Elohim and the End of Days

What was in the Beginning?

“In the Beginning, G-d” “Bereshit Bara Elohim

Given that the name of G-d Elohim is the 3rd word in the Torah (Bible), we know that Elohim was in the beginning, but what about in the end? I mean, after a while, we’re introduced to another nine Names of G-d, including YHVH, Adonai, El, Ehyeh, etc, and each represent G-d but also a certain aspect of G-d. It’s something like a Senator that represents and speaks for the federal government but at the same time represents and speaks for his particular state. That said, we know from chazal (the kabbalists and the sages of blessed memory) that the Name Elohim represents “nature,” the natural world of cause and effect with the time delay between one and the other.

Now this delay is both a curse and blessing. It means that when we do something wrong, we’re not immediately punished for it. If I accidentally trip you, the next person I meet doesn’t accidentally trip me, which gives me time to atone for my action somehow, which is a blessing. And spiritually, saying “sorry” doesn’t cut it because “sorry: doesn’t take away my carelessness (lack of human dignity that I didn’t care enough about a fellow human being to watch where I was going and/or that I was so wrapped up in my selfish ego to even perceive another fellow in my path), and it doesn’t take away my pain. That is why, even accidents must be atoned for, which means that if I don’t atone for it, somewhere down the road I’ll be tripped up in my actions/process, even in my good intentions and I won’t know why.

It’s also a curse because if was awake enough to perceive the immediate effects of my actions, I might learn from them quickly and become a more spiritual and spiritually in tuned person. So because of Elohim, we’re spared the physical pain but must endure a much more tortuous spiritual path.

So what is in the End?

As we’ve learned and discussed in other posts (notably Time, Times, and half a time) that the expanded sofit value of the letter Alef (ELP) is 1830, and also that the letter Alef exists in a primordial state before Creation and the Torah, thus anchoring the Name Elohim to an exalted existential space, we find that the numerical value of Elohim spelled out can be read as 1830 + 74 + 15 + 20 +80 = 2019 CE, the year that the prophesies state the illusionary cause and effect world of the tree of knowledge of good and evil will be no more and that the spiritual paradigm of the Tree-of-life reality will be in effect. It’s the end of the Hebrew year 5778, the time, according to prophecy and the Divine Calendar of the Messiah, of the Mashiach.

And from the name Elohim, we can see it further break down to EL and HYM, 1904 + 115 and as discussed in previous blogs, there are 115, (the value of the word (Hazak), meaning strength) jubilee years (Biblical 50-year cycle) from Adam to 5778 and Moshiach.

And the sign that this is no coincidence is that the last two letters in Elohim (ELHYM), yud-mem (YM) add up to 50 in simple gematria, and moreover, we know from the Arizal and chazal that the yud-mem (YM) does indeed represent the 50 Gates of Binah that accompanies the Tree-of-life reality.

Furthermore, spelled out the yud (YLD) and mem (MM), 20 + 80, are representative individually of the letters caf (C) (20) and Pe (P) (80) which together spell out caf (CP) of numerical value 100, and thus this yud-mem (YM) represents Keter both through the total 100 and though the letter Caf, as it is known to represent Keter, crown, the highest dimension/sefira.

To get to core of what is happening within the name Elohim, we must understand as taught to us by the sages that the Name itself through it’s 5 letters is the second letter Hey (H) of numerical value 5 of the ineffable Name YHVH (Tetragrammaton) and that it connects directly to the 5 final (sofit) letters which represent judgment.

Once we understand this, we can then see that the spelled out letters HYM or (HY, YVD, MM) can per permuted to MYM D’YHV, which means “water from YHV (the upper worlds)” which when Elohim is properly connected in our hearts, is completed by the name itself to MYM D’YHVH and since the final Hey (H) is really a vessel, thus the waters and abundance can flow to our world and we can utilize them. When it’s cut off, we get drought and darkness, or when we do receive them we get just plain short-circuits in both the physical and spiritual sense. This is very deep and for those that understand but as the end of days approaches our ability to understand will blossom as will our need.

In the final days, we will complete the circuit of the 27 letter, including the 5 final ones and thus complete the circuitry within Elohim, enabling the upper waters to flow and the Tree-of-Life to grow. This is a metaphor, but in our present state of consciousness we cannot perceive anything more than metaphors. B”H that will all soon change.

Time, Times, and half a Time.

There is a Biblical mystery that has intrigued man for over 2000 years, and another deeper mystery that has perplexed him even longer. The first is what Daniel meant by “Time, times, and half a time,” in his revelations about the end of days. And the second is what is Time?

The mysterious verse in Daniel 12:7 connected to the end of days, “Time, times, and half a time,” is connected to the verse Genesis 23:1 from Chayeh Sarah, whose connection to the end of days has already been discussed in depth in our post Sarah Lives, and Who else? where we are told that Sarah lived for 127 years.

Besides the obvious 127 connection, in the Chayeh Sarah verse we also have the curious wording Shanah, shanah, Shan’im or year, year, and years, similar in structure to Time, times, and half a time, especially since Shanah can be regarded as time as well.

But to better understand this, we need to go to a place before time, where the primordial letter alef exists before the physical universe took shape. In that place/empty space before Creation and before the Torah the 3 Mother came into existence. But first among them was the alef.

Alef typically has the numerical value of 1 and is spelled, ELP, which has the numerical value of 111. But ELP can also be the word elef, or one thousand (1000). Now, if we substitute, as the Arizal did, the value 1000 for the value 1, the value of alef spelled out become 1110, which is 10 x 111, or Alef expanded to cover all 10 sefira/dimensions.

