

Back on the Patriarchal stairwell, we see that when we sum the ages of the fathers on the dates their lineage sons were born for the 11 generations, from Shem to Isaac (100 + 35 + 30 + 34 + 30 + 32 + 30 + 29 + 70 + 100 + 60), they total 550 years. That is 5 x 110, Joseph’s age. It is also (50 x 11), an average of 1 jubilee (50) year for each of them, and for each of the 11 sefirot, including Da’at.  And as we just saw, it is exactly half the generational bridge over the Flood.

The Path of the Tree-of-Life

As we also just learned the sum of the initials (כחבדחגתנהימ) of those 11 sefirot = 550. This aligns the 11 flights from Shem to Isaac, which are the 11 generations of the Israelites from the Flood until just before Jacob, with the 11 sefirot (dimensions) from Keter to Malchut.  These 11 generations include the two master kabbalah teachers, Shem and Abraham, each of whom waited 100 years to father the next generation.  Shem taught for all 11 generations, passing down the knowledge (da’at), the ways, the portals, and the journeys the same way each generation passed from father to son.

The value 550 is also (10 x 55) or (10 x the sum of the integers from 1 – 10) and 55 is the sum of the 15 integers (1 + 3 + 5 + 3 + 3 + 4 + 3 + 3 + 2 + 3 + 2 + 9 + 7 + 1 + 6) in the 11 ages. It is obvious a lot planning went into this, and thus there must be a lot for us to learn from it. The way the inner cosmos work is that the more perceived planning we see going into something, the more we can get out of it.  The more we appreciate something, the more it shares back with us.  For us to have designed something like this would take an enormous amount of effort. For the Creator it is nearly effortless in terms that we can understand, yet the fact that He placed this puzzle where we can find it just so we could solve it shows how much He cares about us solving it. You give your child challenges and challenging puzzles, toys, games, riddles, etc. so they can learn and grow from it, develop their minds.  There is a warm pride and satisfaction whenever they do, yet we know this is just a small step in their development. The Creator gives us them so we can expand our consciousness.  That is why He gave us the Torah.  Simulation or not, He wants us to succeed.  He could have simply given us the 10 Commandments and gone with the principle that less is more; after all, most people do not even obey the 10, let alone 613.  There is a purpose in all 58 elements of the Torah. It is our purpose to seek them out.

The value 550 is also 20 cubits (20 x 27.5), like each 20-cubit directional dimension in the Holy of Holies cube within the Holy Temple. Each equation acts as a sign at the entrance of a new trail. It is like wilderness hiking, but without a map and without an indication of how long a trail will lead. That is why the Book of Bamidbar, of numerical value 248, is properly translated as wilderness, yet is called Numbers.

That is when we see a sign that says, “The Path of the Tree-of-Life (את־דרך־עץ־החיים)” and realize the 4 final (תךץם) letters total 550. So, the final letters of the Path of the Tree-of-Life equal the initials of the 11 sefirot of the Tree-of-Life, and both equal 20 cubits and 40 cubits in total. Looking closer, we see that “The Path (את־דרך)” has a gematria of 625, as in H’Keter (הכתר).  Does this mean that the head, H’Keter (הכתר), of The Path is the square root of the 3 elements of the Torah (625)? Then examining the 8 initials and the final letters of the 4 words, we see that their complete value is 720 and their sofit value is 2480.

If these 4 words were just a phrase, it would not mean much, but it is found in the Torah at Genesis 3:24, just as Man is cut off from the Path of the Tree-of-Life.  While the square root of the 3 elements of the Torah (625) is found deep within the essence of the Torah, the value of the Names of the 5 Books is 2480, or 10 x 248. The clear mirror takes us deeper yet, as we see that 625/2480 = .2520 and while 252 = (6 x 42), the sum of .2520 and .2480 = .5000.

It comes to mind that the great kabbalist Rav Abulafia was born in 5000 HC, and that somehow the equation (6 x 42) + (10 x 248) = 5000, concerning the 42 rows and 248 columns of the Torah matrix and the (יו) was born out of the “The Path of the Tree-of-Life (את־דרך־עץ־החיים).”

We are additionally shown that the inner letters (רחיי) total 228, as in blessing (ברוך), with an ordinal value of 48, as in the Moshiach Cube. That the word (ברוך) has alternative sofit value of 708 may not be so coincidental, the same as the Upper 42-Letters of the Name, since the total value of the phrase is 2708, which is also the same as the Torah’s for 7 word first verse.  Then while (את) is the 4th word in the Torah, the numerical value of the word path, derech (דרך) is 704, the same as the 4th line (בטרצתג) of the 42-Letter Name matrix as we have previously studied.

In case we forgot the clear mirror reminds us that one place we find this secret path is conspicuously hidden in the bottom plane of the Essential Cube of Creation. Following the letters (or their ordinal values) in order (בטרצתג) counter-clockwise (2-9-20-18-22-3) takes us sequentially around the 4 lower corners of Cube and finally back to the middle opposite where it began.

The Path literally rings the bottom level of the Cube.  And like the Torah, it begins with the letter Bet(ב), which as the Zohar explains, stands for blessings.

This path is primordial. Both the Cube of 42 and the 42-Letter Name matrix are primordial. The Path existed before the act of Creation. It is perpendicular to the Flow of the 10 sefirot that also existed before Creation. It points upward. So, if we follow the Path sequentially upward, it encircles the Essential Cube of Creation 3 times and ends with the tip of 26, at the tip of the Yud(י) of the YHVH (יהוה), like the value (26) of the initials in the phrase “The Path of the Tree-of-Life (את־דרך־עץ־החיים).”

Could this be the Path back to the Tree-of-Life guarded by the revolving sword and Cherubim?

The clear mirror next shows us that the initials and final letters of the phrase “The Path of the Tree-of-Life (את־דרך־עץ־החיים)” are mirrored within the Essential Cube of Creation.  Alef (א) is opposite Zadi sofit (ץ); Hei (ה) is opposite Caf sofit (ך); Dalet (ד) is opposite Mem sofit (ם); and Ayin (ע) is opposite Tav (ת), all the initials on one side of the Cube and all the final letters on the other, the Path going right through the middle (14), completing the 42.

As soon as we see that the 8 letters’ ordinal values total 122, like the 122 words and 8 verses of the Shema, sandwiched between the paragraphs of 42 and 72, and that (122 + 8) = 130, we feared being whisked back to the Shema Cavern.

Instead, we see Rav Abraham Abulafia’s reflection and we understand the connection: no one was more connected to the letters and the connection between them, the intellect, and the Divine Creation.  Once we show our appreciation Rav Abulafia and the clear mirror vanish, and we proceed along the narrow illuminated path.

The Tree-of-Life

Following the trail of breadcrumbs to the towering Tree-of-Life superstructure, we see that the 3 final letters (ההר) of the top 3 sefirot Keter (כתר) and Chochma (חכמה) and Binah (בינה) add up to 210, and that they spell “The Mountain(ההר),” referencing the nearby 210-cubit high Tower of Truth, the stacked cubes from 1 – 20, as in the 20 generations from Adam to Abraham.

Meanwhile, the rest of the letters, which are all the front letters (בינ-חכמ-כת) in the 3 highest sefirot, total 550, or exactly 20 cubits (20 x 27.5), just like the initials in all 11 sefirot and just like the 4 final (תךץם) letters in “The Path of the Tree-of-Life.”  Synergies do not just happen.  They occur when streams cross. In physicality, streams cross when gravity urges them to. Gravity takes it guidance from the interaction of the fields above.  Even physicists believe gravity is a warping in the field of time.

The flow of the streams below reflects the patterns of crossings above. In hyperspace, streams cross because they follow the will of the Creator. It is like lightning. We see a tremendous zig-zagging lightning bolt, but it is only following a whisper thin leader of electric charges. The streams follow the Creator’s will. Originally, the kabbalistic term for the sefira of Keter was Ratzon (רצון), the will of the Creator. The sofit value of the word Ratzon (רצון) with the kolel is 1000. That alone explains a lot about the design of the Torah, the hyper-dimensions, and the cosmos. The standard gematria for Ratzon (רצון) is 346.  Given what we learned about the core Triangle of (173, 300 and 346) and 346 being 2 times the 42-Letter Name (173) that should explain a lot more. Most people go their whole lives fighting the will of the Creator. Streams, water, never does.

The still small voice echoes in our consciousness, “It is as powerful as you will it to be.”

As we just saw, all 11 sefirot initials (כחבדחגתנהימ) sum to 550 and now we see that the first 5 initials (כחבדח) sum to 42, the last 3 (הימ) sum to 55, and the last 5 sum to 505, the numerical value of the Matriarch, Sarah, and another expression of 55. As with the Covenant of Halves, we know that Abraham told us the sefirot were cleaved 5 on one side, 5 on the other, kind of like Noach (500 years) and Shem (500 years) on either side of the Flood.

Moreover, of the 12 letters in “The Path of the Tree-of-Life (את־דרך־עץ־החיים)” 5 are on one side of the Tree (עץ) and 5 are on the other. This was as we saw with the split mirroring of the initials and final letters in the Essential Cube of Creation, and it continues with the middle letters: Resh (ר) from the first half on the side of the initials, and Chet-Yud-Yud (חיי) from the second half on the side of the final letters.

Furthermore, of the 12 letters in “The Path of the Tree-of-Life (את־דרך־עץ־החיים)” 5 are on one side of the Tree (עץ) and 5 are on the other, representing 625 or HKeter on one side and 73 or Chochma on the other, the two uppermost sefirot.

Also, since the first 3 final letters (רהה) of Keter, Chochma and Binah add up to 210, and the last 3 final letters of Malchut, Yesod, and Hod (דדת) add up to 408, as in the (600,000408) component letters in the Torah, the sum of those 6 final letters (210 + 408) = 618, yet another hint to the vortex generating Phi(φ) field.  As we get closer to the Tree-of-Life superstructure, we further notice that the final letters of Netzach and Tiferet also total 408, and the final letters of Gevurah, Chesed and Da’at likewise total 409.

Wisdom from the Tower of Truth

At first, this just reinforces the premise above, and then as we gingerly approach, we are shown that the final letters of the lower 8 sefirot (409 + 408 + 408) = 1225 or 352.  Then while the linkage glows before us, we realize that by design 210 = (35 x 6), and that 35 is the ordinal value of “the field (השדה).” We also realize that while 35 is the cumulative sum of the first 5 Triangular numbers, and that it is 1/6th the value 210, the 20th Triangular Number, that this must somehow be relevant.  The height of the Tower of Truth, 210, equals 6 fields combined. These represent the 6 dimensions bundled together in Zeir Anpin, the spiritual bridge between physicality and infinity.

In the distance we see the Tower of Truth encased by the illuminated pyramid with its 35th course (level) glowing. It passes right through the granite peak of the so-called Queen’s Chamber. The 35th course of the encasing pyramid is of double thickness, a double barrier representing the bottom 35 levels, or bottom 1/6th of the courses, that of Yesod. This can also be considered the Tower of Zeir Anpin.  It makes perfect sense now. Cain went to Nod (נוד), East of Eden.  “The Path of the Tree-of-Life” was East of Eden. Cain built a city that he named Enoch (חנוך).  Generations later Nimrod (נמרוד) built a city and a tower in order to put Malchut on top of Zeir Anpin. All 3 Names, Nod (נוד), Enoch (חנוך), and Nimrod (נמרוד) contain the letters (נו) while Nimrod (נמרוד) contains Nod (נוד) entirely with the addition of (מר), whose numerical value 240 is the same as Amalek (עמלק).

We are quickly shown a bevy of secrets about 28, koach (כח), power, concealed here, but find ourselves drawn to the complete gematria (84) of Nod (נוד) equalizing the standard gematria of Enoch (חנוך) and the complete gematria of Amalek (עמלק) is (240 + 60) = 300 being that of the standard gematria of Nimrod (נמרוד). Was the Tower placed to block the entrance to “The Path of the Tree-of-Life?”

The inner cosmos smile at our musings, and then shift our attention to the entrance to the encasing pyramid that is now glowing, 15 courses further down from level 35. At 55’ ft off the ground, representing 2 x 27.5” cubits, the entrance to the encasing pyramid is at the 20th level, reflecting all the equations of (20 x 27.5) = 550 that we were just shown about the Tree-of-Life initials and “The Path of the Tree-of-Life” final letters, and the fronts of the top 3 sefirot.

A still small voice asks again, “How far did the waters surge above the mountains?”

At once we realize that the 15-level difference of the demarcation line at the 35th course and the entrance at the 20th has a special purpose and that maybe this has to do with the 15 steps that we are told to perform every year on Pesach.  If the entrance is equivalent to the peak of a mountain then the double thick 35th course is a highwater mark, a separation of the reservoir of Yesod from the rest of Zeir Anpin.

As this new wisdom spreads throughout our consciousness, it does not escape us that the final letters of the Path lead us to the initials of the Tree.

The Core Equilateral Triangle

As we look on, the special Core Triangle of “His Name” stands tall as a 30o60o90o right triangle beside the encasing pyramid with the Tower of Truth at its core.  It stands 30 stories tall. The 30o60o90o right triangle is then mirrored and forms a 60o60o60o equilateral triangle with each side having a length of 346. His Name (שמו) or twice the 42-Letter Name is on all 3 sides.  The base side is nearly 800 ft long. This new core equilateral triangle is now much taller, 300 cu vs 210 cu, and slightly wider (16 cu) as 346 cu vs 330 cu than the encasing pyramid.

Right before our eyes the triangle morphs while keeping its equilateral structure. First it shrinks down by 100-fold, then expands by 70-fold until its height is 210 cubits high, the same as the Tower and the encasing pyramid.  Only now the 3 sides measure 242.48 cubits per side instead of 346 cubits. This works out to 6668,” or 555.68’ per side.

Clearly, at a 60o slope angle the inner cosmos have shown us that this triangle forms a steeper and less broad pyramid than the one the Tower of Truth is encased in.  But it really wants us to see is that each apothem and each base measurement (242.48 cubits) of a pyramid formed by the Core Equilateral Triangle that has the same 210 Cubit height as the Tower of Truth includes the 4248 value of the 22 spelled-out Hebrew letters. The virtual enclosing versus the stone one.

Why these basic geometric shapes? The truth is we cannot handle the more complex ones yet. When we can and if we need them, they will be shown to us. Shapes and blocks are the first things given to toddlers to understand their world. In the hyper-realms we are no more than toddlers.

Why so many numbers? Our language is not equipped to be a transfer mechanism of the concepts in the hyper-dimensions and we would misinterpret everything if it was used, so the concepts are reflected in the numbers and we were given ciphers to translate them into Hebrew.  For example, there is the concept of duality.  The snake and Moshiach have the same gematria, 358. In the upper world they are at opposite ends of the spectrum yet the same, but in our world that concept is preposterous.  With a little knowledge we see that the complete value of Moshiach is (358 + 52) = 410, as in Holy and the Triplet Shema (שמע), while the snake is (358 + 43) = 401.  What we do not have enough knowledge to comprehend yet is how both connect with the number 41, as in the ordinal value of Abraham, or that 401 is the value of (את), whose complete value is 424, Moshiach Ben David. This is why we were shown in the very first story of the Torah, about of Eve and the fruit of the Tree-of-life, that the snake is deceiving.

Another concept we cannot really grasp is that the sefirot (dimensions) have polar opposite ends yet are one.  For that concept we are shown a circle and a bar with two ends and a field called Pi that converts that 2-ended bar into a unified circle.

Triangles, circles, squares, cubes, and spheres.  If we really understood them, we would already be able to transform.  Take the Eldridge for example, the Naval vessel used in the infamous Philadelphia Experiment: Was it a coincidence or was it necessary that the number written on its hull was DE – 173?

If we look at a right angle triangle, we see the two opposite vertices as far apart, but if we pivot the triangle in space until we are looking down along the hypotenuse then the two points are nearly on top of one another. That is the perspective of hyperspace, no shape is fixed in one position. Our consciousness fixes shapes in position so that we can comprehend them. That creates a rigid physicality, which limits their potential and creates polar opposites.

Basic shapes are easily understood, yet we have barely utilized them from a reasoning standpoint. We have only been observing them so far, not even questioning why triangles are so important and integral to the Torah and the hyper-dimensions. We have not yet questioned the Earth-Sun-Moon Triangle, accepting that it is a circular dance conforming to predetermined harmonic coefficients and ratios in terms of their size and distance. We know the measurements of the Pyramid in Giza, sitting at a 30o latitude aligns as a triangular projection with the Earth as a circle, but what more is there about this?

Our DNA and proteins are comprised of codons, Triplets, triangles. The Torah’s DNA, the 4 sets of the 112 Triplets and the 54 or 72 Triplets of the Essential Cube of Creation are strategically placed each within their own Books of the Torah, triangles.  The Torah’s first verse, describing the moment of Creation has triangles within triangles within triangles within triangles…

The Hebrew alef-bet is a cube. The Tree-of-Life is 2 stacked cubes. The Tower of Truth is 20 stacked cubes. Rabbi Chaim Vital, of blessed memory, who has been to this inner cosmos long before us and has paved the way for us, told us that all Torah light is spread through squaring.

The cube is an extension of a square. It is also a triangle. A single length can be folded up into 3 parts and closed to form a triangle. If it is 3 equal parts it will be an equilateral triangle, like our mirrored Core Triangle. If instead, those 3 parts are multiplied together, they become a cube. Spiritual is anything beyond physical; it is a perception of reality, not a qualitative judgment. Distance (length) in the hyper-realms or spiritual dimensions is determined only by similarity of form, and the folding of space occurs naturally without resistance and is based on intent.

Shapes are relationships. Numbers are fields. Everything we see in the physical world is reflected light, electromagnetic waves.  In fact, it is a tiny tight band of the vast electro-magnetic spectrum. We only perceive this light because a small part of our brains translate it into perception. Everything else that might be out there, we know or do not know because someone has told us so.  We perceive that we are alive because our brains or minds see images and tells us we must be alive.  If our minds would perceive us to be dead, we would die, cease to exist. To create the physicality for all of us it takes only a tiny low-energy band of the electro-magnetic spectrum and a perception-translator mechanism, not billions of years and billions of galaxies.

And yet, we have been invited to see and understand beyond that perception.

The clear mirror shows us an expansion of that core equilateral triangle where each side is “His Name,” and each side is twice the 42-Letter Name.  Each side the triangle is twice or really 200 times the square root of 3 or specifically 346.410161. Spiritually, it is 346 or twice 173. It is also 346, as in His Name,” coupled with 410, “Holy,” coupled with 161, the highest aspect of the Name Ehyeh (אלף־הי־יוד־הי).  Had the clear mirror stopped there, we would be content, but it continues.

We see a square forming on each of the 3 sides of the Core Equilateral Triangle and the area of each of those 3 squares is exactly 120,000, or 120 times Elef (אלף), the age of man times 1000. Moses, the 26th generation, was given the 173 keys to Heaven, the 42-Letter Name. He lived 120 years.  There are 120 letters in the 3 sets of Triplets that are comprised of the 15 Triplets of the Shema, the 14 Triplets of the 42-Letter Name, and the 11 Triplets of Bereshit, and folded into 40 Triplets altogether.

We do not have to open our eyes to perceive. We have to open our understanding.

As the expansion continues, we see that the value 120,000 is the area of each face of cube based on the Core Equilateral Triangle, which in turn is based on “His Name,” and that 720,000 is the surface area of that cube.

We could say that the concept of 120 and of 720 were derived from the Core Triangles before their roles were defined in the Torah.

And what are each one of those sides or edges of that resultant cube. Each is 200 times the square root of 3, as in the 3 sides of a Triangle and of an alphabetical or numerical Triplet. The value of each edge, like that of the Core Equilateral Triangle is 346.410161514.  The 410 component is the first Triplet in the 15 Triplets of the Shema (שמע). When added together the 346 and 410 components equal 756’, the base of the pyramid that encases the Tower of Truth.

The component 1615 in 346.410161514 we learn is even more intriguing. Besides being the value of the highest aspect of the Name Ehyeh (אלף־הי־יוד־הי), we are shown that 161/√5 = 72.0013, and that 72/161 is .4472, whose logarithm, Log (4472), is 3.650. We are further shown that 1615 = 360.00, representing the 360o circle, and that the product of 161.5 and the 3/4 cubit known as the Egyptian royal cubit is (161.5 x 20.625”) = 3330”, as in the 66.6 jubilee years between 2448 and 5778.

Do all these possible references mean all that? Yes, they must because we are in the sea of possibilities, not the land of limitations. They also mean much more.  These are just entry level meanings. The Name Ehyeh (אלף־הי־יוד־הי) is far beyond our comprehension. Yet, we can comprehend that they are started with the 14 Triplets of the 42-Letter Name. And we can comprehend that the word Shema (שמע) is found 41 times in the Torah, as in the ordinal value of Abraham, whose standard value is 248, as in the 248 words of the Shema. We can comprehend that within all those possibilities there is order.

The deepest question is why 3, after all, 346 is a numerical cipher of 3 cubits (אמה) or 46, and since 200 translates/permutates from (מאה) to (אמה) as 2 cubits we should also ask why cubits, and what are they to the universe?

What does the Equilateral Core Triangle have to do with the (3 x 137.5o) turns of the Phi(φ) rotation that are necessary to complete the 360o circle at the center of the Spherical Time? Why are 2 turns equal to 1 cubit (27.5”) in that (2 x 137.5o) = 275?


As if to answer some of our questions, the 210 cubit high Tower of Truth looms larger than ever. With a transparent stone veneer pyramid outlined around it, it is obvious that with its double thick 35th level of 50 inches and with its 55 ft high entrance that the Tree-of-Life is incorporated into its design.  Since two cubits are (27.5 x 2) = 55”, does this connect with the permutation of the word cubit into the word hundred and thus convert 200 into 2 cubits within the Equilateral Core Triangle? Is the inner cosmos trying to show us that the Equilateral Core Triangle has an entrance, possibly to an even higher level of understanding and dimensionality?

Does the “35” connect to the Yud-Hei (יוד־הי) of numerical value 35 in the Name Ehyeh (אלף־הי־יוד־הי)? Since the 35th level/50 inches = .7 or 70% does this connect to the complete value of Yud-Hei (יוד־הי), which is 70.

Do the 15 cubits that is equivalent in inches to (3 x 137.5o) turns of the Phi(φ) rotation at the center of Spherical Time connect with the Yud-Hei (יה) of numerical value 15 in the Name Ehyeh (אהיה)? And is the fact that the value of the Alef-Hei (אלף־הי) in the expanded Name Ehyeh (אלף־הי־יוד־הי) equaling 126 or (3 x 42) significant?

Just then, one of us gets distracted by the physical world tugging on him and asks why the pyramid was built in Egypt if it was so important. The rest of us remind him that that is just geography, and that Egypt is only its location in the physical realm. The inner cosmos chime in that “In Giza (בגיזה)” has the gematria of 27, affiliating it with the 27 positions of the Essential Cube of Creation.

Before we realize it, there is another tower looming over us, a triangular shaped one, far taller than any other structure as far as we can see in any direction.  Staring into a long rectangular reflecting pool that stretches from that tower to the Tower of Truth we learn that each Triangular Number has an associated cumulative Triangular Number. This cumulative Triangular Number includes all the other Triangular Numbers up to and including itself. Each of those cumulative Triangular Numbers are powerful, as they include multiple sets of all-inclusive fields.

The inner value of the word “the field (השדה) is 35. So is the inner (ordinal) value of the Name Shadai (שדי).” Now we learn that 35 is the cumulative Triangular value of the 5th Triangular Number, 15, which explains a lot considering what the universe just taught us about Yud-Hei (יה) and Yud-Hei (יוד־הי), and about the 35th level of the encasing pyramid being 15 courses/steps higher than the entrance at the 20 level.

Together, (15 + 35) = 50, as in the 50 Gates of Binah, and the height (50 cubits) of each of the Gates of the Future Holy Temple. It also explains why the 35th course was 50.” The value 5 is the value of the letter Hei (ה), the hidden gateway, making the complete equation for the 5th Triangular Number (5+ 15 + 35) = 55, which explains even more.

The question arises, is 55, the numerical value of “everything (הכל),” the gateway to “Everything,” an entrance through the two Heis (הה) of the YHVH (יהוה)?

The powerful all-inclusive number for the 6th Triangular Number, 21, is (21 + 56) = 77, as in the 77th Triangular Number, 3003, that is the sum of the 11 Triplets of Bereshit. While 21 is the value of the Name Ehyeh (אהיה), 56 is the value of the (הו) of the YHVH (יהוה) when the first Hei (ה) represents Binah or 50. On the opposite end of the spectrum yet equally related to the Tower of Truth, 56 is the value of the letters (נו) contained within the 3 Names, Nod (נוד), Enoch (חנוך), and Nimrod (נמרוד).

As the tower turns and shifts, we are becoming confused. The 5th and 6th all-inclusive numbers, corresponding to the letters (וה) together, are (50 + 77) = 127, the number of combinations of the 7 words of Bereshit.  While 127 is the 7th Mersenne Prime, it is also the sum of the initials of the 6 nations that G-d commanded us to wipe out to protect our connection to him. It is also Sarah’s age and the number of provinces in Persia in the Meggilat Ester.

The next all-inclusive number in the sequence, the 7th Triangular Number, 28, has an all-inclusive number of (28 + 84) = 112, as in the 112 fields of the 112 Triplets, incorporating Enoch, and koach, power, of numerical value 28.

The all-inclusive number for the 8th Triangular Number, 36, is (36 + 120) = 156, as in Joseph and Zion, incorporating Moses’ age and the age of Man.

The all-inclusive number for the 9th Triangular Number, 45, is (45 + 165) = 210, as in the height of the Tower of Truth and the surrounding pyramid (פירמיה), whose base midpoints are 165 cubits, or (3 x 55) cubits, each. The studies are rounded out with us learning that the numerical value of pyramid (פירמיה) is 345, the same as Moshe (Moses) and that the ordinal value of the 3 iterations of the Name Yah (יה) is 165.

The first four letters in pyramid (פירמיה) add up to 330, as in the full base of that pyramid, while the last 3 letters add up to 55, its entrance height. Moreover, the 6 letters in the word pyramid (פירמיה), which is affiliated with Moses (345), break down to (330 + 15), and 330/15 = 22, as in the 22 building blocks from Abraham’s Sefer Yetzirah.  Meanwhile, the complete value of pyramid (פירמיה) is (345 + 75) = 420.

We can almost feel the Divine Presence in all this, especially since the Shechinah (שכינה) is the Divine Presence and the Name Shechinah (שכינה) breaks down to 330 (שכי) and 55 (נה).  What we call holy in physicality is our perception of the divine fields of hyperspace, and once again we find the value 42 present in everything holy.  The ordinal value of (שכי) is the same as the 6th Triplet of the 42-Letter Name (יכש), and it has an ordinal value of 42.

The all-inclusive number for the 10th Triangular Number, 55, is (55 + 220) = 275, as in the measure of the cubit (27.5”) necessary for the Future Holy Temple, and as in the 550-sum of all 11 sefirot initials (כחבדחגתנהימ) cleaved down the middle (550/2). When their ordinal value (100) is cleaved down the middle it equals 50, the all-inclusive sum of the 5th Triangular Number and the height of the Gates. It also equals the radius (100) of the inscribed sphere/circle within the Core Equilateral Triangle.

The all-inclusive number for the 13th Triangular Number, 91, on the other hand, is (91 + 455) = 546, as in the sum of the 10 initials of the 10 sefirot (כחבחגתנהימ), thus incorporating 455, the value of the 3 aspects of Ehyeh (אהיה). It is then pointed out to us that 455 = 13 x 35, the cumulative Triangular value of the 5th Triangular Number. The value 13 always leads back to One (1) and all paths also seem to be leading back to the Name Ehyeh (אהיה) as well. Time is not moving for us, but distance is flying by at a dizzying pace.

The Path of the Endless Ziggurats

Layer after layer of Triangular Numbers pile up on top of each other like a steep ziggurat tower from levels 1 – 13 and higher and higher. Beyond that ziggurat tower layer after layer of Cumulative Triangular Numbers pile up upon each other like a broad ziggurat tower from levels 1 – 13 and higher and higher.  Further along the path, layer after layer of Cumulative Cumulative Triangular Numbers pile up like a broader ziggurat tower from levels 1 – 13 and grow higher and higher. Even further down the path, the broader and broader towers are endless.  These are not even the all-inclusive numbers that form a whole other parallel valley with each of those ziggurats even wider and more massive than these.

The first 13 levels of the steep first ziggurat of Triangular Numbers are: 1 – 3 – 6 – 10 – 15 – 21 – 28 – 36 – 45 – 55 – 66 – 78 – 91.

The first 13 levels of the next ziggurat, where each level is a Cumulative sum of the prior tower’s levels and thus much broader are: 1 – 4 – 10 – 20 – 35 – 56 – 84 – 120 – 165 – 220 – 286 – 364 – 455.

The first 13 levels of the next ziggurat we encounter, where each level is a Cumulative sum of the prior tower’s levels and thus much broader still are: 1 – 5 – 15 – 35 – 70 – 126 – 210 – 330 – 495 – 715 – 1001 – 1395 – 1820.

Streams of luminosity float and travel between the ziggurats. Some wrap through like numbers regardless of their level, like 35 and 35, and some follow a path through numbers that are connected in specific ways like 20, 35, 55, 165, 210, 330. Some following a path suspended on the same level, like the stream that passes through the 13th level from 13 to 91 to 455 to 1820, a luminous floating path from Echad (אחד) to unification (יאהדוני) to the 3 aspects of Ehyeh (אהיה) to the 1820 YHVH (יהוה) in the Torah. It is a path from (1 x 13) to (7 x 13) to (35 x 13) to (140 x 13) … We watch as another path stretches across to the valley of the all-inclusive to the 6th level of a rank 4 all-inclusive ziggurat, which is one that sums the values of the first 4 cumulative Triangular Numbers. Its value is 455, and it in turn is connected to the 6th level of the rank 3 all-inclusive ziggurat, which is 203, as in the first Triplet of the Torah, the nexus-point of Zeir Anpin.

Because of the twin valleys of the ziggurats, we have just learned that the first Triplet (ברא) of the Torah is the nexus point of the 6 sefirot (dimensions) and 3 axes of Zeir Anpin, and that it is the confluence of the first 3 concentric Triangular Numbers at the level of 6.  We first understand that the first of those Triangular Numbers is 21, as in Ehyeh (אהיה) and that beyond the next points lies the 4 concentric Triangular Number of level 6, which is 455, as in the full the 3 aspects of Ehyeh (אהיה).  Conceptually, it is the 6 bundled dimensions of Zeir Anpin sandwiched like a bubble within Binah.

Similarly, we see a stream that passes through the same rank 4 all-inclusive ziggurat but at the 7th level with the value 784, or 282, originating in the 7th levels of the first three 3 concentric Triangular Numbers (2884210), a powerful path indeed.  We almost missed the point that the ziggurats are triangular, and the core numbers are triangular, repeatedly so, as are the Triplets.  It seems like the inner cosmos keeps hitting us over the head with this concept.

It smacks us one more time, as it shows us that that the 4th Cumulative Triangular ziggurat at the 11th level totals 3003, as in the sum of the 11 Triplets of Bereshit.

Crisscrossing that stream are endless other narrower streams and brooks through each number. These travel through intersecting deltas, and eventually terminate in a network of rivers, then seas, far off in the distance.

The numbers in the various levels and ziggurats flash on an off like fireflies, illustrating patterns, shapes, and the very familiar pyramid and Torah numbers, each with its own stream to follow.

The ziggurats keep growing taller, layer by layer.

We do not understand why, but at the 18th and 19th levels of the rank 4 all-inclusive ziggurat respectively, the associated values are 33630 and 42484. Maybe it has to do with Phi18 equaling 5778 and the Spherical Time equation result, 36304.24470, coupled with the sum of the Alef-bet (4284) and the 336 letters in the Triplets. Obviously, it does, but how do they interact is the question we need to know.

We do see the patterns overlapping in the flashing lights. There is a set ratio from one ziggurat to the next and it increases arithmetically with each level, the increment begin dependent on which two ziggurats are being compared. Nevertheless, that arithmetic ratio shrinks sequentially along the entire Valley of the Cumulative Triangular Numbers and they are level dependent. The first cumulative Triangular Number (rank 2) divided by the first Triangular Number (rank 1) starts with 1 on level one and increases by 1/3 or .333 for each subsequent level, meaning that every 3 levels there will be a higher whole number ratio, as in 20/10 = 2 for the 4th level (1, 1.333, 1.666, 2).

The first cumulative cumulative Triangular Number (rank 3) divided by the first cumulative Triangular Number (rank 2) starts with 1 on level one and increases by 1/4 or .25 for each subsequent level, meaning that every 4 levels there will be a higher whole number ratio, as in 70/35 = 2 for the 5th level (1, 1.25, 1.5, 1.75, 2).

The first cumulative cumulative cumulative Triangular Number (rank 4) divided by the first cumulative cumulative Triangular Number (rank 3) starts with 1 on level one and increases by 1/5 or .20 for each subsequent level, meaning that every 5 levels there will be a higher whole number ratio, as in 252/126 = 2 for the 6th level (1, 1.2, 1.4, 1.6, 1.8, 2).

This pattern keeps flashing like an undulating wave in the night, from 1/3 to 1/4 to 1/5….

What we realize next is that if we multiple the ratios we can determine the resultant concentric Triangular numbers. For example, for the 5th level (2.333 x 2 x 1.8) = 8.4 and 8.4 times the 5th Triangular Number is (8.4 x 15) = 126. So now our Torah Numbers become equations and have footholds in multiple dimensions at once. Each level forms an infinite series 1/3 x 1/4 x 1/5 x …1/n, and each n-cumulative Triangular Number has its place (n) in it determined by which triangular number began the series.

It is then that our consciousness expands, and we see that the ratio of the Triangular Number to its level is 2:1, so it incrementally increases by 1/2 or .5.  The real infinite series is thus 1/2 x 1/3 x 1/4 x 1/5 x …1/n, and each n-cumulative Triangular Number has its place (n) in it determined by which level began the series. The result is the same 126, or (3 x 42), for the same 5th level.

The difference is that this more complete equation leads back to the integers and we do not need to know the Triangular Numbers. Moreover, we can trace every Triangular Number and every cumulative Triangular Number to its source. As it turns out, for that same 4th rank, the 6th level, representing Zeir Anpin, works out to 6 x 42, the universe being consistent in every way.

Now to figure out any n-cumulative Triangular Number for level x, the series is

For just the sum of the Triangular Numbers we can simple use:

Do we need these equations? Who knows, but the universe wants us to know that there is a system in place. We can see these numbers play out in Pascal’s pyramid or the matrix we discovered when we turned his pyramid on its side. There is a systema and there is order behind what physicality calls chaos.  Instead of trying to control and put order into the physical world, we all should be trying to follow the paths and find the order in the higher dimensions of the spiritual world. That is a general teaching the universe is conveying to us. More specifically, learning to recognize specific numbers and the icebergs that they are the tips of will lead us to ways to breach Spherical Time. There are so many new age sites that will tell you what they think the meaning of the numbers are, 8 is this, 7 is that and so forth. We now know that 7 now brings with it 72884210784…., the power and knowledge chain.  It also brings with it 112, as in the 112 Triplets, and 322, the symbol of the Skull and Bones, also known as Order 322 that so many US Presidents and powerful controlling elites belonged to. Who knows whether they know the connection and use it somehow, but we now know it?

Numbers in our physical universe are just digits on a screen. They are not digits that came out of nowhere though. They are projections from the upper realms and thought and meaning and purpose went into each one. It is no different than watching a movie, someone or some collaborating group put thought and effort into the pixels your see. The universe is teaching us a bit about those thoughts and efforts. So, when we see the number 7 appear, it will now convey some of that purpose to us.

As the universe once again whispers, “You have more than you know,” we now know a little more. While we have the formulas, we can each write simple spreadsheets that give us many of the direct chains and experience the connections that are being conveyed.

The ground churns and the ziggurats grow higher and broader, a resounding mechanical thump with each new level. Occasionally, certain layers and numbers are highlighted, and glow against the stones: like the 37th layer of the Cumulative Cumulative Triangular Numbers whose total is 91390, or exactly 10 times the 9139 total of the 37 Cumulative Triangular Numbers; and the 55th layer of the Cumulative Cumulative Triangular Numbers whose total is 424270; and the 63rd layer of the Cumulative Cumulative Triangular Numbers whose total is 720720.

