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It is only through understanding that we can elevate our consciousness to the next level. On certain cosmic holidays that level of consciousness is available to us to tap into. They are cosmic windows. The next one, Sukkot, is fast approaching. We have previously published the appropriate kavannot to properly access that available energy and open ourselves to receive from that higher level, yet it is the greater understanding in the recent article Symmetry and the E8 Universe that will better align us for making the Sukkot connections with the necessary metaphysical understanding in order to elevate our consciousness. If you have not read the Symmetry and the E8 Universe in the past day, please go back and reread it as it has been substantially updated with new insights, revelations, and fuller explanations about E8, Hopf Fibration, the design of the Alef-bet, the secret of the Magen David, and much more, including how all these explain the mechanics of Spherical Time.

While, Sukkot is almost here and we will probably re-post, bli neder, the direct kavannot later this week, the Event Horizon is already upon us. The Earth’s magnetic field began shifting and weakening in 1828 and has slowly been accelerating. In 1948, when Israel became a nation, it was already weakening for 120 years. Then over the past 3 decades its rate of acceleration increased substantially. With each weakening and destablization of the Earth’s magnetic field we become more vulnerable to both cosmic rays/radiation and the substantial influence of the solar forcing, wreaking havoc with our climate, ecosystems, crust/mantle interaction and health, Around 2018, at the Event Horizon and the 190 year mark it began another steeper acceleration, and the effects are becoming readily apparent.

We are past the tipping point. In 20 years, in 2038, within the next two solar cycles, we will be at the 210 year mark, at the 20th Triangular Number and the height of the Tower of Truth that coincide with Abraham, who was the 20th generation in the lineage of Adam, who was born in 1948 HC and who made a Covenant with G-d in 2018 HC. This is foretold in the Torah as the end of the 210 years of exile in Egypt, the moment the waters part and freedom is at hand.

The more we understand, the better equipped we will be to access the right metaphysical and spiritual tools and complete the elevation and reintegration of our consciousness (our souls) with the universal cosmic consciousness. As the Torah suggested, the closer to the year of the Exodus, the more plagues fell upon the world. Please do not wait until it is too late. All it takes at this point is one strong solar flare or coronal ejection in our direction to shut down the power grid and all electronics.

One example of the many updates to the article, Symmetry and the E8 Universe is about the Alef-bet and how it could only have been created by the Creator. As always, it is not the calculations that are important, only the results and their relationships to one another.

The Perfectly Designed Alef-bet.

As we know, the Alef-bet is based on an exponential scale (1.313x) that utilizes the constant 1.313. This forms a scale that the letters conform to with a wave-like repetitive percentage variance and with the letters Caf (כ) representing the Sun and the letter Tav (ת) representing the Moon laying directly on the curve at the values 20 and 400 respectively, or 420 together.

We can use simple calculus or more specifically integrals to determine the area under this curve both to 22 letters and 27 letters. We can also use it to determine the value of the area under the curve from one letter to the next (0 – 1, 2 – 3 … 26 – 27).


What we find is that the difference from the sum of the standard letter values and the area under the curve is (1495 – 1464.417) = 30.5831, while the difference in the percent variations from the curve is a total for the 22 variations of 130.0% yet again connecting the Alef-bet to the Torah received at Mt Sinai (130) in 1313 BCE. To do this within controlling the laws of mathematics, the timelines of history, and the design of the Alef-bet are impossible.

As for the 27 letters, their collective area under the curve is 17.29494 more than the year Israel became a nation in 5708 HC, while 1729 represents the number of words with the numerical value 26, as in the YHVH (יהוה), in the Torah and 17.3 or 173 is the numerical value of the gematria katan of the 42-Letter Name. This ties in metaphysically with the sum of the percent variations from the curve or 42.657 that is extremely close to the 42.5o Magnetic Precession and the 42.5o cosmic Phi (φ) and Primal Frequency (27.5 Hz) radiance.


Within the individual integrals of the letter’s ordinal positions many of their areas under the curve are very telling unto themselves.  For example, the 20 letter, as in Abraham’s 20th generation, is Resh (ר) and its area is 203.003 as in the first Triplet in the Torah Bara (ברא) meaning “To Create” of numerical value 203. It is also the first of the 11 Triplets of Bereshit that total 3003, one of the 4 sets of Essential Triplets embedded in the Torah. The value 203 is also the value of the same first 3 letters of Abraham (אברהם).

Meanwhile, the 11th letter, Caf (כ) has a numerical value 20 as in Abraham’s 20th generation, and its area is 17.5033, as in Abraham’s age of 175 years and as in the 11 Triplets or 33 letters that total 3003. Likewise, this is not possible unless the entity controlling the laws of mathematics, the timelines of history, and the design of the Alef-bet did not also write and design the Torah.

