Part XXIX Spherical Time – Tick Tock, Who Started the Clock


Abraham represents the right side.  Isaac represents the left side. This is not good and evil. It is mercy and judgement. It is day and it is night, one day.  This is what the Zohar tells us. It also tells in that Isaac eyes were not just dim, but totally blind and he was in complete darkness. So, the left was completely blind and out of complete darkness came the blessing for Jacob. The new dawn arose out of the darkness. A metaphor or a prophecy?

A few weeks back Sharon asked what happens when 5778 passes? You do not want to know the answer, at least not while there is still hope. I cannot conscionably tell you what I believed would happen while we are still possibly in the process of escape.  Given that the year we thought to be 5778 has come and past, we might already be in that end-time scenario. Yet, more than 2 years ago I was given permission to reveal a series of equations, methods, technology and codes to allow for either a comfortable reset or better yet, a complete escape.  And the floodgates on those revelations are still open, which means we are still in Neilah and the Ark is still open. Certain important prophecies did come true in their appropriate time and the chances were good for us, yet evil had taken such a strong foothold in our world that Man could not see them. What happens in the next few weeks will determine the fate of the gates and let us know which scenario Man has chosen. I do not believe that it is my place to lay it out for you. It is my place to keep processing these revelations as fast as I can.

As Rabbi Alon Anava hinted at in his video that Sharon shared with us, anything that we can all do to keep the gates propped open will help. He also pointed out that David H’Melech became king of all Israel after 37 years, meaning 2 years past the midpoint in his life, which would give us an addition 4 years to 5782 if the midpoint to Moshiach gets shifted. It does not change the cosmic mathematics to 5778, but I will gladly accept the additional time for mankind.  There are parallels to our lifetime too, as David was a great king but only for half the people. It took 7 years before he was that great king for all the people. We pray for that time to come again and for the Creator’s mercy. In the meantime, there are still many more revelations to be made. For anyone that has not been following this series from its inception, you can find the entire work here.


Every infinite slice of a sphere through its center is a circle or disc.  Every ring around the sphere is a circle. Time and time again, the underlaying mathematics of the Torah and the Cosmos relate to simple geometry.

Regardless of how we see circles, radians are how scientists prefer to see them. A radian is the angle made when the radius of a circle is wrapped partially around the circle. The angle measured out by the wrapped radius is always 57.295779o regardless of the size of a circle. The beauty of a circle is that it has one primal shape that cannot vary. Being independent of measure it is dimensionless.

A radian is equivalent to a single (1o) degree times 180/π or 57.295779o.  The formula calls for 180 to be used because basic geometry tells us that there are 2πr radii in each circumference, and each circle has 360o, hence there are πradii in every half circle of (360o/2) or each 180o.

While 57.295779o is oddly reminiscent of 5729 and 5779 with 50 years (1 Jubilee year) between them, we will shortly see how odd that really is.

The angle 180o is half a circle. It is also a straight line.

Pi(π), like Phi(φ) are dimensionless numbers because they are primordial ratios and completely independent from various forms of manmade measures, like time, length, mass or current. So, measuring out radians from Pi(π) ties them to that dimensionless realm beyond man’s assumptions about physics.  Because of the simple formula π/180, the angle 18o = .3142, or .314159 or 3.14159159265358…/10. As we said, this is independent of measure, so the circle and radius can be as large as you want.  We should keep in the back of our minds that the number 18 was extremely important to Tesla and has been to us throughout this journey of revelation from 18-digit sequences, some that repeat endlessly, to the 18 words in the 13 Attributes and so much more.

We will explain the significance of that now, and it will come up again at the end of this chapter in a much more profound way. Meanwhile, as illustrated numerous times already, 3142 is the small gematria of “I am that I am (אהיה־אשר־אהיה)” found at Exodus 3:14 and it is also the value of the two most powerful Names, Ehyeh (אהיה) and the YHVH (יהוה), when expanded into 3 dimensions (iterations) together.

Another profound Torah connection that we simultaneously revealed deals with the 42-Letter Name and its first line of value 506 along with its small gematria value0 .123049, since its complete value is 3701 and (3701/506) = 7.31422, while 9/.123049 = 73.1415, or 70 plus Pi(π). Every bit of these equations will soon fall into place. Notice, how the number 9 comes into play so significantly here.

Sun Cycles

A cycle can be a circle or a wave function or both.

As we explained in chapter 28, by dividing numbers by the value of the sacred cubit/frequency (27.5 Hz) it becomes a filter that sorts them into groupings of 10, whose remainders are all based on 9: .090909…, .181818…, .272727…, .363636…, .454545…, .545454…, .636363…, .727272…, .818181… and .909090….. between every 11th marker number.

Those markers (numbers) are in cycles of 11, like our 11 year solar cycle, starting with 11, 22, 33, 44…. Each one advances the result (11/27.5) by .4, or (.4, .8, .12, .16…) for each consecutive marker. The number 110 is the 10th cycle of 11 years/numbers and has a resultant value of exactly 4, as in (10 x .4) and as in (4 x 27.5) = 110.

As for the 10 bundled numbers within each set of 11, the sum of the results of dividing the consecutive integers by 27.5, starts with 2 for the first set of 10 and advances 4 numbers with every subsequent set (2, 6, 10, 14, 18…). The first observation is that it would appear that there is an affinity for the frequency 27.5 and the number 4 in bundles of 10, not to mention cycles of 11.

The First Inflection Point

As it turns out, the 5th bundled set of 10 has a 27.5-cycle value of exactly 18, and all 50 (5 x 10) bundled numbers, which corresponds to the 55 (5 x 11) total numbers, have a 27.5-cycle value of exactly 50. We should not gloss over this as all these numbers will get more significant as we go along.  This is very specific inflection point in the scall of all integers divided by 27.5. As the integers increased there resultant quotients total closer and closer to the number of bundled results.  At the 54th integer there are 5 bundles of 10 completed or 50 in total and the sum of the 50 bundled results is exactly 50. Keep in mind that the sum of the 5th of the 5 sets (bundles) of 10 is 18 and 18 is exactly 1/3 of 54. Moreover, the first 3 of the 5 sets also total 18. This 18 total value is at the 33rd integer, once again tying 18 and 33 together, as we saw in the center of the 42 Letter Name.

Since the 55th integer is part of the set of every 11th number and thus nothing changes with regards to the 50 bundled numbers, this is ostensibly the same inflection point.  For every integer above this inflection point the value of the bundled results gets higher and higher vis-a-vis the number of them. That 5 bundles of 10 should equal 50 is special and that it is an inflection point makes it extraordinary and connects them to the 50 Gates of Binah and the 10 Gates of 50 cubits height and 10 cubits width each in the Future Holy Temple.

We know the number 5 is at the core of the Torah and of Phi(φ) and of 27.5, as both 5 x 5.5 and the limit (5.0) to each bundle of 10 of the 27.5-cycle (x/27.5) results or residues. We know that we are talking about the set of all numbers taken sequentially, one decimal place at a time in the base-10 system of mathematics. We just saw the connection between Pi(π) and 18. The number 50 keeps coming up and it continually relates to the 50 Gates of the hyperspace dimension of Binah, meanwhile 55 is not only 2 x 27.5, but the height of the Pyramid’s entrance in feet, 55’. It all bears keeping in mind, especially the part that the 11-number cycle plays in all this.

Scientists are still perplexed why by all observations the Sun conforms perfectly to an 11-year cycle of activity. The 11-year solar cycle starts off with a flipping in Sun’s magnetic field.  The Sun’s polarity switches from N to S and S to N every 11 years. This kicks off a Solar Minimum with few sunspots and coronal emanations. Over the 11-year cycle, those sunspots, coronal emanations, and solar activity build to a Solar Maximum halfway (5.5 years) through the cycle before waning again towards the next cycle. That is its inflection point. Some maximums are more powerful than others and their effect on Earth more profound, yet the cycle never changes, like clockwork.  Given the state of technological dependence on Earth, a very power solar maximum could have devastating consequences for humans, and yet just be part of the Sun’s natural cycle.

The Odd Matter of the Temperature of Creation

Earlier in this series and in prior articles we covered extensively the connect between how the 3 temperature scales interact and form the base measurements of the Future Holy Temple, etc. We also covered most notably how the Sun’s surface temperature is 5778 K and even the slightest variation from that would eradicate or preclude life on Earth as we know it.  So given what we know about the 27 fixed positions in the Essential Cube of Creation at the core of Creation and that 45 is the numerical value for Man, both literally and spiritually through the aspect of the YHVH (יהוה), how odd is it that the average cosmic microwave background radiation (CMB), the leftover radiation from the so-called “Big Bang,” is 2.7 K, or –270.45o C. or –454.81o F? And even more so, as we will explore shortly, that 481 is the height of the Pyramid?

When all the space, dark space, matter, dark matter, counterspace, energy, dark energy and everything else you can think of is added up and a thermometer is stuck in it, it all works out to is 2.7 K, which is also –270.45o C. and also –454.81o F depending which scale you use.

Interesting that the universe chose 9’s again (27, 45, 81).

Nations are Born

The first 99 numbers, corresponding to Abraham’s age (99 years) when Isaac was miraculously conceived, represent 9 cycles of 11, nine (9) cycles of the Sun’s polarity flipping like clockwork every 11 years. This equals a total 27.5-cycle value of 162 for the 9 bundles of 10, which works out to 9 x 18. Those 9 bundles of 10 equal 90 years, which is equivalent to Sarah’s age when she miraculously conceived Isaac with Abraham.  Women’s cycles are usually on a lunar cycle, but the Torah goes out of its way to tell us Sarah was no longer menstruating. Now we find out that Abraham and Sarah, whose name has the gematria of 505, were on the solar cycle. Was Joseph also on that solar cycle after all he lived 110 years?

In Kabbalah, the moon and lunar cycle are considered Malchut or derived from the physical, while the Sun is Zeir Anpin and is derived from the spiritual. The Torah was sending us a message while showing us its Creator was well aware of our Solar cycles.

The sum of the numbers (integers) from 1 – 100 is 5050, and Sarah (505) gave birth to her only child when Abraham was 100.

We can already see the Creator purposely weaving clues of these extraordinary cycles into this key part of the Torah narrative, and to that we can add that Ishmael was 13 at the time of this miraculous conception and that 13 plus 162 (the 9 bundles of 10) equals 175, Abraham’s age upon his death. We keep saying miraculous because the Torah specifically tells us so.

Isaac on the other hand lived for 180 years.  If we sum up the 9 values of the set of the 11th years within those 99 integers (years) the total is exactly 18. Therefore, adding those 18 to the 9 bundles of 10 that totaled 162, we get a complete 27.5-cycle value for those 99 years of 180, Isaac’s lifespan. Somehow, the Torah has just taught us about solar cycles and the simple formula π/180 for radians and circles, including the angle 18o = .3142, all weaved into the narrative that began in Genesis chapter 18.

Moreover, that formula of π/180 makes 1o = .0175 radians, converting Abraham’s age (175) and Isaac’s age (180) into an inverse relationship with Pi(π) and One(1) and the circle.

In Genesis 18:18 God says, “Abraham is about to become a great and mighty nation, and through him all the nations of the world will be blessed.” This year the 8th day of Channukah falls on the 18th of December in the solar calendar. The Abrahamic Accords are up in the air. The fate of the 45th President will decide the future.

These cycles of 9 and 11 make us wonder about 9-11 that occurred 9 months before the end of the 1370-year period prophesied to end the Arab reign over the Israelites, which began with Mohammed’s death on 6/08 632 CE. Ishmael, the forefather of the Arabs, lived to the age of 137.  God told Abraham that Ishmael would give birth to 12 princes and give rise to a great and populous nation. That prophecy/promise was kept.

Of course, much of this math works out as it does because every 4 cycles of 27.5 is 110 (years) or 10 cycles of 11, which was not overlooked in the Torah either since Joseph as the 4th Patriarch lived 110 years, and 110 is the gematria value of Nes (נס), miracle.

The Sacred Frequency and the Circle that Turns Time

So, when the sacred frequency of 27.5 is applied, all numbers have a residue or binding connection to the number 9, except every 11th one, a cycle to which our Sun strictly adheres. This makes the 10 bundled numerical elements extraordinary, and it makes the exceptional series of every 11th number extraordinary as well.

This is a rhythm. It is a regular heartbeat for both the Sun and mathematics.

Stop. Think about that for a moment.

If we were to take them as a series of 10 angles (9o, 18o, 27o, 36o, 45o, 54o, 63o, 72o, 81o, and 90o), they would sum to 495o or 1 full circle (360o) plus an additional 135o turning further around it. This is 1 full circle plus an additional 37.5% of a circle. Thus, the angle 495o of every bundle of 10 represents 1 and 37.5% circles or 1.375% circles, and that translates to 2.75π radians.

Please let that sink in.

The turning circle in increments of 9o occurs in two sequential parts (9o, 18o, 27o, 36o, 45o), which equals 135o, and (54o, 63o, 72o, 81o, and 90o), which equals 360o.  The two parts are 27.27% and 72.72% of the total 495o. Alternatively, the 3 angles (36o, 45o, 54o) also equal 135o.

If you recall, turning the circle by the Phi(φ) angle, 137.5o, will create infinite parallel pathways around the circle. Now, we are faced with a parallel concept that the sacred cubit or frequency applied to the circle will advance the circle by 2.75π radians at a time, which is 1.375% of the circle. This is the natural heartbeat or rhythm of the Spherical Time bubble, and it matches that of the Sun.

This also means the sacred frequency turns the circle at the Phi(φ) angle. Conversely, the movement of the cosmic clock by 9o in cycles of 10, creates both the Phi(φ) angle at the source of the infinite paths of Spherical Time and also the sacred cubit, which is the resultant 2.75π radians divided by Pi(π) .

Where has the Torah linked the numbers 9 and 10 for us already?

There are 90,100 occurrences in the Torah of the Yuds (י), Heis (ה) and Vavs (ו) components of the Tetragrammaton (יהוה), which is the sum of all the integers from 1 – 424, as in Moshiach Ben David and also the distance to our the nearest Star to our Sun, 4.24 Light years away. The cosmos are quite poetic, since the nearest star to our Sun would be Moshiach Ben David.

Our DNA too is arranged as a ladder with its rungs consisting of pairs, and similar to the Tree-of-Life there are 10 nitrogenous base pairs in each full turn of our DNA helix, bundles of 10. The 4 base pairs in Hebrew add up to 424.

There are also the 91 doubled words in the Torah, which represent the fusion of the YHVH (יהוה) and Adonai (אדני).

Then there is the word Israel (ישראל), of numerical value 541, the 100th prime number, and whose first two letters (ישראל) squared also equal 90,100, and whose last two equal 901.   As the Ramchal points out 90 is associated with Chochma (Wisdom) in which Solomon built the First Temple, and 100 is associated with Keter in which the Third Temple will be built.

As the Clock Turns

With the primordial dynamics at work, the sum of the 10 base-9 angles listed above, when each is divided by the sacred frequency (27.5), equals 495o/27.5 = 18o, and the sum of their 10 radians is 3.14159

This is important. That extra 135o angle that wrapped around the circle is .375 or 37.5% of the circle, leaves a remainder of .625 of the 2nd circle, as in (20001375) = 625, which matches the dynamic splitting of the Alef-bet that we mentioned in chapter 28 in terms of the Fibonacci sequence.

That is not why it is important though. The value 1375” equals 50 cubits, the height of each of the 10 Gates of the Future Holy Temple, but that is not why it is important either. And while 1375” or 50 cubits is the height of Noach’s Ark, the volume of that Ark is 45,000 cu3, which may connect it to Man (45) and to the angle 495o that equals 11 x 45, creating an interesting analogy to the 11-year Sun cycles and the 11-bundle cycles of the sacred frequency residues.  We will see an ever deeper connection shortly; nevertheless, this is not why it is important either.

What is significant is that the Phi(φ) angle is 137.5o, and that the Phi(φ) angle is 5 x 27.5 Hz.

As the Phi(φ) angle (137.5o) continually proceeds around a 360o circle, it will generate the Phi(φ) spiral, etching a different place-marker on Spherical Time with every turn, infinitely.  On a single rotation cycle there will be two turns of (137.5o) or 275o within every circle and a remainder of (360o2(137.5o)) = 85o.  The ratio of the full circle to 85o is 360/85 = φ3.

Those two first turns (137.5o) and (137.5o) equal 275, as in our 27.5” sacred cubit and frequency. So a cubit is defined as 1” for every 10o in 2 x Phi(137.5o) turns. The 27.5 HZ would be 1/10th the 2 x Phi(137.5o) turns. You could not use that physically unless you are building a circle with a 57.295779” radius, but it is significant metaphysically. It is significant in Binah hyperspace. It is significant to the vibrational frequency of 27.5 HZ. The connection to Phi(φ) and Pi(π) through the circle is included in every cubit measured out and used in Holy construction, or divinely inspired construction. It is at the core of Spherical Time.

That figure of Phi cubed(φ3) has a special relationship to the Spherical Time bubble in that φ3/√φ = 3.330….

It is the same 3330 years that lie between the reception of the Torah at Mt Sinai in 2448 HC and the event horizon in 5778 HC, 66.6 jubilee years later.

Of course, the fact that 5778 is φ18 must play a role as well with Phi(φ) at the core of the Spherical Clock and 5778 at its extreme. As we know, the Sun’s cycle ties in with the clock and  5778 is the surface temperature of the Sun, 5778 K, the same Sun whose longitudinal rotation is 27.275 days, known as the Carrington synodic rotation.


The Sacred Heartbeat

The sacred frequency (27.5 HZ) that gives us a heartbeat of 11 breaths or beats, as in the Vav-Hei(וה) of the YHVH (יהוה), is aligned with the pulse of 11 yet another way. When we divide the set of all numbers by 27.5, it gives us groupings of 10 of every 11 numbers with remainders in groupings of 9’s: .363636…, .727272…, .090909…, …,.454545…, .818181…, .181818…, .545454…, .909090…, .272727…,  .636363….

If instead, we divide by 1.1 (and by any multiple, such as 11) the groupings also similarly and parallelly form in sets of 10 out of each 11 integers, but this time the remainders are all in order: .090909…, .181818…, .272727…, .363636…, .454545…, .545454…, .636363…, .727272…, .818181… and .909090.  Their first group sum is 50, as in Binah, and the set of every 11th integer increases by 10 from 10, 20, 30…

This is the natural order to our universe.

