Part XVII Connecting the Dots Part 7 – Water



Before we begin our promised discussion on water, one quick note about Phi(φ) that many of us may have missed. Phi(φ) creates infinity out of finite space.  Yes, that is impossible in Euclidean geometry, but in a sense it is true.  It is very important to grasp this in order to comprehend why the universe and the most fundamental movements would be structured around Phi(φ). We already know Phi(φ) generates the most efficient use of space within our universe. For anyone that has not been following this series from its inception, you can find the entire work here.
As we spiral steadily and naturally outward utilizing the Phi(φ) angle (137.5o), elements, or points in space, will be deposited in the most efficient way possible. That can go on infinitely and so can adding points to line, but what if instead of allowing the spiral to escape, we confined it to a simple 360o circle, or the toroidal shape we see generated with the dielectric and magnetic fields.  We are not speaking about an ever-widening circle; no, we are speaking about a circle with a set radius, a set circumference. It could be 1 or 25 it does not matter; as long as it is limited you would have to agree it is limited space. The same premise holds with the surface of a fixed radius torus.
What we are saying is that when we use our plotting generator and advance incrementally by the Phi(φ) angle (137.5o) each time instead of recording where the next end point in the spiral will be, we will record where the angle crosses the fixed circular plane, the circle.
It is quite extraordinary actually. Sure, you may have to draw finer and finer points, but no two points will overlap, ever.  The Phi(φ) angle (137.5o) will not intersect the circular plane at the same place twice. It will infinitely generate new points along the circle. No other angle will do that.
This overlooked property of Phi(φ) has enormous implications.
Why did the Architect of the Pyramid build it using cubits that are exactly twice the Phi(φ) angle (137.5o)?  The 27.5” cubit is 2 x 13.75”.  Why did the Designer of the Holy Temple make the 27.5” cubit is 2 x 13.75” or twice the Phi(φ) angle (137.5o), and the walls 1375” thick? Why did the Creator of the Alef-bet design it with it a special alignment with the Phi(φ) angle (137.5o)?
When we trace a Torus or toroidal shape with the Phi(φ) angle (137.5o) we never get to an end point and the lines never overlap. It just keeps tracing the shape in finer and finer definition infinitely. It also never leaves the confines of the toroidal shape, permanently sealing the system.
Recall, the image of the magnetic radiation from the ferrocell that Ken Wheeler broke down for us:
Notice how the lines never even cross one another.

And on to infinity…

Phi and the Tower of Truth

Another odd property of Phi(φ) and there are many involves the Fibonacci numbers (0,1,1,2,3,5,8,13,21,34,55,89,144…) but it goes much further. Every 4th Fibonacci number is divisible by 3, like 3/3, 21/3, 144/3… and if we examine those results (1, 7, 48…) sequentially in mod 9 (in other words divide by 9 and record the remainder) we get (1-7-3-5-5-3-7-1-9-8-2-6-4-4-6-2-8-9) and that sequence repeats itself over and over again.  It is easy to see that 17355731 and 9826446289 are both palindromic and we know that 173 is the small gematria of the 42-Letter Name, and there are some very interesting tiling that can be dome using these numbers, but something else struck me in regards to a very specific pyramid.
If you recall in our discussions of the Tower of Truth, that it is a perfect stack of the 20 cubes, each incrementally 1 cubit smaller in height, width, and length from 13 – 203. It has a total volume of 44,100 or 441, the numerical value of emet/truth) x 100 and a total height of 210 cubits meaning it fits precisely in the center of the Pyramid.  It is significant to note that 441 is 212 and that 21 is the value of the Name Ehyeh (אהיה) associated with Binah.
The volume of the 20th cube in the Tower is 20 x 20 x 20 or 8000 cubits3.  If we were to add one more cube of 21 x 21 x 21, which metaphysically would connect to Binah, its volume would be 9261 cubits3 and the height of the Tower would now be 231 cubits, as in the 231 Gates associated with the 22 Hebrew letters arranged in a circle with their 231 paired paths between them, as Abraham explained in his Sefer Yetzirah over 3700 years ago. Nevertheless, the cumulative or total volume of the Tower would now be 53361 cubits3.  By some quirk of nature and mathematics, and by some mysterious divine intent, the 21st cube’s volume is exactly 21% of the 44,100 cubits3 Tower of 20 cubes and exactly .173553719826446289 of the Tower of 21 cubes volume (or 9261/53361 cubits3).
If you just got chills, then you understood what I just wrote.
If you realized that the total gematria value of all the words in the Torah is 21009826 and related this to the Tower of 21 and the …9826… at the center of the mysterious sequence 173553719826446289 then you are catching on that this 18 digit sequence is key or a key to something important.  Especially, since (21009826 – 17355371) = 17.3% of 21009826.
Nonetheless, on to water, since the repetitive digits in this odd sequence (1-7-3-5-5-3-7-1-9-8-2-6-4-4-6-2-8-9) add up to 90, the numerical value of water (מים), also palindromic.

