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Pascal’s Pyramids

Numbers exist in the physical world and in the spiritual or metaphysical one. The difference between physicality and metaphysicality is that in the physical world infinity exists only in theory. Infinity is necessary for many of those theories and physical equations to exist, yet the physical world is finite and limited and therein lies the paradox. And because infinity does not exist there, neither can potentiality. It is just a theory, one at the core of physics, but a paradox, nonetheless. It is only within the realm of metaphysics that physics and mathematics actually work. Within metaphysicality, space and everything else is boundless and potentiality is a real state of existence. If something is possible then it has already occurred. It may be unmanifest within our range of perception, but it is there nonetheless if we know where and how to look for it.  This is also how a Divine Simulation of physicality works as well. If you seek it out, you can find it.

Artwork titled Shield I by Igal Fedida

The biggest illusion in our world is time; that it is linear, limiting, and eternal. It can take 70 years of painstaking work to discover something new under the Sun, or even 70 generations, or it can take an instant. It all depends on what path we take. Our world is composed of discreet bundles of information and all the information that was, is, or will be already exists; it is just a matter of finding it. This is how AI operates within the confines of our world, compressing human operating time from minutes, days, or years to instantaneous. Our consciousness can operate on a far vaster plane if we allow it. This happens once we stop believing in limitations, such as linear time.


What the physical world and the metaphysical realm have in common is geometry, a set of relationships that existed before even the numbers or concepts of the numbers existed.  Space itself is meaningless with geometry.

Pascal’s Triangle is a cascading flow of related numbers in branching streams that unleash a torrent of Number Theory relationships, networks, and equations, and since numbers are the letters of the Cosmos, we can learn a lot about the workings of the metaphysically universe from following these myriad patterns and streams.   As we previously saw, the Path of One (113914551820) is found diagonally and symmetrically starting on the 13th tier.

Imagine hiking through the jungle and finding a beautiful immense multi-tiered waterfall with cool soothing mist rising from each tier. Then imagine spying a glowing golden triangle toward the top of the falls with a rocky ledge leading toward it. It seems to be composed of the same churning turquoise waters yet its glowing like a warm morning sun.

The Concept of 9 and the 112 Essential Triplets

In the physical world, that water is flowing over the edge at a constant rate; in the metaphysical one it is doubling on each tier from the inside out. We have repeatedly seen the connection between the number 70 and the 14 Triplets of the 42-Letter Name. It is through the equation of 9 divided by the 42-Letter Name’s first tier that equates to 70 plus Pi (π) or 9/.123049… = 73.141593 = (70 + 3.141593). The great reset following the Flood begins in the 9th Chapter of the Torah, when G-d blessed Noach and tells him and his children to “Be fruitful and multiply and fill the earth.” Metaphysically aligned with this is that in the exact center of the 9th tier of Pascal’s Triangle, or cascading pyramid, we find the number 70.

As we recall, the number 9 is at the heart of the derivation of the radiating Primal Frequency (27.5 Hz) so it may not be a cosmic coincidence that we find either of these connections between the 42-Letter Name or Pascal’s Pyramid and the Concept of 9.

The Concept of 9 involves 9 regions of higher consciousness that stem from 4 even higher ones. The 4 Holy Names of the Creator, YHVH (יהוה), Ehyeh (אהיה), Adonai (אדני), and Elohim (אלהים) when spelled out or expanded form 9 Aspects of the Creator.

Instead of thinking of 9 divided by the 42-Letter Name equals 70 plus Pi (π), we can elevate our consciousness to envision the 9 Aspects of the Creator’s Names divided by his Singular Name of 42 and the numbers come out of the equation. All that is left is the relationship between the regions of Consciousness of the Creator and their influence or dominion over the consciousness of the Pi (π) field and the 70 branches of the Tree-of-Life and/or 70 dimensions of Zeir Anpin.

Being the cosmic interface language, the 27 letters or 9 Triplets of the Alef-bet allow us to translate and/or reveal the otherwise hidden hyperspace intentions and significance in multiple and varied ways that would not be possible otherwise. One such method is to apply string gematria and sum up the new values for either words or specifically of the 112 Essential Triplets.  When we apply it to the 11 Triplets of Creation, we find that the first 3 in the Torah, the first 9 letters in the Torah, whose ordinal value equals 99 or 11 each like the 11 sefirot, add up to (221 + 314 + 221) = 756 or 27.52, the radiance of the Primal Frequency (27.5 Hz) of the universe, which is also the base measure of the Great Pyramid, 756.25 feet.

And lest we were to think that is another cosmic coincidence and not a derivation from the metaphysical nature of true existence, the first 9 Triplets of the Torah, add up to (221 + 314 + 221 + 135 + 141 + 453 + 414 + 614 + 512) = 3025, or (4 x 27.52) that happens to be the perimeter of the Great Pyramid (3025 feet). This value of 3025 is most significantly 1/12th the Spherical Time circumference or 36304.24470/12 = 3025 as in the 36300” perimeter of that same Great Pyramid and as in the 12 periods of the 12 lunar months and 12 constellations guided by the 12 Singles in the Alef-bet as prescribed by Abraham Avinu. The Great Precession of 25,920 years is (12 x 2160) and 2160 miles is the diameter of the Moon, hence aligning it with Precession of the Earth’s axis with the 12 lunar months of the Cosmic Wheel, and with the 25,920 parts of a minute in every set of 24 hours, One Day, of the Hebrew day that divides every minute into 18 parts. Every year of the Great Precession is tuned to a single part of a minute every day. Every hour of every day equals (60 x 18) = 1080 parts or the radius of the Moon, 1080 miles.That is cosmic astrology.

The value 3025 is also (110 x 27.5), as in Joseph’s age, 110 years, the first Interval and the numerical value of the Hebrew word for miracles Nes (נס). The small gematria of those same 9 Triplets total 73, as in the 73rd Triangular Number which is the 2701 sum of the Torah’s first verse, as in the value of the 9th sefira, Chochma, Wisdom. The first letter, word, or verse sets the tone for every segmented or partitioned aspect of the Torah as it does for every aspect in physicality; therefore, beginning the Torah and the tale of the Creation of physicality with the radiating Primal Frequency (27.5 Hz) of the greater universe imbues every aspect of the Torah with perfectly aligned metaphysical underpinnings and aligns everything with the Phi (φ) field, in the same way as the Alef-bet interface language.

Meanwhile, using this metaphysical string gematria cipher, the first 13 Triplets or 39 letters of the 42-Letter Name add up to exactly 5775 or (210 x 27.5 Hz), reflecting the 210 years of exile in Egypt and the 210-cubit height of the Great Pyramid, 5775 inches.

And almost as dramatic is that when string gematria is applied, the 8 Triplet first row, known as the 9th Candle of the 72 Triplet Matrix, add up to 3303, which is exactly 2160 more than its standard gematria, or (33031143) = 2160, which is the diameter of the Moon (2160 mi), and is (10 x 216), as in the 216 letters in the 72 Triplets. We would be remiss not to point out that not only does (3 + 3 + 0 + 3) = 9, as in 3303, but 330 is the base measure of the Great Pyramid in cubits, (12 x 27.5), and the average difference in gematria cipher values for these 8 Triplet is (2160/8) = 270, or (3 x 3 x 10 x 3).

Moreover, the first 6 of those 72 Triplets equal (656 + 131 + 619 + 734 + 453) = 2928, as in 2928 HC, when King Solomon constructed the First Holy Temple, 39 years after the midpoint in King David’s life and in Spherical Time, while the first 15 Triplets equal exactly 6000, an exact average of 400 each. There are many other revelations within the 72 Triplets, but the sum of them plus that of the 11 Triplets of Creation equals (31589 + 4119) = 35708, as in the year 5708 HC when Israel became an official Nation, 70 years before the Event Horizon in 5778 HC.

Furthermore, utilizing string gematria the 3 sets of Essential Triplets when the 6689 total of the 14 Triplets of the 42-Letter Name is added, is (31589 + 4119 + 6689 + 3) = 42400, as in Moshiach Ben David, the higher consciousness plane. That in and of itself indicates how important these Essential Triplets are and their role in our ability to elevate our consciousness.

While 424 is a momentous component in the Spherical Time circumference of 36304.24470 the ratio of that metaphysical time circumference to the 25,920-year Earth Precession circumference is 36304.24470/25,920 = 1.40062672, highlighting the role of King David (14) at the center of the Spherical Time radius along with the 14 Triplets of the 42-Letter Name, the Source.

The 4th set of the 15 Triplets of the Shema totals 6221 using string gematria, and when the first Triplet (שמע) is separated, the remaining 14 Triplets that correspond to the 42 Letters of the Name YHVH (יהוה) total 5874, which is 42 more than 183, the cubic Matrix of the 5832 verses of the Torah, aside from the encapsulated 13 verses of the 10 Commandments. This is like the sum of the small gematria, (2 + 2 + 1 + 3 + 1 + 4 + 2 + 2 + 1) = 18 of the Torah’s first 3 Triplets that added up to (221 + 314 + 221) = 27.52, and of Phi (φ)18 = 5778.000, the Event Horizon. It is also like their standard value with the kolel of 1118, the same as the standard value of the 15 Triplets of the Shema.

And while the sum of (6221 + 31589) = 37810, the value 6221 is the 810th Prime Number and the 27th Prime Number between 6000 and 7000, and 378 is the value of “His Name is One, Echad Ushmo Echad (אחד־ושמו־אחד) whose total value is 378, the same as the 27 positions from 127, corresponding to the Magic Essential Cube of Creation of Constant 42. Also, the sum of the 14 Triplets of the 42-Letters Name, 6689, is the 862nd Prime Number and the 73rd Prime Number between 6000 and 7000. The importance of the 60007000 alignment is that it represents the specific 1000-year period called the Great Shabbat of the 7th millennium, an elevated state of enlightenment in preparation for an even higher state of Consciousness to follow.  That Great Shabbat only occurs though if the necessary work was done during the 6 Days or 6000 years towards our personal and collective spiritual growth, a certain threshold of consciousness elevation.

That 1000-year period and the preceding 70 year one are both metaphysically reflected in the simple Spherical Time circumference (36304.24470) years in that 4470 are the sum of the first 1000 digits in Pi (π) or 1000 years and 70 is thus 70 years.

This little Core Pyramid of 15 units centered on the 9th tier is a tiny speck in a sea of ever-expanding numbers. It is bounded by the crisscrossing diagonals of the Triangular Numbers (1 – 3 – 6 – 10 – 15 – 21 – 28 – 36 – 45). It begins most notably with the number 20, representing Keter at its summit; followed by 70 split into two segments of 35 on the next tier; then 70 in the exact center, just like the Spherical Time paradigm, flanked by 112, as in the 112 Essential Triplets; then beneath that, two outer units each of twice 42, and two inner units of thrice 42, or 210 plus 210 for 420 in total; and on the bottommost of the 5 tiers, there is 252 or (6 x 42), surrounded by 210 and 210 again, and then flanked again by 120, the “age of man,” making each flank equal to 330, or (12 x 27.5 Hz or cubits), and thus mimicking the Great Pyramid whose base is 330 cubits and whose height is 210 cubits, the 20th Triangular Number, coinciding with the 210 years of exile in Egypt. The average value of those 15 triangular stacked units plus the One (1) is (1604 + 1)/15 = 107, as in the 107th Triangular Number, the Event Horizon. Meanwhile, this Core Pyramid contains exactly 26 multiples of 42 or the product of the YHVH (יהוה) and the Singularity of 42.  All these equations that require us to add One (1) or a fixed unit representing the One (1) are built into the Cosmic system to remind those who are trapped on the physical level of the omnipresence of the Creator, and on the metaphysical level to anchor various networks, pathways, bridges, matrices, and consciousness streams to the Source, the One (1).

That total of 1604/4 is 401, which is the value of the Torah’s 4th word (את) that represents the first and last letters of the Alef-bet.  Following that metaphysical breadcrumb, we further see that 1604/70 is 22.9143 and not only does 22 represent the 22 letters of the Alef-bet and does 9143 align with the 9143 value of the 72 Triplet Matrix, but 2.29143 or 1604/(70 x 10) is off from the Cosmic Space/Time Ratio 27.5/12 or 2.291666 by exactly 1/4200. It takes more than computer power and prowess to build all that into the simple doubling cascade; it takes consciousness, conscious design.

What is the cosmic or metaphysical significance of this innate mathematical representation of the tier of 420 following the central 70?

We have seen that the 11,556-year diameter of the Spherical Time bubble is not only exactly twice the surface temperature of the Sun, 5778 K, but is also the 11,556-year wavelength of the Parker Instability Galactic Current Sheet. It is also 420 cycles of the Primal Frequency (27.5 Hz) emanating from the Source.

Just in case we are to presuppose that this core Pyramid with its 26 multiples of 42 does not have meaning beyond convenient mathematical relationships, we should take note that its 3 vertices (20 + 120 + 120) = 260 or (10 x 26), the YHVH (יהוה), like the 260 years between Jacob’s birth and Moses’ birth (23682108) HC. With all that established, we can now note some additional Cosmic alignments within it, including the two symmetrical edge values (35 + 56) = 91, from the unification of YHVH (יהוה) and Adonai (אדני) and the Path of One that together equal 182, as in the 1820 YHVH (יהוה) in the Torah, and the numerical value of Jacob who entered Egypt with 70 of his descendants.  Also, there are the longer segments of the two symmetrical edge values (20 + 35 + 56) = 111, as in the letter Name Alef (אלף), meaning One, and together as in (6000222) = 5778, not to mention the two symmetrical edge values (56 + 84 + 120) that each equal 260 again. There are also the shorter twin segments (56 + 126) that equal 182 again, and (126 + 210) that equal 336, as in the 336 letters in the 112 Triplets. Nevertheless, what makes this obviously special core Pascal triangle extra satisfying are they crisscrossing full line segments of (35 + 70 + 126 + 210) that equal 441, as in the value of Emet (אמת), Truth, and as in 212 with 21 being the value of the higher Name Ehyeh (אהיה), and the slightly shorter segment within that Truth, (35 + 70 + 126) = 231, as in the 231 Gates of Wisdom and the Alef-bet, the 21st Triangular Number.

Another metaphysical oddity is that the other symmetrical refracted Paths that lead to 1820 intersect at the value 70 in the center of the special core triangle, the Golden Triangle. Moreover, the two symmetrical Paths that lead to 70 and have 9 elements inclusive of 70, (1 + 5 + 15 + 35 + 70 + 35 + 15 + 5 + 1) = 182, as in the numerical value of Jacob (182). This makes the central value 70 mathematically unique, especially since 1820 = (70 x 26), the value of the YHVH (יהוה), as in the 1820 YHVH (יהוה) in the Torah.  It also emphasizes the 5 in the 5 tiers of the Golden Triangle since the two intersecting Paths are the Paths of 5. Moreover, the 8 elements that lead up to (1 + 5 + 15 + 35) the number 70 in the two Paths of 5 equal (56 + 56) = 112, as in the 112 Essential Triplets, and as in the sum of the 8 corners of the Magic Essential Cube of Creation of Constant 42. This is symmetrical with the 112 or two 56’s that flank the number 70 in the center of the Golden Triangle. Outside of them and outside the two side passages (1 – 8 – 28) each equal 37.

