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For 20 years now, I have written about the ancient prophecies and their deep mathematical proofs of the Torah, and of far more important matters for our future, but have always refrained from writing about the signs.  I have always considered that a fool’s errand, and that since most of you can see the signs all around you anyway, I never wanted to give a voice to anything negative, to give it any additional energy. I am worried though. As you know, I am pretty good with numbers and patterns and have been following the coronavirus closely since mid-January, voicing my opinions and insights only to close friends and family.  Unfortunately, the numbers speak for themselves. Even if the Chinese have been grossly misrepresenting them from the start, there was still a lot we could gleam from them, and it was never good.

Contrary to what the mainstream media has been telling us for weeks, though many of them have already changed their tune, the virus did not start in early January in a seafood market infected from bats, or from Chinese people eating bat soup . Nearly all expects agree now that it started in a Level 4 Biohazard lab in Wuhan, which engineered (weaponized) a chimeric virus from SARS samples they procured from Winnipeg, Canada.  Moreover, they have been working on it since before 2015, as per articles published in 2013 and 2015. Moreover, it began in November, not January, and had spread to Singapore by early December. None of this information was conveyed to the Chinese people, nor to the outside world at any point. Furthermore, the CDC’s assistance was refused multiple times through February. And while China posted a digital version of the virus for virologists to begin working on vaccines and cures around the world, they refused to send out actual samples.

There have been four issues with the numbers coming out of China and you can track them worldwide through Johns Hopkins, keeping in mind that they are only as accurate as the info provided by the host countries. Indeed, there are several countries bordering China dubiously still reporting no cases at all in spite of their likely outbreaks: North Korea, Myanmar, and Laos for starters. There is also Mongolia, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, and Afghanistan, and only two cases reported in all of Russia for that matter.  This can only partially be explained by the closing of borders, which for most of the world occurred too late to protect us since China waited weeks to warn anyone.

This animated timeline map, which also only utilizes the official numbers, illustrates a better understanding of how the virus spread.

The first issue has been that the numbers were far too low, both on death rates and over all infections. From the start it was obvious that they are off by at least an order of magnitude, meaning at least 10 for every one reported; otherwise, the Chinese would not have shut down their country and quarantined 60+ million people for the equivalent of a bad flu.

We can extrapolate from the spread (contagion) rate that many more people must have been infected along the way.  The Japanese tried, but with poor methodology to contain and quarantine the sick on the cruise ship Diamond Princess, which in a way makes this a control group, and before all the countries heroically, but perhaps rashly, picked up their respective uninfected and unknowingly infected citizens, there were 750 infected patients out of about 3711 passengers and crew onboard, an infection rate of 20.121%.  Now remember, most people in the Chinese cities live in large cramped apartment buildings, not so dissimilar to a cruise ship, and they were similarly quarantined for a similar time period as those on the ship. Setting aside all the anecdotal evidence and the few leaked videos of the dead laying in the streets and in the hospital corridors, if we extrapolate a number anywhere near that 20.18% rate we would have 5 – 10 million infected Chinese in Hubei alone, and 10’s of millions throughout China.

Unfortunately, we are seeing a similar rate of contagion in South Korea, Italy, and Iran. Officially, the contagion rate of Covid-19, as this engineered coronavirus is known, is 2.2 (has an R0 of 2.2), meaning on average 2.2 people should get it for every 1 that gets infected, higher than the average flu at about 1.3, and even higher than the Spanish Flu of 1918-1920 that infected 27% of the world.  Moreover, the contagion rate of Covid-19 is based on the Chinese numbers, not on objective observations, which appear to be much higher.  Expert analysis has put the R0 (R-naught) as high as 3.0.

For example, of the 328 supposedly uninfected cruise ship passengers that the US brought home, all were tested before boarding their flights home to the high containment quarantine facilities here in the USA. Of those 328 people, 14 were unexpectedly found to have the virus.  Six (6) days later that number has shot up to 42 in spite of the tight quarantine.

Another issue is that that the Chinese are saying, and have been saying, in their official numbers that the contagion rate there has been leveling off since February 10th, but how does that make any sense? It is the same virus that escaped throughout the world and seems to be even more virulent than ever. Moreover, if there were really only 65,500 people infected within the quarantined 60 million Hubei region, how could the virus have reached a saturation level to cause it to burn itself out? It did not burn itself out on the cruise ship Diamond Princess. The ratios 65,500/60 MM = 0.11% in Hubei and 750/3711 = 20.21% on the ship before the people were removed bear that out. And it would have kept going.

