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The Midpoint and the Triple Solar Eclipse of Destiny

This is an excerpt from the next installment on the ongoing section about the metaphysical nature of the constant Pi (π) and how like the rest of our existence and the cosmos it is far from random. This article involves the very specific alignments with the last two eclipses over the US and the next and
final one, along with the last two over Jerusalem, and how they align with the modern scientific and ancient prophetic dating for the next solar micro-nova. There is also a shocking TikTok worthy correlation and revelation about the recent false plague “for entertainment purposes only”. If you are brand new to our site and writings many of the concepts may seem a bit foreign to you; nevertheless, they have been repeatedly and rigorously proven and explained so please peruse our article base and it will all make much more sense to you. You could start with The Creator’s Smoking Gun and work chronologically forward, or use the search function for specific concepts. According to the Talmud, a solar eclipse is a bad omen for the entire world, and we know that physically they occur in set predictable precise moments in time based on the clock-like mechanism of the Earth, Sun, and Moon movements that were wound up eons ago.  The Gemara (Sukkah 29a) states that the location in which the Sun is seen in total eclipse is where the warning is darkest.

The string …290… representing the central midpoint letter pair (רצ) in the 14 Essential Triplets of the 42-Letter Name Matrix is sandwiched (…2129021…) between twin 21‘s within the proven to be revelatory first 1000 digits of Pi (π), and fittingly this aligns with the 21 letters in the 42-Letter Name Matrix that lead into the central pair (רצ) and the 21 letters that follow it. Thus 42 cleaved down the middle like the Covenant of Halves. This is like the highest Name Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh (אהיה־אשר־אהיה) that is found only once in the Torah, whose twin wings Ehyeh (אהיה) each have the value and the ordinal value 21, and whose central Name has the ordinal value of 42.

The gematria of the 4th tier (בטרצתג) of the 42-Letter Name Matrix in which the central midpoint (רצ) is placed is 704, as in Path, Derech (דרך) of the Tree-of-Life with its 11 Sefirot This central tier begins with the 5 letters that start off with (בט) of numerical value 11, and it conceals the word Brit (ברית), Covenant, when the Zadi (צ) is broken down into its component Yud (י) and Nun (נ). These first 5 letters have the value 701, as in the 701st digit in Pi (π) after the decimal place where we find …42019… and as in 2701, the value of the First Verse of the Torah and Creation.

It is part of a long 31-digit revelatory sequence that starts at digit #702, as in Shabbat (702), the 7th Day, …4201995611212902196086403441815…. It is immediately preceded by the …611… value of Torah (611) with its Pi (π) and 72 Essential Triplet concordances, and it is immediately succeeded by …1960… as in the sum of the cubes of the first 4 Triplets (12-digits) in Pi (π) (33 + 13 + 43+ 13 + 53 + 93 + 23 + 63+ 53 + 33 + 53 + 83) = 1960, which is followed by the diameter of the Sun, …8640…. The whole sequence begins with 42019 that couples 42 and/or 420 with the Western Calendar analogue to the Event Horizon, 2019 CE, which like its counterpart 5778 HC is also found 3 times in first 1000 digits of Pi (π).

After the diameter of the Sun, we find the numbers …34… and 1815, as in the 1815 letters in the 34 verses of the 7 Days of Creation.

The 31 digits plus their 114 value plus the 1815 letters equals 1960, as in (28 x 70), representing the First Verse, and as in the 4 Triplets of Pi (π) above, along with the 4 Patriarch’s Names’ word-value recurrences, their ages, and the word-value recurrences of their ages: (242 + 181 + 175 + 309) + (175 + 180 + 147 + 110) + (57 + 104 + 34 + 246) = (907 + 612 + 441) = 1960, as found just before the diameter of the Sun in the prophetic sequence above.

Besides the …112… of the 112 Essential Triplets, and 121 of 112 and the 121 Triplets that includes the 9 of Magic Essential Cube of Creation, and the (424/2) = 212, of “The Light, H’Ohr (האור),” there is also 1211 backwards. This is the number of days in 173 weeks. The Torah teaches us that days and years come in cycles of 7, and 173 cycles of 7 Days, as in the 7 tiers of the 42-Letter Name Matrix of katan value 173, aligns with the 173 weeks that equals 1211 days. These 173 weeks are exactly 3 years, 3 months, 3 weeks, and 3 days.  There are exactly 1211 days (173 weeks) between the total solar eclipse on Aug 21, 2017, and the date the Covid-19 DNA altering vaccine was rolled out on December 14, 2020, and then again exactly another 1211 days (173 weeks) until the next total solar eclipse on April 8th, 2024.

