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Zion Nefesh

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4 thoughts on “Thank you”

  1. I don’t want to say to much,
    In a public forum, well if there is a name of righteousness being and a name of justice doing, is there a middle name I’m becoming what I’m becoming? what about the 7 names that can’t be erased, so 42 is energy and 72 is matter?

    How do the lion eagle ox man fit into 6 days or creation, 16 faces, 6 wings, 4 wheels, paradise

    In about 2 years I shall be 50, leo,

    How do the will and knowledge work, it seems like one drops out to make 10, is there 50 trees with a shadow side,

    I’ve seen the other side of reality as a baby, I have a blank mind, will to pleasure, the will to power, the will to purpose,

    id ego super ego, not, to, for, with, who am I and what am I doing here,

    How does chiya and yudchi work consciousness and oneness?

    It sounds and seems like a good option 5780,

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