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Some think we are individually living in simulated movies of our own design, or at least our own direction. While this is possible, it is inefficient, and what would be the point? That would make this whole process nothing more than a VR video game to experience vicarious pain and pleasure, but mostly pain, stress, and boredom. Why would any advanced sentient consciousness want to don such an avatar for such a long period of time, if at all?

Rather than billions of individual set-ups, it takes far less energy for a mass simulation that acts as a labyrinth for sorting out which fledgling consciousnesses are ready for the next level. That takes orders of magnitude less energy than doing it through a physical universe.

Why a labyrinth though? Whether we are in a simulation or not, and like any video game, there are perceivable patterns prevalent and redundantly repeated throughout this existence. Those patterns exist throughout the universe and throughout our various cultures and societies. No matter who we are or where we are born, we must manage, manipulate, survive, and thrive at every level of schooling. At the end, the most successful ones move on at the top levels, socially and academically. The same holds true for sports, teams, and leagues at all levels. It is true in the arts, music, and all cultural fields. It is true in academics, the military ranks, and in all careers. It is true in our love lives and our social networks as well. It is true on every scale, from organizing your day to the labyrinth of military conquest and war, which is more about ego and greed than a desire to govern. It that were not the case, man would stop fighting and start taking care of the people they conquered. That has never been done though. Every culture, society, and group throughout every microcosm of history has been in a constant state of war, internally and externally, since the beginning of our reckoning. That is one pattern we can all perceive, though not an ideal one for the spiritual beings we project ourselves to be.

The similarity in the patterns is why Sun Tzu’s “The Art of War” is relevant to most any social labyrinthine structure. War is an easy manner of learning the ways of the labyrinth because they are usually rigidly structured, and because, being a constant throughout history, they are well documented.  Only pure ego would cause someone to document how that conquered high school, rose the corporate ladder, stepping over bodies, to become CEO, or became a social influencer on Instagram.  In all cases, we must find and discern the labyrinth, then master it, then move on to the next level.

Before we discuss patterns, we can ask ourselves a few simple questions. Did the Creator have to create carbon-based lifeforms over billions of years to create life as we know it? Or surround it with a universe trillions of times larger than the distance those life-forms would ever travel?

If the Creator started with consciousness, why would He have devolved it into molecules and microbes and then worked His way back up again? That scenario only exists in an ego based schematic where we created our own consciousness, which would mean we created the concept of G-d, which would mean we went into the future to develop the technology of the Torah and the universe, then went back into time and left it for our more primitive selves to find, only so our future selves if they survived could find and decipher it in order to make them think Man has no part in it. That makes total sense!

No, the Creator had and has no need for physically living beings or even for physical matter. Our physical bodies are inefficient, our spiritual consciousness has not evolved since the amoeba, and we are no less destructive to one another and the resources of the universe than a bacterium or a virus. Why waste so many resources and expend so much energy on us? It is only our ego that makes us think we, as physical entities, are worth it.

Physical matter is far inferior and so much more energy intensive to sustain than pure consciousness.  As pure consciousness, if you were making man in your own image, would you not make him out of consciousness?

Matter takes time to develop and process, so you would first need to create a structure and schematic where time exists, and you would need to keep that separate from the reality where there is no time, and where everything is infinite and infinitely attainable, where you exist. Would you do that just to pump up the ego of the creatures inside that bubble so that they eventually deny your existence? Does not make much sense, especially since you can formulate their entire existence in your mind and change the channel whenever they get too annoying.

The experience of physical life can be had with almost no effort at all by a good simulation.

Remember, while some alien or future human civilization may need some type of physical or quasi-physical computer system to create a simulated world/universe, the Creator would have no need of matter, molecules, or even atoms.  Every experience we have ever felt or that we think our ancestors have ever felt can be created in a single consciousness program.  All those wars and battles need not occur; they can be simple patterns and algorithms programmed in so that we think of them as history and so that history repeats itself.  There is no need for billions of years of planting molecular seeds and nurturing them, tweaking them, and then starting over every time a natural catastrophe nearly wipes everything out, only to see if the end product would be evil or good, the answer to which is found in Moses’ Song in Ha’azinu, thanks to those that went back in time to plant the Torah.

Think about it. All those billions of years or evolution and physical development, and now our scientists have just realized that most life on out planet was wiped out only 42,000 years ago.  Hard to think of a more spiritual number, but it took geo-physicists 5 years to pin it down since it was first published. Scientists are also grabbling with the fact that cataclysmic or ice-age events happen every 12,000 years of so and that we are overdue, including the earth’s magnetic flip, which is about to occur. That is a lot of evolutionary redoes, though they are not actually physically feasible.

