Part XVII Connecting the Dots Part 9 – A Gold Mine

In the Beginning of the Beginning

Are Towers and Wells equals and opposites?

The Torah begins with an enlarged letter Bet(ב). Then in the 50th and final chapter in the Torah’s first Book, Genesis (Bereshit), there is an enlarged final Mem (ם). The Zohar and Arizal tell us that the few enlarged letters in the Torah connect us to the realm of Binah (Understanding), which we now know to be the Plane of Potentiality. Together, the two enlarged letters Bet-Mem(בם), spell out numerically 42.  While the letter Bet(ב) is the first letter in the Torah and thus of the Book of Genesis, the last or final letter of that Book is Mem (ם), once again giving us Bet-Mem(בם), literally Biblical bookends. Indeed, the last word in the Book of Genesis is B’Mitzra’im(במצרים), which not only begins and ends with Bet-Mem(בם), but begins with Bet-Mem(בם) as well. Even the two central letters of B’Mitzra’im(במצרים) are the two central letters (רצ) of the 42-Letter Name. For anyone that has not been following this series from its inception, you can find the entire work here.

One more connection that ties these first and last words together is that they both have the same small gematria, 76.

These are new revelations, but of not great import to us at the moment, as we already know the significance of the Upper and Lower 42-Letter Names.

What is significant is that the Bet-Mem(בם) is clearly anchored at the first letter of the Torah. What is significant is that is carries through all of Creation.

This redundancy in the word B’Mitzra’im(במצרים) and as part of the Book Bereshit (בראשית) is the same as we saw with the first and last letters, Lamed (ל) and the Bet(ב), and the last two letters (לב) of the species Lulav(לולב) that matched the first and last letters of the entire Torah, but in reverse order.

The next Book in the Torah, Exodus or Shemot (Names) begins, “These are the Names (שמות ואלה),” alternatively translated as “42 Names.” If we join B’Mitzra’im(במצרים) the last word in Genesis with V’Eleh (ואלה), the first word in Exodus, we get numerically (382 + 42) = 424, Moshiach Ben David. This is another new revelation, but not of great import to us either for similar reasons.

What is significant, though, is that the effect of the 42-Letter Name did not end at Egypt but expanded. It would pass through and protect the Israelites during the 210 (רי) years they were in Egypt “B’Mitzra’im(במצרים).”

Some may fear that we are trying to elevate the status of Egypt by pointing out the connection of the word “In Egypt” to “In the Beginning.” On the contrary, we are elevating the status of G-d’s words—not within universe because that would be impossible—within the minds of those that do not fully understand them.  All the words have a purpose, several in fact, and all the words contain hidden treasures.

The First Letter

We have already discussed the significance of the design of the first letter of the alphabet, Alef(א) and all its connections to Phi(φ). The first letter of the Torah was chosen to be Bet(ב) though. It is the second letter of the Hebrew alphabet. Why was Bet(ב) chosen to lead off the Torah and be part of the Bet-Mem(בם)?

As we discussed in a recent section, there is an important equation in which the spelled-out letter Bet(בית) x Phi(φ) = (בית)φ = 412φ = 666.63.  The result of this unification of Bet(בית) and the primordial constant Phi(φ) is a nice one, as it works out to exactly 2/3 of 1000, which is Binah. This result is also the portion not associated with darkness (333).  It is not so nice if like most people you have mistranslated and misinterpreted ancient texts that read “understanding of the number 666” as “mark of the beast.” That is entirely irrelevant though, as the real reason Bet(בית) was chosen to lead off the Torah is that 412 is 3 times the Phi(φ) angle (137.5o). 

Why is it so important to begin the Torah with a letter equivalent to 3 times the Phi(φ) angle (137.5o)? Because once or twice does not escape the circle. Growth begins, when the generation process passes 360o. Moreover, Genesis is a formula for Creation, and it must start at the very beginning.

The letter Bet(ב) is composed of 3 letters Vav(ו ו ו) for several reasons.  One of which was to clue us in to the 3 equal measures of the Phi(φ) angle (137.5o), the 3 turns of the generator, when we were ready to understand. Those who were not, will simply see 3 sixes.

There was another secret that was kept between Bet(ב) and the Phi(φ) angle. Being the second (2nd) letter, Bet(ב) has the numerical value of 2, and 2 times the Phi(φ) angle (137.5o) = 275 which is equivalent to the secret and ancient cubit (27.5”).

The letter Bet(בית) also spells out the Hebrew word for “house,” as in Beit YHVH and Beit HaElohim “House of God (האלהים בית and יהוה בית)” and “Beit HaMikdash (בֵּית־הַמִּקְדָּשׁ), The Holy Temple.” So how ingenious was it to build into it the necessary Phi(φ) angle and the critical measure of the cubit necessary to build those Houses of G-d and hide them away for us in plain sight! Every year for 3330 years at the end of the 22-day Holiday cycle, we have raised the Torah and made an eye connection to that first letter.  Only a handful of people have ever known why.  To the rest it was a reminder, missed or not, to pay attention to the first letter Bet(בית).

The cycle of the 54 portions begin anew with that connection to the enlarged Bet(ב) and the Torah unfolds from it like the spiraling seeds and petals in a cosmic flower. To those that understood, tracing each of the 3 branches of the Bet(ב) was akin to refreshing Creation anew.  A year forms a circle. Time is just a form.  That 22-day Holiday cycle begins on the “1st of Tishrei (בתשרי א),” which permutes to Bereshit (בראשית).

The Stack of 21

We have spoken about the spelled-out letter Alef(אלף) extensively, and for good reason, and now the letter Bet(בית) as well, covering two of the first three letters of the Torah. And long ago, once upon a time, in a section of this series, we spoke about how the sum of all the spelled out names of the 22 Hebrew letters equaled 4248, and how that reflected the natural log of 70, or ln (70) = 4.248 495,and about the Primal Equation, which was (1/.23571113… = 4.24248100…).  We already know that all this is by design, purposeful advanced intelligent design, as the Torah is a matrix of 42 rows by 248 columns, so we will jump ahead to the point. The number 4248 is also reflective of the magnetic precession (42.48 or 42.49 Mhz/T), that gyromagnetic ratio of precession which governs the spin of all particles and pivots from the Plane or Inertia (Potentiality), the magnetic to dielectric ratio.

We have previously spoken extensively about the incredible properties of the Tower of Truth based on 212 and the 20 stacked cubes from 13203. We have also discussed the addition of the amazing 21st cube (213) that gives us the mysterious repetitive 18-digit Fibonacci sequence. Now we see that when we add together the first 21 spelled-out letters of the Alef-bet, in other words (111 + 412 +…360), we get a sum of 3842, out of a total 4248.

Astonishingly, the total of 3842 for the 21 spelled-out letters matches the total of the Torah’s first 42 Letters, the same 42 letters integrally intertwined with the 42 Letters of the Name of G-d. I assure you; this is no coincidence and the significance of this cannot be overstated.

Equals and Opposites. One of the most common forms of gematria is Atbash, in which the value of the letters are the exact opposite of their counterparts at the far end of the alphabet. As such, the standard value of the letter Alef(א), or 1, is transformed into the letter Tav (ת) and is now worth 400. Using gematria atbash, the Tetragrammaton (יהוה) transforms into another form and aspect of the Tetragrammaton(מצפצ) of numerical value 300, like the 21st letter, Shin (ש). 

Using gematria atbash the Name Ehyeh (אהיה) of numerical value 21 and associated with Binah, the Plane of Potentiality, becomes the Name (תצמצ) of numerical value 620, that of Keter, the highest level.  Nevertheless, and the reason we went here is that in atbash, Bet(ב), the 2nd letter, is converted to the 21st letter, Shin (ש).

It cannot be coincidental that the spelled-out letter Shin (שין) has a numerical value of 360, as in the 360o in a circle.  In our previous section we spoke about how the letters are also archetype depictions of the underlaying primal forces and movements, and that in all likelihood the letter Shin (ש) depicts the potentiality of the Wave field.  Now we seem to be implying that it depicts a circle and a wave. Oddly enough, there is no incongruency in this. Waves are just a series of 180o loops above and below a midline axis. A single wavelength flipped over does not necessarily form a circle but will form a closed loop, even a torus.  When Phi(φ) gets involved, we get the equation (180o 137.5o) = 42.5oWhen this happens, a pressure or potentiality is available in every wave and every semi-circle for it to grow harmonically along the Phi(φ) scale. We saw that simple pressure applied (or potentiality activated) in the growth of the vortices.

In this way, the Alef-bet is designed so that its sum, 4248 and thus its entirety is incorporated into the universe so that it reflects all potentiality, and that it is involved in all harmonics, growth, creation, and life, exactly as the ancient Kabbalists told us.

We have seen the special properties of water intertwined with the dynamics of Phi(φ), so it is not surprising that these dynamics are an integral part of the Creation formula.  “The Water (המים)” of numerical value 95, is first found in the Torah’s 2nd, or Bet(ב), verse, at the 21st, or Shin (ש), word of the Torah, and this relationship is reflected in the Creation equation as the Phi(φ) angle (137.5o95o) = 42.5o.

If we subtract the value of the Torah’s first verse (2701) from the 3842 sum of the 21 spelled-out letters of the alef-bet, or alternatively from the Torah’s first 42 Letters, we get (3842 – 2701) = 1141. Adding 2 for the kolel gives us 1143, as in the first row of the 72 Triplets, and the average of the 8 columns, which is also 1143. These are just examples of further integration of the 4 components of the 112 Triplets, this time taking into account the order and spelling of the Alef-bet.

Wells and Squares

Are Towers and Wells meant to be more than physical objects.  Are they meant to be more than just bridges to higher dimensions? Could they also possibly represent pressure mediation, the forces upon the fields that create the interactions we know as physicality.

The 3 channels of Light, YHVH (יהוה) + Ehyeh (אהיה) + Adonai (אדני), that enter the Holy Temple of numerical value 112 are triplicated.  Those 3 sets of Triplet Names then form 9 Names, which correspond to the 9 quadrants of the Courtyards. Each of those 9 quadrants measures 100 x 100 cubits square without their enclosing walls, or 900 x 900 cubits in total, representing the final letter Tzadi (ץ) of numerical value 900 of the 27 letters of the Alef-bet squared. Are these cells or quadrants wells?

The small gematria sum of these 3 channels of Light is 76, which is the same as that of the 6 letters of the first word of the Torah, “Bereshit (בראשית), In the beginning.” Another way to read the word Bereshit (בראשית) is as “6 wells,” or the “6th well(באר).”

Specifically regarding the 6th of the 7 wells that Isaac dug, we read in Genesis 26:22, “He then moved away from there and dug another well. This time it was not disputed, so he named it Wide Spaces (Rechovoth). ‘Now God will grant us wide open spaces,” he said. ‘We can be fruitful in the land’.” The word Rechovoth (רחובות) is the plural of Rechov (רחוב), which is found in the Torah and in numerous times in Tanahk as describing a square or large plaza, as it is in Ezra, Ester and Ezekiel.

So, the 6th Well of the 6 Wells seem to correspond to open spaces and to large squares.

Further to that point, the Alter Rebbe, Rabbi Shneur Zalman of Liadi, refers to the term “Rechovot Hanahar,” which was used to describe the place that the 6th of the 8 Kings of Edom came from: “The first hei of Havayah is bina, ‘Rechovot Hanahar’, and contains length and breadth etc. (See Sefer Hamaamarim 5659, English translation p. 30) like the letter hei.” He is alluding to “Rechovot Hanahar,” translated as “Avenues on the River,” as the expansion of the river of Binah that descends from the Sea of Binah.

What is this connection between the Wells and wellsprings of Binah to the expanse (length and breadth) of the squares and what at all does it have to do with the physics and metaphysics we have been discussing?

The connection is the Light of Binah that is being drawn down from the 3 Sets of Triplet Names, a force or pressure upon the fields of potentiality.

Why the reference to 6 wells, or the 6th well, and the 6th King?

To quote the Zohar, “…When the Holy One blessed be He, brought the Creation into manifest existence, he emanated the six [6]….But, since the Higher World is concealed, and everything that is associated with it is also concealed, the verse states ‘Bereshit…’ [meaning] ‘bara –‘[created]’- sheit’[6]. Six supernal days.” This concept of “Created 6” is found numerous times in the Zohar regarding parsha Bereshit, including in Tikkunei Zohar, Tikkun 11, 69, etc.

Elsewhere we learn that the Torah is Zeir Anpin.  Zeir Anpin, as previously explained, is comprised of 6 bundled dimensions, which manifests itself as the 6 directions of a cube.  Science and string theory also bundle those 6 dimensions as a 6-dimensional Calabi–Yau manifold. You can see in this 2-d depiction of the Calabi–Yau manifold why the 6 sides of a cube are so much easier for us to comprehend.

The Light of Binah enters our world through the dimensionality of Zeir Anpin, hence a well must be dug through our world in each of the 6 directions to reach it and open all the wellsprings. The Philistines kept trying to fill the wells with earth, much as they do today, and deceived strangers kept challenging and accusing Isaac also as they do today, anything to stop the Light from flowing.  Digging the wells is obviously a metaphor, a good one, and the Zohar goes on and on to explain the process.

The connection to 210 again and to the 72 Triplets will be reinforced shortly.

