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Larger Symmetries

In mathematics, the classification of finite simple groups states that every finite simple group is either cyclic, or alternating, or in one of 16 infinite families of groups of Lie type, or that is in one of 26 sporadic (isolated) groups. We would need to be grad students to comprehend this, but the Inner Cosmos has simplified matters for us and will take us places no grad student has ever gone. There are 18 distinct infinite families–Cyclic, Alternating, 16 Lie types (families) within which we find our E8 Lattice—and then there are 26 outliers, the 26 sporadic simple groups that do not belong to any of those families.

Several hundred mathematicians spent years working on a 10,000-page proof of this and they were astonished that this was it, a truly finite number.  They used a lot of computer power and searched deep into the mathematical universe to make their definitive determination. Some of them even went so far as to say that the only way this finite grouping of symmetries can occur is through the design of a Creator. Indeed!

To them numbers are everything and yet, lacking understanding, the resultant numbers are also nothing. To us, the 26 sporadic groups are a sign, a message, a finite signature of the YHVH (יהוה). As are the 18 families.  We could add the 16 Lie groups to the 26 Sporadic ones and get 42, but there is no need for us to prove anything; the Creator has done that already.  You should not proceed unless you have read at least Chapter 32, Spherical Time. If you are ready, a whole new world awaits. The Journey begins here if you missed it.

All we need is insight and the Inner Cosmos provides that to us in abundance. The still small voice advises us to look to the 90 doubled words in the Torah, which is yet another type of symmetry. The clear mirror shows us that the 26th pair is “Day Day (יום־יום).”

Yom(יום) has a numerical value sofit of 616, while Yom Yom (יום־יום) has a standard value of 112, and this double pair is repeated 3 times in the Torah, as in the (112 x 3) = 336 letters in the 112 Triplets of Creation found in “The Torah (616). But it had already shown us that in connection with Channukah, so it shows us that that 26th pair, “Day Day (יום־יום),” is also the 19th unique pair in the Torah.

We already know from our studies that 45 is the midpoint, or another symmetry point in the 90 pairs and that (26 + 19) = 45, like the values of the YHVH (יהוה) + Chava (חוה), Eve in Adam (אדם). Nonetheless, the clear mirror continues that the reference here is to the G-d like aspect of Adam with the YHVH (יוד־הא־ואו־הא), whereby the front (initials) of the Name (יהוה) equal 26 and the back of the Name equals 19.

The significance of this becomes apparent when we learn that those brilliant mathematicians found within those 26 sporadic groups one specific group so massive that it contained exactly 80801742479451287588645990496171075700574368000000000 different symmetries. This in itself is a sign of the Creator, that there were not …368000000241 symmetries for example.

Nevertheless, within this Monster group, far larger than any of the others, are found exactly 19 of the other sporadic groups of symmetries, as in the back of the Name the YHVH (יוד־הא־ואו־הא). In super simplistic terms, think of this Monster Group as a giant and beautiful and perfectly symmetric diamond and precious gem necklace and within it are 19 subgroupings of similarly yet distinct symmetric arrangements of precious gems. Only in this case this Monster Group exists in 196,883 dimensions. The mathematicians cannot figure out why the Creator would create something so massive that it necessitates 196,883 dimensions. Neither can we, He had us with the 7 dimensions of symmetry in the simple 3-d Essential Cube of Creation.

Of course, it did show the mathematicians that the playground of the Creator is infinitely large and abundant.

The clear mirror informs us that this is not the only signature embedded in plain sight within this 196,883-dimensional Monster Group. The sum of the digits in 80801742479451287588645990496171075700574368000000000 is 216, as in the 216 letters in the 72 Triplets (Names). Moreover, there are 54 digits, and they add up to 216.

The Alchemist’s Stone

Just beyond the grove, the field of the 72 Triplet Matrix reappears before us on the desert floor, and glowing in its center, where the two central Names should have been, is a stone, “The Alchemist’s Stone.”

For the second time we are shown the 4 sets of Triplets arranged in fields or camps surrounding the central Cube of Creation with the ordinal position midpoints within their respective matrices highlighted: (21 + 22 for the 14 Triplets of the 42 Letter Name; 23 for the 45 letters in the 15 Triplets; 14 for the Central Cube; 17 for the 33 letters in the 11 Triplets; and 36 + 37 for the 72 Triplets), which works out to (83, 14, 73) = 170, but this time it is juxtaposed to 196,883 or more specifically (19 + 68 + 83) = 170.

