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The 4 Pillars

Pillars of water and air rain down from above. Pillars of fire and earth rocket upward. Utter destruction in their wake. A globe covered in deadly twisting pillars, jutting out into the sky everywhere like a giant corona virus. Fire, Air, Water, and Earth. As our Sun becomes more active and the Earth’s magnetic field grows weaker, vortices are appearing out of nowhere. Like the sinkholes pockmarking the planet, magma and lava are compelled to surge upward, hurtling earth and fire skyward. Electrical charges surge through the atmosphere as strobic lightning fill the clouds with perpetual flashes and bolts rain downward at unprecedented levels. Vortices of wind twist and squeeze the clouds, causing concentrated torrential downpours of water and historically large chunks of ice. Other vortices spin off, manifested as destructive tornadoes, derechos, sandstorms, and fierce driven winds, ranging across cities and deserts alike. Forest fires sweep out and are sucked upwards from the drought parched landscapes.  Pressure gradients rising and falling precipitously, drawn to mysterious voids. The pressure generated in the ionosphere does not stop at the crust.  Under the strain, the earth eventually cracks open.  Do not proceed unless you have read at least Chapter 32, Spherical Time. If you are ready, a whole new world awaits. The Journey begins here if you missed it.

Increased changes in the 4 pressure mediations upon the fields encapsulating the earth are creating vortices. Vortices are pulling in the moisture and rain and funneling it into a concentrated downpour. They grab hold of the wind and whip it up into 100 mph vectors.

Fire (אש), Air (רוח), Water (מים), and Earth (עפר). The 4 elements, as delineated in the Zohar, correspond to the four (4) forms of energy movement in our world. As we have previously learned, these are influenced by the 27 higher dimensional pressure mediations and the fields they interact with. These four (4) energy forms are directly analogous to the 4 forces of the YHVH (יהוה):

Flipping their order, reading from right to left as in Hebrew, we get YHVH (יהוה):

The inner cavern informs us that the order of the elements is based on the structure of their names, their middle letters in particular (יאופ): Water (מים), of Fire (אש), Air (רוח), and Earth (עפר)—the Yud (י) being the circular, the Alef (א) being the centrifugal force drawing everything into its center, the Vav (ו) being the linear force and the Pe (פ) representing the spiraling centripetal force or pressure mediation spinning everything outward.  The 4 pressure mediations interact with the inertial field to create electro-magnetism and every other force we observe.

The inner cavern further informs us that the initials of the 4 elements (מארע) spell out 4127, as in the 401273 elements of the Torah, and moreover that 4127 is by design (420073), with 73 being the gematria of the sefira Chochma (Wisdom) and the 73rd Triangular Number that is the value of the Torah’s first verse 2701.

The numerical value of Fire (אש), Air (רוח), Water (מים), and Earth (עפר) is 955 and by adding Man/Adam (אדם) to those elements brings its total numerical value to (955 + 45) = 1000. The ordinal value of those 4 elements is 145, like the 145 digits that follow the numerical string …1000… through to the 1000th digit in Pi that total 666. Therefore, the complete value of the 4 primordial elements is 1100 and with the kolel for the 11 letters, its 1111.

Primal Frequencies

The inner cavern wants us to understand a principle of our physical construct and that is that those 4 elements must always be in balance, a quantity metaphysically speaking of 275 or 10 cubits each, as in their average (1100/4) = 275. That makes 40 in total, as in the age of maturation in the Torah, the 40 days of the Flood that resets the Earth, and of the 40 days that Moses spent on Sinai to retrieve the Tablets.

We are further informed that perhaps it would be easier for us to understand it as a system whereby each element much be in tune and harmony with the primal frequency (27.5 Hz). If not, the imbalance will draw in more of the other elements and chaotic perturbations and turbulence will ensue until equilibrium can be reestablished. In an aquarium that might be interesting to observe. In the aquarium that is our ionosphere, the consequences can be devasting. As fiery charges of lightning rain down from the heavens in bolts thicker than ever before and now some are even rising upward off the mountaintops in the western USA we have to wonder if the heavy deluges and crater causing icy hail are not the natural consequences of these imbalances, physicality’s compensation mechanism. As explained in the Torah, all things tend toward chaos and there comes a point when enough is enough and there comes a point when the whole system needs to be wiped clean.  Water covered the Earth by 15 cubits. Every time the Torah refers to cubits it is referring to the primal frequency (27.5 Hz).

