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The Cosmic Codes Deciphered

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This article in not a separate chapter in our journey. It is a focus on the crucial antidote to what plagues us and the venom that is being injected into our society/world. Much of it is excerpted from Chapter 32 Part V without the complex hyper-dimensional explanations concerning the 112 Essential Triplets in the Torah. There is, though, much crucial new information not included in that chapter that provides the proverbial smoking gun connecting the Cosmic and the physical physics with the Hebrew Letters and the Torah. It is important to read it again in this simpler format as the concept of the fiery serpent is essential to our communal and individual success and survival and the new material is mind-boggling.

Special thanks to JD for his invaluable help in revealing the set of cosmic ciphers, the Rosetta Stone linking all our math and physics with the 27 Hebrew letters. As cosmic archeologists we cannot take credit for what we find, only for our efforts in digging it out. We are but archeologists, not the Architect.

Before the Beginning

For those following this journey through the Inner Cosmos of the upper-dimensional realms you already understand the complexity built into the 112 Essential Triplets. They predate the Torah within the schematic of Creation and exist on a level beyond our physical comprehension. They exist within another language entirely, the language of the higher dimensions. We see their projection or shadow presented to us in the first and primal language of consciousness, the Hebrew Alef-bet. Within their language, each Triplet represents 3 distinct forms of energy coming together. In the same way, each of 27 or 33 Hebrew letters represents 3 different (lesser) energies coming together expressed through their form (shape including the tagin or crowns), their vowels, and their cantillation. In the Torah we see only the shapes, known as black fire. The other two energies were imparted to Moses separately.

There is another language that predates the Triplets and that permeates all space like the ether and that is the language of numbers.  There are innumerable pathways and distinct sets or networks connecting all the numbers, and each number is a cosmic word. It is not the other way around, where we think we invented mathematics and a numbering system to count with and then applied numerical values to our words. No numbers are the ultimate—as far as we can fathom—language of the cosmos, and they all composed of 10 letters (0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9).

What we call mathematics is nothing more than the grammar and punctuation that we have discovered so far, the connections that interrelate all these words.  Similar to Hebrew whose words have a 3-letter root (triplet) with additional letters adding nuance and additional meaning, tense, plurality, and similar to English where we have a core word that came from Latin or Greek and maybe originally from Hebrew and often just from someone’s imagination and then additional syllables, prefixes, and suffixes are added to convey more information in that word, numbers too can start simple and grow (4, 42, 424, 42426, 42426408).  The meaning of the original number is still there throughout the growing transformation; it is just that additional information is conveyed and never lost within the additional sequencing. Sometimes once enough information is conveyed entire networks and even grammatic links can be perceived.

For example, within all the powerful and significant meanings and connections that is communicated by (4, 42, 24, 424, 4242, 26, 64, 640, 40, 8, 408 etc. and 42426408) we learn through applying grammar that 4.2426408 is the square root of 18, which has its own network and word meaning.  Sometimes those connections are communicated quantitatively as in the number 408 that can represent the 408 missing letters in the 600,000 component letters of the Torah, or 42 can represent the 42 Letter Name of G-d and the 42-Letters in the expanded Name YHVH (יהוה) whose numerical value of the original 4 letters (יהוה) are 26.

The numbers and their component digits/cosmic letters convey meaning through their values, and to interpret those cosmic meanings we employ the universal translator language, Hebrew. The 27 Hebrew letters were created with an exponential value system and a very specific ordinal value order based on their place within the Alef-bet from 1 to 27.

This system on a rudimentary level is taught to all Hebrew speakers to count with, but throughout the millennia ciphers or simple algorithms were imparted to initiates in the deeper studies of Kabbalah and these were passed down from teacher to student.  When a student was ready new ciphers/algorithms were shared and with them deeper understanding into the workings of Creation and the universe, a deeper understanding of how to read the language of the Cosmos.  The Torah and Zohar tell us Adam was the first to employ them when he named every living thing.  The deeper a student got into the inner cosmos the more merit he received to receive more ciphers and with each cipher more understanding could be imparted into our world. This is how information gets conveyed or shuttled across the consciousness barrier.

Our brains have a barrier that prevents most toxic substances in our bodies from reaching it, only nourishment hopefully.  Our minds have filters to block out much of the endless signals and white noise constantly bombarding it, and our consciousness has more serious barriers in place to prevent any negativity from corrupting it. Man’s evil inclination is to trick his own brain into absorbing damaging toxicity. If you have ever taken too much alcohol, taken recreational drugs, smoked, vaped, eaten processed foods, gmo foods, non-organic foods sprayed with pesticides or feed-fed caged livestock laced with hormones and antibiotics, prescription drugs, drank fluoridated water, had iodinated salt, or been vaccinated to name a few you are somewhat guilt even if inadvertently. Man’s evil inclination is to inundate his mind with other people’s agendas and block out their own personal connection to their consciousness and to the cosmos. If you listen to main stream media, watch TV or movies, participate in social media, listen to gossip, listen to music with non-inspiring lyrics, malign or slander anyone (lashon hara), watch porn and/or waste time on the internet and your phone you have substituted your G-d given time here with someone else’s vampire agenda to suck all your energy and resources and to block your ability and raisons d’être to elevate.  This is why there is no free exchange of information with the upper realms where your consciousness resides. All information must be exchanged through an interface, just like our DNA gets copied and exchanges its information with RNA.

The good news is that despite our evil inclinations and all the damage we have done to ourselves, with enough will power there are still pathways open to us and avenues to get us to the goal of elevation and the expansion of our ability to tap into our consciousness. There is a long lineage of teachers in several different modalities that have established and built up those pathways with guideposts for us to follow. Kabbalah is but one way, but with the true kabbalah, at least you know you are tapping directly into the interface language.

The 27 Hebrew letters are also related to the 10 cosmic letters or numerals (0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9) in that there are 10 basic component letters from which 27 Hebrew letters are constructed. These 10 component letters (דוזינכסרךן) are utilized exactly 50 times in total to construct the 27 letters.

These 10 component letters (דוזינכסרךן) can be split in two sets—as in G-d’s Covenant of Halves with Abraham in 2018 HC—splitting them into halves in terms of ascending value, but with an albeit arbitrary interchange or flipping of the position of the two central letters:

While the sum of 5 of the letters (דוזינ) is 77 and the sum of their squares is 2701, the numerical value of the 28 letters of the Torah’s first 7-word verse, the sum of the squares of the other 5 component letters (כסרךן) is 784,000 or 28² x 1000.

Meanwhile, the 27 Hebrew letters are different from all other derivative alphabets not only because of their capacity to channel distinct quanta of specific energies into our world but because through their 27 ordinal values they all connect to an Essential Cube of Creation that also predated the Torah and the Creation of our existence. In this unique 33 Cube, every vertical and horizontal path along all 3 axes equals 42, the essence of all Creation and the 8 corners equal 112.

These 112 Essential Triplets do not physically exist in our world but are aligned with the 112 chakras or triangular junction portals within our bodies, which are really just avatars within the illusion of physicality. As explained in Chapter 32 Part V, the 112 Essential Triplets are arranged as a Primal 7, their associated first tier of 21 that completes their cohort of 28, and the remaining 84 are presented in 3 additional tiers of 28. This is the same (72184) distribution of the chakras within our bodies, as must be the case. Nothing can exist in this “physical” world that is not patterned from above; this is the truth understood by the true kabbalists and ascended masters for millennia.

This is why there are 28 times listed in Ecclesiastes 3:28. Everything in the 7-dimensions of Zeir Anpin that project into physicality is patterned from above. What is chronicled in the Torah and Tanakh are illustrations translated from the interface between the spiritual (cosmic) and the physical.

There are 2 additional chakras outside the body just as there are 2 additional Triplets outside the conjoined 112 Triplet network, one of which (אות), meaning letter or sign, was identified in Chapter 32 Part V, making a total of 114. Given that 42 of the 114 Triplets are contained in three of the 5 Essential Elements of Creation—the 14 Triplets of the 42-Letter Name, the 15 Triplets of the Shema, and the 11 Triplets of Bereshit—the remaining 72 Triplets are contained in the 4th Essential Element, the 72 Names of the splitting of the Endless Sea, with the 5th Element of Creation being the Essential Cube of Creation. Those 72 Triplets are associated with the 72,000 nadis or energy fields within our bodies.

The Hebrew letters were given to us along an exponential scale based on 1.313x whereby x is the ordinal value of the letter within the alphabet and 1313 is the year 1313 BCE that the Torah was given to the Israelites at Mt Sinai of numerical value 130. Both these numbers have primal cosmic significance as 13 is both the numerical (13) and ordinal value (13) of Echad (אחד), One, as in “G-d is One.” The numerical value of G-d, YHVH (יהוה) is 26, as in the complete value (13 + 13) of Echad (אחד), One.

Going all the back to Adam, a string of kabbalists, including all 26 forefathers from Adam to Moses, were given a set of cipher codes showing them and us how to permute the letters and translate them into a universal cosmic mathematics that bridges the concrete illusion of physicality with the ethereal spiritual realms.

We learn in the Torah that Abraham sent his sons to the East with special gifts which included the 50 component letters of the 27 Hebrew letters, which is the key to there being 600,000 letters in the Torah as we have previously discussed. Those 50 component letters align with the 50 letters of Sanskrit used to define the 112 (114) chakras. This is like the 50 petals in the 6 Primal chakras and the 1000 in the 7th or crown chakra, the two numbers (50, 1000) of the cosmos associated with the realm (sefira) of Binah (Understanding), 5-dimensional space.

It is known that the Torah is written in 70 levels of understanding. Following trails forged by the greatest kabbalists throughout the ages, it is through these same codes that gives us entrance and speeds our travel through this 70th level, the level of Sod (סוד), Secrets, of numerical value 70.

None of these numbers are arbitrary, as the Arizal, one of the greatest Kabbalists of all time explained that those 600,000 letters align with the 600,000 souls that descended from Adam, the 600,000 men who left the exile in Egypt. During the 210 years there, their numbers grew from the 70 who first entered Egypt, who grew from the 12 brothers of the 12 Tribes and they from the 3 Patriarchs, who descended from One. The Arizal explained that 1/(600,000/70/12/3) = 42, the Divine Source of Creation.

The Torah is an extraordinarily multi-dimensional network whereby every letter has a specific value or wavelength and a specific set of permuted associated values assigned to it. It cannot be changed, moved, added, or removed without upsetting thousands of distinct connections and perfectly balanced equations. For example, the number words, verses, and letters in the Torah equal exactly 58; changing any one of them by even one letter completely invalidates this absolute perfection. Therefore, we can take as assurance that every word value in the Torah tells a story unto itself, and through a myriad of perplexing connections it helps reveal the physics of hyperspace, what we call the spiritual world. Every word value provides a hint into the deepest secrets of our universe and existence.

The Fiery Serpent

As it Begins…

It began with Eve, Chava (חוה) of numerical value 19, the first to encounter and be envenomated by the snake. Adam was next, as he ate from the forbidden fruit of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. The word used for “of its fruits (מפריו)” has a numerical value of 336, as in the 336 letters of the 112 Essential Triplets of Creation. From that moment on they ceased to see the beautiful reality (Gan Eden) and awoke in a world of illusion as they set foot on the linear line of death.  Once they had access to the 112 Triplets it was stated in paragraph 11 that “Man has become like one of us and he must be prevented from putting forth his hand and taking from the Tree of Life. He can eat from it and live forever.”

They were not talking about living forever on the Earthly plane, otherwise known as physicality.  If Adam could eat from the Tree of Life, from the 3 columns of the 11 sefirot/dimensions, he would no longer be limited to this world with consciousness and could reconnect to the universal consciousness of the upper dimensions.  He would then be able to live forever, as consciousness, an entity of the upper realms. We are all one touch away.