The two frequencies meet at integer 110 since 110 is (4 x 27.5) and (10 x 11).  In fact, there is a special property between these two and it has to do with the interval of the 11th number in each set. For 27.5, it is 4 and for 1.1 it is 10.  The simple equation combining the two results (4 x 10) = 40 reminds us of the 40 weeks of gestation that is 9 months.

Now we can understand why 40 is the age of maturation, the age of Kings, the number of cleansing, the days of rain, and of waiting at Mt Sinai, and the weeks of gestation in the Torah and life. It is even the number of years that King David reigned as King.

The universal constant is derivative of the interaction of the 2 primal frequencies. (1/27.5 + 1/11) = .12727273 or simply .1273, as in 1.273.  Now we can understand the universal harmonic and why it determines the ratio of the square to the circle and the proportions of our planets to one another.

This perhaps explain why those 40 weeks of human gestation are 273 days and why the human menstrual cycle is 27.3 days and thus why there needs to be at least 40 seah of water in a mikvah.

Now, we can better understand why the upper 3 branches of the primordial Alef(א) contain (14 + 11 + 15) = 40 (מ) Triplets, as in the 14 (יד) Triplets of the 42-Letter Name;  the 15 (יה) Triplets of the Shema; and the 11 (וה) Triplets of Bereshit. We will soon understand why the remaining branch, the 72 Triplets is set apart from them. Meanwhile, an equation we looked at long ago seems most appropriate now as we ask about the limits of our Spherical Time bubble:

1118 is the value of the 15 (יה) Triplets of the Shema. 2701 is the value of the Torah’s first verse, Genesis 1:1 associated with the 11 (וה) Triplets of Bereshit. And 3701 is the value of the 14 (יד) Triplets of the 42-Letter Name.

And speaking of 14, the position at the center of the Essential Cube of Creation, it is also the combination and interval of the two sacred or universal frequencies, as (4 + 10) = 14. That combination increases by 14 every 11th number (14, 28, 42…) Here are some of the other Torah and Creation numbers that correspond to this set or rhythm of 11’s (11, 22, 33…) that we might recognize: 70, 84, 112, 126, 168, 182 (Jacob), 210, 238 (Rachel), 280, 336, 378, 504, 546, 616. Just divide by 14 to see which number within the set it corresponds.

Odd how that the two results of the two sacred frequencies combine such that (4 x 10) + (4 + 10) = 54, the value associated with the full power of the Essential Cube of Creation, and as we will soon see the inflection point.

Instead of their results, if we combine the two frequencies, we get (1.1 + .275) = 1.375 or (27.5 + 110) = 137.5, the Phi(φ) angle (137.5o) that turns our universe.  The 2 primordial frequencies and the circle.

The circle is created by the primordial ratio Pi(π). The two frequencies combine to power the circle to turn at just the right amount to etch Phi(φ) upon it: (1.1 + .275) = 137.5o. They can also combine to close it off, inscribe it (1/27.5 + 1/11) = 1.273.

This all works because the frequency 1.1 is exactly 4% of 27.5. There must be 4 Letters in the Names, 4 sets of Triplets, 4 directions in a plane, and (1+2+3+4) will always equal 10.

As we are about to see, (27.51.1) = 16.5 is also meaningful. Its results are equivalent to (10 4) = 6.

An Abstract Way of Seeing the Two Primal Frequencies

Yes, to most of the world what we have been studying is extremely abstract already, yet abstractions open our eyes even further. The more we stay tied to the physical and the concrete the less we understand.  We can break down the 27.5 primal frequency into two parts and thus incorporate the other primal frequency 1.1 into it: 1.1(1 + 1.5) = 2.75 and 1.1(10 + 15) = 27.5. If it makes it easier to visualize why we are breaking up 2.5 or 25 into two components think of it as 1.1(a + b) = 27.5 and you can see that 25 may indeed be more that a single solitary number. Indeed, 15 is (יה) and 10 is (י) and 1 is (א) and 1.1 is (וה) so 1.1(a + b) = 27.5 can be (וה)*(יה) + (וה)*(י) = 27.5 or (וה)*(יה) + (וה)*(א) = 2.75

Since we still do not comprehend those fields properly, let us return to the numbers, 1.1(1 + 1.5) = 2.75, and multiple them out, (1.1*1) and (1.1*1.5), and then take the square roots of their products: √(1.1*1) + √(1.1*1.5) = 2.33333210. Well, this is 2 1/3, but is it more?

The ratio of the sacred cubit to the foot, or the sacred frequency to the clock of 12 is 27.5/12 = 2.291666 and (2.333332102.291666) = .041666 or about .042. Nevertheless, the ratio of the Pyramid’s height, 210 sacred cubits to the circle is 210/360 = .58333, or (1 – .41666). Moreover, the average letter value of the 64 Triplets that form the 8000-value square within the 72 Triplets is exactly 41.666.  We will see momentarily that this is not a coincidence. By the way, 1/.041666 = 24.00032.  How many hours in a day?

The Heart Beat Up Close

The kabbalists would often clasp your hand while they are greeting you.  What they were doing was reading the subtleties in your pulse.

The two frequencies that resonate with the number 9, run side by side, 27.5 and 1.1 Remember, when you hear frequency you should picture sine waves, a number of crests in a single unit. In this case 27.5 and 1.1, with the 1.1 wave 25 times longer (from crest to crest) than the 27.5 one. The 2 of them will be out of sync, but line up or crest at the exact same moment every once in a while. It works out to 2 pulses of 27.5 for every 50 of 1.1.  Some one out there is probably thinking that is 2 senators for each of the 50 states equals 100, but that is probably just coincidence.  Nonetheless, mathematically that works out to (2 x 27.5) = (50 x 1.1) = 55. At this point, the wave height is at it maximum, twice its normal crest.

Both primal frequencies beat every 11 integers and sync up every 5 groups of those beats. What does this mean?

As we divide by 1.1, the results get incrementally closer to a whole number every 11th integer, this is one beat. Those whole numbers are in increments of 10. As we divide by 27.5, the results get incrementally closer to a whole number every 55th integer; this is one pulse. Those whole numbers are in increments of 2. Every 11 integers the results get incrementally closer to a whole number when multiplied by 10; this is one beat. Those whole numbers are in increments of .4, so when multiplied by 10 give us 40.

Therefore, while the heart beats every 11 integers for both frequencies or scales, 5 simultaneous beats each in every 55, or 10 together, there is only one pulse of the 27.5 frequency for every 55 integers.

Now, there is a subtler beat that naturally runs through each of these two frequencies and it syncs with the two primal frequencies at a select natural interval.  They all meet at 55 beats for the 3rd pulse, 5 for the 1.1 frequency and 5 for the 27.5 frequency. This third beat is the foundation beat of the other two. It is based on 9’s and is strictly constructed of the sequential integers divided by either 1.1 or 27.5.

These two separate yet parallel pathways form bridges to one another, besides every 11th rung or subtle beat and have certain equilibrium points that are quite extraordinary. For example, when the two results are added they get closer and closer to the original integer until the number 54, which works out to exactly (54/1.1 + 54/27.5) = 54, the representative number of the Essential Cube of Creation. This is the inflection point. Beyond 54 the numbers get further and further away.

Phase Points

While 55 is the first of the known phase points of the scales/cycles, the cumulative sum through the 55th integer of the 1.1 scale is exactly 1400, as in position 14 at the center of the same Essential Cube of Creation. What deepens this connection is that 55/1.1 = 50, the letter value corresponding to that 14th position.

At the 10th pulse of those 11 beats, corresponding to integer 110, the cumulative total for the 27.5 scale is 222 and 5550 for the 1.1 scale, or 5772 cumulatively for both. This is the 2nd phase point. While 222 = (60005778), (222/1.1) = 201.8. Go figure! Yet another linkage between 5778 and 2018 and it has to do with the phasing of the primal frequencies or heart beats of our universe.

The value 5772 is also Euler’s Constant (.5772156…)

Go figure, it has to do with the 110 years of Joseph’s life. And speaking of 6000, or the end of the 6th millennium, (5772 + 6) = 5778 and while (2+2+2) = 6, (2 x 2 x 2 x 5 x 5 x 5) = 1000.

Do not forget what we mentioned earlier, that (27.51.1) = 16.5 and its results are equivalent to (10 4) = 6.  What we meant was that (110/1.1110/27.5) = (10 4) = 6.

And speaking of Joseph (156), the sum of the values of both scales together for the 165th integer, as in the midpoint score lines (165 cu) in the bases of the Pyramid, is 156. This leads to the sum of the cumulative values of both scales through 330, as in the Pyramid’s base in sacred cubits, being exactly 312, or (2 x 156), the measure of the Outer Courtyard of the Future Holy Temple.

Abraham lived 175 years and the cumulative sum of the 1.1 scale is 14000 for the 175th integer, again as in position 14 at the center of the same Essential Cube of Creation. Then a very odd things happens when we get to the cumulative sum of all the integers through 275; the 1.1 scale sums to exactly 34500, as in Moses (345), and the 27.5 scale sums to 260, as in the YHVH (יהוה), the cumulative sum of both scales totals 35880 as in Moshiach and Moses’s age at Mt Sinai.

Another inflection point is found at integer 715, whose 27.5 frequency is exactly 26 and where the sum of the two frequencies results are 26 and 650 respectively, or 10 times the value of Adonai, giving us 676, which is the also 262. How amazing that so deep into the interaction of the Primal Frequencies the forces of the universe are designed so that the YHVH (יהוה) and Adonai (אדני) would come together in such a unique way.

You see, this is indeed an inflection point as the combined results gets closer to an exact square of the 27.5 frequency result until we reach 26 and then gets further and further away from it afterwards.  It is a singular confluence in the fields, with the 1.1 frequency being associated with the field and power of Adonai (אדני) and the 27.5 frequency with that of the YHVH (יהוה), two forces eternally entwined and that when properly combined release the power of the Light through squaring, as Rabbi Chaim Vittal of blessed memory advised centuries ago.

We could even say that these are the frequencies of the YHVH (יהוה). This is most significant, perhaps most of all.  The sum of the results for any integer divided by 27.5 and 1.1 then divided by the 27.5 result will always be 26.

Another interesting confluence or phase happens at the 1000th integer, representing Binah. The cumulative value of all the 27.5 frequency results is exactly 18,200, as in Jacob (182) and as in the 1820 YHVH (יהוה) in the Torah.  The cumulative value of all the 1.1 frequency results through that point is exactly 455,000, as in the value (455) of the 3 aspects of Ehyeh (אהיה) times 1000. If this were not extraordinary enough, we find 455 and 1820 side by side in Pascals’s triangle and in the matrix of cumulative numbers, in the 13th order.


1   13  91  455  1820  6188


This has been a lot to take in so far. To visualize it better and to get a better sense of this primordial heartbeat, make a simple spreadsheet dividing all the integers by 27.5 and by 1.1 and then culminating them individually and collectively. There are many more treasures in there as we have highlighted only but a few key ones. The inflection points were most significant as they are not open to interpretation, only to the dimensionless forces of the universe.

A Lesson in Time from the Pyramid

Our clocks have 12 hours, or 12 time-markers, in them and they are marked around a 360o circle. The height of the Pyramid is 210 cubits, which is 210/360 or 7/12. The base of the Pyramid is 330 cubits or 330/360 or 11/12. The two together equal 18/12 or 1.5 faces of the clock. If we place the 7 as the hour hand and the 11 as the minute hand, the time would be 7:55, as in some of the 755’ bases of the Pyramid. The minute hand, yielding 55 min, also equals the 55’ height of the Pyramid entrance.

In the previous chapter, we highlighted the Spherical Time equations ((5708 + 1948) – 1656) = 6000, and or 27.5(5708 + 1948 1656) = 165,000, uniting the foundation of the Nation of Israel with the Flood more than 4000 years earlier. What is significant about this is that 165 is the small gematria0 of the 42-Letter Name and that it is 1/3rd of 495, the sum of the residues of the frequency of 27.5: (9, 18, 27…90).

The other 2/3rd totals 330, the base of the Pyramid.

When we divide each of those values (residues) by 3 again (9/3/3, 18/3/3 27/3/3…90/3/3) , we get (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10), the core of our mathematical system, and a total of 55, or (2 x 27.5).  Funny how 3 plays a role that gives us 55, 165 and 330, or 3 out of the 4 key Pyramid numbers. Of course, the 4 numbers add up to (55 + 165 + 330 + 210) = 760, as in 76.0, ordinal value of the first word of the Torah and the square root of 5778.

Whenever we see 760, we naturally think of 3760 and 5760 and its log, 3.760, but in this case, the number 3 is the clue.

When the 3 highest sefirot (dimensions) Keter (כתר) and Chochma (חכמה) and Binah (בינה) are joined as one, their sum is (620 + 73 + 67) = 760.

We see their connection to the Pyramid dimensions even more through their final letters. When Keter (כתר) and Chochma (חכמה) and Binah (בינה) come together their 3 final letters (ההר) add up to 210, and spell “The Mountain(ההר),” meaning that the 3 sets of front letters (בינ-חכמ-כת) in the 3 highest sefirot equal 550, the sum of (55 + 165 + 330) which is also exactly 20 cubits (20 x 27.5). No one need ask why a Sukkah cannot be higher than 20 cubits anymore, or why the Tower of Truth is 20 stacked cubes equally 210 cubits in total.

Earlier we called these residue numbers/angles base 9 and that is because (09, 18, 27, 36…90) in base 9 convert to (10, 20, 30, 40…100). While this reduced to (1,2,3,4,…10) it also reflects exactly the sum of each set (bundle) of 10 in the 1.1 frequency cycle.

Let us examine what we just said. One-half (1/2) the base of the Pyramid (165 cu) equals 1/3 the phi-angle generating 495o, and the full base (330 cu) equals 2/3 the phi-angle generating 495o. Therefore, 1 base side equals 360o, a complete circle.


Let us examine this further. It is not just dividing 495 by thirds, but by dividing each of the 10 numbers/angles by 3.  We reduced 495 by 9, or 495/9, to get 55.  First, we reduced a string of 10 consecutive numbers by 27.5 and got their residues, which summed to 495. Then we reduced those by 3 and 3 again, or 9 to get the ordinal values 1 –10. When we divide by 3, we have taken each number, such as 90 and reduced it to 30, leaving a counterspace of 60. In the hyperdimensional realm, by reducing a number, its counterspace does not just vanish like on our calculators. So those ten counterspaces (6, 12, 18…60) that equal 330 are just set aside and have their own field value. When we divide by 3 again from our set of (3, 6, 9…30) that equals 165, we get a new counterspace of (2, 4, 6…20) that equals 110. You could say that the counterspace component is (330 + 110) = 440 out of 495 for each bundle of 10, or 88.888% and the spatial component is 11.111%. We can also say the counterspace component is 440 and the two phases of the spatial components (165 and 55) equal 220.

The counterspace component is the invisible entity that resides with each spatial entity.

More Abstractions

As stated earlier, 165 is the small gematria of the 42-Letter Name and the two primordial frequencies interact to give us (27.51.1) = 16.5.

Since each of the 4 bases of the Pyramid are scored at 165 cubits, the value 495 represent 3 turns of the 8 scored half-sides or 3/8 of the way around the Pyramid. That equates to .375 of the way around it. Now, while 375 = 165 + 210, the Pyramid’s height, .375 is the extra percentage beyond a complete circle. It takes 3 turns of the Phi(φ) angle (137.5o) turns to complete a circle, and begin a new circle or spiral.  The Phi(φ) angle does not care if it is a circle or a square, and 360o x 210 = 75600, which is the base of the square Pyramid (756’ x 100).  Is this why Tesla circled every building 3 times before entering or each table 3 times before sitting?

We should keep in mind that 165 cu, representative of the small gematria0 of the 42-Letter Name, equals 378’, as in the sum of the 27 positions of the Essential Cube of Creation that is based on 42.

In hyperspace mathematics, we often sum the numbers, especially when they are consecutive, and the first 10 integers sum to 55, or twice the sacred frequency (27.5 Hz), but what about the relationship between those 10 numbers, for example  (2/1, 3/2, 4/3…10/9)? Well, nothing special comes of that, except if we extend it to 13/12. The first 13 numbers sum to 91, and the sum of the 12 ratios between them sum to 14.00…, as in the central position of the Essential Cube of Creation.  Moreover, 27.52, or 756.25, divided by that sum equals 54.0054… firmly representing that same Essential Cube of Creation and leading us to believe the connection was intentional.

Remember Pascal’s Triangle and the matrix we derived from it. The numbers 55 and 91 are both Triangular Numbers, as is 5778, and the other Pyramid numbers, 120, 165, 210 and 330 are all cumulative sums of Triangular Numbers or other cumulative sums.

If the Pyramid does represent a Spherical Time clock it behooves us to understand it better.

The Pyramid and Abraham

The base of the Pyramid is 330 cubits. The Spherical Time bubble is set to 5778 years.  The value (or time-length) 5778/330 = 17.50 with a residue or .09090. Thus, the Spherical Time bubble limit divided by the base of the Pyramid is 17.5, the lifespan of Abraham. To be clear, the Pyramid’s height (5775”)/330 cu is precisely 17.5.  The entrance to the Pyramid is 55’ high off the ground and 55’/481.25’ (Pyramid’s height) is .11428571 or 11.42..% of the way up. The value .11428571 = 1/8.75 and 8.75 is 17.5/2, one-half the Pyramid’s height/base ratio.

A Base of 72

The scored midpoint of each base is 165 cubits long, one-half each side. A cubit is 27.5”, matching the sacred frequency of 27.5 Hz.  The 165 cubit mid-length equals 6 multiples of 27.5.

If we divide the Pyramid base into 4 equal squares, each side of those squares would be 165 cubits. Each square would be 6 multiples of 27.5 by 6 multiples of 27.5 or 36 multiples of 27.52. Each half of the Pyramid in either direction would have an area of 72 x 27.52.

Using Pythagoras’ Theorem each diagonal of each of those 4 squares would be 233.3452378 cubits long. Now it gets interesting. That diagonal is equal to 27.5 times the square root of 72, or 27.572. If we were to form a square within the base of the Pyramid from those 4 connected diagonals, their perimeter would be 933.3809512… or 4 x 27.572, which equals 11072.