The Alchemist’s Stone has grabbed our attention and we dismiss the 170 as coincidence, though we know better not too.

The clear mirror shows us that the sum of the square roots of those 54 digits is 88.81618 or 88.8 and Phi (1.618), and that the square root of 79 is 8.888. The clear mirror reminds us that the value of the central Triplets (מנד־אני) of the 72 Names is 155, the same as the Atomic Numbers for gold, silver, and copper (79, 47, and 29) used in the Mishkan. It highlights the Atomic Number 79 of Gold, whose atomic weight is 196.966 or about 83 more than 196,883 dimensions.

It also reminds us that the ordinal value of the 7 governing letters (בגדכפרת) of the 7 planets is 79.

We are then reminded that the only other metal mentioned in the Torah is iron with Atomic Number 26, and that altogether the 3 precious metals have an atomic weight of (196.966 + 107.868 + 63.546) = 368.380 and that with iron, they equal (368.380 + 55.845) = 424.226 or Moshiach Ben David and 22 or 4242, or 226 or 26 or however we want to see it.

What we almost missed because of the sheen of the other 3 metals, is that the atomic weight of iron, 55.845, is a numerical chimera of 55 or (2 x 27.5 Hz) and the 5845 verses in the Torah. For some reason it occurs to us that iron, a major component in our red blood cells, flows through out bodies in our blood.

The 3rd Triplet of the 72 Triplets (סיט) alights in bright gold, along with its gematria value of 79. A point is made that it is the 3rd Triplet of the 9th Candle.

Within the gold and silver at the center of the 216 letters of the 72 Names we see an equation that adds the 2 numeric triplets (196 + 883) dimensions = 1079. The gold mine at the center of the 72 Names with Atomic Number 79 glows bright with rays of light bouncing off it. It is followed by the atomic weight (107.9) of silver, glowing even brighter and polished to a mirrored finish.

Next the 54-digit number 80801742479451287588645990496171075700574368000000000 that adds up to 216 hangs above the 216-Letter Matrix.

First, 424, representing the atomic weights of the 4 metals (gold, silver, copper, and iron) is highlighted.

Then 79, the Atomic Number of gold, right next to it, starts glowing:

Then 47, the Atomic Number of silver, right between them, along with its atomic weight 107:

Then 368, the atomic weight of gold, silver and copper closes out the sequence:

This is fitting, since the clear mirror next shows us that (1 x 9 x 6 x 8 x 8 x 3) = 10,368.

We wonder if the Creator was being cheeky in placing 2 80’s at the start of this 54-digit sequence, considering that 10,368 is exactly 280, as in the value of the 5 final letters, less than 10,648, the Torah Matrix which equals 223.

The 54-digit string hangs above us and the field of 216 once again, but we only shrug our shoulders in bewilderment:

We see the 55 of the atomic weight of iron wedged in between the highlighted numbers and also the 54 for the 54-digits, and then we recall that the square roots of the 216 letters in the 72 Triplet Matrix along with the square roots of the 9 rows of those 72 Triplets add up to exactly 1000.054, and that 54 was the Phi(φ) shift in the two alternating halves of the Alef-bet.

As we are given more space with which to ponder, we recall that 73, as the two digits in 177730, is the ordinal positions (36 + 37) = 73 of the two central (מנד־אני) replaced by the Alchemist’s Stone. We also recognize the small gematria of the 42-Letter Name, 173, the 173 keys given to Moses within the 177730 sequence, along with 773, the 137th Prime Number. With nothing but space, we also recall that 1/5778 = 0.00017307026 and that the 107th Triangular number is 5778, the Spherical Time radius. Finally, we remember that we were taught that the second census in the desert of 601,730 men is exactly 1820 men less than when they began their journeys.

The clear mirror seems pleased but still shows us what its intentions were all along. It applies the P/S gematria cipher to the 4 metallic atomic weights and their product divided by their sum is 177730.0


We take note of the in between (intercalated) digits 55468, but other than a sum of 28 it does not mean anything to us.

The clear mirror adds for effect, by the way, (196 x 883) = 173068

Show off!

