The Land of Moshiach (the Messiah).

In parsha Vayigash, 46:28 it says [Jacob] sent Judah ahead of him to make preparations in Goshen (Goshnah).” Goshen (Goshnah) has the same 4 letters as the Chanukah dreidel, and likewise they add up to 358, the numerical value of Moshiach, the Messiah. This is the area within Egypt (or really outside it) that Joseph arranged for his family and the Israelites to live in exile. The name Goshen (גֹּשְׁנָה Goshnah) is only found twice in the Torah and hints at the two Mashiachs, Mashiach Ben Yosef and Mashiach Ben David, connected to Joseph and Judah respectively. By Joseph reuniting with Jacob, the spirit of Mashiach was restored, and the flow of mazal through Joseph could go to the Israelites, instead of the Egyptians who had been the previous beneficiaries.

The Torah is also telling us that the spirit of Mashiach can be anywhere, even in the darkness of Egypt if we stay connected to the source of the Light, which is a message we need to hear now, more than ever. Nevertheless, with Goshen(גֹּשְׁנָה GShNH), the Torah is also spelling out the travels of the Mishkan (the Tabernacle) and the Ark of the Covenant, whose final home was prepared by King David in the Holy Temple in Jerusalem: G for Givon; Sh for Shilo; and N for Nov.

While, it could be said that 3 letters of the Goshen(גֹּשְׁנָ GShN) adequately represent the 3 locations of the Mishkan, but the H of Goshna (GShNH) could stand for the 5 Books of Moses, since the 4th stop of the Ark of the Covenant was with King David in Jerusalem and King David was born 616 years after Jacob and his family moved to Goshen, and 616 is the numerical value of “H’Torah (the Torah).”

The name Goshen (גֹּשְׁנָה Goshnah) really translates to “toward Goshen” as the Torah is pointing us toward Mashiach. And the dreidel only spells out numerically Mashiach (גֹּשְׁנָה) outside of Israel. Inside Israel the letter Pe, for Po, here, is substituted for the Shin, just as Goshen is also outside Israel, in the land of exile.

The second instance Goshen is spelled (גֹּשְׁנָה Goshnah) is in the mystically important verse Bereshit 46:29 “Joseph harnessed his chariot and he went to greet his father in Goshen.” According to the Zohar, the word for chariot used here is merkava, as in the the chariot, or vehicle of divine revelation, described in Ezekiel’s famous prophetic vision (Ezekiel 1).

The Zohar goes on to explain that what Joseph harnessed was the various levels of his soul and he thus ascended to the level of Zeir Anpin of Atzilut (the highest level) and communed  with the Divine Presence, referred to in the verse as his father, Israel.” In Ezekiel’s vision, He was referred to as “the likeness of a man.”

Obviously, Goshen was a very special place, where the Israelite population would explode from 70 to 600,000 in preparation for the reception of the Torah and the Tree-of-Life and the fulfillment of the Covenant of Abraham (the Covenant of Halves) as God reiterated to Jacob earlier in the portion (Vayigash). With the kolel of 1 the initials of the verse total 107, and as we know, the sum of the integers through 107 is 5778, the year (2018 ce) Rav Ashalag and the tzaddikim prophesied for the final redemption (geula) and Moshiach.

We know the tie in to Moshiach is beyond dispute, but as for the intent to point to 5778 (2018 ce) we need further proof. Mirroring the ascention of Joseph to meet the Divine presence in the first verse of this chapter, “God spoke to Jacob in a night vision and said, “Jacob Jacob.” While the gematria of these double words less the kolel of 1 is 363 that of “H’Mashiach (The Messiah),” what these double words do is connect with the other set of double words, earlier in the portion at Bereshit 44:28: Tarof Toraf (TtRP TtRP).

And the secret of these double words is that they add up to 2018 in gematria sofit or 578 in simple gematria. Now, as regarding the mysterious double words, the Covenant of Halves, and the connection to King David mentioned earlier, half of period from Adam to Moshiach in 5778 is 2889, which is exactly midway through the 70 year life of King David.

To be continued with the the secrets behind the 70 Israelites who moved to Goshen.

The Mystery of the 1000 Generations

The Mystery of the 1000 Generations

Aisha Torah published this excellent devrai Torah, but we wanted to add a couple notes to help clear up this Talmudic mystery, paradox if you will. We bring this matter up, because we are soon to write about the Erev Rav and their ties to the dating of the final redemption, and some have suggestion that the 974 generations mentioned in Mishna of the 1000 mentioned in Psalms are the original Erev Rav (we’ll get into that in another article).

As you’ll see profoundly discussed below and excerpted from Psalms 105:8-10, there are supposed to be 1000 generations (“He commanded to a thousand generations, the covenant which He made with Abraham, and his oath to Isaac. And confirmed the same to Jacob for a law, and to Israel for an everlasting covenant.” )

There are also supposed 974 generations created before creation, as excerpted from Chagiga 14, “Rabbi Shimon the Pious said: “These are the nine hundred and seventy four generations who pressed themselves forward to be created before the world was created….”

Readers of this blog and The Divine Calendar The Divine Calendarknow that (1000 -974) = 26 and that in all probability these 26 generations are the 26 generations from Adam to Moses when the Torah was revealed, fulfilling the statement above. but this is only a partial answer.

We also know that the Covenant of Abraham was made in 2018 HC, 70 years after his birth in 1948 and that Israel became a nation in 1948 CE, 70 years before the fulfillment of the Zohar’s prophesy on 2018 CE (5778 HC) when Rav Yehuda Halevi Ashlag advised the Tree-of-life reality would be manifest.

