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A giant evil-looking claw gripping the Northeast US and in particular Washington D.C.  And if you watch the AccuWeather video the claw just lingers there, scraping at us. What’s happening above is reflected in our world and visa-verse.  Negativity draws negativity, nothing happens in a vacuum.  The opposite is also true, and when we spread love and kindness, we draw that into our lives and world instead.
After the wettest August on record for the Northeast,  we got zonked by hurricane Irene, now September is beginning with a week of drenching rains.  Meanwhile he Midwest has been suffering a devastating drought all summer punctuated lately with horrific out of control wildfires.  We’re not saying that this is the end-of-days, because it isn’t, and except for a relatively few unfortunate families who our hearts go out to, what we’re experiencing doesn’t compare to the suffering that millions and millions of people around the world live with on a daily basis; nevertheless, it’s a sign.
It’s a sign that we have to do better.  We wrote an article at the beginning of the economic crises that what was needed was compassion, and that was the one thing that Washington didn’t try and Wall Street ignored.  Three years later, things are only worse.  They don’t have to be.  We must all lead with love; that is the key to unlocking the gates of the Tree-of-life reality.
We’re in year 11 of the 18 years that are defined by the 10 Commandments, from Exodus 20:01-20:18. This is the year that is to be defined by events from space, the earth, the sea and all that is in them.
Exodus 20:11 tells us that in the six(6) days, “God made the heaven, the earth, the sea, and all that is in them, but he rested on Saturday. God blessed the Sabbath and made it holy.”
Keeping the Sabbath is all about putting our faith in G-d and receiving our sustenance from the universe, rather than from our own corrupted aspirations.  In a separate article we’ll describe that cyclical pumping action of the universe as the sefirot (dimensions) descend and rise to receive the holy sparks we’ve collected and nourish us in return. The most basic of those cycles is the 7 day Shabbat one.
So come on, let’s get that claw off of us already.  This is not energy we want to feed. We need to starve the negativity.  Let’s all lead with love and help raise of the holy sparks needed to draw in the tree-of-life reality.  The future can be a compelling one, if we allow it to be, if we help make it one.