Water and Wells

We have previously discussed the temperature scales and how they relate to the dimensions of the Holy Temple and the freezing and boiling points of water, most obvious being 273 K; 32o F; 100o C; and 212o F, with the latter being the boiling point of water; the numerical value of “The Light;” the difference between the measure of the Outer and Inner Courtyards as measured from N to S; and Phi3/2, which is also the magnetic precession wobble.
In Genesis, “the water” is mentioned even before “the Light” as the Torah’s 2nd verse states “God’s spirit moved across the surface of the water.” “The Water” of numerical value 95 is the 21st word in the Torah. Moreover, as Peter pointed out the Tetragrammton (יהוה) is the 95th unique word in the Torah. As we have learned, nothing in the Torah was left to chance so the placement of “The Water” as the 21st word must be a way to relate it to Binah through the Name Ehyeh (אהיה). Moreover, the difference between “The Water(המים)” and “The Heavens (השמים)” is the letter Shin(ש), the 21st letter.
As noted by Viktor Schauberger, who passed away 60 years ago and is still perhaps the foremost authority of water and its dynamics, there is yet another important temperature associated with water. “As a liquid, the behavior of water differs from all other fluids. [They] become consistently and steadily denser with cooling, [while] water reaches its densest state at a temperature of 4° Celsius (39.2° Fahrenheit), below which it grows less dense…This is the so-called “anomaly point”, or the point of water’s anomalous expansion, which is decisive in this regard and has a major influence on its QUALITY. …This highest state of density is synonymous with its highest energy content, a factor to be taken carefully into account, since energy can also be equated with life or life-force.”
A field can hold impressions—think of a crop circle or our vector fields—which is akin to memory. Most recently certain renown scientists, including Nobel laureates, have concluded and shown that water exhibits the property of memory. Perhaps, water is more alive than we know, or perhaps water, upon which all life greatly depends at every moment, is in tune to these fields within the ether. Spiritualists and naturalists have observed throughout time that following the natural flow of water including fog elucidates the natural flow of energy.
It is notable that (39.2° – 32o F) = 7.2o F, as in the 72 Triplets.  Moreover, the difference between the boiling point of water and its anomaly point is 172.8 o F or 173 o F, as in the small gematria value of the 42-Letter Name, giving us two of the 4 Essential Elements of Creation, this time in direct relation to the highest energy point of water at 4° C.  Furthermore, as we saw with the Phi(φ) centripetal/centrifugal vortex and magnetic/dielectric fields, the only non- Phi(φ) based angle embedded was 72o. 
One of the special properties of water discover by Viktor Schauberger is the power it generates through vortices, similar to what we saw with the magnetic and dielectric fields.
Notice how Viktor also observed Phi(φ) as the basic guiding component of the water vortex.
Further notice the little star shape he drew in the one of the egg-shaped cavities of the modeled vortex in the upper right of the picture and how it matches the Phi(φ)-based star shape Ken found in the magnetic field many decades later.
The egg shape as a natural complement to the natural water vortex is one of the principles that guided much of Viktor’s technological wonders. He is most known for his principles of “Living Water.” As the Torah puts it, “mayim chayim.”  He theorized and showed that water when alive perpetuates a healthy water cycle and life in general, but that dead water, short-circuits the water cycle and leads to a different cycle of destruction and death on the earth.
Perhaps, the Torah understood what he meant. The principles are fairly simple, and Viktor worked out the physics for us.  It is just that man has chosen to go with the dead water instead. Convincing us that dumping toxic industrial waste like Fluoride into our drinking water maybe good for the aluminum industry since fluoride is a byproduct of it, but it renders our pineal glands useless and it is one of many contributions to dead water.
The pineal gland at the level of our third eye in the center of our brains is very interesting as it is looks like a pine-cone, the quintessential phi spiral, and prominently displayed in numerous ancient cultures. Besides regulating our melatonin and serotonin, it is said to contain natural DMT, a vision inducing drug.  It may play a role in our connecting to the Plan of Potentiality.