At the 107th layer they all stop. Dust settles across the plain and throughout the valley. Nothing moves. The 107th Triangular Number is 5778 as we already know, but what is illuminated for us is that the ratio between the 107th Cumulative Cumulative Triangular Number and the 107th Cumulative Triangular Number is exactly 27.5, the measure of the Sacred Cubit.  That was one secret and correlation we never expected to find. Hidden deep within the interconnected Cumulative Triangular Number series was the measure of the Sacred Cubit, 107 levels deep, and we only found it because the inner cosmos raised up what was concealed, exposing level after level, forming them into ziggurats for our comprehension. Think of it as a mining crew digging into the earth, level by level and piling up the tailings and overburden 107 levels high into the sky to expose the buried ancient artifact. Our appreciation grows every time we consider what is being given to us without ever having to pick up a shovel or own a mining company.

Chapter XXXII Part J – The Journey Continues with The Hall of Mirrors

Deeper into the Valley of the Ratios

Parallel to the Valley of the All-Inclusives and of the Cumulative Triangular Numbers is the Valley of the Ratios. It too is full of ziggurats, and in this valley they represent the sum of the ratios through n in the equation:

For the 4th rank or 4th ziggurat that we encounter, the sum of those ratios are 1 – 3 – 7 – 14 – 25.2 – 42 – 66 – 99 – 143 – 200.2 – 273 – 364 – 376 – 612 for the first 14 levels.

It is interesting that both 42 and 273, the harmonic convergent that relates the inscribed circle to the square, are there together as they are one of the factor pairs (42 x 273) of the land mass of Israel.

The floor is shaking, and we sense something is coming.

1 – 3 – 7 – 14 – 25.2 – 42 – 66 – 99 – 143 – 200.2 – 273 – 364 – 376 – 612

The 9th level is 143, one of the 3 aspects of the Name, Ehyeh (אלף־הא־יוד־הא) that we saw woven into the Triangles and their cumulative sums.

1 – 3 – 7 – 14 – 25.2 – 42 – 66 – 99 – 143 – 200.2 – 273 – 364376612


The 13th and 14th levels represent the peace of Spiritual Time (376) and the Covenant (612), the 12th level, 364 is 14 x 26, the YHVH (יהוה).

Everything is shaking.

1 – 3 – 7 – 14 – 25.2 – 42 – 66 – 99 – 143 – 200.2 – 273 – 364 – 376 – 612

The product of the 4 ratios on the 10th level, 200.2, is at first odd, and then it gets odder not just because the sum of the rank 4 cumulative triangles at level 10 are 2002, but because the inverse of 200.2 is .00499500, representing the sum of the 27 Hebrew letters (4995).

1 – 3 – 7 – 1425.2 – 42 – 66 – 99 – 143 – 200.2 – 273 – 364 – 376 – 612

All the connections to 14, especially at the center of the 27 positions/letters of the Essential Cube of Creation, are obvious, and 252 is 6 x 42.

The ziggurats are thumping. Two angels yell at us to run, to seek higher ground. They appear, at least within our consciousness, to be Michael (מכיאל) and Gabriel (גבריאל).

1 – 3 – 7 – 14 – 25.2 – 42 – 6699 – 143 – 200.2 – 273 – 364 – 376 – 612

The 369 aspect is incorporated in (9966) = 33.

A fierce storm brews overhead, and dark bulging spiraling clouds cover the top of the ziggurats.

There is an eerie sensation that everything is about to be purged. The winds pick up, a sucking heat rising off the desert floor.

When the Triangle levels reach 26, the product of the ratios is 5481, whose inverse is .000182448. Jacob (182), 18, and the pivotal year 2448 HC tied to the YHVH (יהוה).

Over and over again, we hear the words, “The purge is coming.”

As we mount a ziggurat, seeking higher ground. It yells at us to get off. The angels, arms stretched skyward, yell, “Climb the valley walls, hurry.”

Within the dark undulating clouds, we make out flying crafts landing on or hovering on top to the ziggurats. They are right above all the trigger points, hiding within or maybe generating the clouds.

With lightning streaking and cracking incessantly within the pulsing darkness above, we race up the steep embankment.  Peering over our shoulders, curious yet fearful to become pillars of salt, we see that the limit of those inverses of the products of the ratios is 1.6666 or 10/6, the inverse of Zeir Anpin (6).


The ziggurats plunge or are pushed and shoved downward in a thunderous roar. As they do, an ominous sea rises up over the valley, surged upward by the downward pressure. When the giant plungers descend all 107 levels, the sea rushes up in a series of violent heaves, covering them and everything else. When it settles, everything is covered by 15 cubits.

Everything has been purged. This is not our word; it is what the inner cosmos have told us.  The great reset has begun.

It is then that we realize that the 107 cubits of the Triangle mountains plus the 15 cubits that cover them equal 122 cubits, as in the 122 words of the Shema’s middle paragraph. It is also then that we recall that it was the 42-Letter Name and the 72 Names (Triplets) that Moses used to pull the sea apart.  Is the Shema just a metaphor for the splitting of the sea, or a powerful tool we can use to split it ourselves when the time comes?

There was one bit of land that the sea could not or would not cover: the 11466 square miles of Israel, (42 x 273) square miles.

So grateful that this was just a demonstration, our collective fear of the real great reset makes us shudder, and we decide we must learn as much as possible to prevent it, or at least to ascend our consciousness before it does. Like the impending pole-shift and the upcoming solar disaster it appears to be overdue.

The Hall of Mirrors

The sea receded from the valleys and everything was cool and blue again, and the ziggurats were back in place, though no longer scraping the sky. We climbed back up the first Triangular ziggurat 10 steps up to get a better perspective of the patterns sketched out around us and to see if there was a doorway or portal to another area anywhere to be seen.  When we reached that cumulative (1- 10) level of 55, a crisp luminous stream rose up to meet us and beckoned us to jump in.


Within the stream of 55, we learn that 55 is not just or 2 cubits. Spelled out in Hebrew words 55 is a 10-letter expression (חמישים־וחמש), or “50 and 5,” and in gematria it is (408 + 6 + 348). Before we can even do the math, we are sent spiraling and tumbling down new corridors of luminosity.

In creating this system of translation/transformation, the Creator gave us an entrance to multiple pathways and enormous amounts of information derived from simple numbers that can only be fully explored in hyperspace.

Through a clear mirror (אספקלריאה־המאירה) we see that the final letters Shem (שם) are duplicated in each word.  Within the word for 5, we find Shem (שם) build into “His Name (שמו),” while the word for 50 (חמישים) splits into Shem (שם) and chaim (חיים), life as in the Tree-of-Life.

Through another we see that the initials (וח), 6 and 8, total 14, and the final letters, spelling Shem (שם), thus the 4 letters with the kolel equal 358, Moshiach.  Another clear mirror digs deeper, showing us that these are also the same two letters (וח) that add up to 14 and that are found in the middle of the expression fifty-five (חמישים־וחמש), right in the middle of the permuted word heaven (שמים), backwards and forwards.

The clear mirrors have coalesced into an entire hall surrounding the expression for 55. Thanks to another one, we realize that the value of the word (חמישים) for 50, which is 408, when multiplied times the Vav (ו) between the two words in 55 (חמישים־וחמש) is (408 x 6) = 2448, the pivotal moment in Spherical Time.

Next, we are shown that the first 4 letters in (חמישים) spell Moshiach (משיח). This also means that there is a second Moshiach (משיח) spelled out in 55 (חמישים־וחמש). The two letters (ם־ו) left out between the 2 Moshiach (משיח) add up to 46, as in the numerical value of “cubit,” which brings us back around to 2 cubits = 55.”  So, 55 and (חמישים־וחמש) split down the middle give us 2 cubits and 2 Moshiach (משיח). Is this yet another hint to the 2 Hei (הה) in the YHVH (יהוה) that total 55? Or to what awaits us on the other side of those Gates?

Within Time

Since we already know that the Creator has made it clear to us that 55 is associated with an entrance way, and that 50 is associated with Binah, we proceed toward an open plateau upon which the Future Holy Temple glows.  Our attention is drawn to the ten 10-cubit wide, 50-cubit high Gates of the Holy Temple.

Distracted by the particular letter Hei (ה) of numerical value 5 within the first 42 letters of the Torah that is known as a secret gateway, we pause, attempt to approach, but then we choose or are guided not to enter.

Instead, we are drawn back to the gematria values within the expression fifty-five (חמישים־וחמש) of 408 and 6, and their reflection of the 50 component letters used to construct the Torah, which form the (600,000408) total component letters in the Torah. Realizing how space expands in hyperspace, we keep in mind that 600,000 is also (6 x 105).  A swift corridor through the hall of mirrors pulls us through to the Spherical Time vortex where we see (6 x 408) = 2448, yet again.

Through another clear mirror we then see that the words (חמישים־וחמש) broken down into (חמישים) x Vav (ו) is numerically (50 x 6) = 300, the height of the Core Equilateral Triangle. Through the 2448 time tunnel we see the 600,000 men, standing to be counted and receive the Torah, in the year 2448 HC.

In the mirrored sides of this tunnel are reflected the first 8 letters in fifty-five (חמישים־וחמש) and they have the gematria 422, which is the numerical value of the word “seventy 70.” It is also 430 when the 8 is added as the kolel, representing the 430 years from 2018 to 2448, the years of exile as the described in the Torah. Another clear mirror shows us that the first 8 letters that total 422 and reflect 70 (ע) plus the final two (שם) in the 10 letters of the full expression spell Shema (שמע), the first of the 15 Triplets of the Shema (שמע).  Everything seems to connect to the Shema, but it is not surprising as the 248 initials in the Shema incorporated the value 55 more than once.

The clear mirrors guide us further along.  The standard numerical value of 50 (חמישים) is 408, and the ordinal value of “and 5 (וחמש)” is 48, both allusions to the pivot year 2448 and to the cube of 48 whose side/edge is 3.63424, the result of the Spherical Time equation. Now we see that the product of the 4 letters in “and 5 (וחמש)” is 576,000, a possible reference to the year 2000 CE and to the (600,000576,000) = 24,000 Israelite Men who died in the plague for their participation in the Golden Calf in 2448, just like the 24,000 men who later died in a plague for their sins with the Midianite women.

With the values in the expression 55 (חמישים־וחמש) broken down and then multiplied together, we get (50 x 6 x 5) = 1500, the highest word value in the Torah and the product of the YHVH (יהוה).

Surrounded by mirrors with nowhere to go, we find ourselves in another chamber filled with men in white robes and long beards who ignore us. They speak telepathically and we can hear them though they reverently listen to one speaker at a time. We listen too. I do not know if it because of the 2 Moshiach (משיח), the 2 Hei (הה) or even the two 5’s in 55, but we hear the strange tale of the two wands.

Chamber of the Two Wands

I do not know if the wands at one time were Harry Potter style, or if they were like the ones Jacob used with Laban’s livestock, but today they are modern/futuristic curved with a blue luminous light emanating from both the concave and the convex sides. The handle is black.  In actuality, there is only one wand, but two sides of it. One side slashes; the other soothes. When the wand is waved the entire universe changes.  We see it waved by someone within the physical realm and also over a glowing web of a globe.  In the physical realm everything shifts. In the glowing blue globe lights flick on and off in a wave as the wand passes over it. Whoever wields the wand resets or sets the universe in a way that suits them and gets out of any predicaments they may be in. A second more knowledgeable user, utilizing the back of the wand, must then come along and soothe things over, repairing the mess the first user caused. We see the scenario played our multiple times, until we are sure that this is how it always is. The question is asked in the chamber: If the first user could have chosen any version of the universe he wanted, why did he choose such a flawed disastrous version?  Why do they always choose that path and version? Why is it always a slash job?

11 Generations

The chamber and its members are gone, and we are back within the mirrors. There was no mention of who gets to wield the wands, where they found them, or whether they were found in the physical realm or beyond the simulation. There is a cross-corridor within the hall of mirrors that leads a central junction. In it, we are shown us that the gematria of fifty (חמישים) and of five (חמש) together is 756, as in 27.52, the base of the distant illuminated encasing pyramid around the Tower of Truth. Yet another passage opens to the Chronicles of Shem (שם), where we see that of the ages of the 11 generations from Shem to Isaac (100 + 35 + 30 + 34 + 30 +32 + 30 + 29 + 70 + 100 + 60), the 7 inner ones total 220, while the first one and the final 3—four (4) in total—sum to 330, as in the 330 cubits that are equivalent to the 756 ft in that illuminated base. We are further shown that 330 equals 55 x 6.

Yet another clear mirror shows us that while 55/11 = 5, the sum of those 11 generations is thus (220 + 330) = 550.

Moreover, the 756.25’ base measurement, which is the sum of the words “fifty” and “five,” when divided by 55 is 756.25/55, or 13.75, the Phi(φ) angle of rotation.  It finally dawns on some of us that we do not need an actual pyramid; all we need are the Hebrew words and a bit of understanding.  It is a nice touch to include it in the physical world as a reflection from above.  As it says in the Zohar about Moses, what one “sees” depends on how clear the mirror is that one is looking into.  Most of the mirrors in the physical world are not transparent at all; they only reflect back one’s own image of themself.

It is then that we see that (756.25550) = 206.25, as in the Royal Egyptian Cubit (20.625” or exactly ¾ of the Sacred Cubit (27.5”). We last saw this cubit utilized only a few chambers ago in the expression of (161.5 x 20.625”) = 3330”, representing the 66.6 jubilee years between 2448 and 5778.

Planck’s Constant

The mirrors start self-reflecting, and we see tinier and tinier versions spinning around until they get all the way down to the Planck length, the smallest unit our physicists tell us is possible.  Obviously, we are being shown a blown up version of this length. The Planck’s Constant is the relationship that a photon can carry to its frequency. It is the limit of physics. It is the limit of uncertainty in Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle, which is determined by Planck’s Constant within a sine wave. We are informed that this is not going to be a physics lesson because that pertains to physicality. We are also instructed that the Creator has no limits, nor any degree of uncertainty. Moreover, the more certainty we have in the Creator the closer we get to Him and the closer we are to freedom.  The Planck’s Constant (h) is 6.62607015 x 10-34 Joules per second. It is just a number beyond which man cannot conceive. Perhaps it is the limit to the scale of the physical simulation. It is at the heart of most of our physics and forms another constant in the Heisenberg’s Indeterminacy Equation and that is the uncertainty of position times the uncertainty in momentum is greater than or equal to h/4π. This is very important to physics, and it works out to 5.272859 x 10-35 Joules per second. A very tiny number indeed.

What we are shown next makes sense to only a select group of people on this Earth today, actually to have ever existed within this 5778 years of simulation, so we need to ask ourselves why? It was not put there to impress us, so it must be another key. Moreover, it must be a key that we can use or there is no sense creating it.

Within the equation the number 4 is the periodicity of the sine wave so if we want to take it out of the equation, we simply multiplying both sides by 4 to get 4∆x∆p = h/π.  This also gives us a number directly in proportion the Planck’s Constant (h) and Pi(π). The resultant number for h/π is: 21.0914362859 x 10-35 …, the height of the Tower of Truth (210) and (9143) the sum of the 72 Triplets, which we found embedded in its encasing pyramid base square.

Of course, if a circle had a circumference of the Planck’s Constant (h) then its diameter would be 21.0914362859 x 10-35, and whether this is meaningful or not, 21.0914363 x 10-35 includes H’Moshiach (363). Does this mean Moshiach is in the Planck’s constant, or more likely that the Light of Moshiach is found in even in the smallest aspect of our world?

We have seen Planck’s Constant before with the fine structure constant and the secret of 42 and 11/3000.

A few painful images appear in the clear mirrors to refresh our memories:

where e is the charge of an electron; where ℏ = h/2π and is known as the reduced Planck’s constant; where ε0 = 1/µ0c2 is the electric constant (the permittivity of vacuum, also known as free space); where µ0 is the magnetic constant (the permeability of vacuum); and where c is the speed of light. This constant is proportional to the square of the coupling strength of the charge of an electron to the electromagnetic field.


The fine Structure constant is: The Gauge coupling parameter (g) is:

The clear mirrors are highlighting the 4π component in these equations in bright purple for us.

The clear mirror is now showing us that this all relates to the Core Triangle of His Name. It begins by showing us that the small gematria of the 42-Letter Name is 173 and that 1/42 x 1/137 = .000173… It then reminds us that (42 times the Fine Structure constant minus the coupling constant) or (42/αg) = (42/137.03599.302822131) = .0036666… = 11/3000.  It tells us that we are now ready to comprehend that the inverse, or 3000/11, is 272.72727, which reflects the endless 27 positions and the 273-component in the same Core Triangle of His Name.

Another clear mirror brings us back to the 600,000 men and component letters standing at Mt Sinai in 2448 HC.  It reminds us of the lineage equation the Arizal taught us long ago: 600,000/70/12/3 = 1/42.

At once, the clear mirrors shift gears and show us Spherical Time equations, starting with the formula based on the surface area (4πr2) of the two spheres. Given that the two radii 2018/2 + 3760/2 add up to 2889, the midpoint in King David’s life, we original formula reduces to:

Which then reduces to:

Once again 4π is illuminated in bright purple.

The next clear mirror shows us h/π is the circumference of a sphere with a diameter of h and a radius of h/2. It then combines the two series of equations concerning the Planck length sphere and the Spherical Time bubble.  It divides h/π or 21.0914362859 x 10-35 by 2889 to get h/2889π = .0073006010… x 10-35 or 73.006010… x 10-31, or Chochma of numerical value 73 that represents the Torah’s first verse and so much more.

The clear mirrors do not stop there. They show us that following the Spherical Time Equation for the surface area, and thus dividing Planck’s Constant (h) by 2889 gives us h/2889 = .022935514… x 10-35 or 2.2935514… x 10-33 which is similar to the harmonic cubit relationship 27.5/12 = 2.291666.  One more image shows us that 2h/5778 = 2.2935514… x 10-33.

We realize these are not exact numbers. They are relationships, which is important in every reality. We also realize they are only off by only .000000000000000000000000000000000018848 with 18 being the square of 4.2426 and 848 being (2 x 424.) Like Pi and Phi, Planck’s constant is not a particle; it is a relationship, possibly another field designed to interact with the rest of the fields that define existence.

The Planck scale is indeed tiny but no less important to the Creator than the cubit, foot, inch, mile, or AU. Something tells us there is more to the story than this though, but we have probably absorbed as much as our Planck size consciousness can handle for now.

We tend to think of our consciousness as some big expansive array, but that is what our egos would like us to think. What the inner cosmos are showing us is that we are tiny particles in the giant consciousness of One. They are also showing us that we are still important and that a lot of effort is being expended to nurture us.  Moreover, even the smallest of conceivable particles or measures, be it time or length. Has the spark of life (18) and Moshiach (424, 363) and the Name of G-d, Ehyeh (21) in it. All is connected as One. And what we see on the grandest of scales, planets and stars, we also see in the humblest.

11 Initials of 10 Plagues

Everything rushes back to normal size, at least from our perspective, though we only seem to be along for the ride—the universe is doing all the heavy lifting.  For all we know, we could be standing in one place while someone sweeps a wand high over our heads.  Now, with the 11 initials of the sefirot (כחבדחגתנהימ) illuminated alongside the 11 patriarchal ages of the 11 generations found in the Torah in Chapter 11, their mutual connection to (10 x 55). With both sets equaling the sum of 550, a passage opens for us to the 10 plagues.

More specifically, it opens to the 11 initials (דצכעדשבאחמב) of the 10 plagues, which sum to 541, Israel. Their ordinal value totals 100, and the last 2 initials (מב) of the final plague, the death of the first born, equals 42. The last three (חמב), which adds the plague for eternal darkness to the first born, equal 50. They have a complete value of 73 as in Chochma, which comes up glowing yet again.

By holding up the clear mirror, the contrast and juxtaposition given in the Torah by the structure of the plagues could not be starker. Zeir Anpin, Binah, Chochma and Israel versus death, darkness, and constriction in Egypt. The value difference between Israel and Egypt is 161, that of the highest level of the highest Name, Ehyeh (אלף־הי־יוד־הי). Israel and Egypt as concepts are polar opposites, physicality versus Spiritual Time.  In one sense, the saga of the Israelites in Egypt was a cautionary tale of how even those on the highest track toward ascension can fall into the trap and trappings of physicality. The plentiful food, wealth, honor, and apparent freedom squeezes out the spiritual openings and turns into slavery and tyranny.  Only acts of God can save them and lift them back up. Even so, it took another 40 years to burn off the stench of Egypt (physicality). Before they settled in Egypt, Joseph gave his brothers a taste and warning of what was to come. Later, Moses would warn Pharaoh what would happen and that his son would die. Of the many correct interpretations of the reunion narrative, one appears before us in the clear mirror. He wined and dined them, then imprisoned them on fake charges and tasked them to do his work for him, to bring Benjamin and draw in Jacob. In the 45th Chapter Joseph let his emotions out, the reunion happened, and Pharaoh and Egypt sucked them in. The numerical value of Pharaoh (פרעה) is 355, as in shanah (year), referring to the paradigm of Time, physical time. The reason it took 10 plagues to overcome the grip of Pharaoh (פרעה) is that his numerical value (355) is the same as sefira (ספירה), as in the 10 sefirot of the Tree-of-Life.  Looking deeper into the clear mirror we see that (10 x 355) = 3550 and that Pharaoh’s grip lasted for 210 years, giving us (10 x 355) + 210 = 3760, the radius and years of Spiritual Time.

One more image shows us that 2h/5778 = 2.2935514… x 10-33.

Another shows us that 27.5/12 = 2.29

And yet another shows us that Pharaoh (פרעה) or (80 + 275) in small gematria is 8275.

Another shows us that 210 or the letters (רי) is inside sefira (ספירה), as in h/π is: 21.0914362859 x 10-35. But then we see that this is not uncommon. There is on average nearly one word in every verse of the Torah that contains (רי), exactly 5645 times in 5845 verses, exactly 200 times less from a perfect 1:1 correlation. Indeed, both the first (בראשית) and last words (ישראל) of the Torah contain (רי).

The first 3 (דצכ) initials of the plague, by contrast, have a complete value of 147, the age of Jacob, making the first 3 and last 3 equal to 220, which we realize is equivalent to the 220 years until Jacob that the Israelites were not actually in Egypt during that 430 year journey of their soul. They are also equal to 8 x 27.5 as in the gematria of Pharaoh (פרעה).

Just because we look in the clear mirror and see something specific does not mean we cannot look in it again and see something different, which will be related to varying degrees. It is like quantum field theory and looking at an electron which many be in millions of places at once or none of them; it is just a map of potentiality. When we look in the clear mirror at the first plague, dam (דם), meaning blood, we see that its gematria is 44, and see the 44 Chanukah candles associated with the 9 candles of the 72 Triplets. When we look into it again, we see that when the YHVH (יהוה) is broken down into its component letters its value is (10 + 14 + 6 + 14) = 44. Pharaoh said he did not know Moses’ G-d. The Creator introduced him with the first plague.

The blood infected the water, and it was through the water that Moses utilized the 72 Triplets to help the Israelites break free. He also utilized the Shem MB (מב), the 42-Letter Name at the end of the 10 plagues. Opposite ends of the bar loop together and form a circle.  The clear mirror changes and shows us that the component letters in MB (מב) also sum to 44.

Both sets of letters (Triplets) were engraved on Moses’ staff (wand), and as the clear mirror now shows us, (72 + 42) = 114, the standard value of the initials of the first 3 plagues (דצכ), matching the 114 chakras, 112 of which are in the human body and physically reachable without taking a pure leap of faith to the final 2.

The blood of “judgement,” in the words of Hashem, flowed from the open womb for 7 days.

One more glimpse in the mirror shows us that the word Pharaoh (פרעה) is Pe (פ) and (רעה) or 80 and 275, the measure of the cubit, which combine to form a product of (80 x 27.5) = 2200, which gets completed with the addition of Abraham (248) to (2200 + 248) = 2448 HC, the year the descendants of Abraham completed the prophesied 430 years, the year they were freed from physicality.  Maybe Egypt was the right place for the Creator to put the pyramid. The shifting images explain that Moses was 80 when he spoke to Pharaoh (פרעה). No detail is irrelevant.

There must be a deeper linkage and a reason that two significant sets of 11 Torah coordinates sum to 550, and the other to 541, though we decide not to pursue them, nor to pursue the long trail to the Alef-bet split into odd-even sets of 11 letters each, that when paired up equal 541 with a small gematria value of 100, matching perfectly the 100th Prime Number, 541.  It is obvious that the folded 22 letters of the Alef-bet are bonded to the 11 initials of the plague that equal 541 and have an ordinal value of 100.

It cannot be ignored.

The bond continues with the illuminated initials of the 11 sefirot (כחבדחגתנהימ), whose ordinal value is also 100.  While 1000 reflects the completion of Binah, 100 reflects the completion of Zeir Anpin and is this the height of the Future Holy Temple in Israel. It is also the radius of the inscribed sphere of the Core Equilateral Triangle.

It is in paragraph 11 of Exodus (Shemot) that the Torah lists all the Israelites who would be freed from Egypt en masse, all or nothing, all 11 sefirot activated, all 11 names/initials of the 10 plagues engaged.  Eleven (11) words for 10 plagues reveals 110 lights, as in the 110 years of Joseph, or twice 55.

Encasement by the YHVH (יהוה)

Moreover, while the difference between 50 (חמישים) and 5 (חמש) is numerically 50/5 or 10-fold, it can also be (505) = 45.  The metaphysical difference between the two words in the expression for 55 are the letters (יים) or 620, as in the numerical value of Keter, the highest sefira (dimension). The 3 letters (יים) are also equivalent to 60, as in the secret gateway, the hidden letter Samech, at the central vortex of the 42-Letters Name.

These references are circling us back to the 10 Gates of 50 (Binah) leading into the Future Holy Temple and inward to the final Gate of 42 that guards the entrance to the 203-cubit3 Holy of Holies, the entrance to Keter. While the value 620 is also that of the Hebrew word Esrim (עשרים) for 20, the hall of clear mirrors reminds us that Esrim (עשרים) is yet another word that contains (רי) or 210, and that the rest of the word is the first Triplet of the Shema (שמע).

It then reminds us that 550, the sum of the initials of all 11 sefirot, is 20 cubits in length, which is when it is pointed out to us that the 11th Hebrew letter, Caf (כ) as in Keter (כתר) has a numerical value of 20, and that the spelled-out name Caf  (כף) has a value of 100, as in the 100 cubit height of the Holy Temple, the 11 sefirot (כחבדחגתנהימ), the 11 initials of the 10 plagues and the 11 pairs of the folded Alef-bet. Moreover, the spelled out sofit Caf (כף) has a value of 820, as in “Love thy neighbor as thyself” from Vayikra 19:18.

Caf (כ), at the midpoint of the Hebrew alphabet is the one letter that aligns perfectly with the exponential equation (y = 1.313x) of the Alef-bet. It is the zero-point where the sine-wave of variations crosses the exponential curve of the 22 letters.

The Caf (כ) is another unicorn.

Yet it through the next clear mirror that we see the inscribed sphere of the Core Equilateral Triangle. Its radius of 100 is Caf (כף), tying it to the plagues, Israel, the 11 sefirot and the Alef-bet. Is it somehow the source of them all?

Is the inner cosmos trying to show us that we are better off working with the source codes rather than their end-products? End-products, results, are already extrusions through constrictions. They are limitations stripped away of possibility. They have the stench of death and finality in them, guaranteeing a reset.  We live in an existence where everything we touch is an end-product.

Source code operations are pure potentiality. The inner cosmos is trying to explain the source codes to us through geometry, which may be the only way we are capable of connecting to them since we were incubated in a geometric world.

The inscribed sphere of the Core Equilateral Triangle of radius 100 is twice 50. Given the same 2:1 proportion of the bisecting rays another equilateral triangle can be drawn inside that first inscribed sphere with a resultant inscribed sphere radius of 50.  With the mirrors facing once another and their images bouncing back and forth, its apparent that the system goes on forever, with the next inscribed sphere having a radius of 25, as in the 4th root of the 390,625 elements of the Torah.  In the next clear mirror, the value 5 (חמש), the other half of the divine 55 combination, is smiling at us, reminding us that it is the 8th root of the 390,625 elements of the Torah.

Everywhere we look, the hyperspace universe wants to spoon feed us more knowledge.  It is the opposite of the physical world where you have to pay and work for knowledge, and what we can learn in hours of spiritual time would take someone lifetimes in physical time.

As we glance across to another corridor, we see that 5 and 6 and 50 knocked together give us a product of (5 x 6 x 50) = 1500, the same as that of the YHVH (יהוה), (10 x 5 x 6 x 5) = 1500, which is also the highest word value in the entire Torah. This is not surprising as the Hei (ה) of Binah and the Hei (ה) of Malchut have already been known to represent (50 + 5) or 55. When they are presented together, the Vav (ו) knocks against them to form 330, the base of the pyramid that encases the Tower of Truth.  Is it encased in the YHVH (יהוה)? From the Yud (י), 10, comes Yud (יוד), 20, from which comes 20 generations and 20 stacked cubes, from which comes 210 levels, cubits and years. Why do you think His Name was engraved over the secret entrance when the pyramid was sealed, the only engraving or marking on the entire mountain?

Why do you think Joseph was sold for 20 pieces of silver in chapter 37 within paragraph 73 of Genesis to begin the 210 years in Egypt? And what does this have to do with Chochma (חכמה) of numerical value 73 and ordinal value 37? Or with Joseph living (73 + 37) = 110 years?

Is it just that the 9th sefira of Chochma represents 90, and that that moment in time represents nearly exactly 90% of the time span from Adam until the Israelites entered the Promised Land in 2488 HC?

A Secret Meaning

Another hallway and clear mirror shows us that the atbash cipher of fifty-five (חמישים־וחמש) is 314 as in Pi (3.14) and Shadai (שדי) and that the atbash of its first 4 letters is 112. And that 314 is the value of “the field (השדה).”

Chapter XXXII Part K – The Journey Continues with New Heights

The Towering Pyramid Dives Deep

The Pi field quickly folds up into the transparent pyramid that encases the Tower of Truth, though now many more lines are shown to us. Perhaps, our time here has prepared us to understand even more. We see the 55’ high entrance with the futuristic YHVH (יהוה) over it and it immediately reverberates with the 11 sefirot, the folded Alef-bet, the 11 initials of the 10 plagues, and the two Gates of the YHVH (יהוה). It no longer seems like an entrance into a mountain of stone but into the higher dimensions.

We are lofted 55 feet up and peer down the transparent throat. We see that from the 55’ high entrance a passage descends 98.75 feet down into the bedrock at an angle of 26o representing the YHVH (יהוה). That is 55 feet to the desert floor and an additional 43.75 feet into the earth, if we were to dig straight down. We are shown that the passage is 345 feet along the passage, equivalent to the numerical value of Moses. We do understand why, but the 43.75, reflects the numerical value of Moses’ wife Tzipporah (375).

We are given a tour and on closer inspection we see that the 345’ low narrow Descending Passage has numerous score line engraved in the stones on either side of it. This passage is approximately 42” wide. The first score line is about 481.2 inches from the entrance and the second is an additional 628.75 inches further down. Together they are 1110 inches.

With pyrotechnics similar to what must go on in our brains when our neurons get excited, we are shown that 481.2” relates to the height of the Pyramid, 481.25’ in a 12:1 ratio, and that 628.75” is twice Pi (314159…) or twice 3142, the powerful Name of God.

Can the 628.75 also be reflective of the Planck Diameter, h/π or 21.0914362859 x 10-35, after all, 210 is the height of the encasing pyramid, and 9143 as the 72 Triplets is reflected in its base that this passage pierces and 628.59… is even closer to 628.75” than twice Pi(π), off by .16 inches over more than 52 feet. Of course, this cosmic synergy only applies if the Creator of encasing pyramid’s designs knew about the Planck Diameter, h/π or 21.0914362859 x 10-35 and the 72 Triplets (9143). Otherwise, it is just coincidence.

The inner cosmos does not waste much time on this and instead focuses on the (481.2 + 628.75) = 1110 inch mark scored into the sidewall. It represents 10 x 111 or 10 times Alef (אלף). By exposing the Descending Passage to us using hyperspace, we have been shown how those scored dimensions are transferred to a larger encasing pyramid, superimposed over the 481.25 foot high one. This new one is 1110 feet high with a gap of twice 314.2 feet or 628.75’ above where the 210 cubits of physicality ends.

A point is being made of the separation of the spiritual from the physical, represented by the 210 cubit high stone mountain, and it was etched for us in the score lines of the descending passage.

There is a bridge over the colorful River Pi that suddenly appears in front of us, connecting the 1110 ft height of this new pyramid to the 7th and 8th Triplets in Pi(π), (846 + 264), that equal 1110, or 10 x 111 (אלף).

The new virtual height pyramid is nearly exactly 275 cubits higher than the physical 210 cubits one. Out of nowhere appear a slew of streams and passages tying this spiritual dimension to the primal frequencies of 27.5 Hz and 1.1 Hz, but we have covered those frequencies in depth in our earlier studies and thus decide to ignore them for now.

Meanwhile, the glowing schematic is showing us that that gap of 628.3 ft is the circumference of a sphere of radius 100, the radius of the inscribed sphere of the Core Equilibrium Triangle. “Wait, what?”

The inscribed sphere of the Core Equilibrium Triangle that has a radius of 100 and a diameter of 200 sits atop the encasing pyramid.  Is this 200 diameter sphere connected to the 200 occurrence difference of the pair (רי) within Torah words, 5645 vs 5845 verses, starting with the Torah’s first (בראשית) word and ending with its last (ישראל)—a 200 diameter sphere sitting atop a (רי) or 210 Tower.

The 1110, or 10 x 111 (אלף) represent the 10 sefirot of the primordial Tree-of-Life of Alef (אלף).

This is reminiscent of the 111 Moons that span the breach between the Earth and the Moon itself.

Our attention is drawn back to the Subterranean chamber buried 36.666 feet into the bedrock beneath the pyramid. That works out to 580.0 feet of vertical height from the base of the Subterranean Chamber to the tip of the Pyramid, which the Torah reminds us is in alignment with its total gematria sofit or (5800.054)2 and moreover, that 580.0 feet is 253.0 cubits, as in the 22nd Triangular Number, the sum of the 22 ordinal values of the Alef-bet.

What? How has everyone missed this? If it were not for this journey through the inner cosmos of the Torah no one would have known this, yet the measurements have been around since the 1800’s.

What this also means is that the Tower of Truth of 20 stacked cubes also includes 2 more levels underground. It becomes 22 perfectly stacked cubes, 253.0 cubits in total.

The volume of that final subterranean cube is 223 or 10648, the exact difference between the total of the 5 Elements of the Torah (248,000φ) and the 3 major Elements (words, letters, and verses) of the Torah, 58, reflected in the 580.0 feet of vertical height from the base of the Subterranean Chamber to the tip of the Pyramid, and the Torah’s total gematria sofit (5800.054)2.

Thus while the volume of the 2 final cubes is (213 + 223) = (2000091) cubits3, the total volume of the entire tower including the two subterranean cubes is 64,009 cubits3, maybe a reference to the 64 x 1000 volume of the 64 Triplets and the 9 Candles within the 72 Triplets.

The clear mirror wants us to know that the numerical value of the 4 initials (מאיס) of the central peak of those 64 Triplets is 111, equal to Alef (אלף).

Then the 100-radius sphere of the Core Essential Triangle appears again atop the pyramid, except this time the apex point of the pyramid is dead center in the middle of the Triangle and the sphere. When the 100’ radius is thus radiating from the peak of the pyramid.  When the 100’ radius is thus added to the standard “above ground” height of the pyramid, we once again get 580’, a Tower of 22 stacked cubes that total 253 cubits in height.

The clear mirror expands our vision to show us that the first 10 letters of the Torah have a total ordinal value of 100, and that:

This 100 foot radius element of the Core Equilateral Triangle that hovers over the pyramid forms its own stacked set of cubes based on four, as in the four letters of Ehyeh (אהיה). This short 4 level pyramid is in the measure, or dimension, of feet, while the much larger encapsulating pyramid is in the dimension of cubits. On the individual scale their ratio is 27.5/12, as we saw with that 2h/5778 = 2.2935514… x 10-33, yet on the 3-dimensional or physical scale it expands to (27.5/12)3, which is 12.0:1, which is the 2-dimensional ratio of the foot to the inch, 12:1.

By using hyper-dimensional analysis, we can now understand why these 3 separate units of measure—cubit, inch, foot—are cohesive, harmonic, and necessary. The scale of the Core Equilateral Triangle is 1/12th that of the physical encapsulating pyramid.

Einstein in his later years stated that geometry would have to be the key to a true unified theory, just as the inner cosmos are showing us. It is just that that harmonic geometry spreads across multiple dimensions and can only be understood through the interplay of those dimensions. What we see on the physical realm is a result of this dimension’s interface with the geometry of the higher dimensions.

