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In the Year 5780…In the Year 2020 Can Man…

Before we touch on 5780, we need reach back to the Flood incident, a period that lasted two (2) years from 1656 to 1658 in times that many are drawing parallels with the events of today. We need to reach all the way back to chapter 11, paragraph 33, of the Torah, an alignment reminiscent of the 11 cells per level and 33 in total that surround the Holy of Holies. For anyone that has not been following this series from its inception, you can find the entire work here.
This pasuk occurs immediately after the Tower of Babel incident and begins the Chronicles of Shem(שם), Abraham and Moses’ forefather, who is the 11th generation in the lineage of Adam. “Shem was 100 years old when he had a son Arpachshad two [2] years after the flood.” There is a lot of encoding in this pasuk that we will not get into now, including the name Shem having the same numerical value of sephar, sepher and sippur(ספר), being written 3 times. We will not get into the value of “the Flood (המבול)” being 5-78 and containing “the Mem-Bet (42) either.
What is significant about this passage is that it established all the dating from the Flood on, all the births and deaths of the lineage of Adam, the year of the Exodus, and everything that followed.  What is unclear about the passage is whether that dating should commence with the start of the Flood or the end of the Flood incident, when Noach and his 3 sons, including Shem, stepped onto dry land. This was not a tidal wave or a flash flood, the flood waters covered the earth for nearly two (2) years. The Torah goes into great detail about that, and about how all the animals had to go in 2 by 2, seven (7) pairs of 2.
Certain words and key names in the Torah are doubled, repeated consecutively, like a zipper connecting two halves of the Torah, or rungs on a ladder.  Noach’s name was doubled and Shem’s was too. Shem’s was the 13th of the 91 doubled words in the Torah, and the 8th of the 49 unique doubled words since some words were doubled more than once.  There is abundant meaning there too, including connections to “He and His Name [91] are One[13],” with the name Shem literally meaning “Name.” It should also be noted that Shem was Abraham’s teacher.
Nevertheless, what is important for us right now is that the Creator The Divine Calendarpurposely left a degree of uncertainty in the dating and timeline of our history and lives. The start of the Flood was chosen and became the established timeline, and that was the correct choice. We have validated it with all the mirror dating and so much more in The Divine Calendar and elsewhere. However, …
However, what if the second time frame was also true? What if it was a purposeful way to conceal two (2) more years for us.  That would make 5778 also 5780. It would be as if the Creator had hidden away two(2) years for us, buying us two more years. In those two (2) years His opponent would have thought he had won and would be operating with impunity, unwittingly exposing all the deceit, the illusions, and his evil doings to the light of day.
Are there any parallels with what has been going on in the world these past two years?
How could that even be possible?
The Creator is either G-d, or the supreme and ultimate programmer. The opponent is only a powerful creation of the Creator. When you go to a casino and bet on red or black, your odds of winning are not 50/50 and that is how the house ensures it will always come out ahead in the end.  The House of G-d will always come out ahead in the end, or the simulation would not exist. If you prefer to call the simulation real life that is fine, so real life would not exist if the odds were not slightly in its favor.
In both alignments, the Calendars have interesting and telling dates. So maybe, like the Western and Hebrew Calendars that intertwine, interact, and pivot on the date 3760 HC, and maybe like those two same calendars that and are both necessary for our understanding of the cosmic and Divine design of our universe, perhaps both of the Flood-derived calendars are also necessary. Since the Torah tells us Shem lived 500 years after he had Arpachshad, in the new dating schematic Shem would have passed away in the year 2160.

Simple Connections to a Highly Complex Structure

The number 2160 is not only referential to the 216 letters of the 72 Triplets, but also to the 2160-mile diameter of the moon. The purpose of the 72 Names is only now coming into focus at the time we actually need it.  Anyone who told you previously that the individual Names (Triplets) could get you anything in the physical world, give mind over matter power over the spiritual world was selling you a bill of goods and messing with your mind. The power of the 72 Names is as a matrix and much more about this will be revealed over this 3-part Section. It was hidden away for us for a reason.
