Joseph's Pyramid (Also known as the Great Pyramid)


This page is collection of our ongoing series of articles about the secrets of Joseph’s Pyramid, better known as the Great Pyramid.  It is meant as a preliminary introduction to the secrets and construction details of the Future Holy Temple, which G-d willing we will all behold soon.
There is a secret mountain of stone more precious than anyone ever realized. As previously advised the secret cubit to be utilized in the construction of the Future Temple (The Third Holy Temple) has been used before, thousands of years ago. It was concealed and persevered for thousands of years. It was even buried under sand for multiple millennia, yet it resurfaced a couple hundred years ago, and was only properly deciphered in the last 20, and completely hidden until today.
As you read the following article, keep in mind that Abraham Avinu went down to Egypt: Jacob and all his sons and family moved there; Joseph ruled over Egypt; and the Arizal grew up there. These were the most powerful tzaddiks, all of whom could easily control the weather, do you really think they were forced down there because of droughts and circumstances?
Yes, here we go with numbers again, but they represent energy and we need them to reveal the secrets hidden beneath them—think of them as symbols in a giant cosmic puzzle that we’re piecing together—and if they’re not your thing, just get a feel for the story they are telling, and let their spirit guide you to a further state of awe, as we draw back the veils on the tree-of-life reality.
As promised there is a monument made out of stone, actually an enormous one, and if it wasn’t built by G–d himself, as you will soon witness, it was certainly built with the dimensions He must have supplied. Like the Torah, it is precise beyond comprehension and certainly beyond the capabilities of man thousands of years ago. Yet, like the Torah, there it is for all to see and study.
This monumental monument is designed with 3 standard measurements: the inch, the foot and the ancient and future cubit (27.5 inches), as explained in our previous article regarding the Future Temple. It also has a few standard dimensions because of its special shape: its height, base (width), apothem, and perimeter of its base. And with those very few simple dimensions of wealth of beauty and ancient and modern knowledge was concealed, or shall we say preserved.
Let’s start with the standard measure of its base (width), which is 756.25 feet long. That’s long. It’s huge actually, but we’re more concerned for the moment on what it could mean. Hieroglyphics aren’t going to help us here. Fortunately, we have gematria, the same gematria used by our Patriarchs. And as it just so happens, the Hebrew letter Nun (N) in the more potent gematria milui (spelled-out) sofit version (spelled NVN) is 756. And reflecting on the letter Nun (N) we know that its ordinary value as a single letter is 50, which kabbalistically always represents the sefira (dimension) of Binah (understanding) and always refers to the 50-year jubilee cycle as designated in the Torah in the counting toward the arrival of Moshiach (the Messiah) and the geula (final redemption).
756 is also the gematria value of the Hebrew word for “the years of” (ShNVT), reinforcing this counting of years, and the ordinal value of the word is 63, that of Sag, the aspect of G-d’s Name assocaited with Binah and presented by the letter Samech-Gimmel, (SG) as in the two Hebrew letters Abraham advised us control the destiny of the month of Kislev (Sagittarius).
And similarly, the height of this monument is 481.25 feet high, not only towers 48 stories over the desert below, but matches up with the Hebrew word for year, Shanah (ShNH), which likewise when taken in its more potent gematria milui (spelled-out) value (ShYN NVN HY) gives us 481.
So while “year” and “50” seem to go together beautifully in the concept of the critical “jubilee year” concept, simple arithmetic gives us (756 – 481) = 275, which, if you recall from our article on the derivation of the ancient and future cubit, was the total value of the Tetragrammaton in its full form, encompassing all four aspects, which collectively totaled 232 + 39 letters + 4 Names = 275. And since 275/10 sefirot = 27.5, the secret measure of the Holy cubit, 27.5 inches, was dictated by the Holy Name of G-d itself. Please understand this well, for as the Ramchal explains, the four expansions of the Tetragrammaton (YHVH) have such “great holiness [that] their power is limitless. All existence is bound to them from beginning to end.”
So we have this divine bond between 756 and 481, or alternatively between the letters Nun (50) and Shanah (years).
Please keep this connection in mind as we explore this monument that predates the Exodus from Egypt and has until now defied true understanding of its purpose and importance to all but a few tzaddikim.
We’ll call this monument Joseph’s ladder, or Joseph’s Pyramid and its name will become clearer as we analyze it further. The world knows it as the Great Pyramid of Cheops (Khufu), which has helped to conceal its true import—except to tourism of course—but all that will be explained soon enough.
If you’re wondering what this pyramid has to do with the Future Temple of Kabbalah, be patient.
As we said, the standard base measurement of the pyramid (actually the South base, since all four are slightly different, yet extremely precise for very specific reasons we’ll go into later), which is exactly 756.25 feet wide, and the exact height of the pyramid is precisely 481.25 feet tall. So yes, the basic measurements of the pyramid (756.25 – 481.25 = 275) give the exact dimension of the ancient and future cubit in terms of the Divine Name of G-d.
There’s so much more, but before we get deeper, let’s stop and examine closer the Hebrew letter Nun (NVN) spelled out and see that its gematria milui value (50+6+50) is 106 and that the 4 letter Nuns (NVN) that represent the 4 bases of the pyramid add up to 106 x 4 = 424, the exact numerical value of Moshiach Ben David (the Messiah).
The number 4, as in the 4 sides and the 4 letters in the Tetragramamton (YHVH), in Hebrew is represented by the letter dalet (D), and as we said, the number 50 is represented by the letter Nun (N). Together, they represent the combination DN, which Abraham, the Patriarch, informed us in his Sefer Yetzirah, are the letters that control the destiny of the month of Cheshvan (Scorpio) and moreover, they are directly connected with the revelation of Moshiach. But we’ll explain that in depth in a separate article.
Now, the 4 sides of this pyramid could very well represent the 4 Letters of the Tetragrammaton (YHVH), after all the secret entrance to the pyramid was located 55 feet off the ground with a futuristic YHVH engraved over it—odd if an Egyptian pharaoh was the architect or builder, don’t you think—but the 4 sides could also represent the 4 exiles, starting with the one in Egypt that began with Joseph and lasted 210 years.
Now, there might be more to that than you think. Remember the height of the pyramid is 481.25 feet, the same as the gematria (481) of the Hebrew word for years, and 481.25 feet = 210 cubits, which is also the same as the exact number of levels of stone in the pyramid, 210.
Please note, that the number 210 in Hebrew counting is comprised of the letters, Resh (R) and Yud (Y), the two letters that Abraham Avinu advised controlled the destiny of the month of Elul (Virgo).
Obviously, the height of the pyramid could very well mark the 210 years of the Israelite exile in Egypt.
But the height of the pyramid may reveal something else as well, because 481.25 feet is also 5775 inches, or in terms of years, 5775 would be the year 2015 CE and 3 years shy of the date given to us by Rav Ashlag and marked by the Divine Calendar, etc for Moshiach and the geula: 5778. (See The Divine Calendar)
Of course, if you recall from our article on the derivation of the cubit, the measure of 27.5 inches can also be derived from the harmonic structure of the number 3 itself, so critical to the physical and spiritual structure of our universe, thus adding 3 to 5775 would not be out of hand.
For reference only: 3 = 27.5/10 + ((-1) (n-2) 27.5)/10(n+1) where n=1→∞ , and therefore, 5778 = 210 * 27.5 + 27.5/10 + ((-1) (n-2) 27.5)/10(n+1) where n=1 → ∞.
The alternating harmonic convergence sequence in standard notation:

∑ x + (-1)n+1(x/10n)
n = 1
And if that doesn’t convince you—or at least numb you—please note that there was a capstone on the pyramid—long since missing—of 3 levels (cubits) in height, just as the 3 upper sefirot (are above) the other 7 bundled together. Moreover, without that separate capstone, depicted on the US dollar bill as a hovering eye above the truncated pyramid, the pyramid is only 207 level/cubits high and 207 is not only the numerical value of the Hebrew words for Light (Or) and Secret (Raz), but is comprised of the letters, Resh (R) and Tzion (Tz), the two letters that Abraham Avinu advised controlled the destiny of the month of Sivan (Gemini).
Also in conjunction with the number 3, that little .25 ft tagged onto the 481 and the 756 height and base measurements is exactly 3 inches.
But if you really think about it, the 210 cubit/levels in height and years only marks 1 of the 4 exiles, leaving 3 more to be defined to complete the prescribed 5778 years from Adam to Mashiach
The entrance to the Pyramid was originally hidden several feet behind a slick, steep, and thick limestone encasing and was 55 feet off the ground. That 55 is precisely 2 x 27.5 is yet another reference to Abraham’s description of the structure of the universe at the beginning of his Sefer Yetzirah in that 5 on one side, 5 on the other, unified, and split down the middle is a graphic way of illustrating the numerical expression 55/2 = 27.5
So to recap, the most basic measurements of the pyramid could not only have been concealing the exact measure of the cubit needed for the construction of the Third Temple, but indeed could be spelling out the end of the period of exile in 5778, much as it did 3330 years ago with the end of the 210 years of Egyptian exile.
This could all be conjecture, of course, but the 4 letter (NVN)s of the 4 bases did add up to 424, the numerical value of Mosiaich Ben David and the 4 bases in inches (9075) do form a perimeter of 36,300 inches with 363 being the numerical value of H’Moshiach (The Messiah), and also of the 6 odd letters (BYH ShMV) that begin 6 of the 248 columns of the Torah—the rest being all vavs of numerical value 6—and which spell out “In the Name of G-d (YH).”
And if you think that’s coincidental, please note that the measurement of that same South base in cubits is exactly 330 cubits and 3302/3 = 36,300 as well.
Or that 756 x 481 = 363636.
Now, with the hint of the end of the 4 exile periods quite clear, we turn to the measure of the pyramid’s apothem, an imaginary line drawn down the center of the South face of the pyramid,and we get a measurement of 612 feet, the numerical value of the Hebrew word Brit, meaning Covenant.
As for the 4 letter word Brit (BRYT), while the Covenant of Abraham was in 2018 HC and 5778 is also 2018 CE, the sum 4 full aspects of word give us: the gematria milui value plus its standard value plus its ordinal value plus the kolel of the 4 letters = 1348 +612+ 54 + 4 = 2018. And let’s not forget that 54 is the sum of Dalet and Nun (DN) as explained above.
From here, the analysis of the pyramid’s structure and dimensions get deeper and the meaning of their revelations more profound, including their connections and similarities to the future Temple, and their precise and startling insights in our most modern physics.
But we’re going to pause, give you a breather, and split up this article into digestible components, but before we do, we want you to step back and to picture the enormity of what you’ve just read. Picture yourself standing at the foot of this mountain, towering a steep 48 stories above you, made up of 6 million tons of limestone and granite blocks, some weighing up to 50 tons each, and take in that it was assembled thousands of years ago with an amazing precision rivaling NASA today, and that all its measurements to a fraction of an inch detail a prophecy of the coming Moshiach and of the end of the 4 exiles, yet it was built long before the first exile ended.
Make no bones about it; this is a mountain; it is the mountain. It stands 210 levels and 210 cubits high and the gematria of “the mountain” (HHR) is 210.
Ask yourself how?
Was it just to conceal and yet preserve in stone the measurement of the ancient and future cubit? After all, that base measurement of the South face of 756.25 feet is not only two and a half football fields in length, but is also exactly 27.52.
So yes, that is one very important reason. And after the Tower of Babel—the only other time the Torah mentions the word bricks besides in conjunction with the Israelites work in Egypt—maybe there was very good reason to conceal the cubit until now.
And in terms of preserving it, I can tell you this, had it not been preserved in the measures of Joseph’s Pyramid it would have been lost forever, and you would not be reading this article.
There’s much more to follow, and remember this is only still part of our first step in exploring the construction of the Future Temple. With each step the energy increases and we get closer to the tree-of-life reality.
Taking it slow, let’s examine a little closer only one aspect of Joseph’s Pyramid (the Great Pyramid), its glimmering capstone. Its full (missing) capstone is 7 levels high, stretching from the 203rd level to the tip of the 210th, completing the tip the sword (ChRB), whose numerical value in Hebrew is 210, just like that of “the mountain (HHR).”
And while it is well know that the end of the first exile occurred after 210 years in Egypt the Zohar informs us in Pasha Toldot, (Midrash Hane’elam) Section 8, #71 that in regards to the resurrection the righteous will rise up 210 years before everyone else.  With the pyramid, we have that figure preserved in stone.
It’s interesting that the capstone was mysteriously removed long long ago, because, now, if you’d look straight down over the top of the pyramid you’d see a square 32 feet by 32 feet in the exact middle of it, just as you would if you did the same with the Holy Temple.  The square central alter in the center, or heart, of the Future Holy Temple is 32 cubits by 32 cubits.
As we’ve said previously, this makes sense since 32 is the numerical value for the Hebrew word for heart (LB), representing the 32 Paths of Wisdom, which form the Tree-of-life.
And since the Torah begins and ends with the letters Lamed (L) and Bet(B) as in LB (heart), and since there are exactly 32 x 32 word values in the Torah, which is also 210 , analogous to the 210 levels, this structure makes perfect sense from a holistic and comprehensive divine point of view.
And as light flows down from the apex, cascading down the 4 steep highly polished sides of the pyramid, so too did the light (water) flow down the 4 rivers from Gan Eden (Bereshit 2:10) and from the Holy of Holies of the Future Temple through the 4 Names (Aspects) of G-d.
The 4 bases of this capstone, like the 4 bases of the pyramid itself, vary slightly, with the average being about 32.0833 feet, 32 and 1/12 feet or exactly 14 cubits, making the height of the capstone 20.42 feet and the apothem just about 26 feet give or take less than half an inch, with 26 being the numerical value of the Tetragrammaton (YHVH).
Now there are 201.1 cubits to this 203rd level, 203 being the numerical value of the Torah’s first 3 letters (BRE), leaving 7 additional levels to the apex and since 2011 plus 7 equals 2018, as in 2018 CE, it matches up with the Hebrew year 5778 dictated by the pyramid’s height in inches. But more significantly, and more precisely, the ratio of the height and base of the capstone to the height and base of greater pyramid itself is 4.2424% giving us 424, the numerical value of Mashiach Ben David (the Messiah).
Yes, this is no coincidence.