If the Creator had chosen the more arduous and time consuming route of investing billions of years and endless resources to create man, would He not have treasured us more? Would He have given us the faculties to survive without constantly trying to destroy one another in the process? At every point in time, and at every place on our planet, Man has been involved in multiple wars simultaneously. Man has raped, pillaged, savagely tortured, murdered, and enslaved one another, mercilessly and incessantly, from day one until today. Would not the Creator of this life-form have given us a conscience and a consciousness to find another way? Unless of course we were in simulation, and then it would not matter as the pain, suffering and humiliation would not be real. Would you invest everything to raise chickens if all they did were peck each other to death?

The alternative is that the universe spontaneously appeared, and man grew out of an amalgamation of competing microbes and that our bodies are eusocial hives of thousands of colonies of bacteria, fungi and viruses that strategically cooperate with one another so that we can spontaneously develop consciousness in order to kill one another and all the bacteria, fungi and viruses that we can find.

And all this would still have had to happen in the very first go around, before AI, and or future humans, develop a mechanical simulation that does away with us. If AI learned anything from humans would it not be the art of war and our predilection for it. This would also mean that we are at the beginning of infinity, not somewhere in the middle of it.  Sounds more like ego, than creation. It would also mean that the Torah does not exist because if advanced intelligence existed before us, then we were not first.

And what about babies, do they have baby consciousness that grow as their minds develop? Does that make sense from an evolutionary standpoint? Is there programming in our DNA that makes consciousness grow over time? There physically has to be if man is real and has a consciousness, yet we have found no genes for this in our DNA, nor place for it inside our bodies.  Or does consciousness just spontaneously arise when we get our bar mitzvah, or diploma. If consciousness is extraneous to our corporal selves, then it can be attracted to AI in the same way, right?

And what about magic, both black and white, and the power of the Names, precognition, etc. In a pure physical world, none of that exists. In a pure physical world, everything must obey the laws of physics, no exceptions. In a simulated world, all those exceptions are easy and simple to insert and withdraw at will. Even the rules can change over time (the length of the game). Players can earn, find, be dealt, or lose those powers in each turn.  What do you observe? If we invented games and video games, what did we innately pattern them after? Why would the Torah warn us against witchcraft and the like if it did not exist? Why would it show us sorcery among Pharaoh’s priests, Laban’s livestock, and Balaam’s magic if it did not exist.

And what about the power in the 42-Letter Name that affords us the ability to change and bend reality at will? This Name is the easiest of the 4 sets of Triplets of the 5 Essential Elements to access, and yet it is so powerful on its own. How do we explain the shifts it brings before our eyes if the world is nothing more than the strict laws of engagement between particles?

Another sign that this is a simulation built for consciousness and consciousness training, and not an ego-based physical reality, is found at the edge of science: Quantum entanglement and Schrodinger’s paradox.  Both paradigms are unexplainable by physicists today. If we observe an electromagnetic particle it is in a fixed state. If we do not, it is a wave and is in an indeterminant state; in other words, we cannot know where it is in the slightest. That is easily explained in a simulation where it is only necessary to determine or know where observable things are. Everything else, does not really exist yet, so why waste energy on it. It is not so different than our minds filling in 98% of what is around us from the 2% our senses are focused on. Our minds simulate most of our world based on memories and neural associations.

Quantum entanglement similarly tells us that if we pair two such particles and separate them by even the length of the known universe, they will act in concert whenever we observe them, and in potential when we are not. Once again, a simulation applies energy only to that which is observed and allows our imagination to cover everything beyond, which is predictable because it is a simulation. As we will soon see, it is akin to studying the Torah, or inner cosmos, in hyperspace: everything is unknown, until we focus on it, and only then do we understand.

If you think about it, there is no need for a big bang when simply the thought of it can be implanted into the program with a few lines of code. “In the beginning G-d created heaven and earth. The earth was without form and empty…”

On the other hand, it is the height of all ego to think that this perfectly balanced planet in terms of resources and beauty just happened to develop and survive here, only an 8 minute flight away from the enormous nuclear furnace we call Sun, or that after tredecillions of chance encounters molecular Humans appeared, and that on our own, after just a few thousand years, developed a consciousness, equipped with the ability and knowledge to create civilization after civilization in spite of its propensity for destruction and disregard for the sanctity and dignity of life.