The Zohar tells us that in the end-of-days the Moon will be as prominent as the Sun and many have taken that literally, and also have inferred much else with it. However, it may simply be a hint that at the end of the calendar, the second calendar will be as prominent as the first. The number 2160 is also referential to the
2160 separate 8-orthoplex that surround each point in the 248 dimensions of the E8 lattice. What makes this possibly relevant is that Shem’s student, Abraham has a numerical value of 248, and Abraham’s birth predated the Torah by exactly 500 years. This compares with Shem, who lived 500 years after he had Arpachshad and passed away in the year 2160.
These two 500-year values correspond to the 2nd and 14th Triplets of the first and last rows of the 42-Letter Name (צית and יתצ). That the two 500 value Triplets total 1000 is relevant, and its relevancy will make perfect sense later in the 3 parts. A further connection is that Shem was 100 years old when he had his first son, and likewise Abraham was also 100 when he had Isaac.
This previously concealed information is being transferred to us just now, just as those additional 2 years are expiring. Is this significant?
Why is the E8 root lattice in 248-dimensional Lie algebra important? We are not sure if it really is, but it may, though, be extremely important once we understand it better. There are brilliant physicists working on determining if its crystalline structure does indeed express the grand unification of all the fundamental particles and forces in a way that no other theory has yet been able to do. They are not there yet, but so far, the best science has come up with is that the universe should not exist. It may be because their scope has been too limited to the physical boundaries.  Perhaps we will be able to assists with that.
Another interesting alignment in the 248-dimensional E8 root lattice has to do with the E8 root system, which consists of all vectors, or roots from 1 – 8 (a1,a2,a3,a4,a5,a6,a7,a8) whereby all ai are integers (i.e. -1,1,0,0,0,0,0,0) or all ai are integers plus ½ (i.e. 1/2,-1/2, 1/2,-1/2,-1/2,1/2,1/2,-1/2) , and their sum is an even integer, and the sum of their squares is 2. That is not relevant unless you are mathematician. What is relevant to all of us is that there are 112 of these where ai are integers and 128 where ai are integers plus ½. Altogether, E8 has (112 + 128) = 240 roots + 8 coordinates, or 248.
We now know, thanks to the advanced information conveyed to us through the Torah, that there are 4 Essential Elements in the Creation of our universe and that they consist of 112 Triplets.  Merging this knowledge, it is possible that the 112 Triplets correspond to the 112 integer Roots. Moreover, the 248 (dimensionality) – the 128 (half-integer) roots = the 120 point differential built into the 120 Years of Man and the Pyramid.
Think about it for a moment. The last two (2) Books of the Torah, are Bamidbar and Devarim. The Book Bamidbar has a numerical value of 248 and the Book Devarim, delineated by Moses when he was 120, has a numerical value of 256 or (2 x 128), which correspond to the 128 (half-integer) roots.  And since 256 = 28, then 128 is 28/2, and indeed we are talking about the E8 lattice with its 8 coordinates, as in (256 – 248) = 8.
Bear in mind that (248 + 256) = 504 and that the midpoint of the 91 doubled words in the Torah is Darosh Darash (דרש דרש) each of numerical value 504 and that there are 50 words with a value of 504 in the Torah, split right down the middle at Darosh Darash. This will become more significance for us shortly. As will the 112 Triplets being points on a sphere.
Also, considering the connection to the 2160-mile diameter of the Moon, the sum of the Earth’s radius and the Moon’s radius together being exactly 7! or (7 x 6 x 5 x 4 x 3 x 2 x 1) = 5040 miles is relevant as well.
Moreover, while 248 and 256 represent the 4th and 5th Books of Moses, the equation (5040/112) = 45 connects these 2 Books with the 112 Triplets, the Earth and Moon relationship, Adam, the 6 bundled dimensions of Zeir Anpin, the Pyramid, the E8 lattice structure, and the 91 Doubles.

Connecting the Dots

We have just entered the year 5780 HC and it will soon be 2020 CE, and based on our nearly 6000-year timeline and time frame we need to ask what information is conveyed to us within these dates. The Western date 2020 CE can be viewed as a fairly obvious reference to 20, Esrim, which we know has the gematria of 620, Keter, the highest level (sefira) or dimension. So, just like the dimensions of the Holy of Holies (20 cu by 20 cu), the date 2020 CE can be seen as an allusion to Keter of Keter, the highest of the highest.  Moreover, the digits in 5780, add up (5 + 7 + 8 + 0) to 20.
