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G-d is one. His Name is one. So what happens when we add two of the most powerful YHVHNames of G-d.  The Ones that join Zeir Anpin with Binah and alternatively, the left (judgement) and right (mercy) sides of the junction of that crucial union.
Binah, whose energy is traced through the left side of the Tree-of-Life is connected to the EHYHenergy of G-d Name, Ehyeh (EHYH), while Zeir Anpin’s energy is traced through the right side of the Tree-of-Life and is connected to the energy of the ineffable Name of G-d (YHVH), the Tetragrammaton.
When we spell out a Name we’re increasing it’s strength. It’s called filling out and we’re getting a fuller presentation of the energy represented within.  In the case of the YHVH, there are 4 different ways of spelling it, all associated with a different level or sefirot: Av with Chochma; Sag with Binah; Mah with Zeir Anpin; and Ban with Malchut. It’s through these 4 Names that much of the understanding of Kabbalah has been revealed and most of the energy that enters our universe is transmitted.

Av: YVD HY VYV HY = 72

Sag: YVD HY VEV HY = 63

Mah: YVD HE VEV HE = 45

Ban: YVD HH VV HH = 52

All 4 levels have a total gematria value of 232
The are 4 corresponding levels of Ehyeh.

chochma: ELP HY YVD HY = 161

Binah: ELP HY YVD HY = 161

Zeir Anpin: ELP HE YVD HE = 143

Malchut: ELP HH YVD HH = 151

All 4 of these levels have a total gematria value of 616, which is the same as the numerical value of H’Torah (the Torah.), our greatest channel.
We know from the Divine Calendar that 8 is a key Biblical number and that nearly all the significant events in Biblical history occurred in years ending in 8 so it’s especially interesting that when we sum up all 8 filled-out Names of G-d, we get 232 + 616 = 848 or 2 x 424, with 424 being the numerical value of Moshiach Ben David (the Messiah).

232 + 616 = 848 = 2 x 424

In this case One and One really does equal Two.

M0reover, 616/8 =77, the numerical value of mazal (divine fortune or sustenance). And 848/8 equals 106 plus 1 for the kolel gives us 107, as in the sum of all the integers from 1 – 107 = 5778, the year prophesied by Rav Ashlag and the tzaddikim for Moshiach and the geula (final redemption).

This is just the simple math. What’s important is the energy and process beneath it, the unification of the two powerful Names to help bring us Moshiach.  To understand Kabbalah, you must look deeper.  The equations above haven’t changed in thousands of years; what’s changed is the timing: 5778 (2018 CE) is less than 5 years away.