So now let’s look at what was hidden in the 974 generations. First off, it is half 1948, or in other words 974 x 2 years = 1948. And as we learned in our recent article on Miketz and the Final Redemption, the Arizal advised us that “2 years (which Joseph spent in prison) was a hidden secret of when the journey to Moshiach would begin and end. He advised in was in 1976 CE, or as we saw, 42 years before 2018, also give by the gematria of 2 years (ShNTYM YMYM).

It’s simple math that reveals  that (1000 + 974 + 2 years) = 1976, and also that (1000 + 974 – 26 years) = 1948, so it would appear there are indeed hidden codes given to us by King David in Psalms and Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai of blessed memory.

Since everything in creation was created in two parts, we see that 974 years is exactly half the period to the birth of Abraham, and also exactly half the period from the destruction of the Second Holy Temple in 70 CE to 2018 CE (1948/2 years).

We know also, as previously discussed that time is not statics and was greatly compressed in first few days before Adam’s creation and in the 2000 years that the Torah existed before Creation, easily accounting for the 974 generations. Nevertheless, lets say we take the paradox literally, and see how many generations there are until 5778 from the birth of Moses (the 26th generation), in order to complete the 1000 generations. As it turns out from 2368 (Moses’ birth) to 5778, there are precisely 974 generations of 3.5 (three and a half) years.

What is this end of days prophecy is this reminiscent of?

“time, times, and half a time” from Daniel 12:7


1290 days = 3.5 years from Daniel 12:11

So there you have it.  There is no real paradox unless you want to take the Torah, Mishna, Tanakh completely literally and disregard what our sages knew that days, months, years, 1000’s and generations are interchangeable reflections of the same spiritual concept. Once you grasp that, you can begin to grasp the reality of the Tree-of-life where there are no physical limitations or illusions.

Happy Chanukah!

From Aisha Torah:

Bereishit(Genesis 1:1-6:8)

The First Man

In the beginning, God created the heaven and the earth. And the earth was without form, and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep. And a wind from God moved upon the face of the waters. And God said, “Let there be light;” and there was light. And God saw the light, that it was good; and God divided the light from the darkness. And God called the light Day, and the darkness he called Night. And there was evening and there was morning, one day. (Genesis 1:1-5)

With these epic words, the Torah, and indeed the world, begins. The beginning is clouded in mystery, perhaps allegory and allusion. The Mishna (Chagiga 11b) dissuades even the sage from attempting to penetrate the unfathomable.1 Nonetheless, there are hints about the dawn and predawn — or perhaps the term should be twilight — of creation in our tradition.2 When commenting on this Mishna, the Talmud makes an obscure reference:

Rabbi Shimon the Pious said: “These are the nine hundred and seventy four generations who pressed themselves forward to be created before the world was created, but were not created. The Holy One, blessed be He, arose and planted them in every generation, and it is they who are the insolent of each generation.” (Chagiga 13b-14a)3

There are those who were created, yet not created, who were “pressed” or contracted, and placed into future generations.4 Rashi explains this passage by presenting a verse in Psalms:5

He has remembered His covenant forever, the word He commanded to a thousand generations, the covenant which He made with Abraham, and his oath to Isaac. And confirmed the same to Jacob for a law, and to Israel for an everlasting covenant. (Psalms 105:8-10)

A cursory reading of this verse might lead to the understanding that the Torah is of limited scope and efficacy, for the verse speaks of a “mere” thousand generations. Rashi, however, explains that the Torah was given, not for a thousand generations, but to the thousandth generation. One could have simply attributed the term to vernacular usage and metaphor, citing other poetic uses of the “thousand years” or “thousand generations” coin of speech:

* * *


“A thousand” is used in a verse in Ecclesiastes describing the futility of man’s aspirations:

And though he live one thousand years twice told, yet has he seen no good; do not all go to one place? All the labor of man is for his mouth, and yet the appetite is not filled. (Ecclesiastes 6:6-7)

While we know that God transcends time, the Psalmist nonetheless utilizes this same “thousand” expression to describe Divine time:

A Prayer of Moses, the man of God: Lord, you have been our dwelling place in all generations. Before the mountains were brought forth, before you had formed the earth and the world, from everlasting to everlasting, You are God. You turn man back to dust; and say, ‘Turn back, O children of men!’ For a thousand years in your sight are but like yesterday when it is past, and like a watch in the night. (Psalms 90:1-4)

Apparently, Rashi did not want to allow the possibility of a misunderstanding, of the suggestion that the Torah has an expiration date — a “shelf life” of one thousand generations. Therefore, Rashi explains that the verse means the word of God was commanded to the “thousandth generation.”6

Rashi did not want to allow the possibility of a misunderstanding that the Torah has an expiration date.

Saying that the Torah was given to the thousandth generation does solve the problem of suggesting that the Torah is limited. On the other hand, a separate problem is presented: When one counts the generations in the Torah from Adam until Moses, far less than a thousand are enumerated. In fact, according to tradition, the Torah was given to the 26th generation.7

Rabbi Joshua ben Levi said: “To what do these twenty-six [verses of] ‘Give thanks’ correspond? To the twenty-six generations which the Holy One, blessed be He, created in His world; though He did not give them the Torah, He sustained them by His love.” (P’sachim 118a)

If the Torah was given to the thousandth generation, yet only twenty-six generations are discernible, nine-hundred seventy-four generations are “missing.” This, according to Rashi, is the lesson of the Talmud.

* * *


According to this approach, both formulations are true: The Torah was given both to the thousandth generation and to the twenty-sixth generation. The solution lies in those who were “created but not created” before the world came into existence.

While this solution works mathematically, the theological implications seem challenging. The passage from the Talmud offered as an “explanation” is difficult to understand.