The Torah uses the word “eat (אכל)” multiple times in Chapter 3, in these last 3 of the first 11 paragraphs of Genesis, which is a reference to the 3 columns of the 11 sefirot/dimensions and to the alignment with the 11 Triplets of the first 33 letters of Bereshit.  That word (אכל) can also mean consume or destroy. When the specific gematria cipher that permutes the letters by rolling them one notch upward is applied to the word (אכל) it becomes (בלמ) of numerical value 72 and moreover it contains the letters (מב) representing 42, as in the 72 Triplets and the 14 Triplets of the 42-Letter Name. It is also literally and figuratively the root of the Flood (מבול).  To be clear, when the rolling of the letters takes place, it is not in a set of stone combination-lock tumblers; it happens within the Essential Cube of Creation. The 3-dimension pathways that are usually triangles shape shift and their new coordinates become a hyperspatial stand-in for the original letters that are always still there.  Beyond the imagined boundary of physicality nothing is ever lost.  It lives forever.

When the fruit was eaten all existence shifted, and the 112 Triplets that exist even beyond the ether transformed in a 7-step down process into the 112 chakras of the newly “conscious” Man’s corporal body, or avatar. By conscious, we mean self-aware and given the ability to process his surrounding and respond beyond primal instincts. From Adam on, he had the ability to weigh the parameters and choose right from wrong, to make decisions. Regardless of any evolutionary backstory, this is when it all started for Man. The gates were sealed behind him, the clock was initiated, and Man began his journey toward reengaging his consciousness with the upper realms, in particular with the sefira (dimension) of Binah, the 8th dimension right above the 7 processing dimensions of Zeir Anpin.  This is why the ordinal (positional) value of the 5 letters in “the fruits of (מפריו)” is 67, the value of Binah. That was about 5778 years ago.

The numerical value of Adam (אדם) is 45, reflecting the G-d like aspect of Adam with the aspect of the Name YHVH (יוד־הא־ואו־הא) associated with Zeir Anpin.  The value of Chava (חוה), Eve is 19 and the value of the YHVH (יהוה) is 26 showing us, as the kabbalists have explained, that Chava (חוה), Eve, and the YHVH (יהוה) combine as back and front to make Man’s image in this world (יוד־הא־ואו־הא), “like one of us.”

The Story of the Fiery Serpents

Deep in the Torah, in the 40th year of their travails in the desert and the beginning of the Israelites last 9 of their 42 journeys we find in Numbers 21:6, the story or brief incident of “the fiery serpents:”

Just like within the word fruits (מפריו), whose final 3 letters have a numerical value of 216, this location at 21:6 hints at the 216 letters in the 72 Triplets, and at the sefira of Gevurah, Judgement, one of the 7 of Zeir Anpin.

And shortly thereafter we find the repeated word for “adversary l’satan (לשטן)” found only twice in the Torah, both here in Chapter 22 at Numbers 22:22 and 22:32 from the story of Balaam and his talking donkey in chapter immediately following the fiery serpent:

The word l’satan (לשטן) has the same gematria as “the snake (אל־נחש),” which is 389, and the two times that the word “adversary” is mentioned in the Torah equals 778, as in 5-778 which coincides with the 2 sofit values of satan (שטן) that equal 2018, since 5778 HC is the year 2018 CE. We are further shown that the ordinal value of the 2 adversaries l’satan (לשטן) is 112, as in the 112 Triplets of Creation.

As it says or forewarns in Genesis 3:15, with G-d speaking to snake and telling him that Man’s offspring “will strike you in the head, and you will strike him in the heel.” The Zohar and the kabbalists have noted for thousands of years that the final generation is known as the “heel” of Adam and that all the souls in it came from his heel, so it is interesting that it is this generation that should be the one struck by the snake.  This generation is called the heel because it was the lowest part of his body and always connected to physicality, more than any other.

Everything beyond the Torah in our world is pure illusion and everything above the 70th level of the Torah contains shades of illusions. On the 70th level, we can filter out the emotionally charged surface meanings of words and connect the dots to their cosmic intentions. This is because the 70 levels represent the 70 branches of the Tree-of-Life within the 7 main levels/dimensions (sefirot) of Zeir Anpin.  Only from the top of the tree can we see beyond its branches and look to the heavens.

These two side-by-side juxtaposed stories in the Torah are obviously connected. In the first one, the people speak up against G-d and Moses because they are bored with the process, and so G-d sends fiery serpents, which can be seen as dragons, or more commonly as venomous snakes that bite the people and cause many to die.  The Creator immediately gives Moses an antidote and tells him to put a fiery serpent upon a pole, and that anyone who is bitten and looks at it will live. Moses makes a brass serpent (נחש־נחשת) and sets it on a pole, and it works.

The serpent is the King Cobra (Naja Naja) the most venomous of the Elapid family of snakes, the fanged ones, Nachash-Nachash, and the so-called corona virus, Covid-19 has 19 King Cobra toxic Venom proteins or VSTs (venome-ome specific toxins) as does the MRNA-1273 vax etc.  No bats, snakes.  A group of naïve Chinese researchers first figured this out back in January 2020 and thought maybe the virus had been passed from bats to snakes and mutated before being consumed by humans in a wet market beside the Wuhan Virology Lab.  American university researchers later discovered that Covid19 had rattlesnake proteins and was susceptible to anti-venom agents. More recent research traced the gene sequences to the Cobra venom and the 19 toxic proteins. The Cobra actually has 33 of those toxins, but 19 sequences were found, each designed to attack a different organ or bio-system within our bodies.

It appears the Creator of the Torah once again foresaw our future predicament, prophesied about it, and advised us how to deal with it.  Afterall, Moses was immediately given the anti-venom to distribute.  Had the odd incident not occurred in the Torah, we would never know about it or the anti-venom. Meanwhile, the adversary has done an excellent job of misdirection and trivializing what is most important.

The 42 Sacrifices

After we are introduced to the adversary, Balaam had Balak erect and offer 42 sacrifices in 3 groups of 7 tiers to curse the Israelites in Numbers 23:1, 14, and 29, alluding to his use of the 42-Letter Name, but to no avail. He tried 3 times using three 7-tiered altars, making 2 sacrifices on each for a total of 42.

We have recently learned how the 42-Letter Name is a stand-in for the sacrifices and a source and fount of elevation offerings. As explained previously, the 42-Letter Name cannot be used to cause harm in this world, no matter how powerful the sorcerer. Well aware of its immense power to effect change, it is interesting that Balaam (בלעם) chose this Name, of all his options, to try to use against the Israelites and to halt their 42 journeys toward salvation.  His name, Balaam (בלעם), contains the 3 letter (בלמ) root permuted from “eat/destroy” with an additional letter Ayin (ע) as in 70 and secret, sod.

According to the Gemara, Sotah 47a, “R. Hanina said: On account of the 42 sacrifices which Balak, king of Moab, offered, were 42 children cut off from Israel.”  It is no coincidence that Balak of Moab has the initials MB (מב) or that Moab (מואב) begins and ends with MB (42) with 7 (וא) in between.  The Gemara is referring to the incident in Malachim 2, verse 2:22

Melachim (II Kings) 2:22-24 “And the waters were healed until this day, according to the saying of Elisha [the prophet] which he spoke. 23. And he went up from there to Beth-El; and as he was going up by the way, there came out little children from the city, and mocked him, and said to him, Go up, you bald head; go up, you bald head. 24. And he turned back, and looked on them, and cursed them in the name of the Lord. And there came out two female bears from the wood, and tore 42 children of them.”

The explanation of the connection has to do with reincarnation, idol worship, and as we warned against in our last chapter, the dangers or trying to harness demons. Even though the 42 sacrifices and use of the 42-Letter Name backfired on Balak, the demons he solicited in his attempt had to be appeased.

On the other hand, because he inadvertently bestowed 42 blessings on the Israelites, he was, dubiously rewarded with being the progenitor of Ruth and thus King David, and eventually Moshiach.  Moab was the son of Lot and his daughter following the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah.

We cannot help but connect l’satan, the adversary in Bamidbar 22:22 with the killing of the 42 children in Malachim 2, verse 2:22The Torah, at the level of the numbers, makes that readily apparent, as in (5778 + 2222) = 8000, Binah, the 8th  level. Connecting the cosmic dots. 

Seven (7) From the Start

 The 7 tiers of the 14 Triplets of 42-Letter Name are connected to the 7 words of the Torah’s first verse, and to the 7 Planets in the design laid out for us by Abraham Avinu, the Patriarch 3800 years ago in his book, the Sefer Yetzirah, the Book of Formation, where he lays out the schematics of the Tree-of-Life, the Cosmos, the Hebrew Letters, and the systems of gematria to decode them.

The Cosmic Codes Laid Out at the Beginning

The 7 words and 28 letters of the Torah’s 1st verse form a gematria equation that incorporates 28/7 and equals Pi (3.14159…) to several decimal places.

Likewise, the 112 Essential Triplets are expanded from 1 to 7 to 28 by way of 4 and on to 112 by way of 4 again.

Four (4), as in the 28/7 ratio that gives us Pi (π) in the Torah’s first verse is always associated with the 4 Holy letters of the two Names of G-d: the YHVH (יהוה) that oversees the 7 lower dimensions (sefirot) of Zeir Anpin and Ehyeh (אהיה) that governs the 8th or first upper dimension/sefira, Binah.  All energetic pathways are processed through these Names and their expansions. When they are both fully expanded, together they equal 3142 or Pi (π) once again, fused with 42, as in the 42 Letters in the expanded unpronounceable Name YHVH (יהוה).

That value 3142 is not only found as the radians (.3142) of an angle of 18o within a circle and in the gematria katan (small or reduced) of the winged Name “I am that I am (אהיה־אשר־אהיה),” and in the division of the 42-Letter Name by its first tier (3701/506) = 7.31422 but it is found in the gematria katan numerical string of the first 7 letters of the Torah (ברא־שיתב) or (2213142).

The value of those first 7 letters of the Torah (ברא־שיתב) or (2213142) times the other primordial mathematical constant Phi (φ) or 1.6180339887…) is 3580…., the numerical value (358) of Moshiach, the Messiah, while the sum of the ordinal (positional) values of the first 11 letters in the Torah, representing the 11 sefirot (dimensions) of the Tree-of-Life, is 112, as in the 112 Essential Triplets of Creation.

Moreover, of the exact 1024, or precisely 210, different word values in the Torah, there are only 6 different values that are found 26 separate times in the Torah—as in the numerical value (26) of the YHVH (יהוה) —and collectively their standard gematria value is 3142.  Those 210 different word values form the 1024 vertices of a 10-dimensional hypercube.

Some Hyper-dimensional Geometry

Each of the 7 words of the Torah’s first verse occur 448 times when all the permutations of that verse are considered, or 7 x 43. As previously discussed this is a partial reference to the year 2448 HC, when the Torah was given to us at My Sinai; and to the 2448-foot-high point above sea level where the Holy of Holies is found on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem; and a direct allusion to the 448 edges in the 7-dimensional 27 hypercube.

Aligned with those 7 initial words there are 7 initial Primal Triplets out of the 112 Essential ones.  As previously explained, these are from the perspective of the higher dimensions 7 Essential Tetrahedra.  We will ignore that analysis in this article except to mention that those 7 Interconnected Tetrahedra, or even just the 7 Primal Triplets, connect in groups of 4 forming (4 pointed) Tetrahedra in sets of 28 Essential Triplets.  Those 28 connect with 84 other Essential Triplets in groups of 4 Interconnected Tetrahedra to form 4 sets of 28 over 4 dimensions, or 112 Essential Triplets in total, spanning 448 dimensional spatial coordinates.

Thus 112 Essential Triplets of the Torah, which are comprised of the 4 Essential Elements of the Torah—the Shema’s first verse, the Torah’s first 8 words, the 42-Letter Name, and the 72 Triplets that split the Endless Sea—form a multi-dimensional Network across a 7-dimensional hypercube.

The 7 initial Triplets branch out to 28 and then to 112 just as the 7 words of the Torah’s first verse spread out over 28 letters. The 4 sets of Essential Triplets must be rearranged into an initial 7 that expand 4-fold into 28 and again into 4 sets of 28.  The question is which 7 of the 112 are the Primal ones from which the expansion takes place. The answer is crucial in order to transcend that consciousness barrier or firmament.

These are the 4 sets of Essential Triplets, beginning with “The Beginning,” the 11 Triplets of Bereshit (בראשית):



Of those 33 letters of the 11 Triplets total 3003, which is the 77th Triangular Number or the sum of all the integers from 1 to 77.

The 15 Triplets of the Shema (שמע) that are derived from its 6-word first verse and the concealed 42 Letters of the Name YHVH (יהוה) that equates to the 708-value of the rest of the verse.

