Part XXVIII Spherical Time – Frequency


Modular Numbers and Time

In the exact same way that our clocks cycle around through 12 hours and start again with 1, modular mathematics cycles around and gives us the number of cycles plus a remainder or residue value. Likewise, we have put our planet on a 24 hour cycle, every cycle is 1 day plus how many hours it is depending on the time of day. The annual year is yet another cycle of 365.256 days, giving us 1 year, plus x amount of days depending on our calendar. This is a more natural cycle since the value for the amount of days is predicated on the rotating and revolving earth and not on an arbitrating splitting up of that day into so many hours. For anyone that has not been following this series from its inception, you can find the entire work here.

Fibonacci Numbers and Remainders

There are endless wonderous facts about the Fibonacci numbers, many we have covered already. A few that are pertinent to our discussion today and their connection to Creation include the sum of the Fibonacci numbers through the 18th number in its sequence being 4180, which is analogous to the dynamic splitting of the Alef-bet we covered out the outset of this series.

Another pertinent fact is that the sum of the Fibonacci numbers through the 8th number in the sequence is 33, as in the 8 words/33 letters of Bereshit that comprise one of the 5 Essential Elements of Creation.  Meanwhile, the sum of the Fibonacci numbers through the 9th number is 54, as in the value associated with the 5th Essential Element of Creation, the Essential Cube of Creation

Also significant, considering this short initial section of the set of sequential numbers based on Phi(φ), is that the sum of the Fibonacci numbers through the 12th number is 232, as in the sum of the 4 aspects of the YHVH (יהוה), while the sum of the Fibonacci numbers through the 13th number is 376, as in the year and Spherical Time span 3760 and not coincidentally in the numerical value of Shalom(שלום), peace.

One of the many odd and wonderous properties of the Fibonacci numbers (0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13…) is that the remainders of the sequences form repetitive patterns. It all has to do with how the digit fields are added together, Fn = Fn-1 + Fn-2, all starting from just the numbers 0 and 1.  In mod(10), which is just simple everyday base 10 mathematics, the final digits in the Fibonacci numbers (0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55…) will repeat every 60 numbers, like clockwork. Just like our arbitrary 60 minutes in an hour and 60 seconds in a minute. And all 60 of those final numbers add up to 280, as in Manzipach, the 5 final letters of the Alef-bet.

In mod(9) though, the cycle is every 24 numbers, as in the 24 hours in a day. Those 24 numbers will always add up to 99. In mod(8), the cycle is every 12 numbers, as in the 12 hours of our clock. Those 12 numbers will always add up to 32.

The sum of the repetitive cycles for the mods (7 – 10) is 112 cycles, as in the 112 Triplets of Creation; for mods (6 – 10) it is 137 cycles, as in the value of the word kabbalah, meaning “parallel” and “to receive,: and as in the Fine Structure Constant (1/137.0); and for all 10 mods, or mod(1- 10), it is 175 cycles, as in the 175 years of Abraham, the Patriarch.

Meanwhile, the sum of the digits, in all the cycles for all the numbers for all 10 mods (1- 10) is 585. Together, the complete value of the digits and cycles for all 10, as in the 10 sefirot (dimensions) is (175 + 585) = 760, which comes up over and over again as 3760 and 5760, and as 76.0, the square root of 5778, and the ordinal value of the Torah’s first word, Bereshit, “In the Beginning.”

Oddly, the sum of the cumulative sums (280, 280 + 99, …) of those 10 sets of the numbers from the remainders of the 10 mods (1- 10) of the Fibonacci numbers is 4949.

One oddity that seems to be the universe teasing us is that the final digit sequence from 13- 89 or …13, 21, 34, 55, 89… is 31459 as in Pi (3.14159). Some might say that since (5 + 5) = 10 in the number 55, the 10th Fibonacci number, we could theoretically add the missing 1 in 3.14159.  And as we just said, that seductive sequence will repeat every 60 numbers.

The 27.5 HZ Frequency and Tesla

Applying Mod (27.5) to the Fibonacci numbers has a repeat cycle of 20, which totals 165, as in the midpoint, 165 cubits, in each of the 4 bases of the Pyramid. None of this is accidental. None of this is coincidental.

Everything comes back to One (1).

There are exactly 58 or 390,625 words, letters and verses in the Torah.  In and of itself, that is a phenomenal sentence, which should make people get off Tik Tok and pick up a chumash.

Nevertheless, much like the Fibonacci sequence, the value 390,625, each one representing a different letter, word or verse in the Torah, began with 1 and then expanded because of 2.  The number One (1) divided by 2 = .5, then divided by 2 again and again 8 times gives us .00390625. This also words out to 1/256, the numerical value of the Ark of the Covenant. Using a little Tesla intuition, we can look at that repeated division not as an isolated series of mathematical operations but as a mathematical sequence or set (1, .5, .25, .125, ,0625, .03125, .015625, .0078125,  .00390625,…). Using Number Theory, or alternatively small gematria, this infinite set reduces to (1, 5, 7, 8, 4, 2, 1, 5, 7, 8, 4, 2…), an infinite repeat pattern of 157842. Besides the allusion to 5778 and 42, what we notice right off the top is that (1 + 5 + 7 + 8 + 4 + 2) = 27, as in the 27 positions of the Essential Cube of Creation and the corresponding 27 letters of the Alef-bet that the Torah is composed of. What takes a little more digging is that the sum of the reduced divisional sequence through .00390625 is (1, 5, 7, 8, 13, 11, 19, 23, 25) = 112, as in the 112 Triplets of Creation. If we limit this process to only the first 1, 5, 7, 8, 4, 2 repeat sequence, the total is (1, 5, 7, 8, 13, 11) = 45.

None of this is accidental. None of this is coincidental.

As we have previously explained, the numerical values of the 27 letters of the Alef-bet are based on a simple exponential equation and a sine wave that rides astride it, yet they are also 3 parallel groups of 9: 1 – 9, 10 – 90 and 100 – 900. It is because of that structure that the 27 letters sum to 4995. There is another way to get to 4995 though, and it involves the uniqueness of the sacred cubit and frequency (27.5”).

Tesla was obsessed with the number 3 and subsequently with 9 and 18.  He was also obsessed with frequencies. So were the kabbalists.  Let us think of 27.5 as a frequency, 27.5 Hz perhaps. It is also a very special number, unique in how it interacts with the number 9. As a basic mathematical principle or rule we can divide any number by another number, except zero that does not exist except as a placeholder.  Decimal places within numbers are just multiples or divisions of 10x so we can basically ignore them.  So, considering the set of all whole numbers individually as our numerator, we can divide any of them by another whole number (the denominator).  For arguments sake, let us extend that to one decimal place, starting with 1, 1.1, 1.2…, even though we know that is really the same as 10, 11, 12.  What we find is an endless stream of results for 1/1. 1/1.1, 1/1.2…. 2/1, 2/1.1, 2/1.2….3/1, 3/1.1, 3/1.2….

