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Four years ago, when I began this 2000-page journey through untold secrets and revelations about the Torah and the Cosmos and how they align and interact, it was because of an anomaly I found in the Hebrew Alphabet. It concerned the crucial mathematical constant Phi (φ) or Golden Mean ratio upon which the natural harmonics of the universe are predicated when the Hebrew Alphabet (Alef-bet) was split into odd and even letters.

Yet far more significant is an even simpler and far more direct link between the odd-even split in the 22 Names of those same 22 letters and all the Phi (φ) ratios. What this suggests is that the Hebrew written language, the Alef-bet, was the first written language on earth and that it could only have been created by a superior intelligence with a knowledge of how to align it with the harmonics of the universe, far beyond the capabilities of Man.

Moreover, all the proto-Sinaitic, proto-Canaanite, Phoenician, and Paleo Hebrew languages must have been distant descendants of it, not antecedents.  And contrary to popular alternative wisdom, this has nothing to do with the Sumerians or their cuneiform. This might push back the dating of Man’s consciousness by a few thousand years, because what good is having an advanced written language if no one could read or interact with it.

All those other rudimentary alphabets from which all the Western ones descended were based on applying sounds to the assorted scratches and notches and imaginary items to what were called letters.  These are what archeologists say the original Hebrew Alphabet looked like and where it came from:

Naturally, many of those cultures and their alphabets applied similar sounds that were made when pronouncing the Hebrew letters. And the Egyptian, and Eastern written languages were just large collections of pictographs, hieroglyphics, and were completely unrelated to the Hebrew letters that evolved into all the Western languages.  Please note that Hebrew is a written and spoken language based on frequency, complex mathematics, and the principle of One. It was the language of Abraham and all the generations of Adam, and it predated the establishment of Judaism and the Israelites (Bnei Israel) by thousands of years.

א ב ג ד ה ו ז ח ט י כ ל מ נ ס ע פ צ ק ר ש ת

ך ם ן ף ץ

Let us begin with the Hebrew letters themselves.  There are 22 of them that extend to 27 because 5 of them change their form when they are at end of a word.  The 22 and/or 27 letters are designed to be used for mathematics in the base 10 system that we use today. This is relevant because other than what is intrinsically found in the Hebrew writing system, no other culture used the base 10 counting system until the Indians in the 7th Century, not even the Greeks or the Romans. So, if the written language intrinsically contained all these associated mathematical properties before any culture even knew how to count with it, then Man could not have possibly created this Alef-bet.

While this system came in handy for the Hebrews who used it for counting, its usage went far deeper than that. Since the letters were based on frequencies and base 10 mathematics, they could be assigned specific numbers. This made any word comprised of a set of these letters taggable with specific values as well. Thus, those words could have an underlaying relationship to one another based on complex networks, combinatorics, symmetries, and assorted Number Theory systems so when strung together in sentences they could convey far more information to a savvy reader than what is literally written.  This system is known as gematria and through it, sets of ciphers can be overlaid to encode or decode the words, sentences, and documents.

We have written about the gematria ciphers extensively and there have been numerous powerful books written about them since Abraham and some with even earlier attributions, so in this paper we will all but ignore them to concentrate on the core essence and symmetrical cosmic beauty inherent in the 22 letters of the Alef-bet and the 22 Names that they are based on.

We have only to go as far back as the Torah, the Five Books of Moses well-established to have been written 3333 years ago, where we find one such array of exactly 210 such word values, and this is just one of many such structural arrays and matrices built into it to give it additional dimensionality and depth. Back then, though, Man was supposedly only counting by bundling items together in set arbitrary groupings. Each one of the Hebrew Letters can be seen as one such bundle, but they are certainly not arbitrary, or even designed for simple counting purposes.  It is an exponential system, the inverse of a logarithmic equation.
The first thing we need to realize about that 22 letters is that even their number is not arbitrary as it takes exactly 22 iterations to descend 1 order of magnitude by 10% each time. In other words, from 1000 to 100 or 100 to 10 or 10 to 1, multiplying by 90% or 0.90 each time.

