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I’ve been meaning to write on this subject for a while now, but kept putting it off as every week there are so many Torah secrets to reveal and current events keep playing into the prophecies, but nevertheless, it’s important that we not only understand what we see but what’s in our heads. We know cognitively that everything around us is an illusion and the only reality is the tree-of-life reality, referred to the world to come, or Olam Haba (the world above), but most of us have no concept what that is. We can imagine it a little, but not really fathom it.

In a sense, that’s one of the roles that Hollywood plays in the grand scheme of things. Certainly, The Matrix went a long way in opening up our minds, but Sci Fi and fantasy in general also broaden our perspectives on reality.  Drugs helped too, but we’re not advocating anyone go out and get high, only that the universe is opening up and preparing us for what’s to come to those that are ready, meaning to those that really want it.

But there is something very real that’s blocking us: our minds.

For the most part our eyes just transmit what out there, but it’s our brains and minds that transform those images into what it wants to see. That’s right: a 100 people witness something and we get 100 different descriptions. How can that be if there were a universal reality?

It can’t, because there’s not. There’s a consensus reality that helps to form and reinforce one grand illusion. You may fleetingly see past the illusion, but if enough people tell you you’re wrong it wont be long before you’re agreeing with them. And I don’t mean about your personal issues because no matter how many people point those out to us we wont see them, and that’s another form of illusion–called ego.

But there are two groups of people that see past the illusions. My young son can watch a TIVO’d football game after he already knows who won and thinks that he can alter the outcome of the game by the color of the jersey he’s wearing. He doesn’t see the impossibility of his reasoning and the sad part is that he’s right. He, as most kids, get the Tree-of-life reality. With multiple parallel universes, all the outcomes of the game are possible, you just have to dial into the right one with your mind. Why not?

There’s an adage in the Talmud (Baba Bathra 12b) which says that in our times prophecy is restricted to “children and fools.” and the Zohar in Trumah confirms

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it about children in the verse “And all your children shall be taught of Hashem….as prophecy stems from there.”

And “the Baal Shem Tov told his students: ‘Despite the profound levels of understanding that I have attained in the [supernal] roots of the Torah and the mitzvos, and despite all the spiritual ecstasy that I have experienced, I put everything aside to serve Gd in simple faith. I am a fool and believe – Ich bin a naar un gleib! And even though it is written: ‘A fool believes in everything,’ it is also written: ‘Gd protects the fools.’ (Psalms 116:6)
Yesod Ha’Avodah, letter 24″

So yes, we can learn a lot from our children and we need to if we are to reach a state where we can comprehend the tree-of-life reality, the state of Mashiach consciousness.

Children often give us true prophecy because they say what they see and haven’t learned to filter out their thoughts.   Sometimes we see signs too, but once filtered through our personal agendas all we do with them is confuse ourselves.

Children see a wondrous world full of awe and love, full of desire and possibilities, until we teach them otherwise. What a child imagines is real to them, until we tell him otherwise. We need to be children again. For a while, in the 60’s, the flower children were touching the tree-of-life; that’s because they were children. If we can open the doors to our inner child, the gates of wonder will open for us, and Abraham and Sarah will come to help us the rest of the way.

But the collective, or consensus reality will not let happen easily. The same way we shut our children’s connections to the upper worlds, society does with us. If you go around being childish, you will be branded nuts, and if you really connect and start having visions, you’ll be called a lunatic. And in these dark somber times, it will be all that more difficult. Instead of more tolerance, we may find less. And we may be branded fools. Nevertheless, the route to prophecy is through the inner child, through being foolish, through the naiveté to let go of the illusory world around us.

Those who choose to are considered mentally off. There are degrees of mentally off, from people on the spectrum, from psychotics, to those that seem to act a little weird. It’s a wide net.

That’s because the world we call life is a world of consensus reality, where thinking outside the box (the real box) is banded–literally doesn’t exist. Even artists, whose inspiration and creation comes from their fleeting exploration of the tree-of-life world, are limited to what they can do. They can choose to create and celebrate their expressionism any way they see fit, but very few are actually accepted by the critics and fewer yet by society once the critics have given their seals of approval.

Yet, anyone who has touched that world, knows the awesome energy and boundlessness of it, and yearns for more. It’s a high, not unlike drugs, where you crave even more and feel the lack (depression) when you’re not connected. It’s the same elevated feeling when you’re legitimately (without a personal agenda) helping someone. But as you settle back into your ordinary life, the feeling quickly fades, and your left with a lack. This is why so many of the artists and creative geniuses of all types have had some degree of manic depression. It can’t be helped; all inspiration comes from the upper world and you must go there to get it.

The problem isn’t reaching the upper world; it’s that most people’s goals are to return to our world and incorporate what they learned. That only works short term. The real goal needs to be to build a home, or palace, in the upper world. Take the sparks from this world and elevate them, not grab the sparks from above and drag them down to our level. You elevate them by using the inspiration gleaned from above to inspire others, and by making yourself an example.

