Part XVII Connecting the Dots – Part 3 DNA

4 Sides to a Square

It is by design that there are 4 square sides to the Holy Temple’s Central Altar, and 4 to the Inner Courtyard and 4 to the Outer Courtyard, adjusted for the 5 cubits added behind the Temple Building.  The total perimeter of those 4 square sides are (128 + 400 + 1248) = 1776.

There are 12 sides in total and 12 is the sum of their digits (3+2+1+0+0++3+1+2), like the 12 Tribes in this configuration, and like the 12 sides in the Star of David.

The square design in 4 directions is quite necessary for the Temple, as will be explained in the next part of this section, but what is the connection between the Future Holy Temple and 1776?

For anyone that has not been following this series from its inception, you can find the entire work here.

We have already discussed the Tower of Babel in 1776 HC, the birth of the USA in 1776 CE, and also that of the Illuminati chapter of the Erev Rav that also began in 1776 CE.

This coming year, 2020, is a leap year, so as was pointed out to us in the recent comments, this year on July 4th, 244 years after America was founded, at 4:44 am, the Gregorian calendar and the Hebrew Calendar will both have advanced 4444 hours and 44 minutes from the stroke of midnight Jan 1st 2020, leaving 4340 hours left in the Solar year. This same scenario happened exactly 244 years ago in 1776 and would repeat every 4 years since.

G-d Saw the Light and It was Good

The 12 words of the 4th verse of the Torah reads, “And God saw that the light was good; and God divided the light from the darkness,” and its numerical value is 1776. In the beginning of Creation G-d separated the Light form the darkness.  Both flourished on this earth.  In 1776 HC, the Erev Rav tried to merge the two again. In 1776 CE, new markers were set and flags planted in both camps. In the Sinai desert, the 12 camps of the 12 Tribes were set in the 4 directions and in the blueprints of the Holy Temple the 12 sides are likewise set in the 4 directions.

This coming year, 2020, on July 4th, America will be 244 years old. The complete value of “The Light (הָאוֹר) is 244. Israel will be 72 years young.
Because 1776 = 444 x 4 the schematic of separating light from dark sections 444 in all 4 directions, or 4 Alefs(א) of numerical value 111 in each direction, since 1776 also equals 42 x 111.  This is just something to keep in mind as we explore the 4 Essential Elements of Creation in regards to ending the 4th exile, and re-engaging the singular Alefs(א). The average of the 12 sides, is 148 cubits. Using 148 referentially, 148 ft works out to 45.111 mts or the numerical value of Adam (Man) and the Name of G-d at the level of Man (יוד־הא־ואו־הא).

When we add the 5 cubits beyond the Temple Building back into the perimeter, we find that the perimeter of the 2 Courtyards equals 1658, the year the 2-year Flood ended.

The numerical string 1776 is also found within Pi, 3.14…171776 at digit number 888, one half of 1776. The 17 was purposely designed to precede 1776 as the Light was good (טוֹב).  Most telling is that the corresponding year in the Gregorian Calendar is –1984 CE and the ratio of those 2 corresponding years (1984/1776) is 1.117117117, while the ratio of 1776 to 3760  (0 CE) is 2.11711711….

The 1776 verse is the 4th verse in the Torah, but the dichotomy of Heaven and Earth was already built into the Torah first verse, “אֵת הַשָּׁמַיִם, וְאֵת הָאָרֶץ” Heaven and Earth, the spiritual and the physical time frames. While, the complete numerical value of the phrase is 1657, the year of the Biblical Flood, the complete gematria value with the kolel for the 7-letter phrase for Heaven “אֵת הַשָּׁמַיִם”, is 888 and the complete gematria value for the 7-letter phrase for Earth “וְאֵת הָאָרֶץ”, is 776.  Of special note in the difference between Heaven and Earth is (888 – 776) = 112, as in the 112 Triplets, the bridge between Heaven and Earth.

The initials (אהוה) of “אֵת הַשָּׁמַיִם, וְאֵת הָאָרֶץ” Heaven and Earth, an assimilation of the two Names (יהוה) and (אהיה), has the numerical value of 17, as in the Light was good (טוֹב). Of course, the Creator knew Light was good and no one needs a Bible to realize that light feels safer than darkness so why this statement. The Creator was no separating Light from darkness at that moment but was injecting an on-going process of separation.

As will become a crucial understanding for us shortly, the ratio of the area of a circle that circumscribes a square to that square is Pi/2 or 1.5707, which matches the ratio of the darkness (הַחשֶׁךְ) to the light(הָאוֹר): 333/212 = 1.5707.  The darkness that surrounds the Light. The difference between 333 and 212 is 121 or 112.  The figure 112 could be an allusion to the 112 Triplets, and it could be a reference to the 11 incenses described in the Torah for cleansing away the darkness, but more basically, the sum of the ordinal values of the 22 letters is 112. And as we just saw, the ordinal value of the of the 11 letters in the 3 highest sefirot Keter (כתר) and Chochma (חכמה) and Binah (בינה) is (53 + 37 + 31) = 121 = 112. This 112 is reflected specifically in one of the 4 Essential Elements of Creation, the 42-Letter Name, whose first line (אבגתץ) totals 506 or (112 + 102 + 92 +….12), and whose 14 Triplets are found a total of 506 times in the Torah, with 506 being the complete value of Moshiach Ben David and the value of “Unconditional Love.” This is how we separate darkness from light and this is how the Zaddikim, including Rav Kaduri, used the 42-Letter Name to heal the ill. This is how the Zaddikim could separate reality from the illusion, see the Light through the darkness.  This is why the Arizal said no prayer can be elevated without the 42-Letter Name. This is why it is a key element in unlocking the power of the 112 Triplets to bring us freedom, elevation, and Moshiach Consciousness. The Torah gave us and concealed for us all the tools we would need.

This is why the 6 initials (ואאהכט) in “G-d saw the Light and the Light was good” add up to 42.

In the full verse, “And God saw that the light was good; and God divided the light from the darkness,” the word darkness of numerical value 333 is mentioned once and ‘The Light” is mentioned twice for a combined numerical value for both times of 424, that of Moshiach Ben David.

This time, dividing twice “The Light” by “The darkness” we get 424/333 or 1.273, the proportion of inscribing a circle within a square, a concept that will prove to be extremely consequential for us very shortly, “The Light” surrounding the darkness.  Notice that the difference between 424 and 333 is 91 or 1/3 of 273, and that 273 is the cosmic number we have already shown to define our Solar system, etc.  More on that later.

More About DNA

If you recall, that cosmic number 273 also included the sum of the molecular weight of the 20 amino acids, 2738.01 g/mol. In the previous part of this section we pointed out again that all DNA is comprised of 4 nucleotides that add up two different ways to 424. I guess there is a lot of Light in the formation and sustenance of life in those. What we did not mention until now is that the coding that tells all the mechanisms of the cells, all the proteins, etc. is based on Triplets.  Yes, the mRNA reads (transcription) and the tRNA translates the nucleotides codes in 43 or 64 triplets called codons. As far as we know they use simple small gematria sequence. Many of those codons code for differing amino acids.  Then again, we do not know much.  All of those triplets (codons) transfer information. Some of those triplets (codons) synthesize protein and enzymes, some of them tell them what to do, some just say start, or stop.  This works this way in all types of lifeforms that we know of.  In other words, the creation and preservation of all life is based on the same schematic as the 4 Essential Elements of Creation or 112 Triplets encoded into the Torah.

It is not as if Man made up these Triplets. We just found them. That was 100% designed by the Creator, or whatever creative force you want to attribute to the impossible sequence of quintillions of aligned random events that resulted in life as we know it.

What could that mean? What does it say about life? Our universe? The Torah? And about our need to understand the 112 Triplets better?

The 4 Species and the 4 Essential Elements

Every cosmic window and holiday has specific tools assigned to it and they are not there to make them more interesting, fun, or to break up all the eating rituals and customs.  Food and the Torah are constant throughout, but 4 cosmic holidays have specific instruments: Rosh Hashannah has the shofar; Sukkot, the 4 Species within the Sukkah; Chanukah, the menorah or 44 lights; and Pesach, the matzah.  Together, their gematria is 1789 or 1776 + 13 (One).

The arrangement of the Cells in the Holy Temple is shaped like a sukkah, with walls on 3 sides and an entrance on the 4th. And speaking of Sukkot, the 4 species align with the 4 Essential Elements and the Holy Temple. The four(4) elements are the 4 matrices: The 42-Letter Name or 14 Triplets; the 72 Triplets or Names; the 11 Triplets of the Torah’s First Verse; and the 15 Triplets of the Shema. The four(4) species are the Lulav (לולב), the Hadas (הדס), the Aravah (ערבה), and the Etrog (אתרוג). Like the Holy Temple, the idea behind the shaking of the 4 species within the sukkah is to share light with the 70 nations of the world, bringing satiation and peace. The premise is also built into the first verse of the Shema, one of the 4 Essential Elements, through the enlarged letters Ayin (ע) and Dalet(ד) of numerical values 70 and 4 respectively. It is for this reason the final letters of the 4 species add up to 70.

While the initials of the 4 species, Lulav (לולב), Hadas (הדס), Aravah (ערבה), Etrog (אתרוג) add up to 106 or 1/4th of 424, the value of Moshiach Ben David, the internal letters collectively add up to 848, or twice 424. All of a sudden, it seems like more people should have been taking the importance of the annual unification of the four species more seriously. Perhaps, there indeed was a reason the Torah commanded us to.

Altogether, all 4 species–the Lulav (לולב), the Hadas (הדס), the Aravah (ערבה), and the Etrog (אתרוב)—have a combined gematria of 1024, which is 210, or 322, matching word for word the exact number of differing word values in the Torah, and also the number of vertices in a 210 hypercube. All four connections are vitally important. During the 7 days of Sukkot while in the Sukkah, we are drawing directly from the Binah hyperspace, and over those 7 days we are making 210 shakings, aligned in 5 sets of shakings in the 6 directions of the cube per day (5 x 6 x 7).  The Israelites lived in Egypt for 210 years and we are commanded to make 210 Shakings in the Sukkah.

The 322 nature (gematria) of the four (4) species is reflected in their first and last letters, Lamed (ל) and the Bet(ב) of the Lulav(לולב), which matches identically the first and last letters of the Torah, of numerical value 32. These are also the final two letters of the Lulav(לולב), which spells out the word Lev, heart (לב), which is also why on the return stroke of each shaking we figuratively and literally connect the shaking with our hearts. The analogy to the Holy Temple is obviously in placing ourselves in the center (heart) of the 32 x 32-cubit Central Altar, and/or at the Foundation stone at the center of the 32 x 32-cubit Holy of Holies.

The value 32 is also the ordinal value of the Lulav (לולב), while the standard value is 68, giving the Lulav (לולב) a complete value of 100, like the Sach (סככ), the thatched roof of the Sukkah, whose complete value is 137, as in “Kabbalah,” meaning “to receive” and “parallel.” That value, 137 is also the same as that of the 2 species Lulav (לולב), the Hadas (הדס) together.

Once placed at the central Altar or Holy of Holies, the surrounding Inner Courtyard or Temple Building respectively is 100 x 100 cubits. You should feel that solemnity and those proportions while doing the shakings inside the Sukkah—its walls will expand to accommodate you.

There is another word that has an ordinal (inner) value of 32 and that is “The Light(הָאוֹר).” During the shakings we were commanded to be the conduits of The Light. Remember, the value of the internal letters of the 4 species was 4 x 212, “The Light(הָאוֹר).” And the final letters in “The Light was Good(הָאוֹר כִּי טוֹב)” also equals 212, “The Light(הָאוֹר).” And who was the Light good for? The answer is found in the ordinal (inner) value of “The Light was Good(הָאוֹר כִּי טוֹב),” which is 70.

The most numerous doubled word in the Torah (איש איש) is doubled 16 times, or 32 times in total.  Its ordinal value is (32 – 32).

Traditionally, Israelites around the world take great care in selecting their Etrog. Outside the holiday of Sukkot it is just a very expensive lemon. For a specific seven days each year, the 4th species, the Etrog (אתרוג) connects to Keter (כתר) and Chochma (חכמה) and Binah (בינה) and Da’at (דעת), whose 4 final letters (רההת) add up to the same 610 as Etrog (אתרוג).  Moreover, those final letters of the 4 upper dimensions include the two Hei (הה) of the YHVH (יהוה) between the (תר) and when added to the value of the Etrog (אתרוג) that has its own (תר), we get 620, Keter (כתר) with all that that represents. Thus, the Etrog (אתרוג) has the power to unite us with the highest levels of attainment, if for only a specific 7 days each year.

The last of the 4 species, the Etrog (אתרוג), also has the same numerical value as H’Adam (the Man) when utilizing the sofit value of the H’Adam.  Even though all 4 kingdoms on Earth are created with the same triplet encoding, which are based on the same 4 nucleotides, only ”the Man” was Created to be a participant.

The Fine Structure Constant Built Right In

We just mentioned that the Sach (סככ), or the thatched roof of the Sukkah, has a complete value of 137, the same as that of the 2 species Lulav (לולב), the Hadas (הדס) together.  We can find precedents of 137 in both the Torah and the cosmos. The lifespan of Amram and Levi, Moses’ father and grandfather respectively was 137 years. Rabbi Akiva was martyred in the year 137 CE, and Abraham was 137-years-old at the “binding of Isaac,” and Ishmael, Abraham’s  other named son, lived to 137.

The number 137 is universally recognizable to mathematicians and physicists as the fine structure constant ( (1/137.03599), yet another core number in the fabric and structure of our universe, without which our universe would not exist. The fine structure constant is a dimensionless physical constant, a number that is independent of any limiting of defining unit structure.  It characterizes the strength of the electromagnetic interaction  between the elementary charged particles.

It is also the underpinning of the relationship between the Torah’s first verse and the 42-Letter Name.  The total value of the 42-Letter Name is 3701 and that of the Torah’s first verse is 2701. 3701/2701 = 1.370233…. The difference between the ratio of these two of the 4 Essential Elements is off from the fine structure constant by merely .000127 with 127, along with the numbers 37, 137, 73, and 173, being another one of our 5 Prime Core Torah numbers. 127 was also Abraham’s wife’s age at the binding of Isaac, when Isaac was 37 and Abraham was 137. Perhaps the binding was also a metaphor for a “parallel” cosmic event (structure). After all, 2701 equals the sum of integers from 1 – 73 and the small gematria of the 42-Letter Name is 173.

The Sach

We just mentioned that the Arizal explained that the Yud (י) of the Tetragrammaton (יהוה) expands to Yud (יוד) of numerical value 20. He further explained that it also expands to Yud (י) x Yud (י) or (10 x 10) = 102 = 100.  A fuller expansion could be (20 x 100) = 2000. And (2000 + 20) = 2020. The Sach (סככ) is the ceiling whose limit is defined as 20 cubits.

64 Triplets and the Secrets of our DNA

One of the four (4) Essential elements is the 72 Triplets Matrix and we have previously shown that the 4 central letters total 210, as in the 210 Shakings on Sukkot, etc. The four (4) outermost letters (ותדם) of the 72 Triplets Matrix total 1010, or half 2020. Those 4 outer letters less the innermost 4 equal (1010 – 210) or 800, and the value 800 is associated with the final Letter Pe (ף). This is oddly reminiscent of the 64 Triplets or (72 – first 8) Triplets that equal exactly 8000. And those 64 Triplets just happen to match the 64 Codon (Triplets) of our DNA.

The numerical value of those 64 codon (triplets) as they appear in our RNA (transposed for Thymine-Uracil) is 1200, or exactly 15% of the 64 Triplet square of the 72 Names. As found in our DNA before they are translated by RNA the 64 triplets total 20,352 or (424 x 192).

Let us break this down. Truth be told in 64 triplets of codons each base unit will appear 48 times and since there are 4 of them, (48 x 4) = 192. All 4 add up to 424 ergo the total is 192 x 424. So far so good.  From here on in, everything gets a little freaky.