While that is too ominous to be a coincidence, especial given that Covid-19 and the date 12/14/20 permutes to 42019 along with either 121 or 211, and given that 4/8/24 permutes to 4248, the sum of the 22 Names of the Hebrew letters, etc.

The next total solar eclipse over the USA is on August 12, 2045, at the far end of the fully stretched Event Horizon, when the Sun is due to go micronova.  Moreover, while April 8th, 2024, is the 29th of Adar Bet, Erev Rosh Chodesh Nissan, both Aug 21, 2017, and Aug 12, 2045, are Erev Rosh Chodesh Elul, the 29th of Av, as in the Pi (π) sequence …11212921… when Moses received the second set of Tablets, on the cusp of the 11th and 12th solar months.  And as in the twin dates Aug 21, 2017, and Aug 12, 2045, and as in the Pi (π) sequence …11212921 we know the 12th Prime Number is 37 and bookend 21st Prime Number is 73, as in the (37 x 73) value of the Torah’s First Verse of Creation, etc.  The first two of the triplet total eclipses are 2242 Days apart, or 7 years, and there is another 21 years from 2024 to 2045 and the third and final eclipse. In the Hebrew Calendar there is exactly 28 years to the day between the first of the triplet eclipses and the last and final one, as in the 28 letters of the Torah’s First Verse, and as in the width of the Event Horizon window from 5777 HC to 5805 HC that began in 2019 CE after the end of the 5778-year radius of the Spherical Time paradigm.

The time between the first and middle eclipse is thus twice 3 years, 3 months, 3 weeks, and 3 days or 6 years, 6 months, 6 weeks, and 6 days pivoting on the jab, and in Hebrew the letters for 29 are (כט), which we learned from Abraham Avinu are the letters corresponding to the influence of the Sun and of the month of Av, as in the 29th of Av, triply emphasizing the Sun on these ominous days of eclipse. He also taught us that the 7 letters that correspond to the 7 planets including the Sun and Moon have a collective value of 709, as in digit #709 in the Pi (π) sequence where we find …1121… as in the 1211 days reversed.

In the exact middle of those 6 years, 6 months, 6 weeks, and 6 days we received the Covid-19 DNA altering vaccine on the 28th of Kislev 5871, midway through Chanukah on the 4th Day of Chanukah—some gift! This would be 31 years before the final eclipse of the Sun, as in the 31 verses of the 6 Days of Creation. This is not to say Man planned it that way, but on that pivotal day, December 14, 2020, the total eclipse in this photo taken in Gorbea Chile also occurred, aligning all the events with the darkening of the light of the Sun.

We have to imagine that it must be tough to line up the Earth and Moon vis-à-vis the Sun just right given that they are orbiting it at 66600 mph, and that the Moon is orbiting the Earth at 2288 mph, while the Earth is rotating at 1000 mph, especially since they are not even in the same plane and the Earth’s axis is tilted at an angle of (9066.6)o.  Nevertheless, the Creator did, and He also managed it so that there would be exactly 346.0 or (2 x 173.00) lunar months (at 29.53059 solar-Earth days) between the triple eclipses, given the two symmetric consecutive periods of 173 weeks within them. He also managed it so that the two end date eclipses would fall on the 29th of Av, the 5th Lunar month in the Hebrew Calendar, as in 29/5, so that they would align with the 29.5 days in the Lunar month. Was this more difficult than arranging the digits …9235…, a permuted version of 29.53, the Lunar month, to immediately precede …42019…, the only 5-digits sequence in Pi (π) to repeat within the 1000 digits? Since a week has 7 days and the first segment between the eclipses is 346 weeks and the full segment between the first and third eclipses is 346 lunar months, the ratio of the full to the shorter segment is the same as the lunar month to the week or 10218/2422 = 29.53059/7 = 42.1865, or 4219, as in …42019…. There is meaning and purpose in everything and every detail within the Cosmos, and it is there whether we look for it or not, whether we ignore it or not.

As you may recall, the value 346 is the value of “His Name (שמו)” and it is the hypotenuse of the Core Essential Right Triangle of Creation, whose base is 173 and whose height is 300. Its perimeter with the kolel (1), as in “His Name is One,” is 820, as in the sofit value of the Name of the 11th letter, Caf (כף), that represents Keter, the crown of the 11 Sefirot of the Tree-of-Life.