Some of those fractions result in whole numbers like 4/2 = 2, or in exact terminating numbers such as 1/1.6 = .625. Some of those fraction results are irrational numbers, an endless string of seemingly random digits. Others result in repeated patterns of single numbers, like .11111…. or .444444…. Some have triple repeat patterns like 11/2.7 = 4.074074…. For this exercise, let us ignore what comes before the repeating begins because that is a function of the size of the number. At a certain point, unless the result is irrational, all the numbers will settle into a repeat pattern. Many of the numbers will result in a 2-digit repeating pattern, such as .242424 or .424242 or .151515. Yet only a tiny set will result in 2-digit repeats that sum to 9, as in .090909…, .181818…, .272727…, .363636…, .454545…, .545454…, .636363…, .727272…, .818181… and .909090….

Before we begin analyzing this, we need to point out that the sum of .090, .181, .272, .363, .454, .545, .636, .727, .818, and .909 equals 4.995, as in the sum of the 27 letters of the Alef-bet.  If the decimal place is extended indefinitely as happens naturally, the result is 4.9999….. = 5, the number at the core of the Torah (58) and of Phi(φ) based on the square root of 5. As Tesla would ask, what generates this, what frequency in the universe generates these strings of 9 in the results of pure numbers?

As it turns out, there are only a few such numbers that can be used as denominators, the active part of the equation, to generate such results. They are 1.1, 2.2, 5.5. 11, 22, 27.5 and any multiple of 27.5 in the order of F(x) = 27.5(n + 2) At first glance that gives us exactly 8 frequencies through 110 and of them the number 22 stands out as reflective of the 22 Hebrew letters and the simple equation (27.55.5) = 22.   Yet on further reflection, we realize that F(x) = 27.5(n + 2) yields 55, 110, 137.5, 220, 275…, meaning that 1.1, 2.2, 5.5. 11, 22 are just derivative of 55, 110, and 220. Therefore, it is only by dividing a number by 27.5 or certain of its even number derivatives that we can generate strings of numbers with repeating sets of 9’s.

How interesting that the measure of the sacred cubit (27.5”) is a number that is mathematically unique amongst all other numbers, and that it is integrally connected to the number 9. Moreover, as we just saw, that makes it integral to the design and make of the Alef-bet, Torah, and Phi(φ).

Not every number that we divide by 27.5 will yields these special results based on 9.  The exception are the numbers that are derivate of 27.5 such as 1.1, 2.2, 5.5. 11, 22, 27.5, and any multiple of them. These will naturally wind up being whole or terminal numbers.

As it turns out, each of these special derivative numbers are exactly 11 units apart. And every of grouping of the 10 results between them ends in a complete set of repeating .363636…, .727272…, .090909…, …,.454545…, .818181…, .181818…, .545454…, .909090…, .272727…,  .636363… in that exact order, forever.

For what it is worth these are self-organized into 5 concentric pairs of 99: (.36 + .63), (.72 + .27), (.09 + .90), and in the center (.81 + .18).  And in case you were wondering if there was some hidden pattern in these 10 endlessly repeating numbers that are responding to the frequency 27.5, there is: (+36, -63, +36, +36, -63, +36, +36, -63, +36) or simply (+36, +36, -63).

The universe ordered these numbers this way, not our spreadsheets and certainly not Tesla, and yet… When we apply the revelatory cipher of taking their square roots, this repetitive pattern shows some very interesting results for us and for Telsa himself.  The results are the same whether we use the square roots of 36 or .36, so for simplicity, let us use 36, 72, 90, 45, 81, 18, 54, 90, 27 and 63.  The results in order:

The 3 – 6 – 9 results are highly recognizable from Tesla’s quote, “If you only knew the magnificence of the 3, 6 and 9, then you would have a key to the universe,” yet the 3 numbers they are interlaced with are highly significant to us and to the Kabbalists.

While the number 4.242641, as we have said many times, represents Moshiach Ben David (424), the YHVH (26) etc., the number 8.485281 is just that number doubled.

The 4th number of the repetitive set of 10 is 6.708203… and 6708 is the exact gematria value of the 42-letter Sword of Moses found in Exodus 15:11 with the chapter/verse coordinates 15 and 11 being indicative of the 15 Triplets and the 11 Triplets on one of the axes of the Alef(א) of Creation, as previously covered.  The 67 is also the numerical value of Binah.

The sum of 36, 72, 90, 45, 81, 18, 54, 90, 27 and 63 is 495, like the sum of the values of the Hebrew letters from Alef(א) to Zadi(צ). The rest of the values associated with Koof(ק) to Zadi sofit(ץ) total 4500.

Of those derivative frequencies (1.1, 2.2, 5.5. 11, 22, 27.5) of 27.5 that gave us the series of the resultant 9’s, the number 27.5 is the 6th one, as in the 6 handsbreadths that we have been told by definition equal 1 cubit.

The cycle of resultant 9’s are in sets of 10, falling in between every 11th derivative number, which matches our 10 and 11 sefirot (dimensional) model of the Tree-of-life, and also the string theory model of the universe.  While this repetitive pattern is endless, there is one distinct set of them that we can highlight.  The first numbers that result in the exact repetitions in ascending order from .0909 to .1818 through to .9090 form a special and unique set. They correspond to the numbers 25, 50, 75, 100, 125, 150, 175, 200, 225, and 250.  And the sum of the 10 repetitive 9 multiples work out to exactly 50, while the sum of the series above (25, 50…250) is 1375, recognizable as 50 cubits of 27.5 as in the 50 Gates of Binah and 50 cubit height of the Gates of the Holy Temple and of Noach’s Ark.

The Frequency Built into the Pyramid

The frequency emanates both ways, whether we divide by 27.5 or multiple it and that is exemplified in base of the Pyramid, 756.25’, which is 27.5 x 27.5.  It also spreads in all directions, as is exemplified by that same base, 330 cubits in that 330 = 12 x 27.5, or as explained in the Zohar, the light spreads inward and outward in all 6 directions of Zeir Anpin, 2 x 6 = 12.