Light and Dark

Let’s consider the aspect of the “Light” synonymous in Kabbalah with G-d (Hashem) and the structure of Joseph’s Pyramid. But first know this: The Zohar, in the paragraph that immediately proceeds the one quoted above regarding the 210 years, Toldot, (Midrash Hane’elam) Section 8, #71 tells us that “ ‘let there be Light’ (Bereshit 1:2) which means let there be secret, because light is the secret of redemption…” That understood, we know the most basic measurements of the Pyramid are exactly 210 holy cubits for the height and 330 holy cubits for the base.  We’re calling them holy cubits because this cubit (27.5 inches) is the one based on G-d’s name, (YHVH) and designated for the Future Temple, as we’ve discussed in our resent articles. Nevertheless, given only 210 and 330 and the 10 dimensional structure of the universe agreed upon by both most modern physicists and the ancient kabbalists, we find that:
1/(330*102) = 1/33,000 inches (the exact wavelength for red light)


1/(210*330) = 1/69300 inches (the exact wavelength for violet light on the opposite side of the visible light spectrum).
What chance is there that this too is coincidence?
Or that the sum of the base and height in cubits (330 + 210) equals 540 and when we add 1 of the kolel we get 541, the numerical value of Israel.
Now, as we’ve explained, the capstone is exactly 14 cubits wide and 14 is the gematria value for David (DVD) and yad (YD), meaning hand, as in the hand of G-d, so how odd is it that 541 cubits is 14, 877.5 inches or 14 with 5778 reversed, the date Rav Yehuda HaLevi Ashlag of blessed memory gave us for the end of the 4th exile. (See The Divine Calendar).
Not to get too technical, but the number 14 is the 3rd square pyramidal number, meaning it takes 14 units to construct a 3 level square pyramid, and the Magen David, (the “Shield of David), is a perfect symmetrical 12-gonal star, indicating these numbers spiritually were chose not by simple mathematical chance, but for the esthetics in their geometric symmetry and how their energy unfolds in our world.
Moreover, 541 is the 10th centered 12-gonal number, a fancy way of saying a symmetrical 12-sided polygon made up of 541 geometric units, and given Jacob’s (Israel’s) 12 sons as heads of the 12 tribes of Israel, it’s not an insignificant construction or consideration. There is nothing in the universe that does not have a specific purpose.
That all said, the square root of the 541 cubits in feet is 35.210 and while 35 is exactly 1/6th the pyramid’s height of 210 cubits, the 35th level of the pyramid is a big delineation point in its structure.
At the 35th level, the height of the masonry is purposefully twice that of the average and surrounding layers, making it stand-out like a wide stripe or band around the pyramid. Being that it’s exactly 1/6th the way up the structure , its therefore also 5/6th the way down, indicating a possible construction analogous to the 6 sefirot (dimensions) of Zeir Anpin. Furthermore, this 35th level just happens to be exactly 50 inches thick (high), which is yet another allusion to Binah and the 50-year jubilee period. (see our previous article: Mountain of Stone).
Moreover, the 35th level up is necessarily the 175th down, corresponding to the 175 years of Abraham’s life, the first of the Patriarchs to visit Egypt.
So once again we ask the questions: Who built the pyramid in Egypt and why?
We can plainly see that the structure itself is all about light and elevation and the end of exile (all four of them), and the Biblical word for Egypt, Mizraim, is synonymous with darkness, so obviously the pyramid wasn’t created by elements of darkness.  Moreover, it obviously served as a beacon of light amongst the darkness, figuratively, and literally with its highly polished gleaming sides, so perhaps we intuitively know why it was built there. It would even look like a flaming sword, but more on that later.
By cloaking it in a veil of darkness, is it possible that G-d tricked the forces of evil and gave us a lasting testament to His Glory (Kavod-numerical value 32) that survived the four exiles mostly intact. You can decide for yourself who built it then.
And let’s keep in mind that our goal in examining the existing great Pyramid is to better understand and prepare ourselves for the Future Temple and the Tree-of-Life reality for the Zohar in the same section quoted above tells us the Future Temple will precede the geula (final redemption) and that doesn’t give us a lot of time to prepare.
In our next article we explore the secret entrance to the pyramid and the mysteries that it holds.
See our posts on the Washington Monument where the Capital building has 541 rooms and the base of the Washington Monument, a giant Egyptian Obelisk, has a base of 55 ft, the exact height where the entrance of the pyramid is found, amongst other pertinent connections to the Pyramid and the Tree-of-life.