112 Paths to the Plane of Potentiality

The Midrash tells us Abraham utilized mikves and encouraged his guests to do so before entering his tent of generosity. We are also told that he gave spiritual knowledge gifts to his other children who took them to the East. There it was determined that there are 72000 Nadis (pathways) between the 112 Chakras in our bodies, 7 major, 21 minor, and 86 micro ones which include 2 outside out bodies.  Adiyogi expounded on the mechanics of human existence until he came to a dimension known as Kaivalyapada where he offered 112 different ways in which a human being can attain to his fullest potential. He declared, “If you use the human system, there are only 112 ways because there are only 112 doorways for this body through which it can attain.”
In a chapter from the Rudrayamala Tantra, a Bhairava Agama, the goddess Devi asks Shiva to reveal the essence of the way to realization of the highest reality. In his answer Shiva describes 112 ways to enter into the universal and transcendental state of consciousness. This would be 112 ways to inadvertently connect to the 112 Triplets, and consciously align the 112 chakras in our bodies to reach a state of potentiality.  This was the original purpose of yoga.  We are not telling you to go do yoga; we are saying that the avenues to enlightenment stemmed from the same source.
Devi Asks:
O Shiva, what is your reality?
What is this wonder-filled universe?
What constitutes seed?
Who centers the universal wheel?
What is this life beyond form pervading forms?
How may we enter it fully,
above space and time,
names and descriptions?
Let my doubts be cleared!
Now Shiva replies and describes 112 meditation techniques to find reality.
There are nine ways concerning breath:
“1. Lo, Radiant one, this experience may dawn between two breaths, After breath comes in (down) and just before turning up (out) the beneficence.”
“2. As a breath turns from down to up, and again as breath curves from up to down through both these turns, realise.”
“3. Or, whenever in breath and out breath fuse, at this instant touch the energy-less energy-filled centre.”
“4. Or when breath is all out (up) and stopped in such universal pause, ones small self vanishes. This is difficult only for the impure.”
“8. Attention between eyebrows, let mind be before thought. Let form fill with breath-essence to the top of the head and there shower as light.”