Altogether, both dates form a cube of 20 x 20 x 20, as in the bottommost cube in the Tower of Truth, whereby all 20 incrementally smaller cubes are stacked from 1 to 20 and have a total volume of 44100 cu3. As discussed, 441 is the value of Truth, Emet, and since 44100 = 441 x 100, the total volume also represents the “Truth of Keter.”
The number 20 can also be seen as a limit, a limit in the positive sense, just as the maximum height of our sukkah is 20 cubits and beyond that the ceiling of Binah is pierced. It is at that very point in our sukkah that the Sach (thatched ceiling) of numerical value 100 is placed.  The number 20 is also a limit in the sense that it is the bottommost cube in that tower and that the Holy of Holies is likewise at the bottom of the 100-cubit Tower of the Temple Building.  Also, if you recall, the Hebrew Alef-bet is based on an exponential scale related to the date that the Torah was received at Mt. Sinai, and that the letters Caf(כ) and Tav(ת) were the two letters to fit the energetic scale precisely with their values of 20 and 202 respectively, Tav(ת) being the last of the 22 letters.
In terms of gematria, 78 as in 780, represents the initials of the Tree-of-life (עח) so if 5778 can be said to connect to the Tree-of-life (עח), 5780 can be said to connect to the expansion of the Tree-of-life (עח) through the 10 sefirot. Moreover, the years 2020 + 5780 add up to 7800, meaning the synergy of the two calendar years represents the complete expansion of the Tree-of-life (עח) through the 10 sefirot X 10 sefirot.
Furthermore, there is a little known gematria algorithm that I have always found most revealing, especially with dates. Basically, it is taking the product of the digits in a number or digital sequence and dividing the product of those digits by their sum. When we applied it to the Torah’s first verse it gave us the mathematical constant Pi to several decimal places. In this case (2 x 2)/(2 + 2) = 1 (One).  Other than years with single digits in them like the year 1 or the year 2000, this has happened only once before, in the year 1010.  In that year, the year 1010 CE and its Hebrew calendar counterpart (1010 CE + 4770 HC) added up to 5780.
When we apply that gematria algorithm to the year 5780 HC, we get (5 x 7 x 8)/(5 +7 + 8) = 280/20 = 14. It is significant to note that 280 is the value of the 5 final letters connected to the end-of-days as advised by the Zohar. As will be discussed below, 280 cubits is also the area of the 11 cells that surround the 20 x 20 cubit Holy of Holies.  As for 14, biblically it is the value of hand(יד) as in “yad ha-ḥazakah (the mighty hand) of the Creator, gold, and David(דוד).

The Three Years

People have asked me about the other two pyramids alongside Adam’s Pyramid. I do not know much about them but given the connection to the Third Holy Temple I do see the analogy between the 3 pyramids and the 3 Holy Temples.  Moreover, as Antonio pointed out, the 3 years, (5778 + 5779 + 5780) = 17337, which can be seen as the pairing of the small gematria value for the 42-Letter Name, 173, and the number 37, the heart, Halev (הלב) or ordinal value of Chochma (חכמה) and the most representative number of the Torah’s first verse.  Moreover (173 x 37) = 6401, which is the sum of the standard value of the 42-Letter Name, 3701, and the Torah’s first verse, 2701 less the kolel (One).  Furthermore, (173 + 37) = 210, the height of Adam’s Pyramid, the 210 years of exile, the height of the Tower of Truth, and so much more already discussed.
When the first 37 primes are arranged in a 12-gonal Star shape (the Magen David) the 6 points (2 + 7 + 19 + 107 + 139 + 157) add up to 441, Emet, Truth.
Another way to view 17337 is (1 x 73 x 37) or 2701, the numerical value of the Torah’s first verse, one of the 4 Essential Elements.
