When Will We Reach Keter for the 3rd Time? Simple Gematria Provides the Answer.


Keter is the summit of true reality, the point where all the veils and illusions have been drawn back and the light of Hashem shines unfiltered. It’s where we and He are One.
The first time man stood in the light of keter (the crowning sefirot/dimension), the highest level of existence, spiritual and otherwise, attainable was before the original sin in the Garden of Eden.
The second time was 2448 years later when the Ten Commandments were given. But on the 39th day the golden calf was created and we fell for the 2nd time, all the way back to square one.
There are 42 letters in the spelling of the names of the sefirot, corresponding with the 42 paths of the Tree-of-life, which R’ Chaim Vital of blessed memory connects with the 42-letter Name.  The name Keter (CTR) comprises the uppermost 3 letters of the 42, meaning that because the Israelites couldn’t wait 1 more day–actually just the last 6 hours of that day–for Moses to return as promised, they paused at the gates of Keter (CTR) and as we know it all game crashing down, everything shattering along with the 2 tablets.
And the third time?
Since the ancient kabbalistic science of gematria reads the energy levels in the letters, which allows us so see the words and names for what they really represent at their source, let’s look at the spelling of Keter (CTR), whose simple gematria is C (20) + T (400) + R (200) = 620, as in the 620 letter in the 10 Commandments.
So 3 Keters (CTR) would be 3 x 620 or 1860.
The Tikunei Zohar explains that the light in the ineffable Name of G-d, the YHVH get expanded through squaring, which coincides with R’ Chaim Vital’s comment that all Torah light is spread through squaring. As the Zohar illustrates, Y (10) + H(5) + V(6) + H(5) gets squared like this: 102 + 52 + 62+ 52 = 186.
And as we can see, 3 Keters = 10 x (YHVH) squared, or simply 1860 = 10 x 186. Thus the equation illustrates that the light of the YHVH spread fully throughout the 10 sefirot (dimensions) will be achievable with the 3rd Keter.
The first two times we reached Keter, were thus untenable as they were incomplete and the unbalanced light was too powerful.
But when will that be?
We need to turn to the much revealing complete gematria for that.  The complete gematria combines the standard numerical value of a word or phrase with its ordinal value (the placement of the letters within the alef-bet). And as it happens the ordinal value of Keter (CTR) is C(11) + T(22) + R(20) = 53.
Before we put it all together lets examine that a little closer. After all, it is a very important name. the ordinal vaue of Caf(C) is 11, signifying the 11 sefirot when Da’at (the reservoir of knowledge) is included (as it must be) , and the letters Taf(T) and Resh(R) together = 42, as in the 42 letters in the names of the 11 sefirot.
When all 3 letters (CTR) are added together, they total 53, as in the value of the word Gan, representing the first instance of our Keter, Gan Eden (the Garden of Eden). Nevertheless, the 3 Keters would then be 3 x 53 = 159.
And 159 is the small gematria value of the Upper 42 Letters of the Name of G-d, which is the YHVH expanded 3 times by spelling out the individual letters.
Now, adding the standard value (1860) to the ordinal value (159) for the 3 Keters gives us 1860 + 159 = 2019.
And as it so happens the year 2019, coincides with Rav Ashlag’s The Divine Calendarpredictions and all the prophecies about the date for the geula (final redemption) and thus the opening of the third Tree-of-life window in 5778 (2018) and it’s sealing in 2019.  (See Nothing is Random for more details and scientific evidence).
With the kolel of 1, the year 2019 could easily be 2018, but as understood within Nothing is Random there is a definitive separation in the time-spatial continuum that is occur marked by the separation between the dates 2018 and 2019. Indeed, the Tikunei Zohar makes the point of telling us that the word Makom (place/space), as in the place where Jacob rested his head and had the famous dream of the angels rising and descending, has the numerical value 186 directly because of the squaring of the letters in the YHVH.
Ezekiel 3:12
“בָּרוּךְ כְּבוֹד-יְהוָה, מִמְּקוֹמוֹ”
“Blessed be the glory of YHVH from His place”
‘Place’ is מקום.  His place is also Keter, and in spirituality distance is time, so His place as it connects with our world becomes a time frame as well.
2018 is the so-called end of days, and 2019 is the beginning.
Let’s recap a bit.

10 x YHVH2 + the 3 expansions of YHVH = 2019

= Keter x 3

When the Light of the YHVH spreads completely throughout the 42 Pathways of the Sefirot, we will be at the 3rd Keter.

How do we know that 2019 is actually 2019 ce and not 2019 HC? After all, the Covenant of Abraham, the great and glorious time was promised, occurred in 2018 CE.

Because when we spell out the name Keter (CTR) as Caf-Tav-Resh (CP-TV-RYSh), its ordinal value is 107 and the sum of the integers (1+2+3+..107) = 5778 (2018 CE).

Moreover the complete gematria sofit value plus the kolel of the spelled out Keter (CP-TV-RYSh) is 1860 once again, or 3 x 620 (CTR). It’s Perfect!