These are the nine hundred and seventy four generations who pressed themselves forward to be created before the world was created, but were not created. The Holy One, blessed be He, arose and planted them in every generation, and it is they who are the insolent of each generation. (Chagiga 13b-14a)

Were these people created or not? The entire passage seems paradoxical.


  1. The [subject of] forbidden relations may not be expounded in the presence of three, nor the work of creation in the presence of two, nor [the work of] the chariot in the presence of one, unless he is a sage and understands of his own knowledge. Whosoever speculates upon four things, a pity for him! He is as though he had not come into the world, [to wit], what is above, what is beneath, what before, what after. And whosoever takes no thought for the honor of his Maker, it were a mercy if he had not come into the world. (Chagiga 11b) (return to text)
  2. The Torah describes the creation as twilight:
    And there was evening and there was morning, one day. (return to text)
  3. The Talmud in Shabbat also makes reference to these 974 generations:
    R. Joshua b. Levi also said: “When Moses ascended on high, the ministering angels spoke before the Holy One, blessed be He: ‘Sovereign of the Universe! What business has one born of woman amongst us?’ ‘He has come to receive the Torah,’ answered He to them. Said they to Him, ‘That secret treasure, which has been hidden by Thee for nine hundred and seventy-four generations before the world was created.'” (Shabbat 88b) (return to text)
  4. According to mystical tradition recorded in the Sefer HaBahir section 195, the souls of the 974 wicked generations are transmigrated into new bodies, who are then judged for deeds performed in the previous life. This is the Bahir’s explanation for theodicy. However, based on the Bahir’s context it sounds as if these people are presently righteous, while the Talmudic version makes these people sound presently wicked. See notes of Rav Reuven Margoliot in the Mosad Harav Kook edition, for other references in Kabbalistic literature. (return to text)
  5. Rashi is based on Kohelet Rabba 1:35. (return to text)
  6. This explanation is aided by the verse which follows:
    And confirmed the same to Jacob for a law, and to Israel for an everlasting covenant. (Psalms 105:10) (return to text)
  7. See Berishit Rabbah 1:4, 1:10, 21:9, Vayikra Rabba 9:3, Midrash Rabbah – The Song of Songs 2:6,5:13:
    The mystics saw great significance in the Torah being given to the 26th generation, the number 26 is the numerical equivalent of the Divine name: Yud=10, heh=5, vav=6, heh=5 — equaling 26. (return to text)

The World is Catching On.

This is from an Argentinian Astrologer who sees a major major shift beginning to occur in the world and sees is becoming concrete in 2018. I personally don’t know too much about astrology, but I do know that Rav Ashlag and the tzaddikim of blessed memory predicted 2018 (5778) would be the year the Tree-of-life reality opens up for us (in other words the geula, final redemption and manifestation of the Moshiach (Messiah).

He makes some bold predictions, but as we said in our last post, with the approaching advent of the Tree-of-life, time will stretch out, be pulled toward infinity, like a ship approaching a black hole, and all the advanced he predicts will indeed be possible.

We present it here with google translation and in its original Spanish text.

By Emilio Garcia, Argentine astrologer

On May 29, the planet Uranus in the constellation of Pisces left to enter Aries, which has a great deal of meaning and encouragement to mankind.

Uranus is a planet of air passing to radiate the energy of Aries, Fire Sign. It is already known that air power fuels and fire, so we expect large unexpected changes in levels, the intellect (Uranus) is strongly influenced towards the spirit (Fire of Aries) and changes will be designed primarily to Earth in all our human activities.

A new era “mind – inner fire” has begun and we should not accept it and hosted it with all our heart and mind, to resonate with the energy that comes from outside.

Changes (Uranus), large (Aries) have already begun to take shape. Some beings, the most sensitive, and will be experiencing as a mental restlessness, feeling that something should be done but not yet knowing full well what is expected of them. Others, slower to react, will find themselves suddenly faced with unexpected situations that were never contemplated as possible, and if so, my advice as an astrologer would be “sooner resign yourself to change, not try to hold what it falls in possible, hang it, so it falls as soon as possible, and do not miss the train to try to sustain the unsustainable. ”

Whatever it is, in the lives of people, which is already outdated, there will be change, inexorably. It’s design of the energies of the universe and man is impossible to resist.

Big losses were recorded from this date on the world order, but they are only movements necessary for them to install new proposals, new movements, intellectual and spiritual. The world is not the same as it was in June 2010, some will charge, others feel an uneasiness and not know why. Here I explain why.

Arians are very nervous and anxious as well as the other Fire signs (Leo and Sagittarius), because they are most sensitive to the type of energy radiated, the other Cardinal Signs (are 90 degrees of Aries (Cancer, Libra and Capricorn) are irradiated with energy of sudden change, what they did in years, will be forced to do either and the roof above them come because Aries is impatient and need everything “yesterday.”

Welcome such abrupt changes, but its speed will be that of an express train, because the shed to a vacuum necessary for the new parameters are installed. Must open their hands and drop (especially possessive Cancer and Capricorn), as soon as possible, so as to cushion the shock of change that has begun to manifest. What is not encouraged to drop, they will be uprooted, because it slows their growth and their future.

It is a time of voids, chaos, for the acquisition of new attitudes, new beginnings, of conscious and unconscious processes of change, attachments that are detached in every way. Paradoxically, fear (an attachment) to produce this blue, should be left out, in other words, we must let us undress because radiated energy will put us try another guise, much more appropriate than the last. The tendency will be to protect, hide, hold … just the opposite of what we do.