Using the same gematria algorithm revealed above, we can see how all three of these years are energetically (spiritually) connected to one another: (1 x 7 x 3 x 3 x 7)/(1 + 7 + 3 +3 +7) = 14, just like the year 2020 and 5780 alone. As written about in the Zohar and in numerous articles in the there are three (3) spiritual Hands of G-d alluded to in the Torah: the Great Hand (גדזלה), with the aspect of Chesed, as the right column of the Tree-of-Life; the Mighty Hand (חזקה) with the aspect of Gevurah, as the left column of the Tree-of-Life; and the Elevated Hand (רמה) with the aspect of Tiferet, as the central column of the Tree-of-Life. Together these 3 Hands form the 14 triplets of the 42 Letter Name.  Two of the hands, Mighty (חזקה) and Elevated (רמה) add up to 365, as in the 365 mitzvot and the 365 days in 1 year.
As we will explain in detail later in this section, the 3 types of Hands add up to 414, the same as the collective value of the Lulav (לולב), the Hadas (הדס), and the Aravah (ערבה) which is twice the numerical value of the Hebrew word for Light, Ohr.
The year 2020 is not only related to Keter (כתר), but to Chochma (חכמה), the 2nd highest dimension as well. Of course, 2020 is not only an allusion to perfect vision (20/20), but 20 years after the big 20, the year 2000, when Rav Abraham Azulai hinted the period of Oy and Ashrei would begin. Twenty (20) years is 7300 days and 2020 years is 737300 days at a normal 365-day calendar year. The number 73 is the numerical value of Chochma (חכמה), the second highest dimension, from which the light of wisdom flows into the dimension of Binah.
In full disclosure there are more like 365.25 days in an average year, making the total in 2020 years 737805 days or 505 days more than 737300.  While 505 is the gematria of the Matriarch Sarah(שרה), which may or may not have significance to this design, correcting for those 505 days brings us back to 2018. Thank G-d for those 505 extra days! It is a Brave New World and our slumber is deeper than we know.
How extraordinary if 737300 were to be found in those specially designed first 1000 (Binah) digits of Pi! Alas, it is not, not exactly.  At digit #300 within Pi (3.14159265358….), the digit string 737245 is found, which is 55 less than 737300. Oddly, the digit string 737190 is also found there and it is 55 less than 737245.  Once again, like the three (3) numerical strings …5778… (equivalent to the year 2018 CE) and the three (3) …2019… strings we find a triple (3X) allusion to the days in 2020 years, and all 3 are connected through 55, which is the value of 2 cubits (2 x 27.5). it is also the value of the entrance (55’) of the Pyramid and the Holy of Holies, as will be discussed below.
Why 55 and why is it associated with entrances? Within the Tetragrammaton (יהוה) the two connected gates, the Hei(ה) or gate to Binah and the Hei(ה) or gate from Malchut to Zeir Anpin have values of 50 and 5 respectively and thus once connected 55. Two gates; two cubits (2 x 27.5).
Part and parcel to this recurring design of three (3) are the 3 highest sefirot (levels/dimensions), always separate from the other 7. The two highest levels, Keter (כתר) and Chochma (חכמה), have a combined ordinal value of (53 + 37) = 90, the numerical value of water(מים), and of King (מלך). Water is a metaphor for Light (spiritual energy): water (מים) fills the sea (ים) of Binah (בינה).
When Keter (כתר) and Chochma (חכמה) and Binah (בינה) are joined as one, their sum is (620 + 73 + 67) = 760, as in the square root of each of the years from 5776 through 5780, 76.0…; and as in the ordinal value of the Torah’s first word 76; and as in the pivotal year of the calendars, 3760 HC; and as in the year of the big 20, the year 2000 CE, which was in 5760 HC. When we speak of combining them, we mean when we are examining the energy flowing between them as opposed to seeing them as separate dimensions.
When Keter (כתר) and Chochma (חכמה) and Binah (בינה) come together their 3 final letters (ההר) add up to 210, and spell “The Mountain(ההר).” Is there any question as to why the Tower of Truth would be 210 cubits high? Is this a hint as to why the Pyramid is both 210 cubits high and 210 levels high?
Is it also by design that the front letters (בינ-חכמ-כת) in the 3 highest sefirot equal 550 or exactly 20 cubits (20 x 27.5)?
As Yehoshua recently pointed out to me, science has just now brought us to the point of quantum computing, in which a qubit (a quantum bit) is the basic unit of quantum information. It is pronounced the same as the ancient basic unit of measure, the cubit. Is this coincidental? Or are we at a convergence point in our existence?
