This blog is for you and us. Ask questions and add your comments to any of the posts on this blog. We will be happy to answer any “crazy” Kabbalah questions.
Kabbalah is the most comprehensive manual to understand life from the seed level. From the thought of creation to the cause and effect of your action at this moment.
The Zohar brings 70 explanations to the first word of the Bible “בראשית” (in the beginning). We’ll try to bring many of those explanations to this blog.
We’ll explain all the basic teaching of Kabbalah and go deeper as much as you want us to go there.
We are in the generation where all knowledge is open for all. The secrets are no longer secrets. Advanced communications, Internet systems, social networking sites connect people from east and west to north and south, no matter where you are.
What ever we know, we’ll bring out. Whatever we don’t know we’ll try to study together with you, your questions and comments.
Let the journey begin.
Ezra & Zion

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  1. I have a serious circumstance. I have been doing the genisis prayer for about a month now everyday. suddenly a very intense situation has arisen, a business partner and very very colse and dear friend has been missing for 5 days, and many many things depend on him to continue. could this pryer have such a drastic effect on our lives in a negative way some how. This is a very strange turn of events. have you ever heard of this happening as a result of the prayer.
    Please let me know asap.
    Thanks Rik

    1. No, there is no way that the Genesis Prayer (Ana B’koach) can create ANY negativity, or negative situations. It has failsafes built it so that it cannot be used, even on purpose, to create any harm. It’s the only prayer (Name of G-d or Angel) that has this built in protection, as your petitions are said on our level and then raised up, as opposed to all other Names who are directly engaged above, and can easily short-circuit depending on your consciousness.
      In fact, we (you) don’t know what was supposed to happen, what anyone’s tikune is, and how the prayer may indeed have helped avert even more trouble than what is going on. When we use the prayer we may not always get what we want, but we will get what is best. When you do the prayer ask to be made aware of what Hashem wants for us. The 5th line aids in getting insights.
      Please keep us informed and we’ll pray with you.
      Spiritually, even though it’s hardest in the midst of a crisis, you must look calmly into the situation and search for the reason why this is happening from a personal correction point of view and not from a victim or blaming the use of a Name of G-d, chas ve shalom, it is then that the movie will improve. This is the point to really use the Genesis Prayer to supercharge this new elevated direction.
      Good luck and let us know if there’s anything we can do to help.

  2. Between the lines in the Ana B’koach I observed that maybe a sign ‘hot’ is corresponding to the name AB and a sign ‘cold’ — to the name SAG. Is it really so or merely my fantasy?
    With deepest esteem to you,

  3. I came across an intriguing insight of yours as to how “darosh dorash” can be considered the center of the torah as far as words are concerned. You explained that it was the center of all 50 words in the Torah with a numerical value of 504. I looked these words up and found that it does not appear to be the center at all. I found 30 to one side and 19 or 20 on the other. Am I doing something wrong?

    1. Yes, thanks for asking Charlotte. I was (and still am) going to write about it in greater detail later this week, but the abbreviated answer lies in the deep connection between Rosh Hashannah and Sheva (7), the unification between Zeir Anpin and Malchut through the 7 Voices (Kol) of G-d in the Shofar. The word/number 7 is repeated over and over again in the readings at this time of the year. I’ll explain more explicitly later but know this that the Hebrew word Kol (voice) has the complete gematria of 173, the same as the small gematria of the Ana B’koach (42-Letter Name matrix), and if you look at the center of the 6th and 7th lines of the Ana B’koach you’ll see that voice (KVL) together with the letters of the month of Tishrei (Pey-Lamed). The rest of the letters (YGPTzK, ShZYT) in those two lines that unite Zeir Anpin and Malchut add up to 1000, as in the 1000 years of Moshiach. BTW, after the (PL) is (TzK) or 107 as in the 107th triangular #, 5778.
      But to answer your question, 5771 + 7 = 5778.

  4. Ah, come on now, Ezra and Zion. You said you’d be happy to answer any “crazy” Kabbalah questions. Surely you’re not afraid to discuss larger questions like Kabbalah’s parallels with sorcery on your blog. Or maybe I didn’t use the right phrasing. So, how do explain the fact that your secret Hebrew prayers so closely resemble the old pagan incantations?
    You didn’t have to moderate me. Why not just explain the justification for your claims to your faithful followers? Personally, I would love to know the secret. That is unless it will hurt your bottom line. I’m sure you’ve got a lot of “wisdom seekers” coming to you during these difficult times.

    1. You seem to think we, or any true kabbalist makes any money dedicating their time to studying, writing, and teaching. I guess by profit you mean the free books we provide to download.
      And by crazy incanations, you mean the prayers recited daily by all orthodox Jews, I guess then you have a point. It might seem odd and Harry Potterish to an outsider but it’s all strictly from the Torah and Kosher, and the explanations are from the Zohar, the Ari, other Tzaddikim and chazal.
      But if you think kabbalah is for nutcases so be it. Everyone is entitled to pray and meditate in their own way or not to pray at all for that matter. Having the freedom to choose is why we were given so long.

  5. i really enjoyed your book. i am struggling with pronunciation. i have tried various websites and they have not been very helpful. i love the youtube melodies. however, they are not helpful for reading the prayer; pronunciation to go along with the prayer would be greatly appreciated.

    1. Thank you. Don’t worry so much about the pronunciation–intent is more important. Nevertheless, I am working on video meditation line by line that will be helpful to you and will post it on this site and you tube etc when ready. meanwhile, the most important aspect is the intent and the visual connection with the 42 letters themselves as you go through the meditations. For special reasons this prayer is foolproof and mispronouncing will do no harm. I know people who have mispronounced certain words of it for years and it still brings them miracles whenever they remember to do it appropriately.

  6. Meant with no malignent intent, but what are the roots of Kabbalah? Like zach says, it does evoke pagan sorcery… Is it originally from the days of the Babylonian captivity and filched from their creed?

    1. It goes back to the Book of Raziel studied from the time of Adam. The Sefer Yetzirah (The Book of Formation) was written by Abraham around 2018ish. Abraham had studied Kabbalah with Shem. It was in the Sefer Yetzirah where the principles of Kabbalah were first laid out. This was at least 1300 years before Babylon. When you read the Torah, you’ll see that Abraham sent his sons to the East with gifts–these were various insights into kabbalah that became the basis for Eastern philosophy and mysticism. Over time they became corrupted, manipulated, and/or just evolved. Thanks for asking.

  7. i have a copy of the book ‘genesis prayer’, i just want to ask jeffrrey, i dont think it is written in the book how to pronounce the 7 lines, the basic prayer, so i want to ask him, how to properly pronounce each word, do i just have to read each word as is?

    1. Yes, read each word as it is, concentrating your thoughts on the first letter, which is what the words were designed to get you to do. The 42 initials (in Hebrew) are what’s really important. Mispronouncing the actual words in the Ana B’koach won’t cause any harm or change their effectiveness for you (no so with other prayers, so please don’t generalize). There are many youtube videos with the prayer sung for actual pronunciation. Let me know if that helped.