We now “and” a wonderful opportunity for renewal, in which we voluntarily shed the “baggage” of attachment or otherwise, will be required to do so or, simply, one day we will be naked in body and soul. We must prepare for it, who is not able to, go through traumas instead of accumulating experience, because both combined energies, LIBERTY AND demand. Freedom (Uranus) and (Aries).

Therefore, brothers, in the light, we are blessed by the loss of that which does not suit us, keeping us relegated, and if we feel that we fall into an empty space because the earth has opened at our feet, put our hearts together ethereal at the foot of the Lord, that is blindly trust that just preparing a new acquisition, a new mentality, the chance to tune into the universe, in sync with the clock change, and we will leave it, renewed, freed , and a new consciousness without which we could not survive as humanity.

Whether the couple, work, housing, residence, family, all our human activities must necessarily be updated. The timing of the start of the generational change that will last until mid-year 2018 is upon us. Is TODAY.

Not despair … Uranus does not take but the old, and outdated, the obsolete, which does not serve us even though we are convinced it is. The technology will undergo a sweeping advance, because the bullet train, has already started. Relations with the leadership (Aries) will be questioned (Uranus) and the masses will unconsciously move toward a new awareness of order and leadership.

Something very important that long since I have been suggesting is in theaters: the individual change, to renew itself without the influence of guides and teachers. Each will be from now his own master of change, and those who adhere to be conducted will be seriously disappointed and confused. Time’s up for the Masters, it was time for “Inner Master” as the absolute gift to man, way to becoming the god who always has been.

The man must generate its own decision to change, instead of listening and following the usual spiritual guides, each must follow your intuition (Uranus) to find their own paths of personal growth (Aries), ie, each must be decided to be unique but connected to the collective unconscious that all claim to the change from individual personal change.

This irradiation will undoubtedly be used by the dark in the sense of applying high frequency electromagnetic waves (Uranus) aimed at controlling all thoughts and mental control processes (Aries) and its purposes are unfortunately favored, but will also Fortunately most easily detected by ordinary citizens.

Subliminal programming and all electronic procedures applied to the management of masses will peak in this era, the useful idiots will have to become more useful idiots, while “awake” speed up their process of awakening, your chances of developing intuition and communication with your inner self.

Many accelerate its wake, at speeds that some awake. Many apparently asleep, waiting for the right moment, given the big steps necessary and amazed, we watch them walk past us when we had resigned to leave them behind.

Our phones will become obsolete within months, and mechanical developments will be strongly influenced by electronic advances, possibly in advancing the development of ships whose engines will no longer use conventional but not only electricity from conventional natural sources , but from the energy available in the interatomic spaces. We’ll see miracles in technology that will leave behind the most modern that we know.

The computer will enter a stage through mind control and brain waves, wireless everything an evolutionary leap that will divide the world into two, which are mobilized and are concerned about keeping up to date as possible and those who will live again as in the Stone Age, will separate those who will be the harbingers of a new era, of those who cling to the old cling to outdated systems whose fate will be the rapid elimination.

Spiritually, is sponsored by the rapid development of intuitive and communication mechanisms consent – unconscious, not only personally, but on a mass level, children begin airing thoughts and ideas with each generation in a totally unknown to us the elderly. Act in unison, like birds when they decide to take flight, mechanism impossible to cover by conventional minds.

Education should be urgently updated because these children refused the old teaching methods, and will resist with all their might to go to school where teachers will not be able to understand why the guys “do not want to study” the kids do not want to study because they are fully convinced that the acquisition of knowledge (Aries, head, brain) will not be by conventional means but it will be intuitive or at least by sophisticated computer systems (Uranus) that will allow them to absorb knowledge minutes the “old” We could take days of intense concentration.

They suddenly “know” without realizing how, what has led us years to understand.

This leaves us one way, friends, develop urgently, or go to the caste of the marginalized. The world is separated into two irreconcilable halves: the new, dramatically again in mind-spirit connection, and the old, purely mechanical brain, destined to perish quickly. We have a choice, will dock with the energies of change to speed quickly, or to retreat, to step aside and hope the transition will allow us to reincarnate into new creatures with new potentialities, born in the new era, which began.

Electronics (Uranus) will be the new science that will link the mental mechanisms (Aries) with the spiritual feeling, giving us a golden opportunity to become holistic beings, whose mental vibrations accompany the spiritual pursuit of finding a new path to development.

New pressures felt in the head due to alterations in the nervous system will give us the rates that it is time to dock to change. This change, again, is irreversible and final. Everything old, suddenly, with lightning speed (Uranus) will take a new direction (Aries), and should resonate with it on pain of personal property damage and very serious, losses of those who resist will be unrecoverable.

Let go, folks, as soon as we can, we open the head, the mentality (Aries) to the new sudden changes (Uranus) that come with the speed of an express train. Do not be afraid, is for the good of humanity. Uranus is the planet of freedom, Aries the sign of leadership, the new world, new earth, has just been born. A new era of prodigious miracles has already begun, and will be among us, in the discretion of each fit and be part of it or surrender to be discarded in a world that will not accept old parameters.

Everything has to change, interpersonal relations, labor relations, generational contacts, current technology in use, a new sense of spirituality mating mind-spirit, linkages with extraterrestrial civilizations … with a special component: the old, ancient old will be current, sweeping “new” art.

Lemuria and Atlantis resurface within us and we’ll gradually becoming aware of it. The newly old, perish.

With the highest point to the idea of new roads sponsored by the universe, and to dispel fears that causes any further changes, sponsored a golden age for those who can accept the challenge. Drop, opening the mind, heart, spirit, open feel, free of dogma, fear, blame, prejudice, old beliefs … is the best remedy for the inevitable moments of change that fortunately have already arrived, after being expected for centuries by those evolved souls who have suffered the scorn and ridicule, marginalization and to the fire, not having been included in the time .