“God said, ‘There shall be light,’ and light came into existence.” He did not say let there be particles, atoms, and stars and they shall give off light. A document as accurate about advanced mathematics, physics, and the dimensions of our solar system would have known the difference. The light is the collective fields of existence, the building blocks or source codes within the counterspace.

Even before “light” came into existence there was “water,” the ether or medium into which the Spherical Time bubble simulation was placed. With a firmament in the middle of the water, “and it shall divide between water and water.” Two paradigms of time in simultaneous coexistence: One heavenly (spiritual) and one earthly or physical.


We see the patterns of mathematics and the numbers repeated throughout our solar system and we see the patterns of the fields, like Phi(φ) repeated throughout the greater universe.  It is by recognizing patters that babies, life, and consciousness grow. It is by mastering them that we move on.  Repetitive patterns make the universe more efficient, but they also make creating a viable simulation easier.  We learn by pattern recognition, which is the key to scoring the highest on proper IQ tests. This is why the simulation was set up as a series of overlapping and overarching patterns and labyrinths; because all life-forms and consciousnesses can learn by them and get better the longer they are immersed in it. And for those that do not, no worries, it is only a simulation.  It is a nearly effortless way for the universe to sort out and support the levels of consciousness that rise to the top.

It works out the same even if you think that physicality is real.

The goal, though, is not to master the lower level labyrinths of life, but to skip ahead to the higher level ones of the spirit, mind, and the ether. And to do so before time in the Spherical Time bubble runs out. The Spherical Time bubble is the most efficient way to give everyone a fair chance to outrun the Leviathan. Like the myth of the Minotaur there are penalties for getting caught in the labyrinth.  That is what puts pressure on us. Being ignorant that you are in the labyrinth or that you are being chased by the Leviathan does not excuse you; it just makes you easy prey.

The Torah has a labyrinth too, just one that lies beneath the surface. There is plenty to see topside and people have been studying it for thousands of years, but as the real Kabbalists will tell you, the real beauty lies beneath. It is also where the Creator left us precious clues, Holy Sparks.

As we search for a way out of this Spherical Time bubble, there is a pattern the Creator laid plain for us to see.  In this chapter, we will go on a journey together through the labyrinthine tunnels within the Torah. The purpose will be much more than discovery or revelation, our goal much more profound.

Spherical Time

The Spherical Time bubble consists of an infinite set of pathways that we can take, all beginning in a central point of origin, taking the eventual shape of a sphere or torus. From our perspective, we call each pathway, time, but it is more like distance. There are two paradigms of time that span the same distance from this central point, and at each moment we can choose one paradigm or the other. One, the spiritual paradigm is 3760 years long. The other, the physical paradigm, is 2018 years long.  Since they start at the same point of origin and end at the same edge of the bubble, traveling along them is seemingly much faster in spiritual time than the weighed down physical time journey, but if you think about it, you have less time to process and must react much quicker in physical time.

Before we get into the science behind the simulation and Spherical Time, we should cover the basics of these two simultaneous time paradigms.  The Zohar always describes physical and spiritual energy moving in all 6 directions at once and it often takes it further and describes it as moving in 12 directions, going inward and outward at the same time in each direction.  Given the 3-dimensional constraints of our physical world (prison) or physical simulation, energy, matter and possibly time would expand as spheres. Instead of laying out the 5778 years of consciousness since Adam on a straight linear time-line, we could envision the flow of time as expanding spheres.

As we know, the Divine Calendar pivots and mirrors on the Hebrew date 3760 HC, which is year “0” in the Gregorian one, so it is reasonable to use that date as the central point in a sphere with a radius of 3760 years, meaning that the furthest back in time this sphere reaches is 3760 BCE or year “0” in the Hebrew Calendar when Adam was created.  As 3760 is 10 (sefirot) times 376, the numerical value of Shalom (peace), let us call this “the sphere of peace.”  Now, let us visualize another concentric sphere emerging from that same central point and expanding outwards 2018 years, in other words having a radius of 2018 years.  The furthest most point in the physical sphere is 2018 years, in the past and in the future (2018 CE). If we were to travel in the exact opposite direction from 2018 CE to the furthest most point possible back in Spiritual Time to the –3760 BCE barrier, we would travel a total of 5778 years at the edge of the merged spheres.

This is certainly a different way of looking at things, but is it so odd considering the Western world decided to adopt a brand new divinely inspired calendar and time frame in the year 3760 HC in an attempt to shift time 3760 years forward?

