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We discussed in the last installment of this series how information needs a source.  We were referring to the billions of bits of information that encode every form of life.  We made a strong coherent argument against evolutionary biology but perhaps were not clear or emphatic enough on a couple points regarding information.  That string of billions of coded information which commands the actions of trillions of precision tooled simultaneously interacting biomechanical parts cannot have any flaws in it. This means no significant mutations at any time. For anyone that has not been following this series from its inception, you can find the entire work here.
If life cannot survive without significant changes to its coding then each species is a separate line of information, not a variation of the next closest looking one.  A horse, a zebra, an okapi and a giraffe did not come from the same source; the changes necessary in their information coding to get from one of these species to the next, even if done incrementally over time would have killed off the animal before it was ever born. This is even more of an issue in going from land animals to sea creatures and visa versa, or from dinosaurs to birds.  It is mathematically, biologically, physically, and statistically impossible in every case. So which is the more plausible scenario: the one where a cow decided to swim and became a whale or the one laid out in the Torah that says G-d created the land, sea, flying, crawling creatures and Man separately, each after its own kind, including the vegetation? Remember, according to evolution, we had to split off from a tree at some point too—good luck making that transition.
We are speaking about a complexity beyond our comprehension. We examine single celled organisms under 1000x microscopes and see wondrous parts that we cannot figure out what they do or why they are there. Yet we are sure the right combinations or fire, ice and precise hits of single cosmic rays traveling across the galaxies and landing on just the right codon at just the right time over and over again transformed these microscopic creatures into us.
The other thing about information is that it requires a source. Apps just do not appear on your phone or computer; someone had to create them and write their immutable code. Like our bodies, any corruption of the code and the app crashes, fails to launch or work.  So what makes more sense, the evolutionary theory that all these millions of different yet similar code streams, utilizing the same 4 code base system, all spontaneous erupted from rocks? Or that G-d (יהוה־אלהים) prepared the Earth and seeded it with them from pre-formed downloads from information present in a higher-dimension?
By the way, even if that rock was an asteroid that had some of the developmental legwork already done, it is still a rock.
A horse, a zebra, an okapi and a giraffe look similar because they were designed to look similar.  Not only that, but all that information was designed to interact competently and successfully with all the rest of the information in the universe.  And what about consciousness? Some of those long strings of information were designed to accept and house certain specific frequencies of consciousness. No matter how many times you strike a rock with lighting or heat it to 54,000 degrees it is not going to morph into self-replicating machines. And it is not going to morph into the codes (software) that command those machines? And it is not going to morph into the blueprints which coding follows so precisely? And it is not going to turn into a mind, a consciousness, or a soul.
And it did not on cue turn into the Torah, nor did Man throw a bunch of sticks on the ground and come up with the Hebrew alphabet.  And neither man nor the universe stirred a soup pot of 304,805 letters and begot the Torah, a verse in each spoon, a chapter in each bowl.  No, that was downloaded too.  It came from the same source as our DNA. It too is information, complex information that we were designed to work with, laid out in such a way that we would eventually be able to comprehend it. It was meant to be a comfort and a guide for our consciousness trapped in this alien, hostile, slow moving environment.
So now let us use the information streams we were created with and continue examining the information streams that we were given to work with. There must be a reason for it. You do not create software without a purpose in mind.
We have seen certain core prime numbers like 37 and 137 utilized in significant equations involving the Torah over and over again.  As a reminder, the number 137 is the numerical value of the word Kabbalah, meaning “to receive” and parallel.  We have seen the number 20, the second even Pronic number, associated with Keter, the highest and seed level dimension, used over and over again as well. And we know that the Torah’s first verse has a gematria value of 2701 and the 42-Letter Name of G-d integrated with it has a value of 3701, both seed level informational elemental forces of the Torah and the universe. No one has successfully explained how the 20 amino acids utilized to create life really came out of rocks, nor why they stopped at 20. There are actually 22, one of which is used much less often in humans and one not used in the human race at all, but why not 2000 if it was so easy to come up with 20?
Nevertheless, the sum of the molecular weight of all 20 amino acids is 2738.01 g/mol or (2701 + 37.01), and the average (2738.01/20) of the 20 amino acids is approximately 137.  This may not tell us why there are only 20 amino acids, but since their random creation is a mathematical impossibility, their connection, to 20, 37, 137, 2701, and 3701 is not only evidence of intelligent design, but information that is being purposely conveyed to us.
The chemical formulas listed below are of the 20 amino acids necessary for life as the first step in forming protein chains 300-1000 amino acids long, and that is still several steps and orders of complexity away from functional life on the simplest level.  The 5 common elements (Carbon, Oxygen, Nitrogen, Hydrogen and Sulfur occur 393 times in the 20 amino acids or (202 -7) and their average weight within the elements is 2738.01/393 = 6.967 or just about 7. In fact, (2738 + 13)/393 = 7.0000 as in the 7 words of the Torah’s first verse.

