The Divine Calendar


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The Divine Calendar

The Divine Calendar
After 11 years of study and research… Ezra (Jeff) Meiliken finally reveals the secret code of the Divine Calendar. The road map from Creation to the Final Redemption…
“This awe-inspiring and powerful book has been proven to change people’s outlook on the Bible. It is no longer Holy stories of the Holy Book.It is a proof and testimony to its plan and guidance from the day of creation to the day of redemption.”
How powerful is the book?
So powerful it will capture you with the facts from the first page.
Ezra is a mathematician that was drawn to spirituality at a young age but only about 15 years ago did he fall in love with the Bible when he discovered its beautiful and unique underlying codes. It was way beyond ELS and he realized that no human or super computer could have created it.
He studied the writings of the greatest sages, the Zohar, the Sefer Yetzirah, and Kabbalah on the deepest levels, and many more codes were revealed. Some of them he shared in the book he published three years ago, The Genesis Prayer, since then, he’s gotten deeper yet in his studies and has now revealed to us, The Divine Calendar.
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