The Final Moments before the Final 10-Year Period Began.

Erev Rosh Hashanna, 5769, the final minutes of 5768, 10 years to the hour from when the Kabbalists had prophesied that Moshiach would come. I was about to to a mikveh and checked my blackberry for the final time before storing it away. The stock market had just closed and I had an email alert from the NY Times. “The Dow Jones industrials plunged a record 777.68 points, or 6.98 percent, to 10,365.45 after lawmakers failed to approve a $700 billion financial bailout package.”

As the sun set on the last chances for Tshuvah (repentance) before the final decade began, the market lost $1.2 trillion in its final hour. The Dow sank 7%, a total of 777.7 points, or an even 778, and with the revelations about the coming of the Messiah in the year 5778 ever present, whose else hand could there have been in this other than Hashem.

And as has been recently been pointed out to me, 778 is the gematria of בביאת המשיח , (in the coming of the Messiah), and also of “פקד פקדתי , (I have indeed remembered you).” which Joseph used to ask the generation to come to elevate his bones to the Land of Israel in pasha Vayechi.

We’ve written about the connection of Pakad (פקד) to the final redemption before, but we should add that פקד פקדתי are “the secret passwords of redemption which Moses used to prove that he was the real redeemer speaking in G-d’s name.”

The next morning the markets were still, as the shofars blast around the world, this time, after 66.6 jubilee years they heralded the onset of the final redemption.
And that same day, “gold rose $23.20 to $911.70 on the Nymex.” Gold, of gematria, 14, the same as David, rose 232, as in the value of the 4 aspects of the Tetragrammaton, YHVH (Av, Sag, Mah, Ban) to 911 (reshit, beginning) and 70, as in the 70 Nations, and the 70 years of David’s life, and as in the age that Israel will be in 5778.
God’s Hand, also of numerical value 14, was in this, as it is in everything, only this time the world took notice.  It was the largest drop in history, but the 17th largest in percentage terms, 17 is the gematria of tov, good.  And yes, it was good, spiritually; it started to wake people up. It is forcing Tshuva on many of us.
As the ball dropped in Time Square New Years Eve, closing out 2008, 42 tons of garbage were also dropped, a not coincidental allusion to the 42% of the assets in the worldwide markets that year, and to the 42-Letter Name (Ana B’Koach, Shem Mem-Bet) that we know from chazal will help bring about the geula. That 42% translated to $29 trillion dollars–that’s a lot of garbage–that’s a lot of tshuva.
G-d speaks softly, but carries a big stick.  Every day, companies, individuals, scoundrels, and governments are finding new ways to make vast amounts of assets disappear. Earlier this year an investor in Germany had a $9.2 billion empire, last week he committed suicide when much of it collapsed. Bernie Madoff (Mem-bet for those that understand) made $50 billion of people’s money disappear, especially many in the orthodox community and charities.  The US goverment finally made that $700 billion disappear and then some, and now Obama (Mem-bet for those that understand) has declared that besides the $1 Trillion he’s promised to help vanish, we should expect multi-trillion deficits for the next few years. Poof! All gone.
The last time Hashem went “poof, all gone” was with Noach and the Flood, Mabul (Mem-bet for those that understand).  There are easier ways to do tshuva.  It’s time we all look inside ourselves, and ask ourselves what we’re doing to prepare the way for H’MashiachHashem will do His part, of that we can be certain.  We need to do ours.
In London, some group of atheists started 2009 off by taking out ads on 800 Omnibuses declaring “There is no G-d.”  And Bilaam made 42 sacrifices to counteract Moses’ use of the 42-Letter Name (Shem Mem-Bet). It didn’t work; every curse he said became a blessing.  Let’s make the perceived curses all around us into blessings.  The final 10 years have begun, and the shofars have sounded.   Who will answer the call?

What was in the Beginning?

“In the beginning…”

What was there in the beginning?

The world was without form and empty, so what was there?

There were four things within this emptiness: The spirit of G-d hovering on the waters; the 42-Letter Name of G-d, the 22 letters (building blocks) and a timetable (time frame) for them all to work in.

These four aspects of G-d combined in instant precision to form the Torah and all our physical and metaphysical existence, heaven and earth. But what were these four aspects?

The Spirit of G-d on the waters is a metaphor. Obviously, waters didn’t exist before existence, but imaginary concepts did, things like the mathematical and physical constants like Pi and Phi, which turn two dimensional objects into three dimensional ones by curving space, and which fashion growth into manageable spiraling patters so they don’t spiral out of control. To us, these are numbers, but before they were assigned an endless stream of numbers for each minor iteration of physical action that they controlled, the constants were formless concepts, ideas in the imagination of G-d, ideas that when laid out simultaneously formed a sea of potential that when finally combined with the right concepts of energy bundles formed the universe nearly instantaneously.

The 22 Letters, as briefly explained by Abraham in the Book of Formation, the Sefer Yetzirah, are the 22 building blocks, subdivided into 3 sets: the 3 Mothers (E,M,SH,); the 7 doubles (B,G,D,C,P,R.T); and the 12 elementals (H,V,Tz,Ch,Tt,Y,L,N,S,A,Z,K). These building blocks of distinct energy bundles–hence their distinct numerical values–combined and recombined to form physicality, and every which way they are combined takes on a life and meaning of its own. Think of it as being reflected in humans: You have your own personal energy and attributes; then combined with your wife’s, you form a pair with different attributes and new potential; then you become a family and that potential grows and gathers new attributes, even changing your own original personal ones; then you join different communities and social groups and you then impact on society in different ways, which then shades the understanding and interpretation of your attributes. If you look inward to the eusocial community that are the cells of your body you’ll see the same set up. Look to the atoms, or the cosmos and it is still the same.

