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The 506 Genesis Prayer triplet occurrences in the Torah connect to Unconditional Love, whose value is (506), Pi, 73 and 42 through the equation 3701/506 = 7.3142….
3142 is the small gematria value of the famous phrase that God said to Moses at the burning bush, “I AM that I AM.” The cube root of 3142 is 28.0…. Moreover, the phrase is found at Exodus 3:14, and the regular gematria value of the two “I AMs” is 42. And whether this is coincidence or not, it’s hard to say, but there are 6 word values found 26 (the Tetragrammaton) times each in the Pentateuch and (6 * 26) =156, the value of Joseph, who corresponds to the 6th line of the Genesis Prayer, but the incredible part is that those 6 word values total 3142
It’s even closer to true Pi by an entire order of magnitude if we divide by only the Genesis Prayer’s powerful first line: 9/.123049 = 73.141593…. off from true Pi by .0000428%
Regarding the name Ehyeh, it is written that not
even a drop comes down from above without 2
drops coming from below. Thus the name Ehyeh
represents the drops that come from below. Two
times Ehyeh is the name Mem Bet

The sum of the squares of the digits in Pi through 101 is 3142
Keter and chochma begin with caf and chet, spelling koach ((,), power, 28. The initials full 10 sefirot (CChBChGTNHYM) translate through small gematria numerically to 2828345514 as in the square root of the 79976 words of the Torah (282.800002828) and Moses (345), but the sum of 2+8+2+8+3+4+5+5+1+4 = 42. And while it’s nknown that the sum of the standard gematria of the first letters of the 10 sefirot equals 541 (when chesed goes by the name gedula or when the kolel or 5 is added to Israel), the sum of the first 3 sefira is 30 and the first 5 is 41 and through Tiferet, which is 400, is 441 or 212. While the 6th root of 2828345514 gives us 37.60, the 13th root yields 5.333851970 or 5.333852 with 3338 being the year the First Temple was destroyed, which is similar to 5778*.5778 or 33385284. The cube root of 2828345514 is 1414.2 very similar to the square root of 2: 1.4142, which of course is very similar to half of 2828345514 or 1414172. And 2828345514/9 = 314260612.666 or 314260613
The word Israel itself is found 546 times, or 541 + 5 times, in the entire Torah, including being the last word. The sum of the first letters of the 10 sefirot add up to 546.
The P/S of 2828345514 is 7314.2857… very silimar to 7.314229 which is 3701/506, the total value for the 42 letters in the mem-bet divided by the value fo its 1st verse and also the number of 14 mem-bet triplet recurrences found in the Torah. 506 is also the numerical value for unconditional love.
173/611 = .2831422389525368 or 173 keys (mem-bet)/Torah = Koach.
The total value 182 is the 930th total recurrence rank value for the 175 times it recurs