Part VIII: Phi (ϕ) and Pi and the 42-Letter Name


A Few Gifts from Shavuot:

The 10 Utterances

I realized this Shavuot, during the all-night Torah study, that not even people very well versed in the teachings of the Torah have a clue as to the power at their fingertips. I was with Chabad and their intentions are terrific, warm and pure, and their knowledge is deep, strong and wonderful, yet… It is not wondrous. The Torah is not just a document with G-d’s words written on it; it is a projection of and by extension a part of the Creator Himself. It is a way (an interface) for us to communicate with Him, a way (a blueprint) that He could use in Genesis 1:26 in the 8th Utterance, to create man “with our[His] image and likeness.
We must no longer view the Torah as something external to us. It is, and has never been, a physical article with spiritual writings and spiritual insights. It is purely spiritual (other dimensional) and like our consciousness we can become one with it.  At this point in time, we must, necessarily become one with it.  This is a lot easily than it would appear and we have been, and are being, given tools to help us accomplish that.  It all starts with desire. Once the focal point of our desire shifted from the Tree-of-Life at the center of the spiritual plane to the Tree-of-Knowledge at the fringe we shifted to physicality and nearly all our desires became selfish as opposed to selfless. We must shift back.
We passed the point of no return and each passing day it becomes more difficult for people to even see physicality for what it is. Yet, the same tool(s) we were given on day one are still there for us to harness, and the Creator is expanding our insights into them exponentially.
It is true there are multiple fronts of awakening going on around the planet and the truth about our past and reality is being filled in and exposed at an astounding rate, which is due to the event horizon, which we explain at the end of this series when we tackle the physics of time and reality. If you spend any time online researching, exploring, you can see for yourself that privileged information about people, events, history from the past near and far is suddenly appearing out of nowhere and filling in blanks from places you looked at a few years ago, last year, or only yesterday. This is not because of better algorithms; it is in spite of them, in spite of them constantly being tweaked with bias and an intention to delude, defraud, and obscure reality. The walls of illusion are crumbling despite man’s best efforts to prop them up. That is the nature of the event horizon. That is its similarity with the event horizon that surrounds a black hole where everything still exists yet gets disjointed and broken apart and reality folds back itself.
People, including prominent and eminent scientists, are waking up to visions of multiple universes, multiple realities, multiple dimensions, simulation theories, visions of consciousness as separate from our bodies, and beautiful visions of spiritual space where unity and oneness reigns, and that is a great thing.  You must awaken too.  Just ask yourself two questions as you do.  Is whatever modality of awakening (and thank G-d there are now many) that is being offered to me being charged for, and are they giving me new specific knowledge from that spiritual space to help me get there. If you are being charged for it, then they are based on physicality and want to bring you down with them. If they are giving you old knowledge that you could have read in a book on your own, then they are just charlatans. If they are just presenting pretty pictures and broad concepts, be grateful for what you got out of it, and keep looking because their connection to the spiritual is limited. They must be connected in order to download NEW knowledge; if they are not connected how can they help you to connect, which should be your goal. Every day, new wondrous insights will spontaneously appear in our world. I encourage you to keep soaking them up and weeding out the rest, and if you find something great, some new knowledge that can help us, please share it in the comments. We all grow together.  We will all connect together.
That said, we just celebrated Shavuot and the reception of the Torah at mount Sinai. Three of the many important connections we make on Shavuot are to read the first chapter of the Torah, the acts of Creation; to read the 10 Commandments, and to do a mikve. They are all interrelated in multiple ways. The connection we are going to discuss today is through the 10 Utterances. We know from the Zohar, Chazal, and the Arizal that both the 10 Commandments and the 10 acts of Creation are called the 10 Utterances and both involve recombination of the Hebrew letters.>We are not going to get that complicated here; you can read elsewhere how they relate to one another.  We are going to make some deeper connections for ourselves to the 9 plus 1 acts of Creation in order to better understand the internal dynamics of the Torah and its source codes.  There are 10 Utterances in total, but 9 of them begin with “G-d said, Vayomer Elohim” and the 10th with “G-d said to them, Vayomer Lahem Elohim.”  The numerical value sofit of the 10 letters in Vayomer Elohim (ויאמר אלהים) is 903, as in the sum of all the integers from 1 –42.
These are the nine verses: 1:3, corresponding to the 1st day of Creation; 1:6 corresponding to the 2nd day; 1:9 and 1:11 corresponding to the 3rd day; 1:14 corresponding to the 4th day; 1:20 corresponding to the 5th day; and 1:24, 1:26, and 1:29 corresponding to the 6th day.
The sum of (1,2,3,3,4,5,6,6,6) days is 36, of the verses is 142 and chapters, 9, totaling 187, as in the 187 chapters in the entire Torah.
While the sum of the 9 chapters and 142 verses is 151, the value of the spelled-out higher Name Ehyeh (אהיה) and of the word, mikve.
Each one of the Utterances begins with “Vayomer Elohim,” connected to the number 42 as we just explained, followed by a command to the elements or to the hyperspace. Three of those commands were passive as in “there shall be” followed by a noun. If we sum those 9 commands they sum to (232 + 405 + 122 + 705 + 666 + 606 + 497 + 425 + 60) = 3718, which if you recall was the same result as when we paired up the 7th Bell Prime Index 2841 with the 7th Bell Number (877), and got (2841 + 877) = 3718. What is remarkable about both these connections is that 3718 + 42 = 3760 (0 CE). Both take into account the missing tool, one that was obviously there the Torah was created and when the thought of a mathematical universe was generated.

