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The Plain of Perfect Numbers

Venturing deeper into the plain, basking in the openness and especially the light, we come upon the percolating stream of Perfect Numbers that we had been following before we took refuge in the inner cavern of enlightenment. We are reminded that the first Perfect Number is 6, representing the 6-dimensions of Zeir Anpin and as we come to the island of the 5th Perfect Number, 3550336, we see the connections with the numbers 35 and 50 as previously discussed and with the 336 letters in the 112 Triplets of Creation.  Do not proceed unless you have read at least Chapter 32, Spherical Time. If you are ready, a whole new world awaits. The Journey begins here if you missed it.

The stream is dotted with a string of islands, each representing a distinct Perfect Number, each much larger than the previous one with the stream expanding to a river to accommodate their girth. Palm trees line the broad stream, 70 in total, 35 on each side. As we count them, we are further reminded that the difference between the p or prime-factor (89) and the number of digits (54) in the 10th Perfect Number is 35. Moreover, that the cumulative difference through that point is 107, which is extremely poignant given that (54 x 107) = 5778 and that 5778 is the 107th Triangular Number.

Each of the gently swaying palms is engraved with a different Triplet of the 70 unique ones within the matrix of 72. We understand its significance even more now that we have connected parsha Naso, with the Torah’s highest number of verses. We have seen how through its 89 verses that are connected to Chanukah (89) and consequently to 5778, the value of many of those verses. Moreover, as we just learned, the max(N) for the 111 length (3N + 1) sequence of the number 27 is 9232 or 89 more than the magical value (9143) of the (8 x 9) 72 Triplet Matrix. We see in the middle of the stream of Perfect Numbers that the 9th island has 27 digits, half the 54 digits of the 10th island, and even wilder is that the cumulative difference through that 9th Perfect Number is 72.

We travel onward along the sandy shoreline toward the enormous island of the 13th Perfect Number, the one suggestive of Oneness and connected to the expanded 3 levels of the Name Ehyeh (אלף־הי־יוד־הי). It is there that we notice that the difference between its’ p-factor and its’ digit count is 207, the gematria of G-d’s attribute of Light, and moreover that its number of digits is 314, as in Pi (π) and Shadai, 314.

As soon as we say that we found the light in the 13th level, a clear mirror appears to explain the significance of the summation path from 1 to 13 to 91 to 455 to 1820 and the 3 aspects of the Name Ehyeh (אלף־הי־יוד־הי) of numerical value 455. From One to the Creator’s highest Name to the 1820 YHVH (יהוה) in the Torah.  The word One, Echad (אחד) has a numerical value of 13, as in the word for love, Ahava (אהבה). When Echad (אחד) is spelled out it has the value 963, and since 963 x 12, the time coefficient, equals 11,556 years, or (2 x 5778) from the Spherical Time equation, 2(5778π) = 36304.24470, we can now understand that the time-limit component or radius is equivalent to One(1) x 12. A shudder goes through the entire inner cosmos.

We see the wildfires rushing across the Western US and Canada, through Algeria, Italy, Greece, Turkey, Israel, China, Russia, Siberia, the Congo, South America and Australia. We see the pillars of flames and the billowing clouds of smoke and dust encircling the Earth. We see them as upon us. We looked, and, behold, a stormy wind came out of the north, a great cloud, with a fire flashing up, so that a brightness was round about it.  Lightning crackles through the clouds, everywhere illuminating night as day, like giant Tesla Coils were raised high above us. Colorful glowing plasmatic aurora glow and dance through the atmosphere above us as the ionosphere struggles to hold back the cosmic charges, and out of the midst thereof as the color of electrum, out of the midst of the fire.

And out of the midst thereof came the likeness of four living creatures. And this was their appearance: they had the likeness of a man.  We see the 4 forces or pressure mediations stand up and comes together, personified; we see them as the force of a lion (אריה), an ox (שור), an eagle (נשר) and a man (אדם). We see them as the 4 sets of Primordial Triplets embedded in the Torah. The 216 value of lion (אריה) corresponds to the 216 letters in the 72 Triplets (Names). The 45 value of man (אדם) corresponds to the 45 letters in the 15 Triplets of the Shema. The 506 value of an ox (שור) corresponds to value of the first row of the 42-letter Name Matrix, the 506 times the 14 Triplets are found in the Torah and the 3 letters (שור) are the only 3 letters unchanged in the conversion of the 42-Letter Name into the first 42 letters of the Torah, a secret unto itself. The 550 value of the eagle (נשר) is the same as the initials of the 11 sefirot (כחבדחגתנהימ) and as in the front letters (בינ-חכמ-כת) in the 3 highest sefirot, and thus correspond to the 33 letters in the 11 Triplets of Bereshit.

Speaking of Bereshit (בראשית), the clear mirror adds that the 3 central letters (אשי) have the value of 311 as in the 4 elements: fire, air, water, and earth.

Returning to the 11 sefirot initials, the clear mirror wants us to understand that their sum of 550 is purposefully designed to be (20 x 27.5), as in its lead initial caf (27.5) for Keter times the cubit (27.5 inches) and the primordial frequency (27.5 Hz), while the complementary primordial frequency is 1.1 Hz, as in the 11 sefirot. It is for this reason the Torah begins with the 11 Triplets of Creation that correspond to the eagle.  It is also why the 11 Triplets are permuted from and out of the 14 Triplets that begin with 506 or (112 + 102…12) and correspond with the ox.

The clear mirror next wants us to understand something else about our world, something less cosmic and more devious. When Keter (כתר) and Chochma (חכמה) and Binah (בינה) come together their 3 final letters (ההר) add up to 210, and spell “The Mountain(ההר),” referring to the Tower of Truth and Babel and the encasing pyramid whose 210 cubits height and 210 levels correspond to the sum of 1 – 20.  This makes the Pyramid the physical balance or grounding for the 11 sefirot and thus the eagle and is why that once the US mint became the printing press for the Federal Reserve, a private bank owned by the 8 families, the eagle and the pyramid became the seals on the US currency. A novus ordo seclorum. A new order to the sefirot as warned in the Zohar.

As for the likeness of the living creatures, their appearance was like coals of fire, burning like the appearance of torches; it flashed up and down among the living creatures; and there was brightness to the fire, and out of the fire went forth lightning.

The 4 pillars of earth, air, wind, and water continue to ravish the earth, fueled by the increasing bombardment of cosmic rays allowed in through the weakening geomagnetic field, filling the atmosphere with chaotic charges, causing the earth itself to discharge in response. Lightning flashes from above and below now, as fierce storms bathed in electricity roll across the skies.

And the living creatures ran and returned as the appearance of a flash of lightning.

Beyond the 4 living creatures, the 4 primal elements, the 4 primordial forces, and the 4 sets of Essential Triplets in the Torah are the wheels, the wheels within the Essential Cube of Creation that spin and create the sefirot, that spin and create every permutation of the Alef-bet, that generate and set in motion the wheels of Spherical Time and the cosmic clock.

The appearance of the wheels and their work was like unto the colour of a beryl; and they four had one likeness; and their appearance and their work was as it were a wheel within a wheel.

The clear mirror now brings us to a new level of understanding, as it shows us that 42 x 27.5 = 1155, as in 11556, bringing together the Spherical Time equation with the 42 at the center of the universe and the Primal Frequency (27.5 Hz).

Beyond the wheels is the Throne of Glory, whose numerical value, 387, is found in the 3rd line of the 42-Letter Name Matrix. The clear mirror is showing us that the time is drawing near. What we see happening in our skies is signaling the approach of the Creator. What we see in our streets and on our screens is man’s last ditch effort to fight Him off.