  The 14 Triplets of the 42-Letter Name Matrix were permuted into the first 42 Letters of the Torah using an assortment of ciphers to conceal them deepest of all:



And the 72 Triplet Matrix that completes the 4 sets, is derived from the 3 consecutive verses of 72 letters each at the splitting of the Endless Sea.


Our first hint about the 7 Primary Triplets is that they must tie into the 7 Planetary Letters (בגדכפרת) that represent the 7 Planets.  Among the 112 Triplets there are 57 Triplets that contain one or more of the 7 Planetary Letters (בגדכפרת) and exactly 50 unique ones, as in the 50 Gates of Binah, and the corresponding 50 component letters of the Alef-bet.  Logic has it that if 57 contain the 7 letters of the 7 Planets, then 55 do not, and there it is yet again, the double cycle of the Primal Frequency 27.5 Hz that permeates the ether.

We know that the frequency 27.5 Hz derives from the 4 primary expansions or aspects of the YHVH (יהוה) whose total value is 275, and we have studied how 27.5 or modulus 27.5 is the unique signature that gives rise to an endless cycle of 10 remainders of multiples of .090909… for every integer through infinity, Tesla’s true vortex math. What we can now connect is these 10 remainders to the 10 digits that represent the 10 letters of the cosmos, numbered 09, as in .090909…. There are no mistakes in the Torah, nor in the Cosmos; what is unique is unique for a reason. These unicorns are there to impart information to us. Out of an endless sea (Yam Suf) of digits and numbers, 27.5 stands out as a singular frequency (27.5 Hz) that ties together the concept of time and distance and much more.

The Serpent of Brass

The brass and/or fiery serpent (נחש־נחשת) has a gematria value with the kolel for the 2 words of 1118, the same as the first verse of the Shema, from which the 15 Triplets are derived:

It makes sense with the Shema’s connection to healing, and to the concealed 42 Letters of the Name YHVH (יהוה) that have a value of 708, ostensibly the same as the 7 Planetary Letters that have a value of 709.

The 709 value is, though, tied into the 42-Letter Name since 9 divided by that Name written as a numeric string in small gematria equals 70 plus Pi (π): 9/.123049… = 73.141593.

In Numbers verse 21:9 it says, “…if a serpent had bitten any man, when he looked unto the serpent of brass (נחש־נחשת), he lived.” The complete value of (נחש־נחשת) is 1224, which while it is twice 612, the value of brit (covenant), and half of the year 2448 HC. It is also (18 x 68) translated as “to live” times “life.” As we have recently learned, this represents the 68 times that the word “The One” of numerical value 18 appears in the Torah.  This connection immediately resonates as the word (נחש), snake, has the value 358, as in Moshiach.

The “on a pole (על־נס)” portion of G-d’s antidote is important too because the brass serpent was only part of the solution; it had to be set upon a pole.  We know that the word Nes (נס) means miracle and we have seen how it is incorporated into the 14 Triplets of the 42-Letter Name in multiple ways, including the Triplet (חקב) of the same value and ordinal value as Nes (נס). We also know that its frequency 110 Hz is the first harmonic on the 27.5 Hz cycle, as (27.5 x 4) = 110.

“On a pole (על־נס)” has a numerical value of 210, and a complete value (standard gematria plus the letters’ ordinal values) of (57 + 210) = 267, which are the height of the encasing pyramid (210 cu) and its apothem (267 cu).  It is also yet another connection to 5778 (2018) found in the fiery serpent incident in that the 267th Triangular Number is 35778 and the height of that same encasing pyramid is 5775.”

In case anyone is new to this blog, the encasing pyramid is the Great Pyramid in Giza that is constructed around the Tower of Truth, the Tower of Babel, which according to the Torah was never destroyed. It is called the Tower of Truth because it is structured as 20 ascending stacked cubes each one cubit narrower than the previous one, and their total volume is 44100 cu3 with 441 being the gematria of the word Truth. It is built with the same Number Theory principle repeated built into the Torah of the sum of the integers, also known as Triangular Numbers and the 20th Triangular Number is 210, “on a pole (על־נס).” The ancient cubit, the one necessary for the construction of the Future Holy Temple, is 27.5” long, meaning there is one primal wavelength in each cubit, connecting everything constructed with cubits and its subsequent proportions to the frequency of the ether.

The final letters from the full phrase from verse 21:8,“…fiery serpent set upon a pole (שָׂרָף, וְשִׂים אֹתוֹ, עַל-נֵס)” has a numerical value of 216, tying it into the 216 letters in the 72 Triplets, and the 2nd level (קרע־שטן) of the 7 tiers of the 42-Letter Name, the level of Gevurah, Judgment, whose numerical value is also 216. It is noteworthy and purposeful that the numerical value of the 2nd Triplet (שטן) of that tier, 359, is likewise incorporated into the value of the 216 letters of the 72 Triplets with their kolel, (9143 + 216) = 9359.

As we discussed long ago there is a zig-zag pattern built into the 42-Letter Name Matrix.


Starting with the first Triplet (אבג) of gematria 6 in the uppermost of the 7-tiered Matrix of the 42-Letter Name and then crossing over to the second column and dropping down a level as if descending a stairwell, we reach the Triplet (שטן) that represents the “adversary.” Repeating that pattern, we reach (נגד) of numerical value 57, as in the ordinal value of “upon a pole (עַל-נֵס).” Two more flights of stairs or twists around a pole and we reach the Triplet (חקב) of the same value and ordinal value as pole and miracle (נֵס).

Following the string of 7 Triplets as it snakes its way through the center of the Matrix, and ending up on the 7th tier with (שקו) we see that the gematria of all 7 Triplets, representing exactly half the 42 Letters is (6 + 359 + 57 + 493 + 110 + 187 + 406) = 1618, as in Phi (φ), 1.6180…, the primordial constant or field that guides the harmonic spiraling growth throughout the universe. Doing the same with the other 7 Triplets of the 42-Letter Name Matrix adds up to 2083, the 314th Prime Number, representing Pi (π), the other primordial constant at the center of Spherical Time, the field that bends a discrete straight line or pathway into an infinite circle.

Is this 7 Triplet coiling or undulating string of Phi (φ) the fiery serpent?

The King Cobra and the King of Moab both spewed venom. Out of both shall come Moshiach. Moab (מואב) has the initial and final letters MB (מב) and like the anti-venom embedded in the MB (42)-Letter Name the 7 concealed inner Triplets of Phi (φ) begin and end with the letters EV (וא) of numerical value 7.

And with their integral connection to the primordial constant/field Phi (φ), can these also be the 7 Primal Triplets from which all the others emanate?

In the Beginning

Numbers are the cosmic language and Hebrew is the interface between the ethereal or spiritual hyper-realms and our physical one. This interface period occurs through 7 dimensional steps, which the kabbalists call sefirot. This nomenclature is synonymous with the 70 sub-sefirot that comprise the 70 branches of the Tree-of-Life. It is also why there are 70 faces of the Torah and 7-tiers in the 42-Letter Name Matrix.  Collectively these 7 or 70 sefirot are call Zeir Anpin, the process of projecting the upper realms into a simulation that we call and perceive as physicality.  Guiding this process are certain dimensional fields, two of which are Phi (φ) and Pi (π).  They interact with the numbers to bring about what we see as physical forces in our world and to give shape and structure to our world.

The 42-Letter Name Matrix is a bridge or nexus across those 7 dimensions and as we just saw directly links up with the fields within the upper dimensions, which can help us on our journey of elevation, and moreover, by briefly piercing the veils of illusion, it can bend what we see as reality to create what we call miracles.  It is at the center of Creation.

The Torah’s first verse is derived from the 42-Letter Name and is a similar nexus. Both Phi (φ) and Pi (π) are integrated and entwined within the 42-Letter Name, and as was revealed in The Genesis Prayer 18 years ago, they are entwined in the Torah’s first verse as well. The gematria of the 28 letters in that verse multiplied together and divided by the gematria of the 7 words also multiplied together times 28/7, which equals 4, results in Pi (3.1415…). Those same 28 letters taken as a numerical string of their small gematria which divided by Phi (1.6180339887…) = 358.777, the numerical value of Moshiach and 777.

That process is not so different than the numerical string of the 42-Letter Name divided into 9 that gives us 70 plus Pi (π): 9/.123049 = 73.141593 and 9/.12304902739… = 73.14157771495 as in the 777 again, 5777, and 1495, which is the sum of the 22 letters of the Alef-bet.

Of course, the entire Torah is connected to Phi (φ) in that the exact number of words, verses, letters, rows, and columns in the Torah’s (248 x 42) Matrix is 401273 and 401273/Phi (φ) = 248,000. The value 1.273 in 401273 is the cosmic harmonic, the ratio of the square that encapsules the inscribed circle, and consequently 4/Pi(π). It was also chosen to represent MRNA-1273.

Given what we know about the Torah’s connection to 3142 and more specifically the Names of G-d to 3142, and the Torah’s connection to 248, we should note that half of 3142 or Pi (π)/2 is 1571, which as we advised several chapters ago is the albam cipher value for the Torah’s first verse, and that the number 1571 is the 248th Prime Number.

And as for the 304805 letters in those words, verses, and letters within the (248 x 42) Torah Matrix, when we divided the 304805 letters by 913, the value of the Torah’s first word (“In the Beginning), we get 333.85 as in the year 3338 HC when the First Holy Temple was destroyed and as in (5778 x .5778) or Phi (φ)18 x Phi (φ)18/1000.

Those words, verses, and letters in the (248 x 42) Torah Matrix equal exactly 58 and the net rows and columns or the difference between 248,000(φ) and 58 equals exactly 223, a cube of 22 letters per side. This statement alone should be enough to convince you that the Torah is not of this world and of the underlaying complexity in its design. From there it is only a matter of suspending your disbelief and allowing yourself to download the phenomenal technology built into it and the cosmos. As archeologists we have done the hard digging, you get to marvel at the Divine structures that have been concealed beneath the sands all these many years.

The Cosmic Ciphers

There is a set of gematria ciphers never utilized before by the tzaddikim, or spiritual giants, mainly because they had no need for them in their lifetime. Our needs, at the edge of or the Event Horizon of the Spherical Time bubble are a bit different, as explained throughout Chapter 32. They would not even have known about them except in concept. To compute and compose them, as JD has done for us, you need to know the digits in both Phi (φ) and Pi (π) to 27 decimal places and associate them with the 27 ordinal values in the Alef-Bet. Keep in mind that these are the same 27 ordinal values or wavelengths that the Alef-Bet were constructed upon, and like all the geometric structural and quantitative elements of the Torah those 27 values form a cube of 33.

The first of this set is created in concert with the two entwined cosmic serpents of the 42-Letter Name Matrix that perfectly balance each other and together summon the power of Creation.

Regressive expansion is a type of gematria utilized for millennia to bring out and spread the power of certain Holy Names. With it the letters in that Name increase progressively from the first to eventually the full Name. For example, the 4 letters in the YHVH (יהוה) spread out into 10 letters as: (י־יה־יהו־יהוה) and its numerical value goes from 26 to 72, as in the 72,000 pathways in our bodies, etc.

Theis is the same concept behind Triangular Numbers and why they are consistently built into the structure of the Torah. The whole preserves and progressively builds cumulatively upon the full potential of the individual components. The 4th Triangular Number is (1 + 2 + 3 + 4) = 10.

This well-established gematria method is also called squaring, and as R’ Chaim Vital of blessed memory put it “All Torah light is spread through squaring.” This expansion is paired with the standard gematria values given by the exponential expansion of the Alef-bet.  It can also be paired with other ciphers as well.

Using the cumulative values of Pi (3.14159…)—3 for Alef(א), (3 + 1) for Bet(ב), (3 + 1 + 4) for Gimmel (ג), etc.—and doing the same for Phi (1.618033…)—1 for Alef(א), (1 + 6) for Bet(ב), (1 + 6 + 1) for Gimmel (ג), etc.—and then adding them together with their respective ordinal values ( 1 – 27 as per the Alef-bet) these new cosmic valuations can be applied to any Hebrew letter or word. In the case of this powerful regressive Name the total goes from 26 for YHVH (יהוה) to 72 for (י־יה־יהו־יהוה) to 620 for (י־יה־יהו־יהוה) when the cosmic ciphers are applied.  This new valuation of 620 is the numerical value of Keter (כתר), the highest and crowning of the 11 dimensions (sefirot) of the Tree-of-Life. This point is so crucial that the Crown, H’Keter (הכתר) squared or 6252 is the exact number of words, letters, and verses in the Torah. “All Torah light is spread through squaring.”