On the other hand, when we add these nine Utterances without the 3 “There shall be(יהי)” and just leave the nouns–Light, firmament, and lights—the total including the 187 delineated above is 3830, as in the year the final exile began with the destruction of the Second Holy Temple, in 70 CE.
The 232 value of “There shall be Light” is easily recognizable as the sum of the 4 aspects of the Tetragrammaton, and is very fitting.  Also, the 5th one, “There shall be [heavenly] lights,” as 666 is notable, but the 6th one or 606 is differentThe sum of all 9 of those Vayomer Elohim or 9 x 903 is 8127 and we find 8127 at the 606th digit in Pi, and the sum of all the digits in Pi counting backward from 1000 through the 8127 string is 1775. The significance of this is that 1775 is the sum of the 27 letters of the Hebrew alphabet, whose square root is 42.130… or 42 at Sinai (130).
The theme of 42 in Creation keeps getting stronger, and yet the sum of the finale letters in those 9Vayomer Elohim” is 7200, as in the 720.0 sum of the square roots of the 72 Triplets, which is interesting since the 8th  Utterance, 425 is the same as the 8th triplet of the 72 Triplets.
You may be asking yourself, what about the 10th Utterance? When we sum the (1st, 2nd, 3rd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 6th, 6th, and 6th) days we get 42 once again. And when the verse at 1:28 is added we get 42 total days, 180 chapters-verses for a new total of 222.
The initials of the 9 Vayomer Elohim and 10th Vayomer Lahem Elohim is (63+37) = 100, as in the ordinal value of the first 10 letters of the Torah.
The number 222 is certainly evocative of 2 x 111 or 2 alefs (אלפ). According to chazal, the word for alefs is as alafim (אלפים) and alpayim (אלפים), meaning thousands, and 2000, as in the verse Notzer Chesed l’Alafim from the 13 Attributes. Therefore, it is significant to note that these 10 Utterances, which according to Rabbi Shneur Zalman of Liadi, “the Alter Rebbe,” are supposed to be the seeds of physicality and spread by means of the letter combinations that comprise 231 Gates of Wisdom have this characteristic in common with the entire Torah. In explanation, the sum of all the letter pairings backwards and forwards of the 231 combinations as specifically found in the Torah total 222,004 or (2000 x 111) + 4. That this is off by 4 from a perfect 222,000 is similar to the way the 10 Utterances (Commandments to us) are found at letter 107,007 and thus off by 7 letters from what would seem like perfection. There are messages in the perfection and messages in the very slight differences of 4 and 7. Of the 231 possible combinations, 10 were not used in both directions and 8 of them were not used at all, for a total void value of 2023.
Moreover, when we add the 10th command to be fruitful (286) the total of the 10 Utterances is 4004, which is exactly 1775 less than 5779.  It is looking a lot like a timetable was built into the Creation narrative.

The next gift will segue into the main part of this section where we will gain new insight and understanding into our most important tool, the 42-Letter Name. To quote Rav Brandwein, the Admor of Strettin, of blessed memory, “It is through the understanding of the 42-Letter Name that the Geulah [final redemption] will occur.” We will cover a third gift from Shavuot at a later date. That gift involves the elasticity of time, even in our world.  Actually, outside our world time does not exist as we know it at all.  In it, even though it may appear rigid, time can be sped up or slowed depending on our focal point.  That is for another day.

A Stairway to Heaven

As we have seen, one tool of the Torah is the 72 Triplets. The 42-Letter Name is comprised of 14 Triplets, and Pi breaks down into at least the first 10 Triplets, which, as we saw, were doubly connected to 1775, the sum of the 27 Hebrew letters.  As it turns out, the specific grouping of the first 8 words or 33 letters of the Torah are also partitionable into 11 Triplets.  If we alternate them, exactly as we did with the 22 letters of the Alef-bet which we split into 2 columns of 11 elements each, we would get two columns of triplets, one with 6 elements and one with 5 elements.

