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There is always a beginning and an end. Well, not really, all time is infinite, but it can be segmented into discreet bundles.  Moreover, there is one time segment in particular that the Torah, modern mathematics, ancient philosophy, and Biblical history all converge to make extra special.
We turn to the Hebrew alphabet and the Torah’s first verse for our first clues. The Greek alpha comes from the Hebrew Alef (E) and the Greek omega comes from the Hebrew letter Tav (T) so it’s fitting that the complete gematria of the letter Tav is 400 plus its ordinal value amongst the 22 letters of the Hebrew alphabet, which is 22, thus together 422.  And 422 is the gematria (numerical value) of the Hebrew word ShBAYM “seventy (70).”

The beginning and the end come together in the number 70.

As explained in The Divine Calendar the discreet bundle of 70 years is repeated over The Divine Calendarand over again in terms of Biblical history and divine consciousness, whether it’s the 70 years that Adam gave up for King David’s life (70 years), or the age G-d made his Covenant with Abraham (70), or the period of the Babylonian exile (70 years) between the Temples, or the year the 2nd Temple was destroyed (70 CE), 70 marks very crucial periods in our existence.
Thus it should not be such a shock that the First Temple too, which was destroyed in 3338 HC, corresponds to the year -422 BCE in the reflected Western one, or as we just learned 70 (seventy) in gematria. Also as just mentioned, the Second Temple was built 70 years later and then destroyed in 70 CE.

David lived 70 years and enabled his son, young King Solomon, to build the First Temple shortly afterward; The First Temple was destroyed in the year equivalent to 70;  The Second Temple was built 70 years later at the end of the 70 years of exile; the Second Temple was destroyed in 70 CE.

Kabbalistically, 70 is crucial because is represents the full development of the 7 sefirot (dimensions) with their 10 sub-sefirot each that are designed to be bundled together as a bridge between the upper (heaven) worlds and our.
Yet, as explained in The Genesis Prayer it is mathematics that bundles the 70 years tree10together in indelible ways. First of all, the sum of the logarithms from 1 to 70 is exactly 100.0, representing the fullest spread (103) of the 10 sefirot from the beginning all the way to the end.  This mimics the spread of Judaism from Abraham (1) to the 70 Israelites who entered Egypt in 3 generations. The 3 always represents the 3-column system of the Tree-of-life, energetically aligned with the 3 Patriarchs: Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.
Moreover, the Natural Log of 70 is 4.248, the same 4248 as the sum of all the  spelled out names of all 22 letters of the Hebrew alphabet, 4248. That’s all of them, from the beginning to the end.
Perhaps, this has to do with why the Zohar talks so extensively about the 70 Nations and G-d told Moses to create a Sanhedrin of 70 Elders, and the sages tell us their are 70 faces of the Torah.
To understand this deeper, let’s go back to the two letters Alef and Tav, ET, that comprise the 4th word in the Torah’s first verse adn who represent the coming together of the alpha and the omega. If Tav represents the end of the 70 year period through its complete gematria of 422, Alef represents the beginning, with its numerical value of 1 and its ordinal value also of 1, together making 2, as in the first letter of the Torah, the Bet(B) of Bereshit (“In the beginning”)–once again from Beginning to End.
Thus the word (article) ET, the 4th word in the Torah has a complete gematria of 424, which just happens to be that of Moshiach Ben David (the Messiah).

“ET go home”

This is the concealed essence to which the 70 year periods of time are attached: the energy and consciousness of Moshiach.  When that energy was wasted (squandered), we received destruction; when it was nurtured we received G-d’s Revelations.
Now, the 6th word in the Torah, V’ET, has the letter Vav (V) added of numerical value 6, representing the ladder from the upper worlds (heaven) to ours.  All together V’ET has a numerical value of 407, whose square root is 20.17424 or numero-graphically the year 2017 CE (5778 HC) and 424, Moshiach Ben David. Maybe it’s just a coincidence that 5778 is the year prophesied by Rav Ashlag, etc for the arrival of Moshiach and the final redemption (geula)? We’ll see…
We’ve seen how the first two Temples were connected to the 70 year time frame, but as explained in the  The Divine Calendar,  The Final Temple, B’H will be available to us 70 years after Israel became a nation in 1948, (5778 HC, 2018 CE), which is also 1948 after the Second Temple was destroyed, which corresponds to Abraham’s birth in 1948 HC, and G-d’s Covenant with Abraham in 2018 CE.
Now if you recall, during the 3 x 70 years of the Egyptian exile we went from 70 Israelites who entered Egypt to 600,000 who exited .
And as it just so happens the logarithm for 600,000 as in the 600,000 Israelites at Mt Sinai and the 600,000 component letters in the Torah, is 5.778
By the mathematical definition of logarithms this means that 10 raised to power of 5.778 is 600,000, so that there were 105.778 Israelites at Sinai when the Torah of 105.778 component letters was given. Hmm!
The 10 sefirot raised to the power of 5.778. It would appear that 5778 is some special limit. Just as 5778 K is the surface temperature of the sun, just the right temperature for life to flourish on Earth.
Given this new beginning from 70 to 105.778 it’s fitting that the prophecies say that 66.6 jubilee years later, G-d’s Covenant with Abraham should be fulfilled on the same date it was given in the reflective calendar (2018 CE, which is 5778 HC), and that this falls at the end of the final 70 year period.  In other words in 5778 the 70 sub-dimensions of the 10 sefirot (dimensions) should be sufficiently rectified to bring us Moshiach. B’H
There is a Beginning and there is an End.  When this 70 year period closes in 5 years, will we be able to say the energy of Moshiach was squandered or nurtured?
It seems we still have a choice.
Just remember, the gematria of the number 70 (ShBAYM) is 422, the same as Arik Anpin, “the vast countenance of G-d