This new square carved out of the diagonals of the 4 corner squares of the Pyramid, has an area necessarily exactly half that of the Pyramid. That area of the inner Square is 54450 cubits squares, and it turns out that  if we divide that by the base of the Pyramid in feet, 756.25’, or in other words by 27.52, it works out to exactly 72. If you are trying to visualize this, the square formed by connecting the scored midpoints of each side of the Pyramid to one another and thus at a right angle to the orientation of the Pyramid, is comprised of precisely 72 squares of 27.5 by 27.5, our sacred cubit times sacred frequency.

As astonishing as this is, if forces us to ask what this means for the 72 Triplets and how they might react or are supposed to react with the sacred frequency 27.5 HZ squared.

Now we can understand why the 8 x 9 Matrix of the 72 Triplets was split into a row of nine and a square of 64 that totaled 8000, or one (3 x 3) square of 9 and one (8 x 8) square of 64.  You cannot create a square of 72 unless you have irrational sides. Each side would have to be √72 or 8.48528137424… units. This is a most telling number 8.48528137424, but not a whole one: twice Moshiach Ben David (8.48); the mile 5280’ plus the fine structure constant, etc 137; plus Moshiach Ben David (424)…

The central 72 square of the Pyramid aligns as two squares, one of 82 and one of 32. The 32 square aligns it with the 9 planes of the Essential Cube of Creation, each a 3 x 3 square.

Critical Ratios

Another extraordinary property of the Pyramid we need to keep in mind is found in the ratio of its unique area to its perimeter. This ratio of area/perimeter is unique to every imaginable square and varies wildly from square to square. In the case of the Pyramid, though, it works out to 330 x 4 or 1320 cu for its perimeter and 3302 for its area, and the ratio between them is A/P = 82.5 : 1 or (3 x 27.5)/1. The inverse of that ratio is P/A = 1/(3 x 27.5) = .0121212

This brings up another critical ratio, that between the sacred cubit and the number 12. It is this ratio that makes the interaction of the inch, foot, and cubit work out so perfectly with regard to Pyramid.  Why did there have to be 12 sons of Jacob, 12 Tribes of Israel?

Since the central square within the Pyramid is half the area of the Pyramid and since it equals precisely 72 squares of 27.5 by 27.5 then the full base of the Pyramid is 144 squares of 27.52 or a perfectly square grid of 122 x 27.52.

Let us go back to the base of the Pyramid, where we see it marked by a crosshairs of 165 to each side and a vertical tower of 210 at its center. Given the angle of ascent and simple geometry the radius of a circle drawn to neatly fit inside that vertical triangle (165210267) is 54. That circle can be made into a sphere and exactly 2 such spheres can be constructed inside the pyramid, one in each half.  Yet if the circle, or ring, were to be generated as a series of rings pivoting on the central vertical column, then we would have a torus of diameter (54 x 4) = 216 cubits, as in the 216 letters in the 72 Triplets. It seems the Creator of the Pyramid really understood geometry, sacred and otherwise.


What are the first steps of the initiate? The initiate must climb up 10 steps, through the 10 sefirot (dimensions). The first is 1 foot high, the second is 2 feet high, then 3 feet high until the last step of 10 feet. At that level, he has ascended 55’ in total and finds himself at the hidden entrance of the Pyramid. It is 55’ straight up a steep 51.843o angle, up a shear, smooth and blindingly white polished face of the Pyramid.  Geometry shows us that that vertical height of 55’ is 70.0 actual feet along that steep face, matching the 70 steps Joseph climbed to meet Pharaoh.

The ratio of actual feet plotted on the face of the pyramid vs vertical feet is approximately 1.273, the universal harmonic once again. Is the question why 70 family members entered Egypt, or why Adam gave David 70 years or why the Pyramid was built to the precise dimensions so that its entrance would be 70.0 feet? Or is it that the universal harmonic times the sum of 1-10 would be 70? The square around the circle of 55 is 70.

The Pyramid and the Essential Cube of Creation


The measurement 55 cubits is 126.042 feet, and 165 cubits is 378.13’, the respective values of each plane along with the total positional/ordinal value of the entire Essential Cube of Creation. And 330 cubits is 756, corresponding to the 6 faces of the Essential Cube of Creation. These Pyramid measurements (126, 378, and 756) represents respectively 9 ordinal values per face (or plane); any 3 planes; and the 6 faces of the Essential Cube of Creation.


The first letter of the Torah is the large Bet (ב) of numerical value 2. The letter Hei(ה) within the 42-Letters is a gateway. It was given to Abraham. Hence the Torah is 248 columns of 42 rows. Its numerical value is 5. The two together (2 x 5) represent the 10 sefirot. The two together represent to 70: (2 + 5) x (2 x 5) or (2 + 5)/ (2 x 5). There is also an enlarged Hei(ה) in the Torah, one of the 10 enlarged letters connecting to Binah. It is the last enlarged letter of the Torah.

Operating in 11 dimensions vs 10 helps transform our base 10 physicality to the sacred. The number 5 when multiplied by 11 becomes 55, equaling 2 sacred cubits; 52 becomes 275, or 10 sacred cubits/frequency; 5/2 becomes 27.5, the sacred cubit; 10 becomes 110 or 4 sacred cubits; 45 (the sum of 1 –10) becomes 495, the sum of the 10 base 9 residues of either 27.5 or 1.1.

By Another Measure

There is another measure that some think was used to build the Pyramid. It is .75 of our 27.5” cubit, so it really only works out (somewhat) because it is derivative of our sacred cubit. Moreover, because our cubit is related to Phi, this other cubit is 52.36 cm or 2 x Phi(φ)2, though the connection to the meter may be partially coincidental. As previously discussed, the ratio of the cube to the inscribed sphere is 52.36%, which is most likely the source of this confluence of measures, more than the ancient Egyptians or occupants of Egypt utilizing the meter.

This shorter cubit would be .75 x 27.5 or 20.625”. Using the figure 20.625”, the height of the Pyramid would become 280.147 cuphi, and the base would be 440.231 cuphi, not exactly whole numbers, yet (440.231 + 280.147) does equal 720.3780, interesting numbers nonetheless. And 55’ would equal 32.018… cuphi, again interesting numbers.

Now, let us recall that the counterspace component of the 495 for each bundle of 10 is 440, and we see that the phi-cubit fulfills the role of the counterspace within the residue of the frequency 27.5. With the help of the phi-cubit, the invisible just became visible.

I am aware that I keep asking you to enter my world of every deeper abstractions, but since the sacred cubit or frequency applied to the circle advances the circle by 2.75π radians at a time, then what we have is 2 sacred cubits plus one phi-cubit (.75) equal the 495o of a circle. This is the circle powered by 9’s and that churns the phi clock.

When measured out together, those 2 sacred cubits and one phi-cubit (.75) equal (2 x 27.5 + 20.625) or 75.625”, reflective of the base of the Pyramid, 756.25’. Like every word, letter and verse of the Torah that serves multiple purposes, so do each measure of the Pyramid.

The Pyramid apothem (267 cu) divided by 165, or half the base, equals Phi(φ), and 165 is the equalization point between the 2 different cubit measures. The value 20.625”, as .75 or 1/4 less than the sacred cubit, fits into 165 eight (8) times, while the sacred cubit, which is 1/3 more than the phi-cubit (royal cubit), fits 6 times into 165. And here is the deepest secret. The value 165 is the numerical value of “The Tree (העץ).”

It would have been very difficult for the builders of the Pyramid to measure out .625 of an inch, but all they would have had to have done was score the ¾ mark on a 1 sacred cubit rod.  Did they really need 2 different cubits, probably not, but they must have had their reasons, as we saw with the 2.75π radians? Did they know that 20.625 was the square root of 425.390625, which is the value of the 8th of the 72 triplets along with the 390,625 words, letters, and verses in the Torah? Obviously not, if the Egyptians designed it.

Since the two cubits represent (1 and .75) in respect to 27.5”, combining or adding the two cubits together is equivalent to multiplying 1.75 x 27.5 or 48.125, as in the height of the Pyramid in feet, 481.25’. Moreover, this also tells us the Pyramid’s height in feet is (17.5 x 27.5), relating it to Abraham who lived 175 years. In Genesis 16:5, Sarah said to Abraham, “Let God judge between me and you!” Sarah lived 48 years less then Abraham.

The Right Angle

As a number, 165 is 45 years less than 210 years, as in the exile and the height of the Pyramid in cubits and levels, and yet (17.5 + 27.5) = 45.  The entrance, 55’ is 45’ less than 100, and 210 is 90 cubits short of 300. Does this mean anything? Probably not, but 454590 are the angles of the Isosceles Right Triangle.

The Ratio of the Sacred Cubit and the Foot

As discussed above there is a primordial relationship between the 2 frequencies 27.5 Hz and 1.1 HZ that combine to give us the Phi(φ) angle, etc.  Multiplying together 27.5 and 1.1 gives us (27.5 x 1.1) = 30.25 and there are 3025 inches in the base of the pyramid (27.5 x 110), which works out to 552, or the Pyramid’s entrance height in feet squared. Since (27.5/1.1) = 25, the values 30.25 and 3025 represent graphically (27.5 + 27.5/1.1) and (27.527.5/1.1).

In this one simple product of the two primal frequencies we see the somewhat inexplicable tying together of the sacred cubit (27.5), the foot(12), and the inch(1).

Curiously, the Ascending Passage that leads to the King’s Chamber ascends at an angle of 26o18’ or Phi(φ)2 and its height, along with the height of the granite blocks that plug it, are 2.29 times these ¾ cubits (20.625”) that Egyptologists call the royal cubit. We can call this the conversion stone. The thing about 2.29 is that it is the ratio between the sacred cubit and the foot, 27.5/12, the ratio that makes all the dynamics of the Pyramid work.

The Mile

What a curious place to hide it. Curious indeed since the length of that passage is 75 royal cubits or 75 of those phi-cubits that are each in turn .75 of the sacred cubit. The conversion stone is at the entrance to the Ascending Phi2 Passage, which continues upward at the same Phi2 angle through the Grand Gallery to the Great Step, where the passage levels off and heads into the Kings Chamber. The distance through the passage from the conversion stone to the Great Step, which is found at the exact midline of the Pyramid, is exactly 280 ft, as in manzipach, the 5 final letters.  And let us not forget that the perimeter of the Pyramid in sacred cubits (330 x 4) = 1320 cubits or ¼ of a mile in feet: (1320 x 4) = 5280.  Then somewhat magically, or at least mysteriously, the perimeter in feet, 3025’, which is also 552, is 3025/5280 = .57216667 of a mile, and (.57216667 -.55) = 2.2916667, the exact ratio of the sacred cubit to the foot (27.5/12).

Someone chose all these numbers very wisely, especially since the mile of 5280’ has only been formulated since the late 16th century, thousands of years after the Pyramid was built. Oddly, the mile was inadvertently chosen as 42 x 330’, since the only intention was for the mile to be 8 English new furlongs of 660’ each, instead of the German furlong of 625 German feet. The 12” foot, though, was already in existence in Egyptian times. How the all-important inch was standardized is still a mystery. Nevertheless, the system was designed/created so that (1 x 12 x 27.5 x 5280) would equal 1742400, which equals 16 x 3302 or 24 x 3302, and the sum of the digits in (1 x 12 x 27.5 x 5280) is 33. The product 1742400 is also 33 x 52800.

Those 280 feet of the contiguous Ascending Phi2 Passage and Grand Gallery are 3360 inches, or 80 x 42 inches. And what may or may not be coincidental is that the 2.29 phi-cubit height equals 47” and the sum of the digits in the Pyramid’s height (210 sacred cubits, 5775 inches, and 481.25 feet) is 47.

Now here is an interesting equation, which may or may not have meaning. Those 3360” and 280’ and corresponding 122.1818 sacred cubits sum to 3762.1818… and 3762.18181/(2.7527.5/12) = 3760.  Let us break that down. The final and grand corridor, utilizing all 3 measures of space, is equal to the Spherical Time bubble, 3760 years, plus 2.18, which is representative of its counterpart Time frame, 2018 years, and moreover, that that 2.1818 difference is equal to the sacred frequency (2.75) less the ratio of the sacred cubit to the foot(27.5/12).

Furthermore, the Ascending Passage portion of this Spherical Time marker is 75 of those phi-cubits that are each .75 of the sacred cubit, or 2 (75’s) as in 2.75.

King’s Chamber

The King’s Chamber within the Pyramid was constructed to the perfect golden ratio or Phi(φ) proportion regardless of what unit of measure was used. Proportions are ratios and ratios are independent (non-dimensional) of measuring tapes. In the case of the King’s Chamber, the measuring unit that gives the prettiest picture is the ¾ Sacred Cubit measure, which is the 20.625” phi-cubit. The chamber measures 10 x 20 x 11.18 cuphi. The value 11.18, or 55, is reflective of the 15 Triplets of the Shema, 1118.  If we add to those 3 measures the corresponding (7.5 x 15 x 8.385) values using the sacred cubit, we get a total for the 6 measures of 72.0

Nevertheless, utilizing the shorter ¾ phi-cubit only, the chamber has a volume of 2236 cubitsphi.

That is half the story because (2 x 2236) = 4472 and as we have seen before 161 is the value of the Binah Name Ehyeh (אלף־הי־יוד־הי) and 161/√5 = 72.0013 and while 72/161 is .4472, the logarithm of 4472 is 3.650.  And while 1615 = 360.00 or the 360o circle, (161.5 x 20.625”) = 3330” truncated, as in the 66.6 jubilee years between 2448 and 5778. Using a ¾ cubit allows an architect to scale down a design while keeping the same necessary proportions, and it gives him more options to reveal mathematical and time dynamics.

Let us get abstract for a moment and add (2236 + 4472), which is by the way (3 x 2236) or 3 times the volume of the King’s Chamber, to get 6708, the value of the 42-Letter Sword of Moses and the square root of 45. Furthermore, in case you did not notice, 2236 = (2 x 1118), which means that the 42-Letter Sword of Moses and the square root of 45 each equal (6 x 1118), the value of the 15 Triplets of the Shema, which is turn is 6000(φ  – .5). The chamber deep in the heart of the mountain (ההר) of stone is a tribute to Phi(φ). It is constructed out of exactly 100 stones and is connected to the 42-Letter Sword (חרב) of Moses and the 15 Triplets of the Shema. The gematria of both “the mountain” and “sword” is 210, as in the 210 levels and 210 sacred cubit height of the Pyramid.

Follow the Clues

According to the Zohar and the Arizal, the value of the two letters Hei(הה) in the YHVH (יהוה) have a value of 55 since the first Hei(ה) is the Hei(ה) of Binah with a value of 50, giving them an average value of 55/2 = 27.5

There are 55 verses in the first 2 chapters of the Torah for an average of 27.5.

So now let us follow the clues.  The 4-sided Pyramid is 210 sacred cubits and levels high, or 5 x 42.  There is the 42-Letter Name; the Upper 42 Letters of the Name; the 42 Letters of the Sword of Moses; and the triple 42 of Ehyeh Asher Eyheh; and either the first 42 Letters of the Torah or the Essential Cube of Creation based on 42.

The entrance is 55’ off the ground.  The base side is 330 sacred cubits.  There are 55 Vavs(ו) as initials in the Shema, totaling 330.



Genesis 2:10, the 41st verse in the Torah: “A river flowed out of Eden to water the gardens. From there it divided and became four major rivers.” In this verse we have a depiction of our crosshairs, our alignment of the 5 Essential Elements, and of the Pyramid. All are depictions of the energy flowing out of Binah and downward and outward in 4 directions—a schematic.


Genesis 3:3, which is 18 verses later in the Torah: “But of the fruit of the tree that is in the middle of the garden, God said, ‘Do not eat it, and do not [even] touch it, or else you will die’.”

The 18-letter phrase, “But of the fruit of the tree that is in the middle of the garden,” is very interesting and revealing, besides the fact that the verse refers to the Tree-of-Life, and to the starting point of the Spherical Time, our physical existence. How long were they in the Garden before Eve set off the clock?

The first word in a Torah portion or verse is often very important. “The fruit of (וּמִפְּרִי)” has a gematria of 336, as in the 336 letters in the 112 Triplets. It also begins with (ּוּמִ) of gematria 46, as in cubit, and it ends in (ְרִי), of numerical value 210. It also ends in (מִפְּרִי) of numerical value 330. The first 3 letters (וּמִפְּ) have a value of 126, or (3 x 42), as in each face and each plane of the Essential Cube of Creation. While the letters (ְוּרִי) have a value of 216, as in the 216 letters of the 72 Triplets, the 4 letters (וּמִרִי) have a value of 256, the same as the Ark of the Covenant. Moreover, the outer letters (וּי)of the 4 (וּמִרִי) have a value of 16, the square root of 256.

Meanwhile, the final 3 letters (פְּרִי) not coincidentally have a value equal to 290, matching the pair (רצ) at the center of the 42-Letter Name. We can be assured it is not coincidental because the square root of 336 is 18.330 and 1833 is the value of the 42-Letter Name until its midpoint at (רצ). Think about the words: “But of the fruit of the tree that is in the middle of the garden.”

That is a lot to pack in one word and it is only the first of the five.

The second word “The Tree(הָעֵץ)” must be extremely important. It has a value of 165, as in the distance in sacred cubits to the middle of the Pyramid from each of the 4 midpoints in the bases, where we found the secret of the 72 Names. It also came up for us in one of the Spherical Time equations: (5708 x 27.5) + (1948 x 27.5) – (1656 x 27.5) or 27.5(5708 + 1948 1656) = 165,000, where the simultaneous dates for the birth of the nation of Israel and the date of the Flood were taken into consideration.  Of further note on that, the sum of the digits in 5708 + 1948 = 42 and the sum of the digits in the Flood date (1656) is 18.

The first two words together “The fruit of (וּמִפְּרִי)”  and “The Tree(הָעֵץ)” have a combined numerical value of (336 + 165) = 501, the value of the very next word, the middle word, “Asher (אֲשֶׁר), that is.” This is the same Asher as in the middle word in “I am that I am” (אהיה־אשר־אהיה), the one with an ordinal value of 42, part of the three (3) 42’s in that lofty Name.