 Amino acids: formula and molecular weight

It is hard to say whether there is meaning or not in the 20 amino acids of life being comprised of 393 elements with  an average atomic weight of 7 each, or that since (393 + 7) = 400 they correspond to the exponential design of the alef-bet, and to the letters Alef(א), Caf), and Tav) of the 4 nucleotides that the 20 amino acids eventually help to create.
On the other end of the biological spectrum, here we are, able to munch on slices of pizza and ponder wondrous mathematical insights into the workings of the universe.

Let’s Get Pi Involved Again

If we follow the integer spiral out 11 concentric rings to level 11, we will travel along our Pronic pathway and find the number 506. This is not only the value of the first row of the 42-Letter Name Matrix, the number of that matrix’ triplet (insert pic) occurrences in the Torah, and the complete numerical value for Moshiach Ben David, it is also the sum of each of the integers 1 – 11 squared, as can be found on the 11th line of Pascals’ Pyramid. Moreover, when we divide the total value of the 42-Letter name by 506, its first line, we get 3701/506 = 7.31422. This is about one-tenth of 73.1415, which was the result of 9/.123049…, the small gematria value of the 42-Letter Name. It is no sleight of hand; it is mathematics fractally circling in on itself. It is doing more than that though. It is also drawing our attention to one of the most key phrases in the Torah, at Exodus 3:14:
In small gematria this adds up to 3142 and the two higher names of G-d (אהיה), each of numerical value 21, sum to 42. Moreover, because the ordinal value of Ehyeh(אהיה) is also 21, the complete gematria value of each Ehyeh(אהיה) is 42. Likewise, the ordinal value of asher (אשר), the central word in this key to the Torah is 42.
Of the 1024, or precisely 210, different word values in the Torah there are exactly 6 that are found 26 separate times in the Torah—as in the numerical value of the Tetragrammaton(יהוה). The collective value of those 6 words is 3142. When Moses asks G-d what should he say when the Israelites ask His Name, G-d replies “I Am That I Am” or “I Will Be Who I Will Be.” Using 3 words (11 letters) G-d is giving him the Upper and Lower 42 Letter Names, the higher Name Ehyeh(אהיה), and the Tetragrammaton(יהוה) that corresponds to the 6 bundled lower dimensions of Heaven.  Now that is conveying information.
At the center of each Torah fractal, regardless of whether they start with Pi references or Phi(φ), we keep finding the number 42, the Names of G-d, and references to One(1). In this case too, the initials of the 3 words of the phrase I Am that I Am (אהיה־אשר־אהיה) are (אאא) or 111 as in Alef (1).
Moreover, the spelled-out Name Ehyeh(אהיה) has a gematria value of 161 and just like 248/5 equaled 111, the Name Ehyeh 161/5 = 72.0013, fractally bring us back to Phi(φ), the 72 Names, and echad (One).
Why are we not surprised the Creator linked the Names that we have previously associated the beginning of the Torah with 3142, I Am That I Am  (אהיה־אשר־אהיה), and bundled them all together: the higher Name Ehyeh(אהיה), the Tetragrammaton(יהוה), the 42-Letter Name and the 72 Triplet Name?
We should also not be surprised that He engraved it right into the first 7 letters of the Torah (ברא־שיתב) with small gematria (2213142).
Or that by bundling these key Names, He gave us (21 + 26 + 42 +72) = 161. Then, if we add into that bundle the Upper 42-Letter Name, we get 161 + 42 = 203, representing the first 3 of those first 7 Letters of the Torah (ברא). This is the all-important bundle of 5, seeded at the very entrance to the Torah. We can now understand why the Torah juxtaposed the 3-word symmetry between these two critical phrases.
Moreover, besides all the bundled and unbundled Names in the outside word pairs (ברא and אהיה), the inner two words (שית and אשר)combine to form the word/number (שש) meaning 6 with an ordinal value of 42 and (תירא) of numerical value 611, the same at Torah (תורה).
As for the full gematria value of the phrase I Am that I Am (אהיה־אשר־אהיה), it is equivalent to 546 when the kolel of the 3 words is included. This is identical to that of the sum of the initials of the 10 sefirot/dimensions (כחבחגתנהימ), whose small gematria sums to 42, yet again.
Interestingly, the initials of the 9 upper sefirot (dimensions) without the final physical dimension (Malchut) total 506, connecting us once again to the Triplets of the 42-Letter Name.