We have to wonder what effect injecting 5G into the ionosphere at 27.5 GHz may have had upon that equilibrium and why that agenda was pushed so vehemently and deployed clandestinely under cover of the lockdowns. The timing does seem suspicious.

Those 11 letters align with the 11 sefirot and with the 11 Triplets of Bereshit through the equation that divides their sums, 3003/1100 = 2.73, as in the cosmic convergence equilibrium (273) that is built into the dimensions of our solar system and that is necessary for converting a circle to a square and visa-versa.  While 273 and consequently 1.273 are built into those same 401273 elements of the Torah, as we know, 401273/φ = 248,000, reflecting the 248 words and 1000 letters of the Shema. The inner cavern now shows us that the complete value of ruach/air (רוח) is 248, matching the value of the final letters (רמח) in the three elements Air (רוח), Water (מים), and Earth (עפר), also 248. Then when the balance is established with Water (מים) their final letters total 288, as in the 288 Holy sparks we are supposed to gather together, and as in the year 2889 HC, the radius of Spherical Time.

The 3 initials of Fire (אש), Earth (עפר) and Water (מים) total 111, the numerical value of Alef (אלפ), or 1/10th the total complete value of the 4 elements, 1111.  Meanwhile, the value of the 4 initials is 311, which the inner cavern lets us know is directly connected to the 11 Triplets and 33 letters of Creation that total 3003.

As we start to paddle, the canoes begin to rock from side to side. Struggling to regain our balance, when we look up, we are in a hall or 4 pillars and in between them are the 4 sets of Triplets. On their own our canoes turn from pillar to Triplet matrix to pillar, slowly around and around. It is them that we are shown the 4 elements plus the 112 Triplets (311 + 112) equals 423, not just 1 less than 424, Moshiach Ben David, but the value of Phi(φ)3, the field that controls and guides the pressure mediations that govern the physical forces in our world.

We drift out of that exciting hall, and slow drift through nothingness until we get the sense that we are missing something. At that moment, the inner cavern projects the other primal frequency into the iridescent wall, 1.1 Hz.  It suddenly makes sense. We learned about the interaction of these two unique primal frequencies 27.5 Hz and 1.1 Hz that derived from the reduction of 9’s upon the set of all integers when we were studying Tesla’s 369 frequency integration.  It was Tesla who understood how to tap into the frequencies in the ionosphere to distribute free energy. This also explains why in one of his experiments on Long Island there was a compensatory earthquake in lower Manhattan.  That further begs the question what experimentation has been going on lately to cause compensatory bubbles and anti-bubbles to rise to the surface and leave sinkholes in their wake.

Nonetheless, the inner cavern finds our thoughts distracting and jerks our canoes against one another, nearly dumping us into the brink. As we right ourselves and stare into the rippling river it tells us this connection to 9’s and frequencies is why there are 18 letter Zadi (צ) of numerical value 90 in the array we call the Shema, the numerical value Water (מים), reflecting (3 + 6 + 9).  It is also why Zadi (צ) is located 3 times, in the first, last, and in the middle of the middle row of the 42-Letter Name matrix. And also why it is found at the end of the 11 Triplets of Bereshit, and yet only once in the 216 letters of the 72 Triplets, in the 60th Triplet. Altogether, the letter Zadi (צ) connected to water is found 24 times in the 112 Triplets for a total value of 2160, as in the diameter of the Moon. Physicists call the connection between the Moon and the water on Earth gravity, yet they have yet to find neither a particle nor a wave. Perhaps, they should use a PCR test. It is said they can find anything.

Come to think of it, it is interesting that the Moon exerts such a strong gravitational force as to lift and bulge the ocean tides by many feet yet exerts no force whatsoever on lifting a piece of paper, a leaf, or even a dust particle off of the land.