The complement to the Throne of Glory, or 387 is 613, as the 613 mitzvot that help bring us closer to the Creator. As we just recently learned, the letter Pe (פ) represents the spiraling centripetal force or pressure mediation spinning everything outward, the force associated with the element earth (עפר). The clear mirror points out that we already know that there are 304805 letters in the Torah and that 4805 of them are the letter Pe (פ), leaving 300,000, corresponding to the letter Shin (ש) as in the element of fire (אש). The clear mirror opens the door of understanding a crack further as it informs us that there are 4472 times that the letter Shin (ש) is used as either an initial or final letter in the Torah.  Then it connects it for us to the 365 negative mitzvot and the 365 days in the year. If we trace 365o around a circle 72 times, we will get exactly 73 circles of 360o relating 72 circles or 72 years to the 73 integers of the Torah’s first verse. Moreover, the equations 161/√5 = 72.0013 and 1615 = 360.00 relate the higher Name Ehyeh (אלף־הי־יוד־הי) to the 360o circle. As divine design would have it, the ratio of 72/161 is .4472 and the logarithm of 4472 is 3.650. And we must keep in mind that those 365 days in a year are really the time in days it takes the Earth to completely orbit the Sun.

The clear mirror changes direction as it moves around us, temporarily blocking our path as it further explains that 4472 = (4 x 1118), and as we know 1118 is the value of the 15 Triplets of the Shema that contain the Upper 42 Letters of the Name of G-d, the value of the Shema’s first verse.

As the wheels turn, the clear mirror continues rotating around us and we can see the 13th island and level of the Perfect Numbers.


The clear mirror reminds us that 2(5778π) = 36304.24470 and that 2(5778π) = (12 x 963). It then adds on that while 963 is (100037), both 37 and 963 are digit locations in Pi where the numeral 1 is found, just as digit #314 is too, and that 314 is the number of digits in the 13th Perfect Number. The clear mirror adds that 37 is the 13th Prime Number when counted from 1, the Source.

The clear mirror flashes us the word One, Echad (אחד) again, with its value of 13 and its spelled out value of 963. It then shows us that the polar radius of the Earth is 3963 miles and that the difference between the polar radius and the equatorial one is 13 miles.

The 4 Primal Fields

Reminding us yet again that 2(5778π) = 2π(3760 + 2018) = 36304.24470 and that the Pi(π) field in the Spherical Time equation also refers to Exodus 3:14 where we find G-d’s highest Name “I am that I am Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh (אהיה־אשר־אהיה),” of small gematria value 3142, the same as the sum of the 3 expansions of Ehyeh (אהיה) and the 3 levels of the 42 Letters of the Name (2434 + 708) = 3142, which 1/Phi(φ) or 618 completes to form 3760, as in 3760 HC (0 CE) and the 3760 year spiritual radius of Spherical Time.

Nonetheless, the clear mirror spins about and scrolls through the entire Torah for us, stopping at the 48th parsha, Shoftim, which we see begins at 16:18, or Phi(φ), 1.6180. The inner cosmos has been pausing at the number 48 during our entire journey, and now we see why. The portion vanishes and is replaced with the equation of the cube root of 48.

Complementary Fields: 42 – Zeir Anpin – 48

Next, we are shown a right angle triangle and that the complementary angle to 48o is 42o, as in (48o + 42o) = 90o. The inner cosmos wants this to settle into to our minds and percolate up into our consciousness. We sense that this is a very important key, one necessary for us to get beyond understanding, reminding us of our studies about the Core Essential Triangle.

We are also told that the sum of the digits in the equation (48o + 42o) = 90o is necessarily 27, as in the sum of the digits in 5778 that match the 27 positions of the Essential Cube and consequently the Alef-bet.

The clear mirror reminds us of the 54-unit shift in the splitting of the Alef-bet that we learned about 2 years ago in the early stages of our studies and how shifts the two numerical portions of the Alef-bet into the Phi(φ) proportion. We are shown the 54 portions of the Torah scroll again, as it backs up 6 portions to the 48th portion, Shoftim and Phi(φ) chapter-verse, then backs up another 6 portions to the 42nd parsha, Mattot, whose numerical value is 455, as in the 3 levels of Ehyeh (אהיה) and whose ordinal value is correspondingly 50, as in the level of Binah.

Mattot is connected with and usually read together with Massei, which contains the 42 journeys within 48 verses and can be said to summarize the first 42 portions of the 54. Its numerical value is 180 and its ordinal value is 54. The clear mirror wants us to know that those 6 portions of 22 chapters and 72 paragraphs in between represent the 6 dimensions of Zeir Anpin, and that they begin with Matot of 112 verses, as in the 112 Triplets of Creation.

Regarding Massei, the clear mirror wants us to understand just how much thought the Creator put into the Torah’s design. There are 5773 verses in it and if we add 5 for the other 5 portions of the 6, we get 5778, but that is not what the clear mirror wants us to understand—we can figure that out for ourselves. The value of 3.5 is the square root of 3 or 1.73…, matching the small gematria of the 42-Letter Name, 173, as in the 173 keys given to Moses. The value of 3-.5 is .5773…, matching the 5773 verses that contain the 42 journeys.

Now we understand why the Core Essential Triangle was brought up. The clear mirror further explains that 3.5/3-.5 = 3 and that 3-.5/3.5 = .3333 as in the 3333 years from the reception of the Torah in 2448 HC to today.

The hourglass image of the energy field at the center of the universe, from 10-35 of the Planck diameter to the solar shedding at 1035 comes to mind, as does the 35 and 35 year split surrounding the year 2889 in the center of King David’s life in the center of the Spherical Time radius, 5778.

It now wants to show us the connection between the 42-Letter Name and the Spherical Time radius, 5778, the event horizon.

1/5778 = 0.00017307026

The still small voice whispers, “Do you understand?”

From the 42 Journeys Back to the Core Essential Triangle

There was a very important lesson about metaphysics and hyper-dimensionality that we were taught along our journey [Chapter K] and for some reason the inner cosmos wants to make sure we have a stronger grasp of it, so it repeats it for us, perhaps triggered by the 54 Torah portions and the 3.5/3-.5 = 3 and 3-.5/3.5 = .3333 relationships in the portion of the 42 journeys. It begins by pointing out that the volume of the Essential Cube of Creation is 33 or 27 and the surface area is (6 x 9) = 54, as in the 54 external (facial) positions, and as in the 54 Triplets that each sum to 42 embedded in it.

Using simple geometry, we saw that from the Core Essential Triangle developed the Cube of the 42-Letter Name, whose edge of √3 is synonymous with the 42-Letter Name (173). Its volume is thus (√3)3 and its surface area is thus ((√3)2 x 6) = (3 x 6) = 18, as in the 18 segments of the bisected Core Essential Triangle of Creation.  Its volume of (√3)3 is synonymous with (3 x the 42-Letter Name). Therefore, in scaling up from 2 dimensions to 3, the volume (√3)3 of the 42-Letter Name Cube is also synonymous with the diagonal (√3)3 of the Essential Cube of Creation that is based on 42, placing it invisibly and hyperdimensional in the center of that Cube.

As before, the clear mirror wants us to understand that they are not just synonymous.  In scaling up, the volume (√3)3 of the 42-Letter Name Cube is the diagonal (√3)3 of the Essential Cube of Creation of 42.  From our limited perspective that is impossible. One has spatial volume and the other is an imaginary line drawn through space. In hyperspace, a line such as a diagonal can have space and volume. What we think of space folds and unfolds. Even in the middle of a square or cube it can be an edge.  As objects transition from one phase or dimension to the next there are edges and momentary boundaries, where two very different objects or even concepts can exist as one. Without time, that frozen moment in phase shifting can be there in perpetuity, a dual potentiality where both phases, and dimensionalities, exist at once

Small Gematria and Oneness

That concept once again under our belts, the clear mirror wants us to always keep present in our minds the layered fields of Oneness, whereby in simple terms 1 = 1, 11 = 2, 111 = 3, all on the first level; 10 is 1 on the second level and 13 is a combination of 111 of the first level and 1 on the second; 100 is 1 on the 3rd level, etc. No number exists in isolation or separate from One(1) at any moment.  Moreover, the layered fields of Oneness are by definition equivalent to the small gematria of any Hebrew letter, word, phrase, etc. Therefore, the sum of the fields of Oneness for the 42-Letter Name is thus 173, giving new understanding to the 173-unit base of the right angle Core Essential Triangle that we learned about earlier. The small gematria can be presented in two forms, a single reduced number for each letter, or the sum of those numbers, which is the same as when in Number Theory we add up the individual digit representations in a number or equation.  For example, the word for King, Melech (מלך) can be 432, as in the Frequency of Binah, 432 Hz, or (4 + 3 + 2) = 9, as in the equation 9/.123049… (the other small gematria of the 42 Letters) = 73.141593 combining 73, the value of Chochma, and Pi (π), or (70 + 3.141593). It is then that we realize the standard gematria of King, Melech (מלך) is 90, as in 90o.