  8. Where or how you base your teachings/secrets from? that is how can anyone tell that what you believe/teach is true? how do you know, and what I should believe you

    1. Every once in a while someone re-asks this or similar questions and the answers can be found throughout the comments and posts if anyone wanted to find the answers on there own. It’s no different from the knowledge that we reveal on weekly basis: as deep as it is, it was always there for anyone to find if they had the true desire to find it. As for whether I believe what I dedicate so much time to write, why else would I do it; we don’t don’t charge for it so it certainly isn’t about profit, is it? And as for the sources they are usually annotated so as to strengthen their connection to the various tzaddikim. Moreover, I never wrote or published anything without the approval of my teachers and it was at the urging of the Strettiner Rav that I wrote and published the last few, and have yet to fully fulfill his desires for the dissemination of this privileged information and for the world. The chain is long and deep and goes unbroken. As the saying goes, “When the student is ready the teacher will come.” Much gets revealed here; everyone is free to add their link to chain or to move on. It is our mission to do our part to help bring about the Tree-of-life reality, and nothing else.

  9. I have been reading much about this Genisis prayer and am having difficulty understanding on how to do it correctly. I have read the previous peoples comments about pronouncing, and that you say it is not important, but concentrating our thoughts on the first letter of each sentence. When praying this prayer, are we to concentrate on the first letter and what miracle we desire at the same time. Also I noticed how it is broken down by the days of the week. So are we to say the first line on Sunday, then the second line on Monday etc.? Or are we to say the whole prayer every line reguardless of which day it is in it’s full version of 7 lines. Please be more clear and help by explaining the full mind set and proper way to do this prayer for maximum effect. Thank you. Sincerely, William.

    1. If you want to get the most out of the prayer: At the beginning of the prayer, think about what outcome you desire and make a commitment to work (put in effort) to achieve that goal (hopefully spiritual in nature). Except in an emergency, then just recite the prayer quickly. Next, go through the words, line by line, making a visual or mental connection with the 42 letters (live by line) as you go. If your particular goal corresponds to a specific meditation I illustrated in The Genesis Prayer or elsewhere, use it at that point in the prayer. Upon completing the full prayer, take an action step in your process. The prayer is designed to work for us in the world of action so when we show the universe we actually do want what we say we want, the prayer can go a long way in making that happen, sometimes miraculously, as it would seem.
      The days of the week, only correspond to which group of angels (See back of the book) to make a visual connection with that day and to ask for their support. The prayer itself should be said in its entirety, unless you are doing the kavanot (advanced) of the Arizal or Rabash for some spiritual connection.
      I hope this helps.

  10. I came across your website because of a vision that I had in the early morning during the time of the counting of the Omer in 2008. I saw a vortex, and out of the vortex tumbled the letters of the Hebrew alphabet, and underneath them stood the letter “Pi”. Since then I have been looking on the internet to find the connection. I have read your books “The Divine Calendar”, and “There is nothing random in the Universe”, and so many things are beginning to come together, and I am getting so many confirmations from your studies that I am going through now, with visions, dreams, and words that I received in my spirit during the past 12 years. I am in the process of downloading and printing your past articles since 2008, in order to study them in more depth. Somewhere in one of your articles you mentioned that we must e-mail you personally for more detailed information about the number 666. Would you please be so kind to send me that information please? I have ordered your book “The Genesis prayer” and am waiting for it in the post. Since 2000 I have been drawn to the Kabbalistic understanding of the scriptures, of which most went right over my head, but as I became more and more exposed to material that I was being led to on the internet, I am understanding more and more. Since the vision that I have received in 2008, I have had an urgency to find sources to the kabbalah as the Patriarchs understood them, and this is how I came across your website about 3 weeks ago. Thank you so much for making this material available to us, who are scattered in the nations, and hearing the call of the final tikkun, the restoration of all things and the coming of Mashiach.

    1. In a sense your journey is paralleling my own. I’d like to hear more about your visions and you can write me at info@kabbalahsecrets.com if they are private. Much on 666 has been published over numerous articles, but there is one additional subject I can send you (nothing about a beast to be sure). There is also a Pi equation I haven’t written about yet, and a deep and important Torah one that I’m still seeking incite on before I publish it.

  11. You’re a Genius 🙂 I have always known within myself that the Torah is a Matrix. And 10 dimensions is what science says too, as you pointed out. That’s why you cannot change a letter in the Torah as it could change the word value.
    Now- if the word value is what is important- then you could have a Torah which has different letters to ours, but the same word values. And so on. Thus the events in a Torah could change ie different dimensions having a different Torah? (different events, different letters, same word values? or different word values?).
    Thus the Torah is a ‘DNA’ blueprint. A truly amazing object of information. Holy.
    Yet ultimately the Torah is really just the Creator’s way of engaging with us. A bridge from here to there. A gift. To show He cares.

  12. Hello,
    And thank you for the Genesis Prayer! I’ve been using it with some success for over a month now. A couple of question about it: Do you have an intention/miracle request in mind before reciting the prayer? And must you state the intention aloud? Should the prayer be read aloud?
    Completely separate question…
    What does the Torah have to say about GMO foods? Are these kinds of foods a violation of G_d’s Law? There seems to be no settled viewpoint on this topic and I wonder through mathematical decoding that you use, if there is some further guidance to be revealed on this subject.

  13. Dear Mr. Meiliken~
    I am posting something that doesn’t coincide with the material within your latest posting and I hope you don’t mind. But, I have been trying for some time to find someone who has knowledge of the Kabbalah (which I understand you do). Specifically, I would like to know, if you are able, to explain briefly what the 1st and 5th heavens represent with regards to Kabbalah. I am most interested in the 1st and 5th Heavens and the role the angel Dariel/Dahriel plays within it. I can find very little on this angel and because of a personal experience not too long ago, am deeply interested in locating any info. I can. Perhaps you can assist me or point me in the direction of material I can read?
    Thank you so much for your time, I apreciate it.
    In love-n-light…..
    Tracy Lee Nash

    1. Neither Kabbalah, nor the Zohar describe the Heavens (H’Shamayim) in that way, but within (H’Shamayim) there are various places, palaces, and chambers as the Zohar refers to them, all of which are really beyond mortal comprehension and when we attempt to describe them we just bring them down to our level. here are also various upper dimensions and worlds, and they don’t coincide with the 1 – 5 or 7 heaven schematic, nor with what people’s imaginations have filled in. That said, the Zohar speaks of the angel Dahariel in Pekudei 49, verse 612-615 in regards to the Chamber of merit (Gevuarah) and than again in verse 696 with regards to the Chamber of desire (Tiferet).
      “Over the second gate there is a chief called ‘Dahariel’ of the right. He is in charge over all the merits won by men, so they will be acquitted. When a man has a good verdict, when there are more merits than sins in men, then this chief DAHARIEL is in charge over their due and the portion of the merits and their good reward….When his verdict is good, his good judgment comes out of this gate, to the right of the chief Dahariel, standing there AT THE GATE. His good sentence is announced until he is saved AND CURED FROM HIS ILLNESS. The judgment goes down through all the chieftains, the good grades, descending through all the grades, UNTIL IT REACHES THE MAN IN THIS WORLD. Man is judged for everything, for better for worse by the King’s court….Over the third gate there is a chief named Gadiel. He is of the left side, in charge over all the transgressions and evil deeds a man goes after in this world. He puts them on the scales to weigh them against the merits put there by another chief, DAHARIEL we mentioned.” And in Verse 696, :The fourth chamber has much light. It is surrounded by 32 supernal pegs, and five hundred thousand other chiefs are under them. The other four are superior to them all, all of them pegs of this chamber. These four are Chasdiha’el, Kasiriyah, Kedum’iyah and Dahariel. They are in charge over the rest, and all the rest are appointed under them.”
      I hope this helps. Please let us know.