The era of the pioneers has come, is knocking at our doors. Heaven and earth have begun to merge.

A hug.

Por Emilio Gallardo, astrologo argentino

El 29 de mayo, el planeta Urano abandonó la constelación de Piscis para entrar en Aries, lo que tiene una gran cantidad de significados y de estímulos para la humanidad.

URANO es un planeta de Aire que pasa a irradiar las energías de Aries, Signo de Fuego. Ya se sabe que el aire alimenta y potencia al fuego, por lo que nos esperan grandes cambios inesperados en distintos niveles; el intelecto(Urano) se ve fuertemente influenciado hacia el espíritu (Fuego de Aries) y los cambios fundamentalmente se verán proyectados hacia Tierra en todas nuestras actividades humanas.

Una nueva era “mente – fuego interior” ha comenzado y no deberíamos sino aceptarla y auspiciarla con todo nuestro corazón y mente, a fin de resonar con la energía que llega desde el exterior.

Los cambios (Urano) bruscos (Aries) ya han comenzado a gestarse. Algunos seres, los más sensibles, ya los estarán experimentando en forma de inquietud mental, de sentir que algo deben hacer pero no sabiendo bien todavía qué es lo que se espera de ellos. Otros, más lentos para reaccionar, se encontrarán de pronto frente a situaciones inesperadas que nunca habían contemplado como posibles, y en ese caso, mi consejo como astrólogo sería “abandónate cuanto antes al cambio, no intentes sostener lo que se cae sino que en lo posible, cuélgate de ello, a fin de que caiga cuanto antes, y no pierdas el tren por intentar sostener lo insostenible”.

Sea lo que sea, en la vida de las personas, que esté ya perimido, habrá de cambiar, inexorablemente. Es designio de las energías del universo y para el ser humano es imposible resistirse.

Grandes pérdidas se registrarán a partir de esta fecha en el orden mundial, pero solamente son movimientos necesarios para que puedan instalarse nuevas propuestas, nuevos movimientos, intelectuales y espirituales. El mundo ya no es el mismo que era en Junio del 2010, algunos lo percibirán, otros sentirán un desasosiego y no sabrán por qué. Aquí quiero explicar la razón.

Los Arianos estarán muy nerviosos e inquietos, así como los restantes Signos de Fuego (Leo y Sagitario), porque son los más sensibles al tipo de energía irradiada; los otros Signos Cardinales (están a 90 grados de Aries (Cáncer, Libra y Capricornio) están irradiados con bruscas energías de cambio; lo que no hicieron en años, se verán obligados a realizarlo ya o bien, el techo se les vendrá encima porque Aries es impaciente y todo lo necesita “para ayer”.

Bienvenidos esos cambios bruscos, aunque su velocidad será la de un tren expreso, porque los arrojará a un vacío necesario para que los nuevos parámetros se instalen. Deberán abrir sus manos y soltar (sobre todo los posesivos Cáncer y Capricornio), lo antes posible, de forma de amortiguar el shock de cambio que ha comenzado a manifestarse. Lo que no se animen a soltar, les será arrancado de cuajo, porque demora su crecimiento y su futuro.

Es una época de vacíos, de caos, necesarios para la adquisición de nuevas mentalidades, de nuevos comienzos, de procesos consientes e inconscientes  de cambio, de apegos que se desvinculan en todos los sentidos. Paradójicamente, los miedos (un apego) que producirá esta situación celeste, deberán ser dejados de lado, en otras palabras, deberemos dejar que se nos desnude porque las energías irradiadas van a probar de colocarnos otro ropaje, mucho más adecuado que el anterior. La tendencia será protegerse, esconderse, aferrarse… justamente lo contrario a lo que debemos hacer.

Tenemos ahora  “YA” una oportunidad maravillosa de renovación, en la que voluntariamente deberemos despojarnos del “equipaje” de apegos o de lo contrario, seremos obligados a ello o bien, sencillamente, un buen día nos encontraremos desnudos en cuerpo y alma. Hemos de prepararnos para ello; quien no sea capaz de hacerlo, pasará por traumas en lugar de acumular experiencias, porque ambas energías combinadas, exigen LIBERTAD YA. Libertad (Urano), ya (Aries).

Por lo tanto, hermanos en la Luz, estamos siendo bendecidos por la pérdida de aquello que no nos conviene, que nos mantiene relegados, y aunque sintamos que caemos en un hueco vacío porque la tierra se ha abierto a nuestros pies, pongamos nuestro corazón junto a los pies etéreos del Señor, es decir, confiemos ciegamente en que sólo se está preparando una nueva adquisición, una nueva mentalidad, la oportunidad de sintonizarnos con el universo, sincronizarnos con su reloj de cambio, y que saldremos de ésta, renovados, liberados, y con una nueva conciencia sin la cual, no podríamos sobrevivir como humanidad.

Ya sea la pareja, el trabajo, la vivienda, el lugar de residencia, la familia, todas nuestras actividades humanas deben necesariamente ser actualizadas. El momento del inicio de ese cambio generacional, que durará hasta mediados del año 2018, ya está sobre nosotros. Es HOY.

No nos desesperemos… Urano no se lleva sino lo viejo, lo ya perimido, lo obsoleto, lo que no nos sirve aunque estemos convencidos de que sí. La tecnología sufrirá un avance arrasador, porque el tren bala, ya ha arrancado. Las relaciones con las cúpulas (Aries) se verán cuestionadas (Urano) y las masas habrán inconscientemente de moverse en dirección a una nueva conciencia de orden y liderazgo.