Why would we do this? You will see in the next section, but as we have repeated seen, every time we split or crack open a Torah egg, tremendous light is revealed.  Meanwhile, those two columns simply add up to 1044 and 1959, whose digits (1+0+4+4+1+9+5+9) sum to 33, but there is one more important step.

710  –   203
 36   –  203
705  –    51
407  –    90
101   –  206
1959  - 1044

If we then zigzag our way through the two columns, as in a staircase:

And reorder them to add up the appropriate landings, which we have done below by reordering them into new columns, we get new encrypted information about the 33 letters of Creation.

We get 903 for the right-hand, or initiating zigzag, or stairwell, and 2100 for the corresponding left-hand, or resultant zigzag or stairwell. This is the same 903 equivalent to Vayomer Elohim (ויאמר אלהים) in each of the 10 Utterances that created our physicality and reality. What is critical here, as we are about to see, is that this secret staircase hidden in the command module of Creation gives us 903, the sum of all the integers from 1 – 42 and 2100 which is both 100 times the value of G-d’s higher Name Ehyeh (אהיה) and 50 times 42. Both the Name Ehyeh (אהיה) and number 50, through the 50 Gates, are associated with the hyperspace dimension called Binah.
Notably, the split between 903 and 2100 as  proportions out of 3003 is nearly precisely 30.0% and 70.0%.
As we just saw, 903 is the gematria of Vayomer Elohim (ויאמר אלהים), the announcement “G-d said,” that initiated each of the 10 Utterances, with specific distinction to 9 of them.  That the initials of Vayomer Elohim      (ויאמר אלהים) are Vav (ו) and Alef (א) are very interesting, considering the connections between them and the Shema and the numbers 42 and 13.
There are 13 words—the gematria of echad (אחד), One—in the first 42-word paragraph of the Shema which have the initial letter Vav (ו). Then there are 42 more of them in the rest of the Shema. There are also exactly 42 words in the Shema that have the initial letter Alef (א). Initials. If we can become One with the Torah, internalize it to our consciousness, we can not only recite the Shema, but be it.
The letter Vav (ו) when spelled-out is vav-alef-vav (ואו). It has a numerical value of 13 and it encapsulates the Alef (א). If we examine the letter Alef (א) closely we notice that it is endless, an endless infinite fractal cycle going inward, expanding and cycling inward again. Each time it expands, the letter Alef (א) reappears between the two inner, component Vavs (ו) that comprise it, never ending. What gets shed off are two endless streams of Yuds (י) from their orbit around the center, like the two jets shooting out of the accretion disk surrounding a black hole.
If you recall, the 10 Utterances summed to 4004, which I am sure brings a smile to computer geeks, as 4004 was Intel’s first commercially available microprocessor and jumpstarted our technological revolution. Nevertheless, 4004 is eerily similar to 3003, the sum of the 33 first letters, exactly one grand alef (א) more. The average of those 33 letters is exactly 3003/33 = 91.
Every student of kabbalah can tell you that 91 is the technological reason we say Amen (אמן) after hearing a blessing. Amen (אמן) not only has the numerical value 91, but it is also the sum of the Tetragrammaton (יהוה , 26) and its pronounceable counterpart Adonai (אדני, 65) of which there are exactly 91 in the Torah: (26 + 65) = 91. This is called a unification and we now can understand that each of the 33 letters contain this powerful unification used to seal, elevate, and transport our blessings
The other part of this technology, as delineated by the Arizal, is the 42-Letter Name. Not to be lost here is that 91 is (7 x 13), the numerical value of Echad, One, and (7 x 33) is equivalent to the 231 Gates of Wisdom.  Moreover, throughout the Torah the 90,100 Yuds (י), Heis (ה), and Vavs (ו) combine to form exactly 1820 or 20 x 91 revealed Tetragrammaton (יהוה), as explained in greater detail earlier.  Kabbalistically, 7 represents the 7 unified 6 bundled sefirot (dimensions) of Zeir Anpin, associated with the Tetragrammaton (יהוה), coupled with the 1 dimension (Malchut/Kingdom) where the causality of time reigns. This dimension is associated with Adonai (אדני). This 61 pairing is also alluded to in the initials of Vayomer Elohim(ויאמר אלהים): Vav (ו) and Alef (א), 6 and 1, indicating that G-d did not just say and physicality appeared in our world; there was a process that involved the 6 and 1 rows of the 42-Letter Name matrix and their associated dimensions.
Let us back up one second.  Since we have already established that the focus of the Torah is in returning us or reconnecting us to the One, let us not gloss over that fact that 91 = (7 x 13), the value of Echad, One.  You see, 91 is also the sum of the digits from 1 -13. Moreover, the sum of the sum of all the numbers through 13 is 455, which is the sum of the 3 aspects of higher Name Ehyeh (אהיה), associated with Binah. The dimension of Binah is what we would call hyperspace, a dimension beyond what we would understand as causality, and thus without time.