The height of the Pyramid, 210 cubits, represents that expansion through time, 210 x 27.5 = 5775” or 5775 years. The time span that defines the Spherical Time equation, 5778 years when divided by the 27.5 frequency is 210.10909, the difference defined by the recurrent progression of the cubit’s 27.5 inches or (27.5 + 2.75 – .275 + .0275 – .00275 + .000275…)

As covered previously, the 210-cubit height of the pyramid which is 5775” or (5778 3) is equivalent to

The Pyramid had to be exactly 210 levels and 210 cubits high and the Israelites had to have lived in Egypt for 210 years or the sacred cubit may have been lost forever.  This leaves us with the possibility that the missing 3 inches from the limits from the Spherical Time paradigm was also not to be lost to us. As in the equation:


The number 3 is entirely calculated as a limit of the frequency 27.5. As we ponder the length of the event horizon of the Spherical Time bubble perhaps this was a clue built into the fabric of the universe that was not meant to be lost either. Perhaps this was one of the reasons Tesla insisted on doing everything in 3’s.  The kabbalists had a different reason for doing everything in 3’s, but perhaps frequency and vibration was at the essence of both.

There is yet another connection between the sacred cubit/frequency (27.5) and Phi(φ). The growth rate of the random recurrent Fibonacci sequence is equal to 1.1319882487943, known as Viswanath’s constant, a limit on the bifurcations in chaos theory, in other words injecting order into chaos.

As covered extensively, the 210 cubits is the exact height of the Tower of Truth (Emet) whose cubic volume is 44,100 cubits3 and 44,100/27.5 = 1603.6363 = 1600 and 363, or metaphorically H’Moshiach at 1600.  It was the 20 stacked cubes of the Tower of Truth that gave us the simple equation whose result equaled the mod9 values for the 18 sequential Fibonacci numbers that gave us the repetitive sequence 173553719826446289, which was also built into the repetitive layering of the digits 1 – 9.  

Once again, 3’s and 9’s and the frequency of 27.5. While the diagonals in one direction give us the amazing and mysterious the repetitive sequence 173553719826446289, the diagonals in the other direction (181818, 272727, 363636, 454545, 545454, 636363, 727272, 818181, 999999) give us the remainders when we divide by 27.5.  Thus, we see the frequency of 27.5 interacting with the simple digits 19 yet again in the simplest and most wondrous natural ways.

Another Interaction of Spherical Time Markers and the 27.5 Frequency

That 1600 years derived from the Tower of Truth is also its base (400 sq cu) times 4. It is also 56 years shy of the year of the Flood, 1656, whose anniversary is this Election Night. Given the Divine Calendar and Spherical Time, the year 5708 HC, when Israel became a nation, coincides with 1948 CE. Given what we just discussed about the Pyramid’s enduring measurements, it is most interesting that the sum of (5708 x 27.5) and (1948 x 27.5) = 210540. The 210 cubit height is a most obvious analogue, quickly followed by the (210 cu height plus the 330 cubits base) equaling 540, a number most associated with the Essential Cube of Creation.

Another time equation that could only be understood in the hyperspace modality that the kabbalists call Binah is that this monumental simultaneous conjuncture in Spherical Time, (5708 + 1948) less the year of the Flood, (5708 + 1948) – 1656 = 6000, as in the 6th millennium, the common prophetic time span for the final redemption. This leads us back to the final dimension of the Pyramid, its apothem, 612’, which is the gematria of Covenant(Brit). When divided by 27.5, the sacred frequency of 612/27.5 equals 22.25454, as in (6000222) = 5778.

Nonetheless, referring to 210,540, and “the writing is on the wall,” one of the revelations pointed out earlier in this series is that the complete value of its initials, is 540.

One other alignment that we pointed out earlier in this series, which will be critically important to everyone by the end of this chapter, is that the product of the first 6 digits in Pi are (3 x 1 x 4 x 1 x 5 x 9) = 540. Keep in mind that all this is referring to a particular expansion of the sacred frequency 27.5 HZ. as a resonance and marker in time.

An apropos reminder of what was detailed earlier in this series, though it has little to do with what will be revealed later in this chapter, is that the next 6 digits in Pi, (2 x 6 x 5 x 3 x 5 x 8) = 7200, and that our trusty ancient gematria cipher reveals that (2 x 6 x 5 x 3 x 5 x 8)/(2 + 6 + 5 + 3 + 5 + 8) = 248.2758621… Thus representing the sacred frequency (27.5) along with the 248 dimensions of the E8 Lattice; the numerical value of Abraham(248); the 248 columns in the Torah matrix; the precise 248,000(φ) words, letters, verses, columns and rows in the Torah; and so much more.

Considering the relationship of the sum of 27.5(5708 + 1948) = 210540 to ((5708 + 1948) – 1656) = 6000, it is more than interesting that (5708 x 27.5) + (1948 x 27.5) – (1656 x 27.5) or 27.5(5708 + 1948 1656) = 165,000, as in the 165 cubits to the score line where the apothem (covenant) is in the middle of the base of the Pyramid. Is this reflective of the Covenant of Halves between Abraham and the Creator in 2018 HC? After all, the Covenant of Halves is found in parsha Lech-Lecha, the only portion in the Torah named with a doubled word. The word value is 5050.

Speaking of doubles, there is one other note, considering that the Pyramid was built utilizing the 27.5” cubit and that it has a double thick layer of stone at its 35th level. We have previously discussed that this was analogous to the 35th verse of the Torah where we find the first double Name YHVH Elohim (אלהים יהוה) of G-d, whose numerical value 112 matches the 112 Triplets.  When we divide 35/27.5, we get 1.272727… or 1.273, the universal harmonic, which was also the distance from Moses death (2488) to the spherical year 3760. This is the same harmonic number that is built into the relationship of the Earth, Moon and Sun and that squares the circle.  It is also the built into the 401,273 words, letters, verses, columns and rows in the Torah, which when divide by Phi(φ) equals 248,000. Furthermore, it is the same universal harmonic that when multiplied by the cube root of 27.5 equals 3842, the value of the first 42 letters of the Torah: 1273 327.5 = 3842.

The 27.5 HZ Frequency Determines the Speed of Light

In our physics, a frequency is the distance between two wave peaks and the higher the frequency the closer together those peaks and thus the shorter the distance. That pretty much defines the entire electromagnet scale as we understand it. If 27.5 was a frequency, say 27.5 HZ, its corresponding wavelength in space, meaning that it is solely contingent on the speed of light, would be 6773.90539 miles. A single wavelength would take up most of the diameter of the Earth. The combination of the Binah (67) and Chochma (73) values is easily recognizable, but this could be entirely coincidental. This means that the speed of light/1 cubit, or 186,282 mps/27.5 = 6773.9.  What is not coincidental is that 6773.90539 miles is certainly 6774 miles and that the sum of the 10 square roots of the resultant 10 remainders from .090909 to .909090 is 6.774

The length of the wave created by the frequency 27.5 is also the sum of the square roots of its 10 digital residues. There should be no logical correlation between them unless those 10 residues relate to the speed of light, which makes no scientific sense, unless the universe was intentionally designed that way.