Joseph’s Pyramid; the Measure of the Secret Cubit

Before we move on from Joseph to Moses in the Bible’s schematic of events, I’d like to reveals some tangential secrets, not all necessarily kabbalistic.
In the previous post on the 4 Torah portions of Joseph, we touched upon how the numbers revealed by Joseph age at various points that the Torah enlightened us to it lined up (5,8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89, 144) in a perfect Fibonacci sequence, the one based on the golden or Phi proportion that controls all harmonic spirally growth in the universe, and that spells out the date 5778 (as detailed in The Divine Calendar).
From the time of the Egyptians onward the Phi proportion, (the perfect ration whereby a length or distance can be divided into two parts such that the larger part to the smaller part is in the same exact proportion as the original length is to the larger portion) has been used in architecture and art to create structures of such harmony that they are naturally appealing to our minds and spirit. And why not, our bodies, flowers, trees, sea shells, and galaxies all follow the harmonic spiraling pattern dictated by this same seemingly magical proportions. And as discussed in The Genesis Prayer, so does the Torah.
And so do the digits in Mashiach (358) as illustrated right at the beginning of the Fibonacci sequence (1,1,2,3,5,8,13,21,34.55, 89,144).
begins with chapter 37 and the announcement that Joseph is 17 years old, has his dream, is thrown in the pit by his brothers, sold off, and separated from his father Jacob. It ends 13 chapters later with chapter 50, when he died and was placed in a sarcophagus at the age of 11037 years shy of the age attained by Jacob, who after entering Egypt at the age of 130, lived his final 17 years at peace and in Egypt reunited with Joseph.
Why do we mention these numbers? Because the Torah does. Joseph and Jacob’s lives were so intertwined that Joseph died only 13 verses after burying his father, even though he was only 55 at the time of his father’s death and lived another 55 years.
With the 21 years that Joseph spent separated from Jacob, and the total 17 + 17 = 34 years that Jacob and Joseph spent together and Joseph’s connection to Chanukah (numerical value 89) through the value of his name (156) and the cumulative 156 total candles we light each Chanukah, we curiously have the numerical structural sequence of
we curiously have the numerical structural sequence of 13, 21, 34, 55, 89, which, if you haven’t recognized it, has the pattern that the sum of the two previous numbers equals the subsequent one (13+21 = 34; 21+34 = 55; 55+34 = 89 and then 55+89= 144 or 12 squared, as in the 12 tribes/brothers). It’s known as the famous
To be continued…

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  1. A great work you are doing my friends. It is also interesting that 201.1 cubits, the height of the Great Pyramid sans the capstone, could symbolically represent our current calendar year 2011 which, according to Carl Calleman, is the more meaningful completion date/year of the Mayan Calendar. If so, this would form a wonderful connection between the years 2011 and 2018 as the first represents the completion of the Great Pyramid (The Complete Man or Adam) and the second the addition of the seven years or ‘capstone’ of light (literally as the electro magnetic spectrum has seven ‘layers’ or vibrations) thus completing the ‘New Man’ or Adam Kadmon or man of light. When you compress carbon you get a diamond or a ‘crystal’ which can hold and bend light! Man is a carbon based being (6protons, 6electrons, 6neutrons) and in his ‘unenlightened’ state a literal beast. However, as he changes his atomic structure by passing through the ‘covenant’ of time as represented by the great pyramid he can transform himself into a being ‘ of light’ or the christos. This new being has a triple helix symbolized outwardly by the fathers Abraham, Isaac and Jacob who had twelve sons who become symbolically the new 12 sequences in our genetic code or rather the addition of the ‘Ten missing’ sequences which when reunited with the two become twelve. Thus the ‘lost tribes’ of Israel (family of light) become reunited as the missing capstone of ‘God’s Mountain’ and thus com
    plete the great plan of the ages/time.

    1. Very Interesting, I’ll have to look into it further. From 2011 to 2018 leaves us with the last 7 years (sefirot) bundled (as in Zeir Anpin/malchut) into one powerful capstone. Thanks for the insights.

  2. VERY interesting material! I do have one question; can you please tell me how you confirmed the height of the GP to 481.25 feet high? I could not satisfactory confirmed this. Most of my research pointed to 481.1? Or where you suggestion that 481.25 feet high seems to fit nicely?
    Thank you,
    Again; VERY interesting material!

    1. I, as you, have researched the pyramid very thoroughly and poured over copious esoteric books and notebooks, and while various people have come up with various numbers (understandable given a structure 481.25 ft high, partially worn away and incomplete, the number that came up most often and most appropriate once I crunched all the numbers was 481.25 ft, and given the ancient cubit at 27.5 inches and the height of the pyramid at 210 cubits and levels and given the 210 years of Israelite exile in Egypt, could it really be anything but?

  3. Thank you for your reply. Before I respond I’d just like to say it’s pleasurable to see the GP given the respect it more then deserves alongside the Torah with what seems so far to be rational research which I, as you, know is not common.
    As to 481.25 ft, could it really be anything but? That is an issue I’m sure we would both like to confirm either way.
    I personally really like 480 ft. which is also recognized by others.
    480 x12 in. = 5760
    5760 is a very interesting number. Not only can 5760 be distinguish in many different locations but it also gives us an exact date, a very special day to be remembered; the new moon on first day of the seventh month, 5760 (September 12,1999). Research suggests ‘this day’ just might be established as the most important day in the history of mankind. Time will tell.
    Research also shows 481.1ft seems to be established by several others, some similar to the way you established 481.25 ft. Again, 481.1ft., or the more precise 481.105 ft. x 12 = 5773.26 seems to be a very interesting also. Please let Me know what you think about this day; 5773.26. A parallel between the “end of time” and the possible end of two detached calendars could be engaging.
    So, could it really be anything but? Does it matter if its 481.25 ft, 480 ft, 481.105ft or if it’s even all three, or if it’s none of them? Or is the important issue establishing certifiable facts that more than confirm the conclusion; without this there is no value, just like a private interpretation!
    I have made some other discoveries about the pyramids construction and what some might call concealed information within that I believe you would find very interesting, and, like the above, I would enjoy hearing your views if you care to examining them. If interested, please provide me an email that I can send them to.
    Will I receive a notice when this is updated; “ …to be Continued with further revelations about the end-of-days…”

  4. Hi Alan,
    I’d love to read and study anything that you found concerning the pyramid and I’d like to hear why 9/12/99 is so special. Nevertheless, the only number that precisely combines the ancient holy cubit (27.5) with the inch and foot is 481.25 feet in height. Since it matches so precisely with the base measure there’s no reason to believe it wasn’t used as well in the height. Then once it’s used, important equations fall into place, that wouldn’t otherwise. Please share your findings. You can send them to me at info@Kab…. if you want to keep them private.

  5. can you please explain the following in more detail?
    “Please note, that the number 210 in Hebrew counting is comprised of the letters, Resh (R) and Yud (Y), the two letters that Abraham Avinu advised controlled the destiny of the month of Elul (Virgo).”
    I thought the month of virgo was Tishri
    I commend you on a very detailed explanation of the measurements of the Great Pyramid

    1. Thank you. I appreciate that. I still have more to fill in on the Great Pyramid in preparation of the discussions on the Future Holy Temple. As for Resh-Yud, it is Elul and it is the month pf Virgo in the Hebrew Calendar. As you know, the Hebrew and Western calendars shift around each year vis-a-vis each other so Virgo in a Western sense may fall more or less within the the Hebrew Elul each year, but it’s aspects are always aligned with Elul. Tishrei is aligned with Libra. BTW, 210 is also the value of H’har (the mountain), so it’s very fitting.