Given all that, we have to question whether the 808 that starts off the sequence is meant to represent Abraham, whose sofit gematria value is 808, but we are distracted by the burning Triplets (מנד־אני) branded and engraved into the Alchemist’s Stone, whose complete gematria values are 125 and 86, since (86 x 125) = 10750, as in:

Mesmerized by the burning stone, we see within the 54-digits the sequence 107 followed by 5778, intercalated with 54 but why should we be surprised, really. Maybe 360 too.

With our eyes wide open and filled with mountainous bars of gold and silver, the clear mirror decides to point out prime unicorns to us instead.

We know that the Torah is embedded with many unicorns, odd, overtly symmetric, or asymmetric arrangements that are meant to draw our attention to them to make them stand out and thus to make it easier to uncover their underlying technology. The same is true in mathematics and the underlying fields upon which it is built.  The Tower of the Generations appears behind us and is reflected prominently in the clear mirror. It extends 20 staircases of generations above the palms, all the way to Abraham, the 20th generation, and it is split, as in the Torah, into the 10 generations of Adam (45) up to Noach (58), followed by the 10 generations up to Abraham (808).

7 Planets

On the far side of the symmetric palm grove, we see a man of stature sitting at the entrance of a large tent that is open on all four sides. We start toward him but are nearly knocked over by flying letters. It is the 7 letters (בגדכפרת) of the 7 planets zooming in and out of the tall palm trees like crazed drones. They grab our attention and arrange themselves in front of us in two groups. The first group is (תכדפ), representing the Sun, Moon, Mars, and Venus respectively. The second is (רגב), representing Mercury, Jupiter, and Saturn.

We do not understand the grouping until their katan digits joint them in mid flight (4248 and 232), as in the sum of the 22 Names, the Primal equation, the 6 Names of the 42 Letters of the YHVH (יהוה) in the Cosmic Wheel, and the sum of the logs for the 10 bases (1…10) of the number 1.998 or (3 x 6.66), etc.

And the second group represents the sum of the 4 aspects of the filled-out YHVH (יהוה) that equal 232. While the value of the first group is the very telling equation (420 + 84) = 504 = (42 x 12), its ordinal value is 54. And since we know the ordinal value of all 7 governing letters (בגדכפרת) of the 7 planets is 79, the atomic number of gold, the other group must have an ordinal value of 25.

The first group flies off then comes back, hovering in a different order (כדתפ), spelling out 2448, as in the year 2448 HC and the end of the Exile from Egypt and reception of the Torah at Sinai.

Prime Unicorns

When the letters fly off again, they do not return. We turn to look for the man and he is gone too, along with his tent. In the clear mirror we next see a new sequence 1808010808.

Then we see that it is followed by 1808010808, 1808010808, 1808010808, and on and on repeated 1560 times in total. At the end it is capped it off with a One (1).



We have no idea what to make of it, until it is revealed as a Prime Number with 15601 digits, and we are told that 15601 is also Prime, the 1819th Prime. At once we think of the 1820 YHVH (יהוה) in the Torah and about what we have learned about 1560. It is (26 x 60), reflecting the YHVH (יהוה) again. It is 10 x 156, the numerical value of Joseph and/or Zion, the nexus point of the 6 dimensions of Zeir Anpin.

The clear mirror also reminds us that specific Stars (Shields) of David are found in each of the 9 planes of the Essential Cube of Creation. It then shows us specifically the two triangles, (תךם) and (יכל) of the Star of David that sum to 1560 on the Southern face of the Cube, and that the sum of the Star of David with its crosshairs in this vertical plane of 9 is (1560 + 441) = 2001, and that the corner of the plane is 9-11.

It also points out that the 8 corners of the Essential Cube of Creation contain the positions 18, 10 and 8, as in the 10 digits in 1808010808.

Prime: Solar – Lunar – Torah

Since it is giving us the space, we search within ourselves and recall that 1560 is also connected with the lunar Cosmic Clock and Wheel.  There are 12 lunar months or 12 x 29.5 days or 354 days per cycle.  Over the 12 normal years, 12 x 354 days pass, which equals 4248 days, as in the 4248 total sum of the 22 Names of the Alef-bet and the Primal Equation 1/.23571113… =that equals 4.24248100…

The Solar and Lunar calendars are off by 11.2 days and are artificially but officially meshed by adding an extra month in 7 leap years within each 19-year cycle, making up the difference of 210 days, as in the height of the encasing Pyramid, the Planck Diameter, and the Tower of Truth. This 210 day difference causes those 7 years to total 2688 days and the difference between the two sets of (127) years is (42482688) = 1560 days. This difference is the 13th month added 7 times.  It is also the difference in the value of the 7 words of the Torah’s first verse, (27012688) = 13.