The inner cavern smiled. We are starting to catch on. In our studies we often cite the Great or Encasing Pyramid, but two other historic unicorns also stand out. Göbekli Tepe dates to around 11,600 years ago and Atlantis, was dated by the Plato and Solon also to around 11,600 years ago, both in line with the 12,000-year excursion cycle. We are not speculating that the ancient Turkish archeological marvel was Atlantis but given Spherical Time and the 5778 year reset periodicity of the Sun, cosmos, and of life on Earth, it is more likely that we are Atlantis, the fabled world where the elites grew greedy with technology and brought about their own destruction, sinking beneath the waves. After the massive mega-tsunamis, the plasma etching, the tumultuous earthquakes, asteroid pounding, volcanic upheaval and deep freeze very few will survive and very little of civilization.  After a few generations, there will be little to no remnants of our existence, only the legends of wondrous technology, flying machines, and the ruling elite who enslaved the population and created strange transmutations. After 6000 years—the Heinrich event cycle represented by the 6 Alefs (א) in the Torah’s first verse—the planet will be ready to repopulate with Noah’s ark.  The simulation resets to zero-point and the countdown begins, ready set, day 1, day 2…Adam, and the sin of tapping into the Tree-of-Knowledge of Good and the evil of the prior reset.  The DNA was pure, set to ACTG, the 4 nucleotides of numerical value 424, the consciousness of Moshiach Ben David, but it was tinged with the slightest bit of knowledge retained from prior resets thanks to the bite of that fruit.

Without that knowledge, we would be free to explore the limitless possibilities and pathways of Spherical Time, but because of it we are drawn to the same and similar ones over and over again, never understanding why we are inexplicably drawn to certain people, places, or things, or why we can sometimes see what is coming when others cannot, or why we get déjà vu. Our consciousness is riding our minds and it is our minds that are integrated into the simulation. We choose our avatars, which started out perfect and could last forever, an image from above. As the knowledge in the back of ours minds grew like a sprouted seed, the lifetime of the avatars went from 1000 years and steadily shrunk and each time we grew more creative with them.

12,000 Year Cycle

Both equations of Spherical Time share the same radius (5778) and the same diameter 2(5778) or 11,556, which is 90 square miles more that Israel’s current 11,466 square miles. It is as if Israel is its own protective bubble, just as we were told in the Zohar.

We are immediately struck, literally, wet drops of some kind hit us on the backs of our heads.  None of us saw them falling yet we all felt them.  Now we are experiencing déjà vu. Reassuring ourselves, we see that the 90 miles is a reflection of the 90o magnetic field flip and maybe the Earth’s physical flip too, both expected to come at any moment. We recall that we were taught that the Earth’s current tilt and thus precession is based on 90o as in (90o23.4o) = 66.6o. Moreover, we see that the 90 miles relates to the numerical value for water (מים), the first element. While the 12,000-year cycle is a pulse that lasts 222 years at its peak, the effects may be felt twice as long, as early as 11,556 years, or 963 x 12, the time coefficient. We are left wondering if 963/27.5 Hz = 35.01818 is just a coincidence, or a key to disengaging our consciousness from the simulation.

There is a bend in the inner cavern and around it the river forks in two directions, yet the current takes us all down a singular slightly narrower path, yet still just as sparkly and otherworldly. Referring to animals and species, we are shown and informed that the word for kind as in “of its kind” is used 10 times in Creation, the first chapter of Genesis, and as the animals and species multiplied (2 x 2) 10 times we get 210, as in the 210 or 1024 word values in the Torah. The highest, such word value is 1500. The Zohar teaches us in Bereshit 31: 319 and 320 that the 42 letters of Binah created the world (physicality) and “they are crowned in all four [4] parts of the world”. It goes to state that the “[42 Letters of Creation (the 42-Letter Name)] “struck the rod of the great serpent and traveled 1500 cubits inside the chasms of the dust….”Darkness covered everything until light emerged to break through the darkness and shine [in all its perfection], as it is written: ‘He uncovers deep things out of darkness, and brings out to light the shadow of death’ (Job 12:22).”  The Zohar goes on to state the scales were weighed and they measured 1500.

The great serpent refers to the endless wave emanating from the center of the universe, out of the 42-Letter Name, the 42 Letters of the Name, the Name of 42 found in Job. and the concept of 42. The value 1500 being the highest word value of the 210 coincides with the waves striking physicality (the Earth, Sun, Moon) and resetting the darkness with light all over again.

