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I don’t usually, in fact I had never before posted a comment to someone else’s blog because with trying to survive this period of darkness, with trying to work on myself, and with trying to spread the Light of Kabbalah revelations as quickly as possible, I don’t have time to get involved with other people’s polemics. Nevertheless, I came upon this one blog that was so close to the truth I had to fill in the tiny gaps for them, and I’m very appreciative for the opportunity that they gave me and for the excellent work that they are doing in spreading the Light:
This is their excerpt: “5770 may indeed include 770, which is the Gematria of Beit Moshiach, בית משיח

but… Beit Moshiach doesn’t necessarily have to do with Moshiach’s arrival.
Bi’at HaMoshiach, ביאת המשיח, which translates as Moshiach’s Coming, is equal to 776, indicating 5776.”
What I simply pointed out was Rav Yehuda HaLevi Ashlag’s of blessed memory, calculation and knowledge that the year for the geula (final redemption) and arrival of Mashiach is 5777-5778. And that the Gematria of Beit Moshiach, בית משיח is indeed 770, but with the kolel for the 7 letters it is 777, and could be 778. Moreover, Bi’at HaMoshiach, ביאת המשיח, which translates as “Moshiach’s Coming,” is indeed equal to 776, but with a kolel of 2 for the 2 words it is also 778, as in 5’778.

What I didn’t point out to them was that the initials of both phrases was Mem(M) and Bet(B) as in the Shem Mem-Bet, (the 42-Letter Name), the understanding of which we know from chazal will help bring about the geula.
I also didn’t mention that when we spell out the letters of Etz Cha’im (YZ ChYYM), the tree-of-life, which is what the time of Moshiach is all about, they have the gematria milui of 778, as in 5’778, or that the initials of Etz Cha’im (YZ ChYYM), total 78.
When I check on their blog again, there were numerous polite but myoptic responses further parsing the calculations of Rav Ashlag to see whether he meant 5776 or 5777, ignoring all the other over abundant evidence written into the Torah, the Names, the Cosmos, and our primordial mathematical constants of the date 5778 (2018 CE) and of G-d Divine Calendar.
And there were other responses upset that we still had 9 years to ago, and the G-d wasn’t about to pluck them(us) out of our misery right now. But that’s not our purpose on Earth, to be plucked out when things are bad. There have been plenty of worse times, and G-d didn’t pluck us out. He gave us the tools (the Names) and the guides (the Torah, the Zohar , and the writings of the Tzaddikim) to help us save ourselves, to help us to grow with, to help us see the obstacles before us as just that, obstacles, and not as immutable sentences. In Mishpatim, He explained all about reincarnation and how we are victims only to our own previous sins, so that we could correct them when the opportunities present themselves.
Even in the time of the 10 plagues, he did all He could to awake us from our self-inflicted slavery to the material world, and then when we cried out to him for help, He gave us the tools with which to split and broach the endless Sea ourselves.
And so we must we now see the Light in the darkness and appreciate it, and do our part to magnify it for all mankind to be able to see what we see.  We must open up our vision.  G-d is and has always been present in the Light and the Dark.  We bless the moon when it’s fully waned and celebrate our holidays when it’s full; we’re here to appreciate all that G-d gives us and all that He has to offer.  It’s then that we’ll see Moshiach in our lives, regardless of what His planned date of the geula is.  If we can find and hold onto the tree-of-life consciousness now, then we’ve arrived.  If not, 5778 is the next cosmic window of opportunity for all of us (as we’re explaining in our current posts about the 10 Utterances).

Now, for something much deeper for those that understand. Very few will truly understand this, but even if you don’t your soul will and will appreciate it, and thus open up more understanding for you:
Keter is an aspect of the YHVH, as are the 10 Utterances who were framed in two tablets. As instructed in Abraham’s Sefer Yetzirah, we place 5 on one side, 5 on the other, cleaved down the middle, and as hemah (HMH) can be permuted, as explained to us by the Zohar (Mishpatim) to form (MHH), meaning from the heys(HH) we get H-V-H with the letter vav (V), usually depicted as a vertical line of value 6 for Zeir Anpin, separating the Hey (H) of Malchut and the Hey(H) of Binah, each of value 5 x 10 (within the context of the Yud (Y). Thus the two heys (HH) of value 50-50, or 100 together form 100 x 6 = 600, which fought against the 600 choice chariots (supernal ministers) of Pharaoh in the crossing of the Endless Sea (Yam Sof). But at the 10 Utterances, the HVH was wrapped in the expressed Yud (Y-V-D) of value 20, and thus 600 + 20 = 620, the value of keter. And the 600 of (H-V-H) x 10 (Y) = 6000, which is when, more or less, most people expect the arrival of Moshiach, but since the tzaddikim have arrived at 5778 and since there is a preponderance of evidence physical, spiritual, comic, and primordial that 5778 is the time we need to note that 6000 – 5778 = 222 and that when we divide 222 by 358 (Mashiach) we get 222/358 = .620, keter. We should question in order to understand, and not question to doubt, as our ancestors did the last time they stood at keter, 66.6 jubilee years ago in 2448 during the 620 letters and 62 Yuds of the 10 Utterances in Parasha Yitro (numerical value of 620), at chapter 20, esrim, of numerical value 620.

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