We know this was not a lucky guess by a primitive people because the nominative counting system, namely those assigned 22 bundles or values are also distributed in sets of 9, forming groups of ascending orders of magnitude 1 – 10, 10 – 100 and 100 – 1000. This is why the 5 final form letters are an integral part of the Alef-bet, to complete the set from 500 – 900 and that last order of magnitude.

Counting from א to ת and from 1 to 400.

א ב ג ד ה ו ז ח ט י כ ל מ נ ס ע פ צ ק ר ש ת

Mathematics, like physics, are principles etched into the framework of the cosmos. We do not invent them, just discover, or uncover what is already there. The exponential system and logarithms were not discovered until the last few hundred years, so it is difficult to believe that a culture thousands of years earlier just happened upon the number 22 and just happened upon the perfect exponential scale.

If we were to graph those 22 letters by their assigned values, then use a complex mathematical function called curve fitting we would see that the Hebrew Alef-bet fits a perfect exponential curve that conforms to the equation y = 1.313x.  There are several ways to calculate that curve, one more complex than the next, all involving being able to take square roots at a minimum, and the simplest process was not developed, discovered, until the 18th century. Certainly not in 1313 BCE, the year we received the Torah at Mt Sinai.

Was the date of the Torah and the exponential curve of the Alef-bet coincidental accident of history. We have shown in numerous articles already that it was not, but that is a topic for another day.

Think of the paradox: If the Alef-bet was their counting system and their method for chronicling numbers, how did they calculate the letter assigned to 1.31322 without first having the Alef-bet to count with? How do you calculate it without a decimal system discovered in India in the 7th century.  How or even why would you do it?

Today we have graphing calculators and computer spreadsheet, but back then it was stones and chisels and then vellum, cured animal skins, and hand ground ink. To calculate the letter Tav (ת), the 22nd letter, they would have had to multiple 1.313 x 1.313 x 1.313…x 1.313 a total of 22 times to get 399.789 and then call it 400.

They obviously could not do that, nor come up with the figure 1.313 to being with.

The only alternative is that like the infinitely complex Torah, the Alef-bet had to have been given, gifted to them.

Each of the Hebrew letters has an ordinal value or specific position within the alphabet from 1 to 27. This cannot vary and is the backbone of the entire system, as opposed to those later derivative languages that moved the letters around and added new scratches or depictions as they wanted or needed to convey new sounds.

Every letter value was calculated with the value 1.313 as its starting point and then raised to its ordinal value.  The first letters Alef (א) was raised from 1.313 to 1.3131; Bet (ב) to 1.3132… to Tav (ת), the 22nd letter, 1.31322.

Thus, the value curve starts at y = 1.3131 and goes through y = 1.31322 etc.

The resultant fractional numbers were far too complicated to be of practical use, so the 27 values are rounded off to whole numbers 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10-20-30-40-50-60-70-80-90-100-200-300-400-500-600-700-800-900. Some of the letters needing very little adjusting, like the middle or 11th letter Caf (כ) whose resultant value 1.31311 = 19.995, which is practically already 20, and like the letter Tav (ת) whose resultant value 1.31322 = 399.783 is very nearly 400.

א ב ג ד ה ו ז ח ט י כ ל מ נ ס ע פ צ ק ר ש ת

From א to ת and 1 to 400.


Sound of those letters were rounded up and some rounded down. The amount that needed to be shifted to determine which whole number to use when calculated based on positive or negative percentage variations is a highly complex mathematical procedure fits along an expanding spiral curve.  It imparts a periodicity or frequency or rhythm to the letters. It also implies an inherent knowledge of negative numbers since the negative variances must be considered in these operations, except academics tell us they were only first used in China around 200 BCE and in India around 700 CE.

