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For 20 years we have been writing about the confluence of calendars that is to come when the year 5778 meets 2018.  The first time we were at 2018 was in the Hebrew Calendar 3760 years ago. This when G-d made the Covenant of Halves with Abraham, splitting the offerings half on one side, half on the other.  The confluence will happen this week. It will be marked by the largest Super Moon of the year this Jan 1-2, and by the Earth being the closest to Sun on Jan 3-4.  The process is beginning…
The largest and brightest Supermoon on recent record was on Jan 26, 1948, 70 years ago, the year Israel became a nation.  1948 in the Hebrew Calendar was when Abraham was born.
From the 28 times in Ecclesiastes 3:2-8 we see the obvious juxtaposition to easy times and difficult ones, 14 on either side, like 2 hands. It is also like the sum of the 365 positive and 248 negative precepts in the Torah: 3+6+5+2+4+8 = 28, split 14 positive and 14 negative. What is only obvious in the Hebrew text is the juxtaposition between the words for time, (ועת and  עת) so similar to the placement of G-d’s hands in the Torah’s first 28 letter verse at (ואת and  את). One has the Aleph (א) of numerical value 1 and the other Ayin (ע) of numerical value 70. In the beginning 1 and at the end 70; there is a time to every purpose under heaven.  The numerical value of (ועת and  עת) plus the kolel for the 2 times equals 948. This is similar to 1948 when we add the Aleph (1000), which is 70 years prior to 2018 CE or 5778 HC.
At digit 948 within the telling first 1000 digits in Pi, there is string of numbers …5778185778 that include 2 of the three appearances of the number 5778 within those 1000 digits.  Why 2 times? Why 2 juxtaposed 5778’s? Will there be 2 different scenarios for time after 5778? Within those 1000 digits there is no string for 2018, but there are three of 2019. Two back to back years represented unfathomably within a mere 1000 digits, representing 2 entwined calendars, one an end of time, the other a beginning of a new time. But for whom. Who witnesses the end of time and who the beginning?
Much has been revealed about Pi, Phi and 18 in our books and previous articles and there is still much more that needs to be revealed.  One item of note that we have not yet revealed even beyond the 42-Letter Name giving us 9/.123049…= 73.1415777 or (70 + pi). And even beyond the Genesis Equation built into the Torah’s first verse of 28 letters that gives us Pi as 3.141545078… And even beyond the Zohar’s unfathonable secret about Pi is simply that Pi/2 or 3.14159265358…/2 = 1.5708, which gives us the year Israel became a nation in 5708 HC (1948 CE) 70 years ago this May.
More to follow…
Happy New Years to All, as this New Years is marked by both Calendars and by Hashem in our Skies, both by Day and by Night, a sign for all to see.
Shabbat Shalom

8 thoughts on “A Sign in the Sky

  1. Dear Ezra
    I am an evangelical Christian, who because I love to study on Chabad website, also receive emails from
    you. All you write is interesting! Keep up the good work, and have a very Happy New Year!
    ps: I trust you not to share my email address with anyone. Thank you.

  2. Simply amazing! Have a wonderful “Roman” New Year. If it makes any sense, nonetheless 2018 will be a fantastic year, B”HS .

  3. Re: 26th January 1948
    many, probably most, readers would probably not be aware that the 26th January is Australia Day. It is something that some of us (Australians) are very pleased with — tat our “National Day” is the 26th day of the 1st month. (Shades of the 4 Letter Name there, and the Shema’s opening verse telling us that the Tetragrammaton, value 26, is, or represents 1.
    The Americans chose their national Day, the 4th July, very carefully. For instance (only one of the reasons), in Genesis 1:1, 7 letters occure in both the first 14 letters, and in the second 14 letters. While 4 of the 11 letters (i.e. 11 different letters across or among the 28 letters in the verse) occure in either the first half of the verse, or in the second half of the verse. (Specifically, Bet and Lamed occur in “Bereishith Bara Elohim” (First half of the verse, letter positions 1 – 14), and Vau and Tsadhe occur in the 2nd half of the verse).
    That is part of why the American “Founding Fathers”, chose the 4th July as the date for the Declaration of Independence/
    There was no such choice made re the Australian date. The date was a function of storms in the Atlantic, storms in the Indian Ocean and below what we call The Australian Bight, plus how long it took to repair and re-supply the ships in the Canary Islands, in Rio, and in Souther Africa. In other words, the date was et by the proverbial “cts of God” or “acts of nature).
    The postcode (mail zip code) for Australia’s Parliament House, and for the CBD in Canberra (Australia’s national capital) is 2600. Until recently, all Canberra phone numbers were reached with the prefix “026”.
    The postcodes and phone numbers were probably the results of “knowingly made” decisions. But there is a twist, which few Australians are taught:
    Australia was once (ancient) Egyptian territory. The ports are still there. Further east, Polynesian people still have Egyptian words in the Te Reo (NZ Maori) language. “Ra” is still the sun god in NZ (and in Hawaii). In China, “Ra” became “Ri”, and as the language moved across the Sea of Japan, the Japanese changed “Ri” into “Ni”. So “Nihon” or “Nippon” is the Land of The Rising Sun”.
    In NZ, the word for a House or a Building is “PHARE”, “Pharee” or (NZ spelling) “WHARE”.
    Back in Egypt, their ancestors figured that “the guy in the big Paree” should be called the “Pharo(ah)”.
    Australia Day 1948, on what was once ancient Egyptian territory, puts, or might put, an extra twist on the words, “Out of Egypt I have called my son.

  4. English or Roman Alphabet Gematria
    The gematria used on the Great Seal of The United States is the same as that in Cornelius Agrippa’s “Books of Ceremonial Magic”. The Agrippa code spells out various things “of interest”, such as UNUM being the same value as the “IHI AUR V’YAHEI AUR” in Bereishith 1:3 (Genesis 1:3). Sitting beside the UNUM on the Seal is “E PLURIBUS”, which comes out as the “classic” 666.
    Anyway, moving from Washinton to the South Pacific, if we apply the same gemaria code to the names Australia and New Zealand, we get 502 (Australia) and 1516 (New Zealand).
    The total is 2018

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