What we need to do it accept the true reality of endless possibilities. Let go of the need for consensual approval. And to stay pure in our intent. It’s very important to stay as pure as possible for just as there are 10 sefirot of positivity there are also 10 of negativity and we don’t want to connect with that. When a kid says he sees a monster under the bed, he’s not kidding. And when a psychotic individual hears voices telling him to do bad things, he’s hearing real voices from unseemly characters.

If we stick with love, the lessons of Torah, and keep our intent pure, we’ll be fine.  The signs will come to us to help us on out path and we’ll be able to recognize them.  Remember, it’s G-d’s intent that we escape the boundaries of our minds, that we reach past the illusions and into tree-of-life reality, so as hard as the first steps are, they are only illusions. Laugh, love, share, set your goals on Moshiach, and be a little mentally off; the rewards are extraordinary.

There is yet another category of mentally off: the people on the autistic spectrum and other assorted special needs children and adults. As they have communication barriers set by the functioning of their brains (and or minds) and also by society, they are free to explore the tree-of-life as they choose. And with the purity that most of them have, they are nurtured and loved from above and blossom inwardly (if not always outwardly) soaked in the heavenly dew (tal). Unbound by the limitations we put on each other, they soar daily to the places we barely tap into in our dreams.

An autistic young man explains it better than I ever could, so we should hear it in his own words, written by pointing to Hebrew letters on a piece of cardboard. His message is of a Jewish autistic child, but he speaks for all autistic, handicapped, and special needs children everywhere. There’s no soul that doesn’t merit our love, and no human more than these children.

I am autistic – A glimpse of the truth, By Binyamin Golden.

“I am autistic and I see the world much differently than most other human beings.

“I see the Adam that is G-d’s creation. I see clearly body and soul and their connection with the higher worlds.

“All mentally handicapped people are more soul than body, depending on the severity of their handicaps. It is a ridiculous notion that prevails in this world of lies that handicapped
individuals have less understanding of this world and its
dwellers than so called normal people do.

“Let’s make things quite clear by realizing the true anatomy, physical and spiritual, of all Jewish mentally handicapped Bnei Adam.
“We are sent into this world for a reason, as are all of G-d’s children.

“Our purpose here is manifold, partially of an individual nature and in part to serve the Klal.

“This is a natural notion for those who sincerely follow Hashem’s Torah.

“The individual purpose is to rectify past sins. This is a very difficult and painful task for unfortunate souls to achieve.
It involves much emotional pain. Handicapped people are ‘Goy Ba’aretz’.

“Every individual that is autistic, retarded, C.P., etc. is forever being scorned by adults and children. Their lives are lonely and they are constantly treated as inferiors. A mentally handicapped person is a joke to society or a fearful image to be avoided.

“We move through life being loved as infants even though we
may be adults.

Most of the time we are resented as a destructive element in the normal parents’ lives. All members of the handicapped person’s family may feel strong embarrassment when facing the negative reactions of society.
“Then there are those parents that cannot cope, and so their handicapped children are given away to not frum families and worse – to goyim. A Jewish soul that is given to a goy suffers undescribable tortures. Even if the gentile family are kind-hearted people and take care of all the child’s physical needs, still the Jewish soul in their hands is doomed to unfathomable misery. Their souls can never find a moment of peace.

“It is harder for those unfortunate souls to achieve their tikun because a treif place devoid of kodesh can only bring a Jewish soul to disaster.
“I know there are those of our people that do not believe that we are special souls and not just ‘special education’. They will probably not believe that what I am stating is true or even that I did actually compose this declaration. To them I say go to your Rabbis and ask if this is possible. If they say yes and your stubbornness prevents you from believing, then go do teshuva and save your soul from returning as an outcast of your world of illusions. We know clearly that this world is only a shadow and will vanish when the light appears.
“I am tired of inconsiderate people who are forever finding reasons to prove we are different than they are. To them I say ‘woe to you.’ They talk about us in an unfriendly and degrading manner right in our presence. They feel no shame because we are after all retarded and cannot understand, and even if we do understand, we will never tell, and if we do tell, no one will take us seriously. Then there are those people that are not bothered by the fact that what they say to us and about us in our presence and behind our backs, just might be loshon horah (slander). I suppose that they feel that in Shamayim we cannot testify either. Woe to those unfortunate misguided souls.
“Families that are sensitive to their special child will certainly be able to tell the world that their special child has a tendency towards Kedusha (holiness). They will attest to the fact that their child is sensitive to what is happening in the house. That there is a special bond and communication with at least one of the parents and maybe one or more of the normal brothers and sisters. To be able to recognize these special attributes of the special individual, the family or teacher must be close to Hashem, living according to his Torah. The normal person’s vision is enhanced by intelligence, sharpened by sensitivity but sees the truth only through Torah.

“To summarize, we are souls sent to this world to rectify past sins. For Klal Yisroel we are another opportunity to do Chessed (kindness). For the parents and siblings we are a test of their bitachon (faith) and love of Hashem…. More and more people take those principals to heart for time is running out. In our poor lowly generation, whose bitachon is in material things, we, the mentally handicapped Jewish souls, show to all willing Jews a glimpse of G-d’s Truth.”

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