For instance, since we already know the significance of the 4 nucleotides in our DNA equaling 424, but when we add the Moshiach Ben David reference (424) to the 192 times that these 4 nucleotides are repeated in our 64 codons it equals (424 – 192) = 616, the value of “HaTorah, The Torah.”

We can view both the double references to Moshiach Ben David and to HaTorah built into our DNA as messages or hints, but we really want is to understand the structure of our DNA and what the hints may mean.


Zion reminded me this past Shabbat of hypercubes, a theme that has run throughout this series from the simple 3-d cube with its 26 (יהוה) vertices, edges and faces; to the 58 words, letters and verses in the Torah that form a complex generalized hypercube with 390,625 vertices; to the E8 Lattice in 248 dimensions.  As it turns out, while a 3-d cube has 26 (יהוה) vertices, edges and faces; and a 4-d Tesseract hypercube has 72 (Triplets) vertices, edges and faces, a 5-dimensional Penteract hypercube has 192 vertices, edges and faces.  This means that each of the nucleotide bases can be assigned to a distinct element and form a 5-dimensional hypercube. Obviously, the same can be said for the 72 Triplets in a 4-d Tesseract hypercube.

Given that, if we can show a relationship between the 72 Names (Triplets) and codons (triplets) in our DNA we would also be establishing a relationship between a 4-dmensionsal hypercube and the 5-dimensional one that is one order of magnitude more evolved.We have already seen that the double helix of the DNA sections the nucleotides into 10 pairs between each twist, eerily similar to the 10 sefirot (dimensions) in each level of the Tree-of-Life, and we know that there are 32 elements to that Tree, corresponding to the 32 Paths of Wisdom and to the 32 edges in the 4-d Tesseract hypercube and to the 32 vertices in the 5-dimensional hypercube.  Eventually they give way to the 32 x 32 or 1024 vertices in the 10-dimensional Dekeract hypercube, which correspond to the specific and exact 1024-word values in the Torah.

So, our DNA model conforms to a 5-dimensional hypercube. That could open a world of possibilities. To understand what happens when that 5-d hypercube expands or connects to 6th dimensional space, what the Kabbalists call Zeir Anpin and associate with the conscious level of Man, we need to step back for a moment.  In the 3-dimensional world of physicality the basic unit or cube has 8 vertices or points, each of which has 3 edges, half of them shared. All together there were 26 elements in each 3-d cube. As that cube expands or connects with the 4th dimension the 8 vertices expand 4 times (in 4 spatial directions) and become the 32 edges of that 4-d hypercube. Subsequently the 16 vertices of the 4-d hypercube expand 5 times (in 5 spatial directions) into t 5th dimensional hypercube and become its 80 edges. And thus, the 32 vertices of the 5th dimensional hypercube expand in the 6 spatial directions of the 6th directional (Zeir Anpin) hypercube and become the 192 edges of the 6th dimensional hypercube.  This means that our DNA model also conforms to a 6th Dimensional Hexeract hypercube as well, which each of the 192 nucleotide bases aligning with each of its 192 edges.  “Let us make Man.”

As the dimensionality increases the number of vertices in each level of hypercube doubles, from 8 to 16 to 32 to 64 and so on, as we go from a 3-d to a 4-d to a 5-d to a 6-dimensional hypercube. Therefore, our 6th Dimensional (Zeir Anpin) hypercube that has its 192 edges aligned with the 192 nucleotide bases of our DNA, also has its 64 vertices aligned with the 64 Codons also of our DNA.  If you want to really trip out, you could play with the idea that the 240 faces of that same 6-d hypercube might align of indeed give rise to the 240 non-base dimensions of the E8 Lattice.

Meanwhile there is also a progression of formula for determining that total number of elements in each dimension, where we saw interesting alignments between the 26 elements of the 3-d cube and the Tetragrammaton (יהוה), and the 4-d hypercube and the 72 Triplets, and the 496 elements of the 6-dimensional DNA/Zeir Anpin hypercube. Zeir Anpin is a spiritual ladder to the hyperspace dimension of Binah, but it gets anchored in the world of physicality, Malchut or numerical value 496, so it is telling that there are exactly 496 elements in that specific dimension.

It is even more telling that there are 1248 total elements in the 7th Dimensional hypercube, but we will see the extraordinary significance of that shortly. Also, to the 3072 total elements in the 8-dimensional hypercube that has 28 vertices and 210 edges.

As for that progression, if we take the total elements in any (n-dimensional) hypercube and triple it, then subtract the number of faces in that (n-dimensional) hypercube you get the total elements in the next higher (n+1 dimensional) hypercube. Let us get back to DNA.

It is also interesting that the 192 nucleotide bases and 64 codons of our DNA add up to (192 + 64) = 256, which is 28 and the numerical value of the Ark (הארן)of the Covenant.

5 Kings Vs 4 Kings and the Soul

The average value of those 64 codons (triplets) in our DNA is 318, as in the 318 men that Abraham took to fight the battle of the 5 Kings vs 4 Kings, and as in the sum of the initials in the 5 parts of the soul(נרנחי) given to us in the Zohar and the Midrash Rabba Bereshit 14:9. Interestingly it is in Bereshit 14 where the story of the 5 Kings and 318 men born in Abraham’s house takes place.

Genesis 14:14 “And Abram heard that his kinsman had been taken captive, and he armed his trained men, those born in his house, three hundred and eighteen, and he pursued [them] until Dan.”

The ordinal value of those initials in the 5 parts of the soul (נרנחי) which total 318 is 64, and 318 x 64 is 20,352, the total value of the 64 codons (triplets) in our DNA.  Moreover, the final letters (שחההה) in the 5 parts of the soul spell out “The 318.”

Is this a concealed message to us? Are we being led to believe that our DNA definitely and directly connects to all aspects of our soul? Are we being told that the soul connects to our DNA at the moment of conception?

You may be skeptical and thinking that some kabbalist purposely inserted the names of the 5 nucleotides so that their names would equate to 424. Of course, that would not answer how the kabbalist knew about the codons 80 years before the scientists. Nevertheless, the big issue with that is that all 5 nucleotides are named for their nitrogenous base and those bases were named independently and individually for random reasons. For example, in 1885 a brilliant scientist and a non-kabbalist, Albrecht Kossel, named adenine after the Greek word for pancreas, ( ἀδήν “aden”) from which his sample had been extracted., and Guanine was named after guano, bird droppings, from which the chemical was first isolated.  These are very random origins.

So, if you want to say that the Creator had a hand in it, it would be hard to argue against that.  If you want to say it a just the last nit in a chain of over 300 quintillion quintillion random coincidences that lined up perfectly, good luck with your argument.  Our point, though, is not to prove that there is a Creator, it is to get closer to Him.  Let us continue.

There are 5 types of nucleotides, but only 4 in DNA and only 4 in RNA: 5 Kings vs 4 Kings. Man did not have a hand in that. Imagine if lawyers did, there would be thousands of nucleotides and millions of rules governing them.  Man had no role in this, and thankfully no lawyers or politicians either, but where is the connection to G-d?

Yes, we have well established that there had to be an omniscient Creator, who not only designed and nurtured our DNA, but designed and guided how we would label it too. But where is G-d, His Name, in all this. We saw Moshiach Ben David (424) built in, we saw the word H’Torah built in and the Ark of the Covenant too, but what about the 4 Letter Name YHVH(יהוה), does it somehow tie into the 4 nucleotides in our DNA?

For starters, because the Name YHVH(יהוה) consists of 4 letters, just like the 4 letter codes of our DNA, we can similarly make a total of 64 Triplets out of it, and thus match them to it one-for-one.

Let us take a clue from the 4 nucleotides in our RNA of numerical value (1,1,3,20) and if we transpose the two twin 1’s for Adenine and Uracil to two twin Heis (הה) and use 20 as a numerical appellation of Yud (י), then Guanine would be Vav(ו), spelling out YHVH(יהוה). This just a supposition for testing purposes to see if indeed there might be a higher design element involved. It is a very simplistic form of code breaking. Then in the DNA, the two Heis (הה) would correspond to Adenine and Thymine.

With either DNA or RNA, substituting the YHVH(יהוה) would give us a total value of 1248 for the 4 nucleotide bases, just like the 1248 total elements in the 7th Dimensional hypercube. So substituting or translating either DNA or RNA to the Name of G-d (יהוה) elevates the 6-dimensional DNA/Zeir Anpin hypercube to the 7th Dimension. Hmm.

While 1248 is immediately recognizable as the 1000 letters and 248 words of the Shema, one of our 4 Essential Elements of Creation, it is also the perimeter of the Outer Courtyard of the Holy Temple as detailed above, 4 x 312 cubits.

There is a very interesting Torah connection that makes a lot of sense theologically and spiritually, and now scientifically.

The 4th Word in the 26th verse in the Torah is the first time the word Adam (Man) appears in the Torah. It is the first of 33 times it appears in its pure state.  It is the 1248th letter in the Torah.

4 Nucleotides; 4 Essential Elements of Creation; 4 sides of the Courtyard of the Holy Temple; and 4 Letters in the Tetragrammaton(יהוה). The Tetragrammaton(יהוה) has a numerical value of 26 and at the 4th Word in the 26th Verse in the Torah we find Adam (Man), the Biblical source of our DNA. That verse states that Adam was made in “our” image and when we substitute in that image (יהוה) we get a total value of 1248 for the 64 codons (triplets) of our 4 Nucleotides of our DNA, right at the 1248th letter in the Torah.

Oddly enough, the 6 initials in that phrase (ואנאבכ) add up to 80 and the final letters add up to 302, as in the 8th word in the Torah that completes the 11 Triplets of Genesis.  While the 2nd word, Elohim (אלהים), in this most telling phrase is one of the 32 times that that Name of G-d appears in Creation, please keep that in mind that the 3rd word in this phrase has a numerical value of 425, which will become quite significant for us very shortly. This is the word just before Adam first appears, “before any king ruled over the Israelites.”

By the way the 5-dimensional hypercube that has 192 total elements has 32 vertices, 80 edges and 80 faces.

The sum of this entire phrase, “Let us make man in our image, after our likeness” is 1557.  As we mentioned way back in Part VI section b of this series there are 127 possible combinations of the first 7 words of the Torah and the sum of their square roots is 1557, which also matches the sum of the 10 primordial component letters (דוזיכנסרךן) of the Hebrew Alef-bet, or 1557.  Oddly, those 127 possible combinations utilize exactly 64 word values.

The process began when Adam connected with Eve. Their combined numerical value, (45 + 19) = 64, as in the 64 Codons in our DNA.

When Abraham took his 318 Men and fought the 5 Kings he was rescuing his nephew, Lot (לוט), whose numerical value is 45, so was he rescuing Adam (Man), our DNA?

Another interesting association with the DNA codons and Adam (Man) is found by simply subtracting 318 from 1248, as in (1248 – 318) = 930, since Adam lived exactly 930 years.

More of a complex Torah association to 1248 is found in a section we covered earlier in this series that began with the two Central Altar dimensions the upper platform at 26 cu square and the base at 32 cu square, which were also found in the center of a special series we highlighted in a prior article. It is a sequence of 7 numbers (22, 23, 26, 32, 42, 57, and 78) that are incorporated into the Torah and that are based on a progression of the first 6 triangular numbers. Triangular numbers represent the sum of all the positive integers through a particular number n. The difference sequentially between the numbers (i.e. 23-22 = 1) is 1, 3, 6, 10, 15, and 21, which represent the sum of integers up to the numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 respectively.

One critical example of this integration is found in the number of the occurrences in the Torah of the Yuds (י), Heis (ה) and Vavs (ו) components of the Tetragrammaton (יהוה). They total exactly 90,100, which is the sum of all the integers from 1 – 424, the numerical value of Moshiach Ben David.

In essence, since this sequence (22, 23, 26, 32, 42, 57, and 78) begins with the number 22, it represents cumulatively the combined energy of the numbers 1 through 6 added to the number 22, sequentially.  These 6 cumulative triangular energies (1, 3, 6, 10, 15, and 21) when seen as the ordinal values of their respective Hebrew letters represent (א,ג,ו,י,ס,ש). Together, these 6 letters have the complete gematria value of 424 when the kolel of 6 is subtracted.

When we add the 7 prime numbers (79, 83, 101, 131, 181, 269 and 397) that are associated with the 7 numbers in the triangular number (22nd , 23rd , 26th , 32nd , 42nd , 57th , and 78th ) sequence respectively, along with their kolel, they sum to 1248, just like the 64 codons of our DNA when the image of G-d (יהוה) is substituted.

If we apply small gematria to the 4 nucleotides of DNA, ATCG, numerically they translate to 1423, which can be rearranged to 1234 or 1342 since the ATCG is in no particular order. The 4 nucleotides of RNA, AUCG would likewise be 1213, or 1312, as in 1312 BCE when the Torah was received at Sinai. The resultant sum of the 64 codons (triplets) of DNA and RNA respectively would be 480 and 336. While 480 is reminiscent of the height of the Pyramid, 336 matches the 336 letters in the 112 Triplets of the 4 Essential Elements.

Since the 64 codons code for the 20 amino acids, it is not so surprising that (336 + 64) = 202. Not surprising, yet spiritually and biologically astonishing as there should be no numerical connection between them whatsoever.

Using the same small gematria sequencing, their individual totals for the 4 DNA and RNA nucleotides are 10 and 7 respectively and together 17, as in Tov (good) and as in the small gematria of the Tetragrammaton(יהוה). The Light is good.

What if the Name Ehyeh (אהיה) were the Name of G-d substituted for the 4 nucleotides in our RNA instead of the Tetragrammaton(יהוה)? Then the total would be 1008.

In a prior part to this section we spoke of the 91 doubled words in the Torah acting like the DNA double helix ladder along the axis of the Torah. We also advised that the exact middle rung of that ladder is the paired words Darosh Darash (דרש דרש), each of numerical value 504. Their total is 1008.

When a message is truly important for us, the Torah can be quite redundant in how it conveys this information to us. In this case, there is a phrase that begins parsha Shemini (Eighth) with the 3 words “V’yhy b’yom Shemini (ויהי־ביום־השמיני“), “And it came to pass on the eighth day,” whose total value is 504.  The first 8 triangular numbers when multiple together give us (1 x 3 x 6 x 10 x 15 x 21 x 28 x 36) = 1008.

It is certainly odd that substituting both Names of G-d connected us to sequences of triangular numbers, especially considering we are dealing with triplets, but why is the Torah’s redundancy connecting us to 8? Is it that a brit (covenant) happens after 8 days? Or does it have to do with the 64 codons equaling 82 codons (triplets).

The values 82, 800, and 8000 are also reminiscent of the 80,000 words in the Torah, and the 304,805 or (300,000 plus 4805) letters in the Torah, given that there are exactly 4805 letters Pe (פ) in the Torah. The letter Pe (פ) represents a spiral while 8, 80, 800, 8000 and 80,000 all represent the hyperspace dimension of Binah.

There is a Triplet among the 72 Triplets that stands outs from all the others because of its simplicity, purity and all the empty space that surrounds it. It is the 22nd Triple (ייי) or 103, which is 1000 when knocked (multiplied) together.  Using the definition of the Arizal, it is also equal to 8000 when the expanded (יוד) is utilized.

Since we translated C to Yud(י) in our DNA conversion, the corresponding codon (triplet) in both our DNA and RNA sequences is CCC. Oddly, it too is the 22nd Triplet in its matrix. And when caf (כ) is multiplied or knocked together, it too equals 203 or 8000. Of all the 64 codons in our DNA, it is the 22 one that aligns with the 72 Triplets. Being the 22nd of 64, means that it is followed by 42 codons, and proceeded by 21. A most beautiful design indeed!