Algo sumamente importante que hace mucho que vengo sugiriendo será puesto en cartelera: el cambio individual, la renovación por sí mismo, sin la influencia de guías ni maestros. Cada uno será a partir de ahora su propio maestro de cambio, y quienes se apeguen a ser conducidos se verán seriamente decepcionados y confundidos. Se acabó el tiempo de los Maestros, llega el tiempo del “Maestro Interior”, como regalo del Absoluto para el ser humano, camino a volverse el dios que siempre ha sido.

El hombre deberá generar su propia decisión de cambio, en lugar de escuchar y seguir a los acostumbrados guías espirituales; cada uno deberá seguir su intuición (Urano) hacia encontrar sus propios caminos de crecimiento individual (Aries), es decir, cada cual deberá decidirse a ser único pero vinculado al inconsciente colectivo que reclamará el cambio del todo a partir del cambio personal individual.

Esta irradiación, sin duda será utilizada por la oscuridad en el sentido de la aplicación de ondas electromagnéticas de alta frecuencia (Urano)dirigidas a controlar pensamientos y todos los procesos de control mental(Aries), y sus propósitos serán lamentablemente favorecidos, pero también serán afortunadamente más fácilmente detectados por el ciudadano común.

La programación subliminal y todos los procedimientos electrónicos aplicados al manejo de masas tendrán su apogeo en esta era; los idiotas útiles habrán de volverse más idiotas útiles, mientras que los “despiertos” acelerarán sus procesos de despertar, sus posibilidades de desarrollar la intuición y las comunicaciones con su Yo interior.

Muchos acelerarán su despertar, a velocidades que algunos despiertos. Muchos aparentemente dormidos, que esperan el momento propicio, darán el salto cuántico necesario y sorprendidos, podremos verlos caminar por delante de nosotros cuando ya nos habíamos resignado a dejarlos atrás.

Nuestros celulares quedarán obsoletos en cuestión de meses, y los desarrollos mecánicos se verán fuertemente influenciados por los avances electrónicos; posiblemente se avance en el desarrollo de naves cuyos motores ya no serán los convencionales sino que utilizarán energía eléctrica obtenida no sólo de las fuentes naturales convencionales, sino de la misma energía disponible en los espacios interatómicos. Veremos “milagros” tecnológicos que dejarán atrasados a los más modernos adelantos que conocemos.

La computación entrará en una etapa de control mediante la mente y las ondas cerebrales, todo lo inalámbrico dará un salto evolutivo que dividirá al mundo en dos, los que se movilicen y se preocupen en mantenerse al día en lo posible y aquellos que volverán a vivir como en la época de las cavernas; se separarán quienes serán los precursores de una nueva era, de quienes se aferran a lo antiguo apegados a sistemas obsoletos cuyo destino será la rápida eliminación.

En lo espiritual, se auspicia el rápido desarrollo de los mecanismos intuitivos y de comunicación consiente – inconsciente, pero no sólo a nivel personal, sino a nivel masivo, los niños comenzarán a transmitirse pensamientos e ideas generacionales entre sí en forma totalmente desconocida para nosotros, los mayores. Actuarán al unísono, como las aves cuando deciden levantar el vuelo, mecanismo imposible de abarcar por nuestras mentes convencionales.

La educación deberá urgentemente actualizarse porque estos niños rechazarán de plano los viejos métodos de enseñanza, y se resistirán con todas sus fuerzas a ir al colegio donde maestros y profesores no serán capaces de comprender por qué los chicos “no quieren estudiar”; los chicos no quieren estudiar porque están plenamente convencidos de que la adquisición de conocimientos (Aries, la cabeza, el cerebro) no pasará por los métodos convencionales sino que será por medios intuitivos o al menos, por sofisticados sistemas computarizados (Urano) que les permitirán absorber conocimientos en minutos que a los “viejos” nos podrían llevar días de intensa concentración.

Ellos de pronto “sabrán” sin darnos cuenta cómo, aquello que a nosotros nos ha llevado años entender.

Esto nos deja un solo camino, amigos, evolucionar urgentemente, o pasar a la casta de los marginados. El mundo se separará en dos mitades irreconciliables: lo nuevo, espectacularmente nuevo, en unión mente-espíritu, y lo viejo, puramente cerebral y mecánico, destinado rápidamente a perecer. Tenemos la opción, el albedrío de acoplarnos a las energías de cambio que aceleran velozmente, o de retirarnos, dar un paso a un lado y esperar que la transición nos permita reencarnar en nuevos seres con nuevas potencialidades, nacidos en la nueva era, que ya comenzó.

La electrónica (Urano) será la nueva ciencia que vinculará los mecanismos mentales (Aries) con el sentir espiritual, brindándonos la oportunidad dorada de volvernos seres holísticos, cuyas vibraciones mentales acompasen a las espirituales en pos de encontrar una nueva ruta hacia la evolución.

Nuevas presiones sentidas en la cabeza debida a alteraciones en el sistema nervioso nos darán los índices de que es el momento de acoplarnos al cambio. Este cambio, repito, es irreversible e inapelable. Todo lo viejo, de pronto, con la velocidad del rayo (Urano) tomará una nueva dirección (Aries), y deberemos resonar con ello so pena de sufrir daños materiales y personales muy graves; las pérdidas de los que se resistan serán irrecuperables.

Soltemos, amigos, lo antes que podamos, abramos la cabeza, la mentalidad (Aries) a los nuevos cambios bruscos (Urano) que se vienen con la velocidad de un tren expreso. No tengamos miedo, es para el bien de la humanidad. Urano es el planeta de la libertad, Aries el Signo del liderazgo; el nuevo mundo, la nueva tierra, ha acabado de nacer. Una nueva era de prodigiosos “milagros” ha comenzado ya, y estará entre nosotros, en el albedrío de cada uno, acoplarse y ser parte de ella o abandonarse a ser descartado en un mundo que ya no admitirá viejos parámetros.