  14. The Divine Calendar….what an excellent book, with a great amount of research. The dates just cannot be a ‘coincidence.”
    But……what are the chances, in your opinion, that you could be wrong about 2018 a.d. / 5778 HC, being the year of the coming of Mashiach?

  15. Is it weird that the official and most recent world population count is
    7,000,000,000 people?
    7 being the divine number and the total number of numbers is 10.
    Just on the news….the world population doubled since 1960 and is estimated to be
    8,000,000,000 by 2050. 8? Above nature?
    Thought it was noteworthy.

    1. Yes. “The Divine Calendar” and “Nothing is Random in the Universe” are both available to download for free on this site. Click on the tabs of the same Names above and you’ll see the links for downloading the pdfs. “The Genesis Prayer” is available at Amazon.com and elsewhere as hard copies.

  16. Hello, I am new and not Jewish ,but I feel a strong attraction which has led me to this site so far. I followed the link and bought two of the Genesis prayer book which my brother and i love very much. We discovered that on page 210 the chart for “The Pure Ana B’Ko’ack”, the ‘Triplets on line 5 is supposed to be on line 6, and vice versa. There is also a repeatition of the word “Adatechah” on both lines 5 and 6. though the last word on line 6 should be K’dushatechah.
    Would we be right to think we are trying to open a certain door with the wrong key, seeing the this is a spiritual matter and according to the Genesis Prayer Book “Judgment in the spirit is Instantaneous”
    Please help us to rectify this revealatioin.
    G’D Bless

    1. There are certain minor errors in various additions, but all the appropriate doors will open if you recite the ana b’koach with the right intentions. It’s designed that way. As for doing deeper connections and opening up more specific gates, you need the accurate keys, but if you are attempting those you will already have figured them out; if not, nothing bad will happen, just the gate won’t swing open.

  17. Shalom Ezra,
    Could you please answer the following question:
    In weekly parsha Bamidbar we learn 1:21-45. “Those counted from the tribe of Reuben [were] forty six thousand, five hundred….Those counted from the tribe of Simeon: fifty nine thousand, three hundred”. And so on, for each of the 12 tribes. The census results draw attention to the fact that for all tribes, except for Gad, census numbers are divisible by 100, and for the tribe of Gad census number is divisible by 50 (forty-five thousand six hundred and fifty). The common sense tells us that such census numbers can only be obtained by rounding, at least in our times. Knowing from tradition that every Jew is precious to G-d, we probably have to dismiss the effect of rounding and arrive at the conclusion that census results have some deep spiritual meaning, well beyond the historical narrative of counting Jewish people while in the desert. Please help with deeper understanding of parsha narrative and census numbers. Thank you much, Mark Feldman

    1. In general terms all the numbers in the Torah have significance beyond the narrative they support. Moreover, whenever the Jews are being counted, the Torah is imparting to us today specific energy to help support us now, energy tied into the parsha and time of year, cosmic openings. The census process is a lifting up of our heads, a connection to the light. The counting of the 45,650 in the tribe of Gad is as you say divisible by 50 and what you get is 913 x 50 with 913 being the value Bereshit (in the beginning/creation) and 50 being the numerical symbol of Binah (as in the 50 Gates of Binah/Understanding). That is your clue to the energy and the power of the energy being transferred there. Every number, word and number in the Torah has at least one specific purpose.

  18. I am chanting the Ana Bekoach every single day for the last 30 days! I am on the spirtiual path to attain the light body or Merkaba! I have been initiated by a few masters towards that. My question here is can chanting Ana bekoach alone several times sincerely have the potential to give a person the light body?

    1. According to the Arizal, all ascensions happen through the Ana B’koach, but we must do our part. Just because an elevator is there, we still have to open the door and get in and press the right buttons. Ana B’koach alone, without proper intentions is good but won’t get you to where you want to go. With thw right spiritual intentions there is nothing more powerful.

  19. I am not a Jew (by birth) though have been a Sabbath keeper since I was 12 years old. Since 2000 have been led to Kabbalah, first through the Kabbalah Center of Rab Berg, then recently, through Rav Laitman’s Kabbalah Education.
    Have purchased books from both organization and have learned tremendous “new” knowledge but it has been a struggle on trying to piece new knowledge after another to the point of getting confused on where the “beginning” starts and where it progresses.
    Is there such a thing as “progressive reading and learning” or should I just continue with what I’m doing or should I seek a teacher willing to teach (when the right time comes, the teacher appears) or am I not qualified to “see” since I am not a Jew by birth?

    1. You may have a Jewish soul based on the nature of your inclinations. Regardless, you are qualified to see. Whether, any of us choose to see past the illusions of this world is another matter. There is nothing more powerful than the Ana b’koach, and you can’t make any ascensions without it, so I would suggest you if with the intention to find your teacher and to open your eyes and heart. We are all teachers to one another and all capable of learning from every interactions we have with one another and this world, which is part and parcel of the process of understanding our tikkune with the aim of correcting it. No classroom can teach you as much as life if your eyes and heart are open. And yes, the wisdom will find you.

  20. I’m very happy you exist as a person and the glory you give God! I’m currently studying the Zohar and was wondering if you know the secret contained with in it (specifically the fear of the Lord). That same secret is nestled within Islam and christianity. That spirit is glorified threw all three religions and is the secret behind them all yet there is such conflict and hatred between the three(God is glorifying!) . I reached that primordial point and was given a special mission to fulfill I can’t leave this world without completing it however I have been struggling greatly with my mission and desperately need consulting on it. I risk my soul and the souls of all around me. This world is soooo deadly. I am simply looking for a man who bears this humility/wisdom/spirit. I am keen on discerning spirits and would know if a man possesses such a spirit. Do you happen to know anyone who possesses this spirit/humility/wisdom/secret? I need to consult with him my mission. I have faith in God and still in my mission I just worry about the consequences if I fail, I have failed many tests God gave me and fear the consequences of my actions/sins. I will never stop searching for this man. Iv’e been searching for the past couple of years threw my meetings with priests, rabbis, monks etc. I find it absurd that most of them had no idea what I was talking about and none possessed such a spirit. I don’t know how it’s possible to dedicate your life to God and not reach the truth. I grant you that we are all human and posses the evil inclination and all fall victim to folly/ignorance but still i’m dumbfounded how such wisdom exists today and yet this world has managed to preserve it’s self the way it has. Then again I sort of know the answer to this secret. Thank God though that this secret is still a secret because once someone catches this spirit via film or another medium then you know the end is very very near. Just look around you every were you look there is great spiritual defilement you just know that some supposed artist is going to come around and bring the whole thing to an end. How deadly is this world we live in, how deadly this day and age! Glory, Glory, Glory to the Lord his house is strong, it is built, it is fortified, it is impenetrable!

  21. I already know how to enter the spirit world I don’t plan on going back until I have finished my work. It’s imperative I find a man who possess such a spirit namely those who fear HaShem. simply put i’m seeking a teacher who actually possess wisdom. I’m sorry but there are nearly none who possess her in this day in age. Show me a man that the Shechinah can dwell with there are none. Every man I have met in my life was very spiritually defiled, my self included. There is but one key that unlocks all doors and gates. Only those who fear HaShem possess it!

