The Energy at the Dawn of Creation.

The Arizal explains that the Zohar tells us that the Torah existed for 2000 years before Creation, and that it existed in a form in which all the 79,976 letters would appear to be jumbled to us today.  In other words, what is written in the Torah and was frozen in time once the letter were rearranged to form the narrative we know today, was formerly written in a potential state, whereby the events of our Biblical past could have played out differently.  Adam didn’t have to sin.

Nevertheless, he did, and we have to struggled and fight our way back to the Tree-of-Life reality that existed prior to that initial sin.  As part of that process (the easy part) we study the secret coding of the Torah (Sod Torah), which R’ Abulafia of blessed memory calls the deepest level of Torah understanding (that we’re capable of at any rate).

But what are we really doing when we examine the gematria and the permutations of the letters and words of the Torah?

Yes, we are revealing the underlying technology that the Torah was designed with, and occasionally by doing so, yes, we are revealing hidden blessings, prayers, and specific gateways. And yes, with each revelation into the magnificence of the Torah we bring more awe of the Torah and G-d into our lives and the world and thus bring ourselves and others closer to G-d ( a thoroughly worthy cause unto itself).

But what are we really doing when we rearrange the letters according to ancients codes that seem to exist before time? At times, it feels like all the letters of the Torah are on stone wheels, each with all 22 (or 27) letters embossed on the–79,976 wheels in all.  At other times, it’s as if the Torah was an enormous multi-dimensional matrix, with gateways and portals  appearing at the intricate junctions and apexes, each leading us to other portals.

But what are we really doing?

When we reveal and understand the codes that permute the letters, we are in essence re-scrambling the letters to the primordial state they were in before creation, to the state of potentiality. We are connecting ourselves to energy of purity that existed before the sin of Adam, to the energy of the Tree-of-Life. We are connection ourselves to the energy that knew no limitations, the energy that houses all possibilities.

What is this like?

It’s like converting the aging cells of our bodies back to pure undifferentiated stem cells that still have to potential to be anything our bodies need, that are young, disease free, and full of youthful health.

This is what we are really connecting to.  What we do with that energy is up to us.

As for the state of the Torah before Creation, we know, for sure, of the formal order of at least 42  of the 79,976 letters, the first 42.  Prior to Creation the first 42 Letters of the Torah were the 42 letters of the Shem MB, the 42-Letter Name of G-d, which is known as the Ana B’koach. This is why when we do the Ana B’koach (See the book The Genesis Prayer), we often see miracles; we are connecting to that primordial energy of pure potential, which means our reality can shift instantaneously.  This is the power of the Tree-of-life.

When we were given the Torah everything was already set (fixed), and both time and a time-frame indelibly established, events had already played out and future events had already been determined. But…

But we were also given, a gateway out (beyond). Adam left Gan Eden with the Ana B’koach, the 42 letters that tap into  the energy he was forced to leave behind. That 42-letter matrix is still here with us today, and still access all that beautiful potential energy. It is our key back in.  As the Zohar puts it, it is the 173 keys to Heaven given to Moses (the small gematria of the 42 letters totals 173).

This is why we study the codes.  It’s all about the Tree-of-Life.

Chag Sameach


The Secret of 10

…continued from The River of Life, where we discussed the river of Light that flows to us through the Tree-of-Life and the 42-Letter Name, as illustrated in the unique 10-letter word at Exodus/Shmot 7:28.

What we didn’t mention was the numerical value for that unique 10-letter was 985, the same as the Hebrew word for 1/10 (Ashirit, AShRYT) when teh kolel for the 5 letters in included. Why this comparison?

Because the Torah is always on, always teaching us spiritual lessons, whether we see past the veils or not. The way the Light flows from one sefira (dimension) to the next through the 10 sefirot ( the tree-of-life) is in dilutions of 10% each time and mathematically that means that it takes 22 steps (iterations/dilutions) to reach the level of 1/10, in other words to get from 1000 to 100 or 100 to 10 or 10 to 1, as each sefira has 10 subsets.

22 steps from 10 down to the next level, under 1:

100 – 90 – 81 – 72.9 – 65.61 – 59.049 – 53.1441 – 47.8297 – 43.04672 – 38.742 -34.8678 – 31.3810 – 28.2429 – 25.4186 – 22.8767 – 20.5891 – 18.5302 – 16.6771 – 15.0094 – 13.5085 – 12.15766 – 10.9419 – 9.8477

This is one of the key reasons there are 22 letters in the Hebrew alphabet and 22 connections between the 10 sefirot in the familiar tree-of-life structure.