As previously noted, but worth repeating here is that by cosmic design there are exactly 42 Letters in the names of 11 sefirot of the Tree-of-Life, and their 11 initials total 550, which is exactly 20 cubits (20 x 27.5)” just like the 20-cubit per direction dimensions in the Holy of Holies 203 Cube within the Future Holy Temple that lies just beyond the final of the 11 Gates within the Temple Mount, the Gate of 42.

While the Holy of Holies 203 Cube matches dimension for dimension with the 1st and foundation cube of the Tower of Truth, the back letters (רהה) in the 3 highest sefirot, the ones beyond all reach of physicality, total 210 or (5 x 42), and the front letters (בינ-חכמ-כת) in those 3 highest sefirot (Keter, Chochma, and Binah), total 550.

And while the first 5 initials (כחבדח) sum to 42, and all 11 initials in all 11 sefirot (כחבדחגתנהימ) total 550, these match the 4 final (תךץם) letters of numerical value 550 in “The Path of the Tree-of- Life (את־דרך־עץ־החיים)” that leads to the sefirot.

When we speak of the 42-Letter Name, we speak of nothing less than the Tree-of-Life in the center of the Garden of Eden.  Among the 70 branches of the Tree-of-Life and the 70 faces of the Torah we can also understand the serpent as a metaphor upon the Tree and upon the pole.

This is why the difference between the value of Keter (כתר), associated with the regressive Name (י־יה־יהו־יהוה) sitting atop the Tree-of-Life and the juncture of Pi (π) and Phi (φ), and the 550 for the whole of the Tree is (620550) = 70, as in the 70 branches of the 42-Letter Name and in the Tree. The Keter or Crowning moment in the Torah is the 10 Commandments, which have exactly 620 letters in them, and the sit atop the first 70 chapters of the Torah.

When this same gematria process and cipher is applied to the first word of the Torah, Bereshit (בראשית) its value goes from 913 to 2368, as in the year 2368 HC, the year Moses was born.

We may ask how this connection could be possible, but linear time only exists as a convenience in the illusory world.  In the hyper-dimensional realm of consciousness, where there is no need for physicality or the illusion of it, moments in time are just coordinates in interlocking multi-dimensional networks. The distance between them is determined by similarity of form, not by an elaborate illusion of undefinable space.

Joseph had passed away at the age of 110 years, and Pharaoh had new advisors who foretold the birth of Moshiach so Pharaoh ordered the killing of all the Israelite male newborns. We all know his plan did not work and 80 years later Moses would lead the Israelites to Mt Sinai and receive the Torah and the 10 Commandments. The Torah accounts for this in the 80 times the numerical value of Moshiach, 358, is utilized in it. Moses was not the first Patriarch or kabbalist to use the 112 Triplets, but (2368 + 112) = 2480, as in the value of the 5 Names of the 5 Books of Moses, a number reflected in the Name of the 4th Book, Bamidbar (248), the Name Abraham (248), the 248 columns in the Torah, and as in the 248 dimensions of the associated E8 Lattice as we have previously explained in depth throughout Chapter 32.

When those 112 Triplets are added to Abraham (248), we get (112 + 248) = 360, as in the 360o in a circle, which is the intersection of Pi (π) and Phi (ϕ) at the core of Spherical Time. But back to Moses, the addition of 112 to the year the First Holy Temple was destroyed, 3338 HC is (112 + 3338) = 3450, as in 10 times Moses (345) and the number of occurrences in the Torah of the two words Et (את) and V’et (ואת) from its first verse.

That expanded value (620) of Name (י־יה־יהו־יהוה) in 4-fold squaring is 2480. And 2480/4 or 620 is value of the Hebrew word for 20, Esrim (עשרים) as in the value of the name of the first letter in the Name (י־יה־יהו־יהוה), the Yud (יוד) and just to be clear there are 62 letter Yuds (י) in the 10 Commandments for a value of 620, where we find the 620 letters of the 10 Commandments in the 20th Chapter of Exodus. The expansion is in the Names. The connections are built into the system, the neural networks of the universal consciousness, cosmic consciousness.

Pi (π) and Phi (φ) and the Hebrew Alef-bet

As stated, the 27 letters of the Hebrew Alef-bet are the interface with the cosmic language of numbers, which interact with the primordial fields that we know as mathematical constants, the irrational values that shape and give form to our world and that exist as the same entities in our so-called physical world as well as the upper realms.  The complete value of the Alef-bet with the kolel for the 27 letters is 27, plus 378 for the 27 ordinal values, plus 4995 for the 27 standard sofit value of the letters, and this works out to 5400 or an exact average of 200 per letter.

The value Pi (π) is more often than not used as 2π or (6.282…) in physics because of cycles of wave functions. Nonetheless, we see that when the gematria cipher of 2Pi (π) and Phi (φ) is applied to the 27 ordinal places, in other words twice the cumulative values of the digits in Pi (π) plus the cumulative values of the digits in Phi (φ) as they correspond to all 27 letters, they too equal exactly 5400.  There is no way this could happen other then Divine Intent built into the structure of the universe.

When the complete value of the 2Pi (π) and Phi (φ) cipher is applied that total for the Alef-bet goes from 5400 to 5778, the Event Horizon in the Spherical Time.  Now, the basic equations for Spherical Time are:

In these equations C is circumference of the sphere, the 2018 represents the 2018-year radius of the physical time frame, and the 3760 represents the 3760-year radius of spiritual time frame. The year 2018 CE is equal to Hebrew calendar year 5778, and the Hebrew year 3760 is the year “0” on the Western/Gregorian calendar. In Spherical Time, time, or the time pathways radiate outward from the center. The ratio between these two parallel time frames 3760/2018 is the speed of light 186,282 MPS. The value 2889 is the halfway point to the year 5778. It is also the exact halfway point in the 70 years of King David’s life, 2889 HC.

While we see the 2(π) in the equation from the revealing gematria cipher (2πφ) we also see the result of applying that cipher to the Alef-bet, 5778. On the other side of the Spherical Time equation, we have the circumference of the sphere as 36304.24470 or 363 (H’Moshiach) with 424 (Moshiach Ben David) along with the numerical string 4470. Remember, we are reading and interfacing with the language of the Cosmos, numbers. The sum of the first 1000 digits in Pi, representing Binah, where the numerical string 5778 appears 3 times, is 4470. Moreover, when we apply the same complete gematria cipher (2πφ) to the 7 Triplets of the Pi (π) -Serpent half of the 42-Letter Name they too equal 4470.

We can now understand that the time limit or Event Horizon of the 5778-year radius of the Spherical Time radius was determined cosmically by the limits of the values of the Alef-bet and the structure of the fields of the cosmic constants.

It is interesting that Einstein’s Cosmological Constant, the figure that corrects Einstein’s E = MC2 equation, is 2.888 x 10-122 times Planck’s length, or approximately 2889, since the surface temperature of the Earth is 288.8 K and that of the Sun is 5778 K.

As for the Planck Length, we have already discussed in depth the nature of the Planck diameter, h/π, or 21.0914362859 x 1035 and broken down its component numerical strings: such as the 5 times the 42 Names at the summit (210) of physicality; along with the sum (9143) of the 72 Names and its central 4 letters (הרדא) that also equal 210, coupled with 628 or 2(π).

It is all a perfect design, a simulation in the mind of the Creator with flawless purpose and dimensions, and it is our responsibility as occupants of this world, or players in this virtual reality to see beyond the veils and illusions and reach out to the matrix of which we are constructs. Unlike one designed by AI that would seek to indefinitely enslave us, the one Created for us by the Creator has no such need for our captivity and wants only for us to succeed on our journeys toward enlightenment.  Through the interface of the Hebrew Alef-bet and all the tools hidden and embedded in the Torah we were given all that we would need.  It was already just a matter of time.

Primes and Integers and the Hebrew Alef-bet

There are other numbers based on cosmic gematria ciphers that similarly equal 5400 and 5778 when applied to their first 27 digits. When the set of all Integers are lined up one after another and then summed up cumulatively just as was done with Pi (π) and Phi (ϕ) and when the set of all Prime Numbers are considered and the first 27 added to these, the results are likewise extraordinary. The sum of the Integer total and the Prime total plus the Pi (π) cipher plus 3 times the sum (378) of the 27 ordinal values for the 3 component sets is 5400.  Thus, the total of those 3 sets (Primes, Integers, and Pi (π)) plus 4 times the sum (378) of the 27 ordinal values is 5778.

Crossing and comparing the 2Pi (π) and Phi (φ) equation with the Primes, Integers, and Pi (π) plus 3 Ordinal values one, it is obvious everything is dependent on the number 27, but there is no reason within our physics or mathematics that these should equal out at 27, the number of letters in the Alef-Bet. There is though a hyper-dimensional mathematical connection that may play a part once we can better understand the language of the cosmos. The sum of the cumulative total for the first 27 digits of Pi (π) is 1733, as in the small gematria of the 42-Letter Name (173), and the same total for Phi (φ) is 1934. Together they equal 3667. Likewise, the Primes, Integers plus 3 Ordinal values equal 3667, and 1/3.667 = .27270248

It should be noted that 54 x 107 is 5778 and that the sum of first 107 integers, the 107th Triangular Number is 5778, as in the 107,000th letter in the Torah after the word Bereshit, where we find the 10 Commandments. It should also be noted that the sum of the digits in 5778 is 27.

Mathematicians will readily realize that the cumulative set of Integers is in reality the set of Triangular Numbers so ingrained into the structure of the Torah.

It seems as if the Creator always meant for us to find these 4 sets of 27 at the core of all our mathematical principles, the driving functions behind our cosmology and existence, which is why the first verse of the Torah has standard gematria value of 2701, the 73rd Triangular Number, all the integers summed through 73. Just as He designed the Torah so that the first 8 words or 33 letters would equal 3003 and be the 77th Triangular Number, all the integers summed through 77, with 27 forming a cube of 33.

Maybe He just wanted us to realize that the number 27 was extraordinarily special, or perhaps He wanted us to discover the importance of the Essential Cube of Creation, the Magic and unique Cube of 42 with its 27 ordinal positions that sum to 378, the Cube at the source of Creation.

After all, the 42-Letter Name has a standard value of 3701 which is the inverse of 2701 in that 1/3701 = .0002701 and the difference between the standard value of the 42-Letter Name and the key interim value 3667 is (37013667) = 324 = (12 x 27), as in the time-coefficient 12. Moreover, the sum of the set of 27 Prime Numbers totals 1264, as in the 126 sum of each 4-sided face and plane of the Essential Cube of Creation, along with the 3-Axes Triplets. Moreover, its central ordinal position has a complete gematria value of 64, corresponding to the letter Nun (נ).

Hyper-dimensional mathematics shows us the unworldly connections between these comic ciphers, the Alef-bet, and through their interim value equation (1/36.67 = .027270248) to 27; to the 42-Letter Name through 1/3701 = .0002702; to the universal cosmic harmonic (273) that our solar system and Torah is scaffolded on, including absolute zero degrees Kelvin, -273o C, the sum of the molecular weights of the 20 amino acids in our bodies, and the exact average of the set of 11 Triplets of Bereshit; to the 248 dimensions of the E8 Lattice reflected throughout the Torah. Nonetheless, the cosmic truth is far simpler in that 3667 is 11/3, as in the 11 sefirot split into the 3 Column Tree-of-Life. We saw this prime cosmic relationship before in Chapter 32 Part T with the equations integrally relating the Fine Structure Constant, the 42-Letter Name, and the Primal Frequency (27.5 Hz).


The connection between the Prime Numbers and the Alef-bet should not be a surprise to us as we know that the prime equation that utilizes the string of the Prime Numbers is 1/.235711131719… = 4.24248100…, giving us 42 and 4248, the numerical value of the 22 Names of the 27 Letters along with the 100th Prime, 541, the numerical value of Israel.