It is still possible that the cosmos took care of the mathematics and choosing just the right number of letters and their values was purely a stroke of divine inspiration, just as the gematria value for 13 was chose from the very beginning to represent the Hebrew word Echad (אחד), One, as in “G-d is One” and as in Ahava (אהבה), Love. Yet when we examine the Names of those 22 letters based on 1.313 that theory goes out the window.

When plotted as percentage variations from the standard progression, the exponential value curve peaks at three points, at the letters Alef (א), Yud (י), and Koof (ק) of numerical values 1, 10, and 100 respectively in exponential progression, or geometrically by a multiple of 10. They total 111, as in the Name Alef (אלף) for the letter Alef(א), and the ordinal values of the 3 letters Alef (א), Yud (י), and the Koof (ק) or (1, 10, and 19) respectively add up to 30, the same as the 3 letters in the Name Alef (אלף). It is highly unlikely that it was a cosmic coincidence considering the Name Alef (אלף) stands for One, as in the One G-d, and One language that the Torah tells us everyone spoke until the Tower incident.  A far cry from that proto-Canaanite ox head symbol.

The reasons artifacts have been found with Paleo Hebrew and other much more primitive writings on them and dated to Biblical and post Torah times is manifold, including convenient dating, unreliable faulty isotopic dating, and the simple notion that these languages were nothing more than degradations from the original Hebrew not precursors to them.  Knowing what we know about the Torah it is impossible that Man had a hand in its composition and impossible that was written in anything other than its present form.

We can see that every grouping of 9 letters follows the same percentage variation pattern as the previous 9. By flipping the graph as a mirror onto itself it is easier to see the natural progression of the spiral.

When we extend the pattern, the spiraling growth in the curve becomes even more readily apparent.

Some of the letters’ exponential values and their resultant percentages are off from their given whole number values by positive amounts and some by negative; nonetheless, the sum of the absolute values that all 27 letters are off from their chosen whole number values is 6.182, which is extremely close to .61803 that is 1/Phi (φ).

The Golden Mean, or the mathematical constant Phi () that governs the harmonics of the universe, both physically and metaphysically, is the special balanced proportion in which the smaller segment or object is to the larger one as the larger one is to the whole.  This works out to .6180339887.. is to 1 as 1 is 1.6180339887….


b : a = .6180

a : (a + b) = .6180

When applied to a circle the 360o are split into 137.5o and 222.5o.

Meanwhile, we know that the percentage variance peaks with every order of magnitude (10x), and one of those peaks, at 104, the percentage of the hypothetical 37th letter, corresponding to the value 10,000 and 1.31337, is off from 10000 is by 137.5%, which is the exact Phi (φ) angle (137.5o) that controls the spiraling growth and distribution of the Golden Mean at the heart of everything in the cosmos from our DNA, our plants, and our galaxies to the magnetic and dielectric fields throughout.

The importance of Phi (φ) cannot be overstated, as it is the most efficient way for the forces and energy fields in the universe to organize themselves. If it is off by just 1o the universe would left with much more empty space, meaning that life would not have had a chance. While metaphysically the Names of the 22 Letters could have arranged themselves organically to the Phi (φ) proportions, on a physical level it takes advanced planning and calculations, and someone would have had to do it for us, in much the same way that it was programmed into the DNA of the sunflower and all the other forms of life, matter, and energy that we know.

Nevertheless, it is the Names of the Letters that tell the real story of where the letters themselves came from.

The 22 Hebrew letters are nothing more than the initials of the 22 Names of those Letters, yet as we know those letters have a pretty complex mathematics and symmetry built into them. Each of the Names of the letters is comprised of between 2 and 4 letters whose values were determined by that 1.313x exponential scale.  A diehard skeptic could think that it is possible to stumble upon a perfect and perfectly logical lettering and numbering system that just happened to work out so well, but if the Names of the letters can be shown to be purposely designed than it would be impossible for Man to have accidental stumbled upon the perfect system.  The statistical odds of coming up with the right number of letters, the right numbering system for those letters and then 22 perfect spellings of their 22 Names are astronomical. So even if the math was just inherent in the letters and was just discovered thousands of years later and even if we ignore all the ancient books that speak about the numerical properties of the letters, it would still be impossible for this to happen by chance.