All these thoughts and processes cause the virtual sphere on top of the illuminated encapsulated pyramid to convert into a bright full moon, whereby the inner cosmos and a clear mirror remind us of the anomalistic year.

The Mark of Zeir Anpin

As the Moon orbits the Earth it is not exactly a circular motion, but an oval, and in each monthly orbit around the Earth there is a point at which the Moon is closest to the Earth. At that point, it is actually moving faster than at any other time in its orbit.  Since the Earth itself is independently moving at 66,627 mph around the Sun, the Moon must travel farther just to keep up with it, as it completes each of its orbits around the Earth.  The clear mirror points out that 66,627 mph is considered in hyperspace as 66,600 mph plus 27 mph for the Essential Cube of Creation. It further shows us that the kabalistic 666 is Vav(ו), or 6 for the six directions of the Cube and of the 6 dimensions of Zeir Anpin, times Alef (אלף) or 111 as Binah, harking back to .6 x 1110” and 1110’ built into the dimensions of the two encasing pyramids and the 111 Moon diameters of 2160 mi (6 x 6 x 6 x 10) between the Earth and the Moon.

When we peer into the clear mirror it reflects in the dark sky above us, and we see the 107 times that Sun’s diameter fits into the distance between the Earth and the Sun. The Sun’s diameter (864,000 miles) is 400 x the Moon’s diameter (2160 miles); and thus 6 x 144,000 or 6000 x 122; and is both 4000 x 63 and 64 x 666.6666.

The resultant distance of the Sun’s diameter (864,000 miles) times 107 is the 92448000 mile radius of the Earth orbit. This is 90000000 miles plus 2448000, as in the year 2448 HC when the Torah was received at Sinai, which is 66.6 jubilee years before 5778 HC. We are reminded that this is reflected in the 107,000 KPH (66,627 MPH) Earth orbital speed around the Sun, whose surface temperature is 5778 K. Another clear mirror further reminds us that 5778 is the 107th Triangular Number and our universes was constructed with Triangular Numbers.

Rather than a mark of the beast, 666 is the mark of the Zeir Anpin point, where physicality begins and ends.

The Anomalistic Year

The anomalistic month is the measure the time interval between the Moon’s quickest motion points; in other words, whenever it is at perigee or closest to Earth. This average interval of successive perigees is 27.555 days.

We can see that the anomalistic month, 27.555 days, reflects both one 1 cubit and 2 cubits, or 27.5 and 55 inches respectively, and that the full 27.55455 days of this time period further reflects the 455 total value of the 3 aspects of the Name Ehyeh (אהיה). Perhaps we are getting complacent, but this is no longer shocking or even surprising to us, as the Name Ehyeh (אהיה) along with its complete value, 42, seem to be at the center of everything, and all the numbers of the outer cosmos are in sync with the numbers of the inner cosmos, as if they were drawn up with a single pen and a single mind, removing any element of chance.

The anomalistic year works out to 12.0085 months, so 5778 years in terms of the anomalistic cycle is 5782.10 years, and 3760 years would be 3762.67 years, an additional 2.67 years. The values 210 and 267 reflect the height and the apothem of the encapsulating pyramid respectfully.  The base of that pyramid is 12 anomalistic months or (12 x 27.5) = 330, and the difference between that base and the height is 120.

The universal time constant is derived from the number 12 in space and hyperspace simultaneously in the exact same way that the Core Triangle breaches both dimensions.

Substituting 1 month for 1 cubit, or 27.5 days for 27.5 inches, as the inner and outer cosmos are suggesting, gives us (210/12) = 17.5 per month, as in Abraham’s lifespan of years 175, for the 210 cubit height of the physical pyramid. This makes perfect sense based on Abraham being the 20th generation and there being 20 stacked cubes in the 210 cubit Tower of Truth.  An odd twist of hyperspace shows us that applying that same equation (253/12) to the pyramid with the 100’ radius sphere attached, or alternatively the pyramid measured to the base of the subterranean chamber, gives us 21.0 or Ehyeh (אהיה) per month, as in the 210 levels and 210 cubits of the Tower of Truth, not to mention h/π or 21.0914362859 x 10-35.

The pyramid, the encased tower, and the spherical moon centered on its tip are illuminated for us, along with the 2 subterranean cubes and chambers. It is then that we realize that like Spherical Time with its two different radii of the same length (3760 and 2018), these images display two separate and equally measured paradigms: one reaches upward into spiritual time, and the other reaches into the earth and physical time. They represent two choices: one that tunnels into the earth, and the other that seeks existence beyond the physical.

We can now assume that the 5775 inches in the 210 cubits are to be measured in years and as a limit, as was 210 back in 2448 HC. They both led to different moments and kinds of freedom. Both times the freedom had to be accepted and both times G-d used the dark side to make it tougher for man to live and work, to make bricks without straw, or to make an income without being open.  G-d gave Moses (345) three (3) signs to show the Israelites and to Pharaoh that he was sent by G-d. Neither side was overly impressed, so G-d intervened.  That was then.

 The Physical Cycle

The Earth travels 15,137,280,000,000 miles to complete one precession on its axis, one precession of the equinoxes.  That does not include the distance the earth covers as being part of the solar system or the galaxy that are moving at an additional 1.9 million mph, covering around 43,171,505,970,000,000,000 miles. That is a long way to go to prove a point. The point being that it takes 25,920 years or solar cycles to complete one precession, and that 25,920 years equals one Hebrew day of 24 hours x 60 min x 18 parts of a minute. One fraction (part) of a minute equals 3.333 seconds, and every fraction of a minute numerically equals an entire year within the precession or great cycle.

One (1) day = 25,920 parts of a minute = 25,920 years = 1 Precession

Before it moves on, the clear mirror want to show us that (2 x 25,920) = 51840 and that the encasing Pyramid’s slope angle is 51.84o and that 5184 = 722.

The clear mirror has other things it wants to show us though. This Precession and Hebrew time frame bring into play the rotation of the Earth, the speed that the Earth revolves around the Sun, and the tilt of the Earth; if any were changed by the slightest amount, the precise equation above would not work out. The earth must travel at 66,627 mph, spin at 1000 mph, the hour must be measured as 60 minutes, and the complementary angle of the tilt of the earth has to be 66.6o. Did the Israelite scholars just guess right, thousands of years before man realized the Earth was revolving around the Sun? Did they spend nearly 26,000 years clocking and charting the star positions to see if they returned to the same spot and then do so again and again to make sure it was not a fluke? Or were they told this by the Creator long before man could mechanically calculate it? How about the architect of the encasing pyramid?

At that same time, were they also told that the precession moves through 12 sections or constellations, in the same way that every year in the 25,920-year precession should have 12 months, and that every clock should have 12 hours pointing in 12 or Vav (וו) directions?

Was it in the same way Jacob knew to stop at 12 sons? There are many Chassidic families that have 12 kids with one wife before they are 40. Jacob lived to 147 and had four wives.

Rather than expend the energy of traveling 15,137,280,000,000 miles and the Sun burning for 25,920 years it would only take a few lines of code to simulate all that in a simulation and only a few moments within the mind of the Creator. You do not actually have to imagine all those miles or years played out; you just have to write the numbers into a script.

Nonetheless, there are 54 portions of the Torah read every year for the 5778 years until the event horizon, and (5778 x 54)/12 = 26,001. So, per month, or per Tribe, or per constellation, there were 26,001 portions read or cycled through, which is (25,920 + 34).  Adding One (1) is typically the Creator’s signature: as in the Torah’s first verse at 2701; and the 42-Letter Name at 3701; as in 21, Ehyeh (אהיה); as in 161, the highest level of the highest Name Ehyeh (אלף־הי־יוד־הי); as in 61, Ani (אני), the Divine “I” in “I am G-d;” as in 81, Anochi (אנכי), the first word of the 10 Commandments, the Divine “I” as in “I am G-d;” as in 31, El (אל) G-d; and as in 91, H’Elohim (האלהים), G-d, and as in the Unification (יאהדונהי) of G-d’s Names; and as in 1 and 111, Alef (אלף).

Within the clear mirror time stretches exponentially, giving us time to reflect:

The 54 portions match the 54 Triplets in the Essential Cube of Creation that equal 42. In other words, 1 rotation of the Cube. Each portion is generated by one Triplet of 42 from within the Cube. Each year the Cube rotates a single time.  That is 9 Triplets or 27 letters every 2 months. It is one Triplet for every 6.666o of rotation. By the end of the year 5778, the Cube has rotated 5778 times; this is one cycle, so the great cycle is 12 x 5778 or (12 x 26,001), 12 loops of 5778-year spans, one for each Tribe (son), one for each month.

Whether it is the Cube, the portions, or just the 18 parts of a minute, the clear mirror holds these truths to be self-evident:

Pondering the source of Spherical Time with Phi(φ) generating a new time path with every 137.5o turn upon the circle, we see how a single day of our time can contain 25,920 years x 365.256 days x 24 hrs x 60 min x 18 parts of a min or 10,224,830,362 different time paths.  That is with the Spherical Time clock turning once every 3.333 cosmic seconds, or 495o in 10 cosmic seconds, matching the spin rate of the Phi(φ3)/ Phi(√φ) equation. As explained earlier, the interaction of the Phi(φ) and Pi(π) fields is such that the spiral generated by the constant Phi(φ) will continuously intersect any size Pi(π) generated circle at a distinct and different point for as long it keeps spinning. Each one of those curved spiraling paths are parallel to one another. Physicality would have it that time starts at a single point and is generated in a single line. It accepts that Phi(φ) and Pi(π) and all other elements of physical reality are fields and that all those other elements must obey the curvature of the Phi(φ) and Pi(π), just not time. That is the source of the illusion.

It is the source of limitations.

It is little known outside of advanced physics, but physicists also see time as a field curved into a circle to get it to work for their equations. The inner cosmos has more spiritual issues it wants us to learn rather than ever more complex equations to try to define physicality.

In the hierarchy of 12’s, the value 25,920 is also equal to 12 x 2160, the diameter of the Moon, which as we have just seen relates it to the diameter of the Sun, the orbital speed of the Earth, and the distance from the Earth to the Sun and the Moon to the Earth. Astonishing synchronicity from something formed by a smaller planet crashing into the Earth billions of years ago.

The diameter of the moon is 18 x 120, and the precession is equivalent to 120 x 216, the age of Man times Gevurah (216), Judgement. Given that there are 216 letters in the 72 Triplets, the cosmos is designed so that the precession equals 25,920, which equals (360 x 72). What this means is that the precession advances exactly 1o every 72 years.  So not only did the Creator work in every aspect of the Sun and the Earth into this equation of 1 Day = 1 Precession but He worked the Moon into the equation as well.

To the Creator, it appears to be is all about harmonics and connecting everything to the Alef (א) and the One, which is why we perceive the Earth speeding around the Sun at 6 x 111 x 102 mph and the distance between the earth and the moon as 111 x the moon’s diameter, which is 63 x 10.  We are looking at it from our newly gained perspective and imposing thoughts upon the Creator. From the aspect of the Creator, setting things in motion given simple parameters would be the most efficient way to anchor everything in Oneness and harmony.

For what human minds perceive as giant complex objects, agglomerations of remnants of various ancient super novae, hurtling through space at enormous speeds with assorted pressures exerted on them from all directions for billions of years, they have pretty simple and similar equations all connected to the original Alef (א), Yud (י) and Vav (ו):


Distance, which is speed Vav (ו); time Alef (א); and expansion Yud (י) are One, Alef (א).

The clear mirror further instructs us that in hyperspace the Alef (א), Yud (י) and Vav (ו) are not symbols but fields, and that their relationships with one another once understood will help us breach Spiritual Time. It is precisely for this reason that our physicality is predicated on them.

It gives us further understanding that the letter Vav (ו) spelled out (וו) is 12 in its most physical nature but can be 13 (ואו) or 22 (ויו) when influenced by the Alef (א) or Yud (י).

The value 72 refers to the 72 Triplets but its seed is the expansion of the YHVH (יהוה): (יוד־הי־ויו־הי). The value of the front of this expansion is naturally 26, while the back is 46, as in “cubit”

Since 1 cubit equals 27.5 inches and 27.5(φ)2 = 72 as in 1o of the Precession, the clear mirror helps us understand this in hyperspace terms. But first it asks us what is this like?

As we stare dumbly, it replies the 112 Triplets that are split into 40 and 72 Triplets. Three (3) sets of the Triplets total 40, which are quintessentially derived from the back 3 expanded letters (הה־יוד־הה) of Ehyeh (אלף־הה־יוד־הה). The 4th set, the 72 Triplets, are derived from Alef (אלף) that is 1, as in 1o of the Precession equals 72.  Many of us are muttering, “yeah sure,” being more confused than ever. The inner cosmos wants us to go deeper. It wants to show us that the source of numbers, even quantitative ones, are in the specific fields of the Letters and Names and not the other way around.

The clear mirror wants us to understand that there are 13.090 arcs of 27.5o in every circle, each one displacing .48 radians.  That is 13 plus 1/11th. Those radians form a cube of 3.63424 for each of the 12 edges.  Therefore, the cubit, which is proportional to the Phi(φ) field, creates a circle of 13 cubes that have 12 edges of 3.63424 each, or H’Moshiach, Moshiach Ben David, like the Spherical Time equation of 36304.24. The value 13 here is Echad (One) and the equation involves both aspects of the Vav (ו) spelled out as (וו) for the 12 edges in each cube and as (ואו) for the 13 cubes where all those edges come together.

The 12 edges of the 13 cubes makes 156 edges, which instantly reminds us of Joseph and of the nexus point of Zion above Jerusalem.  We see the 12 edges of the cubes bowing down within 1 circle to a place in the center and forming a clock. It is through the combination of the two spellings of Vav (וו) and Vav (ואו) in the 13 cubes of Moshiach that forms the equation (12 x 13) = 156. The only time the Israelites were ever united was in Joseph’s dreams. Adam’s, Noach’s and Abraham’s sons were at odds with each other, so were Isaac’s. Jacob’s 12 sons never agreed with each other and several times tried to kill one another. It only grew worse with their descendants. The kingdom of Israel only could manage with one or two tribes and the other 10 went into exile. Even today, after the 70-year period ended in 5778, Israel has not been able to form a government. The system was designed around unity (1) and without it they and we never stood a chance.

Everything fades to black, pitch black. We dare not move, not even our arms.

The first light comes from the Alef (א), 1, then, Alef (אלפ) 111, then 1000. Then (3000111) = 2889. The Creator’s calling card, 111, placed in the Spherical Time year 2889. It was never an arbitrary date or radius. It is the result of a purposeful equation, linking the primordial Alef (א), the One, with 3.

A similar design is found in (42/αg) = (42/137.03599.302822131) = 11/3000, and in 3000/11 = 272.72727 and in 3000/111 = 27.027027.

The space and time and cosmic circles fade away and the illuminated pyramid with the superimposed radiant sphere of radius 100’ on top is back front and center.

We see that the extra feet added above and below (100 + 98.42) equals 198.42, and we wonder if this is an allusion to 1984, the prescient warning to what would follow. When Apple made their famous “1984” Superbowl commercial they were signaling that they were already a part, a large crucial part, of the New World Order, just not the part portrayed in their commercial.  That can be retraced in the physical world, but in the inner cosmos the total 680 feet from the top of the sphere to bottom of the Subterranean Chamber is equal to the cumulative sum of all the Triangular Numbers through the 15th one, as in Yah (יה). It works out to 296.7273 cubits, the value of the 7th and final word (296) of the Torah’s first verse, representing physical time and the earth.  The last thing the Israelites were commanded to do before shaking off the yoke of Pharaoh and the shackles of physicality was to perform the 15 steps of the Seder.

One Dollar

The clear mirror asks us to hold up the One dollar bill to it. In its refection we do not see Triangular craft hovering in the sky as so many have recently photographed. Instead, we see the capstone lowered into place, and the encapsulated pyramid with the bright sphere exactly centered on its apex point..

We see constructed 12 delineated levels and a 13th platform, 72 blocks in total. Thanks to the inner cosmos, we know the connection with the two spelled-out Vavs (וו) and (ואו) the aspect of the YHVH  (יוד־הי־ויו־הי) of value 72, along with the 72 Triplets that helped get the Israelites away from bricking building and out of Egypt. The 72 bricks representing servitude may be a coincidence, but why an Egyptian symbol on the One dollar bill?

We see in the clear mirror its base engraved with the number 1776, instead of roman numerals on the bill, followed by the words the great sealing, encapsulating.  Instead of using the simple numbers 1776, the designer decided to go with 9 Roman numerals, MDC,CLX,XVI. When broken down into the 1/3, 2/3 Kabbalistic ratio, they give us a value of 1110 for MCX, the initials of each of the 3 triplets, and 666 for the back 2 of all 3 triplets. The built-in kabbalistic .333 and .666 ratio gives us 1110, or 10 Alefs, and 666, or 6 Alefs.

The designer was showcasing that they knew about the original relationship Alef (א), Yud (י) and Vav (ו), but why would they want to put this seal on the most widely passed around currency in the world?

The designer was showcasing that they knew about the 1110 ft height of the spiritual enveloping pyramid, etc.

As it works out, 1110/.333 = 3333 and adding 666 to that equates to 4000, which when added to 1776 HC gives us the year 5776 HC, or 2016. Was this designed this way. Yes, but by whom?

It also ties into the 4000 x 63 diameter of the Sun.

The small gematria of the 3 triplets in the 9 Roman numerals, MDC,CLX,XVI is 151, 151, and 151, as in the value of the Name Ehyeh spelled-out 3 times (אלף־הה־יוד־הה). That 151 is the 36th Prime Number, and the 36th Triangular Number is 666.

The opposite of what happened in 1776 HC, when One language was scattered into 70 nations, the Latin phrase on the ribbon that replaces the original serpent in the Eagle’s beak, “e pluribus unum” becomes “one from many.” Then “Novus Ordo Seclorum” becomes “a new order of time” and “a new order of the ages.”  Above them all are the 13 letters of “annuit coeptis,” which becomes “He approves [of our] undertakings.”

Chapter XXXII Part L – The Journey Continues with the Two Portals

This is a journey within the journey. Like with our overall journey, there are multiple pieces that make up its whole. The difference is that at the start of this segment the clear mirror advises us that within these specific caverns can be found everything we need to know.

Hidden Within the 1820 YHVH (יהוה)

We are staring up at the virtual entrance 55’ up and contemplating ascending, when a voice from the clear mirror advises us that there is no expression of the number 55 in the Torah, yet there are 1820 YHVH (יהוה) that contain them (הה).

That is when we notice that there are 13 Candles spaced out evenly in a large circle.  As we enter the circle, the space around us widens and the light of the 13 candles blocks our sight of everything beyond.

The candle spread out around us and in the center of the cavernous circle is the value 1820, with numerous luminous passages leading off of it. This one weird twisty one leads us to the discovery that the total measure of the 1820 YHVHs (יהוה) in the Torah is (1820 x 26) cubits, or 1301300 inches. This is the sum total distance of the YHVHs (יהוה) in the Torah. This works out to (13 x 100,100), which in turn is 13 x (1820 x 55). So, once again 55 relates to the value 13, the value of love and Oneness.

Even further along the tight twists of this passage, we learn that the sum of the integers from 1 – 10 is 55; from 1 – 100 is 5050, and from 1 – 1000 is 500,500 or (5 x 100,100), and that 1820 cubits is 50050”, or in other symbols (Σ (1 – 1000))/10 = 1820 cubits.  We catch a brief glimpse of 1820/10 = Jacob (182).

Exiting the twisty passage, we merge with several other corridors of light into a huge circular spiraling chamber. Following along one crisscrossing catwalk high above, we see that 100,100 is 10,000 more than 90,100, the number of Yuds(י), Heis(ה), and Vavs (ו) in the Torah, and we also see that it is the sum of 1 – 424, the value of Mashiach Ben David. Yet another series of parallel narrow paths suspended above us shows us that 1820 = (91 x 20), and also equals (70 x 26), and also equals (28 x 65), and that 91 = 26 (יהוה) + 65 (אדני), the unification formula.

In the center of the chamber, we see that 91 = Σ (1 – 13). We are beginning to get the picture that the unification and the Names emanate from 13, from the Oneness. That is when a clear mirror appears in the center of the chamber and shows us that the cumulative Triangular Numbers through 13 is 455 and that 1820/4 = 455, the value of the full 3 aspects of Ehyeh (אהיה), tying the Name YHVH (יהוה) to the Name Ehyeh (אהיה) throughout the Torah.

To our right, the sum of all 40 integers from 26 to 65 (i.e. 26 + 27 + 28….65) from Adonai (אדני) to YHVH (יהוה) = 1820.

To our left, we fall over and slide backwards into a slick spiral and in quick succession learn that 26 = 13 x 2 and that 65 = 13 x 5 and that 91 = 13 x 7.  As the slide widens, we realize that these represent the first 4 of the exceeding rare Bell Prime Indices (2, 5, 7, 13, 42, 55, 2841). Upon this realization, we are joined by multiple separate hallways coming from our original Shema cavern.  Near the bottom of the spiral hallway, we learn that 1300 = 5/7 x 1820.  Looking upward, we can still see the light shining from the 1820 x 26 cubits equation. It is radiating to us that 1301300 = (1300 x 1000) + (1300 x 1), and that it is all about Oneness, all stemming from One. The number 13 is One (1), echad, just as stated in the Shema’s first verse.

Alef (אלף) and Elef (אלף) are 1000 and are also One (1), yet they are also the same, just as in 100,100 = (100 x 1000) and (100 x 1), and that 100 is the permuted Hebrew word for cubit. It all comes down to 1.

It is also simultaneously coming down to 55 again. By translation and permutaion  (100 x 1000) = 1 cubit and (100 x 1) = 1 cubit, which together are 2 cubits and (2 x 27.5”) = 55. The clear mirror shows us the Bell Prime Indices again: (2, 5, 7, 13, 42, 55, 2841).

The expression 91 = Σ (1 – 13) now sits in a small transparent chamber above us and spinning off of it like 13 parallel curved tentacles we see that the sum of the 13 sequential arithmetic sequences, from 1 – 13 also equal 1820. And that while the sum of the integers from 110 = 55, the sum of the digits in the sum of the integers from 1 – 13, is also 55. That is when we are reminded that higher-dimensional mathematics are at work here and everywhere.

The clear mirror explains that like the Megillat Ester, where the Names of G-d are everywhere yet explicitly concealed, the number 55 is omnipresent, yet purposely not explicitly expressed in the Torah. It is a hidden entrance and gateway.

1    2    3    4    5     6     7    8    9    10   11   12   13

2    4    6    8   10   12  14  16  18   20   22   24
3    6    9   12  15   18  21  24  27   30   33
4    8   12  16  20   24  28  32  36   40
5   10  15  20  25   30  35  40  45
6   12  18  24  30   36  42  48
7   14  21  28  35   42  49
8   16  24  32  40   48
9   18  27  36 45
10 20  30  40
11 22  33
12 24

The first illustration we are shown is that the final digit in each of the 13 lines line sums to 55.

Next. the 3rd line illuminates, the Tesla one, which corresponds to the vectors 3 and 11 and the 11 Triplets of 33 letters that sum to 3003 or (3 x 1001).  We are reminded that each bundle of 3 is a Triplet or triangle and of what we saw in the Valley of the Cumulative Triangular Numbers where the 4th Cumulative Triangular ziggurat at the 11th level also totaled 3003.

It feels as if they are trying to provoke our minds to engage the hyperdrive of consciousness. Enough.  The 5th sequence illuminates, and we see that the sum of all 7 integer summation sequences in that line: 1 – 5; 1 – 10, 1 – 15; 1- 20, 1- 25; 1 – 30; and 1- 35 also equal exactly 1820, thus reminding us of 5 x 13 and 7 x 13.

It turned into a circular staircase and we see that there is a path from 5 to 1820 that winds 7 flights up and that stops at 35, which is what we saw earlier incorporated into the Tree-of-Life.

It also makes us wonder about the size limit of the physical universe with the Planck’s diameter being h/π is: 21.0914362859 x 1035.

And yet, when we look deeper still, we see that the other two numbers in that series (40, 45) when added equal (17 x 5) = 85 and lead us down another trail where the sum of all 40 integers from 26 to 65 equals 1820, while the sum of the integers from 1 – 40 = 820, as in the value of the quintessential 3-word Torah phrase from Vayikra 19:18, “Love they neighbor as yourself וְאָהַבְתָּ לְרֵעֲךָ כָּמוֹךָ.“ Staring into the light, we see that V’ahavta (וְאָהַבְתָּ) is the first word of the 3 paragraphs of the Shema, starting with the paragraph of 42 words that includes the 13 Vav (ו) initials. Moreover, the final 3 words “כָּמוֹךָ:  אֲנִי, יְהוָה”of the full verse, “לֹא-תִקֹּם וְלֹא-תִטֹּר אֶת-בְּנֵי עַמֶּךָ, וְאָהַבְתָּ לְרֵעֲךָ כָּמוֹךָ:  אֲנִי, יְהוָה”, which includes the phrase “I am God,” have the gematria 173, as in the small gematria value of the 42-Letter Name, and the base side of the Core Triangle.  A clear mirror adds that the numerical word value 173 is found 13 times in the Torah.

As we spiral through this vortex it is easy to get distracted, yet we are being constantly reminded that it all starts with 13, Love and Oneness, and with 42. Somehow, anchoring it within the orbit of the Shema is reassuring. So, as we spiral onward, we learn that the sum of the integers from 1 – 40 and from 1- 45 together total 1855, which immediately reminds us that we started with 55, until it is emphasized that 1855 is 35 more than 1820, the sum of the previous 7 integer sequences that ended at 35.

Within the Tree-of-Life

Does the value 35 have something to do with the midpoint (2889 HC) in Spherical Time being at the midpoint in King David’s 70-year life (70/2)? Is it somehow related to twice Abraham’s life (175 x 2) = 350? Or the average/balance between Moses and Pharaoh (345 + 355)/2. As we ponder these thoughts, a passage back to the Tree-of-Life and the 11 initials appears

What we missed was that if the final letters of the lower 8 sefirot (409 + 408 + 408) = 1225 or 352 and those of the upper 3 sefirot (35 x 6) = 210, then all 11 sefirot initials equal 41 x 35, as in the ordinal value (41) of Abraham, and as in the 41 occurrences of (אלוה) in Job and the 41 letters in the 3 aspects of Ehyeh (אהיה) that total 455. And that is when the clear mirror points out to us again that 455 = 35 x 13, which glows bright within the enormous Tree-of-Life.

As the shine glows even brighter, we see that the initials of the triad Tiferet-Netzach-Hod (תנה) have the value of 455. Incredibly, they also have an ordinal value of 41. While that is incredible, it does not escape us that the initials of the bar Netzach-Hod (נה) is 55.

Burning intensely, the clear mirror shows us that the value of the 5 initials of the upper triad Keter-Chochma-Binah (כחב) plus Chesed and Gevurah (חג) also total 41.  When Knowledge (Da’at) is added, they (כחבחגד) become 45, as when Adam (45) ate from the Tree-of-Knowledge.

It is also interesting that the ordinal value of these 6 initials is 36, the 8th Triangular Number and that 45 is the 9th Triangular Number, making their complete value, 81 as in Anochi (אנכי), the first word of the 10 Commandments, meaning the Divine “I” as in I am G-d, your Lord.”

The value of “I am G-d (אנכי־יהוה)” is 107, as in the 107,000 letters from the word Bereshit up to it, and as in the 107th Triangular Number, 5778, and the edge of the Event Horizon. What further ties Anochi (אנכי) to the 5 sefirot (כחבחגד) is that they both have the same ordinal value, 36, like the 36 times Shabbat (שבת) with an ordinal value of 45 and “The Shabbat (השבת)” are mentioned in the Torah. Similarity of form removes distance.

The Icy Primes

Everything freezes, as an icy river winds its way toward us, frosting everything as it approaches. Before we can figure out what is happening, the chill is upon us and we see the Prime Numbers bobbing up and down in the icy blue froth. As they bob like tiny icebergs, there are corresponding numbers on their larger undersides. The heavier counter numbers are the sums of two consecutive primes. Each Prime Number has one, starting with the number 3, whose sum is (2 + 3) = 5. Most of the numbers sink and in the churning crystal blue and jade we see the numbers: 8, 12, 18, 24, 30, 36, 42, 52, 60, 68, 78, 84, 90, 100, 112, 120…144…186…210.  All are notable numbers to us to one degree or another, but how does the 27th Prime after 2, the number 107, wind up being 210, the 27th sum of two consecutive primes?

And how from this frosty frothy mix of 27 numbers out of the first 210 integers, do we manage to get so many core numbers—42, 84, 100, 112 and 120, and the number 144, which is the 20th result paired with number 73, the 21th Prime Number? Even 186, as in the speed of light (186,000 mps) is suspect.

We further see that 210 is the 4th Primorial in that it is comprised of the first 4 Primes as factors: 2 x 3 x 5 x 7 = 210, and that those factors add up to 17.

For the moment all we can see is the River of Primes and the cool mist rising off it. The river merges with the River of One (13) and what gets spun of this merger is every Prime Number times 13: (2 x 13) = 26; (3 x 13) = 39; (5 x 13) = 65; (7 x 13) = 91; (11 x 13) = 143; (13 x 13) = 169; (17 x 13) = 221; (19 x 13) = 247; (23 x 13) = 299; (29 x 13) = 377; (31 x 13) = 403: (37 x 13) = 481; (41 x 13) = 533; (43 x 13) = 559…

The inner cosmos would not be showing us this if it were not important. We can see immediately how that the sum of all 40 integers from 26 to 65 equals 1820 abstractly intersects with the Prime One (13) and 2 as 26, 5 as 65, and 7 as 91 Prime Numbers along with the Names of G-d, YHVH (יהוה) and Adonai (אדני). What we are shown as rivers to simplify it for us, the universe sees as fields and seas.  Thanks to the foresight of the inner cosmos it is becoming clear that the non-factorable integers (Prime Numbers) play a role in the formation of the Names of G-d.  The resultant 143, is also one of the 3 aspects of the Name, Ehyeh (אלף־הא־יוד־הא), the one woven into the 72 Names through its total (9143), first row (1143) and average (143).

As the enlarged prime icebergs bob in the merged rivers, we see that their new cumulative values have a function in the inter-dimensional play of the universe. The first 3 intersections sum to (26 + 39 + 65) = 130, the value of Sinai. The first 9 sum to 1300. We are shown once again that the total measure of the 1820 YHVHs (יהוה) in the Torah is (1820 x 26) cubits, or 1301300 inches.

While the first 8 intersections sum to 1001, as the 1/3rd the sum of the first 8 words in the Torah, 3003, we see that the first 8 Prime Numbers sum to 77, matching the 77th Triangular Number, 3003. This intersection with 8 and 13 and 77 all match what the Arizal taught us about the Gate of Mazal (77) that is the 8 within the 13, also found within the 13 Attributes of G-d.

Next, we are shown that while the first 5 primes add up to 28, the number of letters in the Torah’s first verse, and the first 6 primes add up to 41, the value 2841 is the 7th in the 7 known Bell Primes Indices (2nd, 3rd, 7th, 13th, 42nd, 55th, and 2841st).

The first 14 Prime Intersects with 13 sum to 3653. Given that David has a numerical value of 14, the position at the center of the 27 positions of the Essential Cube of Creation, hyperspace has once again integrated everything into Spherical Time in that 3653 + 107 = the 3760-year radius of Spiritual Time. As we were just shown, 107 is the 27th Prime Number after 2 and the 107th Triangular Number is the combined radius, 5778. For a moment we see the merged Prime River surging through the center of the Essential Cube of Creation.

We are left wondering if this is cause or effect. Either way, it could only be cause or effect in hyperspace mechanics, because in physicality it defies belief. Moreover, given that the 27th sum of two consecutive primes is 210, the height of the Tower of Truth and the encasing pyramid in cubits, it is highly suspicious that the sum of the first 12 Prime Intersects with One(13) is 481, the height of the Tower of Truth and encasing pyramid in feet. In the limitations of the physical world, this is mysterious and spooky. In the hyperspace dimensions this is all part of a process.

When impossible alignments happen in the physical world, they should make us pause and ask what else does not make sense? Once we have seen enough of them to convince ourselves that there is another reality at work, either controlling or creating ours, we need to determine whether we are just pixels on a screen and trapped in a movie that we can neither escape nor alter, or if the anomalies and patterns were written in as portals and ladders for us to climb up and through.

The Prime Numbers seem like the perfect place to search. They have always been an enigma to our mathematicians. They are impossible to predict yet they constantly surprise us with discernible patterns, no matter how many trillions of them are found and examined.

As with Pi and all the other constants and mathematical sequences that we have been shown, we need not look past the first few or that deep.  The portals and ladders, aka the anomalies and patterns, were meant to be found relatively easily, in other words, within a reasonable time frame.  Yes, they are repeated again and again, thousands of digits and iterations into the constants and sequences, but why walk across the continent when the entrance to the secret garden is in the wall across the street. Also, by placing them front and center, more of us would be capable of finding them, plus they seem much more purposeful and less random that way.

Once we have wrapped our minds around this, we need to piece all these anomalies together. Before our consciousnesses can let go, they need a leaping off point. We have seen where everything keeps leading us. Are we ready to leap?

The anomalies and patterns apply to the Torah as well. After all, we are journeying through the inner cosmos of the Torah. The Torah is not just a treasure map. All the constants and streams of numerical sequences are expressed and woven throughout the Torah because the Torah can serve as the nexus for our consciousness, the interface where we can take those leaps. The stone pyramid was designed and left there for us to help us solve the puzzles, not for us to climb up and leap off.  Though it has other functions as well, it is not an altar.

The Nexus Point

The icy River of Primes has frozen over, crystalized, and evaporated into a chilling mist. The Tree-of-Life once again looms large front and center, rising out of the 10 Commandments carved into the desert floor, with a ring of blue fire around it so no one can trample on it. The word Anochi (אנכי) is the first word of the 620 letters of the 10 Commandments.  While Anochi (אנכי) of numerical value 81 or 34 is one dimension higher that the 33 Essential Cube of Creation, the 11 letters of the spelled-out form of Anochi (אנכי) is both 337, or One(1) more than the 336 letters in the 112 Triplets. Its spelled-out sofit value 2427 is 21 (אהיה), the 6th Triangular Number, less than the year of the 10 Commandments, 2448 HC.

Earlier we were shown that the value of “I am G-d (אנכי־יהוה)” is 107, as in the 107th Triangular Number, 5778, and that 107 is the 28th Prime Number, connecting it to the 28 letters of the Torah’s first verse, and that “I am G-d (אנכי־יהוה)” is found 107,000 letters into the Torah. Now, we are additionally being shown that the ordinal value of that expression of G-d  (אנכי־יהוה) is 62, as in the 62 Yuds (י) in the 10 Commandments that matches the 620 letters in it. Moreover, we are shown the word Anochi (אנכי) breaks down as 1-50-20-10, from the Alef (א) to the 10 (י) Commandments there are 50 (נ) chapters in Genesis and 20 (כ) more in Exodus, then those values rearrange as 107,001.

The inner cosmos next arranges it so that we see that the complete value of “I am G-d (אנכי־יהוה)” is 169 or 132, which is the 6th merging of the River of One (13) with the River of Primes.

Just as (13 + 13) = 26, representing the YHVH (יהוה), (13 x 13) = “I am G-d (אנכי־יהוה).” This is the 13 that is One(1), that represents ahava, love, and that is the 13 Candles of the 112 Triplets of Creation. It is the 13 of Bereshit (913), that begins the 107,000-letter counting until the Israelites stood at Sinai (130), which matches the (57 + 73) = 130 ordinal value of the last two words of the Torah’s first verse, (ואת־הארץ). It is also the year of the 10 Commandments (2448 HC) as 1313 BCE, a year that pivots on the 3760-radius of Spiritual Time, and the exponent that generates the Alef-bet, (y = 1.313x).

Interesting that the number 13 is the one number that the powers within the physical world will have us avoid.

The 107,000 letters represent 107 Alefs (אלף) or 1000, as in the 107 Solar diameters from the Earth to the Sun. This creates a radial point at 2448 HC and at Mt Sinai, and we are literally shown a radial axis drawn around that date and point in the Torah and in space.  The inner cosmos does not want us to miss this.  It is then that we are reminded that there is a point on the Temple Mount that is 2448’ high. The word third (3rd) comes to mind as we are currently 3333 years out on the far edge of the radius from 2448 HC.

The clear mirror holds up a mirror to the 3701 value of the 42-Letter Name: 1073. It sends a shiver down our spines and we recall that its small gematria is 173, the base of the Core Essential Triangle. Have we already been given so much more than we realize?

