What is Time?

Do you take the Earth, Moon and Sun for granted? I did, until recently. Like most people, I assumed physics and random chance played some role in their creation. Then again, like most of us, until recently I thought our news was real. Fake news is the least of our issues.  That, at least, is … Continue reading “What is Time?”

Sukkot in 5778; The Only One that Matters.

This year, more than ever in our history, more than ever in the 3330 years since we entered the desert, it is imperative we make the Sukkot connections with deliberate consciousness and that we utilize the G-d given technology at our disposal to make the highest possible linkages to Binah/Moshiach for ourselves, for Israel, and … Continue reading “Sukkot in 5778; The Only One that Matters.”

5778 Is Upon Us

The year 5778 is finally upon us and the entire world has been witnessing the changes over the past year with the ominous signs recognizable to all.  For 5778 years the Earth has been circling the Sun at 66,600 miles per hour, or 107,000 kilometers per hour if you use that system.  Most people will … Continue reading “5778 Is Upon Us”

The 432 Binah Meditation Incorporates the Future Holy Temple

One afternoon almost 17 years ago, a caretaker let me into the 16th century Synagogue of Rabbi Isaac Luria in Sfat and all alone with the painted blue raised bimah behind me, I prayed, meditated, and conversed with the Ari.  With wild birds swirling all around the room, diving, fluttering, their noisy wings churning the … Continue reading “The 432 Binah Meditation Incorporates the Future Holy Temple”