The clear mirror points out that within the Divine Summation Series of One (113914551820), 91/7 = 13.

Then back to the 1819th Prime, 15601, we are remined of Noach, the 10th generation, who the Torah specifically tells was 601 in the year of the Flood, 1656 HC, or 15601 backwards.

It is then that the clear mirror shows us another Prime Number unicorn:

It has 20 digits, as in Abraham, the 20th generation, and they add up to 91, as in (20 x 91) = 1820 and as in the 1820 YHVH (יהוה) in the Torah. 18th, 19th, 20th.

As we marvel at the palindromic Prime that has 910 or 1820/2 in its center, we are informed that it is only one of two sequential Primes, prompting us to ask to see the other.

It kept going and going…


And all the way back down to

All 17350 digits.

Wait! We were just discussing the equation (196 x 883) = 173068 from the 196,883 dimensions of the Monster Group.

Moreover, 17350 palindromic digits is far too reminiscent of the mysterious repetitive 18-digit palindromic sequence (173553719826446289) from the Phi(φ)-generated Fibonacci Numbers that sums to 90. This is the same sequence generated diagonally by the continual digit sequence (12346789123456789…) wrapping around a torus backwards and forward. It is also the result of an equation that comes out of the Tower of Truth (emet 441) whose volume is 44,100 cubits over its 210 cubit/20 level height.

How is this even possible? The 20 levels; the 20 sequential digits of integers backwards and forward; the 17350 palindromic sequential integer digits, backwards and forward; and the 18-digit palindromic sequence generated by sequential integers also backwards and forwards.

Hyperdimensional mathematics.

We were so confused that we almost missed the elephant in the room, 2446. It would make total sense from a cosmic point of view if it were 2448; nonetheless, 2446 is only two years earlier than the pivotal reception of the Torah at Mt Sinai and the Exodus at the end of the 210 years, the 20th Triangular Number.

We want to give the Creator a little wiggle room, not everything can be picture perfect when trying to connect so many dots across so many dimensions.

The clear mirror just wants to point out that while the sum of the digits in the integers from 1 to 2448 is 33603, as in the 336 Letters in the 112 Triplets(3), the sum of the digits in the integers from 1 to 2446 and back to 1 is 67120, as in Adonai (אדני) when filled in (נון־יוד אלף־דלת־) of numerical value 671, and as in the speed of light in mph (671 million mph). Also the number 20 that seems to be infusing everything the clear mirror is showing us with these unicorns must be significant, not to mention that 67 is Binah and that 120 is the time coefficient and the age of man Adam (45), and that it is also the age of Moses, the 26th generation, who was 78 in 2446 and 80 in 2448.  We next learn that he was born 210 years after the passing of Shem and 420 years after the birth of Abraham.

The Periodic Table

One of those 10,000 inspired mathematicians thought it was a cool idea to apply the 18 families and 26 sporadic groups of the simple finite symmetries to a periodic table of elements. In light of what the Inner Cosmos has just taught us about the metals, that appears to be quite prophetic.

The clear mirror adds that while the 7 square roots of the 7 dimensions/directions of the Essential Cube of Creation (2148 + 2148 + 2256 + 2256 + 2328 + 2328 + 2442) equal 333.60, the 7 cube roots of (2148 + 2148 + 2256 + 2256 + 2328 + 2328 + 2442) is 92.00, as in the 92 naturally occurring elements on earth though Uranium238 in the original periodic table. The exception is Atomic Number 61, two-thirds through the list, as in the numerical value of the central Triplet (אני), the Alchemist Stone, which does not occur naturally.

The clear mirror also points out that our minds are incapable of original thought; they just process signals. The core information in those signals comes from the supernal consciousness, so even though man chose the ordering and numerical system in the Periodic Table there was no free will in that operation. Hence, Copernicum, is the final metal and the 112th Element, Atomic Number 112, corresponding to a weight (mass) of 285, as in the value of the 5 final letters, and the 285 Days in the Cosmic Wheel through Sukkot at the end of the 27 Letters/Days of the Essential Cube of Creation, the 285 Days of Judgment.