The Shema

We first entered the world of the inner Torah and Cosmos when we began our journey seemingly ages ago with the Shema and passed through its enormous cavern and a myriad of almost endless passages, even encountering the hidden Name of 42, (אלוה), tied to Job. Now the clear mirror wants us to know that there is much more that we left untapped. The Shema is found in the middle of these 6 portions by design.

We are shown the right triangle that we first saw in the Chamber of Complements. Splitting both the 90o and the 6o between the two complementary (4248) sections in half is 45o, as in Adam, man. We are then reminded that there are 45 letters in the 15 Triplets of the Shema that contain the 42 Letters of the Upper Name of G-d of numerical value 708. While we are shown that the aspect of the Creator associated with Zeir Anpin is YHVH (יוד־הא־ואו־הא) of numerical value 45, and moreover that 90o is (6 x 15), we are more shocked to learn that the 6 portions of Zeir Anpin have exactly 708 verses.

A series of clear mirrors displays a large Torah scroll, which highlights the 42 Levite cities and the 6 cities of refuge, or 48 in total mentioned in Massei, the portion of the 42 Journeys within the 48 verses. Then it highlights Shofitm 19:1, where it mentions the cities of refuse once again in this 48th portion. Because there are 34 chapters in the Book of Devarim, the second mention of the cities splits the Book into 16 and 18 chapters, as in 16:18, Phi(φ) once again. Now the multi-faceted Torah starts illuminating various verses within Shoftim, starting with the first one, Shoftim 16:18. There are 42 highlighted, corresponding to the 42 mitzot delineated in the portion. The one at Shoftim 16:18 is the 540th in the Torah and the 18th of the 42 is mitzva number 275, according to the Rambam.

We are further informed that parsha Va’etchanan within the 6 portions has 122 verses, matching the middle 122-word paragraph of the Shema found in Ekev, yet another of the 6 portions. The 6th of those 6 portions, Re’eh, has 126 verses, as in the value (3 x 42) of each of the 6 faces of the Essential Cube of Creation.  What is more is that when we add the 122 verses to the 126 verses we get 248 verses, as in the full 248 words of the Shema.

Sandwiched in between parashot Va’etchanan and Re’eh with their 248 verses is parsha Ekev or 111 and 248/111 = 2.234234… corresponding to the 234 words in the conjoined 3 paragraphs (42 + 122 + 72) of the Shema (24812).

The clear mirror throws in for good measure that Einstein’s E = MC2 equation is corrected by the cosmological constant 2.888 x 10122 and we cannot help but think that the Creator must have known that when He put together the Torah and Shema, set the temperature of the Earth to 288.89 K and designed Spherical Time for us based on 2889 years, half the temperature of the Sun, 5778 K.

King is an appellation of the Creator, and the clear mirror adds that the complete gematria (standard plus ordinal) of King, Melech (מלך) is (90 + 36) = 126, the same as mayim, water. The King in every face of the Cube, shining in all 6 dimensions of Zeir Anpin.

It is in Va’etchanan, in the 6th chapter, that we find first paragraph of the Shema; its 48 words are purposely broken into the 6-word first verse and the separate paragraph of 42, as in the two complementary angles within 90o. As for the final 72-word paragraph of the Shema, it matches the 72 paragraphs in the 6 portions, a telling analogue for the one paragraph not found among the 6, especially since Shoftim starts off with Phi(φ), 16:18, and 72/27.5 Hz is 2.618 or Phi(φ)2 or Phi(φ) + 1. We could say that that 72-word paragraph is the Shema’s “plus 1.”

The 6 portions, never thought of as a unit until now, contain exactly 10050 words and represent 11.1111% of the 54 portions, matching the 111 verses in parsha Ekev.

The clear mirror then reminds us that there is more to it than that. There are 48 letters in the 12 YHVH(יהוה) permutations which represent the 12 directions of Zeir Anpin and whose small gematria sum to 53328, and that 53328/48 = 1111.

The still small voice whispers, “The letters are Names too and they have initials.”

The clear mirror explains that while the sum of the 22 Names is 4248, the sum of the Names corresponding to the 6 consecutive letters (חטיכלמ) = 1111. These 6 initials break down to the first 3 equaling 27 and the second 3 equaling 90, which we are told is definitely an allusion to the 27 positions of the Essential Cube of Creation and 90o.

It is then that the initials of the 6 portions of Zeir Anpin are illuminated, and the clear mirror goes blank, waiting for us to decipher them on our own.

We take turns parsing the letters. I go first, as the first 3 letters (ממד) add up to 84, pad, redemption, and the fusion of the Upper and Lower 42-Letter Names as Rav Brandwein explained to me long ago. Someone adds the Vav (ממדו) and he realizes that they sum to 90, as in King, water, and the 90o that we keep learning about. That is when someone else says the last two letters (ער) equal 270, meaning these 6 letters of the 6 portions must tie in with the 6 consecutive letters of the Alef-bet that sum to 1111.

All of us at once realize that the 6 initials equal 360, the circle, the value of the Name of the letter Shin (ש) and of (כלמנ). This cannot be a coincidence. First, it occurs to us that if the 4805 letters of the 304805 letters in the Torah represents the letter Pe (פ) and the spiraling centripetal force or pressure mediation spinning everything outward, and the force associated with the element earth (עפר), the resultant 300,000 corresponds to the letter Shin (ש), as in the element of fire (אש), and also to the circular pressure mediation based on the 360o nature of its Name.

We begin to think about the 4 Names (כלמנ) that add up to 360o. Their initials add up to 140, as in the 4th of the 72 Names, one of the 8 Names of the 1st row, also known as the 9th Candle. Obviously, their average is 360o/4 = 90o. And their ordinal value is 50, as in the 50 Gates of Binah, and the letter (נ) corresponding to the central 14th position within the Essential Cube of Creation.

Speaking of central positions, we recall that according to R’ Chaim Luzzatto of blessed memory, there are 140 cubits from the center of the Holy of Holies in the Future Holy Temple to the center of the Central Altar. Moreover, as Peter recalls for us, the ordinal value for the 27 letters of the Torah’s first verse is split exactly in half: the first 14 letters equal 140, and the second 13 equal 140 as well. And we can never forget that King David, whose Name has the value of 14 is at the epicenter of Spherical Time at 2889 HC, exactly halfway through his 70 years. Thinking about those first 14 letters of the Torah, the ordinal value of the first 10 is 100: the first 11 is 112; and first 13 is 127, then continuing, the first 17 is 168; the first 20 is 212; the first 22 is 231, as in the 231 Gates that Abraham Avinu derived from the pairing of the 22 letters of the Alef-bet; the 23rd is 232, and the 26th is 260.

After a couple moments of silence our thoughts shift back to the 6 letters (ממדוער) of the 6 portions and we figure out that the ordinal value of the 6 initials is 72, making their complete value 432, as in the frequency 432 Hz, which is 111 more than the initial (ש) of Shoftim.