When the 8 letters in “I am G-d (אנכי־יהוה)” are knocked together from the inside-out, starting with the first two Yuds (י) of the 62, we get (100 + 100 + 300 + 5) = 505, as in the value of the Matriarch Sarah (505). Alternatively, it is (100 + 100 + 300 + 5000) = 5500, as in (10 x 550), which is 10 times the value of the initials of the 11 sefirot and of 20 cubits, which brings us 55 as the entrance Gate again. We then see that all the letters of “I am G-d (אנכי־יהוה)” knocked together equal 150,000,000 or 1500 x 105, which is the value of the product of the YHVH (יהוה) x 105, with 1500 also being the largest word value of all 210 in the Torah. It is also Yah (יה) or 15 x 107.

Rather than conveying to us more information, it appears the inner cosmos of the Torah is showing us exactly where the nexus point is within the nexus field.  It is the same point it was for the Israelites 3333 years ago.

With all 11 sefirot aglow, we see that the initials of “I am G-d (אנכי־יהוה)” have a value of 11 and its final letters spell Yah (יה), G-d, and that together they add up to 26, and represents the 11 Triplets and the 15 Triplets of Creation, which we know form one axis of the Primordial Alef (א).

We sense that there is more to be found there, but we must have been given enough, because a clear mirror appears, and it moves on into the Tree-of-Life.

Without the dimension of (Da’at) that comes in and out of existence like the necessary virtual particles in particle theory that make up the bulk of our physical universe, the upper 8 sefirot initials have a combined value of 496, that of Malchut, the lowest sefira that is but a reflection of the upper worlds. Moreover, and perhaps more significantly, they equal, illustrate, and represent the sum of the 41 letters in the 3 aspects of Ehyeh (אהיה) that total (455 + 41) = 496.  The 8 upper sefirot are balance by the lowest, the 10th one, and they pivot on the sefira of Yesod.  And since Tiferet-Netzach-Hod (תנה) have a value of 455 and an ordinal value of 41, their complete value is also 496.

We thus see that the 41 letters in the 3 aspects of Ehyeh (אהיה) are projected into upper 8 sefirot, which condensed in Tiferet-Netzach-Hod (תנה) and then are projected into our world. The two reservoirs, Da’at and Yesod, whose initials total 14, as in the central position in the Essential Cube of Creation and of Spherical Time are the only sefirot not incorporated in this schematic.

The clear mirror wants to make sure we understand that 41, the ordinal value of Abraham, and the connection between the Shema and the Name of 42 (אלוה) is the 13th Prime Number. It is a key hyperspace reason that there are 41 letters in the 3 aspects of Ehyeh (אהיה) that sum to 455, or (35 x 13). So now we understand that the concept of One (13) and love plays a significant role in the transfer of energy and existence through the sefirot into our world.

When Adam (45) ate from the Tree-of-knowledge, Da’at was added, and the balance shifted. The clock started ticking. The 11 Triplets of Chesed and Gevurah (חג) became the 15 of Da’at, Chesed ,and Gevurah (דחג).

Regardless, the 5 final initials Tiferet-Netzach-Hod-Yesod-Malchut  (תנהימ) always total 505, the gematria of Sarah, which balanced out the first 5 Keter-Chochma-Binah-Chesed- Gevurah (כחבחג) whose sum of 41 is the ordinal value of Abraham.  The 10 sefirot = Abraham and Sarah, which brings back the 8 letters in “I am G-d (אנכי־יהוה)” which when knocked together from the inside-out, also have a value of 505, as in the value of the Matriarch Sarah (505). Moreover, the initials in “I am G-d (אנכי־יהוה)” have a value of 11 and its final letters, 15, as in the 11 Triplets of Bereshit, and the 15 Triplets of the Shema and the combined grouped initials of Chesed and Gevurah (חג) and of Da’at, Chesed ,and Gevurah (דחג), respectively.

The 5 final initials (תנהימ) being 505 follows a theme with Netzach-Hod (נה) being 55 and the full 11 initials being 550, with the final two (ימ) being 50.  It is then shown to us that while 13 is the 6th Prime Number, the non-prime numbers through 13, total to 50. It is further illustrated to us that the axial pair of 11 Triplets and 15 Triplets meets in the middle where the last word of the 11 Triplets (והארץ) has an ordinal value of 50 and the first word of the Shema (שמע) likewise has an ordinal value of 50.

The clear mirror is focused on the number 5, and we cannot help but think about the 58 elements in the 5 Books of Moses and the 5 Essential Elements of Creation, whose centermost letter (נ) has the value of 50. Clearly those that would tell you the Tree-of-Life structure is an invention of the middle ages are staring into the opaque mirror of physicality, meant to obscure our vision, not to enhance it. Or is it an attempt, inadvertent or otherwise, to block the entrance of “The Path of the Tree-of-Life.”

Next, we are shown that the line of the initials from Keter to Malchut through the left-hand or judgement side of the Tree is (20551040) = 80, or condensed (20 keter + 10 Binah-Gevurah-Hod + 10 Yesod) = 40 Malchut. Their ordinal value is 44, as in blood (דם), the first plague. It is also the ordinal value of the Earth (הארץ).

Then in the central column, when Da’at, the 11th sefira, is included, the stream from Keter to Malchut totals 474, as in the numerical value of Da’at, Knowledge, while the top 3 sefirot (כדת) equal 424, Moshiach Ben David.

Choose your path wisely.

112 Triplets and Da’at

The 10 Commandments and the ring of blue fire disappear and is replaced by the Essential Cube of Creation that contains the 27 letters of the Alef-bet arranged as 9 sequential Triplets.  Located around the base of the Tree-of-Life and the Essential Cube of Creation are the 112 Triplets.  Altogether that is (112 + 9) = 121 or 112 Triplets. The focus of the clear mirror is squarely on the number 11, as in the 11 sefirot and the 11 dimensions that string theory now demands. These 121 or 112 Triplets are split into the 11 Triplets of Bereshit and the 110 of the other 4 sets, an average of 27.5 (1 cubit) per set.

The clear mirror reminds us that the first line of the 42-Letter Name Matrix has a value of 506, which is the sum of 1112, and also the complete value of Moshiach Ben David.

On the other hand, the first row of the 72 Triplet matrix is 1143, the same as the average of its 8 columns, 114.3, both obviously referencing the number 11. Meanwhile, the value of the 15 Triplets of the Shema is 1118, which is aligned with the first two words of the Torah (913 + 203 + 2) = 1118, which also begins with 11. The clear mirror thus illustrates that all 4 sets of Triplets are connected to the number 11 and the 11 sefirot with the number 11 being the 5th Prime Number.

The remainders of 1143 and 1118 equal (43 + 18) = 61 (אני), “I,” as in “I am G-d.” It is also the 37th Triplet of the 72 Triplets. The two sets of (72 + 15) Triplets equal 87 Triplets, and the difference between (8761) is 26, as in “YHVH (יהוה).” Simply said, they equal “I am G-d (אני־יהוה).”  Then when we add 61 (אני) to 363, H’Moshiach, we get 424, Moshiach Ben David.  Thus “I am H’Moshiach = Moshiach Ben David.” That must be too deep a concept for us because the inner cosmos quickly moves on.

The 112 Triplets are divided into 13 candles; 9 of them of numerical value 1000 each are in the 72 Triplets. The remainder is 143 = (11 x 13), the 5th Prime Intersect with 13. The clear mirror wants us to understand that this is connected to the 13.090 arcs of 27.5o each in every circle, with each one displacing .48 radians.  That number of arcs is 13 plus 1/11th. Those radians form a cube of 3.634243.

As we attempt to move on, our feet are frozen in place. It is not until we have memorized those last few insights that we can lift our legs. In all our time in here that has never happened to us before. There must be critical knowledge in there for us. We do get the sense that we are closing in on something important, a crucial opening, just as the physical world is closing in on an implosion.  The implosion is palpable: the Solar maximum is approaching; the cyclical polar flip is imminent, timed to match the 12,000-year cycle of mass destruction; the 5778-year event horizon is at its limits; the forced and coerced injection of viral-RNA into Man’s genome is reaching critical mass; and there is this sudden jubilation by the Titan censors of MSM and social engineering (media) to spread paranoia about aliens and UFOs by every means possible. Even the ultra-secretive Deep State military industrial complex is spreading this notion, just as they all did with covid last year, a so-called corona virus that has yet to be found and sequenced.  Then there is the rush to get everyone to turn their cash and wealth into virtual currency, never mind what may or may not be happening in a fake White House equipped with green screens, a war breaking out with China on one front and Russia on another, and whether or not Canada has already ceded its authority to the Chinese. It is a world of illusion, so regardless of what is perceived as real or not, its existence is in a precarious state.  It would appear that the turmoil in perception is an inevitable consequence of the event horizon.

Free to move about the cabin, we see that the 42-Letter Name has a value of 3701, which equals (9 x 410) + 11.  The value 410 is the value of the Shema’s first word/Triplet (שמע) and of the word Holy (קדוש), a hint to the 9 Holy Candles encapsulated in the 72 Names, all connected to Binah with the help of Da’at. Both words have the ordinal value of 50, giving them an extremely close similarity of form.

The Sun, the Moon, and the Earth

The 14 Triplets of the 42-Letter Name add up to (9 x 410) + 11 and the 72 Triplets add up to (9 x 1000) + (11 x 13), a continuation of the parallel or dualistic nature of these two Names, whose power over nature is evidenced by their ability to bend and warp reality, especially the control over water. Their sum together (3701 + 9143) = (13000156) = (100012) x 13.  They thus represent the 13 candles of 1000 less Joseph (156) or the dream clock of Joseph’s 11 brothers, father, and mother (11 stars, the Sun and the Moon) bowing to Joseph. They are the 2 hands of the clock.  Zion (156) is the point in the center, above the Future Holy Temple. The equations are about unity and love of all 12 Tribes. The 42-Letter Name is the Sun, and the 72 Triplets is the Moon, hence 216 letters and 2160 miles.  The two Names together were engraved on Moses’ staff and helped to split the Red Sea into 12 streams. The two Names together have the power over physicality and time.

The combination of the 42-Letter Name and the 72 Names (3701 + 9143) = (13000156) = (13000Zion). The point of Zion becomes the central radial point with an inner circle of radius (12 x 13) and an outer one of radius (1000 x 13). The diameter of the outer circle is that 26,000 and the inner one is 312, as in the measure of the outer court of the Future Holy Temple. The inner circle represents the 12 directions of Zeir Anpin and the outer one, the 1000 of Binah.

The Sun and Moon’s diameters together (864,000 + 2160) = 13 x 66,627, which is 13 times the speed that the Earth orbits the Sun, 66,627 mph. Wait! What?

The Sun, the Moon, and the Earth are One. This is not even remotely possible given any theory of physics.  It is true and factual using the measures of our physical world (miles and seconds), but only possible through the filters of the fields of hyperspace and/or by design.

It is designed so that 66,627/3701 = 18.00 and 66,627/3701.5 = 18.  And so that 864,000/18 = 48,000.  It was designed so that when we discovered this truth, we would also know that 3701 is the value of the 42-Letter Name, that the square root of 18 = 4.2426… and that the cube root of 48,000 is 36.34241186, the analog of the Spherical Time equations, 36304.24470, and that 363 is H’Moshiach and that 424 is Moshiach Ben David.

The Sun was also designed by the Creator to be (864,000/2160) = 400 times larger than the Moon, as in 202. Abraham told us 3800 years ago that the planets were controlled by specific letters and he said that the Sun was controlled by the letter Caf (כ) of numerical value 20 and the Moon was controlled by the letter Tav (ת) of numerical value 400. This, of course, only makes sense in hyperspace, but in their physical size relationship of 400 and 202 we see its projection into our reality.

Since the Sun is 400x the diameter of the Moon and there are 107 Solar diameters between the Earth and the Sun, then there are (400 x 107) Lunar diameters between the Earth and the Sun and 111 moons between the Earth and the Moon. The cosmic synergy gets deeper. We have already been shown that the Sun’s diameter (864,000 miles) times 107 is the 92448000 mile radius of the Earth’s orbit, giving us the year 2448 HC.  What we are now being shown is that since the Sun/Moon relationship is 400:1, we can divide 92448000/400 and get 231120 miles, analogous to the 231 Gates and the 112 Triplets. Next, we are shown that the Lunar – Earth distance is (111 x 2160) = 239760 miles, which means that their difference (239760231120) = 8640 or 1/100th the Solar – Earth distance and 4 times the Lunar diameter (2160 miles). Moreover, the distance 239760 miles is (240,000240) and 240 miles is 1/1000th of 240,000, while the Moon’s diameter, 2160 miles, is 1/10th less that 2400 miles, complementing the 24 hours in a day.

The Earth, Moon, and Sun are locked in cosmic dance and are wound and synchronized like the hands of cosmic clock. This does not happen without the Creator setting it in motion or without a specific purpose in mind. Their relationship is such that when aligned in a total solar eclipse the disk of the moon is exactly the same size as that of the Sun, blocking it out precisely.

Together, the Solar and Lunar diameters are 401 times 2160.  The value 401 is that of the 4th word of the Torah, Et (את), the complete gematria of which is 424, Moshiach Ben David.  This relationship between the planets, moons and Sun does not occur naturally, only in a simulation guided by hyperspace, a coded program, or both.  This occurs only to stimulate our minds and provoke us to seek out deeper meaning within the Torah hyperspace. Our physics does not comprehend such symmetry and thus this supersymmetry serves no purpose within what we call reality; its entire purpose exists beyond reality.  We could climb through piles of pixels all day long and make no sense of the symmetry as long as we stay within the boundaries of what we call the physical world. So, it was either built in by a lazy programmer or meant to entice us to reach beyond.

Looking through the cosmic window at the Sun, Moon, Earth triangles and the 4th word Et (את), we see the 3rd word of the Torah (אלהים) with its value 86, split into the (72 + 14) Triplets. We see the Earth as the 3rd planet from the Sun. The Kabbalists have always explained that Elohim (אלהים) encompasses the natural qualities of the Creator in that it shares the same numerical value as Nature (הטבע), also 86. We can now see that intention directly with the inclusion of the Sun, Moon and Earth. We also see that nature (טבע) has the numerical value of 81, as in Anochi (אנכי), and as in the ratio of the Earth’s mass to the Moon’s mass, 81:1.

This opens a clearer window through which we see that the ratio of the Sun’s mass to the Earth’s mass in turn is 333,000, as in the distance from 2448 to 5778 or 3330 years.

Since 81 is 34, this also makes the Solar mass to Lunar mass ratio about 27,000,000: 1, or more precisely (3003303): 1.

The cosmic window focuses on Elohim (אלהים), which has an ordinal value of 41, the 13th Prime Number, and a complete value of 127, as in the life (127 years) of Sarah, 505. This brings us back to “I am G-d (אנכי־יהוה)” and to the Tree-of-Life.  The 5 final initials of the last 5 sefirot Tiferet-Netzach-Hod-Yesod-Malchut (תנהימ), total 505, the gematria of Sarah, while the first 5 sefirot Keter-Chochma-Binah-Chesed- Gevurah (כחבחג) have initials that total 41, the ordinal value of Elohim (אלהים) and of Abraham.

These two points (moments) in the Torah appear to have supersymmetry with each other and with the Tree-of-Life as is they were connected by it. They appear to be married as Abraham and Sarah, whose gematria sofit is (808 + 505) = 1313.

Then 107,000 letters further out from the Torah’s first word we find the words “I am G-d (אנכי־יהוה),” which has a small gematria that sums to (1521 + 1565) = 3086, which we now see as an analogue to the value of the 3rd word, 86. The Torah is showing us that there is a definitive connection or bond between these two nexus points. Moreover, all 8 letters of “I am G-d (אנכי־יהוה)” knocked together equal 1500 x 105, like those of the 4 letters YHVH (יהוה) and like the first 4 of Elohim (אלהים). When the final letter of Elohim (אלהים) is added to the 4th word Et (את) we get Emet, (אמת) Truth.

Give Truth to Jacob. The clear mirror reveals that like the bond between Abraham and Sarah, the numerical value of Jacob (182) and Rachel (238) = 420, and the between the 8 letters in Jacob’s alternate name, Israel (541) and Leah (36) = 577.

Next, we are shown the words and letters of the Torah’s first verse as planets, or satellites, orbiting an invisible nexus point, or portal, between worlds. The first 2 words that total 1118 represent the space of the Shema. The 3rd word or orbit, Elohim (אלהים), corresponding to the relationship of the Earth, represents the fusion of the 72 Triplets and the 14 Triplets of the 42-Letter Name into the Tree-of-Life. The 4th word Et (את), represents the Sun and the Moon and 424, Moshiach Ben David.  And while the first two words (9 letters) or orbits have the complete gematria of 1215, as in the dawn of time (12:15) and “70 languages,” the first 17 letters have the complete gematria of 1776, the year when those 70 languages were created and dispersed. This is out of a total complete value radius for the 28 letters of the first verse of (30001).

The clear mirror illuminates that within that virtual solar system, the first 14 letters have a collective ordinal value of 140 and a collective value of 1342, once again pointing us back in the direction of the center of the Essential Cube of Creation to One (13) and the key to everything, 42.

But the clear mirror wants us to look closer. Those 14 letters end with the 3rd word, Elohim (אלהים) of ordinal value 41 and whose first 4 letters have a product of (15 x 100). The clear mirror is showing us that the sum of the 27 square roots of the sequential values from 15 to 41 (15, 16…41) equals 100 times the square root of two(2): 141.4227 or (100 x 1.414227) and that they are off the precise square root of 2, or 1.414214, by only 0.0000134275….

None of this makes any sense. How can so much synergistic knowledge be packed into a so few letters? Adding in the measure of the cubit (27.5), defined by the word cubit whose permutation is 100, and the geometry of the square root of (2)?

The clear mirror summons forth the River of Pi, which races by us until it stops at digit #625, as in the value (625) of the square root of all the words, letters and verses in the Torah (390,625), and as in the numerical value of the highest sefira H’Keter, where we see the numerical string …577134275778… It not only contains 1342, but also the full amount that those critical 27 square roots from 1541 are off from the square root of 2: 0.0000134275.  By the way, sigma 5 is all our physicists require to declare the results valid and the theory certain.

As the clear mirror reflects and illuminates this special sequence …577134275778… in Pi from within the river, it shows us that not only does it contain this 134275-sequence, but it does so within the encapsulating of 5775778, the first of the 3 repetitions of 5778 within the first 1000 digits of Pi. It does not escape us either that the clear mirror is showing us this sequence within Pi at the 3rd word and 14th letter in the Torah.

It appears we have been shown our second portal, which is more than just about anyone else on the Earth has seen, but there must be more that the inner cosmos knows we need to understand, or we would be shown the exit as well.

The initials and final letters in “I am G-d (אנכי־יהוה)” gave us the 11 Triplets and the 15 Triplets of Creation, which we know form one axis of the Primordial Alef (א). On the other axis is found the 14 Triplets + 72 Triplets of Elohim (אלהים). Between them, the portals align.

Physicists do not see hyperdimensions the same way we do. To them, it is their mathematical virtual presence that sustains our physical world by their very structural existence. To us, our virtual world is created by their very active essence.

The hyperdimensions now want to help us narrow the placement of that second portal.  Once again, the Torah’s first verse is illuminated and a clear window opens to it, specifically to the 5 letters from the Hei (ה) of Elohim (אלהים), to the Tav(ת) of Et (את). The 3 letters (הים) have a numerical value of 55 which would obviously indicate the entrance to the portal. Next the 5 letters separate into Alef (א) or One(1) and (היםת) of numerical value 455, as in the 3 aspects of Ehyeh (אהיה), an indicated to where the entrance leads and the linkage of the Tree-of-Life between the portals.

We pause to ask ourselves if this portal ties into the conjunction of the initials of the triad Tiferet-Netzach-Hod (תנה) that have the value of 455, an ordinal value of 41 like Elohim (אלהים), and the crossbar Netzach-Hod (נה) of 55?

In hyperspace everything is known, except which consciousness will find the portals and when. Think of it as a giant box of balls with a few holes on the bottom just large enough for a single ball to slip through. Every time the box is shaken a ball or two will line up just right and slip out.  It is predictable how many balls will slip out on average and how many iterations of shakings it will take to empty the entire box, but it is nearly impossible to say which ball will fall out and how long it will take for that particular ball to line up with the portal.  That box is our universe. Our free will is our ability to line ourselves up.  Some think that if they eliminate most of the other balls in the box, they can line themselves up much easier. While their accumulated klippot will only make it impossible for them to slip through, it does not help all the balls they sacrificed. So, to be fair, every so often, the box needs to be emptied and refilled.  That fixed time period is predictable as well and is built into the system as the inner cosmos just showed us.

The duality of the double words in the Torah makes sense now since two portals are necessary and since they must be aligned. Like the two parts of a rifle sight or scope, the two portals align, and a clear cosmic window opens above them, allowing us to easily peer through.

The clear cosmic window elucidates the connection to the 107,000 letters and the value of “I am G-d (אנכי־יהוה)” with the 107 Solar diameters between the Earth and the Sun, and with the 107th Triangular Number, 5778, which it then cements with the surface temperature of the Sun being 5778 K.

It then allows us to see that the expression “I am G-d (אנכי־יהוה)” has an ordinal value of 62; as does the 5th word of the Torah, the Heavens (השמים); as in the 62 Yuds (י) in the 10 Commandments, whose collective value matches the 620 letters in them; and as in the edge of space, the Earth’s turbopause at 62 miles or 330,000 feet above the Earth; and as in the upper limit of the Earth’s atmosphere, which according to NASA is 6200 miles.

If that were not enough, we further see that the Lunar/Solar ratio of 4 is reflected in the Earth’s atmosphere and in the Torah in that 248/4 = 62.

The solar system has become much more manageable for us. Rather then a place to explore with rockets and expensive technology like Elon Musk, all we have to do to harness its energy is to make the correct alignments.

We do not escape the trappings, illusions, and limitations of physicality by sending vehicles to Mars; we escape them by downloading the Triplets to our consciousness and activating them.  Television is fantasy. We can open our eyes and watch fantasy interpretations of a fantasy existence, or we can open our minds and consciousness and latch onto the lifesavers dangling in front of us.

The virtual orbits of the Torah’s first verse vanish, and we once again see the 112 Triplets arranged around the Essential Cube of Creation that contains the 27 letters of the Alef-bet. We now see it as 336 + 27 = 363 letters, as in H’Moshiach.

The set of the 11 Triplets of Bereshit, which are comprised of 33 letters that sum to 3003, converge in the equation (11 x 33) = 363 to start the Torah off with H’Moshiach. The clear mirror breaks it down for us. The total value 3003 is (11 x 273), or 11 times the universal harmonic, 273, which itself is (3 x 91) or 3 times the 13th Triangular Number, the sum of the integers from 1 – 13.

So, with this final set of the 4 sets of the Essential Triplets, we have been shown that all 4 sets incorporate the concept of Oneness (13) within the structure of the 11 sefirot.  It also means that the average value of the 11 Triplets of Bereshit is 273.

The 363 letters of the 5 Essential Elements of Creation plus the Alef (אלף), One, or (363 + 111) = 474, Da’at, the 11th dimension.

The image before us shifts and we see that the 112 Triplets arranged around the Essential Cube of Creation contains the 9 planes the Alef-bet, as in 336 + 9 = 345 letters, the value of Moshe (משה), Moses, the only one to be completely aligned with all 5 elements of all 5 Books, hence the engraving of his name as the 5th of the 72 Triplets (מהש), a permutation of “The Name (השם).”


It is getting harder and harder to believe that anything in the physical world is real. Doubt is replacing hope around the world. If those doubts are replaced with the true consciousness of freedom and man can grasp the real structure of the universe then they have a chance. The valley of the 5 Essential Elements of Creation fades before us and we are back before the Tree-of-Life. The connections with Abraham, Job, etc. with 41 and Israel (541) are intriguing, but with brilliant sparks going off all around us, like random pops of fireworks, it is conveyed to us that many of the angelic names end in (יאל), as in the same 3 letters in Elohim (אלהים), and in Israel (ישראל) that add up to 41, and that the ordinal value of the other two (שר), is also 41. It was a most interesting name given to Jacob. When paired with Leah, it sums to 577 and when paired with Rachel, 779, as in 5779.

The triplet (יאל) is also a reflection of the 11 initials of the 10 plagues in that (יא) is 11 and Lamed (ל) has a complete value of 42 (מב). The number 41 itself is an interesting number in that when set in the center of Ulam’s Spiral instead of the number 1, it generates all prime numbers along the same Exodus axis that we have previously seen.  The simple quadratic equation f(x) = n2 – n + 41 yields all prime numbers greater than 41, the 13th Prime Number.

Retracing our Steps

Pondering the locations of the two portals and still trying to figure out what to do with all this new knowledge, we are whisked back to the spiral of Love and Oneness, when one more pathway beckons. The 17 spelled out letters in the Torah’s first word, Bereshit (412 + 510 + 111 + 360 + 20 + 406) + 1 = 1820, which reminds us of the 17 unique letters in the Shema’s initials and that the Torah’s design and message from the very beginning and from the moment we entered this labyrinthine vortex was about love and Oneness.

That is when we spot the corridor and stairwell that we had previously entered with Mahalalel (מהללאל) and the 17th paragraph of the Torah, seemingly ages ago. We see his father, the 5th generation of Adam, Kenan (קינן). Kenan fathered Mahalalel at age 70 and lived 910 years, as in (2 x 455) and (2 x 910) = 1820, and as in 91 and 90,100.  At this point paths and worlds collide again.

The numerical value of Kenan (קינן), the 5th generation, is 210 and that of Jacob is 182, which is 1/5th of Kenan’s 910 years, 17 generations earlier. The 210 years in Exile that began with Jacob and his 70 family members are tied to the 90,100 Yuds(י), Heis(ה), and Vavs (ו) in the Torah and to the 1820 YHVH (יהוה) in the Torah.  And as we have just learned, they are tied to the event horizon as well.

We now know exactly where the two portals are and how to align them.  The clear mirror adds that we also know exactly how to access them and transfer our consciousness. As we question it, it replies, “You have more than you know. You know more than you realize.”

Just when we sense that we are heading back out and being given the last bits of fill in information…

Chapter XXXII Part M – The Journey Continues with the Cavern of the Perfect Numbers

Sensing that we are heading back in the direction that we entered this world of truth, we soon encounter an entire other grand corridor that had been previously hidden from us.  Pondering the second portal at the 20th chapter in Exodus, we realize that 210 is the 20th Triangular number and that Abraham, the 20th generation, and Keter were connected to the number 210 all along. Two (ב). The letter Resh (ר) of ordinal value 20 or Keter (כ) focused on the Alef (א). Bereshit (בראשית). Without the focus of the Resh (רי) or 210 of Bereshit (בראשית), the Torah’s first verse ends V’Et H’Ertz(ואת־הארץ), just as it beings, with the value 703, reflecting the 37 split in the sefirot, which is also reflected in the value of the entire first verse that is the 73rd Triangular Number.

The associations with 210 are as a point of a tower or a mountain peak and they are a metaphor for the sight at the end of the fuselage. Where do we fire our Kavannot? Having been given the specific locations of the two portals that need to be aligned, and cryptic instructions as to how to adjust our consciousness to pass through these double sets of doors, and how to engage the locking mechanism, and then how to transfer our consciousness to the other side, we reluctantly enter the cavernous multi-faceted corridor of Perfect Numbers.  Obviously, we did not have the will to pass through, and/or the wherewithal to put it all together.

In 1656 the Creator tried wiping everyone but a single family out and starting fresh. That did not work. In 2448, the Creator tried sending us Moses with signs and miracles and even speaking to us directly. That did not work either. So here we are 3 years past the due date. What do you think He will do this time? Will the help come on the physical plane like the last time? Will there be a partial/soft reboot like the first time? Or will it be a hard reboot?


The clear mirror shows us once again that (אני־המשיח) and (משיח־בן־דוד) and that both equal 424. It next shows us that both (אני־המשיח) and (משיח־בן־דוד) have a complete value of 506, that of the first line of the 42-Letter Name matrix and the sum of each of the first 11 integers squared. “I am H’Moshiach = Moshiach Ben David = (אבג־יתץ). The initials of all 3 phrases (אמא) equal 42, while the final letters (חבדיחגץ) of all 7 words total (62 + 18 + 93) = 173, as in the small gematria of the 42-Letter Name and the base of the Core Essential Triangle.  Rav Brandwein reminds us that it is through the understanding of the 42-Letter Name that the Geula (final redemption) will be brought about.  We now understand deeper than ever before the connection between the 42-Letter Name and H’Moshiach. The question is do we understand the concept of Moshiach?

The special first line of the 42-Letter Name not only connects to Moshiach Ben David, the 11 sefirot, but because the sofit value of its final 4 letters (גיתץ) equal 1313 they connect to the moment at Mt Sinai in 1313 BCE and the Alef-bet through (y = 1.313x). The 7 lines matrix of the 42-Letter Name represents the 7 lower sefirot of the Tree-of-Life and its value 3701 and small gematria value, 173, represent the full 11 sefirot of 731. According to the Arizal, it acts as an elevator for our prayers and connections, and for the Shabbat elevations. It is also a conduit for the smoke of the sacrifices.

The significance to the Alef-bet is not new to us. Indeed we wrote the first book about it 17 years ago, but what the Inner Cosmos want us to understand is that it must be used in the transfer of our consciousness, that it is a key part of the latching mechanism. Rav Brandwein was of course correct, as was the Arizal, and the Baal Shem Tov.  What they knew and what we fear to do, which is holding us back, is that to engage the latching mechanism to the upper worlds we must disengage from physicality.

With its design and power to elevate, the 42-Letter Name must be employed when the two portals are lined up. It elevates one to the other and then both together. The process elevates 7 to the next highest 3, then those 3 to the next highest 7. In the final elevation there are (3 + 7 + 3) or 13 sefirot as in Echad, One (1), leaving us with (1 + 3 + 7) = 11 at the highest level (world).  That part of the process we do not need to comprehend. We do need to understand that we much engage the clutch on the 42-Letter Name to activate the elevation.

The clear mirror repeats that we have everything we need to know. There is still no gateway or portal back into reality from this nexus realm so the Inner Cosmos is extending our invitation in spite of our lack of will (ratzon). It obviously believes more enlightenment will help encourage and strengthen that desire, and moreover, that we are worthy of its energy. What is It (the Inner Cosmos)? It is the superconsciousness that is comprised of all consciousness.  What it is not is the constructs of the physical realm. That is nothing more than a platform, a giant stage.

What awaits on the other side is not the nexus realm designed to help train and prepare us. What awaits is an even more beautiful realm with new and improved avatars where our consciousness can develop to the next level. It is the Moshiach realm (level) prophesied about where we learn not through suffering but through love and oneness. There is so much beauty built into this physical realm, but Man has rearranged it so that he has neither time to see it, nor a purpose for it beyond converting it into food, energy, and toxicity. That will not be the case in the Moshiach level where the base instincts given to Man and his avatars do not exist.

The Cavern of Perfect Numbers

Spiral pathways shoot off in various direction: Perfect Numbers, Mersenne Primes, Triangular Torah numbers, Pi, all interwoven and intersecting with Torah knowledge and Oneness. Overwhelmed and contemplating retreating, we can no longer find the entrance.  The spirals and their references are as dizzying as they are mind blowing.

Prime Numbers had no factor. Perfect Numbers are numbers whose factors add up to itself. They are rare and probably infinite. Even from our verdant hillside vantage point, we cannot see past several hundred digits. The first five Perfect Numbers, as elucidated along one giant spiral, are 6, 28, 496, 8128, 33550336. They then get too long and too far apart to follow.

There have never been any odd perfect numbers ever found. The even perfect ones must follow the formula (2p-1) x (2p – 1), where (2p – 1) is a special set of the Prime Numbers called the Mersenne Primes. Not every prime number will work to create a Perfect Number.  The Mersenne Primes are pretty rare unto themselves as they grow exponentially large, yet to be a Perfect Number, one of the factors must be a Mersenne Prime. Said another way, every Perfect Number has a Mersenne Prime as a factor.  That said, beyond that fact and beyond the formula above, which is not a predictive one, no one has ever detected a usable pattern within the set, or even between the various known Perfect Numbers, making them all the more interesting and unicorns in the universe. Our question is why are they here in the hidden corridors of the Torah?

With a little overlapping of pathways—similar to what happens in our brains—it is readily apparent that 6 conforms to the 6 letters in Bereshit; 28 to the 28 letters in the Torah’s first verse, and 496 to the numerical value of the lowest sefira, Malchut, the imaginary world reflected from the upper 9, the world of the simulation. Who knows about 8128, though we do known about 81 and 28. The number 33550336 reflects the 336 letters in the 112 Triplets, and 3550 is reflected in the number of Shekels and the counting of the Israelites (603550), and 355 is both found in the palindromic 18-digit sequence (1735571…) derived from both the Fibonacci Sequence and the Tower of Truth, and in the ratio (32/90 = .355) of the sum of the digits within that full sequence (173557319826446289). For now, these are just intersecting connections, as is the sum of 8 of the first 10 Triplets in Pi, which sum to 3550.

Here is where it starts to get interesting, where the intersecting spirals illuminate new hyper-dimensional understanding. The primes associated with the Perfect Numbers that conform to (2p-1) x (2p – 1) are strung out as 2, 3, 5, 7, 13, 17, 19, 31, 61, 89, 107, 127, 521…. These are the first 13 Perfect Number Primes. A parallel stream shows us that the number of digits in the specific Perfect Numbers associated with each of these specific Special Primes (p) are 1, 2, 3, 4, 8, 10, 12, 19, 27, 54, 65, 77, and 314. In other words, when (p) = 2, the formula works out to the first perfect number, 6, and it is 1 digit long, while the 13th (p) = 521, which works out to a Perfect Number with 314 digits.  There is no correlation between a Perfect Number and the number of digits in it or any reason in the Torah that 314, Pi, Shadai, and/or Metatron should be associated with the number 13, yet they are both core numbers in our hyperdimensional understanding of the Torah and the universe.


We should unpack this a little before exploring deeper. Forgetting the known Torah associations with most of these numbers, let us note that 89, the 10th Special Prime number (p), is associated with the lights of Chanukah (89), and that there are 54 digits in its associated Perfect Number. There are so many offshoots from there of higher-dimensional associations throughout the Torah, including the 112 Triplets, the 5 Essential Elements of Creation, and Spherical Time, which is also associated with 107, the 11th Special Prime number (p) in this series that has 65 digits in its resultant Perfect Number. Just to be clear, the 107th Triangular Number equals 5778 and (54 x 107) = 5778, and 65 is the numerical value of Adonai (אדני).

The numbers are lined up for us like steamy striated streams, helping us to visualize unseen mysteries and extraordinary associations. For example, the 31st Prime Number is 496, and it is the 3rd Perfect Number, which we associate with the gematria of Malchut.  When we use the striations and cross-multiply the special prime (pn) with the digits (d) in that special prime (pn ) we get (31 x 12) = 372, as in the 3 verses of 72 letters that comprise the 72 Triplets.

As the icy primes cross paths with the balmy striations in the Perfect Number streams, colorful steam rises off the surface.

More notable is that the cumulative sum of the cross-products of the special primes pn with the difference (df) of the previous special primes (pn-1) and the digits (d) in that previous special prime (dpn – 1) or pn(pn-1 dpn – 1). Through the thickening mist, we see that this 8th Special Prime [(1 x 3) + (2 x 5) + (3 x 7) + (4 x 13) + (8 x 17) + (10 x 19) + (12 x 31)] it is 784 or 282, the 2nd Perfect Number squared.  It, 784 or 282, is also the sum or volume of the first 7 stacked cubes (13 + 23+…73), whose height is 28, reflecting the Torah’s 7-word, 28-letter first verse. It reflects the sum of the first 7 Cubic Numbers.

This is when we notice a pathway forming, as if by neuroplasticity, between the 8th Special Prime (p), 31, the aforementioned cross-product (31 x 12) = 372, and the core number 248, Abraham, the 20th generation. It is now apparent that (8 x 31) = 248 and that (248 + 372) = 620, Keter, the numerical value of the word twenty (20).  If the writing was not on the wall, we would have missed it, and missed just how bright this connection really is.

A flash from the physical world reminds us that Trump ushered in the Abraham Accords in 2020, but we slip right back into the Inner Cosmos where the meaning beyond everything is found.

The Yud (יוד) Commandments are also 20, encompassing the 10 Utterances of Bereshit within the 31 verses of the first chapter, along with the 10 Utterances of the 20th chapter in Shemot. The mist swirls in a circle around this 8th conjunction and in the multi-hewed haze we see that there are 8 YHVH (יהוה) within the 10 Utterances of Shemot, beginning with the 420th one of the Torah, the 420th of 1820.