Wells of Living Waters

Isaac was digging the same wells that his father Abraham had dug, as he too had been tasked with releasing the life force into our world through the 6 channels of Zeir Anpin. When he dug the 4th Well, the Torah specifically states that Isaac “found a new well” one “brimming over with fresh spring water (be’er mayim chayim).” While the first two initials (מב) of “well of living waters” start with 42, as we saw for the Book of Genesis.

All 3 (מבח) initials add up to 50, as in the 50 Gates of Binah, and as in the 50-cubit height of the Gates of the Holy Temple through which the living water must flow into our world. It should also be pointed out that the first Gate that the well of living waters must pass through is the Gate of 42, the entrance to the Holy of Holies. The full numerical value of the phrase be’er mayim chayim is 360, as in the light from the 4th Well spreading out in a circle of 360 degrees. Once again, we see the circle built into in the movement of energy flow. We now understand that it is a wave function as well.

Moreover, with the kolel for the 3 words, the phrase “well of living waters” has the numerical value (363), the same as “The Anointed One, H’Moshiach.” Its initials have a complete value equal to the source of Binah(the Plane of Potentiality), which is Chochma(73); and its final letters have the value of the 5 final letters of the Alef-bet (280), associated with the end-of-days.  Even the first 4 letters in the phrase (be’er mayim chayim) spell out Abram(אברם).  The Torah and the Zohar spend a lot of time talking about these wells for a reason.

The wide-open spaces and squares associated with the wells of our forefathers reflect the 4-sided walled courtyards of the Holy Temple and the springs of living waters are the founts of Light that will enter them when the wells are once again dug out.  Chochma will engage the potentiality in Binah, which will engage Zeir Anpin, which will properly initiate all the forces in our world.

An odd apparent contradiction occurs in the Torah right after Isaac names the 6th well Rechovot in the 6th portion of the Torah. But first, we must note that the word Rechovoth (רחבות) as spelled here is very telling. The first two letters (רח) have the same numerical value of Isaac(208); the first 3 letters (רחב) have the numerical value 210; the first 4 letters (רחבו) have the numerical value 216, as in the 216 letters in the 72 Triplets and as in (6 x 6 x 6); and the entire word Rechovoth (רחבות) has the same numerical value (616) as “The Torah (התורה).  Since the Torah is Zeir Anpin and since Zeir Anpin is 6 dimensions, this allusion is very appropriate and draws our attention deeper into the 6 of the 7 wells. 

The 7th Well

The apparent contraction mentioned above occurs with the 7th Well. In Genesis 26:32, Isaac’s servants found the well. Then Isaac “names the well Shibah. The city is therefore called Beer-Sheba to this very day.” It was named the Seventh (7th) Well. All well and good, except in Genesis 22:19, four chapters earlier, “Abraham returned to his young men, and together they set out and went to Beer-Sheba. Abraham remained in Beer-Sheba.”

So how could Isaac have discovered and named what already existed in the time of his father?

We can surmise that Abraham too had dug the 7th Well there and that maybe both Isaac and his father had been divinely guided there.  Nevertheless, maybe the Torah was purposely drawing our attention to Beer-Sheba and the 7th Well that possibly existed all along. Moreover, the words “until this very day” indicate that the 7th Well, Beer-Sheba is still there now, today.

As we said earlier, time is circular. Creation happens repeatedly. Moreover, even if something in the Torah does not makes sense to us physically it does not mean that it is any less G-d given or that we should pay any less attention to the specific words. Indeed, we should probably pay even more attention to them.  Nowhere in the Torah does it say that the meaning is blatant, obvious, and literal.  The simple fact that the entire Torah is highly encoded reveals that there are hidden meanings beneath the surface.

Are we responsible for the 6 Wells, and the 7th Well is there to collect all the Light?

Are the 6 Wells actually hidden within the Torah itself?

The Gates

Continuing with the narrative in Genesis, right after “Abraham remained in Beer-Sheba,” we learn specifically that Sarah lived to be 127 years old, curiously broken down to 100 and 20 and 7 years.

There are 13 gates in total in the Holy Temple: The Gate of 42, the Sanctuary Gate, the 3 Gates of the Inner Courtyard, the 3 Gates of the Outer Courtyard, and the 5 Gates of the Temple Mount. All the Gates are 50 cubits high except the 6-cubit high Gate of 42. All the Gates are 10 cubits wide except the 7-cubit wide Gate of 42. Collectively this makes the width of all the Gates exactly 127 cubits wide, meaning the exit flow of the living waters from the Holy Temple into our world is by a breadth of 127 cubits. The first restriction is through the 7-cubit wide Gate of the Holy of Holies. Their collective height would be 606 cubits.  The gematria of Sarah is 505. Is there a connection we are supposed to make between Sarah and Abraham and the Gates and the Wells/Courtyards/Spaces?

As discussed much earlier in this series, the gematria of Sarah is 505 and the gematria sofit of Abraham is 808. Like the collective height of the gates, 606 cubits, they are all simple multiples of the 26th prime number, 101, injecting the Tetragrammaton(יהוה) into the equation.

It is interesting that once again 6 as in 6 x 101 and as in the 6 dimensions of Zeir Anpin associated with the Tetragrammaton(יהוה) are built into the system of the Gates as well as the 6-cubit thick walls through which they are bored.

Besides the simple combination of (26 + 101)= 127, the numerical sum of the Patriarch and Matriarch (808 + 505) = 1313, giving us 13 (echad and ahava, Oneness and love) x 101; the year the Torah was received on Mt Sinai, 1313 BCE; and the exponential number (1.313) with which the Alef-bet is Created.

It is apparent the Torah was drawing our attention to the significance of the connection between Abraham and Sarah and the Spaces/Structures to the Gates of the Holy Temple. That connection is the Male-Female or opposite force relationship. We will explain how this applies to the Holy Temple soon, but we have seen this dynamic in every aspect of our physical and metaphysical universe and specifically in our centrifugal and centripetal forces within the fields.  We are also being shown that they must all obey Phi(φ) in that Sarah, Abraham and their sum (505, 808, 1313) follow the basic Phi(φ)/Fibonacci sequence (…5, 8, 13…).

The Unknown

Of the 4 species, the one associated with Zeir Anpin is the Lulav (לולב) also associated with the Torah as explained above.  The complete value of the species Lulav (לולב) is 100, as in each quadrant of the Temple Courtyards. It is divided into 68 for its standard gematria and 32 for its ordinal value, matching the design of the Holy Temple and the universe flawlessly. Given the central 32 cubits of the Central Altar and of the Holy of Holies, there are 68 cubits emanating from them to the Walls of the Inner Courtyard and to the edge of the Temple Building respectively.  That the Universe is comprised of 68% Dark (Unknown or Unfathomable) Energy surrounding 32% unknown and known matter is precisely the point. 

Of the entire universe only 5% consists of the fundamental particles that we know about, only 1/20th of the known universe. Does this known fundamental matter and energy exist only at the nexus of dark energy and dark matter? Does it only exist at the Inertial Plane or event horizon between them?

There is thought to be a little less than 5% of the universe known matter thought to exist, so given the first 21 letters of the Alef-bet equals the first 42 letters of the Torah, the remaining letter of the Alef-bet, the Tav(ת) is equal to 1/22nd or 4.55% matches physical matter. The Kabbalists have long explained that the letter Tav(ת) is the letter that connects to physicality, and it appears there are underlying metaphysical reasons why.

There is no physical proof of the existence of either dark energy and dark matter or of what they could consist of. Our physicists have only calculated that they cannot account for the matter or the state of our universe as it is without it.

What is Light?

That the walls of the Courtyards and of the Holy Temple are 6 cubits wide is the same reason that during Sukkot we shake the 4 species in 6 directions, and that there are 6 Wells of Creation.  They all correspond to the Vav(ו) of the Tetragrammaton(יהוה), and to the 6 bundled dimensions of Zeir Anpin through which the Light of Binah must be processed before we can share it.  Since we already know electricity is not what we generally think it is and that it involves the complex interaction of dielectric and magnetic fields, polarity, potentiality, centrifugal and centripetal forces and more, we cannot begin to describe the true complexity of these bundled 6 dimensions.  Fortunately, the understanding is right there for us to grasp in Binah, once we learn the proper codes and alignments.

Light is typically understood as some super-fast particle, or particle-wave, or even as some hyper form of energy that we cannot really express.  To better understand the nature of the Kabbalistic term for Light, we can turn to Nikola Tesla.  He was perhaps the greatest genius of our race, and obviously one of the most connected consciousnesses to the Binah hyperspace Potentiality. Tesla was responsible for around 80% or our technology today and 99.999% of our electricity. His definition of light is that it is nothing more than a longitudinal [z-axis] disturbance in the ether, including alternating compressions and refractions. He compared them to sound waves that are nothing more than disturbances in the air.  It is a little more complicated, but his point was that something is causing or emanating the disturbances and that something is causing light-speed waves to issue forth in space, not specific quanta of energy or matter traveling at that speed.  We are not trying to undo your notions of physics, just open up the concept of what Light is in terms of the Creator.

When the Torah says “The Light is Good” it is not referring to Edison’s light bulb, who by the way owes much of his success to Tesla.  This next point is important to understand in order to grasp how the different dimensions can exist simultaneously in the same space and interact with one another. The Light is a pattern of an original emanation that travels nearly instantaneously through the dimensions. Of course, it is good; it is existence.  Nothing exists outside of it, not even the darkness.

The 4 Species Again

As it turns out, the collective value of the Lulav (לולב), the Hadas (הדס), and the Aravah (ערבה) that we wave around equals 414, twice the numerical value of the Hebrew word for Light, Ohr.  And with their 11 letters they total 425, as in the 42.5o magnetic precession and the precession of the centrifugal and centripetal vortices and the 8th of the 72 Triplets.  We do the shaking in 6 directions and if done right, the angle would be about 42.5o though nothing specific is dictated. Maybe, though, we should wave it in circles about 42.5o wide, making ourselves the point of Potentiality.

We spoke of the Lulav and Hadas together and of all 4 species together, and thus we now find that the value the Lulav (לולב) and Aravah (ערבה) together is 345, representing the value of the Name Moses(משה), the Word for G-d, Hashem (השם) and the 5th Triplet (מהש) of the 72 Triplets, said to be a source of healing. On the other hand, Hadas (הדס) and Aravah (ערבה) have the numerical value 346, that of “His Name (שמו), or twice 173, the small gematria value of the 42-Letter Name.

The Second Letter

The letter Resh(ר), is the second letter in the Torah, between the Bet(ב) and the Alef(א) in the first Triplet (ברא) and in the words “create” and “well.” The letter Resh(ר) is the 20th letter in Alef-bet and when spelled out (ריש) has a value of 510.  It can be argued that the design of the letter Resh (ריש) includes the Tower of Truth in that the Resh-Yud (רי) combination equals 210 as in the height of the Tower of 20 cubes. That Tower would stand upon the circle represented by the Shin (ש). The Tower and the Well.

As Peter is about to point out, if we add the ordinal value of the Resh-Yud (רי), which is 30, to the value of the Shin (ש), which is 300, the letter Resh (ריש) gives us the height and base of the Pyramid in cubits and levels, 330, and 210 respectively. Contrived? Perhaps.

During the shaking on Sukkot we shake, or maybe should wave the 4 species in a circular motion in all 6 directions. Since every motion or force has an equal and opposite one, the 42.5o precession will thus occur in all 12 directions.

This means that the total precession covering the 6 directions of Zeir Anpin is 510, like the value of the spelled-out letter Resh (ריש).

Of the 22 or even 27 letters of the Alef-bet there are only two letters that are curved, the 20th letter Resh(ר), and letter Caf (כ) of numerical value 20. Together their value is 220. We know that the form of the letters are intelligently designed from beyond our realm of consciousness and that they are designed to depict particular primal fields, forces, or movements. What these two letters depict we cannot yet grasp, but we do know that the total values of the 22 letters is 1495 and that (1495 – 220) = 1275 and that 1275 = (42.5o x 30). By the way, there are 30 shakings every day on Sukkot, and 210 over the 7 days. And while Resh-Yud (רי) equals 210, their ordinal value is 30.Contrived? No. Abraham Avinu linked these two letters 3800 years ago as influencing the month of Elul, the month of Creation, one of 12 such pairs influencing the circular year.

The Summit of the 72 Triplets

What is this 2nd letter in the Torah, Resh (ריש), reminiscent of? Let us recall that the third letter in the Torah and first letter in the Alef-bet is Alef(אלף). Also that the 2nd letter in the Alef-bet, and first in the Torah, Bet(ב), in gematria cipher atbash is converted to the 21st letter, Shin (ש), which when spelled-out Shin (שין) has a numerical value of 360, as in the 360o in a circle.  

In the center of the 72 Triplet Pyramid, there is the 4 Triplet platform, the 28th and 29th and at the very center the 36th and 37th Triplets. The central 4 letters (הראד) of that central platform add up to 210, as in the Resh-Yud (רי) of Resh (ריש); and the outer 4 letters of the platform (שמיי) add up to 360, as in the letter Shin (ש), completing the Resh (ריש).

 It cannot be overlooked that the ratio of 210 to 360 or 210/360 is equivalent to 42/72.

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That 210/360 ratio is also .58333 or (1 – .41666), quite similar to the 58/42 split that we found the alef-bet forming as we zipped apart the odd-even letters. Nevertheless, and much more germane is that the average letter value of the 64 Triplets that form the 8000-value square within the 72 Triplets is exactly 41.666.