As we can see, all the 1820 Tetragrammaton (יהוה) and all the 90,100 Yuds (י), Heis (ה), and Vavs (ו) clearly feed into and stem from the first 33 letters of the Torah, so let us not forget that 90,100 equals the sum of the integers from 1 – 424, the numerical value of Moshiach Ben David.  Every one of those 33 letters are engines for unification between worlds, planes, and dimensions and to Oneness.

The Original Kundalini

Even now, skeptics will be saying to themselves, OK 903 is connected to 42 and 42 is a special number, but they do not see anything connecting it to the 42-Letters or linking the 42-Letters with the first 28 or 33 letters of the Torah. Keep reading. We have just seen how the hidden staircase that zigzags or snakes its way in a simple wave-like pattern through Creation connects to 42. We have also seen earlier how the 42-Letter Name generates Pi through a super simple equation to an astonishing degree of accuracy. Now, we will show you how Phi (ϕ) is integrated into it in a similar and most beautiful way as well. One of my colleagues, Peter, was the one who discovered this. The Hebrew language is unique in that all words of three letters or more have 3 root letters, which through permutations form up to 6 different base words. As we have seen the 33 first letters in the Torah, the 216 letters of the Name of 72, and the first 30 digits in Pi are formed by or are partitionable into mathematically significant Triplets.  The 42-Letter Name matrix is no different and is comprised of 14 triplets.  Whether these (72 + 11 + 10 + 14) or 107 Triplets are the only ones to be considered because 107 has meaning is not yet known, since the more gates we approach the more open for us, as is the nature of this magnificent marvel called the Torah.
Until now, most people who recite this 42-Letter Name as a daily prayer or meditation did not know why it was split into Triplets.  The answer is found once again through splitting the 42 Letters in two, just like the 22 letters of the alef-bet, and exactly as we did with 33 first letters, and similarly with the 72 Triplets when we took their square roots and thus splitting them in half as well.  The process starts with the 42 letters being split into two columns of 7 Triplets, in each, which in this case the tzaddikim did for us thousands of years ago, alternating odd-even just like the alef-bet and the first 33 letters. Once again, we are climbing a stairwell through the Name, using the triplets as landings. By connecting 7 of the 14 Triplets in a perfect alternating zigzag fashion and summing up their gematria, we get: Phi (ϕ).
Starting with the first Triplet (אבג) of gematria 6, we then cross over to the second column and dropping down a flight (a row), until we end up on the 7th landing (row) with (שקו) of gematria 406.  The gematria of all 7 Triplets, representing exactly half the 42 Letters is (6 + 359 + 57 + 493 + 110 + 187 + 406) = 1618, as in Phi (ϕ), 1.6180
Then two of the Triplets of the opposite stairwell, the one of the first row (יתץ) and the one of the 7th row (צית) equal (500 + 500) or 1000, and 1000 + 1618 = 2618 or Phi (ϕ)2.
The Remaining Triplets of the left-handed stairwell from the 3rd and 4th rows (יכש) and (בטר) add up to (330 + 211) = 541, the gematria value of Israel.  These are the 6th and 7th Triplets. Notable because (6 x 7) = 42 and (6 + 7) = 13 and (13 + 42) = 55, just as we recently saw with the exceptional sequence in the Bell Prime indices and the occurrences of the letter Vav(ו) in the Shema, and this time they equate to Israel. The remaining 3 Triplets (קרע), (טנע), and (יגל) sum to (370 + 129 + 43) = 542, or Israel plus 1, and are a reference to the 5 (מב) found in the 72 Triplets that we will get into later in this series.
The entire split of the left-handed or non-Phi (ϕ) stairwell totals 2083, which Peter also correctly advised is the 314th Prime, looping us back to Pi.  In a similar way the Torah merged Pi and Phi directly through the equation 401273/ Phi (ϕ) = 248000 because 2480 is the sum of the names of the 5 individual Books of the Torah and their initials (בשובד) add up to 314.
We have seen connections between the number 42 and 3760 or 0 CE in the Hebrew Calendar. We have seen that date connected between 42 and the exceedingly rare Bell Prime Index with the Bell Prime Numbers. We have seen that date 3760 connected with the unified gematria of the 42-Letter Name, the first verse of the Shema, and with the first verse of the Torah. These 3 special portals had exactly 42 unique letters between them (19, 12, and 11). And we just saw 3760 yet again with the 9 Utterances directly connected to 903, the sum of the integers from 1 – 42.
Now, once again, we see 3760 by connecting the right-handed stairwell of the 33 Letters that totaled 903 to the righthanded Phi (ϕ) stairwell of the 42-Letter Name. The right-hand stairwell divided by the total of the 25 Triplets or (903 + 1618)/(3003 + 3701) = .376044.