But what is odd, is that Shanah, shanah, Shan’im also has the numerical value of 1110, and thus is spiritually connected to primordial time, to the beginning before Creation.

There are many different gematria bible code ciphers the Ari used, but another extremely common one is to use the sofit, or 5 final letter values in the words that have these final letters. And when we do, the expanded Alef (ELP) from becomes 1000 + 30 + 800 = 1830. And when we add the 3 for the kolel of the 3 letters, we get 1833, which is the value of the first 21 letters of the Shem mem-bet, the 42-Letter Name through the midpoint in the 42 letters, and at the location of the secret fountain/well of living waters that we’ve discussed in other posts. And likewise previously discussed it’s in the center of where the Brit (covenant) of Mashiach is spelled out.

But speaking of 42, it is the value of IMA, Mother, spelled EME, which the kabbalists tells us is really referring to the energy level/Sefira/dimension called Binah. And when we use both versions of the expanded alef, IMA, spelled EME, has the value of 1830 + 640 + 1110 = 3580, or 10 x 358, the value of Mashiach, the Messiah in all 10 sefirot/dimensions.

The word Emet, truth, is graphically synonymous with the 42-Letter Name of G-d in that the words emet (EMT) has the numerical value of 441, which is 21 squared and we know from chazal, that Emet represents the two Ehyeh’s (EHYH) each of value 21, combined in the Name, “Eyheh Asher Ehyeh” (I Am that I Am), the source of the lower 42-Letter Name.

Moreover, just like the word Emet (EMT) the first letter of the 42-Letter Name (Ana B’koach) is Alef (E) and the last is Tav (T) and there are 40 (M) letters in between.

And when we spell out Emet (EMT) using the expanded Alef and add 8 for the kolel of the 8 letters, we get 1830 + 640 + 412 +8 = 2890, which when we double it for the two emets (truths) less the kolel of 2 for doubling, we get (2890 x 2) – 2 = 5778, the year prophesy says Mashiach will come.

What about Time x Times + half a Time?:

21squared + 21 squared + 21 = (21×21) + (21×21) + 21 = 903, which is the sum of all the integers from 1 – 42, in other words, the spiritually complete 42.

So Ehyeh = Half a Time

and (Half a Time + Half a Time) = 42-Letter Name

and (Half a Time X Half a Time) = Emet

and Emet = 42-Letter Name

So Emet = Time and thus

Truth = Time in the spiritual word = the 42-Letter Name

and also, spiritually, addition (+) is similar to multiplication (X)

and (Time x Times + Half a Time) = the spiritually complete 42

Now, the 21squared in Emet is (Ehyeh x Ehyeh) or (EHYH X EHYH) and when we use the spelled out version of Ehyeh, we get ELP HY YVD HY which breaks down to Alef (ELP) and (HY YVD HY) of value 50, representing the 50 gates of Binah (understanding) that we will reach in the time of Moshiach.

But the full 10 letters equal 1830 + 50 + 10 = 1890, to which if we were to add the cryptic 127 years of Sarah’s life (from Genesis 23:1) or the digits 127 from Daniel 12:7, we’d get 1890 + 127 = 2017 CE, the year the Mashiach (Binah) consciousness is supposed to begin (5778, actually 5777.78).

In case we were to that that a coincidence, the sum of the 2 Ehyehs is exactly 1880 x 2 = 3760 HC, which is the pivotal year “0” in the Gregorian calendar.

Now, we can understand why Ehyeh, a higher Name of G-d is called “half a Time.” And we can understand how the 42-Letter Name created by the 2 Ehyeh or twice half-time, can control our perception of reality to bring us what seems like miracles into our reality, as explained in The Genesis Prayer. And seeing as Time controls distance, now we can also understand why all Torah journeys are governed by the Mem-Bet (42-Letter name).

What does Time have to do with the Messiah?

Time is a journey and at the end of the journey is the Light, the Messiah.

The Bible makes that clear. If we add the 231, as in the 231 Gates of Wisdom described in Abraham’s Sefer Yetzirah, and which corresponds to Genesis 23:1, to the 127 from Daniel 12:7, we’d get 231 + 127 = 358, Mashiach.

Now, the Hebrew for “Time, Times, and half a Time” (LMVAD MVATYM VChZY) reveals even more. The first 3 letters have the numerical value of 76, as does the first letter of each of the 3 words. And we know from the Arizal, that 76 is the numerical value of the highest aspect of Chochma (Av) of the Tetragrammton (YVD HY VYV HY) including 4 for the YHVH). But even more significant is that the rest of the letters add up to 358, Mashiach.

And if we take off the 10 for the 10 letters in the Tetragrammaton (Av): (YVD HY VYV HY), or alternatively, for the final yud (Y) in “half (VChetzi)” we get a total of 424 for the phrase, which is the value of Mashiach Ben David.

And the final letters in the verse (DMY), which we know from chazal project the future, add up to 54, which connects to both the letters of the month (nun and dalet) of Scorpio, according to Abraham’s Sefer Yetzirah, from which we’ve been told by the Zohar that Mashiach Ben David will come, and to the year 5778 HC because 107 is the sum of all the positive integers through 5778 and 5778/107 = 54.

So what good is knowing all this?

Before we traveled in spiritual darkness. Now we know what can illuminate our journey and speed our way through time and toward Mashiach.

And if you still have doubts about time, know this: the Hebrew word for time used in Daniel 12:7 is Mo’ed (MVAD), whose value is 120 and whose ordinal value is 39 and thus time’s complete value is 120 + 39 = 159, the small gematria value of the Upper 42-Letter Name of G-d.

Take your time and digest this, but don’t take forever; there are only 9 years until 5778.