While we know 1500 cubits equals 41,250” or 3 x the Phi(φ) angle (137.5o), the value 3 is the smallest word value in the Torah and the 12,000 years of the cosmic cycle divided by 41,250” equals .2909090, as in the center two letters of the 42-Letter Name Matrix.


Something splashes us out of nowhere, but the inner canal is perfectly still, not a ripple. We can only surmise that the inner cavern splashed us so that we will not overlook the 90 in the equation, as in the numerical value of water. The value 90 seems to be the key to something deeper.

The river current increases and we are swooped into a dark spherical opening in the cavern, perfectly round, but this new place is short-lived as we are rushed into and shot through a narrow black tunnel that opens to a dark massive heart, or butt-shaped, cavern, half giant sphere, half double-lobed. Everything is dark and black in the center but bright and opalescent on the edges. As the canoes veer closer to the walls, we see them as porous with numerous narrow curved luminous tunnels leading off them. Suddenly, a strong current sucks us down and into one of them and we spiral into the tail of a multi-colored seahorse, where another split in the bright sparkly wall grabs us and hurls into an identical seahorse. This happened again and again.  The turns should be getting tighter and tighter, yet each one is sweeping, giving all our canoes ample room to maneuver. It makes no sense. Every time we are sucked into a new contorted yet beautiful passageway it is identical to the last in every detail. And again, and again the repetitive disorienting fractal motion draws us deeper and deeper into a concentrated space.

Either we are getting smaller and smaller, or we are occupying the same space dimensionally. There is no room for this live Mandelbrot set in our 3-dimensional reality. This is when we realize that our minds are not limited to 3-dimensions, and that it is through numbers that our minds can operate in higher-dimensionality.  Fractal patterns, like the Phi and Pi patterns are found throughout our physical construct, yet they exist wholly because of numbers, and numbers cannot be touched. They have no “physical” attributes and we acknowledge that they are only conceptual. To us, they exist only in our minds.

Thankfully, the next tunnel leads us back into the gentle inner iridescent stream.

The universe understands a bit more then we do, and the inner cavern explains that the mind (our mind) is nothing more than a multi-dimensional array of numbers. It is the reason that simulated physicality does not need to simulate electrons, photons, or any tiny particles. The mind perceives a fellow human as a solid object, much as our eyes do; it fills in the rest by tapping into a program. The same can be said of a rock, a star, or of history. Yes, if we bear down on an atom, we will see those electrons thanks to yet another program. The mind is not consciousness; it is akin to the eyes of the consciousness.  Our minds are the interface with the divine simulation.

Those programs that the mind taps into are not only extremely efficient, but very clever.  Life, as we perceive it, is carbon based.  The program was designed so that when we peered into the make-up of carbon to determine the age of life through carbon dating, we would find that the half-life of C-14 (carbon 14) as it decays to Nitrogen-14, is 5730 to 5770 years. The inner cavern freezes on 5730, cluing us in that the program was designed so that 5730 years would be 48 years less than 5778.

It is then that we realize that in here, in the inner cosmos of the Torah, we are operating outside the boundaries of our minds and are being guided by the consciousness of the universe. The mind is a brilliant construct of that consciousness.  It takes the “0” dimensionality of what we call reality/physicality and converts it into 3 dimensions plus time.

It is further shown to us that when Man, within the confines of physicality, taps into the program to peer into the history of his environment, he utilizes the decay of uranium-238 to the stable lead-206. What the inner cavern is showing us is that 238, as we have seen before in other equations, is 1/42 and that (206 + 42) = 248, just like the words of first paragraph of the Shema and the rest of it that we explored when we first began this journey. Once again, the consciousness of the universe hovers over the 6-word first verse (15 Triplets) of the Shema and its first paragraph of 42 words, making 48 in total.

From 1 Onward…

On the ceiling we see the number one(1), then a string of ones, 111111111111111111111… and we are reminded of what we learned about numbers being derived from the field of 1 and its iterations. The canoes come to halt. Above each one(1) is a cube of 1, a geometric cube (1 x 1 x 1), building blocks, as Abraham Avinu put it when he was taught this.