As for the Left-hand stairwell that connects to Ehyeh (אהיה) and Pi/Shadai (שדי), the continuous 13 landings sum to 4183 or .623956 of the total, which is off from .625 or 5/8 by .001044, which just happens to match up with the sum of the original split of the 33 letters into two columns that added up to 1044 and 1959 respectively.
And the difference between those two grand stairwells (4183 -2521) is 1662 or 2 times the gematria sofit of Alef(אלף), so once again 2000 is built into the Genesis equation, possibly alluding to (3760 + 2000) which equals 5760, which is equivalent to the year 2000 CE and whose logarithm is 3.76042248. Need we say more.
What if we told you that 903 times the square root of 5, the core of Phi (ϕ), equals 2019.17.

Unbelievable! The Creator built in a backdoor for us with an ascending stairwell leading straight to the main gate. Or is it a ladder into the cockpit of the command module?
Yet another connection of the 42-Letter Name to the Torah’s incredible first verse is that the entire right side of the 42-Letter Name matrix is numerically equivalent to the 4th, 5th, and 6th words in that verse combined. The word for “the Heavens and the two words that flank it, Et and V’et sum to (401 + 395 + 407) = 1203, the exact same as the 7 triplets on the right-hand side of the 42-Letter Name.  Notice how that 1203 total is comprised of the 2nd word of Torah (203) that was so integral to the Bell Numbers and 1000, which we know to be a numeric appellation of the letter Alef(א) associated with the Binah hyperspace.
What makes this all the more significant is that the 7 triplets of the left-hand side of the 42-Letter Name are numerically equivalent to the remaining 4 words of the Torah’s first verse plus 1000 or Alef(א) once again.  The 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 7th words of the first verse (913, 203, 86, and 296) = 1498 and the 7 triplets of the left-hand side of the 42-Letter Name equal 2498 or 1498 plus 1000.
From the splitting of the Alef-bet to the splitting of the 42-Letter Name and the splitting of the 72 Triplets Name, Phi (ϕ) was revealed in conjunction with 1000 and the number 54.  Moreover, the splitting of the 42-Letter Name into equal parts in a most simple, elegant, and symmetrical way, split the name into Phi (ϕ) and Pi. Remember, those 14 Triplets are found in the Torah exactly 506 times, which is not only the gematria of the first row (first two triplets: (אבג יתצ) of the 42-Letter Name matrix, but it is also the complete numerical value of Moshiach Ben David and the sum of all the squares from 12 to 112.
We could say that the 42-Letter Name or 14 Triplets is the fusion of Phi and Pi.  We can also tell you that the sum of the 14 square roots of the 14 Triplets is 210.0262873… This is not only evocative of 210.0 years of exile in Egypt, etc, but 2628 is the sum of the Torah reoccurrences of the Torah’s 4th (את) and 2nd (ברא) words.  And while the 73 is obviously another reference to Torah’s first verse, whose total value equals the sum of the integers from 1 – 73, the number 2628 is the sum of the integers from 1 to 72. Moreover, the Torah’s 5th word (השמים), Heaven, reoccurs 73 times in the Torah and 2628 + 73 = 2701.
Just to complete a little more of the picture: between them, the Torah’s 1st word (בראשית) and 7th (הארץ) reoccur 365 times in the Torah, while the 4th (את) and 6th (ואת) reoccur 3450 times or (10 x 345), the gematria of Moses (משה).
Just as we know that the 506 Torah occurrences of the 14 Triplets are purposefully weaved throughout the Torah so too are the recurrences of the 7 words of the Torah’s first verse from which the 14 Triplets originate, adding yet another layer of purpose, intrigue and design into the Names, Torah, and mathematical constants, and dropping even more clues for us to unravel it all.