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The middle 4 letters (אנני), of numerical value 111, the same as Alef(אלף). 

So, is this a hidden Well and/or Tower at the center of the 72 Triplets?

As we ponder the relationship between the Tower given by 210 and Well by 360 and frequencies and fields, I am going to tell you now that in the end the answer boils down to mastering this shape and equation as it applies to the human body, to particle and all physics, to Creation, and to metaphysics:

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And with the proper explanations it is the same as with all the models that we have been examining. Meanwhile, it is important for us to recall that given that there are 4 letters in the Tetragrammaton (יהוה) associated with the 4 Essential Forces and Movements, the first four (4) prime numbers (2,3,5,7) when multiplied together equal 210. These 4 first prime numbers are the number 210’s unique prime factorization. Furthermore, the rest of the prime numbers less than 210, all 42 of them, when added together in matching pairs (i.e. 11 + 199) equal 210. That makes it so that all 46 first primes–reminiscent of the 46 chromosomes in our bodies that are also arranged in pairs–combine to form the number 210. This is also the last prime number in all infinity where this happens.

It not only makes that Tower at the very center of the 72 Triplets stand out uniquely within the universe, but literally hands us the number 210 as a linchpin to a cosmic puzzle.

When we sum the ordinal position of the 4 platform Triplets, 28, 29, 36 and 37, they equal 130, as in the numerical value of Mt Sinai, and “sulam (ladder),” and as in the first 3 letters in Chochma (חכמה) and Binah (בינה), which also sum up to (68 + 62) = 130.

On the surface, the gematria of the 4 summit Triplets are indistinctive, yet when we utilize their complete gematria as a cipher to their understanding the 28th Triplet has a value of 333; the 29th has a value for 260, as in the Tetragrammaton (יהוה); the 36th Triplet has a value of 125 or 53; and the 37th has a value of 86, as in in Elohim (אלהים).  Once we have applied this appropriate prism, we can now see that the difference between the 28th and 29th Triplets is 73 and the one between the 36th and 37th is 39, both quite telling numbers amongst themselves, but collectively, (73 + 39) = 112, connecting us to the full 112 Triplets and the 112 Chakra or “vortex” system within our bodies.

The complete value of the 28th Triplet being 333, is the value of the word for darkness, H’chosech (הַחשֶׁךְ), as we saw in the equation provided by the 4th verse of the Torah, “And God saw that the light was good; and God divided the light from the darkness (וַיַּרְא אֱלֹהִים אֶת הָאוֹר כִּי טוֹב וַיַּבְדֵּל אֱלֹהִים בֵּין הָאוֹר וּבֵין הַחשֶׁךְ). Moreover, Since the outer 4 letters of the summit platform (שמיי) that add up to 360, as in the letter Shin (ש), have an ordinal value of 54, their complete numerical value is 414, which is twice Light (אוֹר) and thus maintains the 2:1 Light to darkness proportion of the 4th verse. Their 414 value is also the collective value of the Lulav (לולב), the Hadas (הדס), and the Aravah (ערבה).

Hidden Gold

Then, as Peter pointed out, the sum of the values of the two central Triplets, the 36th and 37th, equals 155, which matches the sum of the atomic weights of the 3 metals prescribed for use in the Mishkan (Tabernacle): Copper (29); Silver (47); and Gold (79).  The Torah goes on and on about the use of these 3 metals: including how they were collected, counted, proportioned; how they were to be utilized; and precisely where they were to be used in minute detail and under what circumstances.  A great deal of the Torah text is dedicated to the descriptions of these 3 metals, none of which has anything to do with wealth, only charitable contributions and spiritual construction, with the exception of the Golden Calf, which was deceptive charitable contribution for false spiritual construction.

While, 36 and 37 together is 73, as in Chochma, Wisdom, with its connection back to the Torah’s first verse, the sum of the ordinal value of all 4 platform Triplets, 130, plus the ordinal values of the 12 letters in them (123) equals 253, the sum of the integers from 1 – 22.

The reference to the 22 letters of the alef-bet at the center seems like a trivial point alongside the aforementioned glittering revelation, but it is an important cosmic hint not to be overlooked.

The question that keeps coming up with each new revelation is what is the significance of 210? Is it a frequency? A wavelength? We know it is front and center with Creation. Do we need to find the 6 Wells first?

Wrapping Up Sukkot

Abraham Avinu in the Sefer Yetzirah has shared with us that the universe was created with Books, text, number and communication, all of numerical value 340 (ספר) or 8 x 42.5, and we find that when we take the 4 Species of numerical value 1024, as in the 1024 or 210 word values in the Torah, and align or add it to the 336 letters in the 112 Triplets of the 4 Essential Elements, we get 1360, or 4 x 340.

Finally, as Rav Abraham Abulafia of blessed memory points out, the sum of all the elements of the Sukkot: the Sukkah (91), the Sach (100), and the 4 Species (1024) add up to 1215, the numerical value for the Hebrew phrase “70 Languages,” with whom the light of the cosmic holiday is supposed to be shared.

It is no coincidence that the first 3 Triplets of the Torah also add up to 1215.

In this world we can physically or virtually do the work; however, if we align our consciousness, we can link up with the Binah hyperspace and effect change beyond the scope of physical reality. What all 4 cosmic holidays and their 4 perspective instruments have in common is that they all involve Man making a conscious choice and using his hand (Yad,יד). Abraham and Isaac had to dig for the wells.  They were already there, yet they both had to physically remove the earth.

In the next section we will discuss the importance of the Hakafot (encircling), the squaring of the circle, and the male-female dynamic.

For anyone that has not been following this series from its inception, you can find the entire work here.

Part XVII Connecting the Dots Part 8

The Folding of Space

Jennie Nayton, Triple Helix (detail) 2005

Before we get into the wells of living waters dug by our forefathers, we want to circle back to the global structure of the Torah, the Alef-bet, and the universe.  This section of the series will be deeper than most and thus more profound.  The mathematics is not more complex, but perhaps a little more abstract and enlightening.

The total number of the 5 main elements—Words, Letters, Verses, Rows and Columns—in the Torah is 401,273 or 248,000/ Phi(φ).  The total number of the 3 main elements—Words, Letters, Verses—in the Torah is 390,625 or 58.  The Rows and Columns portion of these numbers is 10,648 or 223. As we will see later in this section, it is not coincidental that the Rows and Columns in the Torah are the cube of 22, as in the 22 letters of the Alef-bet. When the Tower of Truth is extended to 22 levels or 22 cubes, the total cumulative volume is 64,009 cubits or 40.001873 cubic cubits. Keep in the back of your mind that (40 – 22) = 18. There are exactly 187 chapters in the Torah, 40 of which are in the Second Book.  For anyone that has not been following this series from its inception, you can find the entire work here.  Combined into a single equation the relationship between the Torah’s main elements is:

We will not get into the meaning behind these individual numbers, as we have done so numerous times in this series already, though, we do want to point out that 248,000 is equivalent to (31 x 8000) or (31 x 203), the 20th cube in the 20 stacked cubes of the Tower of Truth. Moreover, EL (אל) is G-d and has the numerical value of 31, and there are 20 multiples of 31 in 620, the dimension of Keter of the same numerical value as Esrim, the Hebrew word for 20, and yes, EL (אל) has an ordinal value of 13, Echad, One, for a total gematria of 44, as in the 44 Chanukah candles and the regressive form of Ehyeh (אלף־הי־יוד־הי), but we are looking beyond gematria for the moment:

In the last section we saw that Phi(φ) creates infinity, and that Phi(φ) creates harmonic order and efficiency.  Phi(φ) is the link between the physical field forces and the ethereal field forces.

Now we must ask: What came first, the spatial structure or the document? Black fire on White fire.Does Abraham (248) unfold 8 times like the Torah into Abraham(א), Isaac(י), Jacob(י) and Joseph(י)? There are 4 Patriarchs, 4 Archetypes, 4 Forces, 4 Movements, and 4 initials (א י י י) that sum to 31.

Is this also a model for the folding of space?

Abraham(248) had 8 sons in total.  Is this a model of the E8 Lattice supersymmetry and E8 Lie groups with 248 dimensions that are structured around the Phi(φ) proportion.  Zeir Anpin is a bundle of 6 dimensions, represented by the 6 directions of the simple cube and the 6 wells our forefathers dug to open the springs of living waters. There are 240 faces of a 6-d hypercube; might they connect with the 240 non-base dimensions of the E8 Lattice? To clarify, it has 8 base dimensions, or coordinates, and 240 non-base ones for a total of 248. Within that 248-dimensional E8 root lattice its E8 root system consist of, and is broken down into, groups of 8 vectors (roots) that conform to specific parameters, and 112 of those groups are integers.

Each point in the E8 Lattice is surrounded by 2160 8-orthoplexes and 17280 8-simplices. Each 8-orthoplex is a regular 8-polytope with 112 edges.




You can see in the accompanying projection that the 8-orthoplex is designed the same way as the 231 Gates that Abraham described for us in his Sefer Yetzirah, the difference being that Abraham used the 22 Letters as vertices and the 8-orthoplex has 16.


Each point in it is surrounded by 2160 8-orthoplexes and 17280 8-simplices. Each 8-orthoplex is a regular 8-polytope with 16 vertices and 112 edges. Phi(φ) appears in the ratios of the quasi-crystals, and can also be seen in the eigenvalues of the eigenvector matrices within the E8 lie group. What is pictured is an E9 Lie group, the seed of infinite E8 with its eigenvalues, where Phi(φ) and Phi(φ2) can be seen throughout.

There are 248 words in the Shema, imagine if each one, instead of representing a different dimension, actually connected to one.  That would be something! It is also something still far beyond our comprehension though. Fortunately, we have been given a path to comprehension. By aligning ourselves with the Plan of Potentiality, the path between the ethereal forces, the Vav(ו) in the YHVH (יהוה). When the Vav(ו) splits in two, like in the Alef(א), the path through Zeir Anpin to Binah is open, the YHVH (יהוה) goes from 26 to 32, like the Alef(א), and you can connect with all the tzaddikim and all the elevated souls who have been there before you. You can receive pure visions in this state.

It will be easy to reach the proper state when the 112 Triplets are aligned.  Peter has just pointed out some wonderful new insights about them.  Given all the Phi(φ) connections to 18, 18o, and chai, life, of numerical value 18, he started with the 18th Prime number, which is 61.  The value 61 is the numerical value of Ani (אני), “I” in Hebrew, as in “I am your God.” Regarding portion Miketz, the Zohar 15:250 asks “Who is ‘I?’ Rabbi Shimon replies, “It is the Holy One, blessed be He, the sacred kingdom of heaven…Come and behold: ‘I’ is the government of this world and of the World to Come, and everything depends on it. Whoever clings to the ‘I’ has a portion in this world and the World to Come.” Rav Ashlag, of blessed memory goes on to explains that Rabbi Shimon was referring to the Nukva, the adjunct to the YHVH (יהוה) in our world.

Peter connected the 18th Prime Number, 61, with 610, the value of the 3rd line/iteration of the Upper 42-Letter Name. He then merged it with the first line of the Lower 42-Letter Name of numerical value 506. The two Names conjoined at this transition point sum to (610 + 506) = 1116 + 2 (kolel) = 1118. In the same way that Keter and Malkut do, (620 + 496 = 1116), and also the first two words of the Torah, Bereshit and Bara (913 + 203 = 1116). With the kolel, all equal 1118 in the same way and in the same functional meaning.

This is, of course, is significant because the 15 Triplets of the first verse of the Shema, one of the 4 Essential Elements of the universe that comprise the 112 Triplets has the numerical value 1118 and it too is the combination of the full Upper Name of 42 of numerical value 708 and kadosh Holy (410).  We are reminded of the connection between 3 of the 4 Essential Elements—the Shema, the Torah’s first verse, and the Lower 42-Lettter Name—and both the pivotal calendar year, 3760 HC, and the 248 dimensions:

A Hypothetical

We have revealed that the Hebrew alphabet is derived from an exponential scale based on the number 1.313 raised to the ordinal value of each letter. Later in this section we are going to reveal much more about that. Meanwhile, if we instead use an exponential scale whereby each ordinal value is raised to 1.313, instead of the other way around, some very interesting and germane results pop out. We will call this scale hypothetical for now.

We can see the curves are quite different with the top (hypothetical) one being somewhat linear and obviously their result values for the Hebrew letters would be quite different as well. Alef(א) in the hypothetic model has a value of exactly 1 and Bet(ב) has a value of 2.48… and Gimmel (ג), 4.23… as in Phi(φ3).

If we subtract the hypothetical values from the results of the exponential scale the 18th letter, Tzadi (צ), of numerical value 90, has a difference of 90.03242… Keep in mind that the sum of the digits in mysterious repetitive 18-digit Fibonacci sequence (173553719826446289) is 90, the numerical value of water. These connections are not coincidental, as will be expanded upon below. Perhaps neither is the fact that the value of Tzadi (צ) on the hypothetical scale is 44.480, reminiscent of 2448 HC.

Nor is it coincidental that the difference in the value of the two scales for the 21st letter, Shin (ש) is 250.0207… with 207 being the gematria of the word for “Light,” the 25th word in the Torah. The Hebrew word for candle, ner, has a value of 250, representing the two enlarged letters in the Torah (נר). The connect to the 21st letter are more profound as will be explained shortly.