Over the course of the cascading tiers, the volume of water or sum of the number values per tier doubles starting from One (1). If One (1) is the unattainable level, the first tier starts with the dichotomy of two (2) or 1 and 1, like the Tree-of-Knowledge of Good-and Evil and increases by 2n or doubles for each n-tiers, continuously forking and branching on each level. Our golden core triangle then extends from the center of the of the 6th level through the 10th one, which totals, 210, as in the 210 word-value matrix in the Torah. What makes this special core triangle truly golden is that its 15 units or blocks total 1604 and (1604 + 15 – 1) = 1618, or Phi (φ), the Golden Ratio. Moreover 1604 is (1600 + 4) = (402 + 22) as in the values of the letters Mem (מ), 40 and Bet (ב) 2, square, 42.

Since the sum total of those 11 tiers including the One (1) equals 2047 then the net difference between the inserted Golden Triangle and entire Pascal Triangle through that base level is (20471604) = 443, the same as the difference in the date of Exodus or Freedom (2448 HC and the year David became King over all 12 Tribes in Jerusalem, 2891 HC, while 2047 represents the 2047 years until Isaac was born in 2048 HC, the 11th generation after the great reset or Flood.

This is where the Hebrew Alef-bet interface to the numbers comes in handy to help interpret or enrich or give depth to the metaphysics of this extraordinary Golden Triangle. Since it occupies tiers 7 to 11 of Pascals Pyramid, we see that the full sum of those 5 tiers is (64 + 128 + 256 + 512 + 1024) = 1984, as in the title 1984 of the social idealistic eugenic Fabian Society’s George Orwell that forecast the new one world order plans that we are living through today. It also aligns with the year –1984 BCE or 1776 HC when the Tower of Babel was built in order to create a “New World Order” as explained in the Zohar.  The net difference between the Golden Triangle and the rest of those 5 tiers is (19841604) = 380, the numerical value of Egypt, Mizraim, site of the first exile, and the net difference between the Golden Triangle and the rest of the full 11 tiers in terms of occupied units is (6615) = 51, as in the numerical value of Edom (אדום), Rome, as in Washington DC originally named Rome of the Potomac and as in the 4th Exile, the Edom Exile that began in 70 CE.  Those roman numerals on the Great Seal above the Latin equivalent of “New World Order” at the base of the pyramid spell out 1776. Moreover, the Creator put it succinctly in the 45 letters of the 4th verse of the Torah, “And God saw that the light was good; and God divided the light from the darkness (וַיַּרְא אֱ־לֹהִים אֶת הָאוֹר כִּי טוֹב וַיַּבְדֵּל אֱלֹהִים בֵּין הָאוֹר וּבֵין הַחשֶׁךְ)” of numerical value 1776, which aligns with the 7th11th tiers of Pascal’s Pyramid, in that (7 + 8 + 9 + 10 + 11) = 45 blocks, of which 15 or .333 pertain to the Golden Triangle and 30 or .666 to the physically larger blocks of the outer remnants that equal Egypt.

Edom (אדום) also stands for Christianity or western society in general and has a sofit gematria value of 611, the same as the Torah.

The 9 Triplets

The cosmic interface language of the 27 letters or 9 Triplets of the Alef-bet are presented within the 27 positions of the Magic Essential Cube of Creation of Constant 42. When the 9 sets are 1-2-3, 4-5-6… 25-26-27 or the corresponding ordinal values to 1-10-100, 2-20-200… 9-90-900, the 9 Triplets are always found in a single plane in either a triangle or a diagonal bar, making the Essential Cube of Potentiality even more magical.


Moreover, while the sum of the 54 digits in the small gematria of these 2 sets of 9 Triplets is 270, the sum of string gematria that is made up of that small gematria of the Alef-bet partitioned into 2 sets of 9 Triplets, is (4104 + 4995) = 9099. This is an average per position in the Essential Cube of 9099/27 = 337 or the 336 letters in the 112 Triplets plus One (1). It is also 330 cubits or 9099 = (330 x 27.5”) + 24 = (9075 + 24), as in the base measure of the Great Pyramid plus the 24 cubits above the base platform, and 24 feet off from the central scored axis where the hidden entrance to it is found, or (2 x 27.5) = 55 feet high.  Equations are relationships and they define the paths that tell the story, as in 24 hours is One (1) Day, and as in the 27-day solar rotation. We count time exclusively by the rotation of the Earth and the Sun and the revolution of Earth around the Sun yet in a universe beyond earth how is that relevant to anyone? It is strange how we take the spherical revolution and spherical rotation and come up with a system of time that is linear. In the metaphysical word time is irrelevant or non-existent yet as the cosmic patterns are imprinted through Zeir Anpin onto the 3-dimension physicality, time as a concept comes into being.  And like every other aspect of the physical matrix, it is 3-dimensional, ergo spherical, not linear, which is an optical illusion.

There is also the equation of the counterspace to 9099 or (10,0009099) = 901 as in the 4 letters of the YHVH (יהוה) that are collectively found in the Torah exactly 90,100 times, which is the 424th Triangular Number or the set of integers from 1424, as in Moshiach Ben David consciousness, and as in the first 901 digits in Pi (π) that equal exactly 4000, and as in the (1 + 900) = 901 value of the first and last letters of the Alef-bet.  By following the geometry and the symmetry the paths reveal themselves.

Pascal’s Magen Davids

The vertices that equal 260 bring up another of the myriad extraordinary properties of Pascal’s Triangle, one that involves the vertices of specific types of triangles within it. These would be the interlocking triangles of the Magen David, the Shield of David. When any size Magen David is formed within Pascal’s Triangle and tilted at a 30o axis around a central number it will yield two interlocking triangles whose vertices have equal products. The smallest such Magen David is the 7-unit one centered on the number 2, whose product constant is 3. It is a quirk of mathematics, the language of the Cosmos, that produces these infinite Magen Davids, yet metaphysically it is not surprising as we saw the same pure shape fractally and at the core of the E8 Lattice symmetry and of the Magic Essential Cube of Creation as well.

The 70 Years

Noach lived 950 years or exactly 13 or Echad (אחד) years shy of 963 which is the value of Echad expanded, meaning that Noach lived the back portion of the expanded word Echad (אלף־חית־דלת). Meanwhile, the portion of his life through the Flood reset was (601/950) years = .633, as in the location digit #633 of Pi (π) where we find the first numerical string …5778…., the Event Horizon of the next great reset.  The Zohar tells us that Adam, who lived 930 years was supposed to live 1000 and that he gave his 70 years to David so that he would live, reign, and unite at the midpoint of Spherical Time.  That 1000 and 70 years are both metaphysically reflected in the simple Spherical Time circumference (36304.24470) years in that 4470 are the sum of the first 1000 digits in Pi (π) or 1000 years and 70 is thus 70 years.

If Noach also was supposed to live 1000 years, then Adam and Noach together, the two men who it could be said populated or re-populated the world after their respective great resets, would have given (70 + 50) = 120 years to Man. This is as in God’s decree in Genesis 6:3 about man that “His days shall be 120 years,” which is also the exact age of Moses.

It is also no coincidence that Noach outlived Adam (950930) by 20 years, as in the Abraham’s 20th generation and as in the apex of the Golden Triangle (20) whose other vertices are each 120, or as in the apex of the Torah in the 20th chapter of Exodus (Shemot), the 70th overall where the 10 Commandments are located. Nor is it a coincidence that Noach was born (1056930) = 126 years after Adam, as in the twin 126’s beneath the central 70 in the Golden Triangle or the (3 x 42) = 126 value of each face and plane of the (6 + 9) = 15 faces and planes of the Magic Essential Cube of Creation of Constant 42, just like the 15 or Yud-Hei (יה) blocks of the Golden Triangle.

As the Arizal explains, those 70 years represent the 70 nations or branches of the Tree-of-Life that spread out from the center when Adam sinned by eating from the Tree-of-Knowledge-of-Good-and-Evil. He inadvertently mixed good and evil, which had been completely separate until that point.  The result was that from essential order chaos emerged, and once that happened order in our world could no longer be restored and evil would always be admixed and blended into every aspect of physicality. Adam gave his 70 years to David (14), who was metaphysically aligned with the 14 Triplets of the 42-Letter Name, to anchor our world at the center of Spherical Time as a means of rectification.

The 4 Corners of the Earth

Both the Zohar and the Arizal use the term “4 corners of the Earth,” which appears first in the Tanakh in Isaiah 11:12: “And gather the dispersed of Yehuda from the four (4) corners of the earth.” While this is a reference to the 4 rivers from Binah that pass through Gan Eden in Genesis 2:10, it is also a metaphysical reference to the Cosmic Harmonic, as the exact area of those 4 corners around the Earth is .273 of the square, which is also the exact ratio of the Moon/(Earth and Moon), or (4/π – 1).

In particular, the Arizal said that for that rectification to occur the Israelites would have to be scattered throughout the 70 Nations (Branches) in 4 major exiles and 66 minor or very minor ones to repair and retrieve the Holy souls that fell into the hands of the evil forces. The first of these Holy souls was Joseph, whose unceremonious arrival in Egypt began the Israelites 210 years of exile there, the first of the major 4. That exile or mission was complete when Moses retrieved and rescued his bones as they departed Egypt. Hence, the Torah details specifically the 70 descendants of Jacob that ended up in Egypt and specifically mentions that 66 of them went with Jacob. Another way to view the split of the 70 branches and exiles into 4 and 66 is the natural hierarchy of the 4 members of the Tribe of Levi, who were Moses’ and Aaron’s ancestors, and the 66 members of the other 11 Tribes, like the value of the 11th Triangular Number, 66.

The Arizal tells us that the Egyptian Exile was a complete redemption because with the retrieval of Joseph’s bones all the Holy souls that were present in Egypt (physicality) were redeemed and repatriated. In other words, that was a reset in which Man successfully received the H’Moshiach and achieved Moshiach Consciousness; His journey in the physical realm was completed.  This is why Egypt (מצרים) is found 363 times in the Torah as in H’Moshiach (363) and as in the Spherical Time circumference (36304.24470) and that the year 2447 HC of 400 years after Isaac’s conception and the annihilation of evil in Sodom and Gomorrah, the year preceding the Exodus was immortalized in the Spherical Time circumference (36304.24470).

The problem with the Egyptian exile was the admixture of good and evil. While the Holy souls were extracted, so was the evil within the erev rav (mixed multitudes) that accompanied the Israelites in the exodus, which caused the journey to extend another 3330 years, 66.6 jubilee years to the Event Horizon.

The Arizal further states that this was not so with the other 3 exiles; for Moshiach Ben David to arrive and for the final redemption to occur all the Holy souls from the 66 nations must be redeemed. Over the 1948-year period from the start of the 4th exile in 70 CE with the fall of the Second Holy Temple to the Event Horizon (2018 CE), the average is 1948/66 = 29.5 per nation, as in 29.5 days in the lunar month (synodic period). The ratio of the Source to the lunar month, 42 to 29.5 or (42/29.5) = 1.424, as in the 1424 value of the Holy of Holies and as in Moshiach Ben David (424). Conversely, the ratio of 29.5 to 42 is (29.5/42) = .702, the numerical value of Shabbat, as in the 1000-year Shabbat of the 7th millennium that is the period of enlightened and elevated consciousness. The more precise ratio is (29.5/42) = .70238095, which breaks down mathematically to 70 and 238 or the 70 progeny of Jacob and his beloved Rachel (238); it is also most notably, 70 and 1/42. These are significant ratios that have bearing on the Cosmic Wheel of 363 days. The ratios (42/29.5) and (29.5/42) are the inverse of one another and when we add two inverses of a ratio, we get a unique numeric tag for those two related numbers. In this case (42/29.5) + (29.5/42) = 2.126110, as in the Name Ehyeh (אהיה) 21, the Name YHVH (יהוה), 26, and the 110 years of Joseph, who was Jacob and Rachel’s son, not to mention (4 x 27.5 Hz), etc. The inverse of 2.126110 is .470… as in the sum (21 + 26 = 47) of the Names Ehyeh (אהיה) and YHVH (יהוה), illustrating the paths of the interactions of the autonomous higher consciousness regions and the Hand of the Creator that stretches over our concepts of time, space, history, and the Torah.  Moreover, the 29.5-day lunar month works out to (29.5 x 24) = 708 hours, the numerical value of the 42 Letters of the YHVH (יהוה), and 470 is one of the components of the Spherical Time circumference, 36304.24470..

The metaphysical relationship between 4, 14 and 70 as in 470 and 1470 is a deep one that gets repeatedly expressed in the pathways imprinted into the Torah, trails we were meant to follow.  It is built into the central core of Spherical Time though the 70 years of David (14) and in its Event Horizon circumference, 36304.24470.  It is in the 70/5 = 14 ratio and the 1/70 = .01428… and it is written into the major metaphysical intersection of the Path of One and the Cosmic Harmonic. The Hebrew word for “4” is arba (ארבע) consists of the Torah’s first Triplet (ברא) backwards and the letter Ayin (ע) for 70. Its’ numerical value is 273, the average of the 11 Triplets of Bereshit and the value of the Cosmic Harmonic (273). When the Cosmos apply the Cosmic Harmonic to the Path of One we get 1/(1/2730 + 13/2730 + 91/2730 + 455/2730 + 1820/2730) = 1.1470 = 1/(238/273) = 1.1470. This is just like the 14 progeny from Rachel (238) of the 70 from Jacob (182).

The sum of Rachel (238) and Jacob (182) equals 420, which is like the 42 Yehuda (יהודה) in the Torah and the 7 L’Yehuda (ליהודה) whose collective value is 420. Altogether the value of these (7 x 7) =49 names is (1260 + 420) = 1680 or (40 x 42) like the 42 journeys over the 40 years from Egypt to Israel or (4 x 420).  Nonetheless, included within the 1820 YHVH (יהוה) in the Torah there are 255 with the same prefix Lamed (ל) as L’Yehuda (ליהודה), and those 255 L’YHVH (ליהדה) have a total value of 14280 as in 1/7th.  The total value for those (7 + 255) Names that contain the YHVH (יהוה) and have the prefix Lamed (ל) of complete value 42 is thus (1680 + 14280) = 14700, as in the 147 years of Jacob’s life, and the 14,700 that died in the plague after the rebellion of Korach. Meanwhile, the ratio of Rachel (238) or 1/42 to Phi(φ) is 238/φ = 147.0 and the ratio of Phi(φ) to Joseph’s age is likewise φ/110 = .01470…. The product of Rachel (238) and Phi(φ) is 385.0, the value of the Shechinah (שכינה), the Divine Presence or feminine Aspect of the Creator that accompanies the Israelites in exile and whose value equals (12 + 22 +…102) = 385. Nevertheless, subtracting Rachel (238) from the Shechinah (385) leaves us with (385238) = 147, in other words (238φ238) = 238/φ = 147.  Rachel or the inverse of 42 is at the center of it all.

The value of the Shechinah (שכינה), the Divine Presence, is 385 or (5 x 77) as in in 5778 and as in the 5 times the word Migdal (מגדל), meaning tower of numerical value 77, is found in the Torah, like the sum of the first 8 words and/or 33 letters of the Torah that equal 3003, the 77th Triangular Number and that comprise the 11 Triplets of Bereshit (Creation).  They all align with Mazal (מזל) of numerical value 77.

The Torah narrative makes Jacob’s attraction to Rachel a key focal point. It did not have to do that. That attraction drove him to work to secure her marriage for 14 years and another 7 so they could escape.  The value of the name Jacob is (7 x 26) = 182, as in the (70 x 26) YHVH (יהוה) = 1820 in the Torah. Of the 70 descendants of Jacob, 14, or 1 son or grandson for each year he worked to wed Rachel, came through Rachel, leaving 56 from Leah, as in the difference between (238182) = 56, reinforcing the Torah narrative that Leah was in the way or in the middle of their attraction.