  22. Greeting,. I am new to your concepts and am working my way through your materials. At any rate, I am a fellow trying to get some simple things into place, like following commandments. The Sabbath being one of them. My problem is I do not know when it is. This after intensely studying a lot of calendar systems. I cannot cleanly derive a calendar from the standard Tanakh, New Testament scriptures. I looked into books I do not normally read (Enoch, Jubilees). Here at least I can derive a 364 day calendar. I guess I am tired of the incessant calendar debates and was wondering if you had any suggestions. Start of the year, Start of a month, and Start of a day would all be useful information to me. Other than this I wouldn’t mind your opinion on the 2 supposed scripture books (or others similar to it). Obviously Torah is key and I remain interested in that mainly. I will admit to temporarily setting Saul/Paul new testament stuff down for the moment. Any help would be greatly appreciated. In the mean time I will read up on your materials. Thanks, Michael

    1. While the calendars in a complex 19 year cycle seek to align the lunar and solar dates and the dates of the Hebrew holidays bounce around every year, Shabbat is pretty easy since it’s a simple 7 day cycle and has been followed for millennium, Sundown Friday begins the 7th day, Shabbat, regardless how many days in a month or a year. I know you probably wanted something more complex, but all the rabbis needed to do, was count the days (sunsets) on a weekly basis to get it right and keep it on track.

  23. Hello again! Thank you for your comments regarding Shabbat. I appreciate that. On another note, I have started reading your book ‘The Genesis Prayer’. Very interesting so far. I did try it in a light way and it worked the first time, within 20 minutes, with exact results. I am still thinking about what happened with this because of the peculiar circumstances involved. (one of those ‘take a step back moments and try to explain what probably cannot be explained’….this sort of thing does not happen to me). Meanwhile, I continue reading the book. I am technical in nature so the mathematics in Torah does not surprise me. Some of the math I have seen should be considered total genius. I will need to reflect a lot on what this may mean and how it fits in with more traditional views on faith. Thanks again for answering my questions. , Michael

  24. Hi Ezra,
    Just happened upon your site while doing some research and once I downloaded your book, I could not believe my eyes! I just started to read it last night, but I wanted to email you with some thoughts. You are expecting Messiah in 2018, but IF the Jubilee is actually declared on 2017 (the start of the fiftieth year) your calendar matches almost identical with the guys at 119ministries.com. Here’s a little of what they have:
    Blood moon tetrads on Passover and Sukkot 2014, 2015
    (also happened in ’47/’48 and ’67/’68 on spring and fall feasts)
    Total solar eclipse first day of HC 2014 and 2015
    We know Messiah will come on Trumpets, if we go with Trumpets 2016 on 8/31-9/1 (based on the conjunction) it fits that “the moon shall not give it’s light”. There is also a partial eclipse that day.
    Going with 9/1/16 then if you count back 1260 days you will land on Friday March 21/22 2013, which just so happens to be one day after winter and one day before a Sabbath (Matthew 24 – Pray that your flight not be in winter or on a Sabbath).
    If you back up an additional 30 days (1,290 days, Daniel) you will land on Purim.
    This is just a bit of what these two guys have discovered. If you care to watch their presentation, just go to their website, click on ‘our teachings’ and scroll down to “End of Days”. Part 4 is the clincher, but I recommend starting with part 1 so you see their foundation. Shalom and blessings to you!

  25. Dear Mr. Meiliken,
    I have consumed everything on your web sight and am now delving into the Genesis Prayer. I am not a math minded person, however I can and do enjoy the results of others endeavors in the various disciplines. So far everything I have read makes since, but I hold this all with open hands, watching to see the outcome without prejudging. So, thank you for the insights, the stimuli and the provocative different view of reality.
    I am having some difficulty with The Genesis Prayer however, so without malice I ask… How do the first 42 letters of the Torah relate exactly to the 42 camping sits of the Hebrews in the Wilderness? I am looking at both and haven’t seen the connection yet. Also, how do the first letters of the Prayer line up with the first 42 letters and then the camp sites? I have gotten as far as page 85 and those questions nag at me a bit.
    Thank you in advance for the time of consideration and answer.

    1. It’s according to the Baal Shem Tov and other tzaddikim that the 42 journeys the Israelites went on, are directly connected to the 42 letters of the 42-letter Name and the 42 journeys of our souls. Please note that each journey is interconnected by the prepositions Mem and Bet as in the Shem Mem-Bet (42-Letter Name). The Genesis Prayer will explain the alignment of the juxtaposed 42 letters.

  26. שֵׁשׁ שָׁנִים תִּזְרַע שָׂדֶךָ, וְשֵׁשׁ שָׁנִים תִּזְמֹר כַּרְמֶךָ; וְאָסַפְתָּ אֶת-תְּבוּאָתָה “six years you shall sow your field, and six years you shall prune your vineyard, and gather in its fruit” (Leviticus 25:3) = 5699 which in the Gregorian Calendar is 1939. Would you care to comment Ezra? Thank you for the terrific blog!

  27. Just looking at your 24/365 calculation on page 68. Note that 24/360 does = .666. The ancient calendar and the prophetic calendar do use 360 day years. Hezekiah’s long day seems to mark the end of an era where the world added 5 1/4 days to the calendar.

  28. We know מוחא “brain” equals 55. In my opinion, this can be understood as 54 and 1 i.e. 541 allowing for interesting resonances; הוא ראה ואינ נראה “he sees but is not seen” and שכל הפועל “active intellect” each equal 541 (Abulafia, Sitre Torah 129b), likewise ישראל equals 541 (Abulafia, Sha’arei Sedeq 38). Furthermore:
    עֵץ-חַיִּים הִיא לַמַּחֲזִיקִים בָּהּ וְתֹמְכֶיהָ מְאֻשָּׁר “She is a Tree of Life to those who grasp her, and [541] מְאֻשָּׁר ‘happy’ is everyone who holds her fast” (Proverbs 3:18).
    Interestingly, I read that Rashbatz reads מלך “king” as an anagram for מוחא ,לבא ,כבדא “brain, heart, and liver.”
    Yashar Koach with your wonderful blog! Best regards and Shabbat Shalom.

  29. B”H
    I noticed you blog for spreading Kabbala. The arizal writes that it is a “Mitzva lgalot zot ha’chachma” and in the zohar it says that “bhai chiburah dilach yifkun mbie galuta brachamim.” that spreading the secrets of Kabbala actually ushers in the messianic era. With this in mind I founded a website neirot.com thats entire intent is to spread authentic Kabbala, Chassidus, and Torah values.
    Check it out you may enjoy it,
    Rabbi Dovid Markel