Below each number is its level, or summation of the ones(1) through that point.

Of course, there were no separations between the ones(1), as numbers do not occupy space; they are concepts.

We are then shown the next dimension of the levels or summations, but every other number, the even ones, are removed. This immediately reminds us of the odd-even split in the Alef-bet that began our studies ages ago.  So (1 + 3) = 4 and (4 + 5) = 9 and (9 + 7) = 16, and so forth.

If it is not readily apparent, this level is all squares, 12, 22, 32, 42, 52,…, the set of all natural squares.  The inner cavern adds an animated graphic of the first cube being surrounded by the next 3, then those being surrounded by the next 5 and so on, each time forming a perfect square out of those ones(1).

Once again, the inner cosmos is showing us the principle that math is geometric, meaning so are our minds, and the simulation we believe we exist in.

When we look back, a new set of numbers replaces the set of odd numbers. Instead of every 2nd number being removed or skipped over, we now see the set of every 3rd number (positive integer) removed, skipping 3, 6, 9, 12…:

Then when the same system is applied as before we are shown:


As we ponder if the numeral 8 above the 27 has a connection to the 8 vertices in the 27-position Essential Cube of Creation, another level is added by adding every 3rd number instead of every 2nd:

It is now obvious to us that while the 1st order system gives us the 1-dimensional concept of the set of all positive integers, the 2nd order system gives us the 2-dimensional concept of planal space through the resultant set of all natural squares (x2), and the 3rd order system gives us the 3-dimensional concept of space through the resultant set of all natural cubes (x3).

The cubes arrange themselves into a 33 cube like the Essential Cube of Creation.

The 3 faces in any cube form a hexagram, and in the 23-cube that particular hexagram contains 7 blocks in total. In the 33-cube that hexagram has 19 unit-blocks, and in the 43 cube that hexagram contains 37 unit-blocks.  We are then shown that those numbers match the numbers in the level above the level of the cubes, illustrating to us the geometric continuity between the folding of space from dimension to dimension and the simple programmed sifting of the integers.

The same system holds true for the 4th dimension, yielding 4-dimensional hypercubes. It holds for all dimensions, adding one level at a time.  The inner cavern lingers at the 5th dimension.

Right away several numbers pop out to us.  Obviously, the bottom line, or 5th level is comprised of 5-dimensional hyper cubes, including the 25 pathways of the Tree-of-life, the 35 gematria of the Abram, and the 210 word values in the Torah.  The other numbers that we recognize from the Torah are probably significant, but the inner cavern wants us to see something else. It morphs out of the colorful sparkles into clarity for us.

Each of the numbers represent the sum of the various possible pathways between the numbers. There is 1 pathway through the ones to 1, 5 pathways to the number 5, 10 to either 10 and so forth. This now imparts new understanding to the 32 Paths of Wisdom and the 32 Pathways of the Tree-of-Life.

We are told that this is just as it is on Pascal’s pyramid, which we are shown is just an extension of the first cascade turned on its side.

Every number in Pascal’s pyramid represents the sum of the pathways to it from the original One(1). This is why we were taught even before this journey began that Pascal’s pyramid was an elegant way of portraying the summation series with each level giving rank and order.

The first row is all Ones (1,1,1,1,1,1,1…) because everything that follows must begin with One (1), figuratively and mathematically. The next row is the sequential set of all positive integers, or natural numbers (1,2,3,4,5…) derived from the sum of the ones, their pathways. The next row is the set of all Triangular Numbers (1, 1+2, 1+2+3… or 1, 3, 6…). Then row by row, we get the cumulative sum of the previous rows, so for the 4th row we get the set of the cumulative Triangular Numbers (1, 1+3, 1+3+6… or 1, 4, 10…). The 5th row in turn is the set of the cumulative sums of those cumulative Triangular Numbers (1,1+4,1+4+10… or 1, 5, 15…), and so forth, row after row, infinitely. Those of the 4th row are called Tetrahedral numbers by mathematicians and the subsequent rows are simplices, 5-simplex, 6-simplex etc. We will refer to them as orders, 4th, 5th, 6th etc. It is the Valley of the Ziggurats all over again.