As the clear mirror stays perfectly blank, we try to clear our minds and allow whatever message the inner cosmos is trying to send us come through. After a few still quiet moments it comes to us, and it has to do with what we were reminded of with the shift of 54 and a connection to the 72 Triplets. In a circle of 360o the proportionate shift of 54 units is equivalent to 13o, as in echad (One), and just as 161/√5 = 72.0013 so too does 1615 = 360.00 and 360o/72o = 5, relating the higher Name Ehyeh (אלף־הי־יוד־הי) to the 360o circle and to √5, which is a component of Phi(φ). If our memory serves us correctly, there is a 72o difference between the greater Phi(φ) angle and the smaller odd/even Alef-bet angle, (222.5o150.5o), and also from the greater odd/even Alef-bet angle to the lesser Phi(φ) angle (209.5o137.5o).

It is at that point that we recall that at the center of Spherical Time, Phi(φ) continuously spins at angles of 222.5o and 137.5o plotting infinitely different intersections upon the circle of Pi (π), creating the infinite pathways of possibility.

We are proud that we were able to extract so much from those 6 initials (ממדוער) and yet humbled that the Creator was able to pack so much into them.


The moment we humbled ourselves, the inner cosmos transferred another secret into our minds. The initials for the final two portions of the Third Book, Vayikra, are also usually read together and begin with (בב), while those of the two final portions of the Fourth Book, Bamidbar, begin with (ממ) so together they spell out (מב־מב) or 42 and 42, but what is so astonishing is that there are 57 and 78 verses in Behar-BeChukothai respectively and both Mattot and Massei are connected to 42. Just as Rav Brandwein of blessed memory said, the Geulah will come about through understanding the 42-Letter Name. Oddly, the difference in the number of verses between the first two and later two portions is (244 – 135) = 109, the same as the initials of the final two portions in each of the other 3 Books(וו־ופ־הו) combined, 109, which makes the 10 final initials (109 + 42 + 42) equal to the average value of the Alef-bet, 4248/22 = 193. It also makes the ordinal value for the 10 final initials equal to that of the Torah’s first word, Bereshit, 76, giving us the obvious message: As in the Beginning as in the End.

Or as Abraham Avinu put it:

Once again, we see the right triangle standing upright in the giant clear mirror before us. This time it is and then is encased in a 360o circle so that its 90o only occupies one quadrant of the circle. The next secret about 48o is revealed, but first the image reminds us of the encasing pyramid being 481’ tall. Ignoring our thought intrusions, the clear mirror shows us that 48 radians is 2750o or 100 x 27.5 Hz, the Primal Frequency. The resultant value 2750 is also 100 cubits, the height of the Future Holy Temple. The sum 42o and 48o or 90o is 1.5708 radians or Pi(π)/2, incorporating the One(1) with 5708, the year Israel became a nation.

Radians are a way to quantify degrees as a distance and they are based on 180/π or half a circle/Pi. The clear mirror next shows us the Earth orbiting the Sun. We can envision this orbit as a circle rotating at 66,627 mph. When that rotational speed is divided by the value of the 42-Letter Name it equates to 18.00. The solar system is designed so that 66,627/3701 = 18.00, the numerical value of life, chai (חי).  Meanwhile, the diameter of the Sun divided by that orbital life-giving ratio based on 42 is 864,000/18 = 48,000.  The clear mirror now emphasizes that the square root of 18 = 4.2426… and that the cube root of 48,000 is 36.34241186, the analog of the Spherical Time equations, 36304.24470, and that 363 is H’Moshiach and that 424 is Moshiach Ben David.

A still small voice whispers, “These you must understand if you want to escape the boundaries of your Zeir Anpin.”

The clear mirror reminds us of a few more aspects of our Solar System carved out of Zeir Anpin. The cumulative sum of the AU distances through Venus is 1.110, through Saturn is 18.42, and through Uranus, 37.60, all notable for obvious reasons, but most notable of all is the cumulative sum of the distances of all the planets, 107.  From incorporating Alef (111) and the Spiritual Time radius (3760) to the 5778 event horizon radius of the 107th Triangular Number at the end, the Creator has gone a long way to show us that what we think of as physicality is just a reflection of above, of the construct and why without the Torah there would be no understanding.

Understand this, there are 22 chapters in the 6 portions of Zeir Anpin. They correspond to 22 letters of the Alef-bet arranged into the 27 positions of the Essential Cube of Creation. Those spelled-out 22 letters have a value of 4248 or 42 paired with 48, resulting in 424 and 248, Moshiach Ben David and Abraham, the “womb,” also the 248 words in the Shema.

The Moon appears on the horizon, and we watch it rise and set, going through a month of phases in a single cycle. Then it circles the horizon, gracefully encircling us with all 12 cycles of the lunar phases, 12 synodic months. On its third sweep we count them to be sure. We know that 12 is the time coefficient and as we try to decipher this latest riddle, we are reminded that Abraham taught us that the letter Tav (ת), the last letter in the Alef-bet, is the guiding force behind the Moon. Still perplexed, the clear mirror shows us that the full value of the 22 Names (4248) is (12 x 354) and 354 is the number of days in lunar year, 12 synodic months.

Once again the clear mirror returns us to the Spherical Time equation: 2(5778π) = 2π(3760 + 2018) = 36304.24470 and to the Pi component reflected in Exodus 3:14 where we find G-d’s highest Name “I am that I am Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh (אהיה־אשר־אהיה),” of small gematria value 3142, the same as the sum of the 3 expansions of Ehyeh (אהיה) and the 3 levels of the 42 Letters of the Name (2434 + 708) = 3142, which is completed by 1/Phi (618) to form 3760.

This time, it draws our attention to the combined 2 powerful Names and adds Moshiach (358) to the equation. First, it points out that the 6 portions of Zeir Anpin have 708 verses and that the 7 wheels of the planets as described by Abraham Avinu as 7 letters (בגדכפרת) have a complete value of 709 or (708 + 1). These 7 wheels are found orbiting the center of the 42-Letter Name Matrix. It explains that (3142 + 358) = 3500, the sofit value of the 5 final letters tied to the end of days, and that the total value of those 5 final letters is (3500 + 280) = 3780, or 10 times echad usho echad and of chasmol, “the electrum, out of the midst of the fire,” as described by Ezekiel in his vision that we just shared.

What we also need to understand is that 378 is the value of the sum of all the digits in the Prime Numbers through 181, the 42nd Prime number. It is also the sum of the 27 positions in the Alef-bet and the Essential Cube of Creation. He and his Name are One (echad usho echad), which bring up the Primal Equation, 1/.23571113… equaling 4.24248100….

As the moment of arrival approaches, the Earth’s magnetic field is rapidly weakening, correspondingly strengthening the effect of the 4 pressure mediations and the 4 sets of Essential Triplets, which is why the word “magnetic (מגנטי)” has the numeral value of 112, as in the 112 Triplets.

As for the Spherical Time equation and the 4248 complementary concepts, (2 x 1 x 8) x (3 x 7 x 6) = 16 x 126 = (42 x 48) = 2016, and (2016 + 2) for the kolel is 2018 (5778 HC). Moreover, the clear mirror shows us that (48/42 + 42/48) = 2.017857, or 2018.

The hyperdimensional structure of the 6 dimensions of Zeir Anpin allows for and actually demands the presence of the Upper 42 Letter Name of G-d in each of the dimensions, in each of the 6 directions of the Essential Cube of Creation that houses the energy of the 27 letters of the Alef-bet, just as we were shown earlier that the Lower 42-Letter Name is included in its diagonals. What this reveals for us is that (6 x 708) = 4248. The spelled-out 22 letters of the Alef-bet of numerical value 4248 energetically came from the application of the Upper 42 Letter Name of G-d into each of the 6 dimensions, the providence of the Lower 42-Letter Name of G-d.

The clear mirror shows us the 7 planets arranged dimensionally within the same geometric cube, we have the Sun, governed by the letter Caf(כ) in the center, and the other 6 planets dictated by their governing letters (בגד־פרת) in each of the 6 directional faces of the cube. Applying their total value 709 in each direction gives us (6 x 709) = (4248 + 6). The additional value 6 of the Vav(ו) joins the Sun (כ) in the center to form (כו) or 26 as in the YHVH (יהוה), the Name of G-d associated with Zeir Anpin and the reason why the Sun is called Zeir Anpin. We recognize that this is also why there are 26 elements to a Cube (12 edges, 6 faces, 8 vertices) and the clear mirror adds that it is also why there are 26 (כו) generations through Moses and the reception of the Torah in 2448 HC, 20 (כ) generations through Abraham and 6 (ו) more through Moses, on average 91.0 years per generation unto Moses’ birth.