The 10th letter, Yud (י) has an area of 13.3308 or 40/3 and while 40 being the value of the 13th letter the variance from the standard value of Yud (י) is 3.330 as in the 3330 years or 66.6 jubilee years from 2448 HC (1313 BCE) to the event Horizon in 5778 HC. Meanwhile the 22nd letter, Tav (ת), has a variance of 50.03, as in 50-year jubilee year.

Meanwhile, the area under the 6th letter vav (ו) is 4.48536 as in the year 2448 that aligns with the log of (6 x 105) that equals 5.778 and is 1.30 more than 4.48536.

Moreover, the 7th letter, Tzion (ז) has a variance of 1.11073 or 1/3 of the variance of the 10th letter, Yud (י), 3.3308, as in 424φ2 = 1110.046, and is 10 times the Name Alef (אלף), etc.

Now, all of this happens because the integral of 1.313x is 3.67222, which as it turns out is the circumference of the earth divided by the wavelength of the Primal Frequency (27.5 Hz) or 24875.62/6774 mi = 3.67222. While 24875.62 miles is comprised of 24800 miles plus 75.62 miles it represents the 248 dimensions of E8 and the Torah and the Prime Frequency 27.52 or 756.25. Furthermore, while this equation reflects the circumference of the Earth, that wavelength of 6774 mi is 8 miles less than the circumference of the Moon, 6782 miles.

At 27.5 Hz, the corresponding wavelength in space, meaning a wavelength solely contingent on the speed of light, is 6774 miles, or 67.20% of the Earth and Moon diameters together (10080 mi).

Napier’s constant, also known as Euler’s Number e, is the natural limit found throughout and integral to our base 10 mathematics and it is critical to both mathematics and physics. Euler’s Number e is the unique number whose natural logarithm is equal to One (1) and it is 2.718…  It is also incorporated in the Blessing of the Cohanim, whose outer words total 1820 as in the 1820 YHVH (יהוה) in the Torah and the Path of One based on 13. The total gematria of the 3 verses or 60 letters of the Blessing is exactly 2718, as in 2.718, Napier’s constant.

This is the same 2718 as the 60 Holy Letters (יאוה) of the thrice expanded Names Ehyeh (אהיה) and YHVH (יהוה) whose total value of their 41 and 42 letters respectively is 3142. This means that their difference of 23 letters is exactly 424, as in Moshiach Ben David Consciousness.

While in calculus the integral incorporates Euler’s Number e, we see that 10/e is 3.678794… which is close to our integral value of 3.67222 based on the constant 1.313, off by 0.00657…, as in the total percentage variance of the 27 letters, 42.657%  Meanwhile, the inverse of 1/3.67222 = .27231… which is possibly related to the circumference of the Sun, 2,720,984 miles, considering its relationship to the circumference of the Earth and the Moon. At any rate, the average of the two (.2723148… + .2718281…)/2 = .2720715…, an even closer alignment to the Sun’s 2,720,984 miles.

Again, this is not possible unless the entity controlling the laws of mathematics, the timelines of history, and the design of the Alef-bet and the Torah, did not also create the Earth and the Moon and the Sun whose surface temperature is 5778 K.

Nevertheless, given that the sum of the percent variations from the curve of the 22 letters is 42.65% it is astounding that the area under the 5 final letters, in other words the difference in area under the curve between the 27 letters and the 22 letters, is 4260. Moreover, the ratio between the standard value of the 22 letters and the 5 final letters is 1495/3500 = 42.7% just like the counterspace of the area under the 27-letter curve, (100005725) = 4275, which not only incorporates the 27.5 Hz Primal Frequency, but is 27 more than 4248, the sum of the 22 Names of those letters. Therefore, not only is the area under the 27-letter curve less the kolel of 27 equal to the year Israel became a nation, 5708 HC, but its counterspace is 27 more than the 4248 sum of the 22 Names of those letters, representing the 42 rows and 248 columns in the Torah and the 42.48o gyromagnetic precession of the magnetic and dielectric fields found both at the quantum level in our atoms and the grand scale of the magnetic field lines connecting our planets, stars, and galaxies. Only by the grace of G-d does this work out this way.

Furthermore, their absolute value percent variation is 103.58% compared with the 30.58 percent variation for the 22 letters with 358 being the value of Moshiach.  While it may appear as if there should be a rational explanation for these synchronistic ratios, there is no mathematical one; it was just designed that way the moment the Creator decided to align the 22 letters whose names are related by Phi (φ) with 5 additional letters and with the value 1.313.