Todo ha de cambiar, las relaciones interpersonales, las relaciones laborales, los contactos generacionales, la tecnología actual en uso, un nuevo sentido de espiritualidad acoplando mente-espíritu, las vinculaciones con civilizaciones extraterrestres… con un componente muy especial: lo viejo, lo ancestralmente viejo volverá a ser actual, barriendo con lo “nuevo” de última generación.

Lemuria y Atlántida resurgirán en nuestro interior y nos iremos gradualmente volviendo consientes de ello. Lo recientemente viejo, perecerá.

Con la más elevada idea de orientar hacia los nuevos caminos auspiciados por el universo, y disipar los miedos que origina todo nuevo cambio, auspicio una era dorada para quienes sean capaces de aceptar el desafío. Soltar, abrir la mente, el corazón, el espíritu, abrirse a sentir, liberarse de dogmas, miedos, culpas, prejuicios, viejas creencias… es el mejor remedio para los momentos inevitables de cambio que afortunadamente ya han llegado, luego de ser esperados durante siglos por aquellas almas evolucionadas que han sufrido el desprecio y la burla, la marginación y hasta la hoguera, por no haber sido comprendidos en su momento.

La era de los adelantados ha llegado, está golpeando a nuestras puertas. El cielo y la tierra han comenzado a fusionarse.

Un abrazo.

The Missing 222 Years; What is Time?

Someone recently asked me why if some of the sages said Moshiach would come in the 6th millennium, did the tzaddkim say 5778; how are we to account for the missing 222 years.  The concept of time is a difficult one to grasp. Sure, we can all watch the clock and measure out 24 hours in a day, but that’s a man-made measuring strategy, not a spiritual or universal one.  A year is just the measure of time that the Earth journeys around the sun.  So what’s a year in another Solar system? And how is either of those measuring strategies relevant to a Martian?

Einstein brought us space-time, in which time could be bent and stretched like an elastic sheet with a heavy rock placed on it.  Meanwhile, Rav Ashlag explained the kabbalistic approach to time in that spiritual time is measured purely in distance, and distance is measured in similarity of form. Confusing?

What makes time so hard to grasp is that we view it from a very limited perspective, one concretely anchored in the world of Malchut (of matter), and we NEED it to be fixed in order to make sense of our world.

But imagine for a second, if you could let go of all that and allow time to become elastic for you. Imagine the ability to stretch or shrink time at will, to make a single hour long enough to accomplish everything you need to do in a day, a week, or even a year; imagine how far ahead of the game you would be then.

It would be like being in two, or ten, places at once. You could hit a ground ball and be rounding third even before it got to the shortstop because it would be stretched only from your perspective, not his. Think of all the lives you could save and mizvot you could do.

Alas, very few of us possess this ability. Only a very few of us have restricted our physical nature so completely that we’ve achieved the level of mind over matter where we can choose our own reference of time.

Nevertheless, if you’ve recited the Ana B’koach while trying to accomplish something difficult or seemingly impossible (see The Genesis Prayer) you’ve probably seen time and reality shift before your eyes.  I know I have.  So I know first hand that time can be stretched and bent and that Einstein’s theory is real in more than the abstract sense.

Scientists and pragmatists in general have a very hard time with the concept of  a Creation that limits our existence to 5771 years.  They have all the proof their eyes can show them that the universe is 13.7 billion years old and that it’ll last a few billion more give or take.  So for arguments sake, lets say the universe is 13.7 billion of our “limited time frame years” old, so what?

The Zohar tells us the Torah existed for 2000 years before Creation and it never said how long those years were in our time-frame.

Moreover, our time-frame and thus our fixed calendar wasn’t established until the sun and stars were set in the 4th day.  Again, according to the Zohar and the Arizal, the Torah existed in a permuted state that allowed for complete potentiality prior to its fixation  which began with the Bet of Bereshit in verse 1:1. Yet even with the Beginning, only Zeir Anpin and Malchut, the lower 7 dimensions, corresponding to Heaven and Earth were fixed.  Prior to then, all was pure energy, known as Light, the force ultimately responsible for directing matter and thus life, but also the force we can still feel a million times removed, as love.

Those 2000 years could be billions from our limited perspective and they are really more like infinity if the truth be told.  Nevertheless, according to the structure of the Tree-of-Life, all energy(light) is stepped down or diminished in form increments of 10 times, making each level 1/10th that of the level (sefirot or subsefirot (dimension) above it.  Thus on the 1st Day of Creation another 200 spiritual years past, and on the 2nd day, 20 spiritual years past, and on the 3nd day, 2 more spiritual years past.

Thus by the time the Sun was fixed in the sky in relation to the Earth, 2000, 200, 20, and 2 or 2222 years had past spiritually.  Once the sun was fixed, the Earth could complete a trip around it and thus our reference point changed. We were no long surging through infinity, connected to everything and nothing at once; we were separate and isolated.  We aged 1 year from our limited point of view with every encircling  of the Earth around the Sun.

We could track it with shadows and set a calendar to it.

On that day the Sun’s surface temperature was set to the exact number of degrees that would permit life as we know it to flourish on earth: 5778 K

Everything is 2’s in the Genesis: (day and night), light and dark, sea and sky, water and dry land, sea creatures and flying creations, etc.  Spiritually, it takes 2 to equal 1. “It was evening and it was morning, one day.”

