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By now, most of you know of the prophetic Hebrew calendar date for Moshiach (the rav ashlagMessiah) and as some say the end times or the end of days,  5778, and how Rav Yehuda Halevi Ashlag revealed it to me through my teacher and how much more it connects to And more recently, we’ve revealed the connection between the 13 measures of 444 years and the year 5778.
I recently returned from Israeli and it was while visiting HaRav Ashlag (HaSulam) that the significance of the 444-year span came into sharper focus.  I had been contemplating the connection between the 13 measures of 444 and 2nd plague, blue frogtzfardea (frogs) of numerical value 444, and I came to the obvious and not so profound link that frogs leap and that the 13 spans of time are like 13 leaps of love (ahava, numerical value 13). As previously revealed, 444 is the numerical value of “from generation to generation (L’dor V’dor) and I knew there had to be a special reason that the only 10-letter word (an obvious connection to the 10 sefirot) in the Torah is found in the reading about the frogs.
Yet it was during the brief time I had with Rav Ashlag that he suggested I divide 444 by 22, as in the 22 Hebrew letters, in order to understand the significance of 444.  Any connection to the 22 Hebrew letters would bring this number, 444, back to its root energy and deconstruct it to, as Abraham Avinu put it in his Sefer Yetzizah, the 22 building blocks of the universe.
So it was beautifully enlightening that the beloved tzaddik of blessed memory who revealed to us the year 5778 for Moshiach and the final redemption (geula) also revealed that the essence of the 13 measures of love, of G-d’s 13 attributes is 444/22 =  20.18, as in the Western calendar year 2018 CE, which just happens to be the Hebrew calendar year 5778.
It also harks back to G-d’s Covenent with Abraham in 2018 in the Hebrew Calender, but that’s not coincidental. It would also mean that G-d made his Covenant with Abraham exactly 100 blocks (100 x 20.18) from the time time began.
Yet another reminder that G-d’s hand is in everything and that there are scant few years left for us to make the leap and find that unconditional love within us.
As Rav Ashlag himself pointed out, there the last leap, of 444 years would take us from the death of the Arizal until Moshiach. We can now see that the final (22nd) block of that final time span is 20.18 years, which begin in 1998.  It is also the last of the 100 blocks of time from the year the Western calendar began in 3760 HC (0 CE).
In between the two sets of 100 blocks, the first when G-d made his Covenant and the last when he will fulfill it are the 86 Blocks of Elohim (numerical value 86).