  6. Perfect, I’d love to hear your views after your examination. I’ll put it together and get it to you soon.
    If you have a chance can you please direct me to where you feel I might find more detail and information regarding date given by Rav Yehuda HaLevi Ashlag and the tzaddikim for the geula (final redemption).
    Thank you

  7. We covered Rav Ashag’s prophecy in these two articles for starters. There’s no place else to read about it as it was passed on to me by my teacher verbally and it was he who asked me to publish it. It was not appropriate prior to this generation, as it would have removed hope from people had they thought it would not occur in their lifetime. Many of the tzaddikim have known this date all along and have done what they could to both prepare us for it and to foreshorten it, but to no avail, and usually to their detriment.

  8. thanks again Jeffrey. I did a little research after your last explanation and did find that Virgo is in the 6th month of Elul. That actually fits better along with some other research I’ve done involving Virgo.

  9. I have been looking into the great pyramid and as I recall a meter was figured from the north pole to the equator following the curve of the earth divided by 10 million, and the cubit used by the angels goes from the north pole to the center of the earth divided by 10 million which was the measure used to build the pyramid, I believe you can find this at this prophecy web site
    There is also a youtube video called “prophecy of the great pyramid” tying it to end times and Solomon’s temple
    My research indicates 5775 as the correct date precisely @ midnight September 13th 2015, Rosh Hashanah, I have found so much prophecy proof for this date it seems endless as the layers of the Torah are endless! Thanks for all your research

    1. Thanks. I don’t know anything about the cubit and the center of the earth, but the Holy cubit was given to us from the spiritual realms and may or may not have been incorporated in the structure of the Earth. As for the video connecting the pyramid and Solomon’s Temple and the final redemption, while they came to a result near 2018 ce, all the measurements they used for the great pyramid and for Solomon’s Temple were wrong. Please see our articles, The Divine Calendar, and Nothing is Random in the Universe, for the most accurate and widely accepted dates and numbers.
      As for 2015 (5775 HC), there are some people floating that date now that 2012 seems to be losing favor, but it’s another misdirection that will lead people to false hope about 2017-2019 (5778 HC). That date, 2015, seems to be derived from the height if the pyramid at 5775 inches, but it doesn’t take into account adding the 3 for the holy cubit derivation (see article) or that 3 years before 5778, things may begin to shift, as they did 20.18 years before, 18 years before, 17 years before, 10 years before, 8 years before and will again 7 and 6 years. When we look back the shifts will all be clear.
      Put it this way, the height of the pyramid represents the length of the 7 dimensions of Zeir Anpin, the ladder to the upper worlds. The final 3 will all be in the spiritual realm, so it’s best for us to have done our work by 5775 (2015). 5775 will not be an end, but a beginning of a new 3 years transition process that will further prepare those that were ready.

  10. “Put it this way, the height of the pyramid represents the length of the 7 dimensions of Zeir Anpin, the ladder to the upper worlds. The final 3 will all be in the spiritual realm, so it’s best for us to have done our work by 5775 (2015). 5775 will not be an end, but a beginning of a new 3 years transition process that will further prepare those that were ready.”
    This is a very sophisticated explanation, dear Jeffrey. Surely 2018 ist the most probably value for the Coming of the Moshiach.
    I admire your wide range of knowledge in this important questions. Thank you very much!
    I am only a little bit specialized in some questions about the old calenders, and how they were fabricated and over the epochs closely connected.
    Laurence made a small mistake: Rosh ha Shana is 14.9.2015 = 1.1.5776 not 5775.
    And 5776 : 2 = 2888.
    This is what the Christian calling the second coming of Jesus after 2000 years, because we have 2 times 2000 and 888; 888 is greek gematria of Jesous.
    But 5775 is 25 x 231, 25 means The Child and 231 are the Gates of Wisdom and Heaven.
    As I wrote earlier, I believe, no, I am sure, that all those heavenly calender-constructions, especially for the roman-julian and coptic calender and later for the fixing of the year 0 (1 BC) by Exiguus (525 CE), were made under jewish leadership or jewish participation.
    For Example:
    1777 (USA 1776 – 1778) is 4000 + 1777 = 5777 Anno Lucis of the freemasonry, in that year first time published
    1.1. 5777 Copt Anno Mundi = 1.1.284 = 1.1.1 Copt Martyr Era
    11.9.2001 = 1.1.1718 Copt Martyr Era, 1717 years after the year 1, massive attack against the free world?
    3760 + 1777 + 240 = 5777 HC => 5777/5778 Arrival of the Moshiach
    5777 – 284 = 5493: Panodoros (Alexandrian => Coptic Era)
    Daniel new interpreted, or better, from a second starting point again interpreted:
    483 years after the new order of reconstruction of Jerusalem. This was under Süleyman the Magnificent, in the year 1537.
    1537 CE + 483 (69 x 7 years) = 2020 CE, but 483 x 360/365 = 476 Years => 2012/2013 CE, the assumed beginning of the changing. (3,5 Years => 2016/2017)
    The difference 483 – 476 is 7 years, possibly means, that 483 = 490.
    Daniels tomb is in Susa = Shoshan = 656, and the greek value of Messias for the Greek Jews reading the Septuagint is also 656.
    In that counting we find, that the first temple was destroyed -586 + 586 years = 0 CE + 70 years = 70 CE, second Damage, all together 656 years. (2 years difference to Seder Olam 68!)
    Flood was 1656 (1000 + 656), but in LXX it was 2242, difference is 586 years, like from -586 up to 0 CE. Arpachsad came after 2 years into the world. But was this 1656 or 1658? No one can really say, only assume.
    For me, they tried to say, that we cannot exactly calculate 2 years. (for example 2016 – 2018)
    May be they changed especially from solar years counting (1656) therefor in the LXX to lunar years, because:
    2242 x 365d = 818330 : 29,5 (calender-counting) = 22.740 months
    2244 x 365d = 819060 : 29,53058 (real) = 22.740 months
    This could mean in the chronology, that 2242 years equals 2244 years, like 69 x 7 = 483 years to 360 days equals 476 real years or ad up to 490 years.

  11. Pingback: Elect Jesus King |
  12. I think Messiah’s return is Thur, Jan 4, 2018 which is REALLY Dec. 24, 2017 (yr 5778) due to the 11-day calendar discrepancy. Thus Messiah’s Return is in the year 5778 as per the Pyramid’s height + the capstone.