We know that the 4 nucleotides in our DNA add up to 424, Moshiach Ben David, but with RNA there are 5 nucleotides in total, and we have referenced this already to the early Biblical war of 5 Kings vs 4 Kings and our souls. Nevertheless, when we add up all 5 nucleotides in our genetic codons (triplets), we get 425, the exact numerical value of the 8th Triplet (כהת) of the 72 Names.  Some might stretch it and point out that Hei (ה) multiplied with Tav (ת) plus Caf (כ) = 2020, but more germane to our analysis is that the 3 letters in the Triplet derived from the 5 nucleotides multiplied together equal 8000 x 5.

And of course, this 8th Triplet, which entwines our genetics with the branch of the 4 Essential Elements of Creation that consists of the 72 Triplet matrix, is followed by 64 more Triplets, whose total value is 8000.

There is a definite structure here, not a loose pattern, or a swell of order within chaos. Whoever Created our DNA and RNA created the Torah and the 22 letters of the Hebrew Alphabet and meant for them to intertwine, possibly even interact.

Could this entwined 8th Triplet be a reference to the 8th King in the early Biblical story about the 8 Kings that is found in the 72nd paragraph of the Torah, and to which the Kabbalists assign so much significance? Are the 8 Kings references to the first 8 Triplets that split the 72 Names into a 8 Triplet bar and a perfect 8000-value 64 (82) Triplet square?  They are not just any 8 Triplets, the sum of that 8 Triplet bar defines the averages of the entire 72.

The Zohar tells us these 8 Kings refer to worlds that existed before our own and it also points out emphatically that the Torah never mentions the 8th King, Hadar (הדר) as having died. Does this life connect with the life of our world, our genetic material? Is it a coincidence that the name of the 8th King, Hadar (הדר), is a triplet? Or that that triplet is found at the 4-code summit platform (הדרא) at the top of the 72 Name Pyramid? Or that the 5 nucleotides are divided into Pyrimidines and Purines? The kabbalists did not assign these names, scientists did.

At any rate, the initials (ביחהששבחה) of those 8 Kings that end with Hadar (הדר) sum to 640.

The Torah gave us everything we need to know, some clues more blatant, some more hidden, but all are redundant, and all are important pieces of the puzzle.

In part 4 of this section we will finish us with the cosmic holiday of Sukkot and discuss the importance of the Hakafot (encircling) and the squaring of the circle, as we get ever closer to the truth. We look forward to your comments.

For anyone that has not been following this series from its inception, you can find the entire work here.

Part XVII Connecting the Dots…. Part 2

The Holy Temple

As a reminder, the value of the Name Israel, 541, is found 625 times in the Torah, matching the square root of the 3 main Torah elements, 625, and the 625.625 inches in 273 feet. Also important is that the Name Israel is found exactly 541 times in the Torah, and that its numerical value is 541, the 100th prime number, analogous to the grid pattern (like a giant tic-tac-toe) of the Temple Mount, which is laid out in a 3 x 3 square matrix of 100 x 100 cubit squares, including the 100 x 100 cubit square of the Temple Building and the 100 x 100 cubit square of the Inner Courtyard at the center of the matrix. As it happens the value 625, is found 9 (3 x 3) times in the Torah.

For anyone that has not been following this series from its inception, you can find the entire work here.

It is also significant that the difference between 625 and 541 is 84, as in the two Names of 42-Letters that are built into the 112 triplets. They actually comprise 28, or exactly 1/4th, of the 112 Triplets and 26% in terms of total numerical value, as in the Tetragrammaton(יהוה) of numerical value 26. We cannot understand the Holy Temple without understanding the 112 Triplets. We cannot ascend without understanding. This is why the realm of Binah (hyperspace) is called Understanding.

The Temple Building

The footprint of the Temple Building is 100 x 100 cubits. The central corridor of that building is a series of adjacent rooms, all 20 cubits wide, starting at the edge of the Inner Courtyard with the 5-cubit deep Vestibule entrance the 11-cubit deep Vestibule, then passing through the 6-cubit deep Sanctuary Gate into the 40-cubit long Sanctuary. From there, we would pass through the 2-cubit deep Gate of 42 into the 20 by 20 cubit Holy of Holies. Behind the Holy of Holies is a wall 6 cubits deep and a 4 x 20-cubit wide cell followed by the 6-cubit deep back wall of the Temple Building. In all, 100 cubits.

Vestibule Entrance: 5 cubits
Vestibule: 11 x 20 cubits
Sanctuary Gate: 6 cubits
Sanctuary: 40 x 20 cubits
Gate of 42: 2 cubits
Holy of Holies: 20 x 20 cubits
Back wall of Holy of Holies: 6 cubits
Main Cell: 4 x 20 cubits
Back wall: 6 cubits

Length: (5 + 11 + 6 + 40 + 2 + 20 + 6 + 4 + 5) = 100 cubits
Width = 20 cubits

All together the measure of the Temple Building is 100 cubits deep, and since the main corridor is 20 cubits wide, that makes it (100 x 20) or 2000 square cubits.

The Tree-of Life

With the two 6-cubit wide side walls of the 20-cubit wide Main Corridor of Light, the total width is (6 + 20 + 6) = 32 cubits, reflective of the 32 Paths of Wisdom of the Tree-of-Life and matching the Central 32 x 32-cubit Altar to which it aligns. The 32 Paths of Wisdom also align with the 10 sefirot and the 22 paths between them.

Within the Tree-of-life, the digits 0 – 9 are associated with the 10 sefirot (1 – 10) and the Hebrew letters 1 – 22 (תא) are the firm Pathways between them. With the digits 0 – 9 and the 22 Hebrew letters (תא) we can create any number and any word of any length and all the relationships between them. It then becomes a matter of efficiency.  The energy behind the letters and the sefirot (dimensions) is what makes these numbers and letters a force of creation and not an observable description.  It is what separates a living spiritual system from a reflection on a dull mirror.  Our physicists admittedly comprehend less than 5% of the “known” universe and deem that the other 95% consists of unknown forms of energy and matter. Of that 5% they still do not have a model that successfully unifies or describes its forces and matter. In fact, there is less they know about it than they actually understand about it.

Meanwhile, the 20 cubits of the Holy of Holies with its 2-cubit thick Gate of 42 makes 22 cubits, analogous to the 22 Hebrew letters and the 22 paths. This mimics in the 22-cubit span of the Vestibule Entrance, Vestibule and Sanctuary gate, the path that must be followed to access the Sanctuary and Holy of Holies.

The Tetragrammaton

Combining adjacent rooms or walls leads to important alignments to the Triplets and to the Holy Names. The Holy of Holies and its rear wall = (20 + 6) = 26 cubits deep, connecting to the YHVH (יהוה). When multiplied by its width including the two protective side walls, we get (26 x 32) = 832, as in the 832 period that the 2 previous Holy Temples stood.

The 42-Letter Name

The 40-cubit long Sanctuary extends 2 additional cubits with the 2-cubit thick Gate of 42, which breaks down to 40 (מ) and 2 (ב) or 42 (מב), an allusion to the 42-Letter Name, the Shem Mem-Bet(מב). Overlapping the two 42-Letter Name allusions, as mentioned above, is the measure that includes the Holy of Holies, its rear wall and the 2 additional cubits of the Gate of 42, making (6 + 20 + 2) = 28, an allusion to the 28 letters of the Torah’s first verse associated with the Hebrew word Koach(כח) for power.  It is also an allusion to in the two Names of 42-Letters that comprise 28, or exactly 1/4th, of the 112 Triplets.

The 72 Triplets

If we add the 4-cubit deep Cell behind the Holy of Holies to the Koach(כח) measure, we get 32 once again, and when we extend the Light emanating from the Ark and the Foundation Stone at the center of the Holy of Holies outward to the edge of the 40 cubit long Sanctuary, we get a total of (32 + 40) = 72, an allusion to the 72 Triplets.

When we add that path of 72 to the rear 6-cubit wall of the Temple Building, we get a measure of (72 + 6) = 78, the value of the Lights from the Triple Tetragrammaton Name (יהוה יהוה יהוה) that the Ramchal advised would descend through there.



Extending that Light outward through the 6-cubit front wall of the Sanctuary gives us (78 + 6) = 84, the value of the union of the Upper and Lower 42 Letter Names that Rav Abraham Brandwein of blessed memory explained to me was necessary for and equal to Pad (פד), Redemption.  If we instead start at the entrance of the Temple Building, walk 42 paces, or the 5 cubits of the Entrance, the 11 of the Vestibule, the 6 of the Sanctuary Wall and the 40 of the Sanctuary with the 2 of the Gate of the Holy of Holies and the 20 cubits of the Holy of Holies itself, we would have retraced the Light (5 + 11 + 6 + 40 + 2 + 20) = 84 cubits once again,

The two measures of 84 cubits overlap one another.  The areas that they have in common total a central 52-cubits, which is two Tetragrammaton (יהוה יהוה) and is also associated with the aspect of the Tetragammaton called Ban or Malchut of Zeir Anpin, the level from which our world feeds: (יוד־הה־וו־הה). Flanking either side of this central zone are the 16 cubits behind the Holy of Holies and the 16 cubits in front of the Sanctuary Gate, like being in the center of the 32-cubit Central Altar.

Those two flanking 16-cubit zones of the Main Corridor, each measure 32 cubits wide with their side walls, meaning each zone covers 512 square cubits and together they measure 1024 cubits, or 210, matching the Central Altar exactly (322) and also matching the 1024 different word values in the Torah.

The highest word value in the Torah is 1500, the lowest possible one is 3. Given that there are 1024 different word values utilized in the Torah, there are 474 possible word values not utilized. The 474 reflects the sefira (dimension) of Da’at, known as Knowledge.  Da’at is the dimension where Binah and Chochma combine.


The actual distance between the two outer 16-cubit zones of the central corridor is 68 cubits, or chaim (חיים), meaning life.  This corridor is where the Shefa (life-force passes first). For similar reasons the distance from the edge of the Central Altar to the edge of the Inner Courtyard is also 68 cubits. It is also why, as Rav Brandwein explained, the numerical value of lulav(לולב) is 68 and why we shake it from our hearts, Lev (לב) of gematria 32, making them once they are connected, (68 + 32) = 100.  This is just one of the myriad ways the sukkah and holiday of sukkot connect with the Holy Temple.

Notice how the word chaim (חיים), meaning life, coincides with the measures of the Holy of Holies. It is best explained in the words of Rabbi Moshe Chaim Luzzatto of blessed memory: “…these two Yud’sיים]shone in all their glory and splendor and built the length and breadth of this hall according to their measure, for they spread from the beginning to the end and from the end to the beginning. Thus there are twenty here and twenty there, and the dimensions of this hall are twenty by twenty [20 x 20]. Together they make a closed Mem [ם of numerical value 40, [חיים] which is the measure of the Mikveh [40 seah].” The letter chet(ח) of chaim (חיים) has a value of 8 and is equal to the 2-cubit Gate of 42 and the 6-cubit rear wall of the Holy of Holies.

The 10 Commandments

As the Ramchal alluded to above, the letter Yud (י) of numerical value 10 expands to a spelled out Yud(יוד) of numerical value 20.  Since the width of the Main Corridor is 20 cubits, it could be said that each length cubit of the Corridor is equivalent to Yud (י). It thus follows that the entire passageway length of the Temple Building is 100 Yuds (י) or (100 x 10) = 1000, connecting it to Binah (hyperspace).  Moreover, in the center of that passageway of glory are the Holy of Holies and the Sanctuary and the Gate of 42 between them, with a total length of (20 + 2 + 40) = 62, as in the 62 Yuds (י) in the 620 letters of the 10 Commandments.  The Holy of Holies and the Sanctuary and the Gate of 42 between them are 62-cubits long and each cubit of this central corridor is equivalent to the letter Yud (י) of the YHVH(יהוה) thus aligning the holiest space in the Holy Temple with the holiest passage in the Torah, the 620 letters of the 10 Commandments.

The Cells

Besides the 4 x 20-cubit cell behind the Holy of Holies there are 10 other rooms or cells on each level, 5 on one side, 5 on the other, like the splitting of the sefirot that Abraham told us about in the Sefer Yetzirah, and like the two “Tablets of the Covenant.”

1:3 Ten Sefirot of Nothingness
In the number of ten fingers
five opposite five
with a singular covenant
                precisely in the middle

The singular covenant (יחיד  ברית) Abraham spoke about was a “unifying covenant,” with the word unifying having the numerical value 32, as in the 32 Paths of Wisdom, the Tree-of-Life arrangement of the sefirot, and like the 32 x 32 central zone of Holiness that the cells surround.  The unifying aspect of this covenant is important for because as the sefirot are separated into their individual aspects they must remain unified for the life-forces to flow. The term “singular covenant (יחיד  ברית)” has the ordinal value of (54 + 32) = 86, the same as that of the axis of the Primordial Alef(א) that contains the 14 and the 72 Triplets, and the same as the 32 times the Name Elohim(אלהים), each of numerical value 86, are found in the acts of Creation in Genesis.

The very first stanza in the Sefer Yetzirah begins: “With 32 mystical paths of wisdom…”

It is important to understand what Abraham was trying to teach us about the sefirot and the nature of our universe.  In the Sefer Yetzirah 1:5, He describes a 5-dimensional structure or framework to our universe, where the 10 sefirot (dimensions) are split on opposite ends of 5 interconnected continuums. In mathematical terms, the pathways are expanding in two (2) directions along 5 different axes.  Hence 25 = 32, representing the unifying structure of “singular (יחיד)” of numerical value 32, and representing the 32 Paths.

The sefirot rest on opposite ends of infinite long pathways, that like lines on a large sphere eventually meet up with one another, only this sphere is infinitely large. Thus, the beginning meets up with the end.  One of the lines extents from infinite good to infinite evil and they too meet up, and just as we cannot fathom time separate from our 3-dimensional space, neither can good and evil be separated out.  Infinite good would be the Creator within Keter, and infinite evil would be the opponent within the depths of our world (Malchut). The value of Keter and Malchut together with the kolel is 1118, the same as the first verse of the Shema, which we know as the 15 Triplets. Thus, we can understand why reciting the Shema can help us reset our moral compass and point us toward good, the Creator.

In the acts of Creation the Name Elohim(אלהים), of numerical value 86, is found 32 times. (86 + 32) = 118. When the Primordial Alef(א) is added, we have 1118, beginning and end, the spectrum of good and evil within Creation. The Creator and the opponent.

The Temple building is designed in 3 tiers with a total of 11 cells on each level, or 33 in Total. Including Da’at, the complete Tree-of-Life has 11 sefirot dimensions with Chochma, Binah and Da’at functioning as One to provide Light for our Heaven and Earth. Like the first and last words of the Shema’s first verse, the first and last letters of Chochma, Binah and Da’at add up to 14 + 410) = 424, the numerical value of Moshiach Ben David.


The word Covenant or Brit (ברית) is important as it is an everlasting bond with the Creator, and because its ordinal value of 54 is that of the 54-unit shift we spoke of much earlier in this series The 54-unit shift was a shift in the energy structure of the Alef-bet from the Torah level to the naturally balanced Phi level.  Moreover, when the complete value of the Brit (ברית) is calculated, we see that (54 + 612) = 666, the kabbalistic 2/3 ratio. While the apothem of the Pyramid is notably also 612, the value of Brit (ברית), the full complete value of “the singular covenant (יחיד ברית) is (666 + 64) = 730 = 10 x 73 (חכמה), Chochma (Wisdom).  As the Arizal points out 730 is 2 years (365 x 2).

“My spirit shall not strive with man forever”

In Genesis 6:3 it states, “And the LORD said: ‘My spirit shall not strive with man forever, for he also is flesh; therefore shall his days be a hundred and twenty years’.” As the Zohar points out the word forever, La’olam (לעלם) is spelled here without the customary Vav(ו), leaving it with a numerical value of 730, or 2 years. The Zohar explains that the Vav(ו) is Zeir Anpin and without that channel the spirit of life cannot flow into this world. “For he is also flesh” refers to the primeval serpent, a personification of the Opponent.  Rabbi Shimon said, “[that serpent] is the angel of death. The words, ‘His days will be 120 years means the gift of an attached tower.”

