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omer barleyWe count the Omer every year. On one level it’s a measure of barley given as a sacrifice. We count it for 49 days. We count it 7 days a week for 7 weeks for a full 1/7 of the year.  So it shouldn’t be surprising that the sum of the ordinal value in the word Omer (AMR) is 16+13+20 = 49.  Gematria only reveals the concealed energy within the Torah’s words; it doesn’t create it.
So given the ordinal value of the word Omer (AMR) as 49, the complete value of the word is 310 + 49 or 359, which is the same gematria as the name of the dark angel of negativity, satan. Why?
Simply because counting the Omer each year raises the yearly complement of Holy sparks omer calendarnecessary to eventually overcome satan and to help us battles our individual satans. As Rabbi Shimon states in the Zohar, “the evil inclination is voided.” Counting the Omer takes us through the progressions and passages of the sefirot, particularly the 7 dimensions of Zeir Anpin from Malchut.
I’ve heard it said that each day that we count the Omer properly is equivalent to doing 8 full days of spiritual work. If it were only equivalent to 7 days, the 7 weeks of the Omer would be equivalent to one full year of spiritual work, and if we’re doing our spiritual work non-stop for the entire year there would be no openings for satan in our lives,
G-d Bless and make sure you connect with Rabbi Shimon tonight, this L’ag B’Omer, the one man satan could not touch.