So why is this knowledge important to us? Because if we understand that the last 1/10th connects to keter/crown of the next level and the same with the first 1/10th then we can understand that by tithing, the giving of 1/10th of our income, etc to a worthy spiritual charity that is akin to giving it to the construction of the Holy Temple, we can keep the river of sustaining Light flowing to and through us. It keeps us connected, always a part of the 1; it keeps our head in keter (crowned) and our feet on the ground.

This connection is why we learn of the omer offering in parsha Beshalach after the Song of the Sea: Shmot 16:36 “An omer is a tenth of an ephah,” and why Rabbi Moshe Alshich of blessed memory connects it to the 10 processes of making bread, and the 10 words of the chamotzi (bread blessing), and to the 10 words describing bread making in 104:14. And coming full circle, this is why the longest word in the Torah, the unique 10-letter word means bread bowl (the place for kneading the dough).

Bread is sustenance, and if we want to keep our malchut connected to the life-giving yesod we have to give (elevate) 1/10 of it (our income) to keep teh spigots open.

Also, as Rabbi Alshich explains, it’s important to keep all 10 fingers on the bread (challah) when making the bracha (blessing). And consciously, we want to have the Light flowing through the 10 sefirot when we do.

And within that unique 10-letter word in Shmot 7:28 for bread bowl is the word for river (YEVR), which the Torah spells with the vav (V), as (YER) from which the frogs emanated. Now, the Torah uses the same word for river as the Nile and sometimes it has the prefix hey (H) for “the” and sometimes bet (B) for “in.” Actually, it’s 21 times for hey and 7 times for bet for a total of 28 times.

The connection to 7 and 28 and the Torah’s first verse of 7 words and 28 letters is obvious, as is the connection to Ehyeh (EHYH) of numerical value 21, so we won’t go into it again in this blog, but what’s interesting is that the gematria value for the river (HYER) is 216 as in the 216 letters of the 72 Names (triplets) that Moses and the Israelites used to split the Red Sea (sea of Reeds). It takes water to know water. Which is why if we want to split our own Red Seas in our lives, we have to understand what it is we are really trying to overcome.

Inherent in every problem is the solution for overcoming it. G-d doesn’t give us more than we can really handle; it’s just a matter of waking up to our own G-d given abilities and seeing the tools He’s placed in our hands. Just like His reply to Moses and the Israelites, which we’ve discussed in our blog, “Why are you crying out to me (Mah Tizak Alai);” He’d given them everything they needed before hand and woke them with the encrypted truth in those 9 letters.

Obstacles, like the Red Sea, are put in our path for us to overcome them. We do this by finding inner-strength, by utilizing the tools G-d gave us through His Torah, and by developing the certainty in the Lord’s loving-kindness and the tree-of-life reality to see beyond the illusions of the physical limitations of our universe.

This is why, with the Egyptian darkness encroaching on us from behind and a seemingly impassable sea before us, He is making these tools and the explanations how to use them available to all of today.

But here is a secret about the river (or the Nile), as the Torah spells it, (YER) it can be rearranged to form the Ari and/or the lion, and while the Arizal came from Egypt and the Nile just like Moses, and is said by the tzaddikim to be an incarnation of Moses, it is true that the Arizal (Rabbi Isaac Luria) knew how to control the flow or the river of Light through the sefirot. Moreover, we’ve learned from the Arizal how the 10 plagues defeated the 10 main levels of negativity imprisoning the Israelite consciousness, and when we spell out the letters in Ari (ERY) we get 641, the sum of the 11 initials of the 10 plagues (541) with the ordinal value of the 11 initials of those same 10 plagues (100). The river itself has the power to cleanse away the 10 levels of negativity.

When we tap into the river of Light that is the tree-of-life, we have the power to overcome all. And the more we use the tools given to us (properly) the more we can tap into it.

…to be continued, where we’ll discuss the 10 preeminent songs in Israeli history and their connection of the 10 sefirot and this river of Light.

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The Origen of the 5778 Prophecy; A Secret Passed from Teacher to Student

Traditionally Kabbalah has been passed down from teacher to student and that goes doubly for its secrets, guarded by righteous souls, tzaddiks, from the corruption of man’s evil inclination and from the erev rav (Mixed Multitude) that would stop at nothing to put and end to the flow of this secret knowledge of hope and salvation.