In order to evaluate whether this is a causal relationship or not, we need to break down the mathematical process. So breaking it down, the wavelength of frequency 27.5 Hz based on the speed of light is equivalent to the sum of the square roots from (1 – 10) + 10(square root of .090909…), knowing that the sum of the numbers (1 -10) = 2 x 27.5.  Breaking that down even further we see that the square root of .909090 = 3 x the square root of .010101, and we already know that 3 can be derived from a recurrent progression of 27.5.

I realize that looks complex, but what it means is that the speed of light, known as c in scientific terminology, and measured as about 186,282 miles per second is entirely based on the simple measure of the sacred cubit and frequency, 27.5, and the simple numbers 110, especially 1 and 10.

Pretty special number that 27.5 is.  There is almost no aspect of our modern physics that is not dependent on the constant (c) for the speed of light. And yet, the universe was created so that it was based not on propagating waves or imaginary particles but on a single simple number, 27.5 and the simplest of base 10 mathematics, what we have previously studied as the 10 fields from 1 to 10.

As we just saw the speed of light, 186,282 mps (miles per second), ties the sacred cubit/frequency (27.5) to the essence of the number 9 throughout as delineated by the 10 sefirot (dimensions). This is the same sacred cubit that is dedicated to be used in the building of the Future Holy Temple. It is the same concept of frequency at the core of Spherical Time.

Is that really so surprising? Actually it is, depending on your level of certainty. To 99.9999999999% of the population it would be shocking. We, those of us who understand or are trying to, keep asking why 5778 years, and why would it be split into 3760 years and 2018 years. And moreover, why does this Spherical Time bubble have to conform to these parameters?  If it has to do with anything it would be light as a measure of time. So how surprising or shocking is it that the ratio of 3760/2018 = 1.86282, which is 1/100,000 of the speed of light, 186,282 mps.  The exact ratio would be 3760/2018.45, so perhaps the number 45 that keeps coming up with regards to Spherical Time has always played a part in the equation and the balance that decides what happens at the edge of the time bubble.

The speed of light is not the speed of a photon or even of a wave. It is an observable effect. It is also the differential separating, or tying together, two simultaneous bubbles of time.

The 27.5 HZ Frequency and the 112 Triplets

If we apply the same division by 27.5 to the 112 Triplets at the core of our Creation we get some interesting results.  Examining only the cycles and not the remainders, which we already know will all be in the order of 9, as illustrated above, we see that the sum of the 14 Triplets of the 42-Letter Name of G-d is 133.3 (exactly 1/3 of 4) and that of the 15 Triplets of the Shema is 34.7, and that (133.3 + 34.7) = 168 or 4 x 42.

The sum of those cycles for the 11 Triplets of Bereshit is 107, as in the sum of all the integers from 1 – 107 = 5778, the surface temperature of the Sun, 5778 K, that produces that light described above.

When we add the cycles of all three of these sets of Triplets we get (133.3 + 34.7 + 107) equals 275, our sacred cubit and essential frequency.

The cycles for all 72 Triplets are an additional 315.8, giving the 4 sets of Triplets a total of 590.8 cycles. It also gives the 4 sets of Triplets a total of 207 for their remainders, with 207 being the numerical value of Light (אוֹר), also of secret (רז).  The actual sum of the 72 remainders of the 72 Triplets is 3303 in simple form (18+27) and 3336.3636… in extended form (.181818… + .272727…). It is just one more complex design element built into these 72 Triplets (3 letters) whose 216 square roots by letter and 72 by Triplet total 1000.0.

If we were to add the 5th Element, the sum of the 27 Letters in the cycle of (division by) 27.5 we would get 172.1 with a simple remainder or 45. This boosts the total for all 5 Elements to approximately 763, and it is at digit #763 in Pi where we find the numeric string …999999…, six (6) 9’s. The value 763 is also the value of the 9 Triplets of the 1st column of the 72 Triplets. Moreover, the total 763 is analogous to the sum of the cube roots (7.63) of all 10 of the resultant remainders from .090909 to .909090. Perhaps Tesla was on to something.

For what it is worth, if we were to take the 27.5 division of those 5 cycle values for the 5 Essential Elements they would total 27.74… and (67.7427.74) is 40.

The Frequency of the Solar System.

We have already seen in great detail how the measures of the Earth, Sun and Moon are repeatedly related to one another through the universal harmonic 1.273 in terms of their radii, diameters, and distances apart. We have also seen how the ratio of the volume of the inscribed cube to the Sphere is 2.7202699 or 2.72027, which is (π√3)/2.

The Moon’s circumference, 6782 miles, is about 8 miles off the exact wavelength of the 27.5 frequency, the frequency of 1 cubit, 6774 miles.

The Earth’s diameter varies according to where it is measured from 7900 at the poles to 7926 at the equator. At 7920 miles, its circumference is 24881 miles, giving us the year Moses died (2488) again, as in 1273 years before 3760, but that is somewhat meaningless.  It is obviously several times larger than the Moon’s. It is 3.676 wavelengths of 27.5 Hz at the equator, or 6774 mi/.272022, which is exceeding close to 2.72027, the ratio of the volume of the inscribed cube to the Sphere, especially given the variation in the Earth’s diameter.

The Moon is a sphere approximately equal to the frequency of the sacred unit (27.5). The Earth is a sphere that circumscribes the moon as if were a cube.

The Sun has a circumference of 2,720,984 miles or roughly 2.72027 times 1 million (106) miles. The Sun is a sphere whose size is 1 million times the hyperspace (metaphorical) ratio between the Earth and the Moon. One million (106) is a 6-fold expansion of 10, as in the 10 sefirot(dimensions), a design that strictly corresponds to the 6 folded dimensions of string theory (the Calabi–Yau manifold) and the 6 bundled dimensions of Zeir Anpin, which is what the Kabbalists have always said that the Sun represents.

The harmony of the cosmos. And to think, our musical scale is set to the same intonation. Imagine if this could be harnessed!

Is there a reason the Hebrew word for peace (שלום) was given the gematria 376, about 3760 years before 3760, the edge of the dual time bubble?

Inverses of the 10 Remainders

All 10 remainders were derived from a single cubit(27.5).  The pattern is a simple 1 – 10 – 1 – 10… or 10 consecutively out of every 11: 10 sefirot (dimensions) out of every 11. Think of it as a string of light and every 11th is turned off.  The 10 bright bulbs represent the complete set of 10 complementary infinite remainders based on the number 9. They will always add up to 5.  The 11th number will always be a simple finite number.