It further wants us to note that the 10th element, Neon, has an atomic mass of 20.180, and that 1/238.050, the atomic mass of the 92nd element, Uranium-238 is .004200

While the two central Triplets in the Alchemist Stone, spell out “From my Lord Min Adonai (מנ־אדני)” they also contain “Adam, Man (אדם)” and have a complete gematria (212) as in “The Light (הָאוֹר).”

Speaking of “Adam, Man (אדם),” the Creator invoked the Triplet (ברא), the first Triplet in the Torah, 6 times in Creation, and only 6 times in the whole Torah as a Triplet without suffixes or prefixes. This was promised in the Torah’s first word (בראשית). He Created 6, referring to the 6 dimensions of the engine of physicality, Zeir Anpin.

They were Created through the 3 axes/planes of the 27 positions of the Essential Cube of Creation, which is why it is in Bereshit 1:27 where we find the Creator invoking the Triplet (ברא) in 3 different ways to Create Man (אדם).  The 27 verses align with the 27 Days from the Day of Creation through Shemini Atzeret. The rest of the 363 days in Cosmic Wheel, all 77 of them refer to the period of Mazal, and the 7th Day of creation, Shabbat.

וַיִּבְרָא אֱלֹהִים אֶת-הָאָדָם בְּצַלְמוֹ, בְּצֶלֶם אֱלֹהִים בָּרָא אֹתוֹ:  זָכָר וּנְקֵבָה, בָּרָא אֹתָם.

And God created man in His own image, in the image of God created He him; male and female created He them.

While Itoh (אֹתוֹ) and Otam (אֹתָם) equal (407 + 441) = 848, which is (2 x 424), the final world in the 13-word verse that created Man, Otam (אֹתָם) permutes to Emet (אמת), truth, and is the final letter in the first 3 words of the Torah, “In the Beginning God Created 6.” The complete value of the Torah’s first 3 words or 14 letters (בראשית־ברא־אלהים) is 1342.

The Creator used the Triplet (ברא) a total of 35 times in the Torah, as in (1 + 9 + 6 + 8 + 8 + 3), which contains the only other time the Triplet (ברא) was used in the first chapter in Creation; it was used to create giant sea monsters. Inspiration has only one source. It goes without saying that those 196,883 dimensions are connected to the Planck diameter 21.0914362859 x 1035, Creation, and to the 72 Triplets of total value 9143.

As we can imagine, the verse Genesis 1:27, where the Creator utilized the Triplet (ברא) 3 times to create Man, is special. I guess you could say, forethought was built in to its 13 final letters that total 820, as in the quintessential 3-word Torah phrase from Vayikra 19:18, “Love they neighbor as yourself וְאָהַבְתָּ לְרֵעֲךָ כָּמוֹךָ.“ As soon as Man was created it was known what would happen and what would be lacking. Even its 13 initials total 37, as in (19 + 18), leaving 1959 as the sum its 24 middle letters.  While the 50 letters, connect ostensibly to the 50 Gates of Binah, their gematria katan totals 161, connecting to Binah at its highest level, Ehyeh (אלף־הי־יוד־הי), as in the value (161) of the Alchemist Stone (מנד־אני) with the kolel for the 6 letters.

Ehyeh (אהיה) – The Flow of Binah

The connection to Binah sends the Inner Cosmos down another path and we are instantly back beneath the 44 Palms with all trace of the Alchemist Stone evaporated.

Referring to the verse of Man’s creation, the clear mirror emphasizes that Emet, Truth, is 212, or the 2 Ehyeh (אהיה) found at Exodus 3:14 in the Name Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh (אהיה־אשר־אהיה) of numerical value katan 3142, knocked together.

It then shows us the squaring of the Name Ehyeh (אהיה):

The regressive Name (א־אה־אהי־אהיה) has a gematria of 44, and as we previously learned it is directly connected to the 44 Chanukah candles. The Arizal also connected it to Dam (דם), blood. It is the river of lifeblood that flows into Zeir Anpin (יוד־הא־ואו־הא). The clear mirror advises us that its gematria katan is 26, as in the YHVH (יהוה). This is why the first thing Moses did was turn the river into blood.