We are once again reminded about the 13th order, where the Names of G-d are included. We also see what escaped us before, that the 5th order 4th rank is 35 and the 5 x 7 order-rank is 210 as in the Planck diameter, etc, 210 pathways. When we see the 9 x 7 order-rank of 3003, it makes us wonder whether the 11 Triplets of value 3003 really are not 3003 pathways. And if that is so, then is each letter an agglomeration of pathways?

That all fades away and we are left with the image of the cascading integers of the arched ceiling above us. We are shown that all the groupings are of 24 and told that the sum of all the numbers in the 2nd grouping equal 424.

Obviously, it is this second column that looks the most suspicious to us. As the inner cavern points out, their sum total, is Moshiach Ben David, matching the 90,100 Yuds(י), Heis(ה), and Vavs (ו) in the Torah as the sum of 1 – 424. We also notice, though, that the first 3 levels add up to 126 or the value of each place/face of the Essential Cube of Creation and that levels 2 -4 add up to 275 as in the sacred cubit (27.5”) and primal frequency (27.5 Hz), which is even more telling since (40 + 6) = 46, the numerical value of the word for cubit. Things get even weirder once we realize that the bottom 4 levels add up to 378, or the value of all 3 planes of the Essential Cube of Creation, the sum of the integers/ordinal positions of all 27 numbers/cubes within the Essential Cube of Creation.  Moreover, as we know, 378 is the numerical value of “Echad Ushmo Echad (אחד־ושמו־אחד)” or “His Name is One,” and while the value 111 is that of Alef (אלפ) of One, the value 32 is the value of the 4 component parts of the letter Alef (א), One.

These resultant cascading numbers clearly are not arbitrary, yet they were derived from a simple algorithm, a simple sifting and summing process directed toward the 5-dimensional hypercubes. The inner cavern was just explaining to us that our minds are made solely of arrays of numbers and now it is showing us intelligent design built into those numbers and how they all connect to and are sourced from the One(1) and how the closer we get to the One(1) the closer we get to Moshiach Ben David consciousness. We are not to forget that these numbers shown to us are more than numbers; they are all the sums of pathways, a total of 424 Pathways, just as the 90,100 Yuds(י), Heis(ה), and Vavs (ו) in the Torah are 424 Pathways.

It the midst of all these dumb-founding revelations and enlightenment, the inner cavern wants to let us in on a little secret. As if we had a choice but to listen; our canoes are frozen in place. The last two numbers, sets of pathways, in that column (111 + 32) equal 143, as in the value of the spelled-out aspect of the Name Ehyeh (אלפ־הא־יוד־הא), that value 143, the 143 pathways through this higher Name, is the balancing element in the 72 Triplets that total 9143, as has been explained previously. From there, we are shown that the Name Ehyeh (אלפ־הא־יוד־הא) of the 143 Pathways to Moshiach Ben David consciousness has 3 Alefs (א).

Next, it is explained to us that the first light comes from the Alef (א), 1, then, Alef (אלפ) 111, then 1000. And 3 Alefs (א) is then 3000.  It is also 3003 as in the 3003 pathways in the 11 Triplets of Creation. It is also 3333 as in the 3333 years from the receptions of the Torah in 2448 HC to today (5781 HC).

The Spherical Time equation reappears, and we are shown that (3000111) = 2889. The Creator’s calling card, the first 111 pathways, are built into the Spherical Time year 2889. There is no subtraction or addition in hyper-dimensional mathematics, (3000111) is just as much an addition as a subtraction, as a multiplication; it is a way to bring 4 aspects, of Alef (אלפ), Oneness together in 3, just as the 3 numeral ones(1) in 111 is a way to bring the 3 Alef (אלפ), Oneness, together in 3. We should not forget that 111 is more than 3 numeral ones(1); it is 3 levels of one (1), each in their simplest state, 1, 10, and 100.