The inverse of the 4th remainder of those 10 is 1/.363636 = 2.75000… simply put, the sacred cubit (27.5 inches) and sacred frequency (27.5 Hz). Pretty fitting, as it is the residue most structurally connected to 3, 6, 9, and since 363 is the repeated gematria of H’Moshiach. The sacred cubit and frequency (27.5) and H’Moshiach (363) have an inverse relationship and thus when multiplied together (27.5 x .3636363), they give us One(1).

The inverses of the 1st, 2nd, 5th and 9th remainders are respectively, 11.0000, 5.50000, 2.20000, and 1.10000, all reflective of those numbers’ derivative relationships with 27.5 that we previously discussed. We could even say that they must be derivative of the 4th remainder that we just highlighted, 2.75.

The inverse of the 6th remainder, 1/.545454 = 1.833333…, analogous to both the numerical midpoint of the 42-Letter Name (1833) and the 1833 letter Samechs (ס) of numerical value 60 each found in the Torah.

The inverse of the 8th remainder, 1/.727272 = 1.37500…, is analogous to the 50 cubit height (1375”) of the 10 Gates of the Holy Temple and of Noach’s Ark.

The inverse of the 7th remainder, 1/.636363 = 1.571430, and while 1571 is the 248th prime number, it is also one-half of 3.142860.  The value 3142 has been covered repeatedly already as the small gematria of “I am that I am (אהיה־אשר־אהיה)” found at Exodus 3:14  It is also the total numerical value of the 3 iterations of the Names Ehyeh (אהיה)  and YHVH(יהוה). It is also the difference (3.1428) between the atomic weights of gold, silver, and copper(368.3988), associated with the central 2 Triplets of the 72 Names and the sideral year, 365.256. We find it again appropriately as 7.3142, the result of dividing the 42-Letter Name by its 1st verse, 3701/506 = 7.31422, and also by dividing 9 by that first verse in small gematria, 9/.123049 = 73.142 or more accurately, 73.141593

The Incredible Equation

The inverse of the 3rd remainder, 1/.272727 = 3.666… or (51.333), which is interesting considering that the 27.5 division process yields 133.3 cycles of 27.5 in the total 14 Triplets of the 42-Letter Name.

Moreover, as discussed in chapter 26, the small gematria of the 42-Letter Name is 173, and 1/42 x 1/137 = .000173… The connection is that 42 times the Fine Structure Constant (1/137.0…) minus the Coupling Constant or (42/αg) = (42/137.03599.302822131), which equals .0036666… or 11/3000.

Of all the symmetries, indeed supersymmetries, that we have shown with regards to the sacred cubit (27.5”) and our universe, this next one would probably be regarded the most astounding by today’s physicists, though replacing the speed of light with the 27.5 Frequency is pretty special unto itself.

Through the simple division of the Fine Structure Constant by the sacred cubit (27.5) we get (1/137.03599)/27.5 = .00265358, as in Pi (3.14159265358…). We can align the digits simply by dividing the Fine Structure Constant by (27.5 x 102) or 100 cubits, which is the height of the Future Holy Temple. This allows for the equation Pi(π) – (1/137.03599)/27500 = 3.14195000000…., an exact 6-digit blank space or hole in Pi(π).

A slight modification in the calculation of the Fine Structure Constant as 1/137.035671756… would work out to exactly Pi. In other words, the difference between them would be exactly 3.14195. Do we have the right number for the Fine Structure Constant? Please note that the calculated value 1/137.0356+ was the prior established figure for the Fine Structure Constant until it was retooled just 2 years ago. It was ascertained with a degree of uncertainty, leaving 1/137.0356+ as extremely plausible, especially give the speed of light’s similar connection to 27.5.

π – (1/137.035671756+)/27500 = 3.1419500000000000000 = 3.14159

In terms exclusive to Pi(π):


There are several different ways to calculate the Fine Structure Constant, most of which includes calculating Pi, Planck’s constant, the speed of light, and the elementary charge. Some also include calculating the magnetic constant, electric constant and the coulomb constant. There are still other complicated ways:

Yet, all that is needed is a knowledge of Pi (π) and the sacred cubit:

What this means is that several of these primal parameters might also be based on Pi(π) and the sacred cubit/frequency (27.5).  Wherever you see c in the above equations we can replace it with our speed of light equation and the Fine Structure Constant with the simple equation above to see what else shakes out.

When we divide both Pi(π) and Phi(φ) by the sacred cubit (27.5), or alternatively the sacred frequency (27.5 Hz) we get 0.114276096 and 0.0588376 respectively. Then when we add them and take their inverse the result is (1/0.173113696) = 5.77655, as in 5777 perhaps.

More thought needs to go into this as the Fine Structure Constant is based on Planck’s constant, which is a frequency and thus based on cycles of 4π or 2π, depending on whether we are talking about cycles or radians. As you may recall, the Spherical Time equation also relies on 4π or 2π and it is for a similar reason. More on that in subsequent posts; nevertheless, the Fine Structure Constant is a fixed number derived from Pi (π), and yet when multiplied by the sacred frequency (27.5) we find that it is part of Pi (π) itself. This is a conundrum for sure, for now.

This may be just kabbalistic alchemy, but 1/.00265358…. = 376.847997588 or 376.848 with 376 being the value for Shalom(שלום), peace and associated with 3760 years, and 848 being 2 x 424, Moshiach Ben David.  Maybe not, considering 358 is the numerical value of Moshiach and 265 is the fusion of the YHVH (יהוה) and Adonai (אדני), and 5358 is 420 years prior to 5778. Or that the 4 Triplets (314 + 159 + 265 + 358 + 4)/4 average 275.

In case it was not clear, the equation, 1/.00265358…. = 376.847997588, an obvious connection to Pi(π), is derived from (137.0356 x 27.5) = 3768.47997588.  What definitely was not clear and needs to be pointed out is that there are 79975 words in the Torah.  Apparently, the universe can walk and chew gum at the same time.

As for the 9th and final inverse to discuss, since .818181 is (3 x .272727) and since 1/.818181 = 1.22222, the result is the same 3.666 as in the inverse of the 3rd remainder, 1/.272727 = 3.666

This was a lot to take in. The sacred cubit is a unique measurement in our universe, and it is also a unique frequency that governs the Speed of Light, the cyclical dynamics of the integers, the Fine Structure Constant, and it integrates with Pi(π) and Phi(φ). As it all intertwines with our Spherical Time bubble, peace and Moshiach are in the offering, just as the Event Horizon is winding down.  We have never had more knowledge at our disposal. It is time to do something with it.

For anyone that has not been following this series from its inception, you can find the entire work here.