Summing up the values of the 22 Names of the letters, we get a total value of 4248, which just happens to be the 42.48o gyromagnetic precession of the magnetic and dielectric fields found both at the quantum level in our atoms and the grand scale of the magnetic field lines connecting our planets, stars, and galaxies, and is related to Phi (φ) but this is an aside.

The total value of 4248 is also an amalgamation of the 42 rows x 248 column array that the Torah is scaffolded on. That works out to the net of 223 rows and columns in the Torah, a 223 cubic matrix, as in those 22 Names that sum to 4248. From that standpoint alone, we would be hard-pressed to stick with the accidental stumbling perspective. Again, much more on that and the Torah’s embedded technology in that 2000-page book and in shorter articles to come.

 [אגהזטכמספקש] = 625

[בדוחילנעצרת][אגהזטכמספקש] = 1495

 [      58%        ][       42%       ]   =  100%

When we took the 22 Letters, the 22 initials, and split them into odds and evens according to their ordinal values, the odd letters totaled 625, which is the exact square root of the 390,625 or precisely 58 quantitative elements (the number of words, letters, and verses) in the Torah. Again, this is shattering the narrative that the Torah was a manmade conglomeration of myths and stories from various cultures and authors and that it has been amended over time. The precise 58 total is not only a large and exceedingly exact number, but without an intimate knowledge of roots and exponents it would be impossible to design let alone construct. It would have been a massive undertaking, not something Moses could have scrawled on the back of some tablets while walking down the mountain. It is astonishing, considering where the letters came from, but we can do the same odd/even split with the 22 Names of those letters and their resultant values:

The 11 Even letters added up to 2626, which is twice the 1.313 exponential constant the Alef-bet is based on. It is also twice the 5th root of that same total quantitative value (390,625) for the number of words, letters, and verses in the Torah, 13.132639022019. It is as if the Creator of the Alef-bet and the Torah wants us to realize they go hand in hand.

The amazing thing, though, about the 2626 or the Even portion of the 4248-value of the 22 Names is that the ratio of 2626/4248 = .618173 = 1/Phi (φ), and that while 1622 is approximately 1618 or Phi (φ), the ratio of the Even to Odd Names or 2626/1622 = 1.618 or Phi (φ) again.

The 11 Odd and 11 Even Names are split into the perfect Golden Mean proportions. Meanwhile, the ratio of the total 22 Names to the 11 Odd Names is 4248/1622 = 2.618 or Phi (φ)2 and the ratio of the difference between the 2 sets of Odd and Even Names to the whole is 4248/1004 = 4.2311 or approximately Phi (φ)3.

While the inverse of any of these ratios naturally also give us derivations of Phi (φ), it has been universally known for thousands of years that the numerical value of the Name of God, the Creator, the YHVH (יהוה) is 26 or (13 + 13), One and Love. It is a nice way of stamping the Names and Letters with His seal of approval.

Using the values of the 27 Letters determined by the 1.313X function, the gematria of Sarah is 505 and the gematria of Abraham is 808, the progenitors of the One G-d paradigm in the Bible. Together the couple, unified in love, is (505 + 808) = 1313, as in One (13), Love (13), 1.313X, and 1313 BCE. Moreover, while the numerical values of that Matriarch and Patriarch, 505 and 808, are simple multiples of the 26th prime number, 101, their ratios of 5/8 and 8/13 are in the Phi (φ) proportion as 5, 8, and 13 are consecutive Fibonacci Numbers, and 505/808 is .625, as in the 625-sum of the 11 Odd Letters.

