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Reuven was kind enough to post a comment when I mentioned nothing happened in the the stock market of note  on 3/09/09 (Purim) as we had predicted, that indeed the S & P that day closed at 666.  And then, as I’ve subsequently learned, 3/09/09 was the turn-around point in the financial markets which are up over 36% since then.
Before I go any further, I’d like to say that the feedback I’ve been receiving about joining me on facebook has been great. We are going to send out another invitation with the link to my page this time, as it turned out to be concealed (very difficult to find) for some reason, making me all the more certain that this is the right thing to do.  In those responses there was a lot of very interesting ideas that I’d like to learn more about and hope everyone shares, things about different representations of time, geometrical patterns, etc.   We’ve only been painting part of the picture so far and with everyone’s help we can make it 3-dimensional (or more).
The power of a hundred minds, or better a thousand minds, working in concert will have a massive effect on bringing about the tree-of-life reality to our world.
We’re about to celebrate tonight L’ag B’omer, the hillula of Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai, the author of the Zohar, and not even he, one of the greatest beacons of light that ever existed could do it alone; we must do it together, as one.
The market turn-around happened on the very same  day that the first case of Mexican (the latest swine) flu appeared, Purim, as if one plague was being passed off for another.  But is that what really happened?
Since this version of swine flu didn’t appear to be so lethal and since people’s expectations of sudden massive infection didn’t manifest, everyone has just about sloughed it off anyway, but we know we’re living in the world of illusion and that the illusions are our downfall.  Yes, this flu isn’t so lethal yet (thank G-d), but swine flu pandemics come in waves of increasing lethality and this pandemic, while falling short of the media’s expectations,  has progressed nearly perfectly along the historic and mathematical predications with the number of cases in the US increasing by 50% every 2.5 days. At the current rate of progression there will be over a million cases within the next 8 weeks in teh US alone, but G-d willing that won’t happen.
As for the financial crises, many pundits are touting that it’s almost over because the 539,000 people who lost their jobs in April was so much better than the previous 3 month’s figures.  But losing 539,000 jobs really means the economy shed millions of high paying jobs and replaced all but 539,000 of them with teenagers at McDonald’s and Walmart and with migrant workers hired for the summer crops, the two areas that had upticks.
But that’s OK because we live in the world of illusion.  Ask yourself, what has changed in our world to cause us to merit the ending of the financial crises, to tame the swine flue pandemic, to hold off a coming food supply infestation, or the fall-out of the Taliban taking over Pakistan’s nuclear arsenals and of Iran’s management of their program nearing completion.
The fears are quickly subsiding and with them the chances of people awakening.   With each crisis people survive in their heads, their egos and invincibility grow, and we know what that’s  recipe for.
Few took the financial crisis as a call to become more compassionate, less selfish and greedy.  The bonuses are already back, even before there are any profits to book, even paper profits like last time.
Few people had time to become less jealous of one another and become more appreciative before the schools reopened and the flu scare was laughed off.
Whether these are reenactments of the 10 plagues you can decide for yourselves, but mysteriously after each plague in the Bible, things seemed to go back to normal and people forgot about them.
This L’ag B’omer, which as we’ve explained in the Idra Zuta pdf we sent out to everyone, connects us to the light of Moshiach, so lets all take advantage of it to join together and wake up the world, even if only in our prayers and thoughts. We owe it to them and to ourselves.