Two more distinct passages appear out of the thousands emanating from 420.  Similar to 1301300 inches, the distance for the 1820 YHVH (יהוה), the 420 YHVH (יהוה) have a distance of 300300”, or 1001000” less. The 300300” are immediately linked to the 11 Triplets and 8 words of Bereshit of numerical value 3003. We are further reminded that we were just taught that the first 8 intersections of the icy primes and the number 13 sum to 1001.  Once again, the statement “I am G-d (אנכי־יהוה)” from the 10 Utterances of Shemot is inextricably linked to the first verse of the Torah. The clear mirror then reveals yet another connection. The word (אנכי) in “I am G-d (אנכי־יהוה)” that begins the 10 Utterances at Shemot 20:2 is the 73rd occurrence of that word in the Torah, as in the 73rd Triangular Number, which is the value of the Torah’s first verse.

It then hits us like a flick on the back of our heads that Shemot 20:2 and 2020 CE are aligned in the same way that the 107,000 letter is aligned with the 107th Triangular Number, 5778.  Was something supposed to happen in 2020? Or did it happen while we were all locked down? Is that the meaning behind “I am G-d (אנכי־יהוה)” having the complete gematria of 132.

As we ponder what we may have missed, the other illuminated passage off of the 420th YHVH (יהוה) shows us that the value of 420 YHVH (יהוה) is 10,920, or exactly 15,000 less than 25,920, the great precession that is tied into Phi (φ)2, the 27.5” measure of the cubit, the 2160 mile diameter of the moon, the 360o circle, the measure of the day in parts of a second, and the 72 Triplets. Moreover, 10,920 is 42.13% of 25,920 and 15,000 is like all 8 letters of “I am G-d (אנכי־יהוה)” knocked together, 1500 x 105, a manifestation of Yah (יה).

Just in case we have previously missed it, the clear mirror shows us again that first and last letters in each word in “I am G-d (אנכי־יהוה)” are (אי) and (יה) or 11 and 15, which add to 26 and which represent the cross-axis to Elohim (אלהים) within the Primordial Alef (א). It further reiterates that this means that the inner letters have the same numerical value of 81, as in Anochi (אנכי), and as in the ratio of the Earth’s mass to the Moon’s mass, 81:1.

What we are being told is that not only is this place and time or juncture in the Torah and our physical reality critical to ascension but the words themselves are as well: “I am G-d (אנכי־יהוה).”

As that sinks in, the Inner Cosmos shift our focus back to the Perfect Number conjunctures.


We would be remiss not to point out the connections to the numbers 19, 27, and the 77 and 314 digits in the Perfect Number series. The digit-length 314 or Pi for the 13th Perfect Number is cool, and yet 77, as in mazal (מזל) and as in the 77th Triangular Number (3003) that equals the first 11 Triplets or 8 words of the Torah might be more so. For one, its associated Special Prime (p), 127 is a Mersenne Prime that equals the number of combinations of the Torah’s first 7 words. It is the life of Sarah.

Before we shift to another series of parallel spiraling and misty streams related to the Perfect Numbers, there is a pale violet stream wedged between the Special Prime (p) stream and the Perfect Number Digits stream, and it represents the difference between the two: 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 7, 7, 12, 34, 35, 42, 50, and 207, where the 13th one, 207, is the numerical value of Light (אור). We might have overlooked this one if it did not feed into the Central Cube of Creation of 27 letters and 27 ordinal positions that form 54 triplets of 42 with a central letter (נ) of numerical value 50 and of ordinal value 14. When 1 is counted as the first prime and thus Special Prime (p) = 1, the 13th one becomes the 14th, matching the most central cube in the Essential Cube of Creation. Moreover, a crossing trail reveals that the ordinal value of Light (אור) is 27.

Pi and the Perfect Number


Indeed, it is only now that we notice that the cumulative value (1 + 1 + 2 + 3 + 5 + 7 + 7 + 12 + 34 + 35) of the first 10 differences, at the level of the 10th Perfect Number with 54 Digits, is 107, like the placement of the 10 Utterances at letter 107,000, and as in (54 x 107) = the 107th Triangular Number.

Then at the level of the 27 digits for the 9th Perfect Number, the cumulative sum is 72, while the first 7 are 26 for the 7th Perfect Number at the level of 12 digits.

At some point the stream of differences (1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 7, 7, 12, 34, 35, 42, 50) becomes juxtaposed with the Steam of Pi digits and we see right away (1, 1, 2) as 112 Triplets and then the string at Pi at digit #625, as in H’Keter: 577134275778.  The 12 digits in Pi line up with the 12 differentials between the 12 Special Primes (p) and the 12 Perfect Number Digits, and as they do, we see the same digits 5771 in each then skipping the 2, we see the 34 line up as well.

5 7 7 1 34 275778

(1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 7, 7, 12, 34, 35, 42, 50)


The 4,2,5 digits are also sequentially common to both, skipping the 7:

5 7 7 1 3 4275 778

(1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 7, 7, 12, 34, 35, 42, 50)

The next numbers in the differential sequence 35, 42, 50 are all obvious and significant Torah numbers. But they also add up (35 + 42) = 77 and (77 + 50) = 127, as in the 77 digits, 77 cumulative Special Primes (p) and the Special Prime (p) 127. While this looks like it should be deductive it is not. There is no reason outside of hyper-dimensional scaffolding that these should equate.

Now this sequence is Pi, starting at the digit #625 is far from random, containing the Spherical Time numbers 13, 42, the cubit 275, the Spherical Time year 5778, and as we have recently been shown, the significant sequences 1342 and 1342275. Moreover, the first 6 digits in …577134275778… add up to 27, followed by the number 27 and then the last 4 digits (5778) also equal 27.

While the sum of the digits in the differentials (1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 7, 7, 12, 34, 35, 42, 50) = 55, or 2 x the cubit (27.5) hidden in the corresponding Pi sequence, it also completes the 134255 schematic and is hinting at another entrance gate.

577134  27  5778


It is the joy and job of a Kabbalist to notice patterns, and likewise for a mathematician. These halls of the Torah make it easy. The next intertwining stream is the cumulative value of the Special Primes (p): 2, 5, 10, 17, 30, 47, 66, 97, 158, 247, 354, 481.  Keep in mind, after the first few, the Perfect Numbers are far too large for us to deal with, but the components that create them, are not.  When we get to the 12th Perfect Number, the sum of the Special Primes that comprise it is 481, as in the peak of the encasing pyramid and the Tower of Truth. That is some powerful hyper-dimensional mathematics at work and laid simple and bare for us upon the walls of the cavern.

What is odd is that this sequence is right beside another similar parallel sequence, whose difference is that it starts with a 1, as in the most Perfect Number, 1.  In the sequence that begins with the One 1, the 11 Special Primes (p) add up to 248, not 247, and thus as in Abraham and the 248 words in the Shema, which is where we originally started this rabbit hole vision quest.  With the one (1), the 12th in the series becomes 355, but without it, we get 354, as in the 12 months or 354 days in the lunar year.

Triangular Numbers

The next powerful and parallel stream contains the Triangular Numbers. We already saw that the 31st Triangular Number corresponds to 496, the Perfect Number associated with Malchut, or twice 248.

As we approach, it becomes clear that the first perfect Number, 6, is the 3rd Triangular Number; 28 is the 7th; 496 is the 31st; 8128 is the 127th; and 33550336 is the 8191st. That is a pattern.

Triangular numbers are a consistent pattern through the Torah and the Inner Cosmos. Why? Do we need to understand why before we can properly access or engage the latching mechanism at the doors of the merged portals to ascension?

The 5th perfect number (33550336) is the 8191st Triangular Number and is connected to the number 13 in that 8191 = (213 – 1), a reflection of the 5 paragraphs of the Shema, the 5 Essential Elements of Creation, and the 5 Books of the Torah with Echad, One, 13. The number 8191 is also the sum of the 13 consecutive Primes from 599 to 661, the numerical value of Ester, but that is a trail system we decide not to pursue. Instead, we see that 8191 = (1 + 901 + 902) = (9031)/89, once again incorporating the fusion of the lights of Channukah (89) with the King (90).

The 90 reminds us of something, something important, but it fades before we can recall what it is.

The 5th Perfect Number (33550336) when separated into 4 twin pairs, 33, 55, 33, 06, sums to 127, a reference to the 127th Triangular Number and 4th Perfect Number, 8128. This may be cosmic playfulness, but it is not a pattern or stream to follow. What is, though, is the connections between the Perfect Numbers, Triangular Numbers, and the Hexagonal Numbers.

The 3 intertwined streams show us that the two components (2p-1) and (2p – 1) that determine if a Perfect Number is perfect or not are, in actuality, related Triangular and Hexagonal Numbers.  Geometry at work once again.

The 1st Perfect Number 6 is the 3rd Triangular Number, and (2p – 1) in this case is 3 since it is based on the first Prime Number, 2 and (22 – 1) = 3.

Glancing back and forth at the side by side geometric tubes we see that Perfect Number 6 is the 2nd Hexagonal number and that since (2p-1) is also based on Prime Number 2, (22-1) = 2. In other words, the ranking of the Triangular Number times the ranking of the Hexagonal number or (3 x 2) is equivalent to (2p-1) x (2p – 1) or (3 x 2), which in both cases gives Us the 1st Perfect Number 6. The same holds true for all Perfect Numbers.

Suddenly, it dawns on us that not only are 6, 28 and 496 connected to the Torah’s first verse, but 8128 is as well.  Once upon a time, early in our studies we discovered that the 7 words of that verse recombined in 127 possible ways with each word utilized 64 times, and just so we were perfectly clear on that design feature, the Creator arranged it so that the numerical word value 127 was also utilized exactly 64 times in the Torah.  In case there is any confusion, 127 x 64 = 8128, the 4th prefect Number.

The Still and Perfect Pool

This is astonishing, but not a predictive model of Perfect Numbers. It only shows a geometric affinity within the Perfect Number sequence, and that 496, Malchut, appears within the first 5 Perfect Numbers twice, as in 496 and 4096, which is 642, the complete value (50 + 14) of the central position of the Essential Cube of Creation.  As we stare down the pathway of the Triangular Numbers, we are once again reminded of how many Torah numbers were Triangular ones.

One pattern between the Triangular Numbers and the Hexagonal Numbers exists because every Hexagonal number is a Triangular Number, but only every other Triangular Number is a Hexagonal One; therefore, all the Triagonal Numbers in our Perfect Number series must conform to (2Hn – 1) or for example in the case of 6: (2 x 2 – 1) = 3.

A clear mirror appears and shows us that all these streams of supporting and component elements to these numerical unicorns converge into a pool.  Within that pool there is a slowly swirling or circulating inner pool comprised of the Torah’s first verse.  It then shows us an even more inner pool to that to that inner pool that is also slowly rotating counter-clockwise. That inner-inner pool contains the Perfect Numbers divided in half: 3, 14, 248, 4064. As it slowly turns, we become mesmerized, 314, 248, 40, 64….3142, 48, 40, 64……31, 424, 84, 064….. 31, 4248, 40, 64.

A still voice from the pool whispers, “let me help you, half of 3142 is 1571, the 248th prime number, you are not here by chance.” It instructs us to recall the 401,273 elements of the Torah that equal 248,000(φ) and that 401,273 splits into 400,000 and 1273.  It continues reminding us of the ratio 400/1.273 that gives the area of the inscribed circle as Pi (314.2) for the 400 or 202-square, based on Abraham (248), the 20th generation?

We sit on the gentle shore and quietly stare into the pool.

The unicorns were created as guideposts and as a puzzle (חידה) for those who would enter the Inner Cosmos. Enigma or puzzle (חידה) has a numerical value of 27 and complete value of 54. To solve the puzzle, one must understand the nature of the 27 letters and the 27 positions of the Essential Cube of Creation with their 54 Triplets of 42.

One must understand that the total of the 27 square roots of all 27 letter-number combinations is 314.278. One must understand…

Answers rise in the soft wispy mist floating above the pool: 14 Triplets (3 14)…3 sets of 14 letters…3 sets of 14 Triplets… gives 42, gives 42, gives 42….314 Pi, Shadai (שדי), Metatron, the atbash of 55 and “the field (השדה)”… and “I am that I am (אהיה־אשר־אהיה) of value 3142, found at Exodus 3:14.”

A little while passes and out of the soothing mist comes 3142… the angle 18o = .3142 radians or 1/20th of a circle…followed by 3142, “I am that I am (אהיה־אשר־אהיה)”… the 42-Letter Name, (3701/506) = 7.31422, and again the 42-Letter Name 9/.123049 = 73.1415… the 41 expanded letters of Ehyeh (אהיה) and the 42 expanded letters of the Tetragrammaton (יהוה) = 3142….  Hidden within the first 7 letters of the Torah (ברא־שיתב) = (2213142)….

The still pool shows us once again that (אני־המשיח) and (משיח־בן־דוד) both have a complete value of 506, that of the first line of the 42-Letter Name matrix (אבג־יתץ), “I am H’Moshiach and Moshiach Ben David.

After another little while, the 42-Letter Name, the 42 Letters of the Name, the sword of 42 Letters, the Name of 4242 rows leads to… 424, Moshiach Ben David, then… 4248, the total sum of the 22 spelled-out letters of the Alef-bet…. the Primal Equation 1/.23571113… = 4.24248

The pool seems to release a soft sigh followed by 248 dimensions and fields of Abraham in 248 columns and 248 words of the Shema31 sets of 8… the sum of the 10 factors of 112248,000 (φ) elements of the Torah….

… the cube root of 48 is 3.63424

84 Enoch is Metatron is 314… is the union of 42 and 42.

40 weeks, days, nights, years, gestation in the womb, 248

And as the mist burns off under the dawning light… 64 cubes of Creation… with 64 Triplets …and 64 codon triplets. You have more than you know…

The still blue pool is cool and refreshing yet it is the primordial soup of Creation. It is not some fiery mess or Big Bang chaotic explosion.

Floored, we realize that must not go down these potent passages blindly. As the Kabbalists did before us, we must ask ourselves why we are going down them. We must engage our consciousness if we want to train it. Our minds will make and remake neural pathways within our physical brains if our consciousness directs it to. Our minds disengage long enough for us to explore hyperspace, yet if we want them to reflect the spiritual realm, we must allow our consciousness to become aware.  It is then that we can download the patterns of hyperspace for our neural networks to follow. Once we do that, those patterns will become recognizable in our world. Every time we do, those networks are strengthened, and we become more awake, The emotionally charged networks that keep us anchored and imprisoned in our past become weaker.

We realize we have been shown a lot so far, yet for whether we were taught it depends on whether we have learned it. We sense we are close, yet we also sense we were not as close to the exit as we once did.  A miner following a vein of gold-rich quartz does not ask to be closer to the exit, he asks for the vein to get deeper and wider.

Chapter XXXII Part N – The Journey Continues With the 3 Axes of the Portals

Engaging the Clutch

The rich quartz vein reveals another huge nugget. The 420th YHVH (יהוה) in the Torah is located at “I am G-d (אנכי־יהוה),” which initiates the 10 Utterances. The clear mirror indicates that this means that there are 1400 YHVH (יהוה) from this point on. The Essential Cube of Creation based on the number 42 with its central position 14 appears hovering before us.

Parsing the Essential Cube of 42

For the first time we are being shown that each of the 27 positions in the Cube and in the Alef-bet is a fraction of the whole (27), as in 1/27th, 2/27th, 3/27th… and that the sum of this series = 14. In case we missed its point, the clear mirror adds that this means that the central position is equivalent to the entire cube of 27. Then when we multiple these fractional positions by their ordinal equivalents and take their sum, we get (1/27 x 1) + (2/27 x 2) + … (27/27 x 27) = 256.666, as in 28, the value of the Ark of the Covenant (256) and the inverse of all the letters, words and verses in the Torah (1/58).

When we sum the fractional 27 positions (14) with the products of those fractional positions multiplied with their ordinal equivalents (256), we get (256 + 14) = 270, or (10 x 27)

Next, it shows us that each letter value assigned to its ordinal position from 1 to 900 is a fraction of the whole (1) and that the sum of 1/1, 1/2, 1/3… 1/900 is 3.140155…. We obviously see the link to Pi (3.1415…) without prompting, but the clear mirror reminds us that Pi is integral to the 42-Letter Name in multiple ways. The inverses of the 27 letters thus form a circle whose radius is 1.

Another way to fractionize the 27 letter values is to divide each by 27 as in 1/27 + 2/27 + … 900/27 for a total of 185 or 4995/27. When we add these 27 fractional values to the 27 products of the fractional positions times their ordinal equivalents, 256.666, we get (185 + 256.666) = 441.666 or emet, Truth, as in the Tower of Truth, the 20 stacked cubes.

Then when that sum of Truth, 441.666 is added to the first series it showed us, that of the 27 positions as a fraction of the whole, or 14, we get (441.666 + 14) = 455.666, as in the 41 letters in the 3 aspects of Ehyeh (אהיה).

Suddenly, we see the alignment with the first 14 letters of the Torah and the Name Elohim (אלהים) that has an ordinal value of 41, and with the letters (היםת) of numerical value 455. The Torah begins with 3 words of 14 letters.

It seems that the Inner Cosmos will not be content until we have learned all the necessary secrets and rites of passage to the portals of ascension.

We can now understand that the entire 27 letters of the Alef-bet were folded into a Cube that integrates with these aligned portals.  The letters were not just folded in so that their 27 letters would work together, but so that each plane of each of the 3 axes would work out to exactly 1/3rd the totals, as in 1/3rd of 185, 1/3rd of 14, 1/3rd of 4995, 1/3rd of 378, “His Name is One.”

The order and placement of the letters in 3-dimensional space had to be precise. There had to be one specific arrangement of the 27 positions out of the possible 27! ways they could have been folded up.  Only 1 possible way in 10888869450418352160768000000 possible combinations.

The letters were not just folded in so that their 27 letters would work together and/or that their 9 planes would work together, but that each column and/or row in each of the 9 planes would add up to 42, the real key to it all.

We should also ask ourselves how we were even possibly able to come across that one way. What did the universe and the inner Cosmos have to do to get us this Cube in this timely fashion? Why? What is the real power behind this Cube?

How likely is it that the sum of the digits in the 10888869450418352160768000000 possible combinations of the 27 letters is 107?

The still small voice wants us to know that extraordinary feats of the folding of time and space and fields and realities went into the Creation of this singular Cube. Of the 7 billion people in this plane of existence, the singular Cube was placed in your hands.

Over millennia, the 58 elements of the Torah were sifted through by the most gifted tzaddikim, sages, and the greatest minds to find and organize the 112 Triplets (336 specific letters out of 304805) around the Cube for you.

Ancient secrets of the Universe, the Torah, the Triplets, and the 42-Letter Name in particular have been guarded and preserved for generation after generation and now taught specifically to you.

Portals sealed and hidden from all since the moment of Creation have been revealed to you.

That is what is meant by being chosen.

Do not calculate other times. You were chosen in this time. Do not calculate other people; they were not gifted with the tools and knowledge, you were.

42 at the Center of it All

Maybe, we have been looking at this sideways. Yes, there is the 42-Letter Name, the 42 Letters of the Name, the Name of 42, the 42-Letter Sword, the Essential Cube of 42, but what if 42 was not a Number, but the Signature (Seal) of the Creator?

As the 42-Letter Name replaces the Essential Cube of 42, we are shown that the sum of the letter values, ordinal values, fractional ordinal values, fractional position values, and the product of the values times the positional values for all 27 letters is (4995 + 378 + 14 + 256.666 + 4321.666) = 9965.333 or 7000 less than the sum of the 112 Triplets (16,965).

The still small voice whispers, “The Great Shabbat.”

The Great Shabbat is the time period of Moshiach. It is the 7 Names Ehyeh (אהיה) found in the Torah.

With the 42-Letter Name matrix now slowly encircling us we are reminded that Pi (π) and Phi (φ) zigzag their way up through its 14 Triplets like a double helix. We are then shown some new highlights.  Illuminated before us as the matrix makes its slow sweep around us are the last Triplet of each of the 1st4th, and 7th rows, 147. Specifically, the same letters (תצ) are illuminated within those 1-4-7 Triplets. Since each letter pair has a value of 490 or (x 70), the 3 triple pairs total 1470, or 10 times the age of Jacob (147). One of us shouts out, Glen no doubt, that the complimentary number to 147 is 853 or 358. The Inner Cosmos does not disagree.

The ordinal value of each letter pair (תצ) is 40, so the 3 triple pairs total 120, or the age of Man (120), making the complete value for all 3 pairs 1590. Scratching our heads, the clear mirror reminds us of the equation tying together the Fine Structure Constant (1/137.035671756), Pi (π), and the sacred cubit:

In terms exclusive to Pi(π):

The still small voice whispers, “It’s not the physics; it’s where it comes from.” We add, “And whose Signature is on it.”

The number 1590 is just a more potent version of 159, the 2nd Triplet in Pi and the gematria of “The World to Come, H’Olam H’Ba (העולם הבא),”and to make sure we realize the Creator of the Torah was aware of this, 159 is also the number of paragraphs in the final Book of the Torah. As the clear mirror points out, there are 670 paragraphs in the Torah, and with 91 in the first Book and 159 in the last, there are necessarily (670 – 250) = 420 paragraphs in the middle Books, once again putting 42 in the center of it all, once again the flame (42) to the candle (250). We are flashed the 420 YHVH (יהוה) through the 10 Utterances just to make sure we did not think that coincidental.

The clear mirror reminds us that the total value of the 7 Names Ehyeh (אהיה) found in the Torah is 147 and that the universe was designed so that the field of the all-inclusive 42nd Triangular Number would be 14147, and that Shabbat (שבת), the 7th day, is found 147 times in the Torah, while the 7th Triangular number is 147, Jacob’s age, and that the numerical difference between the matrix’ first line (אבג־יתץ), (506) and satan (359) is 147.

This is interesting since we just learned that (אני־המשיח) and (משיח־בן־דוד) both have a complete value of 506, as in “I am H’Moshiach and Moshiach Ben David, and since sandwiched between the 1st and 4th and the 4th and 7th lines are the consecutive letters that sum to 359 (שטן) on the 2nd line, and (טנעיגלפזק) on the 5th and 6th lines.

The clear mirror further points out that each of these sequences end with the numerical value 107: the sequence from the 2nd line continues into the 3rd (ןנגד), and the 6th line ends with (זק). In both instances satan is connected with the 107th triangular Number, 5778 within the Signature of the Creator that defines and controls physicality. What is this telling us? Whatever it is telling us, it has been saying it since before time and physicality began.

The clear mirror goes further still and shows us that the 3 Triplet sequence (טנעיגלפזק) that adds up to 359 has an ordinal value that breaks up (טנעיגלפ־זק) into (81 + 26) = 107, exactly like the values in the 2nd portal, Anochi YHVH (אנכי־יהוה). The illusion that guards the gate, and the Name that protects us from that illusion.

The 2nd portal, Anochi YHVH (אנכי־יהוה), including the 420th YHVH (יהוה), is found at the Smoking Mountain (ההר־עשן) or (210 for “The Mountain” and 420 for “Smoking”). The clear mirror reminds us that we find the word Ashen (עשן) of numerical value 420 in both the 2nd line (קרעשטן) of the 42-Letter Name matrix and rising vertically in the final column of the same matrix (ץןשגעקת). It is the smoke of the 11 incense, as in the initials (אי) of (אנכי־יהוה).

Like the singularity of the Essential Cube of Creation, so too is the arrangement of the 42-Letters.

On the surface this connection to the event horizon of 5778 seems like prophesy embedded in the 42-Letter Name, but it is far deeper.

Of those 1st4th, and 7th lines, the first (אבג־יתץ) and last (וצית) both contain letter sequences totaling 506, as in “I am H’Moshiach and Moshiach Ben David, and “unconditional love, ahavat chinam (אהבת חנם),” the bread that sandwiches in the slices of satan like a Big Mac.

That the 147 lines of the 42-Letter Name Matrix align with the 7 Names Ehyeh (אהיה) and the 147 mentions of the 7th day in the Torah is obviously by design, a design constructed before the advent of Creation. As we saw, 506 trumps satan (359) by 147, by tapping into the 7 Names Ehyeh (אהיה). The 42-Letter Name matrix is no schematic; that is what the numbers are. The 42-Letter Name matrix is a cosmic processor and elevator. It works from below to above and is the only Name to do so, hence it must be in the center of our portals to engage the latching mechanism and begin the ascension.

The 3 Axes of the Portals

When the 42-Letter Name matrix reaches the middle or 4th level (בטרצתג) it has already attracted and destroyed the lower elements of satan in our desires and is now at the place of the will, Ratzon (רצון). The numerical value of this line is 704, which is why it was designed to latch onto and engage with the earth (הארץ) of numerical value 296.  Together, they equal 1000, or Binah.  Once engaged, the 42-Letter Name matrix twists and becomes locked in. The Earth and what it presents is at the very center (רצ) of the 42-Letter Name and as we have previously been shown, it is surrounded by the seven planets (satellites): the Sun, Moon, Venus, Mercury, Mars, Saturn, and Jupiter.

The clear mirror shows us that the earth is a metaphor and that the complete gematria of the two portals together, Elohim (אלהים) and Anochi YHVH (אנכי־יהוה), is 296, meaning the 3 planes (axis) are centered on the very center (רצ) of the 42-Letter Name.

The clear mirror blesses us with deeper insights. As we have learned previously, the value through the center of the 42-Letter Name between the (רצ) is 1833, as in the 1833 letters Samech (ס) of value 60.  Now, we learn that the atbash of the 5 final letters is also 60, while the atbash of David is 280, the normal value of the 5 final letters, which are connected with the end of days, and the normal value of David is 14, as in the center of the Essential Cube of Creation. Taking the process one step further, the clear mirror explains that (296 + 424) = 720, which equals (1000 – 280), analogous to the 720.0, 280.0 square roots of the 72 Triplets.

The earth, 296, represents physicality. Once it is engaged with the transformational 42-Letter Name, the 72 Triplets are ignited along with their 9 candles and flames. This all occurs in the bottom 2/3 of the 42-Letter Name matrix. The 42-Letter Name processes and nullifies physicality but properly engaged it can do much more.

The Zohar tells us that the Hebrew word (הוא) of numerical value 12 is representative of the 12 directions/edges/columns of the cubic Zeir Anpin which is the same level as the 42-Letter. The clear mirror shows us that there are exactly 455 (הוא) in the Torah, as in the 41 letters in the 3 aspects of Ehyeh (אהיה). We are again reminded that at the end of the first 14 letters of the Torah and the Name Elohim (אלהים) with an ordinal value of 41, we found the letters (היםת) of numerical value 455. The clear mirror takes it a step further and shows that the complete value of (הוא) is 24, which means that the complete value of the 455 (הוא) in the Torah is 10,920, exactly the same as the 420 YHVH (יהוה) through the 10 Utterances.  What we are being shown is that the cubic Zeir Anpin fits perfectly being the two portals, which is where the 42-Letter Name fits in, propping open the two portals, at Elohim (אלהים) and Anochi YHVH (אנכי־יהוה).

The clear mirror adds that the atbash of Ehyeh (אהיה) is 620, as in Keter.

The two portals, while 107,000 letters apart in the Torah, are centered above one another in hyperspace, like a cross-hairs.  As we just learned, the central line of the 42-Letter Name forms the 3rd axis through the center, and together they equal (704 + 296) = 1000Binah.

The bottom 3 letters (הים) of numerical value 55, act as steps to the double Gates, while the value of the inner letters (יילה) is also 55, pulling the letter Hei (ה) into the center.

With the 42-Letter Name, there are a total of (42 + 13) = 55 letters in the 3 Axes of the Portals, like the (42 + 13Vav (ו) schematic in the Shema where we began our journey.

Now, the value of the inner letters (יהילי) is 65, as in Adonai (אדני), with a complete value of 112, as in the 112 Triplets and the unifications of Elohim (אלהים) – YHVH(יהוה)  and of Ehyeh (אהיה) – Adonai (אדני) – YHVH(יהוה).  This 4-directional placement of the 112 Triplets in this critical position is further emphasized in the sum of the outer 4 letters (אאהם) plus the inner (יהילי), which is 112. The value 112 is also the atbash value of Moshiach.

The 112 Triplets and the 2 Portals

The gematria of the last 3 lines of the 42-Letter Name matrix is 1375: the Phi(φ) angle (137.5o) at the center of Spherical Time; the result of dividing the event horizon limit by 42, 5778/42 = 137.57… or the height of the encasing pyramid by 425775”/42 = 137.5: and the 50-cubit height (1375”) of each of the Gates at the Future Holy Temple. Its corresponding measure is (3000 – 1375) = 1625, or Binah (1000) and H’Keter (625).

So, since the counter, or corresponding, space for the first 3 rows is 1378, or Binah (1000) and “His Name is One,” (378) and that of the last 3 rows is 1625, the counterspace for these 6 rows in the 42-Letter Name matrix is 3003 as in the value of the 11 Triplets of Bereshit. This means that 12 of the Triplets of the 42-Letter Name matrix merge with the 11 Triplets of Bereshit to form 6000, while the central line (2 Triplets) of the 42-Letter Name matrix merge with the 7th word (the Earth, 296) within the 11 Triplets of Bereshit to form the final 1000 of the 7000.  The 7000 is also very much the 7000 in the 107000 letters, or 100,000 plus 7000, or Zeir Anpin plus the period of Moshiach.

We also see that with the 11 Triplets of Bereshit surrounding the center of the 42-Letter Name and the 72 Triplets merged into the same center, we have 3 of the 4 sets of the Essential Triplets aligned within hyperspace.

As we are warned that the opening of the Gates/Portals may now be imminent and inevitable, the inner cosmos shifts our attention back to the goings on within the Cavern of Perfect Numbers.

 Stacked Integer Fields

The Perfect Numbers are numbers whose proper factors add up to the number itself.  We learned that numbers were integer fields based on the number 1, and each of the factors in a Perfect Number is a separate integer-field group, stacked on top of each other.  One of the interesting things about Perfect Numbers is that they include each other.

As Triangular Numbers, they all start with 1, then 2– 3 followed by 4 – 5 – 6; which thus forms the 1st Perfect Number 6, built of 3 tiers. The next Perfect Number starts with the 3-tier stack of 6: (1; 2 – 3; 4 – 5 – 6) and continues: 7 – 8 – 9 – 10; 11 – 12 – 13 – 14 – 15; 16 – 17 – 18 – 19 – 20 – 21; and finally 22 – 23 – 24 – 25 – 26 – 27 – 28, which terminates in the 2nd Perfect Number. There are now 7 tiers and hence the 7th Triangular number, 28.


2 – 3

4 – 5 – 6

7 – 8 – 9 – 10

11 – 12 – 13 – 14 – 15

16 – 17 – 18 – 19 – 20 – 21

22 – 23 – 24 – 25 – 26 – 27 – 28

It is the nature of Perfect Numbers, as they are the sum of their proper factors, to have a highest factor that is equal to exactly half it, at least for even Perfect Numbers, and so far, no one has found an odd one.  This means that the first few highest factors are 3, 14, 248, and 4064, which is what the still pool was showing us.  When we ponder perfection, we should only think of perfection. Perhaps, that is why He placed these unicorns in this cavernous zone. Perfect Numbers stand out as peaks of perfection, but on closer inspection we were shown that it is their highest factors that were their peaks and that these were representations of the cosmic and hyperdimensional fields that define our existence.  The clear mirror within the pool shows us that the word for “the field (השדה)” of numerical value 314 is found 50 times in the Torah and 333 times in Tanakh. Moreover, its ordinal value is 35.

The 42-Letter Name reappears and in the clear mirror we see that the complete value of “the field (השדה)” is 359, replacing the value of satan for the 6 sequential letters of the 4th and 5th lines (בטרצתג).

The Perfect Number, 3550336, floats up and then separates as 3550336, completing the story told by its younger dimensional siblings.  Does this existence we know as physicality actually exist without the Torah? Only in our minds, our limited minds. Without the existence of the Torah, is there any meaning to the Perfect Numbers?

Integer Fields

Just when we think that we could not be more honored and privileged or absorb any more secret and sacred knowledge, the clear mirror informs us we are about to go deeper yet.

The floor falls out from under us, literally, and we find ourselves floating in space within space, taken to another level like a dream within a dream or like another level of construct within construct as in Inception. Once this happens, though, our perception changes and we realize if this shift is possible then another higher shift is possible and another. We begin to realize that this is the nature and construct of the universe, and that in our physical avatars we may actuality have been on the lowest level, or one of them, since we also recall our studies on the 7 worlds below Malchut that feed off of it.

We also wonder if it was because of the understanding of the 42-Letter Name that we were able to make this leap upward, just as Rav Brandwein advised us.

Nonetheless, here we are, floating in space amongst large bright spheres that represent units of 1. The clear mirror reappears and reminds us that we learned that all numbers are integer fields based on the number 1. Like the structure of the Alef-bet, each field is layered from 1 to 11, 111…111111111 with a total possible occupancy in that first field-layer of 45 units of 1. We are surrounded by 45 spheres, which then fade away, yet we can still feel their presence, as if they have not gone anywhere.

The next layer up represents the 10’s and it is layered likewise from 1, 11, 111…111111111 with a total possible occupancy in that field-layer of 45 units of 1. Null fields are just empty space. It continues this way, in groups of 45 representing decimal places (1, 10, 100, 1000…) for every integer through infinity. In our world, this is the basis of base 10 mathematics. In the hyperdimensions, this is the source of understanding and a higher level of processing.

So, the sum of the first 9 integers is 45 and the sum of the first 10 is 46, as in the value of the word “cubit,” the celestial measuring unit. One cubit is equivalent to one elevation.

One cubit is equivalent to one elevation, at each and every level. So, a Gate that measures 50 cubits is measuring 50 levels of elevation within the integer fields of Oneness as in the 50 Gates of Binah.

In Number Theory, there is the premise of summing the digits within a number and an equation and the Torah and Inner Cosmos have shown us repeatedly of the significance of these often unexpected outcomes. Now, we can understand the design and hyperspace reasoning behind them. The layered fields of Oneness are equivalent to the summing of the integers. For example, 10 = 1; 28 = 10, and 134 = 8. In the case of 134, the layers are 1111, 111, 1 that total 8 (1’s).

This makes the Triangular Numbers, sums of sums. So, the 4th Triangular Number, 10, is also 46 Ones, the cubit, and the 7th Triangular Number, 28, is also 154 Ones or 7 x 22 groups of One.  Those groupings of 7 and 22 are interesting as they correspond to the 7 layers of the 7th Triangular Number and thus to “The Earth,’ the 7th word and to Zeir Anpin.  Through hyperdimensional mathematics those groups can be divided into 22/3.1428.. or Pi (π), 28 as the 7th Triangular Number and most importantly 3142, the real reason the clear mirrors took us down this path of deeper and everlasting knowledge.

Chapter XXXII Part O – The Journey Continues with the Circle of Tav (ת).

The layered fields of Oneness are equivalent to the small gematria of any Hebrew letter, word, phrase, etc.  The sum of the fields of Oneness for the 42-Letter Name is thus 173, giving new understanding to the 173-unit base of the Core Essential Triangle.

The Fissure in the Wall

Yet it is the presence of Pi (π) that causes our attention to be drawn to the steep impenetrable cavern wall.  A narrow, almost imperceptible, slit in the side of the cavern glints and catches our curiosity. The triplet engraved over this slim entrance is the name of the 31st portion in the Torah, Emor (אמר). The sky feels electric as we duck inside.  This portion precedes the two conjoined portions with 57 and 78 verses between them. We hope the cave opens up, but it remains narrow, squeezing us forward. This 31st of the 54 portions of the Torah begins with the 110th chapter in the Torah and depending which metric is used, it is about 57.78% of the way through the Torah.  Wedged between the rock hard walls we the crackle of the lightning outside surges right though us. The lightning flashes pulse with each new revelation.

The word emor (אמר) means “said” and it has a complete gematria of 275, as in the measure of the cubit (27.5”) and the Primal Frequency (27.5 Hz). Speaking in the proper frequency is certainly important and perhaps this is why the word emor (אמר) is found 84 times in the Torah, and in the connected Upper and Lower Names of 42 that can bring redemption (84) as Rav Brandwein explained. The fierce storm outside sends intense vibrations even deep inside the narrow crevice.

With a flash of lightning so intense it illuminated the passage deep within the stone, a grotto appears in one wall.  We see that the Upper and Lower Names of 42 or 84 Holy Letters together with the 72 Triplets of the Primordial Alef axis equal 156, the nexus point of Zion. We see it hovering over Jerusalem. On the other axis, we see the 8 words of the 11 Triplets of Bereshit and the 248 words of the Shema (the 15 Triplet) that for the YHVH (יהוה) axis. We see that together they are (8 + 248) = 256 words, as in 28, the value of the Ark of the Covenant, and as in the values, 248 and 256 respectively, of the last 2 Books of the 5 Books of Moses. The illumination dims and the grotto disappears.