Of probable significance is that the letter Lamed(ל) on both scales is approximately 26, as in the YHVH (יהוה), and they are only off from each other by .133358

Finally, the 26th letter, Pe(ף) sofit, has a value of 72.08… in the hypothetical scale, and the difference in the two scales is 1116.09424….. Given all the pairs that sum to 1116 within the 4 Essential Elements comprised of the 112 Triplets, including the 72 Triplets, this connection is not coincidental either. It is interesting that Alef (אלפ) in this scale is (1 + 26 + 72).  Further study will elucidate the deeper connection between these two star-crossed scales.

Phi and the Secret of the Pyramid

Peter then went on to connect the Pyramid’s slope angle (51.84o) at the center of its faces to the 4th of the 4 Essential Elements, the 72 Triplets in that 5184 = 722. That is probably no coincidence, as the slope angle of the Pyramid is 42o at its corners, and the face to face edge angle is 112o, and the apex angle is 76o, as in the ordinal value of the Torah first word.  Of course, they all connect to Phi(φ) in that there is a Phi(φ) triangle that Kepler came upon in his studies of the ellipses of the planets.

Even though the first mention in history of Phi(φ) was by Euclides in about 300 BCE, many have suspected the Pyramid was based on Phi(φ) proportions. As we have revealed there is a lot more than that though.  Peter highlighted the Phi(φ) angles to the Pyramid’s slope angle (51.84o) at the center of its faces and to the 4th of the 4 Essential Elements, the 72 Triplets in that 5184 = 722. We want to go further and explain that the number 72 is directly connected to Phi(φ) and the 27.5” cubit used to build the pyramid.

First of all, 72/27.5 = φ2. This obviously has tremendous ramifications for the Holy Temple to be built to the same 27.5” cubit. Next, 72/φ = (72 – 27.5). Then (72 – 27.5)/2 = 22.25, as in the Phi(φ) 222.5o angle, and by simple math 5(72 – 27.5) = 222.5.  Finally, 72/27.5 = (1 – 1/ φ).

There can be no doubt the Pyramid was built with the numbers 72, 27.5 and the Phi(φ) proportion in mind.  Internally, one enters the Pyramid from a height of 55’ or 2 x 27.5, then they pass through a passage 42” wide before encountering the descending passage, which is  26.18 o or φ2 degrees steep, and then ascending through the grand gallery, sloped at 26o, like the Tetragrammaton(יהוה). Of significance, far beyond the Pyramid is that 26φ = 42.

Secrets of the 20th Cube

Now, we will see where the 20 stacked cubes of the Tower of Truth at the core of the Pyramid comes to play in its design once again.  The Tower and the Pyramid are 210 levels and 210 cubits tall, and 20 x 27.5(1 – 1/φ) = 210.0. It is off from 210.09826 by only .008%.

Then we know the 4 bases of the Pyramid were purposely built to 4 slightly different dimensions and the West base is within a fraction of an inch of 755.51 feet. As it turns out, 20 x 27.5(2 – √φ) = 755.5148.  Keep in mind that Caf(כ) of numerical value 20 is the letter that is not only in the middle of the exponential curve of the alef-bet, but also stands out as the one precisely on curve.

The letter Caf(כ) is the 11th letter in the Alef-bet and (20 x 27.5)/11 = 50, as in the 50-cubit height of the gates in the Holy Temple and the 50 Gates of Binah.

The 20th Cube in the Tower of Truth has a volume of 8000 cubits3, or 203, which matches the value of the 64 Triplet 8 x 8 square base within the 72 Triplets. The value of the separate first 8 Triplet row is 1143. Considering the first 8 words in the Torah have 33 letters which comprise the 11 Triplets, it is interesting that 1143 beaks down to (1110 + 33) or put another way, (10 X Alef(אלף) + 33).  This is in the same manner that the 1118 value of the Shema’s 15 Triplets breaks down to (1110 + 8) or (10 X Alef(אלף) + 8).

11 Triplets: 8 Words = 33 Letters

15 Triplets: 1118 = (1110 + 8) = (111 x 10) + 8 = 10(אלף) + 8

8 Triplets: 1143 = (1110 + 33) = (111 x 10) + 33 = 10(אלף) + 33

64 Triplets: 8000 = 1000 x 8 = 8(אלף)

Nonetheless, when we add 1143 of the 8 Triplets to 1118 of the Shema’s 15 Triplets we get (1143 + 1118) = 2261.  This is exactly 7000 less than, and reminiscent of, the 21st cube (213) which totals 9261.  It is also reminiscent of the sum of the Truth Cubes from 13 to 213, which is 53361.  That sum itself, 53361 is reminiscent of the sum of the 12 permutations of the YHVH in small gematria (i.e. YHVH = 1565), which is 53328, a difference of 33 from 53361.

Nevertheless, it was the equation 9261/53361 = 213/(Σ(13213) = .173553719… that was so mysterious and intriguing, and therefore it is auspicious that 2261/53361 = .42371… or .424, Moshiach Ben David.  Auspicious and intriguing.

it is interesting that 1143 beaks down to (1110 + 33) = (10 X Alef(אלף) + 33). We are about to see just how interesting.

From Darkness to Moshiach

There is another number that has a powerful and special connection with Phi(φ), and truthfully there are not many of them except the powers of Phi(φ) like 5778 as φ18.  This special number is the numerical value of Moshiach Ben David (424).  Not only does 424φ2 = 1110.046 or 10 X Alef(אלף), but we also have 424/φ = 333.3281842 or 333.33. If you recall, 333 is the gematria for darkness, H’chosech (הַחשֶׁךְ), and as we saw in the equation provided by the 4th verse of the Torah, “And God saw that the light was good; and God divided the light from the darkness (וַיַּרְא אֱלֹהִים אֶת הָאוֹר כִּי טוֹב וַיַּבְדֵּל אֱלֹהִים בֵּין הָאוֹר וּבֵין הַחשֶׁךְ) of numerical value 1776, the two portions of “The Light (הָאוֹר)” each of numerical value of 212 in Moshiach Ben David (424) form the proportion 424/333 = 1.273. This is the proportion of inscribing a circle within a square, bounding the darkness with Light, and it is approximately φ or 1.272019…., which is the reason 424/φ = 333.33 and not 333. Please note that the word for “The Light (הָאוֹר)” is the 4th word of the 4th verse of the Torah.

Notice also that the separation between 424 and 333 is 91, as in the unified (יאהדונהי) Names of YHVH (יהוה) + Adonai (אדני) that bridge our world to the World to Come.

If Alef(אלף) = 1000, and “the darkness” = (424/φ) = 333.33, what is (אלף424/φ), which equals (1000 – 333.33)? It is 666.66. What follows Alef(אלף) in the Alef-Bet, and what letter heads up the Torah? Bet(בית), of numerical value 412. What is Bet(בית) x Phi(φ)? (בית)φ = 412φ = 666.63  

 The Light and Phi

There is another association between “The Light (הָאוֹר)” and Phi(φ) and it relates to Pi as well, and to the mysterious repetitive Fibonacci sequence from every 4th number in it, 17355371.According to chazal, the word for alefs is alafim (אלפים) and alpayim (אלפים), meaning thousands, and specifically signifying 2000, as in the verse Notzer Chesed L’Alafim from the 13 Attributes.  This refers to 2000 generations or iterations of refining the light from the darkness, good from evil.

While 212 is the value of “The Light(הָאוֹר), 2120 is our assumed measure for the length of the  sides of the 10-cubit tall Chiel within the Temple Mount, which gave us the total volume of the Holy Temple and Mount as a cube of 424 x 424 x 424 cubits, the Moshiach Ben David Cube.

Why are cubes so integral to these formulas? Is Phi cubed(φ3) = 4.2360 related to 42.4, the Moshiach Ben David number? It does lead to φ3/φ = 3.330….Is this why there are 3330 years between the reception of the Torah at Mt Sinai in 2448 HC and the event horizon in 5778 HC, 50 jubilee years, analogous to φ18?

Why is Phi cubed(φ3) or 4.2360… integral to the spiraling vortexes of magnetic radiation? Why the Phi(φ) angel (137.5o) continually proceeds around a 360o circle, it will generate the Phi(φ) spiral.  On a single rotation cycle there will be two turn of (137.5o) and a remainder of (360o2(137.5o)) = 85o, and 360/85 = φ3. Those two first turns (137.5o) and (137.5o) equal 275, as in our 27.5” cubit. So a cubit is defined as 1” for every 10o in two(2) Phi(137.5o) turns. You could not use that physically unless you built a circle with a 57.295779” radius, but it is significant metaphysically. The connection to Phi(φ)  and Pi through the circle is included in every cubit measured out and used in Holy construction, or divinely inspired construction.

Fibonacci and 72

When the 18 mysterious number sequence (173553719826446289) derived from Phi(φ) and independently from the 21st cube (213) is split into 9 pairs (1+7, 3+5, 5+3, 7+1, 9+8, 2+6, 4+4, 6+2, 8+9) and we reduce them to small gematria, we get (8+8+8+8+8+8+8+8+8) = 72.  Keep in mind that to get these 18 repetitive numbers, we took every 4th Fibonacci number, meaning the sequence repeats every (4 x 18) or 72 Fibonacci numbers. That is the beauty of a coherent design Created in a mind that can see infinite symmetry and how all things are connected.

Waves, a Steering Force from Beyond

This may be abstract, but Nikola Tesla is often quoted as saying, “If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.” Traditionally, we think of the Energy equation as (Planck’s Constant x the Speed of Light)/Wavelength, but that does not seem to fit Tesla’s concept, and it is no secret either, unless it is one day found to be false, of course, as most of our scientific formulas will be in time, replaced by a better one given more data about our universe, as is logical and as was suggested by Einstein himself later in his life.

Could Tesla have been referring to the Alef(אלף)? The Alef(א) itself could represent Energy and the Lamed(ל) frequency and the Pe(פ) vibration, alternatively the representations of the Lamed(ל) and Pe(פ) may be reversed.  Energy is the result of the combined: wave length, which is the measure of the wave from crest to crest; frequency, which is the number of full s-shaped waves or cycles within a unit of time; and vibration would be amplitude, or height of the wave at its crest off its mid-line.

The Energy they are talking about is electromagnetic radiation, including light, radio, microwaves, and gamma rays alike.

Energy is based on waves, and waves are based on ether; in other words, something metaphysical rather than physical.  Yes, that is odd for scientists who abhor the notion of an ether, preferring to think that even if the vast majority of what is going on in the universe is unknown, it will still conform to the physics that we already imagine as correct.

A wave is an energy transport phenomenon that transports energy along a medium without transporting matter, and in most cases in the universe that medium is unknown.  Yes, a wave can propagate through water, and sound waves can glide through the molecules in the air, and waves can vibrate through solid matter, but ask yourself: how much matter is there in the universe and how solid is that matter? Exactly.

Also, even when it is surging through a known medium, why does it? What keeps it straight and narrow? Why does it not veer off track? If it did, light would never reach us.  It is as if waves are not really there and only exist on paper to help make the theories work better.  On the other hand, we can see them in water and measure their impact, but what are they? Is the wave you see rippling over the surface of the water actually moving or has an action, like a tossed stone, caused a special chain reaction in the water” The water molecules are not going anywhere, besides up and down, so what it a wave?

Waves, as scientists conceive them, do not even fit all their theories, not even on paper, let alone in reality. There are some newer and possibly better theories that are quite interesting but not for today’s discussion. First, let us understand the simpler aspects of a wave.

A disturbance within a medium, even the ether, subsequently travels along its midpoint in the wave field, never straying further than its amplitude in either direction, swinging back and forth like a perpetual pendulum, advancing cycle after cycle, sometimes for billions of years. This possibly goes on forever as and the energy just gets transferred to a new wave with energy never being lost.

Is a wave a perturbation in a field? Is the midline akin to the Plane of Potentiality, the Plane of Inertia, we saw between the two equal and opposite primal forces, divergence and divergence (curl/sink)?Amplitude (the height of the waves) measures how much energy is being transported by the wave. The larger the amplitude, the more energy a wave has. Think of it as the volume control on a stereo, which used to be called an amplifier. The amount of energy carried by a wave is related to the amplitude of the wave. A high energy wave is characterized by a high amplitude; a low energy wave is characterized by a low amplitude. The energy transported by a wave is directly proportional to the square of the amplitude of the wave. Amplitude seems to be important, as the measure of the perturbation.  It is conveying information about the energy level being passed on.

Energy increases as the wavelength decreases, which consequently causes the frequency to increase, which is why the wavelength is the critical non-fixed component of our current Energy equation (Planck’s Constant x the Speed of Light)/Wavelength.How can the Alef(אלף) connect to the wave functions? We do not know and it is only a supposition at this point. We do know that the answer to the mysterious wave property of Energy must have its origins beyond the physical world and it is more likely to be an outcome of field interaction than anything else proposed so far. Nikola Tesla has rarely steered anyone wrong.

Whatever they are, waves provide the order to our physical world.

The Fractal Alef-Bet

As an extremely important aside, the alef-bet exponential scale also displays a discernible wavelike pattern, though one a bit more fractal in nature until we look deeper when the real beauty unfolds.