  13. As the pyramid is 481.25 ft high, this height in relation to PI (3.1415) is:
    (radius 481.25 squared x PI = circumference)… or base af the Pyramid.3,023.78 ft
    481.25 x 2 = 962.5 (962 bc… the time of the completion of Solomon’s Temple)
    962.5 x PI = 3.023.78
    This number “3.023.78” represents the (360 day years of prophecy) from Solomon’s Temple in 962 bc until the last third Temple.
    In solar years it is 2,980. Subtract the year of Solomon’s Temple 962 bc and you get
    The only verse in the OT that equals 2,980 is:
    So David gave to Ornan for the place six hundred shekels of gold by weight. 1Ch 21:25
    The purchase of the Temple mount.

    1. Thanks. You came up with the right number in the end, but I disagree with some of the numbers utilized along the way, for instance the First Holy Temple was built in 832 BCE (2928 HC)

  14. You mention the lost tribes and the word ‘lost’ is a shamanic healing term, it is to do with people redeeming their own souls. Messiah Joseph is here.

  15. “This monumental monument is designed with 3 standard measurements: the inch, the foot and the ancient and future cubit (27.5 inches), as explained in our previous article regarding the Future Temple. ”
    cubit (27.5 inches) is also what Edgar Cayce says a “CUBIT” was/is.
    You are the only one online I have seen to recognize this. Nice job!
    Can you tell me the exact space of the “Missing Capstone”?
    I am doing some esoteric spiritual design and it will be very helpful.

  16. This is not a comment.It is more of a question.Can someone please explain to me,how the letters (Samekh and Gimmel) corresponds to the year (5756).I was told that the year(5756) was the year of the (Nun Vav).How does (Nun Vav) relate to (Samech Gimmel).I would prefer and very much appreciate if the person(s) responsible for this article,would reply to my query.Thanks.

    1. I believer you are referring to this paragraph:
      756 is also the gematria value of the Hebrew word for “the years of” (ShNVT), reinforcing this counting of years, and the ordinal value of the word is 63, that of Sag, the aspect of G-d’s Name associated with Binah and presented by the letter Samech-Gimmel, (SG) as in the two Hebrew letters Abraham advised us control the destiny of the month of Kislev (Sagittarius).
      The ordinal value (place within the alphabet) of “the years of” (ShNVT) is 21+14+6+22 = 63, thus Sag, (Samech-gimmel)..
      I don’t believe any allusion was drawn to the year 5756, but to the base of the pyramid which is 756 ft.
      Please let me know if this helps.

  17. Hi Jeffrey. thank you for sharing these important messages with everyone.
    I wanted to share another meaning of the 4 sides of the pyramid. They also reprisent the 4 elemants. Earth, fire, water and wind. Also represents the 4 cycles and Ages where we are entering the 5th Sun, cycle where the Base of the pyramid represents the 5th Element which is Ether. I saw this from within while I was contemplating at the Burningman Festival. To me it’s a place of pilgrimage.
    ALso you have shared this date more than a year ago. The Search or the coming? can’t remember well how it was said” for the Missiah is, starts on 2000 and ends on 2016. That seems more ecurate for the missiah to show himself to the World. I said show because he is already here. 2012 dec 21st is the excect day of the elighnment and the immergence of the two hemispheres or the universes of the Spiritual which is Virtical and thick white line and the th Universe of Matter which is dark endless line which is Horizontel. Christ in the center of the cross which reprisents the the 2 Universes alighned and the Sun which resonates at 528 HZ the exect Number of HZ of the viberation of feeling Love. Therefore it reprisents the Trinity…

  18. Donald Theodore Munda says:
    August 22, 2012 at 1:31 pm
    “This monumental monument is designed with 3 standard measurements: the inch, the foot and the ancient and future cubit (27.5 inches), as explained in our previous article regarding the Future Temple. ”
    cubit (27.5 inches) is also what Edgar Cayce says a “CUBIT” was/is.
    You are the only one online I have seen to recognize this. Nice job!
    Can you tell me the exact space of the “Missing Capstone”?
    I am doing some esoteric spiritual design and it will be very helpful.
    Jeffrey Meiliken says:
    August 22, 2012 at 6:29 pm
    I’m traveling but will get that to you when I get back. Thanks.

    1. I hope this helps, given the formula for volume of a square pyramid as 1/3(B^2H) and given the height as 20.42 feet and the average base as 32.08333 feet (14 cubits) the space within the capstone would be 7006.376086 cubic feet or
      12107017.88 cubic inches or 582.1556304 cubit feet, but since the 4 bases vary slightly, my guess would be that it works out to precisely 7000 cubit feet, at least theoretically it could.

  19. yes there is something about the year 2018 as the year of the new beggining but moshiach should come before this date and of course between 2014-2018, in the middle of this period of time which is 2016=9 and of course nr 9 is the centre of the pyramide square base,of its cross

  20. maschiach a venit in timpul tetradei 15-16 aprilie 2014 se va arta tuturor neamurilor la inceputul anului 2015

  21. The 27.5 inch Cubit & The 72 Triplets
    The three verses, descibing the splitting of the Sea, consist of 72 letters each, arranged into 56 words. The Name Of 72 Triplets can be derived from those three verses (Exodus/Shemot 14; 19, 20 and 21).
    Three verses by 72 lettters and 56 words gives us:
    3 * 72 letters + 56 words + 3 verses, i. e.
    3 * 72 + 56 + 3 = 216 + 56 + 3 = 275.
    Spelling that out, 275 is again, associated with the way being opened to the Ten Dimensional Tree Of Life, with 27.5 = 275/10.
    And the Tree of Life (Etz H;Haim) being equal to 233, we have the 42 Letter Name linked to The Tree of Life and to The 275, viz.
    233 + 42 = 275
    )The Tree of Life / Etz H;Haim is spelled by/with these letters:
    Ayin Tsadhe and Heh Cheth Yod Yod Mem,
    or numerically
    70 90 and 5 8 10 10 40
    These numbers sum to 233.
    Adding 42 to 233, we have once again, 275