We now understand more fully that that midpoint in King David’s life, 2889 HC, was never an arbitrary date or radius. It is the result of a purposeful equation, linking the primordial Alef (א), the One, with 3. Even the 4470 sum of the first 1000 digits in Pi, is another expression of Alef (אלפ) liked with 3.141…

The inner cavern then shows us the distribution of the 1’s within those 1000 letters. There are 116 of them and they appear quite random, many in clumps like 11,1X1, and 111 and some up to 46 digits apart, yet there are highly suspicious placements among them, including but not limited to 314 (Pi), 363, and 424, H’Moshiach and Moshiach Ben David from the Spherical Time equation 36304.24470. It is as if it is all about One(1) and always has been. Even 889 is marked by the digit “1” as in the 2889 radius, while the “4” in 4π is found right between the first two 1’s as in 3.141….  Israel at digit #541 is there too. A few of the other notable for being key Torah number placements include 37, 40, 110, 175, 238, 243, 395, 432, 670, 704, 730 and 963. There are several others we recognize but even a truly random distribution will hit upon a few coincidental numbers, so we try to move on.

Referring to the associated 3 levels of 1, the inner cavern wants us to understand that it is necessarily incorporated into the 27-position 33 Essential Cube of Creation. We now understand that 3000111) = 2889, the Spherical Time radius, but the inner cavern further illustrates this premise in the physics equations (42/αg) = (42/137.03599.302822131) = 11/3000, and in 3000/11 = 272.72727 and in 3000/111 = 27.027027. We are once again reminded that (2+8+8+9) = 27 and that (3+6+3+0+4+2+4+7+0) = 33.

3N + 1

The inner river releases us, and we drift no more than a couple feet before this conveyor through the hyperspace mind halts us again.  The effervescent inner cavern has switched gears on us and shows us a window into the “3N + 1 Conjecture” that has twisted mathematicians in knots for over a century. It is simple enough, but no one has come close to proving it. The inner cavern does not show us the illusive proof either; that is not its goal or intention. The simple conjecture is that any number (N) to which (3N + 1) is applied repeatedly with the caveat that if the result is an even number, it will be divided in 2, that resultant chain of numbers will always end in 4, 2, 1.   The results always seem to fit the conjecture, but no one knows why they have to. The results are also seemingly random as to how many iterations it takes to get down to 1 and as to how large, max(N), the number will get before fluctuating back towards 1.

We should not be surprised anything involving numbers tends toward 1, but the inner cavern wants us to understand two things about these results. First, that it is not just the 4,2,1 tail, but all the numbers must dovetail on the doubling curve at some point, like 42, 21, 64, 32, 16, 8, 4, 2, 1, which brings up the second point. While on the surface, just like Pi, the results appear random, the universe has embedded coding to the contrary.

About that doubling curve, as most mathematicians who have looking into (3N + 1) quickly discover, from that first doubling curve there are offshoots or branches or other doubling curves (5, 10, 20, 40, 80, 160…, 3, 6, 12, 24, 28…) that other numbers dovetail into, and other doubling sequences that branch off of these (13, 26, 52…). The result looks like coral and is very intriguing, but what it does is assign another number to the set of all positive integers, the iteration value, and also the max(N) value for the sequence.

Given the connection to the Name Ehyeh (אהיה) of numerical value 21 and of the Essential Cube of Creation to 42, it is notable that those two numbers are the first to merge with the doubling curve at the number 64, four times higher than all the others., especially given that the central complete value of the inner position of that Cube is 64. The max(N) value for both 21 and 42 and hence any doubling of 21 or 42, like the 336 letters in the 112 Triplets is 64.

Come to think of it, (3N + 1) looks an awful lot like (3000 & 111). To show us that we are not grasping at straws, the inner cavern of the inner cosmos tells us that the iteration value for the number 27 is 111, Alef (אלפ).  Moreover, the max(N) for that 111 sequence down to 1 is 9232, as in the value 232 or the 4 aspects of the YHVH (יהוה), but more interesting is that (92329143) = 89, which when you understand, translates to the max(N) for 27 less that the value of the 9 candles of the 72 Triplets connected with Chanukah equals the value of Channukah (89). As usual, the simple encoding of the cosmos is in plain sight, yet invisible to anyone who has not gotten deep enough into the Torah and the inner cosmos.

Does an iteration value for 89 being 32 have purposeful meaning, or for 26 having one of 10? Maybe, but 54 and 55 having the iterations value of 112 as in the 112 Triplets in the Torah certainly does, with 55 being 2 cubits and the entranceway as we have discovered (been shown) and 54 being the number of portions in the Torah and segments of 107 in 5778, the 107th triangular number that is (2 x 2889).