This brings up the point of how the bundled key Names of G-d, (21 + 26 + 42 +72) = 161, relate to the 112 Triplets of the 4 Essential Elements of the universe. The 14 Triplets and 72 Triplets of the 42-Letter and 72 Names are obvious.  Next, the 26 of the Tetragrammaton(יהוה) represents the other axis of the Alef(א), encompassing the 15 (יה) Triplets of the Shema and the 11 Triplets (וה) of Bereshit.  The name Ehyeh (אהיה) of numerical value 21 is a higher source, or unifying source, of the 4 Elements, and thus when expanded through the 4 Essential Elements Ehyeh (אהיה) becomes (אלף־הי־יוד־הי) and 21 increases to 161. There is much wisdom concealed here.
We also know from the information given to us that the 112 Triplets come from 4 sources, one of which (Bereshit) is derived from 8 words, its corresponding axis partner (Shema) from 4 parts, and the two polar opposite axis partners are comprised of 7 rows and 6 columns and 9 rows and 8 columns repetitively, and that (8 + 4) = 12 and (7 + 6 + 9 + 8) = 30. Furthermore, we know that 30 and 12 reflect the numerical and ordinal values respectively of the letter Lamed (ל) and together it is 42.
We just asked how the bundled key Names of G-d, (21 + 26 + 42 +72) = 161, relate to the 112 Triplets of the 4 Essential Elements of the universe. And when we add (161 + 112) we get 273, half of the 546 total of the 10 sefirot initials, but also much more.  We are in search of how these Names and Essential Elements connect to the Source of Everything and Absolute Zero (-273o c) may be a clue we are getting close.
Then among many other Torah ties to 273, there are all the 273 ties to our Solar System:
Then there is the sum of the molecular weight of the 20 amino acids: 2738.01 g/mol.  And speaking of those 20 amino acids related to 273, just like the 13-42-55 Alef(א) and Vav(ו) initials in the Shema, there are 20 Yud(י) initials in the Shema.
We may indeed be close.
There is so much information to process!  Even more information embedded in the Torah advises us that the word H’Torah (התורה) itself is also found 26 times in the Torah.  We know every letter in the Torah has a specific purpose in being placed exactly where it is, in fact, every letter has multiple purposes, so the makeup of the 5 letters in the word H’Torah (התורה) is notable in that every other letter spells out the final 3 letters in the Tetragrammaton (יהוה) of numerical value 26. Then, the 2 other letters (תר) are the two final letters of Keter (כתר) which have an ordinal value of 42 and a numerical value of 600.  It is at least interesting synergy that it is the initials Yud(י) and Caf(כ) of the two all-important words Tetragrammaton (יהוה) and Keter (כתר) that represent 20 Yud(י) initials in the Shema. If nothing else, these are reminders that the 4 Essential Elements have deep connections throughout the Torah and the universe.
We know from the information given to us from the universe that Phi(φ) is tied to the square root of five (5) and to the number 1, and that the Torah is as well, so it is interesting that the higher complete, or spelled out aspect, of the Name Eyheh (אלף־הי־יוד־הי) is too. We have also seen that it encompassed all 4 major Names of G-d and that it is integrally related to the 5th Name, Shadai (שדי) of numerical value 314.
Now to bring it all full circle, just as 161/5 = 72.0013 so too does 1615 = 360.00 and 360o /72o = 5 relating the higher Name Eyheh (אלף־הי־יוד־הי) to the 360o circle. Moreover, this new information bridges our understanding of that strangely coincidental 72o difference between the greater phi(φ) angle, and the smaller odd/even angle, ( 222.5o150.5o) and from (209.5o137.5o) and how it relates to the 13o shift.
It also bridges our gap in the understanding of the 72% proportion between the original two sides in the odd-even split (625/870 = 72%).
Let us not forget that 161 is almost Phi(φ) itself (1.6180339887…)
Remember it was a shift of 54-units or that caused this relationship to appear.
The 365 mitzvot always troubled me. The number 365 obviously matched up with the 365 days in the year, but unlike its ubiquitous 248 counterpart, there are no other 365 Torah references. Yet as the information unfolds, if we trace 365o around a circle 72 times, we will get exactly 73 circles of 360o relating 72 circles or 72 years to the 73 integers of the Torah’s first verse. This is all the more interesting as we have just seen the equations 161/5 = 72.0013 and 1615 = 360.00, relating the higher Name Eyheh (אלף־הי־יוד־הי) to the 360o circle. As divine design would have it, the ratio of 72/161 is .4472 and the logarithm of 4472 is 3.650. And we must keep in mind that those 365 days in a year are really the time in days it takes the Earth to completely orbit the Sun.