Did you notice how the next 3 digits in Phi after 1618 were 033? Coincidence or clue?
Yet another discover that Peter made was that the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th consecutive lines in the 42-Letter Name add up to 1820.  All 18 letters add up to 1820, which as we just discussed and will do so again, is the exact number of times the Tetragrammaton (יהוה) appears in the Torah.
Let us recapitulate. The first row (506) of the matrix connects to Moshiach Ben David. The next 3 rows (93, 387, and 704) equal 1820 and connect to all the Tetragrammaton (יהוה). Leaving us with the last 3 rows (239, 230, and 906) that equal 1375, which represents exactly 50 cubits, the height of the gates of the Future Holy Temple. Exactly 50, as in the 50 Gates of Binah, the Gates of UNDERSTANDING.
Through this Gate and up the winding double helix staircase we must climb. Remember what Rav Brandwein said, “It is through the understanding of the 42-Letter Name that we will bring about the Geulah (final redemption).”
It takes 3.5 revolutions to line up the Triplets in the 42-Letter Name into a Phi/Pi column split, just like the 3.5 years in 42 Months. Just something to ponder.
Special thanks to Peter for his invaluable help on this section. Shabbat Shalom

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  3. H’Aretz v’H’Aretz
    . . . . created The Heavens and The Earth & the Earth
    Slightly “off topic”:
    Reading those first 8 words as one “block”, are we being told by the Creator, that we have another Earth in a different dimension or somewhere else outside of this universe?

    1. Very astute. Part of the message is that they are one block of 8 words. Kabbalah teaches that many worlds were created before ours. And or as many scientists now believe, it may be multiple universes, or multiple simulations. It could very well read, the earth, and the earth, and the earth, and earth…

  4. BS”D
    Dear brothers, I apologize for my insistence on recommending you to review the work to which I have already referred, since it sheds a lot of light on the concepts that we are dealing with according to the ancient Jewish tradition of the Torah, because their vision and understanding of the texts was something different from the current one, I’m sure it will surprise you … With my best wishes that you find His way, receive a big hug
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  5. Jeff,
    Saying “Many worlds were created before ours” is very different from the Many Worlds Interpretation of quantum physics (which I personally don’t believe, FWIW), which says that all possibilities that did not occur in our world did/does occur in another. Do you think that’s a “thing” that actually occurs? If so, are there any classic texts making those claims?
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  9. Thanks — makes sense ! (What confused me is that the Cricket (sport) has Torah links. It probably came into India with some of Abraham and Keturah;s descendants.

  10. “42” & “72” With A Bit Of A Twist
    One way of looking at, or thinking of, the First Verse of the Torah is to regard it as an expansion of, or a partitioning of, the Original Aleph. The Aleph is divided into a Bet (Top right Yud and part of the Top Left to Bottom Right Diagonal forming the Bet. The “Rest” or “What’s left over” can be rotated to look like (or very close to looking like) a Tsadhe.
    Treating those two letters (Bet and Tsadhe) as numbers, we have 2 and 90, about to “expand across space, with 26 more letters (26 being associated with the Divine 4-Letter Name) about to fill the expanding universe.
    In the numbers there is a picture of the universe starting with two elements (H and He, Hydrogen and Helium, top row of The Periodic Table etc). As the universe expanded, 90 more elements (all the way up to Uranium, Atomic Number 92) were added – as stars cycled into supernovae, collapsing then blowing apart etc.
    The whole metaphor/scenario very cutely jives with the 92 separate words used in the “Genesis Week” account in the Torah (the first 34 verses).
    The “8 Word Block
    Applying a similar “model” to our first 8 words in the Torah, we have a similar Bet to Tsadhe “book-ending”, but this time with 31 31 (rather than 26) letters between them. The value of those letters is 2911.
    2911 is 41 * 71, two numbers that are “one off” 42 and 72.
    2911 (read as 2 times 911) has “shades” of the First Word in the Torah, which, with a bit of a stretch, can be read as “2 by 911”. The “Genesis Week” is comprised (if we include the “punctuation Peh’s – 7 of them) of 1822 letters.

    1. Hi Peter,
      I’m a little confused. There are 434 words in the 31 verses of the first 6 days, 469 in 34 verses of 7 days. You may have meant something along the lines of the 90 words in the first 2 days (8 verses) or I may have misunderstood entirely.

  11. 9 Utterances and 10 Numbers
    We use a Base 10 Number system. We use the same word (Digits) to refer to both numbers and our fingers.
    But when we write our “10 numbers” we write 9 of them as single digits and do something different with the 10th. Even if we “go the other way” and treat 0 as a number, 0 is “different” from the other nine numbers we use.
    The Creator has done something similar – 9 times, the expression “Vayomer Elohim” occurs in the Genesis Week. The “10th” “odd one” is either the “Vayomer Lahem Elohim” or the “Beginning of Speech, or Breathing Out, which is an alternative way of seeing Verse 1: i.e. as the Ar-L-Ph (sounds from Throat then Mouth then Lips, inner to outer of Divine Speech. That “Breathing out, put the Ruach over the face of the Mayim/Water(s) as described in Verse 2.
    So, going back to the Supernovae Expansion metaphor of 90 new elements (the comment above this one), the value that fills the expanse, (letters 2 to 27 of the Torah) is 2609.
    Cute mathematics juggling or otherwise, that 2609 can be read as 2600 + 9, the Divine (26 * 100 as in Israel and the 100th Prime) and 9 Utterances.