29 thoughts on “Part XXVIII Spherical Time – Frequency

  1. dear Jeffrey Meiliken,, at times, like now you are so incredibly close but continue to miss a vital part, the very structure upon which all is placed and enrolls. mainly because you do not include other parts of the sacred secret. once you’ll be able to do that not a single iota would be out of place. as the story is so much more then the math. yes i do know that you know it is, but not unless you get the structure and the story integrated in perfect alignment, it will remain for a few eyes only. mind you i do not discredit your work in any way, but you do come from the other side. what do i mean by that? although you have come a long way from not knowing to a level very few have found little pieces of. and it would only take a few hours and an open mind and you would grasp the whole. but this is often very difficult for those who have reached a certain level, but i promise you that the logic will make your work fall perfectly in place. i would not offer you this unless i did not consider you having reached half way.
    there are two ways either by mail or skype moshiya.denbroek or

  2. Ezra, the Speed of Light stuff !!!

    They are not likely to do it, not yet anyway, but this is “Nobel Prize level” !

    Dick Feynman used to say about the equation
    e^(i”pi”) + 1 = 0

    that physicist put it up on their walls, and “worry about it”.

    You linked he Cubit, Binah, Chocmah, Pi, The Triplets, The Shema, AND IT JUST KEEPS COMING.

    Dick and the rest of the guys would be staring into space and dribbling, if they were still alive to marvel at what you have done/written.

    1. Thank you, Peter. I’m so appreciative. Like Moshiya said, there is still more blanks to be filled in. I hope to fill in some of the philosophical ones I skipped over in my rush to get these key pieces out in time, and give people a little break in the math.

    1. We are working out the dynamics. Meanwhile everyone must work on their desire for freedom from the confines of the cycles and limitations of physicality. The more our desires align the greater all our chances. It’s like the experiment of the blindfolded man. If 1 person shouts out perfect directions to him he will get hopelessly lost. If a large group shout out incoherent though well-meaning directions he will find his target.

      1. So, something like meditation?
        While I always enjoy and marvel at your writings, I do generally find a lack of an “action plan.” Is this all knowledge for it’s own sake (certainly a worthy thing), or are there any concrete steps that your readers can implement (and I personally consider correct meditation a concrete step). Is it to perform more mitzvot (also very worthy)?
        Again, I appreciate and always look forward to your writings.

        1. hello Tod,
          know thyself, be aware of emotions arising , then trace it to its source/ cause as if you are a bystander, so you lessen your identification i feel & i think, because looking at it which has created you is a poor judge. it will slowly show you what you were not aware of at the time, as emotions only have eyes for its liking, in other words fear loves fear, anger loves anger etc. its nature is habit. it your feeling body does not see but of itself, it only gets its information through your senses which translate the images sound feeling etc, in frequency/electromagnetical signals. handy so you do not have to think about each step you have, it makes driving easy it helps you run in danger its responce much faster then you could all due to its narrow vision and steers you, but it doesnt feel alive when it does not experience of its limited self so it feeds you to feed itself draining you vital energy life. but this habitual animal nature does it with everything. not just things such as drugs and drink, but even the frequent words you use . it gives rise to thoughts as they are interconnected.heart and brain/mind. once you become aware of this you are ready to escape egypt find your way to freedom/ enslavement, and eventually free your will. while you do please breath in through the nose and exhale through the mouth.

          1. yes freedom from enslavement.
            adam had to name the animals by their nature so he could rule over them instead of them over him, our animal nature that is

  3. (Still getting my head around the massive amount, and the DEPTH of the information in the recent Posts/Articles (er “small books!”, but also giving thought to the question of the “What” as in the recent discussuon(s), and as per Todd’s question above.)

    Just “floating the iidea:

    Is it possible that the “WHAT” wie do with/from a collective mind/consciousness/”body of knowledge” is meant to be slightly different, or have a different emphasis on certain aspects of both knowledge and action, for each one of us??

    There has been some brilliant stuff come through in some of the comments (as well as, obviously, Ezra’s articles), but the emphasis. focus and background do vary. The effective sum of the parts is much greater than the simple “adding” of the individual parts type of thing.

    The creator “set up” a system in which a woman was meant to inherit a certain amount of knowledge from her mother/family. She was then meant to take what her husband gave her (Chocmah-Wisdom), Understand it (put it into Words, yes the girls are by design, very good at that!), and then build a new unique bocy of knowledge for her home and family — just as her physiology is designed to build a baby.

    The Creator sis not want clones. He wanted every home, every family to be unique. He wanted every couple to work on that together, a different expression of Divine Knowledge under every roof, something that binds each couple together just like love and being in love.

    Our modern society, schools, education system, the “goggle box”, almost all of it, most churches included, work to undermine that by teaching male and female together. That modern system bypasses the male-female building of knowledge, producing “clones”, something the Creator did not have in the original plans.

    Maybe in our case, like the “unique knowledge in every home” concept, there is meant to be some (but not TOTAL!) variation and uniqueness is what we do with “all this” wonderful abundance of knowledge.

  4. And the corollary:

    That with the knowledge we have, there may come “guidance” from within, as to just what we should be doing?

  5. I too like Peter am (Still getting my head around the massive amount, and the DEPTH of the information in the recent Posts/Articles)! ;-))))
    Bk 35 Habakkuk 2:14
    For the earth shall be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the Lord, as the waters cover the sea.
    35214 + 41253 = 76, 467
    76 + 467 = 543 = Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh
    I AM THAT I AM Exodus 3:14
    There are 79975 words in the Torah
    79,975 = 79 + 975 = 1054 + 4501 = 5555
    The 5555th English word in the Torah is “backward”
    backward H322 אחרנית ‘achoranniyth = 400+10+50+200+8+1 = 669
    H322 + 669 = 991 + 199 = 1,190
    1 + 190 = 191
    “The writing is on the wall”
    מנא מנא תקל ופרסין
    (14 10 15 20 17 6) + (12 19 22) + (1 14 13) + (114 13) = 191 ordinal
    Treasury of Scripture Knowledge
    MENE. Had these words been written in the Chaldean character, every one who knew the alphabet of the language could at least have read them: they are pure Chaldee, and literally denote:
    He is numbered, he is numbered; he is weighed; they are divided.
    MENE MENE TEKEL UPHARSIN ( מנא מנא תקל ופרסין ) = 1118 = Deuteronomy 6:4 Hear, O Israel: The LORD our God is one LORD:

    1. 76,0, de wortel van 5778, en de ordinale waarde van het eerste woord van de Thora, Bereshit, “In het begin.”
      Dit klopt niet en komt dus niet overeen met de getalwaarde van Bereshit.