A Circle of One

Everything circles round and round. The 3 initials (אאא) of I Am that I Am (אהיה־אשר־אהיה) sum to 3, while the 3 final letters in (אהיה־אשר־אהיה) spell out “the mountain (ההר) of numerical value 210, and the rest of the letters sum to 330. The height of the Pyramid is 210 cubits and its base is 330 cubits. As we mentioned earlier (210 + 330) = 540. Now it is appropriate to add that 540 = (3 x 1 x 4 x 1 x 5 x 9). So maybe it was not Joseph’s Pyramid, but I Am that I Am (אהיה־אשר־אהיה).
What does that mean: I Am that I Am or I Will Be who I Will Be? Does it imply an everlasting presence? The presence of a consciousness that was always here and always will be. Infinite like a circle with no beginning and no end.  Did the universe begin with a big bang from nothing? Or have we received enough information already to determine that nothing (0) is the opponent and that it was preceded by One (1) in existence. Logic would tell us that there must always be a beginning and yet that same logic says we cannot make something from nothing, yet that is the premise of the Big Bang. It is also the premise of the latest scientific theory, loop quantum theory, where instead of a big bang, there is a big bounce from a previous entire universe that contracted to occupy almost no space. In truth the big bang does not really start from nothing either, they just condense all matter and energy into an impossibly small space and then explode it—no talk of where that condensed matter came from though. Some say nothing is not nothing because it is the sum of negative one trillion plus positive one trillion. Semantics, still something from nothing, plus negative something from nothing. But what makes us think logic applies on a higher unlimited dimensional level. What if the thought of the universe was always there?
Earlier, we brought up consciousness as a separate non-physical entity from our bodies, which arguably is the case. So, what is thought? Memories are stored in our cerebral neural networks just like computers and our brightness is determined by the processing speeds of our minds. Nevertheless, genius, which is the hyper speed processing of an unfathomable number of iterations, can only come from how well our consciousness accesses and integrates with the higher level (dimensional) hyperspace upper world. So, what are our thoughts? Where do they come from? If fast processing speeds and high storage capacity creates them, then your desk top computer is looking at you right now and wondering if you have any idea what you are doing.  And while your cell phone sometimes acts like it is making the decisions for you, that is not actual thoughts, just AI messing with your head, and maybe your bank account, but you would never give it that kind of access by utilizing on-line checking, a digital wallet, or any pay-by-phone apps.
The thought may have occurred to you that that might be dangerous, or maybe it just occurred to you right now. Where is that thought?
Even if we could answer that question and what generated that thought, do we think our minds are creating new neural pathways in our brains for each thought we have, and storing them for some future date when we might want to retrieve them. Most of our thoughts are not so deep or store-worthy, but who decides what is store-worthy. Fifty percent of the bandwidth of the internet is dedicated to porn so there must be a lot of thoughts about sex going on, add to that all the thoughts about shopping and that is a lot of thoughts most of us do not need to store; that is why many of us have computers apparently. So, since our brains are not these giant balloons of neural knots of useless thoughts, let us assume that thoughts are loosely stored within the unconfined space of our consciousness. Now, they could also be in tagged freely floating thought bubbles within the upper realm (level), or even in tagged leased space up there. It does not really matter to us much down here, though, it does appear that other people (players) do have access to our thoughts when their consciousness taps into the upper dimension, much the same way so many people have access to all our private information online. Remember what we said earlier, some players become very adept at accessing the upper realm and can be seen as extremely successful.  It is what they do with it that determines how evolved they become.
Can thoughts take on a life of their own? Maybe? If I have an involved prolonged thought and it forms a big thought bubble, can it grow into a myriad of possibilities and keep growing and expanding in all directions and even dimensions? Maybe. Maybe my thought seeded a parallel universe? I could not say, but if I were to enter and explore a thought there is no reason for that thought to ever end; if I were still planted in this world I would expire before the thought would.
So, what about the original thought? As it continues to expand endlessly is there any way get to its beginning? Is there really a need to? When you are inside infinity you are always in the center because from your perspective it will always expand infinitely in all directions.  So maybe it is best we get to know the center better.
Let us get back to what we do know and to the information about our center that we were given. If we focus properly, our consciousness and thought bubbles will do much of the work for us.
We are getting close to the end of this series, which means we must be getting close to the ultimate unification that will bring us in alignment with the One and bring the 4 Essential Elements of Creation together and unlock the gates.
We have just seen the Name Ehyeh (אהיה) as a higher unifying source of the 4 Elements, and how Ehyeh (אהיה) when expanded through its spelling out (אלף־הי־יוד־הי) connects to the circle and to Phi(φ).  There is much wisdom and information concealed here that gets revealed once we expand this higher Name in 3 iterations, as the Arizal did extensively.
At first it is not readily apparent, hence the term concealed, though when we isolate the various component letters a picture emerges.