Basically, the Chinese have stopped updating even their fake numbers since earlier this week.

One of the reasons, this virus is so highly contagious is that it is contagious while people are symptom free, which can be a period of 7-14 days. So, checking people’s temperatures as they deplane does very little to contain it.  Experts say is can also survive on surfaces for several days, which is why hand hygiene is so important with this virus. The 750 people infected on the Diamond Princess, and subsequently the countless others infected and spreading the virus across Japan and elsewhere all happened because one contagious individual from Hong Kong took the prior cruise on the ship before showing any symptoms.  He must have passed it on to the staff. Another reason the virus is so contagious is that it appears people can pass it on within hours of unknowingly contracting in.

Every now and then there has been a leak, later officially denied, giving us a glimpse of some real numbers, unfortunately many of the heath care workers who have spoken up are now dead from the virus in spite of their hazmat suits.

The second issue with the numbers is the death rate. Forget all the anecdotal reports, etc., and the reports of all the crematoriums set up, and evidence of SO2 (organic matter cremation residue) smog covering China , which has been either debunked or successfully covered up when it was first noticed, but not in the subsequent pics. Forget all that. The problem lies in the patterns within the fake numbers. You see, in order to keep some semblance of order to the numbers that they are inventing on a daily basis they are most likely sticking to a percentage system. Though there is no guarantee of that, the Tencent leaks, seem to bear that out.  It is hard to make up strictly random numbers every day and not screw up and get caught, especially when reporting over an entire country worth of regions, cities, towns, and villages. It is much easier to have a simple system.

The problem is that their numbers have revealed from the start two different death rates. There has been a steady 3% death rate in Hubei, the epicenter, which is now up to 4.13%; a 1.73% in Henan: and a 2.7% rate in Heilongjiang ever since the first reporting, while the rest of China has experienced a death rate of under 1%, more like 0.65% (72 deaths out of 11049 infections). It does not jive. What else does not jive is that those 11049 infections actually declined by 80 people yesterday; it is hard to keep the numbers straight while they are being constantly manipulated.  Either they are making up two separate death rates, one for 3 different provinces and one for the rest of the country, and after 8 – 12 weeks of exposure this should have sorted itself out already, or there are two different variations of the virus. This would explain why they did not want to let in the CDC or WHO.

Let us examine the death rates in the other countries where the virus has escaped into the wild and where it is currently running rampant, giving us data to work with.  In Iran, there have been reports from local medical professionals that deaths numbers from the virus are much higher,  and even the Deputy Health Minister, an Iranian Vice President, and 23 members of Parliament have been diagnosed with it. Nevertheless, using the Iranian official numbers, we see that 77 people have died out of 2530 declared infections, which would give a death rate of about 3.04%.  Incidentally, that Iranian VP was the spokeswoman for the hostage-takers who seized the US embassy in Tehran in 1979.  In Italy, out of 2502 known cases, there have been 79 deaths, or 3.16%, in line with the deadlier pathogen we see in Hubei, Henan, and Heilongjiang. Then in South Korea, where we have the largest data set to work with, we see that there have been 34 deaths among the 5186 victims, for a mortality rate of 0.66%, and then there is Japan, with 6 deaths out of 293 infected individuals, or 2.05%.

Keep in mind that the mortality rate should trend upward in the first few weeks of a virus entering a new community, because new cases appear and spread rapidly and it can take weeks before someone succumbs to the effects of the virus and dies.  The data we have from China, while not accurate, is much more mature than the numbers from these other countries whose outbreaks began in earnest this past week.

So, which is it? Is China not only making up the infection numbers and rates, but the mortality rates as well, and then bifurcating them by province for some reason? Or are there two engineered pathogens, one far deadlier than the other that got accidentally released in the same experiment, one being the control element for the more lethal one.  Time will tell.  We do know from the accidental and most unfortunate control experiment called the Diamond Princess that the death rate on board was only .08%, in line with the lower rate reported throughout most of the Chinese provinces, so perhaps we already know the answer.

The third issue with the numbers out of China and elsewhere is the percentage of international victims to national ones. When China first began giving us numbers, we already had 5 infected people in quarantine in the US and another 20 overseas versus about 1200 declared by China. Since none of those 25 international victims could be traced to a common source, like a bat-soup party, or family members, or a business conference, we can only be led to believe that those international travelers were really unlucky. The more likely scenario is that the disease was already far more widespread throughout China than we were told, by at least an order of magnitude.