  22. Torah, Tesla nd The Bahai’s
    The Torah has 1024 or 2^10 different word values. And it begins with a Beit (-2) and ends with a :amed (=30), the final letter of the word Israel at the end of Devarim/Deuteronomy — so the Torah is enclosed by 32 or 2^5. These are two easily visible indicators that there is a connection between binary numbers and the Torah — and with modern computers which operate with binary numbers (on and off, 1 and 0) — where numbers like 1024, which is the number of bytes in a kilobyte turn up regularly in both hardware and software.
    And Stan Tenen’s work on the first verse of the Torah, and the reflective pattern of letters in the Sepher Yetzireh, “works” on or with Trinary numbers (cf
    Mod 9 arithmetic, which is the medium in which Marko;s number sequence operates, is in a sense a subset of the Torah cube. I suspect that Marko’s pattern of doubling numbers in Mod 9 arithmetic (1 2 4 8 7 5 and repeat 1 2 4 etc), which has produced improved efficiency in electric coils, must be in Bahai literature — the Bahai’s seem to speak of the pattern as something they recognise.
    Interestingly, the other numbers on the Mod 9 clock, the ones that are not in Marko’s doubling sequence, the 3 9 and 6 are numbers that Tesla alluded to as being of significance.
    5 Loaves and 2 Fish – and the 27.5 Cubit
    Like Marko’s multiplication sequence, the loaves and fish story is about multiplication — and repeated division by 5 and 2 to lay out the Tree of Life, or more accurately an image of it, in physical space.
    So 5000 men were divided into 5 groups of 1000, and each of those 5 groups was then divided by 2, so as a map of the Ten Sephiroth (ten groups of 500) were spread across the landscape.
    Then the process was repeated (the division into hundreds and fiftys described in the story — each of the ten sephiroth was split up into its own Tree or sub-tree of ten Sephiroth — with 100 groups of 50 all tucking in to their sardine sandwhiches.
    Israel is numerically 541, the 100th prime number. 541 * 50 = 27050, possibly a hint at the 27.5.
    That possibility gets stronger with the postscript to the story — the Aleph (Adam/Man( wlking on the Mem (Water), at a distance (in the Greek version, not the English translations which convert to western units of distance) of 25 or 30 stadia.
    There is only one number that is either 25 OR 30 — and that is 27.5
    The odds have gotta be good that whoever compiled that story was familiar with the dimensions of Joseph’s Pyramid and of the Future Temple.

  23. 2011 when I was in Egypt and their revolution started I knew that the world was uprising…and than 2014 was another year where many troubles started to happen in Old Babilon…. So both Egypt and Middle East were rising from the death or sleep. Now from 2015-2018 it may be a time of the world rising…uprising and troubles directed to the same point of the top of the word pyramide….the gate to the heaven…or the bridge entrance

  24. Jeff, there is also much more that connects the Great Pyramid with the Torah. The matrix I have (re)discovered, that corresponds amazingly to the Biblical Menorah, shows a perfect correspondence to the Great Pyramid. How the Menorah can ever correspond to the Great Pyramid? They mathematically do and in several ways, as if they were “two sides of the same coin”… yes that close.

  25. I do feel that it has to come out all at the same time. Everything is connected anyways, because the Menorah Matrix, as I have named it, is the foundation of EVERYTHING. It’s structure gives not only the foundation to all ancient symbols like the Sri Yantra, the Swastika (this symbol unfortunately borrowed by the Nazis is a very sacred symbol that relates mathematically to the Earth/Moon template and to the basic ‘forces’ of Nature (the two spirals spin directions of the Swastika, CW and CCW, symbolize two vortices). This is also expressed, but at a whole higher level, so to speak, by the Menorah Matrix. You will learn that even the name Torah “coincidentally” has the same root of the word Torus… but of course is NOT a coincidence because the Menorah Matrix among other things is the mathematical infrastructure of a “double Torus” that we will learn is the “basic unit” of life at all dimensions, from the sub-atomic, via the biological to the cosmological (galaxies etc) and btw also why the Torah was given in JC 2448.
    Moreover, you will see in the Menorah Matrix the foundation for the 12 tribes but also for the 13th, the Levites, which were chosen for their role to serve God and to be priests to the 12 Tribes (in 48 cities). Most importantly just like the 12 Tribes did not feel ‘less’ than the Levites and the Levites did not feel “superior” to the people of the 12 Tribes, the same way, it is apparent, because everything in Nature is “self similar” or fractal, that at a larger scale, that is the very relationship/plan for what will be the Jewish people’s role for the nations of the world. But unfortunately most Jewish people are not aware of their role in life and believe that the Torah is a man made book and are not preparing themselves for this role… which as you know is soon approaching… one way or the other.

  26. Apols for side tracking but, weren’t there five exiles? Not four.
    One could even argue for a sixth, Ishmaelite, exile (from the Arab conquest of Jerusalem to the British victory over the Ottomans in 1917. And the early period of the British mandate (which was only a temporary licence) was the first time that Jerusalem and the land of Israel was governed by a Jew since the days of the Hasmoneans (Sir Herbert Samuel)

  27. jeffrey. i would be most interested to know how you would interpret it that ‘if’ it was to turn out that the coming teachers seventh birthday on 15 feb 1964 was the day of (dec)imalisation in his birthplace the U.k,bearing in mind that is, the utter greed causing chaos and ponzi scheme fraud of the current fiat monetary system?
    Also if it was so then that would make him an Aquarian. in the age of Aquarius?
    I would predict that your writings will become read by hundreds of millions as we move forward in this coming age of utterly beautiful awakening to spirit for so many.

    1. B’H you are right. I will be posting soon some deeper enlightenment with the hope of helping as many people as possible breach the ever-widening gap. I don’t understand though who you are talking about born 2/15/57?

  28. I didn’t say born in 1957 i said born 7 years after in 1964.So we see the number 7 again.
    I am referring to an Awakened Master who has discovered the cure to the disease of ageing(believe it or not) and who will probably be making himself known in what now looks like late 2017-early 2018.
    I was hoping that you (as an expert on numbers) could explain anything numerically to do with the fact that his seventh birthday happened on Decimal day in the U.K on 15/2/64(ie decimal=10 and if that number 10 and the number 7 meant anything in this current time of financial chaos and soon to be mass awakening to spirit.
    I doubt you will take me seriously and so i am not really expecting an answer from you.
    When the master comes forward he will be referring many to your writings.

    1. My Rav always said immortality was possible and would be available in the time of Moshiach. He tried for a long time to bring us immortality so what you are saying is not far-fetched. As far as the decimal year it makes sense to me only in the context of 1+5+2+6+4 = 18, chai (life) but being 7 years afterwards negates that, so no. While I think the research you speak of may be very relevant the date to me is not at the moment. Thank you

  29. I didn’t say his birthday was 7 years after 15/2/64 i said that ‘precise date was his seventh birthday’ which was the day of Decimalisation in the U.K and the place of his birth and so in fact it doesn’t negate it at all.
    You don’t seem to be digesting what i am saying properly.
    Thank you very much for explaining that the date of his birth adds up to 18 and means ‘life’ as i would never have seen that numerology.
    It is the truth that he will indeed remain looking youthful until he passes and he may even be immortal.
    Also i wanted to say that i agree with you when you say that this time frame is a ‘Jewish saga’.
    As you have mentioned in your.’Divine Calendar’work it Started with Abraham’s covenant with G-d and then critically in Europe in the Middle Ages greedy Jewish Goldsmith Bankers were the catalyst to the broken financial system and the evil global elite we currently live under and i imagine the coming Moshiach himself may well be an incarnation of Abraham or Moses? and from my view bring things full circle and that will soon allow someone to teach exactly how it was possible by covenant with G-d that Abraham was able to live for 930 years and so usher in the coming age of Love over Hate or Good over Evil,such is the natural law.