  30. Michael W.
    Am not sure if you are still reading the site, but in case you are, just supplementing Jeffrey;s info:
    The solar and lunar calendars almost co-incide every 19 years — the difference is so small, that an adjustment (to bring them back into synch)of ONE DAY is needed ONLY after more than three thousand years. So for most of us (unless you are planning on living more than 3000 years, teh 19 year cyclce is good enough.
    That 19 year cycle in a western calendar is composed of 19 years of 12 montsh each (the usual January, February etc).
    The 19 years on a lunar calendar are composed of 12 years of 12 months and 7 years of 13 months — ie an extra month (lunar month) is added in seven of teh years.
    The Chinese calendar is lunar, with its current new year occuring early in teh western calendar year. That system has been in place for (if my memory is correct, around 2500 years – when the Chinese reformed their calendar. Prior to that, teh Chinese New year occured around the time of the autumn/fall equinox in the northern hemisphere. This is the same time of year that the Hebrew / Biblical calendar began (assuming you don’t count Nisan as the “beginning of months” in response to the Passover & Exodus from Egypt occuring in Nisan or “the month of spring”.
    Western occult traditions used a similar calendar, but tended to count theur start of year from about six weeks later than the o;d Autumn equinox period.
    If you have a look at Stan Tenen’s work, you will see an eight spoled wheel pattern in Bereshit / Genesis 1:1. (http://www.meru.org/Posters/Gen1-1round.html). This pattern is duplicated in Hindu art work, and in traditional Chines divisions of the calendar. Western occult traditions with major holidays on equinoxes and solstices have what they call “Sabbaths” (witches’ sabbaths in mediaeval lore) on these days. (Whereas major Biblical holidays such as Pesach/Passover, Weeks, and “Tabernacles”/Booths are from a higher level (ie Divine) than the natural cycles of nature, sun, moon etc).
    There are traces of what we might call “Torah knowledge” in several cultures around teh world — some of it is badly diluted now (after thousands of years), but the traces are still recognisable. Some of those links probably date back to Noah’s descendants, and others (the Hindu & Buddhist stuff), can also be traced to Abraham;s family. One of his grandsons (Asher) moved to, and taught, in India. When the local population wanted to learn spiritual things, they went to learn from Asher;s people, the Asherim. Nearly 4,000 years later, they still go to the Ashram.
    The Torah account is pretty clear that Keturah’s (Hagar’s) sons were given gifts (spiritual gifts), nut that the full riches were reserved for Isaac.
    The Torah word for year is (English rendition) Shanah, which is spelled with three letters in Hebrew, which sum up (numerically) to 355 — representing the 354 days and part of a day in 12 lunar months.
    The New Testament writings of Saul/Paul tended to filter put a lot of the Jewish and Torah background – he was teaching to a goy/gentile “market”, and pruned down what he knew (from his own Torah training) and preached and taught a “mass market” message — quit sinning, lead a good life, believe in JC, snuff it, and go to heaven afterwards – “pie in the sky when you die” sort of thing, provided you believed, and live like you believed.
    The Christian world has been notoriously “anti” the Jewish roots of Christianity, so they tend to ignore and deny the Torah connections — but if you dig through the Gospels, you will find (far more than in Paul’s stuff) many signs of the links.
    For instance, relevant to the calendar and your posts/question to Jeffrey. the stories of the feeding of the 5,000, and the feeding of the 4,000.
    There were 12 baskets and 7 whopping picnic hampers of leftovers – metaphors for the 12 + 7 19 year cycle and the structure of the Hebrew Alphabet – 12 simple letters, 7 doubles etc.
    The length of a lunar year and a lunar month can be derived (the calculations are simple enough to do in your head) from the 1st, 43rd, 85th, and 127th letters of the Torah — ie the letters at 42 letter intervals – shades of the 42 Letter Name (once again!).
    [Hope the extra info helps?]

  31. Hi,
    I would like to know if the 42 names of God is an open eyed meditation or with the eyes closed? When I read the Genesis Prayer, I am quite confused with the method.
    When I say, hesed Jacob, is it done mentally or verbally? How about the whole prayer? All seven lines? Does that also mean I have to hold the book with me such that I can read from it and then glance at the six elevating sequence? Then, is it still a meditation?
    You mentioned that, in each case the letters are what we concentrate on, what letters? The six Hebrew letters? Or ‘our father’, ‘tapping into the Whole five books’….etc?
    And those words in brackets are what we should ‘think’? What does that mean? Do you mean visualization? If yes, we have to close our eyes again? Then open our eyes again to glance at the six Hebrew letters?
    I also got stuck at page 85, so confused n I just put the book aside n stopped reading it, can’t go on…
    Please help me out, thank greatly!

    1. Open eyed, or closed, but the visual connections to the letters makes it more powerful. Chesed, is aligned with Abraham, and it’s said aloud, unless you want to say it in your head, because of other people being around. It’s not necessary to even say it once you are connected with the prayer/meditation. A mandala is a meditation even though it’s all visual. You can work with a copy or printout of the letters (lines) it carrying teh book is awkward. The six letter per line are the initials of the words that accompany each line and help us to pronounce them properly.
      You can close your eyes and spend time visualizing, or you can recite the prayer actively in a time of need or process of action (BTW, that is when it’s most effective). Either way, or both it’s its proper time.

  32. Sorry Jeffrey, but I have to say, the more I read, the more I get confused. I don’t even know how to ask you exactly what I don’t understand but I will try my best, sorry for being stupid! If you don’t mind, can you walk me through all my doubts? Thanks a bunch!
    Page 176
    – Say ‘Chesed Jacob’ aloud or say ‘Chesed, Bizhoot Avraham Avinu’ aloud? You mentioned both but you didn’t say which one to use. I don’t know Hebrew at all, saying the latter would add more difficulty to find its pronunciation
    – set a goal and add (to do my spiritual work)
    – next recite the first line, two at a time, from right to left (say this mentally or aloud?)
    – then scan the 6 letter Elevating Sequence, opened eye scanning
    you put the six letter on the left column and
    ‘Connect to Abraham, the Father of spirituality, and our Father in Heaven on the right column?
    – do you mean that I have to visualize The description on the right column with my eyes opened, and then I have to scan The six letter on the left column? Doing the whole thing at the same time?
    – but the letter on the left column are sometimes two triplets and sometimes one triplet, shall I just visualize the related line and then look at the related triplet? Just like the fourth description, meditate on bathing and cleansing yourself…., there is only one triplet on the left!
    – I used to think while we are visualizing (opened eye or closed eye?) and we simply glance at the related 6 elevating sequence and I don’t have to worry about other thing. But then there is this left column here confusing me, sometimes one triplet, sometimes two and sometimes even exchanging position with latter triplet comes first…sigh ….
    Page 177
    The 7th description
    Meditate on a specific situation you want changed and what outcome you’d like to see
    – did we not set the goal already before we start meditation? Why doing it again?
    Page 178
    Line 4
    2nd description
    List your spiritual desires or concentrate on one of them and ask that they (it) be fulfilled
    – again, did we not set the goal a already?
    4th description
    To take that you are at the Well of Miriam and that you want your spouse to have a healthy child or to conceive, as the case may be. Even more powerful is to meditate that everyone who wants to conceive gets to.
    – my spouse doesn’t need a child, me too! No one around me want a child, shall I drop this line?
    – do it need to memorize all descriptions for the 7 lines, they are really a lot, how can I do them in 5 minutes? There are many description for even one line!
    Page 180
    Left hand corner, it’s not even a triplet here, we got only two letter here.
    Page 181
    It’s best if you visualize yourself donning burlap sack cloth and grieving for whatever it is you are lacking, but you can just meditate on the two letters as well.
    – I don’t get this! Why meditate on this, and then meditate to manifest all meditations?
    Jeffery, I know it’s a lot of questions here, but I really wanted to know it clearly before I can start.
    I still have questions but lets just finish these first, thanks a million!

    1. According to Rav Brandwein, Moshiach Ben Joseph vanished after the 1973 war, which is why war from then on was no longer a viable solution, love is the only one. We await the revelation and the consciousness of Moshiach Bed David in the near future B”H.