10 Plagues of Wonder

The First Two

Dam (דם), blood, is the first of the 11 words in the 10 Plagues (דם צפרדע כנים ערוב דבר שחין ברד ארבה חשך מכת בכורות) whose initials end in (מב) 42 and which total 541, Israel, at the start of the Israelite’s 42 journeys to Israel.

The 4 letters of the Name Ehyeh (אהיה) expand into the 10 letters of the regressive Name (א־אה־אהי־אהיה) in the same way that 10 is the 4th Triangular Number and that the 4 letters of the Name YHVH (יהוה) expand into the 10 letters of the regressive Name of value 72.

In this way the first plague of Dam (דם) becomes 10, the start of the 10 plagues.

The clear mirror expands the regressive Name (א־אה־אהי־אהיה) into the 10 Names of its constituent letters, 26 letters in total. Its 4 initials of the 4 Alef (א) become 4 Alefs (אלף) of numerical value 444, as in the 2nd plague, frogs, tzfardea (צפרדע). From 4 to 44 to 444.

The clear mirror reminds us that the 4 is aligned with the 4 chambers of the heart and the living blood (44) flows to and from the heart, 22 in one direction and 22 back out again, 44 in total.

We also recall that as Rav Yehuda Leib HaLevi Ashlag of blessed memory once explained to me, “from generation to generation (לדר־ודר)” has the numerical value of 444 and 444/22 = 20.18, as in 5778 HC.

The Longest Word

The concept of 4 expanded to 10 is reiterated in the placement of the longest word in the Torah, 10 letters (ובמשארותיך), found at Exodus 7:28 in the middle of the 2nd plague. This unique word (ובמשארותיך) is 10 letters long, and in reverse order, begins with the word, keter (כתר), the first and highest sefira. It is followed by the acronym for the 42-Letter Name (שמב) on the other side of the word. The Name Asher (אשר) of ordinal value 42, as in the Name Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh (אהיה־אשר־אהיה) is right in between them, in the center. Moreover, the Names are bookended by (כו), referring to the YHVH (יהוה), also in reverse order. It is as if all this Light that is being injected is in disguise, just as it is in the Megillat Esther where the Names of G-d appear hundreds of times, yet not once in a revealed manner.

The other hidden word in this innocuous word meaning “kneading trough” is hinted at in its location, Exodus 7:28, which references the 7 words and 28 letters of the Torah’s first verse. The word is Bereshit (בראשית), and the remaining 4 letters equal 72.

If that were not enough concealment, the clear mirror reveals that the ordinal value of the 10 letters is 112, as in the 112 Triplets. It is as if all these components that went into the splitting of Red (Endless) Sea, the 42-Letter Name, the 72-Triplets, the 112 Triplets, the Name of Zeir Anpin and of Binah were smuggled in under the cover of the frogs.

It also means that while darkness and plagues and death were being rained upon the land so was great Light, even if clandestinely and cleverly disguised, enough to wake up the people and the kingdom and procure freedom. A new beginning…

Plagues 3 – 10

The 3rd plague, kinim (כנים), lice, contains the word for capillary (כנים), but its numerical value is 120, as in the time coefficient, and with a katan value of 12 and an ordinal value of 48, it not only has a complete value of 168 or (4 x 42) but it references the 12 Moons and 12 YHVH (יהוה) in the 48-Letter Matrix of the 12 YHVH (יהוה) that guide the 12 Moons of the Cosmic Wheel.

The 4th plague aruv (ערוב), flies, has the honor of having the gematria 278, that of Ohr HaGanuz, the concealed Light of Moshiach available in Binah. Its ordinal value is 44, most appropriately as in (א־אה־אהי־אהיה).

The 5th plague dever (דבר) pestilence (on the livestock) has the gematria 206 with an ordinal value of 26, as in the YHVH (יהוה), giving it a complete value of 232, the sum of the 4 aspects of the filled-out YHVH (יהוה). As we recall, 206 is the number of bones in our body, where our blood is made.

The 7th plague barad (ברד), hail, is a permutation of dever (דבר) and thus all the Names and functions apply.

The 6th plague shechin (שחין), boils, has the numerical value 368, which as we saw with the Alchemist Stone at the center of the 72 Names is the atomic weight (196.966 + 107.868 + 63.546) = 368.380 of the 3 precious metals (gold, silver, and copper), while 380 is the gematria of Egypt. Its katan value, 17, is the same as the gematria value of gold.