The difference between the computing power of our ordinary computers based on 2 bit technology and the new quantum qubit-based computers is more than exponential; it is dimensional. The same can be said when we properly engage the Hebrew letters in the Names of G-d and Creation.
Why 20? We have already explained the connection between Keter and 20, but as the Arizal explains the Yud (י) of the Tetragrammaton (יהוה) expands to Yud (יוד) of numerical value 20 and the Yud (י) corresponds to Chochma (חכמה). The Tetragrammaton (יהוה) is both a Name and a cosmic schematic.
The first 3 letters in Chochma (חכמה) and Binah (בינה) sum up to (68 + 62) = 130, the value of Sinai, as in Mt Sinai; meanwhile, and the first letters in Keter (כתר) are 420, which, as we will soon see, is a clue to the proper order of things.  The word in Keter (כתר) breaks down numerically to (20 + 202 + 20 x 10) or Yud (יוד) + Yud (יוד)2 + Yud (יוד)3. The names given to the sefirot (dimensions) are not arbitrary. They are based on a schematic flow of energy and integrated with the design of the universe and Names of G-d as delineated in the Torah.
Water (מים) and King (מלך) not only share the same numerical value, but also share the same ordinal value as well, 36, which means their shared complete value is 126 or (3 x 42).
Another key word that has an ordinal value of 36 is Emet, truth (אמת). The word for Truth (אמת) breaks down into (400 + 40 + 1) or  1 + (2 x 20) + 202, which in terms of the Tower of Truth reminds us that when we climb from the 20th cube to the summit, we ultimately reach One(1). Thus it too is a schematic for us to follow. It is also reminiscent of 2020, and of 1 + (2 x Yud (יוד)) + Yud (יוד)2, associating the derivation and energy of Truth, Emet, with the dimension of Keter.
The reasons we are examining these connections are so that we can properly align the Names, the pathways, and the Triplets with the given blueprints of the Third Holy Temple.  The true kabbalists have always known that it is not enough to know how Heaven and Earth operate, we must know and Understand the Names that connect them. Yes, the supernal Future Holy Temple is already here, but we need to Understand how to access it (properly), and to Understand the codes that link up with it.
For example, within the number 17337 that is revealed by (5778 + 5779 + 5780), we see the 42-Letter Name, represented by 173, comes before the Torah’s first verse, represented by 37, which is a most significant bit of critical information being conveyed to us. First there was the 42-Letter Name, then the Torah.
Referring to the Gate of 42, the Gate of the Holy of Holies, the Ramchal explains, “Were it not for that this gate is open, the entire universe would be in a state of total deprivation and would therefore cease to exist. This is why this gate had to be opened first. As the flow of blessings and sustenance went out from this gate, it spread in all directions, forging a multitude of highways and pathways according to the needs of the various worlds.”
Another derivation from the number 17337, representing the combined last 3 years, is 10,000 and 73 and 37. The energetic value 73 is the numerical value of Chochma (חכמה) and 37 is its inner or ordinal value, 10,000 is 104.  In kabbalistic counting, based on the schematic design of energy in the greater universe: single digits, maxing out at 10, are Malchut; double digits, maxing out at 100, are Zeir Anpin; triple digits, maxing out at 1000, is Binah; and quadruple digits, maxing out at 10,000 or 104, which is also Yud (י)4, is Chochma.  Therefore, this 3-year sequence is portrayed numerically as 3 aspects of Chochma (Wisdom).
We know that the 4 Essential Elements that comprise the 112 Triplets are arranged along the axis of the primordial Alef(א) and that they are paired 11 Triplets and 15 Triplets, or 26 for YHVH (יהוה), on one axis, and 14 and 72, or 86 for Elohim (אלהים) and YHVH (יהוה) on the other. What we did not know was which applied to which axis.  Putting the 42 first would make the 14 Triplets of the 42-Letter Name align with the upper Yud(י). The other number that then derives from the upper Yud(י) and the two central Vavs (וו) is (14 + 11 + 15) = 40 with the last arm equal to 72. We will soon see how this ties into the Third Temple and the formula to bring freedom, elevation, and Moshiach.
Parts 2 and 3 of this section will follow in short order.
Shabbat Shalom