Shortly, we’ll publish an article to the site on the exact structure of these building blocks and what Abraham meant when he assigned specific ones to the planets and constellations and told us that they controlled our destiny, because they do not combine randomly and G-d did not leave everything to chance. They are set in specific rings which rotate in sequence. The 12 rings of the 7 doubles for instance need 6 full rotations to complete their cycle, making a total of 42 clicks to complete their cycle. The Mothers and Elementals each need 22 clicks to complete there cycles, and if we add these 86 clicks, with all the cyclical ordinal values of all the letters (as will be explained in said article) they add up to exactly 5778. So far, what we’ve been seeing are the hands on G-d’s clock, and sometimes just the cuckoo popping out of the clock, what we’re now privy to is the mechanism within the clock–the gears and ratchets. To most, who just want to get through life, concentrating on the obstacles thrown at them one at a time, they don’t need that privilege. For those who think there must be more to life and want to understand, there is now a means.

it is a tenet of spirituality that nothing is ever lost, once it goes from potential state to physical it exists forever, which is why so many of the Torah mathematics include the sum of all the integers through a specific number–none of the previous integers that got you to that point had been lost.  That said, the sum of the integers through 22, in other words the real numerical value of 22, is 253 and 2 x 253 = 506, the value of the Hebrew word for “Unconditional love.”  It is also the value of the first line of the 42-Letter Name, and is also the value found 3 times sequentially within the last 7 letters of that same Name.

Moreover, 253 x 22 + 212 = 5778 and 212 is the numerical value of H’Or, “The Light”

The 42-Letter Name is a multi-dimensional matrix, a scaffolding that the letters adhered to in a specific sequence, some visible to us, some not. It’s small gematria numerical value is 173, and it is the 173 keys that were given to Moses that opened the various gates of heaven to him. When the matrix is completely unfolded it is the Torah.  It comes to us simply as the Ana B’koach, and not so simply, as you can imagine such a potent tool as the entire Torah folded up into 42 visible letters would be, it can help us receive all the miracles in life we need by bending reality for us, folding up time and space, exactly as it did for Jacob and his sons. If you haven’t experiences this for yourself, or haven’t experienced it enough, you should start by reading The Genesis Prayer. After that, many deeper secrets will be revealed to you throughout this blog and many more gateways will be available to you. Indeed, the more you understand the 42-Letter Name, the more gets revealed to you anyway. I’m not saying that it is a substitute, but it’s like studying Torah on a deep level and studying a multitude of portions at once.

Until recently G-d’s timetable (or time frame) has been known to only a very select few. Now, as you can read for yourselves in The Divine Calendar and There’s Nothing random about the Universe, it’s available for all to see. So 13.7 billion years were folded into 6 days of creation, get over it; it doesn’t mean anything. That it is 13.7 speaks for itself, as this is the numerical value (137) of kabbalah, meaning to receive. The time frame is 5778 years from the Biblical Birth of Adam to the arrival of Mashiach (the Messiah) and the end of days. It has been written into the Torah, into all our mathematical and physical constants, into the 22 building blocks, and since the complete sofit numerical value (nominal and ordinal together) of the 42 letters in the 42 Letter name of G-d add up to 5778, it’s been written into the Shem Mem-Bet (Ana B’koach) as well.

Even multiply 42 x 137 and add 22. or more specifically 42.173 x 137, and what do you get?:5777.7 or 5778.

So why make all this available to us now?

Because G-d has a plan. He always did. And He wants us to know that. It’s always darkest before the light. Darkness always precedes the Light, like Bohu (chaos) before the Light in Genesis, Nachor and Haran before Abraham, Ishmael before Isaac, Esau before Jacob, all brothers, but all must absorb the darkness and be separated out like the chaff from the wheat, and incidentally (B,N,H,Y,A), the 5 Hebrew initials of their names sum to 137, while the Initials of the 4 Names Light, Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob (E,E,Y,Y) add up to 22. Do you recall the odd story from pasha Lech Lecha of 5 kings verses 4 kings and the 4 Kings winning? It’s all planned.

Besides being a precursor of our tribulations in present day Iraq (and the tar pits in the valley of Siddon/Saddam), this battle was a metaphor for the victory of the Light then and also in the end of days. And it’s not coincidental either that 137 + 22 = 159, the small gematria value of the 42 Letters of the Name of G-d (the upper Mem-Bet).

Oh, and if you don’t think this had anything to do with our present tribulations of our Kings getting stuck in the tar pits, please review Bereshit 14:2 and the names of the 5 Kings, Bera, Birsha, Shinab, Shemeber and the King of Bela: (BRA, BRShA, ShNEB, ShMEBR, and BLA). What do they all have in common?

The letters in common to all 5 names are Bet and Shin as in Bush. Is it any wonder that both Presidents Bush were compelled by fate to enter the battle against evil. The other common letters BRA, BRShA, ShNEB, ShMEBR, and BLA) are Resh (R) and Ayin (A) or RA, evil. It could also be Ayin-Resh (AR), meaning enemy or even vigilant. The remaining letters spell El, Amen.

It’s all been written: 22 letters, blown by the spirit of G-d and lining up on the scaffolding of the 42-Letter Name and the Torah to spell out the details of the time-line.

And as per our post titled Halfway Point it’s the 5 final letters, assocaited with judgment that will pave the way to the final redemption in 5778, which is yet another connection to the epic Biblical battle detailed above. But speaking of letters, in our next post we’ll show the symmetry and perfection in the spelled-out forms of their names and their obvious connection to 42, Mashich Ben David (424) and the year 5778.