The 9th plague choshech (חשך), darkness, has a complete gematria of 368, so the same connection to the 3 precious metals is reinforced, but it has a complete sofit gematria of 860, as in 10 times Elohim (אלהים). The clear mirror sheds light on the darkness and explains that the standard value of choshech (חשך) is 328 and its sofit value is 808, as in the conversion to feet from meters, 3.28084 ft/meter.

Is it saying that the Torah and Inner Cosmos knew/planned all along that Man would create a measurement, the meter, thousands of years later, and throw us off the scent of the workings of the Cosmos and Creation?

The still small voice answers, “In the darkness is the revelation.”

The 8th plague arbeh (ארבה), locusts, has a gematria value of 208, or 8 x 26, the YHVH (יהוה).

The 10th plague makat b’chorot (מכת־בכורות), the death of the first born, has the initials of 42 (מב), a gematria katan of (10 + 22) = 32, and complete gematria of (506 + 701) = 1207, with the 12 and 7 representing time, and 506 being the complete value of Moshiach Ben David, unconditional love, and the first line/level of the 42-Letter Name. With the kolel for the 9 letters, the complete value is 1216 as in Tikkune (תיקון‎). Rav Abraham Abulafia of blessed memory additionally points out that this is the value of the phrase “Combination of the letters,” and also of “70 Languages,” that are the 70 branches of the Tree-of-life.

As the Light of Binah (א־אה־אהי־אהיה) descends through the 22 Paths of the Tree-of-life in increments of 10%, so do does it descend through the 10 plagues and through our bodies. 22 paths out, 22 paths back, Returning Light (Ohr Chozer), through the 10 sefirot makes a rhythm of 54, one cycle.

The clear mirror points out that the first 6 letters in the 2 words makat b’chorot (מכת־בכורות) add up to 488, or (600112) and that the first 2 plagues add up to (44 + 444) = 488 as well. As do the 4th and 5th or alternatively, the 4th and 7th plagues (278 + 206) = 488. Can all those pairs of 2 hint to the year 2488 when Moses’ 120 years would be up, and the Israelites entered Israel?

All 10 Plagues

As for the Alchemist Stone, the two Triplets (מנד־אני) at the center of the 72 Triplets have a numerical value of 155, the same as the gematria katan of all 10 plagues together. Meanwhile, the Alchemist Stone has a katan value of 20, as in Keter, and Abraham’s 20th generation. Speaking of Abraham, the first and final letters (אם) in his name, make the initials (אמ) in (מנד־אני) and thus both have the numerical value 41, as in the 41 letters in the 10 plagues.

The 10 plagues’ collective ordinal sofit values total 515, as in tefilla, prayer, and as the total number of times Moses would pray to enter Israel to end our tikkune.

Nonetheless, the figure that intrigues us the most is the 10 plagues’ collective gematria of 3296, which when the original 4 is added, gives us 3300 or (120 x 27.5 Hz), which makes sense since the sum of the digits in the gematria of the 11 words in the 10 plagues is 110 or (4 x 27.5 Hz), the first convergence point of the two Primal Frequencies, and the value of nes, miracle.

We are then shown that 3300/44 = 75 and that the ratio of the cubit to the inch, 27.5/12, or alternatively the Primal Frequency to Time, when divided by ¾ or .75 is 8. And as we tie that into the darkness of the 9th plague hiding the inch and the real cubit and frequency measurements behind the meter, we realize that the royal cubit, 20.625 inches is .75 of the actual sacred cubit, as in the 206 value of the 5th and 7th plagues, or even the 7th and 5th plagues. The derivative royal cubit 20.625” is the square root of 425.390625, which is the value of the 8th of the 72 Triplets along with the 390,625 or 58 words, letters, and verses in the Torah. The relationship of the royal cubit or ¾ cubit to the meter is based on Pi (π)/6.

The clear mirror adds that the sofit value of the 10 plagues is 5546, which is (5778232), and that the albam gematria plus 1 is 3330, as in the 3330 years from 2448 to 5778.  The ratio of 5778/2448 = 2.360 as two circles and as in the complete gematria (236) of the 8th Plague, arbeh (ארבה), whose gematria with the kolel is 212, the value of “The Light.”

