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Four years ago, when I began this 2000-page book and journey through untold secrets and revelations about the Torah and the Cosmos and how they align and interact, it was because of an anomaly I found in the Hebrew Alphabet.  There was as the odd relationship revealed when the Hebrew Alef-bet was split into odd and even letters and that by shifting their numeric values by 54-units or 13o of angular rotation they gave us the Phi (φ) or Golden Mean ratio upon which the natural harmonics of the universe are predicated.

I have just recently uncovered a far more significant and an even simpler and far more direct link between the odd-even split in the 22 Names of those same 22 letters and all the Phi (φ) ratios. This is the smoking gun and simple proof beyond any doubt that the Alef-bet was divinely created and gifted to Man.

This will be the first chapter in a new Book, though it will be presented at first as a series of articles. It will be a reorganization of the Book and Journey that we have been on these past 4 years with brand new insights and information every article. Each article will be shorter, more concise, and hopefully more accessible than in the past as that was more of a stream of consciousness.  In order to reach a wider audience I would like to turn them into a series of short videos, so if any of you have insights or technical skills in that area I could really use the help.

A special thanks to everyone who has contributed over the years with comments, insights, calculations, programming, your thoughts and ideas. You have all been my muse at one time or another and some of the deepest concepts we have covered have come from seeds that you have planted.

I look forward to beginning this new journey with you all. Please look for the first article this Sunday, bli neder, B”H. And please share it with as many people as possible. It is time to awaken them.

Any questions that you may have about any of the previous articles or chapters, please just email me or post in comments and I will be happy to explain further.