Rabbi Shimon understand more than we ever will, and he chose to connect the tower here to the end of mankind, a period of 2 years and the 120 years. In the very next paragraph, the Zohar connects all of this to the Nefilim and it goes on to explain that “they exist to this day, teaching sorcery to people.” We previously tied those Nefilim to the Pyramid tower.


In the first part of this section we mentioned that certain words and key names in the Torah are doubled, repeated consecutively, like a zipper connecting two halves of the Torah, or the rungs on a ladder. In the parsha of Noach, the second in the Torah, there are more of those doubled words than in any other, 11 in total, beginning with Noach Noach (נח  נח) in its first verse.  As most school children know, Noach, the 10th person in the lineage of Adam, saved the animals in pairs, 2 by 2. In a great sense, he saved their and our DNA.  So, it is curious that our DNA is also arranged as a ladder with its rungs consisting of pairs, and like the Tree-of-Life there are 10 nitrogenous base pairs in each full turn of our DNA helix.  This is no coincidence, but it is also too subtle for the Torah to be teaching us something.  After all, we would have to already know about the make-up of our DNA to get the reference.  Still, the technology embedded in those 91 laddered words may indeed hold some consequences for our DNA, and perhaps those 91 pairs twist 9 times, or once every 10 pairs like our DNA.  The technology may even be profound, as we know the numerical value of the 4 base pairs add up to 424, Moshiach Ben David, and there are 90,100 occurrences in the Torah of the Yuds (י), Heis (ה) and Vavs (ו) components of the Tetragrammaton (יהוה), or the sum of all the integers from 1 – 424.  Moreover, there is an admonition for obvious reasons not to change even one letter in the Torah; perhaps, we should apply that to our DNA structure as well.

By the way, the 4 DNA base pairs are matched 2 x 2 with adenine paired only with thymine and cytosine only with guanine in order that the each have 3 organic rings in their composition and thus spiral along a balanced axis. The complete gematria value of the (adenine – thymine) pair is 424 and that of the (cytosine – guanine) pair is 37.

That twisting ladder of 91 in 10 levels would make a beautiful tower, and all the elements of the Torah divided into 9 twists gives us 4410 elements per twist, with as we know 441 being the numerical value of Emet, Truth and 44,100 being the exact volume of the Tower of Truth. For absolute perfectionists there are 4409.593 elements per twist, but we cannot have partial elements so when we round to 4410, we are adding 37 for the .1 (mod 9 remainder) twist, representing the first verse of the Torah.

Another appellation the Zohar gives for the world of elevation or World-to-Come is the World of Truth, so the equivalent height (44,100) of the Tower to metaphorically reach that world is no coincidence, nor is the other appellation of the Torah, Truth (441).

As it turns out, the 7th and 9th doubled words in the Torah within the portion of Noach are Shnaim Shnaim (שנים שנים), meaning 2 x 2, and their gematria milieu sofit value is 1776 both times. Is this a reference to the two parallel word events that would happen in 1776 in the two entwined parallel Divine calendars, one of which took place in the portion of Noach, 120 years after the Flood? And yes, (7 + 9) = 16, as in 1776 = 16 x 111 or Alef(א), etc. Also, the most numerous doubled word (איש איש) is doubled 16 times in the Torah.

The 33 Cells

There are 33 cells in total surrounding the Holy of Holies and they correspond to the select 33 Triplets. The first 33 letters of the Torah, which total 3003 and comprise the first 8 words of the Torah. This is equivalent to the sum of the integers from 1 -77. These 33 letters comprise 11 of the 112 Triplets.

Then there are the 14 Triplets of the 42-Letter Name.

Then completing the remaining 22 of the 33 Triplets, are the first 8 Triplets of the 72 Triplets, which is just the first row of their 9 row, 8 column matrix. These first 8, or 1/9th of the 72 Triplets, separate themselves from the rest in that those 64 Triplets total exactly 8000, and these 8 total 1143, which is also the average of 9 columns.

The Total value of the 11 Triplets and the 8 Triplets is (3003 + 1143) = 3146, very similar to 3142, the sum of the two Names Ehyeh (אהיה) and the Tetragrammaton (יהוה), each expanded by three (3) iterations (levels) as previously illustrated.

The 3 tiers of 11 triplets form a new matrix of 3 tiers of 33 letters per tier.  Each letter in each tier is a coordinate in a 3 x 11 matrix, taken together they form a 9 x 11 matrix.


For years and especially throughout this series, we have been highlighting specific matrices derived from the Torah. The 1900-year-old Zohar and many much older Kabbalistic tests also speak of these Names and Triplets in terms of specifically designed matrices. We have repeatedly illustrated how the Torah is conveying advanced information to us and we have seen so much of that information embedded in the design of those matrices. Nevertheless, there is so much more.  Mathematicians use matrices to decipher and analyze complex data and networks.  Matrices are also used to both analyze and manipulate digitized images in both two and three dimensions.  Whether this world is an artificial simulation within another simulation, or a divine simulation within the consciousness of the Creator, or both, it is at some level comprised of digitized pixels.  Even if physicality was real, our consciousness perceives it through the digitalized information provided to it by our eyes.

We have gone to great lengths to highlight the connections between the dimensions of the Future Holy Temple and the 32 Paths of Wisdom that comprise the Tree-of-Life that was central to (in the center of) the Garden of Eden. Those 32 Pathways form a specific network.  What is the best way to analyze a network?

Why are the measurements of the Holy Temple given in cubits, always whole cubits, not half or quarter or 1/6 cubits? Using whole number cubits means that the dimensions of Holy Temple allow for the formation of specifically defines matrices such as the one formed by the Central Altar of 32 x 32.

It gets complicated from here, but just so you understand, matrices can be added, multiplied and divided amongst themselves and by vectors. This type of processing is key to the E8 lattice.  This processing also releases infinitely more information from the powerful matrices already known in the Torah and tied into the 4 Essential Elements of Creation. A little information can lead to great technological advances. An infinite amount of information can lead to enlightenment.

If you recall, in Part XIV in the section titled Circles, Dimensions, and One, we discussed specific coordinates on circles and spheres of radius 1. Those specific coordinates define specific vectors. So, we have specific given vectors and specific given matrices, like the 6 x 7 one, the 8 x 9 one and others. Since the 4 Essential elements are defined in Triplets, even the first 33 letters of the Torah form a (3 x 11) matrix, and the 6 x 7 letter matrix of the 42-Letter Name is also a 7 x 2 matrix of Triplets.  And because of the Triplet nature of the 4 Elements their matrices can be 3-dimensional as well, with the 72 Triplets also being a 8 x 9 x 3 matrix and the 42-Letter Name being a (2 x 7 x 3) matrix. You have more information than you know.

The Inner Courtyard and the Universe

We previously illustrated how the Central Altar, the Inner Courtyard and the Outer Courtyard are aligned with the 3 temperature scales we use to measure our universe. The Celsius scale is one part of the 7 base unit measures and the 22 derived unit measures of the metric system. The metric system, while not employed in the Holy Temple is based on a 10 – 100 – 1000, or power of 10, scale and thus aligns with our sefirot (dimensions) from Malchut to Binah.  This was not the intention when it was first proposed in 1670, but since inspiration comes from our consciousness’ connection to the Binah hyperspace, no matter what it is, the Creator calls the shots.

If there is any lingering doubt, please consider that the meter was based on 1/10 millionth the distance of the North pole to the Equator through a meridian that passes through Paris, yet the conversion of the meter to foot is .304805 and there are 304,805 letters in the Torah. Still question whether the Creator has a hand in everything?

On the flip side, there are 3.208 feet per meter, aligning it with both the 32.0833 feet of the Capstone’s bases, built thousands of years before the inspiration of the meter.  There are also 140 cubits from the center of the Holy of Holies to the center of the Central Altar, which is also 320.833 feet. This measurement was transmitted to us by the Ramchal 50 years before the metric system was first adopted. Thus, the capstone’s base is 10 meters across and the distance from the center of the Holy of Holies to the center of the Central Altar is 100 meters.

The Inner Courtyard measures 100 cubits across, no need to convert it to feet, inches, or even meters. And as we have emphasized repeatedly, the Central Altar at its core is 32 cubits square, meaning the rest of the distance between the boundary of the Inner Courtyard and the Central Altar is 68 cubits in each direction.  Since the design of the Holy Temple is such that the Light of the world emanates from the Holy of Holy, also 32 cubits square, and spreads out from the Central Altar outward, it is oddly pre-ordained that scientists have determined that 68% of our universe is dark energy and 32% is matter. Moreover, of that 32%, they’ve determined that 27% is dark matter, leaving 5% for observable matter. It must be said, though, they have no idea what either dark energy or dark matter could be.

Book of Life and Akashic Records

The first stanza of the Sefer Yetzirah continues:

…And He created His universe
with three books
with text
with number
and with communication

All four(4) words for book, text, number and communication are essential the same: sephar, sepher, sepher and sippur(ספר), so they are all aspects of the same concept. “The Book(הספר)” has the same gematria as Moses(משה) and “The Books (הספרים)” has the same gematria as The Heavens (השמים), the Torah’s 5th word.” No surprise, as the Torah is known as “The 5 Books of Moses.” Why did the Creator make this connection or allusion to Books?

We are speaking about higher dimensions, where everything (all the information) in our world is centralized in a single place. It is not condensed there the way an encyclopedia condenses all the info of a library into a single set of volumes, and it is not stored and processed the way all the info from all the computers, smart phones, smart devices, personal assistant devices and the cloud are stored on a bank of servers. It interactively emanates from there and records the interaction of the returning light (Ohr Choser).  Anyone whose consciousness manages to elevate high enough might view this central source as a book, or at least that may be how we can best perceive it.  Since our consciousness only elevates one level, a book may be the best interface or avatar for what is really going on.

Text, Number, and Communication

Our consciousness would be operating in 5th dimensional hyperspace called Binah. Thus the divine simulation, or virtual phasing, of our physical universe would be condensed into a single emanating and readable source, and our countless lives within that divine simulation would be searchable volumes (Books of Life) within that source, but that level (dimension) of Binah would just be the divine simulation (emanation) of an even higher level.  And there are levels within levels.  At the level of Binah, those interfaced books are what is known to some of the consciousnesses that have elevated and returned with wisdom as the Akashic records.

Text, number, and communication: data streams. Text is numbers, and numbers and text are communication. They are all three(3) one and the same, yet very different aspects of the same energy or Light force.  With a tiny spectrum of visible light, we view our entire physical universe—at least those colors that we can perceive. With a much broader array of electro-magnetic energy we broadcast our propaganda, power our world, run our atoms and our universe. Yet this too is only a small insignificant part of what real energy is, the energy that infuses and sustains the dimensions. It too is a broad, even vast, spectrum.  The Kabbalists called it Light.

That inter-dimensional energy or Light enters our world through a single point, much as the energy that enters your computer enters from a single point of contact.  The data that gives life to your computer enters from a single point as well. If you remove that tiny contact point in your computer and/or your phone you would be disconnected from the rest of your world. While you think all that data that you like to stream is floating out there in the ether for your taking, the truth is it is being funneled through a provider who has a single check point as well. If you do not believe me, try not paying your phone service and see how much data you receive. The point is that millions of data streams, the life blood of our civilization today are flowing through a single choke point. It is possible that already all those various provider streams are also flowing through a single point a little higher up on the food chain. Regardless, that is also how our life-force (Shefa)—how the real Light energy—enters into our universe. It is what powers the divine simulation we call life and/or physicality.  According to the kabbalists, that point of entry for that force is called Zion, and its point of alignment with our world is the Holy of Holies within the Temple Building.

The numerical of Zion (ציון) is 156 and the center of the Holy of Holies, the Foundation Stone, is 156 cubits from the edges of the Outer Courtyard. That makes it 358 ft from those edges, aligning it with Moshiach as well.  The value 156 is found 54 times in the Torah, a possible reference to the shift of 54, and to 210 as well, considering (156 + 54) = 210.

I hope I was clear enough, Akashic is just a term and the records and books are not real books.  The records are just a methodology for lower level, yet elevated consciousnesses to search an infinite and infinitely connected database. It is an interface system, much as Google, but without the biased agenda. The Book of Life is akin to a much more complete Facebook, but again with the bias and agenda. It is no coincidence that the advances down here mimic the workings of the dimensions above. They have no choice.  Our only free will is in how much we will corrupt the purity of the systems and gifts given to us.

How does it work?

Every choice we make shifts our orientation within the 5 axes of the Tree-of-Life. Whenever we choose wrong, selfishness, greed, or control over the physicality we point our compass toward evil and every shift gets recorded. Do we feel the awe of the Creator, or the pull of physical desires? Those polar opposite attractions at the antipodes of the infinite sphere spin our compass and get recorded.  How is that possible? How is quantum entanglement possible? How does changing the spin on a particle on this side of the universe change the spin on a sister particle on the other side of the universe?

Imagine if that point of entry, Zion, could be controlled, harnessed, and manipulated.  They could completely dominate and control their world, and possible infect others. They would control the media, the money, and the narrative—communication, number, text—and they would be able to subjugate most everyone very quickly.  It would be akin to a group of partially awoke simulated players being fed privileged information by a nefarious source coder at the far end of the good-evil bar. Forearmed with extra knowledge this group could manipulate their simulation from the inside until they found and latched onto the entry point. Of course, their goal would be to choke off that point, but the reality is that that would just end their simulation.  But they are only partially awakened and know only the corruptions that have been downloaded into their consciousness units. The real goal of their evil coder would be to artificially prop open the portal and allow for regurgitation to corrupt and pollute the higher dimensions.

It is only a story line, so who knows? We can, though, find fractal references to it throughout our universe and on every level of what we call life. After all, we are not even the most dominant or most intelligent life form on Earth.  Like most other life-forms on the planet, we depend on and are manipulated by fungi. They are an integrated global network that control our eco-systems, food supply, and health. They act as one unit, learn and operate like a hive, and are wired into everything. So, yes, there are not two, but three kingdoms of life on Earth, and the largest, oldes,t and most powerful are not the plants, nor the animals, but the fungi.

As for the Torah, G-d warned Moses not to take the Erev Rav with him out of Egypt. He also showed us how important it is to close off the portal behind us when the waters came flooding back to destroy the Egyptian army after the crossing of the Endless Sea, and numerous times when He advised that no one should be left alive.  With even the slightest opening, evil and corruption will find a way.

The Three Tiers of Cells

As per the Ramchal, “Everything that comes forth from the Holy of Holies divides into three[3]….and three cells along the west wall [3 on top of one another].  Thus the Sanctuary is surrounded by cells on three [3] sides…[with 3 levels on each side].”

It is not just 33 Cells, but the concept of a cube of 33 of which we will see the importance later in this section.

We can now understand how the ordinal value of the 3 highest sefirot Keter (כתר) and Chochma (חכמה) and Binah (בינה) relates to the Holy Temple.  The combined ordinal value of their 11 letters is (53 + 37 + 31) = 121 = 112. This 112 is reflected in the 42-Letter Name, whose first line (אבגתץ) totals 506 or (112 + 102 + 92 +….12), and whose 14 Triplets are found a total of 506 times in the Torah, with 506 being the complete value of Moshiach Ben David and the value of “Unconditional Love.”

The 11 Cells also hint at the 11th sefira, Da’at in the central column and central corridor. The 3 central column sefirot are Keter, Da’at and Tiferet (which represents all 6 dimensions of Zeir Anpin). Thei combined initials (כדת) total 424, once again Moshiach Ben David.