We were just shown a window into something that we understand is crucial, yet we still cannot piece it together. We do realize the difference between 256 and 156 is 100, which translates into 1 cubit.

As we proceed single file further into this dark interior passage, we learn that the word emor (אמר) is found 632 times encased in the word V’Yomer (ויאמר) within the Torah, and that those exact 5 letters are found themselves encased within words 720 times in the Torah, an obvious reference to the 72 Triplets. The 5 letters (ויאמר) sum to 256 plus the central letter Alef (א).

The passage is still a tight crack within the mighty ledges, but it sparkles with golden iridescence with every twist and bend. The first occurrence of 5778 within PI (π) occurs are digit #632 after the initial 3, and its fuller sequence is …4275778…, connecting the event horizon in 5778 with the cubit (27.5) and the Primal Frequency (27.5 Hz).

The 5 letters (ויאמר) sum to 257, a permutation of 275.

A small niche opens in the smooth wall beside us. Within it we see that the word V’Yomer (ויאמר) is part of the expression “G-d said (ויאמר־אלהים)” 23 times. These include the 10 Utterances of Creation in Genesis chapter 1 that we have previously studied. We are reminded that the sofit value of the 10 letters in Vayomer Elohim (ויאמר־אלהים) is 903, the 42nd Triangular Number, and that the 10 Utterances of Creation are connected to Spherical Time and that they begin with the value 232, as in “Let there be Light” and the 4 aspects of the YHVH (יהוה), and that they total 4004.  We pause because we know how the Inner Cosmos work and we realize that there must be a reason that of all that we have studied about this subject, these are the aspects it wants us to recall.

We are further shown that 21 of those times are in Genesis, and the 22nd time is at Exodus 3:14, where we find G-d’s highest Name Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh (אהיה־אשר־אהיה) with all its connections to Pi (3.14), 3142, the Names of 42, and Ehyeh (אהיה). The stone behind the niche is almost transparent, streaked with gold.

As we press deeper into the crooked crevice, sometimes having to navigate sideways, sometimes two abreast, the sparkle in the stone shows us that there are 1419 words in the Torah that contain the triplet emor (אמר). Wondering why it was not 1420 words, we learn that (1419 x 275) = 390,225 or exactly 400 less than the 390,625 words, letters, and verses in the Torah, which means they represent the formula 58 – (5 x 8). We know this must be important because the 390,625 words, letters, and verses in the Torah represents the formula (5/8 x 5/8) and is equal to exactly 58. We realize this cannot be coincidence, yet we still do not understand why the Creator and the Inner Cosmos would put so much emphasize on the triplet emor (אמר).

We cannot help thinking about the triplet emor (אמר) making its own crooked way through the elements of the Torah from verse to verse, etching a path all its own. The word that conveys sound carries the echo of the 10 Utterances everywhere it goes.

We must be deep into the heart of this mountain, yet each shock of the crashing lightning reverbs through it and us. We see that the knocking together of the letters in the triplet emor (אמר) equal 80,000 like the knocking together of the digits (5 x 8 x 4 x 5) in the 5845 verses of the Torah that equals 800.

It is also very much like the (80,000 52) words in the Torah. Another clap of lightning and (80,000 x 5) = 400,000.  The difference from 5 times the actual number of words is thus (5 x 52) = 53.

The narrow crevice that we are traversing forces us to be hyper-focused, nothing but solid stone all around us. With a value of 241, the triplet emor (אמר) can be divided into the 58 elements 1420.45 times, 400 less than the 1820 YHVH (יהוה) in the Torah, and it can be divided into the 401,273 elements exactly 15 x 111 times, Yah (יה) x Alef (אלף). Again, there must be deeper meaning here, but it eludes us within the darkness.

The Circle of Tav (ת)

A few steps further and a grotto opens in the opposite wall. Within it, there is a circle with a circumference of 400,000. This gives it a diameter of 400000/π = 127,323. Another flash of lightning and enlightenment and the circle and circumference fill with the words of the Torah.  Beside it, we see that the 5 major elements of the Torah (words, verses, letters, rows, and columns) total 401,273 or (400,000 + 1273). Eureka!

The circumference and the diameter of this circle equal the words, verses, letters, rows, and columns. The circumference and the line that bisects it equal the words, verses, letters, rows, and columns.

The Torah was designed to represent a circle of circumference 400,000. It was meant to have an internal and external limit of 400,000. That is why the 22 letters end with the letter Tav (ת) of numerical value 400. And the difference from 401,273 to the 3 major Torah Elements or the 58 words, letters, verses is 223, making the entire Torah predicated on the Circle of Tav (ת), the 22nd letter.

An equation appears beside the Circle of Tav (ת): (400 x 1000) + (400 x 10)/π = 400(1000 + 10/π) = 401,273

As we stare at the simple illuminated circle with a horizontal diameter across the middle, one by one, we realize we have just been taught something worth more than all the Torah science, physics, gematria and Bible Codes on the internet combined.

The grotto next shows us that the area within the Circle of Tav (ת) is 12732395447…, exactly 100,000 times its diameter, 127,323.95447…. It wants to be perfectly clear: no other circumference or diameter will be in this direct and perfect proportion. We are witnessing sheer perfection, perfection that only the Creator can achieve.

The surface area of a sphere with the Circle of Tav (ת)’s radius is exactly 800,000 times that radius. The grotto wants us to see that this explains the 80,000 words and the knocking together of the digits (5 x 8 x 4 x 5) in the 5845 verses that equals 800, and the 4805 letters Pe (80) in the Torah out of the 304805 total letters in the Torah. It is drawing our attention to the spiraling letter Pe (פ). It then shows us that the proportion of the surface area of a sphere with the Circle of Tav (ת)’s radius is also 100,000 times the area of a square inscribed around a circle with an area of 400,000, which obviously matches the circumference of the Circle of Tav (ת). Once again, perfection.

The Torah is our gateway to infinity and perfection yet by this new definition it appears as the opposite of infinity. It appears as a bubble with distinct boundaries and borders, much like the Spherical Time bubble.  We once saw time as an infinite expanse until we learned it was a discreet bundle. But are we thinking about them correctly? Indeed, time, generated by the Pi (π) and the Phi (φ) fields, is infinite, yet only seems finite when drawn upon the illusion of the linear line of death. The straight-line across the sphere only makes sense if someone paints (invents) an artificial past and future for you to behold.  Likewise with the Torah, it may be bounded by a discreet circle, but as we have seen and explored, there are infinite paths through it, and while all have mathematical underpinnings, not a one can be generated by classical mathematics, optimization, or simulation theory. All these infinite pathways through the Torah that touch on every aspect of our physical, mathematical, and spiritual understanding of our universe are hand-drawn by the Creator.

Abraham tried to explain it to us in his “Sefer Yetzirah, The Book of Formation.” He showed us that the Alef-bet was arranged in a circle of 22 letters, and each letter was bound to another in a total of 231 pairs or lines, which he called Gates. On the circle of the Torah, the Circle of Tav (ת), which can also be called the Circle of 22, because 22 is the ordinal value of Tav (ת), we were shown a pair of points, 107,000 letters apart, 2 Gates/Portals linking the two sets of 10 Utterance.

The sum of all the letter pairings backwards and forwards of the 231 combinations of the 22 letters as specifically found in the Torah total 222,004, or (2000 x Alef (אלף), 111). The sum of the total letter values for those 231 pairs is 31495, as in Pi (3.14159), and as in (30,000 + 1495), incorporating the numerical value (1495) of the 22 letters. The Inner Cosmos also wants us to know that there were 10 letter pair combinations that were not used in both directions and 8 of those were not used at all, for a total void value of 2023.

It further wants us to know that 31495/1495 = 21.0… and that (31495 + 2023)/1495 = 22.4200. Just as we start doing the calculation in our heads, it adds (314159/1495) = 210.14. Nothing says a circle like Pi(π).

The pathways through the Torah are seldom straight but always elegant. The same can be said of our passages through Spherical Time. We do not always see the elegance because we are too busy looking for that straight linear line of death. We do not realize that we are not following those elegant lines; we are outside them, forging our own ones. We think that just because the Creator drew all those beautiful lines for us that we naturally are on and follow them. It is like the Torah, can you look at it and know where to go, where the Creator’s lines and paths are? The real answer is yes, but you just do not know it yet; the unfortunate true answer is no, you need to let go and let the Inner Cosmos guide you. The same is true for Spherical Time within the bubble. There are infinite elegant paths, but we hop across them, instead of flowing with them. Most of those hops are guided by the common unconsciousness and the will of other more powerful entities manipulating you, like the one who invented mRNA-1273.  The least common denominator of the common unconsciousness is the linear line of death.

As we have studied many times already, the diameter 127,323 is the universal harmonic (1.273) that represents the squaring of the inscribed circle. In the case of the Torah, it is a hyperdimensional line that cuts right across its middle.

We ask ourselves whether the diameter 127,323 is a composite of 1273 and 23, as in the 23 Vayomer Elohim (ויאמר־אלהים) in the Torah, and the value 23 repeated almost every other syllable in The Torah’s first verse, starting with the first Triplet (ברא). Or as in the 23 human chromosome pairs.

Another flash of blinding light and the grotto recaps what we have already studied. “And God saw that the light was good; and God divided the light from the darkness. (וַיַּרְא אֱלֹהִים אֶת הָאוֹר כִּי טוֹב וַיַּבְדֵּל אֱלֹהִים בֵּין הָאוֹר וּבֵין הַחשֶׁךְ)” The word darkness H’chosech (הַחשֶׁךְ) of numerical value 333 is mentioned once and ‘The Light (הָאוֹר)” is mentioned twice for a combined numerical value for both times of 424, that of Moshiach Ben David.

Dividing twice “The Light” by “The darkness” we get 424/333 or 1.273. The grotto makes it clear to us that within this 4th verse of the Torah are the same sequence of words (אֱלֹהִים אֶת) as where we find the portal within the 1st verse of the Torah. Moreover, it shows us that the gematria of this verse is 1776, as in the years the portals were attempted to be breached.

The grotto continues taking us through the recesses of our minds, reminding us that the encasing pyramid’s ratio of its height to half its base is 210/(330/2) = 1.273, but it now connects the missing dots to the similar ratio 424/333 = 2(212)/333 = 212/(333/2) = 1.273, which translates to the Light divided by half the darkness = the universal harmonic.

The grotto next reminds us of the Spherical Time generator, or Phi(φ) at the center of the circle, and the two primal frequencies 27.5 Hz and 1.1 Hz. The two frequencies combine to power the circle to turn at just the right amount to etch Phi(φ) upon it and thus Pi(π): (1.1 + .275) = 137.5o. They can also combine to close it off or inscribe it, as (1/27.5 + 1/11) = 1.273, which we now know is the diameter of the Torah Circle, the Circle of Tav (ת). Is this why the word Torah (תורה) begins with Tav (ת)? Come to think of it, the last 3 letters in the Torah (תורה) in small gematria are 625.

We also know that 1.1/27.5 = 4, as in 400,000 and that 27.5/1.1 = 25, as in 254 = 390,625.  Only now, squeezed into a fissure within hardened stone do we realize that (27.5/1.1)(1.1/27.5) = 390,625 = 58.

As we play with the figures in our heads, we see (1.1/27.5) x 106 + (1/27.5 + 1/11) x 103 = 401,273 written on the wall. Both quantitative valuations can be written as expressions of the two primal frequencies.  What is important is that these are frequencies, not just numbers.  What is more is that both frequencies were derived from the cycle of 9, as we have previously been taught.

While the universal harmonic appears to tie in directly with Moshiach Ben David through the equation 1.273/3 = .424333, they are both linked hand-in-hand with Phi(φ) through the additional equations (424/√φ) = 333.33 and 424/333 = 1.273.

The illumination within the grotto lingers on the above mathematical expressions as if they might be a clue or key to the next step, or to the opening of the next vault. Within the darkness, we cling to the illuminations like a trailblazer clings to a campfire at night. Gathered around, it seems like a good time to take stock. We know where the portals are, and we know of their tri-axial alignment with the 42-Letter Name. We also know that the Upper 42-Letter Name must be involved in successfully passing through the properly aligned portals, and that this is the Gateway of Moshiach Ben David, so the equations that we were just shown must also play a part in the opening of the Gateway. We do not know if the result of √3 x √6 x √9 = 12.73 does as well, though it certainly might have to Tesla. The interplay with 3 must be meaningful. Perhaps it has to do with the 33 Essential Cube of Creation.

Before we can put too much thought into that, the grotto reminds us that the ratio of the size of the Earth to the Earth and Moon combined is 1 : 1.273; and that the ratio of the Sun to the Earth is (4 x 27.3): 1; and that the ratio of the Sun to the Earth and Moon combined is (27.3 x Pi) : 1.  We are reminded that these portals in the Torah, are portals out of physicality and like the mechanism of a giant clock the Sun, Moon and Earth will click into place when the Gateway is opened.

So too will the integrated fields of Phi(φ) and Pi(π), which is why the numerical string …41273… as in 401273 elements, is found at digit #296 within Pi, which is the gematria of “earth” the 7th and last word of the Torah’s first verse that represents physicality. The next time we find 1273 in Pi is at digit #14404 and it immediately follows 296: …2961273… We are reminded that 401 is the value of the 4th or middle word of that verse, and that 412 is the value of the spelled-out first letter in that verse—3 times the Phi (φ) angle–and that the total value of that verse is equal to the 73rd Triangular Number.

The 4th word of the Torah (את) appears and presents itself as (400 x 1000), the 400,000 of the Circle of Tav (ת). Alef (א) is 1000. Then the 6th word of the Torah (ואת) presents itself as the circle with the harmonic diameter (1273) across the middle.  That this clue has been staring us in the face for 3333 years is astonishing, 666.6 jubilee years. We do not miss the 4th, 6th or 46 combination, as the numerical value of the word cubit or the word for 100. Or that there are 3450 occurrences of et (את) and v’et (ואת) in the Torah, as in 10 x 345, the numerical value of Moses and of “The Book (הספר).” The grotto of illumination then shows us that Phi(φ)2 = 2.6180…, and that (2.6180 – 1.273) = .3450.

The complete value of the 3rd word of the Torah, Elohim (אלהים), sitting just before et (את) in the verse is 127, making it representative of 1273, the diameter of the Circle of Tav (ת). We also understand that this is the place of the first portal of the Torah, placing it squarely in the middle of the circle. The word et (את) can also be represented as (1000 + 400), as in the 1400 YHVH (יהוה) mark at the 10 Utterances and the 107,000 letters in the Torah, the location of the 2nd portal.

We are now shown that the 2nd portal, the place of the 420th YHVH (יהוה), aligns with the 1st portal though the complete value of the spelled-out 5 letters of Elohim (אלהים), or (300 + 120), the age of Man, equals 420.  Once, again, the Torah has spelled out for us where and how to align the two portals as two congruent axes.

The et (את) and v’et (ואת) together have the same sofit value, 808, as Abraham, while the 5th word of the Torah, which is bound between the et (את) and v’et (ואת), is H’Shamayim (השמים), the Heavens, of numerical value 395 or 5 and 390.  This makes the average of those 3 words, 401.

We immediately recognize (השמים) as the 390,625 or 390,000 + 54 words, letters, and verses of the Torah. It is also 390 (Heaven) plus the highest point or sefira H’Keter, 625.  As we already know, 390,625 is 6252, but what the hidden grotto is showing us is that 400,000 is (640 x 625), or 15 x 625 more than the 390,625 sum of the words, letters, and verses of the Torah. These 15 steps of Keter correspond to Yah (יה).  They equal exactly 2.4% of 390,625 or almost 1/42.

The grotto deepens and widens, and we see the 223 or (ת)3 row-column matrix representing the two additional elements of the Torah as 10648, or 10400 + 248. We see it bringing together the concept of limit (400) with the concept of the E8 Lattice (248) that is core to the Torah and is the regular value of Abraham. We are further reminded that 401,273/φ = 248,000. This interrelationship with the Phi (φ) field and the Torah is not new to us, nor is the one with the Pi (π) field, but the bounding of the Torah with the Circle of Tav (ת) is one that has been hidden for millennia.

The grotto flickers with golden light and shows us that the ratio of that structural matrix of 10648 units to the total 401,273 elements is 223/401,273 = .02653555… and that the 3rd and 4th triplets in Pi are 3.14159265358…. Neither, the Torah, nor the Inner Cosmos need to reinforce the connection to the Pi (π) field, though they do additionally show us that 401273 + 265358 = 666631, so similar to the Torah’s first letter, Bet (בית)φ = 412φ = 666.63

The connections we have already seen are deep, pervasive, and vast enough for the Creator to prove His intentional design of both the Torah and Pi (π) and He has already super-elevated our level of awe and thus our conscious perception so why this continual drumbeat of the hyperdimensional geometry?

Our minds scramble as we connect the dots with the Sun’s diameter (864,000 miles) being 400 x the Moon’s diameter (2160 miles), and thus both 4000 x 63 and 64 x 666.6666. This is yet another illustration, though of enormous proportions, of V’et (ואת), the 400 and the Vav (ו), 6, which is really just the letter Tav (ת) that is spelled Tav (תו) and that has a Vav (ו) incorporated within it (ת). The Alef (1) as always is in the center.

It is all beginning to make sense why the resultant distance of the Sun’s diameter (864,000 miles) times 107 is the 92448000 mile radius of the Earth’s orbit around the Sun, which occurs at a speed of 107,000 KPH (66,627 MPH). The (640 x 625) = 400,000 equations sparkles to life.

There is so much we wonder about. Like the 22,000 letters that begin with the 2nd portal at the 107,000th letter and end when Moses is retrieving the 2nd set of tablets. The total value of those 22,000 letters is 1733324 and 1733324/26 is precisely 66666.308

It is all about the Circle of Tav (ת).

We are then shown that when we apply the 1495 total gematria of the alef-bet to the circumference (C) of a circle, the 1495-unit circumference gives us a radius of 237.9366399, which the grotto then relates to 1/42 or 238.0952381, as in the equation the Arizal taught us tracing the Israelites from Adam to the 600,000 men at the 10 Utterances.

The difference between the alef-bet radius and 1/42 is (238.0952381 237.9366399) = .1585598172, which is off the radius (237.93663990) by .06666% and off 1/42 by .0666111%

This is the Circle of Alef (א) to Tav (ת).

As we recall the triplet emor (אמר) engraved over the crevice entrance, we realize that the Inner Cosmos always shows us things for a reason, and the 1419 triplets (אמר) in the Torah look suspiciously like 3.14159

The Circle of Tav (ת) is a drawing so simple no ancient cultures used it. They all used the circle with the cross-hatch, and a circle with a dot in the center was very common too. Now we know the deepest secret but not how we are to use this gift. Perhaps, we need to combine it with the basic geometric symbols we have been gifted, like the Core Essential Triangles?

Our goal is not to find the border of the Torah or Circle of Tav (ת). It is to get beyond that bubble to Moshiach consciousness. If the Circle of Tav (ת) is represented by 400, 400,000, or 401,273, then Moshiach consciousness is represented by the concept of 424, or 424,000. Symbolically that can look like a square of 106, which is the value of the spelled-out letter Nun (נ), on each side.  The grotto informs us that the letter Nun (נ) is the only letter expressed in the Torah, backwards, forwards, upside down and enlarged to convey the 4 boundaries.  The spiritual of hyperspace distance between them is (424,000401,273) = 22727.

Noah’s Ark

The sequence 22727 is a mystery to us. Immediately, we realize it must be a combination of the 22 letters and the 27 letters, but the grotto remains still with only those 5 numbers (22727) illuminated.

Next, we think it may have to do with the 5 chapters of 22,000 letters from the 107,000th letter and the 620-letter 10 Utterances to the 2nd set of Tablets, the 2nd chance. In our minds this rearranges into (22,000 + 620 + 107) = 22,727. The illumination blinks, but then remains lit and still. With 107 being code for the 5778 year event horizon or reset we know we are on to something, especially since it is One (1) more than 106, yet the grotto knows there is more.

Out of left field, the grotto shows us the Torah portion of Noach.  There are many numbers in the portion of Noach, though most of us only remember 40 days and 40 night and the animals 2 by 2. There are actually 42 separate numbers mentioned in the portion up to the Chronicles of Shem that we have already explored at the behest of the Inner Cosmos. The grotto shows us that the parsha begins with paragraph 24 and that those 42 separate numbers add up to 4176 or (420024).

This is only the beginning. The grotto wants us to see the signature of the Creator within these numbers. The first 4 numbers given are the dimensions of the ark that sum to 381, as in 1143/3, or 1/3 the 24 letters in the first row of the 72 triplets, the 9th candle within that matrix. The value 1143 is also the average of the 8 columns of that same matrix. The grotto wants us to know this, but does not emphasize it, as it also shows us that the product of the dimensions of the ark (300 x 50 x 30 x 1) = 45,000, as in Man (45) x Alef (1000). It further shows us that the number of the letters Alef (א) and Tav (ת) in the Torah total 45,009. The Circle of Alef (א) to Tav (ת), with circumference 1495.

The Circle of ET (את) has a complete gematria value of 424, Moshiach Ben David.

Rather than lead us down another of the infinite and elegant paths of the Torah, the grotto lets us ponder the connection between Alef (א) and Tav (ת) and the salvation of Man (45), as it next shows us that the next set of numbers in parsha Noach form a hidden key. The animals, birds etc., did not just enter the ark 2 by 2. They were specifically grouped sometimes in pairs, sometimes in 7’s.  The exact configuration gives us a digital string of 22727.  This digital string in then repeated in the unit column after …7000 as 22727.  We have just learned that 7000 refers to the Great Shabbat, the time of Moshiach, but more significantly that 22727 is the difference (424,000401,273) between Moshiach Consciousness and the boundaries of the Torah.

Even after the revelation of this deepest secret, the grotto remains focused on the sequence 22727, which it encases in the shape of a key, probably because our simple minds may get too excited and miss the message entirely.  We then realize that the path through the stone is not just a metaphor but that these latest revelations are so important that they were hidden away deep within the mountain, far from all but the most intrepid of explorers within the Inner Cosmos.  They wanted to be sure it would not be found accidentally or before its time.

On a lighter note, we realize that it is no wonder that the portion of Noach is the most popular in the Torah, especially for kids, even though the entire population of the earth was wiped out except the 9 members of Noach’s family and the 22727 species. The path gets very dark, forcing us to feel our way forward, almost blindly.

As we tap our way through the blackness in the middle of the stone mountain in the middle of the Inner Cosmos in the middle of the universe, our thoughts illuminate on 22727 and from it the self-referencing equation 27/22 = 1.22727. This reflects the exact initial sequence in Noach 300 – 50 – 30 – 1 – 2 – 2 – 7 – 2 – 7, the Ark and the sequence, then 380, mizraim, or the narrowing and the sequence.  It dawns on us, 2 – 2 – 7 – 2 – 7 is a sequence, not a number.

Inching forward, we run the sequence 2 – 2 – 7 – 2 – 7 over in our heads. It adds up to 20, like the levels in the Tower of Truth. If we apply the sequence 2 – 2 – 7 – 2 – 7 to the integers, the 2nd one is 2, then 3 more is 4, 11, 13, and the 20th for a total of 50. With trepidation, we hug the side wall and tap with our feet as move further forward into the darkness. If we apply the sequence 2 – 2 – 7 – 2 – 7 to the prime numbers, we get 3, 7, 31, 41, 71 for a total of 153.  If we apply it to Bereshit, we get (רשליי), almost Israel (ישראל); still, it totals 550, like the 4 final (תךץם) letters of “The Path of the Tree-of-Life (את־דרך־עץ־החיים)” and the initials of the 11 sefirot of the Tree-of-Life, and like the measure in inches of 20 cubits.

The Inner Cosmos give us neither confirmation nor denial. Yet, as we mull over “The Path of the Tree-of-Life (את־דרך־עץ־החיים)” we realize it begins with Et (את), the Circle of Alef (א) to Tav (ת). Illuminated above it on the wall before us is the 42-Letter Matrix beginning with Alef (א) and ending with Tav (ת), with 40 letters between them that total 3300. That works out to exactly 3 cubits (27.5”) per letter.  This is a dimension of the 42-Letter Name that we never saw coming. It measures exactly 120 cubits between the Alef (א) and the Tav (ת). No wonder the Baal Shem Tov said it contains the journey of Man’s soul, everyman’s soul. We have been shown enough today to fulfil a lifetime of exploration, more than has been revealed in 120 lifetimes.

Refocusing ourselves, we know that the 42-Letter Name Matrix must be at the center of it all. We already knew that. We have known that for years. It is yet another confirmation, but the sequence 2 – 2 – 7 – 2 – 7 that brought us here must deeper secrets, or why lock it away.

The jagged path continues edging tight through the bulging stone until another grotto opens and we see the Circle of Tav (ת) inscribed in a square. There is a dot in the center and radial lines to all four corners of the square. We are shown that Pythagoras’ theorem quickly gives us 90,031.631… for each of those radial axes.

The grotto next shows us that there are 31,531 letters Yud (י), in the Torah, so similar to 31.631.

The grotto then shows us that the sum of the Torah recurrences of the 3 letters in Atah (אתה) is 73,065 and that when the total (16,965) of the 112 Triplets is added to it they equal 90,030. The Zohar explains that the word Atah (אתה) contains everything all the way down to the Hei (ה) of Malchut. This was the conjunction between Elohim and H’Shamaim in the Torah’s first verse where we saw 455.

We then see a small circle in the center and are shown that its radius is 31.631, meaning that it begins 90,000 units into the square in all four diagonal directions, and consequently 63630 units inward from any part of the Circle of Tav (ת).

The grotto wants us to understand that 90,000 is the sum of the cubes from 13 to 243, as if the Tower of Truth were extended 4 more tiers, 90 cubits, 300 in total, and that there are 90,100 Yuds(י), Heis(ה), and Vavs (ו) in the Torah.

It also wants us to understand that 31.631 is the square root of 1000, Alef (א), Binah, at the center of the Circle of Tav (ת). This also means that the area of this small circle at the center of the Circle of Tav (ת) is 1000 π or Alef (א) π.

The diameter of this comparatively tiny circle of Alef (א) is thus 63.2632. There is yet another flash of lightning and we see that the area of the small inner circle is 1000 π = 3142.

Chapter XXXII Part P – The River of the Inner Cavern.

The grotto is gone, and the passage is once again dark. All we hear is silence and ask ourselves if the storms are still raging outside? It does not matter though; it is too late. We are in so deep we cannot retrace our steps. Our only hope is that this fractal crevice through the perpetual darkness leads to eventual illumination.  With each blind step we worry not whether there is more knowledge and technology within the endless mountain, but whether it is beyond our recognition and comprehension.  We are not engineers, so would we recognize the patterns given to us as imprints for special chips? We are not coders, so would we recognize the lines of code that can define extraordinary algorithms? We recognize the physical and mathematical constants and their field interactions amongst those that our predecessors have found or have been given, but what of the constants that were unknown to them and to us; how would we recognize them? They may be of the brightest light, but to us they could still be utter darkness.

The darkness whispers to us that there are two maxims.  One, nothing happens that is not announced and foretold. Two, no consciousness receives more than it can comprehend.

We realize then that we need to be wise enough to understand the warnings foretold by both the Creator and His adversaries. Nothing has been given in vain or said in jest.

We also realize that everyone sees things at the level of their comprehension and if we comprehend something it is our responsibility to do something with it. All consciousness is on a trajectory of development. The more we comprehend and process, the faster that trajectory speeds up.  Like magnetism, our consciousness can be attracted to the spiritual or weighted down to the physical.  Its first step is to know the difference. That threshold can take thousands of lifetimes and only a few out of billions will make the leap. No matter, the universe has endless existence and the tolerance for innumerable cycles.

Even the patterns of light and darkness are not obvious. How many thousands, millions, before us have stared at the Torah and missed all the patterns that are so plainly obvious to us. They saw only the surface and thus everything beyond was a well of darkness. Most of them chose not to venture further, intimidated by the dark unknown. Yet it is only in the darkness of the unknown that the light begins to separate and reveal itself.

Edging through the darkness, we sense torrential downpours like giant spigots opened in Heaven surging downward all over the earth, then rushing through city and village streets like raging rivers, carrying cars and trucks like flotsam. We sense magma surging up through volcanos and spilling out as thick fiery lava and walls of hot mud all over the earth. We sense hail the size of baseballs crashing down all over the earth. We sense fierce winds twisting out of nowhere, uplifting roofs and felling trees all over the planet, and even though we do not see them anymore within our crevice, we sense explosive bolts of lightning crackling across the sky and raining down at will.  We sense explosions of scorching heat drying up lakes and rivers for stretches of thousands and thousands of miles, an area the size of the Moon, with searing orange smoke choking the arid sky. In here, though, there is only the cool stillness of the pitch black darkness.  We are silent within our musings.

Energy feeds the clouds, drives the lightning, the enormous hail, and the wind; it spins the vortices, drives the bombogenesis, and bakes the earth and water alike. Where is all that extra energy in Earth’s atmosphere coming from.  Are the Earth’s magnetic field boundaries weakening or is the white-hot Sun’s coronal shedding increasing? Or both?

Out of the darkness, spheres appear all around us. One with the Planck diameter, h/π, or 21.0914362859 x 1035 floats around our heads like pinpricks of light. Each diameter contains an integration of 5 times the 42 Names at the summit (210) of physicality coupled with the sum (9143) of the 72 Names and its central 4 letters that also equal 210. This is the tiniest length imaginable yet it slips right into the quantum physics equations.

Next, the cosmological constant floats by and encircles us, the figure that corrects Einstein’s E = MC2 equation, 2.888 x 10-122. We instantly recognize the core of Spiritual Time, the midpoint of the 5778 time bubble, 2889 years. It is a force even smaller than the Planck length yet in this universe where the constants are given to us, we need only look at the nominal value. We cannot actually measure it that small or anything else in outer space; it is all inferred.

Now the Sun, the Moon, and the Earth orbit us, and once again reveal how they are in lock step mathematically and numerically, like fixed gears on an intelligently designed clock. It is then that we see in the darkness that the surface temperature of the Earth is 288.8 K and that of the Sun is 5778 K.  The surface temperature of the Earth is exactly 5% or 1/20th that of the Sun and both temperatures are at the essence of our Spherical Time bubble, 4π(2889) = 36304.24470, and 2(5778π) = 36304.24470.

The Zohar and Kabbalists have spoken about the 288 fallen sparks that need to be captures from physicality and returned to the spiritual realm and we were given 5778 years to do it. They did not need fancy detection equipment to come up with those numbers; they had the Torah, the 5 Books of Moses.

That 1:20 relationship is further reflected in the Sun’s diameter being exactly 202 times the Moon’s.  Abraham Avinu, who knew so much more than us, told us that the Sun was represented by the letter Caf (כ) of numerical value 20 and the Moon by Tav(ת) or 400 (202), the same two letters side by side at the beginning (Bereshit) edge (טכת) of the Essential Cube of Creation (9 – 11 – 22).

Into and out of the darkness, when we suddenly come upon an open cube shaped chamber. Each wall is engraved with a 4 x 4 magic square. Each wall is arranged differently yet is constructed utilizing the same few digits (numbers)–1,2,5 and 8, paired up differently in each of the 16 boxes on each wall. All the numbers (digits) were in a modern digital font, like on an electrical alarm clock. Every row of 4 two digit numbers adds up to 176, every column adds up to 176, every diagonal adds up to 176, and every quadrant add up to 176, including the quadrant of the central 4 boxes. Even the 4 corners add up to 176.  Of all the magic squares this one is pretty astonishing.  Even the two boxes between the corners when added to their counterparts across the square add up 176.

There are 18 different paths to 176 on each magic square and on each wall. This is when we noticed that the sum of the 8 digits in each sequence totals 32, as in the 32 Paths of the Tree-of-Life and that that sum of (18 x 176) is (320032). What is odder yet, is that (176 + 32) = (16 x 13) with 16 being the number of elements in the magical 4 x 4 grid, and that (176 + 32) x 18 paths = 3744 = (376016), as in the radius of the Spiritual Sphere within Spherical Time.

A clear mirror appears in the middle of the room, dividing the room in half, and the image in the mirror displays all the numbers in the left wall in reverse. And because of this modern digital font all the numbers form new numbers—2 becomes 5, thus 28 becomes 85—and the entire grid retains all the same wonderous properties.  The clear mirror spins around, and we see that the original grid upside down forms get another perfect magic square of different combinations and sequences that sum to 176.


So, upside down or backwards, the magic grid reads the same. But then the clear mirror informs us that pasha Naso is the longest portion in the Torah and it has 176 verses, and that Psalms 1:19 is the longest of the Tehillim at 176 verses, divided into 8 verses for each of the 22 letters, and that the longest Talmud Tractate, Baba Batra, is 176 pages long. The only way all this works out is if the Creator planned for the digital font all along.  Referring to parsha Naso, being the largest (176 verses) in an ordering of smallest to largest means being the last or final in a reordering of the portions, and since this only works with our digital age font, it means the Creator aligned it with our generation, a possible hint to it being the last.  Is this why parsha Naso begins with verse 4:21 and ends with the 89 versus of the 12 tribal donations associated with the Chanukah (89) readings? Those readings include dozens of verses whose numerical value sum to either 5778 or 2019, the two digital strings repeated 3 times each within the first 1000 digits of Pi.

The clear mirror goes on to explain that the 22 letters of the Alef-bet sum to 1495 and the sum of the square roots of the 8 digits (1,1,2,2,5,5,8,8) in the magical grid that sum to 32 is 1.495… while the log of 176 is 2.2455126… or 22, 455, 126… with 455 being the sum of the 3 expanded Names Ehyeh (אהיה) and 126 being the letters in the 3 Names of 42 Letters, and the value of the faces in the Essential Cube of Creation. As we play with the 8 digits (1,1,2,2,5,5,8,8), we see that they can be arranged as 112 Triplets, 288 Holy sparks, and 55, the 2 cubit entrance. Then when we add them together, we ger (112 + 288 + 55) equals 455, once again. We see the 3 expanded Names Ehyeh (אהיה) hovering in the center of the room and know that we have stumbled upon an important clue.

Moreover, the product of the digits in 176 = (1 x 7 x 6) = 42, while its sum is (1 + 7 + 6) = 14, as in the central cube of the Essential Cube of Creation (42).

The illumination dims, flickers, then ceases as we are thrust back into the midnight blackness, once again edging our way blindly, step by step.

That is when we see the bubbles, not here in the darkness of the granite fissure, but in the Earth, in the physicality, bubbles rising up and growing larger like they do in a glass of amber beer. As the spherical bubbles breach the surface, they pop, leaving the surface pocked with sink-holes as they do.  Not just bubbles but anti-bubbles as well, filled with water. Our physicality is collapsing from above and below. The earth’s magnetic poles are accelerating toward their 90o flipped position at an exponential rate, while the planets magnetic field boundaries correspondingly weaken. Most think that Korach’s followers were swallowed up by an earthquake, but the Torah is pretty clear than it was a sinkhole, the remains of a bubble or anti-bubble. Magnetism, as we have previously studied, is an effect of pressure gradients in dielectric fields. Bubbles rise and seek out the lower pressure. With our clear eyes focused with the darkness we see the sinkholes pockmarking the surface of the Earth all over the planet.

The bubbles are being drawn up by the approaching cosmic wave.  There is a clock-like magnetic pulse generated in the center of the universe, and another in the center of our galaxy, all galaxies. The pulse travels like a wave, whose crest is rapidly approaching our Sun. The timed pulse mimics the evaporation of our simulated physicality, an elegant way to continually reset our existence within a specific periodicity without just physically hitting an on/off switch. It also makes the reset more gradual, rather than a simple lights-out that would not teach our consciousness anything or give it a last chance to evolve.

With everything that we observe in our environment, and physical universe occurring in waves at every scale, its off that most physicists have missed the most significant wave of all. Most, not all, as more and more evidence comes pouring in, just in time for the rest to say, “Opps!”

We question, not the evidence of the sinkholes, but how this bubble-rising is possible? It is an inter-dimensional intermingling, within other hyper-dimensions moving through are 3-d construct of reality. Within the confines of our physics, we know that as a 3-d spherical bubble rises and cross the 2-d surface or a plane, say the crust of our Earth we can see only a cross section of that sphere, an empty circular hole. Except that we exist in a full 3-d world physical world/simulation so what we see are the effects of a 4-d spherical/spiritual bubble passing through our world. When a 3-d bubble passes through a 2-d surface the circle at the plane of contact gets wider and wider until it maxes out at the equator (diameter) of the bubble. Likewise, our observations of the 4-d spherical/spiritual bubble get larger and larger, immensely larger.  In the 4th dimensions they may be relatively tiny, but to us they appear as gigantic portals in our skies and solar system, eclipsing the physicality they are displacing.

