So You Want to See the Tree-of-Life!


There is only one time honored way to see the Tree-of-Life; it’s the one followed by the Kabbalists for generations.  To understand this, you must first realize that we live in the world matter, which is controlled by the natural laws of physics and thus  limited by nature.  The world of the Tree-of-life is pure energy, and whether you are a physicist and believe the the 10 dimensions of string theory culminate in a 3-dimensional energy bundle called matter, or are a Kabbalist and believe that the 10 dimensions (sefirot) of the Tree-of-Life culminate in an energy bundle called Malchut which forms the world of matter, the outcome is the same: a world of limitation influenced and controlled by the invisible energy that surrounds it.
While you ponder which world you’d rather be able to traverse and explore, think of it this way: one super-microscopically small bit of sub-atomic matter is, relatively speaking, surrounded by a near infinite amount of space filled by energy before you reach another minute sub-atomic spec of matter and so on.  And once you look inside those specs you see another endless sea of space and energy before finding an even smaller spec of  sub-atomic matter, and at every level all those sub-atomic, then atomic, then molecular specs are all surrounded by energy, life giving energy.
One more thing to ponder is that  all those minute specs of matter are isolated and super distant from one another, relying on the benevolence of the energy fields to communicate and interact with one another.
Another way to look at it is that our beautiful world (and indeed it is) is even less than pond-scum on a ocean of life-giving energy so vast that it’s far beyond our limited comprehension.
The Kabbalists of yesteryear were not born Kabbalists: they pondered the universe and came away with the choice to join the ocean rather drift upon it aimlessly.  The first step is making a choice, a definitive choice, even if it was nothing more than a leap of faith.
What the Kabbalists realized long ago was that the way to leave the world of matter (without passing away) was through restriction, a process anathema to the world of Malchut (matter).  By completely restricting their selfish desires in every area of their lives and channeling all that resultant energy into sharing (helping others) they became as  energy itself; they transformed their nature (and essence) to one of energy from one of matter.  At that point, they could see the energy itself, the energy beyond the matter, the energy instead of the matter; they could see and thus navigate the Tree-of-Life.
Everything else you can do is just a different aspect of selfish desire, a difference journey through the world of matter.  All the knowledge we and other share and have shared is just to show you that the Tree-of-life exists and that it’s worth the difficult journey (process) to get there.  All the gateways we expose along the way, can only be accessed if you’re on the right path.
Is there a short cut? Moses provided one for the Israelites nearly 66.6 jubilee years ago. B”H Moshiach will provide one for us shortly.  In the meantime, at least there is one proven path that we know we can follow if we so choose: the path of the true Kabbalist, the path of the tzaddikim (the righteous).

4 thoughts on “So You Want to See the Tree-of-Life!

  1. Beautifull thank you. And what happens when we donpt restrict but the world restrict us? does that bring any ligth?

  2. Paths to the Tree of Life
    Pursuing the Tree of Life, whether we do it consciously or not, knowingly or not, has been the desire and task of man since Gan Eden. Since Adam and Hava were restricted from using their version of the “easy way” to access the Tree of Life in Gan Eden, man has created and followed his own “paths,” i.e. religions, philosophies, and isms to access the Tree of Life. For the most part, he has refused to follow the path of commandments outlined by the Creator. Rather he wanted to do it as Frank Sinatra’s song, “I Did It My Way” so brazenly trumpets. As we have seen on this site, and in the chronicles of world events, the time allotted to man for trying all his avenues of diverse idolatries has all but run out. This site and a few others, are the beginning of the Divine outpouring of His prophesied grace that signal the world’s passing through a gate of growing knowledge and understanding, hurtling headlong toward the gate of severity and judgment. The handwriting is on the wall for the final laps man is allotted to run in this race against himself on the schedule of the Divinely set time-line of moedim.
    A few even pondered the Creator’s revealed blueprint of the flow of energies that govern the universe. Some not willing to recognize the Creator’s supremacy and follow His concomitant instructions, have chosen to pursue these paths in a quest to “control” these powers for personal gain and power. They did not want to fit into the overall directive for “restriction,” otherwise known as the path of teshuvah. Instead they followed their own path of inflation common to all “magicians,” just their own version of the path of all mankind, idolatry of the self. They have not recognized the revealed instruction that comes with the blueprint, “Not by strength and not by power, but by My Spirit,” (Zacharia 4:6). From now on, let us ASK for that Divine assistance, strength and “power,” otherwise known as the Ruach haKodesh to lead us homeward and empower us to do what we are called to do… it has always been the way of the tzaddikim… it is “The Way,” of the Torah and the Prophets… the only way to graduate out of this school of temporal life into eternity.

  3. Thank you very much jeffrey for sending this message to everyone who is seeking for it. It just made me Happy and sad at the same time, just a little tears came down of my eyes even though I have the knolage and the emotional control of the the Cheriot. I have chosen the path of the tree of life just like many others after 911 which was the beginning of the mager shift and I tell you it’s been tough to hang in there and it realy hearts when you try or do explain to your friends, loved ones and just to anyone, but they just don’t get it or ignore it and continue their selfish and blind path. One thing I eccepted if someone is not ready it doesn’t metter how much you try. Besides always the dark anergy is trying to pull us in the easy roed specialy through close people but when you are in tune with your Higher self nothing can pull you down out of that leval.
    Also thank you Shemaia, Very well said. There is a very good reason that our Creator put limitations and ristriction. We are all seing what is hapenning in front of our own eyes, It’s just a chaos, You just see this things in Horrer Moovies or psychotic. I wish this ends soon. I don’t know how much more can this world handle this negetive force. I will pray for all humanity to realise who we realy are and change their path towards the tree of life if they havn’t yet. Thank you again

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