The dimensions of the Core Essential Right Triangle of Creation reflect the square roots of 3, 9 and 12 or 1.73, 3, and 3.46 respectively, as it is the right triangle of 3 – 9 – 12, and of its perimeter of 8.20.  Its area is 2.6 as in the YHVH (יהוה), giving the Core Essential Right Triangle of Creation an area of 260 or 10 times YHVH (יהוה).

The sum of the 31 digits in the sequence …4201995611212902196086403441815…. and their squared digits is (114 + 706) = 820, as in 820 value of phrase from Leviticus 19:18 at the heart of the Torah, “but thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself (וְאָהַבְתָּ לְרֵעֲךָ כָּמוֹךָ).” Given the metaphysical constitution of Pi (π) we first find the string1918…, which was also the ending date of WWI, at digit #3338, as in the year the First Holy Temple was destroyed, 3338 HC, the square of the Event Horizon (57782), and not only is it immediately followed by 2618 as in Phi (φ)2 but it is immediately preceded by 2928, as in the year 2928 HC that the First Holy Temple was built. In the full 20-digit sequence29281918261861258673… Phi (φ)2 is followed by 612, as in Brit (Covenant) and then by …586… the value of Jerusalem, the center of our world, where the First Holy Temple was built and destroyed, and then by 73, as in Chochma, and the Triangular value of the Torah’s First Verse, which brings us back to 2928 and the 29th of Av on the 28th year after the first of the Triplet eclipses that began with the start of the Spherical Time paradigm Event Horizon.

The value 820 is also the milui (הה) value of “Solar Eclipse (ליקוי חמה)” in Hebrew, while the last solar eclipse to pass over Jerusalem and Tel Aviv was on September 7, 1820, as in the 1820 YHVH (יהוה) in the Torah and the Path of One (1 13 91 455 1820), just about 39 years to the day before the Carrington Event in 1859 that marked the kick off of this cycle’s death spiral of dust toward the Sun and the flipping and weakening of Earth’s magnetic fields.  Had the Carrington Event happened today, we would literally be in the dark ages with all our electronics completely fried, and that was just a relatively small CME at a time when Earth’s magnetic field was much stronger. The statistical probability of any given 4-digit string appearing in the first 1000 digits in Pi (π) is 1 in 10 and 1 in 10,000 if it is found at a specific point, and the odds against it exponentially higher if it is found in conjunction with other related strings or in a location related to them. The string …1859…, like all the others in this article is found within the first 1000 digits of Pi (π) at digit #797 or (1000203), as in the 203-value of first Essential Triplet (ברא) in the Torah, meaning to Create. It is immediately preceded by …0963…, as in the expanded form (אלף־חית־דלת) of Echad (אחד), One, meaning the Creator, and is both 1/6th of 5778 years, the Spherical Time paradigm radius, and Event Horizon, and 9 times 107, as in the 107th Triangular Field, or 5778 found 3 times among the first 1000 digits in very specific locations.  Here is where those exponential odds become astronomical, as the sum of the squares of the 793 digits until …09631859… are exactly (32 + 12 + 4262) = 5778.

This was all spelled out for us in the Torah where in 2448 HC the 13 (Echad) verses of the 620 (Keter) letters of the 10 Commandments was placed at the 107,000 letter after “In the Beginning,” in a scale of (2448/5778) = .424, as in Moshiach Ben David, the ultimate Consciousness level, to 5778 HC, the Event Horizon.  And where Noach’s Flood illustrated the complete devastation and extinction that happens at the far edge of the Event Horizon when Man reaches the height of hubris and apex of his evil inclination.

To be clear August 21, 2017, was only 1 month before the year 5778, which marks the entrance into the final acceleration curve of the declination of the Earth’s magnetic and protective field, which parallels the final crest of the cyclical Parker Instability Galactic Wave that rings out from the center of our galaxy and periodically interacts with the Sun’s magnetic field. The result has been utter devastation and extinction level events on the Earth every cycle of about 11,556 years and to a lesser degree every half cycle of 5778 years. These are called Heimlich-Bond and Danguaard-Oesher events and there is an enormous amount scientific geological evidence of this along with an abundant amount of archeological evidence of the consequences to prior once civilizations in spite of academic turf-guarding recalcitrance and click-bait alien attribution.  The width of the Event Horizon at the edge of this Spherical Time bubble is the elasticity or grace period. Magnetic bands only stretch so far and then they burst, the same with bubbles. We are at the edge of the 11,556-year period. The Hebrew Calendar began at the midpoint.