The original mikves were made from cold natural, usually mountainous or underground streams. Were their healing and cleansing properties attributable to the anomaly point and that they were living waters?
Ever wonder why a mikve’s minimum volume was based on the egg shape: a minimum of 40 Seah, which is defined as 5760 eggs. Would you believe that it is has everything to do with magnetic fields and water’s reaction to it?
We all know water is necessary for life and is the medium for life in our world. We know from the work of Viktor Schauberger and others that water tunes to Phi(φ), moves and energizes with vortices and that these interact naturally with egg shaped channels. We also know that the freezing of water and its density changes is a special process that may even include a critical 4th phase at the edge of freezing. So what happens when we place a magnetized cube in a glass of water and freeze it?
I did not think of that experiment but thankfully Ken Wheeler did.  He hyper froze the water, subjecting it to temperatures much lower than 32o F, yet there was a region around the 1” magnetic cube that refused to freeze. It remained in its liquid state.  Moreover, it formed a perfect egg.
It did not matter what vessel the water was in; the shape was dependent solely on the magnetic/dielectric fields and the water.  The freezing temperature allowed for the water to phase into ice and expose the field lines.
It was not just a perfect egg, but the broader top end had a spatial circular radius of 1 and exhibited a charged circular radius of Phi(φ) or 1.61803… around the N pole of the magnet. The lower edge of this frozen projection was the dielectric plane of inertia through the midpoint of the magnet. On the other hand, the lower pointier end of the egg had a spatial circular radius of Phi(φ) or 1.61803… and exhibited a charged circular radius of 1 about the S pole of the magnet, the opposite of the Northern region. Therefore, the spatial length of the generated egg is 2 x (1.61803… + 1) = 2φ2 = 1 + φ3.
And just like we were able to see the dielectric field lines in the iron filings and the magnetic radiation in the LED-lit ferrocell spirals, when the water freezes the fine trapped bubbles form ethereal wisps of the dielectric rays, revealing the Plane of Inertia….
and beautiful centripetal and centrifugal vortices that utilize the same 42.5o angles we saw with the magnetic fields.
Water is the medium and basis for life and an egg is a metaphor for life.  It could be said to be the geometry or shape of life. What we do know now is that a magnet inside of water creates that egg shape. In other words, the Phi(φ) based dielectric and magnetic fields when activated in water organize into an egg shape.
We also now know that frozen water (ice) conforms to and reveals these interacting fields.
We need to ask ourselves that if water is so reactive to magnetism (the engaged magnetic and dielectric fields) what is going on in our bodies that are 80% water given the magnetic electrical fields all around us all the time nowadays?
Living waters (mayim chayim). There is a lot to unpack here. Remember, Genesis was also split into the (1 + Phi 1.6180…) proportion.  The Beginning; the Egg.  And “God’s spirit moved on the face of the waters.”
How can these invisible fields show up differently in different media: as light in ferrocells; as attraction for iron filings; and as filaments and bubbles and egg-shaped radiation in water and ice? It is because fields are non-physical. They impact our physicality, but are not part of it.  If you want to call them spiritual forces you would be closer to the truth than not.
Somehow, the ancient kabbalists knew about the relationship between water and the egg thousands of years before the rest of us. They also knew that the word mikve has the numerical value 151, the same as the spelled-out Name of G-d, Ehyeh (אלף־הי־יוד־הי) and connects with that energy or level of Light.
A mikve must contain 5760 eggs; a mikve must contain a field of 5760 magneto-electric virtual objects in order to cleanse and recharge us. That connection is clear, but why 5760?
The year 5760 in the Hebrew Calendar is the year 2000 CE in the Gregorian one.  When we take the Logarithm of 5760, we see a connection that unites both calendars. It is the only number that will do that.  Log (5760) = 3.76042248, the year 3760 HC, the year “0” in the Western Calendar, followed by the 42 rows and 248 columns in every Torah.
This connection is written into the fabric of the universe but may or may not be the reason for the number 5760 eggs. Nevertheless, eggs and water are both connected to life, and life in Hebrew is Chai (חי) of numerical value 18.  We also know that cubes are at the heart of the Torah and the Future Holy Temple and were also at the heart of the revealing “magnet in the freezing water” experiment. We also know that 183 = 5832.
Interestingly, the sum of the digits in mysterious repetitive 18-digit sequence (173553719826446289) is 90, the numerical value of water, but just as telling is that the two palindromic sections (9826446289 and 17355371) of it sum to 58 and to 32 respectively.  The other odd thing about these two sequences is that when add them as (0173553710 + 9826446289), using zero(0) as a placeholder, we get 9999999999.
While 5832 is 72 more than 5760, as in the year 2000 CE and the 5760 eggs, it is 13 less than the 5845 verses in the Torah, and 54 more than the prophetic year 5778. The equation (5832 – 5760) = 72  can be read as (183 – 5760) = (4 x 18) and it can well be a reference to the 72 Triplets that we find in the 3 sequential 72 letter verses of the splitting of the Red Sea. Given that this is one of the main water references in the Torah, it gives credence to the connection and makes us wonder if the Torah was hinting at a hidden underlying technology connected to the fields, Phi(φ), vertices, and the 72 Triplets.
Furthermore, (5845 verses – 5832) = 13 and (5832 – 5778) = 54, which match well together since the natural odd-even Alef-bet shift to the Phi(φ) proportion is a shift of 54 units, which is equivalent to 13o.  Moreover, in the comparison of the angles of the two natural splits we also saw the 72o angle.  The kabbalists taught us that properly connecting to the energy in the letters of the alef-bet in their sequential order helps restore order in our lives, which is why so many of the prayers in our siddurim follow this schematic. Intuitively, that makes sense, but we can now understand that there are primal and elementary forces in the universe that align when we do so, or when we properly use a mikve to breathe new life into our bodies and souls. Remember, Phi(φ) creates natural harmonic efficiency, thus smoothing things out for you and making things go easier. “Go with the flow.” Also, Phi(φ) creates infinity, which means it opens all the possibilities to you, removes limitations. The alef-bet was designed to help us find that Plane of Possibilities.
From earlier in this series:

Now 5778 is the prophesied year, but it is also Phi18 so that equation (5832 – 5778) = 54 can also be simplified as (183φ 18) = (3 x 18) or (Life3φ Life) = (3 x Life), whatever that may mean.  We do know that (5778 – 5760) = 18 and that the 3 iterations of Alef(א) = 1818.
One of the important results of Ken’s “magnets in water” experiments, and he used all different shape magnets, not just cubes, was that the water above the Northern polar region always froze cloudy and the water beneath the Southern polar region always froze clear.  To be more specific, the demarcation line for clarity is the central dielectric plane of Inertia.  This is quite interesting because as he and others before and after him have proven, and as we have already illustrated, the fields are symmetrical.
There is obviously more going on here than meets the eye.
The ancient Kabbalists too noted that directions are also symmetrical yet have different properties. The South is divinely assigned the property of Chesed (mercy and kindness) and the North is assigned the property of Gevurah (judgement). Moreover, like the North could not exist without the South (i.e. North of what), Chesed is bound to Gevurah. Numerically, that is 72 (Chesed) is bound to 216 (Gevurah), just as the 72 Triplets are bound to the 216 letters that comprise them, and as perhaps, the 72 K surface Temperature of Neptune is bound or incorporated into the (72 + 216) = 288 K surface Temperature of Earth.
At the outset of this series we explained that the Hebrew Alef-bet followed an exponential curve based on the guiding value 1.313, like the year the Torah was given at Sinai, 1313 BCE.  Three of those letters (אכת) were right on the curve and the rest were slightly above or below it. As it turns out, the absolute value of the deviation from the curve is 216.054.  While the three letters that are on the line with the kolel of 3 have a value 424, as in Moshiach Ben David, the other 19 letters are off the curve by a total of 216.054, corresponding to 216, Gevurah, very much like the S and N poles as Chesed and Gevurah. The sum of the 22 ordinal values is 253, and 253 less the deviation of the 19 letters (216) is represented by (253 – 216) = 37, which in turn matches the sum of the 3 ordinal values on the curve plus the kolel of 3, or (1 + 11 + 22) + 3 = 37.
Keep in mind that it is from this divinely designed Hebrew Alef-bet that every word in the Torah comes from and is connected to.  There are 1833 letter Samechs (ס) in the Torah, 13 more than the 1820 Tetragrammaton(יהוה) in the Torah, and if there were one complete Alef-bet for every Samech (ס), that total value would be 13.0% of the total 21009826 gematria value of the Torah.

Poles and Plants

Albert Davis and Walter Rawls did extensive experiences with magnetism and seeds, plants, worms, chickens, etc. and universally found that exposure to the S pole of a powerful magnet increased and encouraged life, while exposure to the N pole of one discouraged life and stunted growth. Can this possibly have practical repercussions in our lives and health? Why have you never heard about these studies? Why have you never heard about live water? Why has the special natural resonance of the Hebrew Alef-bet and the Torah been hidden from you?
Could there be an opponent that does not want you to find your place of possibilities, the Plane of Potentiality? There must be, right, since the Creator has given us so many access points to it and made the dynamic so clear for us.
By the way, did you know that plants and trees scream? Yes, it is just at a frequency that we can only hear with very sensitive microphones.  Thankfully, as it is quite loud actually? They scream only when injured or strained.  When a tree falls in a forest, who hears it? All the other trees.
The more you know, the more you open to the world of endless possibilities.
When we count off the Fibonacci sequence within the 22 letters of the Alef-bet we get the sequence of ordinal values 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, equivalent to the letters (אבגהחמש). Their sum equals 359, which matches the difference between the two names for Jacob (Israel) or 182 + 359 = 541 and the difference between his age, 147, and 506, the complete value of Moshiach Ben David (506) and the 506 times the 14 Triplets of the 42-Letter Name occur in the Torah, starting with (אבג).  Nevertheless, the Fibonacci sequence actually begins 0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, adding another Alef (א) to the beginning of the series (אאבגהחמש) for a total 360, as in the 360o in a circle. The total ordinal value of these 8 letters now becomes 54. This not only matches the 54 in 216.054, and the 54 remainder in the 1000.054 sum of the square root sets of the 72 Triplets, but even more significantly, it matches the 54 differential shift between the natural odd-even split of the alef-bet and the Phi(φ) split of it, which is 13o when viewed as a circle.
Oddly enough, the Fibonacci (Phi) sequence begins 1-1-2-3-5-8, which is 112 and 358, as in the 112 Triplets and Moshiach(358).

Living Water Vortices, Phi and the Shofar

Note the similarities between the live giving water vortex and the shofar, or ram’s horn.  There is a reason the letter Alef (אלפ) contains the letters Lamed(ל) and Pe(פ), the two letters that physically describe the shofar. The Lamed(ל), which the Kabbalists, associate with Binah, because it is the only letter to go above the plane, describes the twisting length of the shofar.  While the Pe(פ) describes spiraling design of the shofar along its axis and the spiraling motion of the sound that emanates from it.
The letters Lamed(ל) and Pe(פ) are also the two letters that Abraham taught us are cosmically connected to the month of Tishrei when the shofar is activated and blown, on day Alef (אלפ).  Perhaps it is the annual reconnecting to the Alef (אלפ) and the renewal of living vortex energy as the reason why we blow the shofar on the first day of the year. From there we have 22 days of specific events and tools to set things in order. For anyone that has not been following this series from its inception, you can find the entire work here.
We will continue shortly with the Wells in Part 8 of this section.
Chanukah Sameach

13 thoughts on “Part XVII Connecting the Dots Part 7 – Water

  1. Important insights into the creative design of the (divine) natural forces (maths, magnetism, healing waters, and even the plant world). Congrats.