This is a line graph without the curves being smoothed out, but you can already notice a nice curved repetitive pattern, growing fractally as the alef-bet progresses. Notice how that curve peaks at three points, at the Alef(א), the Yud(י) and the Koof(ק) or numerical values 1, 10, and 100 respectively in exponential progression, or geometrically by a multiple of 10. They total 111, as in Alef(אלף). While their ordinal values progress arithmetically by 9: 1, 10, 19. The value of the 28th letter would be 1000.

One further side note is that the amount the Koof(ק) is off exactly and percentagewise from the 1.313 exponential curve compared the same amounts that the Yud(י) is off is 244.8. This is most interesting because The Torah was given at Mt Sinai in the year 2448 HC and -1313 CE. How is that for pulling something out of the ether?

When we extend the graph to what would be the 28th letter at value 1000, we get the same extended fractal image of the percentage variations from the curve.

And the slope between the fractally corresponding points is 1.6.

What is most interesting is that that slope line is also the Alef(אלף) line, since the values 1, 10, and 100 and their corresponding letters Alef(א), the Yud(י) and the Koof(ק) are on it.

As we can see in the next graph where we flipped the variance curve along the Alef slope axis, that the curves are indeed symmetrical.

We can also see that it is a sine wave or at least based on one. It is bottom half of an out of phase, or cancellation, wave sine wave where the two waves cancel each other out.

It also conforms to the top half of a longitudinal wave.



Find the function of these waves and find a trove of secrets.

If you find the function of these waves you will find a treasure trove of secrets and a slew of new information will be revealed. Its a simple formula complicated by the slope. There are actually two very similar waves symmetrical to the slope. The coordinate points are given by the ordinal values of the letters and the exponential Alef-bet equation (y = 1.313x)  Its a very different one for the longitudinal wave or slinky option.

We also need to ask what corresponds to the missing or hidden portions of the wave function? What is on the other side of the slope?

Now, remember, the actual Alef-bet curve looks like this, not a straight-line axis, so this sine wave is actually symmetrical along the exponential curve.

This should remove any doubts that the Alef-bet was meant to fit this curve based on 1.313.  So why this symmetry to the Alef(אלף) axis, whose slope is 1.6 or approximately Phi(φ)?

Then when we add the absolute value for all 27 percentage variances, they equal 6.1823 or approximately 1/Phi(φ) or .618033….  Moreover, the 21st letter, Shin (ש) has a variance off its nominative value (300) of 4.48033… or 1.70000… less than 1/Phi(φ). And since 17φ = 27.5, the cubit: 10varשφ= 27.5

One of the many treasures found within, and yet another relationship between Phi(φ) and the cubit, this time buried deep within the secrets of the alef-bet.

The Alef-bet begins with the letter Alef(אלף) of numerical value One(1), but its deviation from the curve is .313, making its exponential value 1.313 as the starting point for both the Hebrew alphabet and the Israelites at Sinai (1313 BCE). We explained at the outset of this series that the Hebrew letters in their pure form represented a vibrational range and not specific values. Now we understand that the range for each letter is a percentage variation from the curve conforming to a specific wave function with a specific slope.

That vibration range equals the amplitude. The formula tells us Amplitude = how much Energy is being transmitted by the wave.  Do certain letters transmit more energy than others? Is there an entire new science and understanding in this?As the full wave cycle intersects the Alef(אלף) axis at Alef(א) and Koof(ק) of ordinal values 1 and 19, the wavelength is (19 – 1) = 18. How interesting!

The number 18 comes up as a Phi(φ), comes up as our Alef-bet wavelength, as the mysterious repetitive Fibonacci sequence, as “Life,” and more. The square root of 18 is no less than 4.24264068…, or both 42-Letter Names, Moshiach Ben David(424), the Tetragrammaton(26), etc.. So what is the meaning of Phi18?

This inherent wave function imparts new meaning and vigor to each letter and word in the Torah. It shows how they expanded from 1, from Alef(אלף) in a very precisely designed manner, and why there were both 22 and 27 letters in total. It also defined the Divine calendar by establishing the same date in both the Hebrew and Western Gregorian Calendar thousands of years before Gregorius. It ties the whole system of gematria to waves and Phi(φ) and a unified design.

By scaling the Alef-bet along a very specific curve so that their variances pulse along it, not in absolute terms but in percentage ones, in another specific wave function, one aligned with Phi and 1, we have been sent a message: PAY ATTENTION TO THE LETTERS

That was not the only message conveyed.

Is Hebrew the language of the universe? We have used gematria only as secondary and tertiary arguments and only in a supporting role in this series, but perhaps the values assigned to these letters and words have much greater meaning and understanding than we have given them credit.  And we have not even begun to discuss the shape and design of the letters. We know the shape of the Alef(א) has ties to Phi(φ) and the primal forces and movements in the universe. What of the other 27 letters?

A More Profound Question

Given the opposite phased waves of the Alef-bet variances, is there an anti-Alef-bet?

If there were, the percent variances from the known nominal values (1 – 400 or 900 or even 1000) would be equal and opposite to the current ones, vis-à-vis the slope line and thus on the part of the wave that we drew in.  Like the scalar waves contemplated and some say utilized by Tesla, they would cancel out and create a state of potentiality.

“Scalar waves are produced when two electromagnetic waves of the same frequency are exactly out of phase (opposite to each other) and the amplitudes subtract and cancel or destroy each other. The result is not exactly an annihilation of magnetic fields but a transformation of energy back into a scalar wave. This scalar field has reverted back to a vacuum state of potentiality.”

You may ask how could the Alef-bet and anti-Alef-bet have canceled out each other if the Alef-bet actually exists? Does it? In what state does it exist? We feel their power, sense their meaning, but what are we really looking at when we see the letters? They are nothing more than very specific interfaces for us. They are windows; not objects. They Torah commands us not to make graven images, not to take something spiritual and make it physical.

Are the Hebrew letters physical representations of different states of potentiality? When we focus on the letters themselves, we block their potential. The numbers behind the letters help us unlock their potentials, but when we focus on those too, we trade the physical for the potential. As the kabbalists explained, we must let go. Everything we study is (should be) to bring us to a place of Understanding. That place should be the jumping off point, the leap of faith.

Can there be 22 different states of potentiality? Pure potential is absolute potential, right? What about 22 levels of potentiality. Early in this series we explained that whenever we decrease in one order of magnitude (1000 – 100 – 10 – 1…) to the next in increments of 10% it always takes 22 steps (iterations). We can think of each state of potentiality as a level of potentiality where another veil has been lifted. A more accurate way of putting it is a different veil has been lifted with each letter.

The scalar annihilation produces a field. Do the Hebrew letters each depict different potentiality fields? We have seen how these fields guide magnetic radiation and the dielectric plane, the 4 movements and forces. Our Understanding is just beginning.

Why Triplets? Why do the letters form Triplets? Why 3 root letters in the Hebrew words? Do the planes of potentiality need to react together or be balanced in threes in order to properly affect our world? Is it like the Divergent, Plane of Potential, Convergent (N/S) dynamic?

Just be glad the Torah gave us a roadmap; imagine if we had to figure this out on our own!

Fibonacci Water

Is there a reason the 18 mysterious digit sequence (173553719826446289) derived from both Phi(φ) and independently from the 21st cube (213) sums to 90, the numerical value of water(מים), the 21st word in the Torah?

Is there a reason that the numerical difference between light (אוֹר) and the water (המים) in terms of gematria is 112?

The two palindromic sections of the sequence (17355371 and 9826446289) can be split up differently, considering that the sequence repeats itself. If we split it up instead as (9173553719 and  82644628), which would be odds and evens, like our initial splitting of the Alef-bet,  we see that all the odd numbers are one(1) different than each of the corresponding even numbers (i.e. 9-8 = 1, 2-1 = l1l, 7-6 = 1…). We also see the sum of the digits in the two palindromic sequences is no longer 32 and 58, but is now 50 and 40, as in the 50 chapters of Genesis and 40 chapters of Exodus. This new splitting gives rise to another surprise.

We have illustrated numerous times in this series in different connotations that dividing the number 9 by the numerical string formed by the 42-Letter Name of G-d gives us 9/.1230490… = 73.141593 or 70 + Pi (3.14159365…). When we divide 9 by the 18-digit Fibonacci sequence we get 9/.17355371… = 51.85…, quite close to the Phi angle 51.84, which is also 722.

Waves and Water

Water’s (H2O) unique structure and very special unique properties also make it the perfect medium not only to support life, but to propagate waves. These properties include its density, its incompressibility, its surface tension, its odd freezing properties, and that it is a liquid under natural conditional and not a gas. Without all these properties there would be no life on Earth. If water was not unique in that its solid form (ice) was lighter than its liquid form, the oceans would freeze from the bottom up and freeze up completely in no time. If it were not so in-compressible, the ocean currents would stop flowing and you do not want to know what that would have done to the weather patterns and life.  Do you know what the pressure is like at the bottom of a 20’ deep pool? With over a mile of ocean water on top of it, water compresses less than 1%. If it were not for its surface tension, our blood vessels would be too thin for our blood to reach most of our bodies, and plants would have to grow along the ground. And these are just some of water’s marvelous properties.

When we think of water and waves, we picture rolling ocean waves crashing at the shore or silvery pond waves rippling over the surface. Our bodies are 80% water, and whether we realize it or not, we are constantly bombarded with waves of all sorts of frequencies: some from far off in other galaxies; some from the earth; a lot from the Sun; many from the electrical circuity in our appliances, homes, and transmission lines; and all the time from cell towers and Wi-Fi transmitters trying to reach your cellphone and smart devices.  If it was not for the water in our bodies, we would not be able to withstand this constant onslaught.

It begs the question again, what is a wave? And why is it so compatible to life-giving water?

The Torah gives us the answer in its second verse,”God’s spirit moved on the water’s surface.”

What moves on the water’s surface? Waves.

“The water (המים)” is which word in the Torah? The 21st, as in the Name of G-d, associated with Binah, Ehyeh (אהיה), the place the 4 Forces and 4 Movements emanate from. It is also the 77th letter in the Torah, connecting it to mazal, another G-d given force, but also to the first 8 words of the Torah that comprise the 11 Triplets, one of the 4 Essential Elements of the Universe, analogous to the 4 Forces cited above.  The sum of those 8 words (33 letters) is 3003, which in turn is the sum of all the integers from 1 – 77.

The value 77 is also that of the word Tower (מִגְדַּל), which has an ordinal value of 32. As in the verse full of secrets from Proverbs 18:10 “מִגְדַּל עֹז שֵׁם יְהוָה בּוֹ יָרוּץ צַדִּיק וְנִשְׂגָּב. The name of YHVH is a strong tower; The righteous runs into it and elevated.” What is the Tower in the YHVH (יהוה)? It is the Vav(ו).

Those 8 words bridge and link the first and second verses of the Torah, that begin with “In the Beginning (בראשית)” and end with “The water (המים).”

The phrase “In the Beginning water” has an ordinal value of 112, as in the 112 Triplets.

Earlier in the second verse it states, “The earth was without form and empty,” meaning there was no physicality; that was until G-d injected waves. ”God’s spirit moved on the water’s surface.” Then there could be light. The very next words are “God said, ‘There shall be light’” and physicists tell us light is a wave.

They also tell us it is a particle, or a particle that rides on a wave, or a wave and a particle at the same time, but not if you stop and look at it, then it changes.  At any rate, they still have a lot of figuring out to do to tell us why the sun shines, but they know it has something to do with waves.

Thank G-d for waves. Thank G-d for water. Thank G-d for Phi(φ). Thank G-d for the Hebrew Alef-bet. Imagine if we had to wait for man to invent them.

One final point. My vote for the Hebrew letter that the depicts the potentiality of the Wave field is the 21st letter, Shin (ש).

For anyone that has not been following this series from its inception, you can find the entire work here.

Part XVII Connecting the Dots Part 7 – Water


Before we begin our promised discussion on water, one quick note about Phi(φ) that many of us may have missed. Phi(φ) creates infinity out of finite space.  Yes, that is impossible in Euclidean geometry, but in a sense it is true.  It is very important to grasp this in order to comprehend why the universe and the most fundamental movements would be structured around Phi(φ). We already know Phi(φ) generates the most efficient use of space within our universe. For anyone that has not been following this series from its inception, you can find the entire work here.

As we spiral steadily and naturally outward utilizing the Phi(φ) angle (137.5o), elements, or points in space, will be deposited in the most efficient way possible. That can go on infinitely and so can adding points to line, but what if instead of allowing the spiral to escape, we confined it to a simple 360o circle, or the toroidal shape we see generated with the dielectric and magnetic fields.  We are not speaking about an ever-widening circle; no, we are speaking about a circle with a set radius, a set circumference. It could be 1 or 25 it does not matter; as long as it is limited you would have to agree it is limited space. The same premise holds with the surface of a fixed radius torus.

What we are saying is that when we use our plotting generator and advance incrementally by the Phi(φ) angle (137.5o) each time instead of recording where the next end point in the spiral will be, we will record where the angle crosses the fixed circular plane, the circle.


It is quite extraordinary actually. Sure, you may have to draw finer and finer points, but no two points will overlap, ever.  The Phi(φ) angle (137.5o) will not intersect the circular plane at the same place twice. It will infinitely generate new points along the circle. No other angle will do that.

This overlooked property of Phi(φ) has enormous implications.