Each of the two letter Hei(ה) expand from a value of 5 to 55. The letter hei(ה) in and of itself is a gateway whose shape is no coincidence.  In the ancient Sefer HKana, where it is revealed how the 42 letters of Bereshit are transformed into the 42 Letters of the Name of G-d there is one letter that is skipped, a specific letter Hei(ה), and it is not a coincidence that the letter Hei(ה) is not found in the 42-Letter Name.  That there are two Heis(ה) in Ehyeh (אהיה) and in the Tetragrammaton (יהוה) are not coincidental either, and have to do with the total value of the Heis(ה) in the 3 expansions of the letter being 55, which is also the value of 2 cubits (27.5 x 2). This is the secret reason why the entrance or gateway to the Pyramid was located exactly 55 off the ground. The number 55 is also representative of both the double Heis(ה ה) in Ehyeh (אהיה) and in the Tetragrammaton (יהוה) since the Kabbalists have assigned the value of 50, as in the 50 Gates of Binah(hyperspace) to the first Hei(ה) in the Name and 5 to the second. There is more wisdom here than you know, more than in the rest of this entire paper.
The next letter to isolate is the all-important Yud(י):
The letter Yud(י) expands from 10 to 20 to (42 + 434) or 476, making a total for the 3 iterations of 506. We have just seen how the value 506 is practically synonymous with the 42-Letter Name, and they both connect to the paradigm of Moshiach Ben David.  There are 10 Yuds(י) making their total value 100 or 102, so in the expansion of the Name Ehyeh (אהיה) to 3 levels, the letter Yud(י) expanded by squaring. The rest of the Yuds(י) including those spelled out in the 3rd iteration total 80, making the total value of the Yuds(י) in the Name Ehyeh (אהיה) the same as that of the Shofar (שופר) whose value and all of whose kavanot, according to the Arizal, are contained in the first 3 lines of the 42-Letter Name Matrix. We have previously written about the Shofar meditation with regards to Rosh Hashannah so we will not be doing them again here, but the letters (רעש and אבגי) add up to 586, and we might want to note that the left over letters (קטן) add up to 159 as in the Upper 42-Letter Name, etc. as just discussed.
So the value of the two Heis(ה ה) and the Yud(י) once expanded within the Name Ehyeh (אהיה) total ((55 x 2) + 506) = (110 + 506) = 616, the value of H’Torah (התורה), “The Torah.” You may have already noticed that both 110 and 506 are part of our series of Exodus numbers, or even Pronic numbers, but what is so astonishing is that Hei(ה) is the 5th Letter and 110 is the 5th even Pronic number, and Yud(י) is the 10th Letter and 506 is the 10th even Pronic number.  More proof of intelligent design or more clues in how the universe really works?
We stated that Hei(ה) is associated with gateways, and with the exception of the Gate of 42 entrance to the Holy of Holies all the gates of the Holy Temple are 50 cubits high and 10 cubits wide, reflecting the Hei(ה) of Binah and the Yud(י).  The walls are 6 cubits wide, like the 6 Heis(ה) in the expanded Name Ehyeh (אהיה).