  2. not just quantative but qualitative. the vessel that broke into 288 sparks. or degrees
    added to the vessel in the heavens is 576.
    and represends the tree of knowledge. they are two overlapping circles.
    two joined pentagrams. its hight is 432. and found in the middle of the garden (in heaven)
    the great year. mazzaroth. 25920/3,1416=825057275645 x 52.36 (cubit)=432.000
    but more importantly we need to see the tree of life which is also in de middle of the garden.
    a hint was given by E.L , but i will await a reply before setting out……. which is the tree of life.

  3. Total Gematria Value of The Torah: 21009826
    I had been trying to make sense of that “total” for years (er, decades!).
    Until today & this article. More than “chills”, this is “Twilight Zone” type stuff, but it is “guaranteed real”.

  4. he created in 6 day,s 1+2+3+4+5+6=21 . each finger being 187. 21 x 187 equals both old and new 39.27
    or 66 books. and his measure is 28 fingers.

  5. Phi, Water and The Great Pyramid
    The Molecular Weight of Water is approximately 18, i.e. 1 for each of the Hydrogen atoms/protons and a fraction under 16 for the Oxygen ion/atom. Interesting then, that as per the (many) articles on this site, Phi raised to the 18th Prower “points” straight at this period in history, i.e. the year 5778 HC.
    18 is also the value of the singular “version” of Life (Hai or Chai, source (Tower of Babel and all that) of the Asian/Mandarin term Ch’i or Qi). The חי has the gematria of 8 + 10 = 18.
    There are multiple “theories” on what The Great Pyramid was used or misused, for, after it was built. Those theories are not necessarily mutually exclusive. Humanity often uses the same technology for different purposes, for weapons as well as for peaceful and beneficial purposes. One of the “theories” is that The Pyramid was, or was used as, a power source. The theory has the Pyramid both absorbing and radiating Light/Energy/Power, and using/drawing Water through the lower underground chamber and passageway. (The Grand Gallery, with its 54 Lights, in 27 pairs seems to have been the Light-Energy Resonance end of the same Water-Light Passageways System.
    The 18th Prime Number is 61, a number that has obvious connections with 610, the value of the 3rd line/iteration of the Upper 42 Letter Name. That line is “on the transition point” into the 506 First line of the Lower 42 Letter Name.
    That “transition” of value 610 + 506 = 1116, the same value as Keter and Malcuth (620 + 496 = 1116), and the first two words of the Torah (913 + 203 = 1116).
    It is stating the obvious to say that the links between Phi, Water, Light-Energy, The Pyramid sloping at 51.84 degrees at the centre of its faces and 42 degrees at its corners, Life itself, and the current period are multiple and interlocking. Hydration is essential to our physical life, so no surprise that 18, Chai and Water are linked.
    Four Fold Life (as in the 4 Letters of the Tetragrammaton) is represented by 4 * 18 = 72. In case the calculation was not obvious (it probably was NOT !), 72 * 72 = 5184. The slope of the faces of The Great Pyramid is 51.84 degrees, more recognisable as 51 degrees and just ove 50 minutes of arc.

    1. Brilliant analysis, Peter. Thank you once again.
      As you may have been alluding to, with “ ‘transition’ of value 610 + 506 = 1116, the same value as Keter and Malcuth (620 + 496 = 1116), and the first two words of the Torah (913 + 203 = 1116),” is that 1116 + 2 (kolel) = 1118, the value of the Shema’s first verse.
      And the Pyramid’s 51.84 degrees angle is one of the Phi triangles that Kepler found when studying the ellipses of the planets.
      Thank you for the wonderful Hanukkah gift.