So why would we want to confuse ourselves with two times frames operating spherically in 3-dimensions as opposed to our simplistic time-line?

Given this dualistic time-structure, time and dates do not have to miraculously mirror themselves, like we see happen over and over again in the Divine Calendar.  Because time is expanding at a constant rate from a central point in each of the two time paradigms, the year 1948 in the Hebrew Calendar can happen simultaneously with 1948 in the Gregorian one. The distance 1948 years is equidistant in both directions. This does not make one 1948 BCE and the other 1948 CE, because that only occurs on a fixed linear line of death.  It means, instead, that all events at a distance of 1948 years are connected and reflective of one another. We look back in time and what we see in our rear-view mirror as the distant past, is also happening contemporaneously with our recent year 1948.

If this is confusing, please understand that in hyperspace, the dimensions beyond 3-d, time does not exist. Time is not the 4th dimension as is commonly explained. That is not a scientific concept, just as simplified explanation.  What counts as time is more akin to distance, but as we will see in our journey distance is not static. No one said the real universe was simple but once we comprehend the patterns it becomes much easier to navigate.

Can the future and past happen simultaneously? Not in our physical world that is dependent on a linear line of death. They can with Spherical Time, and they do in a simulated world.  Any evidence of time travel, even by aliens, is evidence that the physical world is not as physical as we may think.

Would it not be very freeing to be able to intelligently change the past as you explored the future, correcting any wrong moves you made as you go?

Would it not be very controlling if someone with an agenda was changing the past for you as you blindly and trepidatiously moved toward the future?

If you do not think that is a possibility, just look around; the past is being overwritten at an exponential rate, and that is by human hands with the aid of artificial intelligence. What you read about history and any and all events in the past from yesterday to thousands of years ago, is being manipulated and permanently changed to fit a single agenda that does not take you, your survival, or your sanity into consideration. That includes what is allowed to be published or to be communicated about said events, by social media, text messaging, and even by private conversation on or even near a phone, or near a wirelessly networked device like Alexa, your smart TV, or your computer.

If man can do it in the physical world within a few thousand years of consciousness, do you think the Creator could come up with a less malicious way to do it, a self-educating and self-sustaining way, given infinite time and space.  Do you think the Creator would do it in the most efficient way?

Do you think the Creator would do it in the most beneficial way? As a creation of the Creator, we are part of the Creator, which is why the Creator would never do anything to harm the part of us that He created. Our egos are another story, those we created ourselves. They do not actually exist, and thus pose no threat to the Creator, but we believe they exist.  We believe everything we let them tell us about ourselves, the same way we believe that only a barrel full of fictitious particulates and all the space and energy between them is our planet.  Our egos and those that feed them are what keeps us chained to the linear line of death, the line of severely traumatized perception.

One of the goals of the journey that we are about to undertake is to loosen those chains and permanently open those perceptions.

We have already seen the Spherical Time equations that merge the two time frames with Pi, linking the spheres and leading us to the numerical representations of H’Moshiach and Moshiach Ben David. Once we are immersed in hyperspace we will understand the multi-dimensionality of those numbers and we will eventuality be able to perceive beyond the their graphic interface.

Before we begin our journey, we need to do is reconcile a time span of 3760 years that equals one of 2018 years. This reconciliation happens through the two different speeds time progresses in each sphere, and thus the differential in the number of hours in each respective day.

Because the speed-of-light is fixed, the faster an object moves, the slower its own time moves. For a space craft approaching the speed-of-light, the clock is barely ticking. This is why the sci-fi movies all make a point of telling us that on those journeys to Mars a year of their time is equal to a lifetime back on earth.  Physical time moves faster than spiritual time in order for the distance of the 2018 year radius to catch up with the distance of the 3760 year radius. Therefore, its days and hours have to be longer to absorb that extra speed relative to spiritual time.  If the hour and/or day of physical time were longer than spiritual it could catch up to spiritual time.

The following measurements are derived by simple math from the two time spans, 2018 and 3760 and nothing else. One hour of 2018 physical time works out to only 32.20 minutes of spiritual (3760) time, which is 27.8 minutes less than the 60 minute spiritual hour. As we learned in our Chanukah studies, 278 is the gematria of Ohr H’Ganuz, the Light of Moshiach.