Jacob (182) and Rachel (238) together equal 420 and that sum of the cosmic Concepts behind their names and archetypes not only aligns with the Singularity of 42 with its 7 tiers, but with the 42 Yehuda (יהודה) in the Torah and with the average per descendant of (420/14) = 30, the numerical value of Yehuda (יהודה), the forefather of King David (14) and thus Moshiach Ben David, which also explains why Rachel had to connect with the herb dudaim (דודאים) that begin with the name David (דוד) and that is found 5 times in the Torah, as (5 x 14) = 70, as in David’s age, etc. Moreover, we know King David’s lifetime of 70 years was split into two segments of 35 years each on either side of the midpoint of the Spherical Time radius, and that the difference between Jacob’s concept value 182 and his age is (182147) = 35. What is most intriguing is that the Consciousness of the metaphysical world arranged it so that 35/238 = .1470 or 14.70%.

The Concept value 182 not only is assigned to Jacob but is the convergence of all 4 Patriarchs as well in that their name vs age differences sum to (248175) + (208180) + (182147) + 156110) = (73 + 28 + 35 + 46) = 182.

The underlying attraction is that of 182 and 238, or (7 x 26) and 1/42, which is metaphysically 7 YHVH (יהוה)/42 = One (1), that is one YHVH (יהוה) on each of the 7 tiers of the 42-Letter Name Matrix, Jacob’s Ladder. The attraction is between the Singularity of 42 represented by Rachel and the expression of the Consciousness Concept of the YHVH (יהוה) on each level of the 7 levels of Zeir Anpin and its projected physicality. This was woven into the Torah narrative because it illuminates a path we need to understand and to follow.

Meanwhile, 210 years, the 20th Triangular Number, is both (3 x 70) and (5 x 42) years. It coincides with the end of the first 220 or (8 x 27.5) years of the prophesied 430 years of exile that began in 2018 HC with G-d’s Covenant with Abraham. This was 70 years after Abraham was born in 1948 HC, like its Western Calendar mirrored year 1948 CE, when Israel became an official nation and the 1948 years of the 4th exile through the Event Horizon.

In line with the age of Man, Jacob was 120 when Isaac died in 2228 HC, exactly 220 years before the year 2448 HC, when the Exodus from Egypt occurred and when the Torah was received at Mt. Sinai (130), which in turn aligns with Jacob’s age of 130 years when he entered Egypt to begin the 210-year countdown.

Given the relationship of the 4 exiles and the 4 corners of the Earth and Pi (π), we see that the splitting of the Egyptian exile by the Torah’ stated time segments also gives us Pi (π) through the simple equation (430 – 210)/70 = Pi (π), and that the difference of (430 210) = 220 = (8 x 27.5), as in the Primal Frequency (27.5 Hz) radiating throughout the universe.  Moreover, this all intertwines with the journey of the soul, Nefesh (נפש) of numerical value 430.  In the historical sense, the exiles represented periods when we were cut off from our spirituality and imprisoned by physicality and our physical overlords fueled by our own selfish desires.  In the metaphysical sense they represent the separation of our individual consciousness units from the Universal or Binah Consciousness as participants in this Divine Simulation that some call the Matrix. They are processes or rights of passage that must occur. That forced cosmic separation was meant to end with the onset of the Event Horizon in 5778 HC, after the final period of 70 years from the birth of the Israeli nation in 5708 HC (1948 CE), and it was to coincide with the end of the 1948 years of the 4th Exile. Neither occurred this great cycle, which is why today’s events are playing out as they are and things are spiraling out of control, including the elements of time and the integrity of the Matrix.  As the physical morass swells up around us and the overlords grow incessantly greedier, we can still help ourselves to complete our personal journeys and/or to make our passage through the next great cycle an easier and quicker one. It all depends on how much we are willing to open ourselves to true Understanding and to the Oneness of the Creator and Universal Consciousness.

“The 4 corners of the Earth” is more than a phrase. Abraham was the 20th generation, like the 20th Triangular Number, 210, and as we know Abraham’s numerical value of 248 is fractally repeated in the 248 columns of the Torah, the square root of the word “The Torah (התורה)” or √616 = 24.8; the 5 Names of the 5 Books of the Torah, 2480; the 5 quantitative elements and matrices of the Torah, 248,000φ; and the corresponding 248 dimensions of the E8 Lie Group symmetry.  We see it again in the difference between the Spherical Time circumference divided by 4 and the Spherical Time diameter, or (36304.24470/411556) = 2480. There is so much information compacted in the seemingly simple Spherical Time equation. This 2480 difference is metaphysically representative of the Torah. It is the difference between the edge of the square formed by the diameter of Spherical Time and hence of the Parker Instability galactic current wavelength (11,556 years) that is our galactic clock, and the edge of a square taking the Spherical Time circumference as a perimeter of a square (9076.0 years).

This applied procedure is akin to squaring the circle even though we did not create either a circle or a square nor their relative areas to compare. Nevertheless, the proportion between the edges or these two resultant squares is 1.273 or Pi (π) /4, the Cosmic Harmonic.  Therefore, their difference of 2480, representing the Torah, is akin to the 4 corners of a square that inscribes a circle, like the Moon to the Earth and Moon square. This also makes each corner equal to (2480/4) =620, the value of Keter and 6202=384,400 km, the distance between the Earth and the Moon, that is similar to the 10,384.24470 year difference between the Spherical Time circumference and the Earth’s Great Precession (36304.24470 – 25,920).

Then, while we know that the Spherical Time circumference is proportionately 36304.24470/25,920 years = 1.400 times greater than the Earth’s Great Precession, the edge of a square formed by that Great Precession or 25,920/4 = 6480, as in the square root (6.480) of 42.  Moreover, 64802480 = 4000, like the percentage difference between the two circumferences (36304.2447025,920)/25920 = .400. Notably 6480 is also (3 x 2160), the diameter of the Moon, a season within the Earth’s Great Precession, and a 6 hour window in a Hebrew day.

There is nothing in our physical universe that can be comprehended or appreciated within an understanding of the metaphysically processes that created it.

As recently reminded, 42 times the Primal Frequency or (42 x 27.5) = 1155, as in 11556-mile diameter of the Spherical Time bubble, and the sum of the 42 square roots of the atbash (reverse alphabet) values of the 42 letters in the 42-Letter Name Matrix is 1155.6.  The intricacy of the Divine simulation becomes more apparent once we realize that the 1556 in the 11556 diameter of the Spherical Time bubble plays a critical role in the Biblical time construct. And that this is only tangential to the 1557 value of 10 original component letters (דוזינכסרךן) of the Alef-bet and of the atbash or reverse alphabet cipher value for “430 years” given by the Torah for the start of the exile process in 2018 HC.

In Paragraph 22 of the Torah, we are told that Noach was 500 years old when he fathered to post-alluvial generation and that Man’s days would be 120 years. We are also told in that same short paragraph that the Titan’s lusted over and ruled the world.  This is the year 1556 HC.  As previously discussed, and as reiterated in the Adam-Eve ratio of 57.78% – 42.22% the Counterspace portion to 5778 years is (10,0005778) = 4222. This makes the 1556 HC a key pivotal point in Spherical Time in that the mirror year to 1556 HC is (57781556) = 4222. The Titans controlled the earth 4222 years before the Event Horizon, which triggered the great reset 100 years later.  Those 500 years line up with the 500 years from Abraham’s birth in 1948 HC to Freedom in 2448 HC, juxtaposing the two periods and two opposite events.  Like so many of the Biblical events, we find the value 500 turn up in both the 1st and the last or 7th tier of the 42-Letter Name Matrix as the value of the 2nd (יתצ) and 14th (צית) Triplets respectively.

In Noach’s 10th generation no one awoke and stood up to the Titans, and in Moses’ 26th generation, he stood up to Pharoah. Both heeded G-d’s call and saved humanity, but while Noach’s generation mandated a great reset, Moses’ achieved Freedom.  Spherical History aligns and restacks the Biblical events nonlinearly, according to similarity of form and not chronological function. Chronology is more about the mathematics and Cosmic network alignments than anything else. We have previously explained the Biblical bond between the bricks in the Tower of Babel in 1776 HC, or 220 years after the Titans of 1556 HC, as in the 220 years of the Egyptian pre-exile, and the bricks of Pharoah’s decrees. When the events are properly stacked, we see that these events all align with the Event Horizon in 5778 HC and that Pharoah’s decree to make bricks without wheat is the akin to the Titan’s or rulers of today commanding us work harder without real food or fuel, and the mirror of 1776 HC is 1776 CE, 4002 and 242 years before the Event Horizon respectively. This is just as Joseph saw at the end final Chapter of Genesis, just before he died “3 generations” beyond his own, marked with an enlarged letter Mem sofit (ם), in other words, the 3 exiles that would follow.  When history is properly stacked, we see that the Titans and the Babylonian Tower align with the Babylonian exile and that the 2000 years of Tohu or the dark chaos align with the final exile of Edom.

Famously, the Babylonian and Persian contiguous exiles also lasted 70 years, the length of time between the First and Second Holy Temples, 70 years, which matched the destruction of the Second Holy Temple after 422 years and the start of the final exile, in 70 CE, with 422 being the gematria of the Hebrew word for seventy (שבעים), and this further aligned with the start of the Babylonian exile in -422 BCE. It also aligns with the return of the exiles to Israel in 5708 HC at the birth of the modern nation of Israel, 70 years before the Event Horizon in 5778.

Thanks to the Maccabees, the Greek exile ended in 140 BCE, or 210 years before the fall of the Second Holy Temple and the beginning of the final exile, 1948 years before the Event Horizon.

To be sure the Babylonian exile began (3338 2238) = 1100 = (40 x 27.5) years, reflecting the major interval of 40 cycles of the Primal Frequency (27.5 Hz), after the Egyptian exile.  This (40 x 27.5) or 1100-year time period is also the exact number of years that the Israelites were not in exile from the moment Jacob entered Egypt to Israel was established.

This also means that there was exactly 1100 years of freedom and 2380 years of exile and since Isaac died in 2228 HC to the end of the 4th exile in 5708 HC, aligning those 2380 years with 10 times Rachel (238) and the sum of the Path of One (1 13 91 455 1820) = 2380 that equals 1/42. And while Jacob and Rachel numerically equal (182 + 238) = 420, Jacob (יעקב) with the kolel for the 4 letters is 186 and the cube root of 186 is 5.70826, the year Israel became a nation along with the 26 value of the YHVH (יהוה).

Of the 70 descendants of Jacob who entered with him to begin the first exile, 14 or 1/5th of the 70 were Rachel’s progeny, establishing a metaphysical alignment with David whose name has a numerical value of 14, like the 14 Triplets of the 42-Letter Name and who lived 70 years, 1 for each of Jacob’s family. David was born exactly 616 years after the Egyptian exile began, as in the numerical value (616) of “H’Torah, The Torah, and he died in 906 BCE, as in the value of the Names of the 4 Archangels Michael, Gabriel, Uriel, and Raphael associated with the 4 creatures and sides of the Merkavah (101 + 246 + 248 + 311) = 906, and as in the final tier in the 14 Triplets of 42-Letter Name (שקוצית), the one associated with David, or Malchut of Yesod.

History does not occur; it is designed.

Adam, whose 70 years shy of 1000, aligns with Jacob’s 70 descendants 33 of them belonged to Leah, as in the 33 years shy of the expanded One, Echad, or 963 that Adam lived, (963930) = 33 years.  And just as 963 is (100037) so too are the 37 descendants of Jacob that are the progeny of Rachel (14), and the two handmaids, Zilpah (16) and Bilhah (7), as in the Concept 37 at the heart of the Torah and our DNA. And while the LN (70) equals 4.248, as in the sum (4248) of the 22 Names of the Alef-bet, the sum of the logarithms of the integers from 1 to 70 equals 100.0… like the sum of the 4 cube roots of (33, 14, 16, and 7) that equal 10.0505, as in 505, the numerical value of Sarah, the Matriarch, and as in the 100th Prime Number, 541, Israel, the other Name of Jacob, as Patriarch to all the children of Israel.

When we add the 3 Patriarchs to this direct lineage of Israelite DNA, we get (70 + 3) = 73, as in the 9/42-Letter-Name equation and as in the Torah’s first verse that is the 73rd Triangular Number or alternatively (73 x 37) as in the inner/ordinal (37) aspect of the 9th Sefira (dimension) Chochma, and its outer (nominal) one (73) that together equal (73 + 37) = 110 = (4 x 27.5 Hz), the 1st Interval, as in the 1100 years of Freedom.  Nonetheless, besides the 4 Levites, Jacob had 67 or Binah (67) descendants except Yehuda’s 2 children, Er and Onan, had to die for Tamar and Yehuda to give birth to King David’s ancestor, Peretz and his brother.  As we see often in the Torah’s karmic narratives, 4 generations later 2 of Peretz descendants, Nadav and Avihu would also perish suddenly and childless. King David was the 10th generation from Yehuda and Tamar, the 23rd generation, making him the 33rd from Adam.  We can now understand why the story of Tamar and Yehuda was inserted just as Joseph was arriving in Egypt and that the 70 years of David (14) at the center of Spherical Time were reflected in the 33 generations with the 33 progeny of Leah; the value of his Name; 14 with the 14 progeny of Rachel; the 23rd Generation with the (16 + 7) = 23 progeny of the handmaids; and the 7 generations that David is removed from Moses’ generation at Sinai with the 7 progeny of Bilhah. We can also understand that the two sisters Rachel and Leah’s progeny total (14 + 33) = 47, as in the unification of Ehyeh (אהיה) and the YHVH (יהוה).

The Torah does not present numbers to us as accounting tools. They were there as Cosmic Concepts before the Torah was drawn up. The Torah is a blueprint of our world that reflects the far vaster metaphysical one that predates it.

Another linkage between King David’s 70 years at the center of Spherical Time and the exile of Jacob’s 70 descendants is found in the 33 years that he was King in Jerusalem, the 37 years that he was not, and the 7 years he was King in Hebron that align directly with the 33 progeny of Lead, the other 37 progeny, and the 7 progeny of Bilhah, the surrogate mother and grandmother to Rachel’s 14 progeny. Moreover, David (14) was 37 when he became King in Jerusalem. Meanwhile the 4th exile began 906 years after he was born in 3830 HC – 2954 HC) = 906 years, as in the 7th and final tier (שקוצית) of the 42-Letter Name Matrix.

When we let go of our linear programming, we can perceive the cosmic alignments stacking themselves for us, laying bare the luminous paths through the minefields of chaos.

As previously discussed, there is much embedded in the 72 Name Matrix as well.  We see on its 3rd row, that begins with the Triplet (לאו) of numerical value 37, that there are 6 Triplets sequentially with the letter Lamed (ל) of numerical value 30 with the 22nd Triplet (ייי) also having the value 30, making (7 x 30) = 210 in total. Moreover, the final two Triplets of that row have the values 45 and 19 as in that of Adam and Eve respectively.

With the deaths of Er and Onan, there were only 65 progeny besides the 4 Levites, as in the 65 integers between 26, the YHVH (יהוה) and 65, Adonai (אדני) that equal 1820 as in the Path of One and the 1820 YHVH (יהוה) in the Torah and as in Jacob (182). This is just like the same alignment found in the sum of the integers between 37 and 70 that total 1819 or 1820 when the One is added, and of course (37 + 70) = 107, pointing to the Event Horizon.