      1. 76.0, the root of 5778, and the ordinal value of the first word of the Torah, Bereshit, “In the beginning.”
        This is not correct and therefore does not match the numerical value of Bereshit.

        It is correct (2+20+1+21+10+22) so I don’t quite get what you are referring to?

  6. My apologies for bringing in politics, however regarding the election, in my humble opinion clearly President Trump won it by a large margin, only all kinds of fraud took place on an unprecedented scale, and the mainstream media is just propaganda, fake news. Thankfully the attempted steal is being exposed, and hopefully soon the Courts will get fully involved and the good will win out over the evil.

    The election should have ended on the date of the Flood, the 17th of Cheshvan, as noted in previous comments here, and I was hoping that would be a significant step toward initiating the purification of world. But that was just the beginning date of the Flood, the start of the destruction of the evil forces. The Torah gives another date, the 27th of Cheshvan, as the date when the flood actually finished and the world was purified, a full 365 day solar year later according to the Torah commentaries… Yesterday, Shabbos, was that auspicious date, and it was also a huge day for developments in the election with the large MAGA (Make America G-dly Again) rally in Washington DC and in other places around the country.

    It is interesting that on Shabbos the Haftarah reading (for Parshas Chaya Sorah) was from Kings I:1:1-31, the account near the end of King David’s life, when one of his sons, Adoniyahu, illegally attempted to steal the Kingship from King David’s chosen son Shlomo (Solomon), and the reading goes into how Sholmo eventually prevailed. The Biblical story of the attempted steal of the Kingship resonates with the attempted steal the presidency from Trump in our times.

    A friend of mine, who usually does not concentrate on gematrias, commented that he had heard that “Biden” is equivalent in gematria to “Adoniyahu.” Just now I checked this out, and indeed Biden, spelled בידין, has the same gematria as Adoniyahu, spelled אדניהו, as they both equal 76. This coincidentally resonates with the discussion here about the square root of 5778, which rounded off is also 76… Interesting. Hopefully the decimal places are also significant, and that small bit more will tip the scales to favor President Trump, who is clearly helping to usher in the redemption. May this really good news be announced very soon!

    1. Adoniyahu is the same gematria as Biden. I was shown that this Shabbat as well. B”H Trump has the same fate as Solomon. It is a fitting analogy.

  7. 50 States and 13 original colonies
    50 Stars and 13 Stripes (7 Red, 6 White)

    7 * 6 = 42
    50 + 13 = 63 , exactly half of the 126 value of each of the 6 Faces of the Magic Cube of 42

    Hawaii is the 50th State. Its Name is the Tetragrammaton spelled backwards. The Polynesian peoples of the Pacific came from the Middle East, and knew the Sacred Divine Name. They saw themselves as ultimately coming from God, so when they “looked in the rear view mirror”, they saw the Name “in reeverse”. The “alternative Name “HAVAIKI” is as per the custom of disguising or hiding Divine Names, as in “ELOKIM”. Anyway the USA got Hawaii as its 50th State.

    The “US of A” has a “lot extra” going for it, enough “extra” to see good triumph over evil, at least in the opinion of this particular Australian who was born on the 4th of July. The 4th July was selected because there are 4 letters in Bereishith 1:1 which occur in either the first half of the verse or the second half, but NOT BOTH, and 7 Letters which occur in BOTH HALVES of the verse. Those 11 Letters are tied to the 11 Sephiroth and the 11-D Matrix/Web/Aether that encloses our 10-D Universe.

    The US “National Day” was selected by deliberate choice. Australia’s national day was something we “fluked” as the product of when storms hit and when ships made it through months of storms, travel and delays in the Canary Islands, Rio, and South Africa. We “fluked” January 26th, 1/26 or 126 the way Americans write dates.

    There are links here that go beyond “coincidence”. Joseph claimed Australia for Egypt. Solomon respected that claim, and was not active in Australia. But he was “busy” in both adjoining regions, what we now know as Java and in Aotearoan(modern New Zealand’s Maori name. The intrigue (political) over Solomon’s succession is what prompted Solomon to “hide/stash” his mother’s family (or as many of them as he could) secretly in Java.

    As per the previous Comments, the current situation in the USA has links that stretch back across the millenia, to Solomon’s era.

  8. Interesting that if you take 24,880 plus or minus for the circumference of miles around the Earth, subtract this number from the
    digits 26,536 from those in 3.1415926535, your left with 1656, some pretty wet numbers. I could not but notice also the similar
    numbers I happened upon in using the circumference/equator =40,075km or 24,901.55 miles, circumference/poles = 40,007.86km
    or 24,859.73 miles, then the difference 67.3km, or 41.82 miles. Not so different with where you began with 4180 at the start and in
    the middle with the sword of Moses in 42 letter name and 67. Your work is always appreciated. Its a blessing hanging out with my
    like minded family.

  9. Hello, Well I believe that I am good company here when I say that I am upset/bent out of shape/terrified by the (apparent/seeming) defeat of G-d’s people and Trump and the election of the personages that I will only refer to here as B and H, I wish to point out that H’s middle name has an 80 percent similarity to the word “devil”, which I suspect is no coincidence.

    The election was on November 3rd or 11-3, which is reminiscent of 113. Now I will quote a post that I read on another prophecy site: “113 times Pi yields the closest result to a whole number, 354.9999699, which is rounded to 355. 355 is a common number of days in a normal 12-month Jewish calendar year. 113 is the 31st prime number and the 31st triangular number is the third perfect number, 496.”

    I wish to point out several things about the above, regarding 113 times Pi is the closest to a whole number, I am thinking it may be more correct to say that it is the one closest to a whole number under 100,000, or a million, or ten million, etc., but I suppose that is a relatively minor quibble.

    Regarding the 355 days, according to the Wikipedia article about the Jewish calendar 355 days (along with 385 days) is a shlemah
    year, which has the meaning of complete, perfect, abundant.

    Now at the present time I am “hanging my hat” on several things Jeff pointed out on Part XVII Connecting the Dots part 1 regarding among other things, that 20 cubits is the maximum height of the Sukkah, which is referring to an upper limit, the 20 alluding to the current Gregorian year, 2020, and many other things having to do with 20 and 2020.

    Also before I close may I suggest everyone read the August 25 2011 article, “The capstone of the Washington Monument is cracked”, because it is like a prophecy of what is going on in 2020, in view of this year has been dominated by the matter of the Coronavirus, corona is Spanish for crown, the Hebrew word for crown is keter which has a gematria of 620, etc.

    Sincerely, Dennis

  10. A critical time for the world right now.

    And The USA’s “choices” right now, for good, or for evil, are critical for the rest of the world.Will it be “One Nation under God”, or

    “What is left of a fragmented nation under (the) Satan”?