In total there are 13 Gates to the Holy Temple, 5 in the Temple Mount walls, and 8 in the Holy Temple itself. Except for the Gate of 42 to the Holy of Holies, all the Gates of the Holy Temple and Temple Mount have a gate opening area of 500 cubits and a depth of 6 cubits, reminiscent of 506. The volume of each Gate opening would thus be 3000 cu3 each. The total depth of the 12 gates is (6 x 12) = 72; the total height is (50 x 12) = 600; and the total width is (10 x 12) = 120, all Exodus numbers. They represent the 4th even Pronic number, the 12th even Pronic number, and Moses’ age respectively.
Those gate openings of 3000 cu3 each in inches are 62,390,625 cubic inches or Keter (62,000,000) plus the 390,625 elements of “The Torah.” Is it just coincidental that the information contained in the Name Ehyeh (אהיה) of numerical value 21 is coming to light now, in the 21st century?
The first and final letter in the Name Ehyeh (אהיה) is Alef(א), which through 3 iterations total 1818, as was first explained to us by Rav Abraham Azulai. The sum of the height, width, and depth of each of those massive Gates to the Holy Temple in inches is (1375 + 275 + 165) = 1815 + 3 (kolel) = 1818. Coincidence, or is it a significant clue and vital information on how to transcend the Gates of Binah (hyperspace). By the way, if you recall, one of the processes within Number Theory was the adding of digits and the sum of digits in the 3 measures of the 12 Holy Gates are (1+3+7+5 + 2+7+5 + 1+6+5) = 42. According to the Ramchal, the Gate of the Holy of Holies of the Future Holy Temple is 6 cubits high, 7 cubits wide, or (6+7) = 13, with an area of (6×7) = 42 and 2 cubits thick, or 55 inches: 13 – 42 – 55 like the alefs and vavs in the Shema and the indices of Prime Bell Numbers, etc.  I do not mean to keep coming back to 42, but do you think there is a reason the universe does, especially as we get closer to the source?
Let us take a closer look at those Temple Gates and a bit of recapitulation of topics we have already covered. Each of those gates to the Holy Temple in inches is (1375 + 275 + 165).  The 50-cubit height of 1375 inches corresponds to the sum of the last 3 rows (6 Triplets) of the 42-Letter Name Matrix(230+239+906). The width of 10 cubits of 275 inches corresponds to the full 4 aspects (232+39+4) of the Tetragrammaton (יהוה); and also, the sum of the 22 letters of the alef-bet (253 +22); also the complete 231 Gates of Wisdom built between the 22 letter pairs (231 +44). Then there is the depth of 6 cubits of 165 inches, which corresponds to the value of “The Tree (העץ);” and is the small gematria0 of the 42-Letter Name whereby koof(ק) and Yud(י) take on the place value “0;” and is the midpoint of the 330 base of the Pyramid at the place we find the score marks on each side; and it is the 165th digit in Pi where we first find the digit string 2701, the value of the Torah’s first verse, which we noted earlier was also the sum of the 22 Letters added to the year of the Exodus (2448 + 253); and 165 inches is also equal to 13.75 ft.
Would we expect anything less from the Gates of the Future Holy Temple? Just keep in mind these are towers over 11 stories high with doorways almost 8 yards wide with walls nearly 5 yards thick. To us that enormity is information about the gateways that need to be crossed.