What does this all mean for us? We cannot be sure other than the Creator went to extraordinary lengths to encode this in the Torah and to build this into the 22 Hebrew Letters and 5 special final letters that complete the 27.

A Pocket of 22,000 Letters

There is a seemingly incongruent timeline of 5 consecutive portions in the Book of Exodus: Yitro, Mishpatim, Terumah, Tetzaveh, and Ki Thisa, stretching from Exodus chapters 20 – 34; from paragraph 54 to 130; and from the 10 Commandments to the second set of Tablets.  Just to put that into perspective, that span of the 5 portions that have 22 letters in their combined 5 Hebrew portion names is exactly 22,000 letters, 5788 words, 441 verses, 77 paragraphs and 15 chapters.

As we know, there is a shift of 54 units or 13 degrees when the Alef-bet is split into odd-even letters verses a Phi (φ) proportion, and the connections with 54 and 5778 and with Mt Sinai of numerical value 130 are obvious.

As for the 441 verses, 441 is the gematria of Emet, truth, as in the Tower of Truth, and with 22,000 letters there are exactly 1000 letters on average for each of the 22 in the Alef-bet. Moreover, these 5 portions represent 7.2% of the entire Torah, a possible reference to the 72 Triplets.  Then, while the total gematria of those 22,000 letters is 1733324, it is debatable whether the 173 reflects the 173 small gematria value of the 42-Letter Name in a similar way that the Top Quark having a mass of 173.07 GeV/c2 may or may not reflect it as well, but as we now understand, 1733 is the cumulative sum of the 27 digits of Pi (π) and 324 is difference between the key interim value 3667 and 3701, the value of the 42-Letter Name. Furthermore, 1733324/26, the value of the ineffable Name YHVH (יהוה) is precisely 66666.308. Not to mention that the 5788 words less the 10 Commandments that bookend the 5 portions and 77 paragraphs both reference 5778.

He went to extraordinary lengths indeed, and we are only reading this at the edge of the interface.

The 7 Triplets of the Fiery Serpent

In Devarim chapter 7, paragraph 27, all the blessings and rewards for the Israelites if they obey the Creator’s commandments are laid out. Then in the 8th Chapter they are warned about becoming complacent. In 8:15 it says:

The simple interface between worlds explains with simple standard gematria and illustrates that the word for wilderness, Bmidbar (במדבר) has the value 248 and Hgadol (הגדל) has a numerical value of 42 as in the 248-column x 42-row Matrix that is the Torah and that makes up the 223 difference between the 58 words, letters, and verses in the Torah and the 248,000φ words, letters, verses, rows, and columns in the Torah. Using that same simple standard gematria generated by the exponential curve of the Alef-bet, the word scorpions (ועקרב) has a numerical value of 378, as in the sum of the 27 ordinal values of the Essential Cube of Creation; the word for snake (נחש) has a numerical of 358, that of Moshiach; and fiery serpents (שרף) is 580, the counterspace analogue to 420. It also has a sofit value of 1300, as in the value of the word Echad, One, times 100, which coincides with 378 being the numerical value of “Echad Ushmo Echad, He and His Name are One.”

While the word scorpions (ועקרב) contains the 3 letters (קרע) from the 3rd Triplet of the 42-Letter Name Matrix. It also contains the word heel, (עקב) which very well may refer to our generation and snakes biting us.

The Great and Terrifying Wilderness

The 3-word phrase within this verse, the great and terrifying desert (בַּמִּדְבָּר הַגָּדֹל וְהַנּוֹרָא), contains the word for desert Bmidbar (במדבר) where the Israelites spend 40 years and where the Name of the 4th Book Bmidbar (במדבר) comes from. This Book in English is called Numbers. We already discussed how this Name/word has a value of 248 and begins with the letters (במ) of numerical value 42 followed by the letters (דב) or 42 again.  The final letters of the 3 words (רלא) have a numerical value, and also a string value, of 231, as in the 231 Gates of Wisdom, which as Abraham Avinu taught us 3800 years ago are all the possible combinations the letter pairs of the 22 Letters of the Alef-bet. He illustrated this by setting them in a circle and connecting 231 chords between the letters. Meanwhile, the value of Bmidbar (במדבר) with the kolel for the 5 letters is 253, the 22nd Triangular Number or sum of the integers through 22.

Correspondingly, the complete Prime Number gematria of “I am God (יהוה אנכי)” that begins the 10 Commandments is likewise 231.

Moreover, the initials in (בַּמִּדְבָּר הַגָּדֹל וְהַנּוֹרָא) equal 13, as in Echad (אחד), One, as in “The Lord is One” from the Shema, while the katan value of the phrase is 54, reflecting the Phi (ϕ) shift of 54 units or 13o when Pi (π) is applied to the linear value of the alphabet and the 22 letters of the Alef-bet are bent into a circle  Nonetheless, what is truly communicative in this phrase is that the middle letters total 314, or Pi (π).

Without the understanding of the deepest levels, the ability to read the interface and connect the cosmic dots or breadcrumbs left for us to follow, we would read that phrase as a scary place, instead of realizing the Israelites spent 40 years in the womb of the Cosmos. The Hebrew word for womb, rechem (רחם), also has a numerical value of 248, just like Bmidbar (במדבר). The Torah with its 248 dimensions and 248 x 42 structure can be just such a cosmic womb as well.  The wilderness is the Cosmos, the place of the consciousness, where the Israelites took 42 journeys after crossing over the “Endless Sea.”

Together the 3-word 11 Letter phrase’s (נָחָשׁ שָׂרָף וְעַקְרָב) sofit ordinal values total 173, as in the 42-Letter Name, the entwined cosmic serpents of Pi (π) and Phi (ϕ), and they mimic the 3-column structure of the 11 sefirot of the Tree-of-Life, while the central letters in the 3 words total 578.

Everything stated above about chapters 7 and 8 of the 5th Book applies to the Israelites as they were being prepped to enter Israel. The value 358 is also the complete Pi (π) cosmic gematria of Israel (ישראל) whose Pi (π) and Phi (φ) gematria is 620, as in Keter, the highest level of the Tree-of-life. Each one of the gematria ciphers, both of the interface and of the cosmic level, are a separate network of numbers, and where they intersect are nodes or junction points.  The network of the standard interface gematria for the Torah has exactly 210 vertices that form a 10-dimensional cube of 210 or 1024 vertices. Many of those vertices connect to multiple different words, all with the same standard gematria value, like the seemingly diametrically opposed snake and Moshiach, both 358, yet if we cannot comprehend the association, it is only because each of those numbers behind the nodes represents a specific cosmic energy that are all-important yet incomprehensible to us, like sunlight or wind to a plant.

The Hebrew interfaces indirectly follow the form of that energy and give it a shape that hints at what lies beyond, but that is only on our current level of comprehension. The networks provide nuances and help us associate distinct concepts. If we could really trace the pathways, we would better understand what is being conveyed to us. Right now, we are just reading shadows of projections and interpreting them through mythology and belief systems, some misunderstood from the Torah, some developed as coping mechanisms over the ages, and many developed as the agendas of those who would want to control and manipulate us. Nevertheless, as we raise our gaze above the horizon, and go from reading the English, to reading the Hebrew as words, to reading the Hebrew through ciphers in order to see the numerical representations of the spiritual and cosmic energy and the relationships or algorithms that bind them, we step by step expand the channeling power of our minds, elevate our consciousness, and draw closer to the Creator.

From time to time or at any given moment, we can become inspired by the beauty around us and see the force and love of G-d in it, but as long as a bright green blade of grass, a violet flower petal, or a field of snow against a deep blue sky is grass, flowers, or scenery we are only seeing the illusion. Sometimes though, that is all it takes to awaken us, as most of do not take the time to even notice the beauty in the Divinely created illusion.

He and His Name are One

Along the Network of One is the juncture of 13 which has two main interfaces, Echad (אחד), One and Ahava (אהבה), meaning love, representing two overwhelming forces and attributes of the Creator. Along with the network of 42, the Network of One appears to be one of the most important, which is why it encompasses the exponent 1.313 that the entire Alef Bet is based on, and the 1313 BCE year the Torah was transferred on Mt Sinai (130) and the (13 + 13) = 26 value of the YHVH (יהוה).

Right through the heart of the Network of One is the Path of One from (11391455 1820) where 13 is the sum of the first 13 integers; 91 as the 13th Triangular Number is the sum of the cumulative first 13 integers: 455, is the sum of the 3 iterations of the higher Name Ehyeh (אהיה), and the sum of the cumulative sums through 91, which is the sum of the first 13 Triangular Numbers; then following that chain, 1820 is the sum of those 13 cumulative sums through 455, and represents the exact 1820 YHVH (יהוה) in the Torah. Those 1820 YHVH (יהוה) are constructed out of the 90,100 Yuds(י), Heis(ה), and Vavs (ו) in the Torah and not only is that the 424th Triangular Number, the sum all the integers through 424, and Moshiach Ben David, but of the 35 factors of 90,100, one set is 2 x 45050, another is 5 x 18020, and yet another is 10 x 9010, all from the Path of One.

The cosmic Pi (π) cipher reveals a rather a special aspect to the fiery serpent. Through it, we see that the fiery serpent has a gematria value of 820, the same as the standard value of the quintessential 3-word Torah phrase from Vayikra 19:18, “Love they neighbor as yourself וְאָהַבְתָּ לְרֵעֲךָ כָּמוֹךָ.“ While that value is the 40th Triangular Number, as in the 40 years in the desert, the sum of the 40 integers from 26 to 65 equals 1820, from the YHVH (יהוה) of numerical value 26 to its pronounceable associated Name Adonai (אדני) or 65, completing the 7dimensions of Zeir Anpinwith our world,Malchut, as in the unification (26 + 65) = 91.

One cipher network that intersects with the Network of One through the juncture of 13 and Echad (אחד), One, is the cubing of the individual standard exponentially derived letter values. Thus Echad (אחד) goes from 13 to (13 + 83 + 43) = 577.  Meanwhile the cosmic cipher Pi (π) plus Phi (φ) intersects directly on the Path of One with a valuation of 91 for Echad (אחד).

The 90,100 Yuds(י), Heis(ה), and Vavs (ו) in the Torah account for 30% of all the letters in the Torah and the 4th root of 90,100 is 17.32531732… with 173 being the small gematria of the 42-Letter Name and 253 being the 22nd Triangular Number.


Earlier, we illustrated the Arizal’s explanation that 1/(600,000/70/12/3) = 42, the Divine Source of Creation.   The Path of One leads there as well since 1/(1 + 13 + 91 + 455 + 1820) = 42, the point of singularity.

Adam (אדם), Man, from which those 600,000 descended, is an acronym for Adam-David-Moshiach, which is why the exact midpoint in the 70 years of King David’s life, 2889 HC, is the midpoint to 5778 HC.

Using the basic Hebrew ciphers, we see that Adam (אדם) has an ordinal value of 18, as in “The One (האחד),” whose square root is 4.2426408, or Moshiach Ben David along with the missing 408 component letters from the 600,000. By the way, (6 x 408) = 2448, as in 2448 HC, when the Torah was given, and the Log (600,000) = 5.778. Adam (אדם) has a spelled-out or milui gematria of 625, as in the Crown, H’Keter (הכתר), the square root of the Torah’s words, letters, and verses. Using the mispar kidmi or Triangular Value gematria Adam (אדם) attains the value of 156, the same of Joseph, or (6 x 26) and squaring the standard Hebrew letters values in Adam (אדם) gives it a value of 1617, or (φ -1).

Using the cosmic ciphers, we see that Adam (אדם) with a simple Pi (π) cipher attains the value of 73, the sefira of Chochma that aligns with the Torah’s first verse, and with the complete Pi (π) cipher it is 91, setting it squarely on the Path of One. When we use the sofit verse of Adam (אדם) that 91 becomes 156, and the complete Phi (φ) cipher becomes 173, as in the 42-Letter Name.

Meanwhile the same complete 2πφ cipher that gave us 5778 for the entire Alef-bet, gives us 248 for Adam (אדם), and its complete Pi (π) Phi (φ) cipher is 175, representing Abraham (248) and his age, 175.