Nevertheless, in respect to the 3 divisions, the 11 cells in the 3 protective sides of the Holy of Holies correspond directly to Keter (כתר) and Chochma (חכמה) and Binah (בינה), as do the 3 levels of 11 cells each. Remember Keter (כתר) and Chochma (חכמה) and Binah (בינה) sum together to 760 and therefore the 3 x 3 levels are equivalent to 760 x 760 = 577600.

The walls between those cells is 5 cubits thick and the cells themselves are 5 cubits long which all correspond to the final Hei(ה) of the YHVH(יהוה). When it is coupled with the Vav (ו) of the 6-cubit thick walls surrounding the Holy of Holies, they align with the Vav-Hei(וה) of the YHVH(יהוה) and total 11, the fusion of Zeir Anpin and Malchut and the structure of 11 sefirot.  While the final letters in Keter (כתר) and Chochma (חכמה) and Binah (בינה) add up to 210, their initials add up to 30, or Vav (ו) “knocked” with (multiplied with) Hei(ה), (6 x 5), as in the Vav-Hei(וה) of the YHVH(יהוה), thus completing the 5 major levels from Keter-Chochma-Binah-Zeir Anpin through Malchut.

On the first level, the cells are 5 cubits long by 4 cubits wide, so the 10 North and South side cells measure 5 x 10 or 50 cubits in length, just like the height of the Gates. Since the rear Western Cell is 20 cubits the total is (50 + 20) = 70 cubits, as in the 70 nations, etc. The area of those 11 cells is thus 70 x 4 or 280 cubits, connecting it to the 5 final letters (ךםןףץ) of the same value, and to the enlarged Ayin (ע) and Dalet (ד) of the Shema’s first verse, one of the 4 Essential Elements of Creation. This is not coincidental as that central 20-cubit cell that gave us 70 is associated as explained above with Da’at. It is also not coincidental that the very first article that Rav Brandwein encouraged me to publish and that began this blog was titled Where is Da’at and connected it to the number 70.

By the way, the ordinal value of those 5 final letters (ךםןףץ) is 73, as in Chochma (Wisdom) and the value for the Torah’s first verse, the sum from 1 – 73. The end is in the beginning.  Moreover, the complete value of those 5 final letters (ךםןףץ) is 280 + 73 + 5 (Kolel) = 358, the numerical value for Moshiach. The end is in the beginning.

The fourth (4th) side of the Temple Building consists of 3 rooms, the Holy of Holies, the Sanctuary, and the Vestibule separate by the two Gates. Like a Sukkah, the entrance to the vestibule is open except for the two Vestibule walls that are only 5-cubits thick, matching the rule that the open side of the Sukkah must have a wall at least 5 hands-breath wide.   We will get deeper into this concept in the next part of this section. I hope you did not think the dates of the holidays or the tools in them were arbitrary or had anything to do with anything other than bringing Moshiach. The best presents are the unexpected ones and the best plans are the concealed ones.


Part XVII Connecting the Dots – Part 1

In the Year 5780…In the Year 2020 Can Man…

Before we touch on 5780, we need reach back to the Flood incident, a period that lasted two (2) years from 1656 to 1658 in times that many are drawing parallels with the events of today. We need to reach all the way back to chapter 11, paragraph 33, of the Torah, an alignment reminiscent of the 11 cells per level and 33 in total that surround the Holy of Holies. For anyone that has not been following this series from its inception, you can find the entire work here.

This pasuk occurs immediately after the Tower of Babel incident and begins the Chronicles of Shem(שם), Abraham and Moses’ forefather, who is the 11th generation in the lineage of Adam. “Shem was 100 years old when he had a son Arpachshad two [2] years after the flood.” There is a lot of encoding in this pasuk that we will not get into now, including the name Shem having the same numerical value of sephar, sepher and sippur(ספר), being written 3 times. We will not get into the value of “the Flood (המבול)” being 5-78 and containing “the Mem-Bet (42) either.

What is significant about this passage is that it established all the dating from the Flood on, all the births and deaths of the lineage of Adam, the year of the Exodus, and everything that followed.  What is unclear about the passage is whether that dating should commence with the start of the Flood or the end of the Flood incident, when Noach and his 3 sons, including Shem, stepped onto dry land. This was not a tidal wave or a flash flood, the flood waters covered the earth for nearly two (2) years. The Torah goes into great detail about that, and about how all the animals had to go in 2 by 2, seven (7) pairs of 2.

Certain words and key names in the Torah are doubled, repeated consecutively, like a zipper connecting two halves of the Torah, or rungs on a ladder.  Noach’s name was doubled and Shem’s was too. Shem’s was the 13th of the 91 doubled words in the Torah, and the 8th of the 49 unique doubled words since some words were doubled more than once.  There is abundant meaning there too, including connections to “He and His Name [91] are One[13],” with the name Shem literally meaning “Name.” It should also be noted that Shem was Abraham’s teacher.

Nevertheless, what is important for us right now is that the Creator The Divine Calendarpurposely left a degree of uncertainty in the dating and timeline of our history and lives. The start of the Flood was chosen and became the established timeline, and that was the correct choice. We have validated it with all the mirror dating and so much more in The Divine Calendar and elsewhere. However, …

However, what if the second time frame was also true? What if it was a purposeful way to conceal two (2) more years for us.  That would make 5778 also 5780. It would be as if the Creator had hidden away two(2) years for us, buying us two more years. In those two (2) years His opponent would have thought he had won and would be operating with impunity, unwittingly exposing all the deceit, the illusions, and his evil doings to the light of day.

Are there any parallels with what has been going on in the world these past two years?

How could that even be possible?

The Creator is either G-d, or the supreme and ultimate programmer. The opponent is only a powerful creation of the Creator. When you go to a casino and bet on red or black, your odds of winning are not 50/50 and that is how the house ensures it will always come out ahead in the end.  The House of G-d will always come out ahead in the end, or the simulation would not exist. If you prefer to call the simulation real life that is fine, so real life would not exist if the odds were not slightly in its favor.

In both alignments, the Calendars have interesting and telling dates. So maybe, like the Western and Hebrew Calendars that intertwine, interact, and pivot on the date 3760 HC, and maybe like those two same calendars that and are both necessary for our understanding of the cosmic and Divine design of our universe, perhaps both of the Flood-derived calendars are also necessary. Since the Torah tells us Shem lived 500 years after he had Arpachshad, in the new dating schematic Shem would have passed away in the year 2160.

Simple Connections to a Highly Complex Structure

The number 2160 is not only referential to the 216 letters of the 72 Triplets, but also to the 2160-mile diameter of the moon. The purpose of the 72 Names is only now coming into focus at the time we actually need it.  Anyone who told you previously that the individual Names (Triplets) could get you anything in the physical world, give mind over matter power over the spiritual world was selling you a bill of goods and messing with your mind. The power of the 72 Names is as a matrix and much more about this will be revealed over this 3-part Section. It was hidden away for us for a reason.
The Zohar tells us that in the end-of-days the Moon will be as prominent as the Sun and many have taken that literally, and also have inferred much else with it. However, it may simply be a hint that at the end of the calendar, the second calendar will be as prominent as the first. The number 2160 is also referential to the
2160 separate 8-orthoplex that surround each point in the 248 dimensions of the E8 lattice. What makes this possibly relevant is that Shem’s student, Abraham has a numerical value of 248, and Abraham’s birth predated the Torah by exactly 500 years. This compares with Shem, who lived 500 years after he had Arpachshad and passed away in the year 2160.

These two 500-year values correspond to the 2nd and 14th Triplets of the first and last rows of the 42-Letter Name (צית and יתצ). That the two 500 value Triplets total 1000 is relevant, and its relevancy will make perfect sense later in the 3 parts. A further connection is that Shem was 100 years old when he had his first son, and likewise Abraham was also 100 when he had Isaac.

This previously concealed information is being transferred to us just now, just as those additional 2 years are expiring. Is this significant?
Why is the E8 root lattice in 248-dimensional Lie algebra important? We are not sure if it really is, but it may, though, be extremely important once we understand it better. There are brilliant physicists working on determining if its crystalline structure does indeed express the grand unification of all the fundamental particles and forces in a way that no other theory has yet been able to do. They are not there yet, but so far, the best science has come up with is that the universe should not exist. It may be because their scope has been too limited to the physical boundaries.  Perhaps we will be able to assists with that.

Another interesting alignment in the 248-dimensional E8 root lattice has to do with the E8 root system, which consists of all vectors, or roots from 1 – 8 (a1,a2,a3,a4,a5,a6,a7,a8) whereby all ai are integers (i.e. -1,1,0,0,0,0,0,0) or all ai are integers plus ½ (i.e. 1/2,-1/2, 1/2,-1/2,-1/2,1/2,1/2,-1/2) , and their sum is an even integer, and the sum of their squares is 2. That is not relevant unless you are mathematician. What is relevant to all of us is that there are 112 of these where ai are integers and 128 where ai are integers plus ½. Altogether, E8 has (112 + 128) = 240 roots + 8 coordinates, or 248.

We now know, thanks to the advanced information conveyed to us through the Torah, that there are 4 Essential Elements in the Creation of our universe and that they consist of 112 Triplets.  Merging this knowledge, it is possible that the 112 Triplets correspond to the 112 integer Roots. Moreover, the 248 (dimensionality) – the 128 (half-integer) roots = the 120 point differential built into the 120 Years of Man and the Pyramid.

Think about it for a moment. The last two (2) Books of the Torah, are Bamidbar and Devarim. The Book Bamidbar has a numerical value of 248 and the Book Devarim, delineated by Moses when he was 120, has a numerical value of 256 or (2 x 128), which correspond to the 128 (half-integer) roots.  And since 256 = 28, then 128 is 28/2, and indeed we are talking about the E8 lattice with its 8 coordinates, as in (256 – 248) = 8.

Bear in mind that (248 + 256) = 504 and that the midpoint of the 91 doubled words in the Torah is Darosh Darash (דרש דרש) each of numerical value 504 and that there are 50 words with a value of 504 in the Torah, split right down the middle at Darosh Darash. This will become more significance for us shortly. As will the 112 Triplets being points on a sphere.

Also, considering the connection to the 2160-mile diameter of the Moon, the sum of the Earth’s radius and the Moon’s radius together being exactly 7! or (7 x 6 x 5 x 4 x 3 x 2 x 1) = 5040 miles is relevant as well.

Moreover, while 248 and 256 represent the 4th and 5th Books of Moses, the equation (5040/112) = 45 connects these 2 Books with the 112 Triplets, the Earth and Moon relationship, Adam, the 6 bundled dimensions of Zeir Anpin, the Pyramid, the E8 lattice structure, and the 91 Doubles.

Connecting the Dots

We have just entered the year 5780 HC and it will soon be 2020 CE, and based on our nearly 6000-year timeline and time frame we need to ask what information is conveyed to us within these dates. The Western date 2020 CE can be viewed as a fairly obvious reference to 20, Esrim, which we know has the gematria of 620, Keter, the highest level (sefira) or dimension. So, just like the dimensions of the Holy of Holies (20 cu by 20 cu), the date 2020 CE can be seen as an allusion to Keter of Keter, the highest of the highest.  Moreover, the digits in 5780, add up (5 + 7 + 8 + 0) to 20.

Altogether, both dates form a cube of 20 x 20 x 20, as in the bottommost cube in the Tower of Truth, whereby all 20 incrementally smaller cubes are stacked from 1 to 20 and have a total volume of 44100 cu3. As discussed, 441 is the value of Truth, Emet, and since 44100 = 441 x 100, the total volume also represents the “Truth of Keter.”

The number 20 can also be seen as a limit, a limit in the positive sense, just as the maximum height of our sukkah is 20 cubits and beyond that the ceiling of Binah is pierced. It is at that very point in our sukkah that the Sach (thatched ceiling) of numerical value 100 is placed.  The number 20 is also a limit in the sense that it is the bottommost cube in that tower and that the Holy of Holies is likewise at the bottom of the 100-cubit Tower of the Temple Building.  Also, if you recall, the Hebrew Alef-bet is based on an exponential scale related to the date that the Torah was received at Mt. Sinai, and that the letters Caf(כ) and Tav(ת) were the two letters to fit the energetic scale precisely with their values of 20 and 202 respectively, Tav(ת) being the last of the 22 letters.

In terms of gematria, 78 as in 780, represents the initials of the Tree-of-life (עח) so if 5778 can be said to connect to the Tree-of-life (עח), 5780 can be said to connect to the expansion of the Tree-of-life (עח) through the 10 sefirot. Moreover, the years 2020 + 5780 add up to 7800, meaning the synergy of the two calendar years represents the complete expansion of the Tree-of-life (עח) through the 10 sefirot X 10 sefirot.

Furthermore, there is a little known gematria algorithm that I have always found most revealing, especially with dates. Basically, it is taking the product of the digits in a number or digital sequence and dividing the product of those digits by their sum. When we applied it to the Torah’s first verse it gave us the mathematical constant Pi to several decimal places. In this case (2 x 2)/(2 + 2) = 1 (One).  Other than years with single digits in them like the year 1 or the year 2000, this has happened only once before, in the year 1010.  In that year, the year 1010 CE and its Hebrew calendar counterpart (1010 CE + 4770 HC) added up to 5780.

When we apply that gematria algorithm to the year 5780 HC, we get (5 x 7 x 8)/(5 +7 + 8) = 280/20 = 14. It is significant to note that 280 is the value of the 5 final letters connected to the end-of-days as advised by the Zohar. As will be discussed below, 280 cubits is also the area of the 11 cells that surround the 20 x 20 cubit Holy of Holies.  As for 14, biblically it is the value of hand(יד) as in “yad ha-ḥazakah (the mighty hand) of the Creator, gold, and David(דוד).

The Three Years

People have asked me about the other two pyramids alongside Adam’s Pyramid. I do not know much about them but given the connection to the Third Holy Temple I do see the analogy between the 3 pyramids and the 3 Holy Temples.  Moreover, as Antonio pointed out, the 3 years, (5778 + 5779 + 5780) = 17337, which can be seen as the pairing of the small gematria value for the 42-Letter Name, 173, and the number 37, the heart, Halev (הלב) or ordinal value of Chochma (חכמה) and the most representative number of the Torah’s first verse.  Moreover (173 x 37) = 6401, which is the sum of the standard value of the 42-Letter Name, 3701, and the Torah’s first verse, 2701 less the kolel (One).  Furthermore, (173 + 37) = 210, the height of Adam’s Pyramid, the 210 years of exile, the height of the Tower of Truth, and so much more already discussed.

When the first 37 primes are arranged in a 12-gonal Star shape (the Magen David) the 6 points (2 + 7 + 19 + 107 + 139 + 157) add up to 441, Emet, Truth.

Another way to view 17337 is (1 x 73 x 37) or 2701, the numerical value of the Torah’s first verse, one of the 4 Essential Elements.

Using the same gematria algorithm revealed above, we can see how all three of these years are energetically (spiritually) connected to one another: (1 x 7 x 3 x 3 x 7)/(1 + 7 + 3 +3 +7) = 14, just like the year 2020 and 5780 alone. As written about in the Zohar and in numerous articles in the there are three (3) spiritual Hands of G-d alluded to in the Torah: the Great Hand (גדזלה), with the aspect of Chesed, as the right column of the Tree-of-Life; the Mighty Hand (חזקה) with the aspect of Gevurah, as the left column of the Tree-of-Life; and the Elevated Hand (רמה) with the aspect of Tiferet, as the central column of the Tree-of-Life. Together these 3 Hands form the 14 triplets of the 42 Letter Name.  Two of the hands, Mighty (חזקה) and Elevated (רמה) add up to 365, as in the 365 mitzvot and the 365 days in 1 year.

As we will explain in detail later in this section, the 3 types of Hands add up to 414, the same as the collective value of the Lulav (לולב), the Hadas (הדס), and the Aravah (ערבה) which is twice the numerical value of the Hebrew word for Light, Ohr.