  6. Slightly tangential to the discussiion but . . . . .
    Maybe it IS synchronicity of a sort, but Kepler has been “following me around” for decades, since our (he was brilliant !) science teacher introduced us to Kepler when we were 12 years old.
    Years later, my sister was a tour guide at Kremsmunster Benedictine Abbey in Austria during the summers. The “kids” (they were all university students) had a weekend at the Abbey before the summer tourist season started, planning, preparing etc. I got to “tag along”.
    My sister was very “miffed” that I , being male, got to tour the monks’ private bar and cellar, while she as a female, despite working at the Abbey, had never managed to get in there since it was inside the “cloister”, i.e. closed off.
    Despite the beautiful scenery, the “Torte” (chocolate cake) and the Apfelstrude, I was generally not comfortable in Austria. This was the 70’s and there were, for me, too many signs of Nazi behaviour and a Nazi past. The local dentist still had his photo as an SS officer displayed proudly in his waiting room.
    But the monks were one of the “exceptions” to what I encountered in Austria. They were nice. They were honest. And they had a sense of humour.
    They took me on a tour of the Abbey, where, among other things, they had paintings of every Abbot since the Abbey was founded – by Charlegmagne 12 centuries earlier. They said that the Abbey had had three what would be in English slang, “Dud Abbots” in 1200 years. They identified their paintings. One had a “hunting lodge with a mistress” just outside the Abbey. I forget what the “sins” of the other two Abbots were. All the others had apparently been exemplary characters.
    One of the good things that the Abbey and its good Abbots had done, was aa form of economic management that offset the impact of economic recessions. For more than a thousand years, every time the economy went belly-up, the wealthy Abbey simply launched another building project, and hired everybody who had lost their income. One of those projects was a tower, several stories high, that is part of the Abbey.
    I was looking at the tower (from the outside) and asked what was in there, and what they did with the tower.
    It sounded like it was used mainly for storage, but in passing, with zero fanfare, they told me that Kepler’s instruments were still up there in the tower, pretty much where he had left them. Suddenly I was my 12 year old self again, looking at those eliptical orbits, and rattling off in my head the “equal areas in equal time” mantra.
    I have done some comments on other articles about Prague Castle, Shakespeare, Rudolph’s “research university” in the castle, John Dee (the original “007” and the start of the British Empire, so I won’t rehash them here.
    Rudolph brought Tycho Brahe to the Castle from Denmark. Kepler was Tycho’s assistant, the guy who probably with a lot of Germanic precision, recorded all the data so meticulously. Tycho died young, probably from food poisoning. He died in Prague. His widow knew the data was valuable. So she wanted to sell it. Kepler who had collated the data had plenty of justification for thinking that the data should not be squandered for money. It was very much his life’s work.
    Tycho had brought the story of Hamlet with him to Prague Castle. John Dee, and possibly Shakespeare himself, who was probably Dee’s private secretary at the time, took Hamlet back to Britain. Dee’s “intelligence buddies” were among the group who “tweaked” and approved the scripts for the plays.
    Meanwhile, Kepler had to “do a runner”. He must have fled south into Austria with the data and his instruments, wtqwhing them with the monks in the Abbey for safe keeping. They were still very safe in that tower four centuries later.
    And I still live in the shadow of yet another Benedictine Abbey.
    It was an interesting time when Tycho and Johannes were guests of Rudolph. Across the river, a rabbi was “whipping up” a Golem whose shadow would frighten the Nazis away from his synagogue centuries later. And Rudolph had a curse placed on his crown, to the effect that anyone wearing it who was not entitled to do so, would die in short order. (I think the timeframe was a year).
    Rheinhard Heydrich was Hitler’s chosen successor. He was ruthless. But he was WAY MORE intelligent than the average or usual Nazi thug. Heydrich could play the violin with such sensitivity that he could move an audience to tears. He was one of the main architects of the Holocaust. He was Governor-General in Prage. He did that job so well, and with so much success that he would have won, in a landslide, any election for President among the Czech/Bohemian population.
    It was the Czech government in exile (in London) who ordered Heydrich’s assassination. His enormous popularity amongst “their people” was undermining their justification for claiming to be the legitimate government.
    So Heydrich was assassinated, in accordance with Rudolph’s curse. Had he lived, he may have had the charisma to end the war, and start the European Union early. He was ruthless and efficient enough to have killed many more in the holocaust than even the millions who did die.
    The area he controlled (Bohemia) is where we got the story of King Lear. It is also the area where many of the advanced Nazi technology projects were based. It is kind of “quirky” that Kepler’s research took place in the same area.
    Hamayim, the water, at the end of verse 2 in the Torah, has the value 95. As we saw earlier, the 95th unique word in the Torah is the Divine Tetragrammaton, value 26. The 86 + 26 gives us the 112 that we see as 112 Triplets and as distance in the Future Temple in this series of articles.
    Things “interconnect” in many ways, across time and space, across advanced science and Torah Mathematics, across Dark Forces (Nazis and “The Opponent”), among jovial Benedictine monks and brilliant rabbis.
    This series of articles, The Ultimate Reality Behind The Universe, ties a LOT of things together. I find more in the articles the more I read back over them . . . .