Why did the Architect of the Pyramid build it using cubits that are exactly twice the Phi(φ) angle (137.5o)?  The 27.5” cubit is 2 x 13.75”.  Why did the Designer of the Holy Temple make the 27.5” cubit is 2 x 13.75” or twice the Phi(φ) angle (137.5o), and the walls 1375” thick? Why did the Creator of the Alef-bet design it with it a special alignment with the Phi(φ) angle (137.5o)?

When we trace a Torus or toroidal shape with the Phi(φ) angle (137.5o) we never get to an end point and the lines never overlap. It just keeps tracing the shape in finer and finer definition infinitely. It also never leaves the confines of the toroidal shape, permanently sealing the system.


Recall, the image of the magnetic radiation from the ferrocell that Ken Wheeler broke down for us:

Notice how the lines never even cross one another.





And on to infinity…

Phi and the Tower of Truth

Another odd property of Phi(φ) and there are many involves the Fibonacci numbers (0,1,1,2,3,5,8,13,21,34,55,89,144…) but it goes much further. Every 4th Fibonacci number is divisible by 3, like 3/3, 21/3, 144/3… and if we examine those results (1, 7, 48…) sequentially in mod 9 (in other words divide by 9 and record the remainder) we get (1-7-3-5-5-3-7-1-9-8-2-6-4-4-6-2-8-9) and that sequence repeats itself over and over again.  It is easy to see that 17355731 and 9826446289 are both palindromic and we know that 173 is the small gematria of the 42-Letter Name, and there are some very interesting tiling that can be dome using these numbers, but something else struck me in regards to a very specific pyramid.

If you recall in our discussions of the Tower of Truth, that it is a perfect stack of the 20 cubes, each incrementally 1 cubit smaller in height, width, and length from 13 – 203. It has a total volume of 44,100 or 441, the numerical value of emet/truth) x 100 and a total height of 210 cubits meaning it fits precisely in the center of the Pyramid.  It is significant to note that 441 is 212 and that 21 is the value of the Name Ehyeh (אהיה) associated with Binah.

The volume of the 20th cube in the Tower is 20 x 20 x 20 or 8000 cubits3.  If we were to add one more cube of 21 x 21 x 21, which metaphysically would connect to Binah, its volume would be 9261 cubits3 and the height of the Tower would now be 231 cubits, as in the 231 Gates associated with the 22 Hebrew letters arranged in a circle with their 231 paired paths between them, as Abraham explained in his Sefer Yetzirah over 3700 years ago. Nevertheless, the cumulative or total volume of the Tower would now be 53361 cubits3.  By some quirk of nature and mathematics, and by some mysterious divine intent, the 21st cube’s volume is exactly 21% of the 44,100 cubits3 Tower of 20 cubes and exactly .173553719826446289 of the Tower of 21 cubes volume (or 9261/53361 cubits3).

If you just got chills, then you understood what I just wrote.

If you realized that the total gematria value of all the words in the Torah is 21009826 and related this to the Tower of 21 and the …9826… at the center of the mysterious sequence 173553719826446289 then you are catching on that this 18 digit sequence is key or a key to something important.  Especially, since (21009826 – 17355371) = 17.3% of 21009826.

Nonetheless, on to water, since the repetitive digits in this odd sequence (1-7-3-5-5-3-7-1-9-8-2-6-4-4-6-2-8-9) add up to 90, the numerical value of water (מים), also palindromic.

Water and Wells

We have previously discussed the temperature scales and how they relate to the dimensions of the Holy Temple and the freezing and boiling points of water, most obvious being 273 K; 32o F; 100o C; and 212o F, with the latter being the boiling point of water; the numerical value of “The Light;” the difference between the measure of the Outer and Inner Courtyards as measured from N to S; and Phi3/2, which is also the magnetic precession wobble.

In Genesis, “the water” is mentioned even before “the Light” as the Torah’s 2nd verse states “God’s spirit moved across the surface of the water.” “The Water” of numerical value 95 is the 21st word in the Torah. Moreover, as Peter pointed out the Tetragrammton (יהוה) is the 95th unique word in the Torah. As we have learned, nothing in the Torah was left to chance so the placement of “The Water” as the 21st word must be a way to relate it to Binah through the Name Ehyeh (אהיה). Moreover, the difference between “The Water(המים)” and “The Heavens (השמים)” is the letter Shin(ש), the 21st letter.

As noted by Viktor Schauberger, who passed away 60 years ago and is still perhaps the foremost authority of water and its dynamics, there is yet another important temperature associated with water. “As a liquid, the behavior of water differs from all other fluids. [They] become consistently and steadily denser with cooling, [while] water reaches its densest state at a temperature of 4° Celsius (39.2° Fahrenheit), below which it grows less dense…This is the so-called “anomaly point”, or the point of water’s anomalous expansion, which is decisive in this regard and has a major influence on its QUALITY. …This highest state of density is synonymous with its highest energy content, a factor to be taken carefully into account, since energy can also be equated with life or life-force.”

A field can hold impressions—think of a crop circle or our vector fields—which is akin to memory. Most recently certain renown scientists, including Nobel laureates, have concluded and shown that water exhibits the property of memory. Perhaps, water is more alive than we know, or perhaps water, upon which all life greatly depends at every moment, is in tune to these fields within the ether. Spiritualists and naturalists have observed throughout time that following the natural flow of water including fog elucidates the natural flow of energy.

It is notable that (39.2° – 32o F) = 7.2o F, as in the 72 Triplets.  Moreover, the difference between the boiling point of water and its anomaly point is 172.8 o F or 173 o F, as in the small gematria value of the 42-Letter Name, giving us two of the 4 Essential Elements of Creation, this time in direct relation to the highest energy point of water at 4° C.  Furthermore, as we saw with the Phi(φ) centripetal/centrifugal vortex and magnetic/dielectric fields, the only non- Phi(φ) based angle embedded was 72o. 

One of the special properties of water discover by Viktor Schauberger is the power it generates through vortices, similar to what we saw with the magnetic and dielectric fields.


Notice how Viktor also observed Phi(φ) as the basic guiding component of the water vortex.

Further notice the little star shape he drew in the one of the egg-shaped cavities of the modeled vortex in the upper right of the picture and how it matches the Phi(φ)-based star shape Ken found in the magnetic field many decades later.

The egg shape as a natural complement to the natural water vortex is one of the principles that guided much of Viktor’s technological wonders. He is most known for his principles of “Living Water.” As the Torah puts it, “mayim chayim.”  He theorized and showed that water when alive perpetuates a healthy water cycle and life in general, but that dead water, short-circuits the water cycle and leads to a different cycle of destruction and death on the earth.

Perhaps, the Torah understood what he meant. The principles are fairly simple, and Viktor worked out the physics for us.  It is just that man has chosen to go with the dead water instead. Convincing us that dumping toxic industrial waste like Fluoride into our drinking water maybe good for the aluminum industry since fluoride is a byproduct of it, but it renders our pineal glands useless and it is one of many contributions to dead water.

The pineal gland at the level of our third eye in the center of our brains is very interesting as it is looks like a pine-cone, the quintessential phi spiral, and prominently displayed in numerous ancient cultures. Besides regulating our melatonin and serotonin, it is said to contain natural DMT, a vision inducing drug.  It may play a role in our connecting to the Plan of Potentiality.

112 Paths to the Plane of Potentiality

The Midrash tells us Abraham utilized mikves and encouraged his guests to do so before entering his tent of generosity. We are also told that he gave spiritual knowledge gifts to his other children who took them to the East. There it was determined that there are 72000 Nadis (pathways) between the 112 Chakras in our bodies, 7 major, 21 minor, and 86 micro ones which include 2 outside out bodies.  Adiyogi expounded on the mechanics of human existence until he came to a dimension known as Kaivalyapada where he offered 112 different ways in which a human being can attain to his fullest potential. He declared, “If you use the human system, there are only 112 ways because there are only 112 doorways for this body through which it can attain.”

In a chapter from the Rudrayamala Tantra, a Bhairava Agama, the goddess Devi asks Shiva to reveal the essence of the way to realization of the highest reality. In his answer Shiva describes 112 ways to enter into the universal and transcendental state of consciousness. This would be 112 ways to inadvertently connect to the 112 Triplets, and consciously align the 112 chakras in our bodies to reach a state of potentiality.  This was the original purpose of yoga.  We are not telling you to go do yoga; we are saying that the avenues to enlightenment stemmed from the same source.

Devi Asks:

O Shiva, what is your reality?
What is this wonder-filled universe?
What constitutes seed?
Who centers the universal wheel?
What is this life beyond form pervading forms?
How may we enter it fully,
above space and time,
names and descriptions?
Let my doubts be cleared!

Now Shiva replies and describes 112 meditation techniques to find reality.

There are nine ways concerning breath:

“1. Lo, Radiant one, this experience may dawn between two breaths, After breath comes in (down) and just before turning up (out) the beneficence.”

“2. As a breath turns from down to up, and again as breath curves from up to down through both these turns, realise.”

“3. Or, whenever in breath and out breath fuse, at this instant touch the energy-less energy-filled centre.”

“4. Or when breath is all out (up) and stopped in such universal pause, ones small self vanishes. This is difficult only for the impure.”

“8. Attention between eyebrows, let mind be before thought. Let form fill with breath-essence to the top of the head and there shower as light.”



The original mikves were made from cold natural, usually mountainous or underground streams. Were their healing and cleansing properties attributable to the anomaly point and that they were living waters?

Ever wonder why a mikve’s minimum volume was based on the egg shape: a minimum of 40 Seah, which is defined as 5760 eggs. Would you believe that it is has everything to do with magnetic fields and water’s reaction to it?

We all know water is necessary for life and is the medium for life in our world. We know from the work of Viktor Schauberger and others that water tunes to Phi(φ), moves and energizes with vortices and that these interact naturally with egg shaped channels. We also know that the freezing of water and its density changes is a special process that may even include a critical 4th phase at the edge of freezing. So what happens when we place a magnetized cube in a glass of water and freeze it?

I did not think of that experiment but thankfully Ken Wheeler did.  He hyper froze the water, subjecting it to temperatures much lower than 32o F, yet there was a region around the 1” magnetic cube that refused to freeze. It remained in its liquid state.  Moreover, it formed a perfect egg.

It did not matter what vessel the water was in; the shape was dependent solely on the magnetic/dielectric fields and the water.  The freezing temperature allowed for the water to phase into ice and expose the field lines.

It was not just a perfect egg, but the broader top end had a spatial circular radius of 1 and exhibited a charged circular radius of Phi(φ) or 1.61803… around the N pole of the magnet. The lower edge of this frozen projection was the dielectric plane of inertia through the midpoint of the magnet. On the other hand, the lower pointier end of the egg had a spatial circular radius of Phi(φ) or 1.61803… and exhibited a charged circular radius of 1 about the S pole of the magnet, the opposite of the Northern region. Therefore, the spatial length of the generated egg is 2 x (1.61803… + 1) = 2φ2 = 1 + φ3.

And just like we were able to see the dielectric field lines in the iron filings and the magnetic radiation in the LED-lit ferrocell spirals, when the water freezes the fine trapped bubbles form ethereal wisps of the dielectric rays, revealing the Plane of Inertia….



and beautiful centripetal and centrifugal vortices that utilize the same 42.5o angles we saw with the magnetic fields.

Water is the medium and basis for life and an egg is a metaphor for life.  It could be said to be the geometry or shape of life. What we do know now is that a magnet inside of water creates that egg shape. In other words, the Phi(φ) based dielectric and magnetic fields when activated in water organize into an egg shape.

We also now know that frozen water (ice) conforms to and reveals these interacting fields.

We need to ask ourselves that if water is so reactive to magnetism (the engaged magnetic and dielectric fields) what is going on in our bodies that are 80% water given the magnetic electrical fields all around us all the time nowadays?

Living waters (mayim chayim). There is a lot to unpack here. Remember, Genesis was also split into the (1 + Phi 1.6180…) proportion.  The Beginning; the Egg.  And “God’s spirit moved on the face of the waters.”

How can these invisible fields show up differently in different media: as light in ferrocells; as attraction for iron filings; and as filaments and bubbles and egg-shaped radiation in water and ice? It is because fields are non-physical. They impact our physicality, but are not part of it.  If you want to call them spiritual forces you would be closer to the truth than not.

Somehow, the ancient kabbalists knew about the relationship between water and the egg thousands of years before the rest of us. They also knew that the word mikve has the numerical value 151, the same as the spelled-out Name of G-d, Ehyeh (אלף־הי־יוד־הי) and connects with that energy or level of Light.

A mikve must contain 5760 eggs; a mikve must contain a field of 5760 magneto-electric virtual objects in order to cleanse and recharge us. That connection is clear, but why 5760?

The year 5760 in the Hebrew Calendar is the year 2000 CE in the Gregorian one.  When we take the Logarithm of 5760, we see a connection that unites both calendars. It is the only number that will do that.  Log (5760) = 3.76042248, the year 3760 HC, the year “0” in the Western Calendar, followed by the 42 rows and 248 columns in every Torah.

This connection is written into the fabric of the universe but may or may not be the reason for the number 5760 eggs. Nevertheless, eggs and water are both connected to life, and life in Hebrew is Chai (חי) of numerical value 18.  We also know that cubes are at the heart of the Torah and the Future Holy Temple and were also at the heart of the revealing “magnet in the freezing water” experiment. We also know that 183 = 5832.