The year 2020 is not only related to Keter (כתר), but to Chochma (חכמה), the 2nd highest dimension as well. Of course, 2020 is not only an allusion to perfect vision (20/20), but 20 years after the big 20, the year 2000, when Rav Abraham Azulai hinted the period of Oy and Ashrei would begin. Twenty (20) years is 7300 days and 2020 years is 737300 days at a normal 365-day calendar year. The number 73 is the numerical value of Chochma (חכמה), the second highest dimension, from which the light of wisdom flows into the dimension of Binah.

In full disclosure there are more like 365.25 days in an average year, making the total in 2020 years 737805 days or 505 days more than 737300.  While 505 is the gematria of the Matriarch Sarah(שרה), which may or may not have significance to this design, correcting for those 505 days brings us back to 2018. Thank G-d for those 505 extra days! It is a Brave New World and our slumber is deeper than we know.

How extraordinary if 737300 were to be found in those specially designed first 1000 (Binah) digits of Pi! Alas, it is not, not exactly.  At digit #300 within Pi (3.14159265358….), the digit string 737245 is found, which is 55 less than 737300. Oddly, the digit string 737190 is also found there and it is 55 less than 737245.  Once again, like the three (3) numerical strings …5778… (equivalent to the year 2018 CE) and the three (3) …2019… strings we find a triple (3X) allusion to the days in 2020 years, and all 3 are connected through 55, which is the value of 2 cubits (2 x 27.5). it is also the value of the entrance (55’) of the Pyramid and the Holy of Holies, as will be discussed below.

Why 55 and why is it associated with entrances? Within the Tetragrammaton (יהוה) the two connected gates, the Hei(ה) or gate to Binah and the Hei(ה) or gate from Malchut to Zeir Anpin have values of 50 and 5 respectively and thus once connected 55. Two gates; two cubits (2 x 27.5).

Part and parcel to this recurring design of three (3) are the 3 highest sefirot (levels/dimensions), always separate from the other 7. The two highest levels, Keter (כתר) and Chochma (חכמה), have a combined ordinal value of (53 + 37) = 90, the numerical value of water(מים), and of King (מלך). Water is a metaphor for Light (spiritual energy): water (מים) fills the sea (ים) of Binah (בינה).

When Keter (כתר) and Chochma (חכמה) and Binah (בינה) are joined as one, their sum is (620 + 73 + 67) = 760, as in the square root of each of the years from 5776 through 5780, 76.0…; and as in the ordinal value of the Torah’s first word 76; and as in the pivotal year of the calendars, 3760 HC; and as in the year of the big 20, the year 2000 CE, which was in 5760 HC. When we speak of combining them, we mean when we are examining the energy flowing between them as opposed to seeing them as separate dimensions.

When Keter (כתר) and Chochma (חכמה) and Binah (בינה) come together their 3 final letters (ההר) add up to 210, and spell “The Mountain(ההר).” Is there any question as to why the Tower of Truth would be 210 cubits high? Is this a hint as to why the Pyramid is both 210 cubits high and 210 levels high?

Is it also by design that the front letters (בינ-חכמ-כת) in the 3 highest sefirot equal 550 or exactly 20 cubits (20 x 27.5)?

As Yehoshua recently pointed out to me, science has just now brought us to the point of quantum computing, in which a qubit (a quantum bit) is the basic unit of quantum information. It is pronounced the same as the ancient basic unit of measure, the cubit. Is this coincidental? Or are we at a convergence point in our existence?

The difference between the computing power of our ordinary computers based on 2 bit technology and the new quantum qubit-based computers is more than exponential; it is dimensional. The same can be said when we properly engage the Hebrew letters in the Names of G-d and Creation.

Why 20? We have already explained the connection between Keter and 20, but as the Arizal explains the Yud (י) of the Tetragrammaton (יהוה) expands to Yud (יוד) of numerical value 20 and the Yud (י) corresponds to Chochma (חכמה). The Tetragrammaton (יהוה) is both a Name and a cosmic schematic.

The first 3 letters in Chochma (חכמה) and Binah (בינה) sum up to (68 + 62) = 130, the value of Sinai, as in Mt Sinai; meanwhile, and the first letters in Keter (כתר) are 420, which, as we will soon see, is a clue to the proper order of things.  The word in Keter (כתר) breaks down numerically to (20 + 202 + 20 x 10) or Yud (יוד) + Yud (יוד)2 + Yud (יוד)3. The names given to the sefirot (dimensions) are not arbitrary. They are based on a schematic flow of energy and integrated with the design of the universe and Names of G-d as delineated in the Torah.

Water (מים) and King (מלך) not only share the same numerical value, but also share the same ordinal value as well, 36, which means their shared complete value is 126 or (3 x 42).

Another key word that has an ordinal value of 36 is Emet, truth (אמת). The word for Truth (אמת) breaks down into (400 + 40 + 1) or  1 + (2 x 20) + 202, which in terms of the Tower of Truth reminds us that when we climb from the 20th cube to the summit, we ultimately reach One(1). Thus it too is a schematic for us to follow. It is also reminiscent of 2020, and of 1 + (2 x Yud (יוד)) + Yud (יוד)2, associating the derivation and energy of Truth, Emet, with the dimension of Keter.

The reasons we are examining these connections are so that we can properly align the Names, the pathways, and the Triplets with the given blueprints of the Third Holy Temple.  The true kabbalists have always known that it is not enough to know how Heaven and Earth operate, we must know and Understand the Names that connect them. Yes, the supernal Future Holy Temple is already here, but we need to Understand how to access it (properly), and to Understand the codes that link up with it.

For example, within the number 17337 that is revealed by (5778 + 5779 + 5780), we see the 42-Letter Name, represented by 173, comes before the Torah’s first verse, represented by 37, which is a most significant bit of critical information being conveyed to us. First there was the 42-Letter Name, then the Torah.

Referring to the Gate of 42, the Gate of the Holy of Holies, the Ramchal explains, “Were it not for that this gate is open, the entire universe would be in a state of total deprivation and would therefore cease to exist. This is why this gate had to be opened first. As the flow of blessings and sustenance went out from this gate, it spread in all directions, forging a multitude of highways and pathways according to the needs of the various worlds.”

Another derivation from the number 17337, representing the combined last 3 years, is 10,000 and 73 and 37. The energetic value 73 is the numerical value of Chochma (חכמה) and 37 is its inner or ordinal value, 10,000 is 104.  In kabbalistic counting, based on the schematic design of energy in the greater universe: single digits, maxing out at 10, are Malchut; double digits, maxing out at 100, are Zeir Anpin; triple digits, maxing out at 1000, is Binah; and quadruple digits, maxing out at 10,000 or 104, which is also Yud (י)4, is Chochma.  Therefore, this 3-year sequence is portrayed numerically as 3 aspects of Chochma (Wisdom).

We know that the 4 Essential Elements that comprise the 112 Triplets are arranged along the axis of the primordial Alef(א) and that they are paired 11 Triplets and 15 Triplets, or 26 for YHVH (יהוה), on one axis, and 14 and 72, or 86 for Elohim (אלהים) and YHVH (יהוה) on the other. What we did not know was which applied to which axis.  Putting the 42 first would make the 14 Triplets of the 42-Letter Name align with the upper Yud(י). The other number that then derives from the upper Yud(י) and the two central Vavs (וו) is (14 + 11 + 15) = 40 with the last arm equal to 72. We will soon see how this ties into the Third Temple and the formula to bring freedom, elevation, and Moshiach.

Parts 2 and 3 of this section will follow in short order.

Shabbat Shalom


Part XVI The Future is Now

No one knows for sure where the Future Holy Temple is to be built, but if the time were now, would not that be an important fact to know? Some say the Temple Mount is in the wrong place, that it is the wrong shape, or that the Temple and especially the Holy of Holies can be anywhere on the Mount and that there is no way to know. Usually whenever most everyone tells you one thing, like it being under the dome, we eventually find out they are all echoing one another, and truth is something else entirely. Would the Creator really have left something as important as this to chance? Would the Creator have properly concealed His treasure until its appropriate time or would He have entrusted it to Wikipedia?

For anyone that has not been following this series from its inception, you can find the entire work here.

The Great Pyramid is Named After Someone and He’s Not Egyptian

Okay, to anyone not incentivized by tourism driven propaganda or cultural pride, the Great Pyramid at Giza could never seriously be considered Egyptian in origin, other than its obvious location.  They never possessed the knowledge, nor technology to produce it. Nor did it ever contain or have an hieroglyphics, signs, statues, ornaments, or architecture typical of ancient Egypt.  What it did contain was precision and information, precise information given to us in feet, inches, and mir cubits and how they interrelated with the pyramid’s proportions and the mathematical constants of the universe.

Why 3 different measuring scales, or 3 different sets of scaling coordinates? One reason is that it makes it much easier to create and conceal advanced equations.  Another is that you need to be familiar with all 3 systems in order to decipher it. The Egyptians could not.  Nor could anyone utilizing the metric system, or anyone more than 30 years ago.  Also, most of our Torah revelations are in 3’s as in Triplets, 3 iterated Names, 3-letter roots, cubes, and 3-part Names.

The Pyramid also contained a name, and not just any name. A Hebrew name, and not just any Hebrew name.

The height of the pyramid is 481.25 feet and its base is 756.25 feet, a different of exactly 275.00, reflecting the value of the secret cubit, 27.5 inches. On the other hand, together (481.25 + 756.25) add up to 1237.5 feet.  The Mir cubit is 27.5 inches. Since (1237.7 – 27.5) = 1210.0 or 1000 + 210, it could be said to equal Alef(א) as 1000 plus the height of the Pyramid in levels and/or cubits, representing the 210 years of exile in Egypt. The equation also represents the sea of Binah (1000) pouring through the 4 rivers of Genesis 2:10 into the physical realm.

The same equation can also be broken down into 1237.5 = (1100 + 110 + 27.5) = (40 cubits + 4 cubits + 1 cubit) = (ם +ד +א) cubits = (אדם) Adam. The Pyramid is connected to Adam(אדם), a 3-letter Name and the first name in the Torah other than G-d. 1237.5 = 45 cubits = Adam (אדם) = the aspect of the Tetragrammaton associated with Zeir Anpin and Man (Adam):

I do not know if we need to call it Adam’s Pyramid, but it could also be called the Creator’s. The Name (יוד־הא־ואו־הא) also separates into 42 + (אאא), connecting us (Man) and the Pyramid to:

This is the Name the Creator gave to the Israelites in order to unlock their bonds to the physicality of Egypt. It was the Name of Awakening.

Part of the information conveyed to us in Adam’s Pyramid was concealed in the capstone found at level 203, as in the first 3 letters of the Torah (ברא).  The two first Names of G-d in the Torah, Elohim (אלהים) and YHVH (יהוה) = 112, matching the 112 Triplets.  Alternatively, YHVH (יהוה) + Ehyeh (אהיה) + Adonai (אדני) = 112. The combined Name YHVH-Adonai (אדני) = 91. Together they sum to (112 + 91) = 203, meaning that the first 3 letters of the Torah contain 4 Names of G-d and connect to the 112 Triplets. It means the same for the 203 levels of the Pyramid.

The capstone measures 32.0833’ on each of the 4 bases and 20.4 feet high over its 7 levels. That height works out to 244.8 inches, as in the year 2448 when the Torah was received at Sinai and the Israelites left Egypt, and the base measure translates to exactly 14 cubits.

Before we move on to the purpose of bringing up the Pyramid yet again, please note that when we compare the capstone to the entire Pyramid its ratio of Hc to Hp and Bc to Bp is 4.24%, making the capstone the ratio of Moshiach Ben David (424) in regards to the entire Adam Pyramid.  I cannot imagine why the Egyptians would have done that.

It also means that the base of the capstone 244.8”, as the year of Exodus (2448 HC) is 4.24% (Moshiach Ben David) of Adam’s Pyramid 5775”, representing the last few years starting in 5775 HC as 2448/5778 is also approximately 4.24%.  Adam (אדם), as we have written about previously, is an acronym for Adam(א) David (ד) Moshiach (ם), and within the 5778-year span from 0 – 5778, the midpoint of King David’s 70-year life was in the year 2889 HC, the midpoint from 0 – 5778 HC. Adam(א) David (ד) Moshiach (ם).

Moreover, the difference from 2889 HC to the year of Exodus (2448 HC) is 441 years, the value of Emet (Truth). If you recall, we highlighted previously the tower of Truth within the Pyramid whereby 20 stacked cubes from 1 – 20 cubits per side equaled exactly 210 cubits in height and 44,100 cubic cubits in volume. Notably, the capstone is 20.4’ high. Again, these facts are meaningless if the Creator of the pyramid did not know both gematria and the future.

Did the Creator of the Pyramid know that the standard gematria of the word “sefirot” or dimensions (ספירות) is 756, as in the 756’ base measurement of the Pyramid?

If the Creator of the pyramid did not know both gematria and the future, the numbers 244.8, corresponding to 2448 HC, and the number 441 as in 441 years later in 2889, and 66.6 jubilee years later in 5778 HC, and the 4.24% Hc to Hp ratio and the 6.66% Bc to Hp ratio would be meaningless to employ, or to have invested 48 stories worth of quarried limestone and granite to preserve these measures for posterity.

And while the Egyptians worshiped the Sun, it is highly doubtful they made the height of the capstone 244.8” because the Solar rotation (sidereal) period of the Sun at its equator is about 24.48 days, or that they were trying to match the pyramid’s height to the Sun’s surface temperature of 5778o K, 3300 plus years before the Kelvin scale was invented.  That would have taken a more big picture Creator in terms of knowing the future and the dimensions of time and space.

We have asked why it was so important to safeguard the measure of the ancient cubit when no structure today is based on it? Well there is one that is still yet to be built and whose blueprints are given in cubits. As it turns out, that building/compound’s location is predicated on that specific height measurement concealed from the ravishes of Man and time by the 244.8” height of Adam’s Pyramid’s capstone, the pinnacle of truth.

The height of the exact location of the Holy of Holies of the Future Holy Temple is at an elevation of 2448’ on the central Western edge of the Temple Mount, just as the Ramchal laid out for us. The elevations within the Temple Mount vary by over hundred feet, ranging from 2420 to 2520, yet 2448’ appears exactly where it should be. Of course, current structures on the Mount obscure more accurate surveys for more complete and precise dimensions.

Let that sink in for a moment. This is critical information. We have been given the exact pinpoint location where to construct the Future Holy Temple.  That is extremely practical detailed information. It is also mindboggling metaphysically.  Never mind the 244.8” height of the capstone, the year 2448 HC was the precise year we received the Torah and it matches up with the precise 2448’ location on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, and thus with the corresponding 1313 BCE date that the Hebrew Alef-bet was exponentially (1.313x)based on. It is from here that all the other information and all the other coordinates stem.

These located parameters on the Google Earth picture are approximate to within a few feet. Using the Ramchal’s dimensions and locating the center of the Central Altar due East from there, we then marked off the edges of the Outer Courtyard using the cardinal directions. It is just a draft sketch and not an actual site plan.

The Temple Mount could have been at any other altitude. Or any other place. The place where it is located is at longitude E 35 o14’02.27 and latitude N 31o46’33.59 and when added together they give us 66.603586o. Let us restate clearly that the exact point of the Holy of Holies is found at the nexus point where the sum of the longitude and latitude meridians total 66.60358 degrees, or 66.6, as in the 66.6 jubilee years from 2448 to today and 358, the value of Moshiach. Yes, there are numerous places around the world and Mid-East where the meridians add up to 66.60—that is just math—but nothing artificial made the specific altitude of 2448’ on the Temple Mount line up with it exactly here.

It is odd that we got here through the 244.8” concealed height of the Pyramid’s capstone with the height to base ratio of 66.60%. Given the technology of the last few years, we could probably construct it to match the location of the Holy of Holies, but given the technology of ancient Egypt? That would have taken advanced knowledge, planning, and purpose.