The Earth orbits the sun at 66,627 mph and we know from the Divine Calendar that the sum of the logarithms of the ages of the 26 generations is 66.6612 and moreover that their actual sum totals 12,600 years as in (42 x 300) and the 126 value of each face and plane in the Essential Cube of Creation. The clear mirror adds that the sum of the 12 YHVH (יהוה) permutations divided through the 8 vertices of the Cube is 53328/8 = 6666.

Just to be clear, these connections with multiple 6’s is not a reference to the apocalyptic “man who knows the knowledge of 666” from the Greek version of the Christian Bible, they are more than likely a connection to the Kabbalistic split between 2/3 (.666) and 1/3 (.333) as previously explained. Their end-of-days connotations comes from the kabbalistic method employed by Rav Ashlag of blessed memory to calculate 5778 years by submitting the value 6000 years to multiple iterations of .666.  This goes hand in hand with the log of 600,000 being 5.778, and the 66.6 jubilee years from 2448 HC to 5778.  And this all has to do with the 6 directions/dimensions of Zeir Anpin and the Sun burning at 5778 K and the Earth’s temperature at exactly 1/20th of that.

The still small voice asks us, “What is the distance between 42 and the 42 Letters of the Name?

We are motionless. Nothing is stirring. Finally, the clear mirror shows us that it is 70842 = 666.

We can now understand why the mathematics of the diameters, orbital speeds, rotations, revolutions, masses, and distances of the planets, especially the Sun(כ) and Moon(ת) or 420 together, are all symmetrical, proportional, and all interrelated. Wheels circling the same Source. The governing letters of the other 5 planets (בגדפר) sum to 289, matching the temperature on earth, 288.9 K, and the midpoint of the Spherical Time horizon which is the midpoint in King David’s life, the 70 years given to him by Adam (אדם), an acronym for Adam-David-Moshiach.

All this was known to Abraham Avinu. When Rav Brandwein, of blessed memory, and I discussed the (600,000408) component letters in the Torah he connected the 408 to Heth (חת), as in the 8 times that the “children of Heth” were mentioned in Abraham’s purchase of the circular field with all its trees and the Cave of Makhpelah for 400 silver shekels in paragraph 55 in the Torah. As previously noted and explained, that value 55 signifies an entrance and is (2 x 27.5), 2 cubits and twice the Primal Frequency (27.5 Hz). When Abraham purchased this entrance to Gan Eden for the burial place of the 8 forefathers (Adam, Eve, Abraham, Sarah, Isaac, Rivka, Jacob, and Leah, he had in mind the 8 vertices of the Cube and that applying 408 to the 6 directions/faces of the Cube would be (6 x 408) = 2448, when their 600,000 descendants would receive the Torah at Sinai.

Chayei Sarah

The clear mirrors adds that the life of Sarah in that same paragraph was 127 years, which we discussed many times already, but it wants us to understand that this matches the p-factor for the island of the 12th Perfect Number, as in the time coefficient 12 that is related to the 12 tribes and 12 streams, which are in turn the 12 directions and edges of a Cube as described in the Zohar. As we know, the concept of 12 is the time coefficient, so we are once again reminded that it is in Daniel 12:7 that the end of days and the phrase, “(לְמוֹעֵד מוֹעֲדִים וָחֵצִי) time, times, and half a time” is connected with Sarah living for 127 years, and the curious wording Shanah, shanah, Shan’im or year, year, and years, an appellation for time. Even though we have seen this equation before, the clear mirror adds that the final letters in “(לְמוֹעֵד מוֹעֲדִים וָחֵצִי) time, times, and half a time” equal 54 as in 54/424 = .127358. The 54 portions of the Torah divided into Moshiach Ben David equal 127 years, etc. coupled with Moshiach (358) in the end of days. We know 54 is already associated with 5778 through (54 x 107), but there is something about the equation we do not get, which is probably why it was repeated for us.  Why or how do you divided the 54 portions by 424? It is for the moment conceptually beyond us.

A still small voice whispers, “It’s not.”

The value 127 is also the 7th Mersenne Prime, the Mersenne component prime in the 4th Perfect Number.  We can almost feel it winking at us as 127 is utilized in the 12th and 7th positions to create Perfect Numbers.

We had almost forgotten we were in the Plain of Perfect Number.  Regardless, the numbers 42 and 48 being added together are more than complementary number; they are two complementary forces/fields that are beyond our comprehension as to their meaning or structure. They exist on the level of consciousness, beyond the grasp of our minds. We know the field of 42 somehow attracts the letters in certain sequences to create Names of 42, yet all we know about the field of 48 is that it is an anti-field to that of 42 and that the two together maintain the 6 dimensions of Zeir Anpin and the key to Moshiach between them.

The clear mirror then shows us that the square root of the Torah’s 6th word is 20.17 424… and that the square root of the sum of the digits in the two complementary angles, (4 + 2 + 4 + 8) = 18, is 4.24 26… and that 4248 is a permutation of 2448, and that (42482448) = 1800, whose square root is 42.426

Adding more fuel to the flames, the clear mirror explains that the 70 years of David’s life at the center of Spherical time are also dependent on the coming together of 42 and 48 in that the natural log of 70 equaling 4.248 495 with 495 being the sum of the first 18 letters of the Alef-bet. Is there anything the Creator did not think of! Or did He line up the hyperdimensional fields so that everything would arrange themselves just so? It is far easy to imagine this in a simulated physicality, but we must keep in mind that what we see below is a reflection of what happens above.


As we reflect on Shoftim, the 48th portion, and its connection to Phi (1.618), we marvel at how the cube root of 48 is 3.63424 and then we recall that the key to electro-magnetism is Phi(φ)3 or 4.236, basically 4.24, or Moshiach Ben David. We then realize that the cube root of Phi(φ)3 is Phi(φ), or 1.6180; therefore, the cube root of Moshiach Ben David consciousness is Phi(φ). This is why the portion of Shoftim had to start at chapter 16:18, 709 verses after Mattot began. The wheels are turning.

This is not the first connection to Phi(φ) in the Torah that we have learned of; it is one of dozens, the most prominent being that the 5 main quantitative elements of the Torah (401,273) are equivalent to 248,000φ, which itself is exactly 223 more than the 3 main quantitative elements (letters, words, and verses) in the Torah, 390,625 or exactly 58. That 223 represents the matrix of 42 rows by 248 columns. There must be a reason the inner cosmos is reminding us of this perfection for the 100th time. The other connection to Phi(φ) we learned early on is that the 1st chapter of the Book of Numbers (Bamidbar) of numerical value 248 is the dividing point in the Torah in terms of the number of letters, the numbers of words, and also the number of verses into the exact Phi proportion:

 From the Beginning

The clear mirror adds that that first chapter of Bamidbar has 54 verses, connecting synergistically with the 54-unit Phi() shift in the splitting of the Alef-bet into odds/evens. It goes on to remind us that the first verse of the Torah is also split into two sections as the last two words of that verse have a joint gematria value of 703, or (19 x 37), while the first 5 words have a gematria of 1998 or (54 x 37). Moreover, while the entire verse is the sum of the integers from 1 – 73, the last 2 words, 703 is the sum of the integers from 1- 37. Together the entire verse is equivalent to (73 x 37) = 2701, corresponding to the value (73) and the ordinal or inner value (37) of Chochma (Wisdom).