The unfortunate problem is that the now unconstrained far deadlier version of the virus that is spreading around the world is in countries that are not locked down, and it is potentially leaking out in planes, trains, boats, and buses every minute in all directions.  Its already spread far more broadly than we realize, which is why all of sudden we see numbers go from 0 to 43 or 33, like in Kuwait and Bahrain yesterday, and not from 1 to 2 to 3 to 5. Those 14 days of symptom free contagious travel is what makes this virus so hard to stop. By the time someone shows up at a hospital and gets positively identified dozens of people are already infected and spreading the disease. It is only when that first person shows up that a country can start to effectively react by retracing their steps and all their contacts.

While we all think that scientists can just whip up a quick cure and vaccines for us, the reality is that it will take a couple months more for them to be ready with the first safety trials and only after several months, assuming they pass those trials, can they begin months of testing to see if the vaccines are actually effective. So, if everything goes perfect, that is at minimum a year away and typically much longer.  Of course, the first step is making sure they are working with the right virus.


Finally, there is the name Covid-19, which the World Health Organization came up with after lengthy deliberations.  In their own words it was the only thing they could think of that would not offend anyone. Be that as it may, the gematria, or numerical value when converted into Hebrew, of Covid is 42, which we know connects us to powerful spiritual energy when used appropriately.  It is representative of the 42-Letter Name of G-d that is encoded into the first 42 Letters of the Torah.

We only use Hebrew for gematria purposes, as opposed to other languages, because, as we have shown in our series, The Ultimate Reality Behind the Universe , the Hebrew alphabet was created with a very specific exponential scale and a specific sine wave along that curved scale; it other words, it was not man-made 5780 years ago, leaving only one other option.  In gematria each Hebrew letter has a specific value, which can be added together in the case of words. Certain values, associated with Names of G-d and primordial mathematical ratios are also representative of pressure points exerted on the forces behind our universal structure.

More often than not, the appearance of the number 42, one of those pressure points, is a sign of G-d, a sign that the Hand of G-d is involved. You may substitute the Name Creator for G-d if it makes you more comfortable. The results on the physical plane resulting from this pressure are not usually pretty.  The exception is when the person associated with the number 42 can remain humble, as in the case with Jackie Robinson and Mo. The number 42, or Mem-Bet (מב) in a name or number often draws in tremendous power and like a hurricane or cyclone, the more power it draws in, the more devastating the consequences.  Power on the physical realm when oriented toward humility and enlightenment is beautiful and amazing, yet it is a task rarely achieved because power is so corrupting.  Power is a gift transferred through pressures and field modalities from the higher dimensions indirectly into our physical world. We have seen how that power manifests from the interaction of the dielectric and magnetic fields as electricity and magnetism. It can manifest as combustion as well in a similar way. Using other fields, it interacts with the 19 parameters of the fundamental particles and forces and manifests all around us.

When they chose the Name Covid-19 (19כוביד) they chose a Name that begins with a Name of G-d.  It begins with (כו) or 26, as in the Tetragrammaton(יהוה), and it ends in Yad (יד), Hand, as in the Hand of G-d. In fact, being split into 28 and 14, Covid reflects the 3 Hands of G-d we just saw in the final word of “the writing on the wall” in Daniel 5:25:

וּדְנָה כְתָבָא, דִּי רְשִׁים:  מְנֵא מְנֵא, תְּקֵל וּפַרְסִין.

And this is the writing that was inscribed: MENE MENE, TEKEL UPHARSIN.” It is not coincidental that Daniel has a numerical value 95 or 5 x 19. Remember, whose Hand it was who appeared out of nowhere and wrote on the wall.

As in the beginning, as in the end. We know the Torah and our existence began with the Name of 42, and we know that the isolated first 1000 digits of Pi end with 42019, the only 5-digit number or sequence repeated twice within those 1000 digits. We have seen repeatedly that those 1000 digits are anything but random.  It is no coincidence that Covid-19 (19כוביד) in gematria is 42 – 19 as in 42019.  The only 4-digit sequences repeated 3 times in those same 1000 digits are 5778 and 2019, back to back years in the Hebrew and Western Calendars.