The point of the Pyramid points to the location of the Foundation Stone.

The Capstone Points to the Foundation Stone

In the words of the Ramchal from Mishkney Elyon: “Understand that there is a special place known to her where all these roots come together….In the middle of that place where all these roots come together there is a single ‘stone.’ This stone is most precious….It is called the Foundation Stone (Even Shetiyah אבן השתייה). There is a corresponding stone in this world—the lower world—in the place of the Holy of Holies.”

The location of the Holy of Holies is also the precise spot where Abraham (248) was prepared to sacrifice Isaac (208). That was in 2085 HC, 363 years before 2448 HC with 363 being the numerical value of H’Moshiach.  Of course, the Torah tells us that Abraham did not just happen upon that spot or that date, but was guided by the Creator.  Moreover, not only is 756 x 481 = 363636, but the perimeter of Adam’s pyramid is 36,300”, and using the cubit scale the perimeter is 3302/3 = 36,300 as well.

As for mountains, we know that the highest point on Earth is Mt Chimaborazo at 35,828 ft and the most famous and highest mountain, Everest is currently at about 29,029 ft.  If we were to take the entire Pyramid as a capstone to a much larger pyramid using the same ratios of 4.24% and 6.66% as the Pyramid’s capstone is to its entirety, we would get a mountain of stone over 2.4 miles high and when we add its height and base measurements we would get 29,186 ft, a difference of only 157 feet from the current height of Everest.

After we orient the Holy of Holies, our next step is to site the Central Altar within the Future Holy Temple because everything spreads out symmetrically and concentrically from there.  We already know its measurements of 32 x 32 cubits from the Ramchal, so it is just referential that the base of the capstone measures 32.0’ x 32.0’. Both sets of information exist independently, as did the GPS elevation readings of the Temple Mount and the tape measure readings of the Pyramid first taken thousands of years apart.

We saw how the height of the pyramid, 481.25 feet, and its base, 756.25 feet, taken together gave us an interesting equation based on the 27.5” cubit with a result of 45 cubits. If we instead subtract (756.25’ –  481.25’) we get a difference of exactly 275.00, aligning it with the height of the 100-cubit Holy of Holies Temple Building: 2750”. That difference, which equates to (275’ x 12”) = 3300 inches, aligns it in turn to the 330-cubit base of the pyramid.

An interesting dynamic of the Pyramid happens because the base of the Pyramid (756.25’) is already 27.52, when we use the base in inches as 9075” and multiple it by 12 and then take its square root, we wind up with 330. Perhaps more important is that the difference between the Pyramid’s base and height, 3300” less the height of the Temple Building that houses the Holy of Holies is (3300” – 2750”) = 550” = 20 cubits. The value 20 cubits is the width and breadth of the Holy of Holies. It is also the difference in the height of the Future Holy Temple and the First Holy Temple that was 120 cubits high because it needed an additional upper floor that the Future Holy Temple does not.  As the cubit used in the earlier Temple was smaller than that of the secret cubit and “the height of the Third Temple is one hundred cubits, these being the hundred of keter, [the height of the Future Holy Temple in feet] is far greater than the entire hundred and twenty cubits of height of the First Temple,” as explained by the Ramchal.

Why are there 12 inches in a foot and why is this proportion incorporated in the Great Pyramid long before its use in England. Why were there 12 tribes in Israel, analogous to but not corresponding to the 12 sons of Jacob that were part of the 70 family members that began the 210 years of Egyptian exile.  Why were those 12 tribes arranged in camps along a 4-sided square aligned to the 4 directions? Why was the 600,000-man encampment arranged in 3 tiers or concentric squares?

The measure from the center of the Central 32 x 32 cubit Altar to the edge of the Outer Courtyard and the back of the Holy of Holies is 156 cubits, the numerical value of Zion (ציון), which is the nexus point that links our dimension with hyperspace. In feet, it is within inches of 358, the numerical value of Moshiach. Since the Holy of Holies is 20 x 20 cubits and the wall behind it is 6 cubits deep there are 140 cubits from the center of the Holy of Holies to the center of the Central Altar. Those 140 cubits are equivalent to the 320.833 feet, and thus analogous to the 32.0833 feet of the Capstone’s base. And the distance from the center of the Holy of Holies to the Eastern edge of the Outer Courtyard is thus 296 cubits, analogous to the numerical value of the Torah’s 7th word, Earth (הארץ).  The nexus between Heaven and Earth.

We Must Understand the 112 Triplets

No one can walk from the center of the Altar to the back of the Holy of Holies. They would have to begin at the edge of the Altar, 16 cubits from the center and stop at the 2-cubit thick gate of 42. Given the Holy of Holies is 20 cubits deep, its rear wall is 6 cubits deep, and the gate wall is 2 cubits, the distance from edge of the Altar to the Gate of 42 is (156 – 16 – 28) = 112, matching cubit for cubit the 112 Triplets of the 4 Essential Elements.

The following is very simplified and there is deep wisdom here. According to the Ramchal, two sets of lights comprised of 3 Names each descend and merge (יהוה יהוה יהוה) and (אהיה אהיה אהיה) as “male” and “female” energy. When they meet the 3 Names (אדני אדני אדני) the gates open.  We will expand on this in a later article. For now, we see that the 9 combined Names equal 336 as in the 336 letters in the 112 Triplets.

The full value of the Inner courtyard with its surrounding 6 cubit think walls in both East-West and North-South is 112 cubits making the knowledge of the 112 Triplets critical for building the Third Temple.

We already saw the 112-cubit measure incorporated on the West side in the walk from the Altar to the Gate of 42. Now too, the full value of the North, South, and East sides of the Outer courtyard with its surrounding 6 cubit think walls is also 112 cubits making the knowledge of the 112 Triplets critical for all aspects of the building the Third Temple. In case you were wondering, 112 Cubits is 3080” or 256.666’.

Water Flows Through the Holy Temple

If we already know the dimensions of the Future Holy Temple and now know where to site it, why do we need to break them down? We are not speaking of bricks and mortar. We are talking about energy and need to understand what it connects to.  The reason for building the Future Holy Temple is to connect with the Creator through Binah/hyperspace and Binah is Understanding.  In order to make the connections we must have intention and in order to have intention we must have knowledge and Understanding of that Knowledge.

We have written in the past about the connections between the 3 temperature scales and the dimensions of the 3 rings of the Future Holy Temple.  As we have explained previously, most energetic studies in Kabbalah are based on 3: as we find with the 3-iterated Name expansions; the 3-dimensional boundaries of physicality; the 3-pronged locked dances of electricity (Positive-Neutral-Negative poles), the Atom (Proton-Neutron-Electron), and that of the Solar System (Earth-Moon-Sun); and the 3-column system of the Tree-of-Life. The 4th energetic element always takes us into the realm of hyperspace.

The design of the Temple starts at the center of the 3 concentric rings, where the square Altar measures 32 cubits a side, matching the freezing point of water, 32o F. The Inner Courtyard that circumscribes the Altar measures 100 cubits per side, equating to the boiling point of water, 100o C. The Outer Courtyard that circumscribes the Inner Courtyard is 312 cubits from North to South and 317 cubits from West to East, with the extra 5 cubits to create a buffer behind the Holy of Holies. The difference between the measures of the two Courtyards is 212 cubits, equating to the boiling point of water, 212o F.

In the spiritual realms such as Binah/hyperspace spiritual distance is measure in similarity of form, which means that neither units of measure, nor the scale that is being used to measure something, nor what that something is, even time is relevant, only the number.  This is why when people’s consciousness try to awaken they will start seeing trails of the same numbers appearing everywhere. It is not as certain pseudo-scientists would tell you because you are just focusing on that number to exclusion of all else.

The absolute freezing point, or absolute zero is -273 o C or 0o K. The distance 273 feet equals 625.625 inches. Can this measure 273 that is built into our solar system every which way also be an obvious reference to 625 x 625 = 6252, which equals the precise number of the words, verses, and letters in the Torah?

The blatant connection of the dimensions of the Future Holy Temple to the temperature-phase dynamic of water with water freezing at 32o F and boiling at 100o C and 212o F is readily apparent. The zero point would be located at the center of the Altar, referring simultaneously to the freezing point of water 0o C and absolute zero, 0o K.

We will posit at this point that the elevation at the center of the base of the Alter is 2428’ or 20’ less that the Holy of Holies at 2448’ feet since we know that the elevations at the Mount varies and are 10-20 feet lower towards to North, South and East, that the 20 cu x 20 cu Holy of Holies would be at the highest point within the Temple walls; that 20 signifies keter, or the highest level; that the internet has already adopted 2428’ as the height of Temple Mount and that (2428’ + 273’) = 2701, the value of the Torah’s first verse.  So once again, we have the all-important number of our Solar System, 273, tied to the Torah and emanating from the exact center of the Third Holy Temple, the place of absolute zero, 0o K. and -273 o C, and water’s freezing point, 0o C and 273 K. From the Torah’s first verse (2701) to all 390,625 words, verses, and letters, contained within a single point.

The Central Altar measures 32 cubits by 32 cubits or 25 x 25, meaning its base area is 210 or 1024 aligning itself once again with the Torah through the 210 or 1024 word values in the Torah.

Given this schematic, the Altar where the sacrificial fires are burned would be the Freezing Zone 0o32o. The 100 cubits of the Inner Courtyard less the 32 cubits of the Altar, or 68 cubits, would be the Living Zone, corresponding to Chaim (life) of numerical value 68, and the Boiling Zone of the Outer Courtyard would correspond to 100o and 212o from the 100 cubit inner wall to the 312 cubit outer wall. The 4th phase of water so necessary for life would correspond to the edge of the Altar and the Inner Courtyard, but that is a whole other topic of discussion.

While the surface temperature of the Sun is 5778o K, the moon’s is 100o K at its equator, connecting it to the 100-cubit Inner Courtyard. It also makes the moon’s surface temperature  -173o C , linking it with the small gematria of the 42-Letter Name, Moses’ 173 Keys to Binah.

Whether the surface Temperature of the rest of the planets in our Solar System are integrated in this intelligent design is open to debate. For example, the surface temperature of Mars is 210o K and that of the two neighbors Saturn (134o K) and Uranus (76o K) together is also 210o K and that of Jupiter is 165o K or 330/2, alluding to both the height and base of the Pyramid.

Then, while the surface temperature of Pluto being 50o K might connect to the 50 Gates of Binah and the 50-cubit height of the Gates in the Holy Temple, when coupled with the 72o K surface Temperature of its neighbor Neptune, they align with the words in two central paragraphs of the Shema.

Since the recent cycle of global warming has heated up Earth to 288o K, the combined surface temperatures of the four (4) planets flanking Jupiter is (210o + 288o + 210o) = 708o K with Jupiter being the 5th planet form the Sun and 5708 being the year Israel became a nation, and 708 being the value of the Upper 42-letter Name of (יהוה) incorporated into the 15 Triplets of the Shema.

Is it possible that whoever Created our Solar System also gave the plans of the Future Holy Temple to the Ramchal, and sited it for Abraham, David, Solomon and us?

Energy is likened to water and the Holy Temple is all about the flow of energy. From the sea of Binah and the river of Binah into the 4 rivers that serve physicality. From the Holy of Holies into the Altar and outward through the 4 sides/directions of the courtyards. The life-giving spiritual energy (Shefa) does not freeze, nor boil but it does pass through phases as it flows through the Temple structures and outward into the universe.

Another Primordial Constant

At the pinnacle of our connection between our world and the upper world-to-come, also known as Binah/hyperspace are the thrice expanded two Names Ehyeh (אהיה) and the unpronounceable (יהוה) that we explored in out last article. We saw how those expanded components of Ehyeh (אהיה), (506 + 110 + 1818) = 2434. We also saw how the expanded components of the Tetragrammaton (יהוה) equaled 708, as in the surface temperature surrounding the 5th planet and as in the year 5708 when Israel became a nation 70 years ago, and moreover, how together (2434 + 708) equaled 3142, the same as the small gematria of  “I Am That I Am (אהיה־אשר־אהיה).”

Breaking the two Names down, we see that there are 20 Vavs(ו), 12 Heis(ה), 24 Yuds(י) and 4 Alefs(א), or the 60 letters that comprise the two Names Ehyeh (אהיה) and the Tetragrammaton (יהוה). Collectively those 60 letters total 424, the value of Moshiach Ben David. This in and of itself tells us how important these Names are to the critical point of reaching Binah/hyperspace, but there is another secret concealed in the 6 lines of the two expanded Names. Given that the two sets of 3 iterations total 3142 and the higher components of them total 424, the rest of the letters (3142-424) = 2718, as in the all-important Napier’s Constant (2.718…).

Napier’s constant, also known as Euler’s Number e, is a natural limit found throughout and integral to our base 10 mathematics and critical to both mathematics and physics. Euler’s Number e is the unique number whose natural logarithm is equal to One(1).  It is now the fourth primordial constant we have found baked into the Names of G-d, the 4 Essential Elements known as the 112 Triplets, and the Torah’s design.

We could almost say that the combined 3 iterations of Ehyeh (אהיה) and the Tetragrammaton (יהוה) equate to Moshiach Ben David and One(1).

The 5 letters that comprise the 2718 gematria total associated with Euler’s constant spell out Lamed(למד), totaling 238, and Pat (פת), 2480.  The total 238 is the same value as the Matriarch Rachel and approximately 1/42 or .238095. While the total 2480 matches the total for the 5 Names of the 5 Books of the Torah, etc, the word Pat (פת) is used only once in the Torah, as the “morsel” of bread that the overly generous Abraham gave to the 3 angels that visited him, indicating that he knew they were angels and thus did not eat. The value 2480 is also derivative from 3 of the 4 Essential Elements that comprise 40 of the 112 Triplets in that 104 (1118 + 2701 + 3701) = 2480.

The 4 letters Vav (ו), Hei (ה), Yuds(י) and Alef (א) that total 424, have numerical or energetic values that add up to 22, as in the 22 letters in the Alef-bet. The other 5 letters that totaled 2718 have a value of 554, so all 9 letters of the Holy Names equal 576 or 242, matching the volume of a mikveh (40 seah or 576 eggs), and the inner 24 x 24-cubit space on top of the Central Altar of the Temple where the wood pile is kept.  The energy keeps coming back to Moshiach Ben David in that (1000 – 576) = 424, so the most central design element within the Holy Temple, the inner 24 x 24-cubit space on top of the Central Altar connects to the energy and process of cleansing, the two powerful expanded Holy Names and Moshiach Ben David.

The 3 Rings of the Third (3rd) Holy Temple

The Future Holy Temple, or Third Holy Temple, is designed with and divided into 4-sided squares that connect us to Binah hyperspace at the end of the 4th exile. The 3 concentric rings are designed to channel that energy (Shefa) to the 3-dimensional world of physicality.  The blueprints of the Future Holy Temple are integrated with the schematics of the Torah, the Names of G-d, and the 4 Essential Elements. If we sum up the 3 components of the Tetragrammaton (יהוה) within the 112 Triplets of the 4 Essential Elements, we get 12 Yuds(י), 24 Heis(ה) and 12 Vavs(ו) equaling a total value of 312, the measure of the width of the 312-cubit Outer Courtyard that surrounds the Temple buildings, the 3rd ring. Of course, adding (12 + 24 + 12) or 48 to 312 gives us the 360o of a circle.  The connections to four (4) raise us above the realm and the bonds of physicality. The allusion to the circle of the Outer Courtyard is illustrative of how the energy expands outward to give life to the universe.

It is not coincidence that within the 112 Triplets, the 312 total, the 312 cubit width of the Outer Courtyard, we find 12 Yuds(י), 24 Heis(ה) and 12 Vavs(ו) in simple and obvious multiples of 12. It is structural.

The Zohar points out that there are 12 edges to a cube and given 6 directions in space energy expands in 12 directions as space unfolds. The Holy Temple may be built in physical space, but it matches up with a hyperspace version that has no limitations. Like our consciousness that links up above, so too do the stones of the Third Temple.