Interestingly, the sum of the digits in mysterious repetitive 18-digit sequence (173553719826446289) is 90, the numerical value of water, but just as telling is that the two palindromic sections (9826446289 and 17355371) of it sum to 58 and to 32 respectively.  The other odd thing about these two sequences is that when add them as (0173553710 + 9826446289), using zero(0) as a placeholder, we get 9999999999.

While 5832 is 72 more than 5760, as in the year 2000 CE and the 5760 eggs, it is 13 less than the 5845 verses in the Torah, and 54 more than the prophetic year 5778. The equation (5832 – 5760) = 72  can be read as (183 – 5760) = (4 x 18) and it can well be a reference to the 72 Triplets that we find in the 3 sequential 72 letter verses of the splitting of the Red Sea. Given that this is one of the main water references in the Torah, it gives credence to the connection and makes us wonder if the Torah was hinting at a hidden underlying technology connected to the fields, Phi(φ), vertices, and the 72 Triplets.

Furthermore, (5845 verses – 5832) = 13 and (5832 – 5778) = 54, which match well together since the natural odd-even Alef-bet shift to the Phi(φ) proportion is a shift of 54 units, which is equivalent to 13o.  Moreover, in the comparison of the angles of the two natural splits we also saw the 72o angle.  The kabbalists taught us that properly connecting to the energy in the letters of the alef-bet in their sequential order helps restore order in our lives, which is why so many of the prayers in our siddurim follow this schematic. Intuitively, that makes sense, but we can now understand that there are primal and elementary forces in the universe that align when we do so, or when we properly use a mikve to breathe new life into our bodies and souls. Remember, Phi(φ) creates natural harmonic efficiency, thus smoothing things out for you and making things go easier. “Go with the flow.” Also, Phi(φ) creates infinity, which means it opens all the possibilities to you, removes limitations. The alef-bet was designed to help us find that Plane of Possibilities.

From earlier in this series:








Now 5778 is the prophesied year, but it is also Phi18 so that equation (5832 – 5778) = 54 can also be simplified as (183φ 18) = (3 x 18) or (Life3φ Life) = (3 x Life), whatever that may mean.  We do know that (5778 – 5760) = 18 and that the 3 iterations of Alef(א) = 1818.

One of the important results of Ken’s “magnets in water” experiments, and he used all different shape magnets, not just cubes, was that the water above the Northern polar region always froze cloudy and the water beneath the Southern polar region always froze clear.  To be more specific, the demarcation line for clarity is the central dielectric plane of Inertia.  This is quite interesting because as he and others before and after him have proven, and as we have already illustrated, the fields are symmetrical.

There is obviously more going on here than meets the eye.

The ancient Kabbalists too noted that directions are also symmetrical yet have different properties. The South is divinely assigned the property of Chesed (mercy and kindness) and the North is assigned the property of Gevurah (judgement). Moreover, like the North could not exist without the South (i.e. North of what), Chesed is bound to Gevurah. Numerically, that is 72 (Chesed) is bound to 216 (Gevurah), just as the 72 Triplets are bound to the 216 letters that comprise them, and as perhaps, the 72 K surface Temperature of Neptune is bound or incorporated into the (72 + 216) = 288 K surface Temperature of Earth.

At the outset of this series we explained that the Hebrew Alef-bet followed an exponential curve based on the guiding value 1.313, like the year the Torah was given at Sinai, 1313 BCE.  Three of those letters (אכת) were right on the curve and the rest were slightly above or below it. As it turns out, the absolute value of the deviation from the curve is 216.054.  While the three letters that are on the line with the kolel of 3 have a value 424, as in Moshiach Ben David, the other 19 letters are off the curve by a total of 216.054, corresponding to 216, Gevurah, very much like the S and N poles as Chesed and Gevurah. The sum of the 22 ordinal values is 253, and 253 less the deviation of the 19 letters (216) is represented by (253 – 216) = 37, which in turn matches the sum of the 3 ordinal values on the curve plus the kolel of 3, or (1 + 11 + 22) + 3 = 37.

Keep in mind that it is from this divinely designed Hebrew Alef-bet that every word in the Torah comes from and is connected to.  There are 1833 letter Samechs (ס) in the Torah, 13 more than the 1820 Tetragrammaton(יהוה) in the Torah, and if there were one complete Alef-bet for every Samech (ס), that total value would be 13.0% of the total 21009826 gematria value of the Torah.

Poles and Plants

Albert Davis and Walter Rawls did extensive experiences with magnetism and seeds, plants, worms, chickens, etc. and universally found that exposure to the S pole of a powerful magnet increased and encouraged life, while exposure to the N pole of one discouraged life and stunted growth. Can this possibly have practical repercussions in our lives and health? Why have you never heard about these studies? Why have you never heard about live water? Why has the special natural resonance of the Hebrew Alef-bet and the Torah been hidden from you?

Could there be an opponent that does not want you to find your place of possibilities, the Plane of Potentiality? There must be, right, since the Creator has given us so many access points to it and made the dynamic so clear for us.

By the way, did you know that plants and trees scream? Yes, it is just at a frequency that we can only hear with very sensitive microphones.  Thankfully, as it is quite loud actually? They scream only when injured or strained.  When a tree falls in a forest, who hears it? All the other trees.

The more you know, the more you open to the world of endless possibilities.

When we count off the Fibonacci sequence within the 22 letters of the Alef-bet we get the sequence of ordinal values 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, equivalent to the letters (אבגהחמש). Their sum equals 359, which matches the difference between the two names for Jacob (Israel) or 182 + 359 = 541 and the difference between his age, 147, and 506, the complete value of Moshiach Ben David (506) and the 506 times the 14 Triplets of the 42-Letter Name occur in the Torah, starting with (אבג).  Nevertheless, the Fibonacci sequence actually begins 0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, adding another Alef (א) to the beginning of the series (אאבגהחמש) for a total 360, as in the 360o in a circle. The total ordinal value of these 8 letters now becomes 54. This not only matches the 54 in 216.054, and the 54 remainder in the 1000.054 sum of the square root sets of the 72 Triplets, but even more significantly, it matches the 54 differential shift between the natural odd-even split of the alef-bet and the Phi(φ) split of it, which is 13o when viewed as a circle.

Oddly enough, the Fibonacci (Phi) sequence begins 1-1-2-3-5-8, which is 112 and 358, as in the 112 Triplets and Moshiach(358).

Living Water Vortices, Phi and the Shofar

Note the similarities between the live giving water vortex and the shofar, or ram’s horn.  There is a reason the letter Alef (אלפ) contains the letters Lamed(ל) and Pe(פ), the two letters that physically describe the shofar. The Lamed(ל), which the Kabbalists, associate with Binah, because it is the only letter to go above the plane, describes the twisting length of the shofar.  While the Pe(פ) describes spiraling design of the shofar along its axis and the spiraling motion of the sound that emanates from it.

The letters Lamed(ל) and Pe(פ) are also the two letters that Abraham taught us are cosmically connected to the month of Tishrei when the shofar is activated and blown, on day Alef (אלפ).  Perhaps it is the annual reconnecting to the Alef (אלפ) and the renewal of living vortex energy as the reason why we blow the shofar on the first day of the year. From there we have 22 days of specific events and tools to set things in order. For anyone that has not been following this series from its inception, you can find the entire work here.

We will continue shortly with the Wells in Part 8 of this section.

Chanukah Sameach


Part XVII Connecting the Dots – Part 6 Enlightenment

Phi and the Four(4) Essential Elements

We just finished another section where we showed that the mathematical constant Phi(φ) was at the epicenter of the physical movement of even the unseen forces and fields in our universe, those that led to electricity and magnetism, etc. We are going to circle back to the Torah again. The first verse of the Shema, also known as the 15 Triplets of the 4 essential Elements has a numerical value of 1118. Quite simply it is equivalent to (Phi2 or 2.6180…) less 1.5000, which equals 1.1180… For anyone that has not been following this series from its inception, you can find the entire work here.

There are 1000 letters in the Shema, and (Phi2 – Phi) = 1.000

Of the 210 word values in the Torah, the highest is 1500.  Another Name of G-d is YaH (יה) of numerical value 15; it is in the aspect of the upper three sefirot (dimensions), in other words, it is above and beyond the Plane of Inertia. It is the aspect of the place from which the waters surge, the place of Light (Life) force. The Name Yah (יה) is the Name associated with Chochma, above and beyond Binah. Moreover, when the letters in the Tetragrammaton (יהוה) are multiplied together they equal 1500. We could then say that the Shema plus with YaH (יה) or (יהוה) equals Phi(φ).

At the time of the Flood, the Torah makes a point of telling us “all the wellsprings of the great deep burst forth and the floodgates of the heavens were opened” and “the waters surged upwards 15 cubits and covered the mountains.” Two equal and opposite directions; two equal and opposite forces flooding our world. The waters surged over the earth for 150 days and receded on the earth for 150 days.  Two equal and opposite actions, or two equal and opposite forces interacting with our physical world, convergence and divergence.

Peter pointed out to us that the 7 Bell Prime Indices that we discussed earlier in this series in relation to the Shema etc. sum up to 2963, which is exactly 6180 or (Phi x 10) less than the 9143-total value of the 72 Triplets. We have seen Phi entrenched in the Torah, quantitatively and computationally, and have seen it in the 14 Triplets of the 42-Letter Name of G-d; and in the 11 Triplets of the Torah’s first 8 Words; and have just seen it in the Shema; and now we see it in the 72 Triplets as well. If you recall, the 7 Bell Prime Indices were connected to the Shema through their sequential 13 – 42 – 55 Alefs(א), and the Alefs(א) itself is also connected to Phi(φ), through its 4 extremities as discussed in the previous section.

The Shema and the Torah connect to Phi(φ) in yet another way. There are 248 words in the Shema and 1000 letters in the Shema, and (248 x 1000) = 248,000, which matches up beautifully with the 401,273 total words, letters, verses, rows and columns in the Torah divided by Phi(φ):

Generating Vortices

As we said earlier, the 6-cubit thick walls of the Holy Temple are 13.75 ft wide, analogous to the naturally efficient 137.50o Phi angle. The 137.50o angle is the angle from the precession to the dielectric plane of inertia, which within the Alef(א) is analogous to the Vavs(וו) or numeric value 6.

The following set of diagrams have nothing to do with Ken Wheeler’s work or Steinmetz’s , yet indirectly everything.  They are Phi(φ) progressions, including Ken’s all-important Phi3, of circles and angles, and they not only lead to the design of vortices, but to the Alef(א) once again.

The ratio of any two numbers that are added together to get the next number in a sequence will tend to Phi(φ) over the long term, which can be easily proven with eigenvectors or simple computation.

This means that a Phi(φ) vector can be drawn through any two numbers, and that every number has an infinite number of Phi(φ) vectors that can be drawn through it.  The number 1 can be paired with 2 to start off the Fibonacci (Phi-based) sequence(1,2,3,5,8,13…); or it can be paired with 3 and quickly become a Phi(φ) sequence (1,3,4,7,11,18,29,47…); or it can be paired with 4 and quickly become another Phi(φ) sequence (1,4,5,9,14,23,37,60…); or it can be paired with 5 and quickly become yet another a Phi(φ) sequence (1,5,6,11,17,28,45,73,118…), and so on, as plotted below on the graph. The sequence could also begin with 2, or 3, and 10 trillion, and the ratios between the numbers in that vector will all eventually tend towards Phi(φ).

This connection between any two numbers is essentially unique to the Phi(φ) ratio. Since ANY two numbers can give us a Phi(φ) sequence, ALL numbers can generate a Phi(φ) sequence.  The only other sequence that will include all numbers is that of adding 1, whose ratio will tend to 1 (i.e. 10001/10000). We have already seen the special relationship between Phi(φ) and 1:

Each of those endless Phi(φ) vectors can also be a Phi(φ) spiral, in other words, the most efficient growth plane that both numbers can be on.  This can be a 2-d, 3-d, or nth dimensional spiral that emanates circularly from the first point (number) in the sequence, or it can generate in any dimension linearly as below:

In this case, the vortex pictured is generated by starting with one(1) and continually extending the second number in the sequence by one(1) and then overlapping the new intervals, which each tend to Phi(φ). We could draw an infinite number of Phi(φ) vector or spirals from our chosen starting point of 1. It would not change the Phi3/2 angle of the spiral one bit, but it would plot (fill in) all the points along the angle, and give us a finely ribbed spiral. The semi-circles in the graph, which obviously must obey Pi, increase in size in the Phi(φ) proportion as well.  The Math behind the Vortex as illustrated in the next few exerted diagrams can be found here.

All these vortex generating elements were presented within the confines of a cube. Just like the 100 Phi3 cube that contains the exact volume of the Third Holy Temple. Consistent design. Consistent alignment.

Let us not forget that a circle inscribed in a square has a ration of 1.273 with that square as in the 401,273 elements in the Torah that connect to the Shema and Phi(φ).

Connecting the Dots Between Dimensions

Please note that given what we just learned about any two integers, each and every integer, positive and negative has an infinite number of Phi(φ) spirals emanating from it, each one a separate vortex, similar in shape, but ultimately unique as they all contain unique data points. Each one can be a point of divergence or emanation into our world in the endless plane of Inertia.

The plane of Inertia (potentiality) is the on/off switch, the triggering mechanism that causes divergence and convergence to occur in our world, whether it be magnetism, electricity, or desire.