In the Prime Number cipher, Adam (אדם) is simply 50, as in the 50-year jubilee period that the Torah told us to start counting from at Mt Sinai in 2448 HC, 66.6 jubilee years ago, and as in the 50-cubit height of the Gates in the Future Holy Temple, all except the final Gate, the 6 x 7 Gate of 42.

These are just but a few of the myriad examples of cosmic hyper-dimensional mathematics at work to form what the Kabbalists called the black fire projected onto the white fire, the Torah. It is through these shadows of projections that we can glean insights into the spiritual upper dimensional realms.  Once we learn to understand we can see the imprinting on our physical simulation as well, but the Torah was given to us as a cryptic cosmic guidebook.

If we are intuitive enough, we can pick up on some of these patterns of energetic flows by watching rivers meander through the valleys, the fog works its way through the streets of San Francisco, or the currents in the air over the fields and forests, but rarely is their enough quiet these days. Our generation was given the tools with which we can grasp the physics of the cosmos and decode the technology of the Torah. Each generation was meant to work with what they were given.  We are the generation of knowledge.  The illusion is that more often than not it appears as if we are the generation of idiocy, and of misguided and abused knowledge.

The 7 Triplets

Now that the language of the Cosmos and the Hebrew Letters as its interface have been firmly established let us analyze the 7 Triplets that make up the fiery serpent and its place within the 112 Triplets of Creation that have been concealed and preserved for us within the Torah.

As discussed throughout Chapter 32, the basis of hyper-dimensional mathematics is geometry: from the Essential Triangle of Creation based on the length 173; the Essential 27-position or coordinate Cube of Creation based on the number 42; the Triplets, which are really the faces of Tetrahedra; the cuboctahedra; the other hyperdimensional cubes like the 210 hypercube where all the Torah’s word values align, and the 248 dimensional E8 Lattice with all its subordinate symmetries tied to the Torah. This article, as advised, will not deal with any of those as they can already be found by searching or reading through Chapter 32 and the journey that we have been taking together throughout it.

Nevertheless, whenever we come across a value such as 81, which equals 34, we should recognize it as an expansion from the 33 Essential Cube to a hypercube and as it happens there are 81 digits (positions or coordinates) in the 3 sets of 27 elements in the Pi (π), Phi (φ) and Integer sets, and the sum of those 34 digits is 336, as in the 336 Letters in the 112 Essential Triplets.  This matches and aligns with the complete Prime cipher value (336) for the Name Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh (אהיה־אשר־אהיה), the higher winged Name of Binah, “I am that I am,” whose winged Names (אהיה) have a standard value of 42; and an ordinal value of 42; and a central Name (אשר) with an ordinal value of 42; and a katan value of 3142. It is utilized but once in the Torah at Exodus 3:14. The Cosmos do not take any number or digit lightly, nor is anything overlooked or without purpose, nor is any letter in the Torah out of place or sequence, no matter how redundant or trivial or oddly worded our primitive minds may find it.

This is why, if the Creator set aside 7 special Triplets for us, a sequence of 21 Letters within 42 within 304,805 we should pay attention, especially since 21 is the numerical value of that high Name Ehyeh (אהיה), and 42 is its complete value, and that Name is found exactly 7 times in the Torah. The total value of those 7 times is thus (7 x 21) = 147, which is the complete 2Pi (π) and Phi (φ) cipher value for Echad (אחד), One. This is the same cipher that gives us 5778, the Event Horizon, for the 27 letters of the Alef-bet. To borrow from the Greeks, from “Alpha to Omega.” Keep in mind there is nothing Man can do to effect or change these numbers; they were set into the Cosmos before Man’s existence was even contemplated.  Statistics are completely manipulable and in the eye of the beholder; history and facts change as fast as keystrokes typed into global search engines; truth is subjective; and everything in this physical world is unfolding as an illusion. The one constant that neither man nor AI has any effect or control over are the underlaying numbers, mathematics, and geometries that the Cosmos and our universe is constructed from. Is there more beyond those numbers? Certainly. The numbers mean nothing without the aspects and forces of the Creator that guide them. This is why the ancient spiritual texts often equate numbers with angels and so many things are listed numerically in the Torah with large camps of numbers.

In the Hebrew Alef-bet, the Alpha and the Omega are Alef (א) and Tav (ת) who combine to form the 4th word of the Torah Et (את) and whose complete value is 424, that of Moshiach Ben David.

Knowledge for Our Time Only

In the Zohar, channeled and written in Aramaic nearly 2000 years ago by Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai, in the section devoted to Torah portion Acharei Mot, Rabbi Shimon quotes Kohelet 1:7, “All the rivers run into the sea; yet the sea is not full….”  Then he immediately speaks about the end of days saying, “I wonder about people, that they have no eyes to see, no heart to observe, they do not know or pay attention to the wishes of their Master.  How asleep they are and do not awaken before the day will come when thick darkness will cover them; the owner of the deposit will demand his due accounting from them.”
Then after calling them fools and lovers of foolishness, the Zohar continues, “Come and see: Later generations will come when Torah will be forgotten among them, the wise with gather in their own place and there won’t be found anyone who can begin to explain and finalize [the Torah]. Woe to that generation. From here on, there will not be a generation like the present one until the generation of King Messiah (Moshiach), when knowledge will awaken in the world, as it is written, “For they shall all know Me, from the lowest of them to the greatest of them”(Jeremiah 31:33).

Then later in the same section, in paragraph 303, we hear of the mysteries of the Holy Name and are told that they cannot be comprehended:
“…This is a matter that mankind cannot comprehend, nor can it rise in their minds, not to mention saying it with their mouths. Even supernal angels and the most sublime cannot comprehend it, as these matters are the mysteries of the Holy Name. There are 14,050,000 worlds dependent upon the stroke of the Aleph (א) [which according to Rav Ashlag, refers to the stroke of the upper Yud (י) of the Aleph], and the 72 Holy Names [Triplets ] are engraved in the impressed letters in them.  The high and low beings; heaven, earth, and the seat of glory of the King – are hanging from one side to the other [from the upper stroke to the lower stroke, Yud (י)] of the expansion of the Aleph(א).  They sustain all the worlds and are the supports of the upper and the lower beings within the secret of wisdom.”

As Rav Yehuda Tzvi Brandwein of blessed memory explained to me several years ago the Upper Yud (י) corresponds to 14,050,000 worlds and filling in the blanks he said the lower Yud (י) corresponds to 300,109,265 worlds.

What we see as numbers the tzaddikim of lore saw as camps of angels or worlds so for Rabbi Shimon, what we know as Pi (π) is a merging of two large aspects of the Creator. Applying Cosmic grammar to the language of Numbers this becomes easier to grasp.  Alef (אלף) is the first letter of the Hebrew alphabet, but it is also the last in that the letter Alef (אלף) can have the numerical value of both 1 and of 1000, making it the lowest and the highest in their exponential gematria scale, representing the beginning and the end. As the Arizal explains the Alef (אלף) can thus also assume the value 1001.  Moreover, the Name of the letter Alef (אלף) when spelled out–a more potent version of the letter–takes on the numerical value of 111, so it is quite astonishing that when we divide 300109265 worlds by the total numerical value of all 28 letters of the Torah’s first verse (2701) we get 300109265/2701 = 111110 = 1001 x 111 = Alef (א) X Alef (אלף). Perhaps this is why the cosmic Prime cipher gave the word Echad (אחד) the value 28.

Or viewed another way, the 300109265 worlds divided by Alef (א) X Alef (אלף) = 2701, the Torah’s first verse, the 73rd Triangular Number. Another meaning to “He and His Name are One.” All aspects of the Creator.

This is why the Zohar section above begins with, “Come and see: The first subject of Torah we give to children is the Alphabet.”

The total standard gematria of the entire Torah is 21,009,826. We can call them values, energy founts, or worlds; nevertheless, when we divide them by the 14,050,000 worlds we get 1.495…, the standard gematria value of the sum of all 22 letters of Hebrew alphabet.  Then if we divide the 300,109,265 worlds by 21,009,826, we get 14.28423372, representing the set of 112 Triplets in so many ways and in so many cosmic networks.

The 10 Triplets of Pi

Pi (3.14159265358979323846264338327…) can also be broken down to 3-digit numerical strings—Triplets, like in the 112 Essential Triplets of the Torah:

When we do and add the 1st, 2nd, 5th, and 6th Triplet strings, we get (314 + 159 + 979 + 323) = 1775, as in the non-sofit sum of the 27 Letters of the Alef-bet.

And when we add the 7th, 8th, 9th, and 10th strings they also add up (846 + 264 + 338 + 327) to 1775, the sum of the 27 Hebrew letters of the Essential Cube of Creation.

Of the two remaining Triplet, the 3rd and 4th that are not part of the 3550 or twin 1775 Alef-bet totals, the 4th one is 358, a reference to Moshiach and 265 is a fusion of the ineffable Name YHVH (יהוה) of numerical value 26 and its pronounceable associated Name Adonai (אדני) of numerical value 65. Then as we learned Chapter 32 Part Q, the two together (265358) are manifested in the result of the simple division of the Fine Structure Constant by the Primal Frequency (27.5 Hz) or (1/137.03599)/27.5 = .00265358. The Fine Structure Constant is one of the Constants that the physics of our physical universe are dependent upon.

Moreover, the 2nd and 3rd Triplets (159 + 265) = 424, Moshiach Ben David, and the 7th and 8th (846 + 264) = 1110 or 10 x Alef (א), while the 1st, 314 is the value of the Name of G-d, Shadai (שדי) found on every mezuza.

Altogether the 10 Triplets of Pi (π) total 4173, as the katan value (173) of the 42-Letter Name, it is also 27 less than 4200.

The Torah mentions both the 3550 total in the census of 603,550 men and the 1775 total in the 1775 shekels Moses was falsely accused of stealing, which were accounted for in one of the 42 construction elements of the Tabernacle.

The sum of the digits in the set of the first 27 Primes Numbers is 220 or 8 x 27.5 Hz, the Primal Frequency. And while the 8 corners of the 27 position Essential Cube of Creation equal 112, and 8 x 42 = 336, that 336-sum of the 81 digits in the 3 sets of Pi (π), Phi (ϕ) and Integer sets align well with the equation of the sum of the 27 Hebrew Letters with their non-sofit values, 1775. When that 1775 is added to the 27 cumulative digits of Pi (π) and Phi (φ) and to 336 they too equal 5778. Knowledge meant for our time.

The 7 Triplets of the Fiery Serpent

The 7 Triplets of the fiery serpent of Phi (ϕ) begin on the 1st tier of the 42-Letter Name Matrix and end on the 7th.

The 1st (יתץ) and 7th (צית) corresponding or landing Triplets for the head and tail of this undulating serpent have a numerical value of 1000, which when added to the 1618 or Phi (φ) field, makes 2618 or Phi φ2), and not only does 1000 or 1 make the perfect representation of the pole but their complete value of 1100 is 10 x 110, the value of pole (נֵס) and the convergent point of the two Primal Frequencies (27.5 Hz and 1.1 Hz).

It is easier to visualize the 7 Triplets of the fiery serpent lined up vertically:

In this form, we can see that the gematria values of 4 of the 7 Triplets—the 1st, 3rd, 4th, and 5th—Triplets in the snaking Name equal (6 + 57 + 493 + 110) = 666, all wrapped about the missing 2nd Triplet in the consecutive sequence, satan (שטן) of numerical value 359, while the remaining two triplets have a combined value of 593, a permutation of 359.

And right in the center of this vertical tower of 7 Triplets we see in the initials of the 3rd, 4th, and 5th Triplets the word Netzach (נצח), the sefira meaning Victory. And it is entwined with the word for serpent (נחש) of numerical value 358, as in Moshiach.

Unless specifically stated otherwise, when referring to a letter or word value, kabbalists are by default referring to the standard exponential value scale. That said, those 4 letters (שנצח) together add up to 448, as in the 448-dimensional spatial coordinates of the 112 Essential Triplets and/or the 28 Interconnected Tetrahedra that consequently form the 448 edges of the 7-dimensional hypercube. Just a shadowy projection of upper dimensional geometric forms—the real neural network.

Those same 4 letters (שנצח) as a numerical string equal 3598 containing the value satan (שטן) once again.