Man came up with the 24 hours day arbitrarily; nonetheless, the Spiritual Time day is 24 hours long. By comparison, a full physical time day is 44.70. hours long. In a full 44.70 hour day (2018 time) at 32.2 minutes/hour there are a total of 1440 standard minutes, exactly the same as the 1440 minutes in a 24 hour spiritual day at 60 min/hr.

To clarify, what we perceive as time progresses at steady pace from the central point to the edge of the event horizon, yet there are two distinct perceptions with a firmament between them so there is no grey area. In spiritual time we must cover more distance in the same relative time span, but the key is that time is relative.  One would think that we need to speed through spiritual time to keep pace with physical time, but the effect is the opposite.  There are 60 minutes of spiritual time to accomplish what can be done in 32.2 minutes of physical time.

With time running almost half as fast in spiritual time, there is so much more room between cause and effect, and thus so much more space for conscious thought and making better decisions. This is why anyone that slips into spiritual time is considered to be in the zone, everything slows down for them. It is a temporary phenomenon, but one that can be learned.

These calculations about the two time paces are just simple math, but as we said, patterns circulate throughout our universe.  Whether it was designed that way by the Creator or by some creative force/spirit/consciousness that was created by the Creator is semantics.

Those 32.20 minutes in physical time correspond to the 32.2 ft/sec2 that is the acceleration due to gravity that has been observed throughout the physical universe.  This makes sense in that gravity is a key physical force, and the 2018 time paradigm is a physically limiting time frame.

Since we have already seen that in the month of May 2018, the ratio of 3760/2018 = 1.86282, which is precisely 1/100,000 of the speed-of-light, 186,282 mps, we can infer that both gravity and the speed-of-light and thus the electro-magnetic and dielectric fields are all designed into this Spherical Time Bubble.

Moreover, as any slight change in either the gravitational acceleration rate, the speed-of-light, or for that matter the temperature of the Sun (5778 K) would completely alter our universe and also wipe out our existence as we understand it, we can rest assured that this specific Spherical Time bubble was specifically created for us. The backbone of all our physics is built into the juxtaposition of the heavenly and earthly time frames.

Furthermore, the speed-of-light (186,282 mps) divided by the gravitational acceleration (32.2 ft/sec2) is approximately 5778.  The exact date falls within the current 11-year solar cycle that ends in 5789.  Depending to what accuracy each parameter is chosen it can vary by a few years, which is interesting because man chose these numbers, which change over time and which are relatively arbitrary based on the length of a foot, a mile, and the time of a second.  This also makes these ratios specific to us, and no one else, anywhere else in the universe.  In a non-simulated universe, what chance would there be for being on another planet to choose the same measurements for a foot and a mile and a second.

Hopefully, this knowledge boosts your spiritual ego while suppressing your physical one.  Knowledge that fosters awe of the Creator feeds your spiritual ego. A spiritual ego is good, as it clings you closer with the Creator.  Doubts about physical existence open fissures for you to enter the spiritual world, weakening your physical ego, and opening opportunities of spiritual exploration for you.

We have also seen that the number 24 is the equilibrium aspect between the two time frames, 3760 and 2018, in that the sum of the ratios 2018/3760 and 3760/2018 is about as close to 2.4 as you can get (2.3999), which is why we were given 24 hours in a day, not some chance Babylonian calculation or a download from the Pleiades.

We have also seen that the equations work out to a 44.70 hour day in physical time verse the 24 hours in spiritual time and that these 44.70 hours correspond to the 4470 total value of the all-important first 1000 digits in Pi, and to the Spherical Time equation 4π(2889)2/2889 = 36304.24470.

 If those digits did not equate to 4470 a line would never bend into a closed circle and neither Spherical Time nor our universe would exist. And yes, while it is true that within those same 1000 digits both calendars are marked side by side 3 times (5778 and 2019), the logarithm of 4470 is 3.650, reflective of the 365 days in a solar year of the Earth circling the Sun. As the Sun is the chief source of our light this brings us back to the ratio of 44.70/24 hours that gives us the speed of light.

In 24 hours of physical time, there are 666.770 standard minutes less than there are in 24 hours of spiritual time.  Numerically, there are (44.70 24) or 20.7 counted hours more in physical time than in spiritual time every day, and 207 is the numerical value for Light (אור) in Hebrew. So, we could say that the two calendar time frames are separated by Light (אור), and by the speed-of-light, and that their hourly difference is the acceleration due to gravity. Light (אור) makes up the gap between physicality and spirituality every day.