  33. Have been enjoying The Genesis Prayer. Unfortunately a lot of content does not display in my iBooks version — eg all of Apendix 2. Trying to work thru your equation for PI in Gen 1:1 and having difficulty with the ratio of two gematria values (28 characters/7 words). The ratio is obviously needs to be less than 1. I get 2701 in the numerator but am at a loss in calculating a larger denominator. The 3 Terminal letters dont appear to do the job. Would very much appreciate any guidance you could provide on this

  34. Rich,
    Put the letter producs on one line ( 2 * 200 * 1 * 300 etc) and the product of the words (913 * 203 * 86 * 401 * 395 * 407 * 296) akd you will have pi/4 accurate to about 4 decimal places.
    Factor in the 28.7 ie multiply by the number of letters / the number of words, and you have a value for pi that is more accurate than the usual high school mathematics class approximation (ie the usual 22/7 approximation).
    Look at the verse and see that there are seven letters that occur in both halves of the verse (first 14 letters and second 14 letters) and FOUR letters that occur in either the first half or the second half .
    That ratio of 4/7 is tied to the date of the Declaration of Independance by the 13 colonies — ie the 4th July.

  35. Hello Jeffrey, I just bought the Book The Genesis Prayer & when i ordered it, I was so happy & was looking forward to it! Now I have it in my hands & have not let it down! For the LOVE of GOD! I DO NOT UNDERSTAND IT AT ALL!! I speak English & Spanish & read but i do not read HEBREW or ARAMAIC Is this book a catch 22? Do you Have an Audio book of this so we can here how the words should be properly said…. Dont get me wrong i love its content but understanding it is to much…. I`m like wow not another Book that keeps you in the dark… Please Jeffrey, In Abraham name,Please help me!! 07/06/2014
    P.S. I tried looking for a website on you? I could not locate one? Is their a reason for it?

    1. Just pronounce the words transliterated as best you can. You cannot get it wrong. It’s the first letter in each word that is the real connection. Many people mispronounce some of the words and the prayer works just as well for them. You can also hear the ana b’koach sung on You tube as it was a hit song in Israel a couple years ago.

  36. Is the Tikun HaKlali considered a Kabbalistic text. Does it has the same virtue as the “Eleven Incense Spices?
    Will appreciate your information very much

    1. The Tikun Haklali is basically 10 specific Psalms recited for a specific purpose and I’m sure they are effective for that. MY teacher, Rav Brandwein, of blessed memory, was a big believer in the power of the Psalms. Yes, you can say it’s a kabbalistic text. The Eleven Spices, not the actual 11 spices of which we don’t have anymore, is a portion of the Zohar that’s very powerful for removing negativity in our lives. You can find more about that in Zion’s Daily Zohar.

  37. Shalom! I keep checking in for a blog update from January. I just subscribed to your blog and will look forward to your next insight. I am confident you have something very interesting to write about and I am looking forward to it!

  38. In assuming that the year 2018 is when Moshiac arrives; the divine calendar then goes on to speak about 10 years after 2018. Does the discussion of the ten years mean that it is going to take Moshiac an additional 10 years after he arrives for the final redemption to actually happen? That would be in 2028. Or is the divine calendar saying that it looks as if the complete final redemption will be in 2018? The Divine Calendar is extremely convincing and it potentially means we only have 4 years before the final redemption if its in 2018. So is the divine calendar saying the final redemption is 2018 or 2028? Thanks so much! All the Best, Rachel