  30. It seems i am the one not digesting your last post properly and so i apologise for that.
    15/2/64 was the date of birth and meaning 1+5+2+6+4 equals 18 and ‘life’
    No numerology relevance to 15/2/71 on Decimal day.
    i wonder if the 19 not included in the 19 64 date could be added up to make 10 and allow the 1 5 2 6 4 as 18(life) and then the 18 added to the 10 would make 28 and then 2+8 equals 10 again to complete the circle?

  31. Also as i said previously, the Awakened Master who has made the discovery of the cure for the disease of ageing and so is probably the Moshiach due to appear 2017-2018(years before he made the discovery he had a clear premonition that he was the next Avatar) means that we will return ‘full circle’ back to Abraham and his covenant with G-D because it is that same covenant with G-d that the discovery of the cure for ageing has been made(that also probably allowed Abraham to live until 930 years of age)
    360 degrees.
    2018.Covenant and exile begins.
    2018. Divine peace begins
    So again possibly..
    1+9 =10
    To complete the 360 degree circle.

  32. I really messed the dates up in my first couple of posts in this thread and i thought you were to blame.
    Apologies once again.
    please read on after them as it could be important to you.
    To clarify.
    15/2/64 Was the date of his birth.
    15/2/71 was his seventh birthday on Decimal day in U.K.
    Maybe it’s worth pointing out to you that in late 2017-feb 15 2018 he will be 53(5+3=8) and after 15 feb 54(5+4=9).
    I wouldn’t waste my time if i wasn’t serious about this.

  33. I am not sure what you mean by his ‘cures’ and ‘processes’but i can say that regarding ‘thoughts’,covenant with G-d enables one to be completely free from thought and that is what real meditation is, as many will discover post 2017/2018.
    What are we without our thoughts?
    Empty shells where no thing is there,just like when one sleeps at night and Dreams their thoughts/self away and melts into the void.
    I was hoping that you would comment on the numbers i gave you regarding the Awakened Masters birth date.Personally i find nice symmetry in them and i know from your excellent writings how significant the numbers 10 and 18 and 28 and 8 are.
    I may not post again as i feel as if i am not getting through very well.
    Peace love and light to ‘all’ in the Dream as we move forward.

  34. I am not sure what you mean by ‘cures’ and ‘processes’ but i can say that covenant with G-d enables one to be completely free from thought and that is the only real meditation that Avatars like the Buddha practised.
    What are we without our thoughts?.
    Empty shells where no thing is there and just like when one sleeps at night and dreams their thoughts/self away and melts into the void.
    I may not post again as it feels like i am not getting through very well.
    Peace Love and Light to all in the Dream as we move forward post 2017/2018.

  35. I worked out a totally rad set of numbers regarding that 1 5 2 1 9 6 4 number/birth date of that awakened guy someone posted about recently.
    2018.aged 53(5+3=8).
    Then a gap of 17 years (1+7=8) until..
    2035(3+5=8).aged 70.
    Then a gap of 1(8) years until..
    2053(5+3=8).aged…88))).Also it’s cool how how this date reflects back to 2018 when he was 53(5+3=8).
    Then a gap of 35 years(3+5=8) until..
    2088.aged 123.
    Also the gap from 2018 until 2088 is…70 years and it’s cool how the dates of the 3 gaps in the 70 years all precisely reflect the number 8 as dates in time and years of age and also that the number 70 is reflected as age and time also.
    Then a big gap of 765 years (7+6+5=1(8) until..
    2853(358 backwards without the 2).Aged yeah you guessed it………888.Oh yeah 3+5=8 and so you get 88888(Again without the 2 for the century).
    It’s insane!
    How many other numbers/dates other than 1 5 2 1 9 6 4 (especially that fall between 5777.78-5778.28) would give such precise symmetry of numbers relevant to Moshiach and 2018?.
    There may be more but i stopped at 2853 as i have school and as i have math today i am telling my teacher.
    I am totally unsure if the 123 number has any significance but i do kinda get the meaning of the other numbers such as 8 and 358 from reading the super cool articles and comments about 2018 in this blog.

  36. Isn’t it possible that “Josephs pyramid” precedes the Biblical narrative i.e. derives from the time period implicitly referred to in Genesis 2 21-25, that is, a period in Human history where the “convergence” was reached, and hence, the knowledge of Torah is ultimately derived?
    The anthropological record has Homo Sapiens reaching our present neurological complexity over 250,000 years ago! So however plausible all this is – and it is very plausible – I think your linking it to Joseph (and to this world) is off-base.
    For me, it is more plausible that the pyramid was built 10’s of thousands of years ago, or perhaps even prior to the explosion of the super-volcano Toba in Indonesia 75,000 years ago.
    Remember, the archeological record shows modern Human beings emerging at least 200,000 years ago, so can we really honestly imagine that they didn’t undergo a similar process to the one we’re undergoing?
    In anycase, great article nonetheless. Keep up the good work 🙂

  37. You wrote:
    “We’ll call this monument Joseph’s ladder, or Joseph’s Pyramid and its name will become clearer as we analyze it further. The world knows it as the Great Pyramid of Cheops (Khufu), which has helped to conceal its true import—except to tourism of course—but all that will be explained soon enough.”
    Are you saying that Joseph was involved in the building of the Great Pyramid? Seemingly Joseph came to Egypt many years after the Great Pyramid and the associated early pyramids were already built.
    Please explain. Thanks!

    1. Well we know it wasn’t Khufu or Cheops because that was a hoax. Reverse the syllables in Khu-Fu. And the numbers have more to do with the Holy Temples and Torah studies than Egyptology. There are other reasons as well, some will become apparent in the next few articles, some have to do with the brick making of the Israelites, which harks back to the Tower of Babel, the only other place bricks are mentioned in the Torah, and the hidden Tower of Truth found in the center of the Pyramid, mentioned toward the end of The Prime Directive ( ). One of the main I chose tom rename it is its height in levels and cubits, 210, matching the years in exile that began with Joseph’s arrival in Egypt and ended with the Exodus of his bones.

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