Another secret contained in the Spherical Time quotient relates to light itself and the Creator. The last 3 digits, 470, is the numerical value of the phrase from the 3rd verse in the Torah, “Let there be Light and the Light came into existence.

We see the simple juxtaposition of 24 hours with 44.70 hours within the emergence of light (20.7) and the command of the Creator for Light to appear (470). Moreover, the 4 final letters, which are known to point to the future (יר;יר) total 210 on each side, but when combined with the kolel total 424, Moshiach Ben David.

The Journey Begins

First step, find and discern the pattern. The next step is to master it and to escape the labyrinth without getting caught.

It is time to feed our spiritual egos. We have dug deeper than any before us into the technology of the Torah. You are to be congratulated for going where no man has ever gone before. We are pioneers exploring brand new uncharted territory and yet, we are only at the level of the tunnels. We first began exploring the labyrinth months, even years ago, and the deeper we go, the more complex and intricate it gets, taking us further and further from our physical ego. On the walls of these tunnels, we see repeated cartouches of 4 letter symbols, that we associate with Names of G-d. There are also triangles everywhere with 3 letter symbols inside, Triplets.  Each triangle has a first, second and third letter, yet we can turn the triangle so that any letter can be first. We have deciphered a lot about those cartouches and the triangles, including grouping them into specific sets.  We have not even begun trying to tile them though, a future endeavor.  These sets have helped us map out certain areas of the tunnel system and unknowingly even the inner cosmic wiring.

It is important when exploring the spiritual world to enter and exit from the same point and it is good to mark that entrance portal with the Name that is also a triangular Triplet, Shadai (שדי). These instructions are derived from the Torah and the Zohar. We already know that Shadai (שדי) has a numerical value of 314, as in Pi (3.14…), the entrance to Spherical Time. The other rule is that while we are in there, do not break anything, or we will trigger a cosmic immune response and be treated like a pathogen entering the human body.  This is not a journey to be taken lightly. It is best to have prepared yourself by reading the previous 31 chapters. It is also the way to get the most out of the journey, but if you are here and are willing then you may be ready and can backtrack through those 31 chapters later. If you have read them, consider yourselves fortunate as your knowledge will serve you well.

Once we pass the portal, we will see a tunnel or series of tunnels with walls all around us. Whether we picture these walls as passages hewn from stone, slick postmodern hallways, or composed of filaments of light or plasma, they are just the pathways. However you picture them is the right way for you to experience them. We purposely will not fill in all the details because your imagination is the bridge between your mind and your consciousness and it is your consciousness this time that will be doing the exploring, not your mind.

Within the tunnels and within their walls they are filled with complex wiring and advanced technology still beyond our comprehension, yet the thing about this labyrinth is that no matter how you picture it, the deeper we get, the brighter it gets, each path wears away at the darkness.  The realm will appear dark yet everywhere we go will be illuminated as will everything that draws our attention. This is because our limited perception.  A higher level consciousness would see everything as light, but we would just be blinded.

The cartouches and triangles are representations of some of the combinations of the fields, of the source codes. Just by studying them, our consciousness gets closer to the source and we become innately aware of which path to follow next. It is the difference from running in the spiritual labyrinth versus in the physical one, where the more we think we understand, the deeper into the endless maze and morass we get. The more successful we are in the physical labyrinths the darker it gets.  The kabbalists describe it as klipot building up around us, sucking the life-force from us.  It is a paradox that few figure out or escape from.

In Genesis 1:6, on the 2nd day of Creation, G-d placed a firmament (רקיע) amidst the (heavenly) waters and divided the water. Firmament (רקיע) is mentioned 5 times on the 2nd day of Creation and with the prefixes (ה,ל,ל,ל), which total 95, as in “the King,” and “the water.” The total gematria of the 5 mentions of the firmament (רקיע) with their total letter kolel (24) is 2019, the year of the limit of physicality or physical (earthly) time, as represented by the repeated 5-digit sequence at the end of Pi’s first 1000 digits, 42019, merged as it is with the quintessential spiritual value 42 at the center of it all, but we are getting ahead of ourselves.  The Torah, right from the beginning, is helping us to understand that the firmament was placed in such a way as to divide time into 3760 and 2018 with a limit of 2019.