  12. Periodic Table Structure in Genesis
    I should have explained it more fully.
    Yes, there are 434 words in Days 1-6, and another 35 in the 7th Day. But there are 86 unique (3 Letter roots) in Days 1 -6, representing the 86 active elements in the Periodoc Table/
    There are 6 more “new” words (i.e. unique words) that only “show up” in the 7th Day, i.e. the 6 Inert gases, the elements that do not interact with others, which is fitting for the “Shabat” Day or “Rest/Inactive Day.
    Elohim, value 86, is plural representing diversity, which is fitting for the idea of “Creation” as an Exponential type of function cf. the Definition of the Exponential Constant as a Limit to Infinity of Unity plus an infinitely small part of itself multiplied an infinite number of times (That is less cumbersome as an equation than in English).
    I think of Olam (146) as Elohim (86) wrapped in a Kli. And Elohim (86) as 26 wrapped i another Kli. The ideas (“e” as a limit, Elohim as Unity and Love wrapped in a Kli, Elohim as the diversity of different elements etc, all “jive” (in my thinking) with concepts of Unity radiating outwards into the Upper 42 Letter Name and then on into creation through a series of “partioning” processes such as Elements in the Periodic Table, the Raqiya/Firmament partitioning the waters, Light and Darkness (4th verse) . . . . .
    Going back to the First Verse, although the 4th Word is not a 3 Letter word, there is an obvious link between Words 4 and 6, meaning that out of 7 Words in the Verse, we can count 6 Unique words. Once again, we have hints at ^ * 7 = 42 and, of course,
    6 + 7 = 13 (Unity/Ehad).
    (Am probably typing too fast, so I hope all that is reasonably “coherent”??)

  13. 8 Words vs 7 Words
    (Going back to the “extra” Earth(s) ):
    The 8 Words is (probably) symbolic of a level above our 7 Day cycle, i.e. of a dimension above time.
    Despite its more usual description as a “Fence”, the Letter Cheth, bears a remarkable resemblance to the Roman/English letter “h”, to the Greek “Eta”, and to the Chinese symbol for “8”. (Most of us do not go about reading Chinese characters, but “888” is considered such a lucky number in Chinese society that we are likely to encounter the “8” or “888” in public places like LAX with Flight #888 to Beijing. The modern Chinese symbol for “8” normally only has the two legs, but the earlier version (still used at times) has the “croos bar” from the Cheth, and sometimes, the “top spike” of the Greek Eta and Roman “h”. Our symbol for infinity (cf. in a recent article on this site) is an “8” rotated 90 degrees.
    “Gates” and Portals, the Tower of Babel, Soccer Goals and Croquet gates all coming together . . . . .
    (not sure if the Chinese symbol will show on all browsers?:)
    8 八 h η ח

  14. BS”D
    Hi, Peter
    In reference to your comment on the extra Earth and the 8 words you have all the keys to its deep meaning in the book I recommended you of F. Weinreb, much more than you can imagine… Greetings and blessings

  15. Phi and 613 Commandments
    In the spliiting of the first 8 words of the Torah into two columns of 3 Letters, group/rearranged so that the Left Column has the value 2100, and the Right Column has value 903 — cf the Article from Ezra (above):
    It’s just a jump to the Left
    And then a Step to the Right

    The first three values in the Left Hand Column are:
    710 203 and 705
    They “total” or “sum to” 1618, a representation of The Golden Ratio, 1.618
    “Stepping” across to the Right Hand Column, the final two values are:
    407 and 206
    Their “total” (613) reads/sounds like the 613 Commandments (248 Positive, 365 Negative) in the Torah, and the corresponding “components” in a Human Body

  16. Partitioning The Tree In Two
    My “letter count” for Days 1-6 of Genesis (i.e. Chapter 1) is 1671 Letters (and/or 1677 if we count the 6 “Punctuation Peh’s, one after each of the 6 Days).
    That number, 1671 is HALF of the value of the 11 Sephiroth, Da’at included, which comprise 42 Letters.
    The Six Day Creation is laid out in the “Tree” (3 * “And God Made”, 7 by “God saw” etc). The 1671 to 3342 “Link” has the same ratio (1 to 2) that is built into the Temple.