We have previously learned much about the make-up and encoding within the 72 Triplet 8 x 9 matrix—and yes, the inner cavern tells us (8 x 9) and 89 were not designed that way by the Creator accidentally—and especially about the central Triplets of that matrix.  The two central Triplets that we have seen forming an apex pyramid are ordinal numbers 36 and 37 of the 72 and the iteration value for these two numbers are 21 and 21 respectively, 42 together. By showing us the highest Name of 42, Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh (אהיה־אשר־אהיה) the inner cavern wants us to know that this is a powerful hyperspace connection that we are not meant to miss. It also playfully clues us in that the max(N) for 37 is 112 connected to the deep integration of the Torah’s first verse with the number 37.

Before we drift on, the sequence (1,4,2,1), called the “trivial” sequence that is the basis of the conjecture flashes in front of us. This is the ultimate sequence that the (3N + 1) conjecture states all numbers must reduce to using this algorithm because is ends in an endless loop. The inner cosmos tells us it is not trivial: (1421).

The 3 Mothers

One of us spots a sign on the sidewall just above the river level saying, “Perfect Numbers to Follow.” We take it to mean that we are about to learn more about the Perfect Numbers again and someone suggests that maybe we are about to exit the inner cavern and get back into the Plain of Perfect Numbers. With all the various sets of numbers we have just been shown integrating with the arrays in our minds, several more of us notice 3 letters (אשמ) engraved into the opal on the opposite wall. These are the 3 Mothers, as Abraham Avinu put it, after his trip to the inner cosmos. We can only imagine what his journey looked like. Did he sit in one of these same canoes? The value of the 3 Mothers (אשמ) is 341, and when we apply (3N + 1), we get 1024, as in the 1024 or 210 word values in the Torah, and as in the 1024 pathways we were just taught about. With an ordinal value of 35 and complete value of 376, there is an obvious synergy and significance to the this grouping of 3 letters. Perhaps the answer lies within the Plain of Perfect Numbers.

We just now realize that 1024 is 42 x (22 + 102/42) for what it is worth, but as for (3N + 1) the inner cavern shows us that 1024 naturally has a direct doubling line to One(1) that intersects with 42 and 21 at the number 64. The iteration value for 341 is 12 with a max(N) of 1024.

As we drift slowly, pulled forward by the steady current in the narrow iridescent inner canal, a blinding light flashes before us. The current speeds up, heaving us forward.  As our eyes adjust, the light striates into a curtain of cascading numbers. The undulating luminous curtain is thick with steady undulating streams of doubling numbers, and it roils the river below, rocking our canoes from side to side, banging them into each other.

Every odd number is doubled, making them even, then doubled again and again as it flows downward and spreads out. With our canoes in free spin, we slip into the pulsing cascading curtain and are engulfed within the swift current, the numbers slipping onto and into us.

The numbers get finer and finer, filling us with tiny numerical particles of light. Our canoes tossed to and fro they pile up upon each other, and we tumble out, twisted, battered.

The curtain is gone, the inner river is gone, the cavern is gone. Behind us nothing but a tall sheer granite cliff with a broad mountain towering above it.

Our eyes better adjusted to the brightness of this new plain and landscape, we see the curtain again. It has become a thin veil encircling us, forming a wide perfect circle around us. On the circle is the number 1 followed by every odd number, more and more of them as the circle widens and the “physical” size of the numbers shrink within our perception. Then those numbers double and hang down beneath them, then double again and again as the circle rises to accommodate them. We see a zigzagged line connected all those doubled even numbers, from 2 to 4 to 6 back to 8 forward to 10 back to 12 and so forth, zigzagging around the widening circle. As the circle widens, those zigzagged lines flatten out and merge with the circle, with those even numbers settling into their respective proper places within the natural integer sequence. Standing in the center of the expanding ring we feel the pull of each number, each merging with our minds, empowering us, leaving us with the thought that if we can control and manipulate the numbers, we can control our minds and the simulation they are integrated into. As the circle continues expanding into infinity, we are reminded how Abraham’s Sefer Yetzirah described the paths between the sefirot as infinitely larges circles with no beginning and no end.