Then there’s Adam and Eve, and Noach’s 2 at a time menagerie, Cain and Abel, Isaac and Ishmael, Jacob and Esau. They are all part and parcel of same spiritual concept.

Then two more days past, equivalent to 2 months and 2 days and Adam was created, and our calendar officially began, and so too the countdown to 5778 as prescribed by some of the tzaddikim.

The 5778 + 222 years gives us the 6 millennium, and completes 6000 years, or in gematria, the 6 alephs (elephs/thousands) that appear in the first verse of the Torah, thus establishing Heaven (Zeir Anpin). The 6 alephs are in every word except H’Sham’im (Heaven), reinforcing the point. The also alternatively total 666, which will be relevant in a moment.

According to the Zohar then,there are a total of 2000 + 6000, or 8000 total years until the geula from the true beginning,  though as we’ve discussed not all of these years are of the same length, and the number 8 always connects us to the higher sefira (dimension) of Binah.

Nevertheless, the 222 years are above (spiritual), and kabbalah teaches us that what happens above gets reflected below, so we should also account for 222 years in our world, and we find them in the time of our Patriarchs.

We know that the Covenant of Abraham occurred in 2018 HC and that the Torah specifically tells us the exile in Egypt would last 430 years; that takes us to the year 2448 when the Red Sea was split and the Torah (tree-of-Life) was received at Sinai.  But the Torah also tells us the Israelite left Egypt 210 years after Jacob and his 70 family members entered.

430-210 is 220 unaccountable years, and they are considered to be the 220 of exile in Canaan, part of the full Egyptian exile. Jacob is the key.

He promised to tithe to G-d and then worked for 22 years.  According to the Ari, Jacob was an incarnation of Adam and worked most of his life to rectify the sins of Adam.  As is said by chazal; Adam (ADM) stands for Adam-David-Mosiach and while David’s life falls at the exact midpoint (2889 HC) from Adam (0) to 5778, by tithing those 22 years Jacob saved us 220 years, and completed the full 6 millennium for us.

Now we are ready to understand how Rav Yehuda Halevi Ashlag and the tzaddikim arrived at the same date of 5778 for the geula and the 3rd opportunity for the Tree-of-life (endless) reality.  According to the Arizal, there is a deep kabbalistic understanding that the upper 1/3 of all and of any of the sefirot are oriented upwards toward G-d and the higher spiritual realm, and the lower 2/3 of them are oriented downward to the self, to our physical world. That is 1/3 = .333 and 2/3 = .666.  Before we explain Rav Ashlag’s computation, please note once again that there are 66.6 jubilee years between the 2nd tree-of-life opportunity (the reception of the 10 Commandments and the Torah) in 2448 HC and the year 5778 HC (2018 CE. This is 3330 of our normal years.

Rav Ashlag separated the 6 millennium (6000 years) into those years dedicated to G-d, and those to the self, thus 2000 and 4000, respectively, giving us a base of 4000 selfish (malchut) years and 2000 years left to purify once again. So taking those 2000 years, then separated them into 666.66 (667) and 1333.33, he came up with a total of 5333.33 base years and 666.66 years left to purified further, which coincidentally coincided with the birth of the Ari, of blessed memory. These final 666.66 years he purified once again into 444.44 base years and 222.22 spiritual ones. This left him with the year for Moshiach at 5777.78 and with the 222.22 spiritual years that as we’ve seen above reflect both the spiritual years before Adam and the completion of the 6th millennium.

6000: 4000          +       2000

2000:   1333.33     +          666.67

666.67:  444.44     +           222.22

5777.78   +          222.22 =  6000

So we’re now comfortably at the full 6000, and according to chazal there will be a 1000 year Shabbat (7th millennium) and then another 1000 year period (forever) of limitless existence, corresponding to the 8th millennium, for a total of physical and spiritual years on this side of Creation of 8000.

If we add that to the 2000 years the Zohar tells us the Torah existed in limitless form before Creation, we have a total of 10,000 years, 1000 years for each of the 10 sefirot: 4222 spiritual ones and 5778 physical ones, or 42% and 58%.

I guess it’s no wonder the 42-Letter Name of G-d is key to Creation and to the geula (final redemption), as advised by chazal, and that the 5-8 combination 58, 58, etc) and ratio (5/8) is central to the structure of the Torah, or that the complete gematria sofit value of the 42-Letter Name is 5778.

Nevertheless, we were discussing time, and we can look at our 5778 physical years as the bottom portion of a bowl, or better yet, of a tall narrow vase with steep side.  To us at the very bottom, time and the passing years appear flat like the earth, but we know that the earth is round and curves at any horizon.

In reality, time does as well, and the curve gets steeper before and beyond the 5778 year period that is soon ending.  At 7 years away, we are still too far away to really see it, but I suspect that soon the curvature will come into view.  As illustrated above, the first 2 seconds will be as 20; the first 2 minutes will be as 200, the first 2 hours as 200o, the first 2 days  as 20000, the first 2 months as 200,000; and the first 2 years as 2 million; and the first 20 years as 20 million; and the first 200 years as 200 million, while the final 1000 and 2000 will be nearly infinite.

You may feel that in the past 60-70 years time has felt as if it’s speeding up what with planes, and rockets, and satellites, and the advent of the telex, facsimiles, cell phones, email, instant messaging, texting and tweeting, but we’re only approaching the event horizon; things will really speed up in the near future.

As time speeds up science and spirituality will converge.  Already, scientists have settled on the 10-dimensional structure of the universe, the same as the ancient kabbalists and Abraham back in 2018 HC when he wrote about them and the 22 building blocks of the universe.  2018 CE is fast approaching; it’s time we all catch-up.

No one should be left behind.