Judgment Day; The Final Redemption Approaches


This weeks Haftorah portion tells us Judgment day is coming and When! I was preparing an article this week about the 4 times H’Mashiach is explicated mentioned in the Torah, but the Pesach cleaning took precedence: nevertheless, this and every Shabbat Hagadol–the Shabbat of Redemption—just before Pesach we read the Haftorah portion Malachi 3:4-24 about the ”End of Days.”
The final verse in that reading is “Behold, I will send you Elijah the Prophet before the coming of the great and terrible day of God.”
And that verse is actually repeated twice, word for word, first in chapter 23 and again in chapter 25: “Behold, I will send you Elijah the prophet before the coming of the great and terrible day of God.”
The final 5 words of those verses, “boy yom YHVH hagadol v’hanorah (BE YVM YHVH HGDVL VHNVR,”E) meaning “the coming of the great and terrible day of God,” numerically add up to 407, whose square root, as we’ve explained recently and repeatedly in context, is 20.17424, which can be split up into the year 2017 and 424, the numerical value of Mashiach Ben David.  But what makes this connection doubly emphatic is that the final 6 words (“before the coming of the great and terrible day of God,” add up to 577 as in 5777-5778 or 2017-2018 CE which the tzaddikim have given us as that self same day for the Geula, the Final Redemption.”
And the square root of the sum of the entire verse (1661) is 40.7…once again.
So why is the verse repeated twice?
There are multiple reasons for one of the most ominous and significant verses in the Tanakh (Bible) to be repeated twice, like the hitting of the stone by Moses twice and the two sets of Tablets that Moses brought down, but today we will explore only the gematria, the encoded secret one. There are 49 letters in each of the verses, which connect to the 49 days of redemption, the 49-day Omer period from Passover to reception of the 10 Commandments (Utterances) on Shavuot, the 50th day. And the 50th or hidden letter of this verse, would be the final letter vav (V) in Eliyahu (ELYHV), Elijah in English, who we know from the Arizal was originally Pinchas, whose zealousness stopped the plagues and saved the Israelite.  According to some, that vav (V)–written in Hebrew as a vertical line–is the spear of Pinchas, which according to the Zohar is the broken vav(V) in the word Shalom (peace) in the Torah portion Pinchas, where is describes his zealousness.  We find that broken vav(V) in the phrase “Covenant of Peace.”
Moreover, this broken Vav (V) of numerical value 6, is reminiscent of the 408 missing component letters from the total 600,000 component letters (exactly 599,592) of the Torah, which, if they were represented by the letter vav(V) would equal numerically a total value of 408 x 6, or 2448, which in turn is 49 jubilee years (Biblical 50-year interval) after the Birth of Adam, and is precisely the year the Torah was received at Sinai, 2448 HC.
Now back to the two verses that seem to herald judgment day, the prophesied day of the final redemption (the geula). The total gematria for the 26 (YHVH) words in the 2 verses with the kolel for the YHVH (4) added for each—representing together (4 +4) the 8 days/years of the Brit of Mashiach as described by the tzaddikim, is 3330.  This, as noted many times in previously articles concerning other verses and Torah portions, is exactly 66.6 jubilee years (50-year interval) from the exodus from Egypt and reception of the Torah (Tree-of-life consciousness) in 2448, or precisely 3330 years before 5778 (2018 CE), 8 years from today.

Chag Samech
Have a wonderful Pesach Everyone
Kol Tuv

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4 thoughts on “Judgment Day; The Final Redemption Approaches

  1. Shalom Ezra, I was wondering if you could tell me if from Adam…..would we be coming up to the 120th jubilee yr? Chaim Richman made the announcement that they now have a KOSHER RED HEIFER!! Does that play any part in the end-time prophecies?Maybe we should all start thinking about Aliyah……. Chag Samech and have a blessed Pesach

  2. Jeffrey, a small note on the last verse in the Tanakh: It is to be noted that the name Elijah in Mal. 3:24 is spelled without a vav. This seems to hint that the Great Work of Restoration that will be done in “the last days / acharei hayamim” will be done by HaShem, Eli Y-h. This half of HaShem’s name has a masculine polarity, and indicates the nature of “the Work” He will do: a very manifest work of regathering and restoration with a “strong arm.” Further, that it will be in the general manner Elijah the prophet did his work in the Northern Kingdom of Israel, among the Ten Tribes. He challenged the apostasy they were in, the mixed worship if HaShem with that of other “added” gods, and restored their names, because they assumed gentile/pagan identities. This work of the restoration of the Ten Tribes from their 2700 year old exile into anonymity and “mixed worship” has already begun and is under way. It tells us that Eli Y-h is already here manifesting himself by His “regathering” Work. Yes, we are seeing the beginning of the end of the exile of the Ten Tribes. Yes, we ARE living “in the last days.” Baruch HaShem!! It is time to ask HaShem what we need to do, for we all have a task to do.

  3. Sorry, this is too much numbers, to much sum and adding and so on… Do you really believe God made the prophets to write the Bible using codes? what is the meaning of using codes if He speaks in a lovely direct and simple way using the Bible?? why we should think there must be secrets codes and so on??? The bible also says, ” nobody knows the date nor the hour”…….so when it comes it comes thats it……instead we should be behaving like God wants,

    1. It’s well known and accepted that the Torah is written with 70 faces (levels of understanding) and that most of those are concealed from those not ready to understand. The deepest levels are greatly concealed with codes or many kinds. If google didn’t conceal their algorithms and when you searched for something on the internet you had to go through all their mathematics step by step to find your answer, how useful would it be. Same with making a phone call–if you had to manually decode your message digitally and reassemble it on the other side, how many calls would you make. Encoding was a way for G-d to give us so much purposeful and useful and necessary information in a compact easily accessible document. B’H

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