In the alignment of the 12 Tribes in the Magen David that has the power to protect all Israelites and all Jewish souls, we see that the central column or axis (Benyamin, Shimon, Yissachar, and Naftali) represents 28 of those progeny as in the 28 letters in the Torah’s first verse and as in Koach (כח), power, whose complete value is also 47, meaning that the two other columns or alternatively axes (Efraim, Manasseh, Zebulun, and Reuben; and Asher, Dan, Yehuda, and Gad) represent (11 + 26) = 37 progeny and thus the heart and seed of the Torah from its first verse and our DNA.

It should be noted that while 47 represents the unification of Ehyeh (אהיה) and the YHVH (יהוה) it is also the of the ordinal value of the Name Jacob (יעקב) and the complete gematria of the 3 Patriarchs, Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob with the kolel of 3 is 784, or 282, further empowering the Cosmic Sheild, the Magen David.  Meanwhile, the complete gematria of David (דוד) is likewise 28. David was the 13th generation from Abraham, as in Echad, One.

While the time-limit diameter in hyperspace, or the 11,556 year spatial segment, is equivalent to 12 times Echad (אחד), One (1), reflecting the 12 Tribes, it should be noted that the Hebrew word “Ohr Light (אור) is found exactly 37 times within words in the Torah, as in (1000963), and thus (12 x 37) = (12,00011,556) = 444, the numerical value of the Biblical phrase “L’dor V’dor, from generation to generation (לדר־ודר),” found 13 times in David’s Psalms, and as Rav Ashlag explained to me, 444/22 letters = 20.18, the Western Calander analogue to 5778 HC.

To better comprehend this relationship, we must recall that at the furthest reaches of the Spherical Time Torus, the bubble is stretched to 12,000 years and on each side of the bubble are the 5778 years of the going and coming of our physical existence.

On one side are the 5778 years of human life or historical life after the previous reset or recycle and on the backside are the 5778 years of prep known as the 6 Days of Creation (6 x 963). In between are the 444 years from generation to generation, from cycle to cycle. The 13 times David embedded this hint for us in his Tehilim equal (13 x 444) = 5772 and with the 6 days, they equal 5778.

The value 28 is the central balancing point to the Constant 42 in the Magic Essential Cube of Creation since each of the 26 centralized vectors must add up to 28 given that the central or emerging position is necessarily 14, just like Spherical Time. It is also like the 14 years of the Mishkan, or Tabernacle of 42 Elements at Gilgal. As we know there are 26 elements to any cube and they metaphysically align with the 26 centralized vectors of the Magical 33 Cube as in the the value (26) of the YHVH (יהוה), what is significant to this particular Magic Cube, the only Magic Cube, is that the ratio of the central balancing point squared to the Constant square is (282/422) = .444.

The reason for the squaring lies in the physics of the metaphysics. The toroidal shape comes from the stacking of the two Essential Cubes of Creation that are aligned with the two stacked cubes of the Tree-of-Life axonometric structure.

We have covered this before and the upper Essential Cube exists in the state of Binah, while the lower one is in the state of Zeir Anpin, making the upper one dimensional higher than the lower one and technically inside the center of it.

When the two Essential Cubes are lined up the Constants of 42 are thus squared and so is the power of the central balancing point or see-saw of 28. This is why the Lower 42 must engage the Upper 42 Name for the spiritual circuitry to complete at the Singularity and is what Rav Brandwein of blessed memory meant by the two 42’s or (42 + 42) = 84, bring Pad (פד), redemption, and why there are a total of 84 Yuds (י), Heis (ה) and Vavs (ו) in the 72 Triplets, out of the 90,100 in the Torah that align with the 424th Triangular Number, or Moshiach Ben David Consciousness.

With the two stacked Essential Cubes, the value or Concept of 42 radiates in every direction from their interface or central position between them. The Concept of 42 radiating outward through 54 vectors, just as the Torah’s 42 rows cycle through its 54 portions every year.

The End of Days

The Golden Triangle hidden in Pascal’s Pyramid can also be called Abraham’s Triangle since it is crowned with the number 20 and Abraham was the 20th generation of Adam. It mimics and aligns with the exiles and like Spherical Time it has a period of 70 years in its center. The natural number system and the natural mathematical rules that govern it must have necessarily existed before Creation, at least before the creation of physicality. It is necessarily a part of the scaffolding of our universe. Therefore, any anomaly in the simple cascading doubling walls of the universe’s structure must have significance.  We know those walls are not skin deep and are extremely complex and wired with intricate networking.  Given its prominence, the Golden Triangle of Biblical history with all its Torah alignments must convey far more information beyond its 15-unit surface presentation. First off, from their total, we can infer from it that the maximum volume of years is 2047, which lies somewhere between 27.5 and 29 years after 5778 (2018 CE), the Event Horizon radius.  The 15 units of the Golden Triangle further align with the 15 Triplets of the Shema whose string value is 6221, which is 29 years less than 6250 or (10 x 625), H’Keter, the highest level throughout the 10 sefirot. This value 29, or Caf-Tet (כט) not only represent the two letters associated with the Month of Av, the Sun, and the coming of Moshiach, according to Abraham Avinu and other Tzaddikim but they represent the 4 numbers directly above 70 in Pascal’s Pyramid, as if they were (1 + 2 + 6 + 20) = 29 years above the 70 that began in 5708 HC (1948 CE) with Israel. And while the intervening layers (1 + 1) + (3 + 3) + (10 + 10) = 28, the year 2928 HC is the year the First Holy Temple was constructed, and both sets of tiers/layers above 70 are split into One (1) and 26, the YHVH (יהוה).

The value 90 is associated with the 18th Hebrew letter Zadi (צ) that is found 2927 times in the Torah as in the 2927 years until the construction of the First Holy Temple in 2928 HC, like the letter Mem sofit (ם) found 10,625 times of the 20,107 sofit letters in the Torah.  Even the numbers of the letters in the Torah form a matrix, one that connects with and feeds into the 27 positions of the Magic Essential

Another underlying bit of cosmic wiring is found in the final digits of the diagonal rows from either direction (4 + 6 + 5) = 15; (6 + 5) = 11; (2 + 6 + 6) = 14; and 4 and 0 can represent 40, as in the 15 Triplets of the Shema, the 11 Triplets of Bereshit, and the 14 Triplets of the 42-Letter Name, which together equal the (15 + 11 + 14) = 40 Triplets of the 112 Essential Triplets, that align with the 40 days and 40 nights, the 40 years in the desert, the 40 days on Sinai, the 40 years of Kingship of David, the 40 weeks of gestation, etc. The 3 sets or levels of digits respectively sum to 10, 56, and 40, which may align with the birth of Noach in 1056 and that do align with (10 + 56 + 40 + 1) = 107, as in the 107th Triangular Number.  Alternatively, the actual sum of the 37 digits (10 + 56 + 44) = 110 = (4 x 27.5), the first Interval and the 110 years of Joseph, meaning that the sum of the digits and their count (110 + 37) = 147, as in the 147 years of Jacob. There are strong alignments and weak ones, like the difference between a friend and an acquaintance, but we never know when that acquaintance may mention something that can forever change our lives. Everything and everyone play a role in our existence. To be spiritual means to have the ability and to actively see the networked connections in our lives and surroundings in the present, past, and future.  Time is spherical and omnipresent. The connections are too. It is only about of seeing them. It is our prerogative to see past the illusions and limitations of physicality. It is the Creator’s desire for us.

The bond Caf-Tet (כט) represented by their ordinal values (911) in the Magic Essential Cube of Creation is front and center.

Like Pascal’s Pyramid and the concealed Golden Triangle when we stack 11 nested hypercubes (2n) we get 20210 = (1 + 2 + 41024), we get the doubling growth from 1 to 1024, that aligns with the 210 or 1024 word-value hypercube matrix of the Torah. The next level would be 211 or 2048, coinciding with the birth of Isaac in 2048 HC. The sum of those 11 stacked or nested hypercubes (2n) from 20210 or (1 + 2 + 41024) = 2047, metaphysically representing the time span of the generations from One to Abraham through Isaac’s (יצחק) conception in 2047 HC, specifically announced in the Torah when Sarah laughed (ותצחק) and “God said to Abraham, …‘At the designated time, I will return, and Sarah will have a son’.” The word laugh that contains the name Isaac was repeated 4 times, like the 4 exiles and 4 times the value of Isaac, (4 x 208) = 832, as in 832 years of the Holy Temples and the year 832 BCE when the first Holy Temple was constructed (2928 HC). The key statement is that God will return at the designated time.

This was the same year, when Abraham was 99 years old that that G-d made the Covenant with Abraham giving his circumcised descendants the whole land of Canaan as an eternal heritage. It was paragraph 47 of the Torah, as in 2047 and the fusion of the Names YHVH (יהוה) and Ehyeh (אהיה).

The 11 nested hypercubes 20210 also represent the 10 generations from the great reset of the Flood to Abraham and Isaac’s conception as the 11th generation.  Moreover, the year 2047 also represents 1117 years since Adam’s death in 930, as in the (100070) years, and as we saw earlier 262 or the YHVH (יהוה)2 plus 212 or Ehyeh (אהיה)2 = (676 + 441) = 1117. Thus, metaphysically 2047 = Adam + YHVH (יהוה)2 + Ehyeh (אהיה)2.

When the 11 hypercubes are nested, they combine to form a complex hypercube of 2 raised to the 10th Triangular Number or 255, which is 2(2 x 27.5), reflecting the radiant Primal Frequency (27.5 Hz) of the Cosmos. It also represents the two letters Hei (הה), of the YHVH (יהוה), and the fusion of Binah with Malchut, the world of consciousness with the reflective vessel for it.

Another significant event happened contemporaneously with Isaac’s conception. In 2047 HC of the mirrored symmetrical Spherical Time paradigm 3 angels visited Abraham along with God.  After informing Abraham and Sarah about Isaac’s imminent birth, they obliterated the evil Sodom and Gomorrah. On any of the Torah’s 70 levels of understanding Sodom and Gomorrah was a warning, but on the deeper levels it is also a prophecy. That was when not even 10 righteous could be found there. On the flip side of the mirrored Divine Calendar is the year 2047 CE, at the outer edge of the Event Horizon and End of Days.  We watched as G-d and Abraham negotiated and counted down for Man’s sake from 50 to 45 to 40 to 30 to 20 to 10, like watching the ball drop on New Year’s Eve.  Of numerical value 248, Abraham metaphysically represents the greater consciousness of the universe, all 248 dimensions of Binah, and that consciousness searches for a reason not to reset upon the End of Days. No one wants to shut down all their apps and reboot their computer, but when it becomes so slow and corrupted, this is no choice.

There are 210 cycles of 27.5 years within the Event Horizon of 5778, and one additional cycle of 27.5 years makes 5805 years. The year 5805 HC reflects the 805 elements of the 10 Commandments and G-d’s Covenant with the Earth immediately after the great reset of Noach’s (58) Flood, the rainbow of numerical value 805.  The value 805 is (5 x 161), as in the expanded Name Ehyeh (אלף־הי־יוד־הי) within the highest dimensional level of Binah, and the average value of the 30 doubled letters in the Shema, (2416/30) = 80.5333.

Alternatively, there are approximately 150 cycles (4125 years) since the Flood in 1656, as in the minimum of the 3 cycles of the Phi (φ) angle 137.5o to circumnavigate a circle.  This is reminiscent of the 926th digit, or 730 less than 1656, in Pi (π) where those 926 digits add up to 4125, leaving 345, as the value of Moses for the remaining 74 digits to complete the first 1000, This in turn aligns with the difference between (26001870) since the sum of the first 586 digits in Pi (π), as in the value of Jerusalem (586), is 2600, leaving 1870 for the remaining 414, as in the 1870 value of the 6 Tribes and their 1870 net census difference, with 4140 being (12 x 345).

The year of the Flood is further related to Phi (φ) in that the value of 1024 word-values of the Torah, the 210 hypercube, times Phi (φ) equals the year 1656 HC, yet another cosmic equation crossing time and space.

With one additional cycle, there would be 151 in total, as in the expanded Name Ehyeh (אלף־הה־יוד־הה), associated with the higher dimensional level of Binah and as in the numerical value of the purification ritual Mikve (מִקְוֶה), makes 5808, or the year 2047 CE. It is also approximately 210 + One (1) cycle of 27.5 years.

We can infer that those 2047 years are the physical limit of the 11 sefirot (dimensions) of the Tree-of-Life that is reflected in the Tree-of-Knowledge-of-Good-and-Evil. We can think of it as the length of physicality, the height of the Tree-of-Knowledge-of-Good-and-Evil, when another purification or reboot is in order.

The Assignments of the Cosmic Tetrahedron

The arrangement of the 22 letters of the Alef-bet and their 3 prescribed subsets based on the geometry of the Essential Primordial Tetrahedron is complex.

Though the nomenclature for directionality is meaningless in the non-spatial hyper dimensions, when the Essential Primordial Tetrahedron is divided into its 4 directions or 4 facial positions relative to its central location they break down as follows:

The Right Side

The right facial side of the Tetrahedron has 3 edges that are associated with Gimmel (ג) on the left, Bet (ב) on the right, and Tav (ת) on the bottom edge.  The central axis of the Tetrahedron that aligns with this face is the Alef (א) and the face is associated with the letter Ayin (ע). While the internal top angle of the Tetrahedron is always Yud (י) regardless of which of the 3 upper facial directions, the left angle is associated with the letter Zadi (צ) and the right angle with the letter Tet (ט). While the upper vertex is always the letter Hei (ה) regardless of which of the 3 upper facial directions, the lower left vertex is associated with the letter Vav (ו) and the lower right with the letter Chet (ח). This places all 6 letters of the first tier (אבגיתצ) of the 42-letter Name upon this direction. These 6 letters have the complete numerical value (424 + 82) = 506 of Moshiach Ben David, and play the critical role in the association between the numbers 70 and Pi (π). They also represent the sum (506) of the 11 first natural squares associated with the radiance of the 11 sefirot of the Tree-of-Life.

The fixed association between the upper vertex and its corresponding inner angle or Hei (ה) and Yud (י) establishes the highest Name, Yud-Hei (יה) at the apex of the Tetrahedron, relatively speaking.  While there is no directionality in that spatial dimension there is relative hierarchy and that is established by the relative location of the letters and the concepts they represent or more accurately, are projected from. This idea may seem abstract, but we can imagine a thought as a concept and when we write it down, what is written on the paper is a projection. In our case, those thoughts are just projections that we have either tapped into or that were deliberately sent to us.

The Left Side

The left relative facial side has 3 edges that are associated with the letters Dalet (ד) on the left, Gimmel (ג) on the right, and Pe (פ) on the bottom edge.  The left face is represented by the letter Lamed (ל). While the top angle-vertex combination is always Yud-Hei (יה), the left shared angle, relatively speaking, is Koof (ק) and the right shared angle is the shared Zadi (צ). As internal angles that are naturally shared by their respective 3 adjoining faces. The lower left shared vertex is Tzion (ז) and the lower right shared vertex is the letter Vav (ו). Representing this direction are the 6 letters of the 6th tier (יגלפזק) of the 42-letter Name that begin with (יג) or 13 Echad, One and end with (זק) or 107, as in the Event Horizon with (לפ) or (4 x 27.5) = 110, the first Interval representing the 4 exiles in between them. This is the same as its first and last letters (יק) that also equal 110, Joseph’s age, the Patriarch associated with Yesod, and this 6th tier (יגלפזק).