  39. Piergiorgio,
    Christianity, Catholicism and Kabbalah
    Christianity emerged from / within a Jewish tradition. Two thousand years later, Christians are not taught much, if anything, about the links between their faith and Kabbalah. I could give you many examples, but I will start with just a few of them, which might serve as indicators that there is some common ground between Kabbalah/Torah, the Genesis Prayer and Catholic tradition.
    Catholic Traces of Torah and Kabbalah
    When Moses met and talked with “The Boss”, one of the things Moses was taught, was how to calculate the age of the universe. That calculation was based on 42 (as in the 42 Letter Name and 365 (as in the days in a solar year) — the result, factored up by the factors of ten that Moses was given, comes out at 15.3 billion years. (There is another “age” often quoted by Torah scholars, which is 13.7 billion years, but I will stick with the 15.3 Billion figure for now).
    Torah students know that, depending on which count they accept, the number of verses in the Book of Genesis/Bereishith, is 1533 or 1534. Either count, read as 15.33 or 15.34 Billion years, is quite consistent with Moses’ calculation.
    That 15.3 turns up in Christianity in several places:
    As the 153 Hail Mary;s (Ave Maria etc) in a full Catholic Rosary — 5 * 10 for five decades of the rosary repeated three times for “Joyful, Sorrowful and Glorious” giving 150, plus 3 extras to finish off — the three beads on the extra strand of the rosary beads with the cross. (If those 3 extra Hail Mary;s are said at the beginning as well as at the end, the total comes out at 156 rather than 153. (The 156 represents Joseph and Tzion, but I will stick to the 153 for now)
    The 153 large fish that were caught — the story almost closes out the Gospels since it occurs almost at the end of John.s gospel. (The Gospels open with a 42 generation genealogy and close out with the 153 fish — painting a picture consistent with the Christian view of Jesus as a or the master of time and creation (See further on in my comment for more on the 42 generation genealogy and the 42 letter name)
    153 is the 17th Triangular number (the sum of all numbers from 1 to 17). The Gospel author was paining a picture with that number — tov (good) is numerically equal to 17 – the Hebrew letters are teth vau bet or 9 6 2 which sum to 17. Similarly, the 276 survivors from Paul’s shipwreck represent the 23rd triangular number. (I have a bit more in the lines ahead to say re the numerics in some of the gospel miracles — mainly about the leftover baskets from the loaves and fishes and their connections with the Tree of Life
    Catholics are sort of pre-programmed to accept the numerics — they are used to the notions of things like Seven Sacrements, Seven Deadly Sins, Seven Deacons etc, some of which had their origins in links to the seven lower sefiroth, or seven lights on the Menorah.
    In Matthew’s Gospel, the geneaology starts with a 42 generation genealogy, split up into three sets of 14. Those 42 generations match the 42 letters in the 42 letter name. (And yes, there IS a trick in the last set, which only has 13 generations – the extra one is the ressurection on which Christian belief hinges).
    But, getting back to “the plot”, those 42 generations match the 42 stops in the desert – ie the trip to the “Promised Land” from the bondage of Egypt – the imagery is very similar regardless of if you see approaching deliverance from evil and personal bondage in Judaic, Catholic, spiritual or Kabbalistic imagery.
    When Moses met the Almighty at the burning bush, Moses’ Hebrew name (sounds like Moshe) was numerically equal to 345 (Mem-Sgin-Heh which is numerically 40 300 5).
    The name God used was numerically 543, ie a mirror image of Moses. The meeting of God and man was thus 345 + 543 = 888.
    The 888 is enormously popular in Chinese tradition, and more relevant to Catholicism, Jesus is an English form of the Latin name Iesus, which was derived from the Greek name spelled Iota Eta Sigma Omicron Upsilon Sigma. That name is numerically 10 8 200 70 400 200, which sums to 888.
    If you sum the first two columns of the 42 letter name (1 100 50 2 8 10 300 and 2 200 3 9 100 3 100 which equal 471 + 417 == (once again) 888.
    It is obviously, a matter of personal belief whether you think that Jesus was/is the long awaited Messiah, but regardless of your theology, it is obvious that Christianity and Kabbalah draw on the same knowledge base — eg the Seven Deacons of the New Testament, like the Catholic Church;s seven deadly sins, are linked to the seven vertical paths of the Tree of Life.
    The feeding of the 5,000 (12 baskets of leftovers) and the feeding of the 4,000 ( 7 picnic hampers or laundry baskets of leftovers) match the 12 diagonal paths and 7 vertical paths of the Tree of Life, and the 12 simple letters and 7 double letters of the Hebrew alphabet.
    I have only dealt with the leftovers and the numbers involved for now — but I could go much deeper — once you start delving into the numbers eg how many loaves, how many fish, the 200 denarii etc, every point in the Tree of Life pops out numerically at least — ie the number that pops out is the numeric value of the Hebrew name for things like Power, Glory, Kingdom etc – the Christian Our Father / Pater Noster / Lord’s Prayer is a mini tour of the Tree of the Sephiroth.
    The Jewish leadership who rejected Jesus’ claims to be Divine, nevertheless recohnised him as a master kabbalist and healer — that is why Judas instrucyed the soldiers to grab the one Judas kissed on the cheek — because they thought Jesus could shape-shift – so Judas was in effect telling them, grab the one I kiss, no matter what or whom, he looks like.
    Taking a completely different approach from examining Catholic traditions, you can describe the Periodic Table as being made up of different groups of elements – there are 92 naturally occuring elements between (inclusive) Hydrogen and Uranium — being slightly simplistic, there are 70 metals and semi-metals which produce positive ions, 6 inert gases, 15 elements that form negative ions, and the “oddball” Hydrogen which is a gas but forms positive ions that react with elements as if Hydrogen was a metal or semi-metal.
    Looking at those numbers we have 1 6 15 70. Looking at the differences between those numbers we have
    5 9 55
    Repeating the process of looking at the differences, we have
    4 and 46
    Repeating again, we have 42 — linked to the 42 Letter Name (and to the Christian 42 generations).
    Similarly, some indigenous cultures have traces of the same knowledge eg in the Pacific, the word for greeting or love is Aloha or (further south) Aroha. That is simply the Aramaic (singular) form of a Divine Name – which was spelled in Hebrew as Aleph Lamed Vau Heh, or numerically 1 30 6 5 – which once again sum to 42.
    If you study the material on this site, you should find that it enhances your understanding of the Catholic traditions you have been taught eg there are three horizontal paths across the Tree of Life, represented by, or associated with the Hebrew letters Shin, Aleph and Mem.
    If you draw, on a map, a straight line from the Mount of Olives through the Temple Mount, and then read the Gospel accounts of Jesus; last day, you will see that Jesus crossed that line three times that day == from the High Priest’s palace (south of the line) to Pilate and the Antonia Fortress (just north of the Temple) to Herod’s Palace (South of the line again), and back to Pilate and execution (north of the line again).
    The author is depicting Jesus as walking the Tree of the Sephiroth.
    Similarly, the Transfiguration account has Jesus (the new or 2nd Adam in Christian eyes) standing between Elijah of Fiery Chariot fame (Shin represents fire) and Moses who started out being rescued from the river, and who had one of his most memorable moments at the splitting of the waters (Mem is a symbol for water).
    In Christianity, Fire and Water are symbols of the two Christian baptisms – water and tongues of fire etc.
    Torah concepts were part of early Christianity in Britain, but were often misunderstood by “the locals”. eg the “Father in the Highest” was Av Elyon – but, especially after the Synod of Whitby and the adoption of the Latin Rite in Britain, which triggered the suppression of Torah traditions, Av Elyon was reduced to a mythical place named Avalon.
    Similarly, union with God which was described as reaching through the opening into unity or Divine.Messianic Consciousness, was Gal Ehad (literally Opening Unity).
    In time Gal Ehad was reduced to a legendary knight called Sir Galahad.
    Moses’ staff had the 42 Letter Name and the Name of 72 Triplets engraved on it. On the day of his major dummy spit, Moses struck the rock with his staff and water flowed forth, Elements of that story are reflected in the accounts of Excalibur, the legendary sword that was either extracted from the rock, or given from the waters by the lady of The Lake.
    These stories came into Britain via Jesus’ relatives and disciples who escaped persecution and settled in the Glastonbury region. Badly hacked about by generations of uncomprehending British converts, those stories became the legends of the Holy Grail.
    Those early Glastonbury sttlers brought something else with them — the origins of the Catholic Mass. The Vatican/Catholic tradition that the Mass developed in the catacombs is only a partial truth — yes there was some evolution in the dialogue, and a conversion of the words into Latin, but the real origins of the mass were in Jerusalem — the design of the sanctuary in Catholic churches for the past almost 2,000 years is based on an attempt to recreate the earliest Christian chapel – which was in Jerusalem, built at the Golgotha site.
    European magicians HAVE tried to use Torah knowledge, Divine Names and Kabbalah for magic, but their misuse of what is from “Av Elyon” does not invalidate what is given to us in the Bible and the Tree of Life.
    When the Catholic priest uses the edge of the plate or platen to draw a line on the circular host, and then break the host in two, he is reproducing the line drawn on the map through the Temple, the line dividing the Tree of Life into Male and female halves.
    As light flows through the centre of the 42 Letter name, 21 letters on one side, 21 on the other, the middle gates are 13 370 14 290 11 110 96 which sum to 904. Adding 1 for each gate as the light passes through, we have 911 or the 156th prime number (Joseph and the rosary beads again), and the first word of the Bible “On 911” or 2 * 911, which = 1822, the number of letters in the Genesis week.
    Reversing those digits we have 2281, which is 420 less than the 2701 value of the first verse of the Torah, the “One Verse” or “Uni-verse” – if the similarity in terminology is not just a co-incidence.
    In prayer, we often assign the letters of the 42 Letter Name to different directions in the sequence South North East Above Below West and Centre (or within). If you look at the central gates — the ones I listed a few lines back — you will see that the gate above and the gate within us are numerically 290 and 96 ie Resh Tzadhe (above) and Vau Tzadhe (within).
    For Christians those numbers are interesting because they sum to the value of Jesus’ Hebrew name (386) (The alternative spelling sums to 391 – those two options sum to 777 — shades of 7 sefiroth and even, for Catholics, 14 Stations of The Cross.
    Spelled out as Yod Vauu Daleth Sin Yod Final Nun Ayin Yod Final Nun Vau Vau, that Hebrew name (Yeshua) expands from the previous 386 to
    10 6 4 300 10 700 70 10 700 6 6 ,
    which sum to the same old 1822 again ( linked to 420 and the number of letters in the first 34 verses of the bible ie Days 1 to 7 of Genesis).
    The links between Torah, Kabbalah and Christianity, are a potentially rich field of study.
    (Apologies that the comment grew to be larger than originally planned. I teach what we describe as “Noahide Torah” to various groups from the Asia Pacific region — we have found that indigenous traditions grasp te Torah reasonably well, while we get mixed results with New Agers and Christians — Protestans seem to think it is all just some Divine party trick to prove Divine inspiration behind the Bible, which is otherwise irrelevant to them, but Catholics with their traditions of sacraments and ritual liturgy and calendars, seem to cope better with absorbing the concepts.)