  17. Halfway Around The Pyramid
    The Letter Count for Days 1 to 6 is 1671 (cf the Comment above) without counting the 6 Peh’s. There are 144 Letters in Day 7 (The Shabat) giving a total of 1815 Letters for the Seven Days (and 1822 Letters (Twice 9/11 or 911, the Joseph (value 156) Prime Number – 911 is the 156th Prime Number).
    The “Base Length” of the Great Pyramid is 9075 inches, or in feet and inches 756 Feet 3 Inches cf. Ezra’s articles on Joseph’s Pyramid on this site). The 756.25 is the square of 27.5, i.e. the Pyramid Cubit (27.5″) is self-referencing in the Dimensions of The Pyramid. (cf. Ezra’s articles on the Pyramid).
    Two sides of the Pyramid have a length (ground level) of 2 * 9075 incheswhich is 18150″, i..e. 1815 by 10 inches.
    The Link to the 1815 Letters of the Genesis Seven Days (and to the “Ha Mashiach” value of 363 and 2 by 18150 inches being 36,300 inches, are very obvious.
    The “partitioning” (two sides, halfway around the Base of the Pyramid, Half of The Tree of The Sephirot being the 1671 Letters, 11 out of 22 Letters used in the “One Verse” or “Uni-Verse (Genesis 1:1)) is related to the splitting of The 42 Letter Name and the 33 Letters of Words 1-8 of The Torah – cf. the 3342 value of the 11 Sephiroth, i,e, the numbers 33 and 42 built into the Structuring

  18. I love your first few paragraphs. I love the Torah and its teaching, and how “Elohiym” confirms his word with the rhythm of gematria. (If the numbers don’t line up it is out of tune.) I am not well verse in Hebrew, but have been diligently learning for 3 yrs now. If the LORD God can use a donkey (Numbers 22) to get his msg across, I am completely sure he can use any old dumb animal.
    The LORD gave me a verse a long time ago
    “Then said I, Lo, I come: in the volume of the book it is written of me”
    19th Book Psalm 40:7 (19+40+ 7) = 66
    The Bk of Genesis (KJV) has 1533 Verses (1+5, 3+3) = 66 The Bk of Isaiah has 66 Chapters
    The King Jame English Bible has 66 Books
    I appreciate all your labor, keep up the good work!

  19. BS”D
    MaShYaJ in high simetry:
    ח י ש מ ש י ח : 676 square 26
    MaShYaJ in low simetry :
    מ ש י ח י ש מ : 708 = JeN = NoaJ
    “Noe found grace in the eyes of God
    Genesis 6: 8
    Difference = 32 = LeB ❤️

  20. BS”D
    YeShUÁ in high simetry
    762 = ע ו ש י ש ו ע = YeShUÁ + EShaV
    YeShUÁ in low simetry
    702 = י ש ו ע ש ו י = ShaBaT
    702 Ohr Jozer 207 Ohr
    Difference 60 = Samej 60 keep the fallen…

  21. BS”D
    Pakod ifkod”, two words full of heavenly destination codes. Pakod alludes to our awakening to deeply remember the Eternal, and ifkod alludes to the deep memory of Yahweh to us. Therefore, the meaning of the verse, “Pakod ifkod Elokim etjem” is:
    “Pakod Elokim / _Deeply remember God- and then –
    _Ifkod etjem / _God will remember you deeply”.
    PaQoD IPQoD in low simetry
    י פ ק ד ק פ י = 384 = MaShYaJ 26

  22. I hope you all have had time to digest the prior articles. I’ve been traveling with my son for the past couple weeks. I tried to get an article out before i left but ran out of time with all the preparations. B”h I’ll have an article out with brand new revelations by the end of the week including new important clues. Some of those sites people have been mentioning were the ones I indirectly referenced early on when I mentioned there was much more geometry about the Torah on the Internet but it’s all 2 dimensional. It’s real but tends to be focused on the number 37 which we’ve already advanced into multiple dimensions. Where they go off tangent is when they infer other meanings through gematria or invent connections with other languages and or non Torah gematria. So please be careful and get ready as the ride will begin again shortly.

  23. Yahoo Ezra!
    Dere iz even more coming!
    Thank you for all the work, for the time and for all the (literally) “mind expanding knowledge”.

  24. H4962 מת math (tav mem) = 440
    Standard tuning frequency of instruments = 440
    H4962 male, men, few in number (49+62) = 111
    Book 1 Chapter 1 Verse 1
    בראשית ברא אלהים את השמים ואת הארץ = 2701
    Who am I (מי אני ) (yod10 noon50 aleph1 yod10 mem40) = 111
    2368 + 333 = 2701

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