The Back Side

The relative back facial side of the Tetrahedron has 3 edges associated with the letter Dalet (ד) on the shared left edge, Bet (ב) on the shared right one, and Resh (ר) on the bottom edge.  The back face is represented by the letter Samech (ס). While the top angle-vertex combination is always Yud-Hei (יה), the left angle is associated with the shared letter Tet (ט) and the right shared angle with the letter Koof (ק).  The lower left shared vertex is the letter Chet (ח) and the lower right shared vertex is associated with the letter Tzion (ז). This places the 4 sequential letters of the 5th tier (חקבט) of the 42-letter Name together in this direction. With the corresponding letter associated with the central axis being the letter Mem (מ), the combined numerical value of this direction is 445, as in the collective value of the 12 singles (הוזחטילנסעצק) that align with the 12 constellations and 12 moons or lunar months in the Cosmic Wheel.


The Bottom Side

The bottom facial side opposite the relative apex (יה) has 3 edges associated with the 3 corresponding letters Pe (פ), Resh (ר), and Tav (ת).  The bottom face is represented by the letter Nun (נ). The 3 shared angles are the letters Tet (ט), Koof (ק), and Zadi (צ) respectively and the central axis is associated with the last of the 3 Mothers, the letter Shin (ש). The 3 shared vertices are the letters Chet (ח), Tzion (ז), and Vav (ו).

The total for this direction without the juxtaposed oppositional Yud-Hei (יה) is exactly 1200 and the natural log (LN) of 1200 is 7.090077 as in the 709 value of the 7 planetary letters or doubles (בגדכפרת) that align mazal (מזל) of numerical value 77.  While the value of Yud-Hei (יה) is 15, the number 120 is the 15th Triangular Number, and since 1200 is (10 x 120), it is also 10 times the age of Moses and of Man, 120 years. Furthermore, as Abraham further explained in the Sefer Yetzirah the value 120 is 5! (factorial), and thus it metaphysically aligns with the 5th Triplet (מהש) of the 72 Triplet Matrix, which is a permutation of Moses (משה).

Moreover, the other metaphysical set of Hebrew letters that aligns with mazal is the 11 Essential Triplets or 33 first letters of Bereshit that sum to 3003, the 77th Triangular Number that is the sum of the integers from 177. This is 7 integers for each Triplet arranged perfectly so that the average Triplet value for these 11 Essential Triplets is 273, the Cosmic Harmonic (.273) that physically guides our solar system in so many ways.

The 4 Sides of the Tetrahedron

The sum of the 4 separate logarithms for the 4 directions or log (445) + log (335) + log (604) + log (1200) = 11.0336, which numerically combines the 11 Triplets of 33 letters with the 336 letters of the 112 Triplets and the 110 value of Nes (נס) meaning miracle that is also (4 x 27.5), the first interval of the Primal Frequency (27.5 Hz). Meanwhile, the sum of their 4 natural logs is 25.4…, which is approximately 700/27.5.

The total value of the bottom direction with the addition of the implied Yud-Hei (יה) is 1215, as in the dawn of time (12:15 am); as in the sum of all 6 elements of Sukkot—the Sukkah (91), the Sach (100), and the 4 Species (1024)—that equal 1215; as in the value of the Hebrew phrases “70 Languages,” and “Combination of the letters;” as in the value of the first 3 Triplets (ברא־שית־ברא) of the Torah; and as in the value of the 17 (אבגדהוזחטילסעקרשת) standard letters that do not change form with their final letter placement. This further aligns with the average value of the 4 edge letters (בדפת) of the Essential Tetrahedron or 486/4 = 121.5 that Abraham explained are metaphysically attached to Saturn, Mars, Venus, and the Moon respectively. The letters’ 4 Names total 1333 or 4/3, which is (666.6 x 2).

As it works out, the 21 elemental units (3 axes, 4 faces, 4 vertices, 4 corner angles, and 6 edges) of the Essential Tetrahedron have 42 representative letters in total, once again as in the Singularity of 42 and the Magic Constant 42 of the Essential Cube of Creation that is always at the center of everything, the 42 elements of the Mishkan and the 42 journeys of the Israelites and of the soul, our consciousness units. Meanwhile, the total value of those 42 letters is 2584, as in the 3rd set of 18 Triplets within the 72 Triplet Matrix, the Triplets 3754, and as in the 18th Fibonacci number or exactly 5778/√5, in the same way that the value of the highest Binah Name Ehyeh (אלף־הי־יוד־הי) relates metaphysically to the 72 Triplets through 161/√5 = 72.0013.


The Frame

The letter Caf (כ) of numerical value 20 represents the full frame of the Primordial Tetrahedron and the Sun. When we add the value 20 representing the frame of the Tetrahedron to each of the 4 directions, the total goes from 2584 to 2664 or (24 x 111), as in (4! x 111) or (37 x 72). This thus is a 37-unit reduction from the value of the Torah’s first verse or (37 x 73) or 27012664) = 37. The 37-unit reduction that could represent substituting Moshiach (משיח) for H’Shamayim (השמים), the only word in the verse that does not include the letter Alef (א).  The 6 Alefs (א) in the 6 other words of the verse alternatively collectively equal 6, or 666 when the Name Alef (אלף) is utilized, or better put, realized. This is like the (18 x 111) value of the first 5 words of the verse, 1998, that is also (54 x 37), as in the 54 portions/cycles of the Torah related to the (54 x 107) = 5778 years within the Event Horizon, meaning their difference is 54 x (10737) = (54 x 70) = 3780, or (10 x 378), the value of the Magic Essential Cube of Creation and “His Name is One, Echad Ushmo Echad (אחד־ושמו־אחד).

The 1998 value of the first 5 words of the Torah is the same value that we get when we summarily count the 37 integers from 37 to 73, the two factors of that first verse, or (203537) = 1998 = (18 x 111). The average value of those 37 integers is 55 or (2 x 27.5), like the 255 nested 11 hypercubes.

When Moshiach consciousness is substituted for the 5th word, “the Heavens” we lose that (18 x 111) value and replace it with (24 x 111), an increase of 6 Alefs (אלף). Then when added to the 6 Alef (א) in the 6 other words of the verse, the first verse now contains (6 + 24) or 30 Alefs (אלף), as in (30 x 111) = 3330, the time differential between the Event Horizon in 5778 HC and the Torah’s reception in 2448 HC, 66.6 jubilee years.

We have now peered even deeper into the metaphysical structure of Creation and yet back on the surface of physicality we find that the configuration of the 22 Hebrew letters and the Tree-of-Life are analogous to the alignment of the bones in our bodies, our metaphysical avatars, just like the 112 Essential Triplets/Tetrahedra of the Torah that align with our 112 chakras.

Symmetry of the Bones

Human life-forms are special in the universe. While 75% of the universe is made of Hydrogen and 23% of Helium (27.5% in our solar system) versus less than 1% of oxygen and only .5% of Carbon, it seems that Earth is composed of a very different mixture. Earth has only 0.14% Hydrogen, only a trace amount of Helium, and it is composed of 46.6% of Oxygen and 28% of Silicon plus large amount of metals like 8% Aluminum and 5.5% Iron in our crust and 2.8% of Sodium verses .0033% in the universe at large. And while the Earth would appear to be a unique incubator for life, with a concentration of Oxygen 78 times greater than the rest of our solar system. That concentration only grows within our bodies which are comprised of 65% Oxygen, and while Earth only has .03% Carbon and only trace amounts of Nitrogen, our bodies are 18.5% Carbon and 3.3% Nitrogen. On the other hand, the 0.14% Hydrogen on Earth concentrates to 9.5% in our bodies.

It appears that our bodies and life-forms bear little resemblance to our planet’s elemental make-up and even less so to that of the rest of our solar system or the universe. How does that happen naturally? Silicon makes up 28% of Earth and barring implants it makes up none of our bodies. Our computers might be better suited or more natural lifeforms here than we are.  With only trace amounts of Hydrogen, Nitrogen, and Carbon on Earth, we are composed of 31.3% of these three elements.  Would evolution not have chosen the most abundant building blocks to start playing with, rather than the least? And why would it keep favoring those elements that are the hardest to find? Efficiency of time, energy, or resources played no part in our evolutionary design.  A random chance spontaneous generation of life mostly based on Oxygen, Carbon, Nitrogen and Hydrogen is highly unlikely here on Earth given its mineral composition, and if we were to believe that life was seeded here from outer space, there would be even less of a chance that its chemical make-up would be anywhere near ours, given that it is comprised of only 1.5% Oxygen, Carbon, Nitrogen, Sodium, and Calcium.

Nonetheless, while only .006% of the universe is Calcium, 1.5% of our bodies are made up of it, and a good portion of that goes into supporting our bone or skeletal structure, which has some very interesting Cosmic alignments.

There are 32 Paths of Wisdom in the Tree-of-Life geometric structure, which matches the numerical value of the Hebrew word for heart, lev (לב) that is comprised of the first and last letters of the Torah, and that is also the square root of the 210 or 322 word-value matrix in the Torah. It also matches the central Altar, or heart of the Future Holy Temple whose dimensions are 322 cubits.  Our bodies were designed so that our complete upper chest has 24 ribs in 12 pairs, 1 sternum, and 1 hyoid bone for a total of 26 bones protecting the heart, as in the value (26) of the YHVH (יהוה), and as in the summit platform of the central Altar of the Holy Temple, which narrows from 322 cubits at its base to 262 cubits at the summit.  And just like our chest cavities, the Altar’s internal summit platform is 24 cubits square, surrounded by 1 cubit on each side to allow for the 4 pillars or horns in the 4 corners. And just like the central Altar of the Holy Temple, there are 32 vertebrae of the Tree-of-Life spine behind, or at the base of, the heart (32).

In comparison to the central Altar of the Holy Temple, that is 322 cubits at its base and 262 cubits at the summit, and 10 cu high, we find within the 10 Triplets of Pi (π), its revelatory first 30 digits, that there are the two numeric strings …32… and the two stings…26… at digit locations #7 and #22 like the letter sets of the Alef-bet and like 7/22 equals Pi (π).

Natural Squaring

Light is spread through squaring, both physical light and spiritual Light. In physicality, we observe that light spreads by what is called the inverse squared law, and its relative brightness is decreased by the square of the relative distance from the source.

The 32 bones in the frontal center of our bodies and the 32 bones in the back can be envisioned as 322, like the central Altar of the Future Holy Temple.  This structure at the core of the Holy Temple and the trunks of our bodies is also like Israel, whose area in squares miles is the cumulative value of all the natural squares from 12 to 322 or 11,440 plus 26. With its present borders, including the West Bank, East Jerusalem and the Golan Heights, Israel is exactly (11,440 + 26) = 11,466 square miles, which when converted to time, is 54 minutes shy of precisely 8 days, the time necessary for a covenant (brit) and for Channukah. In the 54th paragraph of the Book of Shemot, we find the 10 Commandments at letter # 107,007 at Chapter 70 in the Torah. As if it were preplanned thousands of years ago, the square root of those specific square miles of Israel is 11466 = 107.07. The land of Israel is also (11,556 11,466) = 90 sq miles less than the Spherical Time bubble diameter, like the value 90 of the 18th Hebrew letter Zadi (צ) that is found 2927 times in the Torah as in the 2927 years until the construction of the First Holy Temple in 2928 HC and as in Phi (φ)18 that equals 5778.000.

It was Joseph of numerical value 156 who began the Israelites’ 210-year saga in Egypt and the word-value 54 is found 156 times in the Torah, which is not only the numerical value of Joseph, but (54 + 156) = 210. Joseph also metaphysically represents the ratio of the entire sofit value of the Torah to its standard letter value (32775966/21009826) = 1.5600 and depending how a specific letter Mem (מ) is counted (sofit or standard) that ratio becomes 1.560004 and its inverse is .641024 as in 64 is 26 and 1024 is 210.  As previously stated, this aligns with the 27th or last letter in the Alef-bet, Zadi sofit (ץ), that has an exponential value (1.31327) before adjustment to the curve of 1560.0.

Except for the branch of mathematics called Number Theory we look at numbers as one-dimensional objects, specific measurements of our physical world.  Yet with a broader perspective, that of a Number Theorist for example, .641024 is also .64 plus .001024 and thus two separate strings, in this case hypercubes, that are bridged together in the simple quotient of an equation that is the relationship between two giant matrices within the projection of the metaphysical consciousness, which is known as the Torah. We look for patterns within the Torah because it is the closest reflection we have of true consciousness within our world.

Another association with the natural squares and Spherical Time is found in the sum of the natural squares from 12242 that equals exactly 702 considering that 24 hours is the daily time length in Physical Time on Earth, and that King David’s 70-year lifespan is the central point in the Spherical Time radius of 5778 years, which is the 107th Triangular Number, as in (54 x 107) = 5778.

In the first paragraph of the Torah, “God saw that the Light was good…God named the Light ‘Day,’ …It was…one day.” The Hebrew word for “good, tov (טוֹב) has the value of 17 and there are 24 hours in one day. As we saw earlier, the cubic value of the YHVH (יהוה) is 263 = 17,576 and that is exactly (17,000 + 242).  Everything is fractally symmetric because everything was designed that way. The pieces were always meant to fit together.

This holds true for the sum of the first 24 Prime Numbers that align with the 24 hours in One day and the 24 edges of the cuboctahedron. The first 24 Prime Numbers total 963 as in Echad, One, when spelled out (אלף־חית־דלת). The first 24 Prime Numbers thus equal (9 x 107) = 963, or 1/12th the Spherical Time diameter of 11,556 years. Metaphysically, this is in alignment with the 12 locations within the first 1000 digits in Pi (π) that have the numeric string …13…, the numerical value of One, Echad (אחד). Those 12 locations start with digit #111 as in Alef (אלף), also meaning one (1), and they total (111 + 282…860 + 972) = 6963, as in (6 x 963) = 5778.

Behind the heart are the 32 vertebrae comprised of the bones of the Coccyx, the 7 of the neck, the 12 thoracic bones of the upper back and the 10 of the lumber and sacrum. As we age, these fuse into a total of 26 bones, as in the YHVH (יהוה).

This physical skeletal structure mimics what it says in Abraham Avinu’s Sefer Yetzirah stanza 6:1, which is an expansion from stanza 3:2:

The 12, 7, and 3 are specific divisions or sets (singles, doubles, and mothers) among the 22 Letters of the Alef-bet and they reference the specific 22 bonds between the 10 sefirot of the Tree-of-Life that form the 32 Paths of Wisdom.  The 22 Letters of the spine align with the 22 Names of the letters and with the 22 bones of the skull. There are thus (22 + 32) = 54 bones in the back of our central column and 26 in the front, naturally aligning us with the 54-portion cycle of the Torah and the YHVH (יהוה). Alignment is not casual. Alignment is the way frequency is transferred, like sympathetic tuning forks. Our bodies can vibrate to the same frequencies as the Torah as we pass through the 54 annual cycles, if we do not place anything in between them, like disconnecting from the 10 Commandments. The same goes for the 112 Essential Triplets embedded in the Torah and our 112 chakras, or corporal energy nodes.  They were designed that way.

The cosmic symmetry continues with our 32 teeth and our upper extremities each having 32 bones on either side/column. Of those, (5 + 5) = 10 are in the shoulders and the arms, and 27 are in each hand, as in the 27 letters and the corresponding 27 positions of the Magic Essential Cube of Creation. And just like that Essential Cube of Constant 42, with its central position 14, the fingers yad (יד) contain 14 bones on each hand, matching the 14 facial bones of the skull, there being 8 cranial ones as well. This makes 3 sets of 14 bones for the right hand, left hand, and the central face, or (3 x 14), like the 14 Triplets of the 42-Letter Name. In addition, there are 6 bones in the middle ears, or 3 on each side.