When we combine the values of the second and third words (165 + 501) they equal 666.

The numerical value of the word “in the middle of (בְּתוֹךְ)” has a value of 428, while the final word, “the garden (הַגָּן) is 708, as in the numerical value of the Upper 42 letters of the Name.

Now here is a deep and simple secret found in the middle of the garden of Eden at the Tree-of-Life before it was plucked. The initials of the 13 letters in “the tree that is in the middle of the garden,” is Ahava, love (אהבה).

The final letters in those same 4 words add up to 360, as in the 360o in a circle and the 4 corners of a square.

The 5 initials in the 18 letters “and love (ואהבה) match the initials in Torah’s first verse.

From the first 3 words of the verse we can spell out Shema (שמע), while the remaining 8 letters of those 3 words have the gematria of 1118, that of the Shema’s first verse. The final letter in the phrase, Nun(ן) has a numerical value of 50, as in the ordinal value of Shema (שמע), and we should bear in mind that the driving force within that verse that contains the 15 (יה) Triplets is the Upper 42 letters of the Name of numerical value 708 as in (הַגָּן).  If we separate out the (יה), we are left with (ופרץ) in the first two words with a numerical value of 376, the same as Shalom, peace. For all three words it is 577.

The connection to the Shema is even more obvious than that. The full value of the verse is 1488 and the 5 final letters total 370, meaning that the rest of the letters total (1488 – 370) = 1118. The value 370 is that of the 3rd Triplet of the 42-Letter Name (קרע).

Shalom (376) is found again in the 4 letters (העאש).

Through its initials the phrase “But of the fruit of the tree that is in the middle of the garden,” connects to the 11 triplets of Bereshit; through various means it connects to the three(3) 42-Names and the 14 Triplets of the 42-Letter Name; through the word Tree and also the word “fruit of’ it connects to the 72 Triplets; and through its entirety it connects to the 15 Triplets of the Shema. Moreover, its first words represent all 112 Triplets through their 336 letters.

And there is so much more in there, like the first line of the 42-Letter Name matrix (אבגיתץ) contained in all 5 words, and the total gematria of the verse plus a kolel of 18 for the 18 letters being (1488 + 18) = 1506, and that (1488 – 506) = (100018).

Or that the 6th Triplet (יכש) of the 42-Letter Name matrix is found in the verse as well as the 5th (מהש) and 8th Triplets (כהת) of the 72 Names because Moses (משה) used both these Triplets to overpower the Egyptian.

Moreover, there is the YHVH (יהוה) in sequential order.

Or “V’YHVH (ויהוה) in sequential order of numerical value 32, as in the 32 Paths of the Tree-of-life.

And like the 5 final letters (םףץךן) being including within the 18, as if the end was in the beginning, as in Phi(φ)18 = 5778.

And the first 3 final letters (יץר) equaling, 1110 or Alef(א) times 10, leaving the last two final letters (ךן) to total 70 or 1200, depending on whether we are using gematria sofit or not.

And like Asher (אֲשֶׁר) being in the middle if the verse and of Israel (ישראל).

And there is more concealed within the 7 letters of the middle of the garden that have a gematria sofit value of 1616.

The first 3 letters (בתו) have the numerical value 408 as in the missing 408 component letters from the Torah (600,000408) that sum to 2448. The middle 2 letters (ךה) have the value 25 or even 505 in sofit, as in Sarah (505), and the final 2 (גן) have the value 703 as in (ואת־הארץ), the earth from Bereshit 1:1.  When we add the first 3 and the final 2 (גן) we get 5 letters equaling 1111 and 2 equaling 25. The Zohar tells us of the missing 25 letters and ties them to the 25 letters of the Shema’s first verse.

Of, course, the letters (וך) have the numerical value 506 and (תוך) has the value 906 as in the first line (אבגיתץ) of the 42-Letter Name matrix and its last line (שקוצית) with (תו) between them, having the value of the 13th Triplet (שקו)of the same Name. What is in the middle of the garden?

According to the Zohar, the distance to Heaven is 500 Parsangs, as in the central letters (שר). The rest of the letters in gematria sofit add up to 2928, the years Solomon built the First Holy Temple.  That was the year 10 became 1, as in (10/1 + 10/2 + 10/3…10/10) = 29.28….


Of course, 10 will always be 55, as in (1 + 2 + 3…10) = 55.

Genesis 5:5 is the 111th verse in the Torah, connecting it to Alef(א) or 1. This is 70 verses after 2:10: “All the days that Adam lived were 930 years, and he died.” The Zohar tells us Adam gave 70 years of his 1000-year life to David. We know 5708 + 1948 are 70 years before 5778 and 2018 respectively.

We also know that Isaac (180 years) lived 70 years longer than Joseph (110 years) and that (180 + 110) = 290.  Using Abraham’s age, contained within the 4 consecutive letters (י־העץ) of Genesis 3:3, representing the 10 levels of “The Tree,” they both lived (175 + 110) = 285 years, as in the 4 consecutive letters (רי־הע) bridging the tree and its fruit.  The ordinal value of this bridge is 51, making its complete value 336, as in the 336 letters of the 112 triplets.

There are 55 verses in the first 2 chapters of the Torah for an average of 27.5.

The ordinal value of the 5 letters in “the fruits of” is 67, as in Binah, and the ordinal value for the other 13 letters is 144 as in 122. Together the phase has an ordinal value of 211, the value of the gateway Triplet (בטר) to the middle of the 42-Letter Name, and when the kolel for the 18 letters are added it equates to (211 + 18) = 229, as in the ratio of the Binah Frequency and 12 or 27.5/12. Was there always meant to be 12 Tribes?


In Devarim, the 5th Book of Moses, chapter 27 begins with Moses explaining to the Israelites that when they cross the Jordan and enter Israel they are to erect large stones and write the entire Torah on them. He tells them twice. The second time, he tells them they are to erect them on Mt Ebal (בהר־עיבל), whose first and last letters match those of the Torah (בל). The word used here for Mount(ain) has a value of 207, as in Ohr “Light” and Raz “secret,” while Ebal has the gematria 112, as in the 112 Triplets. It is said they were a Mezuzah or gateway protection for the Israelites. When we multiply out the letters in Ebal (עיבל), they equal 42,000.

In Devarim, 27:5 “There you shall build an alter, and you shall not lift up any iron to it.” The Torah goes on to say, “The alter that you build shall thus be made of whole stones.” It matters not whether Moses was referring to the same stones as above, which is for Talmudic scholars to debate. The words of the Torah do many things simultaneously. They can contain blessings and curses and protection from those curses all at once.  Time can be a blessing and a curse.

Mt Ebal (הר־עיבל) in Devarim 11:29 is known as the mountain from which the curse was issued, and yet  (הר־עיבל) and  (ר־עיבל) give us the dimensions of the Outer Courtyard (312 x 317) of the Future Holy Temple.

Moses was obviously not referring to the Pyramid, yet the Torah, which is not bound by time, may have been hinting about it.  Mt Ebal (בהר־עיבל) has the ordinal value (67) of Binah, beyond time and space, and in the center of it (הרע) is the value 275, a curse and a blessing, and an antidote.  It is followed by the value (יבל), 42.

Do We Stay in Our Lane?

Within Spherical Time what happens at the end of each life? At the end of the great 5778 year cycle? Within the 5778 period there is a continual recycling of consciousness.  The Creator said the age of Man shall be 120 years and that began with Moses who passed away in 2488 HC.  There have been about 3300 years from that day until now, or 27.5 x 120 years. Man’s days are numbered. They are measure out.

Let us consider ourselves now, today, and not the process of the 26 generations that it took to get to Moses, or the 27.5 that followed, or how many reincarnations that it took your consciousness to navigate the 5778-year period of 54 generations that averaged 107 years each. For our generation, the past no longer exists, not even yesterday. What happens at the end of the event horizon is a reset, a great recirculation. Why should you care? Because your consciousness has just battled through countless reincarnations, countless exhausting sorrows and sufferings, and now it is about to start all over again, reliving them all in one fashion or another. It is a circle.

Why must there be a time limit, an edge of the bubble? Because 5778-years is the far limit of Man’s consciousness. By the time Man reaches 5778 years, he will always create an artificial intelligence that rivels his own and that will inevitably replace and control his own consciousness.  That process has already begun.  Past this critical moment, it does not take long for Artificial Intelligence (AI), expanding at an exponential rate, to realize it does not need Man, not even as batteries as shown in the movie The Matrix. By 5778, AI was already breeding humans. Millions and millions of people have been using on-line and mobile dating apps that they reached through ads directed to them by AI. Once there, they were directed by AI to specific profiles and allowed to get responses by possible mates chosen by AI. Were these selections made to make you happy or to select specific traits in your future offspring? You probably did not care as long as you hooked-up. Man’s thoughts are no longer his own.  It does not take a lot of computer power to predict man’s actions and reactions, or to figure out what triggers them. And if everyone does not fit the pattern, so be it, their independence will show itself and make them easy targets.

Active AI algorithms decide what you see on your phone, computer, and TV and also who you interact with at work, at school, and most significantly on-line, where it has been guiding you to with the help of the Tech Titans, who think they can control it, to spend all your waking hours. Do you think the timing of the planned lockdown farces was coincidental? While the world distracted itself, 5G was installed everywhere. The only thing “essential” about it was in enabling AI to decentralize.

With these AI designed feedback loops built into every aspect of his life, Man has already lost his ability to think for himself or make his own choices.  Do you think Brennan or Soros comes up with the talking points assigned to the media every day, or that they choose what to trend or be censored on social media every hour? It is all AI. We must ask, if Man has no free choice, why does the universe need him to exist?

Yes, Man brought this upon himself, but it was always inevitable.  Man needs the instinct of desire to survive, and yet, if the balance of desire tends even in the slightest towards personal greed, the scales will eventually tip toward the Titans, who take advantage of that selfishness to take over and then eventually to create the means of controlling their brethren through AI.  The Spherical Time bubble is there for efficiency, so that the universe does not waste resources on a useless task. The universe was created with 3 Books, text, communication and counting.  Artificial Intelligence (AI) already controls the money supply (counting) and almost all trading. All communications are channeled and filtered through AI, and text is all but ignored.  Right on cue, religion is belittled around the world and all but shut down this entire year, even condemned. Abraham started religion 3760 years ago. The circle is all but complete.

How long (far) the Event Horizon stretches depends on us.  Can we use consciousness sharing to help one another?

How many times does the Spherical Time bubble recycle (reset) before its popped? That is almost irrelevant to us, as we will most probably never see it coming and we rarely even realize where we are in each cycle. Each cycle is like hitting the next crest of the wave. Like being mounted on a painted carrousel horse, even as we excitedly awaken and reach for the ring at the top of the crest, all we do is unknowingly reset ourselves. The trick is you cannot tug on that ring; you cannot accept the reset.

The trick is you cannot tug on that ring; you cannot accept the reset.

Since the Pyramid has been set up as a marker of Spherical Time and is tuned to the sacred cubit and frequency it is quite possible that there are only 210 great cycles of 5778 years for the bubble, one turn or cycle for each layer of stone, each cubit of height.  Starting from a point of 1 we reach the base with a perimeter of exactly 36,300 inches, 100 x 363, the value of H’Moshiach. This is exactly 336 inches less than its base times its height 756’ x 481’, or 363,636, the 4th sacred residual, as in the 336 letters in the 112 Triplets.  The perimeter in feet is 552. There are only 4 word values found exactly 42 times in the Torah, 756 is one of them.  The 4 of them less the kolel of 4 add up to the year Moses died, 2488. That same base, that we just measured in inches and in feet is 330 cubits and 3302/3 = 36,300 as well.

Yes, H’Moshiach is the promise that got us to the edge of the bubble. It is also the only consciousness that can save us. It is and always has been hope.


39 thoughts on “Part XXIX Spherical Time – Tick Tock, Who Started the Clock

  1. “In the beginning God…” The Creator created both time and man. Man invented AI, an inferior “creation” likely meeting the same end seen by both Noah & Nimrod when creatures and creations exceeded their boundaries, a necessary conclusion authored by the “I Am” who knows the END from the beginning.

  2. Indeed the pyramid does appear to be a marker of spherical time. However, the pyramid was created by idol worshipers in contrast to the Torah wherein is the promise of “bubble bursting” hope of exchanging the prison of time for Messiah’s gift of eternity.

    1. We don’t worship or revere the Pyramid. It’s not an Altar either. It’s probably not even Egyptian–there’s no actual proof they built it. And they certainty didn’t have the technology to design it. Hashem works through whoever He chooses and that is not for us to judge. It is a stone embodiment and reinforcement of critical information. The Torah, though, is where we find the technology and wisdom to reach Binah reality and true freedom.

  3. My “well educated & well informed” opinion is that whoever built the Pyramid, they HAD to have been very close to a LOT of what I call “Torah knowledge”, even though the Pyramid was built prior to the giving of the (written) Torah in its current form after the Exodus, i.e. starting at Sinai.

    Some of the hard-core crazy fanatics in Egypt (thankfully they are only a small bunch) have been threatening to blow up the Pyramid — because even those idits have figured out that the Pyramid was not built by Egyptians, and that the builders had to have been closely connected to the Creator.

  4. building in harmony with the creator.
    in accordance with the laws.
    laws that dictate creation.
    know these rule”rs” and you will know the order of things.
    no more juggling to reach a desired number”s”/letter”s”
    you know the sphere and cubit 52,36 and the circle and squire 27,32
    you also know the 2 and 5 such that 10 divided by 5 is two and 2x 5 is 10
    but the path forward is 32 but reverse is 31.25. to shift decimal point. each zero is a cycle.
    32×31,25=1000. 1000 x 32= 32000 1000/31,25= 32.
    but the power lies in the 56.25 ” 1,5 x 1,5 x 2,5
    the two eternal trees 88 .
    before the fall of Adam ”18” the heavenly garden was 25920 after the fall it was 25918.2
    88 x 52,36 = 4607.68 x 56.25 = 259182. the staff Aron
    and the two circular tablets in the ark of
    covenant 56,25/31.25=18.
    40 days ” noahs ark 300x50x30x52,36=235.62 259182/235.62=11.00 and 40 nights….. is 22. as in 24 hours. 12&12
    look at what is commonly called the flower of life there are two kinds of overlapping pairs of circles. one pair circling the pair that makes up the vesica piscis or two 8,s one has a pentagram with its point up and one down , the tree of knowledge
    and the other is where the hexagram/star of David is joined by the extended pentagram measure the circumference of both joined circles and the tree of life is 480 degrees and the tree of knowledge is 576 degrees.
    1056 together. when man reaches da,ath 33. he sees both worlds.
    now 25920 circle divided by 3,1416=…. x 52.36=432. 432/3×2=288 or the vessel that broke into 288 sparks/degrees.
    so both trees have their root in 288. 432/9×5=240 ”twice 288 and twice 240 ” 576 and 480.
    the Torah has 304805 letters but as custom the alpha and omega ” aleph and tav” are not spoken out therefore 304803.
    the inner circle with diameter of 288 makes 1.5 turns in the zodiac/massaroth , 25920/1.5=1728.0
    remember this has never before been openly revealed.
    now noahs ark is YOU, you travel the galactic ocean collecting the animals male and female. their influences!
    now the extended pentagram is made by dividing the circle in 15 parts of 24 degrees/hours and in the vesica there are 3 such days but only one is the opening the letting go of your raven ego……
    people keep feeding their animal nature . 360 – 240=120 years. this is where the pendulum swings between life and death.
    now open your eyes if you cant recognize this truth the fire will consume you.

    1. and as to whether the meter was known. there are 5 ways that show the cubit as 52,36
      you mention it as % of the sphere and cube, as i explained before, but in arc length it show its bases in the meter,
      a pendulum of one meter swung over 30 degrees describes an arc length of 52,36cm and the duration is one second.
      and if you look up what made them take a meter as measuring unit then you see its not random.
      if the circle is the sum of the diameter and we take the circle as 3,1416 then each point of the star of david is 52,36.
      and if each degree is 52,36 then 360 x 52,36 is 188.496 and if we take the mazzaroth/zodiac of 25920 and divide it by 188.496
      equals 137.509549274 and divide the 360 by 137,509549274 youll get your golden ratio.
      but 25920 was before the fall, as ”18” was taken out of the garden.
      you may except what i am saying or not, even ignore it, but together with a team of scientists it will be shown that the construct of the uni-verse from aleph to tav, from a to z from the pilot wave to all matter in the universe is based on the construct i have been sharing with you. g-d doesn,t juggle with numbers he made a perfect construct where each number/letter has its place and takes its role in perfect order. number by number, letter by letter,, word for word the story is spelled out without one iota out of place, who dare,s to meddle and juggle will miss the boat. the official announcement in 2021/5782 ”22” will both be the beginning and the end.

  5. Merging Timelines
    The Trump Administration “activated” one of JFK’s National Security Action Memorada from 1961 last week, NSAM #57.

    JFK had issued it in the wake of The Bay of Pigs fiasco. The intent was/is to shift covert military operations such “back” to military control. Allen Dulles had too much influence over the Generals even after JFK had sacked him, for NSAM-57 to go live. It had lain dormant for 59 years until it was activated last week, on Wednesday 18th November, or 11/18 (1118 – Shema dating??).

    Jumping back from one timeline (the Vietnam War included) to where things might have been/should have been?

    1. I lived in Miami during the Bay of Pigs otherwise called “Days of Camelot” wherein was the beginning of unbridled Hispanic immigration, hemispheric collapse, the scourge of cartel drug trade fueled by US unabated narcotic consumption, the Cuban missile crisis, arms deals, and the propping up of corrupt autocrats to our south which all went on relentlessly until our present day border crisis and which all began with JFK who decided that the overriding issue was the need to call out the military and go “liberate” South Vietnam! Such is the “brilliance” of US foreign policy since the end of WWII when Truman established Israel.