Ken Wheeler and others have isolated four (4) forms of energy movements that react to, or are in response to, the interaction with of the Binah Plane of Potentiality. These would be the four (4) forms of energy movement of Zeir Anpin. They are radial movement, circular movement, counterspatial movement and spatial movement. Radial movement is parallel polarized linear movement, but not necessarily confined to Euclidean geometry. Counterspatial is what know in vector field analysis as curl, sink, or convergent movement, and Spatial movement is analogous to divergent movement.  We will not go into the math of physics behind this schematic as it is too complex for this forum.



In truth, this is just a theory, but so is space time, and particle physics for that matter, and while gravity seems awfully real to us, it is just an observed reaction to something still completely unknown to us. Whether theoretical, or real, these 4 forces (movements) do correspond nicely to our 4 Essential Forces of the Universe, as transcribed to us with the 4 sets of Triplets in the Torah.  The 4 forces (movements) are also depicted in the 95th unique word of the Torah, the Tetragrammaton (יהוה):

The four (4) forms of energy movement are given in no particular order, so let us rearrange them to begin with the simplest, the circular movement:

Since the radial rays can be in any parallel direction, let us switch them to vertical:

We do not need to show all the rays, one of two will do fine, and the circular motion could be as small as a point:

Now, let us flip their order, as if we were reading from right to left, as in Hebrew. Again, the order makes no difference as far, as we know:

The point source, circular motion, would nicely conform to the Yud(י). The two Heis(ה) are equal looking, but we know from the Kabbalists that they are similar, but opposite in nature, just like the counter spatial or curling/convergency and the spatial or divergent movement. The spatial dimension would correspond to our realm, while the counter spatial would be at a higher dimensional level within Zeir Anpin. The radial, or ray, would be recognizably equivalent to the Vav(ו).

Depending on how much true studying of Kabbalah you may have done, you may have thought that there was more to the Tetragrammaton(יהוה) than just 4 letters.  You may have felt that they are connected to G-d, G-d’s Name, an aspect of G-d, or G-d’s energy in some way. You may even have known that they can be used in unifications, known how to use them, or even used them properly to make the proper unifications. Did you realize, though, how significant they truly are, or why the Torah made us focus on this Name (יהוה) 1820 times? They are a system. They are our portal to Understanding. They are telling us how our universe works, how we can succeed in it, and how we can bridge this world to elevate to the next.

Let us examine the Tetragrammaton(יהוה) again in yet a new light. And let us look at the field forces behind electricity and magnetism.







The vector field in the diagram depicts the dielectric field and only the dielectric field, and we can clearly see how the curl/sink/convergent vectors are on the Southern region, corresponding to the first Hei(ה)  of the Tetragrammaton(יהוה), and the divergent vectors emanate from the Northern region, which corresponds to the final Hei(ה). Always midway between them is polarized a vertical line of parallel perpendicular vectors, which we have learned is the plane of Inertia(Potential). We can call that line or plane the Vav(ו). The Yud(י) is the extraneous force on yet another dimension that commands the Vav(ו) or the plane of Inertia, and flips it on and off, activating the two equal and opposite forces.

We have discussed, and most students of Kabbalah know about, the 3-column system of the 10 sefirot(dimensions): right (mercy), left (judgment) and center (restraint/balance). There is one organization that has sold the central column as restriction and conveniently mis-quoted Rav Ashlag about the meaning of restriction. The theory goes if you restrict or resist the flowing light the way the filament in a light bulb restricts the electricity in a circuit you will create light. Think about it. That is saying that if you are a poor conductor of light (electricity) you will be converted into the creator of light, and if you are a good channel of current nothing will come of it. It makes no common sense and shows no understanding of the process.  The central column is potentiality, not restriction. It is not neutral. It is in a pure potential state. It is the plane of Inertia, the Vav(ו).  It is what is truly meant in Kabbalistic terms, “letting go.” You let go of all your worldly desires and align yourself with pure potential, with the plane of Binah. The Yud(י) of Chochma will then engage the Plane of Potentiality, Binah, Vav(ו), which in turn will direct the circuitry of Light to flow freely through you as a perfect reflection of above.

When we engage, or falsely manipulate, our desires we corrupt the circuits, inadvertently blocking the potential benefits of the Light(life) force, and we find ourselves trapped in the circuitry of the physical.  It is an on/off switch. When we are in tuned to our desires it is off. Yes, we are speaking about the desire for the self alone, but most of our desires to share are with agendas, and are only to ultimately receive something in return, so in the end they are just desires for the self alone.

This circuitry happens on multiple levels, each dependent on the one above. The lowest level is the physical realm where the forces can be manipulated and corrupted to enrich some (convergence) and rob or draw from others (divergence). This is the realm where the outcome of the circuitry produces electricity and magnetism on multiple scales.  This the realm where the circuitry produces attraction and repulsion. It is all about desire, the desire to have something we want, or to get away from something that we do not, or to get rid of something that we have and do not want, like a disease. It is a zero-sum game down here. Do not kid yourself, it is almost never that we want something for the sake of the universe alone.

Our world only reacts to the world of Zeir Anpin, the next level up, the level of the (יהוה). That is where the true Light of the upper worlds sets the schematics for what happens in our world. When the Binah Plane of Inertia or Potentiality opens (aligns) on that level, and divergent and convergent circuits are set in motion, the effect down here is felt as a polarization, an attraction or repulsion to the aspect of the Light. You can call it good vs evil, hatred vs love, greed vs generosity. Down here, it is all reactions, all reactivity.

The only proactivity is aligning yourself with the plane of Inertia, Potentiality.  When you proactively go after something, you are just succumbing to an attracting force and telling yourself that you are in control. That is the illusion of this world. That is not to say that being proactive is not the way to enrich yourself in this world because it certainly does help. Reading the forces of attraction and repulsion and proactively using them to wrap yourself in physicality is indeed how most successful people operate. There is, of course, an equal and opposite reaction to that in Zeir Anpin and then Binah.

The level of Zeir Anpin answers to the level of Binah, and the movements within the Plane or Sea of Binah guide Zeir Anpin. There is returning light from our world indirectly communicated to Zeir Anpin through patterned motions, and they are then transferred to Binah through other coded motions or patterns in the ether. It is somewhat akin to the various passages of assorted RNA messaging and transference from DNA to protein manufacture and cellular function.

We are not speaking about a gigantic (יהוה) is space or hyperspace; we are speaking about a system. All those infinite Phi(φ) spirals intersect with one another and create infinitely more spirals and all sorts of patterns. There are infinite ways to store and transmit information. Infinite ways that one’s life can follow the efficient natural path toward righteousness and enlightenment and infinite ways to stay off that path. Sometimes we connect the dots and go from 1 to 2 to 3 to 5 to 8 to 13 to 21; other times it is only after 30 that we connect 1 to 30 to 31 to 61 to 92; and there are other times that 2,4,8,16,32,64 seems like the fastest path to success and fulfilment for us. The beauty is that any two numbers (or events or moments in our lives) can set us on the right path; the calamity is that there are so many ways to disconnect or avoid connecting entirely.

Going back to our simulation scenario, whether divine, mechanical, or advanced civilization, which would all be ultimately divine, there are two players.  One, the Creator, has told us His Name is G-d (יהוה), and the other, His adversary, the one He warned us about in the very beginning of His guidebook for us, the Torah.  It is the same one who we were shown works with deception, illusion and the power of attraction from the moment we were introduced to him.

The Creator began the 10 Commandments in the 70th chapter of the Torah in the 54th paragraph of the Book of Names (Shmot) with the words, “I am God(יהוה אנכי).” For those that understand, in those two words He also gave us a time frame, but be that as it may, He gave us a way to Understanding, a shortcut to enlightenment. It is all in the Name (יהוה). It is all about helping us connect to the Plane of Potentiality, the plane of no desire.

The 4 Essential Elements, or 112 Triplets, can help us do that. He gave us those too. Those sets of Triplets can help us as individuals.  Then when we build the Future Holy Temple to those same coordinates, they will help everyone.  Of note is that the 112 Triplets must obviously be used without desires, not as some may have sold you on, that you can meditate on prosperity, healing, luck, soul mates, love, certainty, business acumen, etc.  Using the 72 Triplets (Names) that way creates the wrong type of pattern. Think about it; you cannot be letting go and yet begging for something for nothing.  The only exception is the 14 Triplets of the 42-Letter Name; they will not get you something selfish, but you will not be charged with setting a negative pattern either. Rabbi Chaim Vittal of blessed memory warned in the strictest way against using the 72 Triplets individually or for anything on the physical plane.

How do we get to the Plane of Inertia? How do we achieve that state?

Earlier in this series we explained that to attain enlightenment, we need to align our consciousness with the dimension of Binah; that is what aligning ourselves with the Plane of Inertia (Potential) is. The Plane of Potential is also the limitless Plane of Possibilities because if everything is in potential, everything is possible.

Can we do it? Can we actually reach that state?

Yes, the true ascendant masters have done it. The tzaddikim have done it. The Prophets too. Tesla was a master. As we said in our discussion of enlightenment, some of us can do it in our sleep or indeed have to do it there because it is too hard to control our minds and desires otherwise. For example, the Sleeping Prophet.

Besides using the 4 Essential Elements of the 112 Triplets, are there any other means to focus ourselves on that point of pure potential?

Yes, many who have achieved it did not use or know of these Elements at all, at least not that we know of. Rav Brandwein of blessed memory, and others would use the 150 Psalms. He encouraged us, his students, and everyone who asked.  Now you understand why there were 150 Psalms, just like the 150 Lights the Arizal instructed us to bring down from the 3 Upper dimensions through Binah and into Zeir Anpin during the Shofar blowings.

The Creator gave us a hint about the Psalms and there connection to the Plan of Inertia found at the exact midpoint between the forces. King David was their author and at the midpoint in his 70-year life was the exact midpoint in the calendar from Adam to Moshiach. That year can be found concealed in the paragraph above about the 10 Commandments in the 70th chapter of the Torah. Try to figure it out for yourself because studying deep into the secrets of the Torah helps us reach enlightenment because it only through the Plane of Potential (Binah) that we can get that Understanding, which is why Binah is Understanding. If you need help, ask yourself when did Israel cease to have a government? After how many years of statehood?

Can we train ourselves? Is there any way to know if we have achieved that state?

Yes, and yes. We have only given some of the ways to achieve it. Remember the metal filings attracted to the dielectric field.  Your dielectric field can show you what state you are in. I am not saying to use metal filings, but out dielectric field is our aura. Many of Tesla’s numerous inventions were based on the dielectric.

Many of the plans for Tesla’s numerous inventions based on the dielectric were carted off and secretly built or suppressed, among those was a biofeedback system for developing an alignment with the Plane of Potential. It is still being used. By the way, this Plane, this Field, is what is known in Star Wars as “The Force.” Static electricity and lightening follow the dielectric field; that is what the Tesla coil is all about.  What we are saying is that there are ways, natural and otherwise, to read your alignment with the field and then through biofeedback learn how to stay there.

One caveat is that the path of enlightenment is not a path to riches, not in this world anyway. It is anathema to that.  You cannot pursue pure potential without forsaking desire, and you cannot achieve riches in this world without desire. Most of those that achieved this state were not wealthy, not even Tesla, the man responsible for most of our economy today. There are notable exceptions like Joseph, who naturally attracted wealth and used it righteously. Even he, the Torah shows us nearly succumbed to a state of desire and suffered for it.  Jacob, who represents the central column, on the other hand lived a life with much suffering.  He is the archetype of the central column.

The Four Movements Inscribed in Stone

In this series, we have often drawn parallels with the dimensions of the Pyramid in Egypt. We would like to draw one more, to the 4-symbol engraving found hidden in a niche beneath the massive entrance lintels, which were themselves hidden for thousands of years beneath layers of stone and a sheath of polished casing stones.

The resemblance to the four 4 essential motions of our universe are uncanny, including the second and fourth symbols being equal and opposite like the two Heis(הה) of the Tetragrammton (יהוה) and the two motions of divergence and convergence.  The third symbol could not be any more perfect, and whether the first symbol is a point spreading outward, a directional symbol, a Yud (י) as many scholars insist, it is different from the others. It is easy to see it as a Tetragrammton (יהוה), but honestly to do that the symbol would have to have been written upside down.

Thinking about the series of symbols we sent out on the Voyager spacecraft, even though it was a meaningless gesture, we would have shown off our intelligence much more if we included these symbols along with the Tetragrammaton (יהוה).  Then, at least, whoever found it would know the depth of our understanding and the direction we were going in.

Due to the length of this section, we will continue with our discussion about water in the next section, hopefully to follow before Zot Chanukah. During these eight (8) days the Light of Binah and Moshiach is available to us. It is the ideal time to focus on the state of potentiality. With each candle you light you must see yourself drawing down the river (NaChaL) of potentiality from the upper 3 dimensions through Binah through Zeir Anpin and into your life and world. Stay there as long you as you can. NaChaL is Notzer Chesed La’alufim (נֹצֵר חֶסֶד לָאֲלָפִים) from the 13 attributes. It is L’hadleek Ner Chanukah. This is directly from the Arizal.

The Light or force from Binah expressed in the regressive Ehyeh is entering through the Vav (ואו), the Plane of Potential and Possibilities.

May your year be filled with endless possibilities.

Chanukah Sameach


For anyone that has not been following this series from its inception, you can find the entire work here.