The September 7, 1820, Israel eclipse is 2782.030 lunar months before the final eclipse on August 12, 2045, as in Ohr HaGanuz (278), the Light set aside for Moshiach at the time of Creation, and as the 203-value of first Essential Triplet (ברא) in the Torah, meaning to Create, coupled with the 820 once again, and the 82 katan value of the First Verse of Creation. It is also notable that had there been 2 additional months, there would have been 2701 solar months in that period, as in the value of the First Verse (2701) and/or 2784 lunar months, with 2784 found at digit #6200 in Pi (π), as in Keter (620) and the 6200-mile limit of the Earth’s Exosphere, its physical limit. Perhaps this is telling us something. After all, two months is 60 days, and the Ohr HaGanuz was set aside in the last 6 hours of the 6th Day of Creation, while the Israelites succumbed to the erev rav and did not wait the last 6 hours for Moses to descend with the first set of Tablets, causing the process to continue for an additional 66.6 jubilee years and meaning Moses never would have had to ascend for a second set on Rosh Chodesh Elul.

There was only one additional eclipse that happened in Jerusalem, but not Tel Aviv, and that was on August 21, 1933, the 29th of Av again, erev Rosh Chodesh Elul, and it was 112 years after the one in 1820 and 112 years before the upcoming final one in 2045, as in the 112 Essential Triplets of the Torah.  Altogether, it was 225 or 152 years or YH (יה)2 between them. The August 21, 1933, midpoint Jerusalem eclipse was exactly 84 years or 1008 solar months before the 28-year triplet American eclipse sequence began on August 21, 2017, as in 84 is (3 x 28), just as 112 is (4 x 28) years, like the 28 letters in the First Verse of Creation.  The Earth and Moon diameters together equal 10080 miles.  And most oddly, when we add 173 lunar months to these 84 years, we get 1211 lunar months, which matches the 173 weeks between the first two sequential American total eclipses or 1211 days split on either side of the Covid-19 DNA altering vaccine roll out and Southern Chilean eclipse on 12/14/20, Perhaps this is telling us something.

Perhaps this is telling us something, given that 173 is the katan gematria of the 42-Letter Name Matrix.

Perhaps this is telling us something, given that 12/14/20 can be digitally split into 121 and 420 and that 121 is 112, and the first tier of the 7-tier 42-Letter Name Matrix, not only has the complete gematria value (506) of Moshiach Ben David consciousness, but also equals the sum of the first 11 natural squares (12112). And perhaps it has to do with the 42 letters of the 11 Sefirot Tree-of-Life.

Or perhaps this is telling us something, given that that the Covid-19 vaccine or mRNA-1273 aligns its name with the Cosmic Harmonic (1.273) that the Earth, Moon, and Sun and physical Cosmos share, and that this very particular vaccine was named for the 1,273 amino acids in the SARS-CoV-2 S protein, years before that virus would be discovered let alone be sequenced—let that sink in. Or given that Moderna began filing patents specifically on mRNA-1273 in 2017, the year of the total eclipse, or that their final patent for mRNA-1273 was filed in June 2019, and that they officially began their clinical human testing on Feb 25, 2020, all before the WHO and CDC had declared Covid-19 to be an issue. And metaphysically, perhaps this is telling us something given that the 5 main quantitative elements (the words, letters, verses, rows, and columns) in the Torah total 401273 and that 4/π is 1.273.

While the Sun Moon and Earth are set into a clock-like mechanism, a program, nothing happens without a reason. As it says in the 14th verse of Creation, “Let there be lights in the firmament…let them be for signs…and for days and years.”

Nonetheless, the sum of the 28 digits in the full sequence that starts with the Moon and ends with the Sun …9235420199561121290219608640… is 107, as in the 107th Triangular Field, 5778, the Event Horizon radius and the surface temperature of the Sun, 5778 K.

In case we were wondering, the non-intersecting total eclipse that streaks across Western Canada to Montana on August 23, 2044, is exactly one Hebrew year (12 lunar months) prior to the final triplet eclipse and occurs on the 30 of Av, Rosh Chodesh Elul, as do the others when considering the time frame of Jerusalem. Those 12 lunar months are 354 days, as in …9235420199561121290219608640…, starting with the Moon and ending with the Sun. It is not that the total eclipses happen on or beside a Rosh Chodesh, since they must occur on or about a new moon, but it is the time-period between these specific events that is intriguing, and that they occur on the same very powerful Rosh Chodesh Elul, the 12th Lunar month, just as December is the 12th Western Month.

The full article from which this chapter was excepted will be published shortly, B’H before Pesach.