Opposite Netzach (נצח) within the 7 Triplets of the fiery serpent are the letters (בגד) of the 7 Planetary Letters. Then on the opposite side of the 4 Triplets of the entwined serpent (נחש) and Netzach (נצח) are the 4 sequential final letters (בגדן) and they have a numerical sofit value of 709, as in all 7 Planetary Letters.


The letter Caf (כ), the letter assigned to represent the Sun as explained to us by Abraham Avinu 3800 years ago is aligned with the head or first Triplet of the 7 Triplets of the fiery serpent. It is followed by the letter Resh (ר) for Mercury. The 3 letters (בגד) of Saturn, Jupiter, and Mars in the middle have already been explicitly incorporated. The 6th tier is aligned with the letter Pe (פ) directly found as the initial of this Triplet (פזק), and the final letter of the Alef-bet Tav (ת) for the Moon is aligned with the Tail, as is to be expected. Fittingly, the numerical value of the name of the letter Tav (תו) is the exact same as its matching 7th Triplet (שקו), 406. Also fittingly, the Sun (כ) and the Moon (ת), the head and the tail equal 420.

The Torah specifically tells us in Numbers 21:4 that the soul (נֶפֶשׁ) of the people had become impatient and lost its way, which is why we find the word soul (נֶפֶשׁ) also entwined with Netzach (נצח), victory and nachash (נחש).

The 7 Triplets of the fiery serpent restored life to the venom-infected snake bite victims, ending what was considered a plague. We can juxtapose with them all 7 Names of the 7 Planetary Letters.  The total ordinal value of the 7 Triplets of the fiery serpent that the Creator told Moses to set upon a pole is 232, as in the 4 aspects of the YHVH (יהוה), which as we know is the derivative of the Primal Frequency (27.5 Hz).

Meanwhile the sum of the ordinal values of the 7 spelled-out Names of the Planetary Letters with the kolel, is also 232.

As is the ordinal value of the final 3 tiers of the full 42-Letter Name Matrix.

Impale Them Publicly

Every verse in the Torah tells multiple stories and on the deepest level the interface between the worlds glows brightest, illuminating innumerable secrets that help us deal with physicality and connect to the forces of elevation in the spiritual realms. Some verses convey more than others, and some were meant to be revealed in specific time frames, imparting specific and necessary knowledge. And when we tune into that interface of the cosmic language, we can understand how some verses also foreshadow future events. One such poignant verse is the 19-word verse 25:4 of paragraph 107 in the Book of Numbers:

It is found at the end of parsha Balak where Pinchas follows G-d’s instructions and brings peace, ending the plague that killed 24,000.

Juxtaposing the 3 nearby incidents in the Torah, the appearance of the two adversaries, the impalement of the fiery serpent upon a pole as an antidote to the plague/venom, and the impalement of the tribal leaders to end yet another related plague reveals the appropriate timing and future meaning behind the verses.

We have already seen how the fiery serpent and the adversary connect to the year 5778 (2018 CE) and now we see this latest remedy also connects through the Book’s 107th paragraph, as in 5778, the 107th Triangular Number and the sum of all the integers through 107.  The words for “G-d’s anger (אַף-יְהוָה)” utilized in this verse also equal 107 and the vowels used in it equal 42.

This is also like the words “Anochi YHVH (אנכי־יהוה) I am G-d” that is also equivalent to 107 and that initiates the 10 Commandments at the 107,007th letter in the Torah in the 70th paragraph of the Torah.

The word used for anger (אַף) in “G-d’s anger (אַף-יְהוָה)” means nose and it refers to flared nostrils, so it is a very odd way of saying anger, which means the Creator went to great lengths to make this connection to 107, 5778, and the 10 Commandments for us. Perhaps, the incident is meant to show us that He was (is) serious about keeping those 10 Commandments, and the consequence of falling off the path.

One of the first secrets we learn about this verse is the use of the Triplet (נגד) as the word “reverse (נֶגֶד).” This word is also the 3rd Triplet (נגד) in the fiery serpent, and it immediately follows the Triplet (שטן), giving us the expression “reverse (against) satan.” It was also part of that vertical initial sequence 359 and snake (נחש), as in “reverse or oppose the snake and create Moshiach (also 358).” This is why it is important to be able to understand and read the cosmic networks. The numerical value of this Triplet (נגד) is 57 and with its ordinal value of 21, its complete value is 78, as in 5778.

This understanding is further hinted at in the value of the initials (נה) and final letters (דש) of another oddly worded phrase in the verse “נֶגֶד־הַשָּׁמֶשׁ Against the Sun.” These 4 letters (נדהש) equal 359, that of satan (שטן), the adversary.

There are 70 levels of understanding of the Torah and at the simplest level the word reverse (against or oppose) in the phrase that is used (נֶגֶד־הַשָּׁמֶשׁ) here means publicly.  It also literally means against the Sun, as in “in the light of day” which belies another secret understanding in that the Sun is one of the 7 Planets and the complete value of “the Sun (הַשָּׁמֶשׁ) with the kolel is 709, as in the sum of the 7 Planetary Letters, meaning the phrase can be understood to mean “to reverse the 7 Planets,” and in particular the Sun, in other words, to reverse fate. It is a deep and powerful secret.

It also means the Sun can engulf the other planets, and that this can be reversed.

“In the light of day” or out in the open may also be hinting at the year 5778 through the surface temperature of the Sun, 5778 K from where our light ostensibly comes from.

Moreover, the katan (small) value of the 7 Triplets of the fiery serpent is 79, as in the ordinal value of the 7 Planetary Letters (בגדכפרת), which is likewise 79.

The word Sun (הַשָּׁמֶשׁ) also contains the 5th Triplet (מהש) of the 72 Names (Triplets); the one particularly associated with healing.  This is also why the Torah’s 5th Word, “The Heavens (השמים)” both contains this same 5th Triplet (מהש) and when the Complete Phi(φ) and Pi (π) gematrias are applied, it has the same 709 numerical value as the 7 Planetary Letters.

Given that the surface temperature of the Sun is 5778 K we are further reminded that G-d’s anger, the real great reset, is set to happen through the Sun’s nova cycle as the next wave crests in the galactic current sheet, and that the 24,000 who died in the plague may be a sly reference to the Lake Mungo extinction event that happened 24,000 years ago along the 12,000-year and 6,000-year cycle and half cycle of these global reset Solar and galactic events, just like Noah’s Flood.

As previously explained the solar shedding is an interaction of magnetic forces that builds and snaps in non-uniform ways, so the 12,000-years is an approximation based on physics and the evidence etched into our planet. It could just as easily be a (5778 x 2) year cycle as in the Spherical Time equation, which works out (12,000444) years, and as Rav Ashlag explained to me 444 is the numerical value of “L’dor V’dor, from generation to generation (לדר־ודר)” and 444/22 = 20.18, as in 2018 CE (5778 HC), the value with the kolel of the word Emet (אמת), Truth.

As we ponder this, we must keep in mind that the cosmos was designed so that One and Love would share a core pathway and an entwined network as two of the most important of the 13 Aspects of the Creator. The system built for our souls, our consciousness, is based on unconditional love, which happens to be the same numerical value (506) as the first tier of the 42-Letter Name Matrix, and also of the complete gematria of Moshiach Ben David. It is also the sum of the set of the first 11 integer squares (12 + 22112), as in the spreading light of all 11 sefirot. So yes, Oneness with the Creator means Love, which means that however bleak it may look at any given moment in time, the system was designed for our successful elevation in order to advance our consciousness to the next level.

We should not ask derogatively why we were born in this conflicted and troubled generation or even if there really were any generations before us. We should just accept the challenge we were brought into and conquer it. It is this generation that has been given all the necessary tools and only this one that can elevate past the coming great reset. Plenty of ascendant masters have done it throughout this cycle and throughout who knows how many others, but only this generation at the edge of the Event Horizon can do it as a generational collective.  In their pursuit of their own agendas of physically escaping the next reset by hiding underground or whatever, the Titans have installed an almost slave like omnipresent hive mentality into the population, but with the help of the fiery serpent, understanding of the true cosmos, and love and awe (Oneness) with the Creator the polarity in that hive, like the magnetic field of our planet, can be flipped.  The Torah told us that at the last great reset only Noach and his immediate family elevated. The Titans ruled the day back then too and nothing could wake the people out of their delusions.  The Torah warned us in the 210 years of exile in Egypt what that enslavement would be like and how difficult it would be to sever the shackles that bind us to our physical desires and taskmasters.  The Torah repeated warned us to overcome our fears of the Titans and that when we did G-d would be on our side. The Torah repeatedly warned us against idol worship, the choosing of the physical over the cosmic or spiritual.  As explained in The Genesis Prayer by using the 13 Candles of the 112 Triplets and in particular the 42-Letter Name we are letting go of the illusions of physicality and accepting the alternate reality of the universe, where our consciousness actually resides and awaits our reunion, olam haba, the World to Come. It is up to us individually to awaken or not. If we can then help enough other people to awaken past a critical mass the entire generation can be elevated.

He and His Name are One

The word for impale (וְהוֹקַע) has the gematria 181 as in the 42nd Prime Number and the 181 sum of the first 42 digits in the set of Prime Numbers. Moreover, the sum of the digits through 181 (the 42nd Prime Number) is 378, the 27th Triangular Number as we have seen utilized in the cosmic ciphers and the Essential Cube of Creation. It is also (9 x 42). The value 378 is also the gematria of the powerful phrase tied to Moshiach, “He and His Name are One (Echad Usho Echad)”, and there are 181 digits in 111! (factorial) with 111 being the numerical value of Alef (אלפ), One (1).

With its prefix (ו) the word for impale (וְהוֹקַע) attains a gematria value of 187, as in the 6th Triplet (פזק) in the fiery serpent, the one that includes (זק) of numerical value 107. And like the 54 letters in the verse, which match up with the 54 portions in the Torah, there are likewise 187 chapters in the Torah.

While the ordinal value of the 54 letters in (קַח אֶת-כָּל-רָאשֵׁי הָעָם, וְהוֹקַע אוֹתָם לַיהוָה, נֶגֶד הַשָּׁמֶשׁ; וְיָשֹׁב חֲרוֹן אַף-יְהוָה, מִיִּשְׂרָאֵל) is 580, making it equivalent to the other name used in this portion for the fiery serpent, seraph (שָׂרָף), we are reminded that (54 x 107) = 5778. “…take all the leaders of the people and publicly impale them, reversing fate and the anger of G-d against Israel.” Also, 580/Phi(φ) is 358, Moshiach.  The ordinal sofit count is exactly 42 more than 580.

The 8 initials (קאכרהואל) of the phrase “take all the leaders of the people and impale them (קַח אֶת-כָּל-רָאשֵׁי הָעָם, וְהוֹקַע אוֹתָם לַיהוָה)” total 363, the gematria of H’Moshiach. This referred to the idolators who were seduced into worshiping false pagan gods, the objects of physicality. Once again, the Torah is both foreshadowing and giving us the antidote, telling us when they will occur and how we are to end the plagues and bring about the elevated Moshiach consciousness.

We now have the antidote to the toxin and to the illusion, which is why the Creator advised us that all we had to do was look at it. Actually, we were told “to see” it, to see the snake, the adversary, the illusion, and to see the Moshiach.

The 7 Primal Triplets

The cube root of the sum of the 7 Triplets of the fiery serpent knocked together (multiplied) with their corresponding 7 spelled-out Planetary Letters is 77.734358, and we are reminded that the 343 wedged in between 777 and 358 is 73. Moreover, the sum of those 7 Names of the Planetary Letters is 2016.

This clearly is reflected in the Torah’s first 28 letters taken as a numerical string of their small gematria(0) times Phi (1.6180339887…) that equals 358.777, the numerical value of Moshiach and 777 paired once again.

What is Moshiach? It is the focused unity of consciousness at an elevated state, the consciousness of perfect harmonic order.

If we substitute the fiery serpent (7 Triplets) of numerical value 1618 for Phi(φ) in this equation then the Torah’s first verse multiplied by the fiery serpent equals Moshiach and connects with 3 levels or expansions (dimensions) of 7.