The clear mirror goes on to show us that value of the last 2 words, 703 or (∑1 – 37). is 26.027% of 2701, injecting, or actually because of the YHVH (יהוה) and the 27 positions of the Essential Cube of Creation that predated the Torah. It next points out that the first 5 words times Phi(φ), or (54 x 37) φ = 3232.832, reflecting the 32 Paths of Wisdom built into the Tree-of-Life and the 832 years of the First and Second Holy Temples. It adds that the first 5 words over the last 2 or (54 x 37)/(∑137) = 2.84210.

While we are pondering the 28 letters of the first verse or the sum of 1 – 7, and the number 2.84210 broken down to 28, 84, 42, and 210, the clear mirror shows us what we missed:

It is showing us how the Creator applied the same cubic structure to the Alef (א), whose 4 component letters equal 32, multiplying it along with Phi(φ) in the 6 directions/dimensions, as He did with 408 and 708. We find it interesting that the Second Holy Temple was built in 3408 HC and that 3232 is 784 or 282 years more than 2448 HC, which is the Western Year 1313 CE or (13 x 101) in the same way that 3232 is (32 x 101), Sarah (505) is (5 x 101) and Abraham is (8 x 101) and Abraham and Sarah together is 1313 or (13 x 101). The clear mirror adds to our thoughts. The number 101 is the 26th Prime Number. It further adds to our awe and mystification that the ages of Abraham and Sarah (175 + 127) = 302, the value of the 8th word in the Torah, making the first 8 words that comprise the 11 Triplets and/or 33 letters of Bereshit equal to 3003 or the sum of 1 – 77.

It occurs to us that the last 2 words of the first verse equal ∑1 – 37 and the first 5 equal 3∑1 – 36 and that (36 + 37) = 73 as in the full verse’s total ∑1 – 73, and that if we add the 3 from 3∑1 – 36 to the (36 + 37) in the equations we get 76 for the full sum of the numbers, as in the ordinal value for the Torah’s first word, Bereshit (בראשית). The sum of the digits in the equation is 22.

We cannot understand how the Creator does any of these wondrous works, only, as we have learned, that they are done geometrically using hyperdimensional mathematics, which is why all these numerical sums are Triangular Numbers: the 7th, 36th, 37th, 73rd, 77th, and 107th and the 6 letters in the first word, the 3rd Triangular Number.

The Cliffs of Enlightenment

The clear mirror vanishes, and we move through the plain, closer to the intersection of the streams of 35 and 50.  It must have been an optical illusion but somehow in the middle of what we thought was a flat plain is a huge flat cliff face. On it is an unrolled Torah scroll, all 248 columns, 42 rows deep.  We can see the 6 portions of Zeir Anpin from Mattot up to Shoftim and Phi(φ), but all that gets jumbled up in an instant, as if reprocessed through the Essential Cube of Creation. All the initials of the words in the Torah that are Alefs(א) are glowing in bright blue. There are 13,180 or (13000 + 180) of them.  The clear mirror reappears beside us, reminding us that radians are based on 180/π. It also reminds us of all the equations we just learned based on the number 18, including 66,627/3701 = 18.00, and the diameter of the Sun divided that 18 is 864,000/18 = 48,000, whose cube root is 36.34241186, while the square root of 18 = 4.2426… It then shows us these equations again:

We see how it all ties in, and it adds a whole new layer of complexity to the Torah’s design, yet some amongst us are still skeptical whether this is an actual design element. A roar goes out and we fear they might get swallowed up like Korach’s followers, but instead, the final Alefs(א) glow within the outstretched Torah cliffs and the initials dim back into their place.

Within the clear mirror the Perfect Number chart reappears:

We see that there are 3553 final letter Alefs(א) in the Torah and the clear mirror is telling us these relate to the 5th Perfect Number, 3550336, which is based on the p-factor 13. Now, the connections about the 13,180 initial letters Alefs(א) we were just shown involving the simple numbers 5 and 13 with the clockwork mechanism of the cosmos makes sense.

The 3553 final letter Alefs(א) in the Torah remind us of something and then Glen remembers the mysterious repetitive 18-digit sequence (173553719826446289) from the Phi(φ)-generated Fibonacci Numbers that sums to 90. It is matches the continual digit sequence (12346789123456789…) that wraps around a torus backwards and forward continually generating (173553719826446289) diagonally. It is also the result of an equation that comes out of the Tower of Truth (emet 441) whose volume is 44,100 cubits over its 210 cubit/20 level height.  As 21 is the value of Ehyeh(אהיה), the Tower of Truth equation, 9261/53361 = 213/(Σ(13213) = .1735537198… represents a mysterious entrance to Binah. Moreover, that sum of the volume of the 21 level Tower to Binah, 53361, is a difference of 33 from the 53328 of the 12 YHVH (יהוה) of Zeir Anpin, each of which is set to a different lunar month.

We are shown once again the two palindromic components of 17355371 and 9826446289 adding up to 9999999999 and then 90 in total. We are reminded of the 6-digit sequence …999999… within the first 1000 digits in Pi that sums to 54. Then 3 digits later…729… or 93, the value of the 2nd line of the 42-Letter Name, and 3 digits after that …4995… the sofit value of the 27 letters of the Alef-bet housed in the 27 positions of the Essential Cube of Creation, whose ordinal value or 378 is 9 x 42.

The clear mirror lets us in on a little secret at Shoftim (שפטים), not only does it begin with (שפ) as in the 304,805 letters in the Torah, but it totals 999 or (10001) just like the 11 letters of Bereshit (שית־ברא־אלהים) that also start off with Shin (ש). What becomes clear to us once we are shown the letters laid out is that this spells Bereshit Elohim (בראשית־אלהים). Shoftim (שפטים), found at Phi(φ), 16:18, has the same numerical value as Bereshit Elohim (בראשית־אלהים), “In the Beginning G-d.” Out of curiosity, we checked and the ordinal value of Shoftim (שפטים) is 70, which like Phi(φ) is at the center of Spherical Time.

We are shown that the difference in the sum of the two complementary components 17355371 and 9826446289 is (5832) = 26, the YHVH (יהוה) of Zeir Anpin.

Living Waters

We see Man drinking and pissing out water. Inhaling, exhaling, and perspiring it. We see all life on earth doing the same in one form or another. We see the water cycling through the planet and atmosphere. We see an ocean in the atmosphere, another on the surface, and yet another beneath the surface. We see water streaming in currents (rivers, streams) in the air on the surface, underground and through our bodies. There is no life, chai (חי) of numerical value (18) without water, mayim (מים) of numerical value (90).

The letters Shin (ש) illuminate in the Torah across the vast cliffs. There are 2739 initials and 1733 final ones. We understand at once the allusion to the universal harmonic (.273) that the Cosmos, Solar System, Torah, geometry, and the split between light and darkness is based upon. We understand at once the allusion to the 42-Letter Name, and to 9 and 3.  We also see the 1733 final letters is the square root of 300 or Shin (ש), 17.32. The clear mirror then shows us something we missed about the 6 portions of Zeir Anpin. The average of the number of words in the 6 portions is 10050/6 = 1675, which is the Primordial Phi(φ) angle 1375o plus 300 (ש), and the average of the words, letters, and verses is (49,805)/6 = 8300.83.

The symmetry is beautiful even if we do not know whey the creator chose 83, but we do recognize the 805-value of the rainbow from the Covenant of the Earth, also found in the 4,805 Pe (ש) in the Torah and the 304,805 letters in the Torah. We then see that (30480549805) = 256,000, as in the 28-value of Devarim and the Ark of the Covenant. Funny how this aligns with the 248,000φ number of the 5 elements of the Torah (401,273), and the value of Bamidbar (248) since it is the 6 portions of Zeir Anpin that bridge the two Books. It is also amazing how (49805 4805) = 45,000, the value of the YHVH (יהוה) at the level of Zeir Anpin. Come to think of it, the difference between (256,000248,000) is 8,000, as in the 8300 average less the 300 of Shin (ש), and as in the first 8 candles of the 72 Triplets that sum to 8000. And for that matter, (248,00045,000) = 203,000, as in the first Triplet of the Torah (ברא).