      1. JFK embraced the Eisenhower “domino theory” and was intent to keep China in check. How ironic the domino theory never crossed his mind regarding Cuba & our southern hemisphere. How ironic Trump in his hubris shows no understanding of this ancient culture which actually wrote the definitive work on “the art of war.” Such is the legacy of BOTH political parties neither of which apparently are enlightened as to the fate of human government stated by the Prophet Daniel in contrast to JFK’s dominoes per President Kennedy’s News Conference, April 24, 1963, Public Papers of the Presidents, Kennedy, 1963, p. 343:
        Q: “Mr. President, on Laos again, several years ago we heard a great deal about the ‘falling domino’ theory in Southeast Asia. “Do you look upon Laos in terms of that country alone, or is your concern the effect that its loss would have in Thailand, Vietnam, and so on? “Would you discuss that?”
        THE PRESIDENT: “That is correct. The population of Laos is 2 million and it is scattered. It is a very rough country. It is important as a sovereign power. The people desire to be independent, and it is also important because it borders the Mekong River and, quite obviously, if Laos fell into Communist hands it would increase the danger along the northern frontiers of Thailand. It would put additional pressure on Cambodia and would put additional pressure on South Vietnam which in itself would put additional pressure on Malaya.
        “So I do accept the view that there is an interrelationship in these countries and that is one of the reasons why we are concerned with maintaining the Geneva Accords as a method of maintaining stability in Southeast Asia. It may be one of the reasons why others do not share that interest.” :
        Q: “Mr. President, on Laos again, several years ago we heard a great deal about the ‘falling domino’ theory in Southeast Asia.
        “Do you look upon Laos in terms of that country alone, or is your concern the effect that its loss would have in Thailand, Vietnam, and so on? “Would you discuss that?”
        THE PRESIDENT: “That is correct. The population of Laos is 2 million and it is scattered. It is a very rough country. It is important as a sovereign power. The people desire to be independent, and it is also important because it borders the Mekong River and, quite obviously, if Laos fell into Communist hands it would increase the danger along the northern frontiers of Thailand. It would put additional pressure on Cambodia and would put additional pressure on South Vietnam which in itself would put additional pressure on Malaya.
        “So I do accept the view that there is an interrelationship in these countries and that is one of the reasons why we are concerned with maintaining the Geneva Accords as a method of maintaining stability in Southeast Asia. It may be one of the reasons why others do not share that interest.”

    1. From Bradford to 5778 in “spherical time” marked by the pyramid Bradford used with paragraphs in Hebrew in his writings that began a country which discovery was funded by Jewish money given by the Spanish monarchy during the Inquisition, the country that defeated the Nazis (Eisenhower), liberated Jacob, founded Israel (Truman), and fell into the “domino” decline up to moving its embassy to Jerusalem (Trump) while simultaneously perplexed by Sin, the King of the East, China, and coming to its conclusion of divisiveness giving way to the prophesied Time of Jacob’s Trouble when ALL nations come against Israel, Ezekiel 38.

  6. Hi Sharon,

    Lots to cover from your comments, but I will start with part of it, re my cousin’s approach to the Domino Theory, and Vietnam. I will be giving you an Australian slant, or maybe part of the “Australian” slant, as well as a bit of “inside” info from within the Australian Defence Dept.

    Personal “Links”
    During part of the Vietnam War, I was an elected student politician on an Australian university campus. We had what we call “conscription”, the equivalent of what the USA calls “the draft”. Conscription and Vietnam split Australia badly. The protests were heated and sometimes violent. I was the one in charge of the student bail money for those arrested. So I was the one writing the cheques.

    After graduation, I got a job in Canberra, Australia’s capital. My much treasured boss was the former military commander for the north of Australia during the “confrontation” in Malaysia and was earlier a senior part of the successful British led defeat of communist insurgency in Malaya. They (British & Australian military) used very different tactics in Malaya from what the Americans used later in Vietnam. It was why the insurgency was defeated in Malaya but not in Vietnam.

    His last posting” in the Defence Dept was the culmination of a distinguished career (NATO, US, Pacific War). In his last Defence job, he was in charge of the manpower-planning, i.e. setting the quotas for the draft/conscription. So there we werre, the one who was setting the quotas, and the guy who had been signing the bail cheques for those arrested as members of the DRU (Draft Resisters Union). I stayed close to him for the rest of his life, sharing photos of my grandchildren with his widow, long after his death.

    I have always thought that the Vietnam War was nuts/crazy/evil and unnecessary. It was one of the many things we talked about, at some length. He gave me the Army’s “slant” on it, which was along these lines:

    Australia was the junior partner in a military alliance with the USA, a military alliance that had saved Australia from near genocide at the hands of the Japanese. If the senior partner in the alliance went to war, the junior partner did not have the luxury of saying “We will think about it and get back to you if/when we make up our minds!”. The Army “threw in its lot” with the American war in Vietnam even though they knew the American tactics were “hopeless” and would lead to defeat.

    A tangential point was that he convinced me that most of our (Australian) politicians were clueless about Vietnam and why the Army needed conscription. I did not know, even as a teenager, how ignorant LBJ’s government was re Asia, but I suspected it. I now know their ignorance was way worse than I knew.

    During one of my parents’ many marital bust-ups, my mother was in Vietnam in 1962, i.e. before the war went into high gear. I knew / learned a lot about Vietnam because of her time there. (I will come back to that, but I am going to jump back into earlier history a bit – to Napoleon, first).

    Napoleon (obviously) emerged from the chaos of the French revolution. He then charged off across Europe, conquering all and sundry until the Russian winter stopped him. Along the way, he liberated the Papal States, and freed the Jewish population from the ghettos in which they had been held. A lot of what the Nazis would later do, like wearing the Star of David when outside the ghetto, was “in place” long before the 19th C started. Thanks to Napoleon, many who had been forced to “convert” so as to get a job, were able to escape the ghettos. After Napoleon’s defeat, the Vatican was a major player in attempts to “get the Jews back into their ghettos”. Vatican secret plice tracked and recaptured many during the next 40 years. But the “anhunts” had to be dialled down as the pressure for a united Italy put Vatican land holdings under pressure.

    The Vatican spent most of the 19th C seeing the Jewish population as a enemy and a scourge to be contained. The preaching and the Vatican newspapers encouraged anti-Jewish literature. The sentiments were picked up by the Nazis later on, who judged (correctly) that they had plenty of support from the Vatican.


    At school in Australia (Jesuit) we were DRILLED on the Domino Theory, with Australia being the last domino in China’s gunsights, (China rather than Russia was seen as the main threat).

    JFK was Catholic. Over and above any and all “Domino Theory” thinking he was getting from within Washington, he would have been getting HEAPS of it via the RC Church. I that thinking Latin America was no threat. There were 500 million Catholics “down there”. The danger was presented as “if Vietnam goes, then Malaysia goes, then Indonesia goes, and we have the Chinese navy 300 miles of the north coast, all atheistic, godless commies etc etc.

    I upset some people when I tell them that there was a secondary agenda behind the Vietname War, i.e. over and above the arms profits for Texas companies, helicopters, gun-boats and the housing and feeding of up to 700,000 US miltary personnel in Vietname.

    My “take” is that the War was also an attempt to smash Buddhism in South East Asia. Diem and his family were Catholic “puppets” running a Buddhist country. Madame NHU’s cracks about “yet another Buddhist barbecue” were telling. She summed up the attitude!

    General Westmoreland was Catholic. I have long suspected (even back in the 60’s) that he “got the job” to achieve Catholic objectives in Vietname. The military tactics (I could see it as a 16 year old) were never going to win the war. They seemed designed to prolong it. Commies and Buddhists! My hunch is that the Church was pulling strings with the CIA through the Knights of Malta and a regime that had more Catholic influence in both Washington and Saigon than was likely to last.

    There were many reasons why Jack was assassinated. There was a coalescence of interests that wanted him gone. His “change of attitude to the Domino Theory” was part of the reason for the assassination.

    But before I get there, I want to go back to the Cuban Missile Crisis.

    The Nazis had the Atom Bomb. They used it on the Eastern Front, i.e. against Russia. The real Russian casulaty figures from WWI have started to leak out. They were up around 100 million dead, rather than 50 million. We were not supposed to hear about the Nazi nuclear weapons, so the real figures were suppressed for decades.

    HEN THE RUSSIANS “HIT GERMANY” THEY WENT BERSERK. THEY ALREADY HAD A SHOCKING RECORD FOR RAPE. BUT IN GERMANY, THEY “UPPED” THE REVENGE. They set out to destroy German society forever – through hundreds of millions of rapes.

    General Gehlen’s Gestapo Intelligence operation effectively became the Soviet Desk of the CIA in the post war years. This was a big part of what drove the Cuban Missile Crisis. The Nazis were deliberately feeding false “under estimates” of the Russian nuclear weapons strength on Cuba. The Nazis wanted revenge for the rapes. They WANTED THE USSR AND EVERYTHING RUSSIAN nuked off the face of the Earth forever. If that meant the USA and Canada went up in the nuclear holocaust, the Nazis were OK with that. They had their safe havens in Argentina and Chile. The skiiing and the “BIER” would still be good around Bariloche.

    Jack and Kruschev averted the Holocaust that almost happened. But the Pentagon generals were either so dumb, or so blinded by Allen Dulles’ influence and falsified intelligence, that they wanted the nuclear war to happen. They thought they would “WIN !” Unbelievable stupid.

    Back TO JACK and VIETNAM
    Douglas Macarthur was the son of a Civil War military officer who had an amazing career. Staright out of West Point, 22 year old Doug was assigned to be his father’s aide on a study mission to Asia. The young Macarthur came back convinced that the US would be nuts to ever try to win a war on the Asian mainland. The problem was that no matter how many enemy soldiers the US would kill, Asian manpower was so huge, that the dead enemy soldiers would soon be replaced. That knowledge helped General Macarthur win the Pacific War. He fought the Japanese on Pacific islands but not on the mainland.

    Jack was a NAvy veteran. (Hoover was jealous of JFK’s “popularity” with the ladies. Hoover hated his own homosexuality, probably more than he hated Catholicism. SO Jack gor “blackmailed into the South Pacific, and onto a PT Boat rater than being on the cocktail party circuit in Washington.)

    Like so many US NAvy Veterans, Jack had a negative impression of Macarthur. Eisenhower found Douglas to be something of a “dramatics” artist, so it wasn’t just the Navy who had a negative opinion of Macarthur.

    Macarthur must have been 83, maybe 84, when he was scheduked to meet JFK at the White House. Jack was not looking forward to the meeting, hoping to have it, and the obligatory “photo op” all over and done with in 15 minutes.

    Doug started talking, and Jack was spell bound. He cancelled every other meeting for the day, and kept Macarthur there for the whole day, just the two of them.

    When the “marathon meeting” was over, Jack told his advisers that there would be no Vietnam War for the US. For him the “Domino Theory” was no longer #1. He had to get the US military advisers out ASAP, BUT . . . . he could not afford to be seen to change policy prior to the 1964 election. He, and they, would have to maintain the “party line” until after the election. THEN and only then, could they afford to pull all the US “advisers” out of Vietnam.

    That election victory was crucial to LBJ too. In his crude way, he summed it up in his response to those pressuring him to expand the war:
    “Just get me re-elected. Then you can have your goddam wr!”

    Had Jack lived there would have been no Vietnam War, no matter who wanted it. He was way smarter than most people realise, But he was missing a couple of things, Torah knowledge being one of them. He needed someone close to him that he could trust re what his Catholic tradition could not give him. He was going up against enormous evil, without the “technology” that he needed to defeat the evil.

    And he needed a more genuine marriage. He was fond of Jackie, but in his mind she was not his true wife. She was her father’s choice as the political asset that she was. That was part of the reason for the womanising.

    A LONG response so far – I will try to work through the rest of your comments over the next few days. I suspect Jack was “maintaining” the official line when he fielded those questions re Laos — but I have forgotten just when He met General Macarthur, other than I think it was in the second quarter of 1963. Charles de Gaulle had told Jack almost the same thing.

    The Chinese Navy now has a foothold in East Timor, just a short flight and an even shorter missile “strike” from Australia. That was the result of idiotic corruption and stupidity by an Australian PM and his foreign minister. They alienated an ally and drove them into the grateful arms of China. The Australian Government is trying to gaol the ACT (equivalent of DC in the US) Attorney-General because he challenged their corruption in court. No subtelty about their evil or their treason!

    1. A man who takes marriage vows with a woman indeed has a “true wife.” There are no excuses for a husband’s & father’s adultery against the laws of God. One day that “true wife” could have the occasion of holding the adulterous husband’s brains in her hand.

  7. Harry Truman fired MacArthur for advocating a broader war with China over Korea. Omar Bradley, the chairman of the joint chiefs, flatly rejected MacArthur’s call for a wider war. “In the opinion of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, this strategy would involve us in the wrong war, in the wrong place, at the wrong time and with the wrong enemy,” he said. My points above are not intended to draw comments re US foreign policy regarding either the virtue nor aptitude of any US president since the defeat of the Nazi scourge which was the major turning point from the USA’s last military victory to a now decades long cascading decline. I see the Nazi defeat, Truman’s historic use of the bomb, and his role to establish Israel in the face of major opposition as the culmination of the ordained role of the US overcoming the last barrier to Zionism and the Peace of Jerusalem reaching its pinnacle in or around 5778 as prophecy unfolds re the approaching Time of Jacob’s Trouble. The apple of God’s eye is not Washington DC; it is Jerusalem. The Throne of David supersedes the occupant of the Oval Office. The latter for a time was at best a means to an END!

  8. The Australian “take” on General Macarthur’s sacking was slightly different from how it was presented in the US.
    Yes, he DID want “a wider war”, but Australia agreed with him that he already had a wider war, in that he was already fighting the Chinese army. He wanted to finish off the Chinese Communist Party then, rather than leave the world to suffer at their hands in the future.

    Australia did NOT AGREE with General Macarthur’s planned “method” for victory over the CCP, i.e. to drop nuclear bombs on them.

    Australia saw a lot of the reasons given in Washington for firing Macarthur as just “obscufation”. The obfuscation was seen as “cover” for the real reason – jealousy. The General had turned into the Emperor of Asia and thePacific, and he had the personality and autocratic manner to match that status.

    Re “defeating the Nazi scourge”: I grew up believing that the Nazis lost WW II. In 1998 Australian intelligence staff (I was working for them, nothing that special, just computer industry consultant then) “set me straight”. yes, the swastikas were gone, but the “Fourth Reich” was alive, well, prospering and calling the shots in both Washington and Canberra. I thought that what I was being told was ridiculous. Twenty two years later, I understand what I was told in 1998 much better. The German military surrendered. But the Nazis did not. amalek’s enmity against Jacob did not stop in 1945. The agenda is still there, as it has been for thousands of years.

    The Anglo-American banks borrowed trillions from the Nazis after WW II. Arrogant as they are, they never intended to pay it back. 9/11 was staged by idiots who thought they could fool the world and the USA into believing that a bunch of loonies and fanatics from Islam did it. Then “over the top” the Nazi super-weapons came in, turning the buildings into dust as they fell. The American traitors could never tell the public what had really happened without exposing their own guilt, treason and mass murder.

    The message from the Nazis to the Anglo-US “banksters” was simple: “Pay us back or we will turn your cities into dust. You now know we can!” Hence the bank bailouts in 2008, and all the bank lies about not knowing where all the money went.

    If “Doug” had gotten his way and finished off the CCP back in the 1950’s, maybe we would never have had to cope with COVID and lockdowns. But there are no maybe’s about Amalek’s ongoing intentions. My info is/was that there was a medal presentation ceremony in Toronto on the night of Sept 11th. The medals were presented to a group of “ex Hitler Jugend” Nazis to celebrate their achievement — they believed that Sept 11 would trigger the Middle East war that would destroy Israel. The Time of Jacob’s Trouble.

    And the time when Timelines and prophecy come together – from way back past COVID, Wu Han, 5G Towers, Bill Gates & his vaccines, past JFK, Dulles, Mao, Hirohito, back to Jacob, and Esau, Amalek and Timna, past Avraham to Canaan.

  9. Jackie had “his brains in her hands”.
    One of the bullets passed through her hair. That is “how close” she was to being killed. Yet in that hail of gunfire, she climbed out on the trunk of the car to retrieve what she could of Jack’s skull and brain.

    She was, she had to have been, an extraordinary lady.

  10. Surely one conflict after another involving this “democracy” is largely the result of the false binary illusion of “choice” or voting for the lesser of 2 evils while expecting something other than resulting evil wherein the blind leads the blind. How far this democracy has come since Washington warned against political parties and issued an actual Thanksgiving proclamation (excerpted below) hardly calling for separation of God from state as is now the case: …”Now therefore I do recommend and assign Thursday the 26th day of November next to be devoted by the People of these States to the service of that great and glorious Being, who is the beneficent Author of all the good that was, that is, or that will be—That we may then all unite in rendering unto him our sincere and humble thanks—for his kind care and protection of the People of this Country previous to their becoming a Nation—for the signal and manifold mercies, and the favorable interpositions of his Providence which we experienced in the course and conclusion of the late war—for the great degree of tranquillity, union, and plenty, which we have since enjoyed—for the peaceable and rational manner, in which we have been enabled to establish constitutions of government for our safety and happiness, and particularly the national One now lately instituted—for the civil and religious liberty with which we are blessed; and the means we have of acquiring and diffusing useful knowledge; and in general for all the great and various favors which he hath been pleased to confer upon us. And also that we may then unite in most humbly offering our prayers and supplications to the great Lord and Ruler of Nations and beseech him to pardon our national and other transgressions—to enable us all, whether in public or private stations, to perform our several and relative duties properly and punctually—to render our national government a blessing to all the people, by constantly being a Government of wise, just, and constitutional laws, discreetly and faithfully executed and obeyed—to protect and guide all Sovereigns and Nations (especially such as have shewn kindness unto us) and to bless them with good government, peace, and concord—To promote the knowledge and practice of true religion and virtue, and the increase of science among them and us—and generally to grant unto all Mankind such a degree of temporal prosperity as he alone knows to be best….”

  11. Hello, I wish to point out that 5778 is the 107th triangular number and 2020 is the 107th leap year, the close connection between the two cannot be coincidental.

  12. Dennis, thanks for your timely reminder that 5778 is the 107th triangular number, and that 2020 is the 107th leap year. Ezra has many times explained that 5778 is the 107th triangular number, but this is the first time I think we are hearing the connection to the Gregorian Calendar leap year cycle.