We are reminded that the ratio of the sphere to the inscribed cube of volume 1 is 2.7207, a number easily relatable to the Essential Cube of 27 Fields and the Flow of Light (207). It is an immutable geometric ratio, as much so as Pi (π). Another immutable geometric ratio is the ratio of a sphere inscribed in a cube to the ratio of the sphere that inscribes that cube of volume One (1), in other words from cube to cube. It is is 1.424554689.

We instantly recognize 1424 as the numerical value of Kadosh Kadoshim, the “Holy of Holies,” cube of 203 cu at the core of the Future Holy Temple. The 89 could represent the 89 Days between the Day of Creation and Chanukah, the Day of the Creation of the Mishkan. We are further reminded that the radius of that sphere of One (1) is .620 as in the value of esrim, the Hebrew word for 20, as in the 620 letters in Chapter 20 of Exodus that make up the 10 Commandments.

What we now know about the ratio of the cubes is that within 1.424554689, the 5546 has a place and a purpose; it is the collective sum of the 10 sofit values of the 10 plagues.

Everything in the universe has a place and a purpose.

If the Torah was a history book, these insights into the 10 plagues would tell us about the events of the past, but the Torah is least of all things a history book. That is but one face of 70 and that is just on the surface, as we know so well. As Binah can flow through our blood and through the channels and rivers of history, so too does it circulate through the living Torah.  The Creator knew all too well that it would be our generation that needed the awakening.  Just as Moses knew, and just as was shown to Abraham in 2018.

Beneath the 44 Palms

We find ourselves beneath the 44 palms, starting into the choshech (חשך), darkness, of numerical value 808, whose initial is Chet (ח), 8.

We find ourselves beneath the 44 palms, staring at the 10 repeated digits in the 1560 repetitions of 1808010808.

We find ourselves beneath the 44 palms, staring at the 54 digits in the Monster Symmetry Group that end in the complete gematria of the 9th plague, the darkness, 368, or 808 – (44 x 10). No wonder it takes 44 candles to bring the Light into the darkness, over the 8 Days!

The voice of Abraham (808) is in our ears.

He tells us the answer is in the volume.

We think louder. The clear mirror thinks smarter.

It shows us that the volume of Spherical Time, whose surface area is 36304.24470… or H’Moshiach, Moshiach Ben David is 8.08018 x 1011.

We find ourselves staring at 8.08018 x 1011, piercing the darkness. We stare in disbelief.

By now, nothing should shock us, yet the Inner Cosmos does at every turn. We are in awe!

In awe, we tremble, like the 600,000 Israelites at Sinai, whose base 10 log is 5.778.  That was 3330 years ago, and the Israelites asked Moses to do be their intermediary.  We have no such option. Our backs are up against the wall of time, the event horizon.

He created a perfect symmetry using 196,883 dimensions and a prime number using 15,601 digits and the darkness (808) in the 9th plague to make sure we would not miss the opportunity in the year 5778, and He made sure that all the necessary tools of understanding would be revealed at the time of darkness. We then realize that the 54 digits in the Monster Group that sum to 216 begin and end in darkness.

We are then shown that the volume of the Spherical Time bubble at the length of its midpoint, the midpoint in King David’s life, is 1.01002 x 1011 or naturally 1/8th that of the 5778-year radius. Numerically, this makes sense since the formula dictates r3 and 2889/5778 = ½ and (1/2)3 = 1/8, yet it places One (1) squarely in the middle, specifically 101, as in Michael (101), the guardian archangel of Israel. It also illustrates to us that the expansion of time has been exactly 8-fold since the mid-point in King David’s life, split 35-years and 35-years as in the (1+9+6+8+8+3) = 35, etc.

Next, we are shown that the choshech (חשך) darkness divided by Cosmic Wheel or (808/363) = 2.226 and that the volume of the Spiritual Time sphere within Spherical Time is 2.226 x 1011.

So, the Cosmic Wheel can convert the darkness into Spiritual Time, nullifying the physicality!

What a blessing!

But what really surprises us is that the volume of the Spherical Time bubble compared to its’ volume at the length of the time of the Flood is 42.48, meaning that its volume has expanded 42.48 times since the Flood in 1656 HC, as in the sum (4248) of the 22 Names; the Primal equation; the 6 Names of the 42 Letters of the YHVH (יהוה) in the Cosmic Wheel; the sum of the logs for the 10 bases (1…10) of the number 1.998 or (3 x 6.66); and the 2 complementary Names of 42 and 48 at the center of the Essential Cube of Creation and Creation itself.