Once again, the pervasive darkness prevails, swallowing our thoughts.

Out of the blackness a shape takes form. We see the hourglass figure of the magnetism model in our minds, with its perpendicular plane shooting outward where the two hyperbolic toroidal cups meet in the center. We see the model not as the interaction of the fields, but in the center of our galaxy and in our universe. The inertial plane is pulsing. The jets shooting off it appear as waves. Then we see the number 35 above it and 35 below it and in the very center between the cups we see the number 42.

Innately, we understand that the illustration mimics Spherical Time centered on the life of King David, who lived 35 years before and 35 years after the very center or midpoint of Spherical Time in 2889 HC. We understand that (35 + 42 + 35) = 112, as in the 112 Triplets gifted to us in the Torah. This also connects with the 35th verse of the Torah where we first find the double Name YHVH Elohim (אלהים יהוה) of numerical value 112, as in those same 112 Triplets.

Yet at this moment we do not understand anything else of what we are seeing.

We recall how we learned that time in the cosmos works on cycles of 12, yet we do not connect that concept with the 12,000-year cycles pulsing through the universe from that central magnetic hourglass field interaction. We see that half-cycles occur every 6000 years, pacing the event horizon of the Spherical Time bubble, and we know that it has to do with the edge of Zeir Anpin, yet we are lost in the darkness of space and of understanding.

The Spherical Time equation, 2(5778π) = 36304.24470, appears before us. And then another one that we were given early on in our studies:

Both equations share the same radius (5778) and the same diameter 2(5778) or 11, 556, which is 90 square miles less that Israel’s current 11,466 square miles. It is as if Israel is its own protective bubble.  We are immediately struck, literally, as it feels like drops of water hit us on the backs of our heads.  As we reassure ourselves, we see that the 90 miles may be a reflection of the 90o magnetic and maybe physical flip and of the numerical value for water (מים). While the 12,000-year cycle is a pulse that lasts 222 years at its peak, the effects may be felt as early as 11,556 years, or 963 x 12. The 12,000-year periodicity are just based on observational evidence of the prior mass destructions on our planet and vary within this 444 year or so range.  It is far from an exact science.  Then again, as Rav Yehuda Leib HaLevi Ashlag of blessed memory once explained to me, “from generation to generation (לדר־ודר)” has the numerical value of 444 and 444/22 = 20.18, as in 5778 HC.

What is interesting is that the square root of Israel’s square mileage is 107.07, as in the 107th Triangular Number, 5778, and the 54th paragraph of Shemot, found at the 107,007 letter in the Torah, the place of the 420th YHVH, the 2nd portal of the Torah, and the 10 Commandments. Of course, 54 x 107 = 5778 and the Zohar tells us the Land of Israel was the only place to remain dry and survive the Flood.

Reflecting upon the super magic square of 176, our minds bend the 16 points of the square into the 2 component cubes of the 16-point (vertices) tesseract, or 4-d hypercube.  We match up the coordinates or vertices (25, 18, 81, and 52) on one face of one cube and (51, 82, 15 and 28) symmetrically on the back of that same cube, 8 vertices in total.  We see that the front, back, top and bottom each add up to 176, but not the sides.  As we are about to walk away from that vision, we see that the second cube with vertices (12, 21, 58, and 85) on the front, and (88, 55, 22, and 11) on the back also line up so that the front, back, top and bottom each add up to 176, but not its sides either. With something gnawing at our consciousness, we realize that the sides line up between the cubes and sum to 176 when the 4-d edges are connected between them.

It is then that the light goes on for us and we realize that the Creator wants us to know that the magic of the super magic square of 176 actually happens in the 4th dimension. So why did the Creator make this special connection to the 4th dimension happen for us in pasha Naso of 176 verses? In the original magic square, there are 8 digits and 16 numbers and as in David’s Psalm, all 22 letters are connected to each of the 8 digits. We can only imagine what that looks like in the 4th dimension.

The gematria of Naso is 351 and twice 176 is 352. Does it have anything to do with doubling? With every dimension the number of points (vertices) doubles. Eight (8) in the 3rd dimension, 16 in the 4th.

The number 35 reminds us of something and as soon as we make the connection between Parsha Naso with its 176 verses being the 35th and longest portion of the Torah and the 35th level of the Pyramid being its widest level, an inner cavern opens for us, one different from anything we have seen before. A shimmering phosphorescent river runs through it.  It is the inner river of 35. The surrounding ceiling and walls are completed laced with iridescent crystals and as we look along the cavern it is like a passage through a DMT induced hallucination.

Canoes await us, and we gently push off into the phosphorescent ripples amongst the soothing iridescent reflections. It is like entering into the heart of an opal.

Within the fractal kaleidoscopic iridescence, we are shown that the chronicles of Noach end with Abraham, the 20th generation in the 41st paragraph of the Torah, and that he was born 400 years after Shem. Once again, the Sun represented by the letter Caf (כ) of numerical value 20 and the Moon by Tav(ת) or 400 (202) come into play. We ignore the connections to Abraham and Elohim through their ordinal values of 41 and see that Abraham died 35 years before Shem, meaning that Shem outlived the entire 10 generations of Noach, or 1035.  We also learn that Shem’s son, Arpachshad had Shelach, the 13th generation, at the age of 35 in the 35th paragraph of the Torah.

Earlier in our journey the inner cosmos had us climb the staircase of the Chronicles in order to appreciate its structure. We are at a deeper level now and able to contemplate deeper concepts, so when attributes of the Torah collide, we no longer need to follow the virtual passages to connect their dots.  As we slowly drift downstream through the hidden effervescent cavern, we learn that the letter Ayin (ע) of numerical value 70 or (35 + 35) is found 13 times as an initial in the Shema, meaning that the letters Ayin (ע) and Bet (ב), as in 72 (עב), are found collectively 35 times as initials in the Shema, representing the 4th set of Triplets.

Within the soft ripples of the glowing river we connect the word for “the field (השדה)” of numerical value 314, found 50 times in the Torah, with its ordinal value, 35, and with the 35th course of the encasing pyramid of 50”, both of which connect with the central letter Nun (נ) of the Essential Cube of Creation and the 50 Gates of Binah.

We see the rippled reflections of the sun and moon on the river’s surface connected by the wave and wake of our canoes between them, but we do not see them in the shimmering cavern walls or arched ceiling.

It is then that we see in the wall the value 41, the 13th Prime Number, and the 41 letters in the 3 aspects of Ehyeh (אהיה) that sum to 455, or (35 x 13). We further see that they are equivalent to Caf (כ) and Tav(ת), the Sun and the Moon, or 420 plus 35, which is also the complete values of Caf (כ) and Tav(ת) plus the kolel, 455.

Where is this mysterious mystical river taking us?

The image of the super magic 4-d tesseract of 176 appears with its 16 vertices and its 32 edges.  The sparkling inner opalescent cavern wants us to note that those two attributes add up to 48, which in our minds is (13 + 35). We feel like we are finally getting in synch within the inner world of consciousness. We are next shown that the 5-d hypercube has 80 edges and 32 vertices, or 112 combined and all 112 Essential Triplets of Creation light up, each assigned to a different edge or vertex.

As the dimensionality increases the number of vertices doubles and the cumulative sum of all the edges and vertices of the lower dimensions equals the number of edges in the next higher dimension, ensuring continuity to the singular source at every level. The 32 Paths of Wisdom of the Tree-of-Life connect upward to the 112 Essential Triplets of Creation and in the 6th dimension they connection with the value 256 (192 edges and 64 vertices). We are shown the image of the Ark of the Covenant of numerical value 256 and of the Torah, whose words, letters, and verses sum to precisely 1/256.  Our minds race to “He and His Name are One” as 256 times 1/256 equals 1 (One).

The Spherical Time model appears before us and we are shown that it is 6-dimensional, which is why we can navigate across its infinite time-paths. That is, if we could connect to our higher consciousness. A small stone dislodges from the ceiling and sinks into the river, reminding us that for most of us, our consciousness level is rooted and stuck in 3-d physicality, prohibiting our movement between time-paths, and denying us the freedom of choice.

The 7th dimension takes us beyond Spherical time and a 7-d hypercube has 448 edges and 576 edges and vertices combined. It is obvious that a clue lies within, as 5760 HC is the year 2000 CE and (2000 + 448) or 2448 HC is the year we received the Torah at Mt. Sinai, while the log of 5760 is 3.76042248, revealing the spiritual time radius (3760), the dimensions of the Torah matrix (42 rows x 248 columns), plus the numerical value (422) of the Hebrew word for 70.

In the counting of the sefirot, the 7th dimension would correspond to Chesed or the 70 levels of Zeir Anpin, but the dimensions begin with the singular point of the “0” dimension, so in this case the correspondence is to Binah. As we get to the 8th dimension there are 1024 edges, each connecting to a unique numerical value in the 210 numerical values of the Torah. And further up the ladder they connect to the 1024 vertices of the 10th dimension. We see that it is not so much as what a word in Hebrew means or represents to us, but to what it connects to in the higher dimensions beyond all limitations.

We already know that the value 35 has something to do with the midpoint (2889 HC) in Spherical Time being at the midpoint in King David’s 70-year life (70/2). It is somehow related to twice Abraham’s lifespan (175 x 2) = 350 and the average/balance between Moses and Pharaoh (345 + 355)/2. What all these simple equations have in common is the number 2.

The values 35 and 50 are already connected through the encasing pyramid, yet we are now shown that 352 is 502/2 and that 502 is (2448 HC + 52), representing the year of the Torah reception and 52, representing Malchut, the reflection/projection of physicality. The Sun rises out of the river and rotates before us, showing us its sidereal period or rotation at its equator against the background stars is 24.48 days.

It vanishes and in its place we see the 2 hyperboloid magnetic toroidal spinning cups again, but they too quickly fade, and we see a sequence of doubling—1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, 128, 256…—like the number of vertices on the growing dimensions. We are shown that the small gematria of these numbers, which were generated by multiplying by 2 —1, 2, 4, 8, 7, 5, 1, 2, 4…—repeats endlessly (1, 2, 4, 8, 7, 5).  We are then shown the same sequence by halving or dividing by 2: (1, .5, .25, .125, .0625, .03125, .015625, .0078125, .00390625). It has a resultant small gematria that also repeats endlessly: 1, 5, 7, 8, 4, 2, the same sequence as before but in reverse. And like the digits in 5778, and in (2018 and 3760), they both (124875 and also 157842) equal 27, as in the 27 positions in the Essential Cube of Creation. Their final reduced gematria is (2 + 7) = 9, as in the 9 plans of the Essential Cube of Creation.

The 2 hyperboloid magnetic toroidal spinning cups appear again and in the narrow space between them we see the Essential Cube of Creation, spinning in all directions.

We are further shown that the digits in the speed of light, (186,282 mph) also equal 27 and that while the gematria of Light (אור) is 207, its ordinal value is likewise 27, and that it is the same with the Earth and Moon diameters (7920 and 2160) and with the Sun’s (864,000) and the Moon’s (2160) together too. All 27, like so many elements of our Solar System.

The sparkling colorful effervescence morphs and we see the illustration of the encasing pyramid with the Tower of Truth inside it. That Tower no longer represents a physical structure but becomes an obelisk of pure energy. We see the dimensions of the encasing pyramid multiplied by 43,200, which is (2160 x 20) or 20 Moons, then divided by (5280) to give us the Earth’s radius in miles. The same equation applied to the encasing pyramid’s perimeter gives us Earth’s circumference.  As the images keep morphing out of the endless sparking fireworks comes yet another set of simple equations. The encasing pyramid’s height (481.25’) and base (756.25’) doubled (x 2) equals 2475 or 13 years shy of 2488 HC when the Israelites entered Israel or 27 years after 2448 HC when the exodus occurred and they received the Torah. Of course, this coincided with the end of the 210 years of exile in Egypt, as in the encasing pyramid’s height in levels (210) and 210 cubits (27.5”).

Sensing this is more about the energy and frequency of 27.5 HZ and maybe 432 HZ than the collapse of time and space, we are shown that 432/27.5 and consequently 43,200/27.5 is approximately twice Pi or 3.14181818. As soon as we see that it is off from true Pi by .0022552822, we realize that we just saw those same digits in grids of the super magic square and tesseract of 176.

We also realize that those 27 years and 27 values in the Earth-Sun-Moon relationship all point to their interaction or relationship with the 33 Essential Cube of Creation.

We further sense that the mesmerizing inner cavern is not showing us all this information to once again prove that the construct of our physicality is a divine simulation, but because this supersymmetry has a purpose in the development of our consciousness. Most people’s consciousness is still in the base level super-dormant state where they believe everything they are told about the universe presented to them and they sheepishly do what they are told. The next level is not much more developed; they challenge what they are being told and sold, but still within the construct of physicality. Another class of consciousness exists where people have seen enough of the type of facts we have been shown and have realized their existence is predicated on at external simulation. They fall into two camps, the elites/renowns/erev rav who are trying to game the system and have their cake and eat it too. They want to run the world, indulge in all its physical excesses and pleasures, and create their own great reset to either take over the simulation or set themselves to comfortably survive it. The other camp wants to understand the system and ascend to the next level.  The inner cavern of the inner cosmos has sifted us out and is trying to give us what we need to do that. In here, no information is superfluous.  If it is repetitive it is because we have only comprehended it on a certain level and still need to apply an even more expanded consciousness to it.

We are reminded in rapid succession that the value 273 is the gematria of the word “gematria,” and of Absolute Zero, -273˚ C, the point where everything freezes, while 273˚K (0˚ C) is the point where water freezes, and that while (6000222) or 5778˚K is the surface temperature of the Sun, the core temperature of the Sun is 27.3 million degrees Fahrenheit, and that the sunspots revolve around the Sun in exactly 27.3 days, the same 27.3 days that our Moon orbits the Earth.  Meanwhile, the ratio of the Moon’s diameter over the Earth’s diameter is .273, meaning the Moon’s overall size and spherical volume is 27.3% of the Earth’s, even as it revolves around that Earth at the same exact 27.3-day pace that the sunspots are revolving around the Sun’s surface.  Furthermore, the Moon rotates with respect to the stars with that same 27.3 day period as well.

The Moon is turning at the same exact rate as the sunspots on the Sun are and it is revolving around the Earth at that same rate as well. If this were a mechanical simulation for entertainment’s sake this would not be the case as it is just not realistic, so since this could never occur naturally, it must only be occurring for our benefit. It must be occurring for us to realize something about their relationship and with the number or concept of 27.3.

The Earth is not left out of this equation either because the lunar tugging on the Earth’s atmospheric pressure fields will also be on a 27.3 day cycle—the two are entwined.

The fact that the Moon, the Earth, the Sun, the temperatures, and the Sunspots are all synchronically pacing themselves to the same pulse must mean something, something at the core of our existence. Could it be as simple as the area of a square being about 27.3% larger than the area of a circle inscribed inside it, as we have previously explored, or does that too tie into something much more profound for us. Does 273 being half the value (546/2) of the initials of the 10 sefirot have anything to do with it?

What the Sun, Moon, Earth, and Sunspots all have in common are toroidal magnetic fields, which we have previously studied in depth. It feels like everything is coming together, building into a crescendo within this inner cavern and also in our solar system, as those magnetic fields get tugged on.  The pressure is building.

Recalling the sequence of numbers in the Torah’s 2nd portion, Noach, 22727, we see an equation embedded in the ceiling as we glide by, (124875 + 157842 – 22727) = 59990 = (60,00010), with Noach being the 10th in the lineage of Adam, Man. The two repetitive sequences from the doubling factors are combined with the animals being saved 2 by 2 from the Flood at the 600th year.

We understand how everything is being related to the Essential Cube of Creation, but this equation is baffling.  The 60,000 is 6 x 104 and may be related to the 6000, the 600, the 600,000, and the 6 million and all to the 6 dimensions of Zeir Anpin.

Another few feet of easy paddling and we can make out on the wall that the 3 missing numbers in the two repetitive sequences (124875 and 157842) are 369, and moreover that  (3 x 6 x 9) = (6 x 27) while (1 x 2 x 4 x 8 x 7 x 5) = (35 x 64), meaning that the product of all 9 digits 1 x 2 x 3 x 4 x 5 x 6 x 7 x 8 x 9 = 362,880 = (363,000120), H’Moshiach less the age of Man, and that their sum (1 + 2 + 3 + 4 + 5 + 6 + 7 + 8 + 9) = 45, the numerical value of Man (אדם).

Paddling slowly downstream a little further and we see the 2 cubes of the Tree-of-Life with the names of the 11 sefirot. Once again, we are shown that the final letters of the lower 8 sefirot equal 1225 or 352 and that those of the upper 3 sefirot equal (35 x 6) or 210, meaning that all 11 sefirot final letters equal (41 x 35), as in the ordinal value (41) of Abraham, and as in the 41 occurrences of the Name of 42 (אלוה) in Job and the 41 letters in the 3 aspects of Ehyeh (אהיה) that total 455, and as in the ordinal value (41) of the initials of the triad Tiferet-Netzach-Hod (תנה) that have the standard value of 455.  We then are handed the equation 546/120 = 4.55

Our heads are swooning. Perhaps the inner cosmos overestimated us and our ability to stretch our consciousness. Why is the value 35 built into the Tree-of-Life? What is a higher level of consciousness, seeing the Creator’s hand in physicality, or seeing His process in its design?

We finally realize that the 3 aspects of Ehyeh (אהיה) keep coming up for us and must be a linchpin in the Creator’s process for us.

Once again reflecting on the 12,000-year cycles pulsing through the universe from that central magnetic hourglass field interaction, the importance of their half-cycles occurring every 6000 years is becoming clearer.  Is the 12,000-year cycle related to the 120-year age of Man?

We see the Name of the Creator hovering above us.  The Yud-Hei (יה) expands to Yud-Hei (יוד־הי) of numerical value 35, and the value of the letters in the Divine Name Yud-Hei (יוד־הי) knocked together is (10 x 6 x 4 x 5 x 10) = 12,000, while that of Yud-Hei (יה) is 50. Suddenly there is a hyperspace reason (relationship) between, 35, 50, and the 12,000-year cycle.  Exploring deeper we see that the Divine Name Shadai (שדי), which relates to Pi and “the field” through its value of 314, has an ordinal value of 35, while it too knocks to (300 x 4 x 10) = 12,000.

We see the undulating peaks and troughs of the divine field, 12,000 years, 6000 years, 12,000 dipping to 6,000 years and peaking again at 6000 years, with every object it hits destabilize, its magnetic boundaries disrupted. Every star, including our Sun goes micronova at the peaks, resetting them as it goes.

We are reminded of what we learned at the outset of our journey through the inner cosmos and inner Torah, that the initials of the 5 Books of Moses (בשובד) also equal 314, and also have the same ordinal value (35) as both the Name Shadai (שדי) and “the field (השדה),” and that 35 is the cumulative sum of the first 5 Triangular Numbers, which are mainstays throughout the Torah.

The mesmerizing cavern further points out to us that the 5 final letters (ךםןףץ) of the Alef-bet, which are associated with the end of days, total 280 or (8 x 35) and in sofit gematria they total 3500. Then turning things on their head, we are shown that the atbash of the 5 final letters is also 60, as in the secret 60 (ס) at the center of the 42-Letter Name and that the atbash of David (דוד) is 280. Completing this cosmic crisscross is that the normal value of David is 14, as in the central position of the Essential Cube of Creation.  Once again, the image of two juxtaposed 35’s, as in the two halves of David’s life at the center of Spherical Time are hanging before us.

Meanwhile, the Divine Name Yud-Hei-Vav-Hei (יוד־הי־ויו־הי) has a numerical value of 72 and a knocked together product value of 216,000,000 as in the 216 letters in the 72 Triplets and the diameter of the Moon (2160 miles) and as in the cube of Zeir Anpin (63).

We are reminded that the sum of all 7 integer summation sequences of the 5th rank: 1 – 5; 1 – 10, 1 – 15; 1- 20, 1- 25; 1 – 30; and 1- 35 equal exactly 1820, as in the 1820 YHVH (יהוה) in the Torah.

The next two levels in the 5th rank, the sum of the integers from 1 – 40 and from 1- 45 together total 1855, or 35 more than 1820, the sum of the previous 7 integer sequences that ended at 35. The image of 35 and 35 pivoting on the Name of G-d is once again in the forefront of our consciousness. This must mean something. The complete value of Yud-Hei (יוד־הי), is (35 + 35) = 70.

The inner cavern of the inner cosmos is telling us that the Torah, the 5 Books of Moses is wired into the simulation. It does not happen without the Torah. The Torah is not to pictured as a scroll on a planet 27,000 light years from the center of the 120,000 light-years wide Milky Way galaxy. If Man could actually measure that distance accurately, he would find it to be more like 27,500 light years, making the ratio of the pulse 27.5/12, the cosmic space/time harmonic as we have previously learned. The Earth would then be 650,000 pulses from the center of our galaxy. No matter, since the sparkling inner cavern wants us to know that it is the Torah that is at the center of the galaxy (and universe too) and our consciousness that is 650,000 pulses away.  That is 32.32280 letter values or .600 Torah elements per pulse, such is the power of the Torah.

Next, the iridescent cavern graphically reminds us of the canyon of the ziggurats, which each represented the continual sums of cumulative triangular numbers. We are shown an image of one of the ziggurats we visited, whose 13th level took us through so many key Torah numbers to 1820 once again: 1 – 5153570126210330 – 495 – 715 – 1001 – 1395 – 1820.

Our glowing river passes through a luminous stream connecting the ziggurats at the 13th level from 13 to 91 to 455 to 1820, and the luminous floating Names Echad (אחד), the unification (יאהדוני), the 3 aspects of Ehyeh (אהיה), and the 1820 YHVH (יהוה) in the Torah.

It is a path from (1 x 13) to (7 x 13) to (35 x 13) to (140 x 13) … and while the sum of (91 + 455) is apparently (42 x 13) and thus the sum of the 10 initials of the Tree-of-Life, the sum of all the levels (1 + 13 + 91 + 455 + 1820) = (10 x 238, Rachel) or 1/42. We are shown that this matches the derivation equation of the Israelites: 1/(600,000/70/12/3) and that the log of 600,000 is 5.778

The inner cavern wants us to see the 1820 YHVH (יהוה) in the Torah as a matrix of letters. It wants us to see them as part of the 90,100 Yuds(י), Heis(ה), and Vavs (ו) in the Torah. This interlocking web or matrix comes together 1820 times or (91 x 20) times to unite as the YHVH (יהוה). Those 90,100 Yuds(י), Heis(ה), and Vavs (ו) are exactly equivalent to the sum of all the integers from 1 to 424, the value of Moshiach Ben David consciousness. We knew this as it has been explained to us numerous times in our studies and journey. The inner cavern now adds the image of 424 as a palindromic hourglass, the energy of 42 backwards and forward, radiating from the center outward.

We must begin to picture the Torah, not so much as a road-map to the inner workings of the cosmos, but as the center of it, the force that generates and controls the cosmos. Our divine simulation does not contain the Torah, it is contained within it.  This is how we year across those 27,500 light years and the 650,000 resetting pulses. Let us not forget where we are.  When we began this journey together, we began it by entering the Torah itself.

Zeir Anpin and Binah.

As we drift slowly, pulled ever forward by the steady current in the narrow iridescent inner canal, we are reminded that the first Perfect Number is 6, representing the 6-dimensions of Zeir Anpin and the 5th perfect Number is 3550336, connecting 35 and 50 and the 336 letters in the 112 Triplets of Creation. Remember where we found the 112 Triplets—in the Torah. We are further reminded that the difference between the p-factor (89) and the number of digits (54) in the 10th Perfect Number is (8954) = 35, and that the cumulative difference through that point is 107, which is extremely poignant given that (54 x 107) = 5778 and that 5778 is the 107th Triangular Number, even more so now that we have also connected Pasha Naso, the 35th portion with the Torah’s highest number of verses and its 89 verses connected to Chanukah and 5778.

It is then that we notice that at the level of the 13th perfect Number, which is suggestive of Oneness and connected to the expanded 3 levels of the Name Ehyeh (אלף־הי־יוד־הי), that the difference is 207, the gematria of G-d’s attribute of Light, and that its number of digits is 314, as in Pi and Shadai, 314.  Moreover, the cumulative difference through that 13th level is 416. This means nothing to us until the sparkling cavern emanates a magic square constructed of 16 Elements of the periodic table, most of them metals.  Their atomic numbers are arranged so that each row, column, quadrant, diagonal, central square, corners, and opposing inner squares all equal 176, just like the super magic square and tesseract.

Wait. We realize that while cool, it still means nothing to us.

That is until the cavern shows us that 416 is the average atomic weight of each of those rows and columns. The ultimate alchemist, the Creator, has arranged it so that the atomic numbers of these 16 elements can not only work out this way, but also that their sum would be equal to 704, the value (704) of the central 4th line of the 42-Letter Name matrix, and their average value would be 44.  The highest atomic value in this elemental magic matrix is 74, corresponding to the element Tungsten, which we note is suspiciously similar to 704, and while (7 x 4) = 28, the lowest Atomic Number on this magical chart is 14, corresponding to Silicon with an atomic weight of 28.0.

Moreover, one of the elements itself has the Atomic Number, 42, Molybium, as in Mem-Bet, and another Ytterbium, has the Atomic Weight 173.0, matching the small gematria of the 42-Letter Name.

If the Torah is at the center of our galaxy the concept of 42, the aspect of the Creator that is 42, is at the center of the Torah and the universe.

As we digest this, we realize that the Creator arranged for another set of elements to work out this way as well. But applying the elements of our periodic table and their Atomic Numbers to the first sets of magic squares that sum to 176, we get another elemental magic grid and 16 more elements for 32 in total, ranging from Atomic Numbers 11 to 88, Radium. Notably, they include Astatine of atomic weight 210.

The sum of the digits in the atomic Numbers for all 32 elements is 256 or 28, like the 1/28 number of words, verses, and letters in the Torah. For whatever reason the Creator had, the only digit not used in the Atomic Numbers is the number 9.

Now, the number 256 is 162 and these magical squares all sum to 176 because their first or front digits all sum to 16 and their 2nd or back digits also all sum to 16, thus (16 x 10 + 16) = 176.  What is astonishing is that the Creator arranged it so that the atomic weights of the 16 elements in the first set would equal 1666.175 and the total for both sets would be 3360.816 or 10 times the 336 letters in the 112 Triplets.

We cannot possibly imagine what alchemy the Creator had in mind when He designed the elements of the periodic table, but while the first set averaged 416 per line, the second super magic set averaged 423.6… per line of 4, not just an approximation of the energy level for Moshiach Ben David, 424, but the more precise value of Phi(φ)3 or 423.60…, at the center of the magnetic field equations.

Moreover, those two averages for each line that sums to 176, together equals 840.204 or (20 x 42), and as explained to us by Rav Brandwein of blessed memory, they equal 10 x 84, Pad, redemption (84). What makes this arrangement, which could only have been done by the Creator at the moment physicality was conceived, even more astonishing is that while the averages of the two sets of 16 elements is 104.1359375 and 105.9150625 respectively, the sum of those two averages is precisely 210.051, taking us back to Ehyeh (אהיה) of numerical value 21; Planck’s diameter, or h/π, 21.0914362859 x 1035 that includes the value of the 72 Names (9143); the sum of the 14 square roots of the 14 Triplets (210.0262873) in the 42-Letter Name, which itself is off from 21009826, the total gematria of the Torah by 7200; the Encasing Pyramid (210); the Tower of Truth(210); and the Israelite exile in Egypt(210), etc.

The height of the encasing pyramid, while 210 cubits, or half of the values (420) of the Sun and Moon letters, Caf (כ) and Tav(ת) together, works out to 481.25 feet because of the inclusion of the time principal of 12 and the measure of the cubit 27.5”, the cosmic space/time harmonic, 27.5/12 as we have previously learned.  Given that its base is 330 cubits, as in the ordinal value (33) of the Sun and Moon letters, Caf (כ) and Tav(ת) together, it is also 756.25 feet in length. The difference between them (756.25481.25) is exactly 275.00, reflecting the value of the sacred cubit (27.5”) and primal frequency, 27.5 Hz. On the other hand, together (481.25 + 756.25) they add up to 1237.5 feet.  Since (1237.7 – 27.5) = 1210.0 or 1000 + 210, it could be said to equal Alef(א) or 1000 plus the height of the encasing pyramid in levels and/or cubits, representing the 210 years of exile in Egypt, etc. The equation also represents the sea of Binah (1000) pouring through the 4 rivers of Genesis 2:10 into the physical realm.

The same equation can also be broken down into 1237.5 = (1100 + 110 + 27.5) = (40 cubits + 4 cubits + 1 cubit) = (ם +ד +א) cubits = (אדם) Adam, Man. As we know, the age of Man is 120 years, reflecting the spatial-time continuum again and that while (330210) = 120, the combined 1237.5 feet taken as 1237.5” is 45 cubits, the numerical value of Adam (אדם), Man, and of the aspect of the Creator associated with Zeir Anpin and Man (יוד־הא־ואו־הא), which also separates into 42 + (אאא).

Must has been made about how the great pyramid is the only truly ancient monument to remain intact and to have it might have been made including many wide theories easily debunked. In a simulation though it does not have to be created. It could have always been there, like the flocks of sheep and the fields of wheat, and the rivers and the mountains.

We are next reminded of a series of equations about the Tower of Truth, the encasing pyramid, and the Names of G-d that we were taught a year before we even embarked on this journey into the inner cosmos:

We are further shown that the letter Caf(כ), representing the Sun is the 11th letter and has a value of 20, so when the two primal frequencies (27.5 Hz and 1.1 Hz) derived from the law of 9 , are applied to it, we get (20 x 27.5)/11 = 50, as in the 50-cubit height of the gates in the Holy Temple and the 50 Gates of Binah, and as in the Yud-Hei (יוד־הי).

The cavern goes on to show us that the Yud-Hei (יוד־הי) of numerical value 35 is also found in the expanded Binah-level Name Ehyeh (אהיה): (אלף־הי־יוד־הי), as 35 gets derived from 21, like the Planck diameter (21.09143 x 10-35). The rest of the Name Ehyeh (אלף־הי־יוד־הי) sums to 126 or (3 x 42) as in the value of each face of the Essential Cube of Creation> Moreover, its knocking or product is 120,000. That expansion to 126 comes from the original (אה) of (אלף־הי), which has a numerical value of 6, as in the 6 faces of the Essential Cube of Creation.

We continue pondering the meaning of this. Do the final letters of the 8 lower sefirot that equal 352 connect with the 5 final letters (ךםןףץ) of the Alef-bet, associated with the end of days and that total 280 or (8 x 35)? Do the higher letters of the 3 highest sefirot that total 210 or (35 x 6) connect with the 6 fields and/or the 6 bundled dimensions of Zeir Anpin, the spiritual bridge between physicality and infinity?

The inner cavern takes our thoughts and amplifies them.

Regarding the 304,805 letters in the Torah whose gematria sums to 21009826, we know that they refer to the value 300,000 plus the 4,805 letters Pe(פ) in the Torah, whose ordinal value is 17, and that 300 is the value of the letter Shin (ש) whose ordinal value is 21. While the sum of its digits (2+1+0+0+9+8+2+6) = 28, the product of those same digits gives us (2*1*0*0*9*8*2*6) = 1728 = 123.  Then applying another deeply revealing form of gematria cipher by dividing the above product by the above sum, we get:

4√(P(21009826)/ ∑(21009826))) 4√(1728/28) = 2.802828

Once again, the inner cavern is connecting the 58 words, verses, including the 304,805 letters of the Torah that are spun off of the 27 positions of the Essential Cube of Creation with the value 21, the spatial-time continuum coefficient 12 and the 5 final letters/positions within the Cube.

That is when we are shown all 112 Triplets encircling the Essential Cube of Creation and are reminded that their sum value is precisely (17,00035).

The luminous cavern appears to be pinched off in front of us, forming an hourglass shape. Above it, in the upper cup we see an equation with the size limit of the physical universe, the Planck’s diameter, or h/π is: 21.0914362859 x 1035. Below it, in the lower cup we see an image of the Sun shedding its coronal skin with an energy force at the opposite end of the scale, 1035 ergs. Is this the 35 and 35 the inner cosmos has been showing us?

It is.

The inner cavern wants us to understand that there is no up or down, right or left, or even inside or outside to the model. The model is a schematic designed for our understanding. It wants us to comprehend that physicality on any scale is separate from the spiritual realm (layers) of pure consciousness. It wants us to comprehend that what we conceive as creation exists only outside physicality. The two limits of 1035 and 1035 are just limits of expression within the simulation. Yes, we can imagine super nova explosions with energies greater than 1035 ergs, but do they actuality exists within our simulation or just pixilated that way. It is all a construct for us to imagine our tininess in comparison to the greatness of the Creator. Unfortunately, after 5778 years, most of Mankind gets the message backwards and believes what the erev rav tell them to.  Their compasses set to the physical, they believe it is Man who is great and who is doing the creation.

The inner cavern counts 70 between the two 35’s that cancel each other out in that 10-35 x 1035 = 1, as in “He and his Name is One.” The 70 reflects the midpoint in King David’s 70-year life in 2889 at the center of Spherical Time. The 70 also reflects the 70 years between the 2 Holy Temples, which collectively stood for 832 years, or an average of 416 like the atomic weights of the 16 elements of the magical square of 176. Those 70 years began in 3338 HC or 5778 x .5778. As elements of Spherical Time, it turns out that those 5778 years/the 832 years of the 2 Holy Temples times the number of seconds in an hour or 360o in a circle = 25000, exceedingly close to the speed a rocket needs to achieve to escape Earth’s gravity. An hour is a circle.

“There shall be a sky (firmament) in the middle of the water, and it shall divide between water and water,”

Between the upper and lower cup is the Essential Cube of Creation and at its core is 42.

“God’s spirit moved on water’s surface.”

Every 12,000 years another peak in the magnetic wave hits our solar system, causing the Sun to micro-nova and shed its corona. Evidence of this is found in the mass extinctions and near extinctions that happen on Earth every 12,000 years. There is also evidence of this with 6000-year intervals. Another cycle of massive geological events strikes the Earth every 27.5 million years, and this extends deep into time, matching the 27.5 thousand light years of our galaxy’s core.  That these match the cubit (27.5”) and primal frequency 27.5 Hz and the cosmic time cycle of 12,000 and the Spiritual time radius around 6000 years makes perfect sense since our physicality is a projection from the upper dimensions of what is known as the spiritual world.  It makes no sense to anyone trapped in the recycled illusion of physicality.

After the 12,000-year mark, the magnetic field pressure pulse hits and flips the Earth’s magnetic poles, and possibly the planet by 90o, setting off a chain of catastrophic events. Then once the enormous tsunamis finish sloshing back and forth over most of the landmass, and the deep freeze sets in for a long millennial winter, the endless earthquakes and volcanic eruptions will die down, and the earth will go through a 6000-year period of reordering, restructuring, and incubation with the help of the Fungi Kingdom, as has all been done countless times before. These are the 6 days of Creation.  Long after the great, great, great descendants of whoever survived have long since lost all memory and record of technology, at around the 6000-year mark, Man and consciousness is ready to begin again.  The cycle begins anew, physicality and virtually.

As Man reaches its darkest moment, the wave or field perturbation hits the Sun, the Earth gets consumed by the micro-nova of the shedding of the Sun’s corona, and the great reset begins.

This is what it looks like within the physical projection. Within inner cosmos of the upper realms, it is a just a switch flicking on and off automatically at a predetermined heartbeat.

This is why the complement to 176, which was flagged as a finality in parsha Naso, the 35th portion, is 424, equaling the (176 + 424) = 600 years of Noach that preceded the flood. It was all written and foretold to us in the Torah. The Torah disguised the sequencing for us, with Noach being the 10th descendant of Adam secretly referencing the 600 x 10 = 6000 years, now known by scientists as the Heinrich-Bond cycle, linking a solar cycle with the 6000 years recurring Heinrich Earth instability events.

The 5 genres of the erev rav as delineated in the Zohar certainly knew about it and have been preparing for years if not millennia.  This is why they have built tunnels and caverns to join the remnants of the 8 Kings beneath the surface. This is where the trillions of dollars funneled out of the global economy has gone. This is why they need to kill off most of the population first, so that they do not crash their tunnel entrances when they are observed escaping. That is why they needed to rehearse their lockdowns, wire 5G every few blocks, and inject the majority of the population. It has not helped them in previous resets, but each time they preserve more artifacts and knowledge to give them a head start.

Why such a horrific ending? Because it is all an illusion. It is a simulation. It is about consciousness development, not avatar stockpiling.