A breeze blows by and the still small voice whispers, Be’er Mayim Chaim (באר־מים־חיים). The well of living waters.

As we have been trained to do, we look first to the initials and see that with the word water (מים) of numerical value 90 in the middle, the initials are split (במ) and (מח) or 42 and 48.

The 10 Triplets of Pi

The clear mirror lets that sink in and goes on to remind us of something we were taught at the outset of our paper that turned into a 1200 page book that became this deep journey into the Torah and inner cosmos. If we break Pi 3.14159265358979323846264338327…) down to 3-digit numerical strings—triplets, like in the 112 Essential Triplets of the Torah:

Then when we add the 1st, 2nd, 5th, and 6th triplet strings, we get (314 + 159 +979 + 323) = 1775.

Also, when we add the 7th, 8th, 9th, and 10th strings they also add up (846 + 264 + 338 + 327) to 1775, which is the sum of the 27 Hebrew letters of the Essential Cube of Creation.

Together these 8 strings etched into the fabric of the universe add up to 3550, the same number found in the Torah verses from Pekudei 38:25-26, “The silver census money (collected from) the community came out to 100 talents and 1775 shekels by the sanctuary standard. This consisted of a beka, which was half a shekel by sanctuary standards, for each of the 603550 men over 20 included in the census.”

As for the only two triplets not part of the 3550 or twin 1775 Alef-bet totals, the 358 or 4th one is obviously representative of Moshiach (358). Then as we learned earlier, the two together (265358) are manifested in the result of the simple division of the Fine Structure Constant by the Primal Frequency (27.5 Hz) or (1/137.03599)/27.5 = .00265358. For those that do not recall, the Fine Structure Constant is one of the Constants that the physics of our physical universe depend upon.

The clear mirror also reminds us that the 2nd and 3rd Triplets (159 + 265) = 424, Moshiach Ben David, and that the 7th and 8th (846 + 264) = 1110 or 10 x Alef (א). Before, we can peel our eyes away, the clear mirror adds that the ordinal values of the 1st, 2nd, 5th, 6th and 7th, 8th, 9th, and 10th triplet strings that equate to 3550 is 48.

We were all blown away, but I can tell that some of our companions are not convinced about the 3553 final letter Alef (א) connection to 3550, and they are struggling to hide their facial expressions. The enormous wall of Torah enlightens us further, and illuminates the letter Bet (ב). The 7878 initials and final letters Bet (ב) starting with the first letter of the Torah, are (6 x 1313), which the clear mirror reminds relates to the year 1313 BCE (2448 HC), the pivotal year we received the Torah, and to the exponential coefficient 1.313 that the Alef-bet is based on (y = 1.313x) .

The look on their faces is switching to awe, as the initial letters Gimmel (ג), Dalet (ד) and the final letters Zayin (ז), and Chet (ח) are illuminated simultaneously.  Gimmel (ג) has a value of 3 and Dalet (ד) has a value of 4, and it is shown to us that there are 34 or 81 final Zayins (ז) in the Torah. There are also (1100 + 34) or 1181 final letter Chets (ח) in the Torah, reminding us that (1100/4) = 275, the Primal Frequency and of the first 11 Triplets, or 33 letters, equation 3003/1100 = 2.73, the Universal Harmonic value we saw with the 2739 Shin(ש) initials. Meanwhile the number of initial Gimmels (ג) and Dalets (ד) in the Torah is 1089 or 332, which is also (110011).

We next see that the initial Gimmels (ג) portion of those 1089 letters is 540. Adding One(1) for the Creator gives us 541, Israel, as in the sum of the initials in the 10 plagues.

Once again, the clear mirror takes us through a lesson from our early studies, as the 4 sets of Triplets within the Torah are highlighted, and we wonder if this is an allusion to 34. We are shown that there are 42 Heis(ה) in total amongst the 112 Triplets and while (112 – 42) = 70, the 42nd of the 72 Triplets is (מיכ) of numerical value 70.  Next the 32 Heis(ה) in the 72 Triplets is illuminated upon the broad cliffs, as are the 32 Yuds(י) in the 72 Triplets, along with the 21 Yuds(י) in the rest of the 112 Triplets for a value of 210, just like the 42 Heis(ה). Finally, the 20 Vavs(ו) in 72 Triplets with a value of 120 is illuminated, along with the total 37 Vavs(ו) in all 112 Triplets.

The clear mirror makes quick work of this for us. The 210-value for the 42 Heis(ה) and 21 Yuds(י) corresponds to the Tower of Truth and encasing Pyramid’s height, and also the Planck diameter, 21.09143 x 1035 and the total gematria of the Torah, 21009826. Adding the 20 Vavs(ו) to the Heis(ה) and 21 Yuds(י) the gives a total of (210 + 120) = 330, the base of the encasing pyramid. We are reminded that all these figures are in cubits and thus based on the Primal Frequency 27.5 Hz. Next the total 132 Yuds(י), Heis(ה), and Vavs (ו) in the 112 Triplets is equivalent to the 132 verses in parsha Massei, within the 6 portions of Zeir Anpin from 4248 and where the 42 journeys are located. This is contrasted with the 84 Yuds(י), Heis(ה), and Vavs (ו) in the 72 Triplets, which we learn has a difference of (13284) = 48. So, there are 48 Yuds(י), Heis(ה), and Vavs (ו) among the (14, 11, and 15) or 40 other Triplets and with what we just learned about 48, the beauty of this is only now unfolding for us. It unfolds further as we learn that there are 90 Yuds(י) and Vavs (ו) in the 112 Triplets and 42 Heis(ה), thus bringing together the complementary 42 and 48 of the 90o.

The enormous Sefer Torah then highlights all the triplet sefer (ספר) within it and we see that there are 90 of them. We are reminded of what Abraham wrote in the Sefer Yetzirah 3800 years ago, using the word sefer (ספר) 4 different ways.

It took 2.5 years of consciousness expansion for us to reach this point. We still stand at Abraham’s feet. Nevertheless, it has taken mankind over 5778 years, which is 3330 years since the reception of the Torah, like the Sun’s mass/Earth’s mass (333,000), the Sun that burns at 5778 K, and the Earth, whose surface is about 288.9 K.

As this sinks in, the clear mirror continues telling us that the Yuds(י) and Heis(ה) in the 72 Triplets have a total value of 480, the height of the encasing Pyramid in feet, making the total value of the 84 Yuds(י), Heis(ה), and Vavs (ו) in the 72 Triplets, 600, as in the 600 chariots that perished in the splitting of the Reed Sea (the endless sea), etc. and 360 less than the 132 Yuds(י), Heis(ה), and Vavs (ו) in the full 112 Triplets that total 960 or (100040) or (480 x 2). In case we missed it, the clear mirror adds that 132 = (33 x 4) and explains why the 40th portion of the Torah was named Balak of numerical value 132, containing the 107th paragraph of Numbers. Balak is one of 3 portions oddly named after individuals not considered “good” (Balak, Korach, and Yitro), whose initials form Yabok (יבק) and total 112.

The Sword of 42

In the 42nd paragraph is found the Song of the Sea and the verse of 42-Letters, the Sword of Moses, which when taken in reverse so that it ends in Alef (אלף) has a gematria sofit is 6666. It is found 42 verses after the start of chapter 14, where G-d told Moses to tell the Israelites to camp at Freedom Valley, Pi HaChirot(החירת פי) beside the Sea of Reeds. Halfway to the Sword, the Sea is split in two in 14:21 using the 72 Triplets found there. Since the Sword of 42 Letters is found at 15:11, all 4 sets of Triplets were encoded there (the 14 Triplets of the 42-Letter Name, the 15 Triplets of the Shema, and the 11 Triplets of Bereshit). Moreover, Pi HaChirot(החירת פי) permutes to (ה פיחירת) or 5’708, as in 5708 HC, the year Israel became a nation.