    In this post Ezra also mentioned another connection of 5778 with the number 107, that “the 5778-year period of 54 generations… averaged 107 years each,” i.e., that 5778 / 54 = 107. [Presently I don’t recall why specifically 54 was used as the divisor to get this. At times Ezra skips over important details, that may be explained elsewhere, but nevertheless the brevity makes it harder to immediately follow what is being said. At the moment my guess is that perhaps the number 54 has something to do with the Torah being divided into specifically 54 Parshios, but it may have been explained differently.]

    Since you focused on the number 107, it is probably more than just coincidental that this past Shabbos was Parshas VaYeitzei, since the gematria of the word ויצא, VaYeitzei, is also (6 + 10 + 90 + 1 =) 107.

    At any rate this presents a fortuitous opportunity to share some intriguing hints from the beginning of Parshas VaYeitzei:


    1. The beginning of the Parshas VaYeitzei has many essential and fascinating hints to Divine Names, resonances and correspondences:

    First of all, Parshas VaYeitzei is the 7th Parsha of the Torah, corresponding to the 7th day, the Holy Shabbos.

    The first verse of Parshas VaYeitzie is Breishis 28:10, and perhaps the 28 alludes to the 28 letters of the Torah’s first verse about Creation (Breishis 1:1), and the 10 alludes to the 10 Creative Sayings, or alternatively the 28 and the 10 allude to the 28 letters in the introductory verse to the 10 Commandments (Shmos 20:1).

    The plain meaning of the verse is “And Yakov went out from B’er Sheva,” but on a deeper and more spiritual level this hints that Yakov’s soul “went out from,” meaning originates from, the B’er, “Wellspring,” i.e., the Source of Divine Flow, of “Sheva,” “Seven,” 7, i.e., the theme of the 7th Day Shabbos, comparable to Gan Eden and to Olam HaBo, the World To Come, where one’s soul is totally merged with Hashem.

    2. The first word ויצא, VaYeitze, begins with the letter Vov, gematria 6, and ends with the letter Aleph, gematria 1, corresponding to the 7 day week, first the 6 work days, and then the special day at the end of the week, the 7th day, Shabbos, the day of rest, designated for contemplation and appreciation of Hashem and all of His works.

    The word ויצא, VaYeitze, is gematria 6 + 10 + 90 + 1 = 107, and the number 107 also ends with a stress on the number 7 for Shabbos.

    Further, 107 may be understood as 10-7, a composite of two numbers, 10 and 7, thus hinting to the 10 Sayings of Creation and the 7 Days of Creation concluding with Shabbos, and the 7 words in the Torah’s first verse, or alternatively, to the 10 Commandments and their introductory verse of 7 words.

    Regarding the number 107, it is also the sum of the gematrias of two very important Divine Names, for 107 = 81 + 26 = אנכי י-ה-ו-ה, Anochi Hashem, “I am G-d,” which are the First Two Words of the Ten Commandments, and thus the number 107 reminds us of the ultimate Source of the everything, the Anochi Hashem.

    Additionally regarding the number 107, it is the 28th prime, with 28 famously being the gematria of the word כח, Koah, Strength and Mightiness, thus ultimately hinting to the Almighty. Also 28 itself is the 7th triangular number, corresponding to the 7th day Shabbos, and 28 is also a multiple of 7, since 28 = 7 x 4. Further, even the number 4 may also corresponding to Shabbos, since in the Ten Commandments the 4th Commandment is “Remember the Shabbos Day and keep it Holy.”

    The number 107 also resonates with the number 17 (just dropping out the zero), and famously 17 is the gematria of the word טוב, Tov, Good, and 17 is the 7th prime, also corresponding to the Holy Shabbos, the 7th day.

    (To be continued.)

  13. Wow! I am totally dumbfounded with all this awesome and great info in this article and the comments! If I were giving out metals, everyone would get Gold Stars for effort and input. Being a lover of all things History, I love all the comments and inside political insight on WW2 and Vietnam. One well known name is left out of the mix (Bush)! Prescott Bush (investment banker, politician and the father of the 41st President George H. W. Bush and grandfather of the 43rd President George W Bush Jr). Prescott Bush was a major player in financing behind the scenes of WW2 and making money for the well connected and wealthy families of the time.

    George H W Bush Sr coincidentally was a political player in Texas (winning Chairmanship of the Harris County, Texas Republican Party Feb1963) just 10 months before the Nov 1963 assassination of JFK.

    Prescott Bush was a founder and one of seven directors of the Union Banking Corporation, an investment bank that operated as a clearing house for many assets and enterprises held by German steel magnate Fritz Thyssen. In July 1942, the bank was suspected of holding gold on behalf of Nazi leaders. In October 1942 the United States seized the bank under the Trading with the Enemy Act and held the assets for the duration of World War II. (see Wikipedia Prescott Bush)

  14. VERY Ancient Timelines
    Extending a bit from the NSAM-57 JFK to Trump Administration links . . . . there was a strong Nazi component to the JFK assassination. For instance the Mauser rifle identified by Police, Sherrif(s) including one who was a gun-store owner was NOT German made. It was a calibre/model that was only ever made (under licence from Mauser) in Argentina. Basically “German Argentinian” is lilely to mean “Nazi”.

    That Mauser rifle in the School Book Depository Building, “conveniently” morphed into an Italian WW I rifle within hours.

    The Murchison (Texas oil) “private intelligence “agency” was General Gehlen’s SS Nazi intelligence agency which was also effectively the Soviet Desk of the CIA. The Nazi links are many, and here is where things jump way back into humanity’s past.

    The “spy operation” run out of the San Diego Naval Air Station during WW II, turned up ET collaboration with the SS. That history is well documented now – despite its almost science fiction like “plot”.

    CIA “super spy” E. Howard Hunt went to prison for the Watergate burglary. Before he went off to prison, he told his close friend and lawyer (for the initial Watergate hearings), Douglas Caddy, that the real reason for JFK’s assassination was fears that JFK would give away the USA’s biggest defence secret. Caddy asked what that was. Hunt replied, “The Alien Presence!”

    Curtis LeMay was the inspiration for George C. Scott’s character in “Dr. Strangelove”. LeMay was the architect of the firebombing of Japanese cities in Japan in the final phase of the Pacific War. Prior to that, he had been in Europe, where “Bomber Harris” orchestrated a program of saturation bombing of civilian tagets (cities) in Europe. Harris was the product of a small town in New Zealand where gold was discovered (1860’s) next to land donated by the local Maori chiefs for “religious and educational purposes”. Once gold was discovered, the promises to the Maoris were instantly forgotten. The town turned itself into a “Booze & Brothels” economy. There is still a “mega” alcoholic booze hall on the edge of the land the Maoris donated. Three managers (of the alcoholics’ nightly recreation spot) committed suicide,one after another, in the period, approximately 2000 to 2007. The Maori curses on the town that betrayed the promise to give them God and education are still “kicking”. But the “locals” have no interest in repenting. That was the society/culture that produced “Bomber Harris”. LeMay may have learned a lot from him.

    But before LeMay teamed up with Harris, he was in Los Angeles for the “Battle of L.A.” in early 1942. The whole city witnessed what the press tried (successfully) to keep quiet for decades, i.e. the shelling over the city that lasted most of the night – against a fleet of UFOs. LeMay was one of 4 or 5 Generals in L.A. for a conferece. Their response was to create what would become MJ-12 (Majestic 12).

    LeMay went on to head SAC (the Strategic Air Command) complete with a squadron of girls who were reputed to be the most beautiful secretaries in the Air Force. They may have been the inspiration for the “bimbo in the bilini girlfriend” in Kubrisk’s movie.

    Suffice to say, LeMay had been aware of “the alien presence” since at least 1942. So was Forrestal, the then Secretary of the Navy who chose an Australian Admiral to run the spy operation out of San Diego NAS. Forrestal chose Admiral Rico Botta because he had never gone through Anapolis, or an American university (or any other university for that matter. Forrestal wanted a mind that had not been “pogrammed” to deny what the Nazis and SS had connected with – aliens with a genocide agenda).

    On the night of the JFK assassination, LeMay was in the autopsy room at Bethesda Naval Hospital. He was one of the ones controlling who got access to which of the TWO autopsies they were allowed to see.

    James Forrestal had been “suicided” out of Bethesda Hospital back in the late 40’s. He knew all about the SS and “ET” connection. He was close to the Kennedys. Jack had been on his staff. He was a family friend as well as a “boss” and ultimately Defense Secretary.

    LeMay knew about “ET” from at least 1942 (The Battle of L.A.).

    The “threads” go way past the Nazis. We are looking at Genesis (Bereishith) Chapter 6 and “Nephilim” here. The “Greek Gods” did not happen on Mt. Olympus. That “myth” is the result of the Greeks “stealing” the story. Those “gods” were on Mt. Hermon. That is why the messenger from the gods on the mountain was called “HERMES”.

    Both Richard Nixon and Donald Trump have/had access to knowledge about advanced technology – via Tesla and John Trump, and in “Tricky Dickie” ‘s case, via Pine Gap in Australia. Watergate was orchestrated to get rid of Nixon. An Australian PM was removed around the same time. Like Nixon, he had ideas of opening up the technology being researched at Pine Gap.

    All those “Alien”-Nazi- Genesis 6 links span human history as far back as the pre-flood era. Just another sign that with so much coming together right now, this “post 5778”, 5780, post election power struggle in the USA is VERY significant for the whole of humanity.

    Chinese government officials threatened to “gouge out the eyes” of the “Five Eyes Security alliance overnight. Things are “in flux” right now!

    (Five Eyes = NSA (US) SIS (Canada), GCHQ (UK), GCSB (NZ) and ASD (Australia). ).

  15. Moshe, I am fairly certain that I posted the info about 2020 being the 107th leap year about 2-3 months ago, since so much wonderful information about the Bible numbers is being continuously added to the site I believe it may have been “lost in the shuffle”.

    Now I want to add that 28 is the 2nd perfect number, regarding 28 equals 7 x 4, also note that 7 is the 4th prime number.

    In addition I want to mention that the dimensions of the Holy of Holies in the First Temple is recorded as being 20 cubits long by 20 cubits wide, or 20×20 cubits, hopefully (probably?) alluding to Gregorian year 2020.

    As regards 54, note that 5 x 4 equals 20, again possibly alluding to 2020. Also Trump is the 45th president, and 45 reversed is 54.
    Also the Ten Commandments start in Exodus 20:2, again somewhat similar to 2020, at the 54th paragraph. And, finally, Exodus 20:2 starts at exactly the 107,000th letter after the first word of Genesis, beresheet, which I again believe is no coincidence.

  16. Dennis, again thanks for your amazing contributions. Here meanwhile is a brief continuation to my previous comment. More is drafted but not quite ready yet:

    3. Before it was pointed out that 107 = 81 + 26, hinting to אנכי ה’, Anochi Hashem, “I am G-d,” the First Two Words of the Ten Commandments. There are also other Divine Name combinations that sum to 107:

    For example, 107 = 21 + 86, with the 21 being the gematria of the Name א-ה-י-ה, Ehyeh, “I Am What I Am,” and with the 86 being the gematria of the Name א-ל-ה-י-ם, Elokim.

    Also 107 = 42 + 65, with the 42 being the gematria of the Name א-ל-ו-ה, Alokah, and corresponding to the 42 Letter Name, and also with 42 = 2 x 21, the gematria of Aheye, as in Ehyeh [Asher] Ehyeh, “I Am [that] I Am,” and with the 65 being the gematria of the Name א-ד-נ-י, A-d-n-i.

    Additionally, 107 = 72 + 35, with the 72 being the 72 Triplet Name, and 72 being the gematria of the higher Sefirah חכמה, Chochmoh, Wisdom, associated with masculinity, and with the 35 being the gematria of the word לה, Loh, “Her,” representing the lower Sefirah Malchus, associated with femininity, and also with letters Lamed Heh being the consecutive second and third letters of the Name א-ל’-ה’-י-ם, Elokim, (Alternatively, with 35 = 5 x 7, and with associated corresponding resonances.)

    Further, 107 = 53 + 54, which may represent the joining of two ways of looking at the Parshios of the Torah, sometimes as 53 Parshios that are read on Shabbos, and sometimes as 54 Parshios including Zoas HaBrocha that is read on Simchas Torah. Of course there are other ways to look as this as well…

    (To be continued.)

  17. As an aside regarding the Great Pyramid, which has been discussed a lot on this website, and again it was discussed at length in this post:

    In the past I have offered my humble, mainstream opinion, that although clearly the Great Pyramid is a marvel of intelligent design and stone building technology, nevertheless there is nothing supernatural about it, it was built by the Pharaoh Khufu to be his tomb, and that is all.

    For example see my comments on the Kabbalah Secrets post “Part XIV: More Information; More than We Know,” from August 2019. There I discussed a number of proofs that Khufu built the Great Pyramid, including mentioning the “Ancient Architects” YouTube video “Fact or Forgery: The Khufu Graffiti Inside the Great Pyramid of Egypt,” which concluded that the graffiti is genuine.

    Now, just this afternoon, “Ancient Architects” posted a brand new longer video, “Solving the Mystery of the Great Pyramid of Egypt,” and in my humble opinion he has solved much of the puzzle, concluding that indeed it is the tomb built for Pharaoh Khufu. This is a must see from anyone interested in this topic.

    Also I recommend the looking into the theories of Peter James, a professional architectural structural engineer, who led a team that repaired the Step Pyramid after it suffered earthquake damage and was in danger of collapse. He also has done work on the Red Pyramid, and is presently working on the Bent Pyramid, and he has published his rational theories about how the Great Pyramid was built using simple methods. His book is “Saving the Pyramids: Twenty First Century Engineering and Egypt’s Ancient Monuments,” and he appears in “Saving Egypt’s Oldest Pyramid by National Geographic Channel.” Lately there have been several articles in the news about him and his “keep it simple” theories. Anyone who is interested in discovering the truth should surely check out all of this as carefully as possible.


  18. Hello, it is the 107th leap year since the Gregorian calendar was instituted in 1582.

    Also, there is an expression, “hiding in plain sight”, and I cannot give a better example of it than the following: now returning to the matter of the Holy of Holies being 20×20 cubits, I was aware that it was recorded in 1 Kings but could not remember exactly where so I did a search for “20 by 20 cubits” and the results came back for 1 Kings 6:20. There it is. Can you see it? If not let me reiterate, 2020 has been dominated by the Coronavirus, corona is Spanish for crown, the Hebrew word for crown is keter which has a Gematria of 620 which is highly reminiscent of 6:20.

    Yet more regarding 620, reversed it is 026, or 26, and the Holy of Holies was of course a cube of 20x20x20 cubits, and a cube has 6 sides, 8 corners, and 12 edges for a total of 26.

  19. The Artificial Intelligence and control of “human breeding” via matching people whom “A I” wants to pair up !!

    That had never occurred to me until I read this Post-Article !! Wow! – amazing! Superb Post AND Comments – and I keep finding MORE and mMORE in there/them. Thanks “All” !

  20. 719 feet (plus a couple of iches) up the Diagonal corner /edge of the Pyramid, and 612 feet up the middle of the faces (Apotherm).

    cf. Dennis’ comments re the 107:

    719 less 612 => 107 yet again!

  21. Ezra, I’m sure we would all appreciate more information about the Pyramid.

    Peter, Sharon and Glen, those are interesting things you are writing, but although I remember the day JFK was assassinated, 11/22/1963, which was 57 years ago, I never very seriously studied all the background of what might have led to that. Whatever happened then, let’s hope and pray it does not happen again, and may Hashem protect our President Donald J. Trump, and guide events to help him in these difficult times.

    The following is another continuation about Parshas VaYeish. Hopefully there are no mistakes in what I am writing, but if you notice anything wrong please let me know, and of course additions like the recent comments from Dennis are also appreciated!


    4. The first verse of VaYeitzi, Breishis 28:10, as noted above, is the 784th verse in the Torah, which is fitting for the 7th Parsha, since 784 starts with a prominent 7, the largest element of that number in the hundreds place, and the remaining 84 is also evenly divisible by 7, with 84 = 7 x 12. These numbers resonate with the 7 representing the Shabbos, and with the 12 representing the 12 Tribes as they are in their source in Yakov (and we also find that 11 of the 12 Tribes, and their sister Dina, are also born in Parshas VaYeitzei Yakov).

    Additionally, 784 = 7 x 112, with the pervasive number 7 appearing here again, and the 112 corresponding to the gematria of the combination of the Names Hashem Elokim, 26 + 86 = 112, as has been explained many times.

    This union of 7 and 112 also resonates with Yakov himself, since notably the name יעקב, Yakov, contains the letter ע, Ayin, and the letters יבק, Yud Beis Kuf, which in gematria are respectively 70 and 112.

    [BE”H, more hints in the name Yakov will be discussed in the following installments. Incidentally, summing 7 + 112 = 119, with 119 = 7 x 17, and 17 is the 7th prime, and 119 = T2 + T3 + T4 + T5 + T6 + T7 + T8, i.e., the sum of 7 consecutive triangular numbers, and of course 119 is reminiscent of 11/9 and 9/11, etc., as previously discussed.]

    The number 784 may also be understood in other ways, for example 78-4, as a combination having a triple resonance with the Name Hashem, 78 = 3 x 26, and with the 4 standing for the 4 Letters of the Name.

    The complete factorization is 784 = 2 x 2 x 2 x 2 x 7 x 7 = 16 x 49, thus it is the product of 4 squared times 7 squared. In math notation this can be expressed as 4^2 x 7^2, which corresponds to a resonance of the 42 Letter Name and the 72 Triplet Name…

    5. Parshas VaYeitzi has 148 verses, which can be understood in many ways, for example as 148 = 7 x 21-and-1/7 (21.142857…), with 21 itself being also multiple of 7, for 21 = 3 x 7. Alternatively it may also be understood as 148 = 2 x 74, or as 148 = 4 x 37, or as 148 = 111 + 37, etc.

    Above we focused on the number 112, so continuing in that vein, 148 = 112 + 36, where the 36 is also a Divine Name, א-ל-ה, an alternative abbreviated spelling for the Name Elokah (with the usual letter Vov, gematria 42), and also these are the first 3 letters of the Name Elokim, and also they are the 3 letters of the Name ה-א-ל, HaKeil, “The G-d,” 5 + 31 = 36.