  40. Shalom, I have been using the Genesis Prayer for a good while now. I am beginning to find it more difficult to do by myself? I have tried to find others with a lot more experience at manifesting and drawing down miracles then myself. But I have not had any luck!! I cannot find anyone who is willing to pray the prayer with me. I need HELP……Do you know of anyone or group who will help me?? Please inform me if you do…Thank You and Shalom

    1. All the kabbalah centres worldwide constantly use the prayer/meditation in all their daily and Shabbas services. Nevertheless, the prayer is dively designed to be used by individuals. Please email us what your difficulties are and we’ll help you, B’H.

  41. In the book There’s Nothing Random About Universe on page 67 you write “And the sum of the numerals in the remaining three-quarters if the digits totals 3338, as in the year the First Temple was destroyed, which also happens to be 5778 x .5778, or 57.782.”
    Where does the 57.782 come from?

  42. In the book There’s Nothing Random About Universe
    On page 115 you have 3 x 3.1415926358 = 9. 424 7785
    My calculator has it = 9. 424 7779
    On page 116 you have 52/9 = 57.78
    My calculator has 52/9 = 5.778
    Also, you have 232/9 = 77.78 (twice)
    My calculator has 232/9 = 25.778

  43. Please Jeffrey explain to me something.
    The word Pud Pad you wrote in hebrew and said it is the word for redemption.
    That doesn’t make sense to me because the word for redemption is geulah.
    Can you please write back to me because something on one of your mathematical internet page (page in hebrew is DAF) bothers me.
    thanks so much

  44. IF I mispronounce a word while singing ana bekoach, what will happen? The last time I really sang the song out loud, the plastic plate I placed by my window, in my room, cracked. I would be lying if Said I was not scared. So scared i was that i stopped singing it. But now I want yo go back to singing it again. So can mispronouncing the words have any negative effect?

  45. Shalom, why is it that you disconnect the letters/numbers from the template from which they originate? And why is the tree shown a misinterpretation from the time it was kept secret? And why only one tree, the tree of knowledge and not the tree of life?
    Without the correct tree, without it, without their natural place we can multiply subtract etc. The desired numbers. This juggling of numbers is seen to pop up every where.
    This is not to say that all outcomes are incorrect ,but it will certainly lead to it. Perhaps when the principles are understood,one goes back to read / look at the original scriptures again so as to not to loose the order of things.

    1. If you are saying, why are we examining the Torah’s integrations with G-d’s greater universe instead of just studying Torah, it is because it is time for people to understanding that integration. If you are questioning why the letters are separated from the Torah it is because they came first as explained in numerous Kabbalistic texts. There are plenty of texts, Yeshivas and Rabbis who can teach people Torah. And as for the Tree of Life vs that of Knowledge, you will just have to wait and see how the series plays out. The plot cannot be determined from the initial setting. In order to reestablish the proper order of things, established illusory beliefs must be overturned and that cannot be done through preaching. And no the numbers don’t lie–G-d saw to that so we could find our way back–only the interpretations given to us lie, which is we are not using interpretive gematria in our arguments or the kolel in our equations. We hope you follow along long enough to see where we are going.

  46. Respected Jeffrey,
    Forgive my poor English, as it clearly caused this misunderstandings, but is it not that the so called greater universe is in the Torah also? That with the insights of the 3 ways we read the Torah with renewed eyes? And find the structural template upon which it is written?
    And finally. I know they came first yet as these words created it must therefore also be expressed on the tree.
    So if the veil is to be lifted should then not also the original tree be shown? Instead of the tree shown here?

  47. I was guided to the Genesis prayer about7 years ago. The prayer has delivered many miracles to me,family and friends. I believe this prayer needs to be shared to help us all. C Cook

  48. Hi Jeff,
    Blessings for the New Year to you and your family!
    I would appreciate your help to locate either in your articles or lectures of Rav Berg, any discussion on the end of time as we know it.
    Thanks in advance.
    Charlotte Meyer

  49. Greetings Jeff,

    I came across your book ‘The Genesis Prayer’ some months ago and have read it several times to assimilate it as best I could. I regularly recite the Prayer and other connections on a daily basis. I thnak you for writing the book and sharing this immense knowledge and wisdom to the world as I am grateful for this time in being able to receive it and to utilise it. A true gift from the Divine!

    I have one query regarding some confusion and that is contained in Appendix One where you publish the pure Ana’ B’Ko’ack Prayer, but I see an apparent discrepancy that may be due to a publishing error. Please correct me if I am wrong as I want to be able to follow the Prayer correctly. In Line 5 the triplet reads Yud, Gimmel, Lamed, Pe, Zayin, Koof, whereas should it not read Chet, Koof, Bet, Tet, Nun, Ayin for Hod? Again, in Line 6 the triplet for Yesod appears that of Hod.

    I would be grateful if this apparent discrepancy could be cleared up for me so that I can continue the Prayer with full confidence. Thanks Jeff.

    1. Thanks. You are right, it is an error that St. Martin’s never corrected. The two summations are inverted.

  50. I was quite surprised and annoyed to see my recent post disappear from this blog. I assume that it was an error, my post being nothing more than praise for the work of Jeffrey Meiliken in bringing the Ana B’koach prayer and the wisdom of Kabbalah to a wider audience through his book ‘The Genesis Prayer’.

    I want to ask Jeffrey Meiliken about an apparent discrepancy that I found in the book ‘The Genesis Prayer’, which may be due to poor editing or a publishing error. In Appendix One where it gives the summary of the Ana B’koach prayer. the Triplet of the 42 Letters appears to be the wrong way round in Line 5 of Hod and Line 6 of Yesod. Please could you explain this apparent discrepany and whether it is simply an error as I don’t want to be doing the Prayer incorrectly.

    Also, in the suumary in Appendix One Lines 5 and 6 (Hod and Yesod) the left column of both contain the words’Adatechah’ but are spelt differently in the Hebrew text – it is ‘Adatechah Nahel ‘ in Hod and ‘K’dushatechah Zochray’ in Yesod, yet in the summary in Appendix One is confusingly spelt both as ‘Adatechah’.

    I woud be very gratefulo for Jeffrey, or any other person, to please clarify this so that I can continue to use the Prayer from Appendix One confidently. Thank you!

  51. It’s 02/mid/2021.Even if I hold different views on what happened with the ” start ” of our reality,” I believe we are a part of something that’s based on quantum mechanics and how this part of reality that influences everything we do is the reason for existence.In my view religion and the belief of something that does not exist and can’t be proven is part of the problem we have as humans.We are told by generations from birth to death that we must believe in this entity thats all powerful and must be believed or this thing will punish you for doing things that are part of human nature.I don’t believe in this” having to believe” in something that created us.I was raised a roman Catholic. I know,I know what a pity!But I never believed in any of this.even going through grade school being brainwashed by the nuns, I never believed in any of this ” believe in something “that could not be proven by the scientific method.I agree about the substance of your story about the virus,I have spent months researching this virus and I have been researching virus’s since HIV came out so I understand the basics. I’m not a scientist by any means but I understand logic and common sense.The realization of this fact that the UAS, WHO and other scientist and researchers were part of this.paying for it and Dr. Fauci behind the reasoning for this ” gain of function”to make it more infectious so they could make vaccines for future pathogens instead of doing the work of testing and tracing that have proven to work.We live in strange circumstances and realties that are very dangerous and tiring but being our nature we will survive and hopefully learn from all this.Thank’s for reading this and stay safe!

  52. Hello,

    Might one ask please, what is the underlying intent of the Genesis prayer. I’d like to know/have the intention before repeating something. Thank you. Best wishes,

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