All that said, plagues end. Biblically, G-d ends the all the viral plagues with mercy after a certain number of people have died, often 24,000, or in concert with a single act of zealousness for G-d, as with the spear of Pinchas. Historically, we have seen that they have all petered out and ended as mysteriously as they came onto the scene. Sometimes after a few hundred or thousand died and sometimes after more than 100 million.  Theoretically, just like in all the doomsday movies the infectious viruses should have kept spreading exponentially until the entire world was infected, but they never did.  It can be attributed to G-d’s Mercy, or to a preprogramming within the nature of the virus itself that man has no understanding of whatsoever, and no place messing around with, as in the case with the Wuhan lab.  In the past, they all began mysteriously and ended mysteriously. Those were created by nature and/or the Creator. This virus was engineered by man. Can man alone stop it? Were they smart enough in the Wuhan lab to build in a kill-switch on their chimera? They were not smart enough to keep it from escaping.

For example, the Great Plague of Marseille, or the last of the large European outbreaks of bubonic plague, arrived in Marseille, France in 1720, and killed 100,000 people before disappearing 2 years later. The Black Death and Plague had ravished Europe and Asia for 1000 years, appearing in one city and then moving on to the next sporadically. Since it is spread by bacterium, fleas, and animals, mostly rodents, its patterns are far different than viruses. Then there was the Cholera pandemic of 1820, the year cholera traveled from India to Siam, from there it spread throughout South East Asia and the Mid-East. No one knows how many people died, but in Bangkok alone there were 30,000 cholera deaths. Though cholera is also caused by bacteria, by 1824 it too stopped being a threat. Then there was the Spanish Flu that abruptly ended in December 1920, 2 years after it began in 1918. Over 500 million people were infected, all the way to the Arctic circle, 27% of the world population, and 100 million people died.

The writing is on the wall. The writing was written in Pi before the universe was even created.  Let us all pray for mercy.  It can stop as abruptly as it appeared. And fortunately, as compared to those earlier pandemics, the heath care, hygiene, and worldwide network of information is so much better today.

One of the attributes that makes America so great is the will, independence, and freedom of its people. Yet while America has the best healthcare facilities around, it is that will to resist authority that makes it so vulnerable to a virus like this.  This virus has spread because people did not follow procedures and protocols and selfishly did what was best for themselves, not the world, wittingly or unwittingly.  There are pundits who say that it is our mobility that makes us so vulnerable and while that is true, much of the world is highly mobile as well, so it is more the free access of our ports of entry, like our airports, that are our weak points. A British businessman attended a conference in Singapore and then vacationed in Italy. Who else attended that conference and where did they fly off to? Now someone has flown from Italy to Brazil, bringing South America its first case, and an Israeli returned home from visiting Italy, also bringing the virus with him. A dozen countries have declared their first case from travelers to Italy. Tour groups from South Korea toured the world, all the while being symptom free and very much infected.  Who knows how Iran managed to get a hold of the deadliest version of the virus!

Bottom line, the numbers do not add up. The real story is not being told. Why did the CDC only test 445 travelers to date? Some say the reason is that the crisis is overblown and that the CDC and most world leaders know this, and they will just let it take its course like any other flu, quarantining and giving medical care to those that need it. Its spread cannot be reasonably prevented so why fight it.

We know one person did get through yesterday; that info was purposely leaked by the CDC during the President’s press conference. He is in California and his transmission source is still of unknown origin. Are there others, probably, but does that mean the CDC should have tested a million travelers to find them? Rumors are out there that the Deep State was involved in the weaponized experiment breach in Wuhan and has forced the CDC to stand down for whatever nefarious reasons they have, and because the elections are not going their way. Is that possible? Sure, but we have no way to know. Anything is possible. All we do know is that we are not being told the truth for whatever reasons, and different countries and factions can have different reasons for that. China has been on a tight social media lock down since day one, so there are almost no videos whatsoever coming from a country of 1.2 billion people. That is a lot of security!

In our last post from our series on the true reality of the universe, we cracked the code on the famous end-of-times prophecy verse from Daniel 5:25 written by the Hand G-d or His angel upon the wall: MENE MENE, TEKEL UPHARSIN (מְנֵא מְנֵא, תְּקֵל וּפַרְסִין).  While in Daniel’s time the last word referred to Persia (Iran), today it also ties Iran to China (סִין), Sin, the final 3 letters in the word and verse.

Stay safe and protect yourselves as best as possible. Remember to use the 42-Letter Name as much as possible. It is the one association with 42 that as Rav Brandwein of blessed memory explained cannot backfire. It is a direct plea to G-d for help from our physical world, not an attempt to play G-d, nor to mess around in matters on a plane we know nothing about.  On a pure physical dimension please take every precaution and please find below some very sensible advice from the South China Morning Post about face masks and hygiene.  They have much more experience with face masks and these epidemics than most of us.