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Last night I was meditating on the simple structure of the Torah, and as readers of the The Genesis Prayer and The Divine Calendar already know the quantitative sum of the Words, Letters, and Verses in the Torah equals 58 (5x5x5x5x5x5x5x5) exactly, which is an amazing phenomenon unto itself, considering that this means that the author of the Torah had to have kept track of each one of those letters, and words, and verses and not misplaced a single one—I had trouble just making sure I had the right number of 5’s in the parenthesis above.
Now, those 58 or 390,625 core elements is not an insignificant number by any means. For one, it is also 6252, and 625 is the gematria value of H’Keter (  הכ תר), the crown(ing) dimension. For another of many, 1775 is the numerical value of the sum of the 22 letters of the Hebrew alef-bet when the 5 final letter values are included and 1775 x 22 + 125 = 390,625. According to the Arizal, 125 is representative of Elohim, the Torah’s 3rd word, whose 5 letters have 120 permutation. It’s also equivalent to 53.
So thinking about those 5845 verses, 304805 letters and 79975 (sometimes 79976 depending on how you look at a single letter word) letters, I realized there was beautiful puzzle concealed within the numbers that only gematria could bring to life.
If we sum up the digits in the 5845 verses, we get 5+8+4+5 = 22, which corresponds to the 22nd letter, Tav (T, ת).
If we sum up the digits in the 304805 letters, we get 3+4+8+5 = 20, which corresponds to the 20th letter, Resh (R, ר)
Now if we also sum up the digits in the 79975 words, we get 7+9+9+7+5 = 37, which corresponds to the 37th letter, which is Yud (Y,י) when using cyclical gematria.
What this gives us is Tav (T, ת), Resh (R, ר) and Yud (Y,י), which together have the gematria of 610 and if we add 1 for the kolel we get 611, the gematria value of Torah (TVRH, תורה ). But since the gematria milui (spelled out) values of the letters Vav (VYV) is 22 and He (HY) is 15 respectively, they are together 22 + 15 = 37, and thus we find that the letters encoded in the quantitative core elements of the Torah spell out the word Torah (TVRH,תורה ).
This is amazing unto itself, but, as mentioned earlier, we can also calculate the total number of words in the Torah as 79,976, which is also 80,000-(3×8 or .03%). And when we use 79,976 words as a standard, we get 7+9+9+7+6 = 38, which is apropos given the equation just demonstrated, but it also corresponds to the 38th letter, which is Caf (C,כ) when using cyclical gematria.
And thus when considering 79,976 words, we find that the letters encoded in the quantitative core elements of the Torah spell out CTR (Keter, כ תר), of numerical value 620.
And by the way, the ordinal value of those letters, which was dictated by sum of the digits in the 3 quantitative elements was 38 + 22 + 20 = 80, as in the 80,000 words less .03%) contained in the Torah.
It’s a beautiful thing that we’ve been given, no less than perfect in every way, like the light itself. Once we understand that, we’ll have the necessary awe to understand everything and the secrets will no longer be secrets, but merits.

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