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Where do the secrets come from? Why gold and silver? What were they counting?
In this week’s Torah portion (Pekudei), referring to counting and the redemption, the Tabernacle, H’Miskan (HMShCN) was built and there’s lots to say about that, but for now we’ll be brief. Like so much more in the Torah, it connects to Creation itself and to the very first verse of the Torah, and that verse is derived from the 42-Letter Name (Ana B’koach) .
As these excerpts from Zohar (The Book of Splendor) explain, it was only through the letters of the 42-Letter name that the Mishkan was built, and only because Moses possessed the 173Keys (the 42 Letter Name, of small gematria 173) that he was able to erect it. But first, did you notice that the first 3 letters of H’Miskan (HMShCN) spelled out Moshe (MShH)
Zohar Pekudei 272. “This is the mystery-why the tabernacle was erected only by Moses, since from that side of Moses (Zeir Anpin), another high grade, Binah bestirred itself to establish the tabernacle, Malchut, so there will be sustenance for all. This is the secret of ‘and Moses erected the Tabernacle’ erecting it by these letters with which heaven and earth were created, referring to the Name of 42.”
Zohar Pekudei 273.
“So Betzalel carried out the work of the Tabernacle using the secret of the engraved letters with which heaven and earth were created, namely the Name 42….Unless he knew them, he could not have done the work in the Tabernacle. The sense thereof is that as the upper Tabernacle was built, and all its actions done, only by the secret of these letters, of the Name 42, so here is the Tabernacle below, nothing was built save by the secret of these letters.”
Zohar Pekudei 273.
“Betzalel was combining the letters of the Name 42, and did the various works with different combinations of thereof. He used each combination to do one task, and all that pertains to it. And so with all the works in the Tabernacle, together with its parts and amendments, he used combinations of the letters of the Holy Name 42.
If the 42-Letter Name could build the Tabernacle, which brought sustenance to the world by uniting the dimensions of Binah and Malchut through Zeir Anin and indeed created heaven and earth, as no less an authority than the Zohar and Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai tell us, then what can the 42-Letter Name do for you?
What can’t it do for you? Are you using it enough? Are you using it to be proactive? (If aren’t familiar enough with it, please read The Genesis Prayer).
Chazal tells us that it’s through the understanding of the 42-Letter Name that the geula (final redemption) will happen. Considering all that it’s done already, is there any doubt that it can do that as well?
The secrets of the combining of the letters will be revealed over time in this blog. Some have already been given, some were revealed in The Genesis Prayer.
One secret is that of Silver and Gold, precious metals so treasured by us so so many millennium., so important that G-d told the Israelites to gather it up before they left Egypt and eventually to donate it to the building of the Mishkan. The numerical value of Silver and Gold  (CSP VZHB) plus the kolel for the letters in words silver & gold is 906, the same as that of the final line of the Ana B’koach, the 42-Letter Name matrix: ShKVTzYT.  This is the line used for manifestation, the line connected to Malchut, where Heaven becomes manifest in our world, where the holy sparks in the Silver and Gold brought back from Egypt can be recycled in our lives.
This article on portion Pekudei and the Tabernacle is part I of II that we’ll publish this week. In the second article we’ll reveal numerous secrets about the counting (pekudei), including a revelation by the Arizal about how to count the sefirot and which numbers and digits represent which sefirot, a necessary guide to navigating the Tree-of-life matrix (reality).