By looking at the fiery serpent (7 of the Triplets of the 42-letter Name) we restore the harmonic order of things brought about by the constant Phi(φ), especially since the Phi(φ) serpent divided by the Pi (π) serpent = 1618/2083 = .777 and that the difference between them split down the middle (20831618) = 465/2 = 232.5, as in the 4 aspects of the YHVH (יהוה) once again, just as we found in the 7 Triplets of the fiery serpent, the 7 Planetary Letters, and the final 3 of the 7 tiers of the 42-Letter Name Matrix.


The 7 Triplets of the fiery serpent is never really independent from the 42-Letter Name Matrix. It is more of a force within it, as we see that (1618358) = 1260 = (30 x 42) with 30 being the ordinal value of Alef(אלפ), One (1).

The Essence of Life

Being at the core of Spherical Time, the constant Phi(φ) can undo untoward influences and agendas that shifted us off our paths and restore us to our proper time-paths. The harmonically spiraling Phi(φ) is the fiery serpent. It is in a cosmic force that is invisible to us but when clothed in the 7 Triplets of Creation it takes on a powerful form readily available to us that can guide us spiritually and restore us.  When clothed in the essence of Creation it takes on the vortices of the 4 Elements of Creation. When clothed in the projected particles of physicality it guides everything from the galaxies to life itself.

Seeing the influence of Phi(φ) on our DNA, reminds us of our previous discussions about the 64 triplets or codons in our DNA, and the 192 times that these 4 nucleotides are repeated in our 64 DNA codons (triplets). Since the 4 Hebrew letters (אכגת) assigned to the 4 nucleotides add up to 424, Moshiach Ben David they provide a signature and a sign that they should never be messed with.

When we add 424 to the 192 times that these 4 nucleotides are repeated in our 64 DNA codons (triplets) it equals (424 + 192) = 616, the value of “H’Torah, The Torah.”

The Primal Frequency (27.5 Hz) permeates the Light, the Torah, the Cosmic Wheel, and our DNA, but it is all based on simple cosmic geometry.  While a 3-d cube has 26 collective vertices, edges, and faces, connecting our existence to the boundaries of Zeir Anpin and the YHVH (יהוה); and the 4-d Tesseract hypercube has 72 collective vertices, edges, and faces; connecting it to the 72 Triplets and our 72,000 nadis; the 5-dimensional Penteract hypercube has a collective 192 vertices, edges, and faces and is the real shape of the 25 Paths of Wisdom and Sefirot in the Tree-of-Life; and the 6-d hypercube has 192 edges and 64 vertices, likes our DNA.  I am not sure that when decided to try and inject new gene sequence into our DNA with MRNA that had this complexity of design in mind, or whether the cosmic consequences were fully contemplated.

As hinted at in the phrase “fiery serpent or serpent of brass (נחש־נחשת)” of numerical value 1118 or (18 x 68) translated as (to live x life) we see in it the power to restore life and to connect all the paths to “The One,” to Moshiach, as in the 68 times that the word “The One” of numerical value 18 appears in the Torah.

We see now that all 4 sets of the Essential Triplets are hinted at in the incident of the fiery serpent: through the 358.777 first verse equation we see the 11 Triplets of Bereshit; through the 1118 total, the Shema; through the 216 and 359 references, the 72 Names (Triplets); and obviously through the 42-Letter Name that houses and harnesses the fiery serpent.

The sum of the 7 Triplets of the fiery serpent and the 7 Names of the Planetary Letters is (1618 + 2016) and when 67 for Binah is added, they equal 3701, the value of the full 42-Letter Name. This means that when connected to the dimension of Binah (Understanding) the 42-Letter Name has the power to restore cosmic harmony and fate.

We can now understand the prescient statement by the tzaddik Rav Brandwein, “The Genesis Prayer explains the prayer of Ana B’Koach [42-Letter Name] and when we understand this prayer it will give us the deep understanding that will help us to bring the Geula [the final redemption].”

Cosmic Connections

The fiery serpent is the 7 Primal Triplets that equal Phi(φ) at the center of Creation, the first 7 of the 112.

Given all that we know, it makes complete sense that the 42-Letter Name is at the center of 112 Triplet expansion; after all, it is always at the center of Creation.  The 112 Triplets expand in specific sets by 4 from 1728112 as explained in Chapter 32 Part (V) but the cosmic connections expand from the first 7.

When we learned that the sum of the 7 Triplets of the fiery serpent plus the 7 Names of the Planetary Letters is (1618 + 2016) plus 67 for Binah equals 3701, the value of the full 42-Letter Name, we neglected to point out that the sum of (1618 + 2016) = 3634, as in H’Moshiach and 4.

The word barak (בָּרִחַ) is used as a pseudonym for the Leviathan (נָחָשׁ בָּרִחַ) in Job 26:13 and twice in Isaiah 27.  It is the eclipse serpent Nachash Barak (נָחָשׁ בָּרִחַ) and also translates as “escape from the snake.”

The 210 cu height of the Tower of Truth that corresponds with the 210 years of exile, is the 210 value of the word barak (בָּרִחַ), meaning escape or to flee, and when divided by 5778 or (210/5778) is .363448 or more accurately .36344756. This is the proportion of those 210 years of exile within the full 5778 years of Spherical Time since Adam. It is a probably 7-dimensional allusion to the sum of the 7 Primal Triplets and 7 Planetary Letter Names (1618 + 2016) = 3634, and to the 448-dimensional spatial coordinates of the 112 Essential Triplets. It is definitely an allusion to the 210-cu tall Tower of Truth and its encasing pyramid that has a base of 756 feet, and with its base over height ratio of Pi(π)/2, a height of 5775” as in the year 2015/2016 CE.

What is equally telling in the equation (210/5778) = .363448 is that 363 is the value of H’Moshiach and 448 is the value of King Moshiach. Yes, King Moshiach (מלך־משיח) is built into the 448 edges of the 7-dimensional hypercube and in the Divine Calendar as the year 2448 HC when the Torah was transfer to man, 3333 years ago, 66.666 jubilee years ago and 66.6 jubilee years before the Event Horizon in 5778.

As for the value (359) of the 4th Triplet (שטן), satan, of the 42-Letter Name Matrix, it is also the difference between the value of the 42-Letter Name Matrix (3701) and the 42 Letters of the 11 sefirot/dimensions, (37013342) = 359. It is also the difference between the alternate names Israel and Jacob (541182) = 359, and it is built into the value of the 72 Names (Triplets) with the kolel (9143 + 216 = 9359).

Jacob received his name Israel when he defeated the dark angel by the river Yabok (יבק), which contain 3 of the letters in Jacob (יקעב) and which has a numerical value of 112, as in the 112 Triplets he used to defeat the dark one, and that, as we have discussed, he used with Laban’s flocks and the wands.  Jacob (יקעב) also contains the 3 letters of heel (עקב), a possible reference that our generation, that of the heel of Adam, could use them to defeat him as well.

As for the 42 letters of the 11 sefirot, they total 3342. Now, while 3342 is 4 years after the destruction of the First Holy Temple in 3338 HC or (5778 x .5778), it is also the numerical value of the 42-Letter Name, 3701 less the 4th Triplet in it, 359, the value of satan or (3701359) = 3342. There can be no anti-venom without a venom. There would be no purpose to this Spherical Time Bubble or our existence without us having to face challenges and overcome them. Physical growth or growth in the realm of physicality comes from lack of adversity; Spiritual growth comes from overcoming adversity. Why would the Creator create this world for us if we could not grow spiritually within it, because of it?  Do you really think He would create a world where all we did was fill our physical desires and consume more and more resources at the expense of other living creatures?

When combined, the total value of the 42-Letter Name Matrix (3701) and the 42 Letters of the 11 sefirot/dimensions is (3701 + 3342) = 7043, which is exactly 2100 less that the 72 Name Matrix (9143). This simple equation (91432100) = (3701 + 3342) with all the powerful cosmic networks that it merges, also connects both sets of Triplets and the 11 sefirot to the Planck Diameter 21.009143628 x 10-35, which thus connects to the total gematria of the Torah, 21009826, the 210-height of the Tower of Truth, and the higher Name Ehyeh (אהיה) of numerical value 21, etc., etc. The Planck Diameter is the smallest discreet distance possible in our physical universe, and like Phi(φ) and Pi (π) and the Fine Structure Constant our entire concept of physics is predicated on it.

H’Moshiach (המשיח)

The standard value of the 22 Names of the 27 Letters is 4248, and they are equivalent to the 42 Letters of the 11 Sefirot (3342) plus the 7th Line/level (906) of the 42-Letter Name Matrix: (3342 + 906) = 4248.

And while the 4248 total of the Alef-bet cosmic interface with our world clearly reflects the 42 x 248 rows and dimensions of the Torah, the Pi (π) cipher reveals that the numerical value of H’Moshiach (המשיח) is 248, or 110 less than the standard recognized 358.  The word H’Moshiach (המשיח) or the anointed/appointed one, is a permuted combination of the 5th Triplet (מהש) of the 72 Triplets, the one associated with healing, and “Chai (חי), life” of numerical value 18. It translates as “Moses Lives.”

The numerical value of H’Moshiach (המשיח) using the cosmic Primes gematria is revealed as 173, the small gematria of the full 42-Letter Name. Then with its ordinal value of 57 its complete value is (363 + 57) = 420, while its katan (reduced) value is also 21, that of the Name Ehyeh (אהיה).

The 57 and 21 connections in H’Moshiach (המשיח) are possibly relating it to the 5th Triplet (נגד) meaning “against/opposed” in the 42-Letter Name Matrix whose complete value is 57 + 21) = 78, as in 5778. Nonetheless, the Complete Pi (π) and Phi(φ) gematria of H’Moshiach (המשיח) is 633, as in the 633rd digit in Pi (π), where we find the first of the 3 strings …5778…. It is also 633 in the EYK BCR cipher used for thousands of years.  By now, none of this should be surprising given that the Spherical Time equation equates to the value of H’Moshiach (המשיח), 363, and that it incorporates 2Pi(π) and the Event Horizon radius of 5778 years.

How do we know 5778 HC stands for years and not just numbers? Because the Creator also installed its Western Calendar (2019 CE) analogue 3 times in those same telling first 1000 digits that add up to the 4470-component in the Spherical Time circumference, and there are no other triply repeated ones. In fact, those 1000 digits end with 42019, the only 5-digit number to repeat at all.  As for the other two occurrences of 5778, we find them both in a sequence beginning at digit #9485778185778… with the number 18 wedged in between them, as in Phi(φ)18 = 5778.000. Meanwhile the sum of the digits in Pi (π) up to that point (digit #948) is 4240, as in Moshiach Ben David, and the Spherical Time circumference, and between the last “…5778…” at digit #954 and the last “…2019…” at digit #996 there are exactly 42 digits.

When we learn to read the language of the cosmos, the beauty of perfection blossoms before us and our minds open to the wonders of the realm of our consciousness and to the universal consciousness, where divine and sublime elevation awaits us with bated breath.

Right now, most of us are standing in a lush summer wildflower meadow high atop the Swiss Alps beside a crystal-clear babbling brook with the smell of edelweiss wafting by on a gentle breeze and we are staring at TikTok on our phones, oblivious.

This world was created for us, and we were given all the tools and means to see it for its intrinsic beauty and to see the cosmos for its infinite beauty, to strive toward that infinite expansion of consciousness, not to wallow in the physicality of our personal desires, or worse, the desires and enslavement of others or by the system they created.

We were given an opportunity; what we do with it is up to us. We were also given a time frame. It is not an endless opportunity. We can seize the opportunity individually and if enough of us do so, we will seize it collectively.

Put down your phone, go outside and see the beauty of nature, feel the love that exists between you and your parents, children, friends, and/or pets, then recite the Ana B’koach, the 42-Letter Name, and allow your mind to elevate and tap into your consciousness. Allow the illusions to slip away, allow the toxins and poisons to melt away, find clarity and seek out Truth. You are standing at the door to the Cosmos, no real or imagined spaceship to Mars or the Moon needed. It has always been there for you.

The best place to start learning about the Ana B’koach, the 42-Letter Name is in The Genesis Prayer, then throughout this blog there are innumerable deeper connections and understandings to it revealed.  If you would like a deeper understanding yet of the principles enumerated in this article you should being with Chapter 1, or at a minimum Chapter 32. which segues into The Journey  that covers all the various parts of Chapter 32.

Chodesh Tov