Each palm has 5 bones, and each wrist has 8 bones, making 13 on either side, 26 altogether. Thus, there are 2(13 + 14) = (2 x 27) = 54 bones associated with our hands and 26 bones as in the YHVH (יהוה) in our outstretched palms, making them symmetrical with both the Torah and our skeletal central column. It also naturally aligns us with the YHVH (יהוה) when we raise our palms skyward.

The spinal column-head and chest or central axial skeleton have a total of 86 bones, as in the numerical value of Elohim (אלהים).  It is later reduced to 80 as the sacral and coccyx vertebrae fuse after adolescence. The outer two columns or the appendicular skeleton have a total of 126 bones as in 3 x 42, the value of each face and plane of the Magic Essential Cube of Creation. Altogether, there are (86 + 126) = 212 bones in our bodies, as in the numerical value of “The Light, H’Ohr (האור)”, as in the first thing that G-d saw in our world, “And God saw the light, that it was good” from Genesis 1:4.

Like the Holy Temple and our hearts that align with the 4 axes of the Primordial Alef (א), our whole body (avatar) aligns symmetrically as well.  Each of our feet has 26 bones in them, and like our shoulders and arms, there are (5 + 5) = 10 bones in our hips and legs, as in the value (10) of the letter Yud (י), and as in Yud (יוד) spelled out (20) for symmetrical set of arms and legs. Thus the 62 bones in our legs and hips are like the 62 Yuds (י) in the 620 letters of the 10 commandments. That cosmic alignment extends to Earth’s atmosphere where outer space begins at the Karman line 62 miles above its surface and where its full exosphere extends to 6200 miles.

Like the Vitruvian Man, our 212-bone bodies can be divided into 3 horizontal regions: the head and outstretched arms region that totals (36 + 64) = 100 bones; the central torso of 50 bones; and the pelvis and legs region of 62 bones. Thus, we see our skeletal frames match the temperature at which water boils, 212o F or 100o C, and at which it freezes 32o F, just like the central Altar of the Holy Temple that measures 322 cubits and the Inner Courtyard that measures 1002 cu, and like the difference between the Inner and Outer Courtyards or 212 cu. It is also fitting that those 212 bones less the uppermost region is (212100) = 112, as in the 112 Triplets/Tetrahedra in the Torah, the 112 chakras in our bodies, and as in the 8 corners of the Magic Essential Cube of Creation that add up to 112 and whose central letter is Nun (נ) of numerical value 50, like the 50 bones in our central torso.

It is hard to imagine that this is the result of a billion years of evolution, and a quintillion quintillion perfectly sequenced chance encounters and mutations, but then again, this mathematical impossibility also ignores the mass extinction events evidenced every 11,556 years or so.

The Torah Word-Value Matrix

The 4 Patriarchs and 70 Descendants

In this section we discussed the 70 descendants that entered Egypt with Jacob along with their metaphysical implications. Now, we want to introduce more details about the 322 Torah Word Value Matrix. The Torah’s first word value is 3 and the number of occurrences of the first 3 word-values in the Torah is (68 + 1 + 1) = 70, corresponding to values 3, 4, and 5, that sum to 12, as in the 12 Tribes that accompanied Jacob. The next 4 word-values are (9 + 368 + 177 + 66) = 620, as in the numerical value of Keter, the highest sefira/dimension, and the 620 letters of the 10 Commandments found in the 70th Chapter of the Torah, corresponding to the values 6, 7, 8, and 9 that sum to 30, making the first 7 word-values in the Torah equal to (12 + 30) = 42, as in the Singularity of 42. Physically, scientists are having trouble proving black holes are singularities because of their supposed internal spin, yet metaphysically, everything revolves around the Concept of 42, just like the equation of the Israelites 1/(600000/12/3) = 42.

Only metaphysics can explain what we see before our eyes, let alone what we cannot, which is why the sum of those 4 word-values can equal (9 + 368 + 177 + 66) = 620, which is the square root of the distance between the Earth and Moon, as 384,400 Km is exactly 6202.

Regarding those 70 descendants that the Torah specifically split into sets of 37 and 33 and 21 and into 65, 28 and 37 when rearranged and applied to the Magen David, we find that the Torah Word Value Matrix connects them all to the 3 Patriarchs, just like the first 3 word-values that summed to 70 connected to the first man, Adam, who gave us 70 years from his allotted 1000.  Abraham lived 175 years; Isaac lived 180 years; Jacob lived 147; and Joseph lived 110 years, altogether 612, as in the Hebrew word Brit (ברית), meaning Covenant, which is spelled out sequentially in the 4th and central tier of the 42-Letter Name Matrix.  It is obvious that the difference between Jacob and his son Joseph’s age is (147110) = 37, as in the progeny of Rachel, Zilpah, and Bilhah, and that the difference between Isaac and his son Jacob’s age is (180147) = 33, or the number of Leah’s progeny. Moreover, the difference between Abraham’s age and Joseph’s is (175110) = 65 and between Abraham and Jacob it is (175147) = 28.

While 28 is the 7th Triangular Number, the 70th Triangular Number is 2485, which contains the numeric string of Abraham’s Name value (248). Then while the 70 descendants of Jacob are split into (33 + 37) = 70 progeny, the 70th Triangular Number less the sum of the 33rd and the 37th Triangular Numbers or 2485 – (561 + 703) = (111 x 11), metaphysically bringing us back to One and the 11 sefirot of the Tree-of-Life, and/or the 11 Tribes without the energetically different Levites.

When we utilize the cosmically superimposed Torah Word Value Matrix, we see that the number of recurrences that correspond to numerical values of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and Joseph or 175, 180, 147, and 110 are 57 times, 104 times, 34 times, and 246 times respectively, which total 441 times altogether, as in the value of Emet (אמת), Truth, and as in 212 with 21 being the value of the higher Name Ehyeh (אהיה), like the progeny of Rachel and her handmaid, Bilhah (14 + 7) = 21. Meanwhile the corresponding occurrences for Abraham and Isaac’s ages (57 + 104) = 161, as in the highest Aspect of the Binah level Name Ehyeh (אלף־הי־יוד־הי), and as in the 112 Essential Triplets whose EB GD (אב־גד) (or plus 1) gematria cipher for its 336 Letters is 16100.

There is also the corresponding recurrences of Abraham and Jacob’s ages or (57 + 34) = 91, as in the unification of the Names YHVH (יהוה) and Ehyeh (אהיה) and the sum of the ordinal values of the 3 Holy Names Ehyeh (אהיה), Elohim (אלהים), and Adonai (אדני) or (21 + 70) = 91.

Also, the number of recurrences of the age values of the father and son pair, Jacob and Joseph, who represent the central column, 34 and 246 respectively, when added together (34 + 246) = 280, are reflective of the 280 value of powerful 5 final letters (ךםןףץ) that speak to the future, or (4 x 70). The value 246 is that of the Archangel Gabriel who destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah. The Creator would not have assigned this value to Joseph if it did not mean to draw parallels between this destruction and the Egyptian exile. At both times, the people were at the 49th of the 50 gates of evil. It took the awakening of Moses for the outcome to be different.

The strong metaphysical alignments with the 4 Patriarch archetypes, or cosmic mountains, do not end there. The numerical values of their 4 Names are 248, 208, 182, and 156 respectively and their corresponding associated word-value recurrences are 242, 181, 175, and 309. Immediately 175, which corresponds to Abraham’s age, pops out, as does 181, which is the 42nd Prime Number, and is the sum (181) of the first 42 digits in the set of all Prime Numbers. As for the small gematria (173) of the Singularity of 42, its corresponding word-value recurrences are 13, as in Echad, One.  This is like the sum of the inverses of the first 173 digits in Pi (π), whose sum is 49.95, as in the sum of the values of the 27 letters of the Alef-bet, 4995, and conversely the sum of the inverses of the values of the 27 letters of the Alef-bet that equals 3.14015 as in Pi (π). That sum of the inverses and sum of the letters also aligns with the average molecular weight of the 4 nucleotides (499.5) of our DNA.

The highest value of the Torah word-value matrix is 1500 followed by 1400, the second highest and then 1382, with their sum being (4240 + 42) or the higher Consciousness of Moshiach Ben David and the Singularity of 42 for an average of 1427.3, as in 14 and the Cosmic Harmonic (273). Moreover, the second highest word-value 1400 as in the is 36304.24470/25,920 = 1.400 Spherical Time/Great Precession ratio, is found 3 times for a total of 4200.

The highest 5 word-values (1500 + 1400 + 1382 + 1376 + 1372) = 7030 = 10 times the 37th Triangular Number. Then while the 4 highest (1500 + 1400 + 1382 + 1376) = 5658 or (5778120), the age of Man with an average of 1414.5, as in the square root of 2, the 9 highest word-values equal 12045, as in the age (120) of Man (45).

A truly remarkable alignment though is found in the highest 13 distributed word values of the Torah that sum (1500 + 4200 + 7082 + 4128…1212) = 25090, which is the number of the 13th letter of the Alef-bet, the letter Mem (מ) with an average of exactly 1930. Given that this must be a purposeful design, the 4 highest words-values have a total distributed word value through 4128 or (420072) of 11210, as in the 112 essential Triplets and the 210 years of exile and as in the total distributed value of all 210 word-values, 21009826. If we deduct those 25090 letters Mem (מ) the total net gematria value of the Torah would be (210098261003600) = 20006226. Meanwhile, the highest 14 word-values have a total distributed word value of 27510 as in the Primal Frequency of 27.5 Hz with an average of exactly 1965 or 35 more than 1930.

Meanwhile, the 16 highest word-value distributions equal 30547, which is exactly 16 more than the 30531 letters Yud (י) in the Torah.  Oddly, the 62 Yuds (י) in the 10 Commandments equal .203072% as in the value (203) of the Torah’s first Triplet (ברא) that we saw in the Hebrew word for “4” is arba (ארבע) considering that 16 is 42.

On the opposite end of the word-value matrix the 6 lowest word-value distributions equal (204 + 4 + 5 + 54 + 2576 + 1416) = 4259, as in the 4259 letters Nun sofit (ן) in the Torah.

While the first 18 word-values in the Torah from 3 to 20, sum up to 207, as in Ohr (אור), Light, the sum of their respective recurrences is 3003, as in the 77th Triangular Number and the Tower of Mazal (מזל) of the 11 Triplets and/or 33 first letters of the Torah. The head of the Torah and top of the Tower aligns with the head of the Torah’s Word-Value Matrix, the 183 Torah Verse Matrix, and the Spherical Time Event Horizon that is Phi (φ)18 and that begins in 2018 CE.

The Torah is an intricate meshwork of integrated circuitry and pathways. As a reflection of eternal consciousness every aspect of the Torah is wired into the entire network and independently activated just as any neuron in our brains or gene sequence in our DNA might be.

Gog V’Magog

Inverses are important in mathematics and metaphysics because they balance out a number or concept with One (1). The Torah is made up of a hypercube matrix of 58 words, letters, and verses and the inverse of the 8-dimensional Torah or 1/58 = 256 x 10-8 = 28 x 10-8 with 256 being numerical value of the Ark of the Covenant in which the Torah was placed.  Both the Torah and the Ark are 8-dimensional like the E8 Lattice, and when joined they equal One: (28 x 10-8)/ 58 = Ark/Torah = One (1). To see our world without the abstract perception of metaphysics is to see it void of understanding. Everything has its balancing point with the One (1). The Hebrew interface language was designed to help us see that and the patterns in our world were left there for us to find them.

The inverse of Gog V’Magog in string form or 1/.36364363 is 2.74995 or 2.75, as in the Primal Frequency (27.5), and as in the sum of the 27 letters (4995). Gog V’Magog is an oral tradition phrase of numerical value 70. It stems from Ezekiel 38 and 39 that refers to Gog from the land of Magog (גּוֹג אֶרֶץ הַמָּגוֹג) and to a massive attack on Israel in the End-of-Days that after a first wave of death is utterly defeated by God and Israel with fire reigning down upon them, specifically those of the coast. Ezekiel explains that these are the armies of satan, the essence of evil coming from the North much as Hezbollah and Iran would, and their coastal proxy, Gog from Gaza (עַזָּה).  The final result from this eternal battle is the rise of H’Moshiach consciousness, which is why the actual Biblical phrase (גּוֹג אֶרֶץ הַמָּגוֹג) equals 360 as in a circle of 360o, and breaks down to two Gogs each of string value 363, that of H’Moshiach and of the 363 Days in the Cosmic Year, separated by M’HERZ, that spells out “from the land” or “from the Earth” of numerical value 336, as in the 336 letters of the 112 Essential Triplets that are set into the Cosmic Wheel, along with the 27 letters of the Alef-bet/Magic Essential Cube of Creation. It is also why the sofit gematria of the phrase breaks down into its central letters (רֶץ) of value 1100, the Major Interval (40 x 27.5), that are also at the center (רֶץ) of the 42-Letter Name and into the rest of its 11 letters that total 70.  This is like the Hebrew term Gaza (עַזָּה), of numerical value 82 and ordinal value 28 that gives us a complete value of 110 like the 82 times the word-value 28 is found in the Torah.  The patterns in our world are but reflections and shadows of the patterns above.  We can use them to better understand what is really happening in our world.  We are born with our eyes closed, but it does not mean that they have to stay that way.

The 4 Names of the Patriarchs

Meanwhile, Isaac, Jacob, and Joseph’s Names equal (208 + 182 + 156) = 546, the value of the 10 initials of the 10 sefirot and the value of the Name Israel (ישראל) with the kolel. Since Isaac, Jacob, and Joseph’s Names equal (8 x 26) + (7 x 26) + (6 x 26) their total value of 546 is also (21 x 26) or the product of the Names Ehyeh (אהיה) x YHVH (יהוה).

Abraham’s Name on the other hand has a value of 248 or (8 x 31), the 11th Prime Number, indicating he metaphysically and metaphorically came from a higher and more complete place, as in the full 11 sefirot of the Tree-of-Life. It also reflects the ubiquitous value 248 of the Torah and the dimensionality of the E8 universe. Moreover, Abraham and his corresponding associated word-value recurrences have the bonding equation (248 + 242) = 490, which is (7 x 70), but is also the average of the 3 sets of associations of the 4 Patriarchs. The average of their Names’ word-value recurrences, their ages, and the word-value recurrences of their ages is (242 + 181 + 175 + 309) + (175 + 180 + 147 + 110) + (57 + 104 + 34 + 246) = (907 + 612 + 441) = 1960/4 = 490.

This also makes their total 1960 equal to (28 x 70), imbuing power (koach) of numerical value 28 to their 70 descendants.  Then when the 4 Names’ values (248 + 208 + 182 + 156) are added all 4 sets of 4 Torah associations equal 2754 and subtracting the kolel of 4, we get 2750, as in 100 times the Primal Frequency (27.5 Hz) that is the exact height of the Future Holy Temple, 100 cu or 2750” and that is also baked into Earth’s Great Precession and the Cosmic Wheel, and into the Fine Structure Constant equation:

As extraordinary as this is, since the volume of a Tetrahedron is the edge length cubed divided by 62 we also see that when that edge length is (5 + π/2), the Tetrahedron has a value of 27.50794 which numerically combines the Primal Frequency (27.50) with the sum of the Names of the 4 Patriarchs, (248 + 208 + 182 + 156) = 794. This is also equivalent to the sum of the first 4 Triplets of the 42-Letter Name in string gematria (123 + 149 + 127 + 395) = 794, and whose first 13 Triplets equal 5775 or (210 x 27.5). Without the Alef-bet cosmic interface, all we would see is a sea of disconnected numbers with no meaning to our existence.