Circles, Dimensions, and One(1)

Let us shift gears slightly and circle back to the Great Pyramid. It was constructed using feet, inches, and the mir cubit, which is 27.5 inches.  Those 210 cubits of height and 330 cubits of base width represent roughly 481 feet in height and 756 feet in width at the base respectively.  We have discussed this several times already, but this time it concerns Pi and 1 (One) and the Torah.
A circle, as we know, has a simple formula that determines its circumference by virtue of the length of its radius. The radius is the distance from the center point of the disk defined by the circle to its boundary or outer edge, the ring or circle itself. That formula is.
That was wordy but simple, but now we are going to muddy things up a little. You might think that any point on the circle is like any other, and by definition they do all share the exact same radius, yet as it turns out, each point is extremely unique. If we place the circle in the center of an (X,Y) graph with (0,0) as the central point, every point on the circle will have a different (X,Y) set of coordinates.
Those coordinates will be solely determined by the length of the radius and Pythagoras’ theorem:

This holds true for 3-dimensional spheres, and any-dimensional sphere for that matter. The general formula is:
When we assign a radius of 1(One) to the circle, the formula for determining the (X,Y) set of coordinates is:
and since a 3-dimensional sphere has a third axis (Z), the equation for a sphere is:
It seems like a complicated way of viewing a simple circle or a simple sphere such as a ball. Nevertheless, these equations are a very important first step for our understanding of the higher dimensions, which thankfully we will not go into here. We do want to illustrate, though, how some of our Torah and Pyramid knowledge was wrapped around, or may have even sprung from, simple coordinates on the 2-d circle and 3-d spheres.
What we are asking you to do is to imagine simple numbers no longer in the abstract or as counting tools. We want you to visualize them as specific points in space and as such, they have coordinates on the X, Y and Z axis. These are points in a matrix, yet they are bound by the surface shape of the sphere, or the circumference of a circle that is fixed in position. They are no longer floating freely in space, though the sphere they are can cay be.  We are limiting ourselves here to 3 dimensions, but the process is the same for our 8-dimensional and 248 dimensional models as well. The point is that our Torah numbers may not be simply numbers but grid points in multiple dimensions.
Since we are working with circles and spheres of radius 1, all the coordinates need to be under 1 and so all the numbers need to be reduced to a decimal. For example, 756.25 ft would be represented as .75625.
For starters:This sheds a whole new light on our Torah numbers and deeply integrates our primordial constants with one of our 4 Essential Elements (72 Triplets) of the universe and because of the equations we saw above, with the Name Ehyeh (אהיה) as well.
Yet another example, given a sphere of radius 1(0ne) is:
where 26 represents the Tetragrammaton(יהוה), 42 represents the 42-Letter Name and 756 is the base length of the Pyramid in feet. Only now can we begin to understand why the Pyramid kept winding its way into our discussions of the Torah and the dynamics of the universe. We have revealed the rock and the paper; I do not think we want to find the scissors.
Now, since 756 is the measure of the cubit (27.5”) squared, it is interesting that:
This translates in English to the Pyramid’s Base width in ft and its Height in ft plus a helper coordinate of .666 in a 3-dimensional sphere equal 1 (One).  Since the base and height could be measured with a tape measure then the unknown variable here was .666.
Now we have something tangible to work with. The Pyramid, already a 3-d object now forms a giant sphere whose radius is 1 unit of something. Nevertheless, those numbers will not scale together, but these will:

While 444 is .666 x 666 it is also the value of the Torah phrase “from generation to generation (לדר־ודר),” and as Rav Ashlag pointed out to me, 444/22 = 20.18, actually 20.1818. This brings us back to the expansion of the Alef(א), which also has the value of 1000.
So, are we saying that the Pyramid that has lasted from generation to generation gives us a sphere with a radius of 1000 and thus Alef(א) based on its height and width? I guess we are.

The 10 Plagues

Moreover, that same notorious coordinate .6662 when added to either .42 or .72 similarly gives us Egypt (מצרים) of gematria 380 in the third dimension.If you want the numbers to tell a complete story, the number 44 is the numerical value of the dam (דם), meaning blood, the first of the 10 plagues. Oh, and by the way, 444 is the value of the second of the 10 plagues, and 42 is the initials of the final plague. And 72 represents the first and last letters of the 4th plague, Arov (ערב), hoards, of numerical value 272, our 8th Exodus or even Pronic number.
There is also Choshech (חשך), the 9th plague, darkness, whose numerical value 328 when added to 272, the 4th plague, gives us 600, the 12th Exodus even Pronic number. And if we add the 3rd plague, lice or kinim (קנים) of numerical value 120, to the 5th Exodus even Pronic number we get 330, the Pyramid’s base in cubits.
Remember when we took the product of the first 6 digits in Pi (3 x 1 x 4 x 1 x 5 x 9) and got 540, the sum of its height (210) and width (330). The product of the next 6 digits (2 x 6 x 5 x 3 x 5 x 8) = 7200, and (2 x 6 x 5 x 3 x 5 x 8)/(2 + 6 + 5 + 3 + 5 + 8) = 248.275…
Given all the information we have received we need to ask ourselves why it is so crucially important that we know the exact measurement of the cubit, and now how it relates to the 248 dimensions.
Moreover, as far as Israel is concerned, on whose behalf the 10 plagues were done, its numerical value is 541, the same as the initials of all 10 plagues together:

Possible ways to read the gematriot in these equations could be “Israel plus 70 years w/wisdom (chochma,73) equals 1(One),” and “Israel with the 7 sefirot of Zeir Anpin plus Shabbat equals One.” And let us not forget that 702 is our 13th Exodus even Pronic number.
Divinely inspired, Rav Yehuda Halevi Ashlag of blessed memory, calculated the time for Moshiach’s arrival in 5778 based on a series of the kabbalistic 1/3 – 2/3 splits within the prophesied 6 millennia time span, or .333333 and .666666.
We can see with pure mathematics that the relationship between .333 and .666 extends past the simple 2-dimensional relationship .333333 +.666666 = 1, and see that 5778 and 666 form a specific point on the circle of radius 1:
While .666 and .333 and .666 are the (X,Y,Z) coordinate points on the surface of the sphere of 1, their corresponding values add even more information for us (444, 111, 444), which can be deciphered as “from generation to generation (לדר־ודר)”, Alef(אלף), “from generation to generation (לדר־ודר) = One.
This second equation is that of a circle of 1 with 5778 as a coordinate of the X-axis. If we keep that coordinate point and expand our consciousness one dimension to see this circle as a slice of a sphere of One, we can then see the year 5778 HC matched up with the same year in the Western Calendar (2018 CE) as the coordinate on the Y-axis, and both of them necessarily are matched up and the crowning energy source of the Torah (625) and the Moshiach Ben David(424) paradigm:
In the above equations, we were given .333 and .666 as (X,Y) coordinates on a circle of radius one, and .666 and .333 and .666 as the (X,Y,Z) coordinate points on the surface of the sphere of 1.  At this particular point on the sphere: (.666 + .333 + .666) = (√X + √Y + √Z) = 1 and (.666 + .333 + .666) = (X + Y + Z) = 1.666…, a sphere that is 1.666 times larger than the original sphere of 1. This special relationship is all the more curious since the sum of the 72 Triplets, 42-Letter Name, and the first verses of the Shema and the Torah equal (9143 + 3701 + 1118 + 2701) = 16663.
It would be nice if they were also coordinate points on a 4-dimensional geometric shape of radius 1. Alas, they are not; their radius would be 1.058372.
If we substitute the 11 Triplets of Bereshit for the Torah’s first verse though (9143, 3701, 1118, 3003), the radius works out to 1.0756 giving us the Pyramid’s base and the year 5778 as the sum of the integers from 1 – 107.  Moreover, since both 33012 and 21010 are both exceeding close to a multiple of 1.668, 33012/21010 = 107 and 5778 is also just about the height of the Pyramid in inches.
And regarding (9143 + 3701 + 1118 + 2701) = 16663, we want to remind you of some extremely precise and critical equations derived from the simple measure of this same stone mountain that also work out to 16.663
Is the universe telling us that the 4 Essential Elements brought order out of chaos, defying entropy?
How could anyone encode this information unless they knew it? Why would they know it unless they were doing advanced modeling? I think we know by now it was not the Egyptians, and moreover, it is pretty obvious that whoever gave us the Torah also gave us the Pyramid, and that they (He) did not give it to us so we could carve our initials in it.
Maybe we already have more information than we need. We have more than we know. Let us hope all that critical programming of our DNA does not go to waste.

42 at the Heart of the Matter

Many sections ago we illustrated the various splits and shifts of the Hebrew alphabet and compared then with a Phi(φ) split in the alphabet. When we did that, we applied the 1495 total gematria of the alef-bet to the circumference (C) of the circle and basically observed the proportions of the simple splits and their resultant angles. If we now take that 1495-unit circumference and calculate the radius of that circle, using the basic formula C = 2rPi, we get:

Now, this radius of 237.9366399 is very similar to 1/42 or factoring in decimal places 10000/42, which as we have seen above is also derivative of the Israelite population growth figures that the Torah was very specific about:

The difference between our alphabet radius and the Israelite population (and 1/42) is 238.0952381 – 237.9366399 , which equals .1585598172, a pretty meaningless number itself, right? Except as a percentage, it is off our radius (237.93663990) by .06666% and off 1/42 by .0666111%

So, what came first the radius or the circumference? Which means: did the number 42 (or the concept of 42) come before the Alef-bet? And was the Torah and the growth of the Israelite population in the Torah designed to reflect 42 and the Alef-bet from long before the Creation of Adam?
Now, if you want to speak about symmetry, that tiny .1585598172, can be rounded to .159, meanwhile the ratio of the radius (237.9366399) of the Alef-bet circle of 1495 to its circumference is also .159 or 15.9%.
There is no mathematical reason this should work out this way.  We repeat: There is no mathematical reason this should work out this way.  We can call it coincidence or given the importance of the two related equations; we can call it a planned symmetry of design.
Maybe we should call it Divine information?
If you recall, the 2nd Triplet in Pi (3.14159…), 159, is the small gematria value of the upper 42-Letter Name of G-d (יהוה) that makes up the bulk of our 15 Shema Triplets, which are divided into a 3 letter word (שמע) and the 14 Upper Triplets:

Almost there…. For anyone that has not been following this series from its inception, you can find the entire work here.
Shabbat Shalom,