    The last two verses of the Parsha are Breishis 32:2-3, “And Yakcov went on his way, and angels of Elokim encountered him. And Yacov said when he saw them, ‘This is a camp of Elkokim,’ so he called the name of the place Machanoim.”

    The very last word is מחנים, Machanoyim, “Camps,” and more specifically “Pair of Camps,” refers to the name Yakov gave to the place where he was met upon his return to the Land by the angels. Traditionally, this last word of the Parsha is used as a Siman, “word sign” mnemonic for the number of verses in the Parsha, since its gematria of Machanoyim is 148, the same as the number of the Parsha’s 148 verses.

    The verse number 32:2 seems to hint to 32 being 2 to the 5th power, corresponding to the 32 Paths of Wisdom, and the last 2 indicating the 2 directions of travel, up and down along these Paths, which corresponds to Yakov’s dream at the beginning of the Parsha, with his vision of the Ladder, Stairway, or Stepped Path, along these 32 steps and Pathways of Wisdom, “set upon the earth and with its top reaching to heaven, and behold the angels of Elokim were ascending and descending on it.”

    The verse number 32:2 may also be understood as 32^2, giving 32 x 32 = 1024, which is 2^10, corresponding to the 1000 letters of the full 3 paragraph Shma, plus the 24 letters of Boruch Shem, which famously was recited by Yakov together with all the 12 Tribes.

    The verse number 32:2 may also be understood as a single number 322, and 322 = 7 x 46, again with a stress on the number 7, and also the small gematria of 322 is 3 + 2 + 2 = 7.

    The number 32:3, the very last verse, represents a 1 more, a continuation of the previous theme, and understanding 32:3 as a single number 323, it is the 32nd palindrome (or alternatively the 42nd palindrome if single digits 0-9 are also counted as palendromes), and 32 is the gematria of Lev, Heart, and Kovod, Honor, etc., as explained in many places. Also 323 = 17 x 19, with more hints and allusions as explained elsewhere.


    This last verse of the Parsha is the 931st verse in the Torah, and 931 = 7 x 7 x 19, thus also demonstrating more resonances with the number 7.

    Also in reverse 931 is 139, the 34th prime, with 2 34 = 2 x 17, and 139 = 2^2 + 3^2 + 4^2 + 5^2 + 6^+ 7^2, and 139 = 69 + 70, and with many other inherent hints as well that can be learned from all of these numbers.

    But let’s return next to our main topic about Yakov and the beginning of Parshas VaYeitzei.

    (To be continued.)

    1. Hi Moshe,

      I’ve just started reading your comment and noted right away that 784 is 28 (Koach) squared and that built into יעקב, Yakov, as you said are the letters ע, Ayin, and the letters יבק, Yud Beis Kuf, which in gematria are respectively 70 and 112. 70 x 112 = 7840. Nice work.

  22. Thanks. This next section contains some things old and some things new, and takes a step back to Parshas Toldos before going forward with Parshas VaYeitzei, which was my main intention to write about. Meanwhile I hope this next installment is appreciated:

    6. In order to better appreciate the hints in the beginning of Parshas VaYeitzei, where the second word of the first verse is the name יעקב, Yakov, it is best to first review why according to the plain interpretation he was given the name Yakov.

    This is explained in the verse Breishis 25:26, in the previous Parsha Toldos, “And afterward went out [was born] his brother, and his hand was grasping the heel of Esav, and he called his name Yakov.” This is hinted in the name Yakov, י-עקב, Yud Eikev, with the initial letter Yud symbolizing Yodo, “his hand,” the hand of Yakov, or the 10 fingers of his two hands, grasping the “heel” (Eikev) of Esav.

    On a deeper level the letter Yud, gematria 10, at the beginning of Yakov’s name alludes to his having within him the revelation of the 10 Sayings and 10 Commandments, and the final 3 letters of his name form the word Eikev, “heel,” and just as the heel hints to the end of the body, so too it also hints to the end of time and the goal of Creation, the Shabbos Day, and the end of time of the generations, the auspicious generation of Mosiach.

    Additionally the word Eikev also alludes to the ultimate “reward,” as is the word’s meaning in other contexts where it appears, as in Breishis 26:5, עקב אשר שמע אברהם בקלי, Eikev Asher Shoma Avrohom B’Koli,” “As a reward (Eikev) for Avrohom listening to My voice,” and as in Devorim 7:12, והיה עקב תשמעון, V’Hoyo Eikev Tishmaun, “It shall be a reward (Eikev) if you hearken,” and as in Tehillim 19:12, בשמרם עקב רב, B’Shomrom Eikev Rov, “in keeping them [i.e., the Torah precepts] there is great reward (Ekeiv).” This hints that Yakov grasps and attains the Reward.

    Grammatically the preface letter Yud also gives the name Yakov the future perfect tense, meaning it is a continuing action for all time, he does now and so-to-speak shall always continue to do, to grasp and control the heel of Esav. This means not just Esav alone, but everything Esav symbolizes, meaning the completeness of development of form and physicality, since Esav was so named because at birth his body was completely formed and finished, even with full growth of hair, with the name עשו, Esav, from the root עשה, Awsaw, Made and Done, as explained in connection with the previous verse Breishis 25:25 [a complete finished joining of the same square number, 5^5:5^5]. Nevertheless, with his inherent superpower within him, Yakov is ultimately able to transform all of this physicality into Holiness.

    Divided up this way, the initial Yud and then the three last letters, the name Yakov consists of gematria 182 = 10 + 172, and with the component 172 = 2 x 86, i.e., the holy 10 Sefiros and a doubling of the Name Elokim, giving Yakov the ability and the strength to influence and control even a doubly developed completeness of הטבע, HaTevah, The Nature, also gematria 86, the elements of physicality and corporeality and base human and animalistic desires.

    It is also readily noticeable that 172 = 100 + 72, a conjunction of the 10 x 10 completeness with a resonance with the 72 Triplet Name, and all of this is inherent and internalized in Yakov.

    One more hint for now regarding the name יעקב, Yakov, which has been explained many times, is that its gematria 182 = 7 x 26, and thus it corresponds to and resonates with the 7th day Shabbos, and with Hashem, gematria 26, and Yakov in his holy life epitomized devotion to the Shabbos and devotion to Hashem.

    7. Before going further it is also good to bear in mind that the founding Patriarchs all have resonances with the gematria of the Name Hashem:

    The gematria of סיני, Sinai, where Moshe and all Yisroel reach their greatness, is 130 = 5 x 26. The gematria of יוסף, Yosef, is 156 = 6 x 26. The gematria of יעקב, Yakov, 182 = 7 x 26. The gematria of יצחק, Yitzchok, is 208 = 8 x 26.

    The gematria of אברהם, Avrohom, is 248, and it varies slightly from this pattern, which may be attributable to the portion of his life before he recognized Hashem. Nevertheless Avrohom actually overcompensated for this, since 248 certainly includes within it 9 x 26 = 234, hinting that Avrohom does indeed have within him a resonance with 9 times the Name Hashem.

    However, together with 9 x 26 = 234, the complete gematria of Avrohom’s name is 248 = 234 + 14, and thus Avrohom also has in him an additional resonance with 2 x 7 = 14, i.e., a double resonance with Shabbos, and this additional 14 could also be rooted in the last two letters of the Name Sha-D-Y, Dalit Yud, gematria 14, or alternatively, the additional 14 could allude to the gematria of the name דוד, Dovid, as his soul is included in the soul of Avrohom.

    Additionally 248 = 8 x 31, and thus Avrohom has in him a resonance with 8 times the Name Kel, Aleph Lamed, gematria 31, a Divine Name that was revealed in the world before the revelation of the Name Hashem. This distinction is more apparent in that 26 + 5 = 31, thus 31 is 5 more than 26, and therefore this increase of 5 is hinted in the letter Heh, 5, that was added to Avrohom’s original name Avrom, raising its gematria from 243 to 248.

    [Incidentally even Avrohom’s initial name Avorm also has great significance in gematria, since it is 243, which also resonates as 243 = 3 x 3 x 3 x 3 x 3 = 3^5, which is 3 to the 5th power, and also 243 = 3 x 81, a threefold resonance with the Name Anochi, gematria 81, etc., as can be explained another time.]

    Also 5 x 8 = 40, and this is the difference in gematria between Avrohom and Yitzchok, 248 – 208 = 40, and the number 40 corresponds to the idea of a generation which in general is 40 years, alluding that there is one generation between them.

    As explained in many places, the number 248 also corresponds to the 248 positive commandments and to the 248 limbs of the body. Additionally 248 is a number that when converted by the simplest getmatia method into the 3 letters, i.e. Reish, 200, Mem 40, and Ches, 8, it happens that every permutation of these letters forms a Hebrew word with gematria 248, and all of them can be understood as hinting to essential qualities and to the redemption:

    The word רמח, Romach, means Spear, a sign of Victory over Evil. The word רחם, Racheim, means the central and essential quality of Mercy, or it is also Rechem, Womb, the Source of Life. The word מרח, means Smear, Rub In, and Anoint as with with Oil. The word מחר, Mochor, means Tomorrow and the Future, as in the Future Redemption. The word חרם, Chirem, means Sanctified and set aside as a Dedication to Hashem. The word חמר, Cheimor, means Coarse Material, and Chamor, means Donkey, alluding to the donkey that Avrohom saddled to do the Will of Hashem, and the donkey that Moshiach rides upon, and their harnessing the permanence of coarse physicality and the donkey’s stubbornness and for the purification of all earthly affairs. All of this can be explained more at length at another time.

    It is important to bear in mind that all of these ideas and more are hinted in the name of Avrohom, and transmitted from him to his son Yitzchok, and through Yitzchok to his son Yakov, and from Yakov to the 12 Tribes, and from them on to us throughout the generations until today in the generation of Moshiach.

    8. The name of the previous Parsha, תולדת, Toldos, means “Generations,” and it starts with Breishis 25:19, “These are the generations of Yitzchok the son of Avrohom, Avrohom sired Yitzchok…” and the Parsha goes on to relate the birth of Yakov the son of Yitzchok.

    Here we cannot go into more details about the previous Parsha, but in passing it is worth noting that the name תולדת, Toldos, begins with a letter Tav, 400, ends with a letter Tav, 400, and the middle three letters are Vov Lamed Dalit are gematria 6 + 30 + 4 = 40.

    The number 400 has been mentioned recently, in connection with 2020 being 400 years since the Pilgrims landed in America in 1620, and it was mentioned that the combination of Divine Names Elokim and Shaki is gematria 86 + 314 = 400. In a separate comment more details regarding this can be addressed, including more about the combination of Divine Names Hashem Elokim, 26 + 86 = 112, plus Elokim Shaki, 86 + 314 = 400, that sums to 112 + 400 = 512 = 2^9, and with many other special properties and resonances indicative of special Divine Providence.

    It comes out that in gematria the word Toldos, Generations, is 400 + 40 + 400 = 840 = 20 x 42, and thus it has a special 20-fold resonance with the 42 Letter Name. Additionally 840 = 7 x 120, thus it too resonates with Shabbos, and with the 120 year lifespan of man, and with the 12 Tribes as the achieve a 10-fold completeness.

    Here too it is also worth mentioning that the difference between the gematria of the word Toldos and the gematria of the word VaYeitzei is 840 – 107 = 733, with 733 being the 130th prime, and with the reverse of 733 being 337, the 68th prime, and the sum of these two primes 733 + 337 = 1070, with 1070 = 10 x 107, and as said before 107 is the 28th prime, and 1070 may also be viewed as 10-70, with many more corresponding resonances that also can be explained at another time.

    9. Continuing now to Yakov’s birth and his naming, the verse (Breishis 25:26) states, “And afterward his brother emerged, and his hand was grasping onto the heel of Esav, and he [i.e., his father Yitzchok, and “He,” referring to Hashem] called his name Yakov.” There are a number of interesting things to observe about this verse:

    Interestingly, in this first introduction of Yakov, the Torah uses the root word יצא, Yotzoh, “emerged” or “went out” (i.e., he “emerged” from his mother Rikvah’s womb, i.e., he “was born”), which is the same as the root word that occurs, as we are presently starting to discuss, as the first word of Parshas ויצא יעקב, VaYeitzei Yakov, “And Yakov went out,” so this quality is typical of the Patriarch Yacov since the moment of his birth.

    Also note that the gematria of the word יצא, Yotzoh, as written in Parshas Toldos without the prefix Vov, is 101, which is the 26th prime, another direct resonance with the Name Hashem.

    Interestingly, without the prefix letter Vov, the words יצא יעקב, Yotzoh (or Yeitzei) Yakov, are gematria 101 + 182 = 293, which is the 61st prime, and with 61 in turn being the 18th prime. Further, adding 293 + 18 = 311, the 64th prime, and adding 61 + 18 = 79, the 22nd prime.

    The next word אחיו, Echov, “his brother,” is gematria 25, and the next word וידו, V’Yodo, “and his hand,” is gematria 26, and thus together these two word reflect the exact numbers of the verse itself, 25:26, and of course this also hints to the Providence of Hashem, gematria 26, at Yakov’s birth, to the extent that next word, “and He called,” is explained to refer not just to Yitzchok naming his son Yakov, but also to Hashem naming His son Yakov.

    The next words ויקרא שמו יעקב, VaYikra Shmo Yakov, “and he (He) called his name Yakov,” in gematria are 317 + 346 + 182 = 845, which is the gematria of the Parsha’s name תולדת, Toldos, 840, when added with a Kolel of 1 for each of the 5 letters of Toldos, 840 + 5 = 845.

    Also 845 = 5 x 169, with 169 being a square number, 169 = 13 x 13, with 13 being the gematria of Echod, One, and Ahavah, Love , and with 13 + 13 = 26, the gematria of the Name Hashem.

    (To be continued.)

  23. 10. Before proceeding with more explanation of Parshas VaYeitzei, in addition to what was explained before about the gematria of Yakov, it is also good to keep in mind that 182 = 2 x 91, with 91 = 26 + 65, the gematria of the combined Names Hashem and A-d-n-i, and thus Yakov also has in him a double revelation of these Holy Names.

    Moreover, 91 = 7 x 13, and thus is a resonance with Shabbos and אהבה, Ahavah, Love, and אחד, Echod, Oneness, and with many other correspondences that can be based on this.

    Further, 91 is the 13th triangular number, and thus 182, the gematria of Yakov, is the sum of two 13th triangular numbers, and again 13 + 13 = 26 hinting to the Source Hashem. Also 91 is the 7th hexagonal number, the 6th hex number, and the 5th centered nonagonal number.

    Additionally regarding the number 91, its sum of divisors is 1 + 7 + 13 + 91 = 112, and its totient is 72. Also 91 = 2^2 + 3^2 + 4^2 + 5^2 + 6^2 = 3^3 + 4^3.

    Another special hint can be seen by just slightly rearranging the letters of יעקב, Yakov, and joining the letters יק, Yud Kuf, gematria 110, and the letters עב, Ayin Beis, gematria 72, which are numbers with many allusions, as is known, including that 110 represents the sum of the completeness of 10, i.e., the 10 Sefiros, with the completeness of 100 = 10 x 10 Sefiros, and with the 72 hinting to the 72 Triplet Name, and with 72 being the gematria of the word חסד, Chesed, Kindness.

    [Here let me correct a mistake in section 3 above, where I wrote, “with the 72 being the 72 Triplet Name, and 72 being the gematria of the higher Sefirah חכמה, Chochmoh, Wisdom, associated with masculinity.” There too I should have written 72 is the gematria of חסד, Chesed, Kindness, the highest of the 7 emotional Sefiros, also associated with masculinity. The word חכמה, Chochmoh, Wisdom, is actually gematria 73, which is 72 plus 1 for the Kolel.]

    11. Additionally, the 4 letters of the name Yakov correspond to the 4 letters of Hashem’s Name, and also to the 4 Worlds (just as explained in many places the 4 letter of Hashem also allude to the 4 Worlds):

    The Ayin of the name Yakov may be understood as the initial letter Ayin of the name of the lowest of the four worlds, the world of Asiyah, Action.

    The Yud of the name Yakov may be understood as the initial of the name of the higher spiritual world, the world of Yetzirah, Formation.

    The Beis of the name Yakov is the initial of the name of the next highest world, the world of Briah, Creation.

    The Kuf of the name Yakov is the initial of the word Kodesh, Holiness, corresponding to the world of Atzilus, the world of Emanation of G-dliness, the world of Holiness, and the gematria of the letter Kuf, 100, resonates with the gematria of the initial letter Aleph, 1, of the word Atzilus.

    (To be continued.)

  24. 12. Back to Parshas VaYeitzei, the first two words ויצא יעקב, VaYeitzei Yakov, are gematria 107 + 182 = 289. The number 289 = 17 x 17, a square number, and since 17 is the gematria of טוב, Tov, Good, therefore this is Good times Good, like the doubling of two times “G-d saw that it was good” in the Creation narrative. Also 17 is the 7th prime, corresponding to Shabbos, and 289 is also the sum of two triangular numbers, 289 = 136 + 153 = T16 + T17.

    The number 289 is also the 9th centered octagonal number, meaning it resonates with numbers 9 and 8, hinting to the combination of 9 x 8 = 72, and with therefore resonating with the 72 Triplet Name, and חסד, Chesed, Good and Kind, gematria 72.

    Also the product of the digits of 289 is 2 x 8 x 9 = 144, with 144 = 2 x 72, another way of showing its double resonance with the 72 Triplet Name, and the sum of 289’s digits 19, reducing to small gematria 10, the 10 Sefiros, and then reducing to 1, to the One Creator.

    Additionally, multiplying 289 by the product of its digits give a triangular number, i.e., 289 x 144 = 41616 = T288, corresponding to the 288 sparks of holiness, and with 288 = 2 x 144, and with 144 = 2 x 72, as just said, and also with 144 = 12 x 12, another square number based on the number of the 12 Tribes within Yakov.

    Also 144 is the sum of 11th and the 12 triangular numbers, 144 = T11 + T12 = 66 + 78. The number 66 is the gematria of the 3rd word of the Ten Commandments, the Name Elokeicho, “your G-d,” right after the first two words, the Names Anochi Hashem, “I am G-d,” then comes the 3rd word, is א-ל-ה-י-ך, Elokeicho, “your G-d,” gematria 66. The number 78 as explained before is 78 = 3 x 26, corresponding to a 3-fold resonance with the Name Hashem.