Moreover, as we learned earlier, 2754 is also part of the cube root of (12 x 111) or 11.0027541, like the (11 x 111) result of the 70th Triangular Number less the sum of the 33rd and the 37th ones.

Triangular Numbers

Triangular Numbers are a core concept in the Torah, Number Theory, and the Metaphysical Cosmos. The 4 Triangular Numbers associated with the values of the Names of the 4 Patriarchs (the 248th, 208th, 182nd, and the 156th) plus the One (1) as a kolel have an average value of (80,512/4) = 20,378, which is not only a numerical combination of 20, representing Keter, and 378, representing the Magic Essential Cube of Creation and “He and His Name are One,” but it is exactly 20 more than, 20,358, which is the exact complete gematria of the 112 essential Triplets, with 358 being the value of Moshiach.

Ehyeh (אהיה)

As for the Name Ehyeh (אהיה) of numerical value 21, its 3 higher Aspects that have the numerical values (161, 151, and 143) have corresponding value recurrences of (83, 87, and 19), which together with 21 equal 210, once again reflecting the 210 years in Egyptian exile and so much more. This is the same 21 as corresponds to the word-value recurrences according to the 3 letter values within the YHVH (יהוה) or (11 + 1 + 9) = 21.  This is like the 156 times that the core word-value 54 is found in the Torah that sums to 54 plus 156, as in Joseph or (6 x 26), equals 210. For its part, the word-value 210 is found 172 times as in the sum (21 + 86 + 65) of the values of the 3 Holy Names Ehyeh (אהיה), Elohim (אלהים), and Adonai (אדני).

 Meanwhile, there are 41 letters in the 3 tiers (iterations) of the spelled-out Name Ehyeh (אהיה) and the word-value 41 is found 455 times in the Torah, as in the sum of the 3 higher Aspects of Ehyeh (אהיה), (161 + 151 + 143) = 455.

Phi (φ)

Then while the word-values associated with the 122 ordinal values of the Alef-bet start with 68, Chaim (חיים), life and end with 120, the age of Man, they sum to (0 + 0 + 68 + 1 + 1 + 9 + 368 + 177 + 66 + 11 + 40 + 576 + 295 + 190 + 46 + 72 + 409 + 219 + 303 + 152 + 113 + 120) = (2 x 1618) or twice Phi (φ), just as we saw the same Phi (φ) ratio repeatedly and fractally incorporated into the 22 Names of the Alef-bet and into the 14 Triplets of the 42-Letter Name. The average of those (2 x 1618)/22 value recurrences is 147.0, Jacob’s age.

The 112 Essential Triplets

Speaking of the 112 Essential Triplets, their 4 sets (72, 14, 11, and 15) of corresponding word-values recurrences are 102, 190, 40, and 46 respectively. And while the 8 corners of the Essential Cube of Creation equal 112, the entire cube equals the sum of the 27 positions from (127) = 378, as in “His Name is One, Echad Ushmo Echad (אחד־ושמו־אחד), so too do those (102 + 190 + 40 + 46) = 378 recurrences within the Torah Word Value Matrix.  This also means that as with the 4 Patriarchs, and particularly Abraham, the total of the 112 Essential Triplets reflected in the Torah’s Word Value Matrix is likewise (112 + 378) = 490 = (7 x 70), which is perhaps why it was built into the small gematria0 of the 42-Letter Name, .1230490273….

The 4 Names of the Creator and the Holy Temple

The 4 Holy Names of the Creator, YHVH (יהוה), Ehyeh (אהיה), Adonai (אדני), and Elohim (אלהים) and their various Aspects or spelling outs are specific areas of the universal Creative Consciousness of the Creator. As such, they are part of and never separate from the Creator’s Consciousness, yet are somewhat autonomous regions within the Consciousness, like regions of our brains, or divisions within a corporation.

As for the YHVH (יהוה), while the corresponding recurrence to 26 is 1729, the Taxicab Number, the corresponding recurrences to its 4 Aspects (72, 63, 52, and 45) are (102 + 63 + 634 + 329) = 1128, as in (1100 + 28) or once again (40 x 27.5) + 28. When we add (1729 + 1128) we get 2857 as in 1/7th or .142857 that repeatedly comes up in our Torah and in the metaphysical equations such as 11,556/42 (The Source) = 275.142857, the Primal Frequency and 1/7th.

Nevertheless, 1128 is exactly 1300 less than 2428, and the sum of the corresponding recurrences of the values (26, 21, 65, and 86) for the 4 Names of the Creator, YHVH (יהוה), Ehyeh (אהיה), Adonai (אדני), and Elohim (אלהים) is (1729 + 113 + 134 + 452) = 2428. While 2428 is 20 less than the year 2448 HC, when we reached freedom after the Egyptian exile and when we received the Torah, the value 832 reoccurs 20 times. This represents the time frame that the First and Second Holy Temples collectively stood for 832 years and the 832 years from the reset of the Flood in 1656 HC to when the Israelites entered Israel in 2488 HC. This connection between the year 2488 HC and the period of 832 years is found specifically in the value of the hypercube matrix of the 5-fold expansion of 12 or 125, which equals 248832.  While the resultant value 248832 alludes to the 248 dimensions of the E8 Lie Group and the universe, it also reflects the year Moses died, 2488 HC, and the 832-year period that the first two Holy Temples stood (422 and 410 respectively), which is also 1/4 of the time period between the giving of the Torah at Sinai in 2448 HC and 5778 HC, meaning that we existed without the benefit of the Holy Temples for ¾ of those 3330 years. Moreover, the equation of the 4 Names or higher consciousness hubs and/or 4 Patriarch archetypes and/or the 4 corners of the Earth that the Israelites were scattered to over those 3330 years is 4/3330 = .00120120 whose inverse is 1/.00120120 = 832.5.

Nevertheless, on its own, 2428 represents the elevation at the center of the base of the Altar in the Holy Temple, 2428’ or 20’ less than that of the Holy of Holies at 2448’ feet. The elevations at the Temple Mount vary and are 10-20 feet lower towards the North, South and East. The 20 cu x 20 cu Holy of Holies is set at the highest point within the Temple walls since 20 signifies Keter, the highest level. The internet has adopted 2428’ as the height of Temple Mount. What is more is that 2428 plus the Cosmic Harmonic associated with the 4 corners of the square and with the Earth, 273, equals 2701, the value of the Torah’s first verse. We can now understand that metaphysically the Cosmic Harmonic (273) represents the 4 corners of the 4 Holy Names of the Creator, YHVH (יהוה), Ehyeh (אהיה), Adonai (אדני), and Elohim (אלהים), whose 4 initials (אאאי) equal 13, Echad, One, and whose 4 final letters (ההים) equal 620, or Keter, and the numerical value of the Hebrew word for 20, Esrim (עשרים), as in 2428 + 20 = 2448 years/or feet. Moreover, that distance of 273 feet equals 625.625 inches, as in 6252 equals the 390,625 words, letters, and verses in the Torah, or H’Keter2.

The 4 Holy Names of the Creator, YHVH (יהוה), Ehyeh (אהיה), Adonai (אדני), and Elohim (אלהים) when spelled out or expanded into their 9 Aspects have a total value of (232 + 455 + 671 + 300) = 1658, as in 1658 HC, the 1st year of the Great Reset of the Flood, Man’s second 1st year, 4120 years before the Event Horizon in 5778 HC, like the complete (31 + 4089) = 4120 times the Name El (אל) is found in the Torah, as in Beit El (בית־אל), The House of G-d, or 412 El (אל).

We saw how the Concept of 9 came from the expansion of the 4 Holy Names of the Creator, YHVH (יהוה), Ehyeh (אהיה), Adonai (אדני), and Elohim (אלהים). Upon a deeper study, we realize that their (4 x 4) + (3 x 4) + 4 + 5 = 37 initials are the basis for the Concept of 37 at the core of the Torah, our DNA, and Pascal’s Golden Triangle once again elevating a number to an active aspect of Divine Consciousness and to a living region or the universal consciousness. Furthermore, those 37 initials have a total value of (4 x 26) + (3 x 21) + 65 + 86 or (4 x 26) + (3 x 21) + (151) = 318, as in the 318 men that fought with Abraham in Genesis 14:14 when he went to retrieve a Holy soul from captivity, and as in the value of the 5 initials (נרנחי) of the 5 parts of the soul that make up our individual consciousness units, as delineated in the Zohar and the Midrash Rabba Bereshit 14:9.

Those 37 initials of the 9 Names also align with the 37 letters of the Torah’s first 9 words and the 37 Vavs (ו) in the 112 Essential Triplets.

The Holy Temple and Temperature

We have previously discussed the connections between the absolute freezing point, or absolute zero at -273 o C or 0 K, and the source of all our life-giving heat on Earth, the Sun’s 5778 K. We have also discussed the relationship between the dimensions of the Future Holy Temple to the temperature-phase dynamic of water with water’s freezing point at 32o F like the 322 Central Altar and the 322 Torah Word-Value Matrix juxtaposed to its boiling at 100o C like the 100 cu height of the Holy of Holies Tower and the 1002 cu Inner Courtyard, or alternatively 212o F as in the difference between the 312 cu Outer Courtyard and the 100 cu Inner Courtyard.

Given this schematic, the Central Altar where the sacrificial fires are burned would be the Freezing Zone 0o32o. The 100 cubits of the Inner Courtyard less the 32 cubits of the Altar, or 68 cubits, would be the Living Zone, corresponding to Chaim (life) of numerical value 68 and the first word-value in the Torah. The Boiling Zone of the Outer Courtyard would correspond to 100o and 212o from the 100-cubit inner wall boundary to the 312-cubit outer wall. The 4th phase of water so necessary for life would correspond to the edge of the Altar at the Inner Courtyard where the Light is transferred.

Another metaphysical parallel hidden in the Torah is the 500-year span from Abraham’s birth in 1948 HC to when we received the Torah in 2448 HC. It coincides with the difference between the word-value recurrences of the numbers 26 and 100 respectively. While (10026) = (2 x 37), the difference in their recurrences are (17291229) = 500. This also means that there are (500 + 3330) = 3830 years from Abraham’s birth to the Event Horizon in 5778 HC, which aligns with the destruction of the Second Holy Temple in 3830 HC or 70 CE.

Every word, letter, verse, number, date, and quantitative element in the Torah is designed to help us recapture those Holy sparks and establish dominion over the 70 branches of the Tree-of-Life and the physicality of Zeir Anpin.

Pi (π) and the Periodic Table

There are two components to Pi (π), the stable 3 and the fractional irrational .14159365358…. If we ignore the 3 for now, which may or may not be analogous to the upper 3 sefirot (dimensions) of the Tree-of-Life, and that take the inverse of that fractional component by dividing Unity (1) by it, we get (1/.14159365358… = 7.062513306…. The 7.0 would then be analogous to the lower 7 sefirot (dimensions) of the Tree-of-Life, Zeir Anpin. It is also metaphysically similar to the equation of 9 divided by the 42-Letter Name’s first tier that gives us 70 plus Pi (π): 9/.123049… = 73.141593 = 70 + 3.141593, yet this time we not only get 7.0 or 70, but 625, H’keter, the highest sefira and the Creator’s dimension, followed by 13, Echad, One, as in G-d is One.

Half of Pi or π/2 = 1.5707963267 which is approximately 1.5708 and can be viewed as One (1) plus the year Israel became a nation 5708 HC, 70 years before the Event Horizon 5778 HC. Following that prophetic year within the primordial equation π/2 = 1.5707963267 we find the numeric string …963…, which is the product of (107 x 9), as in the 9 physical planets whose total distance from the Sun is 107 AU, and as in the 107th Triangular Number (5778) that matches the Sun’s surface temperature (5778 K). The value 963 is also the value of the spelled out (אלף־חית־דלת) milui gematria form of the Hebrew word for One, Echad (אחד). It is then followed by the numeric string …267… as in the Apparent Magnitude of the Sun (-26.7) that is caused by its surface temperature (5778 K) and its distance from the Earth, 1 AU. The value 963 is also exactly 5778/6, as in the 6 bundled dimensions of physicality, known as Zeir Anpin within the structure of the Tree-of-life, and is represented by the 6 inner triangles or tetrahedra that make up the inner hexagon of the Cosmic Magen David.

Elements are fundamental substances that cannot be further broken down by chemical means. Their basic unit is the likeminded atoms that all have the same number of protons in their nuclei, which gives them their atomic number. Atomic weight on the other hand is approximately equal to the number of protons and neutrons in those atoms or elements. This would be the part wholly in the hands of the Creator, which scientists call nature, H’Teva (הטבע), that has the same gematria (86) as Elohim (אלהים), G-d.  More precisely, the atomic weight or atomic mass is measured in man-made scientific units called amu’s or g/mol, though as we have learned, nothing in a Divine Matrix or Simulation is entirely developed of free-choice or ever created by man. An astrophysicist may discover something new about a far-off galaxy because of a better telescope or more precise fine-tuning, but it was always there. The same goes for a scientist with a microscope.  Try as we might to claim new discoveries, we are always only unveiling what has always been there, just waiting for someone to open their perception.

After Man realized molecules were not atoms, they eventually settled upon an atomic weight system based on Oxygen since all but a handful of the elements readily react with oxygen, and the base weight of 16 or 15.9994 amu was established for it.  The significance to this is manifold, but the most germane one is that 1/(7.062523306… – 7) = 15.99669…, off by only .00280.  When we split out the 3 of the upper 3 sefirot and then the 7 of the lower 7 sefirot from Pi (π) we get the equation 1/(1/(π – 3) – 7) = 15.99669, the atomic weight of Oxygen that makes up 65% of our bodies.

Being that oxygen is so highly reactive, the form that we breath is dioxygen or O2 and thus what we breathe for life is O2 with a molecular mass or weight of 32, as in the 32 Paths of the Tree-of-Life, and as in the numerical value the heart, lev (לב), the first and last letters of the Torah, and the square root of the 210 or 322 word-values in the Torah.

Given that Oxygen, crucial for physical life, is 15.994 or 16 amu and that Hydrogen is 1.00797 or 1 amu, the water molecule H20 has a molecular weight of 18.01534 or simply 18, as in the Hebrew word for life, chai. Quite appropriate for life-giving water. Water (H2O) has 4 regions of electron density around the central oxygen atom (2 bonds and 2 lone pairs). These are arranged in a tetrahedral shape, and the resulting molecular shape is bent with an H-O-H angle of 104.5°. That the water molecule (H2O) forms a tetrahedron, the basic unit in multi-dimensional symmetry and the basic unit in the crystalline structure of the metaphysical universe is extraordinary. So too that the tetrahedron is the basic unit in the structure of the Alef-bet at the center of the Magic Essential Cube of Creation, and of the 112 Essential Triplets, yet we see that the Hydrogen atom also plays a role in that fractal symmetry. The atomic mass of Hydrogen is 1.00797 or 1 amu, which is within a fraction of a hair of 1.0080, as in the 10080 miles of the cojoined Earth and Moon diameters; the 10080 minutes in 7 days; the 1008 sum of the middle pair, Darosh Darash (דרש־דרש), of the 91 doubled words in the Torah; and the cumulative sum of the Prime Numbers that define the first 13 Perfect Numbers, 1008.  The word pair Darosh Darash (דרש־דרש) is one of 10 word-pairs in the Torah that contain the words dor-dor (דר־דר) or generation-generation. Its numerical value of 408 is the same as the 8th letter, Chet (חת), as in the (600,000408) component letters in the Torah.