 מִי-כָמֹכָה בָּאֵלִם יְהוָה,  מִי כָּמֹכָה נֶאְדָּר בַּקֹּדֶשׁ;  נוֹרָא תְהִלֹּת, עֹשֵׂה פֶלֶא

Our attention is once again drawn to the unwound Torah on the Cliffs of Enlightenment. There we see the initial and final Ayins (ע) and Bets (ב) as in Ayin-Bet (עב), 72. We are shown that when we subtract the 7656 Ayins (ע) from the 7878 Bets (ב) we get 122, the number of words in the middle paragraph of the Shema, related to the sum of the exceeding rare Bell Prime Indices that are built into the distributions of the initials of the Shema, as we saw when our journey first began, (2 + 3 + 7 + 13 + 42 + 55) = 122. It goes on to point out that the letters Ayin-Bet (עב), as in the 72 Triplets associated with the splitting of the Sea, has a complete numerical value of (72 + 18) = 90, as in Mayim (water) and 90o. We are reminded by Chazal in the Talmud (Baba Kama 17a) that any reference to water can be an allusion to Torah.

There is much more about the Torah initials that the Cliffs of Enlightenment want to show us, including how there are 432 final and initial letters Samech (ס) in the Torah, corresponding to the two cubes (63) of Vav(6) built into the Tree-of-life. It also corresponds to the special frequency, 432 Hz, included in every blessing through the words Baruch (ברוך) of numerical value 708, as in the Upper 42 Letters of the Name of G-d, and Atah Adonai (אתה־יהוה) of gematria (406 + 26) = 432. It is further found through the encircling Torah’s first and last words, Bereshit (בראשית) and Israel (ישראל), that are comprised of the first, middle, and last letters (בלת) of numerical value 432 and of the two identical words (אשרי) Ashrei, meaning blessing.

Adding more clarity behind the 432 HZ, the still small voice explains that 432 Hz/27.5 Hz is 15.71 and that not only is 1571 the 248th Prime Number, but 1571 is exactly half of 3142, as in the two Higher Names of Binah—the Upper 42 Letters of the YHVH (יהוה) combined with the 3 expansions of Ehyeh(אהיה) that equal 3142—and also of the Highest Name “I am that I am Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh (אהיה־אשר־אהיה) of small gematria value 3142.

The clear mirror continues, advising us that the letter Samech (ס) represents exactly .2701% of all the final and initial letters in the Torah, corresponding to the value of the Torah’s first verse 2701, and that the letter Mem (מ) represents exactly 10.00% of all the final and initial letters in the Torah. Meanwhile, the letter Caf (כ) represents 4.246% of all the final and initial letters in the Torah and the letter Zayin (ז) represents .4470% of all the final and initial letters in the Torah, as in the 4470 total value of the first 1000 digits in Pi, and as in the Spherical Time equation 363042.4470.

Nevertheless, what the clear mirror is most excited to show us is that the sum of the square roots of all 22 initial counts in the Torah is 1143, as in the value of the first row or 9th Candle of the 72 Triplet Matrix, which is also the average for the 8 columns of that same Matrix (9143/8), and once again it wants to remind us that the sum of the square roots of the 216 letters and 72 Triplets in that Matrix together is 1000.054. It appears to be intent on us understanding that there is a reason for every placement of every letter in the Torah and every digit in the mathematics of the cosmos, and a purpose behind every single thing we were taught from the very beginning. This is the world of perfection; this is the world of the Creator.

As if to add an exclamation point, it points out that the sum of the digits of the 8 Triplets/Names in that first row is 72 and that the 7th Triplet in that row/candle has a value of 22, as in the 22 initial counts in the Torah whose square roots total 1143. It further shows us that the average for the 8 Triplets in that 9th candle is 1143/8 = 143 and 72/8 = 9, as in the 72 Name Matrix’ full value 9143.

It does not stop there. It converts the 8 Triplets/Names into 8 small gematria digital strings, (656, 131…) then adds the digits to get a single small gematria value for this important 9th Candle, just as was done with the 42-Letter Name to get 173. The 8 Triplets of the 9th Candle thus equal 90.

The Torah illumination is wiped clean, and starting afresh, all the Heis(ה) glow bright royal blue, all 28056 of them, then they are replaced with the magenta initials of the Yuds(י), Heis(ה), and Vavs (ו), all 28106 of them, exactly 50 more, as in the 50 Gates of Binah. These in turn are replaced by the entire sapphire 90,100 Yuds(י), Heis(ה), and Vavs (ו) in the Torah.


The word Amen (אמן) of numerical value 91 blows through the plain and whistles by us. A still voice explains that as it says in the Zohar that when we answer a blessing with Amen (אמן) and especially if we keep in mind the unification (יאהדונהי) of the YHVH (יהוה) and Adonai (אדני) that bridges our world and Zeir Anpin the blessing can then rise up and be accepted above. What happens next is that it spreads out and rains down across the world, attaching first to whoever said Amen, then to whoever made the blessing and then everyone else.

The inner cosmos is now explaining the mechanism.

Out of the 90,100 Yuds(י), Heis(ה), and Vavs (ו) in the Torah, the 1820 YHVH (יהוה) alight and come forward. These are 20 times the value of our Amen (אמן). Amen (אמן) is 1/20th the 1820 YHVH (יהוה). The value 90,100 is the sum of the integers from 1 to 424, from One(1) to Moshiach Ben David. We see our Amen (אמן) rising up, merging with the 1820 YHVH (יהוה), then spreading out to sprinkle Moshiach Consciousness upon the world.

The giant cliffside Torah then groups the 90,100 Yuds(י), Heis(ה), and Vavs (ו) in the Torah, at integer intervals, first the Yud(י) of Bereshit (בראשית), then the (הי) of Elohim (אלהים), then (היו) of (הַשָּׁמַיִם־וְאֵת) followed by (הוהה) and (יההוו) and on and on until the last combination of 424 Yuds(י), Heis(ה), and Vavs (ו) in the Torah. The Torah them zooms in on the word Bereshit (בראשית) and shows us that when the Yud(י) is separated out, the remaining letters total 903, as in the sum of the integers from 1 – 42. In the beginning there was 42, from within it began the 424 Pathways, the scaffolding of the 90,100 Yuds(י), Heis(ה), and Vavs (ו) with the 1820 junctures of the YHVH (יהוה).

We now realize that the midpoint in the Divine summation path from 1 to 13 to 91 to 455 to 1820 is 91, and with this important realization of our place in the process, the clear mirror explains that 1/(1 + 13 + 91 + 455 + 1820) = 42 = 1/(600,000/70/12/3). Oneness with the Names of the Creator equals the singularity of the Israelites = 42, the Divine Source of Creation.  He and His Name are One.

The still small voice returns and whispers, “Now you understand how to divide the 54 portions by 424.

Just when it seems like our cups are running over, the Torah illuminates the 107007th letter in the Torah, the start of the 10 Commandments, and the 420th YHVH (יהוה), the place of the 2nd portal as has already been explained. Our minds go to one hundred and seven and seven, and the 107th Triangular Number, 5778.

The still small voice tells us that 54 is not an arbitrary number for the Torah portions, the Phi(φ) shift, the 72 Name Matrix residue (.054), or the segments of 107 years. It is not just 2 x 27. The value 54 is the inflection point when the mod 27.5 frequency gets closer and closer to the original integer at number 54.  Beyond 54 the numbers get further and further away from their respective source integers, making 54 unique and integrally connected to the 27.5 Hz frequency.

Simultaneously, the clear mirror brings up the 4 primordial fields, Pi (π), Phi(φ), 42 and 48.

We are baffled.

It then shows us that (1/φ – 1/π) = .2997241.., off from the perceived the speed of light, 299,792,458 m/s by only 48 m/s.

Then, (1/φ – 1/π)/(1/42 – 1/48) = 100.707

One hundred and seven and seven.

These revelations of hyperdimensional physics have unwound and unraveled everything we ever thought possible in physical space and brought us to our knees, which is when the universe whispers to us to search out the complement to 4248.

We have learned enough to know that it is (100004248).

It turns out to be 5752 and (5752 + 26) = 5778.