Do not get hung up on the trap that it is currently 2021 according to our own, ego-driven physical reckoning, or what we have been told. Since you were in grammar school you accepted as fact that there were 1000 years of dark ages, a historic void, so let go of a few missing or miscalculated years. Instead, open your mind to the potential that awaits.  One way to adjust is to begin by breathing in through the nose and exhaling through the mouth, each time, doing it slower and deeper while drawing your breath and intention up through your seven central chakras into your head. Focus your intention within the space within your head, your mind, and let everything else fade away. Imagine that space in your mind within eternal space. There are many ways to do this, but this will calm you and your brain waves and open up your consciousness, separate you from physicality. Those are the only previsions we will need for this journey beyond the Torah and the Firmament.

One last precaution: Take your time and pace yourself.  We will be with you every step of the way, no matter how long it takes you. There is infinite space in the inner cosmos, yet the going can still get dense.  The journey we are about to embark on has been taken in a variety of infinite ways by countless true kabbalists before us. Without proper guidance some have lost their minds. Stay with us and on the path. Take as many breaks as you need.  This is not a theme park ride or a world of entertainment that we are about to enter, but one of endless learning and expansion of our consciousness.  The more you purify yourself the more clarity you will have.  It is best to mikve first, but in the world we live in that may be most difficult. It is not a requirement. Water in the physical world is akin to light above. When we are immersed in water we are in a different state and clarity can occur. As you undertake this journey and as you take breaks in it, reimagine it or parts of it in your head while in the stream of your daily shower and new incites will come to you.  It will also prepare you for your next phase. Like all light, all water is One. While in the inner cosmos we will see light and it will flow and stream and perform as water. You must think of it as light, or your consciousness can sink back into physicality.

The Five Books

The Torah is known as the Five Books of Moses. We have spoken a lot about the Names of the Patriarch and even the Matriarchs, but almost nothing about Moses’ (משה) Name. We did say that it is found 616 times in the Torah, as in the value of the word “H’Torah” and as in his father-in-law, Yitro.  We also said it is comprised of the same letters as the 5th Triplet (מהש) of the 72 Triplets.

It is stated in the Zohar that Moses was given 173 keys to Heaven and we know that the small gematria value of the 42-Letter Name, which Moses utilized, is 173.  These 3 Names, Ehyeh (אהיה), Elohim(אלהים), and Adonai (אדני) are used, as per the Arizal, in the candle lighting. They have a combined numerical value of 172. When we add the 4 Names, (173 + 172), we get 345, the numerical value of Moses.  When One (1) is added it becomes “My Name (שמו).” Standing outside the entrance to the spiritual world, this is intellectually interesting; once inside the depth and meaning to this will become profoundly apparent. Without these journeys true understanding is impossible.  It is like taking a college level course versus watching a tiktok.

As explained in the Chanukah mediations, the 3 Names along with the 3 YHVH (יהוה) comprise the candle (נר) of numerical value (172 + 78) = 250, and the 42-Letter Name is the flame (להבה) of numerical value 42. When One (1) is added, the lit candle becomes (250 + 173 + 1) = 424, Moshiach Ben David, a very special Light.

Thus, each lit candle is comprised of 4 Names of G-d that add up to the Name of Moses, the 5th Name of the 72 Names. When the proper kavannot are applied, each lit candle is thus comprised of 6 Names—Ehyeh (אהיה) with YHVH (יהוה), Elohim(אלהים) with YHVH (יהוה), Adonai (אדני) with YHVH (יהוה—in the candle and a 7th in the flame. The lit candle will illuminate our way with Moses as our guide and Moshiach Ben David as our intention.

The 5 Books of Moses are Bereshit, Shmot, Vayikra, Bamidbar, and Devarim.  In English, they have been inaccurately translated as Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy.   As we stand at the entrance and ponder through which portal to enter, we learn that the 5 Books correspond directly with the 5 Essential Elements of Creation.

This is a good place to affix our mezuzah and the Name Shadai (שדי) as the initials of the 5 Books of Moses (בשובד) equal 314, the same as Shadai (שדי). It is also a good place to note that 314 is the value of “the field (השדה).” As previously discussed, Pi, Phi, the Triplets, and all numbers are fields that interact. In this case it is especially appropriate, since the 5 initials (בשובד) have the same ordinal value (35) as both the Name Shadai (שדי) and “the field (השדה),” and 35 is the cumulative sum of the first 5 Triangular Numbers, which are mainstays of the Torah.

Book 1

Naturally, as the first 33 letters of the Torah, the 11 Triplets of Bereshit correspond to the Book of Bereshit.

Book 2

Next come the 72 Names or Triplets that are derived from the 3 consecutive 72-letter verses of the splitting of the Red Sea found in Shmot, which means “Names.”

