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So much to write about from this Shabbat and Lech Lecha, and we’ll get to that over the next few days, but I just want to clarify what might be happening with time as we reach the event horizon of the Tree-of-Life that we’ve been discussing: nothing.
Nothing? Well not exactly nothing. It’s just that nothing will change with time is the greater sense of the universe; what will change is our perspective of it.  What’s actually going to happen is that the veils of klippot will be removed layer by layer at an exponential rate, and each time one does the amount of the space of time that we see and thus experience will be expanded.  In other words, in the space of our current month, enough time may transpire to advance 10 years worth of activity, yet our calendar will still show only 4.2 weeks have passed. Thus great advances in all areas of science, technology, communication, medicine and spirituality will be possible.
The downside is that Man may very well chalk this up to his own process and let it feed his ego; rather than envision it as G-d’s will and an opportunity and time of true enlightenment. Also, great advances in weaponry are also possible and probably, Man being Man.  Remember what happened at the time of the Tower of Babel.
In conclusion, the universe isn’t changing, we will be.  As the veils of physical limitations are removed, we’ll become more in tune with the universe. Some of us will adapt; others will not be able to.  The idea is to grow with the enlightenment, not to  look to enrich the physicality and ego by it.  Once we hit the event horizon, only the spiritual will be able the transcend.