It is also not a coincidence that within the 112 Triplets and the 312 cubit design of the Outer Courtyard we find these 12 Yuds(י), 24 Heis(ה) and 12 Vavs(ו) combine together to form exactly 12 Tetragrammaton (יהוה), or that there are exactly 12 permutations of the Tetragrammaton (יהוה) totaling 312. Abraham Avinu explained that these 12 permutations connect to the 12 months of the year.  While the 12 months are split into 4 seasons, as are the 4 walls of the Outer Courtyard, the ancient Kabbalists associate these 12 permutations to the 12 Tribes and some of the kabbalists assign them to the 4 square sides and 4 directions according to how the Torah lays out their encampments around the Tabernacle.  In such a manner with 3 permuted Names in each direction of the Outer Courtyard there would be 12 letters associated with the Tetragrammaton (יהוה) in each of those 4 directions.

Five Final Letters

The two dimensions of the Outer Courtyard 312 by 317 cubits give us net dimensions of 280 and 285 when the 32 by 32-cubit Central Altar is separated out, aligning with the sum of the 5 final letters (ךםןףץ). To the Kabbalists, these 5 special final letters have always been associated with the future end-of-days and total 280 and 285 with the kolel. It was Rav Brandwein who once explained to me that the final letters in the Torah point to the future.

USA and the Future Holy Temple

When we take the perimeter of the 3 rings together, adding them up as (32 x 4) + (100 x 4) + (312 x 4) we get (128 + 400 + 1248) = 1776 cubits. This is not only (422 + 12 sides), but the year the United States of America became a nation in 1776 CE.  The perimeter value of the 3 rings, 1776 cubits, is also equivalent to the value of the Hebrew Alef-bet including the 5 final letters plus 1: (1495 + 280 + 1) = 1776, one cubit for each energetic value of the 27 (33) letters.  Given that the dates, 2448 HC, 5708 HC, 5778 HC and 1776 CE are baked into the Torah and the Third Temple is it a stretch to assume the formation of the 13 Colonies into the (eventual) 50 States of the USA was part of a designed plan? Hashem Echad; 50 Gates of Binah.

Is it a coincidence that after 242 years in the period of its 45th President the United States has moved its embassy to Jerusalem in the shadow of the Temple?

The above equation of the perimeter can be broken down into (27 + 202 + 103 + 248) = 1776 with the (103 + 248) Outer Ring component equivalent to the letters and words in the Shema and the Inner Courtyard component equal to the area of the Holy of Holies and Keter2. It is similar to how the Torah described the life of Sarah: 7 and 20 and 100 years.

The fourth 4th verse of the Torah states, “And God saw that the light was good; and God divided the light from the darkness (וַיַּרְא אֱ־לֹהִים אֶת הָאוֹר כִּי טוֹב וַיַּבְדֵּל אֱ־לֹהִים בֵּין הָאוֹר וּבֵין הַחשֶׁךְ ).” Its numerical value is 1776.  Moreover, we are reminded here that “The Light (הָאוֹר)” has a numerical value of 212 as in the difference between the two Courtyards (312 – 100). Who saw that The Light was good? Yes, the illuminati were also founded in 1776, but Who divided The Light from the darkness?

Three Temples; Four Exiles

Another example of time and time periods as measured in years being incorporated into the Creator’s plans for the Temples is the 832-year period that the first two Holy Temples stood (422 and 410 respectively), representing exactly 1/4 of the time period between the giving of the Torah at Sinai in 2448 HC and 5778 HC.

The Third Holy Temple’s Central Altar has a base of 32 cubits squared and rises 10 cubits to the priest pathway, a square of 26 cubits per side.  The connection between 26 and the Tetragrammaton (יהוה) and between 32 and the 32 elements (22 Pathways and 10 sefirot/dimensions) of the Tree of life, etc. has been firmly established, so the incorporation of these key measurements is not surprising, yet 26 x 32 equals 832.

This 832-year time period also stretches from the construction of the First Holy Temple in 2928 HC to 3760 HC, the pivotal year “0” chosen for the Gregorian calendar, meaning that the First Holy Temple was built in -832 CE. It is also the 832 years from the beginning in the Flood in 1656 to Moses’ death in 2488. Moreover, the (3760- 832), or 2928-year, period represents the number of years that we have not had the Temple from the Covenant of Halves in 2018 CE to 5778 (today).

Like the 3 references for the counting of the Israelite men and the 3 Patriarchs, the Torah gives 3 time periods for the Egyptian exile—210, 400 and 430 years long—all embedded with meaning. The earliest date takes us back to (2448 HC – 430), or 2018 HC when Abraham was still in Canaan, 70 years after his birth in 1948 HC, an event analogous to the birth of Israel as a modern nation in 1948 CE, 70 years ago. This would mean that our exile began 3760 years ago.

The second period (2448 HC – 400), or 2048 HC began when Isaac was born, and the 3rd period (2448 HC – 210), or 2238 HC began when Joseph and then Jacob entered Egypt.

The number of years we have not had the Temple since Adam is (5778The Divine Calendar832) = 4946 years. As advanced and planned intelligence would have it, the square root of 4946 = 70.32, a wonderfully graphic link between 70 and 32.  The number 70 represents the 70 nations that the Jews have been dispersed to in the 4 exiles; and the 70-year period of the Babylonian exile between the First and Second Temple; and the Year of the destruction of both the Second Temple in 70 CE and the First Temple in 422 BCE with 422 being the gematria of the Hebrew word for 70. Moreover, 422 years is the time period for Second Holy Temple. The number 32 is the Central Altar in all 3 Temples and most critical is that there are exactly 7032 letter Dalets (ד) in the Torah, and the letter dalet (ד) is the 4th letter in the Hebrew alphabet with the numerical value 4, as in ¼ of the 3330 year time period.

Furthermore, 70 and 4 are interrelated through the two enlarged letters in the first verse of the Shema and its 15 Triplets, Ayin (ע) and Dalet (ד).

You may have noticed how the number 70 comes up often in our key number, besides just the obvious and all-important 70 periods (i.e. 5708 HC, 708, 2701, 3701) and both the Zohar and the Ramchal explains that “the lower lights through with the world [physicality] is actually conducted are seventy [10 lights for each of the 7 sefirot]. And as we wrote about previously, the natural log of 70, or ln (70) = 4.248 495. These are the same natural logs based on the all-important Napier’s Constant (2.718…), which we saw incorporated in the 3 iterations of the two Names that totaled 3142 and whose higher components totaled 424, leaving 2718 for the rest of the 9 letters.

Moreover, the sum of the logarithms of the integers from 1 to 70 is 100.078, corresponding the 100 cubit measure of the Inner Courtyard.

It takes a great deal of planning to work the primordial constants into all these equations and dates, and/or to work all the future dates into the primordial constants. There is probably a reason!

Mercy and Judgement

Those two Central Altar dimensions (26 and 32) are also found in the center of a series we highlighted in a prior article. It is a sequence of 7 numbers (22, 23, 26, 32, 42, 57, and 78) incorporated into the Torah and that are based on a progression of the first 6 triangular numbers. Triangular numbers represent the sum of all the positive integers through a particular number n. The difference sequentially between the numbers (i.e. 23-22 = 1) is 1, 3, 6, 10, 15, and 21, which represent the sum of integers up to the numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 respectively.  This system of conserving energy and that energy is never lost has also been firmly established as integral to the Torah’s design.

One critical example of this integration is found in number of the occurrences in the Torah of the Yuds (י), Heis (ה) and Vavs (ו) components of the Tetragrammaton (יהוה). They total exactly 90,100, which is the sum of all the integers from 1 – 424, the numerical value of Moshiach Ben David.  As for dates, 5778 is the sum of the integers from 1 – 107, the 28th prime number.

In essence, since this sequence (22, 23, 26, 32, 42, 57, and 78) begins with the number 22, it represents cumulatively the combined energy of the numbers 1 through 6 added to the number 22, possibly analogous to the 22 letters of the Hebrew Alphabet.  These 6 cumulative triangular energies (1, 3, 6, 10, 15, and 21), when seen as the ordinal values of Hebrew letters, they represent the 6 Hebrew letters (א,ג,ו,י,ס,ש) respectively. Together the 6 letters have the complete gematria value of 424 when the kolel of 6 is subtracted.  The sum of the numerical values of the individual letters Yud (י), Hei (ה) and Vav (ו) is 21, like the upper limit in the previous series. When we multiply the values of the Yud (י), Hei (ה) and Vav (ו) together (10 x 5 x6) we get 300, and when we spread the light by squaring, as instructed by R’Chaim Vittal of blessed memory, we get 90,000. Then adding the 100, representing Keter for completion, and as in the 100th prime number, 541, the value of Israel (ישראל), we get 90,100.  Moreover, the squares of the first two letters in Israel (ישראל) also equal 90,100, while the last two equal 901.

As the Ramchal points out 90 is associated with Chochma (Wisdom) in which Solomon built the First Temple, and 100 with Keter in which the Third Temple will be built.

Suffice to say, the Creator has designed the Torah to bring us Moshiach Ben David in the right moment and He gave us these powerful Names of His to help support and keep us connected to that energy all along the way.

We just saw how the dimensions of the Outer Courtyard less the Central Altar equaled 280, the value of the 5 powerful final letters (ךםןףץ) associated with severe judgment and the end of days, so yet another integration is laid visible to us through those sequential Torah values (22, 23, 26, 32, 42, 57, and 78) that also sum to 280.  We have known about this since the Covenant of Halves that the Creator made with Abraham in 2018 HC and ever since Abraham wrote about the 22 building blocks, the Tree-of-life, and the systems of how to read the energy in the letters and numbers 3760 years ago.

When we add the prime numbers associated with the (22nd , 23rd , 26th , 32nd , 42nd , 57th , and 78th ) sequence (79, 83, 101, 131, 181, 269 and 397) respectively, along with their kolel, they sum to 1248, as in the 1248 cubit sum of the 3 Ring perimeters, the design of the Shema, and as in Binah (1000) and Abraham (248).

The 3rd Ring of 312 cubits has the 32-cubit Altar in its center, just as the sequence (22, 23, 26, 32, 42, 57, and 78), and while (312 – 32) was 280, the difference (280 – 32) = 248. Does 248 refer to the archetype mountain of mercy represented by Abraham? Is the energy coming off the Central Altar an admixture of judgement represented by the 5 powerful final letters (ךםןףץ) and 280 and mercy by 248? We must not only build the Third Temple but Understand it.

3 Accounts 3330 Years Ago

The last two portions of the 3rd Book of the Torah, Behar-Bechuchotai, have 57 and 78 verses respectively, and are most often read together. The last two portions of the 4th Book of the Torah, Numbers—also most often read together—correspond to the end of the 4th exile. Matot and Massei and they describe the 42 journeys of the Israelites and then the final counting of them as they prepare to enter Israel.  That same Book of Numbers begins, right after the 57-78 verse portions, with the Israelites being counted in Bamidbar 1:1 – 4:20. The total count was 603,550, and though the Torah tells us that all but 2 died off somehow and that some of the 12 tribes gained members and some lost them, the second counting shows us that their ranks were back up to 601,730, only 1820 men less than they began their journeys.  What stands out immediately are the 1730 men and the 173 keys that the Zohar tells us Moses was given to access Binah/hyperspace, alluding to the 42-Letter Name whose small gematria is 173.

Next, we notice that 3550 is 1775 x 2 and we know that Moses was falsely accused by the Erev Rav, the Mixed Multitudes, of stealing 1775 shekels from the collection for the Mishkan.  Sound familiar? What he was falsely accused of was stealing the 22 Letters of the Hebrew Alphabet plus the 5 final letters since these total respectively (1495 and 280), or 1775. The next thing that comes to light is that the extra 3550 and 1730 together equal 5280, not only another allusion to the 5 final letters totaling 280, but also the 5280 feet in the mile. Moreover, not only do 1730 and 3550 add up to 5280 but their ratio is very close to the kabbalistic 1/3 and 2/3 proportion.  We have previously discussed their difference (3550 – 1730) of 1820 and just want to reiterate that it is purposefully a product of 70 years x 26, the gematria of the Tetragrammaton (יהוה).

The 42 journeys are delineated over 49 verses, much like the annual counting of the Omer, and like Lag B’omer, the 33rd day of the Omer, they are counted in the 33rd chapter of Bamidbar. In verses 8 and 9, we find the only numbers mentioned in the entire 42 journeys: “…3 days…12 springs of water…70 palm trees…”  Besides allusions to 3 Temples, 12 founts of energy and 70 year time periods and lights we know from the Arizal that when we take the 600,000 souls at Sinai, and divide them by 70 (Jacob’s family members who entered Egypt), and by 12 (the 12 tribes/sons) and by 3 (Patriarchs) we get exactly 1/42. But there is more to the 600,000.

Thanks to the existence of Napier’s constant (2.718…) we have logarithms, and thanks to logarithms we have yet another clue to the intentions and design of the Creator of our universe. The log of 600,000, the round number given in the Torah for the Israelite men at Mt Sinai, is 5.778. The log of 601,730, the precise second census number given in the Torah for the Israelite men, is 5.779, and the log of 603,550, the precise first census number given in the Torah for the Israelite men, is 5.780. We understand some of the technology embedded in the two censuses that we previously studied and now, knowing that the guiding primordial constant of logarithms was itself embedded in the Names of the Creator, we can grasp that there was an even deeper purpose of giving us 3 different numbers for the same reference.

Now that the information is relevant and critical to us, we can see why is was concealed until a time when we could decipher it. Now we can grasp that the 3 references were alluding to dates. The idealized 600,000 relates to the idealized year 5778 HC about when the final process began, 70 years after Israel became a nation, and found 3 times in the first 1000 (Binah/Alef) digits in Pi. The first census of 603,550 perhaps relates to the date 5780 when the 3-year period is to conclude. And the second census of 601,730 relates to the date 5779 when it will be revealed, corresponding to the 3 times its counterpart, 2019 is found in those same first 1000 digits of Pi.

We will go deeper into the dimensions of the Future Holy Temple, but for now, the 600,000 men begin with the number 6 for the same reason the Temple walls are 6 cubits deep and the 27.5” cubits are 6 handbreadths. The number 6 is the number of Vav(ו), a connector symbolic of the 6 bundled dimensions of Zeir Anpin that connect Binah with our world, Malchut, without being a party to either. As a prefix it means “and” and about 60% of the verses in the Torah begin with Vav(ו). The walls of the Holy Temple are not separators; they are connectors. They delineate the different forms of energy in the 3 rings and within each space within the Temple and help transfer and transform it to the next. Like the energy of Jacob that needed to be passed down through his 12 sons/Tribes the two walls of the courtyards collectively are 12 cubits thick. Most importantly, this is analogous to the two Vavs(וו) transferring the energy between the two Yuds(י י) of the Alef(א).

The 32 x 32-cubit Central Altar is solid. When the 20 x 20 cubit Holy of Holies is superimposed, the physical difference is 12 cubits per side, matching the Courtyard walls.

Time and space are coming together in the design of the Future Holy Temple, a design planned in a dimension we cannot comprehend, yet in dimensions we have the tools to Understand.  Those dimensions tell us the Future is Now and that this is the time for the Third Holy Temple and the end of the 4th exile. The Tower of Babel incident in 1776 HC used advanced ancient technology and caused the One language to scatter into the 70 of the exile. Recent modern technology that began 18 years ago has reunited those 70 languages. There are two ways to connect: silicon and numbers derived from the minds of men, or stones and numbers given to us from the Creator. One way cedes our consciousness to other men and their machines; the other liberates it. Only one way allows our consciousness to actually elevate. There is only one happy ending.

“And God saw that the light was good; and God divided the light from the darkness.”

For anyone that has not been following this series from its inception, you can find the entire work here.

Shabbat Shalom,