  7. My Little Samburu “Professor”
    IYes, I DO have lots of interesting tales. The one I am about to tell is one of my favourites. It is about the human heart and our thirst for knowledge. Some of us have it more than others. For those of us who have it, it can transcend all barriers of ethnicity, language and tradition.
    The Duke of Edinburgh (Prince Philip) set up what is known as The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Scheme when I (baby boomer era) was a schoolboy. I went through the scheme, right through to the Gold Award, and eventually was one of those selected to represent our country (Australia) on an international expedition in Kenya in the early 70’s. Almost all of us were “British Commonwealth”, covering just about all of it – Hong Kong, India, Mauritius, Malta Trinidad, Canada, Australia, New Guinea, New Zealand, Kenya (obviously), Ghana, and the UK. I have probably left some country out but you get the idea. Our two “ring-ins” were Mohamed (from Ethiopia) and Annie (USA) – she had a Canadian grandmother, and had spent enough time in Canada to do the Gold Award. The Nixon White House had selected her as the US rep on the expedition. We are all (thanks to the internet and email) still close, and still in touch very feequently. Suffice to say, we were a very multi-cultural group, ethnically African, Indian, Papuan, Chinese and European.
    I was part of a group that were camped up in what is the Samburu tribe’s area in Northern Kenya. The boys/young men in the tribe became warrirs at about 13 to 15 years of age. Their hair was almost lacquered into a distinctive helmet shape. They wore a very brightly coloured “mini toga” that came over one shoulder only, sandals, and the usual spear – it did feel like they “wore” the spear just as much as they wore their status as warriors.
    Before they became warriors, the boys were cattle herders. They wore te same style of “toga thing”, the sandals, but carried a stick to herd the cattle, i.e. no spears. Their “toga” was a dirty brown, nothing colourful. Water was scarce. Clothes did not get washed. Those kids had an aroma that matched the aroma from their cattle. We knew when they were coming, even without looking (if you get my drift – and that aroma DID definitely DRIFT !).
    I only saw one boy who did not wear the traditional brown toga thing. (The girls tended to stay home close to their mothers, so we rarely saw them. The boys seemed as free to wander as the cattle they were tending.
    The exception was this one little boy, blue shorts and white shorts. The first day he came to our tents, he singled me out, i.e. “chose me”. I half expected that he would follow one of the girls around, but he didn’t bother. Very quickly, I knew what he was, and he knew what I was. It was two academics recognising each other. He was about 7 years old. I was 22. He barely spoke any English. His languages were Swahili and Samburu. But he wanted to learn.
    He was back the next afternoon, complete with a school exercise book and his pencils. He was demanding – he wasn’t going to let me do anything else but teach him. It was the numbers and the letters that he wanted. He insisted (despite the language barrier) that I check all the work he did. He would indicate what he wanted me to show him that afternoon, and then “park himself” at the entrance to the tent, refusing to go home until he was satisfied that he “had it”.
    He brought one of his friends once, but his friend wasn’t interested. Like most kids, he just wanted to play.
    I nicknamed that boy “My little Samburu Professor”. My hunch is that he grew up to be just that – an academic of some sort in a university. The “hunger” was in him, and it was centred around the Letters and the Numbers.
    He would be in his 50’s now. I often think about him and the untapped potential that I know is in Africa. I thought of him again when I looked at the formulae built around Phi in the next article – the ones with the 22’s (the letters) and the 10’s and the Alef tied to Abraham’s 248 Fundamental particle and Sophus Lie’s E-8 Lie Group.
    That “meeting of two academic minds” took place in an area where life was hard, where people drained blood from their animals’ necks and mixed it with blood so as to get something to drink. Yet that little boy’s mind was heading straight for the mysteries hidden in the Aleph-Beit and the Numbers.
    He was an exception among his contemporaries back then. But I believe we have more children like him coming into this world now. I can still see the smile on his face when he got what he wanted (what was in my head) – and the memory of it always makes me smile.
    Phi, Samburu togas and the Aleph-Beit. Synchronicity and “Kabbalah Secrets”.

  8. I have taken regular spring water and froze it at higher temperatures, 20 degrees F. and created an egg shape with all the same attributes that ken has in his “magnetic” water.

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