A crystal is simply a pattern that is periodic, like we find in the relationships of all the myriad Torah elements, and as found between all the physical elements of our solar system and the universe. A quasicrystal, like the E8 Lattice, is a 2-d projection of a higher dimensional crystal, ergo the physical Torah scroll is also quasicrystal.

We should further note that the total geometric aspects (22982400) for all 2160 8-orthoplexes and 17280 8-simplices that surround each of the 248 intersection points in the E8 Lattice, whose basic unit is also the Tetrahedron, equals (345 x 66615.65), as in the numerical value of Moses (345) times the speed that the Earth orbits the Sun, 66615.65 mph. While the 1565 component in this number is the string gematria of the Name YHVH (יהוה), those total geometric aspects is also (228 x 100800) or the value of the 10 sefirot (dimensions) of the Tree-of-Life (עץ־חיים) of numerical value 228, times the conjoined diameters of the Earth and Moon (10080 miles), which brings us back to the atomic mass of Hydrogen (1.008 amu), the element that makes up 75% of the physical universe and only .14% of Earth. It also resonates with the Name Elohim (אלהים) found alone 228 times in the Torah, and who’s numerical value is 86, as in (10086) = 14.

Meanwhile the atomic weight of Helium is about 1/4th that of Oxygen at 4.00260 amu, as in the 4 letters of the YHVH (יהוה) that equal 26.

Carbon, the second most prominent element that life is based upon, 18.5% by mass, is notable for many reasons. There are two types or isotopes of Carbon that are considered stable, C-12 or Carbon 12 and C-13. Of all the isotopes, Carbon-12 makes up 98.89% of all carbon on Earth, as in 70.00 plus 28.89, that is reminiscent of King David’s 70-year lifespan at the exact center of the Spherical Time radius in the year 2889 HC, and to David’s Name (דוד) embedded multiple times in the birth saga of the 12 Tribes within the Torah. Carbon-13 on the other hand makes up 1.11% of all Carbon on Earth, reflective of Echad, One, of numerical value 13 and of Alef (אלף), also meaning One (1) of numerical value 111. Moreover, while the atomic weight of Carbon-12 is is an average of 12.011, the atomic weight of Carbon-13 is 13.003355. This makes their weighted average on Earth, 12.011137186…, as in the 120-years of Man as declared by G-d in the Torah, and as in 111 again, which is also (37 x 3), followed by …37…, the core number and scaffolding pattern to our DNA and to our 20 amino acids, followed by 18, etc.

Meanwhile the half-life of Carbon-14, as in King David’s numerical value of 14, is 5730 years +/- 40 years, and half of that is 2865 or 11 years after his birth in 2854 HC, a date well within the approximation parameters. What is even more metaphysically aligned is that the while the half-life of Carbon-10 is 19.45 minutes, as in the values of Adam (45) and Eve (19) that are in the 57.78 42.22% ratio; the half-life of Carbon-11 is 20.3 days, as in the Torah’s first Triplet (ברא), meaning “to Create,” and the half-life of Carbon-15 is 2.449 seconds, as in 2449 HC, the first year of the Mishkan, Tabernacle, and the year that the first census was taken in 2449 HC. Moreover, 2.449 squared is 6, just like the 6 protons in all the carbon isotopes.

Another interesting metaphysical phenomenon about Carbon 12 is that its atomic number is 6 and that it consists of 6 protons, 6 neutrons and 6 electrons, and that the first 3 Triplets (ברא־שית־ברא) in the Torah, spell out “In the Beginning, Created 6.”

It is partially Carbon’s propensity to bond that makes it the backbone for organic chemistry, in other words, organic life. The Carbon atom is unique in its propensity to form extensive networks of covalent bonds not only with other elements but also with itself, often forming carbon rings, like the 6-Carbon ring or hexagon structure that we have seen associated with the Magen David, and the metaphysical one composed of tetrahedra, such as methane pictured with a molecular mass of 16.04 g/mol. Carbon is neither electropositive nor electronegative, making it more likely to share electrons than to gain or lose them.

When fully bonded to other atoms, the four bonds of the carbon atom are directed to the 4 corners of a tetrahedron and make angles of about 109.5° with each other, about 4 x 27.5 Hz, the Primal Frequency, as exemplified in carbon chains.  This is why the hexagonal 6-Carbon ring aligns so perfectly with the 6 Tetrahedra of the inner hexagon of the metaphysical Magen David.

The molecule Carbon Dioxide CO2 on the other hand is necessary for all plant life and has a molecular weight of 44.0098 or approximately (1.600 x 27.5 Hz.), which is the atomic weight of Oxygen times the Primal Frequency (27.5 Hz). And while 44 is the numerical value of Dam (דם), blood, which carries both O2 and CO2, we have the Event equation 5778/131.3 = 44.00… with 5778, being the Spherical Time Event Horizon and 1313 BCE being the date the Torah was given at Mt Sinai, not to mention the Alef-bet exponential constant (1.313x). Also, 131.3 amu is the exact atomic mass of Xenon, whose atomic number is 54 as in (54 x 107) = 5778 and as in the 54 portions of the Torah cycle. Metaphysical symmetry permeates every aspect of our existence.

Moreover, 1.600 or 1600 is the sum of the 4 rivers that spread out from Gan Eden to the 4 corners of the Earth plus the word river itself or (1345 + 255) = 1600, as in the 16 times the word river, Nahar (נהר) appears in the Torah, and as in 402, the value of the 13th letter, Mem (מ). This is especially significant considering the 44 candles lit on Chanukah and their connection to the rivers of Binah. There is another secret here in that the average of those 4 rivers that spread out from Gan Eden is 1600/4 = 400, as in the 400 shekels that Abraham paid for the Cave of Machpelah in the field of Mamre where we find the entrance to Gan Eden. The 1345 of the 4 rivers as we know aligns with the value 1.345… that is the quotient of the life constant 37 divided by the radiant Primal Frequency (27.5 Hz), or 37/27.5. The sum of the 4 rivers of Eden also leads to an interesting equation whereby (11 + 35 + 44 + 53) = 625, H’Keter, utilizing the value of Moshe (345) multi-dimensionally backwards and forwards,

Another example of that Cosmic symmetry or metaphysical alignment is found with the three isotopes Neon-20, Neon-21, and Neon-22 whose weighted average atomic mass based on their relative abundance on Earth is 20.18, like the year 2018 CE, the Western Calendar analogue to 5778 HC in the Spherical Time paradigm. The most prevalent isotope, Neon-20, has an atomic number of 10, like the 10 Commandments found at letter 107,007 in the Torah, which is like the 107th Triangular Number, 5778, that we just saw connected with Xenon of atomic number 54 through the equation (54 x 107) = 5778 and through its atomic mass of 131.3 amu that aligns with the year 1313 BCE, or 2448 HC, the date that the 10 Commandments were received at Mt Sinai (130), exactly 66.6 jubilee years before 5778.

The other core element necessary for life on Earth is Nitrogen (N), representing 3.3% of our bodies. It has an atomic number of 7 for its 7 protons and an atomic mass of 14.0067 and while 67 is the numerical value of Binah, 14 is the numerical value of David (14) at the center of Spherical Time and at the central position in the Magic 33 Essential Cube of Creation associated with the Hebrew letter Nun (נ), like the symbol N for Nitrogen.  We can also perceive the alignment with the 67 progeny of Jacob that accompanied him; the 33 progeny of Leah; the 16 of Zilpah; the 7 of Bilhah; and the 14 of Rachel.

The ordinal value of the heart, lev (לב) is fittingly 14.

Without Nitrogen, Carbon, Oxygen, and Hydrogen, there would be no amino acids and thus no DNA, protein, or organic structures, and in the case of humans those 4 elements would not have formed the 20 amino acids in our DNA whose combined molecular weight is 2738.01 g/mol, which is the value of the Torah’s first verse (2701) along with its reciprocal (1/2701), also known as the 42-Letter Name, or (2701 + 37.01) = 2738.017, which alternatively is 2 x (372), with the number 37 being at the heart of every aspect of our DNA and the 20 amino acid groups, just as it is the Torah’s first verse, or (37 x 73) = 2701.

Meanwhile, this periodic web or Cosmic network continues with the element Neodymium that has the atomic number 60 and an atomic mass of 144.24 amu, as in David (14) and as in Moshiach Ben David (424) that matches the 4 bases (adenine (א), guanine (ג), cytosine (כ) and thymine (ת), collectively (אגכת) of our DNA that sum to 424.

The element Ytterbium has atomic number 70 like David’s 70 years, and an atomic mass of 173.04 amu, as in small gematria value (173) of the 42-Letter Name and as in the equation of 9 divided by the small gematria string of the 42-Letter Name that equals (70 + π).

There is also Calcium whose atomic number 20 and its atomic mass 40.08 represent the Hebrew letters Caf (כ) and Tav (ת), whose resultant respective exponential curve values 1.31311 = 19.995 and 1.31322 = 399.783 most closely match their nominal values 20 and 400, which represent the Sun and the Moon in the Cosmic Wheel as explained by Abraham Avinu. As we know, Calcium is the key element in the development and health of our bones, not to mention assorted other core functions of our cells and bodies without which we would not exist. Therefore, we can now understand that the symmetry with the Alef-bet, the Divine metaphysical Names and our skeletal structure is naturally aligned with the symmetry of our solar system and with the Cosmic Wheel. By “naturally” we mean by Divine design.

None of those elements are mentioned specifically in the Torah, but 4 are: the 4 metals, Gold, Silver, Copper and Iron, whose atomic number (79 + 47 + 29 + 26) = 181, as in the 42nd Prime Number, and as in the sum (181) of the first 42 digits in the set of all Prime Numbers. The sum of the atomic masses of those 4 Torah metals is (196.9966 + 107.868 + 63.546 + 55.847) = 424.275 or Moshiach Ben David (424) and the Primal Frequency (27.5 Hz), aligning them metaphysically with our DNA and with the 4 letters of the YHVH (יהוה) that are collectively found in the Torah exactly 90,100 times, as in the 424th Triangular Number, the set of integers from 1 – 424. These 90,100 letters and these two sets of 4 also align with the Pi (π) field in that the sum of the first 901 digits in Pi (π) equals exactly 4000.



The YHVH (יהוה) simultaneously and symmetrically in both directions of our double helix DNA sequencing over and over again, with either a single Vav (ו) or the expanded double Vav (וו).

Finally, there is the natural Uranium 235 isotope that makes up .72% of all the natural uranium on earth. It is the only natural fissile uranium, meaning that it can sustain a nuclear chain reaction and thus makes up a majority of the atomic bomb.  The first such bomb was tested in 1945, 73 years before the Event Horizon and it occurred 210 miles south of Los Alamos, New Mexico. Its code word was Trinity or “3.” Since then, 2056 bombs of ever larger sizes were detonated on Earth.

The atomic mass of Uranium 235 is 235.0439299, and its inverse is .004255, as in the value (425) of the 8th Triplet (כהת) of the 72 Triplet Matrix, and as in the 425 verses in the Torah’s first 3 portions, not to mention the radiant angle 42.5o of the Source that operates at the Phi (φ) angle (137.5o). Within that radiance, the Phi (φ) angle is segmented into 5 equal units (137.5o/5) of the Primal Frequency (27.5o), while 42.5o when complemented by 27.5o equals (42.5 + 27.5) = 70, a core concept of metaphysics and the Torah. So, when one 27.5o unit of the 5 segments within the Phi (φ) angle 137.5o adjoins the radiant angle, as in (42.5o + 27.5o) = 70o, we get the corresponding transfer of (137.5o27.5o) = 110o. We can now understand in new terms why David’s 70-year period is at the center of Spherical Time; why 70 years is the unit of exile; and why Jospeh’s 110 years complemented Jacob’s 70 who entered the exile.  It also helps explain why the letter pair (לפ) of numerical value 110 is at the center of the 3 lines of the 42-Letter Name that equate to 1375.

This is like Noach’s age at the time of the Flood, which the Torah makes a point of telling us is 601. The number 601 is the 110th Prime Number, and the sum of all 91 doubled words in the Torah is 27045, or (601 x 45), incorporating the value of Adam, man (45), like the link between Noach (58) and Adam (45) in the Torah’s 5845 verses and the 601 years between them at the time of the Flood.

It circles back to David (14) at the center of Spherical Time in that there are 27059 letters Alef (א) representing One (1) and (2705927045) = 14.  The letter pair (לפ) of numerical value 110 is the back of the letter Name Alef (אלפ) of numerical value 111.  This is also like the total value of the 1833 letters Samech (ס) in the Torah, (110,00020), as in the hidden letter Samech (ס) found in the center of the 42-Letter Name Matrix.

The value 14 is the first expansion of One (1) in the Path of One (1 13 91 455 1820). One (1) plus Echad (13), meaning One is 14. The next expansion is to (13 x 7) = 91, as in the 91 doubled words of the Torah, while the entire Path  of One, sums to 2380 or 1/42, like the expansion of the Israelite collective Soul, (600000/70/12/3) that likewise equals 238.095 or 1/42, as in the atomic mass (238.0508) of the most common isotope of uranium, Uranium-238, that makes up 99% of all Earth’s uranium.

By tracing the patterns in the Torah and our world, and matching them to the metaphysical ones above, we are elevating them and helping to fulfill our mission. We are linking the remnants of consciousness, the Holy sparks, the Holy souls in exile, to the universal consciousness outside the matrix of physicality.

We can also understand the metaphysics behind the enormous power released by only a small amount of Uranium-235 and why there is a time limit on Man’s existence in this incubation plane.

The 9 expansions and 37 initials of the 4 Holy Names of the Creator, YHVH (יהוה), Ehyeh (אהיה), Adonai (אדני), and Elohim (אלהים) that give meaning to the Concept of 9 and the Concept of 37 and to Abraham’s army of 318 in the battle of the 9 Kings, has a total value of 1658, as in the 1658 years through the Flood. Since the 37 initials total 318, the backs of the Names must equal (1658318) = 1340 and the average of those 57 letters is 23.50877, as in the fissile mass of Uranium-235. It is not about the numbers, but what they connect to and how they connect.  It is the same in our physical impression of reality; the number 10,000,000 does not mean much until it is connected to your bank account.

Meanwhile, the 37 final sofit letters total (92 + 2444 + 1904 + 1418) = (4440 + 1418) = 5858, as in “These are the chronicles [times] of Noach-Noach [5858]” from the first verse of the Torah’s second portion, the portion of the Flood, and as in the 5845 verses of the Torah plus Echad, One (13). And it begins with Adam (45) since the 9 initials of the 9 Names sum to (1 + 1 + 1 + 10 + 10 + 10 + 10 + 1 + 1) = 45, the 9th Triangular Number and sum of the integers 19. This in turn leaves us with the equation of the initials of the initials (31845) = 273, the Cosmic Harmonic that scaffolds our physical world.

These are just some of the physically impossible and yet perfect symmetrical alignments that nonetheless exist.  They are available in plain sight for anyone to perceive if they care to seek them out. They have not been placed there to impress us.  They have not been placed anywhere; they exist because they are metaphysical projections.  It is only now that we are running out of time that we are able to perceive them. They are not hiding anywhere; they are the scaffolding hidden behind the illusion of physicality. They are the codes of the Matrix.  They are our keys to enlightenment, the keys to the gates.