In the words of Rav Abraham Abulafia, we can reveal only the secrets we’ve been given permissi0n to, which is why each tzaddik revealed publicly through their writings only some of their knowledge and concealed the rest in private lessons from select teacher to select student. And this is the way it was since ever since Adam and Enoch. Some tzaddikim of blessed memory revealed much more than others and caused seminal changes in the way kabbalah was learned and studied, like Abraham Avinu and his Sefer Yetzirah (The Book of Formation), and Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai with the Zohar (The Book of Splendor), and Rabbi Chaim Vittal with the Writings of the Ari, and Rabbi Abulafia with his many books, and finally with Rav Yehuda HaLevi Ashlag (H’Sulam) whose translation and commentary on the Zohar opened up Kabbalah for our generations.

The prophecy of Mashiach’s arrival and the geula in the year 5778, which we’ve supported in dozens of blog posts, numerous articles, and in the books The Divine Calendar, The Genesis Prayer, and There’s Nothing Random About the Universe through thousands of citations, Torah revelations and explanations was passed down through the ages and eventually to me from my teacher from his teacher and uncle, HaRav Yehuda HaLevi Ashlag (H’Sulam) of blessed memory. And with only 9 years to go, we’re passing it on to you.

Based on the ancient prophecy that the Messiah would arrive in the 6th millennium, it was determined that there was a total of 6000 years, which they divided into 3 periods of 2000 years each, (recall the 8th of the 13 attributes (Midot) Notzer chesed l’alefim” meaning, He preserves kindness for 2000 years”).

The first two periods of 2000 years passed well and good, bringing us 4000 years deep into the prophecy, which is 4000/6000 or 2/3 of the way through it. It’s important to note that 2/3 is the same as .666666, and that the real meaning of 666 is 2/3, which is the spiritual distance that we must travel up the 6 midot (sefirot/dimensions) of Zeir Anpin, which is the bundled 6 dimensions of heaven that link our world to the upper worlds. And 2/3 of the way through the dimension of Tiferet (associated with Jacob) is where the boundary between the world is found, the boundary that klippot (negativity) cannot penetrate. This is where the lowermost extremity of the intellect (personified in Leah, meets the uppermost limit of the physical/emotional personified by Rachel. It’s where the two drops from below rise up to meet the one drop from above, where our work and faith meet the blessings.

It’s a spiritual tenet that no matter how far we go, we still have to travel further, an endless string of 2/3 journeys, each a platform to build the next level. We’re in the final third, the final 2000-year period, which they further broke up into periods of 666.666 years each, or exactly 1/3 each of 2000 years.

As it turns out, when you start counting from the birth of Adam, 2/3 of the way through that last 2000-year period, or (.666666 x 2000), we get the year 5333, when the Arizal, Rabbi Isaac Luria, passed away, which is why in our blog we constantly point out the encoded Torah connections to the Arizal; never mind, that without his help, we’d still be in the dark ages as far as Kabbalah is concerned.

This leaves one last period of 666.666 years and just as they had twice before, they took 2/3 of the remaining period for a 3rd time and got 666.666 x .666666, 444.444 years. And adding these 444.444 years to 5333 gave them 5778. Since they rounded the figures off in their heads the decimal places are irrelevant.

I hope this satisfies all who have requested information about the source of the prophecy. Permission had not be granted until most recently to reveal this to the world, but more importantly, you are all now emissaries of the light of the unbroken chain. Secrets not shared for thousands of years are now available to you for sharing. And for using to transform yourself (ourselves) and our world.

This is not an intellectual debate. Spiritually, we don’t even tap directly into the intellect (though we delude ourselves that we do). We can only achieve things through actions, our actions. If we go 2/3 of the way, the light does the rest, the caveat being that we don’t know where the 2/3 point is, so we have give 100% effort 100% of the time.

With 9 years to go until 5778, we need to all be links in the unbroken chain; we need to take up the mantel of the tzaddikim and base our lives on giving, not receiving; sharing, not despairing, and teaching, not preaching. We’re all at different placing in our journeys and all have different G-d given talents to bring to the table, and those are what we need to share, but no matter what our journey, none of us are yet 2/3 of the way there. We’ve all got a long way to go, and there’s world of people who need our help.

– Ezra