Would you expect anything less perfect, at the level of keter, the dimension of pure perfection?

So then, why 3 letters in Keter, and why 3 Keters?

Because as the Zohar and the Kabbalists explain, the Tree-of-life is a 3 column structure (system). The ill-fated Gan Eden Keter headed up the right column. The short lived 10 Commandments Keter headed up the left column. And the only one which could really last, will be the balanced central column one that will soon form and be sealed in place in 2019 CE, B’H.

The 3rd window will open soon and the question will be not whether the Light is ready to receive us, but whether we’re   ready for the Light.

Shavua Tov


11 thoughts on “When Will We Reach Keter for the 3rd Time? Simple Gematria Provides the Answer.

  1. Jeff
    Israel recieved the the hightest level and that was at the mountian so where is the next opening going to be at in malhut to be at right place and time seems to me that there alot of variables here.

  2. Hey, you misspelled “came” as “game” in the forth paragraph. Anyway, for those that are wondering about all this mystical stuff I just wanted to say, in 2001 I had dreams of 9/11 seven months before it happened. I believe in Yeshua Natzara Mashiach because of it. I was given prophesies in 2008 before the wall street melt down of “7 years of trials/tribulations”.
    3 1/2 years(peace and safety, but a deminishing of prosperity) to (2013), then 3 1/2 years of Great Tribulation to 2016, (Mashiach Returns), only El Elyon knows, but it’s already started happening. He keeps revealing the number “56” to me, and 156, now they say it’s been the worst drought since 1956 (2012 + 7 = “2019”). But there is something strange, I am seeing “time lines” in almost everything, that culminate in these years. Also something even more strange, the numbers pointed out in this site are overwhelming my life. My name adds up to “219” in English “and” an ordinal of Hebrew. My address is “159”, and the number 2019, can be 20 + 19 = “39”, my SS#, and birth day add up to “39”, Moses adds up to 39 in Hebrew, etc., etc. I will be “53” in 2016 at the end of “my” prophecies, (end of trib.). The number “107” overwhelms my life. My name even adds up to another number, “139” it is a coded number in simple English gematria. “Nazarene Codicil” = 139, or Ashkenazim(107) Rabbi(32) = “139”. I believe in God’s Law Big Time, and that Testimony that many misunderstand by Yeshua(given to the lost(without Torah/Gentiles), and that Lawlessness is the Domain of Demons. I don’t believe that the Mashiach could come in today’s world and remain pure, to much immorality, to many “images” that offend, it’s the time of “the abomination that makes desolate, we’re pushing Elyon’s Ruwach(Spirit) away because of our transgression of His Divine perfect Ten Laws, among others of the 613 . Everything seems to be “apexing”. There is much more, I could go on for some time, For some reason I am very gifted, we are at the cusp of some dramatic changes. I believe the heavens are dropping, dripping with knowledge, scientiam(Latin). God has revealed to me something I termed “Divine Cryptology” = 219 (simple English gematria) I study a spectrum of gematria’s and (Biblical) knowledge, and languages. But I don’t have an education, it’s all been given to me by God. El Elyon knew that in the end our children would be destroyed through what they are “seeing” (the porn, etc, etc) fictitious “images” of God/Messiah, when you take something true and pervert it it becomes an abomination. What you behold is what you become. Our children are being destroyed through lack of knowledge of Torah/Testimony of it, and especially the sexually immoral images that they’re seeing, study the words, Idol/Image, (that which your affections are passionately set on), and no “form/representation”(2nd Commandment). If He could of He would of put the 2nd Commandment even above his own Name. And most of us are having to get on line to conduct our business and that is how those demons(dark forces) are attacking us, pulling us down to their depths. It reveals a divine hand in the giving of the (primordial) Torah, that El Elyon new what was going to destroy our children thousands of years later. It’s like a big clock, everything is apexing, sin, evil in man, man’s hopelessness, the earth’s resources, knowledge of Torah and Testimony abounding, and or the violation of it. Prepare yourselves for the worst, there is going to be a Tempest, a Spiritual battle is on. If some of you are like me, it was an arcade game we use to play as kids (it’s an Omen/a movie we saw). I often am impressed that that we perhaps will come to some kind of unity with God by 2019, the elect that is (His Chosen), the rest will have to stand in judgment, for rebelling against their consciences and or His Ten perfect Laws, what ever they had convicted knowledge of. MCV, the voice of the Septimi Angeli, Shalom. Tzadikim. Hidden righteous ones = 219.

  3. י…………..ה……………ו……………ה
    (53) X 3 = 159 (I wanted to help others understand this)
    Using alternate spellings for “vav” and “hey”.
    Hello Jeffrey, can you further explain how you get
    159 small gematria value out of the upper 42 Letters
    of the Name of G-d, Thank you Mr.Meiliken Shalom, MCV

  4. OOps up above, the computer switched the sequence. The 10’s should be underneath the hey’s, the 20 underneath the yod, and the 13 underneath the vav, for the correct letter value or gematria, excuse me, thanks . MCV

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