Book 4

At the end of Bamidbar the 42 journeys of the Israelites are detailed, and each begins and ends with the prefixes (מב) or 42. So even though the 42-Letters of the 42-Letter Name of G-d is derived from the first 42 letters of the Torah, the 14 Triplets of the 42-Letter Name corresponds to Bamidbar.

Book 5

The 15 Triplets of the Shema are found in at Devarim 6:4 and thus they correspond to Devarim.

Book 3

Finally, the 5th Essential Element is at the core and center of the other 4 Elements arranged around it, making the 3rd and central Book of Moses a natural to correspond to it.  The 5th Essential Element is a magic cube of 27 positions where everything adds up to 42, and there are 27 chapters in the 3rd Book of Moses, Vayikra, and 27 unique Triplets that sum to 42 in the Essential Cube of Creation.

The 3rd Book, Vayikra, meaning “called” that connects with the Essential 33 Cube of 27 positions begins with the 27 paragraphs of the sacrifices (offerings). Imagine if each one, each sacrifice or aspect of one, connects to a different and specific Hebrew letter (field) and position within the Essential Cube of Creation.  That would give a whole new meaning to the sacrifices and through them, our prayers.

Vayikra also contains the commandment of the counting of the jubilee year, (50 years) as in the letter Nun (נ) of numerical value 50 at the center of the Cube of 27 positions/ordinal values. Moreover, the word Vayikra (ויקרא) contains a small letter Alef (א), hinting at the primordial Alef (א) upon which the other 4 Essential Elements hinge. It is the 5th letter of the Book and the 3rd in the Torah.

            Book                  Book                    Chapters

  1. Bereshit –     11 Triplets                – 50 chapters
  2. Shmot –       72 Triplets                – 40 chapters
  3. Vayikra –      Cube of 27                27 chapters
  4. Bamidbar –  14 Triplets                – 36 chapters
  5. Devarim –    15 Triplets                – 34 chapters

The average of the 4 sets of chapters surrounding the central one of 27, is 40, representing the 4(0) sets of Triplets. The first two sets (Books) add up to 90, as in the value of the word King (מלך) and water (מים). The final two sets (books) add up to 70, as in King David’s age, and also as in the value of the first two letters in King (מלך).  The midpoint of King David’s life is the midpoint of our Spherical Time bubble and the cosmic source of the Spherical Time equation that results in 36304.24470, which terminates in 70.

Each of the 5 Essential Elements of Creation represents a specific Book of the Torah. Each of the 5 Essential Elements of Creation is a Book unto itself. Each Book contains a specific hidden Essential Element.

The 5 Names of the 5 Books of Moses have a collective numerical value of 2480, or 10 times that of Abraham, 248, as in the 248 fields in the 248 dimensions of the E8 lattice, a possible hint to the 10 Books.

The battle of the 5 Kings vs 4 Kings itself is reflective of: the 50 and 40 chapters in the Torah’s first two Books respectively; the 54 portions in the Torah, that are split into 12 in the first Book and 42 in the other four; and of the Torah’s midpoint in double words, 504504, that was so important to the Talmudists that they called it the midpoint of the Torah. By the way, the 12th chapter in Bereshit is the 42nd paragraph of the Torah.  The know the number 54 as it connects to numerous components of the 5 Essential Elements and to the Alef-bet, but perhaps we will find the reasons behind these connections once we enter the world beyond.

We have previously hypothesized how the 112 Triplets can represent 112 fields within the 248 fields of an E8 Lattice structure of a universe, but just so we understand, the sum of the 10 factors of 112 (1 + 2 + 4 + 7 + 8 + 14 + 16 + 28 + 56 + 112) equal 248.

The 5 parts, 248 words, and 1000 letters of the Shema are a microcosm of the 5 Books of the Torah whose 5 major quantitative elements equal (248 x 1000 x Phi(φ)).

We found our entrance portal.

The following journey will be long and at times arduous so we have broken it up into multiple sections. The first section will be published shortly. Make sure you understand the previous one before moving on and follow the same procedures each time you rejoin us. Ideally I would have published the whole 125 page journey in a single segment but that is much more then most people can handle. We will set up a separate page just for this journey/Chapter 32 and add segments to is until it is complete. If you prefer the full and most beneficial experience please start at the beginning of the series. For anyone that has not been following this series from its inception, you can find the entire work here.

I look forward to beginning this journey of exploration and consciousness expansion together with you shortly. Any questions before we begin, please send your comments.