“…with darkness on the face of the depths, but God’s spirit moved on water’s surface. God said, ‘There shall be light’,”

“It was in the 600th year of Noach’s life, in the 2nd month…On that day all the wellsprings of the great deep burst forth and the floodgates of the heavens were opened.”

“The waters had surged very very much, and all the mountains were covered. The waters had surged upward 15 cubits and all the mountains were covered.”


The Torah tells us of two (2) surges, and both covered the mountains. They were covered by 15 or Yud-Hei (יוד־הי) cubits. Our entire musical scale is based on the harmonics of the primal frequency (27.5 HZ) divided into 12 notes, echoing the pulse and heartbeat of the cosmos. Fifteen (15) cubits is 412.5 inches, the Major Seventh (M7) or 412.5 Hz, and also 3 times the Phi(φ) angle (137.5o), the value of the bottom 3 levels of the 42-Letter Name matrix, and half the value of the primal frequency (27.5 HZ) and sacred cubit (27.5”).

In the year 2448 HC we received the Torah at Mt Sinai, a cosmic moment when we were encased in the Sphere of Protection for a 2nd time. This exact moment was 42.4% of the way to the event horizon in 5778 HC. Or even more precisely, it is φ3 % of the way, a ratio of the Phi(φ) field that is both integral and critical to the spiraling toroidal vortexes of magnetic radiation at the center of our atoms, our galaxy, and universe. This is the same φ3 that the inner cavern alerted us about with the atomic weights of the 16 elements of the magical squares of 176.

The sum of the average value of the 2 slates of 16 magic elements is 210, as in the height of the Tower of Truth constructed by the erev rav in 1776 HC.  The two Towers of 210 cubits height represents the two energy columns in the center of the hyperbolic toroidal cups. Together, the two Towers of energy equal and represent 420. Generated in the center of those two towers is an energy, a consciousness energy, the consciousness of Moshiach Ben David, 424. The numbers are just representations to help us make sense of the higher-dimensional design.

The two ranges for the toroidal hyperboloids express the same concept. We think of the upper dimensions as being increasingly larger and more expansive. On the other hand, many physicists think of them as progressively tinier as in the 11 dimensions of string theory.  Within our journey through the inner cosmos, we have realized that size is irrelevant. Near infinite volume can occupy the same space.  They are both as portrayed in the illustration.

The Torah’s 304,805 letters can be naturally into 300,000 and 4,805 letters, corresponding to the letters Shin (ש) and the 4805 letters Pe(פ) in the Torah. Notably, 4805 is 1.6016% of 300,000.

As noted earlier in our journey, the numerical value of the letters Shin (ש) and the letter Pe(פ) is 380, reflecting the word Mizraim, or narrow strait, as in the space between the upper and lower cups. As used literally in the Torah, the word Mizraim means Egypt, but the Kabbalists understood better, and the inner cavern explains that the word Mizraim (מצרים) is found 363 times in the Torah, as in the Spherical Time equations and as in H’Moshiach (363), the consciousness found in the strait between the cups.

The Spherical Time equations 2(2018π + 3760π) = 36304.24470, 4π(2889) = 36304.24470, and 2(5778π) = 36304.24470 all express the consciousness at the center of the strait (363 and 424), including the date (2447 HC) when Pharaoh and the Egyptians were experiencing the 10 plagues and Moses and the Israelites were exiting the strait and on the verge of that consciousness, thus mirroring the magnetic field pressure hyperbolic model. The other concepts reflected in equations include the 44.70 hour time frame for a day in physical time based on the 2018 radius and the value (4470) for the first 1000 digits in Pi, plus the value 44 as in the numerical value of the first plague and the value 70 for the central 70 years of the Spherical Time radii.

We now realize how the initials of the 10 plagues adding up to 541, the gematria of Israel, and the initials of the last plague being Mem-bet (מב) or 42, tied into the hourglass (42.457.6%) event in 2448 and the odd-even (4258%) splitting of the Alef-bet, whose small gematria pairing equaled (12+34+56+78+91+23+45+67+89+12+34) = 541. It is the same small gematria whose digits (1 +2 + 3 + 4…3 + 4) total exactly 100, matching 100th Prime Number, 541. It also now makes sense, 2 years later, that there are 120 ways to split the Alef-bet so that its small gematria pairing would equal 541. Moreover, as we learned back then, this particular and most simplistic division into 11 and 11 odd-even letter gave us a split of 625 and 870 and that the numerical value 541 is found exactly 625 times in the Torah.

Alone in the inner cavern it is all coming into focus, including that the 600 chariots of Pharoah that drowned match the 600 years of Noach and the Flood.  This is why the central point of the Spherical Time radii, 2889 HC, is exactly 441 or 212 years after 2448 HC. Is this why the numerical string …2000… is at the 600th digit in Pi? Or that the First Holy Temple was manifest 480 years after the hourglass point 2448 HC. The thoughts in our heads are like the fireworks in the opalescent walls, popping off in rapid succession. Is this why (600480) works out to 120 years. We know that because of Spherical Time the Divine Calendar reveals a mirroring of the two time frames with events like Abraham being born in 1948 HC and Israel being formed in 1948 CE. Are we seeing such a mirroring with (2448 HC – 480) being 1968 HC and the year of freedom 1968 CE, when the energy of free will and love was at its strongest, but ultimately lost out to the satanic forces of the erev rav.

Of those first 1000 digits in Pi, the numerical strings …5778… and its corresponding year in the Western Calendar …2019… are each found a statistically unprecedented 3 times each.  The string …2019… is found as 42019 twice, including the final 6 (Zeir Anpin) digits of those 1000. The inner cavern reminds us that the total gematria of the 5 Books of Moses divided by those final 6 digits is 21009826/42019.8 = 500.000, or simply 5.

One more point the inner cavern wants to clue us in on is that 424/21 = 20.19048.  The cavern lingers and lingers on this image and despite the current and our paddling, the canoes will not budge. We acknowledge the connection between the consciousness and energy of Moshiach ben David and the Name Ehyeh (אהיה) and that there are 7 Ehyeh (אהיה) in the Torah and the special year 1948’s connection to 70. But no, the canoes are stuck, and we are forced to stare at 424/21 = 20.19048 and guess at what it is that our consciousness is not grasping.

We have already seen so many of those 1000 digits parsed into telling numerical equation, each far beyond any statistical significance, and we have been shown that it is all about field perturbations and field interactions. We see how ridiculous and naïve it is to think of the Torah as a parchment, a historic, or even a sacred religious text. It can only be a complex force at the center of our galaxy/universe. It can only be our connection of consciousness life-line to that point of Creation. It says so in its first verse. The final word in the Torah is Israel, found 625 times in it.

The crystalline fireworks of the inner cavern then tie that finality equation (21009826/42019.8 = 500.000) between the 5 Books of Moses and Pi with the exact collective number of words, letters and verses in the Torah being precisely 58, the final word Israel, and the 5 final (sofit) letters of the alef-bet through the resultant total gematria sofit value (33640626) of the Torah.  The square root of 58 is 625 and 5/8 = .625, and:

21009826/33640626 ≈ .625 = 5/8.

The inner cavern repeats to us that 58 and 5/8, the hourglass (42.457.6%) event in 2448 HC and the odd-even (4258%) splitting of the Alef-bet are of One and the same concept (aspect) of Creation.  Everything must pair with 42.

It further reminds us that while the sum of the 22 spelled-out Hebrew letters is 4248, it becomes 10048 when the final letters are considered in the spelling, in other words exactly (10048 4248) = 5800 more, and moreover that (3+3+6+4+0+6+2+6) + (2+1+0+0+9+8+2+6) = 58.

What we are witnessing is hyperdimensional mathematics, what Netflix is conditioning you to believe is magic.  We see the projections of geometric forms we cannot comprehend and nor will we until we advance through several more levels of consciousness. What we can comprehend is that the Creator would not be extending this consciousness life-line to us if it were not possible to grab on to it, or if He did not want us to succeed. That desire for us to succeed is what we call “love,” and the universe calls “One.”

We also realize that this concrete proof of purposeful design of both the Torah and our universe is but a fraction of what is being conveyed. We sense that the inner cavern is alluding to something deeper, since none of this rehashed knowledge is really new to most of us on this journey together. There must be something we are not seeing, and it must be vital to our consciousness shift as knowledge is key to understanding.

The Arrangement of the 112 Triplets

Shifting gears a bit, the inner cavern shows us that the 7 letters (בגדכפרת) of the 7 satellites that Abraham taught us, not only orbit the center of the 42-Letter Name matrix, but total 709 and it is at the 709th digit in Pi where we find the only …112… string in those first 1000 digits of Pi.

Of those first 1000 digits in Pi, only 1 ordinal position matches a digit (number) within the 1000. It is the number 5. The 5th digit in Pi is 3.14159… five. Of the first 9 digits there was a 1 in 9 chance for any of those 9 to work out. The odds go down from there, dropping exponentially with every power of 10, yet somehow, the 242424th digit string in Pi is 242424.

The full strings is 242424240…with sums to 24. The 4 24’s also showcase 424 repeatedly with the odds of 106 to 1. This cosmic unicorn reinforces the hourglass pulsing 424 Moshiach consciousness radiation.

We now are shown the 112 Triplets, including the 14 Triplets of the 42-Letter Name matrix, presented as a sphere orbiting or encircling the Essential Cube of Creation. The inner cavern points out to us that everything is by design, and that the 42nd portion in the Torah, Matot, has 112 verses and is most often read together with Masey that includes the 42 journeys of the 42-Letter Name, the final portion of Bamidbar of numerical value 248.  There are 11 portions is Devarim, the final Book, and the inner cavern zooms in on the first 11 Triplets of the 112.

We see that the ordinal value of two of Abraham’s satellites, the Sun and Moon letters, Caf (כ) and Tav(ת), together equal (11 + 22) = 33. Those two letters that total 420 are stacked above one another in the 42-Letter Name Matrix.  The inner cavern now lets us in on a little secret. The letter above the Caf (כ) and Tav(ת) in the matrix is Tet (ט) and the ones (געק) beside them equal 173, as in the small gematria of the 42 Letters. While we just saw that the final 3 lines of the 42-Letter Name matrix equal the Phi(φ) angle (137.5o) and that the zig-zagged triplets of the matrix equal both Phi and Pi, the value 9, as in the letter Tet (ט), divided by the small gematria of the 42-Letter Name equals 70 plus Pi.

9/.123049… = 73.141593 = 70 + Pi

Again, not new, but now we see that the 42-Letter Name Matrix is key to the consciousness transfer that we must undergo to escape the bounds of physicality. Moreover, we are reminded that the 7 final letters of the 7 lines of the 42-Letter Name Matrix equal 2480, the sum of the Names of the 5 Books.  Is there a deeper relationship between the 5 Books and 7 lines reflected in (5 x 7) = 35, the way (5 x 42) = 210 and the Planck diameter, 21.0914362859 x 10-35?

The inner cavern next chooses to remind us how starting with the first Triplet (אבג) of gematria 6 in the 7 layered matrix of the 42-Letter Name we can then cross over to the second column and dropping down a flight (a row), until we end up on the 7th landing (row) with (שקו) of gematria 406.  The gematria of all 7 Triplets, representing exactly half the 42 Letters is (6 + 359 + 57 + 493 + 110 + 187 + 406) = 1618, as in Phi (ϕ), 1.6180

Doing the same with the other 7 Triplets adds up to 2083, the 314th Prime Number.

It next shows us that while the final 3 rows of the 42-Letter Name Matrix equal the Phi(φ) angle (137.5o), the prior 3 rows equals 1820, as in the 1820 YHVH (יהוה) in the Torah and that while those 1820 YHVH (יהוה) are integrally connected with the sum of the integers from 1 – 424, the value of the first line of the 42-Letter Name Matrix is equivalent to the complete gematria of Moshiach Ben David, 506.

It is further pointed out the half of 7 is 3.5 and that it thus takes 3.5 revolutions to line up the Triplets in the 42-Letter Name into a Phi/Pi column split, just like the 3.5 years in 42 Months.

Perhaps triggered by our thoughts of the Planck diameter, 21.0914363 x 10-35, the ever effervescent inner cavern shows us the 14 Triplets of the 42-Letter Name injected into the center of the Essential Cube of Creation, at the #14 position.

This is swiftly followed by the insertion of the 9 candles of the 72 Names. Each one is assigned to a different one of the 9 planes of the Essential Cube of Creation that stretches from 1 27.  As we learned earlier, the first 8 candles each have an average value of 1000 and the 9th candle (the Shamash) has a value of 1143.  We have previously learned that those 9 candles are associated with Chanukah and the light of Moshiach Consciousness, which we now know is where the Essential Cube of Creation is found. Aligning those 9 candles to the 9 planes, each candle is automatically aligned with the value 126 of that plane, 3 x 42.  The average value of each of the 8 candles per position is thus 1000/9 or 111.111, Alef (א). The average value of the 9th candle/position is 1143/9 = 127, which connects us to the first of the two portals in the Torah, the Name Elohim (אלהים) of complete gematria 127 found in the Torah’s first verse, whose 7 words combine in 127 ways.

The inner cavern reminds us that each of those 9 candles are crowned with a flame (להבה), of numerical value 42 and an ordinal value of 24 as in the 24 letters in each of the candles.

The final two sets of the 112 Triplets are the 15 Triplets of the Shema, that include the upper 42 Letters of the Name, and the 11 Triplets of Bereshit that form a total of 26 Triplets on one axis of the Alef (א), the other being the 86-axis of the (14 and 72) Triplets. While the 86 reflects Elohim (אלהים) of the first portal, the 26 reflects the YHVH (יהוה), including the 420th (יהוה) where we find the second portal that we need to align with. We are next instructed to align the 26 Triplets to the 26 structural elements of the Essential Cube of Creation: the 12 edges, the 8 vertices, and the 6 faces. Each edge has a value of 42. Each face has a value of (3 x 42) and the 8 vertices have a value of 112 and an average value of 14.

The inner cavern zooms back in on the 11 Triplets of Bereshit, which it splits into odd and even groupings, as we have previously seen done with the 22 letters of the Alef-bet and the 14 Triplets of the 42-Letter Name matrix that added up to Phi and Pi as the two strands in a double helix.

Alternating between then, the 11 Triplets split into two columns of Triplets, one with 6 elements and one with 5 elements.

Those two columns simply add up to 1044 and 1959, whose digits (1+0+4+4+1+9+5+9) sum to 33, but there is one more important step.

710    203

   36   203

705      51

407      90

101     206


1959  – 1044

The inner cavern then zigzags through the two columns, as in a staircase, and reorders them to add up the appropriate landings, reordering them into new columns.

710    203

203 –   36

705      51

    90   407

 101    206


2100 – 903

 The right column totals 903 as in the sum of the integers from 1 – 42 and the value of “V’yomer (ויאמר) Elohim (אלהים)” found in each of the 10 Utterances that created our physicality and reality. The left column totals 2100, as in all the primordial connections to Ehyeh (אהיה) that we have just seen, and to 50 times 42, Binah hyperspace and the outer and inner Gates of the Holy Temple.

Notably, the split between 903 and 2100 out of 3003 is nearly precisely 30.0% and 70.0%. The kabbalists learned thousands of years ago that the 70 represents the 7 lower dimensions that include the 6 bundled dimensions of Zeir Anpin, which is the transition to the physical projection, while the 30 represents the upper 3 dimensions of pure spirituality or non-physical existence. Then, as the inner cavern points out, 2100 = (30 x 70) and (9 x 3) = 27, as in the 27 positions of the Essential Cube of Creation. The two hyperbolic cups tied to (35 and 35) or 70, represent the transition to the projection of physicality, while what occurs between them is pure spiritual.

The inner cavern next wants us to see that (1 x 9 x 5 x 9 x 1 x 4 x 4) = 6480 and that (9 x 3 x 2 x 1) = 54 and that while (6480/54) = 120, the age of Man and the harmonic of the time/space continuum, 6480 is the square root of 42. The inner cosmos had taught us this once before, but there are deeper secrets that it wants us to understand. There is still a bit more we need to understand to set off the Eureka moment and engage the chain of consciousness transfer.

The drifting river through liquid stone has already shown us how the quantitative totals (390,625 and 401,273 or 58 and 248,000/φ respectively) of the Torah’s 3 and 5 main elements all center on the numbers 6480, 64.80, and 648.0 and how it ties into Spherical Time and the Cosmic Clock through 6480 = 120 x 54, the age of Man (120) times the annual cycle of the Torah (54 portions).  It showed us that the great precession of 25,920 years divided into 4 great seasons = 6480 years per season, and that there are 6480o in a dodecahedron, a 12-sided polyhedron, one of the 5 platonic solids. It told us that there is a hyperdimensional metaphysical reason for all this and that is that 42 is at the center of everything that emanates from the Essential universe with the square root of 42 being 6.480

 What it is now trying to get through to us for the 1000th time is that nothing exists without 42. The number 42 is a concept tied to several Names of the Creator. Those Names themselves are just concepts, not made by Man, but for Man and for every soul and every aspect of existence.

It is telling us the great reset is going to happen no matter what. It is on auto-pilot. The only way to end it is for a critical mass of consciousness to awaken to Oneness tied to the Creator through 42. Even the ancient Egyptians knew this and wrote about 42 judges overseeing the soul on its afterlife journey. The Torah explicitly told us we would have to take 42 journeys to reach the promised land. That mass awakening had to happen by 5778. It did not. This is why our perfectly designed clock-like planetary system is already destabilizing. Is there hope for Mankind? Yes, in the next reset and the reset after that.

Is there hope for us individually? Yes, if we can elevate our conscious the last few steps and get beyond the illusion of time and physicality to connect to the Oneness and concept of 42. We must place it within the center of the Essential Cube of Creation of 42, connect it to the 27 positions/letters. Why is there a difference of Yud-Hei (יוד־הי) or 15 between 42 and 27? Why did the waters cover physicality by 15 cubits? We must surround that Cube with the 112 Triplets, aligning them as we have been taught. The Torah gave us all the tools we need. Our in depth study of the Torah has made us worthy of understanding and of seeing the model and design. We must also have the desire. Many a consciousness has ascended before us. Their desire was singular and like the two arrows of the pointed towers, it was directed away from physicality.

We are beginning to understand that with the Torah at the center of it all, the endless cycle of 54 portions has to do with tying the universe to a specific rhythm and flow, which maybe why 54/424 = .127358. It has to do with what we sense as time.

Time, Times, and Half a Time

The inner cavern of the inner cosmos directs our attention to the mysterious verse in Daniel 12:7, which is connected to the end of days and the phrase, “(לְמוֹעֵד מוֹעֲדִים וָחֵצִי) time, times, and half a time.”  It then connects that phrase the verse Genesis 23:1 from the Torah’s 5th portion, Chayeh Sarah, whose connection to the end of days we wrote about 13 years ago in connection with Sarah living for 127 years, and the curious similar wording Shanah, shanah, Shan’im or year, year, and years, especially since Shanah can be regarded as time as well.

Before the inner cavern can do the work for us, we realize that (127 + 231) = 358, Moshiach from the equation 54/424 = .127358 that is still lingering on the wall.

While the phrase, “(לְמוֹעֵד מוֹעֲדִים וָחֵצִי) Time, times, and half a time” is repeated twice within the 12 chapters of Daniel’s end times prophecies, it is in Daniel 9:27 that he speaks about 7 and half a 7. Our first thoughts are the connection to the 9 planes of the 27 positions of the Essential Cube if Creation.  We already know that 12 refers to the cycle of time and the pulse of the universe, while the inner cavern has dropped plenty of clues of the connection between 7 and the 7 Ehyeh (אהיה).

The phrase, “(לְמוֹעֵד מוֹעֲדִים וָחֵצִי) is broken down before as, separating out the initials (לְמוֹ) which are also the first 3 letters (לְמוֹ) of the phrase. They equal 76, as in the ordinal value of Bereshit (בראשית), the Torah’s first 6 letters, or first 2 Triplets. The inner cavern then shows us that the digits in 76 have always referred to the (7 x 6) matrix of 42 and the (7 + 6) = 13 values of Echad and Ahava, One and love, the same as the 176 magic grids. Next, we are shown that the ordinal value of those first 3 letters of initials (לְמוֹ) is 31 making their complete value 107, as in the 107th triangular number 5778. We now understand why they were separated out.

In terms of earth (physicality) bound years “Time, times, and half a time” refers simply to (365.25 days + 365.25 days + 365.25 days/2) = 913.125 as in the value of the word Bereshit (בראשית), In the Beginning. But this is just the beginning.

Next, we see that the first word of the 3 without the initials (לְמוֹ) have a value of 120, the age of Man and cyclical time pulse. The other two words total 238, as in what we were just shown with the sum of all the levels of Oneness (1 + 13 + 91 + 455 + 1820) = (10 x 238, Rachel) = 1/42.

Next, we see that the 3 words together without the initials (לְמוֹ) equal (120 + 238) = 358, Moshiach. As we question the validity of summing the phrase without the initial or crowning Lamed (לְ) we are reminded that the complete value of Lamed (לְ) is 42, as in the flame and the first two words of the phrase without their initials have the value of (120 + 130) = 250, as in ner, candle, while the final word chetzi, half (וָחֵצִי) has an ordinal value of 42.

Indeed, it is explained to us that chetzi, half (וָחֵצִי) was a clue given to man that time is 21 or half of 42, and thus that Time, times, and half a time stands for 212 + 212 + 21 = 903, the sum of the integers through 42, also known as truth, truth and the source of truth, Ehyeh (אהיה).

The inner cavern further explains that “half of 7” refers to 3.5 and that Time, times, and half a time is (1 + 2 + .5) = 3.5 times and that time is 12 and therefore (3.5 x 12) = 42, referring to 42 months or 3.5 years. Is this the event horizon width?

The image of the phrase, “(לְמוֹעֵד מוֹעֲדִים וָחֵצִי) is brought up again are we are shown that ordinal value of the middle word (times) breaks down to (35 + 27) while the complete value of the phrase with the Lamed (לְ) is 543 as in the value of G-d’s highest Name “I am that I am Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh (אהיה־אשר־אהיה).” What is not included is the initials (מוֹ) as in 46, the value of me’ah “cubit,” referring to space.  This pairing (מוֹ) is crucial to the phrase and found 3 times in it. The inner cavern wants us to understand that the complement to 46 is 54, as in the value of the 3 final letters of the phrase (דםי) that portent the future. In this case, bloody.

In the initials that began with 5778 terminated with (דםי) whose ordinal value is 27 and whose small gematria is 441 or 212, emet, truth, and their collective value is (76 + 54) = 130, as in Sinai, ladder, and 10 x Oneness. We are reminded that 2448 HC, the year of Sinai and Oneness plus 441 is 2889, the center of Spherical Time. We a further shown that symmetrically 2889 + 441 (truth) = 3330 and that 2448 + 3330 = 5778.  Moreover, while (םי) in (דםי) equals 50, as in the central letter in the Essential Cube of Creation, (די) equals 14, the central position in both the cube as David (14) in Spherical Time. Furthermore, the inner cavern gleefully points out that (םי) is 2/3 or .666 of the 3 letters and that the 3330 years = 66.6 jubilee (50) years just as the Torah instructed us to count, starting in 2448 HC.

The Spherical Time equations appear again. 2(2018π + 3760π) = 36304.24470, 4π(2889) = 36304.24470, and 2(5778π) = 36304.24470 and we see that time (2018), times (3760) and half a time (2889) refer to the prophetic phrase Time, times, and half a time. We now understand that the Pi field in the equation also refers to Exodus 3:14 where we find G-d’s highest Name “I am that I am Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh (אהיה־אשר־אהיה),” of small gematria value 3142, the same as the sum of the 3 expansions of Ehyeh (אהיה) and the 3 levels of the 42 Letters of the Name (2434 + 708) = 3142, which 1/Phi (618) completes to form 3760.

There is just one more element that the inner cavern wants us to understand, and we a using the word “understand” loosely. Understanding refers to the level of Binah that we cannot even begin to comprehend. The inner cavern and inner cosmos are the filtered consciousness of the Creator speaking to us. He and His aspects do not intend for us to “understand” Him on His level, just to have the desire to, to get past our ego, the collective ego. The ego is a trap, a bond to the physical illusion. The ego can only be destroyed by the realization that it does not exist and never did. It is the vessel for the projection. We create our own vessel for the projection. The more we feed the ego the more we can receive in physicality and the less chance we ever have of escaping, yet the vessel is no more real than the projection. We are taught the ego is bad, but for the wrong reasons. Ego is confidence. People with strong confidence usually succeed and attract others to them, that is until others with even more confidence come along and swallow them all without them even realizing it. It is just a trap. By increasing our understanding and desire for the Creator, we diminish our egos, avoiding the traps.

The spelled out Name Ehyeh (אלף־הי־יוד־הי) is split into Alef (אלף) and the back of the Name that sums to 50. When Alef (אלף) is spelled out with the value 1000 for the letter Alef (א) as in the level of Binah, the value for the full spelled-out Name is 1880 or half of time, 3760.

We realize that the inner cavern was not attempting to decipher a prophecy for us, as prophecies mean nothing for us, in the same way that Simpson episodes foretelling the future years later do. They are all just seeds dropped for us to follow the path, warnings given as per the laws of Creation, the rules of the simulation. No, the inner cavern wants us to process the concept of Ehyeh (אהיה), 42, and “I am that I am Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh (אהיה־אשר־אהיה),” as necessary for the evolution of our consciousness.

Night and Day

The sparkling colors are still churning away and the inner cavern takes us back to Creation with the words night (לילה) and day (יום). The inner cavern wants us to know that the Hebrew word for night, lilah (לילה) is split into two syllables of numerical value 40 and 35 (לה) and day, yom (יום) is 16 and 40, as in 40 days and 40 nights. It breaks it down to 402 x 35 x 60 = 2100 x 1600 = 3360000, which it tells us we should understand by now, and it moves on. It seems to be more concerned with showing us that there are 64 lilah (לילה) in the Torah and 481 yom (יום) and that those 481 days (יום) have a numerical value of (27,00064) with 64 being the complete value of the central position of the Essential Cube of Creation, and 481 being the corresponding height of the Tower of Truth.  It must be alluding to the two Towers pointing directing into the heart of the Essential Cube.

It further shows us that those 64 lilah (לילה) in the Torah have a numerical value of 4800, while “the night (הלילה)” has the symmetry of 351035. It continues illustrating that “B’lilah (בלילה)” meaning “in the night, or mixture” is a combination of 42 and 35.

As we peer down the length of the mesmerizing cavern, we realize it has more that it wants to teach us, that we need to know…

Chapter XXXII Part Q – The Law of One.

The 4 Pillars

Pillars of water and air rain down from above. Pillars of fire and earth rocket upward. Utter destruction in their wake. A globe covered in deadly twisting pillars, jutting out into the sky everywhere like a giant corona virus. Fire, Air, Water, and Earth. As our Sun becomes more active and the Earth’s magnetic field grows weaker, vortices are appearing out of nowhere. Like the sinkholes pockmarking the planet, magma and lava are compelled to surge upward, hurtling earth and fire skyward. Electrical charges surge through the atmosphere as strobic lightning fill the clouds with perpetual flashes and bolts rain downward at unprecedented levels. Vortices of wind twist and squeeze the clouds, causing concentrated torrential downpours of water and historically large chunks of ice. Other vortices spin off, manifested as destructive tornadoes, derechos, sandstorms, and fierce driven winds, ranging across cities and deserts alike. Forest fires sweep out and are sucked upwards from the drought parched landscapes.  Pressure gradients rising and falling precipitously, drawn to mysterious voids. The pressure generated in the ionosphere does not stop at the crust.  Under the strain, the earth eventually cracks open.

Increased changes in the 4 pressure mediations upon the fields encapsulating the earth are creating vortices. Vortices are pulling in the moisture and rain and funneling it into a concentrated downpour. They grab hold of the wind and whip it up into 100 mph vectors.

Fire (אש), Air (רוח), Water (מים), and Earth (עפר). The 4 elements, as delineated in the Zohar, correspond to the four (4) forms of energy movement in our world. As we have previously learned, these are influenced by the 27 higher dimensional pressure mediations and the fields they interact with. These four (4) energy forms are directly analogous to the 4 forces of the YHVH (יהוה):

Flipping their order, reading from right to left as in Hebrew, we get YHVH (יהוה):

The inner cavern informs us that the order of the elements is based on the structure of their names, their middle letters in particular (יאופ): Water (מים), of Fire (אש), Air (רוח), and Earth (עפר)—the Yud (י) being the circular, the Alef (א) being the centrifugal force drawing everything into its center, the Vav (ו) being the linear force and the Pe (פ) representing the spiraling centripetal force or pressure mediation spinning everything outward.  The 4 pressure mediations interact with the inertial field to create electro-magnetism and every other force we observe.

The inner cavern further informs us that the initials of the 4 elements (מארע) spell out 4127, as in the 401273 elements of the Torah, and moreover that 4127 is by design (420073), with 73 being the gematria of the sefira Chochma (Wisdom) and the 73rd Triangular Number that is the value of the Torah’s first verse 2701.

The numerical value of Fire (אש), Air (רוח), Water (מים), and Earth (עפר) is 955 and by adding Man/Adam (אדם) to those elements brings its total numerical value to (955 + 45) = 1000. The ordinal value of those 4 elements is 145, like the 145 digits that follow the numerical string …1000… through to the 1000th digit in Pi that total 666. Therefore, the complete value of the 4 primordial elements is 1100 and with the kolel for the 11 letters, its 1111.

Primal Frequencies

The inner cavern wants us to understand a principle of our physical construct and that is that those 4 elements must always be in balance, a quantity metaphysically speaking of 275 or 10 cubits each, as in their average (1100/4) = 275. That makes 40 in total, as in the age of maturation in the Torah, the 40 days of the Flood that resets the Earth, and of the 40 days that Moses spent on Sinai to retrieve the Tablets.

We are further informed that perhaps it would be easier for us to understand it as a system whereby each element much be in tune and harmony with the primal frequency (27.5 Hz). If not, the imbalance will draw in more of the other elements and chaotic perturbations and turbulence will ensue until equilibrium can be reestablished. In an aquarium that might be interesting to observe. In the aquarium that is our ionosphere, the consequences can be devasting. As fiery charges of lightning rain down from the heavens in bolts thicker than ever before and now some are even rising upward off the mountaintops in the western USA we have to wonder if the heavy deluges and crater causing icy hail are not the natural consequences of these imbalances, physicality’s compensation mechanism. As explained in the Torah, all things tend toward chaos and there comes a point when enough is enough and there comes a point when the whole system needs to be wiped clean.  Water covered the Earth by 15 cubits. Every time the Torah refers to cubits it is referring to the primal frequency (27.5 Hz).

We have to wonder what effect injecting 5G into the ionosphere at 27.5 GHz may have had upon that equilibrium and why that agenda was pushed so vehemently and deployed clandestinely under cover of the lockdowns. The timing does seem suspicious.

Those 11 letters align with the 11 sefirot and with the 11 Triplets of Bereshit through the equation that divides their sums, 3003/1100 = 2.73, as in the cosmic convergence equilibrium (273) that is built into the dimensions of our solar system and that is necessary for converting a circle to a square and visa-versa.  While 273 and consequently 1.273 are built into those same 401273 elements of the Torah, as we know, 401273/φ = 248,000, reflecting the 248 words and 1000 letters of the Shema. The inner cavern now shows us that the complete value of ruach/air (רוח) is 248, matching the value of the final letters (רמח) in the three elements Air (רוח), Water (מים), and Earth (עפר), also 248. Then when the balance is established with Water (מים) their final letters total 288, as in the 288 Holy sparks we are supposed to gather together, and as in the year 2889 HC, the radius of Spherical Time.

The 3 initials of Fire (אש), Earth (עפר) and Water (מים) total 111, the numerical value of Alef (אלפ), or 1/10th the total complete value of the 4 elements, 1111.  Meanwhile, the value of the 4 initials is 311, which the inner cavern lets us know is directly connected to the 11 Triplets and 33 letters of Creation that total 3003.

As we start to paddle, the canoes begin to rock from side to side. Struggling to regain our balance, when we look up, we are in a hall or 4 pillars and in between them are the 4 sets of Triplets. On their own our canoes turn from pillar to Triplet matrix to pillar, slowly around and around. It is them that we are shown the 4 elements plus the 112 Triplets (311 + 112) equals 423, not just 1 less than 424, Moshiach Ben David, but the value of Phi(φ)3, the field that controls and guides the pressure mediations that govern the physical forces in our world.

We drift out of that exciting hall, and slow drift through nothingness until we get the sense that we are missing something. At that moment, the inner cavern projects the other primal frequency into the iridescent wall, 1.1 Hz.  It suddenly makes sense. We learned about the interaction of these two unique primal frequencies 27.5 Hz and 1.1 Hz that derived from the reduction of 9’s upon the set of all integers when we were studying Tesla’s 369 frequency integration.  It was Tesla who understood how to tap into the frequencies in the ionosphere to distribute free energy. This also explains why in one of his experiments on Long Island there was a compensatory earthquake in lower Manhattan.  That further begs the question what experimentation has been going on lately to cause compensatory bubbles and anti-bubbles to rise to the surface and leave sinkholes in their wake.

Nonetheless, the inner cavern finds our thoughts distracting and jerks our canoes against one another, nearly dumping us into the brink. As we right ourselves and stare into the rippling river it tells us this connection to 9’s and frequencies is why there are 18 letter Zadi (צ) of numerical value 90 in the array we call the Shema, the numerical value Water (מים), reflecting (3 + 6 + 9).  It is also why Zadi (צ) is located 3 times, in the first, last, and in the middle of the middle row of the 42-Letter Name matrix. And also why it is found at the end of the 11 Triplets of Bereshit, and yet only once in the 216 letters of the 72 Triplets, in the 60th Triplet. Altogether, the letter Zadi (צ) connected to water is found 24 times in the 112 Triplets for a total value of 2160, as in the diameter of the Moon. Physicists call the connection between the Moon and the water on Earth gravity, yet they have yet to find neither a particle nor a wave. Perhaps, they should use a PCR test. It is said they can find anything.

Come to think of it, it is interesting that the Moon exerts such a strong gravitational force as to lift and bulge the ocean tides by many feet yet exerts no force whatsoever on lifting a piece of paper, a leaf, or even a dust particle off of the land.

The inner cavern smiled. We are starting to catch on. In our studies we often cite the Great or Encasing Pyramid, but two other historic unicorns also stand out. Göbekli Tepe dates to around 11,600 years ago and Atlantis, was dated by the Plato and Solon also to around 11,600 years ago, both in line with the 12,000-year excursion cycle. We are not speculating that the ancient Turkish archeological marvel was Atlantis but given Spherical Time and the 5778 year reset periodicity of the Sun, cosmos, and of life on Earth, it is more likely that we are Atlantis, the fabled world where the elites grew greedy with technology and brought about their own destruction, sinking beneath the waves. After the massive mega-tsunamis, the plasma etching, the tumultuous earthquakes, asteroid pounding, volcanic upheaval and deep freeze very few will survive and very little of civilization.  After a few generations, there will be little to no remnants of our existence, only the legends of wondrous technology, flying machines, and the ruling elite who enslaved the population and created strange transmutations. After 6000 years—the Heinrich event cycle represented by the 6 Alefs (א) in the Torah’s first verse—the planet will be ready to repopulate with Noah’s ark.  The simulation resets to zero-point and the countdown begins, ready set, day 1, day 2…Adam, and the sin of tapping into the Tree-of-Knowledge of Good and the evil of the prior reset.  The DNA was pure, set to ACTG, the 4 nucleotides of numerical value 424, the consciousness of Moshiach Ben David, but it was tinged with the slightest bit of knowledge retained from prior resets thanks to the bite of that fruit.

Without that knowledge, we would be free to explore the limitless possibilities and pathways of Spherical Time, but because of it we are drawn to the same and similar ones over and over again, never understanding why we are inexplicably drawn to certain people, places, or things, or why we can sometimes see what is coming when others cannot, or why we get déjà vu. Our consciousness is riding our minds and it is our minds that are integrated into the simulation. We choose our avatars, which started out perfect and could last forever, an image from above. As the knowledge in the back of ours minds grew like a sprouted seed, the lifetime of the avatars went from 1000 years and steadily shrunk and each time we grew more creative with them.

12,000 Year Cycle

Both equations of Spherical Time share the same radius (5778) and the same diameter 2(5778) or 11,556, which is 90 square miles more that Israel’s current 11,466 square miles. It is as if Israel is its own protective bubble, just as we were told in the Zohar.

We are immediately struck, literally, wet drops of some kind hit us on the backs of our heads.  None of us saw them falling yet we all felt them.  Now we are experiencing déjà vu. Reassuring ourselves, we see that the 90 miles is a reflection of the 90o m