    1. “Choices”? The “lesser of 2 evils” is still evil as the US “chooses” every 4 years in binary delusion. Did not Satan fall from pride? Is not at least one (both?) of the “choices” a prideful, bragging, mocking, unrepentant, unusually self-centered, easily antagonized, vengeance-seeking Mammon Man with a history of enriching himself at the expense of others (think casinos) from whose tongue flows patent falsehoods like a flooding river?

      1. US history IS a “mixture.

        Lots of good intentions in 1776, but the ink was barely dry on the “settlement” with the UK and the new nation “went after” the native American tribes who had thought they would “do better” under London than under the colonists. The new US Army was soon attacking its own citizens also — for not wanting to pay taxes.

        It is a sorry history — including the blowing up of a US ship in Havana as a pretext for war with Spain and the seizure of Cuba. On and on it goes. But the same USA also saved hundreds of millions of lives in the Asia cific by defeating Japan. The US government were not monsters for dropping the A Bombs – because Japan had the Bomb. They tested one in early August 1945. The USA had about 11 days to drop one on Japan to force a surrender OR lose LA, SF Seattle or over the border Vancouver. They did choose the lesser of two evils. I was a university lecturer with 70% of my students being from South East Asia. Many of them had had family members tortured to death by the Japanese. The families were still (1980’s and 90’s) very grateful to the USA for ending their oppression. Australia will always be grateful to the USA, especially the US Navy for stopping/preventing the Japanese invasion of Australia.

        Since the Reformation, the Canaanite controlled Protestant churches have been brainwashed into thinking that the proverbial 666 Beast is a United Europe led by the “Antichrist Vatican”. It is nosense, but it is nonsense worked around bits of truth.

        The Vatican is not the 666 Beast. False religion, Vatican “flavour” and others, is the Great Whore that rides on the back of the major Beast, the one with the Heads and the Horns. The leader of what is a political, financial and military power, is BOTH a Head and a Horn. The current posturing over BREXIT is just yet another confrontation (like both world wars) to see who is on top in Europe, London or Berlin, i.e. the Sodomite Bankers (Canaanite-Venetian-Phoenecian) or Esau’s Amalekite Nazis.


        The “flunky Beast, the one with the computer technology, the bar codes, the space program (fire from Heaven) and the mass media, the holograms etc) is the 666 Beast, i.e the USA. It has more than fulfilled many or most of the prophecies, enriching itself at the expense of others, just as you describe, in the past decades.

        But repentance and a change of direction is possible. I was in the software industry (hence the lecturing) and that spilled over into government level stuff (three letter agencies) and law enforcement. The FBI was the most professional of all the law enforcement agencies I worked with (National Computer Crime Squad). Same impression there as with my dealings with the Pentagon and other military and intelligence agencies, i.e. even if things were not right “at the top”, the staff lower down in middle management, were predominantly good.

        I am hopeful that the current drama could turn out for the good — with (my “hunch”) this time, the good intentions being merged with mre spiritual technology. Every Australian (except me) in our company/business from 20 years ago is dead. One of my best US contacts (law enforcement) was “suicided” in California within 4 hours of a major event connected to Australia. Three (at least) of my US cousins (two were politicians) were assassinated/murdered. I was exiled and then denied my passport for almost 20 years. My daughter and I survived 5 shooting attempts. The villians ordering the attacks were anything BUT right wing fascists. The villians were “loopy left” lesbian politicians, miffed that they had not managed to seize my daughter. (These “women” are paedophiles. It was the nearest US Consulate who sheltered us. So despite the evils, Vietnam with over a million people tortured to death, the napalm, the Iraq invasion, and two of my cousins gunned down, I know both sides.

        When I was a university student, one of the sports coaches was an ex WW II gunner in an Air Force bomber over Europe. He went to the USA with the university Rugby team for 6 weeks. He told me afterwards that he saw more violence in the USA in 6 weeks than he had in WW II over Europe. It was a “telling comment”. Something was wrong then. And it has gotten a lot worse since.

        It IS time for a turnaround. And there IS a lot of good (as well as the evil) in the US. As far as I know, it was the first nation since the Roman destruction of Jerusalem, to offer citizenship to Jews. That has to “count for something in Heaven”.

    1. Interesting ! The 30-7-33 “split” in King David’s life “shifts” the “focal point” from “2854 + 35”, i.e. 2889 HC, to two years later. Double the “new midpoint” moves 5778 to the 5782 “date”.

      Presumably both years are significant.

      4778 is 3 more than the 5775 (Pyramid Height in inches)
      5782 is 7 more than 5775

      Both 3 and 7 “jive” with so many things, including the 1273 Universal Harmonic in several of Ezra’s articles.

      Thanks for the link , , ,

  11. While we are rallying around the flag in these extremely unusual days, a radio show reminded me that it was 400 years ago that the pilgrims arrived in America. Shortly before that I had noticed that 400 is the sum of two Divine Names, Elokim and Shaki, gematria 86 + 314 = 400, which is key number with many Torah roles, and this is surely something significant to consider and inspire us.

    On September 6, 1620, 102 passengers–dubbed Pilgrims by William Bradford, a passenger who would become the first governor of Plymouth Colony–crowded on the Mayflower to begin the long, hard journey to a new life in the New World.

    On November 11, 1620, the Mayflower anchored at what is now Provincetown Harbor, Cape Cod.

    The Mayflower Compact, originally titled Agreement Between the Settlers of New Plymouth, was the first governing document of Plymouth Colony. It was written by the male passengers of the Mayflower, consisting of separatist Puritans, adventurers, and tradesmen. Created: November 21, 1620. Original title: Agreement Between the Settlers of New Plymouth

    Have faith in Hashem my friends!

  12. And He said to Abram, “You shall surely know that your seed will be strangers in a land that is not theirs, and they will enslave them and oppress them, for four hundred years.

    14And also the nation that they will serve will I judge, and afterwards they will go forth with great possessions.

    Jonathan Pollard parole terminated , can travel to Israel

  13. what i do not understand is why do i see all this number juggling to fit personal believes?
    there is a structure upon which the numbers/letters role off into text/ numbers without one iota out of place.
    it seems the rules or laws by which its convened are not known.
    the torah lies between the aleph and tav.
    the garden before the fall was 25920 and after the fall 25918.2
    cycles are a decimal shift by 32 and 31.25
    without the correct measuring tools given in the torah and not following its rules, you can reach any number you fancy.
    not even mentioning a conditioned mind set that refuses to accept that the torah contains the laws of the construct or blueprint and what follows is the path. 66 in total 39 in the old and 27 in the new. without these the sacred secrets remain hidden.

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