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sin_mtsin_dawnRav Brandwein taught me that the final letters in a phrase speak to the future. We know from Rav Ashlag, his teacher, the date 5778, so what is the future spelled out by its final letters? Is it  the end of days?  Well, thankfully, while some see it as an end, it is also a new beginning, a new dawn.
The Hebrew calendar date 5778 (2018 CE) is written out in Hebrew: HShin-Tav  Ayin  Chet, whose initials add up to 5-7-7-8.
The final letters on the other hand, HY ShYN TV AYN ChYT add up to 1+50+6+50+400 = 516.  This is very significant and encouraging to all those wondering about what will occur in these supposed end times.

Before we explain way 516 is such a good message for us, let us note that in small gematria, the date itself has spelled out 1565  + 4 and while 4 is usually indicative of the 4 letters of the YHVH, the ineffable Name of G-d, 1565 is the YHVH in small gematria.
So we know that G-d is the outcome, if we didn’t know that already.
Before we get to 516, I’d like to note that the central letters, the ones not used to spell out either 5778 0r the YHVH and 516, are HY ShYN TV AYN ChYT or YYY, which is the 22nd of the 72 Names of G-d, which falls at the 6th column and 3rd row of the 72 Name Matrix.
And if you don’t think that’s really relevant, please note that there are only two place within the 72 Name Matrix that there are consecutive triple crown tagin above the letters: at column 5, row 7 and at column 7, row 8. Coincidence, really?
So why is 516 so important? Because Moses knew that if he prayed 516 times to enter the promise land, G-d would have relented and time would have ended right then in the glory of Moshiach consciousnesses. Yet, G-d stopped him at 515; it wasn’t time.  What the final letters are telling us about the future is that 5778 is the time, the time that Moses will be allowed to make the final 516th prayer on our behalf.
But wait, there’s more.  The YYY stands for many things, including the powerful and complete inter-collusion of the 10 sefirot (dimensions) within the 10 sefirot within the 10 sefirot or 10 x 10 x 10 which is 1000, as in the 1000 years of Moshiach that will come before we ascend to an even higher level.
The 10 sefirot comprise the Tree-of-life, a consciousness of oneness and unity, and while tree10the initial letters of the spelled out date 5778 (HY ShYN TV AYN ChYT) are considered Kabbalistically masculine and spell out 5778, the filling letters HY ShYN TV AYN ChYT are considered feminine and equal 516 (final letters) + 30 (central YYY) or 546, which is the sum of the initials of the names of the 10 sefirot of the Tree-of-life, and also of the numerical value of the word Israel, including its kolel. This is why the spelling out is very important, for it reveals to us the unified masculine and feminine aspects, and as the Zohar tells us: In the time of Moshiach these aspects will be equal, represented by the Sun and the Moon respectively. Remember, the surface temperature of the Sun, like the masculine aspect of the spelled out date, is 5778 degrees Kelvin.

This goes hand in hand with what Rav Brandwein, of blessed memory, explained was the significance of the 78 in 5778, that the 70 and 8 represented the Tree-of-life, AZ ChYYM (Ayn = 70 and Ch = 8 in gematria) that we will connect to in 5778.

So the answer to Moses question, “Is there a tree in Israel” is Yes, or at least there will be in 5778: the Tree-of-life. B’H