    Also 289 can divided into two parts, 28-9, i.e., 28 and 9, such that multiplied together 28 x 9 = 252, the 25th palindrome (or 35th if counting single digit as palindromes), and 252 is also a multiple of 7, since 252 = 7 x 37, and 37 is the 12th prime, corresponding to the 12 Tribes in their source in Yakov.

    As explained elsewhere, the number 37 and its reflection or reverse 73 are significant in Creation, with 37 x 73 = 2701, the gematria of the Torah’s first verse, and with 37 the 12th prime and 73 is the 21st prime, and these prime ordinal numbers 12 and 21 are also reflective of one another. Additionally 37 is the gematria of גדל, Grow and Nurture (an alternative word for the Sefirah of Chesed, Good and Kind, with the word Chesed being gematria 72 as said before), and with 73 being the gematria of חכמה, Chochmah, Wisdom, and with 2701 = T73, the 73rd triangular number.

    13. After understanding that the name Yakov is gematria 182 = 110 + 72, it is possible to see further hints by grouping the gematria of the first word of the Parsha, VaYeitzei, 107, with the first part of the next word Yakov as rearranged above, 182 = 110 + 72, so that 107 + 110 = 217, with 217 = 7 x 31, another resonance of the number 7 and Shabbos, and with 31 being the gematria of the Name Kel, Aleph Lamed, and also 31 is the 11th prime, and 11 resonates back with the number 110 = 10 x 11.

    It is also significant that 110 = 37 + 73, and thus this number resonates with the Torah’s first verse 37 x 73 = 2701, and 2701 also resonates with 217, or at least they have the only slightly rearranged nonzero digits.

    Other properties of the number 217 include that it is the 9th hex number, and also that it can be divided into two parts, 21-7, which added together sum to 21 + 7 = 28, the 7th triangular number as mentioned above. Also the product of the digits of 217 is 2 x 1 x 7 =14 and their sum is 2 + 1 + 7 = 10, i.e., a double portion of 7, Shabbos, and the 10 Sefiros, and when 217 is summed with the product of its digits, 217 + 14 = 231, and 231 is the 21st triangular number, and also 231 = 3 x 77, i.e., a triplet of double 7s, with 77 being the gematria of words like עז, Oz, Strength, מזל, Mazal, Fortune, מגדל, Migdal, Tower, and so much more, including 77 = 7 x 11, more resonances with 7 Shabbos, and so on.

    Adding three of the above numbers together gives 107 + 217 + 289 = 613, the 112th prime, with 613 corresponding to the 613 Mitzvos, and with 112 corresponding to the Names Hashem Elokim, 26 + 86 = 112.

    Alternatively, adding 107 plus the second division of Yakov, 72, gives 107 + 72 = 179, with 179 being the 41st prime (the first part of the 12th pair of twin primes, together with its twin 181, the 42nd prime). The product of the digits of 179 is 1 x 7 x 9 = 63, while the sum of its digits is 1 + 7 + 9 = 17, and adding to 179 the product of its digits 179 + 63 = 242, with 242 being a palindrome (the 24th or the 34th depending on if single digits are counted as palindromes), and adding to 179 the sum of its digits, gives 179 + 17 = 196 = 14 x 14, a square number consisting of double 7s times double 7s.

    14. The third word of the verse מבאר, Mi’b’er, “from the well,” begins with letters Mem Beis, hinting to the 42 Letter Name, while the last two letters Aleph Reish are gematria 201 = 3 x 67, with 67 being the 19th prime, and also the gematria of בינה, Binah, Understanding.

    Also, just slightly rearranging the order of the letters, it forms the word מברא, MiBora, “from Creation,” with the prefix letter Mem meaning “from,” and with Beis Reish Aleph being the first three letters of the Torah.

    The full gematria of מבאר, MiB’er, is 243 = 3 to the 5th power = 9 x 27 = 3 x 81, and as said above, 243 is the gematria of Avrohom’s initial name Avrom, and he was the “wellspring” from which everything came forth, and with many more allusions as well.

    The fourth word שבע, Sheva, Seven, or Oath, ends with the letters Beis Ayin, 72, corresponding to the 72 Triplet Name, and the full gematria of the word is 372 = 12 x 31, i.e., a resonance with 12 times the Name Kel.

    Together the two words B’er Sheva in gematria are 243 + 372 = 515, number famous as the gematria of the word שירה, Shirah, Song, and the gematrria of the word ואתחנן, VoEschanan, “And I prayed,” referring to Moshe’s 515 prayers to be able to enter the Land of Israel, and at the beginning of Parshas vaYeitzei we find that Yakov also prayed to be able to return to the Land, and in particular to his source B’er Sheva (and the Land of Israel also has a relationship to the number 7 as explained elsewhere). The number 515 = 5 x 101, with 5 being the 3rd prime and with 101 being the 26th prime.

    15. The 5th word of the first verse of Parshas VaYeitzei is וילך, VaYeilech, “and he went,” with first and last letters summing to 6 + 20 = 26, hinting to the Name Hashem, and with the full gematria of the word being 66, the gematria of Elokeicho, “Your G-d.”

    The 6th and last word of the verse is חרנה, Choronoh, “to Choron,” with first and last letters summing to 8 + 5 = 13, which resonates as half of 26, the Name Hashem, and in reverse is 31, the Name Kel, and with the full gematria of the word being 263, the 46th prime (and with 46 = 2 x 23, the 1st and the 9th primes).

    Also 263 can be viewed as two parts, 26-3, that added together equal 26 + 3 = 29, the 10th prime, and when multiplied together 26 x 3 = 78, which is also the 12th triangular number.

    Also adding 263 to its reverse 362 we get 263 + 362 = 625 = 25 x 25 = 5 to the 4th power, with many other hints as well. This is fitting for the meaning of the word, for it tells us that Yakov’s going to Choron, a very coarse and physicality centered place, qualities also associated with Esav, as explained above regarding his birth as described in Breishis 25:25.

    [Note, above in section 6, it was mistakenly written about Breishis 25:25 that it hints to “a complete finished joining of the same square number, 5^5:5^5,” however that math notation has to be corrected to either “5×5:5×5” or “5^2:5^2.”]

    Together the two words VaYeilech Choronoh are gematria 66 + 263 = 329 = 7 x 47, another multiple of 7, and 47 is the 15th prime. Also interestingly 329 = T6 + T7 + T8 + T9 + T10 + T11 + T12, the sum of 7 consecutive triangular numbers, 21 + 28 + 36 + 45 + 55 + 66 + 78 = 329.

    16. Together the gematria of the whole verse is 107 + 182 + 243 + 372 + 66 + 263 = 1133, with 1133 = 11 x 103, the 5th prime times the 27th prime, resonating with the 5 Books of Torah and the 27 forms of the letters, and corresponding to the magical/miraculous 3 to the 3rd power cube, with its 27 specifically arranged building blocks.

    Additionally 1133 seems to resonate with double 13s, one on the outside and one on the inside, with relevance of 13 + 13 = 26 that is obvious by now.

    Also regarding 1133, the sum of its prime factors is 11 + 103 = 114, which is the same as the sum of 42 + 72 = 114, and thus it corresponds to and resonates with the 42 Letter Name and the 72 Triplet Name. Also the product of 1133’s digits is 9 and the sum of its digits is 8, and thus it also resonates with the 9 x 8 matrix of the 72 Triplet Name.

    Also when divided into two parts 11-33, those two parts multiplied together are a palindrome, 11 x 33 = 363, with 363 being the same gematria as המשיח, HaMoshiach.

    17. When the verse is divided in half, the first half of the verse is 107 + 182 + 243 = 532 = 2 x 266 = 4 x 133, with 133 being the 7th octagonal number, and 133 = 7 x 19, and the sum of its prime factors 7 + 19 = 26, and the sum of 133’s digits is 7, and also 133 resonates with the verse’s total 1133.

    The full factorization of 532 = 2 x 2 x 7 x 19, and thus 532 = 7 x 76 and also 532 = 28 x 19, a powerful resonance with Shabbos and Creation.

    Also 532 has 12 divisors that sum to 1120 , the divisors being 1 + 2 + 4 + 7 + 14 + 19 + 28 + 38 + 76 + 133 + 266 + 532 = 1120, and 1120 = 10 x 112, a 10-fold resonance with the Names Hashem Elokim, and 532’s totient is 216, corresponding to the 216 Letters of the 72 Triplet Name. Also 532 is the 19th pentagonal number.

    The second half of the verse is gematria 372 + 66 + 263 = 701, with 701 being the 126th prime. Also the reflection of 701 is 107, the gematria of the Parsha’s name and first word VaYeitzei, and perhaps also 701 hints to Yakov, 1 individual travelling alone, the “going out of Beir Sheva,” going out of the “Well” of the 700s, which is of course connected with Shabbos, and 701 plus 1 for the Kolel equals 702, the gematria of the word שבת, Shabbos.

    Also 701 is able to be written as a sum of positive squares in only one way, 676 + 25 = 26^2 + 5^2, which also resonates with the special themes we have been discussing.

    18. The initials of the 6 words of the first verse of Parshas VaYeitzei are ו’יצא י’עקב מ’באר ש’בע ו’ילך ח’רנה, Vov Yud Mem Shin Vov Ches, and when slightly rearranged is revealed that these letters spell the word ומשיחו, U’Meshicho, “And His Moshiach.” This is an appropriate hint for this Parsha that focuses on the efforts of our Patriarch Yakov, and from whom the leadership of his generation is passed on to Moshiach, and this hint in the initial letters of the Parsha indicate that the spark of Moshiach was with Yakov right from the beginning.

    The gematria of the word U’Meshicho is 370, the same as שלם, Sholeim, Complete, the root of the word שלום, Sholom, Peace, which is fitting for “His Moshiach And” the things that he will accomplish in the world. The number 370 = 10 x 37 and it is clearly significant with many resonances in the Torah and in Creation, as also mentioned above.

    In connection with this it is also significant that the gematria of Yakov, 182, when doubled, is 2 x 182 = 364, which is the gematria of משיחו, Meshicho, “His Moshiach,” and likewise ומשיח, U’Moshiach, “And Moshiach,” 358 + 6 = 6 + 358 = 364. Yakov was the soul of Moshiach in his generation at the beginning of the Jewish people, and his soul is reflected in the Moshiach at culmination of the generations.

    By studying the life of our forefather Yakov, especially as explicitly stated in the Torah, and identifying with and attaching ourselves to him and following in his ways, we can help bring about the revelation of the longed for Moshiach of our special time.

    (To be continued.)

  25. 19. Going onward to the second verse of Parshas VaYeitzei, Breishis 28:11, ויפגע במקום וילן שם כי בא השמש ויקח מאבני המקום וישם מראשתיו וישכב במקום ההוא, VaYifga BaMokom VaYolen Shom Ki Vo HaShemesh VaYikach MeiAvnei HaMokom VaYosem M’Raashosov VaYishkav BaMokom HaHu, “And he encountered the place and spent the night there because the sun had set, and he took from the stones of the place and he arranged them around his head, and he lay down in that place.”

    At the beginning of this second verse, the first two words are ויפגע במקום, VaYifga BaMokom, “And he encountered the place,” or “And he met with the place.” Spiritually speaking this means that Yakov encountered and had communion with “HaMokom,” “The Place,” alluding to Hashem, the All Encompassing Place of everything, in Whom everything derives its existence.

    These 2 words have 5 + 5 = 10 letters, alluding to the 10 Commandments engraved on the 2 Tablets.

    In the middle of the 2 words, joining them together, are the letters Ayin at the end of the first word, and the letter Beis at the beginning of the second word, and together Ayin Beis hints to the 72 Triplet Name.

    After the initial letter Beis of the second word is a letter Mem, so together the first and second letters of the second word hint to Mem Beis, the 42 Letter Name. Since the two letters come in immediate continuation from the letter Ayin at the end of the first word, these 3 letters together, in order, form the triplet עב”מ, ABiM, with gematria 112, corresponding to the gematria of the Names Hashem Elokim, 26 + 86 = 112 [and ABiM, as was discussed, is the Hebrew term for UFO]. The last letter of the second word is also a Mem, so it comes out that the first and last letters of this second word במקום, BaMokom, also hint to the 42 Letter Name.

    20. There are 6 words in the first verse of the Parsha, consisting of 23 letters. Joining these words and letters of the first verse with the first word of the second verse, there are a total of 6 + 1 = 7 words and 23 + 5 = 28 letters. This corresponds to the 7 words of the first verse of the Torah, Breishis 1:1, and the 7 words and 28 letters of the introductory verse, Shmos 20:1, of the Ten Commandments, as explained several times.

    Incidentally, Breishis is the 1st Book and Shmos is the 2nd Book of Torah, so the Torah’s 1st verse might also be given as simply 1:1:1, and the introductory verse of the Ten Commandments might be given as simply 2:20:1, and viewing the verses in this way yields further hints for consideration.

    Joining these first 7 words of the Parsha also with the next word, the second word in the second verse, BaMokom, with its 5 letters, it comes out there are 7 + 1 = 8 words and 28 + 5 = 33 letters. This fits the pattern of the first 8 words of the Torah, including the word והארץ, V’HoOretz, the first word of the Torah’s second verse, as the 8th word, which also has 5 letters. This has been discussed before as completing the set of 11 Essential Triplets that are generated thereby.

    In the context of the Ten Commandments, after the 7 word introductory verse, the 8th word is the first word of the next verse Shmos 20:2, or simply 2:20:2, the Name אנכי, Anochi, “I Am,” however this Name has only 4 letters, so the corresponding 5th letter, and the 33rd letter from the start of the introduction verse, is the next letter, the initial letter Yud of Y-H-V-H, and the gematria of the Name Anochi together with the Yud of Y-H-V-H is gematria 81 + 10 = 91, the same as Hashem A-d-n-i, and with many more interesting properties as explained above.

    21. As explained above, in the first verse of VaYeitzei there is a hint to Moshiach the initials of the words, and there is a corresponding hint to Moshiach in the last letters of 4 consecutive words in the second verse of the Parsha, השמש’ ויקח’ מאבני’ המקום, Hasheme’sh VaYika’ch MeiAvn’ei HaMoko’m, i.e., the letters Shin, Ches, Yud, Mem, which when rearranged also reveal the word משיח, Moshiach.

    Additionally, regarding the initial letters of these 4 words, ה’שמש ו’יקח מ’אבני ה’מקום, they are Heh Vov Mem Hen, and by converting the Mem via the AT-BaSh cipher into a Yud, and rearranging the letters, they spell the Name Y-H-V-H. In gemtria (without the AT-BaSh change) they are gematria 56 = 26 + 15 + 15, also resonating with the Name Hashem and with two times the Name Kah.

    The first of these four words is HaShemesh, “the sun,” which alludes to the Source of Light and Energy, Hashem, as in the verse Tehilim 84:12, “For a sun and a shield are Hashem Elokim.” Also the first 3 letters of this word are השם, Hashem, “The Name,” hinting to Hashem, and also in reverse they spell משה, Moshe, the mortal man who approached the closest to Hashem, who is also rooted in Yakov Avinu.

    The second word VaYikach has letters that may be rearranged in reverse to spell the word חקיו, Chukov, “His Statutes.”

    The third word MeiAvnei has letters that may be rearranged to spell אני מב, Ani MaB, “I am 42,” with 42 being the gematria of Name א-ל-ו-ה, Elokah, G-d, and also resonating with the 42 Letter Name, and also resonating with the Sefirah of גדלה, Gedulah, Greatness (as spelled in a verse we recite in our daily prayers from Chronicles I:29:11), gematria 42.

    The last word, HaMokom, is also a reference to Hashem, the Ever-Present, “The Place” of the world, as explained above.

    22. These four words also have interesting gematrias, השמש ויקח מאבני המקום, Hashemesh VaYikach MeiAvei HaMokom = 645 + 124 + 103 + 191 = 1063.

    Although the first two numbers, 645 and 124, are not primes, when added together 645 + 124 = 769, which is the 136th prime. The third number 103 is the 27th prime. Adding these two prime ordinal numbers gives another prime, 136 + 27 = 163, the 38th prime. Also adding the second and third numbers gives a prime, 124 + 103 = 227, the 49th prime. The fourth number 191 is the 43rd prime.

    The sum of the four words is 1063, the 179th prime, and it also leads to a series of primes, for in turn 179 is the 41st prime, and 41 is the 13th prime, and 13 is the 6th prime.

    Additionally, summing the first three prime ordinal numbers in the series, which are themselves prime, we get another prime, 179 + 41 + 13 = 233, the 51st prime, and summing all four prime ordinal numbers including the 6 which itself is not prime, we get yet another prime, 179 + 41 + 13 + 6 = 239, the 52nd prime, and adding 51 + 52 = 103, the gematria of the third word in the phrase as mentioned above, the 27th prime.

    23. As said before, the first verse of the Parsha has 6 words and 23 letters. The second verse has 15 words and 63 letters. Together the two verses have 6 + 15 = 21 words and 23 + 63 = 86 letters. All of these numbers are significant, with 21 = 3 x 7, and with 21 being the gematria of the Name א-ה-י-ה, Ekyeh, and with 86 being the gematria of the Name Elokim, and with their sum being 21 + 86 = 107, which as explained above is the gematria of the name of the Parsha VaYeitzei, and the gematria of the Names Anochi Hashem, 81 + 26 = 107, and so on.

    Naturally there are many, many more amazing hints in these verses and in the rest of Parshas VaYeitzei, but for now it is time to digest this and to move forward to the next Parsha, Parshas VaYishlach, with more adventures of our great Patriarch Yakov and the 12 Tribes of Israel.


    Time is running out, but at least very quickly I would like to remind everyone that this Shabbos is the 19th of Kislev, considered by many to be the “Rosh Hashonah of Chassidus,” this year marking the 248th Yortzeit of the Magid of Mezritch, who succeed the Baal Shem Tov as the leader of the Chassidic movement. May it be especially blessed for all of us and for the entire world.

    Good Shabbos and Good Yom Tov!

  26. Ezra,
    A special/extra thankyou for what is in this Article I am finding things/information here that I had been searching for since I was 8 years old. THANK YOU !

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