In Number Theory and ancient gematria we often add up the digits in significant numbers and the sum of the digits in (2 + 6 + 2 + 6) + (1 + 6 + 2 + 2) = 27, as in the 27 Hebrew Letters. The sum of the 27 logarithms for the 27 associated Names of those 27 letters is 160.00…, as in the inverse of 625 or 1/625, the square root of the 3 quantitative elements of the Torah. Numbers do not work out like this organically and especially not when they are converted from letters converted from numbers and exponential equations.  These were carefully planned and deliberately arranged for us, like circuits in a motherboard or algorithms in an AI program. They were also left as breadcrumbs for us to follow when we are ready.

Using that same Number Theory principle above, those 58 quantitative elements (the number of words, letters, and verses) in the Torah that work out to 625 x 625,  are equivalent to 13 by 13, as in 1.313 and 1313 BCE, just like the (5 + 8) in 58 that equal 13.

The purposeful connection between .625 being the exact fraction 5/8; and the 390,625 verses, words, and letters in the 5 Books of Moses being equal to 58; and 58% being the ratio in the Even letters/Whole of the simple Alef-bet split, while the Odd letters totaled 625, is symmetrically beautiful.

Nevertheless, the Creator also designed the 304805 letters of the Torah in just such a way so that their total gematria sofit—using both nominative values for the 20,107 final letters—works out to precisely 33640626, which is (5800.054)2 or (5800.02 + 625).

A subset of those 11 Odd Names are the 8 Names, Alef, Hei, Tet, Caf, Mem, Pe, Koof, and Shin whose total value is 1352 or the total 4248/π. The 8 Letters (אהטכמפקש) associated with those 8 Names total 555, which is .111111 or 11.111% of the total 4995 for the full 27 Letters, as in One. If this were not a subset of the 11 Odd Names that definitely split the Alef-bet into the Phi (φ) proportions, then we might be able to shrug this off as coincidence, but they are, so we cannot, especially since the derivation of Phi (φ) is wholly dependent on the number 5 and a string of 1’s.

If we take that subdivision of the 11 Odd Names one step further, we see that that the 5 Name subset of the 8 Name subset splits that remaining 1352-value into the Phi (φ) proportion yet again with 1352/837 = Phi (φ).  The 3 Names of the letters Hei, Tet, and Pe equal 515, while the remaining 5 equal 837, where we see the further subset of the 2 Names Mem and Koof equal to (80 + 186) = 286 or 837/π.

The final subset of 2 letters, the Alef (111) and the Caf (100) are in the proportion of 111/100 = 1.11 to each other, descending back to One, or alternatively emerging from One.

As goes the Alef-bet so too the Torah, where the first chapter of the Book of Numbers (Bamidbar 1:1) is the dividing point in the Torah in terms of the number of letters, the numbers of words, and also the number of verses into the exact Phi (φ) proportion, just like the major and minor twists of our DNA:

 Whether you want to believe in the Creator or not, some force created the Hebrew Alef-bet and tuned it to the harmonics of the Cosmos, before Man could even count beyond his fingers, let alone wield a computer and maneuver around the advanced mathematics needed to make these 27 Letters and 22 Names work out so precisely and perfectly to form the bedrock of the Hebrew language.

No, Hebrew is no derivative pagan language based on grunts and animal drawings.  It is a Divine language imbued with magical mathematics and was a special gift given to Man.

Even more important is to read it, study it, and use it, not to squander this gift. Once you do, the illusions can peel away, and the real portals can open.

The Torah states that G-d wrote the first set of Tablets given to Moses. He would not have used proto-Canaanite or Paleo Hebrew or anything less than the current Ashurit Script Alef-bet that we have proven to be of mathematical/metaphysical origin. Moreover, the later Ivri and/or Paleo Scripts did not have the 5 additional letters that we have repeatedly proven to have been original and integral to the Torah technology. And Moses would not have copied them in any other font or language than the one G-d had written them in.  And nowhere does it state that Moses had to translate them for anyone or teach anyone a new language, so everyone must have been familiar with G-d’s written language.

In our next article, we will explore further the Path of One to better understand what it connects to physically and metaphysically. Please like, share, and subscribe so you will not miss out on any of these deeper understandings of our reality and what metaphysical secrets lie hidden beneath the surface of the Torah.